Top 49 Apps Similar to Online marketing

Marketing Plan Course 1.0
Detail your objectives, identifyyourtargetmarket and connect with your customers with asuccessfulmarketingplan!Dear Internet MarketerIs promoting your products and serviceseffectivelyandcompetitively in the online market seeming like aHerculeantask?Have you given up hopes of reaching your targetmarket withSEO andSEM? Are your search engine ads costlier thanyour earnings?Isyour bounce rate high and conversion rate low? Allis NOT lostyet!There is an easy way of attracting and convertingvisitorsintolong term clients!Show Up on Every Search Result by FormulatinganEffectiveMarketing PlanDid you know that in 2000, the Internet was usedby360,985,492people worldwide? Now, the Internet usage is1.7billion, which is25% of the earth’s population, and thisnumberis constantlygrowing! Google sees 31 billion searches everymonth!You can showup on these search results very easily if youhave astrongmarketing plan and an efficient team to execute it! Doyouknow themany benefits of formulating a comprehensivemarketingplan?Get to know your target market, focus on specificgeographiczonesthat has your potential customers and count yourprofits fromthevery first dayImpress your financers and fill them with confidence inyouwiththe fact that you know your target market thoroughlyandwillachieve your objectivesFind new leads and create new networking prospectsforyourselfand your businessIdentify your precise client needs, designyourproductsaccordingly and see the demand graph surgeOutline different measures for generating money foryourdailyoperations, repay old debts and double your profitsIdentify your competitors, analyze your competitiveadvantageandget ahead in the raceFind out the potential areas of growth, evaluate themarketdemandfor new products and services and launchthemsuccessfullyConduct market experiments to check whether yourstrategiesareyielding the desired resultsInterpret information correctly, makerealisticfinancialprojections and gear your business in thedirection ofgrowthIdentify the strengths and weaknesses in yourbusinessskills;capitalize on your strong points, get rid of yourflaws andgrowyour business smartly and quicklySee your website featuring in different search resultsandenjoybrand exposure like never beforeUse How to Create a Successful Marketing Planto Become an Online Sensation in No TimeDid someone tell you that social media optimization willgiveyourwebsite the necessary leverage? It is true that there areover50million Facebook users. It is also a fact that Twitteruserssend outover 1,000,000,000 tweets per weeks. However,promoting onsocialnetworking sites are just ONE way of branding.There aremany otherways in which you can get more and more peopletorecognize yourbusiness…and this is possible only by developingasystematicmarketing plan.Learn internal linking to reach out to yourpotentialcustomers,easily and quickly.Formulate a winning link strategy and insure a high pagerankonGoogle.Add appropriate keywords, optimize your website’scontentandshow up on the first search engine results page!Give a boost to your Alexa ranking and see a markedincreaseinthe inflow of targeted traffic.Strategize your ad placements, appear for everyrelevantsearchquery and let people wonder why your business seemsto showupeverywhere in the online world!Learn the tricks of getting high turnovers onverylowinvestments.Become an undisputed leader in your field within amatterofweeks.Sit back, relax, see your business take wings and allyourdreamscome true!
Sales Marketing 1.0
Sales and Marketing Guides. FreeSales&Marketing Guides about:Email MarketingProduct CreationProductivitySocial Media TacticsTraffic TacticsUpsell TacticsWeb Copy TacticsEasy Guides to increase your knowledge aboutSales&Marketing.
SMS Marketing 1.2
Anique Azhar
1.Sends SMS to Client and customer .2.Maintains unlimited lists of phone numbers.3.Sends entered sms to their relevant phone numbers ,notifythemwith offers , discounts and other quires which are typedinbox.4.Save Phone numbers as sorted lists permanently.
Local Marketing Course 1.0
With so much Internet marketingeffortsgoingon, are you taking advantage of all the localmarketingefforts youcan take advantage of?It can often be overlooked in both Internet andlocalmarketing,the extent of local marketing techniques andstrategiesthat can beapplied, which can boost your business tonewheights.This course is not so much of a course, but ratheracomprehensivelist of 101 local marketing strategies, tipsandtactics that youmost certainly should consider adding toyourmarketing arsenal.Some of these ideas are more traditional, such asyellowpagesadvertising and classified ads. Of course that doesn’tmeantheyshould be neglected.Other ideas are traditional, but not used as much, or Ishouldsaynot always used as effectively as they could.Directresponsemarketing and publicity are two that come tomind.And then there are really creative ideas thatareoftenoverlooked, such as valuable joint venturesandstrategicalliances. Some of these ideas have the potentialtoreally delivera lot of leads and sales with minimaltraditional“work.”You’ll find these ideas start out somewhatsimplisticallyandgradually get more creative and complex. So dig inandstartthinking about how you could apply these ideas toyourbusinesstoday!Here's what you'll get:* 101 effective ways to promote your business* Traditional local marketing strategy* Creative local marketing tips and ideas* Free advertising and exposure through publicity* Networking and mutual partnering with other businesses* Profiting off of existing and former customersAnd much, much more ...
Marketing ToolKit 1.402
D Basden
Welcome to the Marketing ToolKitmobileapp.This app is one of the best ways to stay in touchandup-to-datewith the latest marketing tools and strategies.Keep up on social media via: FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube,andourEvent and Message postings.You can even request a consultation with me.Download the Marketing Toolkit App for free, shareitwitheveryone you know, and Let's Stay Connected!!!
Marketing by HubSpot 2.10.5
On the go? Take HubSpot with you with ourappfor your Android smartphone. Us marketers, we move fast. Sodoesyour data. That’s why we created a powerful, integratedmobileexperience for your HubSpot marketing content and data, soyou’renever far away from what’s most important to you and yourbusiness.Our Android app includes the following HubSpot tools:Dashboard:See how your marketing efforts stack up against yourmonthlygoals last month, last three months or last year. You cantoggle toview offline and online sources as you please. Take a lookat youroverall email success, and see your top performingcampaigns.Sources:Find out which sources are doing well for you acrossanytimeframe and drill down to find out more about where yourvisits,contacts, and customers are coming from.Grader:Grade any website and share the results.Email:Search all your drafted, scheduled and sent emails. Checktheperformance of your email sends and follow up directly in-appwithany contact you wish.Contacts:Access all of your contacts and critical data, includingrecentform submission information, website visit history, socialnetworkinformation, and complete profile.Get push notifications for new form submissions.Lists:Search your Static and Smart Lists and dig into individuallistsand contacts in lists.Social Publishing:Schedule, edit and delete posts to Twitter, FacebookandLinkedIn. See what's coming up next for publication withourbuilt-in publishing calendar.Social Monitoring:Monitor streams of contact lists, Twitter lists or yourownkeywords, or your own streams like mentions, retweets, andsenttweets. Enable push notifications for streams that matterthemost.Widget:The HubSpot Dashboard widget lets you easily view yourwebsite’sVisits and Contacts data, right from your home screen.Install thewidget on an empty home screen, it automaticallyrefreshes every 30mins.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud 1.26.1827
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile App is a brand new way tomanageMarketing Cloud from anywhere. With the power to run yourmarketingfrom your phone or tablet, you can now track performanceacrossmultiple brands, take action and collaborate with your team.- Viewpast or future scheduled messages in your calendar -Trackperformance for your Emails & Automations - Take actionssuchas pause, cancel and resume for Email - Easily SwitchBusinessUnits to view data across the organization
Internet Marketing Tips 2.0
Do you sell products, services, orpromoteaffiliate offers via the internet? If so, you are part ofone ofthe fastest growing online industries! Internet Marketing isacomplex business with literally thousands of different areas.Thismakes the learning curve extremely difficult.This application was designed to take vast amounts ofinformationand condense them down into bite-sized chunks ofinformationallowing you to learn, without the overload. Designedto be readwhen you have free time, you won't find yourselfoverwhelmed orfrustrated.Each tip is designed to provide insight into a different realmofpossibility. The intention is to inspire you to explore anavenueyou haven't already looked at with the hopes of increasingyourproductivity and, ultimately, your money making abilities!
New Projects Marketing (NPM) 1.14
New Projects Marketing (NPM) - market andsellnew launchesFeatures:- Project Details- Elevation Plans- CRM- Agent Management- Duty Roster
Digital Marketing Magazine 2.0
Digital Marketing Guide Magazine - Find outhowto market your online or offline business effectively usingDigitalMarketing and Social Media, how to increase your salesthrough yourwebsite and much more. This is a superb guide forlocal businessowners and online marketers alike. Every issue ispacked full ofresources and ideas to help accelerate your businessgrowth:In this issue:How to Turn Your Website into a 24 Hour SalesGeneratingMachineDrive Targeted Traffic To WebsiteSecrets To Making Google Love Your WebsiteFind Out How To Use Social Media For Your Business8 Simple Ways That You Can Increase Your ProfitsFromInstagramand more.....Digital Marketing Guide Magazine first issue out now -Downloadright away!
