Top 49 Games Similar to Magic Fingers

Chwazi Finger Chooser 2.6
First, setup the number of fingers that you desire to choose orhowmany groups you want to group, then place all your fingers onthescreen and wait. Chwazi will make your choiceautomatically.Chwaziis a funny and interactive way to randomlyselect someone from agroup of people. It doesn't matter if thequestion is "Who will paythe bill", Who will buy bread", Chwazi isthe right choice.Notethat the maximum number of fingers supportedby Chwazi is 32,however, the maximum accepted depends on eachdevice. Usually, it'saround 5 to 10.
Finger Scanner Gestures 1.2.4
TTH Studios
FINGERPRINT GESTURESYou don’t like using hard home key or itisbroken this application is a best solution for you. You onlytouchfingerprint if your device has fingerprint to replacehardkey.FEATURESBy lightly touch or swipe fingerprint you can,*Comeback home screen. * Open recent apps. * Open quick panel.*Volume control panel. * Open assist app * Open anapplication.....NOTICE 1. We request admin permission to supportlock screen,it will prevent you uninstall app from home screen.Please open appand click DELETE to uninstall. 2. We cannot preventvibrationemitted by system when authentication is failed. 3. Youmaybe notable to use fingerprint to unlock while using Apps Locker.4. Thisapp maybe not working on some devices because there is notAPIfingerprint from the manufacturer.\nWe are really sorry aboutthatbut we cannot support this case so please kindly uninstall appifit is not working.FEEDBACKIf you have any problem while usingtheapplication, please give us some comments we will check andupdateas soon as possible.Email: [email protected] you somuch!
Finger Blood Pressure BP Prank 1.0
Finger Blood Pressure Prank is a funny app which simulates aBloodPressure Checker using finger scanner. Your blood pressureSYS,DIA, and your pulse heart rate even your body temperature willbemeasured and displayed after the fingerprint scanner scanyourfinger. It is a dream app for the ones who want to prankfriends orfor kids who want to play doctor games.You can use it toprank youfriends that you can scan your fingerprint to take thebloodpressure and heart rate using your phone.Our Blood PressureandHeart Rate Monitor has realistic UI Graphics and excellentsounds.When you press your finger on the fingerprint scanner, thescannerbar will scan, the display will show the dynamic heartbeatdiagram. After the scanning, your blood pressure result willshowas three professional data, they are SYS, DIA and Pulse.It isadream app for the ones who want to prank friends or for kidswhowant to play doctor games.App Features:★ HD and realisticbloodpressure sphygmomanometer model graphic.★ Stunningfingerprintscanning Panel and scan animation.★ Simulate bloodpressure monitorsounds.How to Use:★ Launch the app and select yourgender.★ Placeand hold your right thumb on the scanning panel.★Hold for a fewseconds until the scan is finished.Disclaimer:FingerBlood Pressureis a simulated app for entertainment purposes. Infact it cannotmeasure your blood pressure or heart rate. It is foryou to foolyour friends or for kids to play doctor games.
Finger Blood Pressure BP Prank 1.2
Features:- Realistic looking scanner- Simple to scan and easytouse- Totally free for Android users- Works with Android mobilesandtablets- Clear UI and beautiful designBlood Pressure Scanner isafree smart phone android application for calculating bloodpressureand heart beat rate.Step 1: Select your gender.Step 2: Nowplaceyour finger gently on the fingerprint scanning pad and waitfor theanalysis.Result: Your Fake blood pressure will beshownautomatically.Disclaimer:Finger Blood Pressure BP Prank isforentertainment purposes only. It does not calculates youbloodpressure. Calculating Blood Pressure is not possible withyourandroid device's screen and camera. The displayed resultsarerandom numbers. It is the best application for foolingyourfriends.
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank 3.7
Disclaimer:Fingerprint Lock Screen is designed for you to prankyourfriends, it simulated the process of Fingerprintidentification. Noapp can really identify the fingerprint viaphone screen. Just forfun.Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is apretty customizable screenlocker that simulates the finger scan tounlock your phone screen.When you press your finger on thefingerprint detector panel, thefingerprint scanner will start toscan your fingerprint and verifythe authority. The phone will beunlocked if the validation passes,otherwise the phone screen willstill be locked.As mentioned above,Fingerprint Lock Screen Prankis a simulated app which is used toprank your friends. Then how tounlock the screen? You need to pressyour finger on the fingerscanner and hold for 2 seconds, your phonewill be unlocked. Ifyour pressing time is less than or more than 2seconds, the phonewill still be locked.Finger Print Lock Screen ishighlycustomizable; it provides several cool hi-tech wallpapers foryouand allows you to set the time & date format. You can alsosetthe pressing time (the default time is 2 seconds) of unlock.
Blood Pressure Finger BP Prank 1.2
* Fingerprint blood pressure and Heartbeat detector is a freesmartphone android application. Features:-> Realisticlookingscanner-> Simple to scan and easy to use-> Totallyfree forAndroid users-> Works with Android mobiles andtablets->Clear UI and beautiful design* Finger Blood Pressure BPScanner isbuilt only for fun.* Fingerprint blood pressure systolic,diastolicand Heartbeat rate is the most accurate fingerprint bloodpressureand Heartbeat rate monitor app for any Smartphone and itdoes notneed any external hardware. Use fingerprint blood pressureandheartbeat rate detector for optimizing your exercise and totrackyour progress and high and low blood pressure.* When youopenFinger Blood Pressure Checking Scanner app, it will ask youtoplace a finger on phone screen, when you place a finger infingershaped area then it will scan your finger and show your BP onthescree.* Finger Blood Pressure BP Scanner app will not showanyaccurate values when you scan your finger for BP.Disclaimer>Blood Pressure BP Scanner Prank is only for fun andentertainmentpurposes and a prank application > And no real"Blood PressureBP" will Disply from your device.
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank 4.4
This Fingerprint Lock Screen is just a simulated fingerprintapp,it's not real. It's impossible to detect your touch id byscreen.It just a funny Lockscreen simulates the fingerprint lockscreen tounlock your phone. We hope you like the wonderfulHigh-tech designand use it to prank your friends. Besides, it'salso a real lockscreen which uses a cool way to unlock yourphone.How to unlockscreen:Click and then long press the fingerscanner.Feature:★High-tech graphic and sounds which make you phonelook like ahigh-tech Hologram device.★ Shows digital clock, dateand time.★Provide clear guide and easy to used.★ Disable the homebutton, noone can unlock the phone with the home button.★ Provide 3wonderfulfinger lock themes for your option.
Blood Pressure Info 2.28
AppX Apps
No.1 App for Blood Pressure Information, know maximum bloodpressure& minimum blood pressure values.Know How to controlbloodpressure, learn more about home blood pressure monitoring&controlling blood pressure.
finger blood pressure 2 pranks 0.0.2
Finger Blood Pressure Scanner Checker is a simulated bloodpressureapplication that measures your heart rate of blood pressureandpulse rateThis Blod Pressure Simulator calculates yourbloodpressure checker reading,It's An awesome prank! FingerprintBloodchecker Pressure will provide you the most easiest way ofcheckingout your blood pressure. Fingerprint Blood Pressure willcalculatesyour blood pressure,Now you can enjoy with friendsscanning theirblood pressure with "Blood Pressure Scanner Prank ".Amaze themwith a real finger blood pressure calculatingexperience.. It'sjust a fun moment, you don't want to revealthem,This applicationhave digital meter look like real blodpressure checkermeterFEATURES:✔ A prank application to collectcheers moment withyour friends✔ HD graphics and beautiful use ofscanner animation✔"Finger Blood Pressure" Prank FREE fun for all.✔"blood pressurepro"Looks real and professional✔ blood pressuremonitor The bestanimation for scanning the heart beathow touse:Step 1:Press"Start"Step 2:Place your finger on the circle.step3:Wait 10seconds and See the result. Disclaimer :Blood PressureCalculatorapp is just for fun and not have any ability to measurethe bloodpressure of human body. This is simulator applicationdon’t take itseriously. This is just developed for the joy,entertainment andFun.
Door Lock Fingerprint Prank 1.0.0
Go Logix
Door Lock Fingerprint Prank is best screen lock applicationforandroid smartphones.It is the useful Lock Screen application&Free Locker .Door Lock Fingerprint Prank is an awesome screenlockapplication which unlock your phone by simulating to scanyourfingerprint Prank.It has a cool funny trick to unlock yourdevices.Download this awesome & different screen lockapplication.Features of this Screen Lock: 1 :Realisticfingerprint(prank)scanning animation. 2: Hd Graphics. 3: Can be setas a screenlocker. 4: Awesome sound effects. 5: Fingerprint DoorLock PrankWorks off line also. 6: Easy to Use. How to it Works? 1:Downloadand Install this Door Lock Fingerprint Prank 2: Got toUnlockScreen Place your finger on the thumb scanner.Note: DoorLockFingerprint Prank is prank application, it does not scanyourfingerprint.Fingerprint Door Lock Prank is prank Applicationanddeveloped just for fun.
