Top 49 Games Similar to Deemo

Cytus 10.0.10
❖❖Welcome to the Musical World of Cytus❖❖LET’S EXPERIENCE MUSIC’NART, BEAT ’N REBOUND!Check the screenshots and you will seethemost AWESOME mobile music game ever!Just PLAY andENJOY!❖FEATURES❖- 200 songs and 400 variations, including manyfromfamous composers around the world - Beautiful hand-drawn artstyle(as illustrated in the screenshots)- Easy, intuitive ActiveScanLine system and 3 types of notes - Different display modesallowplayer-friendly previewing of notes- Strong beat andrhythmsprovide satisfying feedback for taps- More than 9 difficultylevelsfor more fun and challenges- Various music genres: POP,JAZZ,TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM 'N BASS and many more - Connect toFacebookand show off your Cytus skills❖HOW TO PLAY❖- Follow alongtheActive Scan Line- Tap each note as the line passes through-Timeyour taps as the line is at the center of the note for ahigherscore!❖STORY❖In the distant future, the only sentient beingsin theworld are robots. They are the last remnant of the humanspirit.However, mankind is not dead. Technology exists that iscapable oftransferring memories to these robots. But with limitedspace, newmemories will gradually overwrite the old. To prevent theemotionsin human memories from fading away, the robots resortedtoconverting the emotions to music, and storing them in aplacecalled Cytus. The robots use these songs to experiencehumanemotion and dream that souls exists in each ofthem...Cytus──────────────────────Cytus OfficialSite: OfficialSite:http://www.rayark.comFollowCytus
VOEZ 1.1.2
VOEZ invites you to embark on the remarkable journey ofteenagedreams,Following after Cytus and Deemo, two titles that tooktheworld by storm, Bringing out the most of Rayark’s developingforcesis the rhythm game VOEZ which has officially arrived!------It isrecommended to visit the calibration page first ------ClickIcon-> Settings -> CalibrationSetup calibration for bestgamingexperienceStory:Listen to our voice!Chelsea, a girlwhowholeheartedly loves baking and singing. Due to anunexpectedevent, she and her Lan Kong High School classmatesdecided topursue their mutual dream, leading to the birth of theirband VOEZ.Over time they face obstacles and fight hardshipstogether,completely devoting themselves to band practice so theworld mayhear their voices.Game Features:-Game app free of charge,justdownload to join VOEZ!-Dynamic tracks with falling notes,bringingvisual and gameplay experience to a whole newlevel!-Striving to bea record breaking rhythm game with the largestmusic collection todate!Players will be able to access new tunes ona monthlybasis!-As the game progresses, players will join thegamecharacters on their youthful adventures-Occasional updateswillfeature vast selection of new free and paid song packs-Abilitytocreate game account and engage in real time competition withotherplayers around the world for the leaderboard-Introducingmultiplegame modes! “Challenge”, “Tournament” and more to comesoon, pleasestay tuned
Groove Coaster 2 1.0.13
[Rave reviews from all corners of the world! Over3,000,000downloads!]Rhythm Game & Roller Coaster!Theaward-winningGroove Coaster with its unique gameplay and multipleawards fromall over the world has been upgraded with the newOriginal Stylewhere you can use your surroundings as instruments toplay thegame!+ Simple + Fun + Exciting +Intense and exhilaratinggameplayby simply tapping in time with the music!Blast off throughthemusic galaxy on a roller coaster of lights and sounds!+ 158TotalTracks! Over 850 Stages! (*separate modes) +A huge compilationofamazing music from tons of genres that can only be enjoyedhere!Vocaloid, Video games, and even original tracks commissionedfrompopular artists specifically for Groove Coaster!New tracksaddedall the time!+ No need for a touchscreen! We've addedOriginalStyle which lets you use anything as an instrument to playthegame! +Sing, clap, drum on your desk! Use your surroundingsasinstruments to play the game!You can even play with more thanoneperson so feel free to invite friends and family to join in onthefun!*You can still play the game with the touchscreen.+ NowwithArcade Mode! +We've ported in the extremely well receivedArcadeversion of Groove Coaster found in arcades all over Japan!Nowyoucan taste the excitement of the Arcade version any where, anytime,using dynamic controls with both hands!+ Tons of PlannedCrossoverEvents! +We're planning on running crossover events withmanycharacters, artists, and other games!Fill the world withmusic!PLAYMUSIC!!---------------------------------- AvailableLanguagesEnglish / Français / Italiano /日本語CompatibleDevices** AndroidOS 4.1.0 or higher is required to play GROOVE COASTER 2.
Dynamix 3.11.2
Dynamix is a mobile music game that integrates arcadegamingexperience into mobile device. C4Cat brings you the fruitofcreativity of worldwide composers within this pocket sizemobilegame. With triple-dropping track design, you feel likeplayingdifferent instruments while hitting different sides. Justclick onthe button and download Dynamix to enjoy the varied typeofmusic!Feature:Weekly new songs updated in Event system5leveloptions that suit your levelRank Up to unlock more tracks,morethan 20 tracks is avaliable for free versionCollect characterstohelp pass the difficult levelsOver 100 tracks by composers alloverthe world, including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and HongKongincluded in gameWide range choice of music includingJ-Pop,Trancecore, Chiptune, New Age and so onFacebook and Twitterresultsharing function*free version limited to 30 rank , purchasepremiumto unlock further rankOfficalWebsite:http://dynamix.c4-cat.comC4Cat Official FacebookPage: Official FacebookPage: Trail: Causal, Normal &Hard: &Giga:
BEAT MP3 2.0 - Rhythm Game 2.5.4
Including MP3 file, moreover whole of extension of music file canbesupported.You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game with yourOWNmusic library in your smartphone.Hit the notes at the correcttimeto get the highest score then share your score withyourfriends,And challenging to world record.Feature of BEAT MP3. -Thisgame includes exclusive music analysis system, makes perfectbeattiming looks like which song writers made it. - It also hasrandombeat system which makes different kind of game even with thesamesong.- You can enjoy the game without loading after 1stprecisionsong analysis.- It’s cozy, fantastic graphic and effect,especiallyfever mode will make you immersed in this game. - Addingrankingsystem with global competitor.- Adding search function ofthe songon your phone.Various options.- Linearly adjustment fordifficulty-9 steps speed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)- Long noteon/off function-Slide note on/off function- Beat sound on/offfunction- Supportfour differentlanguage(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)Providesguitar, drum, andmusic games.BEATMP3
Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game 1.6.6
New Dimension Rhythm Game"A harmony of Light awaits you in alostworld of musical Conflict."Touch, hold and slide to therhythmthrough a challenging, unforgettable arcade-style rhythmgameexperience featuring artists from Japan and across theEntireWorld.Experience brand new 3-dimensional 'Arc' gameplay:takingyour touch screen to its limits swiping and following totherhythm.Lose yourself in songs of Light and Conflict withinaforgotten world⚏Play anywhere and anytime with nolimitations.Internet connection not required⚏All songs playable onphone ortablet!Both free to play and paid songs available! Freelyplay manysongs any time as well as unlocking Arcaea-exclusiveoriginalsongs.⚏Features ⚏- A high difficulty ceiling - experiencepersonalgrowth as you develop skills in arcade-style progression-Over 60songs from more than 20 artists famous across other games- 3rhythmdifficulty levels for every song- An expanding musiclibrarythrough content updates- Full song jacket illustrations-Onlinefriends and scoreboardsDownload now and experience a brandnewmusic game experience!⚏Story ⚏Two young girls wander in abrokenworld filled with remnants of its former self: Arcaea.Arcaeaaremelodical shards of the past that call out to the girls, buteachchooses to be experienced only by one or the other. Over time,thegirls begin to notice inconsistencies in the Arcaea thatchoosethem and develop conflicting views about the world as itoncewas.---Follow Arcaea &News:Twitter:
