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In this simple yet surprisingly addictive drawing game you takeonthe role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job todirectairplanes to runways while avoiding collisions. FEATURES ★Classicgame mode as well as the unique puzzle game mode ★Onlinehighscores ★ Countless hours of addictive gameplay ★ #1Android airtraffic controller game Permissions: Location: To usewithhighscores. Internet: To submit highscores. Phone StateandIdentity: Used by offers provider to award miles forcompletingoffers. SD Card: To cache video offers.
The long awaited sequel to the multi million download hitAirControl is finally here! In this simple yet surprisinglyaddictivegame you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It isyour jobto direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.FEATURES★ Worldwide locations: From scorching deserts to freezingmountains★ Multiplayer coop maps: Play with your friend on the sametablet ★Tons of different planes and choppers ★ Zeppelin airships ★World'sfastest plane: The SR-71 Black Bird ★ Avoid blazing storms ★Makesnappy decisions when radio jam hits a plane ★ Countless hoursofaddictive gameplay
Airport Control 1.4.2
Play role of airport manager and control airport. Controlwholeairport traffic with your finger tips. Simple to play justdragplane to their destination and manage chaos of airport yourway.Best way to Kill Free Time. This game also test yourbrainmultitasking ability. - Land plane, service, pump fuel,PassengerBoarding, Take off. - Earn Money, Upgrade your servicestations. -Lots of Levels with different difficulties. - EndlessMode - HDGraphics - Different Maps - Environment Effect - GooglePlayservice: achievements and leader boards.
Unmatched Air Traffic Control 7.1.1
In this simulation game, you're an air traffic controller at abusyairport. The goal is to guide planes safely landing parkingandtaking off, avoiding collisions between them. This game ismuchlike the actual operation of a busy airport, but with easyandself-explanatory controls. Is a great hobby that stimulatesmemoryand reasoning. Have fun and good flights
Air Commander - Traffic Plan 2.0.1
Air Commander is a very addictive line drawing game,you arethecommander of air traffic.It is your job to keep aircraftlandingsafely, more aircraft landed, more levels you achieved.Enjoythefeeling of commander and do your best.Features:- Simple designandplay easily.- 4 great airfields , include Green field/ Snowfield /Desert field / Ocean field.- 11 different aircraft ,includingplanes, helicopters and military jets. - Rewardachievements foryour best try.- Challenge your friends and world byonlineleaderboards.Game Style: Air Control, Flight ControlSo joinit,landing the more planes and become the best Air Commander!
Airport Madness 3D 1.607
Big Fat Simulations proudly offers you the seventh versionofAirport Madness, now offering players a 3D controltowerperspective. Be an air traffic controller at LosAngelesInternational Airport, Boston Logan, LaGuardia, TorontoIsland,Vancouver Harbour float plane base, Jamaica, and RockyMountainMetropolitan. Airport Madness 3D also includes a forestfirefighting operation at Castlegar. There is a choice offourdifferent view perspectives: tower view, runway view, sky view,andpilot view. In this version, we include two radar screens: oneforairborne traffic and one for ground traffic. Aircraftflightcharacteristics are highly realistic. Aircraft actually raisetheirnose during the takeoff rotation and during the landing flare,justlike they do in real life. Part of what makes Airport Madnessfunis the high speed at which things happen. In real life,thingshappen much slower. For seven years, we've been tellinggameplayers that Airport Madness is a game, not a simulation.WhileAirport Madness 3D offers a decent level of realism, we aremainlytrying to make this game fun. We are using real earth dataformountains and surrounding landscape, as seen in the images, butourairports were built by us from scratch. We've worked hardtocompare our game to that of 3D simulations that are currentlyforsale elsewhere, and what we feel everybody wants is a gamethat'seasy to play, is lots of fun, and highly addictive. Thank youforbeing a customer!
DME Live 2.6
DME Live opens the door to the exciting aviation world! 

Are youupfor managing the biggest airport in Russia and Eastern Europe?Theapp "DME Live" gives you the chance to participate inthischallenging and fascinating work! At DME every minute airplanesarelanding and taking-off, carrying millions of passengers andtonesof cargo. What was sunshine a minute ago suddenly becomesrealRussian winter with heavy snowfall but the airport mustcontinue towork! 
To allocate parking positions, to deliver baggageandcatering on time, to ensure the serviceability of aircraft -thisis just one part of your tasks! 

Join the fun - become ateammember of the great dynamic world of Moscow Domodedovo Airport!
Take Control of the Tower 3.0
Do you want to know what it's like to be an air trafficcontroller?In Take Control of the Tower you have the full controlover theairspace. At a blazing pace you decide what the departure-andapproach paths are. Do that for more and more aircrafts alongthegame. Can you handle the pressure and stay 'in control'?TakeControl of the Tower, a game of Dutch Air Traffic Control(LVNL).
ADSB Flight Tracker 23.0
Mentionedhere: geeky aviation enthusiast to track and view planes flyingin thelocal area as well as around the world using a radar stylesimilarto the radar screens that Heathrow air traffic controllersuse inthe real world. This App is a 'viewer' to any Virtual RadarServeryou point at on the internet serving live flight data anditdefaults initially to It can be changedusingthe [Server] menu. You can also filter plane data so that youwillsee only planes that fit a given filter criteria using thevariousflight parameters and variables availablehere: receiver/Dump1090 server listener functionality sowith thecorrect hardware connected to your mobile device you canreceivelive plane data in your area directly from the air. Realtime GPSfeature which allows users to leverage their GPS receiveron theirdevice to provide real time speed, direction and altitudeof theirpresent movements. Proximity Alert feature depending ondistance andheight away from aircraft to your current GPS positionprovides avisual and audible warning "traffic traffic". 3D Viewmode with over600 airliner and military planes including theBeluga, Chinook,Harrier and Apache models not to mention manyliveries of balloons,gliders, small planes and helicopters. 3Dwith VR - using an Androiddevice that has the correct sensors(namely gyro, gravity andcompass) you will be able to move yourphone around in a full 360degree circle in the real world and seewhere planes are positionedaround you. Disclaimer: THISSOFTWARE ISPROVIDED `AS IS' AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES,INCLUDING,BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY ANDFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NOEVENT SHALLTHE AUTHORS AND/OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANYDIRECT, INDIRECT,INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES(INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LOSS OF USE, DATA, ORPROFITS; ORBUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORYOFLIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, ORTORT(INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANYWAY OUT OFTHEUSE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OFSUCHDAMAGE. In simple terms; use this software at your own risk.
Airport Guy Airport Manager 1.2.0
Rottz Games
Features:• Build: Build Air Traffic Control Towers to increasetheairflow and unlock VIP airplanes.• Research: Use the researchlabto improve your airport and unlock airplanes.• Fires: Buildfirestations to put down fires during emergency landings.•Collisions:Avoid collision between airplanes, and land them beforethey runout of fuel!• Vultures: Kill vultures to keep the airspacesafe andmake an extra cash.• Visit: Visit airports from otherplayers, andshare your airport design to the world.Game modes:•Sandbox: youhave unlimited lives, and you can grow your airportworrying onlyabout turning a profit.• Hardcore: you have only 5lives, so planyour growth carefully.Have fun on this ATCgame!Contact us
com.bigfatsimulations.airportmadness3d 1.307
You asked for more airports! Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2offerseight new airports, new aircraft, more gates, and sharperdetail.Like the first volume, Airport Madness 3D gives playersa3-dimensional air traffic control experience, from a controltowerperspective. Push traffic as quickly as you can, whileavoidingmidair collisions. Choose good weather or bad, adjust thetowerheight to your preference, then do your best to manage jettrafficinto and out of eight different real-world airports. Listentohuman pilot voices as the aircraft obey your every command.Scanyour radar screens for potential conflicts between aircraft.Viewthe action from the Pilot Cams, the Sky Cam, Tower Cam orRunwayCam. New York John F. Kennedy
 Toronto Pearson
San Francisco
 Lukla Nepal
 Hong Kong
 Chicago O'Hare Inadditionto a UI refresh, the big change since Volume 1 is theall-newCareer Stats page, which lets you track your ongoingperformancehistory across all eight airports. It feels real! Ourterrain isbuilt from real-world earth data. Airport designs arebased onreal-world layouts. Game play has been designed byreal-world airtraffic controllers and commercial pilots. Even theaircraft flightcharacteristics are highly realistic.
AirportPRG 1.5.7
Control the air traffic and airport staff to keep theairportrunning. Experience the development of Prague RuzyneInternationalAirport since it's humble beginnings. From grassyrunways to acomplex system of concrete ones.- Become an airportcontroller,telling planes when to land and take off- Take care ofthepassengers, baggage and fueling up the planes- Earn money,upgradeyour staff and the airport- Amazing 3D graphics- No ads- 8years oflevels describing key historic events- Countless hours ofaddictivegameplay- Collection of vintage aircraft - Accuraterecreation ofthe Prague airport in the years 1937 - 1947
eu.flightapps.airtraffic 6.3
Flight Apps
Flight tracker with plane photos. Flight radar of live planes onamap. Responsive real-time display of planes on a map withflightstatus details. Display of planes with reel-time positionupdates.You can locate plane for a given flight, using the veryresponsivesearch engine. When selecting a plane you will see : -airline, -flight origin and destination airports, - departure andarrivaltime. - aircraft type, including photo - altitude, speedandheading - 3D pilot view animation Tap on thumbnail to getenlargedplane photo. You will appreciate the very responsiveness ofthisflight tracker app when panning and zooming around. Whenopeningsettings, you can choose type of maps and units. Not allplanes areavailable. Nearly 90 % coverage. Real-time 3D view of theground asif you were in the plane : enjoy the landing! Permissions: we areconcerned by your privacy. You will only be requested tograntlocation permission. You may deny. Accepting enables the'aroundme' feature. Clean app, no other tricky permission outthere.