FingerSecurity 3.11.0
Rick Clephas
With it's first release on July 16, 2014 FingerSecurity is thefirstapp that allows owners of an Android device with afingerprintsensor to protect their apps with theirfingerprints.FingerSecurityallows you to protect any app with yourfingerprint. FingerSecurityhas many options to make your lifeeasier and more secure. - Protectany app with your fingerprint-Widget for fast enabling/disabling -Set timeouts to allow a shortswitch between apps- Unlock multipleapps at ones- Use youralternative password or pin code to unlockapps when yourfingerprint is not recognized- FingerSecurity can’tbe uninstalledor killed- Automatically protect new apps- Use yourfavorite imageas background- Use fake crash dialog- Automaticallyunlock yourapps at specific locations- Only allowspecificpeople(fingerprints) to unlock an app- Protectnotifications ofprotected apps- Detect intruders by taking apicture of themThisapp uses the Device Administrator permission, asan opt-in option,to prevent the app from beinguninstalled.***FAQ***- Why is mydevice not supported?FingerSecuritywill only work on Androiddevices with a fingerprint sensor. Evenwhen your device has afingerprint sensor it is still possible thatyour device is notsupported due to limitations of the device.- Anotification isasking for a backup password. What should I do?Thisis a securityfeature from the system(it is not a part ofFingerSecurity but fromSamsung’s firmware). When you scan yourfingerprint too many timeswithout identification then the systemwill block the sensor andask for your backup password. The backuppassword was specifiedduring the registration of yourfingerprints(this might not be thesame as your alternative passwordfor FingerSecurity). You have toenter your backup password else youcan’t use the fingerprintsensor.- I can’t remember my backuppassword.Unfortunately there isno way to reset the backup passwordwhen the sensor is blocked bythe system. The only solution isperforming a hard reset. -FingerSecurity uses a lot of batteryafter updating.Please restartyour device. Then FingerSecurity willwork normal again and thebattery usage will drop.
Fingerprint LockScreen Simulated Prank 5.0
Disclaimer:This Fingerprint Lock Screen cannot really identifyyourfingerprint, it's just a simulated app used forfun.FingerprintLock Screen Prank is an awesome screen lock appwhich unlock yourphone by simulating to scan your fingerprint. Theamazingfingerprint graphics and wonderful scan animation makeitprofessional and funny. There are more than 10 brilliantandbeautiful wallpapers provided to decorate your screen tothebest.Disclaimer:The fingerprint scan is a simulated feature, itisjust for fun.Feature:★Cool fingerprint scanner,greatgraphics.★Wonderful fingerprint scanning animation.★More than10brilliant and beautiful wallpapers are provided.★Support slidetounlock screen.★Shows digital clock, date andtime.★Multiplesettings like background wallpaper, vibrate, sound,date format,sliding text etc.Recent changes:Add 4 lock screenthemes.Addpassword and pattern lock screen to enhance the security. 3.0
Androo Apps
قياس ضغط الدم بسهولة بالغة للكبار والاطفال نتائج دقيقه عن طريقهبصمهالاصبع فقط مجاني سهل الاستخدام لا يحتاج الي اتصال بالانترنتمميزاتتطبيق قياس درجة حرارة الجسم بالبصمة : -مجاني . -واجهةبسيطه.-سهلالاستخدام . -لايحتاج اتصال بالانترنت . -قياس ضغط الدم عنطريق بصمةالاصبع . -مشاركه النتائج عبر المواقع الاجتماعية الفيس بوكوتويتر .-التطبيق عباره عن خدعه . ما سبب ارتفاع ضغط الدمالمعدلالطبيعي لضغطدم الانسان السليمبحث عن ضغط الدممعلومات عن ضغطالدماسباب ارتفاع ضغطالدممرض ضغط الدم المرتفعارتفاع الضغطكيفية قياسضغط الدم عن طريق وضعالاصبع في المكان المخصص والانتظار ثواني فتحصلعلي قياس درجة الحرارةبدقه في خلال ثواني This is prank app لاتنسيتقييم التطبيق 5 نجوملمتابعة التحديثات .Measuring blood pressurevery easily for adultsand children with accurate method forfingerprint only free and easyto use the results does not requirean Internet connectionItfeatures the application of measuring bodytemperaturefingerprint:-Complimentary .-usbandh Simple.-easy touse .-laihtajInternet connection.-kies Blood pressure byafingerprint.Participation of results across social networkingsitesFacebook and Twitter.-alttbaiq Words of a hoax.Why is highbloodpressureThe normal range for healthy human bloodpressureSearch forblood pressureAbout Blood PressureThe causes ofhigh bloodpressureHigh blood pressure diseaseHigh blood pressureHowtomeasure blood pressure by put a finger in the space andwaitseconds and you get to measure temperature accuratelywithinsecondsThis is prank appDo not forget Application 5 stars tofollowupdates evaluation.
Blood Pressure Checker Prank 3.0
Normal resting blood pressure in an adult is approximately 120/80mmHg. Blood pressure varies depending on situation, activity,anddisease states. Blood pressure is usually expressed in terms ofthesystolic (maximum) pressure over diastolic (minimum) pressureandis measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Bloodpressurechecker prank is new and completely free that is designedtocalculate and check blood pressure with fingerprintimpression.This app is designed just for fun and entertainment.Pranksterswould love completely when they download and installfingerprintblood pressure as they have a real prank app to show ofpower ofandroid device. This app is its initial state and tested oneveryandroid device such as mobiles and tablets. Finger bloodpressureworks with almost every android version.Features:=======1.HDgraphical user interface.2. Smooth animation of scanner withbar.3.Show heart beat animation.4. Show blood pressure indigitalformat.5. Looks like a real fingerprint scanner withsmoothvibration.6. Show systolic blood pressure.7. Show diastolicbloodpressure.8. Show heart beat or pulse value to make this appmorereal.9. Completely free and do not require internet connection.10.App for fun and entertainment purpose only.How toUse:=========*_Fingerprint blood pressure checker works quiteeasily andefficiently. Just run application and select gender.Place fingeror thumb on scanner and wait for scanning. Do not liftyour fingeruntil scanning is complete. After some calculation bloodpressurechecker will show you blood pressure on a monitor in adigitalformat.Note: Blood pressure checker prank is design justforentertainment and fun purpose only. It is not possible tocalculateblood pressure with fingerprint impression or fingerscanning.Values used in this app are fake and randomly generated.Pleasegive your precious feedback to make finger blood pressuremore realfor every android user...!! Thanks..!!
Finger Body Temperature Prank 0.0.2
Fingerprint Body temperature prank will provide you the mosteasiestway of checking out your body temperature. FingerprintBodytemperature will calculates or measure your bodytemperature.Bodytemperature prank is really a prank applicationwhich calculatesyour body temperature and sugar.It's an interestingprank !Fingerprint Body temperature will tell you the easiest waybodytemperature, as well as your heart rate. Application willcalculateyour body temperature index.Fingerprint Body temperatureisactually a prank application which calculates your bodytemperatureand is made for the people who just want to play pranksonothers.Just place your thumb on thumb scanner area.Bodytemperature machine calculate / measure your body temperaturecuffon run time and shows your body temperature chart. thisapplicationis very different to other apps. Finger Body temperatureprank appis just prank scanner to calculate body temperature.It isthe bestapplication for fooling your friends. people would think asif itis a real body temperature and sugar calculatingapplication.Thisapp is just prank scanner to calculate your bodytemperature.Youcan body temperature check with thumb. for gettingvalue of your bpyou can use use thumb scanner. fingerprint bodytemperature checkerapplication is very easy to use and userfriendly.HOW TO USE:Step1: Select your gender and tap on next,Step2: Now place your fingergently on the fingerprint scanning pad andwait for theanalysis.Result: Your Fake body temperature will beshownautomatically after calculation.Step 3: You can share theresultwith friends via Share your images via whatsApp, Facebook,Hike,Telegram, Line, Twitter, email and other social networks.FEATURES✔A prank application to collect cheers moment with yourfriends✔ HDgraphics and beautiful use of scanner animation✔ Toomuch userfriendly and easy to use ✔ Measuring body temperature andheartrate measurements for free without internet connection✔ FREEfunfor all✔ Finger Body temperature prank does not requireinternetconnection.✔ Finger Body temperature prank FREE fun forall.✔Finger Body temperature prank is completely free download.✔AlwaysFree fun for all
Fingerprint Lock Screen (Prank) 4.1
Modern Fingerprint Lock Screen inspired by HD wallpapers andthemes.This awesome Screen Lock is for those who want new bornUnlocker andreally want privacy for their phones. -: UniqueFeatures of thisFingerprint Lock Screen Which you won`t get inother Lock screenapps are :- 1. Eye Catching HD Wallpapers andRealistic FingerprintScanner. 2. Weather Information is given onyour Lockscreen when you`Connect to the Internet` by Phone 3. Lock& Unlock Home Key formore Security. 4. 10 HD Lock ScreenWallpaper are given with thisApp and You can also pick the Imagesfrom Gallery. 5. Customize FontSize, Date and Pick your choice ofColor. 6. Enable & DisableWeatherInfo,Pedometer,Sound,Vibration,Lock& Unlock Button, HomeKeyand Date & Time. 7. On pressing the Power Key it makesScreenoff and lock the phone. 8. This is one of the cool lockscreens andbest screen locker among all other Fingerprint Lockscreen Apps onandroid market. Trick to Unlock this Fingerprint LockScreen 1.Click on the Button given on the "Top Left Corner of theApp" andput your Finger on the scanner to scan and Wait for 3-5Seconds toUnlock. 2. You can Show and Hide the Lock & Unlockbutton givenon the `Top Left Corner` to Increase the phone Lockscreen securityfrom setting. 3. Once you Hide the Button from thesetting, you canTap on the "Hidden Button" or Blank area on `TopLeft corner of theLock Screen` and can Scan your Fingerprint toUnlock phone. 3. InCase you Forget the trick then you can useKeypad Lock ScreenPassword as an Unlocker option. ** ImportantNotes for Users whileusing Fingerprint Lock or Fingerprint Scanner** This app isintended to simulate a Fingerprint Scanner and doesnot reallyscans your finger prints and also it is not a realFingerprint LockScreen , We do not provide biometric screeningusing this app &this Screen Lock does not scans yourfingerprints. There is a trickin this Fingerprint Lock to unlockyour phone by which you canprank with your friends and take themfor a ride or make them foolthat you have real biometricsFingerprint Lock. This is not asecure replacement for a FingerprintSensor Lock Screen and is notfor security purposes. This BiometricFingerprint Screen lock isdesigned for entertainment purposes only.** DISCLAIMER ** ThisFingerprint Lock is neither affiliated norendorsed by Samsung& Android™ is a registered trademark ofGoogle Inc.