Beat Craft 1.0.6
It is really easy to use.Search for YouTube videos you want toplayusing the search button.You can enjoy a rhythm game withthatvideo.Features of BeatCraftA music game with which you cannowenjoy your favorite movies and music as you please!BeatCrafttherepresentative of music games that has been played by more than10million with which you can now play music game together withthevideos of YouTube!!!Let's play rhythm games with videos ofYouTubeand music stored in your mobile phone by simple operation!■Let'splay all the videos in YouTube!!!   VideosonYouTube will become the game!!!   Infinitemoviesthat you can play and infinite fun!■ Let's play songs thatare inyour smart phone!    You can play songswhichare stored in your smart phone.    Notesareall the same. It's not funnynow.    Let'senjoy the same song differentlywith automatic generation ofnotes!■ Let's save favorite notesafterplaying!    You can save the notes whichyoulike among those automatically generated.BEATCRAFT,beatcraft,bitcraft, BITCRAFT, MP3, mp3, rhythm game, piano, guitar,drum,youtube, BEAT CRAFT, bit, BIT, beat, beat craft, youtube game
Lanota 1.9.3
Play the tunes and follow the rhythm, explore and revive theworld.Unlock music of various genres, conquer speciallydesignedboss-stages, and indulge in an artistic picture book!AWARDS&ACHIEVEMENTS2016 1st IMGA SEA “Excellence in Audio”2017 TaipeiGameShow Indie Game Award “Best Audio”2017 13th IMGA GlobalNominee2017Indie Prize Award in Casual Connect Asia “Best MobileGame”NomineeFEATURES>> Innovative and Dynamic Rhythm GameNottherhythm game you used to know: we add unique animation to theplateyou'll be playing on. Dozens of fantastic music tracks andamazingboss-stage features, different charts and challenges; gentleorintense, beginners, advanced players and experts can all havetheirgame!>> Artistic and Refreshing Picture Book"I trustthatyou, the one blessed by the gods of melody, can surely revivetheformer world order.""Tune" the chaotic energy back to harmony,andthe world will gradually reveal. Explore places on the map, readabeautifully handcrafted picture book, and collect items on thewayas souvenir!>> Achievement, Leaderboard, andMoreCollectachievements as the story progress, share your resultsto friends,and compete with other players on the leaderboard.Supports cloudsave (require log-in with Google Playaccount).>> Unlock FullFunction and More ContentsThefree-download version is a trialversion.Get full version (availableas in-app purchase) to: -Remove the progress limit to Main Story-Skip the waiting timebetween tracks & go ad-free - Unlock"retry" function - Enjoyfree trial for first track in each in-apppurchase chapterFullversion and in-app purchase chapters are allone-time purchaseitems. If any problem occurred to your purchaseditems, pleasecontact us.LINKSTwitter
MELOBEAT - Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game 1.5.1
Float32, Inc.
The awesome Music Game!1. Be a pianist!!You can be a pianistwithMELOBEAT!!More than 30 songs would be added every month!!2.MP3Rhythm Game Play MELOBEAT with your own MP3 files.MELOBEAT canplayany song on your device. DRM-protected files would notbesupported.
TapTube - Music Video Rhythm Game 1.6.2
Do you want to experience the differentiated rhythmgame?Pleaseforget about the uniformed games with limitedsource.Watch, listen,and feel the music and share it all around theworld in TAPTUBE!InTAPTUBE, the music with pleasant memories andbeautiful stories ofusers will be delivered to you.Just listen themusic cannot satisfyyour sensitivity. With movie-like music videos,upgrade yoursensitivity more and more.TAPTUBE will produce yourfavoriteyoutube videos for you to enjoy more fun.We recommend thisgame tothe one who quickly feel tired when they play inframework.Anyonecan direct their own rhythmical, dynamic productioninTAPTUBE.Share your idea and rhythmical sense to all aroundtheworld!You can be the best creator of TABTUBE.With TAPTUBE, thefivesenses and emotion will be fulfilled and improved.Brushingawayyour stress with TAPTUBE!■ Rhythm game withvideo ■Forgetabout the sound based rhythm games!TAPTUBEprovides not only sound,but also youtube video with it.We bet youcouldn’t feel bored whileplaying rhythm game, watching video,listening to the musicconcurrently.■ Real-time streamingnote ■Smart TAPTUBE cananalyze any soundtrack.Can I play thisold music? How about thisone?Don’t worry!TAPTUBE can providesensational note to you as longas the soundtrack exists.■Recommend, Favorite, Ranking ■Whenyou cannot select which oneto play, just loot at therecommendation list!Enjoy the new gamefrom video list whichupdated everyday.Do you want to own the musicand note? Add them toyour favorite list!The favorite list will keepyour vids and notessafely so you could play it anytime youwant.■ Let’s play itvariously, with variousconfigurations! ■It’s too hard! Tooeasy!!Wait a sec! Did youheard about the configurations? TAPTUBEprovides configurationoptions to change game speed, number ofline, long note on/off,slide note on/off, etc.The player canchange the configurations totake their choice likeorder-made.TAPTUBE set itself to the player,not set the player tothe game.Let’s set the personalizedconfigurations and enjoy theTAPTUBE!■ Your own notes! Customnote function ■Thecurrent one is too boring. Can’t I make myown notes?To the one whohas such question, we recommend you to usethe custom function ofTAPTUBE!Feel free to make your own notes forthe youtube video youwant!The unique stage in the world is preparedfor you!Custom andshare the music which has your story and memory,all over theworld!!※ This app can only play the vids whichpermitted by theYouTube API, and only work with streaming.※ Minimumrequirement :Android 4.0+※ Wi-Fi environments is recommended, dueto the featureof this game.It is impossible to cancel theaccounting about theone generated by user selection.
BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.7
★★★ Next generation auto music analysis rhythm game BEATMP3!★★★Including MP3 file, moreover whole of extension of musicfilecan be supported.You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game withyourOWN music library in your mobile devicesHit the notes atthecorrect time to get the highest score then share your scorewithyour friendsFeature of BEAT MP3.- This game includesexclusivemusic analysis system, makes perfect beat timing lookslike whichsong writers made it. - It also has random beat systemwhich makesdifferent kind of game even with the same song.- You canenjoy thegame without loading after 1st precision song analysis.-It’s cozy,fantastic graphic and effect, especially fever mode willmake youimmersed in this game. - It adds more exciting system withrandombonus event.- Auto accumulated system with 10 coins per30minutes.Various options.- 3 different lines ( 4,5,6 lines)- 9stepsspeed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)- 4 steps mode(Easy,Normal,Hard,Crazy)- Beat sound on/off function- Randombeaton/off function( everytime you’ll se different note even withsamesong)- Support fourdifferentlanguage(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)Provides guitar,drum, andmusic games.ver 1.1.61.Fever button bug fixedVer 1.1.51.Missjudgment fixed. Touch a blank area not miss 2. It judgesbecamemore details.3. Changed the color of long note&slidenote.Ver1.1.0Updates1. Enlarge the touch area2. Add buttons FEVER3.bugcorrection which terminates the game while running.
Beat Fever: Music Planet
Tap to the beat of the biggest songs from Nicki Minaj, Sia,DaddyYankee, Marshmello, Lady Gaga, Beethoven and hundreds more!BeatFever is the ultimate music game featuring top hits from pop,rock,EDM, classical, latin, hip-hop and more! Play the top hits intheworld like Despacito, Super Bass, Uptown Funk, Poker Face,Happyand Beethoven’s 5th! Discover new music added EVERY MONTHfromtomorrow’s biggest singers, bands, DJs, composers, andrappers.Connect like never before with musicians - exploring theirvirtualworlds, following their social profiles and reading up onthelatest music news! Beat Fever is more than a music game, it’samusic planet!It doesn’t matter if you’re a professionalmusician,the #1 music fan or the top rhythm-action gamer in theworld,there’s something for everyone in Beat Fever! Plus, wehavemultiple difficulties from EASY to EXTREME so anyonecanplay!Complete songs to earn rewards and more! Duelplayersworldwide in a 1 vs 1 or CREW vs CREW!Stay connected withyourfavorite artists!Download now for free!When you enter BeatFever,you enter a music planet where you can:-Tap to the beat ofhundredsof hits-Discover new music added every month-Explorevirtual worldsof musicians and labels-Connect with your favoritemusicians likenever before-Stay up-to-date with the latest musicnews-Completesongs to earn rewards and more-Compete with othermusic fans fromaround the world-Challenge yourself with multipledifficulties fromEasy to Extreme-Create and personalize youravatar, choosingeverything from hairstyle to the shape of yournose-Show off yourskills with LIVE real-time Player vs Playermode-Duel playersworldwide in a 1 vs 1 or CREW vs CREW-Gainbragging rights as yourocket to the top of our globalleaderboard-Chat and connect withother music fans from around theworld-Play alone, compete againstothers or join a crew and take onother crews-Collect MusicMonsters on your way to dominationPRIVACYPOLICY & TERMS OFSERVICE- Please read our privacy policyat By playing Beat Fever, you agreetoour terms of service
Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game 2.3.1
Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs Rhythm Game is the best ofrhythmgame. To be more specific that will redefine the way youenjoymusic by offering an immersive music experience by allowingyou toliterally touch the beats.In this evolution, our tap gamewilloffer you the popular songs with various genres from pop song,EDM,Trap as well as Rock which make you feel crazy with thisrhythmgame every time you turn it on in your phone. Turn onmaximumvolume or use headphone for the best experience with yourmostfavorite popular song and enjoy the beat fever with this taptapgame.--------- How to play ----------Really simple, but not easyatall: Tap the ball as it reaches scoring areas. You score bygettingas much combo as possible with Perfect tap accuracy.Toenhance themusic experience with the tap music game online, you canturn onslake and slash in option. Let’s Slash when you see the ballwiththe arrow come to the drop bar. Shake your phone when you seethe“shake” signal.--------- Unique features ---------_MultiplayerMode: create your own room and wait another player tojoin the roomand play the online battle with them._ Our songcollections comefrom different genres and are updated every week._“Shake” bar:will appear when the beat drops! You need to physicallyshake yourphone in order to score and keep the combo._ “Slash”: abeat-ballwith an arrow to any particular direction on drop bar. Toscore,player need to swipe the “Slash” ball into the samedirectionshowed on it.---------- What’s to expect -----------_ Aritmo gamewith stunning visual from a legendary game-playingnostalgic stylewith full of rhythm._ Conquer all the quests andachievements tobecome a real music hero or a tap hero by tap, earneasy Ruby todiscover hundreds of Premium Songs._ Challenge yourfriends showoff your skill. Play, practice your fingers like youare trying toplay a stepmania by your foots! Don't worry if youlose, becauseyou can Revenge them anytime by just one click. _Enjoy tap heromoment after completing the hardest mode and checkyour ranking _Amazing sound quality and perfect timing beats shallgive you anamazing juego de ritmo experience that you cannotbelieve suchthing exist on a mobile game. Are you ready to tap andbecome thenext tap hero, or rhythm game incarnate? Try this now forFREE!P/S:We are adding more songs and always look for ways toimprove thegames. Please leave us feedback if any. Thankyou!Privacy Policy: to findus:Facebook: are a music producer and would like tospread your music to theworld, please feel free to email us. As astartup, we would love topromote indie music as well.Permission:In order to provide thepersonalized and optimized experience, wewould request “Location”and “Storage” permission when you downloadthis game.
TAPSONIC World Champion - rhythm game 2.7.6
Welcome to TAPSONIC World Champion!Players all around the worldarewaiting for you.ARE YOU READY TO BE THE WORLD CHAMPION?TWCinvitesyou to the worldwide competition.Be a member of nationalteam andcompete with other players all over the world.- AUTHENTICRHYTHMGAME -TWC is a traditional arcade-style rhythm game withmusicvideo.Music, beat, video, and notes. What more do we needforrhythm game?- RANKING -TWC provides various rankingsystems.Including rank by country, world, internationalcompetitions, andalso there are Masters Ranking for the truechampions. Prove yourskills in various rankings, and become therepresentatives of yourcountries!- CHAMPION'S TOUR (BETA)-CAHMPION'S TOUR provides afield of competition with selectedtracks and scheduled day toplayers. Similar to the real sportscompetition, there is only onechance for all participants. Premiumtracks that users have to buyto play will be provided for free inCHAMPION'S TOUR. It is acompetition that you can truly show yourskills.- PLAY-TO-WIN -TWChighly supports 'Fair Play' attitude.There are no pay-to-winelements in game such as characters or scoreboosters. You can playdozens of tracks for free including basicallygiven tracks andad-acquired tracks.- Download free songs from theprevious TAPSONICand DJMAX series.- Tap & Slide, easy to play.- Experience highquality of rhythm effect.- Challenge 3 differentdifficulties :Basic, Pro and Legend.- Get more medals with highscore to makeyour country win.- Offline game mode supported.You canbe thechampion of a global rhythm game TAPSONIC World Champion!※Forwardall and any inquiries to NEOWIZAllrights reserved.
Hachi Hachi 1.7.8
**Nominated with “The Best Audio” & “The Best Game Design”inSingapore Indie Prize AwardWith over 20 remarkable musiciansalltogether, creating music that carrying its listener’s hearts, aPvPexperiences that never happened before.- The first real-timePvP(Player vs Player) rhythm game on mobiles and tablets- Eachpieceshave a story of their own, waiting for players to unveil-Variousstyle of music, including J-pop, trance, R&B, Hardcore,Jazz,etc- One week one tournament, examining skills betweenplayers-Stunning artworks, feel the atmosphere within2 Game modes-In“Casual Mode”, players choose their piece of music, our systemwillmatch the players who are choosing the same piece andsamedifficulties for them. Also, they can also skip the searchandenjoy their own solo play.- In “Arena Mode”, there is atournamentevery week. Players could enter the arena with theirvirtual coinsin the game. Every match will face a random player inthe rest ofthe world with a random piece of music and difficulties.The morematches won, the bigger rewards they got.
Zyon RhythmGame 202
The award-winning Music/Rhythm game Zyon is now inAndroid!Uniqueand stunning music game experience with large amountof originaland VOCALOID song libraries.Official VOCALOID Charactersandsongssupport.------------------------------------------------------*Features*-Firstofficial Japanese and Chinese VOCALOID licensed rhythmgame.-Stunning visual effect and gorgeous design. - More than 70originalsongs from famous musicians all around the world.- 30 songsFREE toPLAY immediately.New songs keeps adding each month.-Original songsby famous game musicians suchasNhato,t+pazolite,sakuzyo,Junk,LV.4,3R2,Akira Complex,hoskeyandetc.- Three creative performance modes suitable for both casualandhardcore rhythm gamers.Suitable for both phone andtabletexperience.- Touch/press the note when the circle judge linepassthrough.- More than 500 various patterns and music chart.-Variousmusic genres:TRANCE,POP,HARDCORE,DRUM’NBASS,DUBSTEP,ARTCORE.-Course mode for official approve your skillranking.- Google Playleaderboards and achievements.-Twitter/Facebook support! Sharewith your friends.ZyonFACEBOOK
Lost in Harmony 2.2
“Lost in Harmony is a stunning game with an amazing soundtrack.Astory that needs to be shared.” - ThatVideoGameBlogTap thestars,and swipe in rhythm to go through two memorable journeys.★10/10 –The Anything Mobile★ 9.3/10 – That Video Game Blog★ 4.8/5–PocketMeta“Lost in Harmony is one of the sweetest rhythm gamesI’veplayed…”- Kotaku“Lost in Harmony is one of the mostunique,ambitious games we’ve seen in some time… Anunforgettableexperience.” -TapSmart“Lost in Harmony is anaudio/visual triumph”– Touch Arcade“Lost in Harmony deserves 10/10in all facets of it,originality, graphics, sound, and gameplay!” –The AnythingMobile“Lost in Harmony features the power of love, andbeat in anengrossing gameplay. Try it!” - PocketMetaDiscover 2amazingstories :■ M.I.R.A.I.'s EscapeConduct M.I.R.A.I. in hisflightthrough the universeHelp him to escape his destinyDiscoverthethrilling music of famous Japanese composers■ Kaito'sAdventureAnunforgettable journey. Live the tale.This is a storywhere boymeets girl, and fate tries to tear them apart.Embark onabreath-taking journey to help Kaito save Aya.How to play:-TAPstars in rhythm according to the song- SWIPE and JUMP to avoidtheobstaclesFeatures:• Experience music in a new way withthecombination of rhythmic tapping and choreographic runner inanemotional story• Play songs by famous composers & singerslikeWyclef Jean, Onoken, Tadayoshi Makino, Fumitake Igarashi,GodspeedVivix• Breath-taking graphics that’ll sweep you off yourfeet!•Astonishing cinematic effects!• Tap & Play to yourfavoritesongs!• Create your own levels, share & play withyourfriends!• Moving and original soundtracks• 10,000+ levels toplaygenerated by other gamers!Languages: English, French,Spanish,Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Russian,Chinese(simple), Chinese (traditional), Korean, Japanese,Indonesian,Thai, Vietnamese,ArabicFacebook you bought the full gamebefore, simply contact us and send us therelated invoice to obtaincompensation.PLEASE NOTE that we do notstore songs on our database,nor do we facilitate the sharing ofsongs. Lost in Harmony simplyuploads and downloads the levelsdata.
Musiverse 1.4.1
PLAY TO YOUR OWN MUSIC!Would you listen to your favorite songwhileyou are playing?Now you can do it and compete with yourfriends andthe whole world to see who's got the best score inMusiverse.Laidout in the open space, your job is to collect thegreen cubes andbeat your friends to dominate the charts!Musiverseis the newsensation in the field of rhythm-racing games, go fast,avoid thegrey cubes and earn the top spot in the highscoretable!NowMusiverse comes with Everyplay!Check out awesome gamereplaysshared by players like you from all over the world!Followthe topplayers and comment on their performance!Now with freebundledmusic included, you can play even if you lack music onyourdevice.Musiverse offers:- unique tracks based on the musicyou'relistening to- daily challenges- different levels ofdifficulty-various control modes- stunning backgroundvisualizations- facebookintegration- bundled royalty-free music inthe game- FREE DOWNLOAD-and much more… *** Legal notice: ***Thegame may use music files onyour device. We do not takeresponsibility for any copyrightissues.
Cytus II 1.3.0
"Cytus II" is a music rhythm game created by Rayark Games. It'sourfourth rhythm game title, following the footsteps of threeglobalsuccesses, "Cytus", "DEEMO" and "VOEZ". This sequel to"Cytus"brings back the original staff and is a product of hardworkanddevotion. In the future, humans have redefined internetdevelopmentand connections. We can now easily sync the real worldwith theinternet world, changing life as we have known forthousands ofyears. In the mega virtual internet space cyTus, thereexists amysterious DJ legend Æsir. His music has an irresistiblecharm;people fall madly in love with his music. Rumor has it thateverynote and beat of his music hits the audiences in the depthsoftheir souls. One day, Æsir, who had never shown his facebefore,suddenly announced that he will be holding the first megavirtualconcert —— Æsir-FEST and will invite a top idol singer andapopular DJ as opening performances. The instant the ticketsalesbegan, an unprecedented rush occurred. Everyone wanted toseeÆsir's real face. On the day of the FEST, millions of peoplewereconnected to the event. At one hour before the event started,theprevious world record for most simultaneous connection wassmashed.The whole city was on its feet, waiting for Æsir to descentfromthe skies...Game Features:- The unique "Active JudgementLine"rhythm game playstyleTap the notes as the judgement line hitsthemto achieve a high score. Through five different kinds of notesandthe judgement line that actively adjusts its speed according tothebeat, the gameplay experience is further combined with themusic.Players can easily immerse themselves in the songs. - A totalof60+ high-quality songs (30 in base game, 30+ as IAP)Thegameincludes songs by composers from all across the world,Japan,Korea, the US, Europe, Taiwan and more. Through thecharacters,players get to play songs from different genresincluding but notlimited to: electronic, rock and classical. We areconfident thatthis game will live up to the hype and expectations.-Over 180different chartsOver 180 different charts designed, fromeasy tohard. The rich game content can satisfy players ofdifferentlevels. Experience exciting challenges and enjoymentthrough thesensation of your fingertips. - Explore the virtualinternet worldwith the game's charactersThe one-of-a-kind storysystem "iM" willlead the players and the in-game characters toslowly piecetogether the story and world behind "Cytus II". Revealthe truth ofthe story with a rich, cinematic visual experience.
DJMAX TECHNIKA Q - Music Game 1.1.4
Latest mobile game of worldwide hit DJMAX TECHNIKA!Recommendedbycountless global rhythm game maniacs, DJMAX TECHNIKA Q!Best ofthebest maniacs are gathered in DJMAX TECHNIKA Q.Compete withfansaround the globe with your skills!▷ Play 12 songs forfreeincluding the latest song of Whiteblue's artist, "zts"!▷Discountsales of MUSIC SHOP! 10Q discount each time you purchase 2songs!▷Data transfer from other OS :▶DJMAXTECHNIKA Q Features- Over 100 songs from best of DJMAX!Variousgenre and sound!- Unique play system with running MV!- Over300types of patterns and difficulties- The best rhythm actionwithreal key sound playing real music!- Fashionable note stylesandskins!- Real-time ranking competition with users around theglobe!-Album play feature! Music, MV and lyrics! DJMAX TECHNIKA Qmusichas been upgraded!▶ How to play DJMAX TECHNIKA Q- Timelinewillmove horizontally following rhythm after music starts.- Touchthenote when timeline reaches the center of the note.- When fevergageis full, activate fever by pressing [FEVER]- When feverisactivated, all plays get the highest scores.- Try to getmorepoints with 'LUCKY BONUS' that appears randomly in thegame!*Facebook :*twitter :* instagram:※ Forward all andanyinquiries to NEOWIZ All rightsreserved."
Music Hero - Rhythm Beat Tap 2.1
Words Mobile
Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm gamethatyou can play with your own music! Get ready to feel the rhythmasyou tap tap your cell phone screen now!Are you ready to rockandrevenge? Tap your way through the songs with this easy tolearnrhythm game. You can play with the preload songs or yourlocalmusic files by your favorite artists. Music Hero includes abrandnew visual experience with beautiful lighting effectsandanimations.How to Play:- Tap the discs when passing the bar atthebottom to score points for accuracy and timingGameFeatures:-Support local MP3 music files- Simple, Standard andExpertdifficulty levels- Visually striking user interfaceNotes: 1.Theembedded guitar music comes from permissions is needed to help set your own musicasringtone.