Airfield Control 1.5.0 Google
You are the air traffic controller in command trying to landallairplanes safely on their own runway. Touch an airplane andguideit to the correct runway on your airfield. But not onlyplanes,there are also helicopters and zeppelins. And that’s notall! Thereare multiple maps with awesome features you need todiscoveryourself!Every level has a different airfield where planesandhelicopters will start spawning slowly. When you touch anairplaneyou can draw a line to the correct runway that is lightingup andland the plane. But you need to watch out that it does notcrashinto other aircrafts which will be appearing faster andfaster! Canyou get the best score and unlock all levels?FEATURES★MultipleMaps★ Online highscores★ Different aircrafts andhelicopters★ Getthe best high score and combo★ Check yourstatistics and see howgood you are!★ Zeppelin and special levels★Unlock alllevels!PERMISSIONS• Full network access, for analytics,supplyingads and in app purchases and online highscores!
Airport Ground Flight Staff 3D 1.3
Airport Ground Flight Staff 3D is a fun, free commercialairplaneservice staff game with many special airport vehicles andairportcargo driving challenges for you to overcome. All 10 levelsaredesigned special operations in mind, to make this airport gamefunfor the player. Being an airport ground flight staff you havetotake control of operations, in levels you will be given thechanceto drive either a luggage trolley, airplane fuel truck,airplaneoil truck, airport taxi, airport bus, tow truck, push backtowing,airplane staircase van car or an emergency aeroplane firetruck inorder to succeed in driving while competing with the giventimelineaccording to the airplane game requirement. Airportsimulator is afree airplane flight vehicle driving game whichallows the user toplay as a tow truck driver, oil truck transportdriver, airplanestaircase bus driver, cargo truck, commercial cargoplane driver,airport bus driver to transport passengers to theterminal, airporttaxi driver or as an airport emergency fire truckdriver to performyour staff driver duty. Once you set off from yourstarting pointyou will have to drive to your destination to reachat thedesignated zones in order to complete the level.CityAirportVehicles You’ll Get to Drive in This Airport Ground FlightStaff 3Dgame:Luggage Trolley or Luggage Carrier: Being a luggagetrolleydriver you have to drive this in order to transport thepassenger’sluggage to the correct aeroplane. These are sometimesverydifficult to maneuver. Be careful not to drive past yourdesignatedunloading airplane place as reversing these cargo orluggagetrolleys is tricky to accomplish.Fuel Truck or Oil Truck:You’llhave to drive to the refueling station to fill up the tank tothentake to the desired plane that is requesting therefuel.StaircaseTruck: Driving and handling an airport staircasemachinery truck isnot a great turning vehicle so you will have toplan your approachcarefully, in order to align the staircase to theairplane.TowTruck or Push Back Towing Truck: It is the one of themostcomplicated vehicle within the airplane game. One wrong turncancause so many problems while playing with a tow truck/push backtowtruck when trying to get back on course. In reverse thiswillperform according to how much skills you’ve got for towinganaeroplane perfectly.Airport Taxi or Transport Bus: Passengerswillbe wanting to get to their destination within time so you willberequired to use this to get passengers from the plane totheterminal safely and in good time.Emergency Fire Truck: Any sortofemergency could or can occur at any time and you have to bealertedat all times. So always try to get you fire truck ready incase ofa fire on board a plane or on airport terminal.As a crowdedcityairport you will depend on the airport machinery in ordertoconfirm that everything runs smoothly since you are theairportmanager and it is your job to handle airport madness inorder tohelp the ground flight staff develop the airplane/airportwork, soperform your staff crew duty as air traffic controloperator. As aground staff your main task is to maintain aircraftflight,transport cargo, re-fuel planes & jets, tackleterminalemergency situations, navigate stair car and passenger’ssecurityso that nobody faces any sort of trouble. Stay updated withtheflight crew & as well as the air traffic control tower inorderto get the green signal whether to board the passengers,refill theplane with the fuel truck, attach staircase bus, tow theplane withthe tow truck to the runway or park the airplane inthehanger.Airport Ground Flight Staff 3D features:✔ Amazing Stateofthe art airport bus driving vehicles✔ Challenging airportgroundstaff driver missions✔ Super smooth airport parkingcontrols✔Unique Airport simulator game-play✔ Full-HD 3D airportplane groundstaff environment and sounds
Airplane Simulator 2018 1.0
Finally, the wait is over so get ready to fly airplane inairplanesimulator 2017 flight pilot drive plane. Your mission isverysimple, Fly plane from airport to complete missions, savepeopleand collect coins, stars and checkpoints on the way inairplaneflight simulator pilot 3D fly game real. Enjoy AirplaneSimulator2018 game.You are a real war hero that have fought war of1942 and1945. Now you have to try your skills in 2016 best games.2D flyingis your main skill so fly like a master driver in this 3Ddodgegame. Fasten up your seat belt and avoid aero planeturbulencewhile performing stunts on your way to airport landing.Aeroplancar wash is already applied and city aeroplane flying ismost funway fun and to not get boree. Pass quality time whileavoiding 1944city airplane accident with other aircraft in thisadventurousflight of 747. Play best Airplane Simulator 2018game.Listencarefully to air traffic control to avoid transportairplaneaccident and crash landing on city traffic in airplanegamestakeoff and landing extreme. Enjoy your travel in thisbestaircraft of 2017 and solve aircraft puzzle by flying a brandnewjet in this aircraft simulator game. Select aircraft of yourchoiceand put water on house that called 911 for emergency as thehouseis on fire and in need of help. Rescue passengers stranded inoceanand save lives. Avoid real airplane turbulence inAirplaneSimulator 2018 by defeating all enemies and destroyingtheir cargoships in this airplane flight simulator and fulfillflying airplanepassion. You have different airplane modes to selectfrom so do nottake airplane park an easy task because real airplanepilots arefighting hard to get on the highest rank in aeroplanegames 3Demergency landing. New games airplane race and transportpassengerson different airplanes is a dream job. An apic 비행기 비행시뮬레이터. Select비행기 모드 of your easy and drive in 云霄. Aero plane flygame is as nearto realty as any game can get in small size. Bewareof air attackand use all your flying skills in this. Fly like areal air fighterand make proud your jolly air force officer. Enjoyゲーム動画 and fly inthe 날기 비행. Perform stunts in this new air planegame and show theworld your real talent in flying air planes games.Be a pro planetransporter that can fly new planes. Enjoy 3D flyingin a 737plane. Remember that you are a train driver of 747airplanes.Flycargo plane of your choice and get a chance of offlinecityairplane flight by becoming a trained city pilot by drivingandparking civil aircraft in safe area. Fly in clear sky and donotcollide with control tower. Avoid crazy crashing andcompletecritical mission in this airplane flying game. Collectcheckpointson the way to reach the emergency landing area as soonas possiblein this endless flying game. Enjoy freeflight from dawnto dusk.Gioco di aerei fantastic plains. Plane racing is providedby buyingplane tickets. Use all of your aeronautical skills andperformimpossible landing on Dubai airport by landing fighter onocean.jogo de avião is the addiction of this era. A real juegodeaviones. Fly a jetliner and select best jets from avaiblemodels.Brave Pilot of Pakistan airforce who are well capable ofpassengerairplane airport to airport transport. This is the besttakeoffflight simulator where you drive thunder jets and collectcoins andcheckpoints.Flight aeroplane up in the air like a plainpilot.Enjoy beautiful view of hills and mountains during flighttraveland update your flight stats hourly in airport cityaircraftsimulator plane games. Fly a plane up in the air inAirplaneSimulator 2018 because nothing is more fun than flyingairplaneover the Ocean. Features of airplane simulator 2017 flightpilotdrive plane • Leaderboards and achievements• Smooth planecontrols•Multilevel• Multiple airplanesSo download AirplaneSimulator 2018now.
Endless ATC (free) 3.9.10
In this simulation game, you are an air traffic controller attheapproach radar of a busy airport. The goal is to guide theplanessafely to the ILS (Instrument Landing System) of the runwaysto geta high score. If you make no errors, the number of planes youhaveto control gets larger and larger. How many flights at a timecanyou handle? A warning for users who are unfamiliar withaviation:due to high realism, this game may bore or frustrate you,so pleaseread the instructions below first. In-game there's only alittlebit of help, and the game is in English only. The game showsyou aradar screen with planes and runways. Planes aregeneratedrandomly. To keep it fun and playable, this ATC sim is abitsimplified compared to real life, but it's all on scale andtheplanes behave realistically. Instructions Select a plane, giveit adescend instruction (to about 2000 feet), guide it to the thinblueline at a large distance from the runway, and clear it forapproachby enabling ILS mode, which means it will follow the lineto therunway (given that the plane captures the line at a shallowangle).It's also handy to check out the screenshots and the video.Thenjust try it! More detailed instructions: • sequence the traffictothe ILS path in front of a landing runway. The runway isdepictedas a blue line with a number; the ILS path is the thin bluelineextending from the runway. In order to capture this ILS beam,aplane must comply to three conditions: (1) the ILS mode oftheplane is activated, (2) the plane is descended low enoughtointercept the glideslope from below; the blue circles markthealtitudes of 2000, 3000 and 4000 feet, (3) the plane mustinterceptthe ILS at a heading of 50 degrees or less with respect totherunway (aim for about 30 degrees). If captured correctly, itwillfollow the line and land automatically on the runway. Note thatittakes some time for a plane to descend to the selectedaltitude.When a plane is fully established, it will be handed overthe thetower and then you score skill points. For parallelapproaches,maintain 1000 feet vertical separation until both planesarelocalizer established. • Departing aircraft determine theirheadingand speed themselves; they only require an instruction (whenit'ssafe) to climb to a higher altitude: flight level 130. • Youcanalso lose skill points when planes: (1) fly too close toeachother(generally: overlapping circles and altitude difference<1000feet), (2) leave the airspace (outer grey circle), also ifthey aredepartures but leave the airspace at or below FL100, (3)missedapproaches/go arounds. • The amount of planes that you havetocontrol is about the same as the amount of skill points youhave:the higher the skill value, the more planes you have to dealwith.You can also achieve 'goals' by landing a certain amount ofplanesin the correct way. • Some planes have an additional 'RD'tag; onlythese planes need to land on the secondary 'RD' airport.In themenu there are options like a speed multiplier, and customtrafficfor a more relaxed gameplay. Set sound mode to 2 or 3 forpilotspeech via android TTS (uses US and UK language). For moredetailedinstructions goto• endless amount of planes, multiple runways, • give radarvectorslike a real air traffic controller, • amount of trafficadapts toyour skill level, • pause and high simulation speedmodes, •automatically saving game; resume where you left off, •pilotvoices, • no internet connection required, • no ads, • it'sfree.The game plays best on big screens. If you have feedback,pleasesend me an email.
Aviation Empire 1.8.2
Rule the skies with this 3D strategic airline game! Yourmission:choose destinations, invest in aircraft and design yourairports tocreate your very own airline. Use your businessinstincts andconquer the globe to build your aviation empire!Imagine: you'reback in the historical year of 1919, when KLM RoyalDutch Airlinesfirst started flying. Each era takes you to a newphase in airlinehistory. With bigger and more advanced airplanesand airports. Ifyou successfully tackle the challenges on your way,you will berewarded with credits that you can use to expand youraviationempire. But, use them wisely! Invest in new aircraft andKLMdestinations. And enhance the level of luxury at your airportstokeep your passengers happy. You rock the game if you end up in2014with a globally present and successful airline, and continue -ofcourse – keeping your customers happy! Interesting features;-Flyyour own airplanes in the cool mini game- Real life check-inviaGPS on KLM airports to unlock in-game destinations- Compareyourscore with your friends or the world via leaderboards-Usefulstatistics to become a better CEOSystem requirements;-Minimal960x600 screen resolution- Minimal CPU with 2 cores -Minimal 576MB combined memoryQuestionsorsuggestions? Empireisthe first 3D airline game that will hook you up. Take off andgofor it!
In this simple yet surprisingly addictive drawing game you takeonthe role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job todirectairplanes to runways while avoiding collisions. FEATURES ★4different maps ★ Special aircraft like super sonic jet andzeppelin★ Classic game mode as well as the unique puzzle game mode★ Onlinehighscores ★ Beautiful curves ★ Countless hours ofaddictivegameplay ★ #1 Android air traffic controller game
The long awaited sequel to the multi million download hitAirControl is finally here! In this simple yet surprisinglyaddictivegame you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It isyour jobto direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.FEATURES★ Worldwide locations: From scorching deserts to freezingmountains★ Multiplayer coop maps: Play with your friend on the sametablet ★Tons of different planes and choppers ★ Zeppelin airships ★World'sfastest plane: The SR-71 Black Bird ★ Avoid blazing storms ★Makesnappy decisions when radio jam hits a plane ★ Countless hoursofaddictive gameplay
Flight Simulator Night NY Free 1.0
Featured as the best flight simulator for mobile devices,FlightSimulator Night NY 2015 is the perfect flight simulationexperiencefor those who loves aviation in general. Fly the mostfamousaircrafts in the world New York city. Choose a set ofaircraftsconfigurations to improve the realism and your needs totest andchallenge yourself during your flight. Features:• 16aircrafts.(commercial, cargo and instruction planes and militaryjetfighters!)• 400 missions to play, including flight lessons totakeoff, landing and planning. • Huge map, extending the dimensionsofNew York city, covering more than 50.000 miles• All the runwayandtaxiways from all airports.• ATC communications and airtraffic(specially amazing during the night)• Time and weatherconditions,including turbulence and "wind shears". • One specialsimulationfeature for Endeavour Space Shuttle! • Replay funciont toimproveand correct your skills of flying a plane.• And more! If youplayedour other simulations you know how committed we from ThetisGamesare to develop the best experience of simulators anddetailedaircrafts as we can! During the development process, we tryto makeit fast to load, very compatible with as many devices as wecan,and at the same time, caring a lot about the realism!Please,contact us to give your feedback!( informations:Group of planes-instruction.- commercial-cargo and transportation- militaryjetsPlanes:- Cezna 172 - Boing747-400- Leerjet 60 xr - Arbus A320 -Boing 757 - Boing 707 - BeechMusketeer - Antonov Av-12 - AntonovAv-24 - British Aerospace BAE147 - F-18 - F-22 - MIG-29 - SU-35 -Antonov Av-24 Militar -Endeavour Space ShuttleMajor airports withall runways available:-John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) -La Guardiainternational Airport (LGA) - Newark LibertyInternational Airport(EWR) - Lincoln Park Airport (N07) - EssexCounty Airport (CDW) -Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) -Teterboro Airport (TEB) -Linden Airport (LDJ)
com.AXgamesoft.TurbopropFS 1.22
FLY MILITARY AIRCRAFT AND PASSENGER AIRLINERS: "TurbopropFlightSimulator" is a brand new 3D airplane simulator game,featuringplanes derived from the Airbus A400M Atlas tacticalairlifter, theATR 42 / ATR 72 regional airliners, and a conceptVTOL aircraftXV-40. HAVE FUN: * Pilot three versions of themilitary aircraft:tactical cargo, coastguard, and spec-ops. * Pilotthe two regionalairliners, plus an airborne early warning militaryvariant. * Pilotthe Tilt-Wing VTOL aircraft (both in airplane mode,and invertical, helicopter-like mode). * Learn to fly withtrainingmissions (teaching the basics of flying, taxiing, takeoffandlanding). * Complete many varied missions. * Explore theplane'sinterior in first-person (in most levels and freeflight).*Interact with various items (doors, cargo ramp, strobes,mainlights). * Drive ground vehicles. * Load, unload, andairdropsupplies and vehicles with the cargo planes. * Takeoff andland onimprovised runways (and airports, of course). * Explorewithoutrestrictions in free-flight mode, or create flight routes onthemap. * Fly in varied time-of-day settings. OTHER FEATURES: *NEW& FREE airplane simulator game updated in 2019! * NOMANDATORYADS! Only optional, rewarded ones in-between flights. *Great 3Dgraphics (with detailed cockpits for all the aeroplanes).*Realistic physics for flight simulation. * Complete pilotcontrols(including rudder, flaps, spoilers, thrust reversers,auto-brakes,and landing gear). * Multiple control options(including mixed tiltsensor & stick / yoke). * Multiple cameras(including cockpitcameras with captain and copilot positions). *Close to realisticengines' sounds (turbines and propellers noisesrecorded from realairplanes). * Partial and total aircraftdestruction (clipping wingtips, full wings separation, tailseparation, and main fuselagebreakage). * Several islands with manyairports. * Selection ofmeasurement units for air speed, flyingaltitude, and distance(metric, aviation standard, and imperial).
Flight Simulator: Fly Plane 3D 1.32
i6 Games
Flight Simulator: Fly Plane 3D is an awesome new 3DAirplaneSimulator game, become the pilot and fly your commercialjet to thedestination. Guide and steer your plane through all ofthewaypoints to ensure you head to the correct destination, gothroughall of the waypoints and land at your destination airportwithinthe time limit to earn yourself more pilot stripes. Whenarrivingat your destination zone, slow the plane down and prepareforlanding, be careful not to crash! Guide your plane towardstherunway and park within the marked zone to complete the level.Whileparking your plane, be very careful to avoid the buses,helicoptersetc parked along the run way.
Flight Tracker Radar: Live Air Traffic Status 2.0
Get yourself the live plane tracker and see planes around theworldmove in real-time on a detailed map. Turn your phones ortablesinto the flight tracking radars. The Flight tracker radar:live airtraffic status is the best app for managing and trackingyourflights. Search your flight or plane to find out where it’sgoingand what kind of aircraft it is. It contains in depthinformationabout all available flights and airlines; arrivals,departures,terminal & gates, delays, and much more. It alsohelp you toplan your holidays with flight departure & arrivals,real timeflight tracking on map, flight bookings, hotels bookings&reservations, car rentals services, best deals available atyourdestination and so much more. Download for free today anddiscoverwhy millions are already tracking flights and checkingflightstatus with Flight tracker radar: live air traffic statusAmazingFeatures for Flight tracker radar: live air traffic status:•Worldwide Flight Tracking Live • Track flights on radar maps•Flight Booking services • Flights departures and arrivals •Liveradar tracking • Hotel information’s and reservation •Popularairports with route and distance • See all aircraftcurrentlyflying in the sky • Fly Radar - flight tracking • LiveArrival andDeparture boards • Best deals information • Flightalerts with mapto airport • Food and restaurants • Holidayactivities planning •Car rental and parking services • Never missflight status ofarrival and departures of your family and friends!The most amazingfree flight status app for you. Flight TrackerPlane Finder-Aeroplane Air Status provides you full detail aboutflight tracker.This flight radar tracker app can track real timeflightboard witharrivals and departures. Airport traffic delays anda currentairport weather. The app will find out the nearest largeairportagainst your position. All the required flight informationwithflight routes display the flight board with the arrivalsanddepartures as you can check out at a glance the departure gateofyour flight. If delayed the actual time will be displayedtoo.Airport checking flight map app. Flight aircraft enquirytrackercontroller. Flight explore travel guide details. Flighttripadvisor with best city guides detector. Flight timing detailsappwith real tracking feature. All flights schedule with delays andontime information. This flight airplane tracker is free mobileappfor android users. No need to Flight enquiry by phone callsorhelplines now all the flight schedule and route info is atyourhand on the best mobile app. Flight enquiry of all the majorcitiesof world like India Flight enquiry of Pakistan Flight enquiryappof all the flights. Track airplane route path in Flighttrackerradar: live air traffic status. This easy to use and userfriendlyFlight Tracker app is the most suitable flight app that youwillfind on Google Play. Check are the flight booking for allworldwideairports like Manchester airport in-flight sky scannerplanetracker. Malaysia airport flight tracker and hotels. Get allthebusy airports information quick and fast like Hong Kongairportflight information. New York airport flight time providerLondonflight schedule Dubai airport flight time & flightstatus.Pakistan airport flight time and schedule. Bangkok flightsstatusand routes With Flight tracker radar: live air traffic statuscheckAmerican airlines delay and departure update status in FlightradarLive Status. Get this amazing travelling guide and flighttrackingapp absolutely free and plan your trips and holidays withinfewseconds. Small in size, easy to use with user friendlyinterfaceget this app way above other available flight trackingapps on playstore. This is must app for all the android mobileusers. Use itand feedback us experience as we loved to improve andadd morefeatures as per our users requirements.