Wannabiz - Small BIZ Marketing 1.78
Wannabiz is the one app small businessownersneed to grow sales online by easily running expertmarketing,including multi-channel content marketing (Facebook,Twitter, awebsite and others), promoting special offers, emailcampaigns,advertising, and more advanced tools.Using Wannabiz is like having a marketing consultant on-call,inyour pocket, 24/7!Small Business Owner use Wannabiz to:- Increase engagement with the business by posting, on onlineandsocial channels, relevant suggested content tailored totheirclients' interests.- Boost sales by offering special deals.- Improve the brand's exposure and awareness online.- Grow the business by attracting more clients viatargetedadvertising.- Ensure retention by running direct email campaigns totheirexisting clients.- View and discover what other similar small businesses do tomarkettheir business.- Explore and find content that is relevant to their business,suchas articles, how-to videos, interesting TED talks, andmore.Start using Wannabiz today and watch your business grow.
Email-Marketing 1.0
Unika Infocom
One Stop Solution for DigitalMarketing,SocialMedia Marketing, Email Marketing
Best Marketing Practices 1.0.2
Best Marketing Practices –этопередовоймаркетинговый опыт отведущихпредставителейрекламно-коммуникационного рынка Украины изарубежья.Мероприятиесостоится 28-29 мая в рамках КиевскогоМеждународногоФестиваляРекламы в Киеве в НСК «Олимпийский».Best MarketingPractices-an advanced marketing experience from leadingrepresentativesofadvertising and communication market in Ukraineand abroad.Theevent will take place on 28-29 May as part oftheKievInternational Advertising Festival in Kiev NSK"Olympic".
Affiliate Marketing Course 2.0
Learn how to benefit from the rapid growthofaffiliate marketing.Why should your competition cash in while you only make afewdollars here and there? Don't be an affiliate deadbeat thatnevertakes in any real money. Learn about the best affiliateprograms,how to effectively market products and services, andsubstantiallyincrease your affiliate commissions so you have a realincome.Learn How to Generate Real Cash With This "AffiliateMarketingCourse"This special app course contains valuable info that will showyouhow to become an Affiliate Marketing expert:* Learn about the 3 important factors that all seriousaffiliatesneed to know to survive and thrive.* Discover how to become a Super Affiliate in niche markets.* Find out the strategies for selecting and joining themostprofitable and reliable affiliate programs available.* Get valuable information on working with affiliate networksandhow to make them work effectively for you.* Maximize your affiliate revenues by learning how to takeadvantageof pay-per-click (PPC) programs.* Find out how to increase your affiliate sales through the useofreviews and recommendations.* Discover the top 3 ways to boost your affiliaterevenuesovernight.* Protect yourself from making common mistakes thataffiliatemarketers make.And much, much more!Gain an Edge in Affiliate Strategy With This "AffiliateMarketingCourse"Stop settling for pennies or a few dollars when you can bemakinga nice hefty income from affiliate commissions.Learn the valuable secrets of the pros with this app course.Gain an edge on your competition that might be selling thesameproducts or services by substantially outselling them.Avoid wasting your time on worthless affiliate programsandnetworks.Grab your copy of our "Affiliate Marketing Course" app rightnowso you can start reading it on your mobile device'sscreentoday.
Marketing with FB 1.0
GE Apps
Facebook continues to bethereigningchampof social media sites, as the #1 spot where friendsconnect and share online.More than just a meeting place for friends,Facebook has grown into a venue for businessesto market themselves through interaction withcustomers and self-promotion.Facebook represents a large portion of social mediamarketing for marketers through the brand pagesand social interactions that take place on the network.The platform also has a huge source of advertisingcapabilities, which digital marketers can use forbrand awareness and/or lead generation.It can be one of the biggest traffic sources forbrands and companies’ websites in comparison tothe other social media platforms.With it’s wide capabilities and user base,Facebook marketing is essential to anysocial media marketing campaign.
Marketing Planner 0.0.2
Marketing Planner is a feature packedappthathelps you manage and itemise your marketing plan on asimpleandeasy to use spreadsheet interface.Features :1. Ability to create, manage and shareMarketingChecklists,deliverables and notes for the entire month,quarter oryear.2. Product Sales Goals - Set goals and compare with thelastyearsales both monthly and yearly.3. Plan expenditure for sales promotions and createtasksforachieving the plan cost effectively.4. Organise various kind of promotion activities.5. Create sales budget and plan and spend cost effectively.Save and share:Locally save your work as a file, and re-use it withminimalchanges.Simply tap e-mail to send them to your colleaguesand teammembersinstantly and get feedback from them.Alternatively, youcan emailthem to yourself.Create, Organise, Share and update Marketing Planeasilyandquickly from phone, tablet or computer.We develop marketing and business apps for your companyoroffice.Please write to us at
Niche Marketing 1.0
Niche Marketing Course AndroidApplication.ItContains:What is niche marketing?How to Research and Find Your Niche Online.Niche Marketing vs. Internet Marketing Niche.Making Money from Content Rich Sites and Much More.
Marketing Strategy Jobjuice
The Marketing Strategy App is acompletereference guide and job interview preparation tool forbusinessstudents and professionals pursuing a career in marketingorbusiness management.Access this reference tool anywhere, anytime! TheJobjuiceMarketing App emphasizes practicality and efficiency as areferenceand learning tool providing vast amounts of marketingstrategyinformation at your fingertips!Features/Benefits:- Over 50 cards filled with marketing conceptsandframeworks- A complete section on the marketing interview- Create groups of cards by marketing topic orinterviewquestion- Test your recall by flipping through random cards- Use easy cross references and links within cards- Find topics using the deck’s search engineJobjuice was founded by Wharton MBAs, who while atbusinessschool provided their fellow students with powerfulreference andinterview preparation tools for banking, consultingand marketing.All the knowledge and experience of the recruitingprocess and theparticular subject areas was distilled into apractical and easy touse format.The App encourages dynamic preparation to developcreativity,structured thinking and solid business sense. There areover 50themes (see contents below) that use cross-referencing toreinforcethe links between strategic marketing and businessconcepts.Jobjuice Marketing Strategy has helped students andprofessionalsaround the world land their dream marketing jobs andis a greatreference tool for people on the job."Flashcards make case prep seem more like a game- like it."LeighAnn Hemenway- Fuqua MBA"This deck is a great help for people preparing for amarketingposition, as well as an excellent quick reference sourcefor peopleon the job in marketing and general management." MikkelPilemand–Vice President Marketing, CarlsbergWe are always happy to hear your comments and suggestions.Pleaseemail us at info@jobjuice.comCONTENTS:Marketing ManagementMarketing FrameworkCase ToolsThe 4Cs FrameworkThe 4Ps FrameworkEconomic & Quant. ToolsSegment-Target-PositionThe Macro EnvironmentIndustry: Porter’s 5 ForcesMarket & Comp. DynamicsProduct Life Cycle (X 2)Consumer Adoption RatesIdentify Problem/OpportunityCompany AnalysisCompany Value ChainCompetitor AnalysisValue VectorsComp. Positioning StrategiesPerceptual Map Customer AnalysisCustomer Decision ProcessCustomer RelationshipsCustomer Willingness to PayThe Value NetCollaborator AnalysisPricing AnalysisPromotion AnalysisAdvertising & Publicity AnalysisPlace (Channel) AnalysisProduct Line/Mix AnalysisBrand AnalysisRevenuesCostsProfit & Market ShareBreakeven AnalysisForecastingEVC & LTVC SegmentationTargetingPositionMarketing Research BasicsMarketing Research MethodsConjoint AnalysisPricing ImplementationAdvertising Implementation (x2)Sales Force ImplementationSales Promo ImplementationPlace (Channel) ImplementationInternational ExpansionNew Market EntryNew Product DevelopmentEntry Strat.: Pioneer vs. FollowerInternet & StrategyInternet MarketingWeb 2.0 and E-marketingThe Web 2.0 LandscapeSearch MarketingE-Mail and Affiliate MarketingSocial Media Marketing/On-line BuzzE-Marketing Metrics
Marketing Manager 2.8.3
Mirabel's CRM and Marketing platform has now become morepowerfulwith an Android app that allows customers to gain access tovitalmarketing data on the go. No matter where you are, yourinformationgoes with you, making it easy to follow up on leads,track yourcompetition, keep track of social trends and understandhowsuccessful your campaigns have been. Why Marketing Manager?•Intuitive Marketing Platform • Built-in CRM • LeadIdentification& Prospect Management • Predictive ContentAnalytics •Competitor Analytics • Social CRM • Powerful ReportingAbout Us:Mirabel Technologies has been in the field of Marketing,LeadIdentification and Digital Publishing for over 13 years.Havingreinforced the marketing power of firms and corporations,Mirabelhas developed Marketing Manager, an intuitive solutionthatincludes CRM and Marketing capabilities in one powerful andeasy touse platform.
Marketing United 2017 v2.7.7.1
KitApps, Inc.
Welcome to Marketing United 2017! Use theapptoconnect with speakers, sponsors and fellowattendees,starmust-attend sessions, and follow the latesthappenings so youdon'tmiss a thing.Features:SCHEDULEGet a look at the keynotes, workshops, and events overallthreedays.CONFERENCE MAPFind your way around the Country Music Hall of FameandMuseum.SPEAKER BIOSGet to know each speaker and when/where they're presenting.SPONSORSConnect with the industry’s best brands to talkaboutnext-levelsolutions for your marketing toolkit.NASHVILLE MAPBrowse our curated list of the best food, drink,music,andentertainment Music City has to offer.#MARKETINGUNITEDSee a live feed of what other attendees are saying onTwitterwith#MarketingUnited.And more!
Cake Marketing 2.5
Performance Based Marketing Is REALLYNowAPiece of Cake for Network Owners and Affiliates withtheCakeMarketing Mobile Application. We are revolutionizingthewaybusiness is done online by allowing full access andcontroltonetwork operations remotely. Receivereal-timeanalytics,reporting, and perform many of the daily tasksall onyour mobiledevice.The Cake Marketing Mobile Application providesbothaffiliatenetworks administrative functionality and accessfortheiraffiliates. With full roles access enabled both networkownersandaffiliates will only see their respective content.Network Owners- Input your domain, email and passwordandreceiveimmediate access to dashboard statistics, fullreal-timereporting,contacts, and many of the features Cakeprovides. Needto contact anadvertiser or affiliate? Go to the“LIST” tab, searchfor thecompany to contact, then call or emaildirectly from youriPhone.Want to be notified when a “CAP” is aboutto reach itslimit? Set upan email or text alert and then use theCakeMarketing MobileApplication to increase the “CAP” or redirectthetraffic to anotheroffer.Affiliates- Input the network’s domain, your email andpasswordandreceive access to ALL real-time reports.- Real-time analytics- Customized to match your corporate theme- Supports multiple languages and currencies- Provides one touch dial or email to contacts- Change or edit offer and campaign “CAP”- Inactivate Offers, Campaigns,Advertisers,Affiliates,Sub-Affiliates- Send Creatives- Pixel Management- Add Campaigns- Approve Applied CampaignsRequires credentials to Cake Marketing for access.Formoreinformation or call 949-548-CAKE
Sombrero e-marketing trainer
Start managing your online marketing likeaprofessional with Sombrero, your pocket e-marketing trainer!Sombrero is an app that turns e-marketing newbiesintoprofessionals. Do you have your own business or are a marketerinsmall company and want to go social, but have no idea how?Sombrerois the answer! With its tasks tailored to your needs, itwill teachyou how to effectively blog and use Facebook, Twitter orInstagram.Powered by over 50 terabytes of data gathered over 4years bySotrender, a social media analytics company.FEATURES TO BOOST ONLINE PERFORMANCE* Pushing you to do better – We’re not just here to teach,we’rehere to push. We know you can perform better, and we’re goingtopush to make sure you do. With Sombrero, you’ll become asocialmedia pro in no time.* Easy and frequent tasks – We give you 1 task a day foreachchannel, where you will be shown how to do essential activitiestoget the most out of social media. And the tasks never takemorethan 15 minutes, so you can easily fit them into yourschedule.* Boost your e-marketing - With Sombrero, you will boostyourperformance in less than a month. We’ll make sure you’re onyourway to getting the most out of social media for yourbusiness.BENEFITS FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS OWNERS&E-MARKETERS* Totally free - Having limited or no budget one-marketing?Sombrero is free and will train you to becomee-marketing pro inquick courses.* Improve you e-marketing performance – Most importantly ofall,we will help you perform better over social media. You’ll bemakingbetter posts, engaging your fans more, and building yourpresenceonline.* Daily tasks - Spend no more than 15 minutes a day to boostyoure-marketing performance.* Knowledge applied step-by-step – Social media can beadifficult beast to tame, so we’re taking all our knowledgeandsharing it with you in a reasonable and easily applicableway.* Tailored to your experience – Never used social media inyourlife? A social media pro? No worries, Sombrero is ready tohelppeople from any level of experience. The tasks won’t be toohardfor you, but nor will they be too easy.* Based on terabytes of data – We’ve analyzed a lot of data.ALOT of data. We’ve taken that analysis to identify the bestsocialmedia strategies and tips. And we’re here to share it withyou.* Shareable – Sombrero lets you share task with other people,soyou can do them with your co-workers if you have no time.Come get ahead in social media with Sombrero!
