Top 9 Games Similar to Gridartis

i3 1.0.1
i3 is a unique puzzle gamefeaturingmulti-colored rolling cubes. The cubes arrive on an 8x8board withincreasing frequency and must be placed in lines of threeor morematching colors to be released. Higher scores are gained byforminglonger lines and releasing them in quick succession. Thegame endswhen the board is full. i3 is easy to learn, addictive andmade foreveryone.⊳ SUPPORT ⊲If you face any technical issue the game and/or devicepleasecontact us to allow us to fix, and update the game, and makeitbetter for all.Email us for support here at****************************************For the latest news and updates on our games check usouton…Website www.thumbstar.comFacebook search ThumbstarTwitter @thumbstar****************************************
Cubeology is a 3D picture cube matching puzzle game in whichyouselect pairs of cubes with matching designs. When you matchcubeswith the same design they are removed, and you continuematchingtwo cubes at a time until all the cubes are gone, eitherfor pointsor against the clock. It has 6 different game variations,which canbe played in either a cube layout or a sphere layout, witheitherfree or fixed rotation, making for 18 game variations intotal,from relaxed 'play at your own pace' to nail biting againsttheclock game types. It has separate Google Play leaderboards foreachof the 6 different game types, plus a leaderboard of thetopartifact bonus scores and has a rolling display of the weeklybesttime or score for each of the different game types. Competitionisfierce to stay on top each week. Colourful graphics,catchysoundtrack and addictive gameplay make this a fun puzzle gamethatyou keep coming back to time after time. Includes a zoomfunctionto make it easier to play on smaller devices. Artifactcollectionsystem. Upon successful completion of games you have achance togain gold, artifact fragments or whole artifacts.Collectedartifacts are stored in your artifact compendium and givea bonusto your score when you match cubes with the same design astheartifact. The more your collection grows the greater thepotentialscore bonus. You can also collect gold and artifactfragments,which you can trade for any artifacts you are missingfrom yourcollection. Some artifacts give a greater bonus score thanothers(but have a greater gold and fragments cost), andcollectingmultiples of the same artifact will further increase thebonus itgives. Standard Game --------------------- Remove cubes bymatchingpairs of same coloured cubes until there are none left.Earn extrapoints by matching multiple pairs in quick succession. Notimelimit. Your score in this game can be increased bycollectingartifacts. Timed Game ---------------- Select pairs ofmatchingcubes until there are none left. Initially there is a 15minutetime limit in which to finish the cube. The time limitdecreases by5% every time you successfully complete a game, or itincreases by5% if you fail to complete the game in time. SpeedCube--------------- A fast paced game with a smaller 3x3 cube blockanda 30 second time limit. How quickly can you clear the cubes,quickthinking and fast reactions will be required to toptheleaderboard. Holder of the weekly best score is displayed onmainmenu. Cube Builder ---------------- The idea of this gameisdifferent in that you start off with just a few cubes and moreareadded as time goes by. The rate that cubes are added increasesastime passes and the game is over when the block is fullyrebuilt.Your goal in this game is to keep the block from beingcompleted aslong as possible and in doing so earn as many points asyou can. Asin the standard game extra points are awarded formatching pairs inquick succession. Your score in this game can beincreased bycollecting artifacts. Picture Search------------------- This is amemory version of the standard game,in which all the designs arehidden and are only revealed when youclick on the cubes. If youselect two cubes that match they areremoved as usual, otherwisethe pictures are hidden again. Yourscore in this game can beincreased by collecting artifacts.MatchIt! ----------- With thisversion of the game you have to findand select two cubes that havethe same design as shown at the leftof the screen. You have alimited time to find them and if you runout of time you will lose10% of your current score, and you will bepresented with anotherdesign to find. You can use the PASS buttonat the top of thescreen to skip any that you are struggling to findwithout losingany score, but you only have 5 passes.
Juice Cubes Blast 1.0
Help, these juice need to be saved! Onlyyouandyour friends can save these juices and get them on theroadtoadventure in Juice Cubes Blast!Match juice together to save them - Juice Cubes Blastisamatch-three game.Match three or more juices for awesomejuice-rescuingpower-ups!You’ll come across a variety of new gamemodes on yourtravels -it’s time to show off your juice-savingskills!Juice Cubes Blast features:- Hundreds of levels of adorable juice-matching action!- Super-boosts to help free those juices from a tight spot!- All kinds of bright and colorful juices will give youafun-packedmatch-three experience!- Leaderboards for each level show you who’s the best!Play Juice Cubes Blast now for free !
Alphabet Robots Mahjong Free
Alphabet Robots Mahjong HD Free is a completely new and uniquewayto experience this classic tile matching game. Match the lettersofthe alphabet, numbers and shapes on tiles. All of the lettersaredesigned with a robot theme. It includes 56 differentpuzzlelayouts each with random tile orders so you can play againandagain with it never being the same. Find matching pairs ofimagesat the left and right ends of the lines in the variouspuzzles toremove the tiles from the board. As an extra twist youmatch anypyramid to any pyramid and match any cube to any cube.Letter andnumber pronunciation occurs when a match is made. Wethink this isa great game for people learning English as a secondlanguage aswell as just being fun for everyone.Features: ★Beautiful graphicsand robotic theme that the whole family canenjoy! ★ 56 differentpuzzle layouts with a different puzzle eachtime. ★ Letter andnumber pronunciation in English occurs when amatch is made. ★Great background music and fun sounds. We hope youenjoy AlphabetRobots Mahjong HD Free! If so you should purchase thefull AlphabetRobots Mahjong HD which includes 112 more puzzlelayouts for hoursof extra letter matching fun!
