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Cracked Screen Gyro 3D Parallax Wallpaper HD 1.0.5
The most realistic interactive 3DCrackedScreen Live Wallpaper ever! (trust me ;-)Featuring a stunning 3D parallax effect using your devicessensors(gyroscope or accelerometer)Features:* HD resolution textures, made for tablets!* Animated electronics behind the crackshowingreal CPU / RAM / Network / Battery usage.* Incredible 3D Parallax Effect using gyroscopeoraccelerometer* Prank mode: Shake to break!* Many many settings for you to play with, e.g.:* Use your own background pictures!* Adjust brightness / reflections* Adjust transparency of the crack* Adjust various 3D parallax parameters* Absolutely ad-free!Hint: Try it once with one eye closed while viewing. It'ssurprisingbut then the 3D effect is even more impressive.This is the Free-Version of Cracked Screen 3DParallaxHD. Nevertheless, it is 100 percent ad-free! If youwant tosupport me, you can buy Cracked Screen 3D ParallaxPRO andget some extra features :-) For the Pro-Version (orotherinteresting stuff), please check my other apps.Permissions explained:Read external storage: This is needed and only used for settingyourown custom background pictures.Now have fun :-)Alex
Mars in HD Gyro 3D Free 1.1
The "Must-Have-Live-Wallpaper" foreveryMartian ;-)Features:* Ultra HD resolution textures, made for tablets!(Butworks on phones too of course)* Incredible 3D parallax effect. Uses gyroscope/accelerometer* Uses real satellite imagery of mars and photographsofour milkyway (see below)* Sun and stars already included ;-)* Stunning lens flare effect* Brightness / Ambient Settings* Adjust the martian time of the year* Absolutely 100% ad-free!Hint: Try it once with one eye closed while viewing. It'ssurprisingbut then the 3D effect is even more impressive.This is the free version of our Mars Live Wallpaper. If you wanttosupport us, you can buy the xl version Mars in HD Gyro 3DXLand get some extra features:-) Please have a look at ourotherapps.If you rather like Earth, have a lookhere: if you like it hot, tryVenus: have fun :-)Alex from CodeKonditorCredits: Milkyway photograph (as used in the app and shownonscreenshots) by ESO / S. Brunier is licensed under CC BY3.0Mars color and elevation based on data courtesy of USGSAstrogeologyScience Center
Gyro Space Particles 3D Live Wallpaper 1.0.5
Free Version IncludesFeatures:- Fully 3D Parallax Live wallpaper with Rendered 1 Types ofAbstractParticles With GreenNebula Galaxy and 3 Types of Animated Touch FlowingParticles.- Incredible 3D parallax effect. Uses Gyroscope/Accelerometer.- Very smooth and battery efficient- When not visible application is completely stopped, it doesn'trunanything in backgroundFull Version Includes:Features:- Fully 3D Parallax Live wallpaper with Rendered 35 TypesofAbstract Particles With GreenNebula Galaxy and 3 Types of Animated Touch FlowingParticles.- Incredible 3D parallax effect. Uses Gyroscope/Accelerometer.Effects:- 3D Animated Asteroids- 3D Touch Flowing Crystal Squares- 3D Touch Flowing Particles With Trails- 30 Types of Touch Flowing Abstract Particle Plexus- Gyroscope Rotation- Effects Includes:- Animated Background Constellations- 4 Types of Abstract Infinite Particles- 4 Types of Space Portal with Abstract Particles- Blue Plexus- Red Plexus- Golden Plexus- Green Plexus- Yellow Plexus- White Plexus- Liquid Plexus- Auto color Change Plexus- Blue Liquid Particle Plexus- Yellow Liquid Particle Plexus- Golden Liquid Particle Plexus- Green Liquid Particle Plexus- Pink Liquid Particle Plexus- White Liquid Particle PlexusSUMMARY:- Very Colorful, Animated, 3D Abstract Particles With TouchFlowingParticle PlexusEffects.- Everything is 3D rendered in OpenGL 3.0, with fullyinteractiveEffects that supports multi-touch. Both tablets and phones & are fully supported inbothportrait and landscapemodes!Futuristic 3D Graphics Created By Unity 3D.More Options Will Be Added In Upcoming Version.The Best android 3D live Wallpaper 2017ENJOY ;)3D Android Live Wallpaper made with Unity 3D
Fractal Combat X
OYK Games
FCX is an action-packed flight combatgame,sporting top notch 3D graphics, VR support and aprogressivelyintense gameplay!MAIN FEATURES- Exciting, fast-paced arcade flight combat action- Top notch 3D graphics- Virtual Reality support via Google Cardboard-like visors!- Unique gorgeous fractal landscapes- Dozens of missions in Story mode- New missions every day!- Game controller support (Android HID)- Epic sound tracks- Arcade and Simulator modes- Google Services: Leaderboards, Achievements, Cloud SavePARTNERS- Native support for Intel x86, Intel GPUs and OpenGL ES 3.2- As featured in TegraZone! Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD
Ink Space 1.0
Ink Space is a small experimental drawingtoolwhich uses the accelerometer on your android device to movethedrawings you make in 3d. It's part of the androidexperimentsinitiative.The project itself it fairly straight forward you can draw, movethephone by tilting in different directions, adjust line that youaredrawing, create an animated line which pulses and re-drawsitselfand record an animated gif of whatever you make.Double-tapping (orhitting the trash icon in the menu) clears theapp.As an artist I'm experimenting with new types of drawing tools,andwhat does drawing in the 21st century look like ? -- ink spaceisresearch in that realm. If have a drawing basically in yourhands,what does it look like to move around that drawing andexperiencemore as a dimensional form that requires you to both drawandmove.
