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com.reda.sahihbukhari 3.2
Al-Reda Apps
Disclaimer: This app is only available in Arabic language.Thisappcontains all the hadiths from the Sahih al-Bukharibook.Features:-Completely free with no ads.- Search function.-Ability to addchapters/hadiths to favorites.- Add notes tochapters.- Doesn'tneed any special permissions to run.- Ability tochange font sizeand type- Material Design- Hadith text is colorcodedAbout thebook:Sahih al Bukhari (Arabic: صحيح البخاري‎), is oneof the Kutubal-Sittah (six major hadith collections) of SunniIslam. Theseprophetic traditions, or hadith, were collected by thePersianMuslim scholar Muhammad al-Bukhari, after being transmittedorallyfor generations. Sunni Muslims view this as one of the threemosttrusted collections of hadith along with Sahih Muslim andMuwattaImam Malik.If you have any problems with the latest version,youcan always manually install an older versionfromhere:
com.reda.riyadh 3.1
Al-Reda Apps
Disclaimer: This app is only available in Arabic language.Thisappcontains all the hadiths from the "Riyadh as-Salihin" (TheGardensof the Righteous) book.Features:- Completely free with noads.-Search function.- Ability to add chapters/hadiths tofavorites.-Add notes to chapters.- Doesn't need any specialpermissions torun.- Ability to change font size and type- MaterialDesign- Hadithtext is color codedAbout the book:The Gardens of theRighteous(Arabic: رياض الصالحين Riyadh as-Salihin), is acompilation ofverses from the Qur'an and hadith by Al-Nawawi. Itcontains about1905 hadith divided across 372 chapters, many ofwhich areintroduced by verses of the QuranIf you have any problemswith thelatest version, you can always manually install an olderversionfrom here:
com.reda.malek 3.1
Al-Reda Apps
Disclaimer: This app is only available in Arabic language.Thisappcontains all the hadiths from the 'Muwatta ImamMalik'book.Features:- Completely free with no ads.- Searchfunction.-Ability to add chapters/hadiths to favorites.- Add notestochapters.- Doesn't need any special permissions to run.- Abilitytochange font size and type- Material Design- Hadith text iscolorcodedAbout the book:The Muwaṭṭaʾ (Arabic: الموطأ‎) of ImamMalik isthe earliest written collection of hadith comprising thesubjectsof Islamic law, compiled and edited by the Imam, Malik ibnAnas.Malik's best-known work, Al-Muwatta was the first legal worktoincorporate and join hadith and fiqh together. The workwasreceived with wide praise.If you have any problems with thelatestversion, you can always manually install an older versionfromhere:
Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word)
Alhamdulillah. Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word) is a Quran studytoolfor all. It provides Verse by Verse Audio Playback withrepeatfunctions, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Color Coded Tajweed, Word byWordAnalysis and Translations, Index of Quran, Note Taking &CustomBookmarks with Sync, Powerful Search, Several Translations&Tafsirs in Various Languages, Multiple Themes and Fonts andmuchmore. You can Enjoy: Several Translations & Tafsirs: ●70+Translations & Tafsirs with 35+ Languages: Bengali,Chinese,English, French, Hindi, German, Indonesian, Italian,Malay,Russian, Spanish, Urdu and many more ● Verse Indexed TafsirIbnKathir in English with Embedded Arabic, Taqiuddin Hilalicommentary● 8 Arabic Tafsirs (including Tafseer Ibn Kathir, TafseerTabarietc.) ● Different Quran Translations & Tafsirsviewablesimultaneously Word by word Analysis & Translations: ●Word byWord Translation in English, Indonesian, Bangla, German,Turkishbased on Quran ● Word by Word Rendering, Root / LemmaInformation,Word Occurrences, Details and Verb Forms Bookmarks& Notes: ●Bookmarks / Favorites separated into User MadeCategories ● MarkVerses as Last Read using Single Bookmark Feature,and keep trackof Khatmah ● Take Notes for Each Ayah ● Bookmarks /Notes Sync& Import / Export feature to share across devicesSearch &Quran Index: ● Powerful Full-Text Search Engine withHighlights ●Quran Index Quran Majeed Audio mp3: ● Audio mp3 fullQuran Majeed30 Juz or 114 Surah without limitations ● Listen toseveralrecitations by 30+ Reciters (downloadable for offline use)●Reciter Options: Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy, Sheikh Husary(Muallim),Shaykh Ayman Suwaid, Sheikh Abdur Rahman As-Sudais,Shaykh AbdulBasit Mujawwad and many other Qaris ● English and Urdutranslationaudio ● Robust Audio System with repeat, group playbackof versesfunction to aid in Quran Memorization / Quran HifzVariousCustomization Options, Tajweed & Others: ● Reading withUthmanior IndoPak script style ● Read Quran in Mushaf Mode ● ReadTafsirsin Tafsir View ● Color Coded Tajweed with the samecolorimplementation as iQuran (For Android kitkat & up) ●VariousFonts, Pinch Zoom feature and Multiple Themes includingNight Mode● Autoscroll feature ● Copy & Share the versesLocalization: ●Quran App User Interface localized in 10+ Languages:Arabic,English, Bangla, German, French, Bahasa Indonesia / Malay,Russian,Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish, Urdu and more ● All featuresupportsoffline (Quran offline) ● And next features that are indevelopmentShare and Recommend this Beautiful Quran app for Androidto yourfriends and family. May Allah bless us in this world andhereafter."Whoever calls people to right guidance will have areward likethat of those who follow him..." - Sahih Muslim, Hadith2674Developed by Greentech Apps FoundationWebsite: Follow us on SocialMedia: Ourapps are Completely Free to Useand Contain No Ads. For us tocontribute more to the Ummah with newapps and features, our teamneeds regular funds to support theprogress. Here’s Your Chance toMake a Difference, Benefit theUmmah and Share the Rewards. Supportour Projects by Donatinggenerously & Sharing with others, andBe Part of SadaqahJariyah in sha Allah: Keywords:Islam, Quran, مصحف ,قرآن,Holy Quran, Quran e Kareem, Quran Pak,Quran Majeed, Religion,Religious, Islamic Book, Quran Word byWord, Quran Tafseer, TafsirIbn Katheer, Word by Word Quran
Islam 360 3.6.3
World's first Quran and Hadith searchable application withanunparalleled array of amazing features: HOLY QURAN FEATURES: -ReadHoly Quran by Surah or Parah Listings - Read Holy Quranwithtranslations in English, Urdu, Hindi and Roman Urdu script -ReadHoly Quran with translations by Muhammad Juna Garhi, Noor ulAmin,Mufti Taqi Usmani, Tahir-ul-Qadri, Amin Ahsan Islahi,MuhammadHussain Najfi, Nighat Hashmi, Abul Alaa Moududi, KanzulIman etc. -Read Holy Quran Arabic to Urdu Word-by-Word translation- ReadTafasir of the Quran by Taqi Usmani, Abul Ala Moudodi, IbneKaseer,and audio Tafseer of Dr. Israr Ahmed and Mufti M. Sayeed -Add yourown notes along with each Ayah of the Holy Quran - SaveBookmarksfor the Holy Quran to record where you are at, or to markimportantpassages - Search the entire Holy Quran by Word typed inArabic -Search entire translations of the Holy Quran by Word typedinEnglish, Urdu, Roman Urdu or Hindi - Search from analphabeticallyordered list of all the Arabic words present in theHoly Quran andjump straight to the Ayahs containing these words -Jump directlyto any Ayah of your choice in any Surah of the HolyQuran and startreading from there. - Search Holy Quran By ArabicRoot Word. In theArabic language, most words are derived from aRoot Word. A word iscreated by applying vowels, prefixes andsuffixes in an oftenpredictable manner to the original Root.Excellent for peopleinterested in learning the Arabic language ormeaning of the Quran.- Search the Holy Quran by Subject or Topic,listed alphabeticallyin both English and Urdu - Easily share anyAyah with your friendsand family - Listen to Holy Quran'srecitation from at least 12world-renowned reciters. - Listen toHoly Quran's Audio Translationand Tafaseer HADITH FEATURES: - ReadSeven Primary Source Books ofAhadith of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)that are considered mostauthentic in the Muslim Ummah with theconsensus of Muslimscholars, that is Sahih Al-Bukhari, SahihMuslim, Jame Tirmazi,Sunnan Abu Dawood, Sunnan Nisai, Sunnan IbneMaja and Musnad Ahmed.- Read Two Secondary Books of Ahadithcollection, namelyAl-Silsila-tus-Sahiha and Mishkat-ul-Masabeeh. -Read OriginalAhadith in Arabic, as well as Translations of Ahadithin both Urduand English - All Ahadith are fully Referenced withinternationalnumbering (from world-renowned Darus Salaampublications) - AudioAvailable for Sahih Bukhari, Jame Tirmazi andSunnan Abu DawudTranslations. - Read Ahadith chapter by chapter, aswritten in theoriginal books - Filter book chapters based on Sahih(strong inauthenticity) and Zaeef (weak in authenticity) Ahadith,or readfull chapters without filtering - For each Hadith, completedetailsare provided, including Baab, Status / Grade, SourceReference ofStatus / Grade, Takhreej and Wazahat - Bookmark Ahadithto recordyour reading position or important Ahadith - Easily ShareHadithtext with your Friends and Family AUTHENTIC IBAADAAT, AZKARAND DUACOLLECTION OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.): - Namaz: AuthenticAzkarand Duas of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) post-Takbir-Tahreema,Rukooh,post-Ruku, Sujdah, between Sajdahs, Tashahud - Roza - Hajj -Umrah- Namaze Janaza QAIDA : - 27 Qaida Lessons with Audio-TajweedDescription with Images AUTHENTIC DUAS FROM PROPHETMUHAMMAD(S.A.W.): - Full Reference to Source Books of Ahadithprovided -Share any Dua easily with your Friends and Family OTHERFEATURES: -Check Local Namaz Timings (in your city) so you canalways pray ontime - Check Qibla direction so you can always prayin the correctdirection of the Qibla. - Tasbeeh - Islamic Date - 99Names ofAllah - 99 Names of Muhammad - Share Greetings - ShahadatIslam360app is continuously updating and adding more books andfeatures forthe benefit of the Muslim Ummah! May Allah reward youfor yourinterest in the original sources of knowledge of our Deen!