A real challenge for those who love mind games. Cocobloco isasimple mind game inspired by the rubik's cube. Your goal istobring all colors in the matching target color. By moving a roworcolumn, all colors are moved by one position and if the color itisto an edge it appears from the other side.I want to thankJohnPanaretos for the name of the game and Michael Kateris forhelpingout with the levels.Enjoy!For developers interested infinding analgorithm for auto solving the levels please contact me.Soontherewill be a jar containing an API for interacting with thebasicalgorithm.
Blossom Garden Mania 2.1.5
Blossom Garden Mania is all-new exciting match-3 game from a teamoftop hit game app makers. In the dreamy garden, flowerfairiesinvited you and friends to plant & bloom the flowers.From thebud to blossom. Each level with challenging puzzle isstarted withjust a dull bush, once you have solve the puzzle, theflowers willbloom from bud to blossom. It is an addictive maniamatching gamethat everyone should not missed! In the each puzzle,there are manyflowers in bud, bloom flowers, we need to match thesaga flowersand blast it! Blast the blossom flower buds after linethem up andenjoy the very addictive splash and most interestingmatch-threecasual puzzle game! This app is completely free,withoutin-app-purchase! Blast your way through beautiful gardensfull ofsweet bud and bloom flower! Link the buds to bloom andstrike theflowerbeds star before you run out of moves!To crush theflowers tobloom, you may need flower fairies help, they provide youthe coinsafter you have complete each puzzle, you may use the coinsto slot3 blasters! Therefore, the more puzzle you have solved, themorecoins you will get to slot the blasters. Link 3 or more candybudsof the same block to crush them. Simply enjoy & don’t jamyourbrain to solve each saga mission. Watch as you set off anepicchain reaction of blooming flowers in the garden paradise. Howtoplay:1. Line & Match three or more same identical candyflowerto crush for points.2. Match until reaching the mission foreachlevel. Don’t jam your mind and take your time to solve themissionin less move.3. Use secret tool (boosters) with points toreachyour goal.3. When 4 flower bud are aligned, you will get aspecialmushroom which clear all in the same line horizontallyorhorizontally or surrounding 4x4 frozen candy flowers.4. When 5arematched, it will create a blossom flower which remove all ofthatsame candy.5. When they are linked like T or L characters, youwillhave a fire that explode twice and clear the surrounding4x4.6.Combine 2 special tulips together to make a super powerfulblast.Eliminate the more blossom flowers can get extra scores.7.This isan adventure filled with colorful crush effects with asweetgraphic picture.8. Login to Facebook to gain 500 coins. Thosecoinscollected can get the boosters or moves!9. Complete levelswithstar to get bonus.10. Last but not least, this is just as sweetasvalentine!Blossom Garden Mania features:+ 100challenginglevels..coming soon for the new levels+ Stunningparadise graphicsand effects set in beautiful flower gardens+Different modesavailable for each levels. E.g. Target Scores,Rescue the flowerbuds from frozen cube, Clear dedicated sweetflowers.+ Easy and funto play, challenging to master+ Free logincoins and free in-gameitems+ Share with family & friends,invite them to playtogether through Facebook and other socialmedia.+ Bestentertainment to kill your free time+ Graphic is assweet asvalentine.+ Suitable for family, including kids+ Fun &excitingbackground music.A big thank you goes to those who haveplayedBlossom Garden Mania. Notes: sound effect credited
Izzy Dizzy - Memory Game 1.06
Are you ready to challenge your memory with Izzy the turtle?Afunand addicting game to exercise your memory!Download Izzy Dizzy-Memory Game for free now.GAME FEATURES- Match pairs and triplesofcards and cubes- Use special boosters to completelevels.-Different levels of difficulty- Colorful cute animals andcubes-Special cubes that jumping and exploding- Time based levels-Playagainst izzy friendsA free memory game for kids andadults.Braintrainer , Pairs game , Brain & Puzzle game , memorykids apps,matching gameIzzy Dizzy - Memory Game is a brand new gamefrom themakers of Three Chicks and Friends. New levels, more placestoexplore and challenging game modes.Izzy Dizzy is completely freetoplay, but some in-game items such as extra boosters or liveswillrequire payment.By downloading this game you are agreeing toourterms ofservice: but notleast, abig THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played IzzyDizzy -Memory Game!
Merry Cubes - fun blocks game 3.0
Toddlers and kids from 2 to 7 will have fun with thisreallyengaging cube matching game. Just swipe the cube and tap torotateit and reconstruct the whole picture. Watch every matchedfruitdancing as a reward and a real fruit disco as a grandprix!Designed in coordination with preschool teachers, MERRY CUBEShelpsdevelop fine motor skills, and makes it fun for your kid.FEATURES:- 6 different 3d fruit to match and discover - 2 levelsofdifficulty - easy (4 cubes), hard (9 cubes) - funny animations asareward after every other fruit is matched and surprisinganimationat the end of the game - Designed for kids - no confusingmenusornavigation..................................................................Theapp combines an educational element with bright colors andfunmusical animations that serve as a reward when your littleonesuccessfully completes a game.The app may help reinforce theskillsof color and pattern matching. The app controls are easytounderstand and require rotating on-screen blocks.The dancingfruitare just way to cute! The number one thing I liked aboutMerryCubes is the fact that it is really easy for kids tonavigatethrough. I like the fact it doesn’t have any complicatedmenus. Allin all my kids were really into the puzzle portion ofit.KNOWWHAT'S INSIDEAs a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the "Knowwhat'sinside" best practices forkids’apps.................................................................Besure to SHARE A REVIEWbelow..................................................................Visitus: Followus: Likeus: