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com.defianttech.diskdigger 1.0-2019-07-09
DiskDigger can undelete and recover lost photos and images fromyourmemory card or internal memory. No rooting necessary!* Whetheryouaccidentally deleted a photo, or even reformatted your memorycard,DiskDigger's powerful data recovery features can find yourlostpictures and let you restore them. You can upload yourrecoveredfiles directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them viaemail. Theapp also allows you to save the files to a differentlocal folder onyour device. * If your device is not rooted, theapp will perform a"limited" scan for your deleted photos bysearching your cache andthumbnails. * If your device is rooted,the app will search all ofyour device's memory for any trace ofphotos, as well as videos! *After the scan is complete, tap the"Clean up" button to permanentlydelete any items that you nolonger need (currently an experimentalfeature, available only inthe Basic Scan). * You can also use the"Wipe free space" option toerase the remaining free space on yourdevice, so that any deletedfiles can no longer be recoverable. Forcomplete instructions,please see Ifyou need to recovermore types of files besides photos and videos,try DiskDigger Pro!
Restore Image (Super Easy) 8.10
Image restoration!I want to return the erased images again!Ihaveerased the image in mistake!Why don't you try to use thisapp?Youmay be able to restore the erased photo and picture!*Billingin-appis only the function to delete ads!*You can use all thefunctionsin free!*There is no limit of the function at all eventhough youuse in free!A special featureSuper easy image datarecovery!Neednot the knowledge!Need not the PC!Need notrooting!Need not Backupdata!You can restore found imagecertainly!You can also restorebefore installation image!You canrestore the image from the Deviceor from the SD card!Corresponds tojpg and png!Free tool!How touse1. Select folder2. Select theimages3. Tap the start button torestoreThat's all!Q & AQ. Theimage is small and rough.Therough image is what was saved as asmall image for thumbnail byother app, and this app extract andrestore.You can change thesetting not to display smallimages.Please use the “Enlarge &Correct Image” app when youwant the small image to enlarge andcorrect.Q. What is thedifference of the “image that can berestored” and the “image thatcan't be found”?The image that hadbeen saved for a long time isprobably restored.The image that wasdeleted as soon as saved islikely notImage restoration!f youdeleted the cache or have acleaner app which delete the cache, thedata which restore inoriginal will be deleted. So there is fewimages which can berestored.Plagiarism are strictly prohibited!
DigDeep Image Recovery
A powerful Recovery tool that Search your internal storage andSDcard for deleted images and recover them again easily. Sometimesithappens when you delete accidently a photo from your phone,andstart looking for a good tool that can restore it for you canbringyou a headache. To solve this problem all what you have to doisthe download this app and let it Scan all your phone’s internalandexternal memory. HOW TO USE : It is easy, just launch the app.Aloading screen will show up. Just be patient and wait untilitscans all folders and files for erased photos. It may take awhiledepending on how large your memory is. After searching iscomplet ,it will show a new screen with folders, each foldercontainspictures from a specific location. check them one by onelookingfor you photos, each folder contains a list of images insideit.Check images you want to restore and when you finish doing thathitrestore button to recover them. Now a dialog will show uptellingyou in wich folder to find recovered images. You can eitherbrowsethis folder or browse the gallery where you can find them aswell.FEATURES : 1 - Scan both internal and external memory ( SDCard ).2 - Nice UI Design and Easy to use. 3 – Fast, Reliable,Bestquality. 4 – No need to root the phone. 5 - Restore allimagestypes: jpg,jpeg,png. N.B : This app may show some pictureseven ifthey are not deleted yet. That because there is alreadyanoccurrence of this files in hidden folders scanned by thisapp.Just keep looking and you will find photos you are lookingfor.This is not a recycle bin, it a standalone app that canrecoverpictures even ones that have been deleted before the appwasinstalled.
Restore Deleted Photos 1.9
We did an unique and exclusive Smart Recover Android appscompletesthose impossible data recovery tasks that other appscannot evenclaims -- this data recovery app quickly locates andrestoresdeleted files that other recovery apps could never find andyoudon't need to root your mobile. Free Scan and PreviewRecoverablePhotos BeforehandDoes Recover deleted picture app reallywork? -Yes 100% its free you must try it.Why not download andinstall theapp on your mobile? - There is no reason not to downloadthisappRecover deleted photos app provides you free scan function,youcan preview the recoverable photos, pictures and imageswithoutpurchasing.It works amazing only Samsung s6, s7 note 5etc.Easy,Safe and Fast Recovery Process.Distinguished with otherphotorecovery Application, this tool offers users a much moresimple andeasier interface. With several clicks, you can performthe wholerecovery on your own. The whole recovery process is 100%safe.Don’t hesitate! Choose the fastest way to recover photos fromyourmobile and SD card.SimpleNow recover your Lost or DeletedPhotos,pictures and images but not Videos at this time but we areworkingto get videos also,with just a few clicks – Scan, Preview&RecoverFastIts powerful scanning techniques effectively scansyourdeleted photos in no timeSecureRecovers your Lost or DeletedPhotossecurely with original format intact.EasyIts as Easy asenjoyingmusic, just few click and you will get your data backUsingRecoverDeleted photos is safe and risk-free. The softwareperformsREAD-ONLY operations on your Mobile and memory card. Itdoesn'tmove, delete, or modify the data on the card to avoidcausingfurther damage or overwriting. It recovers the photos andmayrecover some movie clips and Apk fies from the source memorycardand saves them to your gallery.App Features:· Recoverdeletedphotos from mobile & memory cards· Recover lost photosfrommobile & memory cards· Recover images from formattedmemorycards· Recover images, video files from mobile phones·Recoverdeleted pictures without rooting your mobile phone. Bestdatarecovery app for 2017
Dumpster: Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files 2.26.329.f40e3
With over 20 million downloads, Dumpster is the #1 recycling binforAndroid! It’s the quick, easy way to recover and restore yourvideoand picture files. Accidentally deleted an important photo orvideo?No problem – you can undelete your media files, apps andother filesin seconds. With flexible cloud storage and addedsecurity features,your files are always safe withDumpster!-------------------------------- Dumpster –Highlights-------------------------------- ✔ Effortlessly backupyour Androidapps, media files & more ✔ Instantly retrieveimportant files,photos, images and videos ✔ Restore accidentallydeleted pictures ✔It’s free! ✔ Auto clean option available ✔Support for 14 languages✔ No internet connection required ✔ No needto root your device ✔Cloud storage* ✔ Lock screen capabilities* ✔Custom themes &designs* *Features included with a premiumaccount Backup &recover your files Dumpster works exactly likea recycle bin foryour phone! Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’llautomaticallybackup your newly deleted data, allowing you toeffortlesslyundelete files, pictures and videos - and restore themto yourphone! Think of Dumpster as a keepsafe for your personalimages,videos & files! Safeguard your photos & videosSafeguardyour personal photos, videos and files with the help ofDumpster’sapp lock functionality. Available with a premium account,you’ll beable to keep your media files safe from outside viewersand protectyour Dumpster data with a 4 digit secure access code.Instantlyrestore deleted apps App recovery is simple andinstantaneous withDumpster! Just enter your Dumpster recycle bin,click on the appyou wish to undelete and voila - it will instantlyreappear on yourdevice. Dumpster provides backup for all deletedapplications,pictures, videos, documents and more. No matter whatyou need toundelete, Dumpster can instantly restore it to yourdevice.Flexible, secure cloud storage Free up valuable storagespace onyour device. Dumpster cloud backup is a premium feature,enablingusers to save all their deleted items to the Dumpstercloud. Payfor as little or as much cloud storage as you require.Dumpsterpremium users will also enjoy the added bonus of an adsfreeexperience, free personalized themes and app lockcapabilities.Find out more! Check out Dumpster’s FAQsection: Or contact Download Dumpster for free today –thesmart way to protect, backup & restore your images,videos,documents & more!
Recover Deleted Photos 2018 1.8
Dani's lab
Free Scan and Preview Recoverable Photos of 2018This is theonlyworking app on playstore we have done a unique and exclusiveSmartRecover Android apps to do those impossible data recoverytasksthat other apps cannot even claims or imagine -- this datarecoveryapp quickly grab and restores deleted files plus point isthis youdon't need to root your android phoneDoes Recover deletedpictureapp really work? - Yes 100% its free you must try it.Whynotdownload and install the app on your mobile? - There is noreasonnot to download this appRecover deleted photos app providesyoufree scan function, you can preview the recoverablephotos,pictures and images without paying anything.It works amazingonlySamsung s6, s7 s8 note 5, note 8 etc.Easy, Safe and FastRecoveryProcess.Distinguished with other data recovery Application,thistool offers users a much more simple and easier andsaferinterface. With some clicks, you can perform the wholerecoveryprocess in seconds. The whole recovery process is 100%safe. Don’thesitate! Choose the fastest way to recover photos fromyour mobileand SD card.EasyIts as Easy as playing game, just fewclick and youwill get your photos backSimpleNow recover your Lostor AccidentlyDeleted Photos, pictures and images but not Videos atthis time butwe are working to get videos also,with just a fewclicks – Scan,Preview & RestoreFastIts powerful scanningeffectively scansyour deleted photos and undeleted them in notimeSecureRecoversyour Lost or Deleted Photos securely withoriginal formatintact.Using Recover Deleted images is safe andrisk-free. The appperforms READ-ONLY operations on your Mobile andmemory card. Itdoesn't move, delete, or modify the data on the cardto avoidcausing further damage or overwriting. It recovers thephotos andmay recover some movie clips,Music files and Apk filesfrom thememory card or phone storage and saves them to yourgallery.AppFeatures:· Recover deleted photos from mobile &memory cards·Recover accidentally lost photos from mobile &memory cards·Recover images from formatted memory cards· Recoverimages, videofiles from mobile phones· Recover deleted pictureswithout rootingyour mobile phone. Best data recovery app for2017-1018
Deleted Photo Recovery (Easy Restore) 1.6
Best solution for Deleted Photo RecoveryDoes Recover deletedpictureapp really work? - Yes 100% its free you must tryit.Why notdownload and install the app on your mobile? -There is noreason not to download this appDeleted Photo Recoveryapp gives youfree scan function, you can see your recoverablephotos, picturesand images without purchasing or buy anything .Itworks superb onSamsung, s6, s7 ,s8 note 5,6,7 etc.We came withextraordinary andexclusive Smart Recover Android apps completesthose impossible datarecovery tasks that other apps cannot eventhink of it -- this datarecovery app quickly locates and restoresdeleted files that otherrecovery apps could never find and youdon't need to root yourmobile. it works even better if your mobileis alreadyrooted Easy, Safe and Quick Recovery Process.Apartfrom otherphoto recovery Application, this software provide usersa much moreeasy and simpler interface. With few clicks, you canperform thewhole recovery process on your own. The restore processis 100%safe. Don’t hesitate! Choose the fastest way to recoverphotos fromyour mobile and SD card.SimpleNow recover your Lost orDeletedPhotos, pictures and images but not Videos at this time butwe areworking to get videos also,with just a few clicks – Scan,Preview& RecoverFastIts powerful scanning coding effectivelyscans andpreview your deleted or lost photos in notimeSecureRecovers yourLost or Deleted Photos securely withoriginal format intact.EasyItsas Easy as enjoying music or eatingbanana , just few click and youwill get your data backUsingDeleted Picture Recovery is safe andrisk-free. The app performsREAD-ONLY operations on your Mobile andmemory card. It doesn'tmove, delete, or modify the data on the cardto avoid causingfurther damage or overwriting. It recovers theimages and mayrecover some movie clips and Apk fies from the sourcememory cardand saves them to your gallery.App Features:· Recoverdeletedphotos from mobile & memory cards· Recover lost oraccidentallydeleted photos from mobile & memory cards· Recoverimages fromformatted memory cards· Undelete images, video filesfrom mobilephones· Restore deleted pictures without rooting yourmobile phone.Best data recovery app for 2017-2018
com.photorecoveryshop.v2015 4.2
1. Scan deleted and lost pictures and video in android devices.2.Select and restore erased image and movie. The World'sleadingimage reconstruction technology, have achieved a photorecoveryrate of over 92%. More photos, Higher quality, Morememories.Features: * No rooting necessary, high quality to undeletefile. *Free download, scan and preview. * Find and save photofrominternal storage, external memory and memory card of phone. *Fileformat: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPG, TIF, 3GP, MP4. *Supportsdevices: Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google, Motorola, ZTE, LG,Lenovo,Huawei, Vivo, OPPO, Nubia, Mi, Meizu, Coolpad, Gionee.