BeatX: Rhythm Game 2.4.7
Hit the arrows in the rhythm of the music to achieve thebestscore!☆ Features ☆- More than 100.000 FREE levels/songs indownloadsection- Loads all (.sm), (.smzip) and(.dwi) filessupportingStops, BPM Changes, Mines, Fakes and negative BPMgimmicks!-Single, Double and Versus mode (Splitscreen multiplayer -dance mat/ game pad recomended)- Compete with your friends on 11Leaderboards and get 22 Achievements!- Supports DDRMax3 and ITG%Scoring- Play on touch screen or using your dance mat, keyboardorjoystick via USB OTG cable or Bluetooth- Full HD supportinLandscape and Portrait orientation- Supports announcer packsandbackground videos and custom note skins!- Runs Great on AndroidTV(Nexus Player or the ADT-1) andNVIDIAShieldFAQ any Questions,Suggestions or file that is not working?Feelfreeto send an email to
Piano Music Tiles 2018: Play Piano Music 1.99
This is the best Piano White Tiles NOW! More than 10 millionplayershave downloaded and played it!Happy new year to everybody!🎹BIGUpdates! Online Piano Contest is ON! Join the game now andcompetewith more than 10 millions music fans around the world. Bethe firstto complete the hit songs and win tons of gems for free!Are you thepiano master who never miss the fastest piano contest?It's showtime!🎶 Download Piano Magic White Tiles and enjoy themost excitingreal-time multiplayer game everybody's talking about!Challenge yourFacebook friends and win free gems!🎶 🎶 🎶 🎼 🎵 🎵 🎶 🎶 🎼🎵 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎶Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professionalpianist likeBeethoven, Chopin or Mozart? Have you ever dreamed ofplayingclassical songs like Little Star, Canon or Jingle Bells ona piano?🎶 Now your dream can come true with Piano Music Tiles2018! PianoMusic Tiles 2018 is the latest hit piano app to takeandroid bystorm. With this piano app even a child can playclassical songslike a real piano master. It’s easy to learn andincredibly fun toplay! With Piano Music Tiles 2018 your mobilephone becomes a magicpiano, by tapping on the piano black tiles,you can play yourfavorite songs like the best pianists!🎶 And don'tworry if yourphone is running low of space, Piano Music Tiles 2018can be playedfrom SD card!🎶 HOW TO PLAY: Piano Music Tiles 2018 isvery easy toplay. The rule is simple. Tap on the piano black tilescontinuouslyto play the music. Watch out for the white tiles andnever miss anypiano black tiles to complete every song! 🎶Features: 🎵 Awesomegraphics and sound effect. You will feel likeyou are playing a realluxurious classical piano made withexpensive mahogany.🎵 Highquality piano music soundtracks. Featuresa large collection ofpiano songs from Mozart to Beethoven🎵 Hitsongs including: LittleStar(Mozart), Jingle Bells, Canon, FurElise(Beethoven) 🎵 Simple toplay, difficult to master. Tappingonly the black tiles in some highspeed songs can be a realchallenge!🎵 Smooth gaming experience. Wetried our best to turnyour mobile phone into a magic piano withreal sound effects. 🎵 Runthe game from SD card. Not having enoughspace? Don't worry! Youcan play the game from SD card.🎵 RegularUpdates! We are frequentlyupdating Piano Music Tiles 2018 to fixany bugs and come up withnew awesome features that every playerwill love. 🎵 After you playthe whole piano song, you can enter theENDLESS mode directly bytap the fast play button.🎵 You can saveyour favorite piano songs.Easy to access your favorite songs andsongs recently played.Download Piano Music Tiles 2018 now and playforever for FREE whileimproving your reaction speed and musicalskill! Be the best musicplayer!
Nora - Relaxing piano game
Soulo Studio
* It's an aesthetic music game. More thanapocket piano!* Touch your heart with melodious piano tunes and relaxyoursoul.* Follow the development clue of the love story along withthebeautiful melodies.* Every beautiful tune is played by yourself.* You sound like a piano prodigy while you are playingthegame.Features:* Real piano instrumental feedback. Playing complicated pianotunesis so easy.* Rhythm and tempo control - What the music should be? It's uptoyou!* Mass musics across various genres.* Choose your favorite scene like forests, outer space etc. -It'syour stage.* Instrument options: Grand piano, Digi keys, Guitar, MusicBox,Bass and more.* Upload your own MIDI files, and then play it.
Piano Magic Tiles: Pop & Anime Music 1.18
Play the best Piano Magic Tiles: Pop & Anime Music onyourandroid device NOW! FOR FREE!Have you ever dreamed of becomingaprofessional pianist like Beethoven, Chopin? Have you everdreamedof playing classical songs like Little Star, Canon or JingleBellson a piano? Are you a big fan of the most famous anime titlesandwish to play the 2017 hot pop and anime songs?Now your dreamcancome true with Piano Magic Tiles: Pop & Anime! PianoMagicTiles: Pop & Anime is the latest hit piano app to takeandroidby storm. With this piano app even a child can playclassical andpop and anime songs like a real piano master. It’seasy to learnand incredibly fun to play! With Piano Magic Tiles:Pop & Animeyour mobile phone becomes a magic piano, by tappingon the pianoblack tiles, you can play 2017 hot songs and yourfavourite pop& anime songs like the best pianists!Tap on theblack tiles(piano keys), don’t tap the white tiles to feel therhythm andmelody.HOT UPDATES:• Update Anime skin version with NEWAWESOMEexperience.• Request any piano songs you love and leave itto us.We will bring it to you as fast as we can.• All new trendingsongs(updated every week) with a variety of J-pop and K-pop andUS-UKhits in high-quality piano songs.HOW TO PLAY:Piano MagicTiles: Pop& Anime is very easy to play. The rule is simple. Tapon thepiano black tiles continuously to play the music. Watch outfor thewhite tiles and never miss any piano black tiles to completeeverysong! Features:*** Awesome graphics and sound effect. You willfeellike you are playing a real luxurious classical piano madewithexpensive mahogany.*** High quality piano musicsoundtracks.Features a large collection of piano songs*** Hit songsincluding:Little Star, Jingle Bells, Canon, Fur Elise(Beethoven).*** Simpleto play, difficult to master. Tapping only the blacktiles in somehigh speed songs can be a real challenge!*** Smoothgamingexperience. We tried our best to turn your mobile phone intoamagic piano with real sound effects. *** Regular Updates! Wearefrequently updating Piano Magic Tiles: Pop & Anime to fixanybugs and come up with new awesome features that every playerwilllove. *** After you play the whole piano song, you can entertheENDLESS mode directly by tap the fast play button.*** You cansaveyour favorite piano songs. Easy to access your favorite songsandsongs recently played.Download Piano Magic Tiles: Pop &Animenow and play forever for FREE while improving your reactionspeedand musical skill! Be the best music player!
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! 1.11.4
** Google Play Best of 2017 - Grand Prize for Players' ChoiceGameand Attractive Game** in Japan“BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”is anexciting music game with simple controls! Tap to the rhythm ofover40 songs, including original game songs and covered versionsofpopular Japanese anime songs such as “Silhouette”,“Butter-Fly”,“Guren no Yumiya”, and “Soul's Refrain”.Jam togetherwith the 5charismatic girl bands in the game! FeaturingPoppin’Party andRoselia from the animation BanG Dream! and gameoriginal bands,Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, and Hello, HappyWorld!Features:● Tapto the rhythm of over 40 songs● Select from 4levels for each song,EASY / NORMAL / HARD / EXPERT● Play 1-playermode or online with upto 4 other players and enjoy Japanese musicgame● Collectcharacters to form your original band, or to groupthem per the 5official bands● Train characters to improve theirmusicperformance● Immerse in each band’s exciting journeytowardsstardom through their individual band stories● Interact withcuteanimated characters, and enjoy their rhythmical actionsandconversations● Discover and explore the town to peek thedailylives of the charactersRecommended for people who enjoy:-Gameswith multiple difficulties to challenge yourself on- Japanesemusicand anime- Rhythm games- Cute Japanese characters- Globalcoopplay- Anime song covers- Asian rhythm games with deepgameplay-Putting on a live multiplayer show- Fun stories thatunfold overtime- Jpop melodies and rhythms- Japanese voice actors-Tappingalong to the music- Charming rhythm games- Rhythm games withsimplecontrols- Losing yourself in the music and rhythm- Playingrhythmgames with people all across thecountrySupport:Visit FAQ or contact usin game by going to Menu > Support.Followfor news andupdates:Facebook:
Give It Up! 2 1.6.4
New songs for free! You can select what song should play oneachstage.☆☆ More than 10 million downloads from Give It Up!worldwide.☆☆Give It Up! 2 combines the best features of platformand rhythmgames, bringing the best Give It Up! ever. Play with Blobor one ofhis friends in a unique and surreal grayscale world fullof deadlyspikes and platforms.One-tap gameplay, numerouschallanges•Difficulty varies: practice a lot and level up!• 27excitingstages: proceed in an order of your choice.• Tap to therhythm ofthe music and jump across the platforms!• Watch out forspikes,steps and other obstacles! • Discover hidden stages!• Jumplike apro: accomplish 3 starts on every stage! Interactive music•Neworiginal soundtrack • The multi-layered music changesdinamicallyduring the game.