3D Piano Keyboard 1.0
Piano 3D Keyboard is the mostpopularpiano learning & music discovery tool for the Android.Downloadnow and immerse yourself into an unparalleled audio &visualexperience!3D Piano is a piano playing application on Windows with a3Dinterface, effects, shading, bringing the same experience as arealpianoTo own a piano you have to spend a small amount of money,especiallythe type of muscle, sometimes just stand and look. Ifyou have evertried the piano simulation software Piano 3D you cansatisfy yourlove playing piano right on the computer.3D Pianos Keyboard HD work well on both tablets and desktops.Itrearranges the audio with the ADSR filter that gives the userhighquality sound. You can zoom in or out to see thefullkeyboardFeatures 3D Piano Keyboard :- Jaw-dropping 3D graphics powered by Metal- Ultra realistic multi-sampled piano sound- 3D Piano HD numerous piano instruments to choose from- Huge user generated song library- Music Composer: Write your own songs and share it toYouTube,Facebook or with other app users- F3D Piano HD full on-screen multi-touch 88 keys keyboard with3DTouch support- Play the real thing on the 3D graphics platform- 3D Piano use high-fidelity piano sound- The library contains over 750 songs and the numberkeepsrising- Audio bus support and audio in the application- Simultaneous 87-key multi-touch keyboard andAndroid/Tabletdisplay- 3D Piano HD Decrease tempo whenever you want or pause andstartlearning each note again- Switch to piano mode to improve the playing skills betterandsuitable for left-handed or right-handed players- Built-in video recording, midi or audio recording(optional)- Slow down the song at any time or pause it and start learningitnote by note- Switch to learn mode to help you sharpen your skills furtheranddifferentiate left hand and right hand- 3D Piano HD built in Audio/Midi/Video recorder- Full core midi support: connect your midi keyboard viaApplecamera kit or any other Android supported midi adapter andwatchyour performance turn into 3D art- Record on-screen performance and instantly share it toYouTubeand/or Facebook right from inside the app!- Midi Out/Virtual Midi Out: control any midi capable deviceandapps that supports background audio- 3D Piano Keyboard integration using Inter-App Audio &Audiobus support3D Piano models download , free Piano 3d models and 3d objectsforcomputer graphics applications like advertising, CG works,3Dvisualization, interior design, animation and 3D game, web andanyother field related to 3D design.In general, the 3D Piano Keyboard HD works well with a virtualpianoon a phone, with smooth piano sound. A free application likePiano3D may well be enough. Download the 3D Piano to play thepiano onAndroid.
GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator
Easily solve 3D math problems, graph3Dfunctions and surfaces, create geometric constructions in 3D,saveand share your results. Millions of people around the worlduseGeoGebra to learn mathematics and science. Join us:DynamicMathematics for everyone!• Plot f(x,y) functions and parametric surfaces• Create solids, spheres, planes and many more 3D objects• Get intersection points and cross-sections• Experience sliders, points, graphs and geometry allworkingtogether• Search for free learning activities directly from our app• Save and share your results with friends and teachersVisit to learn more and find all our freeGeoGebraapps. We’d love to hear from you: send us your questionsorfeedback via Twitter @geogebra or to
Space Speed 3D
You have to check out their own reflectionsina new arcade space with a high space speed andmagnificentthree-dimensional graphics. Perform tasks on speedytracks, collectthe chips, dodge the obstacles and get points. Morespacespeed.   Features:- There are over 100 levels.- Two types of Stages: Tube and Space.- You can set speed in level.- You can shoot obstacles.- You can also select different chips that give points oflifecartridges and magnets.   1) gives a yellow crystal holder   2) pink crystal gives life plus   3) gives the crystal blue magnet thatattractspoints- You can perform tasks in levels and get some extra points.- Left button is responsible for the jump.- Right-click to shoot.- You can change your speed and accelerate.- You can pass each day Day's Word Challenge.- If you bump into an object (and no life), or not going tothecorrect lane for some time (in some levels), then youlose.- The game has a leader board for Tube and Space stages.- You can view your statistics.- In addition a good accompanying music and special effects.Unlike most games (as speedx) of this kind, this is divided intoaplurality of individual chapters and levels, each of which youneedto get to the finish line. To successfully complete a level onhighspeed, you must using the accelerometer (or buttons as select)tocontrol the unknown hero you and dodge obstacles that appearinyour way throughout the gameplay. You must also collectspecialcrystals chips (as previously written), scattered throughoutthelocation speedy, and you'll walk through a huge tunnel andthecosmos. Graphics in the game is bright, dynamic gameplay, andthecomplexity is increasing and does not get bored. Morespacespeed.Have a good game)
Butterfly 3D Live Wallpaper
2017 HD
