Top 10 Games Similar to Ghost Pursuit

Ghost Game 1 Free 1.1
Ghost Game 1 is a timedthree-roundmatchinggame, featuring spooky ghost matching cards. Thefirstround inthis spooky free game is 180 seconds and each roundafterthat is10 seconds less, so you have to improve your speedeachround.Another thrilling feature to this free scary ghost gamethatmakesit even more awesome than just a matching game - youmustfindmatching icons that link together insome way! When you make a linked match Ghost Game 1 willshowthelink. Links must connect the matching cards either inastraightline or turning no more than 2 corners.You also get some help along the way. You can usetheREFRESHbutton 3 times: when you do this, Ghost Game 1rearrangesthe gamecards so it is easier to find linking matches.You can alsouse theFIND button 3 times: when you do this, GhostGame 1 willfind amatching link for you.At the end of each round in this free ghost game youcaneitherreplay the round (green arrow) or go forward to thenextround(blue arrow) or quit the game (red cross).Ghost Game 1 is an addictive race to find the matchinglinksthatgets harder each round. Have fun!!!Produced by Picasoft Ltd
Temple Ghost Runner 1.0
The new 2014 addictive ultra-hitTempleGhostRunner is now available for Android and Tablet! Playamongyourfriends and rivals, top the ranks and challengethehighestscore!Explore the secret temple and discover the ancientsecretsofafterlife!Run swiftly with fast reflex to escape dangers of the templethatisuncertain yet challenging!!!Guide Ray through the secrets of the jungle!Temple Ghost Run has over 100 challenging levels for youtoclearwhich is why it is the best running game!In Temple Ghost Run, is not about just running, is aboutpowerupand magic spells to make use for the journey to thehiddentemples.Grab treasures to level up your hero for betterspeed. Butplease becareful, the guardian of the treasure is verypowerfulmonster, tryto avoid danger and get more treasure beforefightingthe Boss.Master Ray's skills to enhance his running speedfor eachdifferentlevel. It is important to collect more gold coinsandpowerups tobeat your friends and family in high scores!Features:***** Modern user interface***** Enhanced speed boosting game system***** Smooth and Simple User Interface***** Now compatible for all Android devices and TabsDownload the best Action Running Game Now!
Ghost Land Game 1.0.3
In this game, you should hunt andkilltheghosts by moving your device and press the shootbutton.this game consist of 21 level, you will be the winner ifyoupassedthem all.but you should be aware that ghosts become faster andstrongerineach higher level.try to kill more ghosts to get the high score.
Stickman Ghost Warrior 1.3
Become a mature bravo samurai like paladintorevenge stickman betrayed. With swords and bow he is goingtodefeat all monsters and bosses. Let’s upgrade and equipweapon,your kungfu skill and get the intervention help of fairyqueen andskyrim to fight demon, godzilla boss. Simple controls andhardcoregameplay with a lot of blood you can perform amazing stuntto killyour stalking enemy.Feature:- Realistic wobble, ragdoll physics.- Explore many different tight maps: canyon, Ha long bay, parisinworld war with increasing challenges and even big bosses withaloot of dmg.- Amazing hurt sound , slash effect, blood andhardcoregameplay.- Awesome kungfu combos with his equipment are shaolin prieststaff,clap, cross and swords.- The various continuous functions including choppy aircomboappear.Fight hard and help Stickman revenge warrior fight like astalkingninja to protect and revenge for his relatives and kingdombydestroy evil and monsters.If you like this game please rate and do not forget comments tousabout Stickman Ghost fighting game!
Army Adventure Sniper Shooter 1.0
Army Adventure Sniper Shooter isacommandowarrior adventure game in which you have to play as aghostwarriorin the military whose mission is to kill enemy troopsinthemilitary on a remote island in the sea to safe civilian.Thisghostcommando rescue 3d game is especially designed rescuegameforyoung teens and adults who like 3D rescue mission games.This3Dcommando shooting game is full of action filledmissions.Usedeadly weapons like rocket launchers, assault rifleak-47andpistols during the mission to destroy enemyhelicopters,attacktheir enemy watch towers and kill the guards andmuchmore.Ghost Commando 3D is a full ultimate fury actions.Ghost Commandoisacombat Game.Despicable minion enemy are very brutal killers gang. Mostoftheenemies have criminal background includingunderworldgangsterrecords in city crime after world war 2 (WW2).The foe armykillershas tag as serial killer so don't take as easyrival whileambush.Modern war has nuclear warfare risk for world. Itwas bigdangerafter world war 2 of develop nuclear warfare forarmiesIts Contract Base Game For Users. An Army Commando is aFPSCounteragainst Terrorist.This will be a deadly waragainstterrorism. Youhave to be the best killer. This shooter gamehasvery good soundThat will immerse you in battle.The world is destroyed, civilizations lie in ruins.Thesurvivinghumans live in fear and desperation, hoping for someonetoleadthem and take back what once belonged to them.Do not enter into of sniper with the enemy, simple destroythemusarmy powerful counter strike by elite dangerous army.Destroyyourtarget military soldiers and contract with assassinsniper 3d.You,as an elite assassin sniper and revenge of usarmyamericansoldier, a real the steel sniper killer are the lastlineofdefense of tower city of crime against the terrorists.Save the innocent people and arrest crime boss, thugandmafiamembers to put them behind bars in down town.DOWNLOAD NOW..!!How to Play Ghost Warrior Commando 3D:1. Use joy stick to move your ghost warrior Commandoonmilitary.2. Touch and move the finger on screen to look anywhere.3. Shoot the enemies before they shoot you.4. Use your snipers rifle for long distance snipers shooting.5. Use map to locate the enemies.Features:Challenging commando operation mission - IGI 2Excited and realistic combat sounds with fire effects.Digital radar system provides real time enemieslocationandmovements.Addictive game play mission.Wonderful environment with mountain cliffs and hills.Superb sound effects while horrible clash.Marvelous GUI design and easy control.Fabulous first person shooter 3d game.Tremendous multiple Weapons with tons of ammunition.Burning fire make the environment extremely hazardIf you like our Ghost warrior commando shooting game, don’tforgettorate and review us. Write us your suggestions and feedbacktoimprovethe game.Have Fun playing free Ghost warrior commando rescue3Dshootinggame.
Spectre Shooter Saga 1.0.0
XoX Lab
The most dynamic, intense andbloodyshootinggames in the mobile market recent times! Defend themankindfromthe wave of evils!Waves of evils are approaching! Have you smelt theblood?"SpectreShooter Saga" is a shooting simulator adventure gameinwhich youhave to play as a ghost or spectre hunter whosemissionis to killthe evil ghosts, skulls, witches and demon. Thisgame isespeciallydesigned for everyone who like 3D shooting games.This3D shootinggame is full of action filled missions. Completethemissions,prepare your gun, find the evil and kill them tosurviveand toprotect the mankind.Our superior graphics, soundtrack and cool soundeffectsenhancethis challenging and addicting game providing youwith hoursoffun. You have three levels to kill the flying ghosts,skullsandthe witches. On each level more ghosts will attack youbeforeyourfinal level at the haunted castle where the flying Demoniswaitingfor you!Main Features:# Classic 3D action control# Realistic 3D graphics# Dynamic effects# Multiple game modes# Distinctive evil (ghost, spectre, demon, Satan etc)# Thrilling battle scenes# Challenging missions of Boss# Diversified helpful items and tips# Free to downloadHow to Play:# Touch the screen to shoot the ghost, skull or witches.# Follow the tips that is provided at the start of eachlevel.# Collect the coin to increase your health level.# Finally, kill the flying Demon in the last level.Adrenaline rush during the passage is guaranteed!Killthisresident of dead and trigger the new era, while it is nottoolate.Download "Spectre Shooter Saga" now and have fun!!We need your help:# Please download and leave your review to help usimprovingthisgame. The fate of "Spectre Shooter Saga" is in yourhands. Wearehappy to provide regular free updates and if youencounteranyissues with the game, please email usatputriadriana2010@gmail.comso we can fix them in a timelymanner.Our goal is to provide a funand problem free game for youand wouldappreciate your feedbackinstead of a negative review.
Old Ghost steal Gold 1.2
Deng hao
Old Ghost steal Gold is anactionclassrecreational games, Old Ghost is the protagonist of thegame,himby jumping running game scene collecting coins. BecarefulLittlemonster in game moves back and forth, their task is toguardthegold, if hit Little monster Old Ghost will fall into theabyss,thegame had to start again. So flexible hide After avoidingtocollectall the gold coins to the next level. More Clearance,themore andmore little monsters, the greater the difficulty.Ofcourse, themore exciting but also more Fun.Leisure time, bring Old Ghost, to steal more gold!