Full of Music 1 ( MP3 Rhythm Game ) 1.9.5
[ to previous purchasers ]Previous version of this game(FullofMusic) is suspended by a policy issue.For user already purchased,apromotion code will be served.Please make a inquiry onGooglePaymentspage( master of rhythm game!You can play with your own MP3files.-Please compare with other auto music note generation games!You canfeel a electrifying by distinctive analysis andsynchronizationalgorithm.- Concentrate to game playing on simple& clear userinterface.- Support various speed and difficulty.- Compete with thescores of other players around the world.*Recommend to play musicwith proper beats.
A rhythm game empowered with fun of shooter gamesSpin-offepisodesof Crusaders QuestKey Features◈ New Concept Rhythm Game⊙AShooter-and-Rhythm Action Hybrid◈ Epic Songs &Characters⊙Loaded with over 50 songs tailored by famous musicians⊙Participated musicians and studios include M2U, Studio EIM,SQUAREMUSIQ, NICODE, DECO*27, ATF, Seolreim Edition, Soundpiercer,Cosmograph, Guriri, Kuripurin, mitssi, Narae, Evergreen⊙Spin-offepisodes of Crusaders Quest◈ Global Music Contents⊙Included vocalsongs available in English, Chinese, JapaneseandKorean=================================='RIDE ZERO' requiresaccessto the following permissions in order to provide the bestgamingexperience.- Access to photos, media, and files● Required tosaveand load game data. ● Required to save and edit videosandscreenshots from the game.
Pianista 2.2.3
Superb Corp.
Pianista League Opening!Now the best mobile rhythm gamePianista'sleague begins.Show your best performance with thelegendary classiccomposer in a 10-player league every day.Features•Pianista is freeto play, just download and enjoy it! (offeredIn-App purchase andSubscription) • Legendary music pieces : Iconicpieces of classicalmusic from world's greatest composers.• Thumboptimized : easy toplay with thumbs, allow to comfortable handheldplay.• VariousOptions : Pianista give options to play, 3 speeds andfade in-outoptions.• Game for everyone : Challenge yourself bycompleting easyto extreme songs. • Tour mode : Clear every stagesof various musicpack and become a virtuoso!• Ranking system : Usersgloballycompete each other through the ranking board in theCollection andthe Tour. • League mode : Compete with others in 10men league. Youcan enjoy new songs in the league also.• PrestigeMembership :Subscribe and enjoy every song in Pianista freely.Coming withDaily reward.• Piano Skin : Decorative skin item madewith amasterpiece, 'Piano' also has additional effect for the playsuchas score bonus and extra life. Upgrade your piano and getmorebonus!• Composer level system : Play your favorite composer togetscore bonus and to earn more gold.• Music Pack : New songsaddedthrough a music pack system.• Free Music Points: Watch VideoAdsand get free music points!• Messagebox : Receive and storevariousreward from the League and Prestige membership How to Play1. TheNote will appear and come down.2. When the note is alignedwith theline, touch the note.3. Holding Note : With a tail linenote, holdit down until it is completed.4. Glissando Note : Whenshiny notesappear in a row, use a sliding motion.5. Accuracy isimportant! Themore you touch accurately, the more points you
Guitar Band Battle 1.4.9
Guitar Band Battle is the biggest band challenge in the world!Afree multiplayer game from the creators of Rock Life, who bringthebest band and rhythm game ever developed for mobiles andtablets,with amazing guitars for you to test your skills on and tocompetewith real players from around the globe.Start in the garage,gatheryour band and evolve until you become a rock n roll hero,goingthrough multiple stages, stadiums and arenas, playing famoustunesuntil you reach the top of the hall of fame. Buy severalguitars,hire musicians and make your band famous, conquer millionsof fansand turn yourself into a music superstar!FEATURES• Collectandcustomize super detailed unique guitars.• Start your band inthegarage and evolve by doing shows, recording albums andvideoclips.•Go through different stages and arenas till you reachthe top andbecome a music star.• Get a bass, drums, pedal andamplifier toenhance your skills.• Assemble your own band by hiringa bassist,drummer, guitarist and vocalist, as in a real band.• Playin theperfect tempo to be a rock and roll hero and conquersuccess.PLEASENOTE! Guitar Band Battle is completely free to play,however, somegame items can be purchased with real money. You canenable anddisable these purchases on your own device. You must haveinternetconnection in order to play the game.Visit,like ourFacebook page and send us your suggestions for the game!
Opsu!(Beatmap player for Android) 0.16.0b
Anirudh Rahul
Opsu is an open-source osu! client now on android!You candownloadbeatmaps from anywhere you want and play them on yourphone!!!Opsuis published under the GNU GPL v3 licsenceThe code forOpsu can befound here:'sfork forandroid is here: forthisapp: who contributed their artwork to this apparehere:
Dancing Ballz: Music Dance Line Tiles Game 1.3.5
Stay on dance line and dance ballz as many as you can in thebesttapping game - Dancing Ballz: Music Dance Line Tiles Game.Becareful to the dancingline. Time your actions, taptap carefullyandbecome the tap dancing master!The lastest update of game willbringto you many amazing features:- New unique character:bunny,crocodile,fox,...- New background theme : highway, ice road,.. andmore are waiting for you to discover Reflex yourself withmusictapping games! * How to play *- Listen carefully to the musicandtap to change direction and guide the tron disc to avoid theedge!-Be careful with the zig zag! Try not to fall off the line.-Don'tbe over react!Beat the game by just one fingerChallenge yourfriendand see who can be the best tapper! Privacy Policy: you having problems? Send
Project: Muse 2.7.0
**An incredible music adventure**It was an incredible music gameina different way!Every note,every voice is respond to yourtapGameFeatures: • Rhythm Gameplay • Enjoy different style DEM •Easy toplay with unrivalled visual effect • Different characters •Competewith friends and global playersGame rules:First,Tap thecharacterwhile following the rhymeThen,Ensure to get perfectImportant,Donot miss anyoneLast but not least,Best experiencewithheadphones。Hope you to enjoythegame!Facebook:
Love Live!School idol festival 5.5.3
A massive hit game app in Japan, now availableworldwide!FeaturingAqours and μ's from the Love Live! series, aswell as game-originalcharacters. Support the school idols and helpthem make theirdreams come true!Simple and fun to play. Just tap totherhythm!----- Original Rhythm Action ——Live shows are performedbytapping the screen to the rhythm. Better timing can earn youhigherscores. String combos together to gain even more points!Thereareover 80 original songs to choose from.----- Create Your OwnTeam——You can pick and create your own teams from Aqours, μ's andmanymore original members.Create teams best suited to yourfavoritesongs or events, or just with your favorite members. It'sall up toyou!------Improve Your Members———Improve your team membersby"Practice." The better they get, the greater theirperformancescores will be!When you "Special Practice" two of thesame member,they become idolized with cuter costumes.------FullStories Withthe Official Anime Voice Actresses———The main story isfully voicedby the original Aqours and μ's voice cast.------SideStories forEach Member———Each and every member has their own storyto tell.Deepen the bond with them to unlock the side stories.Sidestoriesof Aqours and μ's members are also fully voiced by the animeseriesvoice cast!------About App Permissions———App permissions mustbegiven for the app to access your location, should suchinformationbe necessary during future in-game events. Outside ofthesespecific events, the game will not have any access tolocationservices.***Recommended screen resolution***640 by 360pixels orhigher(This game is not supported on rooted devices.)
