Top 47 Games Similar to Rolling Ball Sky

Bake a cake puzzles & recipes 1.4.3
This colorful and captivating match-3 puzzle game will allow youtoopen your own gourmet dessert shops around the world andcollectdelicious recipes! This is not just another match-3 game.It's... •dynamic and mouth-watering levels for true gourmands; •simple,delicious step-by-step recipes (with photos!) that you canmake athome; • the opportunity to open boutiques around the worldanddecorate them however you want. Dedicated to real sweettooths!!Bake a cake puzzles & recipes is completelyfree-to-play, butsome optional in-game items may require paymentwith real money.You can turn off the payment feature by disablingin-app purchasesin your device’s settings.
SPOOKIZ POP - Match 3 Puzzle 1.2.3
Go on a thrilling 🎢 adventure with your SPOOKIZ friends now!Enjoylimitless Match 3 fun without worrying about hearts! 💕 Frankieis adull slowpoke 👾, Zizi has a crush on Cula 👹, Cula has OCD (andis atotal neat freak) 🧛, Kong Kong is self-conscious about hisshortheight 👻, and Kebi is always energetic and bubbly 😨! JointheSPOOKIZ for an exciting Match 3 adventure! 【Features】 🆓Free toplay😂Easy and simple gameplay 💖Unlimited life / hearts 🎮Juicygraphicsand enjoyable puzzle challenges! 🧩Over 1500 levels andstages!📶Offline mode supported 👍Facebook supported 💻Tabletsupported🙋Supporting 16 languages - This game supports '한국어','Indonesian','Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体', '中文繁體','Deutsch','français', 'Español', 'ไทย', 'Русский', 'Arabic','Portuguese','Turkish', 'Italian'. - This game is acceptable forpurchasing theitems partially. When purchasing the items, theadditional costscould be occurred and limited Consumer Right ofDefense accordingto the item types. Official Website: OfficialFan Page: Customer Center:E-Mail
Sugar POP - Sweet Match 3 Puzzle 1.4.1
🍡sweet world of desserts awaits your challenge! Connectsweetdesserts to experience a special butterfly effect! 【Sugar POP-Sweet Puzzle Game Features】 🍧 Addictive & easy gameenjoyedfrom all around the world! 🍧 1700+ stages and constantupdates tosugar pop. 🍧 Consists of different game styles where youuse brainand skills 🍧 powerful boosters & combos to crushobstacles inthe way. 🍧 Collect 3 stars for treasure and boosts! 🍧Sweet dailygift everyday! 🍧 No need for Wi-Fi connection to playthe game! 🍧Supports +16 languages and more to be added! - This gameisacceptable for purchasing the items partially. When purchasingtheitems, the additional costs could be occurred and limitedConsumerRight of Defense according to the item types. Sugar POP -SweetPuzzle Game Official Fan Page : This game supports '한국어','Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay','English', '日本語', '中文简体', '中文繁體','Deutsch', 'français', 'Español','ไทย', 'Русский', 'Arabic','Portuguese', 'Turkish', 'Italian'. ▶Let's Enjoy SUPERBOX ◀ ☆SUPERBOX Official Website ☞ ☆ SUPERBOX OfficialFan Page ☞ ☆ SUPERBOX CustomerCenter ☞E-Mail :
Sweet Hearts - Cute Candy Match 3 Puzzle 1.3.1
Love is in the air! The most romantic game of the year hasarrived:Sweet Hearts! This lovely match 3 puzzle saga features noless than2400 relaxing and challenging levels. Play the calmingpuzzles whenyou want to relax, or when you're in the mood for somegirly pinkmatch 3 fun, after looking for love in a dating app. Nomatter ifyou're hot or not, you will love this sweet and cutematching gamewith loads of enjoyable easy levels. Use the explodingheartbooster, the cross booster or the colored heart booster tohelp youcollect the candies, stars, pink letters, hearts, bows andmore.Make big matches to create more powerups, get down thelovelypresents and collect the tasty chocolates. Also make sure toinviteyour friends to share the love! You might even meetsomeonespecial.
Gummy Drop! - Match & Restore
Be the traveler AND the architect to design a colorful worldtourwhere matching and building collide! What starts as a match3moment turns into a great new city to restore. Revamp citiesmadefamous for their landmarks – even hang with the locals inthelocations you renovate and give them helping hand! What areyouwaiting for? Get out and restore the world! Build up yourpassportprowess and design in France, New York, Tokyo, and more.Restorethe world with monumental sights to see – from the EiffelTower tothe Statue of Liberty. What city will you renovate next?GameFeatures: • Design meets it’s match! Restore cities by droppingandmatching a variety of gummy pieces • Build a trip and getaway!Explore and restore over 90 cities! Spin the globe and chooseyourdestination • Wheel’s Up! Miles of matching in every trip:over10,000 levels & 15 custom boosts to blast through puzzles •3-Dglobal experience: the world is at your fingertips – just spintheglobe! No layovers required • Exclusive event cities – getyourboarding pass to themed cities like Sweetheart Island,GingerbreadVillage, and Garden Party! Don’t forget to bring backsouvenirs! •First class matching! Collect themed passport stampsthat matchpremier destinationsFacebook: @GummyDropNeed a little assistance? We’re heretohelp! Big Fish Terms ofUse:
Juice Jam - Puzzle Game & Free Match 3 Games
MATCH. JUICE. SERVE. REPEAT! Juice Jam- a juicy new match 3puzzlegame with bushels of fruity challenges! Join Kiwi, Mango, andtherest of the Juice Jam gang as you travel through hundreds ofnewworlds. Embark on this fruity adventure today! Features: ◆Hundredsof juicy levels! ◆ Brand new power-ups and ways to play! ◆Jamfruit to concoct sweet treats! ◆ Swap and blast your waythroughever expanding new worlds! ◆ Check back often for events,freerewards and new levels! ◆ Free and filled with adventure! Joinusin Juicetopia as Kiwi and Mango tour whimsical lands servingjuiceto thirsty customers! With a cast of quirky characters, arichlydetailed world and addictive match-3 gameplay, Juice Jam issure tosatisfy! LIKE: LEARN: www.juicejam.comDEVELOPERINFO: Jam City is the leading developer in trulycross-platformsocial gaming! Check out our other free match 3puzzle games!You'll love to swap, match, and crunch through everexpandinglevels and events. Check back often to see all the newcandy, cake,and sweet treats that we've added! You'll love to crushthrougheach sweet puzzle. Begin your adventure on this free matchthreepuzzle game today!
Jewels Jungle : Match 3 Puzzle 1.7.8
✨Colorful✨ Classic Jewel Match 3 Puzzle Game in your hand! Explorealush jungle full of jewels and gold ! 【How to play 👻】 💎 Matchthreejewels of the same color to earn points. 💎 Gather specialjewels bymatching over 4 jewels! 💎 Use powerful special jewels togain anedge! 💎 Unlock the next stages within a given number ofmoves! ⭐️Try to achieve 3 stars: Make smart moves and collectuniqueachievements! 🏉 More than 1000+ exciting missions await you!🎮 A funpuzzle game you can take your time with 🤹🏻 No time limit orenergyor Wifi-connections required ! 🍀Adventure🍀 Bring youradventures tothe forbidden jungle An enjoyable game you can learnin less than aminute! 🤹🏻‍♀️ Experience 1000+ dynamic stages 🤹🏻‍♀️Use varioustactics to navigate your way through the jungle andfind fancyjewels! This game is acceptable for purchasing the itemspartially.When purchasing the items, the additional costs could beoccurredand limited Consumer Right of Defense according to theitem types.This game supports '한국어', 'Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay','English','日本語', '中文简体', '中文繁體', 'Deutsch', 'français', 'Español','ไทย','Русский', 'Arabic', 'Portuguese', 'Turkish', 'Italian'.This gameis acceptable for purchasing the items partially. Whenpurchasingthe items, the additional costs could be occurred andlimitedConsumer Right of Defense according to the item types.Official Site: Fan Page : Facebook: E-Mail :
MonsterBusters: Match 3 Puzzle 1.3.70
No more puzzles. The end king of the puzzle game !! The Match3game, which has been loved by more than 20 million overseasusers,Enjoy the best game Monster Busters that have surpassed10,000,000downloads! Monster Busters is a fun match-3 puzzle gamefor allages. Match same colored monsters to save the gingerbreadcookiefriends! Enjoy each and every stage with entertainingchallenges.Install the best match-3 puzzle game to your mobiledevice &start the adventure today! Are you ready to goadventure to saveyour little cookie friends who are trapped inMonster Tower !?[Monster Busters Features] ★ Be a Hero to Save YourFriends Anyonecould be a hero saving the gingerbread friendscaptured in themonster tower. Not so scary but actuallycute-looking monsters havetaken away your friends while they wereplaying with you! Noworries though cause they’ve got a bravefriends to save them. Andit’s you! Let’s go climb up the monstertower to find your friendsback. ★ All Alive Characters You can seeyour own avatar move upand down the monster tower, and unlike mostother games, even thecharacters you’re fighting against are allalive to add up theextra fun and lively energy in game. It’s uniqueand fun findingyour own strategy for each character to win themissions too!Missions that are challenging but absolutely doable. ★Play withYour Loving Ones A game for all ages you can play withyourgrandmother, father, children, of course your friends, andallother loving ones. Play and talk about Monster Busters whileyou’respending time together. Not only that you can meet with newfriendsfrom all over the world! Connect to Facebook and help eachotherwhenever your friend is in trouble! Compete and see who’stakingthe first place! Join now! Are eager to startthisgingerbread-saving heroic adventure together with you! The realfunstarts now! ---------------------------------------------MonsterBusters is completely free to download and play, but somein-gameitems may need to be purchased.
Gems of War - Match 3 RPG 4.7.5
505 Games Srl
From the creators of Puzzle Quest comes the ultimate evolutionofthe Puzzle-RPG-Strategy mashup, Gems of War! Immerse yourself inaworld of adventure as you collect heroes from across the realmandbattle foes with the power of the puzzle board. Unlock newrealmswith kingdoms to conquer and hundreds of troops tocollect.Join thewar and start your journey to becoming a puzzlelegend today!Features: Match-3 Puzzles - Dive into this fun, easyto play puzzlegame where you match gems for crazy combos Build YourTeam ofHeroes - Collect over 300 troops and unlock spells to attackyourenemies Play Endless Mini Games - Enjoy different modes ofplaywith a robust catalog of side activities and mini games ConquerNewRealms - Unlock the Krystara & Underworld maps with over30Kingdoms and 350 Quests to complete Complete Weekly Events -Joinlive events and complete endless puzzle missions CollectDailyBonuses - Login daily to collect free bonus rewards PlayWithFriends - Battle in asynchronous PvP and rise up the globalranks
Cascade: Jewel Matching Adventure 2.3.9
Dig into this one-of-a-kind brain teaser game where you aimandlaunch gems to create matches and solve puzzles! Finally,amatching puzzle game made for adults! Cascade is a uniquepuzzlematch game; train your brain to line up gems from each columnandlaunch them into brilliant gem matches! Plan your movescarefullyto use each gem match in the best order to achieve eachlevel’sgoal. Create matches by replacing a gem of the same colororreplace a different colored gem to create bigger matches.Thisclever puzzle game is more than smart, it’s also loadedwithadventure and fun! Join cute critters to journey through dozensofdelightful hand-painted lands to unlock treasure, collect gold,andsolve more than 900 unique puzzles! Go on quests, exploresidelevels, play in tournaments, and take on special GoogleChallengesand win free prizes with the Daily Spin! 💎 UniqueMatching Gameplay• Aim gems in each column then launch to creatematches of 3 ormore • Strategize each match to use as many gemsfrom the tray aspossible • Get new gems when you’re out of matchesby pressing thespin button • Clear all gems from the tray to playthe next roundFREE 🌍Off the Beaten Path • Discover more puzzleswith Side Levels• Explore special caves to find treasure chests •Get free prizeswith Daily Spin • Over 900 puzzles to solve! 📅FunDaily Events! •NEW! Gifts on path to help you on your adventure! •Play dailyQuests to earn prizes • Take on special Google ChallengesonAndroid only! • Play Lab Level Tournaments to compete forprizes!Want to hear more from current players? Get strategy tips,Cascadegame updates and follow event posts on our Facebookpage: Need Help? Ourfriendlyand responsive support team is here tohelp! By downloading this game youareagreeing to our privacypolicy:; and ourterms ofuse:
Pirate Treasures - Gems Puzzle
Welcome aboard, Captain! The crew is just waiting for your ordertoset sail, all ready to go off in search of countless treasuresandspectacular adventures! Look for ancient maps you can use tobeatfascinating match 3 levels and find unheard-of riches. Here'swhatyou can expect in Pirate Treasures: - Gorgeous graphics - Agreatsoundtrack and juicy sound effects - Your friends, who willtry tobeat you to the treasures - The match 3 gameplay you love-Thousands and thousands of engaging levels - A daring band ofseadogs as your crew - And TREASURES (obviously!) Cast off! Setsail!
Toy Party: Pop and Blast Blocks in a Match 3 Story 2.1.10
Tilting Point
Welcome to Toy Party 🎈🎉 🎊 - the most adorable match 3puzzleadventure! Come along with Joyce and her friends on this toystorythrough dozens of present filled worlds 🎁🌎! Pop, match, andjamblocks in 6 directions on the hexa puzzle board - all whileplayingwith the cutest toy friends! What are you waiting for? Jointheparty! Immerse yourself in the match 3 story! Joyce is acheerfulbut stubborn toddler on an adventure through toy filledworlds. Sheloves to play match 3 games and blast blocks along theway! It’syour job to keep her happy, but be careful when she’scranky! Sheneeds you to give her toy presents and candy in order tojourney onto the next world! Don’t let her get grumpy! She alwaystravelswith her trusted sidekicks, Bunny 🐰 and Teddy 🐻, who willhelpguide you along through magical worlds. Bunny is a merry rabbitwholeads you the way. He’s always eager to give you new questsandrewards! Teddy is the sweet bear who challenges you toweeklycontests against people from around the globe. He will openthe toybox for you to take your sweet reward! Together they areexcited toshow you the wonderful world of toys! Are you ready tojoin theparty? 🎊 10 Reasons to Play! ⭐ Thousands of hours ofnon-stop blockblasting action! Fun! ⭐ Immerse yourself in a toystory with dozensof colorful worlds and delightful 3D graphics! ⭐Relaxing gameplayfor all ages! Adults and kids both love Toy Party!⭐ Open the toybox! Don’t miss out on new rewards and prizes everyday! ⭐ Match 3Quests and challenges every day! Complete three in arow to open upthe toy box and collect new prizes! ⭐ Get ranked!Compete inleagues to rank up from beginner through sapphire tiers.Morepoints means more rewards! ⭐ Fantastic toy powerups andboosters!Use up to three for powerful combos to blast and jamblocks! ⭐Starts easy but gets difficult! Watch out for the trickyalienlevels! ⭐ Don’t worry if you get stuck, Joyce can help youthrougheven the toughest puzzle games! ⭐ No WiFi needed to play!Enjoymatch 3 puzzle action on the bus, plane, or wherever you maybe! 🎮Gameplay ⭐ Single Level: Challenge yourself in individualmatch 3gameplay ⭐ Teddy’s Contests: Compete in leagues to collectmedalsand win rewards! ⭐ Bunny’s Quests: Daily and weekly conteststotest your skills and unlock new items! ⭐ Challenge mode!:Redolevels for trophies and extra medals! 🕹️ How to play ⭐ Match 3ormore blocks in a row in order to clear obstacles ⭐ Blast, jam,andpop blocks! ⭐ Pop all the necessary obstacles to complete alevel ⭐Use boosters and powerups for combos! ⭐ Watch out! You havealimited number of moves! ⭐ Try and get golden trophies oneverylevel! ⭐ Available to play in English, German, French,Portuguese,Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Mandarin 🚀 UsePowerups andBoosters! ⭐ Punch gun - Blast away pesky obstacles fromthe map ⭐Extra lives - Start over levels if you get stuck ⭐ Extramoves -Don’t worry if you’re close to failing ⭐ UFO’s - Whirlinghighpowered lasers to blast blocks ⭐ Sand Shovel - Scoop awayblocks inyour way ⭐ Outfits - Equip Joyce with cute and crazyoutfits forspecial abilities! 💎 What makes Toy Party Unique? ⭐ ToyParty is afree to play match 3 puzzle game with a toy story andin-apppurchases available ⭐ A new style matching puzzle game whereyoublast blocks in six directions instead of four ⭐ Toy Party isgreatfor kids and adults to play! Puzzle games for everyone! ⭐ Pop,Jam,and Blast away! Enjoy Toy Party! 📞 Contact & Support ToyPartyFAQLink: SupportLink:
Tasty Story 1.60
Andiks LTD
Your cat wants some fish... Feed your kitty in our puzzle gameforall family and kids! Free match 3 puzzle game with awesomegraphicsabout lost cat and it’s story life where you should rescueyour petstep by step in his adventure.◉   COLOURFUL ANIMAL WORLDYouare todive into the vivid and colourful animal world, to meet themaincharacter, his friends and rivals. Walk the parks and streetsofNew-York, help the cat and his friends to defeat the ViciousPugwho has taken over the streets of the city.◉  TASTYCHALLENGESComplete levels and quests, challenge with the BadBoyand explore a huge world! Compete all levels of this food sagawithyour friends and take top places in our rating! ◉  GREATCOMMUNITYBreak a leg! May the Paw be with you! Start yourtastystory with your friends in a new match 3 puzzle game and helpyourfriends in this awesome adventure game! ◉   KEY GAMEFEATURES∙Kitty. Very cute kitty! Animated characters, eachpossessing uniquecharacter features∙ Magic world with absolutelynew graphics, musicand outstanding game components∙ Unique game mapwith quests anddaily events∙ More than 300 unrepeatable levels∙More than 25 gamecomponents∙ Vicious pug boss, who takes all yourgaming skills todefeat∙ More than 10 bonuses which will help youbecome the firstin the player’s rating∙ Facebook accountsynchronisation forsending and receiving gifts and bonuses∙ Newmatch 3 gameplayexperience like best arcade games of match 3 puzzlegames genreBydownloading this application you agree that the appmay contain thefollowing:- in-app purchases- the ability to sendnotifications-geo-location services- partners ads, includingdemonstration of advideos- information on Andiks products andservices
Charm King 8.0.1
PlayQ Inc
Once upon a time, a new game appeared to lay claim to the titleofthe most charming Match 3 puzzle game in the world! WelcometoCharm King! Play now and embark on a magical journey throughafairy tale kingdom, filled with fun, adventure, and humor.Alongthe way you will meet unforgettable characters andsolvechallenging puzzles to help everybody live happily everafter.CHARM KING FEATURES: • Completely FREE to play with THOUSANDSofcharming levels • ENJOY beautifully vivid HD graphics • RELAXandde-stress with soothing game play and audio • LAUGH OUT LOUDwithhilarious fairy tale stories and cute characters •CHALLENGEyourself to solve tricky puzzles • PLAY and progress withfriends •WIN spectacular boosts to blast through challenges •Alwayssomething new to unlock with DAILY and SEASONAL EVENTS!Please noteCharm King is completely free to play but some in-gameitems suchas extra moves or lives will require payment. You canturn-off thepayment feature by disabling in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings. 32.0
Mix and match colorful and yummy ingredients to solve over1000levels in Tasty Tale, a highly amusing and addictive freepuzzleadventure. You are the chef in restaurants around theworldpreparing and serving tasty dishes from hundreds of recipeslikesalads, burgers, cookies, candies, cakes or pizza bycombiningvegetables, fruits, meat, fish and many more. Travel theworld andserve up your classic creations to wonderfully amusingcutecharacters such as Grandma, Pinocchio, The Three Little Pigs,RedRiding Hood and many more in places like „Petit Paris“,„ElSombrero“, „Mermaid Kingdom“, „The Candy Factory“ or the„CasinoPalace“. Can you cook better than your friends? Why don'tyou jumpin and cook your way up to the top? Enjoy the challenge andcomeand see why Tasty Tale is such an entertaining and funnytreat.REVIEWS: „I love this game! It's fun and veryaddictive.“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ „This game is addictive. Can‘t stop playingeveryoneshould try this game“ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ „Love this game so much.Itentertains me and makes me hungry to eat for eachlevel...Hahaha!:)“ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STAR FEATURES: 🍓 Easy to learn,hard to master 🍓Colorful and vivid graphics 🍓 Over 1000 yummylevels withchallenging obstacles 🍓 Leaderboards to compete with andcrush yourfriends 🍓 Unlock and master the power of SuperIngredients 🍓Seamless synchronization with Facebook to play on PC,phone ortablet 🍓 Boosters to help you through tough levels 🍓AmusingCharacters 🍓 Spin the wheel of fortune to get your dailyrewardLast, but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohasplayed Tasty Tale! Already a fan of Tasty Tale? Like us onFacebookfor the latest news andevents: So what are youwaiting for?Plenty of yummy recipes are waiting for you to becooked in themost exquisite match 3 puzzle adventure. Play now!Please note thatTasty Tale is completely free to play but somein-game items suchas extra moves or lives will require payment.Imprint: Terms ofuse:
Tropicats: Match 3 Games on a Tropical Island 1.53.190
Meet the adorable cats and kittens of TROPICATS! Play, Build&Decorate a tropical cats island while playing one of thecutest 3match games free! – Introducing one of the most popularFREE MATCH3 GAMES ONLINE - Tropicats by Wooga! An amazing adventureon atropic island and matching games where you get to play match 3freegames and solve puzzles game online, while you BUILD ANDDECORATE ATROPICAL ISLAND! It’s the cutest and most addicting catgame in the3 in a row games world! Embark upon mysteriousadventures in one ofthe most addicting match 3 free online games ofall paradiseislands! Download this cat app today and start playingMatchinggames & puzzle games online now! Help the Tropicatsrebuild anddecorate their Paradise Island. While building a catisland, enjoynew fun-filled match three puzzle games and quests onthe tropicalisland with the cutest kittens and cats! Help uncoverthe mysteriesabout the Great Totem. Test your three in a row gamematchingskills to save the cats’ Tropical Island. Compete againstotheradventure Matching game and puzzle solving lovers in ourfunmatch-3 tournaments! Each tournament rewards you withfurrrtasticprizes! Discover beautiful sunny levels on a paradiseisland withfun free match 3 puzzle games Set off on a new questwith theTropicats cat family. Meet cuddly cute cats like Olivia,the clevergardener, and help her solve puzzles with your matchthree puzzlesolving skills. Join Elsie, your brave assistant, andher annoyinglittle brother Kip, for the best match-3 game free everon aparadise island! Match three in a row to help this cute catfamilyrebuild their island! Build and decorate your Tropical Islandwhileplaying matching games While you uncover the exciting mysteryofthe Great Totem, you can help the cats feel at home by buildinganddecorating their village on a beautiful tropical island, makingita true cat paradise island again! Decorating a cat island forthemost adorable and cute cats will be a blast! Play free match 3gameand embark on the best adventure game! Enjoy the fruitymatch-3games, reveal new mysteries, rebuild and decorate theTropicalIsland all with the cutest cat family – the Tropicats! IT’SAMATCH-3 MYSTERY - Join the Tropicats for a pawsomemysteriousadventure. CUTE KITTENS – The Tropicats are sooo cute,and theylove playing fun match 3 games. FREE CAT MATCHING GAME –Play funfruit matching puzzles with the Tropicats. It’s so juicy!PAWSOMESTORY - With loads of quests to complete, you’ll never runout ofthings to do on your tropical island. MAKE A WISH – Playmatchinggames and win gifts to make the cats' dreams come true! THEPAWFECTPLACE – Create and decorate the kittens’ village exactly howyouwant, and bring your tropical paradise to life. Tropicats isatropical island game that is free to download and play, but italsoallows you to purchase virtual items with real money insidethegame. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’ssettings.You may require an Internet connection to play Tropicatsand toaccess its social features. Tropicats may containadvertising.Facebook:
Fruit Go – Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.8.38
PICOO Design
Fruit Go is a classic match-3 puzzle game filled withcolorfulfruits and magical elements. The delicious fruits alongyour way ofjourney, and the endless puzzles make it both refreshingand fun!Bunny’s travel It’s the one of a kind brainteaser game!Yourmission is to travel with Dr. Birdy and Bunny and tastedeliciousfruits in your journey. With Dr. Birdy’s help, you cansolvedifferent puzzles and achieve goals, and in it enjoy theexcitementand fun of crushing fruits. We have lovely graphics andsoundeffects to make the game even more addictive!How to Play• SwapandMatch 3+ identical fruits!• Achieve your goal in each level!•Letthe Fruit Go! As many as you can!• Special fruit with magicpowerwill come to help!• Use powerful boosters to clearobstacles!Uniqueepisodes and levels• Forest, desert, sea and snowland, all kindsof delicate and eye-catching scenes.• Special levelsto achieve.Enjoy ice cream, soda, donut and other delicious food,and meethedgehog and lion in your journey.• Hundred of levelsavailable nowwith more to come.Easy and fun- Easy-to-playinterface, all youneed to do is swap & match.- With thecolorful and powerfulitems, you can get rid of all blocks and enjoytheexcitement.Support Enjoy the game and share your feedbackorquestions to: fruitgo2017@gmail.comHave fun playing Fruit Go now!
Sweet POP Mania : Candy Match 3 1.6.6
▣ Sweet POP Mania - A sweet matching puzzle game! ▣ Enjoy asweetgame of matching candy, jelly, and ice cream! ▣ 700 excitinglevelsand stages filled with sweet candy. ▣ Explore various worldthemesand play over 700 challenging levels. ▶ Sweet POP ManiaOfficialFan Page : This gamesupports'한국어', 'Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語','中文简体','中文繁體', 'Deutsch', 'français', 'Español', 'ไทย','Русский','Arabic'. 【 How to play Sweet POP Mania 】 ☞ Match 3 ofthe samecolored candies to earn points. ☞ If you match 4 candies,theybecome a special candy! ☞ Use the power of special candiesforspecial advantages. ☞ Clear stage missions with a given numberofmoves. ▣ Achieve a 3 Star Rating! ▣ Use your best move toclearchallenges and obtain 3 stars! ▣ A variety of missionsandobstacles provide exciting new challenges. ▣ More than700different missions await to challenge you. ▣ A strong,addictivegame! ▣ An addictive Match 3 Puzzle game you can pick upand playany time! ▣ A fun puzzle game! ▣ A simple puzzle game ofmatching 3identical sweets of the same color. Free fun with a highlevel ofstrategy! - This game is acceptable for purchasing theitemspartially. When purchasing the items, the additional costscould beoccurred and limited Consumer Right of Defense according totheitem types. ▶ Let's Enjoy SUPERBOX ◀ ☆ SUPERBOX Official Website☞ ☆ SUPERBOX Official Fan Page☞ ☆ SUPERBOX Customer Center☞E-Mail :
Mermaid - treasure match-3 2.36.0
LLC Progress
WANNA PLAY WITH PRINCESS MERMAID? The ocean holds many secretsandmysteries. Mermaid is the princess and the greatest treasure oftheocean. She has always liked to collect seashells, swim tryingtooutrace pirate ships, keep watch over sea stars, play with fishanddolphins and solve difficult puzzles. But once upon a timeseaanimals have found themselves in danger: bunches of trashweredropped into the ocean. Mermaid can’t abandon her friends andherkingdom! Help Mermaid to clean the sea world from the trashandrescue fish, sea stars and dolphins avoiding dangerous sharksandjelly-fish. Solve ocean puzzles and don’t get caught inpiratenets! “Mermaid – treasure match-3 puzzle” is an excitingmatch-3adventure in the sea world: solve puzzles, unlock secrets,collectseashells, rescue fish from glass jars and cans, popbubbles, saveup treasures and get a reward from Princess Mermaid!The main taskfor the mistress of the sea is to rescue all the fish!And you canhelp Mermaid to make paradise ashore and in depth of theocean.Dive to the sea world and plunge into match-3 adventures! Youwon’tbe able to stop playing the game, because “Mermaid –treasurematch-3 puzzle” is: - Well-loved match-3 puzzle genre. - Alot ofsecrets and mysteries. - You won’t be bored during the game!Morethan 46 sea worlds and 1900 levels of puzzles. And each 2weeksthey are getting more and more! Adventure continues! - Prettyseaanimals: fish, dolphins, sea stars, jelly-fish, octopuses andmanyothers. - It’s even more interesting to play! There are2additional ways to complete each level. - All pirates willbedefeated! Varity of boosters and bonuses will help to improveyourskill! - Offline gaming mode! - It’s absolutely free match-3game,but you can buy some game elements, for example, additionalmoves.- NO ADS. Sea world is waiting for you! Install “Mermaid –treasurematch-3 puzzle” for free and play right now! Subscribe forofficialfan-page to know about updates before everyone else!Facebook:
Crafty Candy – Match 3 Adventure 2.4.0
Match Magical Candies with OVER 5 MILLION PLAYERSWORLDWIDE!Challenge yourself to thousands of DELICIOUS PUZZLES inaspellbinding magical MATCH 3 GAME! Join Candice, anapprenticewitch, and Cookie, the adorable kitten, through anenchanted landof sweet treats! From marshmallow madness to gooeychocolatewaterfalls, discover the tastiest adventure ever! Enjoythis FREEGAME on your own or with friends, by matching deliciouslycolorfulcandies, and craft spells to blast your way to the top!Train yourbrain with a variety of perplexing puzzles, cast fizzyfireworks,and WIN ENCHANTING PRIZES! Spin the daily wheel to claimfreerewards and boost your progress to the next level. DOWNLOAD NOWANDENJOY: • 1,000’s of fantastically fun levels! • Escape intoacandylicous world dripping with creamy cakes, juicy jelly,sweetsoda, and lovely lollipops! • Unlock sweet new looks withtheWitch's Wardrobe! • Outwit the tricky witch, Trixie, inmagicalCandy battles! • Connect to Facebook to seamlessly syncyourprogress across devices! • Keep track and compare yourprogresswith your Facebook friends! Have fun playing Crafty Candy!Learnmore about the game!Facebook: FacebookGroup: Questions?Contactour player support team ifyou needhelp! Have fun playing Crafty Candy! © 2015 - 2019OutplayEntertainment Ltd. Crafty Candy is a registered trademarkofOutplay Entertainment. All rights reserved. Developer INFO:OutplayEntertainment is a leading developer of the match 3 genre.Creatingfantastic worlds, lovable characters, and excitinggameplay. Checkout our other free match 3 puzzle games; MysteryMatch & BootyQuest for the very best match 3 on mobile! Makesure to visit thestore often for all new candy, magic spells, andevents we'veadded! Begin your match three adventure today!
Jewels Temple 1.9.3
Move the Jewelry to match the same 3 pieces and clearvariousmissions experience 1000 stages and special jewels![Features] -brain puzzle game with simple rule - no play limit suchas heart,play as much as you can! - can play even without network!- gamefile is as low as 30M, light-weight download! - supportstabletscreen - supports 14 languagesHomepage:
Wooly blast - Top blasting game 😍😸 2.8.9
Welcome to the incredible world of Wooly Blast, thecolorfulmatching puzzle game that puts you in a 3D world! WoolyBlast is a3D spinner game that is challenging, but is very relaxingandcaptures your attention with a lovely colorful world. Itssuperiorgame design and smooth gameplay relieves stress throughandcombines challenging puzzles and fun! Challenge your brainandblast matching color blocks! Spin your playing field anddefeatenemies, explode bombs and use powerful boosts! Try your luckwithroulette. Spin around 3D puzzles and explore this fun world.JustTAP, SCROLL and BLAST all the blocks away! Use your matchgameskills and power-ups to solve the puzzles. Advance throughcolorfulmaps and amazing 3D stages to see more of the woolyworlds.FEATURES YOU WILL LOVE: *Free to play *Unique 3D gameplay.*Dailyrewards! *Updates all the time! *Unique gameplay
Witch Jewels Twinkle Star 1.4
witch jewels twinkle star twinkle jewels is a very addictive match3witch puzzle game Join the magical hocus pocus and highlyaddictivematch 3 game about witchy charms and enchanting spells!Enter thehaunted castle of the magic wizards and solve the witchpuzzleadventure of sorcery. Every started brewing elixirs andcharms? Swappotions and combine the most magical potions in thispop of spells.This highly addictive witch puzzle adventure isready for you, areyou ready too? Start the match 3 game and beginthis story of magicwizards in the haunted castle of sorcery. Enjoyand swap potionsuntil you win! +++ features of witch jewels+++ ✔New match-3 puzzlegame with splendid graphics with leaderboardsand accomplishments. ✔1000+ well-designed levels - each one isunique and full of fun andamazing challenges - and more to come! ✔Fantastic unmatchedgraphics that you have never seen before. ✔Eye-catching animationswhich will bring you into the adventurousworld. ✔ Extra boosters,well-designed power-ups and limitless waysto play! ✔ Maneuver andburst the matching items to move to thenext level. ✔ Share yourlevel scores and adventure journey withyour friends
Clash of Diamonds - Match 3 Jewel Games 11.1452.148
Clash of Diamonds - a jewel world with classic jewels match 3puzzlegames. Match and pop jewels with dazzling combinations infunchallenges to solve all levels and complete the quest! How toplay:- Crush magic gems and jewels in special quests - Match 3diamondsor more similar jewels tiles on the board - Swap colorfuljewels andbecome the best sweeper prince - Best classic jewelgames on themarket - Jewel world with great jewel games - Classicmatch 3 freegames of diamonds - Try your best to make supercombinations andrelease boosting super match powers - Pass thelevels in less movesto get a higher score Features: - Completelyfree games in adazzling jewel world - Best match 3 games foradults and kids -Wonderland of gems and jewels and diamonds -Popular jewel games onthe Android market - More than 5 millionplayers already - Easy toplay and hard to master - Match 4 jewelsin a row to createsparkling effects - Match 5 jewels or gems for adazzling blast Oursparkling puzzle adventure in the princewonderland is ready andcraving for you to solve the jewels quest.Swap gems and diamonds tobecome the sweeper prince. Solve everyquest in this jewel worldthat’s filled with challenging jewelgames and be the best! Let’splay Clash of Diamonds now and enjoymatch 3 free games!
Puzzle & Dragons 18.1.1
Multiplayer Mode has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons, thego-tochoice for the mobile Puzzle RPG experience. Team up withyourfriends and tackle all new enemies! Puzzle & Dragons isboth anaddictive and FREE match-3 puzzle game withclassicmonster-collecting RPG fun! - INTUITIVE AND ENGAGINGAssemble ateam of monsters to embark in dungeons and challengeenemies!Combat is simple--just match 3 orbs of a particularattribute tomake the monster with the same attribute on your teamattack. Ifyou can chain together multiple combos and attributes,you not onlyincrease your damage, but can attack using othermonsters from yourteam! - DIVERSE MONSTERS WITH INCREDIBLEABILITIES With over 2000unique monsters to collect, there’svirtually no limit to thenumber of different team combinations youcan assemble. Monsterssynergize with each other, enhancing eachother's abilities andmaking teams more effective in battle. Buildthe team that suitsyour playstyle! - RECIPES FOR EVOLUTION Monsterscan evolve intonew and more-powerful forms. Choose betweenbranching evolutionpaths to optimize your monster collection toyour choosing. - BRINGYOUR FRIENDS INTO BATTLE Exchange IDs withfriends andacquaintances to bring their monsters onto your team!In-gamemessaging and social features will also help to keep youengagedand active in the Puzzle & Dragons community.- MULTIPLAYERDUNGEONS! Puzzle & Dragons becomes even more funwithMultiplayer Mode! Cooperate with a friend and challengeMultiplayerDungeons once you reach a certain rank! With a thriving,activecommunity and regular social events/updates, the world ofPuzzle& Dragons is constantly expanding. It’s also completelyFREE toplay, so there’s nothing to stop you from building anawe-inspiring(or cute) team of dragons today! Note: Puzzle &Dragons is freeto download and play. However, there are in-apppurchases availableto expand upon your gameplay experience. If youdo not wish to usethese features, you can disable in-app purchasesin your device’ssettings. In-app purchases are available via the“Shop” icon withinthe app. Please refer to In-App Purchases for theprice tiers. *Anetwork connection is required to play.
Water Splash - Cool Match 3 1.6.8
"The world’s coolest new matching 3 adventure, Water Splash!Matchthe colorful water balloons and feel cool streams! AdorableotterOris really loves water! One day, evil crocodile Mr. Crokerinvadedthe Animal’s cities and stole town’s water! Match theballoons asmany as possible with Oris and defeat the evilcrocodile! Clearlevels and bring water back for Oris and hisfriends! You can takeon this delight alone or play with friends andfamily to see whocan get the highest score! It's best match 3 gamefor adults andkids! Water Splash features • Never ending excitingmatch 3 puzzlegame! : Over 1,900 awesome levels! Updates will becontinued! •What if I match the cross balloon with the colorballoon…? : Matchthe various types of balloons as many as you can!If you match morethan 4 balloons, you will get a special balloon!You can even crushsolid rocks! • Who is the best match 3 mania? :Play with friendsand see who can get the highest score! If you getthe highestscore, you are the best match 3 mania! Can you clear alllevelswith 3 stars? If you have a mania for match 3 game, challengenow!• Who moved my candy? : If you match the balloon with thecandy,you will get sweet candies! Match the candies as many as youcanand get special gifts! Candies await you now! • Go! RubberDuck!Get rid of all obstacles! : With the colorful and powerfulitems,you can get rid of all obstacles such as mini crocodiles,dolphinsand rubber cones! • Whenever, wherever you are, matchingmust goon! : You can still enjoy Water Splash without internetaccess.Play Water Splash without wifi! Anywhere, anytime, matchtheballoons! • App store free download : Water Splash is FREEtodownload and play, however some game items such as extra movesorlives can also be purchased for real money. • Don’t missoutspecial gifts! : If you sign-in to Water Splash via Facebook,youwill receive special bonus and find various functions! If youhavea mania for match 3 game, If you have a mania for addictinggame,If you have a mania for awesome game, You must play this coolgame!A great way to pass time, Fantastic Matching 3 Adventure,WaterSplash! Are you ready for Water Splash? Like us on Facebook!.io.
Jewel Pop Mania:Match 3 Puzzle 6.0.2
Enjoy the wintry version of the classic match-3 puzzle gamethateveryone knows and loves! Swap and match crystals and gems inallkinds of icy bejeweled worlds, like Ice Castle and Dark Winter,forhours! Wanting more of a challenge? Be prepared for funobstaclessuch as breaking ice cubes and defeating the snowmen. Pickup thebonuses and unlock special power-ups to help you! StartplayingJewel Pop Mania: Match 3 Puzzle today! HOW TO PLAY • Swapand match3 or more jewels. • Complete the missions! • Achieve 3stars to getmore coins! • Score higher with boosters! FEATURES •Incrediblyeasy and straightforward gameplay • Easy to followtutorial •Well-polished, gorgeous graphics and stimulating visualeffects •Simply and easy UI design • Data Sync with Facebookaccount •Supports both phones and tablets NOTES • Jewel PopMania:Match 3Puzzle contains ads like banners, interstitials,videos and houseads. • Jewel Pop Mania:Match 3 Puzzle is free toplay, but you canpurchase in-app items like AD FREE and hints.HOMEPAGE• on FACEBOOK • usat if you have any questions, ideasforimprovements or experience any bugs when playing the game.Yourfeedback will be taken into account in future updates. Thankyoufor playing!
Cookie Crush - Match 3 Games & Free Puzzle Game 1.0.2
Here comes the Cookie Crush - Match 3 Games & Free PuzzleGameis an addictive & fun puzzle colorful game but morecolorfuleffects than ever to exercise your Cookie Crush skills.Jamyourcookies before they collapse in Cookie Crush, sprinkle a sweet,funand challenging cake to your traveling on new puzzle adventureanddiscover from around the world.This Cookie crush mania haswelldesigned puzzles for you to play in anytime and anywhere! BetheCookie Crush and unlock all castles in this Cake Jam game.Enjoythe best combination of game. Is available in 15 languageswith10.000 levels per language, so even the smartest Cake Jamgameenthusiasts will have a real challenge to complete thisgameBringthis Match 3 game cake crush jam 2 to the road filled withSmashand Cookies fun to your phone now !HOW TO PLAY:• Make Match3cookie games or swipe Cookie Crush game in a line to crushandremove them• Make the Jam your cookies down to the last linetopass the next level• Arcade Mode: Reach a specific goal tosolvethe puzzle saga• Time Mode: Match as fast as you can to levelup inCake Jam• Reach different level target to pass levels inyouradventureSCORE TIPS:• We recommend you scramble with friendstohelp pass cookie crush mania this easy• Our biggest update tothejam in Cake Smash ever includes 100,000 new style, inspired byourplayers sugar and reward jams to pop cultureFEATURES:• Easiertopick up and control than Cake Jam, and more addictive cookiegamesgame play• Controls via virtual analog stick or simple dragandswipe!• With 7 new color boom effects that becomes the only oneandvery sparkling in the Cake Jam games• Match 3 or more cookie inaline to crush them.• Match 4 cookie to create speciallightningitem can make a blast to destroy all cake crush jam in arow orcolumn.• Match 5 cookie with T or L shape to create specialCakeSmash can destroy all cookies around it.• Classic cookie games,youcan make thousands of not only sugar smash but also sweetandconfounding Gems here!• The color-changing Cake Jam puzzlecaneliminate to any other colored in each level.• Fascinatinggraphicsand beautiful spectacular boosters, splendid HD colorfulgraphics!•The timing Cake Jam free can extend the playing time.•Outstandinggraphics and music, easy to play, hard to stop!• Let'srecreate thecupcake and sugar smash matching 3 sweep games aroundthe world!•Unique and delicious cupcake and candy set with cookieand sugar ineach level gives you tons of sweet challenge.• Manycolorfulexplosions with type of the Cake Smash.• Over 10.000magical levelswith more tons and challenges in cookie matching 3for endless FUN!Await you enjoy the app! and we will update morelevels time bytime• Totally free for all players and fascinatinggraphics withspecial design Cookie Crush Mania.• Cookies and sugarcan bevertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards.• Obtainhint inseveral ways to solve difficult puzzles cookies and sugar•Hiddenextra words are waiting to be discovered!• Let us experiencethesweet cookie delights and sugar smash, whip your way tomakedelicious cake smash!• The bomb Cake Jam can eliminate thegemsgame around with multi color for more fun.• Suitable for bothkidsand adults to train cookie delights games and enhancinggeniesskill• Fortune Cookie Crush free with surprising rewards!•QUESTcontents in Cake Jam• Visually pleasing to play Cookie CrushManiain various kinds! NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!• You can play offlineinanytime in the Cookie Crush ManiaCookie Crush - Match 3 Games&Free Puzzle Game is a fascinating puzzle game for freeeveryone,which is more addictive than Cookie Games, and you canfind endlessinterest from it.Welcome to the sweet fairytale worldfull ofcookies and sugar in Cake Jam 2018 ! Let the manuscript forthecookie and sugar, sweep the cupcake all over the world !
Calming Lia 3.176
Mingle Games
Help Bao to calm Lia with her nightmares and save the dream!CalmingLia is a glamorous match 3 adventure game. Travel throughfunworlds, Deep Sea, Spooky Circus and much more in thisglamorousmatch 3 adventure of Lia’s dreams. Slide and match 3 ormore tosave Lia’s dreams! Beat challenging match 3 levels and relaxyourmind. Collect magic charms, beautiful diamonds and shinygold!FEATURES ● 800+ match 3 adventure levels to beat ● Anadventure setin a dreamland of Lia and the brave bear Bao! ●Hand-drawn art andlovely animations! ● Magic box with chances towin goodies! ●Collect unique bonuses! ● Magic charm collection! ●Leaderboards towatch your friends and compete for the best score! ●Play dailygold mine challenge! ● Invite your friends to help you onthisjourney and get your rewards! ● Unlock magic treasure chests asyoutravel through the game! ● Easy to play and challenging tomaster!Play Calming Lia and embark on glamorous match 3 adventuregame! Wevalue your feedback, so let us know if you have any dreamideas forus to implement: Findout moreabout Lia and brave Bao quest at with Lia and brave Bao quest onFacebook Follow Lia and brave BaoonTwitter Follow Lia and braveBaoon Instagram Lia is a completely free-to-play match-3 adventuregame,but some items in the game are offered as in-app purchases.You canturn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchasesin yourdevice’s settings if you choose to.
Birds: Free Match 3 Games 11.820.29
Birds is a cute and addictive birds match 3 puzzle game that youcanenjoy playing for hours. Rescue the birds and make them happy!Match3, 4 or 5 in a row to create special combo's and boosters forhugeeffects and win! Let’s enjoy hours of endless fun in thispuzzleadventure. You can fly away and flap with all the differentwildlifebirds to the most beautiful destinations. While you’reenjoyingamazing bird sounds! Join our world of birds and win match3 puzzlegames in this bird land. Features: - Amazing world mapwith wildlife- Facebook connection for friends and high scores -Enormous amountof levels to play - Swap, flap and tap the birds -Classic match 3puzzle video games gameplay - Free match 3 games toplay Help us byrating our match 3 games with a lot of stars. Youcan also follow uson Facebook:
Halloween Magic Match 3 1.0.25
Play now this fun new match 3 game for adults with a HalloweenMagicMatch 3! Solve magic puzzles, unlock brain puzzling levelsand enjoyhours of fun in this highly addictive match 3 game!DOWNLOAD FORFREE and challenge your brain now! Match 3 games havenever been sofun: help the cute little Witch advance through thisnew puzzle gameby solving puzzles presented by the powerfulWizard! Get ready andjoin millions of boys, girls and adults inthis brand new match-3puzzle game! Halloween Magic Match 3 is FREEto play with FREEupdates including new levels, obstacles, treats,and more everyweek! JOIN THIS PUZZLE ADVENTURE - Match your waythrough the magicworld of Witch Puzzle - Match enchanted itemsfrom Halloween such asskulls, pumpkins and poisoned apples toclear the board - SpecialLevels: super hard puzzles, great forbrain training - CompletelyFREE to play Connect social and playwith friend, help them, sendthem more live or send request tothem. With every friend youinvited, you will receive an certaincoin, play with friend, morefun, and more exciting. Thank you fordownloading our HalloweenMagic Match 3 game and scoring a lot ofstars in our game. And wesuggest we develop in the next version.
Pocket Candy:Match 3 adventure 1.0.6
Top puzzle game: Earn up to three sparkly stars on each stageofthis adventure puzzle.Candy match 3: Make top game matcheswithcolorful candies and enjoy fun games.Fun game: Savor tastygraphicsand luscious animations.More than 1,500 levels, there is ahugechallenge. Many sweet candy & Hateful thief. Completelyfree toplay,- Free props, no purchased.The perfect gamingexperience, funindex is very, very high! Easy and fun to play,challenge mastery!
com.fruitforest.match3games 1.2.9
Fruits Forest Match 3 is a match 3 puzzle game withdeliciousraspberry and berry in which you basically have to crush 3candyfruits or more to get some nice points and advance more inthegame!It is a classic match 3 game for kids or youngsters to playintheir spare time with forest pudding or jelly crush butter! Beginajourney to rescue the forest from evil beaver! The happyForestanimals will guide you to crush the candy fruits andcreatevegetables combos!Join us into a surreal adventure in thecandyfruit and forestland and of course the famouswonderland!Preparefor wonderful mountain animations and chocolatestreams coming outof the chocolate trees! Features: ◆ Brand newpower-ups and ways toplay! ◆ fruit to concoct sweet treats! ◆ Swapand blast your waythrough ever expanding new worlds! ◆ Check backoften for events,free rewards and new levels! ◆ Free and filledwith adventure!Fruits Forest Match 3 is FREE to play with FREEupdates includingnew levels, obstacles, treats, and more everyweek! Last but notleast, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohas played FruitsForest Match 3 for free! 

Puzzle Games: Candy, Jelly & Match 3 13.0
The sweetest Match of the match 3 games free and puzzle gamesfreeof the year! Play for free and match three games.Join thefantasticsugary adventure in the candy kingdom and collect alldelicioustreats. Explore candy world and discover over 100 joyfulandcolorful levels. Make combinations to get more scores to winlevel!Get the scores and buy sweet boosters that will help yousucceed.Crush all the sweet candies to unlock unique bonuses.Try toget 3stars on every level and will be the best in the candy world!GameFeatures:🍬 Classic match 3 games genre — match three gamesforandroid!🍬 NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play! 🍬Excitegameplay and interesting game modes;🍬 One-touch gamecontrol;🍬Friendly user interface;🍬 Extremely addictive;🍬Deliciouslollipops;🍬 Hundreds of challenging levels;🍬 Cool comboand amazingexplodes;🍬 You can play anywhere;🍬 Candy world for allages — forchildren and adults;How To Play:✔ Get Puzzle Games:Candy, Jelly& Match 3 from Google Play✔ Collect candies 3 in arow.✔ Enjoyone of the best 3 in a row games!FollowUs:VK:
Ferdinand: Unstoppabull 1.0.7
Koukoi Games
Guide the mighty bull FERDINAND and his friends on anexcitingPuzzle Adventure! Solve puzzles and have fun in this funMatch-3& Idle game combo where you dance through beautifulSpanishlandscapes on an epic quest to spread joy and thedancingspirit!Play as FERDINAND and match blocks to bust outawesome dancemoves to make the Ferdinand movie’s characters happyand join yourdancing! INCREDI-BULL!FUN FEATURES:• Hundreds of funlevels tosolve!• Use special musical note pieces to create awesomechainreactions• Boost your dance moves from the upgrade menu•Activateyour special abilities and dance powers for completingfuriousdance offs!• Unleash your hedgehog friends Una, Dos andQuatro tohelp to solve puzzles through auto-matchingThis game mayinclude:•Direct links to social networking and media websites thatareindented for an audience over the age of 13• Direct links totheInternet that can take players away from the game withthepotential to browse to any web page• Advertising of KoukoiGames’products and also products from third partiesThis game mayrequireInternet connectivity and subsequent data transfer chargesmayapply. This game is directed to general audience.Are youhavingproblems? Contact us (Englishonly).PrivacyPolicy:™&UNSTOPPABULL™ are trademarks of Twentieth Century FoxFilmCorporation. © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.AllRights Reserved.
Witch Puzzle - New Match 3 Games 2.10.0
Play now the best new match 3 game you will ever see:WitchPuzzle!Match 3 or more magic items to solve puzzles and enjoyhoursof fun in this highly addictive match 3 puzzle game playedbymillions of adults, girls and boys! Download for free andchallengeyour brain!Match 3 games have never been so fun! Help thecutelittle Witch in this new puzzle game by solving puzzlespresentedby the powerful Wizard! Get ready and join the adventurein thisbrand new match 3 puzzle game! HOW TO PLAY WITCH PUZZLE -MATCH 3GAMES- Swap and match 3 or more magic items- Collect freeprizeseveryday- Beat challenging enemies by matching items next tothem-Create powerful combos by matching more than 3 items - Trainyourbrain with more than 600 fun puzzle levels and countingJOINTHISPUZZLE ADVENTURE- Match your way through the magic world ofWitchPuzzle- Match enchanted items from Halloween such asskulls,pumpkins and poisoned apples to clear the board- ConnecttoFacebook to save your progress, check your rank in theleaderboardand ask lives for your friends- Special Levels: superhard puzzles,great for brain training- Completely FREE to play-Looking forgames you can play offline? No wifi needed to play WitchPuzzleMATCH FASTER WITH POWER-UPS- Magic Book: Match 5 items tocreateit. Combine it with an item to destroy all matching items -MagicCombo: Match Magic Fire and Crystal Ball to create a combo-WizardSpell: Clear all the items of the game- Free Move: Move anitemfreely, even without a match - Magic Broom: Sweep an item fromthegame- Magic Wand: Select 8 connecting items to destroy them,evenwithout a match Start your adventure with this witch themedmatch 3puzzle game to unleash the power of pure magic right away!PlayWitch Puzzle for never-ending fun!ABOUT UPBEAT GAMESOur missionisto create the best, cool, fun and engaging games to be playedforfree anywhere on mobile devices. We want to make boys, girlsandadults happy with our Upbeat Games!
block puzzle 1.7.1
block puzzle, is a free block puzzle game, created by Let'sFungame.If you like play puzzle game or jigsaw photo puzzle game,youcan't miss block puzzle.Characteristic: 1. Simple & easytoplay, suitable for all ages. 2. Simple operation: Justmovedifferent shapes of the box and fill the blank, you can levelup.3.A wide variety of levels: More than 800levels.FunctionIntroduction: 1. Drag the box to the blank area. 2.Fill the blankspace with the different boxes that provided. 3.Daily tasks andrewards of different kinds. 4. The higher the level,the richer therewards you will obtain. 5. When you encounterdifficulties, youcan use tips as the express way to pass thelevel.Like usonFacebook:
Bejeweled Blitz
Enjoy one minute of explosive match-3 fun from PopCapGames!Detonate as many gems as you can, 60 action-packed seconds atatime, in the hit puzzle game played by over 125 millionpeopleworldwide. Match three or more and create cascades of awesomewithFlame gems, Star gems, and Hypercubes. Use powerful Rare Gemsandupgradable Boosts to compete against friends, or challengeotherplayers and top the leaderboards in Blitz Champions. TOPTHELEADERBOARDS IN BLITZ CHAMPIONS Challenge other players acrosstheglobe when you compete in Blitz Champions Contests. Getmatchedwith players at your level and battle it out for the topscore.Accomplish a variety of tasks and show off your skills –eachContest features a new way to play. Change up your strategyandplay like a champion to win powerful rewards and toptheleaderboards! DISCOVER EXPLOSIVE EXCITEMENT Collect specialBoostslike Scrambler to scramble the board, or Detonator to blastallspecial gems, and add extra power and fun to each match.Thenupgrade them up to 10 times for scores that reach thestratosphere!Use Boosts any time and without spending Coins. Boostsneverexpire, so you can focus on upgrading the ones that work foryou.PERFECT YOUR STRATEGY WITH RARE GEMS Amazing and unique RareGemslike Sunstone and Plume Blast provide big scores and evenmoreexcitement. Combine them with Boosts to achieve unbelievablyhighscores. Play your way when you create mighty combinationsofglittering Rare Gems and three Boosts to develop your ownpersonalapproach. SPARKLING NEW CONTENT Feast your eyes on freshvisualsand enjoy remixed audio that has been overhauled to improveyourexperience. Play live events with players around the worldandcomplete special tasks each week to earn amazing rewards. Plus,getin the game faster than ever with a rebuilt user experienceandsimplified navigation. Important Consumer Information. Thisapp:Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees mayapply).Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy andUserAgreement. Includes in-game advertising. Collects datathroughthird party analytics technology (see Privacy & CookiePolicyfor details). Contains direct links to the Internet andsocialnetworking sites intended for an audience over 13. UserAgreement: Privacy and CookiePolicy: Visit forassistance orinquiries EA may retire online features after 30 days'noticeposted on Do Not Sell MyPersonalInformation:
Happy Valentine - Match 3 1.00.0105
Match 3
Get ready for the sweetest match 3 puzzle adventure! Jointhisunforgettable adventure, play with your friends, beatcompetitorsto be a Happy Valentine!Happy Valentine is a brand newmatch 3puzzle game like no other! Happy Valentine has more than600levels, and more levels will be added regularly, every levelisdesigned professionally. It makes you keep playing for FREE!HOWTOPLAY★ Cake swap and match 3 or more sweet cakes of the sametocrush!★ Collect tasty cake material: candy, cookie,chocolate,honey, jelly, ice lolly and so on!★ Matching candy tobeat badbakers and chef!★ Play challenge levels to win HUGEBONUS!HappyValentine FEATURES★ Over 600 delicious levels, moreaddedregularly!★ Pass level 30 to unlock CHALLENGE levels and getHUGEBONUS!★ To be a Cake Maker MASTER, swap and match cake andcandy tobeat bad bakers!★ Tasty Cakes, wrapped and striped SpecialCandies,Color Bombs and various other magical boosters to helpwithcompleting levels.★ Collect daily bonus for a deliciousprize!EASYAND FUN PLAY★ Easy to control, fun to play, greatgraphics!★ Justswap & match with your single finger!NO TIMELIMIT★ Play atyour own pace!NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!★ Games you canplayoffline.Happy Valentine is completely free to play butsomeoptional in-game items will require payment.Have fun playingHappyValentine!
com.candybee.match3w 1.00.15
Play the #1 online match-3 puzzle game for FREE! Swap andmatchcandy, win awesome prizes and clear the board. Download CandyBeeMatch 3, unlock fun bonuses and win levels. For all of you fansofonline board games, get ready to fall in love with thispopularcrush game, available now for free on Android. Candy BeeMatch 3 isa fun match-3 puzzle game taking place in the candy game.Beginyour adventure today and explore plenty of exciting anddeliciousworlds and levels. Join Alex in the incredible journeyacross thesugar land and help her clear levels and collect awesomeprizes.Swap and match your way through new magical game worldsanddiscover the ultimate puzzle adventure! How to Play • Moveandmatch 3 candies of the same type to burst and win points. •Collectprizes and make special cookie combinations to create acookiecrush! • Boost your experience with awesome power-ups. • Playandenjoy thousands of colorful puzzle levels in this funaddictinggame. • Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars on everylevel.FEATURES: • Easy, addictive puzzle gameplay! Match andconnect onecolourful line of bees after another to unleash combos!• Challengeyour friends! Can you Candy Bee Match 3 enough to toptheir highscores? • Loads of different game modes: Pop the cheekyspiders'web, collect honey pots and much, much more! • Not toforget: Alifetime's supply of bee puns! We are always working hardto updatethe game and satisfy your puzzle needs! Already played andenjoyedthe game? Stay tuned for updates and do drop us a review!Also,check out these sources for all the latest news: Find bigmatcheson your way and see how many scores you can collect fromCandy BeeMatch 3. Candy Bee Match 3 is FREE to play with FREEupdatesincluding new levels, obstacles, treats, and more everyweek! Lastbut not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohas playedCandy Bee Match 3 for free! 

Merry Christmas: Match 3
Merry Christmas: Match 3 and new year game is aboutWinterWonderland and xmas games! Also our xmas countdown adventuresofsanta clause are the best of casual games and diamond gamesworld.Solve puzzles and decorate your christmas tree with toys,casualjewels and christmas games diamonds to celebrate the match 3gamesending of 2017 and meet the new 2018 games year!The MerryChristmas– match 3 diamond puzzle game – super puzzles of SantaClaus gameswhich won’t let you feel bored!Christmas is a holidaywhen childrenand adults believe in magic! They wait for Christmassurprises,decorate Christmas tree and eat candies. Santa Claus hasto behurry to deliver in time long-awaited sweet presents aroundtheglobe. Only for this holiday Christmas deers, the loyal friendsofSanta Claus, are able to take off with his casual sleigh to goforthe xmas adventures and deliver him to any corner of the worldfromhis land of Winter Wonderland. You can help to xmas gamesheroes byyour savvy and solving difficult, but very interestingmatch 3puzzles of Santa games. Get through the banks of snow! Match3Christmas toys in a row, overcome obstacles, take bonusesforsuccessfully completed levels and help Santa to givespecialpresents for each inhabitant. It is time for adventures andjewelmania!
Fruit Halloween Match 3 1.2.6
WordGame Inc.
Play now this fun new match 3 game for adults with aFruitsHalloween twist: Fruits Puzzle! Solve magic puzzles, unlockbrainpuzzling levels and enjoy hours of fun in this highlyaddictivematch 3 game! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE and challenge your brainnow! Match3 games have never been so fun: help the cute littleWitch advancethrough this new puzzle game by solving puzzlespresented by thepowerful Wizard! Get ready and join millions ofboys, girls andadults in this brand new match-3 puzzle game! ★ ★How to play FruitHalloween Match 3 ★ ★ ✔ Switch and crush 3 candyor more sweetcandy ✔ Crush 4 candy frenzy in a line to createlighting thunder ✔Crush 5 candy frenzy with T or L shape to createbomb ✔ Crush 5candy frenzy in a line to create color blossom ✔Combine 2 specialcakes to make a big surprised yummy blast! ✔Collect candy containgift time, double score Fruit Halloween Match3 is FREE to playwith FREE updates including new levels, obstacles,treats, and moreevery week! JOIN THIS PUZZLE ADVENTURE - Match yourway through themagic world of Witch Puzzle - Match enchanted itemsfrom Halloweensuch as skulls, pumpkins and poisoned apples to clearthe board -Special Levels: super hard puzzles, great for braintraining -Completely FREE to play ABOUT UPBEAT GAMES Our mission isto createthe best, cool, fun and engaging games to be played forfreeanywhere on mobile devices. We want to make boys, girls andadultshappy with our Upbeat Games!
Christmas Games - santa match 3 games without wifi
❄️Play Christmas Games Puzzle MATCH 3 GAMES FREE! So much iceinthis match three game . New free matching puzzle games oneachlevel with ice color candy. Not just fun for christmas gamesorwinter but train your brain and match icy fun items to crushallyear long in this free match 3 puzzle ! ❄️ To play match 3 , 4,or5, items for each puzzle. Tons of super color combos to match.Keep your mind icy and train your brain with strategy . Needyourbest strategy to clear all the matching items and puzzles foreachlevel. Can beat and play every level for free ! Only buy combostohelp you match but not needed to win this match 3 game ! ❄️ Nowifineeded - play online or offline - fast loading times ! Playthisbrain game app while waiting in train or traffic . If you can'tgetenough of free crush match 3 puzzles then add ChristmasGamesmatching puzzle to your calendar today, not just forchristmasgames ! Don't need wifi to play this new free match 3 game!
CUTE WARS PUZZLE BATTLE – Cats vs Dogs Match 3 1.2.3
Axelerum S.L.
Download for FREE "CUTE WARS PUZZLE BATTLE – Cats vs Dogs Match 3",and start joining balloons to beat your opponents in thisaddictivechallenge of mental agility!Join together balloons in thedifferentbattle fields to force explosions that are more powerfulevery time,before running out of lives.Join 3 balloons or morewith the samecolour to combine the power and perform more powerfulattacks.Create chain reactions, and if you clean the whole board,get readyto beat your rivals in all the other levels!"CUTE WARSPUZZLEBATTLE" comes for FREE, but you can accelerate yourprogression withsome in-app purchases.Are you ready for "CUTE WARSPUZZLE BATTLE"?√Play online against rivals of the oppositefaction. Choose what sideyou want to be in the millenary battlewith our nice protagonists. √Enjoy an addictive gameplay from thefirst time. Join 3 balloonswith the same colour at least toperform attacks in a very funnyway. √ Improve your skills playingin the 8 available levels (morecoming soon).√ Collect more than 15collars that will give youspecial and unique skills during yourgame.√ Discover what happenswhen you play with balloons next to acactus (join 3 balloons nearbyto water it).√ Join the weeklycompetition and win great prizes. √Go up every week in the CuteLeagues until you arrive to ChampionsLeague. √ Get your weeklyreward if your faction wins.√ Collect allthe characters you can.√Get rewards recruiting your Friends! √ Playwith Mimitos and Shibo,and their friends.•••••Download CUTE WARSPUZZLE BATTLE – Cats vsDogs Match 3 by eBabylonGames NOW!•••••*This game requiresInternet connection.Learn more abouteBabylonGames:http://www.ebabylongames.comDon’t miss our latestnews: Become afan of eBabylonGames: on Twitter:@EbabylonGamesEnjoy yourself with CUTE WARS PUZZLEBATTLE – Cats vsDogs Match 3, a FREE puzzle game but adding theemotion of themulti-player battles!
Gummy Paradise - Free Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.3.8
RV AppStudios
Play the sweetest match-3 puzzle game around! Simply draw a linetomatch the gummies and set the board alight with the mostcolourfulcombos and explosions ever! Queen Fairy rules the landofGummyville but needs your help! A troublesome bear, andhiscronies, are threatening the Gummy Paradise and your gummymatchingskills are desperately needed. Defeat dastardly baddies byswipingthrough lines of vivid gummies as fast as you can. Unlockamazingpower-ups and screen-clearing mega bombs with masterfulmatches andperfect timing. Gummy Paradise, is the perfect way tospend some‘me time’ and save a kingdom from candy chaos! Go on asugary sweetadventure in a world made out of gummies as you connectand matchyour way to victory. Fun features include: - Travel theGummyParadise saving the kingdom as you do! - Visit Honey Park,CandyGarden, Lollipop Lane and other super sweet locations - Bustoutthe Mega Jawbreaker, Blast Meter and the all-powerful GummyBoomand fill each screen with colourful explosions andspectaculareffects - Battle the devious bear and his crew and savethe land -Meet a cast full of super cute characters and friends -Connect toFacebook and share the Gummy Paradise love with friends -Play inlandscape or vertical mode - 1440 fresh and exciting puzzleswithmany more on the way Gummy Paradise is the funnest andmostcolorful drag and connect puzzle adventure that lets youexplore aworld filled with candy! The best new top rated puzzlegame thatwill keep you busy for hours. Connecting yummy sugaryjuicy jelliesis way more fun, what are you waiting for? DownloadNow! PrivacyPolicy -
Block Puzzle Legend Mania 1.0001
Block Puzzle Legend Mania is a new match three colors and poptheblocks game with unique and special game play like neverbefore!the mission is to match puzzle blocks that can createboosters andcomplete the block puzzle levels, with 900 LEVELS andNO LIVESSystem like in other match 3 games, play as much as youwant andenjoy this great block blast and pop game like youwontbelieve!your target in the game is to blast the blocks andsolvethe level puzzle, the more blocks you pop the better boostersyouwill get that will help to to solve the puzzle and bring downallthe toy to blast.the game is challenging, it look easy at starttohelp you learn it but afterwards you will have the think hardandconsider your tactics, we promise you that you will have thebesttime playing and as you progress you will enjoy it more andmore,there is nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks andsmashingall the cubes.HOW TO PLAY:just tap on 2 or more nearbycubes fromthe same color and make them blast to the quest pop.tapon 5 ormore and get a rocket pop booster.tap on 7 or more and get aquestpop bomb.tap on 9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle thatchangecubes to different color.tap on 11 or more and get theultimatemagic quest pop orb that will electrify and toy blast allcubesfrom the same color.combine boosts to get super magic effectsthatwill help you solve the pop puzzle in no time.if you get stuckon alevel you will find many free gifts on your journey, asyouprogress you will collect magic chest that will give youcrushingsurprises such as hammer blaster, magic wand stick, rainbowcrushbrush and many many coins if you want to buy them can also spin the lucky gift wheel and win surprisessowhen ever you get stuck remember you can always use thespecialboosts and complete the level by just solving the blockpuzzle.youwill find many special elements in the game:the snowfrozen icecube that prevent you from blasting the toy cube.thecloud maniablock that spread and grow to nearby blocks.the woodencraft boxesthat will pop and crush when you tap near them.the lockchain thatwill contain in jail your toy cube.and many many more!sowhat areyou waiting for? join the party and play the best game ofyourlife, you wont be sorry!