Top 49 Apps Similar to USB Detect

WiFi Hotspot Widget
Turn your Android phone into a hotspot Wi-Fi • You can add aHotspotwidget to the Android home screen. • You can share yourHotspot'sdetails. • Restore WiFi state. • KRACK (KeyReinstallation Attack)ready. Tethering, or Phone-as-Modem (PAM),is the sharing of amobile device's internet connection with otherwirelessly connectedcomputers. Connection of a mobile phone ortablet computer withother devices can be done over wireless LAN(Wi-Fi). When tetheringis done over WLAN, the feature may bebranded as a mobile hotspot,which allows the smartphone to serveas a portable router; mobilehotspots may be protected by apassword. The Internet-connectedmobile device can act as aportable wireless access point and routerfor devices connected toit. Access point Tethering WiFi
NETGEAR Genie 3.1.62
The NETGEAR genie app is an easy way to manage, monitor, andrepairyour home network--from the palm of your hand. While on yourhomenetwork, the NETGEAR genie app allows you to access all thecoolfeatures on your router with your mobile device. You can accessthefollowing router settings using the NETGEAR genie app:wirelesssettings, network map, Parental Controls, guest access,trafficmetering, MyMedia, and more. All you need is your tabletorsmartphone and the NETGEAR genie app. • Easily control yourhomenetwork through the genie dashboard • Stream music and videofilesanywhere in your network from your smartphone or tablet •Securelyconnect smart phones and tablets to your home wirelessnetwork witha QR code thanks to EZ Mobile Connect • Get analyticsabout yourWiFi home network using the WiFi Analytics feature TheNETGEARgenie app does not work if your mobile device is connectedto therouter’s guest network. The NETGEAR genie only works whenyourmobile device is connected to a NETGEAR router that is inroutermode, not in access point mode. The NETGEAR genie app doesnot workwith a wireless extender or repeater. The NETGEAR genieappcurrently does not support IPv6. If IPV6 is enabled, loging intothe router using the genie app will fail. If you areexperiencingissues, contact [email protected] Androidversions thatsupport the genie app: Android 4.2 or higher Refer tobelow linkfor supported routerlist: For more information aboutMyMedia,visit
Connect Drive 2.1.1
Quick OverviewAccess and manage your SanDisk Connect™WirelessStick, the next generation of mobile storage for yourAndroid™based phones, tablets and PCs with the SanDisk ConnectDrive app.Easily save videos and photos, stream videos and musicdirectlyfrom the drive—even when it’s tucked away in your bag or intheoverhead bin. Note – SanDisk Connect App requires a SanDiskConnectWireless Stick to work (sold separately). This app isnotcompatible with prior generation of SanDisk Connect productslikeWireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive. To learn moreaboutConnect wireless drives, go to www.sandiskconnect.comKeyFeatures:•User-friendly interface to access your contents onSanDisk ConnectWireless Stick• Wirelessly store and stream contentdirectly fromthe drive, without the hassle of wires or cables – noInternetconnection required• Transfer photos, videos and largefiles fromyour phone or tablet to the drive and free up space•Easily accessfiles from the drive, copy them to your phone ortablet for localaccess• Enjoy your photos in slideshow mode• EnableAuto-Backup tocopy photos and videos from your Galleryautomatically• Backup andrestore contacts• Auto-play all musicfiles with the built-inplayer• Preview documents in-app or in otherapps• Swipe to theleft or right easily navigate through content •Optional viewmodes: list, tile Support1. App requires a SanDiskConnect WirelessStick (sold separately)2. This app is not backwardscompatible andwill not work with the previous version of SanDiskConnect(Wireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive) AboutSanDiskConnect wireless drives (Specs)1. Works wirelessly viaWi-Fi(802.11 b/g/n)2. Storage capacities up to 128GB3.Simultaneouslyconnect up to 8 devices, and stream video to up to 3*4. Batteryoperated 5. Accessible up to 150 feet away6. Wi-Fipasswordprotection (WPA2)*SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick Note: TheDriveserves all file types. However, streaming content such asmoviesand music is dependent on files supported by your device.SanDiskis a trademark of Western Digital Corporation or itsaffiliates,registered in the United States and other countries.©2016 WesternDigital Corporation or its affiliates. All rightsreserved.
WiFi Manager 4.2.6-213
Find, connect, manage WiFi networks. Improve connection qualitywitha channel radar. Discover open networks around you. Set theapp toscan for and switch to best network. Includes home screenwidgets: -detailed connection info - connect to a network with asingle tap -toggle "best network switcher" New and improved: •Bettercompatibility with Android 6+. • Updated design. • Assignyour owndescriptions and icons to individual WiFi networks - neverforgetwhat that "XYZ1234" network is. • Connect to a network witha singletap by using the WiFi Network Switcher widget. • "Bestnetworkswitcher" scans for and switches to a better network iffound (outof those configured, off by default, please see appsettings); Somefeatures require the premium package, availableright in theapplication through Google Wallet: Per-network options(description,icon, IP address), the one-tap connect widget, andtwo widget themesinspired by Android 5.*. All the other -essential - features arefree: the widget with detailed connectioninfo (four sizes, two freethemes), scanning and connecting tonetworks, the network list view,the network signal radar, the"best network switcher". Orders areprocessed by Google and can bereactivated after a phone reset /flash, or on a new phone. Thefree version contains ads. The full(premium) version is completelyad-free. Permissions: "Prevent phonefrom sleeping" is needed forautomatic scanning and discovery opennetworks around you."Storage" is for notifications about opennetworks, when enabled,and the sound file is picked from storage.Also used to back up /restore your per-network icons / descriptionsto / from a file (inthe menu on the app's main screen). "Changesystem settings" usedby the "access point / tether" widget. "Marketbilling service" forpurchasing the "premium" version. ••• If youhave an issue or aquestion, you can reach me at [email protected]•••
TP-Link Tether 3.1.8
TP-Link Tether provides the easiest way to access and manageyourTP-Link Router/ xDSL Router/ Range Extender with yourmobiledevices. From quick setup to parental controls, Tetherprovides asimple, intuitive user interface to see your devicestatus, onlineclient devices and their privileges. - Setup SSID,password andInternet or VDSL/ADSL settings of your devices - Blockunauthorizedusers who are accessing your devices - Managepermissions of clientdevices - Parental control function withschedule and URL-basedInternet access management - Find the bestlocation to place yourrange extender - Automatically turn off theLEDs at specific time -Manage most of TP-Link devicessimultaneously ★ Compatible Routers(listed hardware versions andabove) AD7200 V1 Archer C5400 V1Archer C3200 V1 Archer C3150 V1Archer C2600 V1 Archer C2300 V1Archer A2300 V1 Archer C1900 V1Archer C9 V1 Archer C8 V1 Archer C7V2 Archer C1200 V1 Archer C60 V1Archer C59 V1 Archer C58 V1 ArcherC55 V1 Archer C50 V1 Archer C2 V1Archer C900 V1 Archer C25 V1Archer C20 V1 Archer C20i V1 TL-WDR4300V1 TL-WDR3600 V1 TL-WDR3500V1 TL-WR1045ND V2 TL-WR1043ND V3TL-WR1043N V5 TL-WR949N V5TL-WR945N V1 TL-WR942N V1 TL-WR941ND V5TL-WR940N V2 TL-WR849N V4TL-WR845N V1 TL-WR843N V4 TL-WR842N V3TL-WR841ND V9 TL-WR841N V9TL-WR840N V2 TL-WR749N V6 TL-WR741ND V5TL-WR740N V5 TL-WR941HP V1TL-WR841HP V2 ★ Compatible xDSL Routers(listed hardware versionsand above) Archer VR2800v V1 Archer VR2800V1 Archer VR2600v V1Archer VR2600 V1 Archer VR900v V1 Archer VR900V1 Archer VR600v V1Archer VR600 V1 Archer VR400v V1 Archer VR400 V1Archer VR200v V1Archer VR200 V1 Archer D9 V1 Archer D7 V1 Archer D5V1 Archer D2 V1Archer D20 V1 TD-W9977 V1 ★ Compatible RangeExtenders (listedhardware versions and above) RE650 V1 RE590T V1RE580D V1 RE500 V1RE450 V1 RE380D V1 RE355 V1 RE350 V1 RE305 V1TL-WA860RE V2TL-WA855RE V1 TL-WA854RE V2 TL-WA850RE V2 TL-WA830REV3 TL-WA820REV1 ★Compatible Cable Modem Routers (listed hardwareversions andabove) Archer CR1900 V1 ★Compatible LTE Gateways(listed hardwareversions and above) Archer MR200 V2 *To learn howto find thehardware version of your device, goto More devices supported byTetherare coming soon! Important Notes ● Upgrade firmware isrequired. Goto the download page to choose the correct version anddownload thelatest firmware: ●TP-LinkTether does not work when connected to guest network ● Foranyissue, please contact
NetGuard - no-root firewall 2.217
NetGuard provides simple and advanced ways to block access totheinternet - no root required. Applications and addressescanindividually be allowed or denied access to your Wi-Fiand/ormobile connection. Blocking access to the internet can help:•reduce your data usage • save your battery • increase yourprivacyFeatures: • Simple to use • No root required • 100% opensource •No calling home • No tracking or analytics • Noadvertisements •Actively developed and supported • Android 5.1 andlater supported• IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported • Tethering supported• Optionallyallow when screen on • Optionally block when roaming •Optionallyblock system applications • Optionally notify when anapplicationaccesses the internet • Optionally record network usageperapplication per address • Material design theme with light anddarktheme PRO features: • Log all outgoing traffic; search andfilteraccess attempts; export PCAP files to analyze traffic •Allow/blockindividual addresses per application • Newapplicationnotifications; configure NetGuard directly from thenotification •Display network speed graph in a status barnotification • Selectfrom five additional themes in both light anddark version There isno other no-root firewall offering all thesefeatures. If you havea question or problem, you can send an [email protected] If you like to help people lessfluentin English, you can help translate NetGuard in yourlanguage: If you like to testnewfeatures, you can participate in the testprogram: permissions are describedhere: code is available here:
PrintHand Mobile Print 12.15
Print directly from your phone or tablet via WiFi, Bluetooth orUSBcable without a computer. Direct mobile scanning is availableforselected multifunction printers. Note: PrintHand app is NOTFREE.In order to print real pages, you’ll need to upgrade toPremiumMode by making in-app purchase. We recommend printing testpageprior to upgrade. Using PrintHand you can print thefollowingcontent: - Office documents, including MS Word, Excel,PowerPoint,PDF; - Text files and other popular file types; - Photosandimages; - Web pages, emails and attachments; - GoogleDrivecontent; - Call logs, SMS & MMS (if your mobile devicesupportsthese features - has a cell module); - Events from Calendarapp; -Contacts; - Facebook albums; - Files from Dropbox; - FilesfromBox; - Files from OneDrive; - Files from Creative Cloud; -Filesfrom SugarSync; - Notes from Evernote; - Content shared fromotherapps. Print to Mac or Windows shared printers, Workgroup,Domainand Active Directory. Print directly via USB cable fromAndroid 4.0and above. Print to Google Cloud. Share the printer withour freesoftware for Mac and PC from, and print toanyprinter as long as you can print from the computer. You canprintvia: - Wi-Fi (using a Wi-Fi Direct printer or using a Wi-Firouteras a middle man); - Bluetooth; - USB if USB OTG is fullysupportedby your device and it has Android 4.0+ installed. Pleasenote thatsome of the mobile devices are unable to communicate witha printerproperly even if USB Host mode is supported. This happensdue tospecific electrical design of the USB port. Sadly in suchcase theapp is not likely to work properly. - PC or Mac (if yourprinter isshared using PrintHand desktop client or standard toolsof yourcomputer's OS); - Google Cloud Print; Here is the list ofprinterssupported by PrintHandapp: is the list of supported portableprinters: sure that your printer is supported. Our Printer SetupWizardwill detect your printers automatically, and guide throughtheconfiguration process if needed. In a few clicks you’ll be abletoprint. You can now scan documents directly from theselectedmultifunction printers to your device. This feature isavailable inbeta mode, please contact [email protected] fordetails. Listof supported devices availableat You can trytoprint test page in our free app, but for unlimited printingyouhave to purchase premium app or make in-app purchase in freeapp.Have a good print!
