Top 48 Games Similar to Roboball (Free)

Cracked Screen Gyro 3D Parallax Wallpaper HD 1.0.5
The most realistic interactive 3D Cracked Screen LiveWallpaperever! (trust me ;-)Featuring a stunning 3D parallax effectusingyour devices sensors (gyroscope or accelerometer)Features:*HDresolution textures, made for tablets!* Animated electronicsbehindthe crack showing real CPU / RAM / Network / Batteryusage.*Incredible 3D Parallax Effect using gyroscope oraccelerometer*Prank mode: Shake to break!* Many many settings foryou to playwith, e.g.:* Use your own background pictures!* Adjustbrightness /reflections* Adjust transparency of the crack* Adjustvarious 3Dparallax parameters* Absolutely ad-free!Hint: Try it oncewith oneeye closed while viewing. It's surprising but then the 3Deffect iseven more impressive.This is the Free-Version of CrackedScreen 3DParallax HD. Nevertheless, it is 100 percent ad-free! Ifyou wantto support me, you can buy Cracked Screen 3D Parallax PROand getsome extra features :-) For the Pro-Version (or otherinterestingstuff), please check my other apps.Permissionsexplained:Readexternal storage: This is needed and only used forsetting your owncustom background pictures.Now have fun :-)Alex
Space! Stars & Clouds 3D Free 1.2
Features: * Fully 360°Live wallpaper with rendered starsandinterstellar clouds* Almost looks like real pictures fromhubblespace telescope. Except that it's in 3D!* Incredible 3Dparallaxeffect. Uses gyroscope / accelerometer * Brightness can beadjusted* Smooth fade-in effect when started * Absolutely 100%ad-free!Hint: Try it once with one eye closed while viewing.It'ssurprising but then the 3D effect is even more impressive.Thisisthe free version of our Space Live Wallpaper. If you wanttosupport us, you can buy the xl version Space! Stars & Clouds3DXL and get some extra features:-) Please have a look at ourotherapps, or follow this link: have funwiththis stunning space experience :-)Alex from CodeKonditor
Plane Simulator 3D 1.0.6
Ever wanted to be a pilot and fly a real plane? PlaneSimulatoroffers you the most realistic flying experience with 3Dgraphicsand animations!Start the engine, unleash your innercourage, andfeels the power of realistic planes while flyingthrough variousstunning locations. Plane Simulator lets you explorethe world offlying in a quality never seen before. The gamefeatures massivehighly detailed planes with ultra realisticphysics. Take your seatin the cockpit and conquer the sky now!GameFeatures:- 24+real-life planes including supersonic jets andmilitary aircrafts-10+ mission types from pilot training to masterclass- Realisticflight physics and 3D graphics
Air Racing 3D 1.2
Air Racing 3D is a science fiction racing game with great3Dgraphics.Are you a pilot pilot? It's time to start your spacerace,compete with other players and join the events on thestrangeplanets!FUNCTION:- Many attractive races- Impressive 3Dimages andeffects- With 3 racing modes for you to experience- 6differentplanes to choose from and upgradeHOW TO PLAY:- Touch thescreen tocontrol- Press the accelerator button to accelerate- Tapon therocket button to attack- Touch the button to protectHave agreattime with space racing game!
Cartoon World - Live Wallpaper 1.0
Cartoon World - Live Wallpaper - fun, free, animated livewallpaperwith a great 3D graphics! Install this app now and a big,fully 3Dcartoon world will come to life on your phone ortabletscreen!Features:• Amazing 3D graphics of OpenGL ES 2.0(customizegraphics quality)• Smooth animation (customize framerate)• Fullsupport of the portrait and landscape mode• Intuitiveuserinterface• A small expense of the battery (battery-savingsleepmode)Cartoon World - Live Wallpaper - is a free app, thoughsomein-app items can also be purchased for real money. If youdon'twant to use this option, simply turn it off at your device.Weareworking hard to improve the app! Keep track of updates, leaveyourreviews and suggestions!
Mars in HD Gyro 3D Free 1.1
The "Must-Have-Live-Wallpaper" for every Martian ;-)Features:*Ultra HD resolution textures, made for tablets! (But worksonphones too of course)* Incredible 3D parallax effect.Usesgyroscope / accelerometer * Uses real satellite imagery of marsandphotographs of our milkyway (see below) * Sun and starsalreadyincluded ;-) * Stunning lens flare effect * Brightness /AmbientSettings * Adjust the martian time of the year* Absolutely100%ad-free! Hint: Try it once with one eye closed while viewing.It'ssurprising but then the 3D effect is even more impressive.Thisisthe free version of our Mars Live Wallpaper. If you want tosupportus, you can buy the xl version Mars in HD Gyro 3D XL and getsomeextra features:-) Please have a look at our other apps.Ifyourather like Earth, have a look here: Andifyou like it hot, try Venus: havefun:-)Alex from CodeKonditorCredits: Milkyway photograph (as usedinthe app and shown on screenshots) by ESO / S. Brunier islicensedunder CC BY 3.0Mars color and elevation based on datacourtesy ofUSGS Astrogeology Science Center
Hill Racing 3D: Uphill Rush 1.06
This is the most addictive physics-based mountain climb racinggamewith 3D graphicsThis racing game challenges you to unlock lotsofdifferent cars and well designed 3D stages, drive as faraspossible to collect more coins and using coins to upgradeyourvehicles. Each vehicle is unique with their own feature andtheirown upgrade options, some is suit for climbing hills, some issuitfor driving in the cave.Features:- Stunning 3D graphicsandrealistic physics.- Lots of vehicles (Dune Buggy, DirtBike,Monster Truck, Pickup, etc) with their own feature.- Eachvehiclehas a range of upgradeable components.- Well designed 3Dstages ,and more challenge stages will come soon.Start this amazinguphillclimb & car racing game now!
Gyro Space Particles 3D Live Wallpaper 1.0.11
Free Version Includes Features: - Fully 3D Parallax Livewallpaperwith Rendered 1 Types of Abstract Particles With GreenNebulaGalaxy and 3 Types of Animated Touch Flowing Particles.-Incredible 3D parallax effect. Uses Gyroscope / Accelerometer.-Very smooth and battery efficient - When not visible applicationiscompletely stopped, it doesn't run anything in backgroundFullVersion Includes: Features: - Fully 3D Parallax Live wallpaperwithRendered 35 Types of Abstract Particles With Green NebulaGalaxyand 3 Types of Animated Touch Flowing Particles. - Incredible3Dparallax effect. Uses Gyroscope / Accelerometer. Effects: -3DAnimated Asteroids - 3D Touch Flowing Crystal Squares - 3DTouchFlowing Particles With Trails - 30 Types of Touch FlowingAbstractParticle Plexus - Gyroscope Rotation - Effects Includes: -AnimatedBackground Constellations - 4 Types of Abstract InfiniteParticles- 4 Types of Space Portal with Abstract Particles - BluePlexus -Red Plexus - Golden Plexus - Green Plexus - Yellow Plexus -WhitePlexus - Liquid Plexus - Auto color Change Plexus - BlueLiquidParticle Plexus - Yellow Liquid Particle Plexus - GoldenLiquidParticle Plexus - Green Liquid Particle Plexus - PinkLiquidParticle Plexus - White Liquid Particle Plexus SUMMARY: -VeryColorful, Animated, 3D Abstract Particles With TouchFlowingParticle Plexus Effects. - Everything is 3D rendered inOpenGL 3.0,with fully interactive Effects that supports multi-touch. Bothtablets and phones & are fully supported in bothportrait andlandscape modes! Futuristic 3D Graphics Created ByUnity 3D. MoreOptions Will Be Added In Upcoming Version. The Bestandroid 3D liveWallpaper 2017 ENJOY ;) 3D Android Live Wallpapermade with Unity3D
Real Chess 3D FREE 1.0
The best 3D Chess game is here! Play Chess in immersive 3Dgraphics.Challenge your friends to matches or play against the AIplayers inthe best chess game.Real Chess 3D is one of the mostrealistic andenjoyable chess games available on mobile.Customizethe look andfeel of your game by choosing the chess board,checkers, piece type,table. It's like you are actually playingchess in real because ofthe realistic 3d graphics.Tap on a pieceto choose it and then tapon the desired target position to makeyour move.FEATURES:● Playagainst the AI with 4 difficulty levels.●Play against another humanopponent.● Customize the look and feelof the board.● Relaxingmusic.So what are you waiting for? Downloadnow forFree!---------------------------Get the latest news, deals,and moreat:FACEBOOK: more aboutEivaaGames:
Fractal Combat X
OYK Games
FCX is an action-packed flight combat game, sporting top notch3Dgraphics, VR support and a progressively intensegameplay!MAINFEATURES- Exciting, fast-paced arcade flight combataction- Topnotch 3D graphics- Virtual Reality support viaGoogleCardboard-like visors!- Unique gorgeous fractal landscapes-Dozensof missions in Story mode- New missions every day!- Gamecontrollersupport (Android HID)- Epic sound tracks- Arcade andSimulatormodes- Google Services: Leaderboards, Achievements,CloudSavePARTNERS- Native support for Intel x86, Intel GPUs andOpenGLES 3.2- As featured in TegraZone! Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD
3D Piano Keyboard 1.3
DJ Mixer Pro
Piano 3D Keyboard is the most popular piano learning &musicdiscovery tool for the Android. Download now and immerseyourselfinto an unparalleled audio & visual experience! 3DPiano is apiano playing application on Windows with a 3D interface,effects,shading, bringing the same experience as a real piano Toown apiano you have to spend a small amount of money, especiallythetype of muscle, sometimes just stand and look. If you haveevertried the piano simulation software Piano 3D you can satisfyyourlove playing piano right on the computer. 3D Pianos KeyboardHDwork well on both tablets and desktops. It rearranges theaudiowith the ADSR filter that gives the user high quality sound.Youcan zoom in or out to see the full keyboard Features 3DPianoKeyboard : - Jaw-dropping 3D graphics powered by Metal -Ultrarealistic multi-sampled piano sound - 3D Piano HD numerouspianoinstruments to choose from - Huge user generated song library-Music Composer: Write your own songs and share it toYouTube,Facebook or with other app users - F3D Piano HD fullon-screenmulti-touch 88 keys keyboard with 3D Touch support - Playthe realthing on the 3D graphics platform - 3D Piano usehigh-fidelitypiano sound - The library contains over 750 songs andthe numberkeeps rising - Audio bus support and audio in theapplication -Simultaneous 87-key multi-touch keyboard andAndroid/Tablet display- 3D Piano HD Decrease tempo whenever youwant or pause and startlearning each note again - Switch to pianomode to improve theplaying skills better and suitable forleft-handed or right-handedplayers - Built-in video recording, midior audio recording(optional) - Slow down the song at any time orpause it and startlearning it note by note - Switch to learn modeto help you sharpenyour skills further and differentiate left handand right hand - 3DPiano HD built in Audio/Midi/Video recorder -Full core midisupport: connect your midi keyboard via Apple camerakit or anyother Android supported midi adapter and watch yourperformanceturn into 3D art - Record on-screen performance andinstantly shareit to YouTube and/or Facebook right from inside theapp! - MidiOut/Virtual Midi Out: control any midi capable deviceand apps thatsupports background audio - 3D Piano Keyboardintegration usingInter-App Audio & Audio bus support 3D Pianomodels download ,free Piano 3d models and 3d objects for computergraphicsapplications like advertising, CG works, 3D visualization,interiordesign, animation and 3D game, web and any other fieldrelated to3D design. In general, the 3D Piano Keyboard HD workswell with avirtual piano on a phone, with smooth piano sound. Afreeapplication like Piano 3D may well be enough. Download the 3DPianoto play the piano on Android.
GFXBench Benchmark 5.0.0
Kishonti Ltd.
GFXBench is a free, cross-platform and cross-API3Dgraphicsbenchmarkthat measures graphics performance,long-termperformancestability,render quality and power consumptionwith asingle,easy-to-useapplication. GFXBench 5.0 enablesmeasuringmobile anddesktopperformance with advanced graphicseffects andincreasedworkloadsacross multiple rendering APIs.Features: •Cross APIbenchmark usingVulkan and OpenGL Aztec Ruins:our firstbenchmarkto test deviceswith game-like content usingavailable forbothVulkan and OpenGL ES3.2. • Aztec Ruins renderfeatures -Dynamicglobal illumination -Compute shader based HDRtone mapping,bloomand motion blur -Sub-pass based deferredrendering: Geometryandlighting passes takeadvantage of localmemory caches. -Dynamiclighting and real-timeshadows - Real timeSSAO fordepth-of-fieldeffect • Automaticallydetects yourdevice'scapabilities andselects the most appropriatetest set foryourdevice to provideaccurate information. Therefore,the listofavailable tests mayvary between devices. • Car Chase forOpenGLES3.1 plus AndroidExtension Pack testing • Manhattan 3.0forOpenGLES 3.0 andManhattan 3.1 for OpenGL ES 3.1 testing •BatteryandStabilitytest: Measures the device’s battery lifeandperformancestabilityby logging frames-per-second (FPS) andexpectedbatteryrunningwhile running sustained game-like animations•Renderquality test:Measures the visual fidelity provided bythedevice inthe high-endgaming-like scene • Multi-lingual,easy-to-useuserinterface:device comparison within the applicationbydownloadingthecomplete GFXBench database, extensivesysteminformation•On-screen and off-screen test run modes •Includesallpreviouslow-level tests for devices with onlyES2.0capability.Test list(varied by Vulkan and OpenGL EScapabilities):• AztecRuins • CarChase • Manhattan 3.1 • Manhattan •T-Rex •Tessellation• ALU 2 •Texturing • Driver Overhead 2 • RenderQuality• BatteryandStability • ALU • Alpha Blending • DriverOverhead •FillPleasenote: The full fledged benchmark needs at least900 MBfreespaceon the device (required for the high-leveltestscenes).Usedpermissions: •ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE,ACCESS_WIFI_STATE,INTERNETThese are used bythe data downloadingand updatingprocesses. Wetry to constrain ourdownloads to Wifinetworks.•WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE These areusedtostore and read downloaded dataon the external storage ifitsmoreadequate. • BATTERY_STATS, CAMERA,READ_LOGS,WRITE_SETTINGSWestrive to display the most detailedhardwareinformationpossiblewithout any network communication. Theseflagsare used forthispurpose. You can compare your benchmarkresultswith all theotheruploaded results at our you needanyhelp, please contact us via [email protected]!
Dice 3D 1.3.0
Free dice roller app with realistic physics and high quality3Dgraphics. ☆ Main Features:• up to 120 dice with different colorsonthe screen• throw all dice or roll each dieindividually•adjustable dice size • true physics• true 3D animationwith customshaders and highly optimized OpenGL ES2.0 graphics• lockselecteddie in place• tilt / gravity• sound, vibration feedback•rollhistory☆ Roll methods:✔ repeatedly tap the screen✔ tilt /shakeyour phone✔ drag / flick dice individuallyPermissionsused:•VIBRATE lets use vibration feedback when dice collide•INTERNET andACCESS_NETWORK_STATE let us to fetch adverts from theinternet•WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE lets to move the app to theexternalstorageThis dice roller app is ad supported.Please email mewithany issues or suggestions
Amazing Run 3D
Words Mobile
Amazing Run is the #1 action adventuregameshow with 3D graphics and realistic physics. Feel the speed asyounegotiate your way through obstacles in this uniquesportsgame!Amazing Run offers a series of challenging obstacles for youtonavigate and complete. Run, climb, jump, crawl, and swim yourwaythrough 4 beautiful and challenging environments. The pacegoesfrom fast to relentless with the aim of testing your speedandendurance. There’s no time to waste, but how many stages canyousurvive?Game Features:- Colorful and vivid 3D graphics- 4 gorgeous organic environments with 40 well designedlevels- Choose from 4 contestants and customize them the wayyoulike- 50+ obstacle elements and 27+ achievements
Spirit Level 2.01
Spirit Level. No Permissions Required. Free & No Ads. •Bullseye level with roll & pitch gauges screen• Horizontalandvertical bubble level and angle gauge screen. • Calibrationfeatureto correct for accelerometer misalignment & differentaxissensitivities.For best results touch CAL and calibrate first.TheSpirit Level is only as good as your accelerometer. Forindicationonly. Don't damage your tablet or phone, use a realspirit levelwhen appropriate.• Pause button to hold the currentreading. • Zeroand reset button to make measuring angles easier. •Option to autoselect screen based on inclination.That's it. Enjoy.
Smart Tools Laser Level 📷🔦🔧📏📊 1.2.5
Smart Tools Laser Level is a tool to measure angle, slopeorinclination using gyroscope, accelerometer and camerawithaugmented reality measurement lines. Features•3differentmeasurement modes(Laser level, angle by dragging with yourfingeror drawing angle with your finger)•Touch screen to set pointofmeasurement or touch reset button to reset it toorigin.•Measureangles using very accurate Rotation Vector Sensor,Accelerometerand Camera. (Check sensor availability from SensorsList)•Displayazimuth, direction, inclination or rotationangles.(Magnetic FieldSensor is required)•Fast and accuratecalibration option.•Freezescreen to have more precisemeasurements.•Leveling option displayspitch and roll angles asline, square or circle which makes iteasier to align your deviceand results more precisemeasurements.•Use back and front(ifavailable)camera tomeasure.•Turn on/off flash light(if available)easily•Visualizeyour measurement progress using charts.•Imagegallery with details,Exif info(Some Exif data requires Android 7.0and above), and otherfeatures such as image sharing andediting•Highly customizable appsettings and userinterfaceInstructionsMeasurment ScreenRotate yourdevice on laserlevel measurement mode to make a precisemeasurement. To get moreprecise reading make sure that levelingline is aligned with laserlevel. You can freeze preview andmeasure any slope or angleeasily.Swipe your screen right to openNavigation MenuRecordsScreenYou can review your recordedmeasurements and get xls fileusing diskette button. Excel filesare stored in selecteddirectory.Charts ScreenRecords can bereviewed via charts usingCharts section.It's possible to get imageof the charts in JPGformat using camera icon. GalleryScreenGallery screen displaysimages inside the image directoryselected using Settingsscreen.Touch an image to displaydetails.Important: To display someof the Exif data your devicemust be Android 7.0 and above. Touchingimage on gallery openszoomable version of image anIMPORTANT: If youfind a bug using theapplication, PLEASE write [email protected] with yourphone model name and thedescription of the problem, before writinga negative comment.🤝 ✅👍Customer satisfaction is our priority, andwe will do our best tofix the issues as soon as possible!
3D Galaxy Live Wallpaper 1.94
Choose your 3D Galaxy and create your own liveuniverse.3DGalaxyLive Wallpaper features are:- 3D space enviromentusingOpenGL 2.0.It uses 3d hardware to render images and savebattery.-3D GalaxyLive Wallpaper has 17 planets to choose(including thereal Earthand Solar System planets).- Planet Earth,Venus, Mars,Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto- Beautiful realscenes:galaxiescore, nebulae, eye of god, cosmos images,spacebackgrounds.-Optional music by KevinMacLeod( Moon andasteroids, spacestation,Voyager, Sputnik - Move the space cameraof the livewallpaper usingaccelerometer and/or touch screen.-Many customizableeffects:nebulaes, galaxies, planets atmosphere,speed, lightintensity, useof accelerometer, planet, asteroid andmoon.Enjoy thishd wallpaper,turn your phone into a space ship anddiscover thesolar system, newgalaxies and even fantasy worlds.Travel around thecosmos andexplore the entire universe with ourspace livewallpapers! Itsupports both portrait and landscapemodes. This 3dlive wallpaperhas been tested on latest devices,please contact usif your deviceis not supported.Don´t miss ourother wallpapersandbackgrounds.Creators: Delka Georgieva &Antonio Ruiz
3d Live Wallpaper 2017 HD
2017 HD
With the 3d Live Wallpaper 2017 HD we planned to surpassallexpectations! Not only is the 3D moving design an interestingtouchfor any wallpaper, add the HD background and severalanimationoptions and you get the bets new live wallpaper 2017HD!Takingadvantage of the latest screen resolutions available in2017, ourteam created the 3d Live Wallpaper 2017 HD. The HD livewallpaper2017 collection includes this amazing app that will notmake yourphone run slowly and does not take much space. 3d LiveWallpaper2017 HD is great for smartphone users that want newpersonalizationapps! Give your Android device a new look with thisamazing freelive wallpaper. Look at the HD screenshots to see howthis amazingdesign will look on your phone!★How toinstall★•Download 3d LiveWallpaper 2017 HD and wait for the app toinstall on your Androiddevice;•Open the app and begin personalizingyour free livewallpaper;• When you are done, select "Set ActiveTheme" and theinstallation is complete!•Start using your new livewallpaper!★Morefree live wallpapers!★ Visit our developer page formore amazingwallpapers to personalize your Android phone or tablet!Do you likethis free live wallpaper? Then please rate and review!We lovereading your reviews!A live wallpaper can completely changethe wayyou use and interact with your phone! You can do more thanjustdecorate your device! The 3d Live Wallpaper 2017 HD letsyoucustomize your wallpaper with the amazingpersonalizationfeatures!✱ Change wallpapers! You can pick adifferent free livewallpaper from the app's menu! You need todownload a wallpaperonce. After that you can change it any time!✱Customize thedifferent elements and colors!✱ Choose the interactiveeffects!Pick the way in which your live wallpaper reacts when youtouch thescreen for a unique experience!✱ HD graphics and amazingdesign!Our team of designers have created apps to customize yourphone ortablet. Try the amazing 3d Live Wallpaper 2017 HD today! Itisamazing free live wallpaper today!Personalize your phone withaunique design that works on any Android version. Download 3dLiveWallpaper 2017 HD now and start testing out all theseamazingfeatures on your Android phone or tablet!
Sensor Box for Android 6.3
Sensor Box for Android detects all available sensors on yourAndroiddevice, and vividly shows you how they work with amazinggraphics.Sensor Box for Android also tells you which sensors aresupported bythe hardware, and provides extremely useful sensortools that couldbe used in our daily life.Sensors included-GyroscopeSensorGyroscope sensor can measure six directions at atime. Youwill be able to see the effects immediately by rotatingyour phoneslightly. Now Gyroscope sensor is mostly used in 3Dgamedevelopment, and possibly indoor navigation in future.-LightSensorLight sensor is applied to detect the light intensity oftheenvironment, and then adjusts screen brightness anddetermineswhether to turn off the keyboard light. Test the effectby puttingyour phone in dark place and retrieving it.-OrientationSensorOrientation sensor is applied to detect directionstatus ofthe device, i.e. auto rotate screen when device isrotatedhorizontally. It can also be used as measure equipment likeSpiritLevel.- Proximity SensorProximity sensor measures thedistancebetween two objects, usually the device screen and ourhands/faceetc. Test the effect by moving your hand forward andbackward infront of the device in Sensor Box for Android.-TemperatureSensorTemperature sensor provides information about yourdevicetemperature, thus you can take action when the temp is toolow orhigh.- Accelerometer SensorAccelerometer sensor is appliedtodetect device directions, i.e. auto rotate screen when thedeviceis rotated vertically. It is also widely used in gamedevelopment.-SoundSound detects the sound intensity around you andprovides youdetailed information about the intensity changes.-MagneticFieldMagnetic Field is used in many areas like metaldetection andcompass, which bring us lot convenience in ourlife.-PressurePressure is used to detect environmental pressure,thus toforecast weather and temperature.Sensor Box for Androidonlydetects changes. It may not show the correcttemperature,proximity, light and pressure values if no changesoccur.For betterperformances, sensors are usually used together.Check out the livedemonstration inside the application! Anyfeedback the emailaddress below is the best way to get in touchwith us.
Bowling Game 3D HD FREE 1.6
Play the best bowling game in amazing realistic 3d graphics.Testyour bowling skills in the NO 1 bowling game.Bowl more Strikesandbecome the bowling king. Flick forward with your finger tothrowthe ball and knock down the pins.Swipe across the screen toaddspin to the ball.So download the most addicting 3d bowling gameforyour mobile now!3 Game Modes:Single PlayerPass nPlayVS.CPUFEATURES:● 16 unique custom bowling balls.● 3 GameModes.●Customize the alley by choosing the wood and background maskyoulike.● Realistic Physics.● Stunning 3D graphics.● Each Playercanchoose their own ball.● Stats Screen.Get the latest news,deals,and more at:FACEBOOK:
AutoCAD Shortcuts Keys 3D & 2D Commands 1.9
RR Play Spot
This app completely offline user experience. Learn and easilyusingthe Autocad shortcut keys that AUTOCAD 2D and 3D commandsusing thesoftware easily.Most of the Civil Engineering andMechanicalEngineering students, Draftman and engineers were usingalmost somost of them are using the Mouse only. so better avoidMouse usingand quick command that as 2D and 3D Commands as ineasily way.Mostof the Portions are mainly covered about thatAutodesk Autocadapplication like Autocad 360,etc.,. Most of theusers can know theAutocad but they do not used the smart 2Dcommands and 3DCommands.for that only we have created and publishwithfree.Autocad shortcuts and commands are mainly to know thenonlythe Autocad Software can be use otherwise it would as aPatientsoftware.More than 1200 Commands which were in this app withwhatpurpose using that also we mentioned.Updated windows and macosfull command and shortcut keys added with quiz option easilytounderstand everyone user friendly.In this Autocad shortcut keyswemainly focused on the below topics areAutocad BlocksAutocadCommoncommandsAutocad Control keys Autocad CoordinateEntryAutocadDimenensionAutocad Drawing objectAutocad ExternalReferenceAutocadFormattingAutocad Function KeysAutocadInquiryAutocad LayersAutocadModifying ObjectsAutocad ObjectSelectionAutocad Object SnapAutocadtext editAutocad 3DAutocad UCSAutocad VIEWPORTSManageDrawingsToggle Drawing ModesManageScreenManage WorkflowToggleGeneral FeaturesAll A to ZCommandsLatest commands updated for 2017version also withmanual.This AutoCAD Shortcut keys app is morerelated to belowmention topics :- 2D Computer Graphic Shortcuts-3D ComputerGraphics Shortcuts- CAD / CAM Shortcuts- Windows CADShortcuts-ClassicThis app is most related to below keywords :-autocadshortcut keys pdf- autocad shortcut keys 2015 pdf- autocadshortcutcommands- autocad 2d commands with examples- autocadshortcut keys2d and 3d- autocad commands with examples- autocad2013 shortcutkeys- autocad 2007 shortcut keys- autocad commandslist- autocad 2dcommands with examples- autocad 3d commandsInFuture : we had createthat AutoCAD Shortcut keys where it to useand explaining with someexamples and new command were updating onthis app.So please bepatient with us.
Archery Master 3D 2.9
The World's #1 Archery game is now on mobile! Archery Master 3Disthe hottest and most realistic archery simulation gameforyou.Archery Master delivers ultra realistic archery experiencethatfeatures stunning 3D graphics, amazing animations andsimpleintuitive controls. Shoot arrows at targets generally setatvarious distance to earn coins for new bows, arrows andupgrades.Get ready for the intense challenges from OlympicArcherychampions. Take a breath, aim the target, shoot the arrowand hitthe bull's eye now! Will you be the best archer orbowman?GameFeatures:- 4 picturesque locations: Pine Forest, ArcheryField,Deadly Desert and Rain Forest- Polished animation andrealistic 3Dgraphics- 20+ elaborate designed archery equipment-100+ addictivelevels in normal mode- Compete 1-on-1 with realplayers all overthe world in online mode
Sensor Test 1.5.1
Your can test sensors in your smartphone.Supportedsensors:-Accelerometer- Light sensor- Proximity sensor-Magnetometer-Gyroscope- Barometer (pressure sensor)- Compass (inver 1.5)In newversion 1.5Showed total available sensors count. Whenpress to itopened list of the sensors. You can test all of themwith graphview.Also useful for developers, who build customkernels.
Sensors test 0.23
This application shows you the output of all sensors of yourAndroiddevice, like accelerometer, magnetic field sensor, lightsensor anda lot more, including their resolution, maximum rangeand powerconsumption. And it's totally ad-free!It also providesanexplanation of the measurements and of the coordinates-systemsusedand allows you to choose the units you like.This applicationgivesyou the access to:*· Motion and position sensors: -Accelerometer -Gravity sensor - Acceleration sensor - Gyroscope(calibrated anduncalibrated) - Orientation - Proximity sensor -Step counter -Step detector - Significant motion - Rotation vectorsensors·Environment sensors: - Light sensors - Magnetic fieldsensor(calibrated and uncalibrated) - Barometer (pressure sensor)-Relative humidity sensor - Temperature sensor· Body sensors:-Heart rate sensor*Note: your device may not contain allthissensorsThe app is ad-free, but there is a donation button inthe"about" section. You can donate multiple times; donations arenotrefundable.
Vibration Alarm 16.02.9
Mobile Tools
Android devices have a vibration sensor - accelerometer. It isasensitive sensor that reports the device vibrations.This toolispowerful vibration meter tool.It has the following features:-shows vibrations in real time - saves vibration data into SD card-provides configurable sound alarm that may be used to: - detecttheearthquakes when you sleep - detect if somebody opens the doorwhenyou sleep It is recommended to use the battery charger whenitworks for a long time.If you want to recommend the alarmfeaturethat mayrecognizeearthquake use this facebook page to keep you informed about theworkprogress and current activities and plans for thefuture.Thisapplication comes with ABSOLUTELY NOWARRANTY.Notice:There is aproblem that occurs on some devices. Somedevices may not providethe data when from the vibration sensor whenthe screen is off.This is an Android error. We are trying to find agoodworkaround.Send us the information if the application doesnotwork, pleaseVery deep technicalinformation
3D Gyro Compass 1.12
Finwe Ltd.
Combines accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope sensor datawithstate-of-the-art AHRS algorithm to create fast, accurate andstabletilt-compensated compass that simply needs to be experiencedwithown eyes.The app utilizes Rightware's leading Kanzi frameworkforsmooth rendering with HW accelerated 3D graphics. There aretwodifferent themes to choose from: traditional style "Adventure"andmodern "Marine".As a bonus, Marine mode contains a dampedstringsuspension with modeled physics for rough conditions. Nomatter howyou move the device, the compass ball just seems to bemagicallyfloating in the air.Download and share freely. Ifyou'reinterested, the sensor fusion algorithm is open sourceandavailable under LGPL license (contact us for moreinformation).Youare welcome to ask questions, discuss and read newsabout our otherapps at http://finweaiapps.blogspot.fiNotice:- Thealgorithmrequires all three movement sensors. Some fairly moderndevices inthe market do not include gyroscope (for example, SamsungGalaxyTab 2 10.1).- Marine mode ball compass is supposed to beviewedfrom side, not from top. Directions seem opposite if viewedfromtop.Stay tuned for other amazing apps from Finwe Ltd.
Angry Rhino Simulator 1.0
Yamtar Games
✦ Extreme wild life mode.✦ Console quality 3D graphics,animationsand effects.✦ Huge 3D forest map.✦ Lots of animal enemies- hyena,rhino, lion, bear, boar, buffalo, elephant, deer, gorilla,wolf,cheetah, crocodile, domestic animals and more.
Live Wallpaper 2018 HD
A new 2017 live wallpaper 3D is here! Amazing graphics,smoothmovements, great animations! This Live Wallpaper 2018 HD appis abeautiful 3D live wallpaper 2017 HD quality that will make yousay'wow!'. Live wallpaper 2017 new with beautiful animations,slidingeffects, animated elements, amazing experience. This livewallpaper2017 HD quality is free for download. You can get LiveWallpaper2018 HD app right now and experience a wonderful animatedlivewallpaper at your fingertips. This live Wallpaper 2017 versionisloaded with amazing graphics and effects, virtually alive!Livewallpapers 2017 versions are actual and ready for yourAndroiddevices. Download this beautiful live wallpaper and enjoyasmartphone that looks different. It is free! Live Wallpaper 2018HDis great for smartphone users that want new personalizationapps!Give your Android device a new look with this amazing freelivewallpaper. Look at the HD screenshots to see how thisamazingdesign will look on your phone! ★How to install★ •DownloadLiveWallpaper 2018 HD and wait for the app to install on yourAndroiddevice; •Open the app and begin personalizing your freelivewallpaper; • When you are done, select "Set Active Theme" andtheinstallation is complete! •Start using your new livewallpaper!★More free live wallpapers!★ Visit our developer page formoreamazing wallpapers to personalize your Android phone or tablet!Doyou like this free live wallpaper? Then please rate and review!Welove reading your reviews! A live wallpaper can completelychangethe way you use and interact with your phone! You can do morethanjust decorate your device! The Live Wallpaper 2018 HD letsyoucustomize your wallpaper with the amazing personalizationfeatures!✱ Change wallpapers! You can pick a different free livewallpaperfrom the app's menu! You need to download a wallpaperonce. Afterthat you can change it any time! ✱ Customize thedifferent elementsand colors! ✱ Choose the interactive effects!Pick the way in whichyour live wallpaper reacts when you touch thescreen for a uniqueexperience! ✱ HD graphics and amazing design!Our team of designershave created apps to customize your phone ortablet. Try theamazing Live Wallpaper 2018 HD today! It is amazingfree livewallpaper today! Personalize your phone with a uniquedesign thatworks on any Android version. Download Live Wallpaper2018 HD nowand start testing out all these amazing features on yourAndroidphone or tablet!
Earth & Moon in HD Gyro 3D PRO Parallax Wallpaper 2.5
Version 2.4 is here! Featuring much improved graphics andrealism:-)The most realistic interactive 3D Earth Live Wallpaperever!(trust me ;-)Features:* 3D Clouds with real shadows* Lensflareeffect, reflections* HD resolution textures, made fortablets!*Incredible 3D parallax effects using gyroscopeand/oraccelerometer* Lots of settings so you can customize theearth toyour (and your hardware's) needs* Sun, moon and starsalreadyincluded ;-)* Absolutely ad-free!Hint: Try it once with oneeyeclosed while viewing. It's surprising but then the 3D effectiseven more impressive.Extra Features in this version:* Ultrahighresolution textures* Synchronize rotation to real time, or setaspecific date* Polar lights!* Thunderstorms!* Zoom and movefreelyby using two fingers!* Control the rotation speed of theearth*Adjust the distance and phase of the moonThis is thePro-Version ofEarth & Moon in HD Gyro 3D. If you want to trythe Free-Versionfirst, please check my other apps. The Free-Versionis alsocompletely ad-free, but if you want to support me and getsomeextra features, buy this one :-)Now havefun:-)AlexCredits:Milkyway by ESO / S. Brunier, licensed under CCBY3.0; Earth textures from Nasa Visible Earth; Moon texturescourtesyof USGS Astrogeology Science Center
Accelerometer Calibration Free 4.0
RedPi Apps
Having a hard time playing your favorite motion-based racing game?Is your phone's accelerometer sensor giving inaccurateresults?Then accelerometer calibration is the app for you. Theperformanceof your phone's accelerometer deteriorates over time .So it isvery important that calibration is done from time totime.FEATURES: -> Easy calibration process. -> Move the reddot onthe screen into the green square and click on calibrate.->AutoCalibrate option which notifies you when yourphone'saccelerometer needs calibration. Ad free version ofaccelerometercalibration is availablehere: better on rooted device.
Sensor Kinetics 3.1.1
Does your phone have a gyroscope? How does your phone comparewithyour friend’s phone? Does it have a more advanced accelerometerorgyroscope? What other mysterious high-tech sensors does yourtablethave hidden on board, and what do they do? Find out withSensorKinetics.Sensor Kinetics is an advanced viewer and monitorfor allof the standard sensors available in your Android device. Itallowsyou to demonstrate sensor activity and perform complex anddetailedexperiments. The built-in Multi-Sensor Recorder allows youto viewand record multiple sensors simultaneously. Written by oneof thepioneers of the use of accelerometers and gyroscopes withinthemodern smartphone, it provides a comprehensive look at thetotaldynamics of the combined operations of all the sensors.Theappdemonstrates the use of the accelerometer, gyroscope andtherotation sensor to control a tilt based view navigation liketheRotoView technology by INNOVENTIONS. It also demonstratestheoperation of the magnetic sensor, the linear accelerationsensorand the gravity sensor within special graphical displays.UseSensorKinetics to monitor and understand the behavior of thesensorswhile you change the delay setting or activate/deactivatespecificsensors. Each sensor is attached to a sophisticated chartviewer.The Multi-Sensor Recorder records multiple sensorssimultaneouslyat a controlled data rate. If you need to save orshare sensorcharts, please purchase the companion Sensor KineticsPro. The Proversion is also ad free.For educational users, the appincludescomprehensive help files which provide physics studentswithhands-on knowledge of how these sensors interact withsmartphonesand suggest numerous experiments you can perform on yourphone ortablet. Who Should Use Sensor Kinetics?Developers,students,hobbyists, technicians, engineers... anyone who's curiousaboutwhat lies "under the hood" of their mobile device!Test yourAndroidphone or tablet: Sensor Kinetics allows you to test all ofthesensors on your device. For example, you can quickly determineifyour Android device has a gyroscope sensor and how fastit'soperating. The numerous chart viewers allow you to measureanysensor over time and gauge their accuracy andbehavior.Educational:Sensor Kinetics demonstrates the physics ofgravity, acceleration,rotation, magnetism and more as these forcesare measured by yourphone or tablet. The app includes comprehensivehelp files witheasy to understand information and experiments youcan perform withthe sensors. App Developers: View in detail thebehavior of thesensors used in your apps. Compare the performanceof advancedsensors like gyroscope, linear acceleration sensor andthe rotationsensor. Sensor Kinetics relates to gyroscope andaccelerometer datalogging and to the science and physics of themagnetometer, thepressure sensor, the relative humidity sensor, thelight sensor,the linear acceleration sensor, the temperaturesensor, theproximity sensor, and the gravity sensor.
Quick TuneUp-Phone Calibration 10.0
RedPi Apps
Device lagging too much ? Battery draining too fast ? Sensorsnotproperly calibrated ? Use Quick TuneUp to calibrate your phoneandboost its performance to make it run fasterandsmoother.FEATURES:-> Smart All-in-one Quick Tune button todoall the tuning and calibration for you in one click .->MemorytuneUp option to calibrate and boost your device memoryperformance.-> Battery tuneUp option if you are facing batteryissues.->Sensor calibration to properly calibrate yourdevice'ssensors.-> Display calibration to calibrate yourdisplaysettings.
Euler Compass 0.1
Rene Lindsay
This beautifully rendered 3D Compass utilizes advanced sensorfusionalgorithms, to combine data from the accelerometer,gyroscope andmagnetometer. This allows the compass to remainstable and accurate,yet instantly respond to changes in tilt andorientation. The appuses hardware accelerated OpenGL 3D graphicsfor smooth animation ofthe compass, and also displays the currentroll, pitch and headingin degrees.
AirAttack 2 - WW2 Airplanes Shooter 1.3.0
Art In Games
Sequel of Award Winning next-gen top down air combat shooterwithstunning 3D graphics and amazing orchestral soundtrack.Enjoytheclassic atmosphere of WW2 arcade shoot 'em up (or shmup) inmodernrendering.Prepare your plane and destroy the axis of evilwithFlamethrower, Tail Gunner, Bombs, ...Show your friends no mercyinthe daily events!Features:* 22 Campaign Missions +SurvivalMission* Fully destructible 3D environment* Orchestralsoundtrackwith 30 unique tracks* Daily Events with rewards* 5PlayerAirplanes* Plane Upgrades: Flamethrower, Tail Gunner,Bombs,Lasers, Wingmen, Homing Rockets, ...* Amazing LightingandExplosion Effects* Landscape / Portrait orientation* supportforAndroid TV, S-Pen, Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard, NVIDIA Shield* canbeplayed offlineIf you like our game, please do not forget torateit. Thanks!Graphics quality can be changed in game [Pausemenu]=> [Settings] => [Graphics quality]You can turn offeventsnotifications in Main menu => [Settings]
Earth 3D Live Wallpaper 3.1
Polar Studio
Live wallpaper with great 3d graphics. Rotating Earth with dayandnight view
Space Speed 3D
You have to check out their own reflectionsina new arcade space with a high space speed andmagnificentthree-dimensional graphics. Perform tasks on speedytracks, collectthe chips, dodge the obstacles and get points. Morespacespeed.   Features:- There are over 100 levels.- Two types of Stages: Tube and Space.- You can set speed in level.- You can shoot obstacles.- You can also select different chips that give points oflifecartridges and magnets.   1) gives a yellow crystal holder   2) pink crystal gives life plus   3) gives the crystal blue magnet thatattractspoints- You can perform tasks in levels and get some extra points.- Left button is responsible for the jump.- Right-click to shoot.- You can change your speed and accelerate.- You can pass each day Day's Word Challenge.- If you bump into an object (and no life), or not going tothecorrect lane for some time (in some levels), then youlose.- The game has a leader board for Tube and Space stages.- You can view your statistics.- In addition a good accompanying music and special effects.Unlike most games (as speedx) of this kind, this is divided intoaplurality of individual chapters and levels, each of which youneedto get to the finish line. To successfully complete a level onhighspeed, you must using the accelerometer (or buttons as select)tocontrol the unknown hero you and dodge obstacles that appearinyour way throughout the gameplay. You must also collectspecialcrystals chips (as previously written), scattered throughoutthelocation speedy, and you'll walk through a huge tunnel andthecosmos. Graphics in the game is bright, dynamic gameplay, andthecomplexity is increasing and does not get bored. Morespacespeed.Have a good game)
Nature Live ❁ Spring Flowers 3D 1.2
Wonderfully animated 3D Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper withafascinating 3D Parallax Effect!Features in this version:☀Wonderful3D scene of beautiful spring flowers (crocus)☀ A gentlewind isrustling through the leaves☀ Combine 2 foreground sceneswith 2carefully selected background scenes (Get even more in theXLversion)☀ Real dynamic lens blur effect!☀ Incredible 3DParallaxEffect using sensors: works with gyroscope OR accelerometer/compass☀ Parallax strength and sensor type (gyroscopeoraccelerometer / compass) can be adjusted☀ HD resolutiontextures,made for tablets (but works on phones as well, ofcourse)!☀ HighPerformance: Optimal FPS! (at least on the GalaxyS4/S5, Nexus andeven on the old LG P920 ;-)This is the Free-Versionof the NatureLive: Spring Flowers 3D live wallpaper. If you want tosupport us,you can buy the Nature Live: Spring Flowers XL livewallpaper andget some extra features :-) Please have a look at ourotherapps.Hint: Try it once with one eye closed while viewing thelivewallpaper. It's surprising but then the 3D effect is evenmoreimpressive.Oh and one more thing: Please don't forget to go outandenjoy some real spring flowers from time to time!OK. That'sall.Have fun with it :-)
Lion Hunting 1.5
Want to experience the thrill of hunting, the wild lions, inaforest environment? Then lion hunting is the ultimate 3dhuntinggame to do so.Lion hunting is an addictive 3d shooting game,withamazing 3d graphics and engaging gameplay, wherein you willhave tohunt, the lions, and survive from their attacks.This 3dshootinggame consists of two gameplay modes - Hunter mode andsurvivemode.In the hunter mode of this 3d lion hunting game, youhave toinitially hunt, the female lions, and later hunt, the malelions,which are of attacking nature. In the hunter gameplay mode,youwill be given, a score, based on the number of lions youhunt.Inthe survive mode of this 3d shooting game, you will have tosurvivefrom the male lions, wherein the number of seconds, yousurvive,will be considered.Stay alert on the arrival of the wildhungrylions, on the hunt for its prey, in this 3d animal huntinggame.Experience the beautiful scenery with trees alongside, a lake,andmountains, as you play this 3d animal shooting game.Thestunningsound effects, in the gameplay, adds to the excitement ofthis 3dshooting game. Become a skilled lion hunter, by playing this3danimal hunting game. Hunt as many lions as possible, toscorehigher, in this 3d adventure game. Also, survive as longaspossible from the wild lions in this 3d adventure game.Competeagainst your highest score, in order, to score higher inthis 3danimal hunting game.Hunt all the lions and become an expertlionhunter and a sniper hunter, by playing this sniper game, gungameand lion hunt game, which is one of the top gun games,animalgames, sniper games, shooter games, lion games and animalshootinggames.Have fun, shooting and killing, the dangerous lions,in thisgun game, lion shooting game and sniper shoot game, which isone ofthe best shooting games, gun games, animal games, snipergames,lion games and hunt games.Make sure you properly aim,beforeshooting, in this gun game, sniper game and sniper shootinggame,which is one of the top gun games, animal games, lion games,snipergames 3d, animal shooting games and lion huntinganimalgames.Always be prepared for a sudden attack from the wildlions,in this gun game and sniper game, which is one of the bestanimalshooting games, gun games, lion games, best shooting games,lionhunting games and lion shooting games.Experience the amazingsoundeffects, by playing this sniper game and sniper shootinggame,which is one of the best shooting games, animal hunting gamesforkids and animal hunting games 3d.Show your skill, by survivingfromthe hungry lions, in this sniper shooting game, shoot game andlionhunter game, which is one of the top animal hunting gamesfree,sniper shooting games 3d and good quality sniper games.Killthelions using a sniper gun and become a sniper shooter, byplayingthis lion shooting game and sniper killer shooter game,which isone of the best lion hunting games 3d, shooter games, freeanimalhunting games and animal sniper hunting games.Hunt down andshoot,the flesh hungry lions, in this sniper new game, sniper huntgame,lion shoot game and sniper latest game, which is one of thetopanimal hunting games with gun, shooter games and animalshootinggames for free.It is time to get this 3d sniper gamedownload, lionhunting game download, sniper best game, shoot game,sniper killer3d game and lion shooter game, on android, forfree.Key features1.Two gameplay modes ñ Hunter mode and survivemode.2. Stunning 3dgraphics and amazing sound effects.3. Addictiveadventure game.4.Challenging gameplay.Lion hunting is the best 3danimal huntinggame. Download this top 3d lion hunting game and huntas many lionsas possible, all for free.Twitter pageFollow us onTwitter at us onFacebook at
Bowling Game 3D 1.6
Play the ultimate sport game in amazing realistic 3D graphics.Testyou bowling skills in the best bowling game.★ FREE VERSIONalsoavailablehere★ PlayerPass n PlayVS. CPUFeatures:16 uniquecustombowling balls.3 Game Modes.Realistic Physics.Stunning3Dgraphics.Get the latest news, deals, and moreat:FACEBOOK:
Cracked Screen Gyro 3D PRO Parallax Wallpaper HD 1.1
The most realistic interactive 3D Cracked Screen LiveWallpaperever! (trust me ;-)Featuring a stunning 3D parallax effectusingyour devices sensors (gyroscope or accelerometer)Features:*HDresolution textures, made for tablets!* Animated electronicsbehindthe crack showing real CPU / RAM / Network / Batteryusage.*Incredible 3D Parallax Effect using gyroscope oraccelerometer*Prank mode: Shake to break!* Many many settings foryou to playwith, e.g.:* Use your own background pictures!* Adjustbrightness /reflections* Adjust transparency of the crack* Adjustvarious 3Dparallax parameters* Absolutely ad-free!Hint: Try it oncewith oneeye closed while viewing. It's surprising but then the 3Deffect iseven more impressive.Extra Features in this version:*Touch tobreak! Breaks at the position where you touch it!* Zoom andmovethe crack!* Zoom and move the electronics!This is thePro-Versionof Cracked Screen 3D Parallax HD. If you want to trytheFree-Version first, please check my other apps. The Free-Versionisalso completely ad-free, but if you want to support me and getsomeextra features, buy this one :-) Permissionsexplained:Readexternal storage: This is needed to set your ownbackgroundpictures.Now have fun :-)Alex
Fractal Combat X (Premium)
OYK Games
FCX is an action-packed flight combat game, sporting top notch3Dgraphics, VR support and a progressively intensegameplay!MAINFEATURES- Exciting, fast-paced arcade flight combataction- Topnotch 3D graphics- Virtual Reality support viaGoogleCardboard-like visors!- Unique gorgeous fractal landscapes-Dozensof missions in Story mode- New missions every day!- Gamecontrollersupport (Android HID)- Epic sound tracks- Arcade andSimulatormodes- Google Services: Leaderboards, Achievements,CloudSaveDIFFERENCES TO FREE EDITIONNo ad banners, no in-apppurchases,ships and upgrades at reduced cost.PARTNERS- Nativesupport forIntel x86, Intel GPUs and OpenGL ES 3.2- As featured inTegraZone!Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD
ON 3D-CameraMeasure 6.0