With the Butterfly 3D Live Wallpaper we planned to surpassallexpectations! Not only is the 3D moving design an interestingtouchfor any wallpaper, add the HD background and severalanimationoptions and you get the bets new live wallpaper 2017HD!Taking advantage of the latest screen resolutions available in2017,our team created the Butterfly 3D Live Wallpaper. The HDlivewallpaper 2017 collection includes this amazing app that willnotmake your phone run slowly and does not take much space.This amazing Live Wallpaper can completely change the way youuseand interact with your phone! Our latest LiveWallpaper,Butterfly 3D Live Wallpaper, lets you customize yourbackgroundwith awesome personalization features!★ With our new Live Wallpaper, you get:• A library of free Live Wallpapers! You can downloadfreeLive Wallpapers from the app's menu! Once you download adesign,you can reapply it at any time!• Customize your background with different funelementsand colors!• Choose the interactive effects! Pick the way in whichyourcolour changing Live Wallpaper reacts when you touchthescreen!• HD graphics and a fantastic design!★ We've created one of the best free Live Wallpapers justforyou! Try Butterfly 3D Live Wallpaper today! !★ How to install this super Live Wallpaper ★• Download Butterfly 3D Live Wallpaper and wait for theappto install;• Open the app and begin personalizing your awesomeLiveWallpaper;• Select "Set Active Theme" and the installationiscomplete!• Enjoy one of our most amazing Live Wallpaper apps, Butterfly3DLive Wallpaper!★ Get more free Live Wallpapers lik Butterfly 3DLiveWallpaper!★ Visit our developer page for more amazingLiveWallpapers HD to personalize your Android phone or tablet! Doyoulike this epic Live Wallpaper? Then please rate andreviewit!End User Licence AgreementRead to find out the conditions for downloading, installing,usingand accessing features of this app - PolicyWe do not store personal information. See what data we analyzeandhow it is used -
Angry Rhino Simulator 1.0
Yamtar Games
✦ Extreme wild life mode.✦ Console quality 3D graphics, animations and effects.✦ Huge 3D forest map.✦ Lots of animal enemies - hyena, rhino, lion, bear,boar,buffalo,elephant, deer, gorilla, wolf, cheetah, crocodile,domesticanimalsand more.
Sensor Box for Android 6.2
Sensor Box for Android detects allavailablesensors on your Android device, and vividly shows you howthey workwith amazing graphics. Sensor Box for Android also tellsyou whichsensors are supported by the hardware, and providesextremelyuseful sensor tools that could be used in our dailylife.Sensors included- Gyroscope SensorGyroscope sensor can measure six directions at a time. You willbeable to see the effects immediately by rotating yourphoneslightly. Now Gyroscope sensor is mostly used in 3Dgamedevelopment, and possibly indoor navigation in future.- Light SensorLight sensor is applied to detect the light intensity oftheenvironment, and then adjusts screen brightness anddetermineswhether to turn off the keyboard light. Test the effectby puttingyour phone in dark place and retrieving it.- Orientation SensorOrientation sensor is applied to detect direction status ofthedevice, i.e. auto rotate screen when device isrotatedhorizontally. It can also be used as measure equipment likeSpiritLevel.- Proximity SensorProximity sensor measures the distance between two objects,usuallythe device screen and our hands/face etc. Test the effect bymovingyour hand forward and backward in front of the device inSensor Boxfor Android.- Temperature SensorTemperature sensor provides information about yourdevicetemperature, thus you can take action when the temp is toolow orhigh.- Accelerometer SensorAccelerometer sensor is applied to detect device directions, rotate screen when the device is rotated vertically. Itisalso widely used in game development.- SoundSound detects the sound intensity around you and providesyoudetailed information about the intensity changes.- Magnetic FieldMagnetic Field is used in many areas like metal detectionandcompass, which bring us lot convenience in our life.- PressurePressure is used to detect environmental pressure, thus toforecastweather and temperature.Sensor Box for Android only detects changes. It may not showthecorrect temperature, proximity, light and pressure values ifnochanges occur.For better performances, sensors are usually used together.Checkout the live demonstration inside the application! Anyfeedback theemail address below is the best way to get in touchwith us.
Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong 1.1.27
Play virtual table tennis 3D. A great pingponggame that will make you feel beyond real!If you like to play pingpong or tabletennis, this game is agreatracket challenge for you. Improve your handles, enjoy yourfreetimeand have a sensational feeling of playing table tennis3D.Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong is an addictive Ping Pong gamewithsuperb graphics, effects and awesome soundFX. The best part isthatyou can play it as in real life, against your friends or theAI.Smash, swing or spin the ball to climb your way up in careermodeif you take the table tennis challenge.If you're a fan of sport games Table Tennis 3D will captivateyouwith features such as:● Three Awesome modes1. Quick Match with three levels of difficulty✓ Beginner✓ Intermediate✓ Expert2. Career mode - sharpen your table tennis skills at 5 levels✓ Local Level✓ State Level✓ Country Level✓ Continent Level✓ International Level3. Head To Head✓ Play table tennis in head-to-head mode with your friends(hasFacebook/Twitter integration) on the same device● Smart AI competitor programmed based on human behavior(reactiontime, strength, skill, speed etc.)● Play sidespin, corkspin, smash, lob, flick, loop shot etc.similarto real table tennis modes● Powerful physics engine gives realistic effects to the ballandbat for better ping pong experience● Three types of bats/ paddles with configurationavailablefor✓ Speed✓ Spin✓ Control● Select a bat and ball you feel comfortable playing with basedonthe different power and spin● Zoom In/Out the camera while playing the ping pong to changeyourviewport● Play table tennis in head-to-head mode with your friends(hasFacebook/Twitter integration) on the same deviceTable Tennis 3D is the most realistic ping pong simulatorforAndroid and you'll definitely enjoy not only the physicsbehind,but also its 3D graphics and effects.Stay updated with Table Tennis 3d Live Ping Pong game news at you want to help us translate the description in otherlanguages,please put a mail to us on Thankyou.Keep playing Live Ping Pong with this awesome Table Tennis3Dgame.By installing this app you agree to the following PrivacyPolicy:
GFXBench GL Benchmark 4.0.13
Kishonti Ltd.
GFXBench is a free, cross-platformandcross-API 3D graphics benchmark that measures graphicsperformance,long-term performance stability, render quality andpowerconsumption with a single, easy-to-use application.GFXBench 4.0 enables measuring mobile and desktop performancewithadvanced graphics effects and increased workloads.Features:• Car Chase, a new OpenGL ES 3.1 plus Android Extension Packtest:the first benchmark to test devices with game-likecontentutilizing Android Extension Pack features such ashardwaretessellation• Car Chase render features:o Hardware-tessellation for the background environmento Bézier-curves and adaptive tessellation used for the smoothcarsurfaceo Geometry and compute shaders used for multiple effects: HDRtonemapping bloom, lens flares, particles, motion bluro Dynamic lighting and cascaded shadows, realtime reflectionsoncarso Real time SSAO for depth-of-field effect• New low-level tessellation test• Automatically detects your device's capabilities and selectsthemost appropriate test set for your device to provideaccurateinformation. Therefore the list of available tests may varybetweendevices.• Including Manhattan 3.0 for OpenGL ES 3.0 and Manhattan 3.1forOpenGL ES 3.1 testing• Battery and Stability test: Measures the device’s battery lifeandperformance stability by logging frames-per-second (FPS)andexpected battery running while running sustainedgame-likeanimations• Render quality test: Measures the visual fidelity provided bythedevice in the high-end gaming-like scene• Multi-lingual, easy-to-use user interface: devicecomparisonwithin the application by downloading the completeGFXBenchdatabase, extensive system information• On-screen and off-screen test run modes• Includes all previous low-level tests for devices with onlyES2.0capability.Test list (varied by OpenGL ES capabilities):• Car Chase• Manhattan 3.1• Manhattan• T-Rex• Tessellation• ALU 2• Texturing• Driver Overhead 2• Render Quality• Battery and Stability• ALU• Alpha Blending• Driver Overhead• FillPlease note: The full fledged benchmark needs at least 300 MBfreespace on the device (required for the high-leveltestscenes).Used permissions:• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, INTERNETThese are used by the data downloading and updating processes.Wetry to constrain our downloads to Wifi networks.• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThese are used to store and read downloaded data on theexternalstorage if its more adequate.• BATTERY_STATS, CAMERA, READ_LOGS, WRITE_SETTINGSWe strive to display the most detailed hardware informationpossiblewithout any network communication. These flags are usedfor thispurpose.You can compare your benchmark results with all the otheruploadedresults at our website: you need any help, please contact us via!
3D Wallpapers Backgrounds HD 1.6
Do you want to see the best trends of3d,Hdand 4K wallpapers?Download the app now, it is FREE!😍❤️Let your device become a cool, stylist, joy, andinspirationfrom this app!😍❤️👌 New Photos and Wallpapers 3D HD everyday 🎉🎉🎉🎉 3D 4K Wallpapers for full HD quality wallpaper. 🎉🎉Beautiful "3D Wallpapers Backgrounds HD " widescreen Forallfans of Graphics Art 3D Illustrations - Cute 3d AnimationImagesAnd Cool "Wallpapers" for Mobile Free Download 3d wallpapersandbackgrounds!Amazing collection of ♥ Lock Screen Wallpapers, Home ScreenandBackgrounds ♥ to set the picture as wallpaper on your phoneingood quality.♥ cool girly wallpapers ♥3D Wallpapers App From time to time we exclude those images,whichreceived poor rating and not interesting for our users. Thus,youget the best HD backgrounds for freeThe application 3D Wallpapers Backgrounds HD features:✓ Huge base of pictures HQ, HD, 1080p✓ full hd wallpapers 1920x1080✓ wallpapers connected with graphic 3d.✓ Change wallpaper in just few clicks✓ Possibility to modify size of wallpaper to your needs✓ No big advertisements✓ 3D Wallpapers 4K Free✓ 3D Wallpapers 4k (ultra hd) offers✓ Free wallpapers associated with 3D.✓ A huge database of wallpapers at a resolution of 4K.✓ Every day new wallpapers✓ Preview wallpaper with the possibility of zoom.✓ Ability to create your own database of favorite wallpapers.✓ Sharing wallpapers with friends through social networking.✓ Animated loading screen, about theme of 3D.✓ 3d wallpapers nature✓ 3d wallpaper live✓ 3d background wallpaper✓ 3d wallpaper for android free✓ hd wallpapers without internetcategory of app 3D Wallpapers Backgrounds HD :✓ 3d wallpaper hd✓ christmas wallpaper✓ abstract wallpaper hd✓ car wallpaper hd 3d images✓ 3d animal wallpaper✓ 4k wallpapers and backgrounds hd✓ nature wallpaper hd✓ flower wallpaper hd✓ 4k car wallpaper✓ macro wallpapers✓ food wallpaper✓ 3d wallpapers hd✓ animal wallpaper hd✓ cat wallpaper✓ dog wallpaper✓ city wallpaper✓ City Night Wallpaper✓ scary wallpapers✓ Glitter wallpaper✓ holidays wallpaper✓ fantasy wallpapers 4k✓ flower wallpaper✓ wallpaper download✓ beautiful wallpapers✓ wallpaper for mobile✓ galaxy wallpaper✓ best wallpapers✓ funny wallpapers✓ wallpaper for phone✓ rose wallpaper✓ mobile wallpapers✓ 4k wallpaper✓ android wallpaper✓full hd wallpapers✓ wallpaper 3d✓ download wallpaper✓ wallpaper images✓ dark wallpaper✓ 3d wallpaper hd nature✓ cool wallpapers✓ wallpaper hd for mobile✓ 4k gaming wallpaper✓ 3d girl wallpaper✓ 3d dog wallpaper ✓ 3d love hd wallpapers 1080p free✓cool wallpapers 3dAll the photos undergo rigorous selection by quality andpicturecomposition. Only the backgrounds of Full HD resolution andabove(QHD wallpapers and 4K wallpapers) are allowed. Also weselectvivid and lively backgrounds that will look great afterframing andsetting on home desktop or lock screen. In case we getan imagecopy of higher quality, we will substitute it for thenewone.♥ cool wallpaper hd for mobile ♥full hd wallpapers 1920x1080wallpaper 720x1280hd wallpapers 1080p free download♥ Awesome Cool Wallpape Graphics Art 3D Illustrations AndCuteBackground Free Download! 3d hd wallpapers ♥What are you waiting for? Download 👌3d wallpaper hd -BackgroundsHD🎉🎉 now and customize your smartphone home screeneasily andfastly!We are always striving to provide the best user experience forourusers. We are also looking for your feedback, suggestionorrecommendation. Please, feel free to email us at"" so we can continue to bring you thebestexperiences and updates.
Vibration Alarm 16.02.9
Mobile Tools
Android devices have a vibration sensor-accelerometer. It is a sensitive sensor that reports thedevicevibrations.This tool is powerful vibration meter tool.It has the following features:- shows vibrations in real time- saves vibration data into SD card- provides configurable sound alarm that may be used to:- detect the earthquakes when you sleep- detect if somebody opens the door when you sleepIt is recommended to use the battery charger when it works foralong time.If you want to recommend the alarm feature that mayrecognizeearthquake will also use this facebook page to keep you informed aboutthework progress and current activities and plans forthefuture.This application comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.Notice:There is a problem that occurs on some devices. Some devices maynotprovide the data when from the vibration sensor when the screenisoff. This is an Android error.We are trying to find a good workaround.Send us the information if the application does notwork,pleaseVery deep technicalinformation
Sensor Test 1.4.1
Your can test sensors in yoursmartphone.Supported sensors:- Accelerometer- Light sensor- Proximity sensor- Magnetometer- Gyroscope- Barometer (pressure sensor)Also useful for developers, who build custom kernels.
Ball Alien 1.0.8
Bouland Games
Balance game with amazing cool 3Dgraphics,animation effects, relaxing background score, cleverlevelcomplexity, addictive and challenging gameplay.Ball Alien successfully combines the elements of arcade andpuzzle.An errant ball is the only character travelling in space.This ballstory originated in the early 80s with the game MarbleMadness andcontinued by Ballance in 2000s.STORYA long time ago in a galaxy far far away... a wonderful journeyofthe ball continues.No one knows for certain why and when this story was originated.Thenature of the ball remains unknown as well. Perhaps it isthecreation of an ancient civilization, wandering through timeandspace. Or just a figment of imagination.Whatever it is, you have an opportunity to plunge into a newstory,see the reality by its eyes, feel another unexplored side oflife.And, of course, get an unforgettable experience.What are you waiting for? Balance the ball!The main goal of the game is to pass through all thelevelsbalancing and reach the maximum score. Various elementsandobstacles are being introduced as one moves onto newlevels,meaning that the complexity and level of puzzle solvingrequiredare gradually increasing as the game progresses.You will find 5 lives to spend and the unique ability toswitchmaterial and physical characteristics of the ball turning itlight,medium or heavy. However, this feature is to be used onlyatspecial transformation points.FEATURES• Balance game• Classic gameplay• Deep atmosphere• Modern graphics• Realistic physics• Intuitive controls• No time limits• Free-to-playBall Alien is accessible both for kids and adults, easy-to-learnandcontrol. Vivid graphics and addictive gameplay contribute toquickrelaxation and bright emotions.
3D Gyro Compass 1.12
Finwe Ltd.
Combines accelerometer, magnetometerandgyroscope sensor data with state-of-the-art AHRS algorithmtocreate fast, accurate and stable tilt-compensated compassthatsimply needs to be experienced with own eyes.The app utilizes Rightware's leading Kanzi framework forsmoothrendering with HW accelerated 3D graphics. There are twodifferentthemes to choose from: traditional style "Adventure" andmodern"Marine".As a bonus, Marine mode contains a damped string suspensionwithmodeled physics for rough conditions. No matter how you movethedevice, the compass ball just seems to be magically floating intheair.Download and share freely. If you're interested, the sensorfusionalgorithm is open source and available under LGPL license(contactus for more information).You are welcome to ask questions, discuss and read news aboutourother apps at http://finweaiapps.blogspot.fiNotice:- The algorithm requires all three movement sensors. Somefairlymodern devices in the market do not include gyroscope (forexample,Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1).- Marine mode ball compass is supposed to be viewed from side,notfrom top. Directions seem opposite if viewed from top.Stay tuned for other amazing apps from Finwe Ltd.