Sahih Bukhari Hindi 7.0
Sahi Bukhari hindi was written by imam Bukhari. Bukahri sharedhindiis a very famous Hadees book in hindi. Bukahri shareef hindiis alsoavailable in urdu and english. Sahih Muslim hindi will beavailablesoon
الباقيات أذكار Azkar AlBaqiyat 4.13
الباقيات أذكار-Azkar AlBaqiyat Al-Azkar – Hisn Al-Muslimrepresentsa fortification for the Muslim which helps strengtheninghisrelation with Allah, and guards him against the whisperingsofSatan and conditions of soul. The Prophet (peace be upon him)usedto observe supplication when going in or out the house,whilemoving or setting and in all his actions. The supplicationsincludethe acts concerning both this life and the hereafter. Thatis,there are supplications for every single act of work or worshiptothe extent that supplications fill the Muslim’s life andsurroundit like a fortification. Due to the urgent need of Muslims,whoadhere to the Prophetic Sunnah, for supplications, and to helpthemcope with the modern technology, Arabia for InformationTechnology,the leading company in the field of Islamic applicationsandsoftware developing, has designed and developedAl-BaqiyatApplication for mobile phones and smart devices (iPhone,iPad,Android) in many languages, using the latestprogramingtechnologies. This has been done under the generoussponsorship ofthe “Waqf of Badr Ibn Saleh Ar-Rajhi’s mother and herSons”.Al-Baqiyat (Azkar) is an application aimed at displayingthesupplications of the Qur’an and Sunnah through auser-friendlyinteractive interface which enables many unprecededfeatures andabilities. The application was designed to be suitablefor allusers. One of its main advantages beside the broad rangeofservices it offers to the users is that it adopts thewell-knownbook of “Hisn Al-Muslim: Invocations from the Qur’an andtheSunnah” by Sheikh Sa`id Ibn Ali Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtani, usingvarioustranslations. Contents: 1. Supplications of the Day and theNight(Supplications of the morning, Supplications of theevening,Supplications of sleeping, Invocation said when wearing agarment,…). 2. Supplications Relating to Acts of Worship(Supplications ofpurification, Supplications of fasting,Supplications of Ḥajj, …).3. Supplications of Prayer and Ablution(Supplications of ablution,Supplications of Azan, Supplications ofprayer, Invocation saidwhen entering and leaving the mosque,Invocation of Qunut,Invocation of Istikharah, …) 4. Supplicationsof Tawẖid (Virtue ofLa Ilaha Illa Allah, Invocation for fear ofShirk, Invocationagainst ascribing things to omens, the MostBeautiful Names ofAllah, …). 5. Supplications of the Family(Marriage, Gatherings,Sick people, …). 6. Supplications of SocialRelations (Sickness,Affliction, Evil eye, Feeling frightened, …).7. Supplications saidwhen leaving and entering the home. 8.Supplications of Traveling(Invocation said when mounting an animalor any means of transport,Invocation said when a mounted animalstumbles or any means oftransport fails, Invocation said whenentering a town or village,Supplication said when returning fromtravel, …). 9. SupplicationsRelating to Conditions of Soul(Pleasure, Grief, Anguish, Debt,Anger, Amazement, …). 10. InclusiveInvocations. 11. Invocations ofthe Noble Qur’an. 12. Invocations ofthe Prophetic Sunnah. 13.Linking the supplications and invocationsto their originalsources. 14. Ascribing the hadiths to theiroriginal sources fromthe Books of Sunnah. 15. Full text of the bookof “Hisn Al-Muslim:Invocations from the Qur’an and the Sunnah bySheikh Sa`id Ibn AliIbn Wahf Al-Qahtani. 16. Book of “HisnAl-Muslim” translated into22 living languages. 17. An electroniccounter that help countingup the supplications recommended to berepeated by the Sunnah. 18.An electronic alarm which enables theuser to set a predeterminedspecific time to remind him of themorning and eveningsupplications. 19. An Audio player feature whichenables the userto listen to the supplications and invocations atany time. 20.Displaying the number of repeats for each invocationorsupplication. 21. A screen that automatically displaysAl-Azkaronce the application opens. 22. Displaying the daily prayertimes.
Sahih Muslim Hadiths in Urdu 1.3
Quran Reading
Sahih Muslim is an authenticated book of Hadith. Sahih MuslimUrduis a religious android app which contains the sayings ofHolyProphet (PBUH). This app is specially designed for the nativeusersto get the better understanding of Islam. Following aretheessential features of this app: Distictinctive Feature of thisapp:Introduction: Introduction contains the description about theworkof imam-Muslim List of Books: This is the main screen featureofthis app which divides the collection of Hadith in to 54chaptersrelates to different matters of life. Translation:Translation ofall sayings of Prophet (PBUH) is available in Urduand Englishlanguages. Font size: Users can select the font sizeaccording totheir comfort level. Bookmarking: Through this featureuser canbookmark his or her favorite hadith and read it later.Notification:This is the distinctive feature of this app whichkeeps the userupdate about the latest information. Download thisapp for free toget this precious knowledge and spent your lifeaccording to theSunnah of Holy Prophet (PBUH)
Sahih Bukhari Urdu Hadith Book 1.0
Syed Adnan
Enlighten your knowledge of Bukhari Sharif Hadiths.ReadSahi-al-Bukhari ahadees in Urdu! Download “Sahih BukhariUrduHadith Book”, your ultimate choice app to read authenticHadithcollection from Bukhari Sharif.The Hadith is the record ofsayingsof Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), these sayings werecollected byfamous Muhaddiths and formed into Hadith books. SahihBukhariHadiths were collected by Imam Bukhari. These Ahadiths areanauthentic legislation for Muslims after the HolyQuran.“SahihBukhari Urdu Hadith Book” contains Islamic Hadeescollection formSahi-al-Bukhari book of Hadiths. This authenticHadith collectionis available for you in Urdu language, so you neednot translatethem to understand.Key Features:• The app is optimizedfor allAndroid devices including tabs• User-friendly interface andsimplegraphics used• You can go to any Hadith by typing it’s numberinthe bar• Add to bookmarks function available• Urdu Nastaleeqfontused• Word count for Hadith available• Share any Hadithusingsocial media• Print option available to print any Urdu Hadith•Theapp is free to download and installIf you want to read sayingsofHoly Prophet (PBUH) in Urdu, or looking for an authenticcollectionof Imam Bukhari Ahadith. “Sahih Bukhari Urdu Hadith Book”is just aperfect app for you to have on your device then. Downloadthe appto read, share or print Bukhari Sharif Ahadiths rightnow.Pleaseleave us a review and a good rating for the developer ifyou likeour Hadees app. We’ll use your feedback to make changes andimprovethe app to give you a better experience for the next time.Thanks!
Hisn Almuslim 4.1.4
Fortress Of The Muslim (Hisn Almuslim Azkar & Doaa)containsalot of azkar that muslim needs in his day and in dealingwithpeople. The application includes alot features enables you toreachall azkar easily including: - Azkar index - Search both theindexand the azkar - Copying azkar and pasting them inotherapplications - Sharing azkar via mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter...etc - Sharing the Application with friends
Ensiklopedi Hadits - Kitab 9 Imam 7.1.0
Compilation of hadiths by 9 books (Shahih Bukhari, ShahihMuslim,Sunan Abu Daud, etc), completed with the collection ofhadithsrelated to Al–Qur’an, Qudsi, and Mutawatir. With thetranslation inIndonesian and the degree of authenticity of thehadiths will makeit easier for us to learn hadith as the secondsource of Islamiclaw after Al Qur’an. This application is theofficial version fromLIDWA PUSAKA as the owner of the contents inEnsiklopedi Hadits 9Imam.-------------------------------------------- Includes 9hadith books(kutubut tis’ah): (1) Shahih Bukhari (2) Shahih Muslim(3) Sunan AbuDaud (4) Sunan Tirmidzi (5) Sunan Nasa'i (6) SunanIbnu Majah (7)Musnad Ahmad (8) Muwatha' Malik (9) SunanDarimi-------------------------------------------- FEATURES: • Readallhadiths – More than 62.000 hadiths • Indonesian translation-Complete Arabic texts with translation in Indonesian • Degreeofthe authenticity from Ulama (a group of Muslim scholars) –ExcludesMusnad Ahmad and Muwatha' Malik • Copy and paste – Arabictext andthe translation can be copied and pasted • Search – In theArabictexts and the translation • Related hadiths - Hadith listrelatedto the hadith which is opened • Hadiths index – Hadith listinthemes (Faiths, Morals, Manners, Worship, Dealings, ProphetStoriesand Jihad, etc) • Compilation of hadiths – Qudsi,Mutawatir,regards to Al Qur’an, Marfu, Mauquf, Maqthu, Mursal,Munqathi,Muallaq • Chains of narration diagram – Diagram ofvarioustransmission chains of hadiths • Detailed narrators -Informationto see the credibility of the narrators of the hadith •Narratorstatistic – Hadith narrator graph over the entire hadithsnarrated• Font customization - Arabic letter (font) options foryourcomfort • Bookmark – Add bookmark in the hadiths to be stored•Notes - Add a note to a hadith • Highlight - Put a highlight onthecontent of a hadith • Multi numbering – Al-Alamiyah, FathulBariand Syarah An-Nawawi, etc • Daily hadith – Get interestinghadithevery day
Sahih Bukhari Urdu+Eng+Arabic 1.1.1
This app contains all the hadiths from the Sahihal-Bukharibook.Sahih al Bukhari is collection of sayings reportedfrom thebeloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The App contains manyAhadith toincrease your knowledge about Islam and to live a betterlifefollowing the path of prophet Mohammed (SAW). App containsthecollection of Ahadith based on different type of topicsoflife.Each topic contain many Ahadith narrated bySahaba(R.A).Features:- Full and Authentic Book.- Completelyfree.-Ability to add chapters to favorites.- Language selectionoption.-Share option, e.g: Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc.Aboutthebook:Sahih al Bukhari (Arabic: صحيح البخاري‎), is one of theKutubal-Sittah (six major hadith collections) of Sunni Islam.Theseprophetic traditions, or hadith, were collected by thePersianMuslim scholar Muhammad al-Bukhari, after being transmittedorallyfor generations. Sunni Muslims view this as one of the threemosttrusted collections of hadith along with Sahih Muslim andMuwattaImam Malik.
99 Names of Allah 9.0
99 Names of Allah is a free application to read and to listen the99Most Beautiful Names of Allah on your smartphones andtablets.Applications is updated in version 2 with Material Designsupport.99 Names of Allah are the names of God. Each representing acertainAttribute or Description of God. Allah(Swt) says in theGloriousQur'an: "He is Allah (God), the Creator, the Originator,TheFashioner, to Him belong the most beautiful names: whatever isinthe heavens and on earth, do declare His praises and Glory. AndHeis the Exalted in Might, The Wise." [Quran 59:24]. The 99 namesofGod or 99 names of Allah (Arabic : أسماء الله الحسنى Asma’Allahal-Ḥusná), are the Names of God by which Muslims regard God(Allah)and which are described in the Qur'an, and Sunnah, amongstotherplaces. According to Islamic tradition,[3] Muhammad is said tohaveinvoked Allah by a number of Names. According to a Sunnihadith,Sahih Muslim: Abu Hurairah reported Allah's Messenger (maypeace beupon him) as saying: There are ninety-nine names of Allah;he whocommits them to memory would get into Paradise. Verily, AllahisOdd (He is one, and it is an odd number) and He loves oddnumbers.And in the narration of Ibn 'Umar (the words are): "Hewhoenumerated them." —Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj Nishapuri, SahihMuslim[4]Over time it became custom to recite a list of 99 Names,compiledby al-Walid ibn Muslim as an addendum to the hadith.Features======= * Read 99 Names of Allah in Arabic and English *Listen 99Names of Allah in Arabic * Read meanings translation ofthese 99Names of Allah in English * Mark your favorite names *Share eachname of God with friends via mail or social networks *Set one ofthese 99 Names of Allah in Wallpaper * EnableNotifications to haveone of 99 Names of Allah in notificationsseveral times a day tolearn these Names * Display number for eachname * A Live Wallpaperdisplaying all of 99 Names of Allah * AWidget displaying 99 Namesof Allah on his Android device * MaterialDesign support Rateapplication if you like it ! Thanks. A proversion with no ads isalso available: have questions or others feedbacks, don’t hesitate tocontact meby mail : Give a try to ourweb site thatgives salat times for muslims online:
Qasas ul Anbiya aur Maloomat 1.2
UApps Studio
Qasas ul Anbiya in urdu 1 Aisi App Hai jis mein Anbiya kizindagikay baary mein bhi Mukamal urdu Maloomat hai.Anbiya kizindagi kayinteresting facts aur knowledge Urdu Language main aapsb kay liyejan,na boht zaruri hai. Qasas ul Anbiya Urdu app me wosb maloomatshaamil hen jo shayed aap ko maloom nahi.The Quranidentifies anumber of men as "Prophets of Islam" (Arabic: nabiyyنبي‎; pl.anbiya' أنبياء). Muslims believe such individuals wereassigned aspecial mission by God (Arabic: Allah) to guide humanity.BesidesMuhammad, this includes prophets such as HazratIbrahim(A.S.),Hazrat Musa (A.S) and Hazrat Isa(A.S).Although onlytwenty-fiveprophets are mentioned by name in the Qur'an, a hadith(no. 21257in Musnad Ibn Hanbal) mentions that there were 124,000prophets intotal throughout history. Other traditions place thenumber ofprophets at 224,000. Some scholars hold that there are anevengreater number in the history of mankind, and only God knows.TheQur'an says that God has sent a prophet to every group ofpeoplethroughout time, and that Muhammad is the last of theprophets,sent for the whole of humankind. The message of all theprophets isbelieved to be the same. In Islam, all propheticmessengers areprophets though not all prophets are propheticmessengers. Theprimary distinction is that a prophet is required todemonstrateALLAH's law through his actions, character, and behaviorwithoutnecessarily calling people to follow him, while apropheticmessenger is required to pronounce God's law (i.e.revelation) andcall his people to submit and follow him. HazratMuhammad (PBUH) isdistinguished from the rest of the propheticmessengers andprophets in that he was commissioned by ALLAH to bethe propheticmessenger to all of mankind. Qasas ul Anbiya in Urduis a veryspecial app for every Muslim to get the knowledge aboutthe life ofevery prophet of ISLAM. In ISLAM now a days Muslimfollow theTeachings of Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH). But ALLAH has sentall of hisprophets for the betterment of mankind. so teaching ofeveryprophets and stories of all prophets are full of knowledgeandlessons.Features of Qasas ul Anbiya Urdu >Zoom In,ZoomOut>Table of Contents List>Beautiful Design>Sharefeatureto share this AppMust Install this knowledge-full app andshare itwith your friends JAZAKALLAH khair
com.reda.majah 3.1
Al-Reda Apps
Disclaimer: This app is only available in Arabic language.Thisappcontains all the hadiths from the "Sunan ibn Majah"book.Features:-Completely free with no ads.- Search function.-Ability to addchapters/hadiths to favorites.- Add notes tochapters.- Doesn'tneed any special permissions to run.- Ability tochange font sizeand type- Material Design- Hadith text is colorcodedAbout thebook:Sunan Ibn Mājah (Arabic: سُنن ابن ماجه‎) is oneof the sixmajor Sunni hadith collections (Kutub al-Sittah). TheSunan wasauthored by Ibn Mājah. It contains over 4,000 aḥādīth inover 32books (kutub) divided into about 1,500 chapters (abwāb)Ifyou haveany problems with the latest version, you can alwaysmanuallyinstall an older version from here:
com.reda.termezy 3.1
Al-Reda Apps
Disclaimer: This app is only available in Arabic language.Thisappcontains all the hadiths from the "Jami' at-Tirmidhi" book,alsoknown as Sunan at-Tirmidhi.Features:- Completely free with noads.-Search function.- Ability to add chapters/hadiths tofavorites.-Add notes to chapters.- Doesn't need any specialpermissions torun.- Ability to change font size and type- MaterialDesign- Hadithtext is color codedAbout the book:Jami' at-Tirmidhi(Arabic: جامعالترمذي‎, Jāmi‘ at-Tirmidhī), popularly Sunanat-Tirmidhi (Arabic:سُـنَن الترمذي‎, Sunan at-Tirmidhī), is one ofKutub al-Sittah (thesix major hadith collections). It was collectedby Abu `IsaMuhammad ibn `Isa at-Tirmidhi. He began compiling itafter the year250 A.H. (A.D. 864/5) and completed it on the 10Dhu-al-Hijjah 270A.H. (A.D. 884, June 9).If you have any problemswith the latestversion, you can always manually install an olderversion fromhere:
com.reda.abidawood 3.1.1
Al-Reda Apps
Disclaimer: This app is only available in Arabic language.Thisappcontains all the hadiths from the "Sunan AbuDawood"book.Features:- Completely free with no ads.- Searchfunction.-Ability to add chapters/hadiths to favorites.- Add notestochapters.- Doesn't need any special permissions to run.- Abilitytochange font size and type- Material Design- Hadith text iscolorcodedAbout the book:Sunan Abu Dawud (Arabic: سنن أبيداود‎,translit. Sunan Abī Dāwūd) is one of the Kutub al-Sittah (sixmajorhadith collections), collected by Abu Dawud. Abu Dawudcollected500,000 hadith, but included only 4,800 in thiscollection. Sunnisregard this collection as fourth in strength oftheir six majorhadith collections. It took Abu Dawud 20 years tocollect thehadiths. He made a series of journeys to meet most ofthe foremosttraditionists of his time and acquired from them themost reliablehadiths, quoting sources through which it reached him.If you haveany problems with the latest version, you can alwaysmanuallyinstall an older version from here:
com.reda.nasa2y 3.1
Al-Reda Apps
Disclaimer: This app is only available in Arabic language.Thisappcontains all the hadiths from the "As-Sunan as-Sughra" book,alsoknown as "Sunan an-Nasa'i" Features:- Completely free with noads.-Search function.- Ability to add chapters/hadiths tofavorites.-Add notes to chapters.- Doesn't need any specialpermissions torun.- Ability to change font size and type- MaterialDesign- Hadithtext is color codedAbout the book:As-Sunan as-Sughra(Arabic: السننالصغرى‎), also known as Sunan an-Nasa'i (Arabic: سننالنسائي‎), isone of the Kutub al-Sittah (six major hadiths), andwas collectedby Al-Nasa'i.Sunnis regard this collection as thethird mostimportant of their six major Hadith collections.Al-Mujtaba(English: the selected) has about 5,270 hadiths,including repeatednarrations, which the author selected from hislarger work,As-Sunan al-Kubra.If you have any problems with thelatest version,you can always manually install an older versionfromhere:
حديث كل ساعة: بدون أنترنت 4.0.3
islamic apps
★ Hadith Collection. ★ Keeping hadiths in the favorite list. ★Shareit with your friends. ★ No require Internet connection. ★Dailysupplication. ★ 40 Hadith qudsi. ★ Supporting small and bigscreens.★ Variety hadiths from sahih bukhari and sahih muslimconcerning: -Duaa and adkar. - Zakat and charity. - Ahadiths forPrayer andsupplication.