Cytoid: A Community Music Game 1.4
Tiger Tang
Cytoid is a music game (or rhythm game) where you can create,shareand play your own levels!Downloaduser-createdlevels:https://cytoid.ioView the projectonGithub: Important inforegardingpermissions!You might be worried at the fact that Cytoidrequiresseemingly intrusive permissions such as phone calls—whichobviouslyisn't what a rhythm game should do. This permission isactuallyrequired by the Unity SDK! Cytoid would never (or want to)stealyour Mom's phone number or call your Dad. Just wanted toclarifythat!# DisclaimerCytoid is not affiliated with Cytus orRayarkInc.# Credits"Glow Dance" by iamMANOLIS( under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Give It Up! 1.9
Feel the Rhythm. Jump or Smear. Give It Up.GIVE IT UP is aratherhard game where you have to assist this cheerful, singingBlob injumping through 18 different tracks.Single tap control -soundseasy right?You have to feel the rhythm as Blob jumps up, overanddown with the help of the similarly crazy music.Beware, ifyoudon't tap at the right time, poor Blob will smear before youcancry Nooo and throw your device away.Who will love it?• Thosewholove challenges• Those who enjoy sweating during the game•Thosewho can feel the rhytm• Those who feel up to it• Those whodon'tfear for their devicesWho will hate it?• EVERYONE
Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Indie Music 1.6.0
Amanotes JSC.
Tap Tap Reborn: Best of Rhythm is a beat tapping game thatwillredefine the way you enjoy music by offering an immersivemusicexperience by allowing you to literally touch thebeats.----------How to play ----------Playing this is simple, butit is not easy atall - just feel the beats with your fingers: tapthe ball as itpasses scoring areas. The higher combo you reach, thegreater yourscore will be.Turn on maximum volume or use headphonefor the bestexperience as the songs are all about EDM and Rock. Youcan eventry this awesome music game with your rock band orchallenge yourfriends directly and beat them.---------- What’s toexpect----------- Have you ever dream to be a music star? Areyoubuilding a band in your own garage? Then this should beyourbeginning: be on top of the leaderboard and show the worldyouramazing sense of music.- Stunning visual and alegendarygame-playing style.- Song list of different genres arechosen andupdated every week.- Conquer all the quests andachievements todiscover more songs and become a real hero of yourband.- Challengeyour friends to see who is the boss! Don't worry ifyou lose,because you can Revenge them anytime by just one click. -Amazingsound quality and perfect timing beats shall give you awhole newlevel of playing a rhythm game on mobile.- Tap Tap Reborn:Best ofRhythm offers an Online Battle Mode, in which you cancompete withreal players around the world. This feature has madeour game evenmore addictive.Are you ready to tap and become thenext musichero?Try this now for free!P/S: We are adding more songsand alwayslook for ways to improve the games. Please leave usfeedback ifany. Thank you!If you are a music producer and wouldlike to spreadyour music to the world, please feel free to shoot usan email, youknow where to find it.Privacy Policy:
MELOPAD - Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game 1.5.1
Float32, Inc.
The awesome Music Game!1. Be a pianist!!You can be a pianistwithMELOPAD!!More than 30 songs would be added every month!!2.MP3Rhythm Game Play MELOPAD with your own MP3 files.MELOBEAT canplayany song on your device. DRM-protected files would notbesupported.
Happy Piano - Magic Tiles 3.8
Happy Piano Tap game is a pop music game with simple gameplay,tapblack tiles while listening to music, avoid the white tiles!Haveyou ever dreamed of playing classical songs like Little Star,Canonor Jingle Bells on a piano? Realize your dreams NOW!This pianogamehave added pop songs, slider tiles and new instruments. If youlikemusic game, this is a good choice. In this game everyone ispianomaster. The game interface is simple with more function suchasfavorites which simplifies the research of music. Fast playenableyou directly play songs that you last opened, This is thebestversion of piano tiles game with more splendid music, bettergamingexperience and more excited hand speed competition.This gameiscreated for music, more than 80+ popular songs inside, featuresalarge collection of piano songs from Mozart to Beethoven.Tappingonly the black tiles in some high speed songs can be arealchallenge! Interesting and challenge, Awesome graphics andsoundeffect. You will feel like you are playing a realluxuriousclassical piano made with expensive mahogany.What'sdifferent aboutthis piano game?In this piano game you can controltiles fall speedby tap black tiles speed, you tap fast it fallfast, so you cancontrol songs rhythm by yourself, it's really coolexcited handspeed competition, right? Speed is importent, soeverything isunder your control.Game rules:Simple play, Tap on theblack pianokeys, it will play a pleasant music, tap fast the musicplay fast,tap slower and more tenderness, but pay attention, don'ttouch thewhite tiles! Tap on the black tiles avoid the whiteones!This gameadventure:1. Players can control their own Rhythm,the same songdifferent people can play a different feeling.2.Dozens of pianosongs, every capital melodious.3. Beautiful pianoaccompanied bygorgeous interface effects.Tiles Game new features:1.Snow whenplaying Christmas Piano song.2. rand new slider tile gameplaybrings you more exciting gaming experiences.3. More albumsandsongs of various styles.4. Enjoy a brand-new level ofsoundquality.5. Players can control their own Rhythm, the samesongdifferent people can play a different feeling.6. Dozens ofpianomusic, every capital melodious.7. Beautiful piano accompaniedbygorgeous interface effects.8. After you play the whole pianosongs,you will get a random reward.Supportedmulti-languagesArabic,German, Greek, Spanish, French, Indonesian,Italian, Japanese,Korean, Polish, Brazilian, Russian, Thai,Turkish, Ukrainian,Vietnamese, Chinese.Enjoy the best music pianogame, enjoy thesongs, now Play PianoTapgames!Facebook:
Piano Holic2 2.1.0
----- Meet All-New Piano Holic Now ----------- Every songwasrearranged by real composers ------Piano Holic offers thebestsound and highest quality as the best Piano rhythm game. It'smagicto your ears!Forget about all the rhythm games in the past.PianoHolic is the only rhythm game you enjoy with apiano.Withchildren's songs for beginners to infamous classics fromBeethovenand Mozart for experts, people of all ages and levels canenjoymore than 150 songs without ever looking at a sheet ofmusic!As thenotes will guide you through your playing, anyone caneasily tapthe keyboards to play your music. Without sheets ofmusic, tap thefalling notes to the right beat, right timing to playyour piano.(Rhythm Gaming System)You can now play like Mozart andBeethoven!It's time for your ears to enjoy music magic andmasterpieces.★★Specifics of Piano Holic★★ - Highest quality sounds-Multi-touchKeyboard- Touch & Drag Keyboard- Preview sound andgameplayavailable- No music sheets necessary- 5 different notestyles-Music auto-play- EASY,NORMAL,HARD,HELL: 4 Difficulty Levelswithover 100 songs each (includes Mozart, Beethoven, and manygreatclassics)- SSS,SS,S,A,B,C,D,E,F: Scored in 9Levels-Perfect,Great,Good,Miss Guide- Different Effects varyingonsituation- Combo system- Practice mode containing all typesofpiano supported- Octaves shown in Practice Keyboard mode-Samequality as a real piano - Continuous updates on music-Compatiblewith all devices and resolutions
Rock Life - Guitar Legend 2.8
The best guitar free game that lets you play with amazing3Dguitars, testing your skills to follow the rhythm ofthemusic.Start your own band, invite your friends, tune yourvoice,get the best guitars and instruments, tap to win millions offans!Rock Life is the first mobile game that lets you be the rockstarand compete with live players from around the world to betherising star of the music charts!---- Create the greatest bandinthe world! With a super addictive combination ofupgrades,recruitments and fast play, Rock Life is a rock n' rollmusic gamethat lets you manage an entire band and at the same timeput yourmusic skills to the test by playing concerts, recordingalbums,making music videos and much more, all with perfectlybalancedgameplay. » PRO GUITARS IN 3D – Collect hundreds ofexclusive,amazingly detailed guitars entirely in high definition3D. Getupgrades and customize each guitar in your studio. » PLAYONLINE INREAL-TIME – Play against your facebook friends or againstopponentsfrom the same category to climb up the rankings of thebest bandsin the world. Revenge and steal fans from other bands andearn moreresources to finance your success and be a great idol.»CREATE YOUROWN BAND – Hire musicians, buy instruments, and inviteyour friendsfrom Facebook to be a part of your band. Make a tour,win fans andget rich, just like a real rock star.» RULE THE WORLD –Just like areal band, you’ll start small in your hometown and thengrow toconquer the country and the continent. Finally, you’ll playepicsong concerts to conquer the world. Make it happen! ----PLEASENOTE: Rock Life is completely 4 free to play but some in-gameitemscan be purchased with real money. You can turn-off thepaymentfeature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’ssettings.Visit, like us on Facebook and send us yourfeedbackand suggestions!
Piano Tiles 2™
Cheetah Games
The hit of the world loved by 900 millions of players, PianoTiles2™ is having its 2nd birthday! During these 2 years, PianoTiles 2™with its simplicity, thrill-seeking and challenge-takingfeatures,is always in the top ranks. Come to take the challenge!Gamefeature: 1. Simple graphics, easy to play and everybodygetsplaying the piano! 2. Breath-taking rhythm will challengeyourhandspeed limit! 3. Top challenge mode gives you thrill andrisk!4. Update of numerous songs, original, classic, bangs and allthestyle to satisfy different taste.5. Share your record withyourfriends, and compare with world-wide players on the rankinglist!6. Sound of high quality makes you feel like in a concert. 7.Saveyour progress via Facebook account and share the progressindifferent devices. 8. More challenge, more bonus and a betterself.Gaming mode: Don't tap the white tiles! Tap the blacktilesaccording to the melody and don't miss any tile!Concentrateyourself and maximize your reaction! Support: Are youhavingproblems? Send email to or contact usingame by going to Settings > FAQ and Support.BusinessCooperation: Cheetah Mobile is now sincerely inviting alltheamazing mobile game developers globally to achieve mutualsuccess!we are looking forward to the great games! Contact uson:publishing_cmplay@cmcm.comPrivacyPolicy:
MUSYNX 1.9.1
Brand new independent rhythm game - MUSYNX now on GooglePlay!-Highquality graphics using each pixel of the retina screen tocreatebeautiful game images !-No matter your screen size orfingerthickness, we guarantee you an enjoyable gamingexperience!-Withprofessional sound processing and high qualityaudio, MUSYNX willbring you the ultimate audio experience.-Letmelodious sounds flowfrom your fingertips with every single touch.Experience the fun ofplaying real sounds and tunes! -Our classicgame design allows youto identify each dropping note at the highestspeed. Play to thetunes of popular songs and stars such as M2U!-Wewill never stopupdating and improving our game interface!
My Music Hero 2.1.10
My Music Hero arrives - from the creators of "The CumbiaHero"!Agame of rhythm, music and lots of fun (Music / rhythm game)withmany features, look here below!* Three (3) Modes of difficultyforall ages and abilities ...!EASY - NORMAL - DIFFICULT* Veryfunnysongs with notes synchronized in time with the song!* Superqualityin the songs, use the headphones and you will notice.* Addfriendsand challenge them to online duels! * Battle random duelsagainststrangers!* Play 2 players at once on the same split-screenphone!*Internal ranking totally personalized, write your name andfigureat the top of the list! You have a table for each difficultysothat yes or you appear!* Graphic and friendly interfaceforchildren and adults* It is very intuitive and easy touse*Innovations and details that in no Guitar Game you sawbefore!Gameof music, rhythm and dexterity!Do not erase the game, wekeepuploading new songs!*- - - Do not miss it! Try it NOW - FREE! ---*All songs were used with prior authorization.
Muse Runner
◆Electric Sound Runner! Shock You InEveryClick!◆Reality! You Like A Keyboardist, Imminent!◆Evolution Of The Traditional Music Game, Every Note Will MakeASound Independently. Press The Button And Enjoy TheBeautifulRhythm!◆Elaborate Levels, Different Theme In Different Level, AndThePerfect Fusion Of Music!◆Former Edition: Project: Muse Won The AppStore "BestChineseIndependent Games" The Honorary Title Of "Best MusicRhythm"!—[Game Feature]—◆Precisely And Unique Real-Time Pronunciation◆The Hardest Music Runner In History◆Challenge Yourself With The Rhythm◆Extraordinary Euphony That Touches Your Soul◆Original Music Made In Original Music Producer◆Have You Ever Tried Music Rhythm Fusion Runner Game? TryItNow!—[Electric Sound Feast You Never Imagine]—Enjoying And Immerse—[Headphones Recommend]—Facebook:
Kpop music game 20180518
A collection of best KPOP games with passion! 500.000+ Kpop fansareplaying this game over the worldFeature a bunch of games in oneapp,in variety of kind: Casual, Quiz, Music, Puzzle...And the gamewillbe updated to make it better and better...Hope you enjoy it :)
Tiles Hop: Forever Dancing Ball 2.0.8
Hot UpdateLet's hop! You can now upload your own songs to play.WithTiles Hop: Endless Music Jumping Ball, you can play varioustype ofmusic, from beautiful Piano, Guitar songs to hard rock,metal rockand EDM masterpieces.Bounce off the magic music tiles,listen to thebeat, and make as many hops as you can in thismind-blowing musicgame now for Free!Hit Songs + Ball Game + MagicPiano Tiles =AwesomenessThis game will create the whole newexperience for musicgame lover.Be prepared to catch the magic beatnow! How to playTiles Hop: Endless Music Jumping Ball1. Listen tothe magic beat anduse your musical reflexes to drag the ball leftor right to guidethe ball from tiles to tiles. In short, make theball jump! Try notto fall off the magic music tiles.Do not Tap!This is not a Tap Tapgame.2. Just follow the rhythm and don’t missany tiles to bouncethe ball! Make insane combos and beat yourfriend's scores!Gamefeatures- Auto generated content: upload yourfavorite songs tobounce with music- One-touch control with simpleoperations-Breathtaking 3D ambient and effects- 30+ absolutelybeautiful andfun songs- 20+ Different backgrounds to truly bringyou newexperience every plays!- 10+ sky balls to choose- Simplegraphics,easy to play and everybody gets playing their favoritepiano, EDM,pop, rock! - High quality sound makes you feel likebeing in aconcert. - Breath-taking rhythm will challenge yourhand’s speedlimit! - Collect different skins for your dancingballs and makethem look even cooler. - Beat your own top score anddare your bestfriend for a challenge.- Top challenge mode givesyou thrill andrisk! - Share your record with your friends, andcompare withworld-wide players on the ranking list! - Save yourprogress viaFacebook account and share the progress in differentdevices. Let’sroll the sky ball and enjoy the amazing musicaljourney in everydance. This is truly one of the best arcadebouncing ball games withgreat music to challenge yourfriends.Tiles Hop: Endless MusicJumping Ball is totally Free! Tryit Now!Support:Are you havingproblems with Beat Hopper? Send emailto
Music Madman - Beat Moster 1.2.8
Music madman is a music-themed beats jumping game, 10levels,progressive, exciting.Play is very simple:* Click onthecorresponding color block control game characters jump ahead*Clickon the wrong color block, the protagonist crushing, endingthegameEveryone jumped up with the rhythm of it!