AirAttack 2 - WW2 Airplanes Shooter
Art In Games
Sequel of Award Winning next-gen top downaircombat shooter with stunning 3D graphics and amazingorchestralsoundtrack.Enjoy the classic atmosphere of WW2 arcade shoot 'em up (orshmup)in modern rendering.Prepare your plane and destroy the axis of evil withFlamethrower,Tail Gunner, Bombs, ...Show your friends no mercy in the daily events!Features:* 22 Campaign Missions + Survival Mission* Fully destructible 3D environment* Orchestral soundtrack with 30 unique tracks* Daily Events with rewards* 5 Player Airplanes* Plane Upgrades: Flamethrower, Tail Gunner, Bombs, Lasers,Wingmen,Homing Rockets, ...* Amazing Lighting and Explosion Effects* Landscape / Portrait orientation* support for Android TV, S-Pen, Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard,NVIDIAShield* can be played offlineIf you like our game, please do not forget to rate it.Thanks!Graphics quality can be changed in game [Pause menu]=>[Settings] => [Graphics quality]You can turn off events notifications in Main menu=>[Settings]
Sensor Kinetics 3.1.1
Does your phone have a gyroscope? How doesyourphone compare with your friend’s phone? Does it have a moreadvancedaccelerometer or gyroscope? What other mysterioushigh-tech sensorsdoes your tablet have hidden on board, and whatdo they do? Find outwith Sensor Kinetics.Sensor Kinetics is an advanced viewer and monitor for all ofthestandard sensors available in your Android device. It allows youtodemonstrate sensor activity and perform complex anddetailedexperiments. The built-in Multi-Sensor Recorder allows youto viewand record multiple sensors simultaneously.Written by one of the pioneers of the use of accelerometersandgyroscopes within the modern smartphone, it providesacomprehensive look at the total dynamics of the combinedoperationsof all the sensors.The app demonstrates the use of the accelerometer, gyroscope andtherotation sensor to control a tilt based view navigation liketheRotoView technology by INNOVENTIONS. It also demonstratestheoperation of the magnetic sensor, the linear accelerationsensorand the gravity sensor within special graphicaldisplays.Use Sensor Kinetics to monitor and understand the behavior ofthesensors while you change the delay setting oractivate/deactivatespecific sensors. Each sensor is attached to asophisticated chartviewer. The Multi-Sensor Recorder recordsmultiple sensorssimultaneously at a controlled data rate. If youneed to save orshare sensor charts, please purchase the companionSensor KineticsPro. The Pro version is also ad free.For educational users, the app includes comprehensive helpfileswhich provide physics students with hands-on knowledge of howthesesensors interact with smartphones and suggest numerousexperimentsyou can perform on your phone or tablet.Who Should Use Sensor Kinetics?Developers, students, hobbyists, technicians, engineers...anyonewho's curious about what lies "under the hood" of theirmobiledevice!Test your Android phone or tablet: Sensor Kinetics allows youtotest all of the sensors on your device. For example, youcanquickly determine if your Android device has a gyroscope sensorandhow fast it's operating. The numerous chart viewers allow youtomeasure any sensor over time and gauge their accuracyandbehavior.Educational: Sensor Kinetics demonstrates the physics ofgravity,acceleration, rotation, magnetism and more as these forcesaremeasured by your phone or tablet. The app includescomprehensivehelp files with easy to understand information andexperiments youcan perform with the sensors.App Developers: View in detail the behavior of the sensors usedinyour apps. Compare the performance of advanced sensorslikegyroscope, linear acceleration sensor and therotationsensor.Sensor Kinetics relates to gyroscope and accelerometer dataloggingand to the science and physics of the magnetometer, thepressuresensor, the relative humidity sensor, the light sensor, thelinearacceleration sensor, the temperature sensor, the proximitysensor,and the gravity sensor.
3DMark - The Gamer's Benchmark
Futuremark Oy
3DMark is a popular benchmarking app thathelpsyou test and compare the performance of your smartphoneandtablet.3DMark benchmarks the GPU and CPU performance of your device. Attheend of the test, you get a score, which you can use tocomparemodels. But 3DMark also gives you so much more.More than a score3DMark is designed around data-driven stories that help youlearnmore about your smartphone and tablet. With its uniquecharts,lists, and rankings, 3DMark gives you unrivaled insightsinto theperformance of your device.See how your best scores compare with others from the samemodel.Learn how the performance of your device has changed witheachAndroid OS update. Compare your device with popular models andseeif it's time for an upgrade. Discover the devices that deliverthebest performance without overheating or slowing down.Best benchmark for your deviceEvery year, we add new benchmark tests to 3DMark. When you opentheapp, 3DMark will recommend the best benchmark for your device.Tosave storage space and minimize download times, you canchoosewhich tests you want to install.Choose Sling Shot Extreme to compare flagship Android devicesfromHTC, LG, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and othermanufacturerswith the latest iPhone and iPad models. Now includesVulkan andOpenGL ES 3.1 tests.Sling Shot is a benchmark for comparing mainstream Androiddeviceswith popular iPhone and iPad models.Use Ice Storm Extreme to compare low cost Android smartphonesandtablets with older iPhone and iPad models. Or compare basicAndroidand iOS devices with Ice Storm.The API Overhead feature test is a special test for comparingtheperformance of Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics APIs onyourdevice.Choose your next phone the easy wayWith performance data for almost 5,000 devices, it is easy tofindand compare the best smartphones and tablets with 3DMark. Youcansearch, filter, and sort to compare the latest Android andiOSdevices.Better benchmarking starts here.Millions of people, hundreds of review sites and many of theworld'sleading technology companies use 3DMark to test and comparetheperformance of smartphones and tablets.3DMark is a free app. There are no ads or in-app purchases.Downloadit today and join millions of people who choose 3DMark foraccurateand impartial benchmark results.
Euler Compass 0.1
Rene Lindsay
This beautifully rendered 3D Compassutilizesadvanced sensor fusion algorithms, to combine data fromtheaccelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. This allows thecompassto remain stable and accurate, yet instantly respond tochanges intilt and orientation. The app uses hardware acceleratedOpenGL 3Dgraphics for smooth animation of the compass, and alsodisplays thecurrent roll, pitch and heading in degrees.
Craft Star: Explore
Try a new game with stunningpixelgraphics,magic 3D cubes and the real world,in which you are the main character! Build from houseblocks,roads,bridges, tunnels, caves, parks with varioustrees,flowers and other vegetation. In the game you will meetwithcuteanimals. Be careful at night: you canto attack terrible monsters, huge spiders, zombiesarestrong,elusive skeletons. Fight them and receive a rewardvaluable resources. In the game you can fly, playwithyourfriends,crafting different things. This game is for those wholovetheseadventures !!!
Live Wallpaper 2018 HD
A new 2017 live wallpaper 3D is here! Amazing graphics,smoothmovements, great animations! This Live Wallpaper 2018 HD appis abeautiful 3D live wallpaper 2017 HD quality that will make yousay'wow!'. Live wallpaper 2017 new with beautiful animations,slidingeffects, animated elements, amazing experience.This live wallpaper 2017 HD quality is free for download. Youcanget Live Wallpaper 2018 HD app right now and experience awonderfulanimated live wallpaper at your fingertips. This liveWallpaper2017 version is loaded with amazing graphics and effects,virtuallyalive! Live wallpapers 2017 versions are actual and readyfor yourAndroid devices. Download this beautiful live wallpaper andenjoy asmartphone that looks different. It is free!Live Wallpaper 2018 HD is great for smartphone usersthatwant new personalization apps! Give your Android deviceanew look with this amazing free live wallpaper. Look attheHD screenshots to see how this amazing design will lookonyour phone!★How to install★•Download Live Wallpaper 2018 HD and wait for the apptoinstall on your Android device;•Open the app and begin personalizing your freelivewallpaper;• When you are done, select "Set Active Theme" andtheinstallation is complete!•Start using your new live wallpaper!★More free live wallpapers!★ Visit our developer pageformore amazing wallpapers to personalize your Android phoneortablet! Do you like this free live wallpaper? Then please rateandreview! We love reading your reviews!A live wallpaper can completely change the way you useandinteract with your phone! You can do more than justdecorateyour device! The Live Wallpaper 2018 HD lets you customizeyourwallpaper with the amazing personalization features!✱ Change wallpapers! You can pick a different freelivewallpaper from the app's menu! You need to download awallpaperonce. After that you can change it any time!✱ Customize the different elements and colors!✱ Choose the interactive effects! Pick the way in whichyourlive wallpaper reacts when you touch the screen for auniqueexperience!✱ HD graphics and amazing design! Our team of designershavecreated apps to customize your phone or tablet. Try theamazingLive Wallpaper 2018 HD today! It is amazing free livewallpapertoday!Personalize your phone with a unique design that works onanyAndroid version. Download Live Wallpaper 2018 HD nowandstart testing out all these amazing features on your Androidphoneor tablet!
Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite 1.8.5
Useful for STEM education, academia,andindustry, this app uses device sensor inputs to collect,record,and export data in comma separated value (csv) formatthrough ashareable .csv file. Data can be plotted against elapsedtime on agraph or displayed digitally. Users can export the datafor furtheranalysis in a spreadsheet or plotting tool. This appalso generatestones, colors, and a stroboscope. for avariety of usage ideas for STEMeducation.A menu allows the user to sense or generate the following(dependentupon the user’s mobile device capabilities):SENSORS(1) G-Force Meter - ratio of Fn/Fg (x, y, z and/or total)(2) Linear Accelerometer – acceleration (x, y, and/or z)(3) Gyroscope - radial velocity (x, y, and/or z)(4) Barometer - atmospheric pressure(5) Roller Coaster - G-Force Meter, Linear Accelerometer,Gyroscope,and Barometer(6) Hygrometer - relative humidity(7) Thermometer - temperature(8) Proximeter - periodic motion and timer (timer andpendulummodes)(9) Ruler - distance between two points(10) Magnetometer - magnetic field intensity (x, y, zand/ortotal)(11) Compass - magnetic field direction and bubble level(12) GPS - latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, direction,numberof satellites(13) Inclinometer - azimuth, roll, pitch(14) Light Meter - light intensity(15) Color Detector - detects HEX colors within a smallrectanglearea on the screen via the camera.(16) Sound Meter - sound intensity(17) Tone Detector - frequency and musical tone(18) Oscilloscope (audio) - wave shape and relative amplitude(19) Spectrum Analyzer (audio) - graphical FFT(20) Spectrogram (audio) - waterfall FFTMULTI RECORD(21) Multi RecordGENERATORS(22) Tone Generator – sound frequency producer(23) Color Generator – R/G/B/Y/C/M, white, and customcolorscreen(24) Stroboscope (beta) - camera flashIn multi record, users choose one or more of the above sensorstocollect data at the same time. Files can be easily namedbeforeexport, or saved to the device's internal for easyorganization andretrieval later on.Additional features include the ability to record data withclocktime or elapsed time, select either the comma or semicolon asthecsv delimiter, change line width on graphs, modify therelativesensor collection rate, and maintain the screen on atalltimes.Permissions Explained:LocationUsed to calculate the azimuth.Photos/Media/FilesA csv file is created and modified on the phone'sinternalmemory.MicrophoneThe app has a sound meter mode that analyzes sound usingthemicrophone.
