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Dots: A Game About Connecting 2.3.5
** #1 game in 23 countries**A beautifully addictive puzzle game about connecting thedots.Now featuring THREE new themes based on worlds from Two DotsandDots & Co.The goal is simple: connect same-colored dots verticallyandhorizontally to win points. Make a square to win evenmore!Dots has three modes to satisfy every type of player. Raceagainstthe clock in Timed Mode, think strategically in Moves Mode,or sitback and relax in Endless Mode. Stockpile dots along the waytogain power-ups.-------------------------------“The perfect puzzle game” - Business Insider“Dots, a deceptively simple game” - CNN“The most beautiful mobile game we’ve ever seen” - TechCrunch“A must have!” - SlideToPlay“A brilliantly designed non-game the world can’t quit!”-Wired-------------------------------GAME MODES• TIMED: Can you beat the clock? Connect as many same-coloreddotsas you can in 60 seconds• MOVES: An un-timed moves based mode; kick back & takeyourtime making the right moves• ENDLESS: Relax and play; the no-limits, gravity shuffling modeofDotsPOWER-UPS• TIME STOP: Pause time for five seconds, or add five extramoves.Perfect for racking up those final dots!• SHRINKER: Remove a single dot from the game board• EXPANDER: Remove all of the same colored dots from thegameboard-------------------------------LET'S BE FACEBOOK US ON of Dots is governed by the Dots terms ofservice:
Two Dots 3.23.3
From the makers of Dots <3“Dots, a Highly Addictive Game, Now Has a Successor” - The NewYorkTimes"Two Dots, The Sequel To Betaworks’ Dots, Is A Beautiful Monster"-TechCrunch-------------------------------Join two brave dots as they traverse the arctic tundra,navigatefiery jungles, and plunge the ocean depths in the #1 hitgame inover 100 countries.-------------------------------• FREE to play for life• CONNECT one dot to another, sink anchors, make a line,createbombs, fight fire, and much more in this fun free puzzlegame• ADVENTURE through 1435 fun and addicting levels• ADORABLE fun, and thoughtful game design in this beautifulgameabout connecting• ENJOY beautiful minimalistic flat design with relaxing gamemusicand fun sound fx• PLAY at your own pace to figure out the perfect movewithouthaving to worry about the old time clock• CHALLENGE your friends to a Two Dots match on Facebook, beattheirscores, and earn medals• MAKE a line or a square, not a circle, to connect every dot ofasingle color-------------------------------LET'S BE FACEBOOK US ON US ON love all of our friends and everyone who has played Dots andTwoDots. Why not connect? Add us on Facebook or your favoritesocialnetwork and send us your suggestions and feedback, as we arealwayslooking to add new levels and features!Use of Two Dots is governed by the Dots terms ofservice:
Brain Dots
◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇Let’s draw lines and bump balls!Drawingbrain-training app “BrainDots”!◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇The onlything you need to do isto “bump two balls.”Will you be able toclear these simple-lookingbut actually difficult stages?This is abrain-training game thateveryone from children to grown-ups will beable to enjoy!▼ Therules are simple!◆ Let's bump the two ballsAllyou need to do toclear a stage is to “make the blue and red ballsbump”.Draw linesand shapes freely to move and roll theballs.Flexible thinking isgoing to become the key to victory.◆Let's collect pensStarting offwith a simple pencil, moving ontocolor pencils, crayons and soon.We have prepared more than 25varieties of pens of differentcolors and sizes.Collect various pensand walk through the stages.◆Share the moment of victory You canreview the moment you cleared astage on video or picture.Share iton SNS to show off your superiorskills to your friends.Not tomention that watching your friends’gameplay might also become ahint!?◆ Your brain abilities will betestedThis game, continuingafter Brain Wars, also tests yourlogical thinking and theflexibility of your mind.As this gameincludes the elements ofriddle and “Escape the Room” type ofgames, we would recommend BrainDots to people who enjoy brain-typepuzzles, cards and strategygames.It might also have an impact onyour children’s intellectualgrowth and preventing braindeterioration?▼ Languages 15 languages!Brain Dots is played allover the world!Japanese / English / Korean/ Traditional Chinese /Simplified Chinese / Spanish / French /Portuguese(Brazil) /Swedish / Finnish / Russian / Vietnamese / Thai/ Indonesian /Hindi /▼LatestinformationTwitter:@braindots_appFacebook: trademark of Google Inc.The Android robot is reproducedormodified from work created and shared by Google and usedaccordingto terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 AttributionLicense.
Dots & Co: A Puzzle Adventure 2.14.1
Explore beautiful landscapes and embark onavisual journey by solving puzzles with magical companions thathelpyou along the way.Are you ready, adventurer? Let’s go!WHY YOU’LL LOVE DOTS & CO• FREE to play!• CHALLENGE yourself with 320 NEW and completely originallevels,fun for Dots loyalists and new players alike• ENJOY simple, thoughtful gameplay where you connect one Dottoanother and play at your pace• MEET various original Companion characters that help youbeatlevels• SOLVE clever puzzles containing over 15 visual mechanicsusingyour wits to figure out the perfect move• TRAVEL through beautiful landscapes and get lost in the worldofDots & Co• PLAY beautifullyIf you loved Two Dots, you’ll love Dots & Co: wherenewcompanions and their distinct powers bring a whole new layerofmagic to the game you know and love.*Color blind mode is available*We remain committed to making sure all players can enjoy ourgames.You can turn on Color Blind Mode in the settings menu!PLAY GAMES SERVICESDots & Co uses Play Games Services in order to saveyourprogress within the game. While the game can be playedoffline,please make sure you are connected to Play Games Servicesand areonline in order to properly save your progress withourservers.SUPPORTHaving any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hearfromyou! You can reach us NOTE: Dots & Co is completely free to play, but youcanalso purchase some items within the game for real money.Justdisable in app purchases on your device if you don't want tousethis feature.Use of Dots & Co is governed by the Dots terms ofservice:
The Dots
Connect dots of the same color to create a flow and solvethepuzzles.So to complete puzzles you need to make connectionsbetweeneach pair of dots with the same color.There are a dozen ofpuzzlepacks with different difficulty level, so you can always findtheright puzzle for you.You can also walk through amazing snowvillageand complete the Winter Quest.*Addictive Winter Holidayquest.*Over 1000 fantastic puzzles*Nice and attractivegraphics*Differentlevel packs for everyone*Absolutely amazingPremium packs*HelpfulHint systemYou can also play The Dots gamewith your kids, as thereis a special Kids Pack in the game.Just letthem play and you willsee how your kids love to connect dots andmake flows.There arealso lovely season Quests.In this quests youshould completespecial puzzles to get a special prize.Just create aconnections ora flow between dots and solve the puzzles.All ourpuzzles aresolvable and have a unique solution.So let's go on andmakeconnections and flows!Make flows between all dots andsolvepuzzles. Connect dots, make connections and flows, solvepuzzles,complete quests and have a great adventure.If you like tosolvepuzzles, you will love this The Dots game most of all otherpuzzlegames!Start playing The Dots puzzle game right now absolutelyFree.