Racing Car Dashboard Fingerprint Locker Prank
🎨 What a new lock screen? You can try another way to unlockyourphone! This fingerprint style lock screen, you can not only useitfor fun, but also protect your privacy!🎨 With the fingerprintstylelock screen is a special style lock screen for you. Just pressyourfinger on screen, it will pretend to scan your fingerprint,thenthe screen will be unlocked in a second, but please notice thatitcan not really scan your fingerprint, it’s not a realfingerprintscanner. ✨Try this fingerprint style lock screen, youcan use it toprank friends, just play a joke with friends! The lockscreen has ahuge theme store. We provide you more than 1000 stylishlockerscreen themes! With various styles, you can choose yourfavoriteone anytime and anywhere. Don’t hesitate to download thislockscreen. ※ Decorate your phone - Plenty of high quality 3Deffectlock screens for you to choose. ※ Various styles -Fingerprintstyle, natural scenery, cute animals…... ※ Realisticeffect -1080full HD realistic lock screen wallpapers provided. ※Protect yourprivacy- Set your own password to protect yourprivacy.———Features——— 🎨 Huge theme store A variety of lock screensforyou! Locker themes with great 3D wallpapers and realisticeffects,including HD fidget spinner style locker, butterfly lockscreensaver, zipper style locker…… If you want to try more,pleasedownload in our application store. ✨We also support differentwaysto unlock screen Don’t like the way of unlocking screen?Don’tworry, we provide more lockers with different ways to unlock.Youcan try slide to unlock, long press to unlock, draw patterntounlock, press fingerprint to unlock screen and Pin lock,butfingerprint locker cannot really identify your fingerprint.It'sjust a simulated app for fun. 🔐Protect privacy Hate someonewhosnoops your phone? Please just try appLock feature! App Lockwillprevent intruders from checking your photos, videos, messagesandcontacts. Set a password for your apps, no one can use theappsexpect yourself. Enjoy this app locker! ⌚️ Shows digitalclock,date Accurate time display on your home screen, veryconvenient foryou to know the time and date! We also provide someother lockscreens with weather information. This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. ★ Contact us ★[email protected]
Fingerprint Blood Pressure Simulator 1.7
The Best Fingerprint Blood Pressure Scanner PrankappFingerprintBlood Pressure is a funny app which simulates a BloodPressureChecker using finger scanner.Disclaimer:Fingerprint BloodPressureis a prank app for fun .
ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner
ICE Unlock is a real fingerprint lock screen that locks andunlocksyour mobile device securely.Most other lock screens don'tactuallyuse biometrics to unlock your device. They are just forfun. ICEUnlock is a true biometric lock screen solution.ICE Unlockispowered by ONYX which allows users to take a picture oftheirfingerprint using the existing camera. No additional hardwareorscanner needed. * NOTE: ICE Unlock requires a rear-facingcamerawith flash, and the camera has to be able to focus on yourfinger.Many devices that do not focus on close objects do not workwithICE Unlock, and are marked not compatible.ICE Unlock placesthepower of identity control back where it belongs -- in the handsofthe consumer. Pictures of your finger are turned into atemplateusing our proprietary process and then the picture isimmediatelydestroyed. Moreover, fingerprint templates are nottransmitted toDFT or any other entity (government or otherwise).The template isstored only within the secure storage area of yourdevice, meaningit can only be accessed by ICE Unlock. The datastored on yourdevice cannot be used to reverse-engineer yourfingerprint.Quotefrom Tom's Guide: "Bitdefender's Clueful app,which rates theprivacy risks of apps installed to your phone, givesICE Unlock a"low risk" application, which means it has far lessaccess to yourphone's functions than apps such as Facebook orTwitter."USING THEAPP - The user places their finger into the rearfacing camerafield of view. Then the user takes a picture bytapping the screenand ICE (Identity Control Essentials) UNLOCKprocesses and matchesthe image and unlocks the device.TOUCHLESSFINGERPRINTAUTHENTICATION JUST WORKS BETTER!Touch-based sensors,like the oneon the iPhone 5s, aren’t as accurate, are subject towear and tear,and have a tendency to distort your fingerprint dueto the pressureapplied. The touchless ONYX technology used in ICEUnlock canprovide higher levels of accuracy than required by the U.S.Federal Bureau of Investigation.ICE Unlock – THE FIRST MOBILEAPPBUILT ON THE ONYX HD AUTHENTICATION ENGINE.The ONYX Engine iswhatdoes all of the behind the scenes processing, encoding,andmatching for ICE Unlock. ONYX is designed to run mobiletouchlessfingerprint authentication on Android, iPhone/iPad, andWindowsmobile devices to bring biometric security to enterprises.ONYXshows its flexibility by also powering applications likeICEUnlock.- If you are requesting support please include the modelofyour mobile device.* ICE Unlock currently has someknownworkarounds due to the way android devices handle lock screens.ICE Unlock is not intended to be used as a sole source ofsecurity.If you require an extremely high level of security werecommend youadditionally implement other security measures such asthe pin,pattern, voice, or facial recognition lock screens nativeto theandroid operating system.To learn more about ICE Unlock,please goto moreinformationabout ONYX, see likeus onFacebook.
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank 3.0.0
Are you tired :-( of using old & boring Fingerprint LockScreenPrank Simulator`s. Try out this one and we hope you will haveagreat experience and enjoy using this App. A very funnyFingerprintLock Screen app to have prank with buddies and tell themthat youhave a real biometric lock for authentic access to yourandroiddevice. ================== ;-) TRICK TO UNLOCK;-)================== ★ Tap on the Unlock Button given on theLockScreen. ★ Now place your finger on the Fingerprint Scanner&wait for 2 seconds toUnlock.====================================== ★ FEATURES OFFINGERPRINTLOCK SCREEN ★ ====================================== ★BeautifulGraphics with 3 inbuilt Themes ! ★ Eye Loving ScanningAnimation !★ Incredible sound effects at Locking & Unlockingtime ! ★ BestSimulator which shows real like Fingerprints animation! ★Compatibility with 99% devices ! =============================★IMPORTANT NOTES FOR USERS ★ =============================DigitalFingerprint Lock for android neither scans your fingerprintnoruses biometric and is not for security purposes. you can havefunwith your friends using this Fingerprint Lock Screen. We donotcollect any personal information or anything else from ourUsersbut some advertisement can be shown during the use of the apptosupport our development team. Thanks for your support&Cooperation ! ============== ★ DISCLAIMER ★ ==============ThisFingerprint lock screen is neither affiliated nor endorsedbySamsung & Android™ is a registered trademark of GoogleInc.============== ★ CONTACT US ★ ============== Let us know ifyouhave any ! Queries? Feedback's ? Get Tech Support 24 X 7andContact us at [email protected] !
AppLock: Real Fingerprint Password Protector 3.0
Tools Ground
AppLock securely protects guard and lock everything on yourphonewithout using any of your sensitive data.Its securityandprotection features are very high. It is the most powerfullockerapp that protects your apps from snoopers and takesintrudersselfie.This is the most professional app lock thatsupportstouch-id fingerprint lock. It's multilayer securityprotection keepyou worry free and you can easily give your phone toanyone. Thissmart app lock protector is light, fast and easy touse.It's veryirritating when someone suddenly starts openingapplications andphotos that are private and personal to you. Thatis where you needAppLock so that you can give your phone to anyone,your familymembers, friend and someone you don't want to see yourpersonalapps and data. Applock protects apps from unauthorizedaccess.AppLock currently supports three type of locks. #1-FingerprintLock: - with fingerprint lock type you can easily lockand unlockyour apps with your finger.A fingerprint lock issupported only indevices which have Fingerprint hardware. #2-Pattern Lock: - easilylock and unlock your apps with a pattern. #3-PIN Lock: - use PINcode to lock and unlock your apps. With thisunique and free applock, your privacy is protected with PIN,Pattern, and fingerprint.Main features of app lock are:- #1: Onetap to lock/unlock - withapp lock you can easily lock and unlockall apps with just one tap.#2: Lock Phone Settings - with smart applock you can easily lockyour phone settings like WiFi, Bluetooth,mobile data, Location.#3: Intruder Selfie - with BREAK-In alertfeature this privacyguard app lock takes a selfie of the intruderwho tries to unlockyour apps, personal photos, videos. #4: Lockwith PIN, Pattern orFinger - Currently app lock supports PIN,Pattern and Fingerprintlock type, you can select lock-type of yourchoice. #5: Fake Cover- with fake cover features applock changesits launch icon andname. #6: Customize Applock - You can customizeapp lock settings.Like which lock type to use, Change lock typeanytime, hide locktype, you can set minimum time to re-lock apps,new app lockreminder, lock when an app is installed or uninstalled#7:Face-down Action - when phone face is down applock will exitoropen an app or website. #8: Lock Social Media - easily lockallyour social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram,Vine,Line, WeChat, Twitter, Google Plus, Time hop, Tinder,Periscope,Snapchat, Kik, Linkedin, with one tap. Note: “This appuses theDevice Administrator permission.” FAQ === 1- How to useafingerprint to lock apps? Your device must meet thefollowingrequirement to use fingerprint feature: 1- Device musthave afingerprint sensor. 2- open settings and enable app lock. 2-Howcan I deactivate app lock if I'm at my home or at a safe place?Tap"Temporarily disable Applock" in Lock settings. After tap, youcanset the timer for the time you are at home or at a safe place.3-What happens when I restart my phone? Applock works great asalwayswhen your phone restart. 4- How can I hide and unhide applockicon? To hide the original app lock icon from phone visitLocksettings and tap "Fake Cover" then select the fake cover ofyourchoice. To remove "Fake Cover" tap Default in the FakeCoversettings. 5- How Can I reset my PIN/Pattern? To restPIN/Patternvisit Forget Password from side menu on any lock screenand sendthe code to your email. Enter the code received torestPIN/Pattern. Contact us========== Your feedback is veryimportantto us. Please email us directly at [email protected] youhave any problems with app lock, or any requests,suggestions,anything you want us to know. Thank you in advance.Alltrademark(including logo, name, badges) are the property oftheirrespective owners. Used here only to guide App users.