Ghusal Wazu Or Assan Namaz ka Masoon Tarika - Urdu 1.7
Wazoo and Ghusal is very important role play in Islam. You learninthis app about ghusal and wazoo that's how to correct performgusaland wazoo on the base of Quran and Hadees (Hadit). Gusal orWazooKa Tarika is an Islamic App for our Muslim brother andsisters.Wazoo ka tariqa contains basic information regarding Gusal,Wazoo(Wazu) and their commandments in Islam. May these informationbeuseful to our Muslim brothers, sisters and fellows and theysharewith their beloved ones too.We have Some Main features:-Attractive Splash- Urdu Pages- Urdu Page Navigation- Clear Images
Islamic Calendar: Azan, Prayer times, Quran, Qibla 1.46
Islamic Calendar Plus 15 Muslim Apps One of the most popular appformuslims, gives you access to Islamic Calendar, Quran, QiblaCompass,Prayer times, Athan, Duas, Ramadan time table, Islamicgreetingcards, Zakat calculator, Tasbih counter, Masjid locator& Halalrestaurant finder with Daily Verse, Hadith and Quotereminders! AppFeatures: • View current Islamic & GregorianCalendar dates! •View a list of Islamic Events for any Year, Hijridate on App Icon,Moon phase for current date! • Hijri calendarcorrection settingallows you to correct hijri dates! • Qibladirection - Compasspointing to makkah • Daily prayer times -notifies you when its timeto pray • 99 Names of Allah - withmeaning and description • SetAthan Alarms - athan plays when theprayer time starts • QuranMajeed - in arabic uthmani script with40 translations • Dua - 40Rabbana Dua's and 100 Duas from HisnulMuslim • Ramadan time-tablefor any location / any year • GreetingCards - send Eid and Ramadangreeting cards • Zakat Calculator -calculate the zakat easily •Tasbih Counter - see a list of commonazkar and counter • MasjidLocator - locate the nearest masjid fromyour current location •Halal Restaurant Finder - assists you infind nearest halalrestaurant • Works using device's in-built GPS& Locationservices • Automatic DST settings for Prayer Timings• Now you canalso get Prayer Times to work without GPS • QuranRecitations -Download in 3 Languages: Arabic, English, Urdu(Requires proupgrade)! • Dua's Audio and 99 Names Recitation Audio(Requires proupgrade)! • 5 Beautiful Islamic Calendar Themes toselect from(Requires pro upgrade)! • Quran Verse of the Day -Shows you arandom verse from the Glorious Quran every day. The appincludesover 300+ Ayahs carefully selected and included in the appto giveyour day a great start. You can also set reminders to getthe dailynotification at a time you want. • Hadith of the Day -Shows you arandom hadith from over 200+ hadiths carefully selectedand includedin the app from the books of Bukhari, Muslim, Dawood,Tirmidhi etc.You can also set reminders to get the dailynotification at a timeyou want. • Islamic Quote of the Day - Showsyou a random quote fromover 200+ quotes carefully selected andincluded in the app. You canalso set reminders to get the dailynotification at a time you want.• Islamic Quote Maker - allows youto make beautiful image withQuran Verse, Hadith or Quote on them,customise it to you're likingand share it with the world •Universal App - Works with phones andtablets! Download Now - it'sFREE! NOTE: The Islamic Calendar, likeany other calendar is basedon calculation, gives ONLY estimateddates and has an handy hijricorrection settings which you canapply. The calendar is not basedon actual sighting of the moon,which is required for the beginningof the month of Ramadan and Eid.Therefore, for the beginning ofthese months you should contact yourlocal masjid, organisation orscholar and do the correction in theApp using the HIJRI CORRECTIONsetting. May Allah accept our gooddeeds and Ramadan Mubarak!
Dhikr & Dua - Quran & Sunnah : Ramadan 2019 3.0
arshan apps
A MUST have app for RAMADAN 2019 ♥ ♥ ♥ Dhikr & Dua isacollection of 262 authentic dhikr and duas found in the holyQuranand Sunnah. The app has a simple, clean and elegant designwithmany useful features such as audio recitation,favourites,categories, dua of the day notifications, search andshare duas.Features •More than 260 authentic duas from Quran &Sunnah•Authentic resources include Noble Quran, Hadhees books likeSahihBukhari, Muslim, Thirmithi and Hisnul Muslim book by SheikhSa'idIbn Wahf Al-Qahtaani and Duas from Quran •38 categories ofduas forall occasions •Elegant design and user interface AudiosBeautifulhigh quality dua audio recitations for all 262 duas withproperTajweed and Qiraath. Favourites Save any dua into favoritessectionand access it in a single swipe. Dua of the daynotifications Learna new dua everyday with daily notifications ofdua. TranslationsAll duas are available in Bahasa Melayu languageas well.Categories Duas grouped together based on occasions, eventsetc.There are 38 categories. Each category is illustratedwithbeautiful icon to get a premium look and user-friendlyapplication.Search Search for any dua at anywhere in theapplication and itprovides you with the best possible results foryour search term.You can also use voice actions to search for anysupplications.Font customizations The application has a great clearand easy toread arabic text and you can also set your own preferredtext sizefor the arabic, meaning, transliteration, heading andreferencetexts under settings. You can choose your favourite arabicfont inthe settings also. Design The application has a premiumlook, aneasy and elegant design. The application uses gestures toeasilyswipe between supplications and navigate throughdifferentfeatures. Share The application has built-in sharefunction whichenables you to share dua to social medias, whatsapp,email,Bluetooth etc at anytime and anywhere. Share and recommendthisbeautiful application to your friends and relatives. MayAllahbless us in this world and hereafter. "Whoever calls peopletoright guidance will have a reward like that of those whofollowhim..." - Sahih Muslim, Hadith 2674 Like us onFacebook: Follow ustwitter: Google+: Categories AllDuasFavourite Duas All Time Mosque Ablution Prayer AfterPrayerThanking & Praising Allah Forgiveness Rizq ProtectionPeopleChildren Trust/Tawakkal Iman/Ihsan Quran Duas Allah'sMercy/RahmathSorrow/Misery Loss/Failure Morning & Evening HomeGarmentEating/Feast Sleeping Toilet Travel Rain/Storm AgainstShirk, Satan& Evil Health/Sick People Abuse/OppressionFinance/WealthKnowledge Decision Ramadan Hajj/Umrah DeceasedGuidance JudgementDay
Stories of Prophets in Islam 1.0
Jannaty Pro
Islamic stories mp3 ( Prophet stories & Tales of theProphetsalso called Stories of the Prophets (Ibn Kathir) ) inArabic: قصصالانبياء صوت وصورة Qisas al anbiya And Qisas Sahaba havebeendescribed extensively and narrated by the holy Quran; This ledusto create this application of Muslim prophets stories in islamtoknow the interests that Allah put in the Quran tostabilize,strengthen believers, instruct us and give us lifelessons like theinfamous soty of : yusuf & ayub & muhammadsaw &yunus.The stories are taken from ibn kathir's book and theaudiofrom tareq suwaidan and nabil al awadi.A complete applicationforthe whole family mp3 and written: Qisas al anbiyae forchildren“stories of the prophets for kids in english audio”, qasasulanbiya in english, kisas al anbiyae arabe audio or kisas alquran.100% constructive and educational.We have also added some :RamadanRingtones 2017 & Islamic Nahseeds 2017 along withthestories.Qisas al-anbiyae & sahaba or stories of prophets isacollection of the story of the prophet Mohammed and the life ofhisfirst 17 companions that peace and blessings of Allah be uponhimwho propagated after his death his complete message of " Islam;Aswell as the other prophets of god.It is indeed a guide ofhumanity,education, an ideal and perfect lesson of the life ofMohammed"sws", all the prophets and their stories, and the 17sahabas ofthe prophet muhammad.Any Muslim or non-Muslim personreading orlistening to these stories of prophets in islam throughthis bestApp of Qisas al Anbiya -sahabah (kisas al-anbiya) willtravel withthe noblest man Mohamed and his companions "Sahaba RasulAllah" andthe lives of the messengers of God.Qisas Al anbiyae audio- Qasasul Anbiya & sahaba and all the stories in their liveswereborne by the Qur'anic Verses and the Hadiths of theprophetMohammed.Derived from the Koran and the Sunnah Beautifulsounds,you will discover Islamic history in an objective way onhikayat esahaba & kisas al anbiya with our sheikh Nabil Alawadi and hisvoice, very high quality, from Adam Until Mohammed"SWS".Prophetsspent their lives serving Islam religion. Kisas alanbiyae arabe ishere to guide you for a better understanding of theQuran. .