Spots Connect 1.9.1
Spots Connect - from the makers ofBirdsPop mania & Pastry Jam, Halloween Witch Connect,GardenParadise, Candy World Fever games.Launchship Studios presents a brand new connecting 3 Spots dottodot game for the enthusiasts of simple and addictive puzzlegames.Spots Connect game is sensibly constructed withfun-filledunlimited entertainment.Connect 3 or more same color spots in a single touch and makethelongest possible line to unlock surprise game power-ups. Solvethegame puzzles cleverly and get a chance to earn up to 3 starsateach game completion. Collect as many stars as you can inthegameplay and claim rewards with your earned stars.Game Instructions to overcome the game challenges:Glass blocks: Blob Connect the match dot to dot strategicallytobreak the blocks and move to the next level.Wooden Blocks: Tactically remove that comes in your gameplayandearn the high score.Black Magic Color Dot: Destroy them quickly, before theygenerateadditional 2 for 2 blocks.GAME FEATURES:✔ FREE to play and contain in-app purchases.✔ Collect Gift Boxes contains power-ups and game boosters atevery15th level.✔ Daily Wheel Spin to collect Diamonds and Power-ups.✔ Three beautiful themes (Snow, Beach and Galaxy) and300+levels.✔ Simple graphics with beautiful colors 2 dot 2.✔ Different game modes: Time Play, Moves Limit andPropertiesCollect.✔ Facebook connectivity to share and challenge your journeywithfriends.✔ Integrated with Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards.✔ Compatible with most of the smartphones and tablets.Contact Us!:★ Questions? Contact our Tech★ Having any problem in the game?Click here!>>>
Blob Connect - Match Game 1.5.4
Blob Connect: an addictive free matchingpuzzlegame for children and adults.Simply connect 3 or more dots on the board and clear them. Trytomake longer chains of dots/blobs to get more points.Play this challenging match game with 135 amazing puzzles ofthreedifferent types, and many types of boosters.In some levels you need to play until you reach a certainscore.Enjoy other levels with special gray squares which need tobecleared. Catch the diamond in later game levels. Also crosseswhichblock the way of dots/blobs need to be crushed! Hoursofentertainment guaranteed with this wonderful free puzzlegame!Play, use your brain, and use the blobs to beat yourfriends!Blob Connect Features:- Play three different level types: achieve a certain score,clearall gray squares or catch the diamond- sweet simple sound effects, boosters, fun animations- Google Games achievements, high scores and challenge yourgooglegames friends on the level map- Use offline on any Android phone or tablet- Share screenshot directly to Facebook or other social app- Making long chains of dots gives you a free blaster. Blastersareawesome, and clear whole rows of dots at a time! So try toconnectchains of the same color and make as long lines as possibleto getthe most points and more free blasters.Link the most blobs and win this game!
Link dots
Link Dots is a game where you have to match colors with a linetocreate a flow or a pipe. Pair all dots with the same colourandmake sure to cover the entire board to solve each level. Apuzzlegame for you and your children, it will not be a waste oftime. Itallows you to improve your analytical skills and perceptionandskill. Link dots is an addictive yet simple puzzle game, whereyouneed to connect dots with a pipe like line. The principleissimple, just connect the dots with the same color to completethelevel and move on to another.Be careful when you draw a flow,notto cross other flows, or they will be cut! Play throughthousandsof levels. Link dots is easy to learn and control, but canbechallenging as you advance in this flow game. Features:•Differentpackages, even tablet package.• Funny games with over 1100freepuzzle games• Cool free joining games you can play fromyourAndroid phone or tablet• Wide range of difficulty settings -from5x5 grid to 14x14 grid. Each for his own challenge. • Easytocontrol, fun to play.• Addicting game to match puzle and obtainapipeflow with many Funbrain within these best free games.•Suitablefor Gamesfree Funbrain and development strategies• ChangetagsCandy, ball or even pizza! Instead of connecting the dotsconnectplay the ball and play puzzle games pizza!• Advance in rankas yousolve more puzzles • Use Hints to ease your playing. Get freehintswatching videos. • Control sound and other aspects fromthesettings menu • Great for all ages! Link dots is a wonderfulpipeor flow type puzzle app for all ages. Enjoy a simpleyetchallenging and engaging experience. free to play on Googleplaystore!Playing is easy:First, select a package to begin playing.thestarter package is recommended for those who are new to connectthelines or flows game type.Then, select the first level of thepackand starts to connect the dots. you need to link dots of thesamecolor with a single line. (lines and dots) However, make sureyoucreate the line in a way that will not prevent connectingotherdots with lines as well. When you complete connecting allpairs(draw lines, connect the dots or connect the dots), youhavecompleted the level! well done!Link dots is full of options topickfrom, from easy play to brain twisting puzzles. simply selectyourpreferred package and start playing. You will enjoy this appfromthe first time you pick it up and it will keep you busy forendlesshours whenever you have few minutes to kill. Play hundredsof freelevels or fight the clock time trial mode lik Tetrix. dotsgame isa way of playing that goes from very casual to downrightfrantic.The difficulty is up to you. Try free movement and learn to"managethe plumbing!" with pipeflow, Connect Free Breakfast andConnectthe dots. For the competitive players, there are alsoleaderboardsavailable - beat the leaders to become the champion!Have fun andthanks for your support!If you'd like to get the nextgeneration offlow type games, try our LINK DOTS puzzle line games,flow freeconnecting games. A number pipe line puzzle for even morelightbrain challenge with line drawing games the same concept oftetrixgame or flow game. It is the best free joining games.Pleasecheckout! our new brain twisting puzzle game one of the best freegamesconnect 3 or more dots to make a flow line with line drawing.itsthe next level in connect the dots games! check it out,itsfree!try the top free games of connecting dots; matchingcolors;linking dots; dots; link dots is free and no need forinternet.