Restore Deleted Photos (Safe Recovery) 1.1
App Features:· Recover deleted photos from mobile phone &memorycards· Restore lost photos from mobile & memory cards·Recoverimages from formatted memory cards· Undelete images, videofilesfrom mobile phones· Recover deleted pictures without rootingyourmobile phone. Best data recovery app for 2018Does Recoverdeletedpicture app really work? - Yes 100% its free you must tryit.Why notdownload and install the app on your mobile? - There isno reasonnot to download this appFree Scan and PreviewRecoverableimagesRestore Deleted Photos is an exclusive SmartRecover Androidapp which completes those Amazing data recoverytasks that otherapps cannot even claims -- this data recovery appquickly find andrestores deleted files that other recovery appscould never find,plus you don't need to root your mobile. Recoverdeleted photos appprovides you free scan function, you can previewthe recoverablephotos, pictures and images without purchasing.Itworks amazingonly Samsung s6, s7 note 5 , note 8 etc.Easy, Safe andFastRecovery Process.Distinguished with other photorecoveryApplication, this tool offers users a much more simple andeasierinterface. With several clicks, you can perform the wholerecoveryon your own. The whole recovery process is 100% safe.Don’thesitate! Choose the fastest way to recover photos from yourmobileand SD card.SimpleNow recover your Lost or Deleted Photos,picturesand images but not Videos at this time but we are workingto getvideos also,with just a few clicks – Scan, Preview&RecoverFastIts powerful scanning techniques effectively scansyourdeleted photos in no timeSecureRecovers your Lost or DeletedPhotossecurely with original format intact.EasyIts as Easy asenjoyingmusic, just few click and you will get your data backUsingRecoverDeleted photos is safe and risk-free. The softwareperformsREAD-ONLY operations on your Mobile and memory card. Itdoesn'tmove, delete, or modify the data on the card to avoidcausingfurther damage or overwriting. It recovers the photos andmayrecover some movie clips and Apk fies from the source memorycardand saves them to your gallery.
An application to recover deleted photos from your phone storageorfrom external storage, and restore them to your gallery. Ifyoucome to a situation where you just deleted all of your imagesbymistake, and tried a lot of apps to recover them withoutanyresult, then you are at the right place. This app will solvethisproblem for you. It will scan all your phone storage lookingfordeleted photos and list them in an easy manner that will helpyouto restore them back to your phone storage. HOW TO USE:Afterinstalling and opening the application, it will start scanningyourphone directories and sub directories looking for deleted orerasedpictures and add them to its list. This operation can consumetimedepending on your storage size and your phone’s performance.Justafter that a new interface with deleted photos previews willshowup, all photo are divided by folders. You can choose eachoneseparately and start looking inside it and restore your imagesfromthere. To avoid confusion this is not recycle bin, it canrestoreeven if they are deleted before installing it. And also itcan showsome non-deleted images from you gallery. FEATURES: 1 -Scan bothall storage including SD Card. 2 - Nice UI Design. 3 –Fast,Performance, 4 – No ROOT. 5 - Support all types: jpg,jpeg,png.
Deleted Photo Restore (Easy Recovery) 1.3
Did you ever delete some images from your Android smartphoneortablet by mistakes and wanted to restore them? Do you havesomesecret and confidential pictures and you don't want someone toseethem when he uses your device? Are you looking for a powerfulimagerecovery app that can recover any deleted image easily andfastly?If your answer is yes, then you will have to download andinstallDeleted Photo Restore (Easy Recovery) on your Androidsmartphone ortablet because it is the perfect app for you rightnow.DeletedPhoto Restore (Easy Recovery) can find all your deletedimages in afew seconds and let you restore them back to yourAndroid device.And the best thing is that our app can also work asa photo vaultbecause you can delete images before giving yoursmartphone tosomeone else and then recover them when you get backyour device.Not only that! when you restore images you will findthem in theiroriginal quality and we will never compress their sizeorquality.Delete Photo Restore (Easy Recovery) works as aperfectrestore photos app and is a perfect photo keeper. With ourapp,your best memories will remain because they will never bedeletedpermanently and once you install our deleted image recoveryapp youcan restore any deleted image in a few seconds. Best ofall,there’s no chance of losing your deleted images because youcanrecover them in no time.Why do you need to download andinstallDeleted Photo Restore (Easy Recovery) on your Androidsmartphone ortablet instead of other restore images and recoverpictures apps?★Easy ★ ✓ Our app is very easy to use. All that youhave to do is tolaunch a quick or deep scan, see how many photosdid the apprestore, click on Show pictures and choose whichpictures do youwant to restore. It's a very easy process!★ Free ★ ✓The best thingis that our Deleted Image Recovery app is Free and itwill stayfree for life, so there is no hidden fees, no specialmembershipsand no annual subscription fees to recover your images.★Deep Scan★ ✓ We integrated a deep scan that you can find alldeleted imageseven if you deleted them a long time ago.What are youwaiting for?Download Deleted Photo Restore (Easy Recovery) for Freeand enjoythe best free image recover and picture recover app ever!
lifebox 4.1.7
Lifebox - Backup & Storage The best thing that can happentoyour phone is lifebox! If you don't like the ‘storagefull’warning, lifebox is just for you. Here's what you can dowithlifebox: Automatic backup of the memories : With theauto-syncfeature, your memories are backed up in lifebox instantlywithcellular data or WiFi. All memories are safelystoredautomatically. Back Up Your Contacts: You can back up yourcontactsin lifebox and store them safely. Thus, if somethinghappens toyour phone, you can access them immediately. Group YourPhotos withFace and Image Recognition: Lifebox recognizes people,objects andplaces in your photos with face&image recognitionand groupsthem for you. So you don't have to worry about searchingfor aphoto. Free up space: You can delete the memories you backedup onlifebox from your phone with a single button, so you can makeroomfor new memories in your phone memory. Automatic Stories: Youcancreate fun stories and share them easily with your lovedones.Lifebox also creates automatic stories, collages andvideos,crowning the most beautiful memories of you! We did notforget yourphotos in social media: You can archive photos you shareonFacebook and Instagram to lifebox. Smart and SecureLogin:Depending on the model of your phone, you can use touch id,faceid, or password to make it more secure. Create Your PrintAlbums!:With the “Print” feature in lifebox, you can easily printanddecorate your living space with your memories. Photo Editing:Withphoto editing feature, you can make your photos moreattractivewith special filters, effects and frames, and you canaddentertainment with caps and stickers. Reach your lifeboxfromanywhere!: All the photos, videos and files you have stored inyourlifebox can be accessed quickly from your smartphone, tablet,AppleTV, TV + and PC. If you have a Lifebox Premium account, youcanbenefit from the additional features of Premium, and you willhavethe best lifebox experience! Delete Duplicated Contacts:Lifeboxsaves you the trouble of deleting recurring contacts one byone!You can find the copied contacts in the phone book and deletetherepeats with a single button, and you can find a solution tothechaos in your contact list. Face and Object Recognition:WithPremium membership, you can use Face&Image Recognitionfeaturein all of your photos unlimited. Original Quality Storage:If youhave a lifebox Premium membership, all the photos and videosyouupload will be kept in original quality.
Recover Deleted Video File 1.0
Studios Smart
★ Super Backup Tool for image Video Recovery 2018 ★RecoverDeletedFiles Photos Videos allowed you to restore theerasedimage&videos and data in your android device.★ RecoverDeletedVideo File 2018 ★• [Video File Recovery] How to Recover Lost&Deleted Video Files?• How To Recover Deleted Files• How ToRecoverDeleted Photos, Videos, And Files On All Android DevicesUsing ★DiskDigger★• Recover Deleted Files, Photos, and Videos FromallPhones• Recover Deleted Files on Android In a FewMinutes!•Desktop/laptop data recovery: Recover deleted photo videofiles onWindows computer PC hard drive• Recover Deleted Files onAndroidEasily• Recover Deleted Files Computer QUICKLY and EASILY•How toRecover Deleted Files from a Memory Card EASILY• How toRecoverDeleted Files from Recycle Bin, USB, Memory Card★ Backupandrestore apps. SMS, MMS, call logs, calendars,bookmarks,dictionaries and contacts found on your Android phone tocreate abackup to SD card to create backups manually or scheduleautomaticbackups.You can save space on your phone by backup andremove someapps that are not frequently used.★Features★- Backupapps to SDcard- Batch backup- Restore apps from SD card- Quickuninstalling-Auto backup- Show storage usage★ The propelled mediarecoverymechanical assembly could be used to get back movie, soundandpicture files from different space media, for instance, Sonymemorystays, memory cards, hard drives, USB drives, Mobile Phonememorycards and other conveyable devices. Since movies can gethumansensations better than photos they stay close to our heart andkeepthe amazing, despairing or energizing recollections energetic.Byrecognizing the centrality of movies in individual lifevariousassociations have begun easy to handle camcorders. ★Applicationsubstance: *Use this free application to know how torecoup video.*Get help through this application to recouprecordings from yourmemory gadget. *Recover video erased from SDcard with theassistance of this free application. *Use thisinformationapplication to recuperate video documents. *Recovervideo documentsutilizing the aide of this free application. *Aaccommodatingapplication to recuperate video of your memory gadget.Legal Notice:★ Recuperate Deleted Video File' is informal and isnot approvedor made by the maker of the computer game for whichthis aide wasmade for. This application follows US Copyright lawand Google PlayStore rules of "reasonable use". In the event thatyou feel thereis an immediate copyright or trademark infringementor on the offchance that we have unintentionally committed an errorthat doesn'ttake after inside of the "reasonable use" rules, pleaseemail usstraightforwardly. ★ DISCLAIMER: All names, trademarks andpicturesare copyright of their individual proprietors. ★ Theutilization ofany names, copyrights, trademarks or photographs havebeen utilizedfor engaging reason just and not to show underwritingorauthorization of utilization. " Recover Deleted Video File'istotally informal, and made for fans.This application is madebyfans for fans, and it is for excitement and individual utilizeorreason as it were★ Recover Deleted Files Photos Videos Features:★★ Super backup★ Recover my files★ Recover formatted★Restoreimages★ Restoration Photos and videos★ Restore lostData,files.★Best recovery Videos tools★ backup data software★ Norooting needs★recover before installation★ easy to use★ restoringimage and photoand video★ android Files recovery★ Absolutely Free★launch therestore picture app★ recover deleted files★ datarecovery★ restoredeleted files★ file recovery★ hdd recovery★undelete files★ diskrecovery★ hard drive data recovery★ hard driverecovery★ recoverfiles from sd card★ photo recovery★ recovery myfiles★ Videos /Video★ Hope you will love it, don't forgate to givereview ★★★★★and rating if you like it .
Recover Deleted Photos free 2.1
Deleted Photo Recovery application help you recover yourdeletedphotos now with this simple android deleted photo recoveryfree!Iam sure that you have removed an important removed photo bymistakeand of course, I had to need this picture but you do notknow theright way or application to recover your deleted photos andyouwant recovering deleted photos, so it's the right solution foryoujust if you want to recover deleted photos.
Deleted Video Recovery Workshop 4.2
1. Scan deleted and lost video in android devices. 2. Selectandrestore erased video and movie. The World's leadingvideoreconstruction technology, have achieved a movie recovery rateofover 92%. More video, More memories. Features: * Norootingnecessary, high quality to undelete file. * Free download,scan andpreview. * Find and save video from internal storage,externalmemory and memory card of phone. * File format: 3GP, MP4,AVI. *Supports devices: Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google, Motorola, ZTE,LG,Lenovo, Huawei, Vivo, OPPO, Nubia, Mi, Meizu, Coolpad, Gionee.MP4Fix Video Repair Tool. Easily fix your damaged video. Saveyourrepaired videos on your phone and share a joy with yourfriends.Can recover as many corrupted files as you want so all yourfuturephone videos are protected. To restore your crashed file allyouneed. Works with -> phone camera recordings -> mp4filesbroken by camera crash, dead battery and lack of memory.
Recover My Deleted Photos 3.7
Do you want to find back your lost Photos on Android Phone? Howtorecover my deleted photos in memory card with Android mobileApp?Don't worry! The deleted files like photo image files canberestored with this application ( Recover My Photos ). Ifyourphotos has been deleted because you or someone elsehasaccidentally pressed delete. To you, those photos are morevaluablethan the phone itself. Well, be no worry, you can get themback, itis quite simple to retrieve these Photos. With thisApplicationsyou can recover deleted pictures. Photo Recovery -Restore LostPhotos Recover Your Deleted Photos
Recover deleted Photo,Files, contacts Memory card 1.77
Ever deleted photos by accident? The Photo Recovery App Attemptstorecover all lost, deleted, or hidden photos on your device. Norootrequired.This application will help you restore all deletedphotos,recover your deleted photos now with this simple android appforfree! , récupérer la vidéo, récupérer la vidéo, récupérer lavidéoet récupérer la vidéo. Cette application tente de récupérertoutesles photos perdues ou supprimées sur votre appareil.Récupérationde photos, récupération de vidéos et récupération decontactssupprimésNow you can recover most of your deleted photosand videosin just a few seconds of recovery application for deletedphoto andvideo without the need for ROOT! This Recovery All FileProapplication is simple for récupérer la vidéo, récupérer lavidéo,récupérer la vidéo et récupérer la vidéo. Cette applicationtentede récupérer toutes les photos perdues ou supprimées survotreappareil. Récupération de photos, récupération de vidéosetrécupération de contacts supprimésRecovering all deleted photoscanrestore and recover lost photos and images from your memory cardorinternal memory. You can use it and you have to find all thefilesdeleted by mistake, and you will recover the image, recoverthevideo, and recover the music, the media never deleted byaccident?This application tries to recover all lost or deletedphotos onyour device. Retrieving photos, recovering video, andrecoveringdeleted contactsThis application tries to recover alllost ordeleted photos on your device. You want to recover from thedeletedphoto so this is the right solution for you just if you wantto getdeleted photos.Photo Recovery Application allows you torecoveryour deleted photos now with this deleted android photosimplerecovery for free! I'm sure I deleted an important photobymistake, and of course I needed this photo but I do not knowtheright way or aplication to recover my deleted pictures from theSDcard ad you too sometimes you were doing the same thing andyouwant deleted photo recovery so this is the right solution foryoujust if you want to get deleted photos back récupérer lavidéo,récupérer la vidéo, récupérer la vidéo et récupérer la vidéo.Cetteapplication tente de récupérer toutes les photos perduesousupprimées sur votre appareil. Récupération de photos,récupérationde vidéos et récupération de contacts supprimésThis appcreate for:-recovery photos and video and recovery photos sd cardand recoveryphotos after formatting and recovery photos sd card-recoverydeleted photos and deleted photos recovery and recovery ofphotosrecovery and recovery photosAlso for: -recovery photos myphonedeleted data and recovery photos my phone deleted data fromphonememory and recovery photos app and recovery and videos andrecoveryphotos from sd card recovery photos and video and recoveryphotoscard sd and recovery photos after formatting and recoveryphotosand photos recovery and recovery photos and recovery photosandrecovery photos and recovery photos and recovery photosandrecovery photos and recovery recovery photos recovery andrecoveryphotos and videos recovery and recovery photos and recoveryphotosrecovery and recovery photos and recovery photos recoveryandrecovery pictures from sd card-recovery photos galleryvaultrecovery photos and safe gallery photos and recovery photosandrecovery photos and recovery photos and recovery photosandrecovery photos and recovery photos and recovery photos andvideosphoto recovery and recovery photos recovery and recoveryphotosrecovery and recovery , récupérer la vidéo, récupérer lavidéo,récupérer la vidéo et récupérer la vidéo. Cette applicationtentede récupérer toutes les photos perdues ou supprimées survotreappareil. Récupération de photos, récupération de vidéosetrécupération de contacts supprimés- CHARACTERISTICS★ easy touse★recovery photo★ backup and restore photos★ best datarecoverysoftware
recoover all files 0.1
franklin dev
Now you can restore all old images deleted by mistake in have deleted an image in your phone by inattention ?youregret doing that ,this application is our solution whenyourimages have been accidentally deleted.Recover All Files allowyouto restore all your deleted files in a fewminutes.Features:Recover videos, pictures, document, music.!This issametypes files : PNG, TIFF, GIF, MP4 , PNG and more..Recoverdeletedphotos from sd card !Download for free and easy to use!Recover ALLFiles support Android phone and tablet !How to use :1-Choose thefolder 2 – Select files to recover 3- click to restoreimage4-Youfound your recover files in galleryNow it is possible torecoverall files in a quick time with our app and be confidentdon’t worryabout deleted photos our app will help you .thisapplication hasthe ability to search and find everything youenciennes deletedpictures
Photo Recovery 13.5
Ever deleted photos by accident? The Photo Recovery App attemptstorecover all lost, deleted, or hidden photos and images onyourdevice. No root required. This Free Photo Recovery Appincludesmany features such as 2 difference recovery algorithms,advancedfile browsing, recovered image preview, file uploadingandtransfer. For instructional videos, additional informationandother apps like Photo or Video Recycle Bin, pleasevisit Yourfeedback isextremely appreciated and we act on it! Please leavereview (I domy best to respond to all reviews) or email
Recover deleted messages 8.0
Jamal Dev
Introducing this perfect application to restore and backup allyourdeleted text messages to keep your SMS conversations safeandsecure so you can restore them anytime you need withoutanyproblems! Our app is madded to be the easiest backup andrecoveryapp, in case you lose your text messages, you can easilyclick onrestore button and the app will automatically read thebackup filethat contains all your deleted messages and recover yourmessagesback to your inbox directly. other way in case you want tobackupyour SMS conversations it’s a super easy progress too, justclickon backup button and the app will auto-backup your smsmessagesinto one small backup file contains all your existingconversationswith contacts numbers and received date and store itin yourstorage as you can recover them back anytime you want!➕Application features: ✔️ Retrieve deleted SMS. ✔️ Backupmessagesconversations. ✔️ Restore messages directly to inbox.➕Aboutpermissions: - READ_SMS: This permission is needed to backupyourSMS Messages. - WRITE_SMS: This permissions is needed to putyourrestore SMS Messages back to inbox. - WRITE_STORAGE:Thispermission is needed to create the backup file on your phone.Ifyou want to know more informations about permissions andprivacyplease check out our privacy policy link from the app. thankyou.
Restore all deleted files 9.0
restore all deleted files developed to recover deleted photosfromgallery, the principal ides is to restore all deleted filesthatremoved accidentally and restore deleted files that you lostorremoved accidentally .Restore all deleted files app haveamazingfunction that you can used all time for example if you lostanyfile in your phone you need to restore all file , Principalideasand function of the new app recover All Deleted Files forandroid.- recovery photos and recovery all deleted video in thesame timeas simple step .- Recover all Deleted Files as fastwithout anyprogram or pc - recovery app for deleted photo and videofrominternal memory but to recover deleted contacts is the bestthingin tis app- restore all supported image file and Recover video.-recovering deleted photos and Recover archives and restoreallimages .- with this amazing app start to recover documentsandrecover deleted messages also you can used to recover picturesinyour phone or in your sd .the Second function and ideas is to:-recover lost photos in your phone or photo recovery fromyourmemory card - restore all type and format of File andrestoreaccidentally deleted a photo .- Recover formatted sd cardforexample ( recover files , deleted photos , deleted mediaandrestored files etc ... ) the recover deleted all files 2017 appkeyfeatures :2017 recovery app for deleted photo and video havetheprincipal features that you can need for example recoveralldeleted text messages and recover all lost ( message , video,phone number etc...) .the next recover deleted all files2018version we will add the new ideas and function .Note Abouttherecover deleted all files app :- this app may be can notrecoverold file also it may be can not working at your phone .-anyfeedback please contact us .
Find All Lost Videos And Photos 1.0
Have you ever deleted an important photo by mistake ? Find AllLostVideos And Photos Sometimes it happens when you accidentallydeletea photo from your phone, restore deleted photos recoverdeletedphotos and start looking for a good tool that can restorefor youcan bring you a headache.restore deleted photos recoverdeletedphotos To solve this problem all you have to do is downloadrecoverdeleted photos and let sweep all the internal and externalmemoryof your phone.Find All Lost Videos And Photos<Find AllLostVideos And Photos A powerful Recovery tool that Searchyourinternal storage and SD card for deleted media and contactandrecover deleted photos them again easily.Restore your deletedDataon single touch and its very easy to use this app.DeletedDataRecovery is able to recover deleted photos.Find All Lost VideosAndPhotos ,restore deleted photos Data Recovery Wizard for androidisespecially designed for android users to recover lost pictures.Itis the best freeware on the play store to rescue all yourpreciousphotos lost due to deleting, formatting, improperoperation, volumeloss or other unknown reasons.If you come to asituation where youjust deleted all of your images by mistake, andtried a lot of appsto recover deleted photos without any result,then you are at theright place.recover deleted photos This app willsolve this problemfor you.Find All Lost Videos And Photos restoredeleted photos Itwill scan all your phone storage looking fordeleted photos andlist them in an easy manner that will help you torestore them backto your phone storage.Find All Lost Videos AndPhotosI am sure thatyou have recover deleted photos an importantremoved photo bymistake and of course, Find All Lost Videos AndPhotosrecoverdeleted photos I had to need this picture but you donot know theright way or application to recover your deleted photosand youwant recovering deleted photos,restore deleted photos soit's theright solution for you just if you want to recoverdeletedphotos.Find All Lost VideosAndPhotosfeatures:-----------------------------------------restoredeleted photos- recently deleted- restore image- photorecovery-delete messages- delete photos- deleted text messages-recoveryapp- recycle bin- restore deleted messages- retrievedeletedmessages- retrieve deleted texts- restore deleted photos-photorecovery- deleted text messages- recover deleted photos-messagerecovery- accidentally erased photos- already deletedphotorestore- already deleted video restore- recovery app fordeletedphoto from internal memory- recovery app for deleted photoandvideo sd card- Restore Contact without any prior backup.-CanRestore one by one or all at once.- Can Search DeletedContacts-Also synchronize your all contacts.- data recovery- datarecoverysoftware- Find All Lost Videos And Photos- Effective,Reliable, andof Best Quality....- Restore all images formats: JPG –JPEG -PNG...- deleted photo recovery- Find All Lost Videos AndPhotos-your deleted photos- recover deleted photos- apps backuprestore-apps backup share- backup and restore photos and videos-recoveryour deleted photo and video- phone database restore-recoveraccidentally deleted photos and videos- restore deletedfiles-recover my files androidFind All Lost Videos And Photoscanundelete and recover lost photos and images from your memorycardor internal memory it restore deleted photos so simailar torecoverdeleted photos<If your photos has been deleted becauseyou orsomeone else has accidentally pressed delete. Find All LostVideosAnd Photos recover deleted photos To you, those photos aremorevaluable than the restore deleted photos phoneitself.recoverdeleted photos Well,recover deleted photos be noworry,Find AllLost Videos And Photos you can get them back, FindAll Lost VideosAnd Photos recover deleted photos it is quite simpleto retrievethese Photos.
epic.backup.restore 5.1
Photo Video & Contact Recovery Recovery app for deletedPhotoand Video. Contacts Recovery & Restore Contacts ThisPhoto& Video Restore or Photo Video Recovery app withContactsRecovery or Restore Contacts feature is the an awesomeRecovery appfor deleted Photo and Video. Have your been looking fora Recoveryapp for deleted Photo and Video? If so then your searchends herewith this all new Photo Video & Contact Recovery app.Photo& Video Restore or Photo Video Recovery have never beenthiseasy and this app DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT. ----------FEATURESFORPHOTO VIDEO RECOVERY APP---------- Deleted Photo Recovery :-Withthis Photo & Video Restore or Photo Video Recovery you candoImage Recovery or Photo Recovery with ease. Image Restore orPhotoRecovery has never been this easy and user friendly. VideoRecoveryor Video Restore :- With this Photo & Video Restore orPhotoVideo Recovery app one can Restore Deleted Videos WITHOUTROOT.This app allows you to take a back up of all your videosandRestore Video from the Backup in case you delete them. PLEASENOTETHAT ONLY THE BACKED UP VIDEOS CAN BE RESTORED!. ContactRecovery:- This Photo & Video Restore or Photo Video RecoveryorContact Recovery App helps you Restore Contacts or RecoverDeletedContacts for Free and WITHOUT ROOT. Contact Recovery orRestoreContacts have never been this ease with the all newContactsRecovery App. Download the all new Photo & VideoRestore orPhoto Video Recovery app for FREE and never worry aboutdeletingPhotos, Videos or Contacts mistakenly. 6.0
Groupe DVP 08
Until you have accidentally deleted an important photos! Lookingfora good tool can restore it can bring when it sometimesaccidentallydelete your mobile phone and a headache, pictures fromthe outset.Need to download for android do solve this problem, anydatarecovery recuva and let scanner all mobile phones of yourinternaland external memory. Removes the media in an accident sofar? Thisapp is all about your lost device or try to recoverdeleted photos.Route is not necessary. This application willrecover all yourdeleted photos, can help to recover a simpleandroid applicationfree right now just deleted your photos! Morephotos without needingroot now and was removed in a few minutes,you can get! Be able torecover to recover photos that removed aPecovery of simple photosapplication free android, now deletedyour photos! I accidentallydelete important photos and know theright way, of course what youdo or you someday do the same thingin the photo app retrievedeleted my photos from sd cardadvertising If you want to decideonly that is right for you andrecover photos deleted retrievedeleted photos. You can recoverdeleted photos can not be cancelled,lost recovery picture memorycard or internal memory so a simailarphoto recovery diskdigger. ★FEATURES Easy to use! Photo recoveryPhoto backup and restoregenuine Best data recovery software Andthis has nothing to do onyour phone will delete the images? App torecover deleted photos isthe best solution for you! you havedeleted image files on yourmobile phone and you regret it? is ahero can help you solve theproblem for the Android photo recoverysoftware. Retrieve deletedmy photos. You can restore e-mail and oldphotos. Someone at - itbetter recover deleted files that work onall mobile phones, whichhe photographs Samsung recovery of allandroid smartphones and,like the s3 Samsung Galaxy notes with photorecovery photorecovery. Make a mistake, don't worry deleteanyphoto, now inmemory card photo recovery can restore all. Yourdeleted inminutes, requiring today most of the photos of roads willallow youto restore the SD memory!
Restore Deleted Pictures 1.0
Recovery Deleted Photos is android app able to restore theerasedphotos freeYou have erased the image in mistake! and you wanttoreturn the erased images again!Why don't you try to use thisappfor recovery you deleted photos for free?You may be able torestorethe erased photo and picture and more files!The DeletedPhotosRecovery App attempts to recover all lost, deleted, orhiddenphotos, pictures on your smartphone. Norootrequired.★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ easy touse★recovery photo★backup and restore photos★best datarecoverysoftware★Super easy image data recovery!★Need nottheknowledge!★Need not the PC!★Need not rooting!★Need notrecoverydata!★You can recovery found image certainly!★You can alsorecoverybefore installation image!★You can restore the image fromtheDevice or from the SD card!
Recover Deleted All Files, Photos And Videos 1.2
Flash APPS
An application to recover deleted photos from your phone storageorfrom external storage, and restore them to your gallery.A simpletouse Video Recovery application. Video Files Recovered include:FLV,AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, 3GP ect..Recover All My Deleted File is averypowerful application that can backup or restore allapplicationsand a few other things on your phone installed. Biggestissue foruse is recover deleted data on android! Now resolve thisissue byPhone Recovery App which will recover photos of your phoneif it isreset.Our unique and exclusive Smart Recover Android appscompletesthose impossible data recovery tasks that other appscannot touch-- this data recovery app quickly locates and restoresfiles thatother recovery apps could never find.Ever deleted mediabyaccident? This app attempts to recover all lost or deletedphotoson your device. No root required.Photo Recovery applicationallowyou to Recover your deleted photos now with this simpleandroiddeleted photo recovery for free!That's all!Deep scanheuristicallyscans for and recovers the following types of files:BMP, JPEG/JPG,PNG, MNG, JNG, GIF, MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, OGG, OGM,WAV, FLAC, AMR,MP4A, PDF, SXD, SXI, SXC, SXW, ODT,ODG, ODS, ODP,DOCX, XLSX, PPTX,ZIP, JAR, APK, EPUB. restore them.Feature★ easy touse★ recoveryphoto★ backup and restore photos★ best data recoverysoftware ★Super easy image data recovery!★ Need not the knowledge!★Need notthe PC!★ Need not rooting!★ Need not recovery data!★BackupContacts & Photos & Videos to SD card.★ RestoreContacts& Photos & Videos from SD card.★ Share your backupmethods. ★ Recover all file which you want.★ Backup: save a copyofinstalled applications on the device.★ Restore Photos &Videosand All other files.★You can restore the image from theDevice orfrom the SD card!NotIf dosen't work add the name of yourphone hisapp may show some pictures even if they are not deletedyet. That’sbecause there is already an occurrence of this files inhiddenfolders scanned by this app. If you Love Recover deletefile:Restore photos & videos so download it and share!Thank youforyour Support...!!!
Restore Contacts : Recover Deleted Contacts 1.2.3
Tech Umbrella
- This application can restore all your MANUALLY deleted Contacts.-Restore Contact without any prior backup. - Can Restore one byoneor all at once. - Can Search Deleted Contacts - To recovercontactstap on contact KEYWORDS: - How to restore deleted contacts- How torecover deleted contacts - How to get back deletedcontacts - Appfor contact Recovery - Contact Recovery App
Recover My Files 1.0.2
Recover My FilesRecover My Files: is a Recovery forAndroidSmartphones and Tablets.Recover my Files: is a Recovery forAndroidSmartphones and Tablets.This application will enable you torecoveraccidentally deleted or after format or lost photos ,videos,Messages (SMS), Contacts, WhatsApp messages and music a fromyourphone , Rooting Device is not required ★ RecoverMessage(SMS)Recover accidentally delete messages (SMS) or afterformatfrom your internal phone databaseRestore deleted messages(SMS) inthe original messaging APP ,Dropbox, Google Drive.★RecoverContactsRecover accidentally delete contacts or after formatfromyour internal phone databaseRestore deleted contacts in thedefaultcontact APP ,Dropbox, Google Drive.Recover deleted contactsto csv★Recover photos, videos and MusicRecover lost photos , videosandmusic due to deletion directly on your device.Supportedphotoformats: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF,TIFF.Supported video formats:MP4(Taken by Camera) , 3GP, MOV, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, FLV,RM/RMVB,M4V, 3G2, SWF.Supported Music formats: All formatFilesystemssupported: FAT16, FAT32,exFAT,EXT1,EXT2,EXT3, EXT4.Abilitytorestore from the built in storage as well as from an SDcardinstalled in the device.★ Recover WhatsApp MessageRecoveraccidentally delete WhatsApp messages or after format fromyourinternal phone databaseRestore deleted WhatsApp messages (SMS)inthe original messaging APP ,Dropbox, Google Drive.GT Recoverycanundelete files, recover lost photos through scanning the storageonyour phone. If you accidentally deleted something important onyourphone, reformatted your memory card, or restore your phone tothefactory default settings, GT Recovery can help you recoverimagesor photos, recover audios as musics and records, recovervideos,recover lost contacts and messages, which contains functionsasinstallation file recovery, package recovery, documentsrecoveryetc.Recover my files : restore image - photo recovery canundeleteand recover lost photos and images from your memory cardorinternal memory. No rooting necessary!* whether youaccidentallydeleted a photo, or even reformatted your memory card,Recover myfiles : restore image - photo recovery's powerful datarecoveryfeatures can find your lost pictures and let yourestorethem.Features:~ Supports mainstream volume formats,asFAT,EXT3,EXT4.~ The scanning results of audios or videos canbepreviewed.~ Help you find what you want easily.
