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Outcast Icons Theme 1.8
Outcast is all about simplicity, quality and beauty all perfectly match with anything setup you make andwillbring the best experience of personalization to anotherlevel.Withover 2800++ High quality icons rendered in 192x192px and450dpi foryour pleasure, and also completed with 90++ Cloud BasedHDWallpapers ready to fill your everyday activity.FEATURES•2900++Custom Icons • 7800++ Activities• High Quality Icons•MultiLauncher Supports• HD Icon 192x192 px, 450dpi• 90++ HDCloudWallpapers• 25 App Drawer Alternate• Dynamic calendarsupport(Google, Sunrise, Today)• Regular UpdatesDASHBOARD APPFEATURES•Apply, 19 Launcher Cards, 13 Direct Apply, 6 Manual• See&Search All Icons Included with Icon Name• Smart Icon Request•CloudBased Wallpaper Picker• Image Picker, Attach Icon fromDashboardApp as an Image to Email, Hangouts, etc or Even Use it toCreateZooper Widget• Help, Contains FAQsCOMPATIBLE WITH• ActionLauncher•ADW Launcher• Apex Launcher• Atom Launcher• AviateLauncher• dodolLauncher• Epic Launcher• GO Launcher EX• HoloLauncher• HoloLauncher HD• Inspire Launcher• Kcin Launcher• KKLauncher• LucidLauncher• Mini Launcher• Nemus Launcher• NextLauncher• NineLauncher• Nova Launcher• S Launcher• Smart Launcher•Solo Launcher•Themer• CM Theme Engine• Launchy Widget• Trebuchet•UniconThank youfor purchasing, We hope that you enjoying usingOutcast icons asmuch we enjoying to make them! We'd love to seeyour screenshots aswell and help us to share this theme to other.Ifyou have anyquestions, comments, and concerns about the iconsplease email meat [email protected] Join our Communityat,starkeDEVTeam
HomeWAV 1.1.4
HomeWAV (Home Web Access Visitation) is a, cost effective,andinnovative way to allow those incarcerated in DetentionFacilitiesacross the country to visit with their families andfriends in ahome environment without the hassle of traveling orsetting up anappointment to visit the Inmate at the facility.Visitors who havefully registered and have been approved can log inusing theirchosen Username and Password. Once the Visitor is loggedin theywill see a list of Inmates they have added to their account.If theVisitor has purchased minutes for a specified Inmate thiswillallow them access to a video visit. Once the Inmate is loggedon,the Visitor will see their name displayed with green text.Thevisit will begin if the call is accepted it allows the Visitorandthe Inmate to have face to face conversation on their own time.Forbest results a headset is suggested. Keywords: video visit,videovisitation
CorrLinks 1.1.4
CorrLinks is a way for family and friends toelectronicallycommunicate with their loved ones incarcerated ininstitutions.Established through a relationship between acorrections agency andATG, this system allows family and friends tosubscribe toCorrLinks services. Currently all Federal Bureau ofPrisons andDepartment of Corrections (DOC) for the States of Iowaand Oklahomainstitutions allow such communication.Note: To use thisapp, youmust have a paid Premier Account subscription. Detailsareavailablehere: hasthe following features: • Stay in contact with your lovedones withreal time alerts. Receive immediate push notifications toyourdevice every time you receive a new message! • Eliminates loginona mobile device! • Messages to your inbox downloadautomaticallyand available on your local device for faster access!• Messagespreviously read are in your inbox and don’t need to bedownloadedagain! • Retain all of your messages for 60 days, insteadof 30! •Own multiple mobile devices? Attach up to 3 of your mobiledevices(phone, tablet etc.) to your account! • Eliminates Captchaon themobile app – that hard to read verification process! • APremierAccount only costs $6.00 per YEAR! That’s just $.50 a month!Takeadvantage of this offer today.If you have issues with theapp,please contact CorrLinks supportat:
Hard Time (Prison Sim) 1.401
The toughest prison sim in the yard - now celebrating over10MILLION downloads!!!Create your own inmate and attempt tosurvivein a prison where every sentence is a "death" sentence.Rubshoulders with up to 100 fellow inmates in a sprawling jail of12unique areas, each filled with fully interactive furnitureandprops. Plus a life beyond the jail populated by realcivilians,with wardens enforcing dozens of different laws to stopyou frommaking a break for it.Each day, you will find your healthandmental state slipping away. Both can be restored by sleeping-which is also a good way to pass time. You won't alwaysbepermitted to sleep, though, so consuming food and drink bridgesthegap. These, along with many other activities such as readingorwatching TV, can also help to improve your mental state. Ifyou"lose your mind" you will break down and will temporarilylosecontrol of your character (almost certainly gettingintotrouble!).Your character also has a set of attributes that youarechallenged to improve:- STRENGTH indicates how much damage youcaninflict or absorb. You can improve it by fighting orliftingweights.- AGILITY determines how fast you move. You canimprove itby jogging in the yard or scoring baskets.- INTELLECTreflects yourknowledge - including fighting skills such ascounters. You canimprove it by reading books.- REPUTATION is howmuch otherprisoners respect you. It can be improved byaccomplishing tasks orintimidating others.There are alsoopportunities to earn money -whether you work for it with a broom,trade items at a profit, orrun with a gang. Having money increasesyour opportunities togrease the wheels and make your life insideeasier.You may findthat you need to go to the toilet from time totime, in which caseyou must race to the bathroom! Alternatively,you could find atoilet to sit on or grab some toilet paper to spareyour blushes.Failing to do so will damage your reputation andmental state.Iregret that there is more to this game than I couldever explainhere, so I hope you enjoy figuring some things outforyourself.Upgrade to "VIP" to enjoy the full experience withoutads- plus access to the editor that allows you to customizeyourcharacter and every other.BASIC CONTROLS:(*Look out fortutorialswithin the actual game)The game uses buttons where letterslike GTArepresent what they do:G = Grapple / Throw weaponT =Taunt(interact with handheld props)A = Attack (on its own to kick,witha direction to punch)R = RunP = Pick-Up / DropOTHER CONTROLS-PressATTACK and RUN together to launch a powerful attack.- Pressanybutton with any direction (or none) in a grapple totriggerdifferent moves.- Press RUN and PICK-UP together to set fireto asmall object (which can then be used to set fire to alargeobject).- Touch the clock to pause the game and bring upoptions toexit.- Touch any speech bubble to speedthroughconversations.PERFORMANCE- If you find your device strugglestodisplay lots of characters, considering keeping the"Population"option low.- "Speed Up Frame Rate" sleeping willrequire goodperformance at the default frame rate.- Head to the"Display"options to tone down other features.