ON 3D-CameraMeasure is a powerful and advance remote measuringtoolon android. It performs measurements in any direction and planein3D space. There are no constrains on the camera directionorposition relative to the measured object. Unlike2D-CameraMeasure,the reference object/measured object plane notnecessary to beparallel to the camera plane. This make ON 3D morepowerful andflexible to measure anything at anywhere. It can beused as or evenreplace ruler and measuring tape in many situationwhere thetraditional measuring method is not enough or difficult toapply.ON 3D-CameraMeasure is extra useful especially if you wanttomeasure 1) Large object where simple ruler and measuring tapearenot enough or difficult to apply. For example, angle of roof,areaof a swimming pool, diameter of a roundabout, dimension ofafootball field, height of a wall, dimension of a room,distancefrom one side to another, etc. 2) Objects that aredifficult orimpossible to access. For example, outer dimension of abuilding,windows on a high wall, screen size in a cinema, objectmounted onceiling, area of solar panel on a roof, etc.It lets youmeasureanything in the fastest and easiest way as long as there isanyrectangular object as reference. ON 3D-CameraMeasureperformsnon-contact measurement by using the device's camera andanyrectangular object with known size as reference. You can usethepredefined common objects such as credit card, A3 paper andA4paper which is included in the application, or use your owncustomobject as reference. Using ON-3D is very intuitive and easy,as theoperational step below:Place the reference object on the sameplaneas measured object --> Capture picture with camera-->Calibrate --> Measure in different modes For moredetailsinformation about how to use the app, please refer UserGuide inthis app. KEY FEATURES:★ Measurements Modes: Length, Angle,Area,Diameter★ Measure objects in any direction or plane in 3Dspacewithout the restriction to hold camera parallel to theplane★Length value assigned to all the ruler lines in all modes★Camerasnapshot, auto-focus and flash light★ Show 3D grid incalibration★Customizable line width, point size, text size, ★ 3predefinedreference object(Credit card, A4 paper and A3 paper)★Showverticality and tilt angle of device when camera is on.★KeepScreen Awake★ Add/Delete measurements★ 6 Measurement Units: m,cm,mm, in, yd, ft★ 10x Zoom ViewIt helps you align the pointsonobject boundaries accurately.★ Customizable PictureResolutionItdetect all your camera supported picture size and letsyou selectyour best picture resolution among them. Calibration andmeasuringwill become easier.★ Save MeasurementIt lets you save yourcurrentmeasurement in SD card.★ Open MeasurementIt lets you openthepreviously saved measurements for review or continue edit.★ImportImage from GalleryIt lets you work with any photo or imagesin thegallery. ★ Instant Share & Send Measurement SnapshotShareorsend your current measurements with your friends viaEmail,Facebook, Bluetooth, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messanger,etc.ACCURACY:The accuracy of this apps is highly depends on howwellthe user move the points to aligned with object boundarieswhendoing calibration or measuring. Please be noted that smallerror incalibration might causes large inaccurate in measurements.In orderto achieve high accuracy, please try to use largestpossiblereference object. For example, please do not use A4 paperasreference object if you have A3 paper. From so many experimentwehave done so far, the average accuracy is lie between(+)(-)2.5%.ON 3D-CameraMeasure is free with full features onandroid. We hopethat this instrument can help you to save time andsimplify yourmeasuring works. If you have any comments, suggestionsorquestions, please feel free to contact [email protected] Thank you!!
Space Tube 5.6
Space Tube is an accelerometer-controlled 3D racing gamewithfantastic graphics. Delivers a amazing tunnel experience. Testyourreflex in an ultimate speed challenge with smooth 3D graphic.-Howto Play- Select level and press start. Tilt you device to turnleftor right. You have to avoid all the objects except the'greenplus'. Each time you have catch a 'green plus' you earn alife.(you can see it on the top-left side of the screen). If youcrashon an object and you have life (pluses), then you lose one(plus).If you crash on an object and you have not any more life,then"game over". You can try again from the start of the Level, oryoucontinue just before the place that you lost.
Accelerator 2.5
Accelerator is an accelerometer controlled speed game. Rulesaresimple; go as far as you can, and don't hit any barriers intheamazing tunnel. Compete with your friends via Facebookscoreboard.*You can use your own music.Thanks to:NecatiKülahciogluOnurYenerAhmet AktanMehmet Ergür
Cartoon Village - Live Wallpaper 1.0
Cartoon Village - Live Wallpaper - fun, free, animatedlivewallpaper with a great 3D graphics! Install this app now and abig,fully 3D cartoon village will come to life on your phone ortabletscreen!Features:• Amazing 3D graphics of OpenGL ES 2.0(customizegraphics quality)• Smooth animation (customize framerate)• Fullsupport of the portrait and landscape mode• Intuitiveuserinterface• A small expense of the battery (battery-savingsleepmode)Cartoon Village - Live Wallpaper - is a free app, thoughsomein-app items can also be purchased for real money. If youdon'twant to use this option, simply turn it off at your device.Weareworking hard to improve the app! Keep track of updates, leaveyourreviews and suggestions!
Super Aircraft Simulator 3D
Aircraft Combat 3D is all about AirPlanes and air combatshooterwith stunning 3D graphics, Plus a real Aircraft simulator tomasterand test your Pilot skills.If you love to fly the planes andwantto do some fun stuff with them, then this is the rightplace.Hereyou will have beautiful Island Airport equipped witheveryinstrument you need. This is real air combat shooter withstunning3D graphics alongside great audio, effects and awesomegameplay.Enjoy multiple games within one package totally for free.PerformStunts or enter WarZone, multiple missions to perform evenharderstunts. Prove your skills by using easy to use plane controlsandbecome amazing Pilot. Enjoy every last bit of your addictiontowardPlanes and Fly as High as you can. Features:-PerformAerobaticsStunts and collect coins.-Enter the War Zone and blastthe enemyplanes.- Arcade and Survival Mode-Select plane frommultipleavailable cool Planes.-Cutting edge 3D graphic!- NumerousUpgradesand Special Weapons- Amazing Lighting and SpecialEffects-Orchestral Music- 2 Difficulty Modes with further missionsandchallenges- Arcade and Survival Mode- RealtimePhysics-Smoothanimations- Easy Controls of PlanesLike us onFacebook at or find moregames on thewebsite http://www.superdik.nlSuperdik Trading B.V.-cool apps
Zombie Waves 3D 1.1.8
Zombies? OH YEAH!3D graphics and full 3D environments? OHYEAH!100%free to play? OH YEAH! First Person Shooter FPS controls?OH YEAH!Guns? OH YEAH!Grenades? OH YEAH! Launcher? OH YEAH!Marketplace tobuy more guns and ammo with coins from killing zombies? OHYEAH!New levels with every update? OH YEAH! Install now and startyourcounter walking dead experience!
Polar Adventure 1.2
Features:- 4 levels- 5 different superpowers- Realistic audio and3Dgraphics- Rich special effects- Duel with your FacebookfriendsAgrim struggle against seal hunters has commenced! You areto tastedeep ocean water,ski and escape under the cruel polaratmosphere.Enjoy the adventure with real time 3D graphics, richspecialeffects and great musics. Remember your Facebook friendswhileskiing non-stop against hunters via 5 different super powersin 4different levels! To survive in this breathtaking combat youare tobe well-prepared for the duels against them.