World-Patent Marketing 1.0
ABOUT WORLD PATENT MARKETINGWorld Patent Marketing is a verticallyintegratedengineer,manufacturer and retailer of patented products.Thecompany isbroken into eight operating divisions. These includeWPMResearch,WPM Patents, WPM Prototyping, WPM Manufacturing, WPMWeb& Apps, WPM Social Media, WPM Capital Ventures, and WPMRetail.Thecompany offers these products to inventors, law firmsandemerginggrowth companies.WPM Research: evaluates the commercial potentialofpatentsthrough its proprietary study, The PatentInventionTechnicalAnalysis (PITA).WPM Patents: develops intellectual property strategies,writesandfiles patent applications with the US Patent andTrademarkOffice andother patent offices around the world.WPM Web & Apps: offers complete development servicesforweband mobile apps, including: research, design, code,applicationofskins, testing, and distribution. Also offers topqualitydesignand artwork, a necessary element in the crowded fieldofmobileapps.WPM Social Media: has created an innovative,specializedapproachthat we use to power social media marketing forsome ofthe world'sbest brands. Brands choose us because, as one oftheworld's mostinnovative companies, we know how to turnbusinessobjectives intorealities in creative, strategic andmeasurableways.WPM Prototyping: works with clients to develop one ormoretypesof prototype, including: appearance, proof ofconcept,functionalmodel or a production level prototype.WPM Manufacturing: provides overseas production from all14majorindustrial zones in China, Taiwan and South Korea.Havingaccess toa staff on the ground in China makes all thedifferencein achievingthe best price, quality, and turnaroundtime.WPM Capital Ventures: provides seed funding forstartups.Seedfunding is the earliest stage of venture funding.WPM's goal istoget you through the first phase. This usually means:get you tothepoint where you've built something impressive enoughto raisemoneyon a larger scale. Then we can introduce you tolaterstageinvestors--or occasionally even acquirers.WPM Retail: Offers shopping online, in person, onmobiledevicesand with social media. To be successful today,companiesneed to beable to sell products in as many different waysaspossible.WORLD PATENT MARKETING REVIEWSWorld Patent Marketing is the only patent servicescompanyinhistory to be awarded a five star review ratingfromConsumerAffairs, Google, Trustpilot, Shopper Approved,CustomerLobby,Yellow Pages, Yelp, Reseller Ratings and My ThreeCents.WorldPatent Marketing has received accredited status and isan A+RatedMember of the Better Business Bureau. World PatentMarketingisalso a proud member of Dun and Bradstreet, the USChamberofCommerce, the Association for Manufacturing ExcellenceandtheInternational Licensing Industry Merchandisers'Association(LIMA).World Patent Marketing Miami is also a proudmember of theNationalAssociation of Manufacturers, the SouthFlorida ChamberofCommerce, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce,and theMiamiBeach Chamber of Commerce and The New YorkInventorExchange.Shop World Patent MarketingWorld Patent Marketing launched Shop World PatentMarketingasanother retail distribution channel formanufacturedproducts.The Cooper Idea FoundationThe Cooper Idea Foundation is dedicated to providingfundingforspecial causes around the world. Established by theCooperFamily,the Foundation believes that innovation is vital tothestate ofthe world's children. Led by Scott Cooper, theFoundation'sgoal isto help young people push the boundaries ofwhat's possibleandcreate a future they want. Our goal is to raiseexpectationsandthe hopes and dreams of every child on Earth.On June9, 2015,TheCooper Idea Foundation and World Patent MarketingPledged$250,000to Inventors and Engineers Youth Village.Submit Your Idea to World Patent Marketing!
Classified Posting Services 1.0
Real Humans No Robots Ouronlinemarketingservices are powered by real, live humans, notrobots.Behind everycraigslist ad posting is a human using his orher ownphoneverified account to post your ad. We also use areowngeo-locatedproxies to guarantee that you receive a live ad. Ifyouhave tocall customer support, you’ll never talk to a robot.You’llonlytalk to the same people who are running ourclassifiedadvertisingservices, posting your ads, and deliveringyour reports.Speakingof reports, you’ll receive: Real-time UpdatesWhen youcreate acampaign with our posting services you’ll receivereal-timeupdatesso that you’ll never have to wonder what’s going onwithyour livead. The analytics you want to see are availablewheneveryou wantto see them and 100% up to date. Our constant liveadreports arehosted on our servers conveniently in excelformat.You’ll haveaccess to these reports 24/7 during youronlinemarketing campaign.Cost Effective Advertisement Our expertandexperienced team ofdigital marketers drives the customertrafficyou need right toyour door. Our Craigslist ad postingservice willhelp you reachmillions of people for mere pennies. Thisis simplythe mosteconomical online marketing advertising strategyyou canenactwhich will deliver the highest return on yourinvestment. Ifyoupost your own Craigslist ads, let us take over foryou so youcanhave more time to develop the income stream thatyourbusinessaffords you. You can depend on our reliable results tonotonlysave you money but to make you money as well. Best ofall,ourclassified advertising services come with a moneybackguarantee.It’s only when you succeed that we succeed. If youhaveany queriesor would like like to find out more, pleasecontactus:Email:Support@ClassifiedPostingServices.comPhone:1-360-924-0309
ClickSure 1.3.2
With the ClickSure app, it's now easyandfastto check your stats wherever you are. To get started,simplyloginusing your existing ClickSure account details. This appallowsyouto log into multiple accounts and easily switchbetweenthemwithout ever having to enter your passwords again.FEATURES• Supports Affiliate, Advertiser, and Master accounts• Easily switch between multiple accounts using the builtinaccountmanager• Contact support and reply to your tickets• Affiliates and advertisers can communicate with eachotherusingthe Messenger feature• Receive push notifications when you receive a sale, reachadailytarget or receive a new message• Manage your ClickSure contactsAffiliate• Launch the app directly into your dashboard summary• View your transactions for a selected date range• Analytics showing a summary of your campaigns' performances• Visit the marketplace and scout out the top offers• View your estimated and confirmed paychecks• Upload your compliance documents directly from the appusingyourdevice's camera• View your uploaded compliance documents and see whethertheywereapproved• Set up to five daily sales targets to be notified aboutwhentheyare reached• View profile pages for each Advertiser in the marketplaceandhavethe option to contact themAdvertiser• Dashboard summary showing your most important stats• View your transactions for a selected date range• Analytics showing a summary of your campaigns' performances• View your estimated invoices, confirmed invoicesandreceipts• Set up to five daily spend targets to be notified aboutwhentheyare reached• View profile pages for each Affiliate that promotes youroffersandhave the chance to contact themMaster• A four part dashboard showing:• All of your daily affiliate sales• All of your daily advertiser sales• Affiliate stats summary• Advertiser stats summary• Easily view any of your linked accounts' analytics for adaybyclicking through the dashboard• Log into the app as a linked account using theLinkedAccountspage• View your master wallet* If you have discovered any bugs or have anyfeaturerequests,please don't hesitate to contact ClickSuresupport.What Is ClickSure?ClickSure is one of the fastest growingself-serviceonlinemarketing networks. Its goal is simple, to helpindividualsandbusinesses thrive through a suite of marketing toolsandtrackingtechnology built specifically for them.The ClickSure self-service platform and opennetworkallowsMarketers, Advertisers and Sellers to connect withouttheusualroadblocks of traditional Affiliate networks.ClickSureallowsMarketers, Advertisers and Sellers to openlycommunicate witheachother, without the middle man and withtransparent fees.
Digital Marketing Law by Bird & Bird 1.3
Bird & Bird
The Digital Marketing Law Guide is designed to supportclients'marketing teams in six key areas of online advertisingandmarketing law, across the local laws of nine European countries.Itaims to provide the basic 'need to know' information for eachtopicand country, particularly in relation to marketing campaigns.
Affiliate Marketing Success 1.0.1
Now every affiliate marketer isalwayslookingfor the successful product/service that gives thebiggestpaycheck.Sometimes they think it is a magic formula thatisreadilyavailable for them.Actually, it is more complicated than that. It is justgoodmarketingpractices that have been proven over years of hardworkanddedication.There are tactics that have worked before with onlinemarketingandis continuing to work in the online affiliate marketingworldoftoday. With these top marketing tips, you will be able toabletoincrease your sales and survive in theaffiliatemarketingonline.Enjoy..DISCLAIMER :The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and completeaspossiblein the creation of this report, notwithstanding thefactthat hedoes not warrant or represent at any time that thecontentswithinare accurate due to the rapidly changing natureoftheInternet.As with any business, your results may vary, and will bebasedonyour individual capacity, business experience, expertise,andlevelof desire. There are no guarantees concerning the levelofsuccessyou may experience.We cannot guarantee your future results and/ or success.Therearesome unknown risks in business and on the internet thatwecannotforesee which could reduce results you experience. Wearenotresponsible for your actions . All readers are advisedtoseekservices of competent professionals in legal,business,accounting,and finance field
Nakayama Marketing 1.1
Well-Wellness is a privately ownedSingaporecompany specialising in the distribution and exporting ofnaturalhealth products. It is a homegrown brand from Singapore.Havingoperated for 15 years, Well-Wellnes Prebiotic and ProbioticFibrehas proven to be safe and reliable for everyday consumption.Download this app to :- Locate us using GPS function- Chat with other members- Unlock coupon rewards- play game- ...and many more!
Affiliate Marketing Profits 1.0
There are many different ways tomakemoneyonline but affiliate marketing consistently ranks as oneofthemost popular. Take a look at any internet marketingoronlinebusiness forum and you’ll see countless numbers ofpeopleaskingquestions about affiliate marketing and how they canmakemoneyfrom it.So - what is affiliate marketing?In short affiliate marketing is where you recommendotherpeople’sproducts – and in return the owner of the productgives youapercentage of the sale price if one of the people youhavereferredactually buys the product or service.Affiliate marketing is very attractive because it’s prettyeasytoget started. There’s no need to create or source productsofyour ownto sell - all you have to do is get people to clickonyour affiliatelink and buy the product, and thus there’slittleupfront investmentcost and no time consuming productstocreate.In reality, affiliate marketing is just one part ofmostpeople’sonline business. If you want to be reallysuccessfulonline it’sgenerally accepted that you need to create (orsource)and sell yourown products, rather than JUST being anaffiliatemarketer. Thereare of course exceptions to this rulehowever andit is indeedpossible to earn a very healthy income justfromaffiliatepromotions. Most successful internet marketers makeahell of a lotof money from affiliate marketing!Affiliate marketing works well for both sides of theparty…Product owners obviously need to get traffic to theirwebsitesinorder to be able to sell products. And whilst a fairchunk ofthistraffic will be generated themselves, it makes sensefor themtoget other people to also promote their productsandwebsitesbecause it will result in lots of extra sales forlittleextraeffort on their part. All they have to do is set upanaffiliateprogram and give people a commission as an incentive –andthenthey can watch as their affiliates do the hard work anddrivethetraffic for them.So, whilst it’s true that as an affiliate you’ll be doingmostofthe hard work to drive the traffic, remember that asanaffiliateyou didn’t have to do any of the hard work theproductowneroriginally had to do in the first place.But the above should give you some insight into why youshouldalsosell your own products as well as being an affiliate.So how much can you expect to earn as an affiliate?Commissions vary widely from affiliate scheme toaffiliatescheme.The most common idea is to pay the affiliatecommission asapercentage of the total sale price. This can be aslittle as 1%andas much as 100%.Yes, some products pay you 100% commission – and youmightbewondering why this is the case. The simple answer of courseisthatthe product owner wants to make their affiliateschemeveryattractive to potential affiliates so that he or shecanpersuadeas many people as possible to promote it. Byoffering100%commission on a low-priced front end product they willbe abletoget lots of affiliates on board and thus drive lots ofpeopleintotheir sales funnel. They’ll ultimately earn more moneybymakinglots of sales of their back end products.Typically it works like this. They have a low pricedproductforsale on the front end - let’s say it’s an eBook orshortreportpriced at $4.95. They offer people 100% commission onthisproduct,but then when people actually buy it they will alsoseeother ‘backend’ products that are priced at a higher level.Thesewill eitherpay a lower commission to affiliates (e.g. 40%) orevennocommission at all…The product owner knows that by offering 100% commissiononthefront end product they will ultimately make moremoneybecausetheir affiliates will drive much more traffic intotheirsalesfunnel than if they were, say, offering 50% on thefrontendproduct. They make no money upfront (and even lose moneyinsomecases) but the extra income they make on thebackendultimatelyearns them more money.