Recover Images 2.3
Recover images is an amazing app which can recover your lostordeleted images. Its scanning feature is super fast you can scantosee how much you old treasure you have in your phone.Its superfastimage extraction process lets you get back your images withinnotime.this app has been tested and designed for almost everyandroidphone..when you are done with your work app will create afoldernamed as "Restore" in your gallery so you can access yourecoveredstuff easily.The best part is that this app is total freefor alltimes, no root is required for this app.please leave yourvaluablereviews they are so important for us. i will respond toallreviews..
Recovery all photo deleted 1.2
You have erased your images by mistake! you want data recovery,youwant to recover the erased images again! Why do not you try tousethis application to recover your deleted photos free?You maybeable to recover your deleted photos and other files!Recoveryallphoto deleted is a beautiful application for recover yourpicturedeleted by mistake and you can recover photo and recovervideo andrecover music or audio, so with Recovery All fileDeletedRecoveryall photo deleted, deleted or hidden photos free,Thedeleted photorecovery application tries to recover all the lost,deleted orhidden photos, images on your smartphone or your memorycard .youwant to recovery all photo and recover photo and recoverimages andrecover all files deleted you have to Use thisapplication"Recovery All photo deleted"The Recovery All photodeleted willhelp to restore all deleted photos and video, Recoveryour deletedphotos and video now with this simple android appfree!Now you canretrieve most of your deleted photos and video injust a few secondrecovery app for deleted photo and video withoutthe need of ROOT!This Recovery All File Pro application allow youto recover yourdeleted photos now with this simple Recovery allphoto deleted canrestore and recover lost photos and images fromyour memory card orinternal memory. You can use it and you have tofind all filedeleted by mistake, and you will recover image,recover video, andrecover music, ever-deleted media by accident?This app attempts torecover all lost or deleted photos on yourdevice. Recovery photos,recovery video and recover deletedcontactsThis app attempts torecover all lost or deleted photos onyour device.This app iscompatible with Smart Phones and Tablets.The users can restore allthe deleted photos, it can restore thephotos immediately, Have youever deleted an important photo bymistake ?Sometimes it happenswhen you accidentally get a picture ofyour phone, and startlooking for a good tool that can restore toallow you to have aheadache. To solve this problem all you have todo is download datarecovery for android and let sweep all theinternal and externalmemory of your phone.I'm sure I've released animportant photo bymistake, and of course I should need this picturebut I do not knowthe right way or application to recover my deletedphotos from SDcard you can sometimes you were doing the samethingYou want torecover from the deleted photo so this is the rightsolution foryou just if you want to get deleted photosback.Recovery All photodeleted can undelete and recover lost photosand images from yourSD memory card or internal memory. No rootingnecessary! Whetheryou accidentally deleted a photo, or evenreformatted your memorycard, Recovery All photo deleted powerfuldata recovery featurescan find your lost pictures and let yourestore them.Undeleterecover files and data allow you to recoveryour deleted photos nowwith this simple recover deleted browserhistory free!I 'm surethat I deleted an important photo by mistakeand of course I wereneed this photo but I don't know the right wayor application torecover my deleted photos from SD card ad you toosometime you weredo the same thingIn addition, you wantrecover-deleted messages sothis is the right solution for you justif you want to get deletedpics back.. How to Use it ,Recover nowall photo deleted ----FEATURES app----- - Easy to use and free -Recover deleted images -Saving and restoring photos - Best softwarefor recovering imagesand files. - Super Data Recovery and Images !- Do not need to know! - Does not require a PC ! - you can restoreor recover imagesfrom the smartphone or memory card. Good luck Iwish to you recoverall image and photo recovery ..
Shreddit - Data Eraser 3.4.541017
SHREDDIT is android data eraser which securely deletes filesleavingthem irrecoverable. This tool erases your data completelyandprotects falling into malicious hands. It deploys quickshreddingalgorithm which shreds huge data volumes PERMANENTLY inmatter ofseconds. The technique especially designed to work fordevicesinternal and external storage with optimized window(buffer) sizesto shred data with efficiency and reliably. Thesoftware uses chipsmartly for data shredding yielding greater timeefficiency whileerasing. This software has no background serviceand hence nooverhead and perfectly safe to keep in your tool-set.Caution: Dataerased using the shredder CANNOT be recovered by anymeans. DataShredding Standards Shreddit implements the standardsof datasanitization techniques which have been developed afterdecades ofresearch. Below is the list of key data shreddingstandards used bythe tool (we do not claim to have invented thesestandards; we justhave implemented them in our data shredding toolfor you). - BritishHMG IS5 (3 pass) - US DoD 5220.22 (3 pass) -German VSITR (7 pass) -Russian GOST P50739 (2 pass) - NIST 800-88(2 pass) - Zero Filler -One Filler (Secure Erase) - Random Filler(Pseudo Random Numbers)File Explorer Integration Though this toolhas its own light weightfile explorer for providing easy access toyour gallery and personaldata, it also provides strong integrationwith your device's builtin file manager (OR any third party filemanager). Like for instanceon ES File Explorer select one ormultiple files and go to Share> Shreddit, the app will take allthose files as input and shredsthem. Media Files Preview (GalleryIntegration) The app providespreview of media files to give youbetter insight about content youwant to secure erase. You can usethe app with your favorite photomanager, like with Google Photo.Just select one or multipleimages/videos and send to the shredderto erase them permanently.Known Limitations It shreds the mediafile (video or image) from thegallery completely, you might seethe image thumbnail in yourgallery. Don’t worry all the content ofthe specified media file hasgone, just re-scan your media to syncthumbnails with media content.To erase external sdcard on devicehaving KitKat (Android 4.4) orlater version super user rights arerequired i.e. your device shouldbe rooted.
Duplicates Remover 2.7
## Photos, Videos occupy most of our storage space and if we donotidentify such duplicate files then our storage runs out ofspacedue to unnecessary reason. ## Using Duplicate files finder youcaneasily identify identical, same and similar photos, videos,audiosand delete them with just a single click. ## Reasons forhavingidentical or similar contents: - You might have downloadedsamecontents from different apps - Due to WhatsApp or otherSocialmedias, when you download any file, photo or video and if youshareit with someone, it makes two copies on a separate folder -Youhave deleted media but it still might be in the cached folder-When you are travelling or in any other occasions, youtakemultiple photos which are nearly similar - Similar photosstilloccupies your storage and need to be removed to free more ofyourmemory space ## Main Features:- - Identify duplicate andsimilarphotos from your Gallery - Group vise appearance andselection ofduplicate medias for more clarity - Delete all fileswith selectall features or remove selected photos, videos or audios- Removeduplicate audios, videos, photos, files - Remove similarphoto orsame photo - Stored session and saved results so will takelessertime to find next time. - See the path where the duplicatecontentsare being placed and delete it from there. - WhatsApp mediacleaneror any other social media cleaner. ## Notes:- - Pleasenotice thatfinding duplicate or similar photos, audios, videos orany contentsor medias, will take certain time. - Hence, please bepatience andwait for some time. You can minimize the app, we willnotify you assoon as scanning will get completed. - Permission:Allow duplicatesremover to access your storage, in order to performthe task. ##RATE US:- - To make the development free, we haveincludes someadvertisements. - Please RATE US with maximum stars ifyou findthis app amazing and it has performed its purpose.THANK-YOU.
Video Recovery 8.6
A simple to use Video Recovery application. Video FilesRecoveredinclude: FLV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, 3GP ect.. No rootrequired!Results and Quality may Vary! This is the BETA test appfor thevideo recovery, which is a very complicated algorithm.Thealgorithm could also take a long time due to the large sizeofvideos. I welcome all feedback on whether it worked for you ornotand the phone model name. I really appreciate it! Forinstructionalvideos and additional information, pleasevisit Yourfeedback isextremely appreciated and we act on it! Please leavereview (I domy best to respond to all reviews) or email
Duplicate Photo Finder 2.4
------## Keeps only one copy of Duplicate Photos and clean orremoverest of them with just s single click## Scan and removeduplicate orsimilar photos on Internal Storage SD Card.##Auto-Marking anddelete all the duplicate and similar photos whilekeeps one copy ofeach (identical) photo.## Duplicate PhotosRemover finds exact andsimilar images automatically and gives achance to remove them withjust one click or individually.##Similar Photo Remover identifiesand removes replicated picturesfrom your Internal or ExternalStorage (SD Card) to utilize theunnecessary space occupied byduplicate files.-------## Features:-Simple and easy to use- Deleteall duplicate photos while keepingone copy of your photo- Deleteall similar photos which are nearlyidentical while keeping one copyof your photo- Set your criteriato detects similar photos- Removeindividually duplicated pictures-Locate, see and identify whereduplicated photos are located byclicking on them- Works completelyin the background so that youcan do your work- Get Notified whenthe scanning is completed- Hidethose pictures which you want toexclude in next scan.-------## Whyto use Duplicate Image Remover:--We all are connected to thesocial media such as Whatsapp, Facebook,Snapchat, Instagram.-Let's suppose you have captured photo fromCamera or downloadedphoto from Whatsapp and you sent it to yourcontacts. Now by chanceyou have downloaded same media fromdifferent social network, hencethere are many duplicate photos onyour gallery which occupingunnecessary space. - By this means yourphone keeps two copy ofsame photo and hence there are duplicatephotos on your phone.-When you go to vacation or you're travellingthen you capturedmultiple photos with same location in similarpose.- Aftercompleting your holiday, you get to decide which photois bestamongst similar poses, Same Photo Delete identifies andgives youthe chance to delete them with just one click so that youcan saveyour memory.- Therefore this app can also work as WhatsappCleaneror Social Media Cleaner which identifies those duplicatedfiles andgives you a chance to remove them individually or withjust oneclick so that you can keeps one copy of eachimage.-------## How touse Duplicate Photo Cleaner:-- Scan Button:--> Start a newsearch to find duplicate photos and similarphotos --> Selectall duplicate images or similar images toremove from your gallery--> Hide those which you thinks are notduplicate or similarphotos. Duplicate photo deleter will not showthose photos in thenext scan. --> Adjust matching criteria tofind similar oridentical photos- Saved Scan: --> We know thatfinding photos onyour internal and external storage is a heavytask. -->Therefore, Duplicate Image Finder scan and detectsthose picturesin background and the app will notify you once thetask iscomplete. --> You only have to search for one time andafterthat you can load the photos from the session to save thetime.------ ## Disclaimer:-- We do not store any of theusers'information in whatsoever manner.- Duplicate PhotosRemover,Duplicate Photo Fixer, Duplicate Image Remover is supportedbyads.------## Rate Us:-- Please take a moment to rate uswithmaximum stars to help us and make us to grow.