One touch Connect : 1LINE–One Line with One Touch
★Match Dots -> Just draw everyting with only one touch :Let’sdraw line dot to dot for figure drawing.Concept:OneTouchConnect isa simple drawings yet addictive mindpuzzles game with dots andlines to draw shapes with challenge.Unpuzzling it will take fulltest of IQ. It is very entertainingline drawing game about linkthe dots.Gameplay:In this riddle gamejust swipe your finger todraw your decision to join logic dots ongiven figure to completeit.Enjoy amazing puzzle at your fingertipsthat will exercise andsharpen your brain power & skills.Fullfun:It is a fun way oftraining your brain with riddle dotsinvolving drawing pathswithout lines retracing. To enhance thinkingpower always playbrain-type puzzles, strategy games that tests yourlogical thinkingand the flexibility of your mind.Why are mind gamesgood for you?itwill improve your connecting abilities andconcentration. It's timeto get your 'Brain On' with this linedrawing puzzle game. It mightalso have an impact on your children’sintellectual growth andpreventing brain deterioration?.Do you likechallenges of one touchdraw games?One Touch game are alwayschallenging; We challenge youto draw lines to complete givenshapes. Will you be able to clearthese simple-looking but actuallydifficult stages?One TouchConnect will help to improve yourcognitive abilities. Do you likefun and drawing games - One touchdraw is for you.Five Game Modes:★Single Trace -> You can nottrace the same line twice.★ SingleDirectional Trace -> It's justlike Single Trace but withdirectional trace.★ Double Trace ->You can trace only red linetwice.★ Double Directional Trace ->Red line can be trace twicewith direction only.★ Swap Trace ->Game control will beswitched to next yellow dot as you reachit.LEVELS:★ Game levelstarts of easy and increases in difficultly.★Free play through250+ levels and added regularly.How to play onetouch games?★ Tapthe dots to choose a starting point to start theline and drag yourfinger to connect the sequential path in thepuzzle & connect 2dots of same vertex.★ Make smart move to joinDots to enjoy Fun andchallenging dots and squares puzzlegame.TIPS:★ Link the dots oneby one with single continuous line tofind the shortest path.★ Finda way to connect all the dots andcomplete level in less time toget maximum 3 stars.★ Take your owntime while playing mind gamesof. Guide the dot through differentroutes in this free mazeadventure.★ There is no only one correctsolution. Can you find thebest?★ For each level there is a help,but we suggest you to usehint only in extreme cases.★ Draw loopsthat must go trough themall - Solve interesting puzzles by drawingclosed loops with yourfinger! Features:★ Easy to play with friendlygameplay★ FREE toplay for life★ Light weight game.★ This is Freedrawing game andpainting over loaded image.★ This Line connectingpuzzles is lightweight with smooth game control.★ It is riddle withanswers forentire family, adults, teens, toddlers, children andkids that willhelp to stimulate the brain and increase agility.★Enjoy the gamewith various devices (Phones and Tablets).★ Itsamazing graphicswith attractive glow design are entertaining enoughand the game issuper addictive!★ Connect the dots to complete thelevels and runagainst time to get more stars.Note:Download this appfor free andno special permissions are required for this app!Checkoutourothergames@ us!appspartan@gmail.comGet ready to connect! Lots offun iswaiting for you. 😜 ! Happy Gaming !!!
Set Dot
Set dot is a simple android game like hello world.Set linetocenter, make sure dot do not collide.How to play:1. Tap anywheretoset a dot.2. Avoid Collision with other dots.
Logic Dots 2
If you like solving ingenious puzzles, you need Logic Dots 2!It'sso easy and addictive to play: place dots on the grid tomakeshapes and solve each puzzle. This uniquely fantasticcombinationof Sudoku and Battleship is simple and logical butincreasinglychallenging - Logic Dots 2 amazes and delights inequalmeasure.Each brain-twisting Logic Dots 2 puzzle consists of ablankgrid surrounded by numbers. Players need to find hidden dotlinesand now shapes on the grid, making sure each row andcolumncontains the indicated number of dots. Thismassively-anticipatedsequel builds upon its acclaimed puzzle-boardpredecessor, the #1puzzle-board game on the App Store with almost 1million players ina week - incredible!There are no time limits ormove limits, andhints are freely given in some puzzles to make themeasier onplayers. Beware though - as the game progresses,deductionchallenges become increasingly devilish. Only true ‘LogicLegends’will make it to the end of Logic Dots 2!- USE LOGIC TO WIN:Placedots in the grid to create dot lines and shapes to solve eachlogicpuzzle.- BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION: Gorgeous, colorful levels arenoweven more of a treat for your eyes. Logic Dots iscolor-blindfriendly as well!- INCREASE YOUR INTELLIGENCE: LogicDots 2sharpens logic deduction and improves cognitive skills inplayers.-NO PRESSURE, TAKE YOUR TIME: There’s no time limit and nomovelimit. Take as many goes and as much time as you want tocompleteeach puzzle!- RENOWNED FRANCHISE: Logic Dots 2 is made bythe leadprogrammer of the original Logic Dots, Logic Traces and hitpuzzlegame, Tiny Thief!- UNRIVALLED DEPTH: Over 200 uniqueandincreasingly complex brain-teasers provide many hoursofintellectual challenge and fun. Yet more new level packs willalsobe released in free updates very soon!- COMPLETELY FREE: Playallthe way to the end with no in-app purchases required!- LEARNATYOUR PACE: Seamless tutorials for players of any abilitylevel.-COMPARE AND COMPETE: Your game score, Game Centerachievements andleaderboards will show who’s the most logical ofyour friends.Surely it’s you?- FEEL FREE TO MAKE MISTAKES: Anylogic errors canbe corrected with unlimited undo’s!- HINTS IF YOUNEED THEM: If youget stuck, tap on the hint button and you’ll bepuzzling again inno time!As always, your amazing support andpositive feedback isalways much appreciated. We are working hardand will release newlevel packs in free updates very soon. Havefun!
Dots Online
Dots is a logical board game on checked paper. But nowyoursmartphone can serve as a pen and a sheet. Play with gamersfromall over the world via online multiplayer! Train with gamesvsAndroid!The aim of the game is to hem in maximum dots oftheopponent. Players put dots on line crossings on checked paper.Eachplayer puts dots of one color. Dots should be separated byonesquare only horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. The gameisover when there are no free crossings, or upon mutual agreement,orif one of the players surrenders. Dots is a game withcreativechecked paper graphics, which makes it off-beat andall-timeinteresting! Features:ONLINE GAME:Play with gamers from alloverthe world via internetGAME VS ANDROID:Choose your level and trytobeat AndroidGAME VIA BLOETOOTH:Play with friends, colleagues,andany other person via BluetoothGAME ON ONE DEVICE:Want to playwithyour friend on one device? No problem! Choose mode “2 playersonone device”ACHIEVEMENTS:Hem around the maximum of dots and wintoget achievements GLOBAL LEADERBOARD:Become the best "Dots"playerplaying online *****It is high time to discover who is thebest at"Dots"!-----* The game is free and with no in-gamepurchasesrequired.
Knots - Puzzle
'Creativity is just connecting things'- SteveJobs.COLORFUL,CHALLENGING, ADDICTIVE! One of the best connectingDOTS puzzle gameavailable on Google Play!The Goal is to draw andconnect the colorstill the entire board is covered with beautifulcolored lines. Thechallenge increases gradually with harder levels& new twistslike cross-paths and multi-color paths.DownloadKNOTS completelyFree. Enjoy this new fun & logic game. - PLAYWITHFRIENDSPlaying with Friends is always FUN: Login withFacebook& challenge your friends straight from the game inEasy,Medium, Hard & Extreme modes- THRILLING LEVELSKNOTSfeaturesover a 1,000 elegantly designed levels which people of allages canenjoy for FREE- DAILY CHALLENGESExciting NEW challenges areofferedDAILY. Try to solve these in the shortest possible time. Seewhereyou stand in rankings against your friends and globally-FEATURES•Minimalistic & Elegantly designed Game• Over 1000InterestingLevels available & more coming soon• Check-in everyday to earnmore DAILY REWARDS• Send GIFTS to you friends to helpthem solvedifficult levels.• Use "Hints" to solve a difficultlevel. EachHint connects two matching colors.• Use "Pauses" to stopthe timewhile completing a level• Music adds fun in the wholegamingexperience. So let's smile & celebrate the colors of lifewithKNOTS- JOIN US ONFACEBOOK US ONTWITTER FOLLOW USONINSTAGRAM DON’T FORGETTORATE USSend us your suggestions and feedback as we arealwayslooking to add new levels and features!Enjoy KNOTS TEAM
Kids Learn Fruits
Children's ages 3 to 7 will enjoy connecting these dots thatbringto life 20 fruits in this exciting, educational andinteractive appin ABC/123 mode. It takes advantage of the “connectthe dots” gamethat improves children’s brain development, yetmodernizes it withcolorful and entertaining images of fruits.Children learninteresting facts about each fruit, how to recognizenumbers.Parents will be pleasantly surprised when their childidentifiesthe fruits they use in their daily lives! Playing KidsLearn Fruitsis Easy! • Once children tap or connect the dots thatoutline afruit, numbers are pronounced.• After all the dots areallconnected, they transform into a colorful fruit image comestoaction with interesting facts. We hope your children enjoy allthefun and education we have built into our game.
Dot Munch Fight Club
Dot Muncher Fight Club smooth and relaxing game based onosmosisprinciple.Eat smaller dots avoiding being eaten by biggerdots tobecame biggest dot in the game!Gameplay Tips:Eat smallerdots togrow in size and became biggest blob in the game.Smallerdots movesfaster then big one, take advantage of it while growinginsize.Game action happens in agar galactic with simple osmosrules:"Eat smaller dots or became food for others". Became biggestdoteater. It's great game if you are fan of nebulous, mitosisgenregames.Controls:There is several different control options foryourpreference:* Tap desired direction to move dot* Hold anddragaround dot like cursor to move dot desired direction* Usejoystickin predefined place to control blob* Use custom joystick,which canbe placed anywhere on screenCheck for more options ingamesettings.Game functionality highlights:*Relaxing &smoothgameplay*Small application size*Relaxing sounds*Night &Daytheme*Funny skins*We care about user experience*Noextrapermissions needed*Frequent updates based on playersfeedbackLeaveyour feedback with features your would like to have inthegame.Became best dots muncher in Galactic!Good Luck and HaveFun!
New Dot
The beautiful and addictive hit game Dots (game about Memory) isnowavailable on Android phones and tablets!• FREE to play forlife• TAPon the new dots and see how many dots you can memorize.•ADORABLE,fun, and thoughtful game design in this beautiful gameaboutmemory.• ENJOY beautiful minimalistic design with relaxinggame andfun sound FX.-------------------------------LET'SBEFACEBOOKFRIENDS Add us on Facebook or your favorite social network andsendus your suggestions and feedback, as we are always looking toaddnew levels and features!
Tap Dots
Red, blue, yellow, green, grey, black.Only four of them willhelpyou to move on further.The red dot is your ally throughoutthegame. Enable it with blue or yellow one .The green dot willslowdown the uncontrolled rotation of gray, but not black one's.Areyou observant ?Are you faster than the " demanding "clock?Testyour skills and swiftness in an extremely quick and fungame ...
Splashy Dots
Imagine yourself in a cozy art gallery, with the sounds of alivejazz act in the background, brush in your hand and a canvasinfront of you. You're all set. Create beautiful splatterartpaintings while solving Splashy Dots puzzle! This is so easy-swipe your finger (or a brush!) correctly so that all thestreaksform a smooth & artsy way to the very final dot.
Atomas is a fascinating incremental puzzle game, which you canlearnin seconds but will entertain you for weeks. The perfect gameforyour spare time!Your little universe starts with hydrogen atomsonlybut with the help of the energy rich plus atoms you are abletofusion two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom, 2 helium atomsintoone lithium atom and so on. Your primary goal is to createthevaluable elements like Gold, Platinum and Silver.But watch out,ifyour universe is overfilled with to many atoms it will cause abigcrunch and the game is over.One way to prevent this is to builduplong symmetries in your atoms and start big chainreactions.Fromtime to time minus atoms appear, use them forabsorbing andreplacing atoms within your universe or sacrifice themfor a plusatom.You see Atomas is not hard to play, but if you wantto get tothe top you'll need a good strategy, which keeps youratomsorganized.By creating new elements like oxygen or copper youunlocklucky charms, which effect the game in various ways andadjust itto your strategy.What Atomas offers you:- 4 different gamemodes-simple but addicting game mechanics- 124 different atoms tocreate- 12 different lucky charms- Google play games leaderboards&achievements- share your score on twitter and Facebook-quicktutorialThe developers high score is 66 543. Can you dobetter?
Connect sea urchin Dots
Connecting fluffy point, to get a figure!Exciting andveryinteresting game with a big-eyed fluffy and points! Play isapleasure, very exciting and fun! You need to connect thedots,one by one, to draw the shape. Not such an easy task, and, asitmight seem. It is necessary to connect the dots in sequence andnotrepeated. The fascinating process, will have to think a lot,thegame consists of 100 beautiful levels! Colorful interface,nicemusic and a lot of levels - excellent quality for a goodpuzzle!Try it and see for yourself!Features:❤️ exciting andveryinteresting game;❤️ fluffy, big-eyed point;❤️ fun gameplay;❤️gameconsists of 100 beautiful levels;❤️ colorful interface;❤️pleasantmusic;❤️ suitable for all ages;❤️ simple operation;❤️ freegame.Howto play:You need to connect the dots, one by one, to drawtheshape.Subscribe to our group, there you will find manyinterestingthings, and also can contact us personally!VK-
Kids Connect the Dots Xmas
Keep the kids quiet this holiday season with afestive-themed,musical version of Intellijoy’s Kids Connect theDots app. Over onemillion children have already enjoyed KidsConnect the Dots Xmas,with its friendly themes, brightillustrations, and encouragingvocal cues. Theapp features 50+simple connect-the-dot puzzles andpromises to keep your little oneenthralled.Kids genuinely lovejoin-the-dots puzzles and this apptaps into that appetite bypresenting a series of puzzles that eachconsist of the challengeof connecting numbers and letters insequence. When childrensucceed in connecting all of the dots, theoutline is delightfullytransformed into a colorful graphic. Itmight be a tree, a snowglobe or a gingerbread man. Preschoolers aresurprised and filledwith wonder to see the creatures and objectsthey have created"come to life".Choosing the play buttonimmediately begins aconnect-the-dot adventure. With apreschool-friendly interface, theapp is simple enough for yourchild to play without any help. Thedots may be customized todisplay upper or lower case alphabetletters, and odd or evennumbers. The child can connect the dots byeither finger-dragdrawing or single tapping from dot-to-dot. As heor she progresses,the next dot lights up. This hint command may becontrolled to occurimmediately or after the screen has been idlefor three seconds.Theimages that appear when your child completesa picture are notalways easy to guess. This lends an element ofmystery to theactivity, developing your preschooler’s imaginationand love oflearning.