Cops N Robbers 2 2.2.2
Wait so long for the "Cops N Robbers (Jail Break 2)", the2ndedition of "Cops N Robbers (Jail Break)" has been developed foroneyear, created by the famous developer of "Cops N Robbers(JailBreak)" and "Cops N Robbers (FPS)": "JoyDo Entertainment".Thistime we brought a whole new experience for every CNR fan. Newhugeisland prison - "West Pacific Prison" is here, waiting foryouradventure. New game settings, new props&craftsystem...Mostimportant of all, a new role - spy is added in "Cops NRobbers".***Features***# Huge map - "West Pacific Prison": indoorandoutdoor area, prison, forest, island, ships...# Role playing:Cop,Robber and Spy.# Props&Craft System: 40+ props(weapons,armors...), craft some props to help you get out ofprison.# Newrole - Spy: hiding in robbers, secretly support for thecop. Inorder to retain the identity, the spy need to complete thetasksgiven by system. Robbers need to find out who is the spy byvoting.# Multiplayer: Worldwide Multiplayer support, 5 regionsavailable -EU, AU, US, ASIA, JP# Mobs: there are some mobs in theoutdoorforest, you can collect some stuff from them.# Hunger value:Affectwalk speed & attack damage.# "Honor Rules": cheat&cheated, cooperation & betrayal.# Stable server &optimizednetwork.# Video Recording: support Kamcordvideorecording.***Rules***# Besides robbers there is one cop andonespy.# The cop tells robbers what they should do: go to themesshall to eat, go to the showers, go to the library...# Robbersmustobey and do what the cop says, or be punished!# Robber'smission:Compliance & Betrayal (find the way to escape fromprison thenall the robbers win)# Cop's mission: Manage all robbers& makesure that no one escapes from prison in the limitedtime!# Spy'smission: Complete the system tasks to retain theidentity. Help thecop to monitor all robbers, meanwhile avoid theidentity beingexposed.*** Support & Feedback ***Mail:[email protected]
MineBloxia Prison. Map for MCPE 43
In this new map for Minecraft you have to choose a side and becomeafair policeman or dangerous criminal. Call your friends, divideintoteams, download our new map for MCPE for free and just havefun!Thisexciting map for Minecraft is for several players, soobviously callyour friends. You and other players should make achoice and playfor prisoners or for cops. To play for both teamsis ratherinteresting, each team gas its own aims andspecialties,nevertheless, no matter what you choose, you have achance tochange team in new game. So, main aims of prisoners:• Toescapefrom the cell• To free other prisoners• To find a criminalbase• Tocapture a prisonMain aims of cops:• Don’t let prisoners toescape•To arrest escapeesThe rules are quite simple, and althoughthisplotline is quite popular among numerous maps for Minecraft, itisstill very interesting to play. Nobody knows, how the game willendand what situations will players face, everything depends onyouand other players, that’s why in this map for MCPE is usuallyveryunpredictable end. Download our new map for Minecraft forfree,call your friends and have a good time!-You can downloadthisMinecraft map for free.-You will need to install MinecraftPocketEdition on your mobile device for this map.DISCLAIMER: Thismap forMCPE isn’t made or supported by Mojang. Minecraft andMinecraftPocket Edition are official trademarks of Mojang AB. Thedevelopersof this MCPE map don’t cooperate with Mojang. Thisapplicationfully adheres to the terms set up by Mojang AB. Moreinfo at
The Escapists: Prison Escape
The Escapists, you’ve done the crime but can you survive and dothetime? The Escapists is a unique prison escape sandbox gamewhereyou get to experience a life behind bars and barbed wirefences.You’ve had a life of crime but now you’re caught. Withthrillingand immersive gameplay, you need to create an escape routein aworld of other prisoners and ruled by routine. From roll calltolights out, you’re banged up. There’s no get out of jail freecardin this game, you need to break out. Are you up for thechallengeor are just going to sit there in your cell? You need allyour witsand skill to bust out. No walls are going to hold you, youneed toescape! While under the careful watch of the guards, you’llneed toget used to prison life while you use strategy and daring toswipeuseful objects from under their noses. Make innocent lookingitemsinto useful tools like shovels for cunning escape plans orhandyweapons to survive in a fight. Escaping requires cunning,strategy,the right equipment and staying at least two steps aheadof theguards. Bribe and fight your way through the prison ranks. Ifyourfellow prisoners like you enough, recruit them and create yourowngang. You might even take over a prison! The guards are out tostopany escape attempts, so you’ll have to avoid suspiciousbehaviourby attending roll calls, working a prison job and hidingyourstolen contraband. The Escapists is a thrilling sandboxstrategyprison simulator that challenges you to bust out in anumber ofdifferent ways. You want to break free but you're bangedup and youneed to escape! How you survive and do that is up to you,but whenyou’re out of your cell, a rigid daily schedule is designedto keepyou in line. You're expected to work at one of several jobsduringthe day, exercise and showers are mandatory. Features: •Addictiveprison simulator game, steal spoons and forks, use them todig atunnel out of your cell. • Over 6 themed prisons, try toescapefrom minimum security jails or fearsome big houses likeAlcatraz. •Find, steal and trade items to create dozens ofcraftingcombinations to aid your escape • Use the exercise yard toincreaseyour strength, handy for scaling walls. • Find otherprisoners totrade swag with, you’ll need duct tape, a screwdriveror nailfiles. • Dodge contraband detectors. if you pass through onewithcontraband in your pocket, the heat meter rises to 99 percent.•Adapt to life behind the steel doors with prison routines andjobsand master the game's six penitentiaries, there are threeextraprisons waiting to be challenged. • Push yourself to surviveandincrease your strength, speed, and intellect. There aremultipleways to break out and escape, you just need to find them.tneed tofind them. The Escapists is tough game, just like jail. Canyou diga tunnel right under the walls of the prison? Or even steala guarduniform to blend in with your captors? Addictive and tense,it’s areal challenge to escape your first prison. Commit a fewinsidecrimes, there are dozens of items to find, steal and smuggle.Someare contraband you can sell or trade for more useful gear.Createclever makeshift weapons and tools, a bar of soap in a sockisuseful in a fistfight. Materials purchased or "borrowed" fromyourfellow inmates are used to craft tools and other items likewires,a bottle of bleach, a piece of timber, a bar of chocolate,aplastic comb, and much more. If you’re smart enough, you’llfigureout ways to make your escape. There are dozens of items tofind anduse to get out of your cell, including a pickaxe, wirecutters, ziplines and more. The Escapists is an addictive strategyprisonsimulator game that challenges you to break out of jail.Don’t be aprisoner, be an Escapist! Download The Escapists today,it would bea crime not to. You can’t check out and you can neverleave, unlessyou have an escape plan…
Jailbreak - Prison Escape
Wondered what it's like being sentenced for death, waiting fortheexecution on electric chair?"Jail Break - Prison Escape" startsina jail cell and at first glance the prison escape seems tobeimpossible quest. Take another look! Usual items surroundingyoucan be an important key or a part of combination with otherobjectsthatwould finally let you out!Would you order you lastsupper andgive up? Or rather fight your way to freedom through themostchallenging quests and brain teasing puzzles you'veeverseen?Excellent graphics, nutcracking riddles, thrillngbackgroundmusic and realistic effects would help you to stayinvolved andunlock all doors, solve the mysteries of alldifficulties andreveal the truth about your death penaltycircumstances andprevious life before prison. Hurry up! Tomorrow isyour executionandtime isrunningout!************************FEATURES************************✓Nicelooking user interfaces and intuitive controls✓ Impressivegameviews and thrilling story ✓ Relaxing ambient backgroundmusic,great sound effects and qualified graphics✓ Original puzzlesandexciting realistic gameplay✓ New levels with new quests andpuzzlesare keep coming up!************************SAYHELLO************************We areconstantly working hard onmaking the "Jail Break - Prison Escape"game better with moreadvanced and thrilling features. We need yourconstant support toget going. Please feel free to contribute andemail us for anyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want tosay hello. Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed anyfeature of the"Jail Break - Prison Escape" game, do not forget torate us on playstore and share among your friends.
Alcatraz Pixel Prison Heist Gangster Escape Room 1.5
Finally the second new game of the Alcatraz prisoner escape gamehasshot its way onto the droid market! This grand Pixel gangsterprisonsurvival game is filled with lots of cool missions formaximumgangstar simulator heist hype. This fps shoot em up copsand robberjail breakout game is not actually first person shooterat all, butreally its a third person assassin prison kill escapeshooting game.Amazing elite guns for hunting down the enemy sniperRussia armytrained war x defense fury vets. How tough could it beto escapethis prison world base simulation craft game? The answeris veryhard! The weapons in this break out prison sim game looklikesomething you would build in a vegas city or miami streetgunbuilder game. Choose your mini criminal killer gang banditinmateand battle your way with s pistol mine in hand and createyour owncrime heist as you try to break free in time to catch yourauto carride to the best nation rio Mexico. Its our top most funapp of2017 & will be hard to beat in 2018 as well. Its yourduty tohunt the 3d zombie murder cop arms prison defenders. If youlike hdstickman sniping robbers or like trigger shot snipe pro thenthisis the game for you man! Call in sick 2 day and the next 3 to4days cause its time to fight your way out of the fort and makethempay for putting you in this movie scene. Next time you willthinktwice about doing bank theft as its not worth it when you endup inprison kid! Stay in your room! Have the funnest time of yourlifewith this game and don’t panic or it might become yourReality!Followup data. Imagine the pixel cops and robbers 2 day inaveragecops and robbers games of today. Not many are great foryoungadults like the prison architect or standard prison builderwiththe pixel style art yet many adults enjoy this art style theygrewup with. So we decided to make this on the lines of the adultfpssurvival games and prison escape games which are not typicallyinthe pixel art style or even voxel art style. So have a blastinthis cops n robbers jail break 2 / cops n robbers mine minigame.If you enjoyed this game and wondering how we got into prisonthenthe next mafia empire city of crime game where you lived themafiacity mafia revenge life where the gangster new Orleans crimebosslords and mafia wars turned you in. Live the history of themobspast along with the mafia mystery behind it. Finally in game3,will you become a farm simulator man? or back to your copsandrobbers games? Will you be living the prison games life? andwillyou be playing prison escape games again? Find out!
Prison Simulator 2.21
Try yourself in the role of the prison governor. You willstartplaying with a little prison, consisting of only a coupleofbarracks and only on you depends how to further developit.Inaddition to the fact that your duty is to maintain order andpeaceso that your fosterlings do not interrupt each other, you havetoengage in economic activities and constantly monitor thatprisondid not start a hunger riot!But this is not all, in the gameyouwill need to constantly maneuver between the interests ofyourgeneral, who thinks only about replenishing his pocket, mafiabosswho turns his dark affairs and prisoners who interested onlyinopportunity to find a way how to get out faster to freedom!
Prisoner Transport Bus Simulator 3D 1.0
Prisoner Transport Bus Simulator 3DLet’s drive your favoritepolicebus and transport prisoner to jail.Become a policeman to takerideon police bus to transport criminal and prisoner from courttojail. Drive bus on scum path and reach your destination safelyinpolice bus. Drive your super bus on city area and otherattractivehills climate to pick and drop your prisoner to jail inprisonerbus. Take driving experience of multiple police buses onvariouslocations in police games. Do you think you will drivepolice vanon mountain roads that are filled with prisoner and dropthem totheir destination safely? Drive like a brave policeman anddropcriminals safely to their destination in prisoner transport.Becomea bus driver to arrest the robbers, thieves and thugs whoperformcriminal acts on street areas in bus games. Become policeofficeras well as police van 3d driver to arrest the prisoners anddropthem to jail in police bus. We will give you wide rangeprisonerbuses with stunning prisoner transport. Show your busdrivingskills and take ride on beautiful uphill roads in prisonergames.Drive your police bus to reach the violation side to arrestthecriminal who is going to rob the shop keeper in thispolicetransport.Get ready to take ride on prison bus to arresttheescaped prisoner in police games. Drive bus on off-roadtracks,when you will raid the criminals on forest area in mountainbus.When you will sit on the back of big steering wheel then switchonyour bus radio and follow your police officer instructions inbusgames. We will give you thrilling and adventurous policemissionsin prisoner transport. Startup levels are easy to play tobuildyour prisoner bus skills and take ride on city area to arrestthecriminals in jail games. When you will enter in the middlelevelsthen difficulty will be increased and you will perform toughdutyto arrest the thieves in police transport. We will giveyourealistic bus games environment with dazzling police van. Whenyouwill arrest all the prisoners then take them to jail by usingyourpolice bus. We will give you a chance to become best driverandpick prisoners on jail cell and drop them to court safely inbusgames. You will drive multiple police buses on different cityareaand other mountain road to arrest the criminal who will robthebanks and also snatch purses on street side in police games.Drivefast and carefully on hilly areas and other city roads to getyourprisoners and lock them in the jail cell. We will give youshorttime duration to complete your mission otherwise level willbefailed in police bus. You will take unlimited fun during playthisamazing bus game. This police game gives you in-app tounlockpolice vans and to remove ads.We will give you realisticpolicevans atmosphere with featuring animations in bus driving.Driveyour favorite police bus with smooth touch screenacceleratorbutton and brake button to apply in police games. Wewill give youmulti-angle camera mode according to your convenientin police bus.You will not take annoying or worst feeling duringplay this policegame. You will take incredible fun during play thisbus game. Comeand quickly download this prisonertransporter.Prisoner TransportBus Simulator 3D Features:• Stunningpolice bus with high-qualitygraphics • Real view of city highwaysand buildings• Friendly GUIprisoner transporter gameplayenvironment• Multi-angle camera viewoptions to boost your prisonbus• A wide variety of buses• Busyroads to take ride on police van
US Police Prisoner Transport Bus : Train Shooter 1.1
A brand new US police prison transportation 2K18 on bullet trainisjust going to start where you will cross railroads on cityandoffroad mountain stations in this train shooter drivingsimulator.Take prisoners and cargo transport truck and move throughcitytunnels, offroad hill station and city rail tracks in fasttraindriving sim US Police Prison Train Shooter. Driving US trainsisamazing especially when it comes to fast train driving forpolicetransportation 2K18 duty. The city bullet train is equippedwithmodern lethal weapon where you will turn down enemy attack ascitytrain. Be the real truck transport driver and be policetrainshooter and use police bullet train to combat against enemywhowould attack US police train in US Police Prison TrainShooter.Your duty as real police hero is to transport dangerousprisonersto police jail. The police officers are all ready to getUS policetraining on next station. You need to drive carefullyfromdangerous zone and transport prisoners, police officer andcargotimely to offroad train station. Act as best transporttruckdriver. Drive bullet train carefully from dangerous zone tofulfillyour transportation duty of prisoners and cargo. Eliminatetheenemies that attack train on your way to complete traindrivingadventure.US Police Prison Train Shooter is a new additionin trainsimulator games 2k18. You have already tried your hand ineurotrain driving but this is totally new adventure. Makeyourselfproud by driving bullet train in fast train simulator game2018.Experience the thrill of driving police bullet train insidecityand offroad hill station and combat against enemy as realtrainshooter. US Police Prison Train Shooter is an amazingcombinationof offroad train driving of bullet train that make itthrillingtrain shooter game 2018 along with US police prisontransportationand police cargo transport on truck and police train.Take chargeof police bullet train as best prisoner transportationtycoon andbecome pro train driver of this train simulator game2K18. Provethat there is no other city police train driver betterthan you whocan fulfill USA police prison transportation and policecargotransportation duty better than you. Become an ultimatepolicetrain transporter driver and drive heavy locomotive enginesof thisUS Police Prison Train Shooter. No one should dare to stopthispolice train from reaching its destination as this bullettrainacts like train shooter and eliminate each and every enemyvehicleshooting and targeting the police train. For all those fansoftrain driving games and euro train simulator, this is anewadventure with train shooter and future fights.Features:•Challenging US Police & Prison transportation 2018!•Thrillingbullet train shooter missions!• Transport police officerand cargotimely!• Bullet Train driving in city and offroad railtracks!•High Quality 3d Graphics and engaging sound effects
Jail Run: Jump, Hop and Race out of Prison 0.1.9
Race your way out of jail. Jump and Hop out of prison This gamehasauthentic 80's home computer era feel with cute pixel-artgraphics-Free daily gifts - Earn Discounts on gold coins- DifferentandFunny characters to choose from- Cool and colourful 8 bitretropixel art- Endless Running game with twists and turns-Mostexciting, Hottest game- Suitable for all ages
JailBase - Arrests + Mugshots
JailBase provides arrest information to the public. Browserecentarrests, use our jail inmate search or view county mugshotsall inone place. You can search for arrested persons you mightknow, andeven get notified if someone you know gets arrested. Allfor free.Give it a try and install it now! Features - Searchmillions ofarrest records. - New records are added daily (in somecaseshourly). - Add notifications and get notified when someone youknowgets arrested. - Browse recent arrests and filter by Gender,Race,County and Date. - Original mugshots (without the JailBaseLogo)are available for purchase and emailed directly to you.Support Ifyou have any questions or issues, we have fast in appsupport. Justclick the Menu and then select the Support option.Some Notes 1) Wedo not have all the counties in the US, but we workon adding newones on a regular basis. You can make a request usingthe Supportoption on the Menu. 2) Facial Recognition is a newfeature for us.Let us know how it's working! Use the Support optionon the Menu tosend us feedback. 3) We do use advertising to supportthe service,but you can purchase an upgrade to remove alladvertising. See theRemove Ads option on the Menu. 4) Records olderthan 6 months, wearchive. They will show up when searching, butadditional detailsare available for purchase.
Stickman jailbreak 2
You'll play as a prisoner who needs help to escape fromprison.Youwill be asked a number of ways to escape.Select all theescape wayslaugh amusing animations and scenes.Find all three happyendingsescape.Find not only all the successful ending, butfailed.The gameis easy to operate will give you relax and enjoytheanimation.Interesting story, beautiful graphics and animationwithvoice acting raising your mood and not only.Why wait for aprisonsentence? Most stikmanu help to escape from thishorribleprison!For the freedom and independence to every home onthe planetEarth!Write in the comments if you want to see more suchgames.Thegame is free.
Jailbreak Escape - Stickman's Challenge 1.5
Prison break is not an easy task! Be courageous! You are up foragreat challenge!You were wondering in the city and teasingthecivilians. But unluckily police has arrested you. Now you areindeadly prison. It’s time to use your energy and skills toescapefrom this torturing prison. It is not an easy task assecurityguards are alert and ready to fire. Jailbreak Escape -Stickman'sChallenge is full of exciting missions. You’ll love toescape fromthis jail by completing its challenging missions. Aftergetting thegun, you are ready to run and escape yourself. But becareful.Laser fence is on. Try to move and hide without beingdetected.Anight duty guard is patrolling. You are on a mission tokill himand disguise as guard. Fire at digital lock to open thecell doorsof all prisoners. Climb up the pipe to get on roof toobserve citysituation. Now kill the guard and get the main gate keyto finallyget out from this deadly jail. Struggle hard for yourescape!Otherwise you will be dead!Jailbreak Escape - Stickman'sChallengeFeatures:• Challenging escape Missions!• Smooth and EasyControls!•Fun Filled Game!• Hints and Clues!• High Quality 3DGraphics andSound Effects!
Police Train Simulator 3D: Prison Transport
Zippy Games
Prisoners are trying to break out inPoliceTrain Simulator 3D: Prison Transport. The government hashired therailway police to build a high security train to transportthesecriminals to a impenetrable fortress so that they will notescapethe prison. This mission is a very top secret undercovermissionand it should be carried out with extreme care andprecision. Thetrain needs to reach the prison station where theprisoners arelocated then they will board the train. After that itis your dutyto be the best police train driver and drive this trainin thistrain simulator to prison facilities and institutions todrop themoff over there.Game Features:- Realistic 3D Graphics.- Simple and Easy Controls.- Exciting and Challenging Levels.- Hours of Gameplay.
Connect Inmate 2.0.4
Easily send a letter or photos to any inmate in acorrectionalfacility. This app keeps the inmate information savedfor you to goback and send a new letter or photos anytime you wantfrom yourmobile device.
City builder 17 federal prison 1.0.4
City builder 2017: federal prison We got a serious job foryoutoday, you need to build one of the most safest prisons intheUnited States of America. In the early parts of the game youseeeverything you are used of construction simulators. Butbesidesbuilding the prison you also need to supply the material,this ismore like a delivery driver simulator. You are the foremanof theconstruction company, and you act like a boss on thesite.biggerequipment, Later into the game you will start to unlockbiggerequipment, which will require a bigger skill set. Pouringconcreteand delivering materials onto the top levels on theconstructionsite with a large crane can be hard be we know you cando it. It isnearly impossible to fail in this constructionsimulator game, ofcourse you can fail in your tasks. The vehiclephysics are asexactly realistic as possible. City builder 2017:federal prisonCity Builder Games Features : ▶ City builder gamesmade fun againwith the implementation of 8 construction vehicles! ▶Drive, dig,transport and more in this complete construction game! ▶Collectall construction vehicles and skins! ▶ Doný forget to rateus orgive us feedback! Facebook- -
Airport Army Prison Bus 2017 1.4
Are you the best commando of an army?Can you control the armychargein present era when there is lot of terror from enemies trythisairport army game and test your chief skills. Before few yearssomecriminals make blast in public market many of people diedandinjured due to this after few days you succeed to arrestthecriminals but unfortunately the father of gang succeed inescapeand went to abroad. He make a strong gang team there and nowhe iscalled as don of criminals, make operation against him inabroad toget him back in homeland for this take your army commandosas muchas you can because your full trained army commandos are yourkey tosuccess so what are you waiting for download this game andstartyour missionTake your commando stick in hand and start to leadtheteam Hire army airport bus and move toward airport with yourbestcommando team inform the army chief of your arrival toothercountry where you are going sit in army helicopter cockpitandstart move toward the sky stay connect with army base ofothercountry and make a safe landing on abroad airport. Sit insidetheairport bus and move toward the army hotel, trained yourcommandosfor army operation and choose best commandos forundercover missionat night for getting all information about thedon and start yourarmy mission. Use the best sniper to makeoperation against mafiaafter successful army chief commandingoperation inform your armyabout victory and take father of gang forairport in your army buswith his criminal companions. Your army busis waiting on airportfor your arrival after landing take don towardthe arm jail in fulltight security and make a blasting case againsthim. Keep the donin jail with security cameras and not givepermission to anyone tomeet with him. Some prisoners are waitingfor you on airport sodrive your airport bus and transport theairport criminalsWholeabout gameThis game is specially designed totest your heavy busdriving skills and on chief commanding skills.Each level isdesigned to make fun for all ages and give youchallenge oftransport airport criminals. So perform yourtransporting criminalairport bus duty and take criminals for jail,army base and decideddestination. keep your hand on big bussteering and enjoy thisairport criminal transport game. 3Denvironment, realistic controlsand amazing graphics will give youreal feel so download it toamazed yourselfFeaturesControl of armychargeRealistic Physics'Armycommanding stickChance to drive airportarmy busUse of army skillsRealistic feel in game GreatgraphicsAction packed gameRace to moveand break to stop
Stickman jailbreak 3
You have to find all the ways to get out of prison.One dayasupervisor brought you a loaf to the cell. In this loafyourrelatives hid various objects. Choose the right object andleavethe sinister territory of the prison.You will be disturbedbyguards and unforeseen circumstances. You must turn on yourbrainsand become elected.Of the eight items, only 2 items canhelprelease you from this captivity.Sitting behind the bars seemstohave missed you so much for freedom. Baton is the only anduniquechance for your salvation. Open up the loaf and run fromthisprison to freedom! The soul asks!Funny animation and graphicsarewaiting for you.The game is free.
Alcatraz Escape 1.1
Alcatraz Escape - the most secured prison in the history ofmankindis waiting for you...Here's the story - you find yourselflocked upin the legendary prison named "Alcatraz". Do you think youhavewhat it takes to be the first prisoner ever to find the way outofthis hell? Don't search for friends - search for clues andhintsthat will help you on your way out. Use all the puzzle solvingandlogical thinking skills you have to avoid being caught bythebrutal guards in this amazing adventure.Are you ready to acceptthechallenge to escape this barbaric place? If yes, downloadAlcatrazEscape game now and test yourself and see if you can breakout tofreedom.Game features:Prison Break!Real prisonatmosphere!Logicalpuzzles!Truthful graphics!Legendary escapejourney!
Prisoner Transport Airplane Flight Jail Hard Time 1.2
Hi guys, love of driving, flying and police criminalgames.Surprising play with amazing jail criminals airplane flightgame.Jail criminals and army prisoners are being moved to policeprisonand police bus driver team is coordinating with armyprisonertransport plane pilots to make this jail criminal transportmissionpossible. Prisoner transporter in main task to carry outthevehicle of police prison duty. Save any prison break escapemissionin this airplane transport game. Many transportationoptionsincluding SWAT police van, police bus, jail bus, army plane,policeplane & army helicopter. First, drive the jail prisonersinpolice transport van and transporter truck to state prison&then drive the prisoners to the army cargo plane airport for ajailprisoner airplane flight. Next, as an army transport airplanepilotand fly the criminals plane to the military base.The jailprisonerflight simulator game will give a chance to become realarmy planepilot and also cop driver in jail. Transport these crooksto thedesire prison due to sins. Make sure to crime city remainssafe.Time to captain inmates transport empire on the cops bus andin anaeroplane and going to be a new cop transporter in thejob.Have youplayed any other plane transport games? this jailcriminalstransport plane game gives an opportunity to be a policebus driverto drive jail bus. Complete the police prison duty &then be anarmy prisoner transport plane pilot in this SWAT policeplane game.A best that get in any army transport games withsupersonic armyplane. Giving jail prisoner airplane transportmissions extremelyengaging. One of police criminals’ transportercaptain to transportoffenders to the central jail. Ready to feelthe cockpit view andthe throttle of the army convict plane.Transport criminals andprisoners to an offshore prison. Anupper-class driving game andflying simulation playing as police busdriver with also aprofessional cop airplane pilot. Now as a realpolice transporteryour duty is increased because duty is double.Perform dual dutydrive a bus to the airport and fly a plane fromairport tohigh-security lockup. Transport inmate is not a child'swork, atough job so show real police officer skills and transporttheseprisoners to central jail safely.Get ready to see thepolicevehicles transportation in action. Police airplane transportbikeis the brand new latest and updated police motorbike shippinggameaction loaded with the perfect blend of cargo trucktransportgames, police games, airplane simulator games and policequad bikegames. New police airplane transport game comes withbeautiful 3Dgraphics. Many quad bikes with realistic police officercharactersanimation. The gameplay focuses on the idea of howdelicately andskillfully police bikes are carried from city totown.A strikingaerodrome environment cargo to drop shipment ofheavyweight bikesand quad bikes from the freight carriage truck.Take each motorbikeon at a time and load it into the airplane andthen fly theaircraft securely to the next city and land theairplane at thenicely uptown airport and unload the vehicles fromplane, then loadthem vehicles into the semi-trailer truck with thehelp ofcharacter animations and you’re driving instincts andskills. Jailcriminals and army prisoners are being moved to policeprison andpolice bus driver team is coordinating with army prisonertransportplane pilots to make this jail criminal transport missionpossible.Prisoner transporter, have a major responsibility to carryout thispolice prison duty and prevent any prison break escapemission inthis airplane transport game. Transportation optionsincluding SWATpolice van, police bus, jail bus, army plane, policeplane &army helicopter. Drive the jail prisoners in policetransport vanand transporter truck to state prison & then drivetheprisoners to the army cargo plane airport for a jailprisonerairplane flight.
Prisoners Train Simulator: Transport to jail 1.1.3
Do you like police work, trains and prison games? Drive aprisontrain by rail as a machinist! Carry criminals to prisons inspecialwagons, and don't let them escape! Bring all the prisonersbehindbars! The prison police train was created to transportdangerouscriminals. Its windows are covered by bars, and themachinist isalways on the alert. Don’t let any prisoner breakthrough – eachjail criminal must be delivered to the place of hispunishment!Theprison is waiting for your passengers! Lead yourprison transporttrain out from the train yard to the police yard,and beware ofyour jail criminal passengers! Do not let them escapeand bring theprisoners to the right station! Control your prisonerstransportertrain on the rails! To carry criminals is dangerous,butprofitable! Earn money to transport prisoners. Improve thepolicetrain and add new wagons with bars to carry even more! Openotherprison trains and prison transport mods! Maybe the prison lifeisuneasy, but it’s not your problem! Ride on your policetransporttrain, deliver your unsettled passengers between stationsand havefun with our jail game!To drive a police train is not aneasy task!Check your courage and ability to control the traincarefully, whenpassengers are dangerous criminals, ready foranything! Tryyourself as a prison train driver with our unusualtraintransportation game!
Cops VS Robbers Prison Escape H1.3a
Aeria Canada
IMPORTANT: Some users are experiencing issues restoringin-apppurchases. We are working on fixing the problem. If youencounterany troubles with in-apps, please contact [email protected] so that we can help you solve yourproblem.Thank you! Explore the terror of an unlawful city wheresurvival isthe only option among the deadly enemies. This game letsyou entera match of survival death where you can experience anexplosivethird person shooter. You need to face powerful and lethalenemyprisoners that have escape from jail. You have to stop themfromdestroying the city! The different missions of the game arehighlyentertaining and several exciting features enhance theexcitement.There are various weapons to pick up including grenades,you canenter the different vehicles to escape or defend yourself,get ajetpack and even destroy the buildings around the city! Enjoyafast-paced shooter action and defeat enemy gangs that will comeforyou. New Features: Full update to Third person gameplayFlyingjetpack Tanks, taxis, planes, a lot of vehicles and newweaponsMultiple missions Store with new elements Achievementsandpower-ups Mini-bosses Destructible environment,destructibleeverything! explosions! more explosions! even moreexplosions!
Shadow Prison Escape 1.5
Shadow Prison Escape is an adventure game, this time escaping isnotabout you but about your stickman brother imprisoned in themostsecured jail. He is a prisoner under close surveillance, thereareshadow guards around him and every exit is blocked bysecuritysystems. He have been sentenced to death for murder.However, onlyyou know he didn't commit the crime. But now to helpyour stickmanbrother you have to commit a crime and go to jail thenexecute yourplan by killing the Police men & Prison breakoutare the mainobjectives. You are being watched through Cameras andsecurity isall over. Now it’s your job how you kill them and get tothe keysnot only to help yourself but also to free other jailerspresentwith you. Police is equipped with all sort of weapons andtheycould also call the helicopters for the search ofescapedprisoners. So run for your life and Survive the Prison asshadowhero in this Shadow Prison Escape game. Around you there areothershadow prisoners, try to figure out what they want and if theycanhelp you to shadow prison escape mission. Will you be abletoescape your shadow stickman brother from this torturinghell?Gather your strength and do whatever it takes to find andrescueyour stickman brother to be a hero stickman. Now it’s time tohelpyour lockdown cell inmates, shadow criminals and shadowmafiagangster to get out of this prison break game. Survive tilltheend, Kill all guards & don't let them chase you. Fight&kill for your survival! Discover the hidden objects,manipulate theprisoners and guards, use your skills and do whateverit takes toprison escape, and maybe then you'll get a chance toprove yourinnocence. Sneaking in the corridors for prison escape isverytough as the guards and jail warden is continuously patrollingincell. High security checks based on modern technology has madeiteven tougher to make a safer prison escape. Make a trickyjailbreak plan and rescue your Shadow fellow inmates. Fightwithgangsters & mafia people in jail for successfulbreakoutmission . Show extreme stealth skills to sneak inside jailto helpyour shadowcell inmates and shadow gang members in thisnewestprison break game. You spent some hard time with punishmentin thislockup. Now it’s time to help your lockdown cell inmates,shadowcriminals and shadow mafia gangster to get out of this prisonbreakgame.Be careful about each move as jail has many sensitiveareasmonitored by CCTV cameras, laser lights, and patrolling jailcops.Any wrong move would get you killed immediately. The Policehas themaximum security in his prison and escaping from the shadowJailguards could be a dream. The shadow prisoners and jailersthinkyou’ve developed a special sense of planning in past fewmonthswhich could help you to quit this. Survival in this game isnoteasy! You were not a tough stickman but this Jail made youlearnthings you never imagined. You met with other shadowmafiacriminals and stickman prisoners of your kind and you came upwitha strategy to quit this unimaginable Prison. Commit crimeandescape in police car, Escaping can be hard and tough butnotimpossible. Make tricky moves, follow the arrows as these willkeepyou on correct path, grab health, avoid laser lights. Searchforthe exit point. Grab the keys to unlock jail doors. Attack andKillall the fierce cops and security guards that you encounter.Makethe best possible prison escape plan to rescue your Brother inthelimited time given to be real hero of mafia boss. FeaturesOfShadow Prison Escape : Amazing 3D Prison Environment RealisticCityReal Thrill of shadow Prison Escape Interesting Game Play LotsofStickman Characters Multiple Crime Missions Car drivingPoliceChase Mission in City Smooth and intuitive controls Stunning&High Quality 3D Graphics Player Punch, Power ups and StealthCombosThrilling and challenging Missions Easy and fun to play
Prison Escape : Escape The Room Games 1.2
Cold, damp, horrible, I woke up and found myself alreadyinjail.This seems to be a prison designed specifically for me.I'mnota crime. I must have been framed.Classic room escapegame.Thistime, you need to escape from this oldprison!FeaturesTenwell-designed game levelsTen beautiful gamescenesDiverse andinteresting game puzzleCan you escape again?
Break the Prison 1.0.13
Candy Mobile
Breaking the rules is way more fun than playing by them.Andbreaking the prison is even more fun, especially you areframedinto the jail!You have been sentenced to death for a crimeyou didnot commit. Now you need to devise an elaborate plan toescape theprison and clear your name. As a brilliant mechanicalengineer, youneed to build up the tools in your cell first. Thensteal the keysfrom the guards, discover the escape route by solvingpuzzles, andbreak out the prison by sneaking into an escape tunnelunderneaththe prison. Are you ready to escape and prove yourinnocencenow?Game Features:- Mind-bending puzzles plus addictiveactiongame-play- Chilling atmosphere and beautiful visuals-40+challenging levels in 8 different themed cells
Prisoner Escape Plan 2017 1.0.2
Do you Like jail breakout escape 3d games? Are drivingactionsimulation games fun and challenging. If yes, then you willalsoprisoner escape plan 2017. With latest prisoner escape plan2017,experience the challenging breakout jail survival missionsthat arejust waiting for were waiting for 2017 new gameshereprisoner escape plan 2017 is the latest 2017 new game.You arein aJail for 15 years in the horrible Prison located outside theCityfor a crime you never committed. You have spent 5 years ofyourlife in jail among criminals like gangster squad, criminalmafia,murderer, robber, thieves etc who are committing crimes have learn all tricks from these Miami crimescenecriminals, you are now a tricky its time to breakoutthejail and get some clue which proves that you are Innocent youarenow strongest man.get some planning to escaping the prison,besmart, In this impossible mission your objective is shoot tokillanyone, murder cops, soldiers,guards on duty , jailofficer,armedduty police offices or trained snipers.while escapingfrom the cellbe smart do not be aggressive , there are transportvehicles likefast police sports car and RC helicopter in the jail,detective FBIor swat team or police dog and police driver can chaseyou .So besmart while escaping from jail.breakout the prison andmake thegreat escape in rush hour.Its hard time prison break taskfor youto lockdown and lockup the jail from Alcatraz which issituatednear the island to survive after break out.survivor missionis hardtime task for you.lets break it but be aware from prisonbreaksniper guards.They are hard time though shooter.its time toenjoyprisoner escape plan 2017 , latest 2017 new fightinggamelatestPrisoner escape plan 2017 new fighting gamefeaturesAmazing real 3dPrison EnvironmentExtreme action packedchallenging prison breaksurvival missionsEscape the Prison with aMaster BreakoutPlanRealistic inside police jail environment withcops andcriminals
Army Prisoner Transport Ship - Cruise Ship Driving 1.2
With Army Prisoner Transport Ship it’s time to captain cruiseshipdriving, cargo ship, ferry boat and other criminals transportboaton the high seas to transport the army criminals to theoffshorejail and WW2 Transport Duty in this best transportergames.ThisArmy Transporter game is the brand new latest and updatedarmytruck transport game with armed truck action loaded with theblendof cargo truck transporter games and WW2 Transport Duty,policegames, airplane simulator games and army games.Best thingaboutthis truck transport simulator is that it will provide you funofarmy transport games & US army games to drive tanks to theUSmilitary base with fun of cruise ship driving, load thecargoplane, army aircraft and enjoy cruise ship driving.Expand yourjailprisoners & criminals transport business after thewonderfulsuccess of army criminals and prisoners transport via thearmytransport plane and army transport van add this ship simulatorasanother transport game to your portfolio. Find yourselfaboarddifferent cruise ship driving, cargo ship or even ferryboat;driving each army boat and navy boat according to each’srequiredprecision and accuracy. Face the sheer force of the seaboat as youtake the army prisoners and jail criminals to thedifferentoffshore jail.Captain this is classified duty, due to thejailbreak and prison escape threats the army and military willtakeover the jail criminals transport. This is a mission planned bytheUS army officials & as you once took charge of thetransportplane and successfully transported the army criminals tothe jail,this time too take this task and fulfil it in the requiredtime.The task would seem easy as you have the experience oftransportingjail criminals and army prisoners, begin the prisonairplanetransport duty as a criminal transport van and army truckdriver.You have been driving trucks, buses, van and army cruiseshipdriving to transport all the army criminals in a secure waysothere would be no way out to escape for jail criminals fromthiscriminals transport ship and WW2 Transport Duty.Theinterestingelements of army helicopter transport are sure to fuelyour lovefor army transport games & plane transport games widtransporttruck, war tanks and transport plane.You have proved yourworth inthe prisoner flight simulator game by skillfully maneuversan armyairplane full of illegal prisoners, where you played as thearmyairplane pilot, army helicopter pilot and army truck driver,sodriving and steering a criminals transport ship won’t bethatdifficult for you. In Army Prisoner Transport Ship you willbegiven the full opportunity to command your vessel and cargoship.With this newest addition to prisoners transport enjoy thebest ofarmy prisoner and jail criminals transport games wherearmyprisoners are not just transported via army planes but alsothroughother army vehicles and WW2 Transport Duty with armycruiseship.Don’t for once think that your transport bus andtransport vandriving will not come to use, as in the initial levelsyou aregoing to transport all the illegal jail prisoners in armytrucks,army vans and army bus. But the challenges of jail criminalsandprisoner transport will upgrade with each passing levels, youbefacing transport simulator hurdles that are neverexperiencebefore. Clear all the army mission and over come everyobstacle ofarmy criminals transport that comes in the way of yourduty, yourfocus should be on the successful transport of thearmyprisoners.Features of Army Prisoner Transport Ship: • DriveArmyTransport Vehicles Like Army Truck & Army Ships forArmyCriminals Transport.• Transport All the Army Prisoners withSmoothControls in tourist transport ship.• Realistic and Amazing 3DViewof Criminals Transport Plane.• Different Army TransportVehiclesfor Transporting Jail Criminals.• Take The Role of One-ManArmy Onthe Army Truck Transport, Army Boat & Transport Bus.
Police Train Driving Simulator: Prison Transport 1.6
Feel like a very special cop transporting criminal scumbetweenprisons and have fun with Police Train Driving Simulator:PrisonTransport!Be a driver of prison transport train! Your dutytoday isto deliver criminals from jail to the prison and back! Doyour jobwithout doubts, prevent jailbreaks and have fun!Robbers,pushers,murderers, thieves, prostitutes – all of them once floodedcitystreets as rising wave of mess and disorder, but now theyarecaught by cops! All of them are waiting for you – so, transferthemto the destination point on time!Be careful in your trainridingadventure, accelerate and decelerate only at appropriateplaces toavoid crashes – or your uneasy passengers would try toescape! Ifthey do so, cops, wardens, and SWAT would catch allfugitives oneby one, but your mission would be failed.Earn pointsfor successfuldelivery of prisoners and use it to unlock newtrains, traininvestments or additional wagons!If you love prisontransport gamesor train driving simulators, you should check PoliceTrain DrivingSimulator: Prison Transport! Be a machinist of thereal jail onrailways, prevent prison escapes, manage thecriminaltransportation to jail and have fun!Police Train DrivingSimulator:Prison Transport features:- Drive your prison train-Transfercriminals between stations of their imprisonment- Be fast,butavoid accidents- Prevent jailbreaks
City Police Hateful Crime 1.1
Welcome Police Officer you have a new task today. Thereareprisoners escaped and they are very hateful and don’t want togoback to the prison. It’s your police duty to search them inthecity and bring the prisoners to the police station. In CityPoliceHateful Crime you can unlock the most perfect cars and youcan usethem to pick up the criminals. Are you the bad policeofficer orthe good one? Show which you are and bring all thecriminals backto the police station. Show of your driving skills inthis drivingsimulator and calm the hateful prisoners. City PoliceHateful Crimewill let you drive, park, picking up criminals and alot more. Soplay now and don’t forget you are the law! City PoliceHatefulCrime main features:Awesome cars to unlock 2 special areaswithdifferent missions to play If you crash Jump back in time withtherewind buttonUnlock all levels of this police simulator Becomethebest police officer Calm down the hateful prisoners Drive, parkandpick up in this driving simulatorWe hope you will like thispolicesimulator game and let us know what you liked and what not?Don’tforget to follow us on Social Media.
Prison Escape Puzzle 5.4
You find yourself locked in an old city prison. Solve puzzlesandfind items that will aid you in your escape!Travel to theheightsof the Himalayas, escape the remote islands of Amazon, anddiscoverthe way out of an ancient Mayan temple!Uncover the darkestsecretsof New Dawn facility and try to break out of a highlysecuredprisonChallenge yourself in this fun and addictivepuzzlegame.Features• Tricky and challenging puzzles!• Gorgeousgraphics!• It's FREE!• No signup's required, just downloadandinstall!Enjoy this fun adventure escape game!
Prison crime getaway– MCPE map 1.0
We are a third-party developer and we do not claim for theMinecraftand MCPE trademarks. We use these trademarks frompermission of theMojang AB company. The Mojang AB companyregistered and owns them.We observe a policy of use, you wantto play cops and criminalsor go to MCPE prison?This map is asimulator of the most real prisonwhere you have the right tochoose how you want to play, for whichteam, etc. But on this game-this is not the only attraction, thereis also a dining room, aforest, a lake and a village. Uncover thekeyhole of the prisonwalls and adventures in it with Prison!In thisrole-playingmultiplayer game there are many police cars: black withflashinglights, everything is as it should be. Hard-to-managehorses arealso at your disposal. Imagine that you are a real cop.Or maybe onthis multiplayer role-playing map MCPE you prefer to bea criminaland make an escape. Since the game is role-playing andmultiplayer,invite friends, divide into teams and choose who willbe the cop,and who will make an escape in the sandbox of Minecraft.Become aparticipant in criminal adventures.Multiplayerrole-playingMinecraft map - 3in1: crime, escape, adventure!THEINSTRUCTION HOWTO INSTALL MAPS FOR MCPE1) Download free of chargeapplication2)Open an installer3) Install maps4) Select maps fromsettings ofresources of Minecraft Pocket Edition
Army Criminals Transport Plane 2.7
Get ready to feel the throttle of a jail prisoner plane whileitsready to take off with jail criminals and prisoners.Becausecaptain you are the one in charge of army prisonertransport. Midstthe war it’s no longer jail criminals transportanymore from now onthe army will be in charge of the transportplane. In your role asthe prison airplane transporter begins firstas the criminaltransport van and army truck driver. Transportingjail criminalsand army prisoners is no child’s play, it requiresfull attentionto drive a jail prisoner transport van for error freeprisonerflying. Enjoy the fun of army bus driver, pilotingprisonertransport plane and even flying an army helicopter all inone game.Army Criminals Transport Plane is especially designed togive youan awesome experience of army truck simulation andtransport planesimulation. Be in command of the army mission andmake sure noprison escape or jail break happens on your watch.Unlike otherairplane pilot transporter games, in Army CriminalsTransport Planeall you have to do is plane transport the armyprisoners from onearea and safely complete your transport duty withthe help of anarmy airplane transporter and ensuring completesecurities of yourjail criminals without any prison escape or jailbreak happening.With your experience of prisoner flight simulatorgame, being anarmy airplane pilot, army helicopter pilot and armytruck driverwon’t be that difficult for you. Play one of the mostexciting andchallenging army truck driver and criminal transportvan game withstate of the art army transport vehicles. Overcomeevery obstacleof Army Criminals Transport Plane that comes in theway of yourarmy police duty and make this jail criminals andprisoners armytransport a success. Key Features: • Drive Prison Busand ArmyTruck for Prisoner Transportation • Transport Prisoner withSmoothand Handy Game Play • Realistic Plane Transport Simulator •AmazingArmy Transport Vehicles like Army Helicopter & ArmyTruck •Multiple Army Prisoner Challenges to Complete
Prison Escape Maps for MCPE 🚔 1.2
Here you will find prison maps for minecraft pe which can beusedfor roleplays, cops and robbers, prison escape or any othertimewhen you need a prison. We collected such cool maps as: PRISON3.0minecraft map with some cool features built-in such asthepossibility to choose between two different teams, acustomizedtrading system, custom items and some new villager skins.Theprison includes several different areas such as jail cells,acafeteria and a yard. Mined Prison is a popular adventuremapseries where in each map you are in some way trapped in aprisonand need to find a way out. You have been put in a highsecurityprison called Mined Prison for life. Your chances of everseeingyour family outside the prison walls have been reduced tozero themoment you stepped inside the prison. But you have nointention tostay in there any longer than necessary so you areplanning aprison break. Try to find an exit. Map CopsAndRobbers forminecraftpe is a creation originally created for PC and played bypopularYouTubers such as SkyDoesMinecraft. The port does have somedefectssuch as missing blocks and the majority of the surroundingarea isjust empty. But the main attraction, the prison, appears tobefully intact and ready to use. The details in the mapareincredible, especially the prison cells. Each prison cell gotitsown room with a toilet and a bed. The prison itself doesntlookvery modern. It is desined in a gothic style and rather lookslikesomething used maybe 100-200 years ago. Our features: - morethan45 minecraft prison maps - one click install - severalscreenshotsfor each minecraft map - regular updates - adventuremaps -minigame maps - redstone creation - parkour adventure This isanunofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition.Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB.TheMinecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assetsareall property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. Allrightsreserved. In accordancewith
Escaping the Prison 1.2.2
Henry's latest bank heist ended badly and now he's inprison!Fortunately he's received some reinforcements in the form ofacake-package. Help him make the right choices and escape fromtheprison, or choose the wrong options and laugh at the results.-Findall 18 unique fails!-With three endings you can escapequietly, orblast your way out!-Made the wrong choice? You caneasily retry anychoice and attempt to succeed!-Nine achievementswill have youhunting for that sweet satisfaction of findingthesecrets!**Requires Adobe Air**
Escape from roblox prison life map for MCPE 1.2
In this game all players of mine maps are divided into twoteams:Prisoners. These mine maps sit in roblox prison. Theirpurpose –escape from roblox prison.Guards. These mine maps catchprisonerswho want to make escape.Map is very similar on platform inroblox.The size of the territory is less, than road blocks, butbuildingsare very similar! Be sure, it will be pleasant to you!These MCPEmap are the platform full of dangerous adventures!Thattheatmosphere of prison looked is even more realistic, allplayershave to play by rules:• MCPE maps support only the survivalmode•It is impossible to break blocks• It is impossible tousecheatsDownload the MCPE map Escape from roblox prison life, andtheprisoner’s adventures in Minecraft begin! Denial ofresponsibility:We ask to pay your attention that we use theMinecraft PocketEdition trademark with the permission of Mojang. Weask you to beacquainted with public permission ofMojang( to avoid claims to us. Wearethird-party developers and we don't apply for copyright ofMojang
Jailbreak: Amazing Stickman 1.6
Stickman wants to get free from the jail! Help him in hisescapemission!Stickman have been sent to prison in a murder case.But hedid not commit this crime. He want to save himself fromthistorturing hell. Help the stickman in his challengingescapemission. Make the way for his escape. Do whatever it requirestoescape. Laser fence is on. Try to avoid them and moveforward.Fierce police is chasing you and trying to catch you. Bebrave andsave yourself. Find the hints and clues placed indifferent places.Combat with the brutal jail cops with your weaponand kill thembefore they kill you. Save yourself from their counterattack. Youhave to complete the level within defined limited time.Focus ontime limit and make clever strategies to escape withinminimumpossible time. Struggle hard for your escape! Otherwise youwill bedead!Jailbreak: Amazing Stickman‘s features: •ChallengingMissions!• Fun Filled Game!• Hints and Clues!• DifferentEscapingTools!• Amazing Graphics and Sound Effects!
Prison Escape Game 1.1
Join princess Juliet in a new great escape adventure! You areherhelper, and you must prove you have what it takes to save her.Youmust overcome several obstacles, but nothing can stop youformsaving our beloved princess! Prove your skills and strength inthisawesome princess escape game.Once more, Juliet was kidnapped bytheugly and she needs to find a way to escape the ugly prison. Beapart of this fun prison escape game, fulfill the 4 excitingstagesin order to escape that dark place, find the hidden objects,hidefrom the evil troll and build a raft to avoid the crocodiles.Thisis an escape game especially designed for little girls andnotonly, it has great adventures and tasks that will keepyouentertained. This lovely princess game is an escape gamecombinedwith multiple missions, challenges, that will make you lovethisgame for girls. Escaping this dangerous prison might seemdifficultat first, but you will overcome all the obstacles you willfindalong the way. Have fun playing this fun princess escape gameandshare this wonderful game experience with yourfriends!Features:-original story- great graphics- custom madesounds- autenthiccharacter- dynamic gameplay- 3 age levels
Police Robot Transformation - Prison Escape 1.3.1
Thrilling yet very surprising this game now has it all. PoliceRobotTransformation Prison Escape comes with great and fullgraphics withrealistic simulation of prisoner robots and PoliceCharacters,police robots and Vehicles. Police Robot TransformationPrisonEscape has extreme game play with realistic vehicularsimulation andabove all high end graphics. After the world war 3,some verydangerous and very evil Robots of the X army were caught.They werebeing scanned for information at the Mega Guantanamo BayPrisoner.There has been an attack on Mega Guantanamo Bay Prisonerand thesecurity has been compromised there so the Staff of humansleftthere. The security wall was breached within hours and some ofthevery dangerous Transformer Robots have escaped the MaximumsecurityPrison. These Transformer bots can transform into FuriousSportscars and Fighter Jet. Make sure you catch these Robotsbefore theyenter the Mega city. Luckily our tyrant robots are nearthe prisonfrom where THE EVIL ROBOTS made escape. These robots cantransforminto both Police cars and Police Fighter Jet. But beaware, PoliceJets is the last thing these creepy robots want tosee. So when theysee you, they will not seize fire at any cost andthey won’t go downwithout an epic battle. Catch and destroy everyescaped prisonerthere is. Fight for the law, and destroy the lawviolators. Fightfor your country, fight for your home town, andfight against theserebellion robots. Use massive firepower to takedown enemy both onground and in midair. Your enemy is loaded withfire and missiles toso go prepared. Play the best of Prison Escapegame and prisonercatch simulator in one place. Enjoy furious carsimulation in one ofthe best car chase games, the latest policerobot transformationprison escape.
Jail Prisoner Transport Flight 1.0.2
Amazing Gamez
Jail prisoner transport flight gives you a chance to become arealjail transporter cop in a modern crime city whose duty is tobringcriminals to justice. Your job is to transport jail criminalstoanother high profile prison like a true professionalairplanetransporter police. Flying a transport plane is no more achild’splay, but requires a full attention mode for total errorfreeprison flying. This police airplane game is also a completeflightsimulation for flying adventurers who are on a sacred missiontobring peace in crime city. Not only just transporting criminalsviapolice airplane, but you will also experience the tough job ofaprison bus driver who will first transport criminals to airportinpolice bus. And from airport on-wards, it will betheresponsibility of the police airplane pilot to safelytransportprisoners to the said destination. Jail prisoner transportflightgives you a chance to enjoy multiple missions where sometimesyouhave to drive the police bus and sometimes your role as aprisonerairplane pilot will further provide you deep adrenaline ofrealflight simulation adventure. So download it now and enjoy yourjailcriminals transport police flying missions with realisticHDgraphics and high pitched sneaky sounds. Game Features:JailPrisoner Transport Flight •Challenging Jail CriminalsTransportPlane Missions•Drive Prison Bus to Central Jail forPrisonerTransportation •Transport Prisoner with Smooth and HandyGame Play•Play as Jail Criminals Transport Plane Pilot •MultipleJailTransport Police Assignments to Complete •AirplaneTransporterPolice on High Alert •A Complete Crime City Environmentwith Peopleand Traffic •Pick and Drop Cops and Jail PolicePersonnel •SuperChallenging Police Airplane Flight SimulationLevels
Evasion of Prison. Minecraft PE maps quest adventu 1.0.5
Evasion - a adventure map an quest for MCPE which action inprisonof a high security. You go there after you became alittleself-confident and decide to rob Minecraft bank . It is nearathand designed to solve quests and to make transactions withotherbandits to be able to avoid prison and to reunite from yourgang onthe street. It is definitely cheerfully experience and itallegedlyis based on a popular game under the name Escapist. Youare waitedby a fascinating adventure in prison!You a leader of themoststrong Minecraft gang. Nobody ever dared to quarrel with you,andeven police! Once you decide to rob Minecraft bank. Youfoughtlong, but at last you were environed and police officers tookyouin conclusion. Shortly after you were sent to prison of ahighsecurity. But you do not plan to remain there any long time.Youdecide to work together with others to companions on prison tofindways for trade, fight and to solving puzzles and finally toavoidthis prison. You can communicate with other prisoners, goingintoplates. During map you will have small mission which canbeexecuted in exchange for the fact that it is necessary foryou.Thismap adventure can be download free using this applicationforthird-party installers without MCPE for Minecraft.Install themapfor Minecraft PE is very simple!1. Click "install" on nextscreen2.Wait while the map installing3. Open Minecraft PE, press"Create anew world"4. Select mapWarning! This map is not designedMojang.Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB. Note that we arenotaffiliated with Mojang AB, but we adhere to conditions set forthin AB Mojang
Map of Prison Roblox Life for MCPE
★★★★★ Map of Roblox Prison is available now for minecraftpe!★★★★★Prison Life Roblox Map is a multiplayer map whichisrecommended for 2-6 players and it’s best if you can have thesameamount of people on each team. In Prison Life Roblox Mapforminecraft you can choose whether to be a guard or a prisoner:HOWTOPLAY MAP OF ROBLOX PRISON MINIGAMEThere are two roles in mapofroblox prison:☆ Prisoner: As a prisoner you have to find a waytoescape the prison without getting caught. If a prisonerescapesthen he needs to get to the Criminal Base, get the weaponsand usethem to break out the remaining prisoners.☆ Guards: Guardsarebasically the rulers of the prison. It’s up to them to decidewhento let out prisoners on the yard, when it’s time to eat andsoon.In Map of roblox is recommended to act somewhat realisticandtry to roleplay your decisions.Rules of Prison Life Roblox MapforMinecraft☆ Don’t break blocks☆ Play in survival mode☆NocheatingDISCLAIMERThis application is not affiliated in anywaywith Mojang AB.The Minecraft Name, Brand and the MinecraftAssetsare all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner.Allrightsreserved. In accordancewith
Prison Escape for MCPE 2.3.3
Trivia Studio
Download prison escape maps for minecraft pe for free! Want to beacriminal, robber or cop in a prison? Why not!This modincludes

PRISON 3.0 minecraft map 

(Mined Prison), MapCopsAndRobbers forMCPE and other popular prison escape mods,add-ons and maps. Eachprison mod is decorated with atmosphericdecorations, prison cells,furniture, toilets, beds, special clothes(armor and weapons).Depending on escape prison map it can lookmodern or gothic.How touse Prison Escape for MCPE:1) DownloadPrison Escape for MCPE
app2) Download prison mod or map forminecraft pe3) Click installbutton4) Play new prison maps and modsfor mcpe Rules of mcpeprison mod:
You shall not destroy blocks,except the blocks: coal,beds, gold, diamond, torches, cobweb, iron.Key features:- 100%free. No payments or fees.- Easy to install -just choose a prisonprison addon, mod or map, look through thedetailed instructionwith screenshots and play new mcpe mods- Weupdate our appsregularly - Escape prison mods and maps forMinecraft PE can workwithout BlockLauncher or with block launcheror MCPE Master orToolbox for minecraft pe- we also included bonusmods such asadventure maps for maincraft, parkour adventure forminecraftpocket edition, minigame maps etcDon't forget to check outour newapps for Minecraft Pocket Edition: Guns and Weapons add-ons,armormod, creatures and zoo mod, parkour maps, starwars map,Christmasskins and mods, ships and furniture mods, lucky block,cars andhide-n-seek for mcpe, too much TNT map, Naruto skins,Modern Housesand Furniture, Sky block and sky wars maps,superheromods.Minecraft Pocket Edition Must Be Installed to PlayPrisonEscape for MCPE. Prison Escape for MCPE is not affiliated inanyway with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand andtheMinecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or theirrespectfulowner. All rights reserved. In accordancewith
Get the Newest, Secure VersionHere: turned out to be a monster and is holding ourapp hostagewhile attempting to extract information from users bycausingcrashes. We apologize for exposing you to this but thereplacementasks only for permissions necessary for you to use theservice andis under our Complete and Personal control.
Map Roblox Prison for MCPE 1.0
Map of Roblox Prison for MCPE it is an application that allowsyouto install the map of the mod Prison Life Minecraft mod.This isaguide and auto-installer for this map on MCPE. You need to havetheoriginal game to install the map. The app moves the necesaryfilesto the directory maps of Minecraft PE. The next time you openthegame, you can create a new world inspired by the game ofPrisonRoblox.★★ Features of the map★★☆ Multiplayer minigame whereguardshave to watch over prisoners and keep them from escapingtheprison. You can adopt me and play with a childen on theprison.It’s a quite open-ended map since there is no strict path aplayermust go. The only way that prisoners can win are by escapingbutthat also comes with a risk of getting killed.☆ There are a lotofplaces to visit like houses, banks, stores, fashion frenzy,allbuilt with legendary blocks and amazing textures.☆ RobloxPrisonfor Minecraft PE it's available for free now!This applicationisnot affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name,Brandand the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB ortheirrespectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordancewith
Prison Elevated Bus Transport 1.1
In modern age futuristic world, prison transportation is madeeasywith policeman coach bus. Play Prison Elevated Bus Transportthelatest 3D simulator game 2017 for transporting prisoners or copstocity police station. Transfer most wanted criminals or secretspyagents to precinct & secure jail.Hop into futuristic policebussimulator and transport criminals from city court to secureprisoncell with inmates. Move with high security police protocolanddrive the latest transit elevated bus above heavy trafficrush.Prisoner transport is risky job with police cars andgunmansecurity officers. Play unique role of police bus driverandcontrol giant straddle autobus to transfer criminal scum. Pickuppolice duty officers and FBI agents from bus stops and drop thematdestinations across cities in huge open world. Public transportisnot your concern but to ensure prisoner transportation safely.Usechinese invention to facilitate new york police department forlawenforcement. Passengers are not ordinary citizens butspecialoperative agents. Escort CIA officials to midtown stops forsecretrecon missions.Policeman and security guards are armed withpistolsand batoon to stop prisoner escape from police station.Forget citytraffic jams or car accident problems and drivestraddling chinabus to transport criminals. Next-gen autobus ispowered byelectricity so no need to refuel at gas station. Do notlet centraljail inmates and robbers escape from precinct and pushracethrottle to maximum and steer real bus with gun blazing speed.Pickand drop prisoners to different NYPD police stations inmassivecity environment. Tired of playing same old school bussimulatorgame, now enjoy driving revolutionary autobus fortransportingrobbers,theif and cops. Become the badass prison busdriver toarrest junkies and keep city peaceful.Prison Elevated BusTransport2017 Simulator Game Features:Pretentious prisonertransport and spyrecon missionsPick drop notorious criminals,thugs, police officersand special agentsDrive innovative TEBthroughout city routes fortransportationDetailed bus interior withrace lever and brakes tosteer vehicle smoothlyRealistic citylocations in massive 3DenvironmentPhenomenal 3D graphics withamazing soundsDownloadPrison Elevated Bus Transport game forunending driver jobs in cityfor transporting vicious robbers andcops.