Search Duplicate File (SDF) 4.109_super
The duplicate/dupe/cache/obsolete files occupy a lot ofstoragespace, slow down the file search speed and prevent youfromdownloading more music, photo, video or apps, it's difficulttodistinguish them one by one. With Search Duplicate File, anAndroidsmart utility app, you can locate and removetheseduplicate/dupe/cache/obsolete files easily and accurately! Itcanfree up a lot of storage space on your Android device! ThefirstAndroid (Only Android) app used to search for duplicatefiles,since 2011, the fastest and most powerfulduplicate/cache/obsoletefiles remover! Keep upgrading and more andmore powerful!IMPORTANT:One antivirus app marks this app as virus,it is falsepositive! Please verify this app via other antivirusapps, thankyou! I have sent email to antivirus app owner for hisbug.>>> Features(since 2011): ★ Major ★ Supportsub-folder,select any directory. Support locking folder, protectyourimportant files (Paid version only). Support SD card and OTGusbstorages (From Android 7.0, Google disabled OTG, but somedevicesstill support it, it depends on your device manufacturers).Supportmount points/, find the TRUE duplicates. Supportsmart-selector,distinguish original and duplicates accurately.Support animatedimages APNG/GIF (Pause/Resume). Specify filetype/file extension orfile size. Exclude the search results. Renamethe search results.Filter the search results (image, audio, video,document, app,keyword regex wildcard, selections). Save and restorethe searchresults. Create files SHA/CRC32/MD5. Deletecache/temp/unnecessaryfiles via "Flagged folders". Search similarimages/app/file names.Search camouflaged image/audio/video/app(Media cache/thumbnail).Super search(Filename/type/size/time/header/trailer) Remove emptyfolders. Searchserial number files. Search hash code files. Searchaudio byduration. Search video by resolution and duration. SearchEXIFimages. Search incomplete images. Search images byresolution.Search animated GIF/PNG/APNG/WEBP. ... More and morefeatures arecoming, based on a powerful search engine!!! ★ UserExperience ★ ●Support wildcard characters "*". ● Long-tap menu/itemto displaytranslation (Google/Microsoft translate app needed). ●Supportswitching languages, your translation is, thank you! ● Remind you withnotificationafter search is finished. ● The search results aregrouped. ● Batchselect|deselect|expand|collapse|delete|excludefiles or groups. ★Advanced ★ ● Save the search result to file/sdcard/duplicates.txt,please create the file firstly. ● Long tapfilename, filepath orMD5 on details view, copy to system clipboard.>>> Howto:>>>Known Issues: ● Searching for large amount files maycause crash -OutOfMemoryError, to avoid this crash, please specifyfile size inSettings - General. ● Unable to delete files onAndroid 4.4 Kitkatexternal SD card because of Google's Policy. ●In Gallery|MediaPlayer apps, media files still there, or alldisappeared. 1. Deletehidden file /sdcard/.nomedia. 2. Clear MediaStorage data. Settings- Apps - All - Media Storage - Clear data.3. Reboot your device andwait for a while. >>> SpecialThanks: Михаил Якимов EugeneSazonov (Russian) Darrell SnedekerAdam Glass Brian Nelson Ted MoyerJim Cramer Lindy G Grzegorz Lasek淡空醉花 lovly serma Darryl TrimmingHakan-D (French) Алексей ГнездиловOmran Aldhanhani hhh2016 IsrealMathew Zityi (Hungarian) عمار سالم(amar0876) (Arabic) meysam.6335(Persian) ALEK-SH (Ukrainian) FatihFırıncı (Turkish) Abc Pondle1597(Vietnam)
Peter Ho
The application is to delete private files forever. It issuitablefor users who are going to sell their Android phones.Feature 1.Select photos in any folder 2. Secure delete privatephotos. 3.Support English, German, Spanish, French, Italian,Portuguese,Japanese, Trad. Chinese,simplified Chinese and RussianFeature inPRO version 1. Secure delete any file type 2. Supportfolderdeletion 3. Select all files in a folder *** Deleted filesCANNOTbe recovered *** Note : 1. For those who need support pleaseemailto me Do NOT use either the feedback area to write questions,it isnot appropriate and that is not guaranteed that can read them.
Empty Folder Cleaner 2.1.9
Annoyed with loads of empty folders in your file manager? Usethisapp. With a just one click all the empty folders will bedeleted.You are also provided with multiple options to delete emptyfolders★ FEATURES ★ ✓ Scan hidden folders - Deep scan function helpgetmore folder ✓ Scan ANDROID created folders ✓ Show progress -getthe progress of which file is being checked for empty folders★LOCALIZATION ★ ✔ If you want the app support your language,pleasehelp us translate from English to your language by access thelinkbelow. Thank you! ★ PLEASE NOTE ★ ✓ Thisappwill not delete empty folders from the directories /LOST.DIR
Duplicate File Finder-Remover 6.1
Sharda Gohil
As our usage of mobile grows, the unnecessary duplicate photoandpicture, video and audio files grows in device randomly,ideallyevery folder of the phone. The duplicatepictures/photos/audiooccupy the lots of phone memory and alsoreduce the operating speedof phone. Manually it is difficult tofind and remove them. Here isthe Duplicate Image Finder or you canalso call it as DuplicatePhotos Remover or Duplicate Media Removerfor you which can scanthrough your entire phone and finds theduplicate image, picture,photo, audio songs and all other typesfiles for you. You can makejudgement yourself if you want to deleteby selecting them.Duplicate File Finder or Remover is unique inthis category becauseit helps to find and delete all type ofduplicate files, audio filealong with video and images/photo indifferent tabs. Duplicate FileFinder helps you to cleanup yourphone so you can call it asDuplicate file cleaner. Why is DuplicateFile Finder - Remover isamazingly helpful? ● Simple User InterfaceThe app has very simpleintuitive UI which will help to understandapp functionality forfind or search same duplicate files Images,Pictures, Videos,Songs, Audio and all other types of files anddelete them. ● SDcard support Search entire phone includingexternal SD Card forduplicate photo, images, pictures, audio, songsand all other typesof files very quickly and you can delete. ● Scanfolder selectionand file type You can include or exclude your phonefolder to allowapplication scan for duplicate or same filescanning. Also inSettings you can specify what file types you wantto include orexclude for duplicate scanning. ● Side by Sidecomparison App showsphotos and videos side by side in grid formatwith file detail totake quick decision which files to delete. ●Songs Paying The audiosongs can be played within duplicate searchresult. ● DuplicateGrouping All duplicate files like songs, video,photo or any filesare all grouped together to allow user take quickdecision and canbe deleted or removed all in once. ● Smartselection for delete Apphas amazing feature which allows user toselect all file, selectall but last or select all but latest. Ithelps user to not gothough selection process ● Auto scan forduplicate file andnotification You do not need to start and scanfor duplicate. Appscans your phone at certain frequency you allowedin App Settingsand shows notification if there is any duplicatefiles found. ●Language Support App is translated in all majorlanguages likeSpanish, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Portugueseand many moreto make it very easy to use for our truly global userbase. Pleaseprovide your valuable feedback/comments on theapplication reviewsection to make application better for you. Theapp will not removethe duplicate files from SD card if your phonerunning Android 4.2and Android 4.4 because of the google's policy
Empty Folder Cleaner - Delete Empty Folder 1.1.16
Annoyed with loads of empty folders and junk files in yourfilemanager? Empty Folder Cleaner Can Help You!With a single clickallthe empty folders and junk files will be deleted by EmptyFolderCleaner.Empty Folder Cleaner is Very useful File Cleaner andFolderCleaner to remove folders and delete junk files.EmptyFolderCleaner is Very simple to use!Empty Folder Cleaner will helpyoudelete all empty folders and sub empty folders on your device.KeyFeatures1)Multiple options to delete empty folders2)Deleteemptyfolders from internal storage3)Delete empty folders fromexternalstorage/memory cardSome apps of my phone create a lot ofemptyfolders for temp files. After deleting the apps from my phone,Butthe empty folders stay on my phone (you can see them withsimplefile manager). This app will delete all of those emptyfolders in asecond.★ PLEASE NOTE ★ ✓ This app will not delete emptyfoldersfrom the directories /LOST.DIR✓ If your device is runningonAndroid version >= 6.0 (Marshmallow), We're sorry becausethisapp CANNOT clean external SD cards. because of Google's policy:ANY3rd-party apps can't access to external storage.
Duplicate File Remover 2.4
# Introduction:Duplicate File Remover or Duplicate ContactsRemoveris the application which scans your phone's internal andexternalmemory and gives you the exact results of having duplicatefiles orcontacts. You can delete the appeared file or contacts onebyone.Duplicate file finder and duplicate contacts merger scansalltypes of files and contacts on your Smartphone and clean uptheunnecessary space which have occupied by duplicate files.Thisapplication also works as a file cleaner or Whatsappcleaner.#Problem Statement for Duplicate File Remover:--> We allfaceproblems there are more than one copy of same file be it'sMedia,photo or images, video, audio, docs, pdf or others becauseitoccupies unnecessary space of you phone which is unwanted.->Themain reason for having duplicate files is due to Whatsappbecauseit might have saved same image or video or audio or photoondownloaded folder and on sent items. This applies to othersocialmedia apps as well.# The duplicate files are created undermanyconditions: - Having downloaded same file multiple times -Receivedsame file from different sources ex. You might havereceived samepicture from different contacts on your Whatsapp orfrom differentsocial app (Facebook, Viber, Skype, etc.) - The timewhen yourbackup apps take a backup of your device. - The time whenAndroidmedia apps create cached images or thumbnails. - The timewhen youare receiving files from Bluetooth and error occurs for anunknownreasons. # Problem Statement for Duplicate ContactsRemover:- ->We all face same problems when we buy a new phone orsync and addsocial media account for ex. Google, Facebook,Whatsapp, Linkedin,etc. This will sync and store all your contactsinto their cloud ina separate manner and when you try to sync itwith your phone itwill fetch and store all you contacts with all ofyour social mediaaccounts. Hence the duplicate contacts occurs andyou might havemultiple contacts with same name and number.# ProblemSolution:- -The Duplicate Contacts Remover identifies and detectsall yourduplicate contacts and will give a chance to deletethemindividually. - You can search the duplicate contacts by samenameor same number and perform an action such as by removing ormergingit with other contacts. # Features of the app: - Removeduplicatefiles for example, Photos, Images, Videos, docs, PDFcreated byWhatsapp, Facebook and other social media apps - Removeduplicatecontacts from same phone numbers and same names and have achanceto delete them individually - Go to settings and have achance tofilter the search criteria for example, include specificfiles suchas .mp3,.mp4,.png,.jpg and so on. - Has a backupdirectory fordeleted results so you can restore the deletedoperations. - Worksas a Whatsapp cleaner, Storage cleaner,duplicate file cleaner,storage space cleaner, junk cleaner, etc.#### Disclaimer ####------> We do not store any of the user'sinformation in anyform whatsoever. **** RATE US **** ------>Please do rate us ifyou like Duplicate file remover and DuplicateContacts Remover tohelp us grow <-----
Background Eraser 4.1.5
◇ Background Eraser is an application for cutting pictures andformaking a picture's background transparent. ◇ The resultingimageswill be used as stamps with other apps like photo collage. ◇TheBackground Eraser app is to remove your photo background in aneasyway. ☆☆☆ 【Main features】 ☆☆☆ - Manual Erase: for fingerrub(traditional) background removal - Lasso Erase: for areaselectionbackground erase - auto erase: Erase similar pixelsautomatically.- Restore: for finger rub background retrieval -Undo, Redo &Zoom: for accurate result - Save & Share: saveon SD-Card &Share on Social Media - you can add text to yourpicture - you canadd stickers (emoj icons) to your photo ☆☆☆ 【Howto use this app】☆☆☆ + click on "Library" to pick an image + selectdesirable ratiofor such image like 2:3, 16:0 + with menu of eraser,you can dowhatever you like + you can add new background or insettext orstickers to make new beautiful image ☆ it's very importantto makea picture's background transparent accurately. By using thisapp,you can do it better. The best utility to remove backgroundsfromphotos.TRY NOW!! Share your awesome photos on Instagram,Twitter,Facebook or other social networks to impress your friendswithcreation of this great photo editor tool.
Duplicate Media Remover 5.2
The application removes all duplicate media (audio, imagesandvideos) files present in your internal (phone memory) andexternalstorage (SD card).1. Only folders (both internal memory andSDCard) that have been selected for scans are searchedforduplicates. No files are deleted from any of deselectedfolders.2.Each individual file that has duplicates can be markedfor deletionincluding the original file. Verify that the selectedfiles are theones you definitely want to remove because they cannotbe retrievedonce deleted.3. Scans can be scheduled on a weeklybasis, allowingone scan per day.4. The stats of the last run scancan be sharedwith your friends and family.5. The cumulative statsacross allscans are maintained for your reference.6. Additionally,theapplication performs routine searches for duplicates. Thisimprovesthe speed of subsequent scans and you're also notified ifanyduplicates are found.
com.lps.allcontactsremover 2.4
Delete All Contacts is simply used to reset / empty yourphonebook.It shows you number of contacts available in yourphonebook oraddressbook and also number of contacts according toaccounts likePhone, SIM, gmail, whatsapp, etc. Simply select anyaccount or alland you will be shown a screen with delete / removecontact option.Click the button and confirm it and app will remove/ delete allthe contacts in that account or all (if you selectedall contacts).There are two modes for deleting: 1. Normal Mode :Normal modeshows available contacts in your phonebook and deletingcontactswill remove them from phonebook, but it may (not necessary)bepossible to retrieve them after delete. 2. Advance Mode :Advancemode shows all deleted contacts from your phonebook, whichyou maynot see but still available in phone memory. Advance modewill tryto remove those deleted contacts from your phonebook tocleanupyour phonebook and contacts deleted in advance mode wouldn'tbepossible to retrieve. Its recommended to keep your mobileinterneton while deleting contacts in advance mode (as in somecases itrequired to have mobile internet to delete contactspermanently).If you are changing your phone and want to give yourphone toanother person, but before giving your phone, you want toremove /delete all your contacts from phonebook, then this app isjust forthis purpose, just one click and all contacts are removed /deletedfrom the phonebook. Please make sure you really want todelete /remove all your contacts, otherwise it won't be possible togetback your contacts once delete, unless you have backupavailable.As it deletes / removes contacts all at once, so itdeletescontacts very quickly. Share with your experience ofthisapplication, you may also send us your suggestion to somenewinteresting features, we will surely try to add them incomingversions of Delete All Contacts app.
com.appistrjav.appvideox1 2.0
App LN
هل قمت بحذف صورك أو فيديوهاتك عن طريق الخطأ من هاتفك الأندرويد؟لاتخف في هذه التدوينة، سوف أشاركك طريقة سهلة لاسترجاعاسترجاعالفيديوهات المحذوفة من بطاقة الذاكرةاسترجاع الفيديوهاتالمحذوفة منالهاتفلسبب أو لآخر، فإننا كثيرا ما نسمع أن الناس يشكونمن فقدانالصور الثمينةdiskdigger على أجهزة سامسونج بهم بشكل غيرمتوقع. ولكنالآن حان الوقت لتكف عن الشكوى لأن النقاط التالية تشيرإلى وسيلةسهلة لاستعادة الصور المحذوفة في الذاكرة الداخلية للهواتفالذكيةسامسونج . استرجاع الرسائل المحذوفةاستعادة الصورالمحذوفهإسترجاعالصور و الفيديوهات على هواتف سامسونج و النتيجة مدهشة!!استعادةالصور المحذوفة من ذاكرة الهاتفاستعادة الفيديوهات المحذوفةمن بطاقةالذاكرة 2018استعادة الفيديوهات المحذوفة من الهاتفاستعادةالرسائلالمحذوفةاسترجاع فيديوهات محذوفةبرنامج استعادة الفيديوهاتالمحذوفةكامل 2018استرجاع الفيديو المحذوف بدون برامجاستعادة الصورالمحذوفةمن الاندرويد عن طريق الكمبيوتراستعادة الملفات المحذوفةللاندريدالانلدينا الحل لكم والتطبيق الدي تبحثون عنه والدي لن يخدلكمسوفيقومRestore Photo باسترجاع الصور المحذوفة و استرجاع جميعالملفاتالمحذوفة بكل سهولة وبالمجان .استرجاع الصور المحذوفه منالهاتف أو منذاكرة الهاتف و استرجاع الفيديوهات المحذوفة و استرجاعالملفاتالمحذوفة الان مجانا علي هاتفك ويشتغل علي جميع انواعالهواتف.istirja3 photo sowar videoكيف تقوم استرجاع الصور المحذوفهمنالهاتف بهدا التطبيق :1. اختر المجلد الدي يحتوي علي الصور الديتريداسترجاعها .2. حدد الصور المحذوفة من ذاكرة الهاتف3. اضغط عليزرالاستعادة وسوف تجدها في الالبوم داخل هاتفكمميزات التطبيق:istirja3sowarsouarstirja3 photo imagei3adat sowarاسترجاع الملفاتالمحذوفةمن الهاتفاعادة الصور المحذوفةاسترجاع جميع انواع الملفاتالتي تمحدفها من الهاتف و بطاقة الداكرةإسترجاع الصور المحذوفةليس لهتأتيرعلى البطاريةاسترداد الصور المحذوفة من الهاتاستعادةالملفاتالمحذوفةإسترجاع الصور والفيديو المحذوفةاسترجاعالفيديوهاتالمحذوفةايمو مكالمات بالفيديو مجانااسترجاع محادثات لوا تسابإسترجاعرسائل الوااتس بويفي مجاناإعرف من يزور بروفايلك غير صوتكاثناءالمكالمةهسبريسيلا شوتبث مباشر للمبارياتفطحلالعربكلماتمتقاطعةوصلةتفحيط الشوارع و الهجولةإعادة الصورالمحذوفةاسترجاع الصورالمحذوفة 2018استرجاع جميع الملفاتالمحذوفةاسترجاع الصور المحذوفه منالهاتفsdاسترجاع الصور المحذوفة منذاكرة الهاتفCard SDاسترجاعالفيديوهات المحذوفة من اد اشتغل معكالتطبيق جيدا وأعجبك لاتنسوتقييم التطبيق ومشاركته مع اصدقائكم .لاتنسى تقييمالتطبيق.istirja3lmilafatisti3adet tsaweristirja3ar9amistirja3image* استرجاع الصور المحذوفة 2018* استرجاع الصورالمحذوفة منالهاتف* استرجاع الصور المحذوفة من بطاقةsd* استرجاع الصورالمحذوفة*استرجاع الصور المحذوفة من ذاكرة الهاتف* استرجاع الصور*استرجاعالفيديوهات المحذوفة من الهاتف* استرجاع فيديوهات محذوفة*اعادة الصورالمحذوفةالمرجو مشاركة التطبيقهل تبحث عن تطبيق يمكنك مناسترجاعالملفات والصور المحذوفة؟هل قمت بحذف بعض الصور وتريداسترجاعها؟تطبيقاسترجاع الفيديوrecover vedio والصور ومقاطع الفيديو2018 وملفاتالصوت حتى بعد عملية الفورمات من جميع أنواع الاقراصووحدات التخزيناسترجاع الصور المحذوفة من الهاتف .مميزاتالتطبيق:مساحة التطبيققليلةليس له تأتير على البطاريةيعمل على جميعإصدارات و أجهزةالأندرويدسهولة في العملاستعادة الصور المحذوفة منالهاتف-استردادالصور المحذوفة من الهاتفاسترجاع الملفات المحذوفة منالهاتفistirja3sowarasowaristrja3 sowarasowaristirja3 photosistirja3videoistirja3fotoistirja3 lmilafatisti3adet tsaweristirja3ar9amistirja3imageافضل برنامج استرجاع الملفات المحذوفة بعد الفورماتللاندرويدالضمان 100%طريقة استرجاع الصور المحذوفه والفيديو المحذوففي!!طريقةاسترجاع الصور والملفات المحذوفة من اي هاتف أندرويد2018أخطربرنامجلاسترجاع الصور و الفيديوهات المحذوفة من هواتف الأندرويد ولوبعدفرمتته الالاف المرات 2018استعادة الصور المحذوفة من هاتفالاندرويدبكل سهولةإذن ماذا تنتضرونقومو بتحميله و تمتعوبالواتسابكلما عليكهوالضغط على الزر ليقوم التطبيق باستكمال جميع المراحلولا ننسىالاتبخل علينا بتقييم مشجع بوضعك خمس نجوم لمساعدتنا على تقديمالمزيدإذاكل ما عليك هو هو تحميل التطبيق و اتباع الخطوات خطوة بخطوةلكي يعملمعك التطبيق %100 إنشاء اللهشكراDo you delete photos or yourvideosby mistake from your Android? Do not be afraid in this post,I willshare with you an easy way to recover deleted videos fromthememory card retrievalRecover deleted videos from phoneForsomereason or other, we often hear that people complain about thelossof precious images on Samsung devices diskdiggertheirunexpectedly. But now it's time to stop complaining becausethefollowing points indicate an easy way to recover deleted imagesinthe internal memory of the Samsung smart phones.RecoverdeletedmessagesRecover deleted imagesRetrieving images and videosonSamsung phones and the amazing result !!Restore deleted photosfromthe phone memoryRecover deleted videos from the memorycard2018Recover deleted videos from phoneRecoverdeletedmessagesRecover Deleted VideosDeleted videos full 2018recoveryprogramRecover deleted video without softwareRecoverdeleted fromAlandroed images by computerRecover deleted filesAndradeNow wehave the solution for you and the application you arelooking formy father and my father will not Akhaddlkm will retrievedeletedRestore Photo images and recover all deleted files with easeandfree of charge.Recover deleted images from the phone or fromthephone's memory and retrieve deleted videos and recoverdeletedfiles now free on your phone and runs on all kindsofphones.istirja3 photo sowar videoHow do you retrieve deletedimagesfrom the phone Bhda Application:1. Choose my father foldercontainsthe images you want to retrieve my father.2. Select imagesdeletedfrom the phone memory3. Click on the Restore button and youwillfind the album within yourApplicationfeatures:istirja3sowarsouarstirja3 photo imagei3adat sowarRecoverdeleted files fromthe phoneRestore deleted photosRetrieve all kindsfiles Hdvha fromthe phone and Aldhakrh cardRecover deleted imagesIthas no TaterbatteryRecover deleted photos from syrestore deletedfilesRetrievedeleted photos and videosRecover deleted videosAimovideo calls forfreeRetrieval Loa Ts August talksRetrieve messagesAllowaats bLevyand freeKnow who visits your profileNon-voice duringthecallHsebresNight ShotLive gamesVtahlArabsCrosswordpuzzleconnectionTvhit streets and AlhjulhRe deletedphotosRecoverdeleted images 2018Recover all deleted filesRecoverdeleted imagesfrom the phone sdRecover deleted images from phonememory CardSDRecover deleted videos fromEd application worked welland likedto Atnso application assessment and share with yourfriends.Do notforget to evaluate theapplication.istirja3lmilafatisti3adettsaweristirja3 ar9amistirja3image* Recover deleted images 2018*Recover deleted photos from yourphone* Recover deleted images fromsd card* Recover deleted images*Recover deleted images from phonememory* Retrieve images* Deletedfrom phone videos retrieval*Retrieve Deleted Videos* Re-deletedphotosPlease shareapplicationAre you looking for an application youcan retrievedeleted files and images?Did you delete some picturesand want toretrieve it?Application of video and recover vediophotos andvideos 2018. audio files retrieval even after formicprocess alltypes of disks and volumes recover deleted images fromthephone.Application features:A few application spaceIt has noTaterbatteryIt works on all versions and Android devicesEasytoworkRecover deleted images from Telephone,Recover deletedphotosfrom your phoneRecover deleted files from thephoneistirja3sowarasowaristrja3 sowarasowaristirja3 photosistirja3videoistirja3fotoistirja3 lmilafatisti3adet tsaweristirja3ar9amistirja3imageBest recover deleted files after formic forAndroid Warranty100%Recover deleted images and video deleted in theway !!Recoverdeleted files and images from any Android phone mode2018The mostdangerous program to retrieve images deleted videosfrom Androidphones and even after thousands of times Faramtaath2018Recoverdeleted images from Android phone with easeSo whatTantdharonicomodownloaded and TemtaobalwatsabAll you have Hoaldguetthe button tothe application to complete all stagesAnd do notforget, but wehold back an encouraging assessment of your situationfive-star tohelp us to provide moreIf all you need is theapplication is toload and follow the steps step by step so that theapplicationworks 100% with you, GodThank
Duplicate Contacts Remover 2.3.8
## Introduction :- Duplicate Contacts Remover automaticallydetect,scan and delete or merge Duplicate Contacts on yoursmartphonewithout any hustle with just a single click.The deletedcontactsstores in a .vcf file of your phone and can be import andrecoveragain, just to be safe. So DO NOT WORRY.Contacts backupandContacts transfer can store and saved as .vcf, .csv and .textforyour future reference. In addition, these backup file can besharedvia email as well. You can take backup of your contacts fromSIMcard, Phone memory, Google or any other social media accountswhichare linked to your phone separately and individually.## Why toneedDuplicate Contacts Remover or merger? - We face problem when webuya new smartphone and need to copy all contacts from old phonetonew phone - Because all Social media such as Google,Facebook,WhatsApp, Linkedin, etc. store and sync all your contactsto theirown cloud. - Hence, there will be many duplicate contactsif youswitch to another phone and apply sync via these socialmedia. -They fetch all your contacts and store into your phone'smemorytherefore there are many duplicate contacts appear whichdepends onhow many Social accounts you have. - It is extremelyboring to gothrough each and every contacts and delete or mergeunused orduplicate contacts which you don't need. # We treatcontacts asforemost priority hence we stored the deleted duplicatecontacts in.vcf file so that it can be recovered later. ## HereDuplicateContacts Remover comes to rescue :- - Duplicate contactmergerautomatically detects those duplicate contacts and gives youachance to remove all of those contacts with just a single click.-It saves only one copy of each contact and delete rest ofthem##Deleted contacts recovery mode :-- Now you havesuccessfullydeleted duplicate contacts and has kept only one copy-The deletedcontacts are saved in .vcf file so you can import andrecover allthe deleted contacts at any time- You can take backup ofall thecontacts before deleting duplicate copies just to besafeHelps inidentifying, deleting and recover the deletedcontacts.## DuplicateContacts Merger Features :-- Easy and simpleto use with great UserInterface.- Duplicate Contacts can beidentified automatically -Duplicate Contacts can be deleted, removeand merge with just asingle click- Deleted contacts automaticallystored in .vcf file -You can take backup before deleting duplicatecontacts in settings-Deleted contacts and can be import and recoverfrom .vcf file -Allow all duplicate contacts toe deleted in justsingle click-Backup all your contacts as CSV, TEXT and VCF format-Import andExport all your contacts to different phone- Transfer allyourcontacts to different account.- Share or saved backup fileinGmail.## Disclaimer ##- We do not store any of users informationorcontacts in any form whatsoever.## RATE US :-- Please RATE USifyou like our concept and help us grow.THANK-YOU
Remo Duplicate Photos Remover
Remo Software
Countless duplicate photos consuming your device storage?Instantlyscan your phone memory and delete duplicate files usingRemoDuplicate Photo Remover. Being one of the iconic applicationsinRemo’s storage management suite, this tool is developed tolocate,preview and delete duplicate photos. With a milliondownloads theapplication runs on Remo's proprietary intelligentDe-DupeAlgorithm to scan and locate similar photos taken in burstmode orHDR photo mode. Quickly get rid of resized and similarimagesreceived through instant messaging applications and socialmedia.On an average a 17% of photos on your device are identicalcopiesof the original, which compromises phone memory andperformance. Sowhy to keep them when you don’t need them?!! "RemoveDuplicates-Organize & Optimize your Phone" The app scans anddisplaysduplicate or similar photos in sets. It then serves youwith theoption to delete the duplicate photos by selecting theentire setor a set of images from it. The best part is even if youdelete theentire set, it will ensure one copy of the photo is stillwith you.Cheers!!! Regain Storage Space for Free!! Download NOWFeatures --Smart De-Dupe scan modes: -- Scan for similar photos:Images whichare similar to each other but not exactly the same, forexample theones with same background but different tilts. -- Scanfor exactphotos: Exact scan glides through all the images and findsthephotos which are exactly the same. -- Preview duplicate picturesinsets: After scanning your phone, the photos are placed in setsforeasy viewing of the exact or similar photos. -- DetermineMemoryconsumed: Displays the memory absorbed by the duplicateimagesafter scanning the phone. -- Runs App in Background:Theapplication works in the background finding duplicate imageswhileyou perform additional tasks on the phone. Scan time dependson thenumber of images in your phone. -- Ensures retention of asinglecopy: Safely keeps one original image even if you delete theentireset. -- Explore number of duplicates: User can even trackthenumber of images deleted from the phone memory. -- RemovesscannedDuplicates in seconds: Once scanned, it takes just a fewseconds toremove duplicate photos.
“Duplicate Files Fixer” finds and removes duplicate files fromyourAndroid device so that you can recover additional storagespacewithout much ado. Moreover, similar photo cleaner thelatestfeature added to the application will remove similar picturestoo.Using this tool, you can search for similar pictures, copiesoffiles stored on the phone's internal or external storage.Plus,Duplicate Files Fixer scans for duplicate file contentsregardlessof file name and format. What kind of problems are causedbyduplicate files?   ● Slows down your Android device   ●Occupyunnecessary space   ● Creates a mess and disarray on yourdevice  ● Clutters device making finding data difficult   ● Makessearchesmore complicated and slow   ● Reduces storage capacity by amajorpercentage Key Features of Duplicate Files Fixer   ● Searchesforaccurate duplicate files stored on your Android device  ●Identifies both exact and similar looking copies of photos  ●Detects and deletes all types of duplicate files   ● WhitelistsAndroid files to avoid accidental deletion   ● Preview alldetectedduplicate files for safer search   ● Full scan mode andotheradvanced search methods   ● Comprehensive duplicate finderandremoval tool   ● Option to set scanning criteria   ● Automarkoption to quickly remove duplicates Why Duplicate Files Fixer?  ●Interface:This nifty tool makes detection and removal ofduplicatefiles super easy. In just a tap you can scan your deviceforduplicate file and can get rid of them. Not only this, Appprovidesdual themes - Classic & Material, to outspread itsreach tousers. The difference in both themes is their interface.Where theclassic theme is simple and plain, the material theme isattractiveand shows categorized results. These themes can beaccessed fromDuplicate Files Fixer and Remover settings.   ●Super-Fast ScanEngine: Scanning for duplicate files is done atlightning fastspeed.   ● Similar photo Cleaner: Cleans bothduplicate and similarphotos   ● Exclude Folders: Prevent folders ofyour choice frombeing scanned for duplicates files.   ● Scan anyfile type: You canscan specific file type for duplicates be itmedia, documents orany. Furthermore, can scan all at once, thechoice is yours.   ●Multi-lingual support: This duplicate fileremover app supports 15languages in total, including German,French, Japanese,Arabic andmany more.   ● Mark Options: ThisDuplicate Files Fixer and Removerapp provide 4 alternatives to markduplicates i.e. 'Mark All exceptFirst', 'Mark All except Last','Unmark All' & 'Unmark ShortestFile Location'. This means,don't have to mark duplicates manually.Use any of the options andyou’re good to go!
Junk Cleaner - Clean Trash/Cache & Super Cleaner 4.8
Magic Power
Junk Cleaner is a small and easy Android super cleaner. Withthisapp you can easily clean junk files and cache to free upstorage.Do unwanted apps and redundant files occupy your device’sstoragespace? Is your Android device performance slowing down?JunkCleaner can help you to solve these issues. Main Features ►JunkFiles Cleaning Delete residual files and useless APK files tofreeup device storage. ► Cache Cleaning Delete cache of apps tofree updevice storage. ► Large Files Cleaning List all large fileson yourdevice and you can choose some useless files to delete.Please sendus feedback if you encounter any problems.