HP Print Service Plugin 4.8.1-3.1.3-16-18.3.80-773
HP Inc.
The HP Print Service Plugin enables printing on yourAndroid™Kitkat™ (v4.4) and newer device without the need foradditionalprint drivers. This app supports a large variety of HPPrintersincluding HP OfficeJet, HP LaserJet, HP DesignJet, HPPhotosmart,HP DeskJet and HP Envy. Easily print from Gallery,Photos, Gmail,Yahoo Mail, Chrome, Google Drive and many otherapplicationssupporting print. Just tap the menu button to revealthe printoption. Location of menu button may vary depending on yourmodel ofAndroid™ device. Discover and print to HP printers thatare: •Connected to the same network as your mobile device. •Broadcastinga Wi-Fi Direct network on supported HP Printers. •Connected to themobile device via a USB On-the-Go cable. Afterinstalling the HPPrint Service Plugin, it is important to turn onthe plugin. Thisis done by going to Settings → Printing → HP PrintService Pluginunder the General Settings section from many devicesand togglingthe setting to “On”. For Samsung devices, it is done bygoing toSettings → NFC and sharing → Printing → HP Print ServicePlugin Formore information on using the HP Print Service Plugin ordetails onsupported HP Printers, please refer to the followingURL: information on Mobile Printing in general, please alsoreferto:
USB Stick Plugin-TC
Ferenc Hechler
Before buying this plugin please try the FREE trial version,whetherit fits your requirements ornot: FREE version does not work for you, then the FULL versionwillalso not work! A Step-by-Step installationguide: Works with the meenovaMiniMicroSD Card Reader (see and SanDisk64GBmicroSDXC card out-of-the-box withoutROOT! Please report problems to theforum: orviadeveloper mail to: [email protected] This Plugin isfortablets (like the Nexus 7 or Nexus 10) or phones (like Nexus5)which have an USB OTG connector, but do not mount attachedUSBSticks. FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT formatted Sticks can bereadand written to. Reading and streaming from NTFS formattedSticks ispossible. ROOT rights are NOT needed. The filemanagerTotalCommander can be installed from thePlay-Store: is at your own risk. Do not use it with Stickscontainingimportant data. For more details look at theforum: About the permission "fullnetworkaccess": This is needed to open a local network socketforstreaming. The plugin does not connect to the internet.
OTG Disk Explorer Pro 3.02
Anda Studio
OTG Disk Explorer lets you to read USB flash drives as well ascardreaders from your Nexus 7 or Nexus 10 tablets. All you have todois connect the flash drive to an OTG(On-the-go) cable then pluginthe micro USB connector of your tablet, then open this app youwillsee all files in USB drive and you can open them with yourfavoriteapp viewers or editors. Current support FAT32 disk formatof flashdrives. Note: Before you buy this program, It is stronglysuggestthat you may install free OTG Disk Explorer Lite and test ifyourdevice and flash drive work well,For Wiki or Q/A, pleasereferencethispage: any issue for the app, please leave a message onthispage:
AFWall+ (Android Firewall +) 3.0.1
***ROOT REQUIRED*** If you don't know what root is, pleasesearchfor "How to root android" in the Internet. AFWall+(AndroidFirewall +) is a front-end application for the powerfuliptablesLinux firewall.It allows you to restrict which applicationsarepermitted to access your data networks (2G/3G and/or Wi-Fiandwhile in roaming). Also you can control traffic within LAN orwhileconnected through VPN. ACCESS_SUPERUSER Permission More infoon newpermission -android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER FAQ INTERNET permission is only required for LANfunctionality(API limitation) BETATesting Join BETAfor latest features/experiments- Material inspired Design ( not real material design ) -Supports5.x to 9.x (for 2.x support use version, for 4.xuse 2.9.9)- XPosed modules - Download manager Leak + Hide lockscreennotification for 5.x+ devices - Import/Export Rules toexternalstorage with UI - Import DroidWall Rules - SearchApplications -Filter Applications - Profile Management with UI (multipleProfiles ) - Tasker/Locale support - SelectAll/None/Invert/Clearapplications on each column - RevampedRules/Logs Viewer withcopy/export to external storage - Preferences> Highlight systemapplications with custom color > Notify onnew installations> Ability to hide application icons( fasterloading ) > UseLockPattern/Pin for application protection. >Use system levelprotection for app (Donate only) > Show/Hideapplication ID. -Roaming Option for 3G/Edge - VPN Support - LANSupport - TetherSupport - IPV6/IPV4 Support - Tor Support -Adaptive Icons _Notification Channels - Choose able languages -Choose ableiptables/busybox binary - Support x86/MIPS/ARM devices.- NewWidget UI - Apply profiles with few clicks - Blockedpacketsnotification - Displays blocked packets - Support for wifionlytablets - Improved Log statistics with UI Translations&Languages - German translations by [email protected] & [email protected]&[email protected] - French translations by [email protected]&[email protected] - Russian translations by [email protected] &YaroslavKa78- Spanish translations by [email protected] - Dutchtranslations [email protected] - Japanese translation [email protected] - Ukrainiantranslation by [email protected] -Slovenian translation bybunga [email protected] - Chinese Simplifiedtranslation [email protected] - Polish translations bytst,[email protected] - Swedish translations [email protected] -Greek Translations by [email protected] -Portuguese translations [email protected] - Chinese Traditional [email protected] - ChineseSimplified by wuwufei,tianchaoren @ crowdin- Italian translationsby [email protected] - Romanian [email protected] - Czech translations by Syk3s-Hungarian translations - Turkish translations -Indonesiantranslations by mirulumam BIG THANKS for all thetranslators and for supporting opensource !Translations Page - AFWall+ isopen source software,you can find the source here : Support XDA forum ->
WiFi/WLAN Plugin for Totalcmd 3.1
C. Ghisler
WiFi transfer plugin and standalone app (does not requireTotalCommander) A pre-release version of this plugin is availablenow inthe store. Detailshere: Important note:Thisapp does NOT contain any ads. However, it contains a link toTotalCommander in the upper right corner if you use a Web Browsertoaccess the files, and this plugin as the server. This is treatedasan ad by the Play Store. This plugin/tool supportsdirectconnections via HTTP over WiFi/WLAN between two Androiddevices, orbetween Android (Server) and any device or computer witha Webbrowser or WebDAV client. It creates a local Web+WebDAVserver. Theserver URL can either be scanned as a QR-Code, orentered manually.Although this is mainly a plugin for TotalCommander, it can alsobe used standalone: Simply select some filesin any file manager,or text, or an URL, and then use the "share"function to send it tothe WiFi plugin. This will start a server andshow the URL andQR-Code for the server. Great to transfer datalocally between twoAndroid devices without going through the cloud!Your data willnever leave your own wireless LAN network. Note: Bothdevices needto be in the same WiFi network. If the sender isn'tpart of a WiFinetwork, this tool will offer to create its ownaccess point, orstart a WiFi direct connection. Other devices canthen connect tothis network to transfer data. If you scan theQR-Code from a copyof the WiFi plugin, the connection will beestablishedautomatically, and closed automatically whendisconnecting.
SanDisk Memory Zone 3.0.17
Organize your content and free up space on your phone! TheSanDiskMemory Zone 4.0 app lets you access and even move your filesfromone place—whether they’re on your phone, a microSD card orthecloud. The app also lets you find files across all yourstoragelocations using geo-tagging or timeline searches. If spaceon yourphone is at a premium, you can clean up downloads from chatapps,or easily offload files to a SanDisk Dual Drive or microSDcard. 1Manage all your files from one app - Are your photos andfilesscattered across different devices and cloud services? Accessthemall in one spot to easily organize them. The SanDisk MemoryZoneapp lets you move content between internal phone storage,microSDcards, SanDisk Dual Drives and multiple cloud storageaccountswithout having to go back and forth between accounts. 1Locatefiles saved in multiple locations - Use geo-tagging andtimelinesto find files on your phone, microSD card and Dual Driveand/or thecloud. Clean up app clutter to free up phone memory -Instantlydelete media files from chat apps, temp data frommemory-hungryapps and even uninstall an unused app in just a fewclicks. Free upspace on your phone - Easily move files off yourphone to a microSDcard or a mobile flash drive such as the SanDiskDual Drive.1Automatically back up your phone to a SanDisk mobileflash drive -Back up photos, videos, contacts and social mediaaccounts or setup auto-backup to your SanDisk Dual Drive. 1 1SanDisk® Dual Driveor microSD cards not included. Cloud servicesprovidercompatibility subject to change. SanDisk, the SanDisk logo,andSanDisk Dual Drive are registered trademarks or trademarksofWestern Digital Corporation or its affiliates in the USand/orother countries. Android and Google Play are trademarks ofGoogleInc. The microSD mark is a trademark of SD-3C, LLC. All othermarksare the property of their respective users. ©2018 WesternDigitalCorporation or its affiliates. All rights reserved.TAGS:“WhatsApp” “mp3 player” “USB” “phone cleaner” “junk cleanup”"filebrowser", "mobile organization", "cloud services", "filemanager","application manager", "cloud backup", "memory optimizer","memorymanager", "memory card", "cloud storage", "media manager",backup,apps, "Memory management app", "Android cloud app”,“Dropbox”,“Google Drive”
Linksys 2.7.7
Linksys LLC
Control your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi products, including Velop,fromanywhere. Tap into your Wi-Fi: check connected devices, setupguest access, or keep your kids off social networking siteswhenthey should be doing homework. New app adds support for Velop,amodular system of tri-band connection points that provideseamless,full-strength Wi-Fi for the whole family. Key Features: •RemoteAccess – Access and manage your Wi-Fi from anywhere. •Dashboard –Quickly view the status of your Wi-Fi. • Guest Access –Protectyour information by giving friends and family internet-onlyaccesson a separate guest network. • Device Prioritization - Decidewhichdevices get Wi-Fi priority for less lag and buffering. •ParentalControls - Create a safe internet experience for your kids– evenif they’re home and you’re not. Restrict access to certainwebsitesor block specific devices from accessing the internet.SystemRequirements: • The Linksys app works with Velop systemsandLinksys Smart Wi-Fi routers. To view the full list ofsupportedrouters,visit:•User accounts are created in the app orat Simply associate your accountwithyour Wi-Fi to log in from your devices. • Compatible withAndroid4.1 and greater Our new Velop product line features asetupexperience that uses Bluetooth. In Android 6 and higher, appsmustrequest location permissions to use Bluetooth. We don't collectoruse any location information in our app. For additional help,visitour support site at
Norton Secure VPN – Security & Privacy VPN
Norton Secure VPN is a VPN Proxy app for security and privacyonAndroid. Change your location, stay anonymous online, getglobalaccess to all your favorite apps and websites and take chargeofyour online security and privacy when using public Wi-Fi.Broughtto you by one of the World’s most trusted security andonlineprivacy brands, Norton Secure VPN Proxy turns public hotspotsintoa secure WiFi network & VPN service with bank-gradedataencryption to help keep your personal information safefromhackers. KRACK attack puts Wi-Fi connections at risk. UseNortonSecure VPN Proxy security app to encrypt the information yousendand receive, to help protect against this new threat. WHYNORTONSECURE VPN PROXY? ✔ FREE VPN Trial: Start your 7 day freeVPNservice trial* to protect your online privacy and WiFiconnectionsnow! ✔ Unlimited VPN Proxy: You can use Norton SecureVPN Proxysecurity and online privacy app as much as you want,without anyrestrictions**. ✔ Trusted VPN Proxy Security App: OurVPN Proxyonline privacy technology is provided to you by one of theWorld’smost trusted security brands, Norton. ✔ No Logs VPN: It is ano-logsecure VPN service that will encrypt data without trackingorstoring your online activity and will help keep you anonymousandprotect your privacy online. ✔ Money-back Guarantee: It comeswitha 60-day money-back guarantee.* ✔ Tech Support: Enjoyworld-classVPN service with world-class support, free as part ofyoursubscription. ------------ NORTON SECURE VPN APPCAPABILITIES✔Helps You Protect your Privacy online and StayAnonymous Online:Norton Secure VPN Proxy security and onlineprivacy app helps giveyou privacy and security and helps protectyour online activityfrom being tracked by 3rd party tracker,including ISP’s, or thewebsites that you visit, helping protectyour privacy online andmake you anonymous online. ✔Online PrivacyProtection on PublicWiFi Hotspots: With Norton Secure VPN Proxy,you’ll get bank-gradedata encryption and privacy online so thatyour physical location& most sensitive information, likepasswords & credit cardnumbers, have protection againstcybercriminals andman-in-the-middle while surfing public hotspotsand will help keepyou anonymous. ✔Remove All Ad Trackers: NortonSecure VPN ProxySecurity App helps block ad trackers byintercepting cookies &removing your identifying information.Start your 7 day free trial*to help protect your Wi-Fi connectionsnow! Norton Secure VPN Proxyapp is the Wi-Fi security and onlineprivacy solution you need.------------ *SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS ◦Norton Secure VPN ProxySubscription provides more secureconnectivity for your mobiledevice. ◦ 7 day free trial requiresactivation of annualsubscription (See in app product pricing). ◦Cancel from this pageor within your Google Play account before endof trial to avoidpayment. ◦ Subscription (including 7 Day freetrial) will renewautomatically at the end of the subscription termunless cancelled.◦ Annual subscription is for one device only.**Disclaimer:Unlimited means unlimited usage on a single device. Itdoes notmean unlimited devices on a single subscription.------------ APPPERMISSIONS ◦ Identity: Necessary for pushnotifications. ◦Photos/Media/Files: We store a few files insideyour device memorysuch as maps. This is required for smoothoperation. ◦ Device ID:Allows us to check for mobile networkconnectivity. ◦ WiFiConnection Information: Used to detectunsecured connections. 7 dayfree trial requires activation ofannual subscription (See in-appproduct pricing below). Cancelbefore end of trial to avoidpayment. More details above.* Be sureto download Norton MobileSecurity antivirus protection to help warnyou from downloadingmalicious apps that steal your personalinformation.
ESP8266 Loader 1.1
A tool runs on Android platform, makes it easy to upload binaryfile(result of compiled Arduino IDE) to any ExpressifESP8266development board via USB OTG or WiFi (OTA).Features:★Upload/Flashbianry file via USB OTG★ Upload/Flash bianry file viaWiFi (OTA)★Support any USB chip: CDC/ACM, FTDI, PL2303, CH34X andCP210X★Serial Monitor for debuging★ Change the Blynk token, SSID&password automatically durring upload★ No Ads (Pro version)★Accessto Google Drive storage (Pro version)★ Multiple uploadwidgetsbutton (Pro version)Note:- Your device must support USB HostOTG,otherwise the program will not work- Use good qualityOTGadapter/cable, otherwise the uploading failure
USB Media Explorer 8.6.7
Homesoft, LLC
USB Media Explorer (UME), formerly known as Nexus MediaImporter,allows you to stream and transfer music, video, photosanddocuments from a USB flash drive or card reader connected toyourNexus device (5, 5X, 6, 6P, 7G1, 7G2, 9, 10) or other Android4.0+devices with USB Host support. Requires the following hardware:1.An Android 4.0+ device. Please try the free "USB PhotoViewer"first if you do not have a Nexus device. Due tohardwarelimitations, the Nexus 4 is not supported. 2. An USBOTG(On-The-Go) cable. Costs range from $1-10 USD, see screenshotsforexamples. 3. An USB Flash Drive or USB Card Reader with aflashmemory card inserted, see screenshots for examples. Please seetheFAQ on our website if you are trying to connect an externalharddrive or other device. IMPORTANT: To use UME offline, you willhaveto activate the license by opening it online after installing.Touse: -If you are using an card reader, put the flash memory cardinthe reader first. -Attach your USB device to the OTG cable.-Attachthe OTG cable to the Nexus or other device. -The applicationshouldlaunch automatically. -The File Manager tab can be used tomanageand transfer files. -Use the Connect screen to determine thevieweddevice and the destination device for the Copy/Moveoperations.-The navigation menu to change between Photos, Videos,Document andthe File Manager can be accessed by the three lines inthe upperleft hand corner. Support: -If you have an issue, you cantap"Homesoft" from the About screen for e-mail support.-Currently,most USB Mass Storage devices are supported. Due to themindboggling number of USB devices available it is not 100% Ifyoucontact us, we may be able to support your device in afuturerelease. If you have doubts, try the free "Nexus PhotoViewer"first. Technical Notes: -1. A few people have reportedissues withUME opening on startup. You can set "LaunchAutomatically" to"Never" in UME Settings. -DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT!Rooting may voidyour device's warranty. -Hard Drives. It isstrongly recommendedthat you use external power when connecting ahard drive to atablet. Please see the troubleshooting guide on myweb site formore information. Do not connect an unpowered harddrive to aphone! -This is a media streamer. Media types notnativelysupported by Android will require third party software.There aremany excellent free and paid apps. in the Play market.-Theinternal music player only plays formats natively supportedbyAndroid. WMA files are not supported, but can be copied locallyforuse with another player. -Nexus 10 users it appears theinternalAndroid video player is broken in Android 5.x (Lollipop)please useone of the external players listed above. How-toVideos:-Connecting: See the FAQ ontheDeveloper's Website link for an overview of the permissions.
tpMiFi 1.4.12
tpMiFi provides the easiest way to manage your TP-LINK MobileWi-Fivia the connected Android devices. It allows you to manageyourMobile Wi-Fi's data usage, battery life and connected deviceswitha few taps. tpMiFi management is available only after theAndroiddevice is connected to the Wi-Fi network of TP-LINK MobileWi-Fi.Disconnected from the MiFi will appear on the interface ifthedevice is not connected to the Mobile Wi-Fi. Somefeatures(displaying data usage, battery life, carrier informationandsignal strength) are available when the Android device isconnectedto the Mobile Wi-Fi but doesn't log in; while all featuresareavailable when the Android device logs in. The login usernameandpassword are the same as the administrator username and passwordofthe Mobile Wi-Fi. This app only supports M7200,M7350, M7310,M7300,M7650, M7450
NOTE: This application is still a work in progress and intheprototype phase. AndProx is an Android port of the clientforProxmark 3, an advanced RFID tool. AndProx does not require rootorspecial kernel modules! Instead, it uses the Android USB HostAPI.You need a Proxmark 3 attached to your Android device in ordertouse this. This software **does not** use any in-built NFChardwarefrom your Android device. AndProx works with the mainlineProxmark3.0.1 firmware. You will need to flash this firmware onyour PM3before use. Pre-built firmware images are available fromtheAndProx website. If your device only has a USB Micro-Bconnector,you need a USB On-The-Go cable to connect your Proxmark3. If yourdevice only has a USB Type-C connector, you need a USB-Cto USB-Adongle to connect your Proxmark 3. Some devices need to usea "Ycable" to supply extra power. Without it, Proxmark 3maymalfunction, especially with HF cards. This doesn’t support allthedevice’s functionality yet, and is still under activedevelopment.This is open source software licensed under GNU GPLv3+,with someadditional terms. Source code, documentation, firmwareimages, APKsand more are available at
USB OTG File Manager for Nexus 2.12
USB OTG File Manager for Nexus allows you to open and copyfilesfrom any USB mass storage device with a FAT32 or NTFSfilesystemusing the USB OTG port of your device, tablet orphone.With a FAT32filesystem, you can copy files to any USB massstorage device andmanage your files on it (edit filenames, adddirectories, deletefiles) too.You can also manage your files in theinternal memory ofyour device.This application has been designedfor Nexus productswhich have an USB "OnTheGo" port, as the Nexus 5,Nexus 7 and Nexus10, and the brand new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. But itcould work on anydevice with an USB OTG port Under Android 4.0 orlater, includingthe last Android 5.0 Lollipop.Root privileges areNOT necessary!Fornow, FAT32 filesystem is supported for data readand write, andNTFS filesystem is only supported for data read. Youcan use USBsticks or SD card readers with any compatible USB OTGcable.*** NEWFEATURE ***You can now play playlists (m3u and m3u8files) andmultiple audio files (mp3, aac, m4a, flac, ogg and wavfiles) atthe same time from your USB OTG mass storage device. Forthat, youneed to install my new app Simple Music Player whichexists in twoversions:- Freeversion: to support my developments and get some additionalfeaturesinthefuture: Player is installed, select the files you want to playon yourUSB device, push the open button and select the SimpleMusic Playerapp.This is a brand new feature, so if you have anyissue, don'thesitate to send me an e-mail! Your feedback would beappreciatedtoo.*** FEATURES ***USB OTG File Manager for Nexusallows you toopen your files directly from your USB device! Youjust need to havean app that can handle it. For audio and video, Iadvise you to useVLC.The new Network Access authorization is onlyhere for local useto be able to open the files. The app NEVER sendor receive datato/from Internet.USB OTG File Manager for Nexussupports deviceswith multiple logical units (like a GPS with aninternal memory andan additional SD card) and allows you to choosewhich logical unityou want to read.USB OTG File Manager for Nexusnow includes an"Advanced Mode" which allows you to access to allthe files of yourdevice. You can now create files and directoriesoutside of theofficial Android public directories. This is foradvanced usersonly!Before buying this application, please try thefree trialversion named USB OTG File Manager Trial for Nexus to besure thatthis application is working with your USB devices.This isnot anofficial Google application. Nexus brand is the property ofGoogle.
Solid Explorer USB OTG Plugin 1.0.6
This plugin for Solid Explorer lets you access files stored onUSBdrives or card readers on Nexus devices. Minimum requiredversionof Solid Explorer is 2.0. If your device already supportsmountingOTG drives, you don't need this plugin.Please note thatNexusdevices running Android 6 have now built in support forFATformatted USB drives, so Solid Explorer will work with themwithoutthis plugin.All nexus phones and tablets with USB hostcapabilitiesare supported (Nexus 4 may not be supported without acustomkernel). You may also want to use this plugin on otherdevices withUSB host in case they don't mount file systems out ofthebox.Supported file systems:- FAT32- exFAT- NTFS in readonlymodeFeatures:- full read/write access (except NTFS)-mediastreaming - play music and videos on third party players, evenonthe Chromecast- supports hard drives with external powersupplyThisplugin doesn't require root. In case of any problems,please usethe "Send bug report" option under application's"About"section.Always make a backup of your files. NeatBytes isnotresponsible for any harm done to your device.
AT&T Smart Wi-Fi 3.3
AT&T Smart Wi-Fi connection manager is a free app that findsandauto-connects to available hotspots, maximizes battery life byonlyturning Wi-Fi on & off when needed, logs missedhotspotopportunities for your review and action for subsequent use,anddisplays your real-time cellular and Wi-Fi data usage. Let thisapphelp to increase your Wi-Fi connections while minimizingyourcellular data consumption. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi helps youfind,auto-connect and remember available hotspots in placesyoufrequent. This free app also maximizes your battery lifeanddisplays your Wi-Fi and cellular data usage in real-time so youcankeep tabs on your data plan usage. Running quietly inthebackground, AT&T Smart Wi-Fi uses hotspot auto-detectiontomake it easy for you to discover, select and build a listofavailable hotspots. It also helps maximize battery life bystayingin sleep mode until it recognizes you’re near apreviously-detectedhotspot. Moreover, AT&T Smart Wi-Fi createsa hotspotopportunity list by logging and mapping hotspots you’veseen -- butnot connected to previously. By doing this, you canreadily accessrelevant hotspots the next time you’re in that areaand want toconnect. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi is available on selectAT&TAndroid phones that run Operating System 4.1 or higher. •Abilityto connect to encrypted hotspots • Opt-out screen • Socialsharingbuttons • Auto click-through ability for hotspots • Abilitytodisable auto-connect to guest hotspots • Scan immediatelyupondisconnecting from Wi-Fi AT&T Smart Wi-Fi usesaccessibilityservices.
Serial USB Terminal 1.21
Kai Morich
'Serial USB Terminal' is a terminal / console appformicrocontrollers, arduinos and other devices with a serial /UARTinterface connected with a USB to serial converter to yourandroiddevice. This app supports USB to serial converters based on- FTDIFT232, FT2232, ... - Prolific PL2303 - Silabs CP2102, CP2105,... -Qinheng CH340 and devices implementing the USB CDC protocollike -Arduino using ATmega32U4 - Digispark using V-USB software USB- BBCmicro:bit using ARM mbed DAPLink firmware To connect USB toserialconverters, your android device must support USB OTG aka. USBhostmode. Most devices support this today, but in case of issuescheckwith one of the various USB test apps, if host mode is enabledinyour android kernel. All features in this app are free.In-Apppurchase is only used for the 'Donate' option.
UniFi 1.7.5
Introducing the UniFi mobile application. Use the UniFi app to:-Access the UniFi Controller to manage entire networks ofdeviceswhile on the go. - Provision a UniFi Access Point (AP) forbasicfunctionality without configuring a UniFi Controller.Requirement:The UniFi AP must be physically connected via anEthernet cable toa network that provides IP addresses using DHCP.How To: 1. Ensurethat the UniFi AP is in its factory default state,displaying asolidly white LED. 2. Log into your Ubiquiti communityor SSO(Single Sign-On) account for backup/restore functionality.(If youwish, you can skip this login.) 3. The UniFi AP shouldappear onthe device list if your device Wi-Fi is enabled and bothyourdevice and UniFi AP are on the same layer-2 network. (Thisissimilar to the device discovery feature for otherUbiquitiproducts.) 4. If your device Wi-Fi is not enabled (or yourdeviceis on another subnet), then select scan QR code from themenu.Note: This is available only for models with the QR codesticker.
WiFi Analyzer
The most intuitive WiFi network analyzer application on theAndroidMarket! Are you ready to discover your Wifi? Optimize wifiwith themost intuitive WiFi analyzer tool on the Google Play!Increase thenetwork performance via analyzing and monitoring yourwifi network!Highlighted features: * Find who uses your Wifi!Detect allconnected network devices, scan your wireless network *2.4 and 5GHz support * Check wifi security problems * Analyzesignalstrength and latency (ping) * detect crowded channels, verifyDNSworking * Detailed information about your network and youraccesspoint including the vendor of the Access Point, frequency,channelwidth, security level and DHCP info, BSSID (router MACaddress). *Open router settings * Recommendation for the bestchannel * Checkwireless networks easily on several charts * Exportresult * Wifianalytics * Wifi network type: WEP, WPA, WPA2 Dark orLight themeare also available Available filters: SSID, wifi band,overlappingchannels This wifi tool app monitors and analyzes yournetwork andwarns you if there are problems. For beginners: easy tounderstand,you don't need to be an IT expert. You can detect theproblemswithout knowing how the RSSI, link speed work or what theymean. ♛This is a free, ad-supported application. Donation willremove ads.You can donate by buying the WiFi Network Analyzer Pro -make adonation from the application or visit the Google Play siteof WiFiNetwork AnalyzerPro: Android 6 (Marshmallow): Please enable locationservice(Settings>Location) or the app won't work properly. Thisis notrequired for the app, this is a problem in android 6.0(without itthe app won't see the networks).
● Does not need rooting.● NTFS(read-only), exFAT(read-only), FAT32(read, delete)filesystemare supported.● USB drive, flash card should be formatted by NTFS or exFATorFAT32 filesystem.● Mainly developed and tested on the Nexus 5x, Nexus 7 2013,NexusPlayer(Android TV).● Before buying this official version app, please try JS USBOTGtrial version.- You can check if your mobile device supports USB Host mode andappcompatibility.● There is no trial version for the Android TV.【 Video Streaming 】ㆍ Without the need to save video files in the mobile device, youcandirectly watch a video by streaming.ㆍ mp4, mkv, avi, mov, wmv, mpg, mpeg, flv, m4v, webm, 3gp,tsstreaming.ㆍ Offline streaming. Does not need to turn on the Wifi or 3G /4Gnetwork.ㆍ By streaming, Play, Pause, Jump, Resume are possible for avideofile which is over 4GB size.ㆍ Recommend MX Player(with custom-codec, s/w decoder),KODI(XBMC),VLC, BS Player as a video player.ㆍ Subtitle- Through subtitle selection menu of the video player, aftercopyingthe subtitle file to the mobile device.【 Built-in Image, Photo Viewer 】ㆍ Does not need to save image files in the mobile device.ㆍ Supported image formats : png, jpg/jpeg, bmp, gifㆍ Full screen slideshow through the swiping right/left (forimagefiles in the same folder)ㆍ Pinch to zoom in/outㆍ Fit an image to screen by double tap.ㆍ Click image file, and direct open.【 Built-in Music Player 】ㆍ Does not need to save audio files in the mobile device.ㆍ Supported audio formats : mp3, flac, oggㆍ Audio files in the same folderㆍ Play, Pause, Stop, Prev, Next, Shuffle, Repeatㆍ Background play by Home Button.ㆍ Click audio file, and direct open.【 Long Click 】ㆍ File, folder multi-copy functionㆍ FAT32 file, folder delete function ( Default OFF. ON inthesettings page )【 Local storage file manager, player 】ㆍ Basic operations. (move, delete, copy,rename,multi-selection)ㆍ Built-in music player, image viewer.ㆍ Drawer menu for selecting local storage or USB device.【 Android TV version 】ㆍ All the functions are same with mobile version. UI islittledifferent.ㆍ Built-in music player- Click left or right button on the list for moving focus tothecontrol panel.
NETGEAR WiFi Analytics 1.0.19
How strong is your WiFi signal? You can use the NETGEARWiFiAnalytics app to get advanced analytics that help you optimizeyourexisting or newly extended WiFi network. Check your networkstatus,WiFi signal strength, identify crowded WiFi channels, findclearchannels with less interference and much more with theWiFiAnalytics app from NETGEAR.
WiFi Monitor - analyzer of Wi-Fi networks 1.9
WiFi Monitor is a powerful tool that allows you to watch thestateof Wi-Fi networks and gather data about its parameters(signalstrength, frequency, connection speed, etc). It is usefulforsetting up a wireless router, WiFi usage monitoring andcheckingthe connected devices."Connection" tab displays informationaboutthe connected Wi-Fi hotspot:• name (SSID) and identifier(BSSID)•router manufacturer• connection speed• router signalstrength•frequency and channel number• hotspot security options•MAC addressand IP address of smartphone• subnet mask, defaultgateway and DNSaddress."Networks" tab allows to compare allavailable WiFinetworks by the following parameters: type, equipmentmanufacturer,signal level, security protocol. Access points withthe same name(SSID) are grouped together."Channels" tab displayshotspots signallevel depending on its frequencies. Routers usingsame frequenciesprovide bad quality of a Wi-Ficonnection."Strength" chart helps tocompare received power levelsof available WiFi hotspots andmonitor its dynamics. The higherrouter signal strength, the betterquality of connection."Speed"chart displays the real amount oftransmitted and received data inthe connected network. This willhelp to track usage of ahotspot."Scanning" section performs searchof devices in theconnected network and displays its parameters. Ifyou find foreigndevices in your wireless infrastructure, blockthem inroutersettings.
Elixir 2 - Widgets 2.43.3
Tamás Barta
This application is an add-on for Elixir 2 but it can use asastandalone application too. Widgets makes it possible to puthiglyconfigurable widgets to your home screens.Features:-multiplewidget sizes, each can be disabled- small widget icons, upto 7*7icons per screen.- widget performance screen- customizewidgeticons by icon packs- various widget backgrounds,changeabletransparency- various icon sizes- change labelposition/color/size,hide labels- backup/restore widget definitions-change image,label, refresh rate of widget types Widget icontypes:- applicationlauncher- recent application (dynamic)- contact-shortcut:bookmark, contact, setting, ...- battery- battery current-batterytemperature- battery time- battery voltage- internalstorage-external storage- cpu usage- cpu frequency- cpu usage *frequency-memory- running/recent applications/processes count-e-mail unreadcount: gmail or any imap server- missed calls count-messagesunread count- bookmarks, history- time- uptime- date- nextalarm-mobile signal strength- mobile traffic- wifi signal strength-wifitraffic- wifi name- wifi link speedWidget toggles:- cpugovernor-profile- mobile data- mobile network (2G/3G/4G) - openssettings-apn- apn selector- data roaming- wimax (4g)- wifi- wifiselector-wifi ap (hotspot)- bluetooth (2 or 3 state)- bluetoothtethering-nfc - opens settings- gps- airplane mode-auto-brightness-brightness (can set levels)- auto-rotate- lock-screen timeout (canset levels, keep screen on)- screen off- screenfilter- screenorientation- wallpaper- auto-sync- sync all-background data-speakerphone- ringer mode- vibrate- haptic feedback(vibrate ontouch in ics)- ringtone- sd mount- sd refresh- usb massstorage-flash (needs TeslaLED Flashlight)- mute- clear cache-reboot (forrooted devices, normal/recovery/bootloader/shutdown)-usbdebugging- stay awake (with wake lock)- refresh widget-locale-volume- volume profile selectorLanguages: english, magyar,русский,deutsch, ελληνικά, polski, español, český, 正體中文,yкраїнський,italiano, slovenčina, 日本語, 한국의This is a free,ad-supportedapplication. If you donate:- ads will be removed- setcustom labelcolor for every widget icon, on/off/unread/missed iconstatesYoucan donate by buying the Elixir 2 - Donation Keyapplication or youcan make a donation from my web site or fromtheapplication.Contact:[email protected]:http://bartat.huTranslation:
Free Unlimited VPN Proxy: VPNhub - Safely Hide IP 1.3.1
Access apps and websites securely, bypass firewalls andgeo-blockingto enjoy internet freedom! VPNhub is a private andsecure VPNservice that encrypts your personal data and hides yourIP address,location, and identity. Browse safely with the bestfree unlimitedVPN for Android. + Lifetime unlimited usage VPNhubgives you freeaccess to one of our USA servers with unlimitedbandwidth, data, andtime allocations. The regular VPN service isfree and will alwaysstay free (carrier network data usage chargesapply). We willsometimes serve you inoffensive ads to help pay forour costs. Ourservers can be accessed securely from many locationsaround theworld, including: US, Canada, UK, Australia, NewZealand, Russia,Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil,Mexico, Colombia,Argentina, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam,Hong Kong,Singapore, South Korea, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Algeria, andmany more. +Protect your privacy VPNhub works as a privacy shieldthat encryptsyour data and changes your IP address, identity, andlocation. Beanonymous and enjoy maximum privacy and securityonline. Preventhackers, trackers, malware, and third parties fromtracking you andstealing your information. Connect safely to theInternet using yourcellular data network (3G, 4G, or LTE), WI-Fi,or any publichotspot. Our strict no logging policy means that wenever store,collect, sell, or transmit your personal info to thirdparties. Wesupport P2P, be protected when using your favouritetorrent client.+ Bypass location restrictions & censorship Ourfree VPNunblocks apps and websites bypassing geo-blocking, schoolfirewalls,and other network restrictions. Proven to work onYoutube, Facebook,WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Line, Kik, Omegle,Tinder, Tumblr, OK,VK, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, Snapchat,Reddit, Pandora, Spotify,TuneIn Radio, HBO, Twitter, and manyothers. + Easy, fast, &reliable connection VPNhub is ahigh-speed VPN Service that supportsthe OpenVPN protocol. Itconnects fast and without interruption ordowntime. Download ourapp and tap connect to establish a securetunnel between you andour server. We recommend using VPNhub with asafe browser such asChrome, Firefox, Opera, Duckduckgo, DolphinBrowser, MaxthonBrowser, Dolphin Browser, UC Browser, CM Browser,Puffin Browser,Ghostery, Edge, or Private Downloader. Use incognitomode for addedsecurity. No root, registration, or credit cardrequired. ->Install VPNhub and enjoy truly private internetaccess! 📲 <-_____ What people are saying about our app: 📣 “oneof the best andsafest free VPN services available to users” –Techtimes “Wedetected no IP leaks when using the app. It has nobells andwhistles but works flawlessly.” – “We canaccess allour websites (using VPNhub) without being monitored.”–International Institute of Cyber Security viaSecuritynewspaper.comBest for first time users – 🏆 Winner – App of theWeek (June 9, 2018) – Forbes _____Disclaimer: We have had reportsthat our VPN might be blocked inQatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt,Turkey, Burma/Myanmar, Cuba, Iran,North Korea, Sudan, Syria andChina. While we cannot say that it’simpossible to connect in thesecountries, there are a few challengesto overcome. _____ Website: Copyright © 2018- AppAtomic Limited. AllRights Reserved.
DriveDroid (Paid)
This application requires root DriveDroid allows you to boot yourPCfrom ISO/IMG files stored on your phone. This is ideal fortryingLinux distributions or always having a rescue-system on thego...without the need to burn different CDs or USB pendrives.DriveDroidalso includes a convenient download menu where you candownloadUSB-images of a number of operating systems from yourphone (likeMint, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Arch Linux). Around35 differentsystems are available at this moment. You can alsocreate blankUSB-images which allows you to have a blank USB-drive.From your PCyou can store files onto the USB-drive, but also usetools on yourPC to write images to the drive. Notes • Thisapplication usesfeatures of the kernel that may or may not beavailable/stable onyour phone. Tests have shown most phones workwithout problems, butplease keep in mind yours might not (yet)work out-of-the-box. •Most kernels support emulating USB drives,some support emulatingCD-rom drives and kernels with the rightpatches support both. •Most Linux-related ISOs can be booted fromUSB drives, but some ISOscan only be booted from CD-rom drives orrequire some kind ofconversion. Paid version • No ads. • Resizingof images. • Add yourown download repositories. Nice for companiesor groups that want toshare custom or licensed images. Moreinfo:
Zoltan Hubai
qDslrDashboard is an applicationforcontrolling your Nikon, Canon DSLR or Sony mirrorlesscamera.For USB connection an USB OTG adapter is needed and the devicemusthave the USB host function.qDslrDashboard home: http://dslrdashboard.infoFAQ: feautres:Multiple camera supportRemote capture,Synchronized capture,Connect to DSLR using protable wireless router (ddserver),Change camera properties,Browse images on camera,Transfer images from camera to Android device,Preview images (jpg and raw),Live view,Live view histogram,Manual focus movement while in live view,Start movie recording (only on camera models that supportit),Custom bracketing,Focus stacking,Time-lapse (simple and advanced with control file and abilitytomove focus and send commands to Arduino),Sound initiated capture (with spectral displayandfrequency/intensity selector,DoF calculator.Rule600 calculator.Sky stacking helper.Custom profiles.Remote control over wireless network (Android devices must beonsame network)Support for WU-1a/1b adapter (PTP/IP)LRTimelapse screen for auto holy grail timelapseDynamic Perception NMX motion controller support overBluetoothLEInterval controller.
Nougat+ Tasker Tethering Control 1.4
Android 7.1 broke Tasker's "WiFi Tether" action (Tethering willbeenabled, but no client will be able to connect). Thispluginprovides alternative way to enable working WiFihotspot.DEPENDINGON THE PHONE, IT MAY REQUIRE ROOT TOFUNCTION.Magisk users caninstead use Magisk module version of thisapp, located in Magiskrepository.
Data Clock 2.0
Tired of rationing your Carryover Data every month? As a2degreesPay Monthly ( ( customer youcankiss your data worries goodbye with time-based datapacks,available on Data Clock. Just want enough time to send anemail,have a quick scroll of Instagram and maybe read theday’sheadlines? Grab 1hr for $1. Or if you’re looking to entertainthecar on a roadie, nab yourself 4hrs for $2. However long youneed,there’s a data pack for you. You don’t have to choose - bingeonyour favourite show, chat to your bestie and listen to allthetunes you can without burning through your Carryover Data. Notonone of our new Pay Monthly Carryover plans? Switch now inYour2degrees(*PersonalNZ data usage only, excl tethering or mobile wifihotspots. Fair UsePolicy applies. Only available on eligiblesmartphones. See belowfor full terms of use and terms andconditions. Terms of use clickhere: clickhere:
Oi WiFi 4.5.1
Oi WiFi is the service for accessing Oi’s wirelessnetwork,available in airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes,stadiums,touristic attractions and in big events sponsored by Oi.Millionsof hotspots allover Brazil in a network that doesn’t stopgrowing.Who can have access? Premium Access: If you are an OiCustomer withan eligible plan* to Oi WiFi or bought a pass you willbe able toaccess the network without additional publicity.(*Eligible plans:postpaid Customers, broadband customer, OiControle customers andprepaid customers with active credits) Accesswith publicity: Ifyou are not an Oi customer or do not have one ofthe eligible plansyou will be able to connect to Oi WiFi on yourdevice withadditional publicity, while you are connected. Rememberjoining the“access with publicity” option so you can navigate. Isfree, is foreveryone. The App: The Oi WiFi app is an essential toolfor thosewho want to stay connected. Download the app and it willdo all thework. After validating your access at the first time, theapp willdetect the Oi WiFi network on the range of your smartphoneand willconnect you automatically. It is also possible to check theclosesthotspots on the map or to search for a location.Newfunctionalities and evolutions have been incorporated,turningeverything easier. And new features are coming! New look: Wewantto stimulate interaction. The power of connecting people is oneofthe missions of Oi WiFi. We believe that connection +interactionbring new possibilities. Intelligent login: Insert yourphonenumber and the app does the rest. You don’t remember yourCPF/IDnumber during your login? We send you a SMS. Forgot yourpassword?Recover it using the app. Facebook login: Associate yourFacebookaccount once and your next accesses will be done in asimple way,without having to login on the portal or remember yourpassword.P.S.: We never post anything on your timeline ;)Ongoingevaluation: We want to know your opinion to improve ourservices.You may receive a request through a notification toevaluate us.Compliments, Suggestions and Critics are always welcometo improveour product. We will also keep an eye on the Google Playreviews.#ConnectedIsBetter
File Manager Pro Android TV USB Cloud Root Apps
AnExplorer File Manager (File Explorer) is best Android TV, WearOSfile management tool. It is Simple, Small, Fast and EfficientFileExplorer and One of the Best File Manager apps on GooglePlayStore. Only file manager to support RTL and show the sizeoffolders across the storages. File Manager is designed forallAndroid devices including Phones, Phablets, Tablets, WearOS,Android TV and Chrome OS. It's a fully designed withMaterialguidelines by Google. It supports all Android versionsfromJellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat to PieTopFeatures ★ Full Featured File Manager (File Explorer) It is aSuperFile Manager which provides all features of filemanagementincluding cut, copy, delete, rename, compress, extract.You cancheck the file details, full integrated search within thefilesystem. New file and New folders can be created in a second. ★Allin one File Manager is available for all types of Androiddeviceslike Phone, Tablet, Phablet, TV and for Google Chrome OSonChromebooks. ★ Smart Library File Explorer (FileManager)Categorize all files into Downloads from internet,Bluetooth fromnearby devices, Images, Pictures, Camera Photos,Videos, Movies,Audio , Music, Documents (PDF, XLZ, PPT etc),Archives (ZIP, RARetc) and APK. ★ External Storage File Manager(File Explorer)Access all files and folder from different types ofstorages likeEMMC, MMC cars, SD Cards, Internal Storage, ExternalStorage, PhoneMemory, USB Storage, Flash Drive, Pen Drives, USBOTG. ★ Root FileManager (File Explorer) for advanced users toexplore, edit, copy,paste and delete files in the root partition ofphone storage fordevelopment purposes. Explore root folders of thesystem like data,cache. Your phone needs to be rooted to use thisfeature. ★ AndroidTV File Manager you can use it to browse internalstorage andtelevision storages. You can cut/copy paste files, checkthe mediaand play movies from local storage or usb drives. The bestwatchfile manager available for android televisions like Xiaomi,FreeboxMini, NVIDIA SHIELD , Sony Bravia and many more. ★ Wear OSFileExplorer you can use it to browse internal storage andwearstorages. You can cut/copy paste files, check the mediaandcompress/ uncompress files. You can also clear ram and manageyouapps on watch. The best watch file manager available. ★ChromecastFile Manager you can use it to play local media on toyourchromecast device like, Google Home, Android TV or otherchromecastdevices.. You can play music, videos and also managertheirplaylist directly from the explorer. ★ App Manager andProcessManager Free memory by killing tasks and speed up yourphoneinstantly. Quickly and easily uninstall multipleunwantedapplications and free up phone storage space which isveryvaluable. App Manager helps you save your favorite apps ontomemory and install them back again when needed. ★ NetworkFileManager Transfer files with FTP Server from phone to PC. Allyouhave to do is open the IP address in the browser and all yourfileson the phone are easily accessible. You can also share filesfromyour phone using Bluetooth, wifi direct other socialnetworkingapps etc. You can also browse FTP/ FTPS connection now. ★DocumentEditor you can easily edit files on the go. Support forevery typeof text files such as HTML, XHTML, TXT etc. You can alsoedit fileswhen the phone is rooted. It is very simple and handy.Other SuperFeatures ☆ One and only file manager to support RTLlanguages likeArabic, Hebrew etc natively in app design ☆ The onlyapp to ShowFolder sizes across storages ☆ First File Manager forAndroid TV! ☆Smallest File Manager on play store with a size of 3MBonly!! ☆ Oneof the rarest file manager to support accessibility fordisabledpeople ☆ Fully customizable themes colors for the app andthemetypes to choose from.
InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall 2.06
App and domain can individually be allowed or denied access toyourWi-Fi and/or mobile data. Blocking access to the internet canhelp:* reduce your data usage * save your battery * increaseyourprivacy * Take Control Of Your Mobile Apps * Easily Allow/BlockAppConnectivity * Block background app activity * Be Alerted WhenNewApps Access the Internet * Block Adult Websites Features: •Simpleto use • Android firewall protection with **NO** ROOTREQUIRED!! •No calling home • No tracking or analytics • Activelydeveloped andsupported • Android 5.1 and later supported •IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDPsupported • Tethering supported • Multiple deviceusers supported •Optionally allow when screen on • Optionally blockwhen roaming •Optionally block system applications * Automaticlaunch of devicestartup * Automatically identifies applicationscurrently installedon your mobile device * Identifies and Notifieswhen newlyinstalled apps access the Web * Set Allow/Block, onaper-application basis * Disable background activity forselectedapps *Get full data usage visibility • Material designtheme withlight and dark theme • Log all outgoing traffic; searchand filteraccess attempts; export PCAP files to analyze traffic •Allow/blockindividual addresses per application • Newapplicationnotifications; configure InternetGuard directly fromthenotification • Display network speed graph in a statusbarnotification • Select from five additional themes in both lightanddark version There is no other no-root firewall offering allthesefeatures. Why does InternetGuard top the data usage chart?It’s anillusion. InternetGuard uses your device’s VPN package tocreate afirewall. As every data packet sent or received by yourapps passesthrough the VPN, all the incoming and outgoing datatraffic getsattributed to InternetGuard. The good part, however, isthatInternetGuard now comes with its own Data Usage featurewhichallows you to check data usage for each app. To view theusage,choose Data Usage from the home screen. ATTENTIONS: 1. Thisapp isbased on VPN interface, which is the only way to implementthefirewall on no-root devices. It works as the proxy betweenthecommon apps and the servers. The app doesn't steal your dataorsend even one bit of its own.
WiFi Mouse Pro 3.4.5
WiFi Mouse
Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard andtrackpadfor your computer, it enables you to control yourPC/Mac/Linuxeffortlessly through a local network connection. Mediacontroller,presentation controller and remote file explorer are allin thiscontroller app. Now you can relax on the sofa and controlplayingmovie or game in the comfort of your own home, replace realbrokenmouse and keyboard by this app. Key features: ➢ FullySimulatedMouse➢ Simulated Computer Keyboard & number pad➢Support copy& past text to computer(new)➢ Magic Trackpad➢Multi-TouchGestures➢ Shutdown / Sleep Computer Remotely➢ MediaController➢Voice Input Remotely➢ Application Launcher➢ Browse &opencomputer files➢ Password protection➢ Games Pad(Play computergamesremotely)➢ Screen capture➢ Sway phone to make mouse cursormovementfor presentation(Gyro sensor)➢ RDP(Remote desktop screen)➢ControlPPT / Keynote Presentation Remotely➢ Support bluetooth(BetaforWindows)➢ Compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Mac OSx/LinuxQuicksetup:● Download & install mouse server fromwebsite● Make sure your phone and computerat thesame network.● Start app to connect one computer
USB Serial Terminal Pro 2.1
hosun lim
Smart phones serial terminal program. USB equipment usingSilLabCP210X, FTDI FT232 and Prolific PL2303, CDC/ACM UART to USBBridgechips can be used to connect to your smart phone.Zigbee ChipTICC2531 can be used also. Provides the same functionality and thePCfor serial communication terminal- Supported chip:SiliconLaboratories(CP210X), FTDI(FT232), Prolific(PL2303)-ARDUINOSupport(FTDI, CDC/ACM)- Supported phones: USB host supportsmartphones (Samsung galaxy2/galaxy 3/galaxy note / galaxynote2/Vegaracer R3)- Supported Android version: Android version 3.1(APILevel 12)0. Quick Start1) Please use the OTG cable to connecttheusb device on your smart phone.2) smart phone detect usbdevice,and then asks whether to run. Click OK to run the App.3)Click theSettings button (wrench icon) of upper right corner inorder to setserial communication.4) Click the Save button.5) Clickthe Connectbutton (phone icon) of upper right corner in order toconnect tothe device.1. Main UI- ASCII: Print received data as aasciistring.- HEX: Print received data as a hexadecimal string.-BIN:Print received data as a binary string.- ConnectButton(Phoneicon):, connect to USB device. After connection thisicon changedto close icon.- Settings Button(Wrench icon): Serialcommunicationsetting window will open- Upper(RX) CR, LF: Lineseparatorconfiguration. process device to local system lineseparatorconversion for received data before print text area- Modemstatusbuttons: show CTS, DSR, CD, RI pin status- USB devicedescription:USB device’s description window will open- Clearreceived data::Trash icon, clear all received data in text area-Received datatext area: print received data- DTR/RTS button:control modemDTR/RTS status- Lower(TX) CR/LF: Append line separatorcharactersto transfer data- Transfer(TX) Text input field: Enterthedata(string, decimal, hexadecimal, binary) you wanttotransfer.Transfer data is entered as a string bydefault.Binarydata is entered as shown below, you can enter in hexor binary ordecimalDecimal: @ +숫자 3-digit(0~255) ex) CR: @013Hex: #+ 2-digithex, ex) CR: #0DBinary: & + 8-digit binary, ex)CR:&00001101※Escape @, #, &: insert twice in successioninorder to send @, #, &- Send Button(Right arrow icon):Transferinput data to USB device- Macro buttons 1 ~ 7: Setmacro(hadentered the frequently used data in advance) to transfertextfield- Macro Edit Button(Pencil icon): Macro edit window willopen2. Menu- Serial communication settings: Baud rate, Databits,Parity, Stop bits, Handshaking Mode setting supported.Selectenable file logging for logging received data in theexternalstorage path "[ExternalStorageRoot]/USBTerminal/RAW_YYMMDD_hhmmss.log".- USB Descriptions:USBequipment specification window will open.- Macro edit:edittransfer data macro that frequently used. Macros can registerup toseven.- ASCII table: ASCII Code table. ASCII code inserted totextfield When you select a code, and the window is closed,theinserted codes appended to tx text field- Send Break: sendlongbreak- Save Console Log: save current console content totheexternal storage path "[ExternalStorageRoot]/USBTerminal/CONSOLE_YYMMDD_hhmmss.log".- Share LogFile:share a saved log file to bluetooth, cloud services, email,...3.FAQQ: Why my smart phone detect usb device?A: Smartphones makesureit supports the USB Host.In addition, the Android version 3.1(APILevel 12) from the USB Host support.Occasionally on thesmartphonedoes not recognize USB devices (eg Galaxy Note 1).Smartphone otgcable to connect to leave only the part that isconnected to theequipment by unplugging and re-connect if yourecognize that thiscase is.Q: After installing your app, my anotherapp that uses USBOTG stopped working.A: Android won't re-recognizethe deviceattached unless the OTG cable is physically removedandre-attached. (Thanks to Aki Niimura)
WiFi File Transfer Pro 1.0.9
WiFi File Transfer Pro is a light-weight web server that letsyouupload and download files to/from your phone or tablet overawireless connection. Transfer files without a USBcable.FEATURES•Upload or download multiple files at once• Uploadentire folderstructures (Google Chrome only)• Delete, rename, copy,zip or unzipfiles• Compatible with all modern operating systemsthat provide aweb browser (Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.)• Passwordauthentication(optional)• Shortcuts to photo, video and musicdirectories• Runsas a background service• View photos directly inyour web browser•Autostart service when connected to home network(optional)•Provides access to external SD cards and USB storagedevices• Workswhile the device is in hotspot modeNOTE• In order touse this app,your computer and your phone need to be on the samelocal areanetwork.• If you would like to use this app on publicWiFinetworks, please make sure to set an access password in theappsettings.ADVANTAGES OVER THE FREE VERSION• This paid versionallowsyou to upload files of any size while the free version islimitedto 5 MB per file.Feel free to send any questions,comments,complaints or suggestions to [email protected]
Grabba Driver v1.194
This Grabba driver is designed to operate with Grabba datacapture,verification and transaction devices.For more informationaboutGrabba devices, please visit our website atwww.grabba.comForprevious versions of the Grabba driver,pleasevisit: changelogat: an older version of this application,pleasevisit:
Settings Easy Way 1.5
Kundan Kale
Settings Easy Way is Smart Quick setting application.SettingEasyWay is aimed to bring all your favorite settings and apps toyourfingertips.Simple operation, fast and easy to set up theAndroiddevice settings.This app allows you quick access tosystemsettings.It can help you save time in changing Wifisettings,GPS,brightness and more.All you need to do is click on theicon and getquick access to your settings.● Features of SettingsEasy Way○Wi-Fi Wi-Fi can be turned on or off.○ Mobile data Mobiledata canbe turned on or off.○ Bluetooth Bluetooth can be turned onor off.○GPS GPS can be turned on or off.○ Airplane mode Airplanemode canbe turned on or off.○ Ringer(ringtones) Ring tone can beturned onor off. (sound or silent)○ Vibration settings vibrate orsound canbe turned on or off. (vibration or sound)○ ScreenAuto-rotateAuto-rotate screen or fixed screen can be turned on oroff.○ Screenauto brightness Brightness can be set manually or setthe screenbrightness automatically.○ Auto syncAuto sync can beturned on oroff.○ Tethering and Mobile hotspotTethering and Mobilehotspot canbe turned on or off.○ Sync Setting Easy setting of Syscsetting○Application Manager Easy setting of application manager.○SystemSettingEasy access of system setting.Plus its free...