Pilot Plane Landing Simulator - Airplane games 1.9
Become a plane pilot and enjoy air flying in plane landing gameandairplane games in our newest flight pilot plane games &planepilot games with amazing pilot flight offering nice gameplayofflight landing simulator. Among plane flying games of thisyearhere’s best plane games of 2018. For those who love flightlandinggames let us present the perfect plane landing game. In thenewpilot plane game in airplane landing games you can fly acrossiglobe in the brilliant fly plane flight. You love planeriding?this is just the right mix of plane flight simulator andplanelanding simulator adding to real plane simulator which is whywethink that this game is best flight simulator. You always dreamtoflanding planes at various place, you have arrived at therightplane flight simulator coming with the feel of planelandingsimulator games? In the plane flying simulator, we giveyoumultiple planes to enjoy plane flight simulator with a benttowardsflight landing simulator. Pilot Plane Landing Simulator -RealPlane game is best plane simulator and of most amazingplanelanding games making it to best plane games. Enjoy plane rideinairplane landing games where you control the plane in planepilotsimulator in real plane simulator. Playing flying games is alikedby all that includes plane landing game with landingairplanegames. Fly Jet Planes with airplane landing games when youplaythis plane flying simulator. You dreamt of plane driving thatswhyI bring you airplane pilot simulator which falls amongplanedriving game among the free plane game. All the big planes areinyour control letting you enjoy jet planes in this plane ridegame.This also falls in plane games for kids who enjoy landingairplanesin best landing sim of the landing simulator genre offlandingplanes wherever you like. The time for real plane games hascomeand its time for airplane landing simulator also includedamongplane games for kids. Never will you find realistic airplaneflightor plane within real plane games like you will in our pilotlandinggame. Become a plane pilot to fly plane with agility andlearnaeroplane landing in this latest addition to plane landing andtakeoff games You might have played many flight landing games andplanepilot games but this is the best plane flying game amongstplanelanding games. So take your flight pilot in this bestflightsimulator with pilot flight and a lot of air flying. We havehitthe right chord along best plane games not to forget thehottestplane simulator game. Fly across the world, you taste planeflyinggames with real plane games. Fly the newest planes in theawesomepilot simulator games. Drop anywhere on the map by jumpingintoreal plane simulator from plane flying games. This amazingplanepilot simulator lets you enjoy the best airplane landinggames.Take care of your passenger in plane landing simulator inthisairplane pilot simulator and pilot games in free plane games&fly plane flight. Dive into plane driving in the top game ofpilotsimulator games. Pick out your own aeroplane landing airportinlanding sim playing big planes for best plane simulator game.Thisplane driving has all the elements of a nice airplanelandingsimulator. Plane driving simulator of the year. The planetakeoffand landing games become very exciting. Pilot PlaneLandingSimulator - Real Plane game falls in the greatest additionto planeflying games in landing plane games and free plane game. Nootherplane pilot simulator comes close to our flight landingsimulator.So gear up for best flight simulator with flight pilotand get intoair flying alongwith pilot flight to control the bestairplaneflight.Fly across desserts in plane flying simulator andbecome aplane rider while take a plane ride with pilot planelanding whileyou enjoy this flight landing simulator playing withbig planes.Get your friends to play this airplane landing simulatorif theyalso love plane driving simulator.
Super Plane Landing 2017 1.5
Flying an airplane is not an easy task! You find yourself inthecockpit of a mesmerizing airplane. Take the helm and controltheskies! Your job sounds simple, but it’s more than meets theeye.Test your agility as a pilot in this challenging game. Feelthewind breeze through your wings! Balance your aircraft whileyoubattle the frigid and strong winds! Smooth and easy controls areasure way for a fun experience.Once you land, the goal is todrivethrough checkpoints on the runway, and park it. Obstacleswillprovide difficulty as you avoid colliding with other planesandvehicles! Speed is the most important factor: be patient,andagile! Be aware of passengers and weather conditions. Witheachlevel you pass, the more checkpoints you collect, and themoreairplane skins and environments you unlock! Surge throughstormyand lightning-filled skies; float through snowy clouds inthewinter; and cruise in a clear blue sky (if you’re lucky)! Canyouprove to be the captain of your plane?Super Plane Landing2017Features:Amazing Airplanes to fly!Interesting landing andparkingexperiences!Challenging missions!AddictiveGameplay!RealisticSounds and Amazing Graphics!Smooth and EasyControls!InterestingScenarios to complete!
Transporter Plane 3D 1.8
Everyone on board? Let’s take off on another flying adventure!Feelthe power at your fingertips when you fly cargo planesandaircrafts, and then show off your flying skills to yourfriends.Follow directions from the air traffic control tower toperfectyour parking and landing skills. Transport Plane Landing isnowgiving you this fun opportunity for FREE! Immerse yourself intherealistic environment of an airport. Use the controls ofyourchoice, and the carrier and runway freely. Landing planesandparking them has never before been more realistic orchallenging.Transport Plane 3D features: •3D Airport-themedenvironments withtwo jets including the Boeing Jet Airplane and aC-130 Transport•Aircraft •Realistic airport ambiance with air towercommands•Ridiculously cool graphics and carefully craftedanimations•Choice of controls with three types of steering optionsincludinga steering wheel, buttons, or accelerometer basedmovements**Fasten Your Seatbelts & Prepare To Land the #1AirplaneParking Game of 2017**! About Tapinator Tapinator (Ticker:TAPM)develops and publishes games on leading mobile platforms.TheCompany’s portfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titlesthat,collectively, have achieved over 350 million downloads.Tapinatoris headquartered in New York. For more info,
Plane Landing Simulator 2017 2.0
Are you ready to become an airplane pilot? This Plane LandingGame2017 offers you a comprehensive gameplay of flightlandingsimulator and challenges your pilot skills of airplanelanding andtakeoff on the runway, unlike most other airplane games.It is aunique plane simulator 2017 concept that is amazinglypackagedwithin flight landing games. Let the adventure begin in oneof thebest plane games in the world, with flying airbus in astormyweather, you are required to control a super planeefficiently,land on a checkpoint on plane runway and perform planeparking.Become a plane pilot to fly plane with agility and learnaeroplanelanding in this latest addition to plane landing and takeoffgames. Now, drive your super plane to required destinationwhileyou enjoy amazing exposure of flight simulator 2017. Enjoythepowerful plane landing simulator in this plane take off gameandenjoy flying in cockpit in aeroplane. Aviator; you will alsobetested on your plane parking expertise in flight takeoff game.Thisbest plane simulator 3d will simply take your breath away withaswe have combined the physics of both airplane parking gamesandaeroplane driving games. If you enjoy playing plane flyinggames,then you are sure to get addicted to Plane Landing Game2017.Realistic controls and physics for airplane simulator, Highqualitygraphics for the Plane runway to escort the airbuses are farbetterthan many airplane landing games & plane pilot games. Ahighdefinition environment keeps the user highly engaged inaeroplanelanding games that is exactly the case for this passengerplanesimulator 2017. Fly the airplane and land the areoplane on arunwaylike a pro aviator. Brace yourself with the best frompassengerplane games, show your driving and parking skills for anexcitingjourney of plane take off game blended with airplane gamesorairplane parking games. Hurry up and grab the finest ofplanelanding simulator. Download Now! Plane Landing Game 2017includesthe following features: - Detailed 3d airplane parkingdestinationwhich is much different from airplane landing games -Challengingairplane pilot missions for real aeroplane simulator2017 in superplane games. - Latest aeroplane model unseen in bestplane gamesand other flight landing games - Perfectly tuned flightlandingsimulator controls unseen in many aeroplane landing games -flightsimulator 2017 an Interesting experience - Highly detailedcockpit,airbuses unmatched by most plane landing games - Bestpoliceaeroplane games sounds and animations
Carrier Landings 4.2.6
Landing on an aircraft carrier is one of the most difficult tasksapilot has to execute. The flight deck is only 150 meters long,justenough to stop the aircraft. Accept the challenge, take onoverthirty missions in the world's most dangerous andspectacularscenarios and join the best Top-Gun pilots. Takecontrol, climbinto the realistic 3D cockpits and fly the mostfamous militaryaircrafts, faithfully reproduced. Exceed your limitsand get theexcellence in all 90 engaging challenges! Discover theREAL WORLDTECHNOLOGY and begin now to plan your flight! WORLDWIDENAVIGATIONand FLIGHT PLAN with 500+ accurate AIRPORTS,DAY&NIGHT CYCLE,REALTIME METAR weather conditions, AIR SPACESCARTOGRAPHY with over8,000 WAYPOINTS. Try out the latest evolutionof the RORTOS flightsystem, already appreciated by millions ofusers around the world:unprecedented graphics, realistic weatherconditions and a REPLAYfunction that lets you review your flightmoves. For an even morethrilling experience, connect two devicesonline and activate themulti-screen mode. Featuring: * Gamecampaign with 6 trainingmissions and 30 missions in 5 differentscenarios (4 availables forpurchase) * WORLDWIDE TERRAIN ANDNAVIGATION SYSTEM (availables forpurchase) * 90 engaging challenges(72 available to buy) * Freeflight with choice of weatherconditions and time * Landingcompetitions with worldwide ranking *Multi-camera Replay withdynamic CINEMA view * Aircraft carrierlandings, airbase landingsand emergency landings * Take-off,practice, transfers, recon andflights in formation with a flightguide * Vertical take-off andlanding (F35B Lightning II, AV-8BHarrier II) * In-flight refuel *More realistic extreme conditionswith wind, rain, snow andlightning * 3D virtual cockpit withintegrated instrumentation,rain/snow effects and 6 different cameraangles visual perspectives* Radar with runway and aircraft carrierorientation * Realisticfuel consumption * Approach systemI.F.L.O.L.S. * Radiocommunication * REMOTE CONTROL: you can connecttwo devices and useone of them like a remote control with acomplete instrumentationview Aircraft: * F/A-18 Super Hornet * F-14Super Tomcat [availablewith Canyon] * C-2A Greyhound [availablewith Arctic] * F-16Fighting Falcon [available with Canyon] * AV-8BHarrier II(vertical) [available with Arctic] * F35B Lightning II(vertical)[available with Arcs] * MiG-29K Fulcrum [available withVolcano] *F4E Phantom II [available with Volcano] * A-6 Intruder[availablewith Arctic] * A-7 Corsair II [available with Arcs] *F-22 Raptor[available with Flight Simulator] * SU-47 Berkut[available withFlight Simulator] * C-130 Hercules [available forpurchase] * EFTyphoon [available for purchase] * Dassault Rafale[available forpurchase] Scenarios: * Islands * Canyon [availablefor purchase] *Arctic [available for purchase] * Arcs [availablefor purchase] *Volcano [available for purchase] * Flight Simulator[available forpurchase] CHECK OUR CARRIER LANDINGS PRO FOR FULLBUNDLE
Airport Madness 4 1.03
Airport Madness 4 is finally available for Android tablets! Getitnow at an introductory price of $2.99. The desktop version hashadmore than 100,000 downloads, and sells for $15.Airport Madness 4isa fun, addictive air traffic control game. Control passengerjetsand military aircraft into and out of busy airports. This appisloaded with complex airports and fun challenges. Handle arunwayclosure during a snow storm. Land fighter jets onaircraftcarriers. Witness UFO activity in Area 51.In AirportMadness 4 youare an air traffic controller, managing airplanes asthey travel toand from major international airports. Move airplanesas quickly aspossible while keeping the skies and runways safe frommidaircollisions. You are the last line of defense againstdisaster. Doyou have what it takes to handle the world's moststressfuljob?Airport Madness 4 offers real pilot voices, badweather,emergencies, and a radar scope. Helicopters, float planesand spaceshuttles are just a few of the new and interestingaircraft youwill see. In addition, there are new control featuressuch as'vectoring' and runway changes. Airport Madness 4 is amust-havegame for any aviation enthusiast. It's incredibly simpleto learn,yet insanely addictive and challenging. Choose from sixuniqueairports, including a dozen different airport challenges.Ourrevamped physics engine offers smoother motion and morerealisticaircraft behavior. The addition of several new aircraftwillchallenge your ability to recognize performance differencesbetweendifferent aircraft types, such as the Boeing 747, AirbusA380 andeven the Concorde!
Plane Finder Lite 7.6.7
All new version of Plane Finder Lite for Android.Plane Findershowslive moving planes on a worldwide map. Millions worldwidealreadytrack flights in real time with Plane Finder, the ultimatepocketair traffic app.Plane Finder Lite shows you where flightsreallyare right now. Simply tap on a plane to see the registrationandflight numbers.Upgrade to the full version for a huge rangeofextra features including search,advanced flight data,detailedaircraft information, photos and much much more.PlaneFinder hasbeen a highly rated, top ranking app since 2009 and hasbeenfeatured by Gizmodo, CNN, GMA, BBC, Sunday Times, Mail onSunday,CNET, Wired, GQ Magazine and many more. With millions ofhappyusers, Plane Finder is regularly updated with innovativenewfeatures. Our support team always listen to and reply tofeedback.Plane Finder tracks 12,000+ flights around the world usingour ownnetwork of real time receivers and some traditional radardata. Ourworldwide coverage is already fantastic and alwaysexpanding -please check to see live coverage inyour area.At a glance our coverage includes – • Europe 95% -realtime • NorthAmerica – 100% via slightly US delayed data –Nationwide realtimeADS-B network in place and capturing 95% ofADS-B equipped aircraft• Rest of World – Excellent coverage inAustralia, New Zealand,Central America, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan,Dubai, India, Malaysia,Thailand, South Korea, Maldives, Mauritius,Singapore, Hong Kongand many more countries Important Note: PlaneFinder works bypicking up real time ADS‐B signals used by aircraftto transmitpositional data to land based receivers. This technologyis fasterthan traditional radar and is used for air traffic controlandnavigation. ADS‐B is not used by all airlines or aircraft,howeverthis is changing and the number of aircraft tracked by ADS‐Bisincreasing all of the time. Traditional radar type data innearreal time is also included for North America; this is subjectto ashort time delay. And if you’ve read this far, you’ll also wanttoknow this: Plane Finder Lite includes:• Live moving planes onaGoogle Map • Plane registration number• Flight number•Bookmarkfavourite locations e.g. set a ground level view of majorairports• Share your sightings with family and friends via FacebookandTwitter Why not download the full, advert free, version ofPlaneFinder to also see:• Advanced flight details includingflightnumber, route, speed and altitude, service type, days ofoperationand more • Current flight status • In depth planeinformationincluding reg number, model, registration date andconstructiondetails • Photo galleries and beautifully detailedaircraftillustrations • Flight path contrails • Powerful search byflightnumber, callsign and aircraft registration number• FREE planeiconsets • Upload your own aircraft photos to see them in the appviaour community at • Technicalinformationincluding squawk codes, ICAO/IATA codes, ADS HexcodeandheadingDisclaimer: The use of the information presented usingPlaneFinder is strictly limited to pursuing enthusiast activities(i.e.for entertainment purposes), which specifically excludeanyactivities that might endanger yourself or the lives ofothers.Under no circumstances will the developer of thisapplication beheld responsible for incidents resulting from the useof the dataor its interpretation or its use contrary to thisagreement.
Plane landing Simulator 2018 1.0.8
Plane landing Simulator 2018 is another proud offering fromMizoStudio for the fans of plane landing games who have dreamtofbecoming an airplane pilot. Let’s play this plane flightsimulatorand polish your plane takeoff and landing at the airportcity onthe runway unseen in best airplane games. This new year weneed tocater a lot of flights in this flight landing simulatorbycontrolling the super plane flights, flying the airbuswithpassengers on board and land the plane efficiently in planeparkingmissions; all these features makes it the finest of flightlandinggames. If you have enjoyed plane simulator 2017 with theflightlanding & plane take off missions, then you must playplanelanding game to have a burst of excitement from the bestplanegames in the world and to become a plane pilot whoseaeroplanelanding skills are beyond comprehendible. The flightsimulator 2017had plain features but this super plane game is thereal deal inthe category of aero plane landing and take off games.Enjoyairplane landing present in aeroplane landing games withsuperplane flying in the stormy weather conditions from the cockpitofyour airplane. Be a pro aviator in this plane take off gametomanage the local and international flights in PlanelandingSimulator 2018. Enjoy airport city environment to buildyourexpertise over plane parking in best plane simulator 3d &youwill surely forget other flight landing games. Combiningtherealistic plane simulations in aeroplane driving games withthesupersonic sounds from the airplane parking games makesplanelanding game; an unforgettable experience. Airplane parking,flightlanding and takeoff in flight takeoff game is very uniqueandengaging from other plane flying games. Do you enjoy playingplanepilot games, then this airplane simulator withinterestinganimation, smooth controls for flying the airbuses areof no matchto other airplane landing games to become an airplanepilot. Havean unforgettable adventure of air plane landing game;brand newentrant of the genre of local passenger plane games, andbe a greatplane pilot of super planes to land and takeoff of superplanelanding games, and have fun with airplane parking of apassengerplane simulator and you will never want to miss the fun offlyingin air and parking on a runway in very best of airplanegames.Addictive gameplay of flight landing simulator will make youanairplane pilot in no time. Be a plane pilot in the PlanelandingSimulator 2018 & have fun wid amazing airportenvironment notseen in flight landing games & manage flights insuper bestplane games. Surge through sky, float in the winds offlightsimulator 2018 to be the captain at super plane in airplaneparkinggames. Download now and be the airplane pilot! Features:Airplaneparking with flight management much different fromaeroplanelanding games Real models of planes in this aeroplanesimulator2018 Plane landing game runways and passenger planesChallengingmissions of smooth flight landing simulator from superplane games.Smoot flying controls unmatched by best plane landinggamesInteresting sounds and animations from best aeroplane gamesSuperbgame design from plane parking games
F18 Carrier Landing Lite 7.4.0