Tap the Dots
The beautiful and addictive tapping dots game is now availableforthe Android smartphones and tablets!Features : • FREE to playTapthe Dots for life• TAP on the dots of the colors mentioned inthebeginning before the time bar finishes.• TWO game modes to play-Slow and Fast.• BEAT the old time bar and tap to as many dotsasyou can before time bar finishes. • TAP on only mentionedcolors,otherwise you loose.• CHALLENGE your friends to score morebytapping faster on the mentioned colored dots and be the championofthe leaderboard.
Dot Rush
Are you bored? Want a fun game to entertain you?Dot Rush istheanswer!!Dot Rush is a simple to understand and highlyaddictivegame that challenges you to match your dot color with thecolor ofthe descending dots by clicking and releasing on thescreen. It’sthat simple. The expertly created game play will keepyou going forhours and hours as you progress. If you likecompetition play, theglobal leaderboard will have you going upagainst the best Dot Rushplayers in the world!Dot Rush Features:•Fun casual game• Adifferent matching game• Best addictive game inapp stores•Excellent casual game play for relaxed gaming• Globalleaderboardto compete against others players around the globe•Awesometime-pass android game for gamers of all ages and gamestyles• Playmore to earn achievements★★★★★ Earn sweet achievementsas you playmore and unlock the coolness that will help boost yourexperiencepoints! Get achievements for high score and times ofgames youplay★★★★★ Dot Rush is definitely one casual game that youcan playanytime and anywhere! Never be bored again!★★★★★ Youwilldefinitely want to share Dot Rush with everyone youknow!AppsArmy -Mobile Application Development Company
Kick Dots
Sundevs Group
Kick Dots - Boom Two Dots is a new game.*****How To Play*****- The duty of players is to use green dots to hit the movingdots.After the first successful hit, the green dots are going tofalldown to the bottom; therefore, the players need to be fast tohitthe moving dots before the green ones fall to the bottom.- When you gain more scores, you will be able to choose manythemeswith different colors.- You can share your scores on Facebook also.
Linky Dots
Great Free Puzzle Game For You! Solve levels and collectstars!LinkyDots is completely free puzzle game in which you haveto connectdots with each other. But there are some rules - everydot needsspecific number of connections and connections can'tcross eachother.If you follow those simple rules, you will enjoythisaddicting game.If you love puzzle and brain games you must tryLinkyDots.
Divergent Dots
Divergent Dots is a simple but addictive game that will keepyouhooked for hours.Tap to Converge and Release to Diverge. BewareofObstacles !!As the game continues, speed increases.Inversionoccurs at different checkpoints.But Don't Stop !Keepmoving up.
DotMania - Dot to Dot Puzzles for Everyone
DotMania – Dot to Dot Puzzles for everyone is an amazingrelaxingand anti-stress game for both adults and children. Createuniqueartworks by connecting the numbers. From simple children´sdrawingsto large complex images. Connecting the dost serves asperfectstress relief for adults or children. Dot 2 dot helps you togetrid of boredom, train your brain or simply just relax after ahardday. Try it and join the dots.You can play relaxing freedotconnect puzzles without Internet Connection. That way evenwhenbeing offline you still have on you few hundred dot todotconnects, that will safely keep you from getting bored. Greatdealof pictures will provide you entertainment for dozens of hoursandtime spent connecting the dots will become yourpersonaltherapy.DotMania contains:- dozens of free dot to dotranging from200 – 2000 dots- relaxing themes for everyone (animals,military,history, dinosaurs, art, sport, statues, ...)- themessuitable alsofor children- always updated brand new dot to dotpuzzles andpictures- offline mode support- joining the dots asanti-stressrelaxation and fun for dozens of hours
Ponka Dots – Deflect the Dots
If you like games where you have to deflect vibrant dotsplummetingfrom the sky while one missclick can make you see thegame overscreen, then you will enjoy the Ponka Dots game. You willfindyourself in an endless rain of vibrant dots where you havetotakedown and deflect the bad Ponka dots and save the good onesbyletting them plunge into the same color as theground.FEATURES:-ONE TOUCH GAMEPLAY: With an intense one tapcontrols you can pickup your phone and plunge into an endlesstrouble of falling dots.-DEFLECT THE TROUBLE MAKERS: Thanks to theintense gameplay yourreactions will be challenged in and endlessstream of fallinghypnotic dots.- VIBRANT CARTOON STYLE GRAPHICS:Deflect or save thetiny dots and avoid any missclicks as the baddots should notplunge into the ground at all.- POPPED MUSIC: Enjoythe hypnoticmusic while saving the dots in this minimalistic game.-INTENSEACTION: Deflect the bad dots as soon as you see them as theywillplunge towards the earth in a lightning speed.- COMPETEWITHFRIENDS: Takedown as many as you can while unlockingachievementsfor your heroic actions.Avoid the intense plummeting ofthe baddots!We welcome all of your comments and!Follow usonFacebook: leave areview if youlike our app. Thanks!
Swipe Off : a moving Dots Game
Check out our new version here: from "More by Pocketcrafts"This is a different take onDots Gamewhich can prove out to be more interesting.Swipe Off is agame aboutconnecting moving Dots. Here the dots will be moving andyou have toConnect the dots of same color. Different from theother dots Games,it has a unique feature of moving dots whichmakes the task ofConnecting dots more funny. You have many powerups which will beembedded in the Dots like Bomb (If you connectDots in which one dotis a bomb dot, all the dots of the same colorpops out), Ice (makesthe Dots Stationary), Multicolor (allows toconnect a Dot with Dotsof any color)It is common now a days thatthe amount of stress eachperson experiences per day is very high.Playing this game helps inrelieving stress and is such an awesomestress buster.(The reviewswe got prove the stress bustingcapabilities of our app).In short,this is a simple stress bustergame which can also prove out to behigh scoring game.Connect moredots to get more points. Connect 2dots to get 1 point, 3 dots toget 2 points, 4 dots to get 4 points,5 dots to get 8 points, 6dots to get 16 points.Swipe off is indeeda Casual AddictiveAndroid game of Connecting DotsImmerse in a brandnew gamingexperience making use of the entire screen area.You getto unlockcool features like bomb, freeze, time and a lot more aftersigningin with Google account. What are you waiting for, startswipingthem off right away! :DContinue your game on another devicefromwhere you stopped by signing in with the same Googleaccount.Areyou bored with your day to day work?Are you waiting in along queueno idea what to do?Stuck up in Ads between your favoriteTVShow?Waiting in a restaurant for food?Just give this one atry.Swipe Off is an evolved concept of bubbles popping with achainreaction. The game might look very easy in the beginning butwillresult to a better logical and challenging gameplay towardsthemiddle. There are lot of multipliers and perks awaitingyouthroughout the game.This is one of the best among the simplecasualgames out there in the market.(Check out the reviews if youdon'tbelieve us ;) )GOOGLE+ is used only for signing in andenablingGoogle Play Game Services and we DON"T POST ANYTHING UNLESSYOU DOIT YOURSELF.The different perks you might UnLock in the Gameare 1.Bomb ******* If you connect a bomb then all bubbles of thesamecolor explode.2. Freeze ******* If you connect freeze bubblethebubbles will go motionless so its easy to capture3.Multicolor************ Can be used to connect to all thecolors.There areDIFFERENT OTHER PERKS which will come during gameplay but wesharing it here will spoil the fun. There are already200 playersonline who are playing this right now.Why wait?Startswiping, Youwill love it!Facebook Page: Page: Community: whole game is nowavailableoffline, that is, you needn't sign in with a Googleaccount tounlock Multipliers and Levels.But if you want to getlisted in theLeaderboards(that is the fun part) and view allachievements, you'veto sign in.Do sign in, we're sure you won'tregret it.:)
Dots and Boxes - Colours
Dots and Boxes - Colours is a beautiful addictive puzzle&casual game about swiping the circle boxes to make asequencecombination. Starting with an empty grid of polygon boxeswasgenerated at 6*6 matrix, you are the only player to take turnandRandom Dots Color color boxes was generated at the right top oftheboard.The goal of this game is simple: swipe same-coloredcircledots vertically and horizontally to get score. Swipe morethanthree combination will crush the colored circle dots and addedthescore. You must swipe the dot color boxes to match the color ofthewith the adjacent other boxes. Dots Color Crush has three modesofplaying method to satisfy every type of player. Race againsttheclock in Timer Mode, think strategically and quickly in MovesMode,Sit back and relax in Endless Mode and Challenge your friendsoranyone in Online Mode. More than that dots color crush alongtheway to gain power-ups.You can change your own customizedthemebackgrounds for the whole game makes colorful and awesomegraphicallooks.Features:The perfect addictive puzzle gameDots andBoxes -Colours , a deceptively simple gameControls are userfriendly, easyto use.Realistic colored graphics.Classic ArcadeGameplayCustomized Theme.Types of Game Modes• ENDLESS: Relax andplay;the no-limits, gravity shuffling mode of Dots• TIMER: Can youbeatthe clock? Connect as many same-colored dots as you can in60seconds.• MOVES: An un-timed moves based mode; kick back &takeyour time making the right moves total of 30 moves.• Online:Youcan challenge your friends. Power Ups• Change Upcoming Cells:Usethis power to change the random color box display in topright.•Clear One Cell: To clear one colored cell in the boards•Clear FiveCell: To clear five colored cell in the boards• ClearSame TypeCell: To clear same colored cell in the boardsPeoplesearch game by:dot gamedotsdots and boxes gamedots and boxesdotsgamesGive yourreview for further updation in future...:):)
Box It - Capture the Dots Game
We bet you have played Box IT before inPC!!..Just have a look at the video above."Addicting This is similar to a game I used to play inHighSchool. I don't even remember what it was called but I reallylikethis concept. " - Mitch Vorbroker"Finely crafted logical puzzle game Yet another coolcreationfrom pocketcrafts, with minimalistic graphics and fluidgameplaythat kept me swiping for hours." - Monster BrainBox It is simple and addictive game in which you can winbycapturing more than 70% of the area.You can better understand the game play by watching thefollowingvideo : has more than 350 levels which will give you unlimitedgamingexperience. Also all the levels are carefully craftedintodifferent packs. Right now there are 41 packs in thegame.The game also features a fully functional LeaderboardandAchievements which will allow you to play with your friends.TheAchievements allows you to earn more XP in Android/iOS.As you progress through the levels and packs, there are moreevildots and more obstacles in the middle. The best way to avoidthedots is to capture them in the blocked areas. In order to dothatyou have to set up traps for the dots and capture them as theymoveinto the traps. Each one of the highlighted dots gives usersabonus when captured. There is a dot that freezes all the otherdotsand also a dot that slows everything down when captured.Unlike other Dots games this one never keep you boring as therearelots and lots of levels to play. Do share it with your friendsandfamily. Also as the game is available in iOS, Android andWindowsPhone 8 you can share it with almost everyone.The controls are very easy, You just have to swipe up/swipedown,swipe left or swipe right to trap the dots.We've recently added Quests to the game so that accomplishingthemgets you power ups and unlocks more levels for free.Quests is a latest addition to Google Play Games whichwe'veimplemented in our game successfully.You can take Quests either at the end of the game where intheQuests are shown on the top.Keep tuned in in order to check out the latest Quests andacceptthem first in order to take part in the Quests.After accepting the quests, we check whether you complete itandupon accomplishing it, we reward you with what we have mentionedinthe description.Tips : You can win quickly by capturing a majority of dots inasmall area.For an example, if there are 3 balls, capturing 2 of them inlessthan or equal to 30% area finishes the game.In order to earn 3 stars, you've to capture 90% or more area.This is possible by capturing a majority of dots in 10% orlesserarea.This game is also about tricks and plans which help you finishoffthe game easier, quicker and earn higher points.Hope you have fun playing Box It.Saved Games is now implemented in Box It.Existing users will have to give an additional permissionuponopening the application after updating.But if you have given this permission, the game can berestartedfrom where you stopped by using this latest feature fromGooglePlay Games Services.But make sure you don't switch devices too often.The data saved will have to by synced between the two devicesbeforeyou switch.You can do this manually by taking the Google Driveapplicationafter you finish playing in one device and open theGoogle Driveapplication before opening the second device.Have fun continuing the game from where you have stopped.It takes very little space in the Google Drive - less than800KB.(Mostly less than 50KB).Check out the reviews for this game which further implies how goodatime waster this game is.Box It promises hours of fun for those who like this kindofgame.And, there is an interesting leader board as wellasachievements.Achievements lets you track the packs that you have unlockedandleader board helps you compare your scores with other playersallaround the world.
MemoDots - Connect the Dots
MemoDots is a fun new puzzle game that challenges your memorywithdots. Think you have what it takes to stay in the game? Youwill beshown a shape on the screen. When the shape disappears,you’ll tryand connect the dots, forming lines, to draw it exactlyas it was.You will need to draw it all from memory. The shape canbe asquare, rectangle, octagons and much more. You need to thinkfastto connect the dots and complete the lines, before time runsout.For every shape you draw correctly you will earn diamonds.Thediamonds can then be used to unlock cute new themes in theStore.Try out MemoDots with the fun beach theme, the adorablechicktheme, the delicious donuts theme, the super cool snowflakethemeand much much more. The shapes start out easy, like asimplesquare, but get harder as the game goes on. This means itwill bemore difficult for you to remember the shapes and connectthe dotsto recreate them and complete the puzzle. You will haveonly 1life, so try not to make a mistake. Soon your brain willreally beput to test as you’ll be asked to draw multiple shapesconnectingdifferent dots in different colors. Don’t get the linesconfused!Improve your memory and try and beat your high score. Ifyou getstuck and you can’t remember which dot to connect next, youcan usea Hint for help. Remember though, you only have 3, so usethemwisely. The game is an endless puzzle, if your brain is up forthechallenge. Play now and see how far your memory can take you!
Grab The Green Dots
Grab The Green Dots is a fun, addicting, and simple game. Ittestsyour STRATEGY, REACTION TIME and SKILL. It is a never-endingArcadeStyle game that will have you playing for hours trying tobeat ahigh score.How To Play:You tap the screen to switch therotatingdirection of the ball and you have to collect as many greendots aspossible while avoiding the red dots. Collecting Green Dotswillincrease your score in this Arcade Style game while hitting areddot will cause you to die.-Collect Green Dots whilerotating-AvoidRed DotsFeatures:-Different Colored Themes (FREE FORA LIMITEDTIME!!)-One Touch Game-360 Degree Rotation-Test yourreaction timeand reflexes-Simple, intuitive functionality-Colorfulinteractivedesign-Addictive and fast paced-Share Score To Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, or PinterestGrab The Green Dots is one of thebest freegames on the market!Grab The Green Dots is Simple tolearn, butDifficult to masterGrab The Green Dots is so much morethan a freearcade game, Grab The Green Dots tests your timing,accuracy,reflexes and reaction time and challenges the player’sability tothink. Using the latest touch screen technology, thecolorfulgraphics and clever gameplay make this game perfect for anyagegroup - kids, teens and adults young and old.How Many GreenDotsCan You Grab?You can contact us with any questions or
2 For 2: Connect the Numbers Puzzle
WARNING! You will absolutely get addicted to this 2 for 2puzzlegame. The object of 2 for 2 is to connect the numbers. DON’Trunout of moves!Make lines by connecting as many same numbered dotsasyou can. The longer the line, the more points you get andthelonger you’ll survive in this 2 for 2 game. As you connect thesamenumbers, they add up in multiples of 2. Ready, set, connect!Getaddicted to 2 for 2. ABOUT USCrazy Labs is a casual gamesbrand,under which TabTale develops and publishes fun and addictivegames.Crazy Labs partners with independent development studiosacross theglobe to create engaging mobile content for audiences ofall ages.Like us: us: US Let us knowwhatyou think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contactus24/7 at app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. The appincludes:-advertising for TabTale and some third parties thatredirect usersto our sites, apps or third-party sites- socialnetworks links toconnect with others while playing- the option toaccept pushnotifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. updates)- anage-gate to prevent access to some features to protectchildren(e.g. restrict behavioral advertising orinformationsharing).Privacy is important to us. The app may enabledatacollection for legal purposes (e.g. respond to supportqueries;enable, analyze and improve the app’s features andservices;personalize content including targeted advertising). Formoreinformation refer to our PrivacyPolicy: Note that referredthirdparties are subject to their own policies. Use of the appissubject to our Terms of Use:
Color Net
Color Net is challenging free puzzle game about connectingdots.Movedots to empty places. But watch out! Dots with same colorcan't beconnected to each other.Great and original puzzle game foryou.Tired of playing same games over and over again? DownloadColor Netnow, for free!
Apple Connect Puzzle
Connecting lines of apples to get the figure!Entertaining gameinthe genre of puzzle, connect the dots. Instead of the usual forallthe points, we have apples, because they look more beautifulandmore interesting. You need to combine the apples (point) linestoget the figure. To do this, you need to touch the phone screen,anddrag your finger from one apple to another, connects all theapplesat the end you get the figure. The difficulty is that youneed tokeep the line from point to point, and it is impossible foroneline twice. One point may be connected to several differentpoints,but the two identical points are connected onlyonce. Verynice game, and very quiet, enabling you to relax andto train yourbrain. A simple game requires no quick movements andcertainskills, great for all ages. Free puzzle game with manylevels,great graphics and relaxing music. Does not require aninternetconnection, play where you feel comfortable, a great way topassthe time.Features:- entertaining game;- very beautifulgame;-allows you to relax and to train your brain;- simpleoperation;-suitable for all ages;- free puzzle;- stunninggraphics;- relaxingmusic.How to play:We need to touch the phonescreen, and drag yourfinger from one apple to another, connects allthe apples at theend you get the figure. Connecting points and passall thelevels!If you have any questions or concerns on the game,pleasecontact us, check and correct all the defects in the nearfuture.If you like the game, do not forget to leave a comment andevaluatethe application, it is important for us;)
Don't touch the red dots
Tap to switch sides, but don't touch the red dots!How long canyoumake it?
Falling Dots
Do you love playing Impossible Dots or Fall games? If yes, youwillsurely like the game play of the app “Falling Dots”.Besidesawesome dynamics of the falling dots play, the game willoffer youplenty of sporty fun and addictive lure of challenge!Howto playthe game?It is extremely funny to learn the game plan but itisequally challenging to master the control on falling dots anditsstriker’s movement coordination. As a player your ultimate aimisto press to match the colors of the upcoming dots. If you missonecolor, the center circle will grow up and explode and the gamewillget over.Game features:Are you ready to download thechallengingdots game? It’s all free and the app will take fewminutes time toget sync on your android device! Before you startplaying thisaddictive impossible dots game, take a quick look atits livelyfeatures:• Uber-cool user interface: it is extremely easytonavigate the game.• Once a game session gets over, you will getthedisplay of your score, best score, and the stat of number ofgamesplayed on screen• You can play the game offline but foraccessingleaderboard and achievement you need internet support onyourdevice• Access leaderboard to know how other players arescoringand also get the privilege to compare your score withotherplayers• You can access achievement to know how otheronlinefriends have played the game,• You can share the game’s linktoyour favorite social networking sites: let your friends knowyouare enjoying the game Falling Dots!The interface will keeponchanging its color in course of the play; however, you willalwaysfeel vibrant and energetic while playing the game FallingDots. Itis a cool way to spend quality time on yourandroidmobile/tablet.This is basically an XP farm, if you want togrowyour Play Game XP you just need to play around 1 hour to makeit!Good Luck!The white and black dots will drive you crazy,ImpossibleFall!
Join The Dots
In Join The Dots, a simply mesmerizing game of connection,you’llput your frantic reaction time and quick strategic thinkingto thetest. Join all the dots together before they leave thescreen,while avoiding the squares. Simple, tension producing,andentrancing, work to earn a high score and unlock more themes asyougo by collecting stars during gameplay.Hint: Swipe with two(ormore) fingers at the same time.
Kids Connect the Dots (Lite)
Educational games for kids is all we do.Kids Connect the DotsLitecontains 25 images to try it out before you buy thefullversion.Preschoolers really connect with our Kids Connect theDotsgame. It teaches children to recognize and pronounce numbersandletters of the alphabet in a kid-friendly way.Your child willloveplaying Kids Connect the Dots, and you'll be able to relax,knowingyour child is learning while having great fun.Children tapon aseries of dots that outline an animal or an object that thechildusually can't quite identify. As they tap on the dots orconnectthe dots, the numbers and ABC alphabet letters arepronounced. Whenchildren succeed in connecting them all, theconnected dots aredelightfully transformed into a colorful graphicof whatever thechild has outlined. It might be a bird or muffin, agiraffe or atreasure chest.Preschoolers are surprised and filledwith wonder tosee the creatures and objects they've created "cometo life" – andwant to go on to create more and more of them.Thereare over 100images in the full version for your child toenjoy.★★★★★ What willmy children learn? ★★★★★Your child will learnto recognize andpronounce the numbers or letters in the dots. Sothe game is awonderful way for children to learn to count and learnthealphabet. Kids also learn to identify the creatures andobjectsthey create by connecting the dots.★★★★★ What won't mychildrenlearn? ★★★★★The game does not overload children and parentswithtoo many audio and visual stimuli. Coping with stressandover-stimulation is therefore one skill that your kids won'tbepracticing during this game. Its clear focus makes the gameadelight for children and a winning choice for parents.✔ Kidsloveour games. Parents love to see their preschool-aged childrenbeingboth educated and quietly happy.✔ Our games are laser focused.Forexample, the numbers game doesn't teach letters, and thelettersgame doesn't teach math. We keep the games simple butmagicallyinviting and nourishing.✔ We strive to give children justthe rightbalance between education and fun. So our games don'tfeature funat the expense of education – or education at theexpense of fun.We also know games that are too complicated don’tinvolve anddelight kids.
Remember The Dot
Remember The DotIn this crazy addicting game, you brain will beputto the test in order to see how many patterns you canremember!First you will watch a series of dots flash before you,each withtheir own musical sound. You must then remember thepattern inwhich they flashed. Every level you pass gets even morechallengingthan the previous as the amount of dots in a patternincreases withyour score. Keep playing and testing how much you canmemorize!"Remember The Dot" features high quality graphics andsounds. Testyour memory and boost your brain power with this greatgame similarto childhood favorite 'simon says'. Simply follow theleader! Thisgreat retro game can be enjoyed by all ages."RememberThe Dot" willmake a random sequence, starting with only one. Youhave to do isrepeat the pattern, taking turns with the computer.But be careful,you hit the wrong button "Game is Over!
One Touch Drawing Connect Dots
One Touch Drawing: Connect the Dots is a very simple andaddictivepuzzle game.The goal is simple, you have to tap the dotsand dragto connect the sequential path for each shape. The onlyproblem isthat you cannot draw the same line twice while you areplayingconnect the dotsThere are several worlds and hundreds oflevels foryou to enjoy. Connect the dots to complete the levels andrunagainst time to get more stars.Features★ Every week a new worldisreleased★ Several Levels are included★ Clean andbeautifulgraphics★ Google Play Leaderboard included★ The game istotallyfree
Multicolored dots fall incessantly, connect them in anon-stopfrenzy and get the best score. Use one of many Power Ups towin.Many levels in different worlds and a variety of infinitegamesawait you. Fun, dynamic and daring,  this addictive gamewillprovide you with hours of free entertainment. Connect three ormoredots in a straight or diagonal line, create different shapesandwin even more dots, confine a dot in a closed shape and itwillbecome a multicolored one. If you manage to confine amulticoloredDot it will trigger a ray that will transform otherdots inmulticolored ones. Challenge your friends to see who is bestatDotriz, the newest dots game. Connect same-colored dotsanddestroy them.Don't let the dots fill up the screen.Usemulticoloreddots as jokers to join different color dots.White dotscan't bejoined, use a bomb to destroy them.If you run out ofpossibilitiesjust shake the dots and they will mix up.If a level istoo hard towin, pay a Power Up with a gem and use it wisely.Havefun with thethree infinite game modes: Survival, Time Attack andWaves. 
Dots & Squares
Enjoy the amazing puzzle about Dots and Squares. Easy to play,lotsof levels, friendly gameplay!
Max Match Dot Number Pipe Line
March 2016 - Another Huge update - Over 4,200 new Levels! Focusonadvanced grid sizes.New Daily Challenge in every board sizeyouprefer!Completely new and improved flat interfaceNew Update -3000Great Levels are now available in this flowing pipe linesgame!Bestflow type game is now free on Google Play!Connect dotswithmatching colors with a line to create a flow or a pipe. Pairalldots with the same color and make sure to cover the entire boardtosolve each level in Max Match. Max Match is an addictive yetsimplepuzzle game, where you need to connect dots with a pipe likeline.Be careful when you draw a flow, not to cross other flows, ortheywill be cut! Play through thousands of levels. Max Match iseasy tolearn and control, but can be challenging as you advance.*Features * * 20 different packages . * A bucket full of fun -totalof 7,200 unique Levels, 4840 are completely free.* New -Dailychallenge! * Wide range of difficulty settings - from 5x5 gridto12x12 grid. Each for his own challenge. * Easy to control, funtoplay.* Great graphics in HD quality* Advance in rank as yousolvemore puzzles * Use Hints to ease your playing. Get free hintswhensharing your rank results on Facebook. * Control sound andotheraspects from the settings menu * Great for all ages! Max Matchis awonderful pipe or flow type puzzle app for all ages. Enjoy asimpleyet challenging and engaging experience. free to play onGooglestore!Playing is easy:First, select a package to beginplaying. thestarter package is recommended for those who are new toconnect thelines or flows game type.Then, select the first level ofthe packand starts to connect the dots. you need to link dots ofthe samecolor with a single line. However, make sure you create theline ina way that will not prevent connecting other dots with linesaswell. When you complete connecting all pairs, you havecompletedthe level! well done!Max Match is full of options to pickfrom,from easy play to brain twisting puzzles. simply selectyourpreferred package and start playing. You will enjoy this appfromthe first time you pick it up and it will keep you busy forendlesshours whenever you have few minutes to kill.For thecompetitiveplayers, there are also leaderboards available - beatthe leadersto become the champion! Have fun and thanks for yoursupport!Ifyou'd like to get the next generation of flow type games,try ournewest casual family game - Bridges: A number pipe linepuzzle foreven more light brain challenge.Please check out also ournew braintwisting puzzle game called - Cleared. its the next levelinconnect the dots games! check it out, itsfree!TiltanGames
Catch the Dots: Addictive game
Check what people write about us:"Catch the Dot is a reallydecentendless game that highly values having a good aesthetic." -BrandonGirod, app4smart"Tricky, but a lot of fun! Have wasted toomuchtime with this game. Looks easy, but it's very challenging!" -TonyStutterheim---It is time to challenge your skills in a newstylish& colorful battle for the title of "Best Catch theDotsPlayer"! Prepare yourself for unlimited fun with this game.Gameappearance is saturated with color and good style animations.Thereare no time limits, so you can play as much time as you want!Theonly thing that matter is how quick you are. Just tap themaincircle to catch dots and prepare for color & stylemadness!While you play, you get coins which you can later spent onchangingyour dots style and color by unlocking various skins. Beatallscores and share this joy with your friends!
Dots Sync - Symmetric brain game
Dots Sync is a modern transport-puzzle. Move a synchronizedDotssliding in various directions with a levels ofprogressivedifficulty that will make you think in thesolutions.Enjoy an newdesign with simple and addictive gameplay,without ADs,microtransactions or ranking of scores.GamePlay: moveasynchronized green and red colors Dots across the rails asstoppingthe movement on the nodes to activate all Goals.There aremanyprogressive obstacles that will make ever morechallengingpuzzles:> Most varied lines directions, straight,inclined andcircular.>Keys: Unlock blocked lines to solvechallenges.>Push Button: Unlock paths after the Dot is overit.> Bomb:Clears the goals already won after the blast.>Lock: Hold theDot, but can free it through the unlock platform.>Teleport:Send the Dot to the starting position.