Inf VPN - Global Proxy & Unlimited Free WIFI VPN 1.9.735
Permanent free VPN. Unlimited network traffic. Unlimitedbandwidth.Unlimited use of time. Inf VPN supports IPV6 networkaccess. UseInf VPN to stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. EnjoyWorld Cupfootball in full HD, with high speeds. Install Inf VPN forthefollowing features: Unblocked Websites and Apps You can unblockanyapps or websites using Inf VPN. Bypass government censorshipandgeo-restrictions to access social networks such asFacebook,Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat, etc. or any other blockedwebsitesfrom anywhere! Privacy Protection Using a VPN, your IP andlocationwill be changed and your activities can no longer betracked on theInternet. Inf VPN service is your privacy guard andbetter than webproxy servers. Super Fast Speed Inf VPN is fast! Itdetects yourlocation automatically and connects you to the nearestand fastestserver. As a result, your connection will be much fasterthan anyother VPN or proxy providers. Inf-VPN proxy server hascovered morethan 10 different regions of the world, the number ofmore than 300proxy servers. Our high speed VPN proxy cloud serversare locatedin India, Australia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, USA, Japan,Singapore,Canada, France, Germany, UK, etc .. WiFi Hotspot ShieldPublicWi-Fi hotspots are perfect places for hackers and if theyhappen toget a hold of your personal information, you could verywell be thenext victim of identity theft! Inf VPN proxy usesadvanced VPNtechnology to encrypt your network traffic, enablingyou to connectto a website via HTTPS, providing a secured shield toyour WiFihotspot. ★Support Try it now. Don't forget to give us5-Star (★ ★ ★★ ★) rating, if you like us. Don't forget to share itwith yourfriends, if you would like to help us. If you have anyfeedback orsuggestions, please send an email to:[email protected]
Kaspersky Fast VPN – Secure Connection
Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Secure Connection, featuring fast VPN, allows youtoconnect to the Internet securely. It protects your privacybyencrypting all the data that you send and receive online–including your personal files, emails and bank details – givingyouextra internet safety. Kaspersky Secure Connection – enjoymoreWiFi security, more internet privacy and more freedom tobrowse. •Uses secure VPN to protect you on risky public WiFi •Keeps youremails, photos, bank details & more private • Letsyou accessmore sites & content via fast VPN SAFEGUARDS YOURPRIVACY &YOUR DATA – WHEN YOU’RE ON THE GO When you’re at acoffee shop,restaurant or airport and you want to connect to publicWiFi,Kaspersky Secure Connection automatically gives you the optionofusing the latest secure VPN technology to get online. Accessingtheinternet this way allows you make all your online actionsprivate.Which means it’s simple to for you to prevent your personalfilesand confidential information falling into the wrong handswhenyou’re out and about. HIDES YOUR EMAILS, MESSAGES&COMMUNICATIONS FROM PRYING EYES Whether you're browsing,banking,shopping, messaging friends or using a dating app, our fastVPNservice is designed to guard your privacy and yourconfidentialinformation. With our VPN defender by your side, yourlocation andIP address are never revealed, and every piece of datayou send orreceive is encrypted and transferred through a securetunnel –making your communications invisible and out of reach tohackers.OPENS UP A WHOLE WORLD OF CONTENT – AND DOESN’T LOG WHATYOU DO Oursecure VPN service hides your real location and IPaddress fromintruders and allows you to connect to networks aroundthe worldthrough a virtual VPN server. This gives you the abilityto unlockwebsites and content in other countries outside of yourown – safein the knowledge that your activities will remainprivate. And whenyou’re done, our VPN app won’t keep a record ofthe places you’vevisited – so the things you do online can’t betraced. DID YOU KNOWSECURE CONNECTION COMES IN DIFFERENT VERSIONS?Our Premium versiongives you VPN unlimited and the ability tochoose the region of theserver you want to connect to. Which meansyou can unlock all thewebsites you want – from all over the world.And because you caninstall it on up to 5 devices, you get to enjoypersonal VPN andinternet privacy wherever you go. What would you dowith unlimitedVPN? As you might expect, our Free version comes withrestrictions.You can only secure up to 200MB of traffic per day,per device forfree – or 300MB per day, per device for free if youcreate a MyKaspersky account and register your VPN app to it – andyou are notable to select the region of the server you connect to.HOW VPNWORKS A VPN – which stands for virtual private network –creates aconnection between your device and one of our servers,which arelocated in various locations all around the globe. Our VPNclientlets you hide your IP address and actual location fromintruders,and instead shows one of our IP addresses and a virtuallocationrepresenting the country where the VPN proxy serveryou’reconnected to is located. It works like a proxy and thereforeyourreal IP address won’t show against the websites you visit–allowing you to browse anonymously. And what’s more, yourInternetService Provider (ISP) will only see encrypted information– whichall adds up to a your own mobile proxy you can trust to keepyousafe wherever you go. In other words, with our VPN,privateinternet access is easier than ever. Start your VPN downloadnow toexperience it for yourself. This app uses Accessibilityservices.
EasyTether Full 1.1.19
Mobile Stream
EasyTether shares Internet connection from your smartphone withyourcomputer, tablet and router. It supports USB tethering forWindows,Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD computers, Android 7.0 / 6.0 /5.0+ /4.0.3+ tablets and OpenWrt or LEDE-based routers. ItsupportsBluetooth tethering for Windows, Linux, *BSD computers andAndroid7.0 / 6.0 / 5.0+ / 4.0.3+ tablets. It does not require rootaccessor special tethering plans. It supports PS3, Xbox and Wiitetheringby means of Internet connection sharing feature onWindows or Mac.One-time fee only. Featured in WSJ TechEssentials WiredNews that you try free EasyTether Lite before makingapurchase. EasyTether uses only official APIs ensuring yourphone'ssecurity. Unlike many tethering widgets, EasyTetherimplements itsown tethering mechanism completely from scratch. Somecarriers havehidden the original EasyTether app. Note that all paidEasyTetherversions function the same way, you can buy whatever isvisiblewith your carrier or install EasyTether apk directly fromourwebsite EasyTether versions before installation. We offer anextendedrefund period - 30 days. We will never refund orders olderthan 30days.
TetherShortCut 1.5
This is only the application which changes ON and OFF oftethering,and is the its version of portable Wi-Fi widget.Ireleased this ascorrespondence of the case that a widget stopsmoving occasionally.
EasyTether Pro 1.1.18u2
RUN THE APP ON YOUR PHONE AND FOLLOW THE SETUPWIZARD.EasyTethershares Internet connection from your smartphonewith your computeror tablet.It supports USB tethering for Windows,Mac OS X or Linuxcomputers and Android 4.x tablets.It supportsBluetooth tetheringfor Windows computers and Android 4.0.3+tablets.It does notrequire root access or special tetheringplans.It supports PS3,Xbox and Wii tethering by means of Internetconnection sharingfeature on Windows or Mac.One-time fee only.Somecarriers havehidden the original EasyTether app. They cannot dothisbecause ofthe latest FCC tether rules.Note that all paid EasyTetherversionsfunction the same way. There isno difference. You can buywhateveris visible with your carrier.Remove other EasyTetherversionsbefore installation.EasyTether is developed by MobileStream.
IP Widget
Dieter Thiess
Want to translate IP Widget into your language?Contactme:[email protected] Simple IP Widget showing themobilecarrier name and ip or the wireless lan SSID and wireless lanipaddress. Features: - No Ads - Select which information to display-Configure background, text size, text color and text opacity-Battery saving: No polling of ip information. The widgetgetsinformed via the system when something changes. - Show localipaddress of device (mobile, wifi, bluetooth, USB, ethernet) -Showexternal ip address (optional) - Show reverse hostname(optional) -Show wifi speed - Show wifi channel and frequency -Show type ofmobile connecton (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA...) - Displayinformationsabout connection in notification area(optional) -Actionconfigurable when tapping the widgets/notification (openwifisettings, toggle wifi [on/off], open IP Widget settings,refreshwidget content manualy) - Supports connections viaBluetoothtethering, USB tethering (eg. HTC Sync) - Logging eventstoipwidget.log on your SD card, optionally, with customizableoutput- Lockscreen Widget support for Android 4.2+ - Offlinenotification(beta) - Wifi tethering on/off (beta) - Enable/disableflight mode(not available on Android 4.2+) - Set alias for BSSID -Savesexternal ip address for each BSSID alias (as DynamicDNSreplacement) - Show Geo-IP city & country - IPv6 support-Available languages: -- english -- german -- spanish (byFernando)-- italian (by Stefano Meroni) -- russian (by Igor Tropin,OlegBarbos) -- turkish (by Canan Özen) -- polish (by RomualdJackowski,Adam Starszak) -- svenska (by GöranHelsingborg -- traditional chinese,simplified chinese(by Denny Su) -- persian (by Mohsen Mirhoseini)-- french (byOzzii, toorzilla_) -- serbian (by Ozzii) -- portugese(by BrunoXavier Lopo de Souza) -- bulgarian (by Stefan Stefanov) --croatian(by Marijan Smetko) -- dutch (by Vincent Riebroek) --indonesian(by SOLEH MARGIONO) -- korean ideas? issues? Write me ane-mail:[email protected] FAQ - Why are Channel &frequency notshown? Since Android 6, the location permission isneeded to scanfor wifi networks around. This is the only way to getthe currentchannel and the frequency. (also see the discussion inthe GoogleIssueTracker: will not been detected nor transfered at any time.List ofPermissions FULL INTERNET ACCESS - Required to get externalipaddress. If this feature is disabled, no data connection willbeestablished READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY - Detect the typeofmobile connection (GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA...) CHANGE WI-FI STATUS -Wifitoggle VIEW WI-FI STATUS - get SSID VIEW NETWORK STATUS - getlocalip address MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS OR MODIFY/DELETESDCARD CONTENTS - for writing ipwidget.log on the SD Card(ifactivated) CONTROL VIBRATION - Notifications vibration RUNATSTARTUP - Show notifications after boot when notificationswithoutwidget is activated
PrinterShare Premium Key 3.7
Mobile Dynamix
This key unlocks premium features of free PrinterShareapplication.It cannot be used on its own! If you haven't done soalready,please install main free PrinterShare app and print testpagebefore purchasing this key.With PrinterShare you caninstantlyprint Office documents, bills and invoices (Word,Excel,PowerPoint, PDF, text files and more) directly from yourtablet orphone (from internal memory, SD card or cloud source suchas GoogleDrive / Google Docs) to a printer right next to you oranywhere inthe world!Premium Features:* Unlimited Nearby directprinting viaWi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB without PC;* Unlimited Remoteprinting.The receiving end (Windows or Mac) would not have to buypages orsubscribe;Have a good print!