Fingerprint PassCode App Lock 4.50
App Lock is the best app for protecting your applications frombeingaccessed without your consent. App Lock supports three typesoflocks:✔ Fingerprint: Use your fingerprint unlock apps(onlyavailable in devices that support fingerprint scanner)✔Pattern:unlock your app with your pattern✔ PIN code: use PIN codeto unlockapps
Fingerprint Action Pro 0.0.5b
Fingerprint Action Pro lets you to control your device withSimpleGestures on the Fingerprint Sensor of your device.Important :ManyStock and Custom ROM's have disabled the Fingerprint GesturesAPI.This app will not work on such ROM's. For eg. Some OnePlusdeviceshave disabled this API. Fingerprint Gestures Supported :•Swipe Up•Swipe Left• Swipe Down• Swipe Right• Double Swipe Up•Double SwipeLeft• Double Swipe Down• Double Swipe RightActionsSupported : 27Actions• Toggle Notification• Launch App• ScrollScreen Up• ScrollScreen Down• Back• Home• Show Recent Apps• OpenGoogle Assistant•Open Notification Panel• Play/Pause Song• PreviousSong• Next Song•Show Power Dialog• Toggle Split Screen• Show QuickSettings• SwipeScreen Left• Swipe Screen Right• Swipe Screen Up•Swipe ScreenDown• Toggle Flashlight• Brightness +• Brightness -•Audio +• Audio-• Toggle Auto Brightness• Maximum Brightness•MinimumBrightnessSupport thread : appiscurrently under development and is a beta release. Rate theapppositively to show support. If you find issues please write intheXDA thread or email at [email protected], insteadofrating the app negatively. Enjoy :)
Fingerprint Quick Action 0.15.2
Perform quick actions via tap/swipeonfingerprintsensor.Pleasemakesure your device hasafingerprintsensorbeforeinstallation.Supported quickactions:SleepGobackGohomeShowrecentappsShow powermenuTogglesplitscreenExpandnotificationspanelTogglenotificationspanelExpandquicksettingsLaunch app orshortcutThisapplication needstoobtaindevice admin permission toperformlockscreenoperation.Providesxposed mode and non-xposedmode,xposedmodeenhances stability.After you activate the xposedmoduleandrestartyour device, itwill beruninXposedmode.Sourcecode: sensor, but do not provideAndroidstandardAPI,thesedevices may not be able tousethisapplication.2.Translationprovided by volunteers, cannotensurecomplete andaccurate.3. Thisapplication isdevelopedbyztc1997.The currentversion can meet theneeds of mostpeople,manyother needs have beenbeyond my ability,or haveanalternative.And now many manufacturershave providedtheirownfingerprintgestures.So it will be little orno longerupdatedinthe furture,Thank you for your support.
Golden clock fingerprint lock screen for prank
🎨 Tired of current lock screen? You can try another way tounlockyour phone! This Golden clock fingerprint style lock screen,youcan not only use it for fun, but also protect your privacy!🎨Justpress your finger on screen, locker will pretend to scanyourfingerprint, then the screen will be unlocked in a second,butplease notice that it can not really scan your fingerprint,it’snot a real fingerprint scanner. ✨Try this Golden clockfingerprintlock screen, you can use it to prank friends, just playa joke withfriends! The Golden clock locker has a huge theme store.We provideyou more than 1000 stylish locker screen themes! Withvariousstyles, you can choose your favorite one anytime andanywhere.Don’t hesitate to download this lock screen. ※ Decorateyour phone- Plenty of high quality 3D effect lock screens for youto choose.※ Various styles - Fingerprint style, natural scenery,cuteanimals…... ※ Realistic effect -1080 full HD realistic lockscreenwallpapers provided. ※ Protect your privacy- Set your ownpasswordto protect your privacy. ———Features——— 🎨 Huge theme storeAvariety of lock screens for you! Locker themes with great3Dwallpapers and realistic effects, including HD fidget spinnerstylelocker, butterfly lock screen saver, zipper style locker…… Ifyouwant to try more, please download in our application store.✨Wealso support different ways to unlock screen Don’t like the wayofunlocking screen? Don’t worry, we provide more lockerswithdifferent ways to unlock. You can try slide to unlock, longpressto unlock, draw pattern to unlock, press fingerprint tounlockscreen and Pin lock, but fingerprint locker cannot reallyidentifyyour fingerprint. It's just a simulated app for fun .🔐Protectprivacy Hate someone who snoops your phone? Please just tryappLockfeature! App Lock will prevent intruders from checking yourphotos,videos, messages and contacts. Set a password for your apps,no onecan use the apps expect yourself. Enjoy this app locker! ⌚️Showsdigital clock, date Accurate time display on your home screen,veryconvenient for you to know the time and date! We also providesomeother lock screens with weather information. This app usestheDevice Administrator permission. ★ Contact us★[email protected]
open biometric
The open biometric app is a program for controlling and managingabluetooth finger scanner. All of the key functions of thebiometricfinger scanner access control system can be set in a flashvia yoursmartphone.In just a few clicks, you can create new usersor deleteauthorizations, enroll user fingers, or add photos to userrecords.Simple, convenient, and secure.The pairing and encryptionof thedata packages between the finger scanner and smartphoneensuremaximum security. Thanks to the mandatory and freelyselectable 4to 6-digit app security code, your smartphone cannot beused as akey by unauthorized persons if it is stolen.MAIN FUNCTIONSSecurityand system:- Entering or changing security codes- Enteringorchanging security user coupling codes- Authorizingadministrators-Resetting the system to default settings Useradministration:-Creating or deleting users- Enabling and disablingusers- Addinguser photos- Scanning in and assigning user fingersSystemsettings:- Setting access and relay switch times- SettingLEDbrightness- Enabling/disabling Bluetooth of the finger scanner
Analisis Ibu Jari Android 7.1
You must have a Personality Analysis on your Phone !. Scanyourthumb… discover your personality !!! This app is forentertainmentpurposes only. Malay Language.Impress and have funwith your friendor family. :)User Comment:1. mantabss serius bagusaplikasi ini....Tadinya mikir paling2 aplikasi cuma maen2 ternyatabeneran bagusdan hasilnya GUE BANGET! Hebat nih....2.Bagas 95%correct about myself*If your device is not working : Just quick tapon thumbpicture to get the analysis (not long press)*We put theapplicationunder ENTERTAINMENT categories
App lock - Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password 35.0
Kohinoor Apps
Applock, Fingerprint App Lock for your apps with Intruderselfies,Dual advanced security lock screens and fingerprint enabledapplock that makes your phone total safe and secure.It takes photoofsnooper that tries to unlock your apps with wrongpasswords,patterns or fingerprint and send email to you immediatelywithphoto and details.~ Fingerprint app lock is supported by allphoneswho has Fingerprint hardware and Marshmallow Android Versionand ifyou don't have one then our Fingerprint Simulator enablessimulatedApp lock support for any phone you have. Enable Simulatorfromsettings and you can simulate fingerprint app lock with PINorPatten.FEATURES: ★ Lock any App like System Apps, Social Apps,Lockyour private Gallery, Downloaded Apps and games.★ Supports wifiandbluetooth switches control.★ Unlock with PIN,PatternorFingerprint.★ Intruder Selfie supported. App lock takes selfieofpersons who entering wrong pin, pattern or finger print.★Sendimmediately Intruder alert and photo to your email address yousetin settings.★ Fake Cover. App lock shows Force Close dialogonopening of locked apps and let you open them with trick.★Supportsound and vibration effects.★ Supports Protection option toavoidForce Stop by any other user bymistake.★ No need to rememberPIN orPattern, you can Instant unlock with your fingerprintsforcompatible devices.★ Automatic set colors in app lock screenforpopular apps and system apps.Are you bored typing passwordsandusing pattern everytime you unlock apps? Now Lock Apps easilywithAdvance Feature of Fingerprint Applock. Take the advantage ofthisLatest Applock with beautiful design and Amazing Featuresdifferentfrom other applocker.You have to scan your finger tounlock apps soonly you can open your private and socialapplications. Theintruders trying to hack your security will caughtby takinginstant selfie and save inside app. Applock withfingerprint canlock your private apps. Prevent unauthorized access,guard privacyand ensure security. Also you can have controlforInstall/Uninstall of new apps. PIN/Pattern or Fingerprint needtouninstall any app. Enable it from settings.FAQ:Q: Can I lockANYapp or games?A: Yes, you can lock ANY installed apps and gamesinyour device.Q: How can I lock the app?A: It's simple, pleaselockfor apps you want to lock, and set your PIN or Pattern. you canuseFinger print automatically if already registered and existingwithyour don't need to set manually.Q: How to stopotherpeople uninstall AppLock?A: Please enable “Prevent Force Stop"inSettings of AppLock, so nobody can force stop or uninstallwithoutyour permission password. You can disable it whenever youdon'twant it.This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.Disclosure:To prevent App Lock being ForceStopped byother apps or Being Uninstalled, App Lock need DeviceAdministratorPermission and App Lock never use any other DeviceAdministratorpermission except avoid force stopped & uninstallprevention byother users on your phone.This app usesAccessibilityservices.Disclosure:By using this service, It helps touse PowerSaving mode. The service is only used to remind userswithdisabilities to unlock apps, and save battery usage.Feel freetosend your feedback to us! [email protected]
AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock 1.0.5