The most advanced Flight Simulator and Aircraft CarrierLandingSystem ever created. Landing on an aircraft carrier is oneof themost difficult tasks a pilot has to execute. The flight deckisonly 150 meters long, just enough to stop the aircraft. Acceptthechallenge, take on missions in the spectacular scenarios andjointhe best Top-Gun pilots. Take control, climb into the realistic3Dcockpits and fly the most famous military aircrafts,faithfullyreproduced. Discover the REAL WORLD TECHNOLOGY and beginnow toplan your flight! WORLDWIDE NAVIGATION and FLIGHT PLAN with500+accurate AIRPORTS, DAY&NIGHT CYCLE, weather conditions,AIRSPACES CARTOGRAPHY with over 8,000 WAYPOINTS. Try out thelatestevolution of the RORTOS flight system, already appreciatedbymillions of users around the world: unprecedentedgraphics,realistic weather conditions and a REPLAY function thatlets youreview your flight moves. For an even more thrillingexperience,connect two devices online and activate the multi-screenmode.Featuring: * Game campaign with training missions and 2scenarios *FLIGHT SIMULATOR with WORLDWIDE TERRAIN and NAVIGATIONSYSTEM(availables for purchase) * Free flight with choice ofweatherconditions and time * Landing competitions with worldwideranking *Multi-camera Replay with dynamic CINEMA view * Aircraftcarrierlandings and airbase landings * Take-off, practice,transfers,recon and flights in formation with a flight guide *Verticaltake-off and landing (F35B Lightning II, AV-8B Harrier II)*In-flight refuel * More realistic extreme conditions withwind,rain, snow and lightning * 3D virtual cockpit withintegratedinstrumentation, rain/snow effects and 6 different cameraanglesvisual perspectives * Radar with runway and aircraftcarrierorientation * Realistic fuel consumption * ApproachsystemI.F.L.O.L.S. * Radio communication * REMOTE CONTROL: youcanconnect two devices and use one of them like a remote controlwitha complete instrumentation view Aircraft: * F/A-18 Super Hornet*F-14 Super Tomcat [available for purchase] * C-2AGreyhound[available for purchase] * F-16 Fighting Falcon [availableforpurchase] * AV-8B Harrier II (vertical) [available for purchase]*F35B Lightning II (vertical) [available for purchase] *MiG-29KFulcrum [available for purchase] * F4E Phantom II [availableforpurchase] * A-6 Intruder [available for purchase] * A-7 CorsairII[available for purchase] * F-22 Raptor [available for purchase]*SU-47 Berkut [available for purchase] * C-130 Hercules[availablefor purchase] * EF Typhoon [available for purchase]
Fly Jet Flight Airplane Landing Simulator 1.0.1
One of the best airplane game simulator. You might have playedmanyjet plane games across the skies but this flight simulatorsisdesigned for plane landing simulators enthusiasts who wanttobecome an airplane pilot. Steer your Flying jet from airport toupin the air, get you pilot mode on and get on the cockpit ofplaneto fly your favorite jet in plane landing games with theskills ofairplane pilot simulators using landing gear at righttime. Beginthe amazing flying adventure of seaplane flying andairplanedriving. Play this aircraft flying game to get flighttakeoff andlanding experience.This aeroplane game lets you takecontrol of theentire airport and fly a wide range of aircrafts.Enjoy the newgame of parking with your favorite air-plane. Parkvariety ofairplanes include commercial planes, fighter jets andcargo planesaero plane on the runway. Drive carefully on runway anddon’t crashwith other parked planes. Spring holiday season has juststartedand foreign tourists have come to our beautiful country tovisitMiami Beach & enjoy seaplane flight simulator. Whileflyingseaplane high in sky for tourist transport, witness beauty ofbluesky & fresh blue water in sea planes pilot surf for carswithflying games. Transport cargo from one city airport to another.Getready for ultimate plane simulation adventure through thisairplaneflying simulation 2018. Plane take off game cannot matchtheadrenaline rush of this flying simulator. Explore thethrillingmissions while playing pilot games. Initiate your drivingpassionas a professional pilot in this airplane new games 2018.Experiencethe most addictive turbo flight simulator games andbecome proflight pilot. Take on the career of a pilot andexperience thecontrolling and flying airplane aircrafts in theXtreme flying sim.So buckle up to become a pilot and master yourtake off and landingtechniques to become a pro. Through thisairplane driving games,grow up your plane driving skills &become flight pilot pro.Slow your aircraft speed before landing onstrip of airport andcarefully pull down your speedy aircraft.Transport tourist asflight pilot in tourist transport simulatorgame.Run on the runwayof airport and flew it from runway beforegetting crashed on theairport. Transport the passengers from oneairport to anotherairport. If you don't have flying skills don'tworry about it justplay this game and you will learn everythingabout controls likelanding gear, altitude, steering control,speeding pedal and muchmore, just get this flying simulator and youwill become a expertflying pilot of big like Airbus 380. Highquality graphics for therunway to escort the air buses are farbetter than many airplanelanding games. Aviator; you will also betested on your planeparking expertise in takeoff game. Downloadthis fly jet plane propilot flight best flying aircraft simulatorof all time on yourandroid devices for free.
Airplane Emergency Landing 1.04
i6 Games
Take control of the airplane steering, prepare for acrashlanding!Put your flying skills to the test and carefullymanage topilot your aircraft in some of the most difficult flightsituationsever!Control individual engines, plan your path of entry,andnavigate the airplane safely to transport the planepassengerssafely in realistic airplane simulated situations.Thisairplanesimulation is open world, filled with infinite emergencylandingmissions. With realistic graphed open world, you can exploretheland and sky of real life locations.Game Features:+Unlimitedflightmissions!+Realistic airplane engine failures simulation usedtotest real piloting situations+Incredible HD Graphics+Funanimationsand real landing sequences+Beautiful, huge open worldenvironmentto explore and fly around in if objectives aren't yourstyle+FunA.I. Flying aircraft+Flight planning+Flight Panels,accelerators,altitude meters, throttle and more!+Easy to play gamecontrols,both tilt and mobile button controls+Clear, realisticpilot userinterface, with accurate in-flight panels+Dynamic andexciting HDcamera anglesAirplane Firefighter Simulator simulatesreal worldelements:- Weather forecast: clear sky, rain,thunderstorms, snow-Turbulence- Day and night cycle- Plane crashesand smokes effects.
Plane Landing Flight Simulator Academy 1.0.6
Prepare yourself for highly thrilling Plane Landing FlightSimulatorAcademy adventure, allowing you to experience realisticairplanelanding and take off with advanced plane simulation inbeautifulcity airport. In this flight landing game, become trainedairplanepilot or jet plane pilot from airplane games of well-knownpilottraining academy and examine your plane landing skills withflightlanding simulator or engaging airplane pilot simulator orrealphysics based airplane flight simulator from airplane parkinggames.In Plane Landing Flight Simulator Academy become part ofrealisticpilot training academy and drive or fly super plane orother popularplanes of aeroplane driving games in clear or stormyconditions& land the plane from take off games on run way ofairport toaccomplish US army flying missions.Plane Landing FlightSimulatorAcademy engages you highly professional pilot trainingcourse whereyou as beginner pilot has to accomplish trainingmissions includingairplane landing or take off from aeroplanedriving games inrealistic NY City airport. In this flight landinggame, become partof jet plane pilot training course or pilottraining academy &get trained on super plane or other planesincluding Boeing orairbus along Cessna from plane pilot games. Areyou fan of airplaneparking games or highly engaging passengerplane games then thisplane landing game will fulfill your uniqueplane simulationrequirements. In this plane pilot game, gettrained to become jetplane pilot or airplane pilot along with procargo pilot of airplanegames and utilizing flight landingsimulator or realistic airplanepilot simulator along with physicsbased airplane flight simulatorfrom airplane parking games. Inthis airplane flight simulationgame, expertly take off your planeas cargo pilot in beautiful clearweather or stormy conditionsbased on take off games, expertlycollect all check points inlimited and experience amazing airplanelanding in realisticairport environment similar to airplane gameswith airplanesimulation in all flying missions or airplanetrainingmissions.Plane Landing Flight Simulator Academy providesyouexceptional experience of plane simulation with airplane landingortake off in city airport pilot training academy to get trainedasairplane pilot or jet plane pilot along with cargo planepilotbased on airplane games. In this flight landing gameexperiencerealistic plane landing skills with popular planesutilizing flightlanding simulator or advanced airplane pilotsimulator or realphysics based airplane flight simulator ofairplane parking gamesand fulfill all objectives US army flyingmissions.Features:-Beautifully designed HD 3D graphics from jetfighters games- Highquality sounds and effects of plane pilotgames.- Fully customizedtraining levels based on airplane flyinggames.- Top notch controlsfor plane movements in clear & stormyconditions- Highlyengaging sea plane game based play mode.
MAYDAY! 2 Terror in the sky 1.4.2
Reludo srl
*** Better, bigger, more addictive: the #1 landing game in61countries is back! Face a brand new landing experience:challengethe most dangerous weather conditions and aircraftfailures to saveall your passengers. *** Welcome back to youraircraft, pilots!Have you made it safely back once? It’s not over…your passengersare in danger again. Are you ready to fly themsafely home? Mayday!2 makes you feel like a real aircraft pilot.You have just oneobjective: to land safely – easy to play,difficult to master. Willyou make it safely to the ground with newmissions, new dangerousweather conditions, and totally unexpectedaircraft failures? Keyfeatures: • Handle your device like anaircraft yoke. • Progressthrough increasing difficulty levels andupgrade your ranking tobecome a pro pilot. • Manage heartbreakingairplane failures. •Different types of surfaces: landing strip,motorway, rough ground,water, aircraft carrier… • Play free,unlimited missions. • Get onefree airport (San Francisco). • Buynew airports (Hawaii, the Alpsand Egypt)- with more airportsavailable soon. • Unlock 5 differentaircraft. • Face the mostdiverse weather conditions: heavy rain,fog, strong wind,turbulence, night landings, and the newthunderstorm scenario. •Relive your successes and learn from yourmistakes through thereplay mode. • Share your performances withthe world. • Takecontrol and choose your favorite view: cockpit,clear view, externalview.
Real Plane : Flight & Landing Pilot Simulator Game 1.0
Real Plane : Flight & Landing Pilot Simulator Game is thebestpassenger aero plane flight simulation game as the user becomesthepilot and takes the responsibility to transport passengersfromlocation to another. The game features comprehensive gameplayofflight landing simulator and challenges your pilot skillsofairplane landing and takeoff on the runway, User need taketheflight in the air having real passenger plane withrealisticcockpit controls, fly the cabin crew and passengersafely.Comprehensive gameplay of flight landing simulator andchallengesyour pilot skills of airplane landing and takeoff on therunway.Experience the beautiful landscapes, oceans, sea and towns.Enjoythe interesting missions of airplane landing & takeoff inthisflight landing simulator & test your airplane pilotskillsunseen in other plane flying games. Stay connected with airtrafficcontrol room. User needs to be always ready for emergencylandingas if weather is out of control user must pass maedaymessage tothe control room and runway so the landing. Take yousuper airplanemadness to the heights of the sky and showcasecareful aero planelanding stunts Follow the directed path and makesure the sureflight never delays, fly plane smoothly so passengermust feelsafe. Guide and steer your plane through all of thewaypoints toensure you head to the correct destination, go throughall of thewaypoints and land at your destination airport. Learntheaerodynamics of the planes as the user will fly the planethousandsfeet above the ground. Go through different weatherconditions andland at your destination airport within the timelimit to earnyourself more pilot stripes. The user might faceextreme weatherconditions like rainfall, snowfall, thunderstormsand storm. Enjoyairplane landing present in aeroplane landing gameswith superplane flying in the stormy weather conditions from thecockpit ofyour airplane. The user needs to avoid skyscrapers andlargemountains while flying the aero plane. Cope with emergenciesandincidents inspired by real life scenarios in a climacticadrenalinerush. The game has various planes and most realisticairplanecontrols, the user can realistic cockpit environment.Following arefew amazing features of the game:🛬 Variety ofanimations like planecrash animation.🛬 War and aircraft VisualEffects (VFX).🛬 SimulatedSound effects (SFX).🛬 Easy controls.🛬Smooth tilt controls withtilt sensor.🛬 Multiple weather situationslike rainfall, snowfall,storm, thunderstorm etc.🛬 Physics engine tocreate realistic flightexperience.🛬 Multiple planes to unlock.🛬Famous air bases andairports from around the world.🛬 Dynamic 3Dcamera angles.🛬Realistic flight controls.🛬 Unlock Famous PassengerPlanes
com.airmap.airmap 2.6.0-release-20190722214702
AirMap, Inc.
AirMap is the leading global provider of aeronautical data&services to unmanned aircraft, or drones. Use AirMap tomaintainsituational awareness, request digital authorization, gettrafficalerts, & more. AirMap offers these features and more: -Can Ifly here? Get real-time feedback of airspace rules andconditionspertaining to your flight specifications, with nationalrulesetsfor 20 countries, including Canada, Germany, Japan, NewZealand,United Kingdom, and the United States. - Toggle betweenmultiplemap styles - Discover airspace rules and advisories bysearchingfor a location or panning and zooming AirMap's responsivevectormaps - Create and manage your pilot profile and UAV aircraft- Plana flight path to specific duration, altitude, andairspacerequirements - Connect to any supported DJI drone to flyand togglecamera settings directly from the AirMap app - Requestdigitalauthorization for commercial operations in LAANC-enabledU.S.controlled airspaces - Send digital flight notice toparticipatingU.S. airports - Get real-time traffic alerts fornearby mannedaircraft - View publicly-shared flights happeningaround the world
Flight Control Radar 1.0.3
Flight Control Radar is the insanely addictive game. You take ontherole of Air Traffic Controller and your job is to avoid planecrash.Sounds easy? Believe, it isn't.In Flight Control Radar youhave tokeep the air traffic safe. You can't change aircraftcourse, but youcan change its altitude. You have to keep an eye onthe radar andreact immediately. You are responsible for the safetyof airtraffic! Test yourself and see how many aircraft you areable tosupervise. Each subsequent level is harder then previousone.Airplanes appear faster. Their speed increases. There is lessandless time to react and avoid plane crash! Control of theFlightControl Radar game is extremely simple. You only have toselect aplane, which you want to order attitiude change and swipeup ordown. You can also select plane and tap proper orderbutton.FlightControl Radar features: - one rule - don't let planescrash -manage air traffic - simple design and game control -surprisinglyaddictive game - countless hours of gameplay -unlimited levelscount - online leaderboard - challenge your friendsTest yourspeed, agility and foresight - try Flight Control Radar!
Highway Airplane Landing FlyWings Free 1.3
The Game Link
Initiate your flying passion as a professional pilot inthisgame!!Fasten your seat belts to be an airplane flightpilotsimulator 3d! This game is going to take thrilling takeoffandlanding experience at the sky heights with remarkablejourney.Explore your real aeroplane flying simulator skills andbecome themaster of this game. We bet you that you will neverplayed suchgame of airplane parking simulator mania in your reallife before.You will be shocked after playing this airplane landingsimulator3d game and get refresh yourself.TIPS:- Do not let finishyourfuel- Pass through all the rings- Select jet aircraft of yourownchoice- Upgrade and customize jet aircrafts forflightmissionsExperience the most addictive airplane flightpilotsimulator 3d game. Take on the career of a pro pilot andexperiencethe controlling and flying aircrafts. So buckle up tobecome theflying master and enhance your take off and landingtechniques.Through this real aeroplane flying simulator, grow upyour bestracing skills that will be helpful for you in airplaneracing. Doyou love to play airplane landing simulator 3d? If yesthen thisgame is best for you.Do you fed up from airplane parkingsimulatormania? If yes then you must try this game. Experiencethebrilliance in the air friction, and enjoy the weatherclimates,oceans and beaches of different countries. Stay steady andprepareyourself to make lot of fun and transport the passengers attheirdestinations. Are you interested to play real aeroplaneflyingsimulator? If yes then this game is specially designed foryou. Youwill never enjoyed such sort of game of airplane landingsimulator3d in your entire life.Play our one of the best airplaneflightpilot simulator 3d game and get rid of tensions. You mighthaveplayed many games of airplane parking simulator mania overtheskies but this game is designed for true airplane racinggameslovers. Steer your plane from airport to up in the air, getyoupilot mode on and get on the cockpit view to fly your favoritejetwith your best flying skills. If you are get bore, then get ridofboredom after playing this real aeroplane flying simulatorgame.Enhance your airplane flight pilot simulator 3d career as thebestpro pilot. If you have never fly aircraft in your life, thenherewe are giving you an opportunity to become the world’sbestairplane flight pilot simulator 3d. Set your frequency tothecontrol tower and make sure the weather is best to fly,otherwiseit will be dangerous to you to fly in the cloudy and rainyweather.While airplane landing simulator 3d, take this safely ontheground. Once landed, take it to the airplane parkingsimulatormania for parking and unload all passengers to the airportterminalin .Key Features:- HD graphics- Challenging missions-Multiplecommercial jetliners- Various Weather Conditions- Criticalextremelanding & take offs- Realistic flying aircraftsexperience-Full Flight alert control & detailed cockpit view
Flight Radar (Flight Tracker) 1.6
With the new Flight Radar App, you can turn any device intoyourvery own 3D flight tracker for free! Tracking flights live canbevery fun and useful, for example: Tracking the plane of afamilymember or friend to see if they landed safely or to know atwhatexact time to pick them up from the airport. Because of allthedetailed information that is shown about a plane, the FlightRadarApp can also come in very handy for plane spotters. Below is alistof some of the features the Flight Radar App offers: - Seeairtraffic around the globe move in real-time; - Identificationofnearly any aircraft in the sky; - Read detailed flightinformationlike calculated speed, altitude, traveled distance,aircraft model,airline information, the aircrafts flight number,departure time,estimated arrival time an actual photo of theaircraft and muchmore; - Enter 3D mode to see what a pilot isactually seeing; -Flight search function which uses flight number,airline or thename of the airport - Several filters such as:aircraft, altitude,airline and speed. Besides flight tracking youcan also read up onsome very interesting aviation trivia with thisapp. Flight RadarApp usage The app will automatically focus on yourcurrent GPSposition. By using your fingers, you can move the map orzoom inand out. Within a few seconds, you will see all air trafficnearyour location. To get more detailed information you simplyclick onan airplane and an information panel will appear. Searchfeaturesand filters are located in the navigation menu andareself-explanatory. Usage of the Flight Radar: Free FlightTrackerapp is 100% FREE. 3D Tracking...
Airplane Fly Hawaii 2.6
Tri One Games
Explore the islands of Hawaii with 42 different aircraft,includinga variety of airplanes, seaplanes, and helicopters. Testyourskills landing on one of the 15 runways, 2 aircraft carriers,or onwater to earn points to unlock new missions and planes,includingstingray- a flying jet-ski.
pl.m4games.airport 1.63
What do you need to do? Watch the flying planes and land them ontheappropriate lanes, watching closely for what is happeningaround. Asan controller, you must be careful not to make acollision and everyaeroplane and helicopter must land safely.Determine a safe route tothe right airport with your finger on thescreen! You must beself-controlled, alert and make decisionsquickly. Every second ofdelay in making the right decision is ofenormous importance - itcan lead to the collision of aircraft!There are several airports atyour disposal with differentdifficulty levels, where you willcontrol several different typesof planes and helicopters. Goodluck!
Airplane Flight Simulator RC 1.4
i6 Games
Take control of 4 radio-controlled aircraft in anairport!Accomplisha lot of variety of missions to become a realpilot.!! AirplaneFlight Simulator RC contains 40 levels !!Controla "Canadair CL415"aircraft to take some water and extinguish thefires.Take the "PiperPA46" aircraft to do some aerobaticsmaneuver, like loop, roll,U-turn, spin. You can also write in thesky with a red smoke. Usethe "Boeing 777" aircraft to dohedgehopping, take off and landduring a tempest, and dodge birdsstrike.Or choose the "Cesna 182"aircraft to race against RChelicopter. Example of missions :- Learnto take off and land on arunway- Emergency landing on the water-Control your aircraftduring a tempest- Attach a banner in youraircraft to do someadvertisement- Race against a helicopter- Takewater and extinguishthe fires- Land on a carrier aircraft- Dohedgehopping flight-Dodge birds strike- Explode balloons- Land youraircraft during anengine failure- Do aerobatics maneuver- Write anddraw in the sky-Fly upside downIn the free flight mode, you candiscover theairport and a lot of buildings in construction.Totallyfree,without "in-app purchase" !You must have (at least) a cpu of 1GHzin order to play without lag.