✅ Howit works?List of moving stories of kisas Al anbiya mp3and written& Sahaba stories (Hayat e Sahaba):🌛 1- Reading thestory of theProphet Muhammad, 17 caliphs and the messengers ofGod.🌛 2-Possibility to resize text, choosing from 3 small, Normalor largetext sizes.🌛 3- Night Mode: You can gradually reduce thedegree ofbrightness to protect your eyes and make reading easierforeveryone.🌛 4-Possibility to share kisas Al anbiyae Arabic2017& stories of Sahabas in islam or the entire applicationviaSMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, or other social networks.🌛5-Bookmarks & Favorites: save all the stories of theprophets,you love in your favorite list for easy access when youwant toespecially during Ramadan 2017.🌙 Features of Kissas Anbiaa&islamic stories of sahaba 🌙🌛 various muslim stories &KissasAnbiaa, advanced design, easy interface to use makes thisfree appstand out from other Apps of Quran stories.🌛 Timer to readMuslimstories (Story of the prophets & sahaba), unlimitedreading ofQasas ul ambia “Islam prophets”.✅ List of messengers “prophet’snames”: Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Lot, Isaac,Jacob,Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Job, Jonah, Solomon, David, Elijah,Ezekiel,Zechariah, John the Baptist, Jesus, Hud, Jethro and Salih.✅List ofcompanions of the Mohammed prophet " sahaba names":Abu bakrassiddiq, omar ibn khattab, ibnu abi talib, khadija bintkhuwaylid,talha ibn ubayd allah, zubayr ibn al-awwam, khalid ibnwalid, ibnawf, saad ibn abu waqas, ibn al- Jarrah, Mouadh ibnJabal, Omoulmouminin Aicha, Salman al-Farisy, Abu Hurayrah andBilal ibnRabah.Don’t hesitate to download stories of the prophetswithoutinternet. Good Ramadan 1439.
My Dua 2.0
Mian Asad Ali
Update: Added 6 Kalimas with Urdu Translation ♥ ♥ ♥ This is anappwhere you just select your emotions and current feelings(e.gANGRY,CONFIDENT,INSECURE etc. and it gives you an Ayat or Surah(inARABIC, URDU & ENGLISH) that correlates with it. Pass ittoeveryone you know. It's Awesome! Collection of DUA(Arabicof"prayer") from the Holy Quran. We collect and select thembyreviewing the Quran page by page, make sure there is nobeautifuldua left. These 262 dua is very good to be your dailyzikr.Features •Tells Ayat or Surat that correlates with yourfeelings•200+ authentic duas from Quran & Sunnah •Authenticresourcesinclude Noble Quran, Hadhees books like Sahih Bukhari,Muslim,Thirmithi and Hisnul Muslim book by Sheikh Sa'id IbnWahfAl-Qahtaani and Duas from Quran •30+ categories of duas forallmoments & occasions •6 Kalimas with URDU Translation.•Elegantdesign and user interface Translations All duas areavailable inBahasa Melayu and URDU language as well. Search Searchfor any duaat anywhere in the application and it provides you withthe bestpossible results for your search term. Share Theapplication hasbuilt-in share function which enables you to sharedua to socialmedias, whatsapp, email, Bluetooth etc at anytime andanywhere.Share and recommend this beautiful application to yourfriends andrelatives. May Allah bless us in this world andhereafter. "Whoevercalls people to right guidance will have areward like that ofthose who follow him..." - Sahih Muslim, Hadith2674
الباحث الحديثي 4.0
Mustafa J
بحث فوري في السنة الشريفة مع شرح الأحاديث (البينات مستمدة منالدررالسنية) Immediate search in the Sunnah with an explanationofconversations (evidence derived from the Sunni Durar)
Islamic Duas for Success 1.1
Authentic Islamic Duas (supplications and prayers) that areselectedfor a Muslim for those special circumstances in life,which a numberof people find challenging. These include toughsituations includingRizq (life provisions), health, wealth, relieffrom debt, and otherdistressful situations.These duas can beusually heard being recitedduring Taraweeh in Ramadan in Makkahand Madinah mosques and duringthe Hajj season also.Get thisIslamic app in your hands andimmediately start noticing thebenefit of the immense power ofselected DUAs that have beencompiled from Quran and variousauthentic sources of Hadith(Prophet Muhammad's sayings). This appcontains some of the Duasselected from the popular book "Duas forSuccess" that are selectedfor those special circumstances in life,which a number of peoplefind challenging. These include toughsituations including Rizq(life provisions), health, wealth, relieffrom debt, and otherdistressful situations.Includes authentic DUAsfrom the Quran andHadith. Specifically, the source of DUAs are theQuran verses,Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, IbnMaja, andmore.
FajrUp Muslim Prayer times, Azan, Quran and Qibla 5.2
An Islamic app allowing Muslims to connect and wake each otherforFajr prayer. The vision behind this app can be summarised intheSurah below. Surah Al-Hujarat (49:13) “...made you into nationsandtribes, that you may know one another...” Let’s Fajrup:FajrUpenables Muslims to wake their Brothers/ Sisters in Islam forthetheir Fajr prayer via a 15 second phone call. The Appalsoillustrates the prayers as well as notable days in theIslamiccalendar. A user can simply check the app, it might be 12:00localtime and you’re on a lunch break BUT it’s time format prayerinKorea, Japan, UK etc, all you do is click on the users on thelistand get rewarded for helping someone out. In the akhira, everydeedcounts and in the dunya you can make a friend. RecognizedbyMuslims around the world, the FajrUp platform connects theUmmahacross time, space and other media channels. Context andcontentare kings for the Fajrup team. FajrUp gathers content fromavariety of media sources in order to inform Muslims regardingwhatis written by them, for them, and about them. The platformfeatureswritten as well as video content focusing on the key issuesthataffect the global Ummah. We are a media platform with theobjectiveto of informing and empowering our global Muslim audiencesviaengaging content. As we live in a world were much is writtenaboutMuslims and for Muslims, our aim is to place the narrativeofMuslims and Islam firmly in the hands of Muslims. Our missionsisto strengthen confidence and knowledge in Muslims in order forthemto control their narratives. Features: Easy to use media page,youjust flip through. A digital Quran (With a daily verse)translatedinto over 40 languages. GPS masjid locator which can tellyou wherethe closest mosque is from anywhere in the world. Prayertimesbased on your current location (GPS) Innovative FajrUpCallsfeature you can use to encourage and help others meettheirprayers. Digital Qibla that can point you to Mecca no matterwhereyou’re standing Azan for the prayer times IMPORTANT NOTES Ifyoufeel the app is giving you wrong prayer times, it may be relatedtoyour device settings. Enabling auto-settings is the mosteffectivemethod to obtain accurate prayer times. Be one with theUmmah ofMuhammad SAW, gain reward, and encourage your Imaan,strengthenyour Islam, help enable, encourage, motivate and spreadthe beautyof prayer. The Messenger of Allah SAW said 'That whoeverobservesAl-Bardan (i.e, the Fajr & Asr Prayers) will enterJannah'. AlBukhari & Muslim. FajrUp is a social alarm/mediaplatform thatautomatically sets to your Fajr Salah time via GPS.You could bereceiving a call from anywhere in the world. Calls are15 secondslong, numbers will not be displayed/nor disclosed to anyuser, amodern way to be woken up for your prayer. Essentially, theappworks as a social alarm, a medium attempting to connect thewholeummah and in doing so encouraging the Ummah to wake each otherfortheir Fajr Salah. Here comes the 'sciency' part: You Select'FajrUP ME' and wait to receive a call from a FajrUppie, or select'FajrUP SOMEONE' and become that user calling someone who hasrequestedto be woken up. Should you not receive a call, the Azanwakes youautomatically, should you oversleep, then you will receivea missedcall reminder, provided someone tried to call you. The appisgender specific, brothers can only call brothers and sisterscanonly call sisters. We want to uphold and protect the modesty ofourusers. Fajrup enables you to speak directly with the Ummah,besidessaying 'Asalama Alaikum', maybe share an Ayah of the QuranAlKareem or a Hadith, or a greeting in your language, we are aglobalUmmah after all. It is very useful in reminding you toconverse toAllah, make tawbah/taubah, and can be handy duringspecial monthslike Ramadan. Alternative wake up function; If nobodywakes you upfor Fajr, you will be woken by the standard Azan.