App Lock designed by Cheetah MobileWe can support fingerprintunlockonly if your Samsung device or the Android 6.0 device hasthefingerprint sensor. ★ Android 6.0 is supported★ Fingerprintlockpassword is supported on specific devices ★ Snap the snooperwhotried to unlock your apps★ Customized lock mode. You don't needtounlock apps every time.★ No Ads and for FREEWhat CM AppLock canlockfor you?★ Wi-Fi★ Bluetooth★ Incoming Calls★ Installing/Uninstalling apps★ Play Store★ Browser★ Settings★ Any apps youwantto protect from being snooped---- Lock Everything (AppsandSwitches) ----★ For young men and womenYou just need tolockprivate browsing histories, Video, Photos, Selfie, Album,Gallery,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and any apps you wantNever worry aboutyourparents or friends snooping on your secrets.★ For parentsYoujustneed to lock Settings, Contacts, SMS, Incoming Calls,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, Browser, messaging apps. Never worry about yourkidschange your important settings.★ For workerYou just need tolockyour Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Incoming Calls, texts, SMS, Shareit,Photos,Video, browser.Never worry about other people touching yourphone.You can just put your phone on the table with noworries.----Intruder Selfie ----Protect your apps all the time. Noone cansnoop on your apps without your permission.★ Take a photo ofwhotried to unlock your app immediately★ Email the snooper's phototoyou immediately★ The photo will record the date and thetime----Password Type ----CM App Lock provides you the differentpasswordtypes.★ Set your Fingerprint as the password★ Use Pattern(drawgesture)★ Use PIN code (numbers)---- Customized Lock Mode(Locktiming) ----CM App Lock provides the temporary unlock. Youdon'tneed to unlock apps every time.★ Lock your app at the devicescreenoff★ Lock your app after the device screen has been off for 3mins★Lock your app after you minimize it immediately----Fingerprintlock supported on Android 6.0 or SAMSUNG devices-------- Comingsoon ----★ Holi Festival / Easter Festival /Christmas /Valentine's Day / Halloween theme★ Amazing theme /wallpaper /background★ Customized theme / wallpaper / backgroundwith your ownphotos★ Hide apps / photos / videos in the privatevault★ Applocker and manager★ Device screen lockerTerms ofservice: usedACCESSIBILITY SERVICE.Please contact us [email protected] ifyou have any questions or suggestions. Yoursupport is ourmotivation to move on. :-)
Finger Mehndi designs 1.1
Mehndi designs are one of the most typical thing in the lineofwomen fashion,without mehndi pattern no one canlookattractive,nowadays fingers mehndi design are most popularadditionin the beauty of girls hands.Beautiful fingers mehndidesigns forhand are very well known in the world.Indian andPakistani Fingermehndi designs are very popular and played a rolein the fashionindustry. A finger mehndi design consisting on new& improvedfinger mehndi designs.Everybody knows that mehndi isnot apermanent way to decorate your skin like permanent tattoos.Thewomen of different countries in specially in middle Asia applieditto their hands and feet to give the lovely look to their beauty.InPakistan henna is mostly used on religious festivals howeverthiswas an old trend and now it is widely used on even asmalloccasion. In foreign countries such as USA and UK peoplecalledthem tattoos but they make them in a permanent way. Somepeoplethink that it is specifically made to make designs on armsand feetbut that’s not true. You can make any tattoo on any part ofyourbody you like because it is universal and in east it isonlyapplied on arms. The designs are quite simple for small kidsbutfor girls these are quite complicated and elaborate. The artofmehndi is becoming increasingly popular among the people. Therearemany artists who apply beautiful designs according toone’sdesire.Advanced Features:High definition Images.New &improvedFinger mehndi.Beautify your mehndi.etc.Support:Yoursuggestions onStylish Finger Mehndi Designs for allOccasions,events,weekendsDon't forget to rate the app and sharewith your friends....Thanks.Feedback:Your suggestions on StylishFinger Mehndi Designs2018 for ( All Occasions) extremely valuablefor us so do notforget to provide feedback after using theapplication. In case ofany problem please feel free to contact us.Your feedback will beappreciated.... Thanks.Ads:There are ads inthis app. Applicationis free, it does not promote paid version ofthis app, the only wayto support future development is to includeads. Please treat thatwith understanding.Disclaimer:The contentprovided in this LatestFinger Mehndi Designs 2018 for (AllOccasions) application isavailable free on public domains. We arejust providing the way topresent you
Blood Pressure- BP Check Prank 1.5
BP Check Point, find out when to get your blood pressure tested,howthe test is done, and what your result means. so check thebpchecking app and sugar check through finger.Blood PressureCheckeris really Calculates your blood pressure andsugar.FingerprintBlood Pressure will tell you the easiest way bloodpressure, aswell as your heart rate. Application will calculateyour bloodpressure index.Fingerprint Blood Pressure Checker hasbest and highdefinition image qualities. Fingerprint Blood Pressureiscompatible with almost every android device.Download thebloodpressure Checker application and make fun with yourfriends.Actually this blood pressure monitor application is aprank. thisapplication shows you high blood pressure, low bloodpressure andnormal blood pressure.Just place your thumb on thumbscanner area.Blood pressure machine calculate / measure your bloodpressure onrun time and shows your blood pressure chart.Fingerprintbloodpressure Checker is a awesome prank application foreveryone.FingerBlood Pressure Checker app is just prank scanner tocalculate bloodpressure.This app is just prank scanner to calculateyour bloodpressure.You can check blood pressure with thumb. gettingvalue foryour bp or you can use use thumb scanner. finger bloodpressurechecker application is very easy to use anduserfriendly.Fingerprint Blood Pressure Checker Prank is thebestapplication for fooling your friends. people would think as ifitis a real blood pressure and sugar calculating application.Areyoua high blood pressure patient? Do you check Blood pressure dailyorweakly? Do you maintain your blood pressure log? Well thisbloodpressure checker is a free android Blood Test application justforfun and joke, tap prank application to play with your friendandfamily. you can test fake blood pressure of your old fatherandmade his satisfied with the normal blood pressurereadings.Actually this elevated blood pressure monitor applicationshows youhigh blood pressure, low blood pressure and normal bloodpressure.However this instant Blood pressure checker is a fakeapplicationbut it can be a good tracking blood pressure treatmentfor highblood pressure patients. Blood pressure machine calculate /measureyour blood pressure and heart beat rate and it is a tentionfreesmart phone android application.Try it out ! it isfreeentertainment App for Pranksters with new style of HightBloodpressure Test Fingerprint Blood Pressure laser Scannercalculatoris a prank application and blood test uses to prank yourfriendstill then android has not ability to calculate the bloodpressureof a human body, but your friends don’t known about this.So foolthem with fingerprint blood pressure calculator.***Features***- AHigh quality realistic blood Pressure level checkdigital device.-Works on the base of your finger prints scanner-Realistic scanninganimations- Simulate blood pressure monitorsounds.- DigitalDisplay format of Blood pressure readings. -Measuring bloodpressure and heart rate measurements for freewithout internetconnection- Finger Blood Pressure Prank FREE funfor all.- FingerBlood Pressure Prank is completely free download
Finger Timer 1.0.6
Omega Studio
Finger Timer is a speedcubing/speedstacking timer in yourpocket!It's a simple and elegant timer app that you must have! [HOWTOUSE] 1. Put your fingers on the left and right pads, and hold.2.When the red and green lights are both on, the timer is ready,andthen you can release your fingers to start the timer. 3. Whenyouwant to stop the timer, put your fingers back on the left andrightpads. 4. If you want to restart the timer, press "RESET" anddo thesteps 1 to 3. [DISPLAY CONNECTION] 1. Connect your Timerdevice(with this app) and Display device (any computer or mobiledevicewith a web browser) to the same Wi-Fi network. (SometimesInternetalso works.) 2. In Timer device, tap the top-right icon,and check"Allow display connection" checkbox. 3. In Display device,enterthe Timer address into the address bar of your browser, andthenpress "START". 4. Enjoy it! [Stats] When you using the timer,statsare generated automatically. The average time, Ao5 and Ao12(fullversion only), are displaying the summary in the LED panel,and youcan also get the details in About page. In About page, youcanclear the stats or copy them to show off! Free version: >Themaximum time is 10 minutes. > Display connection. (max 10mins)> Scramble for only cube 2x2x2 and 3x3x3. > ShowingAo5(average of 5) only. > With ads Full version: > Themaximumtime is 60 minutes. > Display connection. (max 60 mins)>Scramble for cube 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5. > ShowingbothAo5 (average of 5) and Ao12 (average of 12). > No ads,nodistractions! Subscribe our YouTube channel to watch thelatestcubing videos: Likeus onFacebook for the latest news:
Love Finger Scan:Love Detector 1.02
Want to find out how much of matching love, How much your loverorfriend love you, Also show how much you love them.UsethisApplication "Finger Scan:Love Detector" for entertainment andgetmore relationship with your lover and friends."LoveFingerScan:Love Detector" is free and funny which design for anyloverscouple, you can ask yours lover to play this Love Finger ScanAppafter first dating and other good occasion for getmorerelationships. Press your finger on the fingerprint scannerandthen the Love detector app will scan your finger. Of course itis asimulated app used to prank your Lover and friends.How toUse:Youjust fill You and Your Partner Name in Box. After that,Press yourFinger on Scanner wait fingerlaser scan a minutes, thenyourpartner do same with you,After that, This love meter appwithcalculate and tell you1. How much you love with your partner.2.Howmuch your partner love with you.3. You and Your partnerlovematching scores.***You can save and share screen of LoveDetectorscores to social network!!***Features:- Beautiful andRealisticdesign.- Realistic Sound Effects.- Can Save & SharetoFacebook, Twitter.- Good Way To Start relationship to get moreloveand friendship.This app design for:1. Lover2. Friends3.FamilyMembers Any genders and any ages. Note: This application isjust aprank, it is not a real life love detector, it is forentertainmentpurposes only.