Pilot Plane Landing Game 2017 1.1
Ever dreamt of becoming a plane pilot to land the planes on arunwayin Plane Landing Games? If you are thrilled by the airportcity,super planes in best plane take off games then you shouldplay thisPilot Plane Landing Game. Enjoy the interesting missionsof airplanelanding & takeoff in this flight landing simulator& testyour airplane pilot skills unseen in other plane flyinggames. Thisplane landing simulator is going to challenge youragility, flyingand capability to control the planes from thecockpit on the airportand we assure you that you will have morefun than any other planepilot games & you will surely forgetother plane landing andtakeoff games. Are you ready for a lifetime adventure to fly planeand be an airplane pilot in one of thebest plane games in theworld? Your task may sound pretty simplebut flying an airbus in aharsh weather and controlling a superplane against the strong windsrequires a propilot ability and isonly best aviator can land on acheckpoint at airport runway andperform airplane parking. Otherflight landing games are too clichéto fuel your addiction forflying passenger planes and jumbo jetbut this plane drivingsimulator has a whole new set of dangerousobstacles to plane crashyou need to avoid collision and landplanes safely at the runway.Become the airplane pilot at airplanelanding simulator to managethe flight takeoff and landing atairport city. Pilot Plane LandingGame is a combination ofexhilarating airplane parking missionspresent in flight landinggames and to fly planes in some aeroplanelanding games. Smoothcontrols for take off & landing will makeyour flyingfascinating as you reach to the destination at airportsunlikeother airplane parking games. Fly plane to rule the skiesfrom acockpit of a jumbo jet in a flight landing simulator whichprovidesa far unique flying experience then any other airplanelandinggames or some plane driving games. Do you have what it takesto bea pro aviator? Learn to coordinate with the air tower,increase thethrottle and feel the wind under the wings of yourairbus in aplane take off game. Realistic physics, efficientcontrols & HDmodels for jumbo jet, passenger planes in a planepilot simulatorare of no match with some super plane landing games.Highlydetailed graphics for the runways, fully optimizedenvironment forthe airport & the ease of controlling the planesplace thisflight simulator 2017 in best plane games category. Enjoytheflying with the winds in cockpit of a great bird, unlikeotherplane landing simulator. Control the airbus against the wind,landyour passenger planes efficiently through checkpoints toairplaneparking on a runway in airport city. Thrilling challenges 2flyplane, avoid crashes and aeroplane parking missions are farmoreupgraded than many flight landing & takeoff games &someinteresting super plane games. Download Plane Landing Game Now!-Detailed 3D models for runways unseen in any plane takeoffgame-Challenging airplane flying missions from plane pilotgames.-throttle and collect checkpoints at runway- Customizeddesigns ofplanes un seen in aeroplane landing games- Perfectcontrols fromthe finest of all airplane landing games- HD models ofcockpit,airbuses- Sounds and animations far distinctive from otherflighttake off games
Airplane Flight Simulator 2016 1.0.3
Time to reveal your airplane flight simulator skills and beanextreme pilot to fly airplane over the Pacific Ocean &city.Enough off road driving, it’s time to play the role of anairplanepilot. Pick your favorite air plane and fly high into theskies.You will get the realistic flight simulator experience withrealplane flying over the city. Test your airplane pilot skillsinextreme weather conditions to reach the destination.Multipleislands to take off and control airplane landings. Thegameplay isnot just about flying airplane but real adventure ofaircraftflying & landing adventures. Fasten your seatbelt incockpitgive throttle to airplane control propeller, rudder andflaps ofyour airliner on airport runway stripe. Fly this aeroplaneinfinite in the sky horizon in free roam mode. 12 Missionsbasedgame race with time and combat with aerial obstacles beforetimergoes off. Steer handle and propeller, rudder use yournavigationmeter to keep on track you can’t glide this airbusairliner onautopilot. Control tower issued clearance to your AirbusBoeingaero plane gets ready to take-off.Airplane flight simulator2016 isrealistic 3D flight simulation for beginner level aviators.Startas rookie learner pilot in this airplane 3d flightsimulationaviation game. Choose Boeing airplane parked in airporthangar nearhelicopter helipad. Give 3D airplane throttle and runthe airbus onrunway stripe and pull the control gear to fly yourmajor privatejet. Fly your Boeing aircraft on the way point onnavigation routeby the arrows. Don’t destroy objective missionswith planes, Flylike a plane hero landing expert. Give preciseairbus throttle andtake off your commercial air plane from fleetrunway in this flight3D steering airborne.Ride your aircraft as itis ready to board. Bean airplane pilot to control your flight overthe city and islands.Flying an airplane is totally different tasksto master safeflight. Once the airplane is ready to board, just flyhigh into theskies. Get rush with infinite aviation experience inthis flyingsimulation. No autopilot facility in this plane so keepyour eyeson track gages. It’s simple retro style flying airplanesimulator.Don’t crash your flight jet in city helicopter andchopper parkedon airport hangar and helipad. It’s a non-combatflight simulatorfor takeoff and landing Boeing aircraft aviator aircrack fly hawk.Land your commercial aircraft carefully don't crashit duringlanding missions. Fly over Pacific Ocean. Fly safer inairbuscockpit view don’t crash the airliner as skillfully aviatorhandle,rudder and spoilers for safe landing back to land as.AirplaneFlight Simulator 2016 Features: • Free game and missionbasechallenges • High quality background sounds• Play asairplaneflight Pilot• An Awesome journey through differentenvironments•Real-time airplane flying experience• Fly over thecity andislands• Manual Airplane Flight & Landing controls•Wonderfulrealistic graphics to enhance gaming experience• MultipleGameplayTasks to Complete So what are you waiting for? Downloadthe“Airplane Flight Simulator 2016” Free 3D Game and enjoytheexperience of real airplane pilot landing & flyingadventures.Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help usincreating even better games for you.
Flight Simulator X 2016 Free
Flight Simulator X 2016 - FlyWings istheultimate simulation for your mobile! With a large selectionofairplanes - 50 - and more than 10000 airports around the world,beprepared to be amazed with the beautiful landscapes ofthesimulation.The physics algorithm in the simulator (provided by NASA FoilSim3,NACA/BAC specifications) and environment were developed with averyaccurate mathematics to make our simulation more realistic thananyother flight simulator ever created!There are two flight modes:- Commercial pilot career mode- Free flight mode (NEW!)All of FS2016 cockpits are in 3D and fully functional, withrealinstruments and real time informations about your flight.Aircraft included:- Arbus 318 Asia Arways- Arbus 319 Della Airlines- Arbus 320 Usa Airways- Arbus 321 Emarites- Arbus 380 700 Lifthanza- Arbus 380 800 Quanta- Arbus 380 neo Emarites- Bart G58- Boing 747 200 Britain Airways- Boing 747 400 Della Airlines- Boing 747 8i Lifthanza- Boing 747 Ubs- Boing 747 Sac- Boing 747 vc25 United States of America- Boing 757 200f DLH- Boing 757 200 Unified- Boing 757 300 America Airlines- Boing 777 200f Febex- Boing 777 200lr France Air- Boing 777 200 Britain Airways- Boing 777 300 America- Boing 777 9x KML Airlines- Boing 747 Sofia- Cezna 172- Cezna 182- Corair FU41 WW2- Corair FU41 (after WW2)- Drone MK9 Reaper- Drone MK9 Guardian- Drone MK9 Predator- Embrar 170 Virgo- Embrar 175 Azil- Embrar 190 Brazil Aero Force- Embrar 195 TAW Airlines- Fighter 14- Fighter 15- Fighter 22- Foker Dreidcke 1- Leerjet 60xl Bombard- Leerjet 70 Ambulance 911- Leerjet 75 Black VIP- Richtofe Red Baron War 1- Space Shutler Atantis- Space Shutler Challeng- Space Shutler Columb- Space Shutler Discover- Space Shutler Endvour- Spitfire Super World War 2- Zero A6 MitshuWe covered thousand of miles in 10 cities:- New York- San Francisco- Chicago- Hawaii (enjoy the view of the volcanos!)- Las Vegas- Los Angeles- Seattle- Washington D.C.- Saint Martin- SidneyAircraft features:- Configure fuel payload- Flaps, trims, spoilers, gear, turn engines on/off- 9 different cameras- Turn lights on/off of the entire plane.- Automatic light system in day/night changes- Real Air Traffic Control (ATC)- Exclusive missions depending on your aircraft!- Exclusive animations for aircraftEnvironment features:- Weather conditions- Turbulence- G-Force and blood pressure simulation- Air pressure depending on the altitudes- Dawn, day, dusk and night, changing in real time.You can fly many different groups of propulsors, aspistons,external combustion engines, turboprops, turbojet andturbofanengines and pulsejets for the modern fighters!Feel free to contact us to give your feedback! Us atFlyWingsStudios are very proud of our product and hope you enjoy itatmost!BONUS:- Saint Martin city, with TNCM airport (the one with therunwayclose to the beach! )- Active volcanos in Hawaii islands
HD version of one of the all time most popular Androidgames!Special features in HD version: ★ Crystal clear HD graphics ★New,exclusive map that takes advantage of the extra space onyourtablet ★ Multitouch support so you can play with a friend Inthissimple yet surprisingly addictive drawing game you take on theroleof Air Traffic Controller. It is your job to direct airplanestorunways while avoiding collisions. FEATURES ★ 5 different maps★Special aircraft like super sonic jet and zeppelin ★ Classicgamemode as well as the unique puzzle game mode ★ Online highscores★Beautiful curves ★ Countless hours of addictive gameplay ★#1Android air traffic controller game