Al-Quran (Free) 3.3.2
The Most Popular Quran Application that introduce allIslamicreligion text with high smart book and local search engine,overthan 10.000.000 users, When you open first time theapplicationcontain index of the Qur'an (Holy Islamic text), inaddition tosmart access that enables access to the settings,research, and “myfavorites”, When you tab at any Surah, theapplication will ask forthe first time about the style of readingyou prefer according toyour convenience, When you tab the redshaded words, word meaningin the Koran appear to understanding andreading the Quran at once.The full text of the Qur'an providesmemorization feature with twolevels The 1st for Ayahat (verses) and2nd for words with hearingthe Ayahat (verses) to know the correctpronunciation of the Koran.Sometimes we find it difficult to searchfor a specific word Koran,Al-Quran (free) provides a local searchin addition to instantaccess to the selected result. The full textof the Qur'an providesmemorization feature with two levels The 1stfor Ayahat (verses)and 2nd for words with hearing the verses toknow the correctpronunciation of the Koran A reader of any Qur'anapplication(religion Islamic text) from aged and children faces thesmall fontsize in the Koran and the applications that depends onimageswithout zoom options , Al-Quran (free) provides speedIncrease fontwith 14 different degree without breach the words orclose or crashthe application. Post Ayahat (verses) and surahs onFacebook,twitter and whatever social networks become easier inAl-Quran(free) by browsing the Surah then you can share theAyah.Aavailable for all devices that are running Android until thelastrelease without exception. The Quran is clear text and Othmanifontlike Madinah Mushaf. Synchronize voice, word by word withthefollowing Qari andImam------------------------------------------------- SheikhImam:Maher AL Maaiqli Sheikh Imam: Abd El Baset Abd El SamadSheikhQari: Fares abbad Sheikh Imam: Mashari Rashed Alfassy SheikhImam:Abdul Rahman Al Sudais Sheikh Imam : Saad Ghamidi Sheikh Qari:Mahmoud Khalil Hosary Sheikh Imam : Ahmed Bin Aly Ajamy
Surah Yaseen + Audio (Offline) 3.0
Surah e Yaseen App is 36th chapter in Islamic Book: The HolyQuranalong with offline audio. This Surah Yasin is recited byShaikhQari Mishary Alafasy in his beautiful voice.You canalso:-Setreminder (daily & weekly)-Read-Read &Listen-ListenAudio-Benefits-English TranslationThis Surat Ya Sin isa gift foreveryone who wants to read Sura e Yaseen like they do onregularpaper version of Holy Quran. It is easy on eyes and is withUrdutranslation.Hadith about the person who recites thisSurah:“Whoever recites Yaseen once, Allah will record the rewardofreciting the Quran ten times.” (Tirmidhi 2812/A)SurahYaseenShareef is a free download yet its benefits are priceless.Includedoffline MP3 audio makes it easy to listen.Better than thePDF formsof books (kitab) available elsewhere, it is native thuseasy oneyes and system RAM, CPU (Processor) and resources alike. Itisalso less than 10 MB in size so you do not have to worryaboutspace.You can read and listen to authentic Surah YaseenSharifAudio at same time with new feature of app which is alsoshown inYoutube video linked and is like a Youtube video which canhelp youimprove your recitation (tilawat) and pronunciation. Theseversesare included with Arabic text, English meaning and Urdumeaning(tarjuma) as well.Learn this Surah from Quran Shareef as isitreferred to as "Heart of Quran".Al-Muzzammil takes its namefromthe reference to the Islamic prophet Muhammad, in his cloakprayingat night, in the opening verses of the Sura. Manycommentatorsclaim that “The Enfolded One” is a name for Muhammad,usedthroughout the Qur'an.
Al-Moazin Lite (Prayer Times)
Al-Moazin prayer times application, is a must have companion forallMuslims. With Al-Moazin, you will not miss Salat again even ifyoutraveled to a totally new country. GPS integration feature willhelpyou get accurate prayer times wherever you are on earth!(Paidversion only) You don't need to ask anyone for Qibladirectionanymore. with digital compass integration feature,Al-Moazin willshow you the exact direction accurately. Applicationis equippedwith a Hijri Calendar to be able to display and checkdates inHijri or convert Hijri to Gregorian dates and vise versa.Follow Mefeature will initiate an automatic location update whenyou travelor change location. (Paid version only) Multiple setofnotifications related to Prayer times to plan whatever actionsyouneed related to Prayer times before or after. (Paid versiononly)Features list: * Islamic prayer times with differentcalculationmethods: - Umm al-Qura, Makkah - Egyptian General SurveyAuthority- University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi - IslamicSociety ofNorth America - Muslim World League - Iraqi SunniEndowment * Hijricalendar, and ability to correct it manuallyaccording to Hilalsighting. * Qiblah direction based on phone'scompass capabilities* Follow me, update prayer time automaticallywhile traveling usingwireless mobile capabilities. (Paid versiononly) * Fajr wakupnotification, additional to the defaultnotifications set beforeand after Prayers. (Paid version only) *Follow phone ringer modewhich make Azan notifications are played asaudio, visual orvibration. * Visual warning for the time leftbefore the nextPrayer comes in, using simple widget.
Muslim Baby Names and Meaning! 1.5
Van Solutions
Welcome to the FREE Islamic app for Muslim baby names andmeanings!This pro app has by far got the largest offline collectionofIslamic Muslim baby names and its growing!! According to aMuslimHadith in Islam, children must be named promptly on birth.HenceMuslims must choose a name that has a good meaning, that willbringblessings to the kids throughout their life. One shouldalwaysremember that the name given to a child is his/her first giftinlife. The name must be meaningful. Why Muslim names with meaning?The Prophet was very particular about it and have alwayschangednames that were derogatory. The name chosen would mostly bethenames of prophets, names combined with Asmaul Husna - 99 namesofAllah (Names of God), names from history or the traditionalArabicnames. This name dictionary app is a comprehensive nameselector.Find Islamic Muslim baby names of Urdu / Arabic origin, inEnglish,with meanings and translation for Islamic name for babyboys andgirls. - Completely Offline and FREE!! - Muslim namesprovided forboth boys and girls. - Meaning of names detailed inEnglish, forevery Muslim names. - Way for search via alphabeticlisting ofpopular baby names (Islamic). - Search box provided for afastsearch to quickly find Islamic names and meanings. - Quickaccessbuttons for previous, next and random names option are giveninthis name finder, along with fluidic swipe option. - List ofnamesby gender, distinguished by meaningful backgrounds; pinkbackgroundfor Muslim girl names & blue background for Muslimboy names. -Add to favorite option. - Largest collection of popularMuslim BabyGirl names & Muslim baby Boy names. We have triedour best toprovide accurate information within smallest possiblesize forandroid. Please verify accuracy of baby names and theirmeaningswith an Imam (guide) at your local Masjid. We arededicating thisto all Muslims and non-Muslims alike, in hope tospread theknowledge of Islam and Allahu Akbar. For any questions oranswers,please email us.