Accelerator 2.5
Accelerator is an accelerometercontrolledspeedgame. Rules are simple; go as far as you can, anddon't hitanybarriers in the amazing tunnel.Compete with your friends via Facebook scoreboard.*You can use your own music.Thanks to:Necati KülahciogluOnur YenerAhmet AktanMehmet Ergür
Zombie Waves 3D
Zombies? OH YEAH!3D graphics and full 3D environments? OH YEAH!100% free to play? OH YEAH!First Person Shooter FPS controls? OH YEAH!Guns? OH YEAH!Grenades? OH YEAH!Launcher? OH YEAH!Market place to buy more guns and ammo with coins fromkillingzombies? OH YEAH!New levels with every update? OH YEAH!Install now and start your counter walking dead experience!
Cracked Screen Gyro 3D PRO Parallax Wallpaper HD 1.0.5
The most realistic interactive 3DCrackedScreen Live Wallpaper ever! (trust me ;-)Featuring a stunning 3D parallax effect using your devicessensors(gyroscope or accelerometer)Features:* HD resolution textures, made for tablets!* Animated electronics behind the crackshowingreal CPU / RAM / Network / Battery usage.* Incredible 3D Parallax Effect using gyroscopeoraccelerometer* Prank mode: Shake to break!* Many many settings for you to play with, e.g.:* Use your own background pictures!* Adjust brightness / reflections* Adjust transparency of the crack* Adjust various 3D parallax parameters* Absolutely ad-free!Hint: Try it once with one eye closed while viewing. It'ssurprisingbut then the 3D effect is even more impressive.Extra Features in this version:* Touch to break! Breaks at the position where youtouchit!* Zoom and move the crack!* Zoom and move the electronics!This is the Pro-Version of Cracked Screen 3DParallaxHD. If you want to try the Free-Version first,pleasecheck my other apps. The Free-Version is alsocompletelyad-free, but if you want to support me and getsome extrafeatures, buy this one :-)Permissions explained:Read external storage: This is needed to set your ownbackgroundpictures.Now have fun :-)Alex
Car Driving 3D 2.3
this game is for you! Hawk drift simulator3Dgame gassing and ready to drift ?features:- High quality graphics- Steering wheel, gas pedal and gearshift controls- Hand brakecar driving, car simulator, car drift
Parallax Nature: Summer Day 3D Gyro Wallpaper 1.0.5
A beautiful painting of a summer day outinthe countryside :-) With fascinating 3D parallaxeffect!Features:☀ Wonderful dynamic 3D landscape scene with parallaxeffectof a sunny summer day at the lake☀ A gentle wind rustles through the leaves of the trees,andthe grass☀ Gentle wind and water waves create an incrediblyvividimpression☀ Enjoy the reflections of the scenery on the water☀ In the scene you can see a painting, as if someone wasjustabout to finish painting the landscape☀ Customize the scene by using your own photos forthispainting☀ It's soooo romantic ;-) (→Put a photo of your darlingonthe painting! He/she will love it! ;-)☀ Incredible 3D Parallax Effect using sensors:workswith gyroscope OR accelerometer / compass☀ Continuous depth: Not just another Parallax Wallpaperwitha fixed number of depth layers, it's continuous☀ Parallax strength and sensor type (gyroscopeoraccelerometer / compass) can be adjusted☀ HD resolution textures, made for tablets (but worksonphones as well, of course)!☀ High Performance: Optimal FPS! (at least on my GalaxyS4,Nexus and LG P920 ;-)☀ It's 100% ad-free! No unnecessary permissionsrequired!:-)Hint: Try it once with one eye closed while viewing. It'ssurprisingbut then the 3D effect is even more impressive.This is the Free-Version of Parallax Nature: SummerDayXL. Nevertheless, it is 100 percent ad-free! If you wanttosupport me, you can buy Parallax Nature: Summer Day XLandget some extra features (e.g. an additional night-sceneandbutterflies) :-) For the Pro-Version (or other interestingstuff),please check my other apps.Oh and one more thing: Please don't forget to go outandenjoy real nature! It's still by far the mostbeautifulLive-Wallpaper ;-)OK. That's all. Peace :-)Alex