Fingerprint lock screen 1.3.6
smart tool
Lock screen Fingerprint Fingerprint Lock screen is applicationwhichhelps you unlock your mobile phone by simulate to scanyourfingerprints. Fingerprints graphics very amazing and scan isverygreat that make this application more professional. We havemoreten brilliant, beautiful wallpapers which is provided todecodeyour screen. You can unlock by password when you scanyourfingerprints. Lock screen will more security when you setuppassword. This Fingerprints Lock screen application notreallydetermined your fingerprints, it is only simulationapplication.Function: - Simulation lock screen Fingerprint -Fingerprints Scanmachine with graphic amazing - Provide 10brilliant and beautifulwallpapers and more - Display digital clock,date month and time -Use to password to lock screen - Highsecurity, prevent log in yourmobile phone - User can changewallpaper of lock screen - Show mainscreen of mobile phone asinformation: internet, wifi, battery… -Many wallpapers to choose,you can select wallpaper from gallery -Saving memory and battery,simple to use, beautiful design -Support 60 language and more -Work well on phone, tablet Enjoythis brilliant fingerprint lockscreen, it is safe and free!
Finger Timer (Lite) 1.0.0006
Omega Studio
Finger Timer is a speedcubing/speedstacking timer inyourpocket!It's a simple and elegant timer app that you musthave!And,it's free![HOW TO USE]1. Put your fingers on the left andrightpads, and hold.2. When the red and green lights are both on,thetimer is ready, and then you can release your fingers to startthetimer.3. When you want to stop the timer, put your fingers backonthe left and right pads.4. If you want to restart the timer,press"RESET" and do the steps 1 to 3.[DISPLAY CONNECTION]1. ConnectyourFinger Timer device (Android) and Displaydevice(PC/Mac/Android/iOS...) to the same Wi-Fi network.2. InFingerTimer device, tap the top-right icon, and check "Allowconnection"checkbox.3. In Display device, enter the Timer addressinto theaddress bar of your browser, and then press "START".4.Enjoyit!Like us on Facebook for thelatestnews:
AppLock : Fingerprint & Pin 2.53
AppLock allows you to lock apps and protect your apps usingPattern, Pin , Fingerprint and crash screen.---- Features -----▶Lock Apps/ App LockerAppLock allows you to lock apps like gallery ,messageapps , social apps and email apps with fingerprint , pin ,patternand crash screen.▶ Capture Intruder PictureIf someone triesto openlocked apps with wrong password , AppLock will capture thepictuerof intruder from front camera and show you when you openAppLock.▶Lock Recent AppsYou can lock recent apps page so no onecan see thecontent of recently used apps.▶ Custom SettingsUseseparatecombination of locking methods with different pin orpattern for aspecific apps.▶ Crash screenset crash screen forlocked app , so noone can know that if an app is locked.▶Fingerprint SupportUsefingerprint as secondary , or use onlyfingerprint to un-lockapps.▶ Improved Lock EngineAppLock use twolocking engines ,default engine is fast and the "Improved LockEngine" is batteryefficient with more features that does not drainyour battery.▶Turn Off AppLockyou can turn off AppLock completely ,just go toapp settings and turn off the app.▶ Lock Timeoutyou canto re-lockapps after some time [1-60] minuets , immediately orafter screenoff.▶ Simple and Beautiful UIBeautiful and simple UI soyou canperform any task easily.▶ Lock Screen Themelock screenchangescolor according to the app that you locked , every time whenlockscreen appears you will experience AppLock differently.▶PreventUninstallTo protect AppLock from uninstall you can go toAppLocksetting and press "Prevent ForceClose/Uninstall".FAQs---------- Q2: How can I create different pin& pattern for eachapplication?A: Select the app that you wantto lock from App list,Lock the app and then click on Custom, Thenenable "CustomSettings" and then change pin, and pattern. Q 3: Howcan I preventsomeone from uninstalling my AppLock?A: Go to settingsand click on“Prevent Force Close/Uninstall”. Then Lock your mobileSettings. Q4: Will AppLock works if I restart my Mobile?A: Yes itwill startworking, and your locked apps will be protected. Q 5: Howcan Icheck which apps are locked?A: In the top right corner ofAppLockFrom the drop-down menu select “Locked Apps”. Q 6: What does“Lockrecent apps” do?A: This option prevents someone from seeingyourrecent Opened Apps. Q 7: I installed AppLock, but there isnooption to lock my apps with the fingerprint?A: It depends onyourmobile if your mobile has a fingerprint scanner and Androidversion6.0 (Marshmallow) then finger print app lock method willalso work.Q 8: In my Huawei device when I open AppLock it againasks to Onthe Option of AppLock service?A: Because you have notadded AppLockin your Protected Apps list of your Huawei Mobile. Q9: What is"Crash Screen"?A: If you enable Crash screen for someapplicationit will show a window with a message of “App Crashed”after longpressing "OK" you can go to lock screen. Q 10: How toenable Crashscreen option in AppLock?A: In, App List lock yourdesired appClick on “custom” and enable custom settings, and thenenable“Crash.” Q 15: How to uninstall AppLock?A: First RemoveAppLockfrom Device Admin from mobile settings or AppLock settingsand thensimply uninstall it.Permissions:• Accessibility Service:This appuses Accessibility services to enable "Improved LockEngine" andstop battery drain.• Draw Over Other Apps: AppLock usesthispermission to draw lock screen on top of your locked app.•UsageAccess: AppLock uses this permission to detect if a lock appisopened.• This app uses the Device Administrator permission : Weusethis permission to prevent other users from uninstalling thisappso your locked content can be fully secured.
Fingerprint Pattern App Lock 3.953
Secure your apps with fingerprint, pattern and passcode(PINcode).With the most advanced technology integrated into, yourpricelessapplications will be completely safe. This app offers youwith manyuseful features, decorated by splendid user interface thatusesdominant color extracted from application icons. This willsurelysatisfy your privacy demand on daily use.App Lock supportsthreetypes of locks✔ Fingerprint: Use your fingerprint unlockapps(available in devices that support fingerprint scanner likeSamsungsmartphone, Marshmallow devices, Nougat devices...)✔Pattern:unlock your app with your pattern✔ PIN code: use PIN codeto unlockappsUseful functionalitySound and vibrationeffectsBeautiful UserInterface(using your application dominantcolors, extracted byparsing its icons)Our application locker worksas an app protectorfor any app. Lock apps with pattern, fingerprintor password, fromFacebook Messenger to Snapchat to Instagram,Whatapps, to Chrome orany other app! Super simple and fast withpassword protection ourlock app for apps gives you peace of mindand personal securitythat your information, stored logins andapplications are not onlysecurely locked, but also hidden whenother people use yourphone.FAQs=====Q: How do I change my PIN orLock Pattern? How do Iswitch between a PIN and a Pattern?A: OpenApp Lock → settings →Choose PIN code/patternQ: Does your locker appwork when I restartmy phone?A: Yes, our locker app automaticallystarts up andprotects your locked apps on a phone restart.Q: Can Iunlock myapps again?A: Yes, you can easily and quickly lock andunlock anyapp at any time.Q: How do I enable fingerprint passwordunlock?A:If you have a phone with supported hardware like the onesmade bySamsung or if they are powered by Android Marshmallow,Nougat... Orif you possessed Nexus devices like Nexus 5x, Nexus 6p,afingerprint icon will automatically appear under passcode(PINcode) lock screen. Then all you have to do is to touchthefingerprint sensor.
Finger blood pressure prank 1.3.0
Finger blood pressure will provide you the most simple wayofchecking out your blood pressure, first so easy in useandextremely efficient application for logging your bloodpressuremeasurement.How to use:1. Press Start2. Place your fingeron thecircle.3. Wait 10 seconds.4. See the result.NOTE: Fingerbloodpressure prank is only for fun and entertainment purposes andaprank application.The application is compatible with many typesofphones such as the Galaxy S7, S7 Galaxy Edge, Galaxy S6, S6GalaxyEdge, Sony Xperia Z4, Z5 compact, LG G4, Nexus 6, Galaxy Note5,Note 4, Note 3..and more
Ultimate Useless Finger Finder 0.61
Ultimate useless app!You don't know where is your finger, thisappwill find it for free.* Can find several lost fingersnow!!*Support Air View mode for Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and Note 3.*Searchalgorithm developed by the best scientific monkeys.* Fastandaccurate localization. Better than Google Maps : no GPSneeded.*Crisp HD graphics (same as PS4, XBOX ONE, WiiU).* Noloading time.*Not Chuck Norris approved !* Only 500 KB wasted.Soona paid versionwith an indecent price and of course noimprovement.What the PresssaysBusiness Insider India - "Now if youhave started thinkingabout how exactly would the game help you findyour finger, stopright there, it's not worth it. It's a lot easierthan catchingPokemons and Zubats right? And of course, alotweirder." - "O aplicativo é gratuito e apesardeser completamente inútil, vale a pena para brincar."VidmanYoutubereview -
Fingerprint Personality Prank 1.4.1
Finger personality Scanner is a funny and entertaining wayofexploring yourself. Scan your fingers and discoveraboutyourself!Your fingerprint tells everything about yourcharacter,your fears and opportunities.With this app you can scanyourfingerprints and have it interpreted. You can share otherpeoplesscans results and share on facebook , whatsapp and others!Try thisscanning app now. Greatest things in the world is alwaysfree !Everyone likes freebies!Please note that this scannerdoesn'tpromise to accurately detecting your personality. It justtries togive a little hint, so that you may find out by yourselfhow youare feeling. Only by exploring yourself, you can find luckandfortunes path.Self exploration or personality explorationorpersonal data or entertaining predict or scan or guess or tellorfortune telling or self exploration Finger Print or FingerprintorThumb Print or Thumbprint or Finger Scanner or luck scannerorlucky or future or prospective .
App Lock 1.2.2
Use App Lock to prevent others from checking your device'sphotos,videos, messages, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, mail andcontactswithout you knowing!"App Lock" has an ability to lockanyapplication on your phone. It will ask your PIN or Patternbeforeopen an application.Features:- Lock apps with password,pattern, orfingerprint lock to protect your privacy.- Supportsconvenient andpowerful lock with fingerprint sensor. (This will usethe samefingerprint registered in the Android Settings.)- PIN canbe atleast 4 digits.- Pattern size can be 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and6x6.-Supports the ability to reset a lost password/ Forgottenpassword.(By asking your security question to reset password)-Allow a briefexit: no need password, pattern, fingerprint againwithin set time.(Unlock one time, Unlock for 1-5 minutes or Unlockuntil screenoff).- Lock "Recent App" button while showing lockscreen toprevent seeing other application screen.- Preventuninstalling AppLockHow to use:- Follow instructions in theapplication to enableUsage Access Permission- Choose lock method(PIN or Pattern).-Choose and answer your security question thatwill be used when youforgot PIN/Pattern.- Enable which applicationsyou want to lock.Tryto open your locked application, you will seethe lock screenshowing up.--- FAQ ---1. How to change password?-Open App Lock>> Setting >> Change PIN/Pattern2. How canI preventApp Lock to be uninstalled and delete?- Open App Lock>>Setting >> Enable “Prevent UninstallingApplication”3. How doI get my forgotten password?- Tap “FORGOTPASSWORD/PATTERN” on lockscreen- Security Answer: enter securityanswer.- Reset Password:enter new password/pattern4. Can'tuninstall App Lock.- Open AppLock >> Setting >> Disable“Prevent UninstallingApplication” before uninstalling appnote : forHuawei users, pleaseset permission manually. (Setting > Security> app with usageaccess)
Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank 1.0
If you want more fun and entertainment in your life, downloadthisfake finger Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank app. Install thisfunprank app and have tons of fun with your family and friends.BloodSugar Test Checker Prank app is an application whichcalculatesyour blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate andtemperature ofyour body using your fingerprint through a scannerand gives youthe blood glucose level as result.This applicationprovides asimulation of a fingerprint scanner. With the blood sugartestmachine the blood glucose sugar level can be measured.BloodSugarLevel or Blood Glucose level should be kept in check for onetoremain healthy. High Blood Sugar may cause Diabetes. LowBloodSugar can cause dizziness and the person might faint. For therealblood sugar test one should have a proper checkup from adoctor.Two type of diabetes can be dangerous high blood pressureand lowblood pressure level. Low glucose level in the body canresult into low BP and Temperature, Heart Beat Rate can also bedisturbedbecause of the imbalance of blood sugar level in thebody.Sometimes imbalance in Glucose level in the bod ma result intheHigh BP or fever, also can disturb the Body Temperature. Forrealblood sugar level test, one should visit the doctor and shouldhavea proper checkup. Insulin is usually given to the High BloodSugarpatients. Patients having low sugar instantly need some energytomaintain the sugar level to the normal.How to use:Launch theBloodSugar Test Checker Prank app. A screen will appear showingbothgenders, click on your gender. A scanner will appear, placeyourfinger or thumb on the fingerprint scanner and wait forfewmoments. While the scan completes your blood sugar level willbecalculated and your Blood Sugar Glucose Level will be displayedonyour screen.Disclaimer:Blood Sugar Test Checker Prankapplicationis for fun and entertainment purpose. In case of anyBlood Sugarrelated problem visit a doctor. This is a prankapplication and itgives fake result of blood sugar. Don't takethese Resultseriously. Enjoy With your Friends and Family.
Fingerprint Blood Body Pressure Scanner Simulator 1.0
Doctor Fingerprint Blood Body Pressure Scanner to measure yourBodyPressure is a free funny app which simulates a BloodPressureChecker , heartbeat using finger scanner. Your bloodpressure SYS,DIA, and your pulse heart rate even your bodytemperature andpressure will be measured and displayed after thefingerprintscanner scan your finger. Doctor Fingerprint Blood BodyPressureScanner Prank with realistic UI Graphics and excellentsounds. Whenyou press your finger on the fingerprint scanner, thescanner barwill scan, the display will show the dynamic heart beatdiagram.After the scanning, your body temperature result will showas twokinds of measuring units, Celsius degree or Fahrenheit degreewhichcalculate your body pressure and temperature by usingfingerscanner. A thermometer is a device that measures thetemperature ofthings. There is usually a bulb at the base of thethermometer witha long glass tube stretching out the top. Thethermometer measurestemperatures in Fahrenheit, Celsius and anotherscale calledKelvin. This application just for pressure and feverchecker or useas a fake , simulated thermometer not realthermometer and thisapplication have not any quality to check bloodsugar checkeretc... Like: temperature scanner gauge or Real bloodpressurechecker or Real blood sugar pressure checker or heartbeatcheckerand blood sugar checker. Just use this prank applicationforchecking pressure , heartbeat and body temperature we alsoremindsyou this is a fake and simulator application just for funandentertainment.This application provide you the most Easiest waytocheck your body pressure , heartbeat andtemperature.DoctorFingerprint Blood Body Pressure Scanner Prankprovides best andhigh definition image qualities. DoctorFingerprint Blood BodyPressure Scanner is compatible with almostevery android device.Its also tested on various android devices i.eandroid tablets andandroid based mobiles phones. All the actionscan be performed veryeasily without any confusion. Reliability isguaranteed of DoctorFingerprint Blood Body Pressure Scanner.DoctorFingerprint BloodBody Pressure Scanner is specially designed in away that it willdefinitely work with all new devices and androidversions too.Step1: Press "Start".Step 2: Now place your fingergently on thefingerprint scanning pad and wait for theanalysis.Step 3: Wait 5seconds.Result: Your simulated bloodpressure , heartbeat will beshown automatically aftercalculation.Disclaimer:Doctor FingerprintBlood Body PressureScanner is a simulated app for entertainmentpurposes. In fact itcannot measure your body temperature or heartrate. The displayedresults are random numbers. It is the bestapplication for foolingyour friends.
Finger Mehndi designs 1.2
Mehndi designs are one of the most typical thing in the lineofwomen fashion,without mehndi pattern no one canlookattractive,nowadays fingers mehndi design are most popularadditionin the beauty of girls hands.Beautiful fingers mehndidesigns forhand are very well known in the world.Indian andPakistani Fingermehndi designs are very popular and played a rolein the fashionindustry. A finger mehndi design consisting on new& improvedfinger mehndi designs.Everybody knows that mehndi isnot apermanent way to decorate your skin like permanent tattoos.Thewomen of different countries in specially in middle Asia applieditto their hands and feet to give the lovely look to their beauty.InPakistan henna is mostly used on religious festivals howeverthiswas an old trend and now it is widely used on even asmalloccasion. In foreign countries such as USA and UK peoplecalledthem tattoos but they make them in a permanent way. Somepeoplethink that it is specifically made to make designs on armsand feetbut that’s not true. You can make any tattoo on any part ofyourbody you like because it is universal and in east it isonlyapplied on arms. Newfashionelle is sharing here FingerMehndiDesigns 2017 for brides and new year season of winter. Themakingmehndi style on finger is a art that needs some attention andso onyou can make it like on hand you made. Its easy but you canonlyapply if you already applied on you any long for thumbfinger.Thesedesigns are perfect for girls who are looking formodern designs togear up themselves for upcoming festivals.LatestFinger MehndiDesigns Collection 2017.Mehndi is thought as one ofthe traditionalthing in our culture. Women and girls of present agehave alwaysbeen fascinated by it. Most of our events are incompletewithoutit. Finger Mehndi Designs is an art and Art has nolimits.Webelieve that these beautiful and stylish fingers mehndidesignsstyles can make each and every girl feel a lot elegant ,beautifuland stylish. Our final conclusion, we are proud to saythat thesehenna mehndi styles are very beautiful and girls willdefinitelyapply these henna mehndi designs styles 2017 on theirfingers forcreating their personality a lot of tantalizing.InPakistan, Indiaand Bangladeshi girls would like to apply trendyhenna mehndidesigns styles on special occasions like religiousfestivals ( Eid, Diwali / Deepavali , Wedding , Anniversary , Party, Holi ,Birthday / Janam Din , Karwa Chouth , Sawan , RakshaBandhan ,Teej). Beautiful and stylish fingers mehndi designs stylestakeplays a really vital role in enhancing the sweetness and beautyofgirls.
Dactyl - Fingerprint Sensor Selfie Camera 4.0.2
Nick Yelito
dactylogramnoun, dac·tyl·o·graman impression taken from a finger:fingerprint• Use your fingerprint sensor to take photos withyourfavorite camera apps!• Supports any camera app.• Setup customtaplocations for any app that is not natively supported.•Instantlyreceive support for new camera apps without needing toupdate theapp.You can now use your fingerprint to take photos,selfies, andvideos with any camera app!Simply install Dactyl andallow itthrough accessibility settings, and when you open yourfavoritecamera app, it will add the ability to use your fingerprintsensoras a shutter button. Most of the popular camera apps aresupported,and more are being added daily. You don't even need toupdate theapp through the Play Store, new apps are automaticallysupported.Isyour favorite camera app not currently supported? Youcan eitherrequest native support through the request feature, ortap CustomTap Apps to set up support for yourself! Custom Tap Appsallows youto use Dactyl with any camera app!You can find thecurrently nativesupported apps list here: support for yourfavorite camera app? Use the request featureand it will be addedASAP.Dactyl uses the Nexus Imprint API toallow you to use yourfingerprint sensor to take pictures with yourfavorite cameraapps!Featured on:✓TuttoAndroid:✓AllAboutAndroid:✓PhoneArena:✓AndroidHeadlines: Dactyl 2.0, virtually ANY camera app can be supported, butyouMUST be running Nougat for apps that are marked as such andforCustom Tap AppsThis app uses Accessibility services.
AppLock 8.0
Top downloaded App Lock in Play Store. Advance privacyprotectorwith fingerprint, password, PIN, pattern Lock MostInstalled applock in play store - App Lock is a light applockertool to protectyour privacy with fingerprint, password, PIN,pattern lock. AppLocker supports intruder selfie feature andmultiple social accountlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin,Google+ and moreaccounts management. ★AppLock can lock Gallery,Messenger, SMS,Contacts, Email, Chat, Settings, incoming calls andany app youchoose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy.Ensuresecurity. ★ AppLock has PIN lock or Pattern lock with richthemeand fingerprint lock, password lock, choose your favoritestyle tolock apps. AppLock has random keyboard and invisiblepattern lock.No more worry people may peep the pin or pattern. ★AppLock canhide pictures, hide videos. Hidden pictures and videosare vanishedfrom Gallery and only visible in the photo and videovault. Protectprivate memories easily. No pin, no way. More safe!Much safer foryou to lock apps with App Lock. ☞ Never worry about afriendborrows your phone to play games with mobile data again! ☞Neverworry about a workmate gets your phone to look the galleryagain! ☞Never worry about someone reads private data in your appsagain! ☞Never worry about kids mess up Settings, send wrongmessages,paying games again! Great privacy protection tool forAndroid whichsupports 12 languages. Fingerprint lock only works inAndroid 6.0+.App Lock MAIN FEATURES • A key lock, simple, quick. •Lock appswith password lock, pattern lock, or fingerprint lock. •Photovault, hide pictures • Video vault, hide videos • Hide AppLockicon• Lock incoming calls • Lock new apps • Fingerprint Forcestoppedcover • Well designed themes 
• Customized background,select afavorite picture • App Lock has random keyboard andinvisiblepattern lock • Allow a brief exit : no need password,pattern,fingerprint again within set time 
 • Pattern Lock,simple andfresh interface, unlock faster • Lock system settings toprevent amess by kids • Lock application to prevent others are freeto buy,uninstall applications • Lock setting to prevent misuse ofthephone to change the system settings FAQ 1) How to set my pin atthefirst time ? Open AppLock - Enter pin - Re enter your pin.SettingApps with accessibility - App Lock - Permit ON, Choose appsthatyou want to lock. For more FAQ visit- Permissions Notice AppLockmayask for permission to access the following features•Photos/Media/Files for Vault feature and customize your theme&wallpapers. • Camera for Snap photo of intruder and to getpicturesand videos for intruder selfie feature. • StoragePermission : Thisallows us to locally store some data when you areusing the app forhiding pictures and videos. • Contacts permissionfor accessingcontacts and profiles on the User's device, Yourinformation willkept confidential. • Phone permission for incomingcall lockoption. • Identity for find accounts on the device.AppLock usesthe Device Administrator permission. To enable AdvancedProtection,please activate AppLock as "device administrator". It isonly usedfor preventing intruders uninstalling AppLock. Please beassuredthat AppLock will never use this permission to access yourprivacydata. Contact AppLock Email: [email protected]: Facebook AdsGuideline:
OFF+ (Screen Off / Fingerprint unlock support) 1.8.20
Protecting the Power Button of mobile phones from intensive usebyreducing the frequency of pressing physical button.If yourphonedoesn’t have the double click lock built-in soft screen lockbuttonor the leather cover lock, then you may consider using thisAppThisApp is focused on the solution of Nexus Imprint (HTC 10 ormost ofthe fingerprint unlock) issues, it is unlikely our previousversionused a screen lock mechanism which will cause fingerprintunlockfail.OFF+ is a 10 sec soft screen lock, it tries to disablealltouch and button keys events and turns off the backlight thenwaitfor 0-10 sec (depends on your hardware and firmware) untilhardwarelock is activated, it will exit automatically and releaseallpre-occupied RAM and CPU resources.Please don't forget to rateandgive your valuable comments. Your satisfaction is important tous,this encourage us to work harder and better.Improvementsuggestionsare most welcome, let us know what you need and we willprovideupdates as and when ready. :-D
Best Fingerprint, Pattern app lock and Secure call 1.3.9
LashPash Apps
Fingerprint app lock The applock module of fingerprintapplicationdoes not allow anyone to access your mobile apps in yourabsence.When you enable this module and add your personalapplications.Then don’t worry about these applications. They are inhigh privacyand no one would be able to open these applicationwithout patternor fingerprint. Remember that fingerprint only worksin case yourmobile has the fingerprint sensor and is enabled fromsettings. Youcan protect your Gmail, WhatsApp, contacts, phone,settings, playstore, gallery, Facebook, twitter, Instagram or anyother personalapplication. Fingerprint call lock and Secure CallThe call lockmodule of fingerprint app lock and call lockapplication consistall features related to incoming calls. Thismodule secure all yourcalls at one time or you can customizecontacts by means of calllock filters. Black List Contacts arethose contacts that you wantto protect incoming calls from allthese numbers with fingerprintor pattern. Thus no one will be ableto receive any incoming callswithout your protected pattern orfingerprint. White List Contactsare those contacts for which youdon’t want the lock to be enabled.This feature is helpful in caseyou lost your mobile and found bysome responsible person. So whenyou call him from that contactthat is whitelisted in your app willbe easily picked by them.Fingerprint applock features ✔ Add yourpersonal applications tothe list of protected apps. ✔ Lock settingsof your mobile toprevent misuse of settings utility. ✔ No need todelete messages ofsocial apps just lock it with app lockfingerprint. ✔ Pattern orpincode lock display lock screen fast andsmooth. ✔ Enable ordisable fingerprint by simply a check box. ✔Catch the thief byenabling the picture feature when someone madenumber of wrongattempts. ✔ Lock 3G, 4G data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth andmore. PatternFingerprint call lock features ★ Enable/ Disable calllock for allincoming personal calls. ★ Black list feature allow youto protectthese specific numbers. No need to receive every callwith patternor fingerprint. ★ White list feature enables securecall featurefor all numbers except some numbers. ★ Hide number andname forincoming caller in secure call application. ★ Disconnectionof callon wrong attempts. ★ Feature to take picture on wrongattempts. ★White list numbers can be helpful in case of lost yourmobile andfound by some nice person. General Features ✔ Addfingerprintoption from advance setting by just enabling a checkbox.✔ ChangePattern Security in App Lock and secure call lock. ✔ ChangePINSecurity in App Lock and secure Call Lock. ✔ Feature to setanybackground from themes gallery. ✔ Feature to set any color ofthebackground and the h4 and pattern dots. ✔ Feature to takepictureon wrong attempts and store it in SD card. General Features★Butterfly Theme. ★ Mushroom Theme. ★ Halloween Theme. ★NatureTheme. ★ Shark Theme. ★ Tiger Theme Remember thatfingerprintfeature only works for these mobiles that hasfingerprint sensors.Your thoughts Feedback and reviews works likefood for any productowner and provider. Please help us to make theapplication one ofthe best on play store. Write awesome reviews andgive feedback tohelp us to solve issues and make the applicationbetter. Send usemail at [email protected] NOTE: This Appusespermissions of usage access, read contacts for secure the callandread phone state for call.
AppLock - Fingerprint Lock 2.5
Falcon AppLock Pro - Best app lock fingerprint - App lockerwithpassword: This software helps you protect your applicationsfromunauthorize access, protect your personal information.Thisapplication uses two kinds of lock: model lock &fingerprintlock.★App Lock Pro- This app can lock app with password,lock appwith fingerprint, lock photos, lock images, lockmessages...-Falcon AppLock can protect every applications on yourphoneespecially social network.- Prevent strangers from stealingyourpresonal information such as photos, messages, contacts.-Stopchildren from using your phone to access forbiddenapplications.-Avoid other people making transactions, transfermoney to stealcredit card transaction information ...★Type of lock-FalconAppLock supports two most common types of lock: PIN codeandPattern. Pincode is very beautyfull and very easy to use.Patternis familiar with Android devices with high levelofsecurity.★Unlock with Fingerprint- With divices using Android6.0and above. You can unlock applications faster and moreconvenientusing fingerprint. However, only for supporteddevices.★Customizewallpaper- You can alter your background for yourlockscreen with 3options:+ Using your device wallpaper.+ Usingbasic colors,gradient colors or custom colors at your disposal.+Using photos,images from your collection. ★Fake Crash- When activethis option,you can force an application to stop working. By usingthisfeature, intruders can not detect that this application hadbeenlocked. You can hold the "OK" button to showthelockscreen.★Friendly interface-Falcon AppLock is a smartapplock.It designed with friendly interface, simple, easy touse.-Thisapplication has various funtions, easy to customize,suitable foruser's purpose.Access- Use fingerprint sensor: Supportfingerprintunlock.- Retrieving running applications: Supportdetecting theopening of new applications.- Album Access: Customizelockbackground images.- Run at startup: Re-activate lock mode tohelpprotect your device.Thank you for using our application, ifyoufind this application helpful, please rate 5 stars and leaveacomment so thatwe can improve our application.