com.suhaibrajb.allhadithsahehkamel 4.0
Suhaib Rajb
تطبيق اندرويد سلسلة الاحاديث الصحيحة كاملة يحتوي على - 3000حديثصحيح صحيح تام- شرح كل حديث للالباني- تخريج كل حديث - مسند كلحديث -62 سلسلة كل سلسلة تحتوي على مجموعة كبيرة منالاحاديثAndroidapplication complete Silsilatit contains--3,000Modern fully truetrue- Explain all the talk of Albany- Graduationof everyconversation- Datum every conversation- 62 series Eachseries has awide range of chatter
Salaat first 2018 - Prayer Times 4.0
Salaat First calculates local prayer times accurately usingmultipleconventions.Application Features:• Notification for eachprayer withthe ability to choose the sound from multiple adhans.•Reminderbefore adhan with the ability to choose the duration foreachprayer.• Finding the location using GPS, or manually bysearching ina database with more than 40000 city, or usinginternet.• Multiplewidgets• Ahadith nabawia from Sahih Al Bukhari•Updating location inbackground to get accurate prayer timeswithout the need to changeconfiguration.• A Compass to show theQibla direction.• View monthlyprayer times.• Ability to adjustprayer times manually.There isseveral types of Adhkar: such asMorning and Evening, Well-knownislamic prayers, and muchmore!priere Marocpriere islamadan prayertime qiblaprayer timesqibla athanprayer time MarocpriereshorairesMapriereSalatukSalaatprayer nowhoraires des prieressalaatFirstmarocAdan Priere Gratuitadhan call to prayer freenamaz time-adanmaroc- salaat first- adhan salat maroc downlod- azan prayertimesmaroc gratuit- salaat first maroc adan gratuit- telechargersalatukhoraire de priere maroc صلاتك- al moadin moazin- adhan salatmarocrabat mohammedia sans internet- muslim prayer times azan-athanislamic prayer timesprayerprayer timesAw9at SalatAwkatsalatAdanMarocAdhan Marocdaily prayerprayer nowصلاتك salatukprayertimesalat prayer timesprayer time usaaw9atsalatsalatuksalatukصلاتكsalatadan salat timesalat timesalat time2018ta3limsalatathanathan prayer time 2018maroc athanazkarتنبيهاتأوقاتالصلاة صلاة الأذان أذان الأدان أدان الاذان اذان الادان ادانأحاديثنبوية بوصلة القبلة مواقيت إمكانية تعديل أوقات الصلاواتصلاواتعربية، انجليزية وفرنسية Adhan Adan Azhan priere salaat salatprayerQibla Notification adhans Ahadith nabawia widgets Compasspriéreshoraires salaat salaty صلاتي maroc الصلاة اولا الادان المغربالادانالجزائر الادان تونس salat Maroc salat Algérie salat TunisieadanMaroc adan Tunisie adan Algérie salaat first salat firstsalaatmaroc salat maroc
Hadith Collection 1.7.2
Quarter Pi
Hadith Collection for Android is an ultimate collection of HadithofProphet Muhammad (محمد (صلى الله عليه و سلم (Peace Be Upon Him).Theapp contains Arabic mattan and translations in differentlanguagesof most accepted and authentic Hadith books includingSahih Bukhari,Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud and Malik'sMuwatta.Features• SahihBukhari صحيح البخاري• Sahih Muslim صحيحمسلم• Sunan Abu Dawud سننأبي داود• Malik's Muwatta موطأ مالك•Sunan an-Nasa'i سنن النسائي •Jami` at-Tirmidhi جامع الترمذي •Sunan Ibn Majah سنن ابن ماجه •Riyad as-Salihin رياض الصالحين •Al-Adab Al-Mufrad الأدب المفرد •Shama'il Muhammadiyah الشمائلالمحمدية • Bulugh al-Maram بلوغ المرام• 40 Hadith Nawawi• 40Hadith Qudsi• Arabic Mattan added for all thebooks• Complete Urduand English Translation for Sahih Al-Bukhari•Partial Urdu, EnglishTranslations for remaining books• Hadith grade(Sahih, Dhaif etct)•Adjustable font size for both Arabic andtranslation.• Powerfulsearch engine (In Pro)• Unlimited Bookmarks(In Pro)• Hadith of theday based on your interest. (In Pro)•Support for both phone andtablet.• Portrait and Landscape support•Share Hadith• Easy to use
Hisnul Al Muslim - Hisn Invocations & Adhkaar 1.7.26
Fortress of the Muslim, Invocations from the Quran and Sunnah: isavery beautiful booklet consists of many authenticDua's(supplications) for a Muslim to supplicate on a daily basisand onspecial occasions. Great features : - Available in Arabic,English,French and also you have a transliteration when you scrolldown -Listen to the audio of every Hadith in offline mode - A veryfreshuser interface inspired by the latest system - Option to sharethehadith with your family and friends - A search of Hadith easytouse thanks to the autocomplete text field. - Create yourownfavorite list just by making a long press on a Hadith
Sahih Bukhari in Urdu 1.5
Quran Reading
Sahih Bukhari Urdu is a Smartphone Application that comprisestheentire collection of sayings and deeds (hadith) of ProphetMuhammad(PBUH) compiled back by Imam Bukhari. This Application isin Urdufor the native user for their best facilitation andbetterunderstandings. Main Screen consists of List of Books,Introductionalong other embedded features. List of Books containall6483-compiled Hadiths in 97 separate chapters.Introductioncontains brief description to the compiled Sunnah ofProphetMuhammad (PBUH) and the work of Imam Bukhari. Otherfeaturesinclude: • Translation of Hadiths in available Urdu andEnglishlanguages. • Change of theme for clear visibility. • Changeof Fontsize and Font style for user assistance. • Hadith of thedaynotification in order to get daily alerts from the App andstayconnected to the teachings of beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).•Bookmarking for favorite and later-to-read Hadith. • Go Tooptionfor quick access and launch to the required Hadiths ofMuhammad(SAW). • Share and save settings. Following ProphetMuhammad (PBUH)is a direct following of Allah Almighty; hencedownload thisApplication, as nothing is better than adopting andacting on theSunnah of Muhammad (PBUH).
Sahih Bukhari - Urdu 2
First ever app of Sahih Bukhari in Urdu with Best NooriNastaleeqFont.Sahih Bukhari is the most authentic book of Hadiths(Hadees).Hadiths are presented in the book that were neverpresentedbefore.Following are the core features of Sahih Bukhari -UrduIslamic app:- Best font in all available hadees apps- Easyaccessto any Hadith- Can change the font according to user needs-Firsttime search facility for hadees- Bookmark favorite hadith-Addnotes to daily hadiths- Share hadith withing seconds- SeekAjar(reward) from Allah (swt)- Browser hadees collectionSahihBukhariis one of the Kutub al-Sittah (six major hadith collections)ofIslam... Check Sahih Bukhari Urdu yourself and give feedbackforimprovement.Source Data obtained from,
Sahih Muslim (Urdu+Arabic+Eng) 1.0.2
This app contains all the hadiths from the Sahih Muslimbook.SahihMuslim is collection of sayings reported from the belovedProphetMuhammad (SAW). The App contains many Ahadith to increaseyourknowledge about Islam and to live a better life following thepathof prophet Mohammed (SAW). App contains the collection ofAhadithbased on different type of topics of life.Each topic containmanyAhadith narrated by Sahaba (R.A).Features:- Full andAuthenticBook.- Completely free.- Ability to add chapters tofavorites.-Language selection option.- Share option, e.g: Facebook,Gmail,Twitter etc.About the book:Sahih Muslim (Arabic: صحيح مسلم,ṣaḥīḥMuslim, full title Al-Musnadu Al-Sahihu bi Naklil Adli) is oneofthe Kutub al-Sittah (six major ahadith) of the hadith inSunniIslam. It is the second most authentic hadith collectionafterSahih al-Bukhari, and is highly acclaimed by Sunni Muslims. Itwascollected by Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, also known as Imam Muslim.
Sahih Muslim Hadith Collection 1.9
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Sahih Muslim helps Muslims throughout the world in gettingwisdomabout hundreds and thousands of Authentic Sayings of theHolyProphet PBUH collected by Imam Muslim. It also informs aboutaparticular Hadith on every day through DailyNotifications.Features Some of the unique attributes of this mobilephone appare: • Simply comprehensible functionality yet pleasantgraphics. •A wide range of Books on Ahadith recorded by ImamMuslim. •Ahadiths on nearly every aspect of life matters arecovered in itsuch as Faith, Purification, Prayers, Zakat, Fastingand manyothers. • Automatic Daily Announcement about Messenger`sPBUHNarration through Hadith of the Day. • Search Bar at the topRightof the mobile screen can be accessed to look for a particulartopicof interest via two kinds of sources, i.e. By Hadith andByReference. • Introduction section informs user about ImamMuslim,genuineness of the collection and that it consists of almost7500Hadith in 57 Books. • Favorites comprises of those Sayingswhichone has already bookmarked. • Instructions on how to usetheoverall facets of app effectively are also included. •Disclaimeris provided to let the user know about reason behindproducing thismobile tool, the degree of efforts been put into itand invitingany corrections in future. • Font Size can be modifiedfrom smallto large in relation to one`s own taste. • 3 distinctFont Colorsare available to choose from. • 3 agreeable BackgroundColors arealso accessible. • Reset and Save Buttons can be utilizedto amendor maintain any previously made changes in Settings. •Share optionis also on hand which lets user communicate othersabout thisgreatly valuable app via diverse sharing platforms.Download thisfree and easy to utilize collection of Sahih Hadith togain insightabout many of the valid Ahadith compiled by ImamMuslim.
Aik Hazaar Ahadees In Urdu 8.1
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This application is a humble effort to spread the knowledgeofIslam. If you can understand Urdu Language and you are amuslimthen you must have this application.This application containsonethousand Ahadees in Urdu language by Majmua Afadaat HazratMaulanaAshraf Ali Thanvi Hazrat Maulana Mufti Jameel Ahmad ThanviZazratMaulana Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab All Ahadees have titlesanddetails. Features: 1. Can zoom in and out the image 2. Can Email3.Can Crop the Selected Hadith and Share it on any socialmessagingapp 4. Can Download the Hadith Please remember in yourprayers andsend your feedback for improving this.
The Hadith Qudsi, or sacred hadith, have a particularlyimportantstatus because their meaning is entirely from Allah whilethewording is that of the Prophet Muhammad himself. Thisapplicationis presenting 40 hadiths qudsi with the translation andtheoriginal hadith into Arabic. There is also the possibilitytolisten to each hadith into arabic version. If you haveanyquestion, feel free to email me.
Sahih Bukhari (English) 2.3.0
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Sahih Al Bukhari:We have made this application from the bookofSahih Al Bukhari. The user can choose the volume, the book ofthatvolume and then the individual hadith of that book. The usercanalso change the volume by swapping from left to right or righttoleft. The user can make a list of favorite hadith as well astheuser will be able to keep a bookmark in each book whichwillfacilitate the user to resume his/her reading. He/she will alsobeable to share the hadith via facebook, email, twitter andothersharing social networks. There is also a facility to changethefont color and the font style.Sahih Bukhari is a collectionofsayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), also known astheSunnah. The reports of the Prophet's (saw) sayings and deedsarecalled ahadeeth. Imam Bukhari lived a couple of centuries aftertheProphet's (saw) death and worked extremely hard to collecthisahadeeth.Bukhari (full name Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin IsmailbinIbrahim bin al-Mughira al-Ja'fai) was born in 194 A.H. and diedin256 A.H. His collection of hadeeth is considered second tonone.His criteria for acceptance into the collection were amongstthemost stringent of all the scholars of ahadeeth.Sahih Bukhariisdivided into nine volumes, each of which has several books.Eachbook contains many ahadeeth. The ahadeeth arenumberedconsecutively per volume. The books really only serve togroupahadeeth together, but the volumes impose the numbering.Volume11.Revelation2. Belief3. Knowledge4. Ablution (Wudu')5.Bathing(Ghusl)6. Menstrual Periods7. Ablution with dust8. Prayer(Salat)9.Prayer Hall (Sutra)10. Times of the Prayer11. Call toPrayer12.Characteristics of PrayerVolume 213. Friday Prayer14.FearPrayer15. The Two Festivals (Eids)16. Witr Prayer17. Dua' forRain(Istisqaa)18. Eclipses19. Prostration20. ShorteningPrayers21.Night Prayer (Tahajjud)22. Actions while Praying23.Funerals(Al-Janaa'iz)24. Tax (Zakat)25. Tax (Zakat ul Fitr)26.Pilgrimmage(Hajj)Volume 327. Minor Pilgrimmage28. PilgrimsPrevented29.Prilgrims Hunting Penalty30. Virtues of Madinah31.Fasting32.Ramadan Prayer33. Stay in Mosque (I'tikaf)34. Sales andTrade35.Paid in Advance36. Hiring37. Debt Transfer38. Business byProxy39.Agriculture40. Distributing Water41. Loans, Bankruptcy42.Lost& Found43. Oppressions44. Partnership45. Mortgaging46.FreeingSlaves47. Gifts48. Witnesses49. Peacemaking50.ConditionsVolume451. Wills52. Jihaad53. One-fifth of Booty54.Begining ofCreation55. Prophets56. Merits of SunnahVolume 557.TheCompanions58. Merits of Al-Ansaar59. ExpeditionsVolume660.Prophetic Commentary61. Virtues of the Qur'anVolume762.Marriage63. Divorce64. Supporting Family65. Food,Meals66.Sacrifice on Birth67. Hunting, Slaughter68. Al-AdhaSacrifice69.Drinks70. Patients71. Medicine72. DressVolume 873. GoodManners74.Asking Permission75. Invocations76. Softening theHeart77. DivineWill (Qadar)78. Oaths and Vows79. UnfulfilledOaths80. InheritanceLaws81. Punishment Laws82. Disbelievers(war)Volume 983. BloodMoney84. Dealing with Apostates85. UnderDuress86. Tricks87.Interpretations of Dreams88. End of the World89.Judgments90.Wishes91. Truthfull Word92. Holding Steadfast93.Oneness ofAllahThe only difference between the free and pro versionis that,the free version will show the ad on top of the screen. Werequestyou to buy the pro version and inspire us to create more andmoreislamic apps.bukhari sharif, sahih-al bukhari.
com.HMSolutions.thikrallah 5.3
H&M Solutions
The purpose of this app is to remind you to remember Allahbyautomatically reminding you throughout the day to say athkarlikesubhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, Allah Akbar, and LA Illah IllaAllah.The app also reminds you of morning and evening thikr as wellas toread surat alkahf on Fridays and Surat Almulk on nights. Italsocan sound the Athan When it is prayer time. ِApp containsentireQuran, and athkar collection of Hisnul Muslim (Thankstokhalid-hussain for sharing his app in github and QuranAndroidproject for sharing Quran app in github as well). Pleasedon'tleave us out of your Dua'a as well as contributors tofollowinggithub projects that we used in ourproject: you would like tohelp this project with translations, pleasehelp us here: If you wouldlike to help usmake this app better, please contribute to our opensource projecthere:
Hisnii: Dua & daily Reminders 1.5
Fahed Mahidi
More than 400 supplications (dua), all authenticated by thehadithspecialist, shaykh Muhammed Nâsir ad-din al-Albani (may allahhavemercy upon him). Hisnii (My Fortress) in English is "Fortressofthe Muslim" (Hisnul Muslim) but more complete and withtheadditional benefit of a completely revised authentication.Indeed,in Islam, checking sources is paramount. Hisnii is anislamic appthat relies on the most famous books of invocations inorder tooffer the community a complete work that meets its needs intermsof supplications and reminders, and this on a daily basis. Inorderto achieve this, the work for "Hisnii" has mainly focused onthefollowing books: - The Quran for the supplications takenfromAllah's Book - Sahîh al-'Adhkar by Muhammad Ibn Hasanash-ShaykhThis book of invocations that is little known among theAnglophonesis a standard in Islam. It distinguishes itself from theveryfamous book called Hisnul Muslim (The Fortress of the Muslim)bytwo major characteristics, namely that it uses onlyauthentichadiths based on the work of authentication of thegreatcontemporary hadith specialist (muhaddith) Shaykh MuhammadNâsirad-Dîn al-Albani (may Allah have mercy upon him) and that theorderof its chapters is remarkable in its ease of use andquiteintuitive due to the chronological order of the supplicationsofthe Muslim's day (invocations before going to sleep, whilewakingup at night, when getting up in the morning, whenperformingablution, when leaving the house, ...). - Hisnul Muslimby Sa'idal-Qahtani (Fortress of the Muslim), which is well-knownamong theAnglophones. - Tuhfat al-Akhiyâr min Sahîh al-Ad'iyatiwa-l-Adhkârwith the annotations of the scholars al-Albani, Ibn Bazand IbnUthaymeen. And many others ... *** PRINCIPAL FEATURES *** •Morethan 440 supplications • 56 Rabbana (dua) from the Holy Quran•Invocations organized in 24 categories (supplications forsleep,morning supplications, evening supplications, for fasting,for thepilgrimage, for marriage, for the prayer, ...) • Reminder oftheday (Get daily, short beneficial reminders (hadith, verse...)•Sharing supplications and reminders of the days in images. •Newquality audio for each dua; specially designed fornon-Arabicspeakers. • Repetition mode for learning thesupplications. •Beautiful invocations from the Holy Quran recitedby Sa'd ElGhâmidî. • Priceless treasures. (All the virtues ofinvocationsgrouped in the same spot). • Themes. • Reminders. •Search engine.• Phonetic transliteration • Favorites option. •Night mode. • Fontsize settings. • Available in English, French andArabic. Hoping,through this humble contribution, to add ourbuilding block to thesublime structure that is Islam and toparticipate in spreading it,we ask Allah to make this workbeneficial for the Muslims and thatour deeds be sincere for Him,because therein lies true success.
Hadith en Français 4.16
Hadith Sahih Muslim en Français Un hadith ou hadîth estunecommunication orale du prophète de l'islam Mahomet et parextensionun recueil qui comprend l'ensemble des traditionsrelatives auxactes et aux paroles de Mahomet et de ses compagnons,considéréscomme des principes de gouvernance personnelle etcollective pourles musulmans, que l'on désigne généralement sous lenom de «tradition du Prophète ». Le Sahih Muslim est l'un des sixplusgrands recueils de hadith de l'islam sunnite. Il est considérédansle milieu sunnite comme la deuxième collection de hadith leplusauthentique (Sahih) après le Sahih al-Bukhari. Hadith SahihMuslimin French A hadith or hadith is an oral Muhammad Prophet ofIslamand by extension a collection which includes all of thetraditionsrelating to the words and deeds of Muhammad and hiscompanions,regarded as principles of personal and collectivegovernanceMuslims, which is generally referred to as the "traditionof theProphet." Sahih Muslim is one of the six major hadithcollectionsof Sunni Islam. It is considered in the Sunni middle asthe secondmost authentic hadith collection (Sahih) after Sahihal-Bukhari.
Shahi Al Bukhari (Urdu) 1.4
Sahih al Bukhari is collection of sayings reported from thebelovedProphet Muhammad (SAW). The App contains many Ahadith toincreaseyour knowledge about Islam and to live a better lifefollowing thepath of prophet Mohammed (SAW).Sahih al Bukhari app isbook one ofSahiBukhari. App contains the collection of Ahadithbased ondifferent type of topics of life.Each topic contain manyAhadithnarrated by Sahaba (R.A).The app is furnished with theswipefunctionality so that user can move easily from one hadithtoanother.The app is made using simple native graphics thats whytheapp is rich by performance.
Sahih Bukhari & Muslim (Tamil) 4.3
Tamil translation of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim Hadith withfullsearch functionality.
com.reda.daremy 3.1
Al-Reda Apps
Disclaimer: This app is only available in Arabic language.Thisappcontains all the hadiths from the "Sunan al-Darimi"book.Features:-Completely free with no ads.- Search function.-Ability to addchapters/hadiths to favorites.- Add notes tochapters.- Doesn'tneed any special permissions to run.- Ability tochange font sizeand type- Material Design- Hadith text is colorcodedAbout thebook:Sunan al-Darimi (Arabic: سنن الدارمي‎) or Musnadal-Darimi by`Abd Allah ibn `Abd al-Rahman al-Darimi (181H–255H) isa hadithcollection considered by Sunnis to be among the prominentninecollections: the Al-Kutub al-Sittah, Al-Muwatta and the MusnadofImam Ahmad.If you have any problems with the latest version,youcan always manually install an older versionfromhere: