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Sheeleep 5.1
I can't sleep because I am counting the sheep because I can'tsleepbecause I am counting the sheep ...I want tosleeeeeeeep!!Description :When the game started , player needs tocount thenumber of sheep ran out.Except the sheep , do not countotheranimals.Time off , answer the number of sheep .If it iscorrect ,go to the next level , and so on.
Counting Sheeps 1.2
Carrot Game
application, game help for those insomnia, sleeplessness. With2function "Go to sleep" and "gaming".-You Just select the numberofsheep and looking at the screens to make your soulstartledcounting sheep jumping over a fence, you will fall asleep.When youwere sleepingThe application will automatically shut downscreensfor the battery you flick knives-You Can also play this fungame tocontrol each sheep jumping over a fence you will scorepoints, eachsheep it will add the letters corresponding to thebutton, selectthe appropriate time to jump you'll win game: D
123 Numbers and Sheep 2.1.10
In human history the most succesful method to fall asleepwascounting sheep. Then fluffy beds came and math was madefornumbers. We thought we'd give the sheep another chance!Thesmallones will learn the numbers from 1 to 99, how to read, towrite andto order them in a fun game, even for the sulky ones! Atthismoment we have 3 fun levels of math:● The WonderfulPastureEachsheep has a specific menu and every dish a certainnumber. Whoknows how to read and match them? Maybe your kids?● TheLittleStableThe sheep won't sleep until they find their dream pair.Thesmall ones will memorize the numbers and match them: thelittlebleatings will be able to fall asleep.● The Cattle DriveNosheepstory would be perfect without a little cattle drive. Herewith usthe small four-legged friends have built a catapult so theyarriveas fast as possible on the hill with fresh grass. The smallwillintervene because the sheep transport does not work withoutanyknowledge about math! The children will operate with tinkeredlinesof ascending and descending numbers.Do you like our game? Ifso,give us a good rating! Comments? Suggestions? We listen to you!
Clouds & Sheep 1.10.3
They're cute, they're fluffy and they love to play! Care for aflockof adorable little sheep in this excessively cute andcharmingsandbox game!► Play trick or treat in the scary Halloweenscenario!►Enjoy a sleigh ride through the snow!► Let your sheepplay soccer!►Romantic mood on the valentine’s pasture!► Celebratea big birthdayparty!The fluffy and sweet balls of wool love itwhen you play andinteract with them. Adorable as they may be,they´re not very smart.If there's a poisonous mushroom, they'lleat it. When the sun isshining, they'll just stand there untilthey have a heatstroke - andwhen the weather turns bad, they'llhappily stand underthunderclouds and rain until they catch a coldor get struck bythunder and lightning. If you keep them healthyand entertained,they'll reward you with Happy Points and make lotsof little blackand white baby sheep.FEATURES✔ FREE TO PLAY✔Heart-meltingly cutegraphics✔ Interact with adorable sheep✔Manipulate clouds andweather✔ Innovative casual life simulation✔Countless bonus items,toys and gadgets✔ More than 90 dynamicchallenges✔ Colourfulsettings✔ Open-ended gameplay✔ Takescreenshots and share them withyour friends✔ Parental lock todisable in-app purchases✔ Full tabletsupportSupports Google Playgame servicesYou can play Clouds &Sheep entirely for FREE,though various items are available viain-app purchase. You can usepassword protection on the Google PlayStore app to help preventaccidental or unwanted purchases on yourdevice.Thank you forplaying Clouds & Sheep!Get in touchwithHandyGamesTM:http://www.handy-games.comStay tunedonGoogle+: usonFacebook: newsonTwitter: toourYouTubechannel: usonInstagram:© GmbH
Clouds & Sheep 2 1.4.4
In this eagerly anticipated sequel of the game “Clouds &Sheep”,the cute sheep are finally on the loose again! Solvecountlessquests and fulfill your wooly friends’ needs. Plantgrass, flowers,trees and shear your animals’ different-coloredwool to stock upyour resources! Collect happy stars, harvest woodand flower petalsand use them to provide your flock with food,accessories, toys andmore! Control the clouds and make it rain toensure your sheep neverrun out of fresh water to drink. If yoursheep feel happy andcontent, they’ll bring tiny lambs into theworld!Every single animalis asking for your attention! The fluffyballs of wool love to beentertained. Make your sheep jump and usedifferent toys like thetrampoline, the seesaw and the swing toactively play with them!Watch your pets interact with each otherand observe their reactionsto the objects you give to them!Customize your flock’s pasture withfun objects and choose betweendifferent settings like the Wild Westor Pirate scenery. Watch yourflock run around by day and sleep bythe cozy campfire at night. Doeverything you can to keep your sheephappy and healthy to preventthem from becoming big, cottony cloudsin the sky.Features:✔ FREETO PLAY✔ Awesome sequel of the top game“Clouds & Sheep”✔ Go onan epic adventure to find the legendaryFountain of Youth!✔Simulation game with adorable sheep✔ Take careof your flock✔ Sendgreat gifts to other players✔ Raise sweet littlelambs✔ Activelyplay with your animals✔ Give them many differentitems and objects✔Grow and harvest various resources✔ Shear yoursheep✔ Customizetheir pasture✔ Control the weather✔ Day-nightcycle✔ Open-endedgame set in a 3D world✔ Suitable for kids, butalso fun for thewhole family✔ Full tablet support✔ Supports GooglePlay gameservicesYou can play ‘Clouds & Sheep 2’ entirely forFREE,though various items are available via in-app purchase. Ifyoudon’t want to use in-app purchases, please deactivate them inyourdevice settings.Grab your gamepad and experience a totally newtypeof Android gaming – with our brand new support for thefollowingcontrollers:Xbox 360, PlayStation, Samsung SmartphoneGamepad,NVIDIA SHIELD, Mad Catz M.O.J.O., Moga Pro and manymore!Thank youfor playing ‘Clouds & Sheep 2’!Get in touchwithHandyGamesTM:http://www.handy-games.comJoin usonFacebook: tunedonGoogle+: to our channelonYouTube: newsonTwitter: usonInstagram:© GmbH
Thing Counter 1.6
Thing Counter is a free tool to count clicks like atallycounter.You want to count kisses, sheep, cigarettes, laps,pointsor anything else? This app is just for you!Features:- 100%free ofcharge and free of ads- homescreen widget (multipleinstances andvariable size)- overview of all active counters- labeland coloradjustable for each counter- advanced settings for resetvalue andstep size- click sound (optional)- count with the volumebuttons(optional)- speech output (optional)- history for eachcounter-simple statistical data- landscape modeThis app does NOTrequireany harmful permissions!It just uses the vibration motor ofyourdevice.Have fun counting! :)
Music To Sleep 1.1
Music to sleep is the best sleep app with relaxing music andsleepsounds, which will help you to relax and sleep better.In thiscalmapp, you will find different sleeping songs we haveselectedparticularly to relax and sleep better. Additionally wehavedeveloped a tool, which will allow you to create your ownrelaxmelodies or relaxing sounds by combining the sounds you likeandcustomized to your liking. You can combine dozens ofdifferentrelaxing sounds for sleeping from rain sounds forsleeping, forest,birds, thunderstorms, white noise, etc, all thiscombined as youlike and 100 % customized.What does Music to sleepoffer?We wantedto develop one of the best meditation apps withrelaxing sleepmusic. Therefore, we have created a tool, whichcontains variousfunctionalities and features you can use:1.- Deepsleep music: Thefirst tool you will find in this app is a musicplayer withsoothing music, with 2 types of songs: Chill out andrelaxingmusic, so that you can choose the music you preferdepending on thesituation. We also recommend to use these songs asbaby sleepmusic, since they are relaxing they might help childrento fallasleep.2.- Calming music generator: With this tool you cancreateyour own customized melody by using all the sound we havepreparedfor you as a base. You can add sound you like and createyour ownmeditation music mix. You could say that it is a whitenoise app,with which you can add all kinds of sounds: rain,thunderstorm,birds, nature sounds, city sound and white noises.3.-And last butnot least, we have prepared some articles, which willbe veryuseful for you, as a complement to these tools. In thesearticleswe will talk about important topics such as the diet tosleep well,the stages or cycles of sleep, postures to sleep well,how manyhours we should sleep, etc.Main characteristics of the appMusic tosleep:In summary, this is what this app with asmr sleepmusicoffers you:- Sleep meditation music to listen to with lotsofsongs. You can use these songs as baby sleep sounds or sleepmusicfor kids.- A great variety of relaxing sounds you can combineandcustomize as you like. You should also know that these soundscanbe good as a guided sleep meditation or relaxing music tostudy.-Learn more about sleep and how to sleep better in oursection withtips and articles.We hope that this app or tool helpsyou to sleepwell and relax. We are open to suggestions if you haveany doubtsor idea for the app. Note: The entire content of this apphas beendesigned and created by Rhino Apps, consequently any useoutside ofthis app without our consent is prohibited.
Days Left (countdown timer) 2.17
Days Left - countdown timer widget for your home screen.To additpress long your homescreen (or press "Apps", or menu - "Addappsand widgets" ) - than press - than press .Did you ever forgetandate?Days left widget will help you countdown.Did you everforgetyour girlfriends birthday?You never miss this day again,becauseyou have a Days left widget.Counting down to a celebration,yourwedding, a birth in your family, new year, christmas - Daysleftwidget can it.- added widgets for size 2x1 to supportmoreinformation on countdown widget.
Dream Sheep 2.0
Help these sheep find their way back by tossing them intotheirpens! Dream Sheep is a challenging physics based gamefeaturinghand painted backgrounds and 2D graphics. Fight againsttheever-changing wind conditions to make the perfect toss! Tossthesesheep in three different worlds with different challengesandbackgrounds.Once you’ve conquered the worlds in level mode,competewith your friends to get the highest score in “foreva mode”!Try toscore the highest amount of sheep into their pen while thelevelconstantly increases in difficulty! May the best tosserwin!DreamSheep is the first game created by the husband and wifestudio"Little Pebbles". We are passionate about our projects andlove tocreate games on the side when we have (any) spare time.Dream Sheepis our first game baby - please be kind and play, andwrite areview! We appreciate your feedback! Thank you and enjoy thegame!😀
Learning Numbers For Kids 1.24
Learning the numbers and counting turning into fun! Mini gameswithmath and numbers for your children!*** Your child will:***✔Learnthe numbers ✔ Learn to count✔ Develop math skills✔ Improvememory✔Develop logical thinking✔ Develop associative thinking✔Rememberthe order of numbers*** How to play? ***There is 15differenteducational kids games. To complete the game your childmust usethe math and numbers.* For example: *The first levelcharacterswant to get home. They think about the subject on thefloor (theidea appears in the cloud). The child presses the buttonson theelevator, and the hero gets to the desired floor. If youselect thewrong button, the elevator still rises to the selectedfloor andthen back down. This character is the elevator. Thisallows thechild to relate the magnitude and importance, which bearsthefigure.On the second level, the spacecraft should reach thehomeplanet. To do this, you need to click on the next starswithnumbers in the order 123, etc. Here, the child learns the orderofdigits.Other levels are also quietly stepping eruditionandattention of the child.***Features***- 15 levels.- Numbers forkids- best way for your kid to learn math!- Numbers announcedinEnglish!- All levels are clear child, the game is suitableforself-study.- The contents of levels created randomly at thestartof the game.- Fun preschool education- Play and learn 123-Kidsstudy app with soundIt is a fun teaching game for your babyortoddler. They will enjoy learning numbers with solvingsmallriddles through educational games for toddlers. Brain teasergamesfor kids is very useful. Developing math skills is easyandentertaining. Numbers for toddlers - funniest way tolearncounting. Game is suitable for Preschool and Kindergartenlevel.
Kids numbers counting game 1
Kids counting game is an exciting educational app foryoungchildren. Apps comes with huge set object pictures which a kidcancount. This app covers exhaustive list of imagesfromFruits/Animals/Objects/Automobiles . Kid plays thiswithimagination, learning the counting in most innovative way. Whenkidtouches the object, it animates by rotating 360 degrees,alsoprompts the number counted.In the end one get a option to clickonthe right number, reflecting number of object present onthepage.Game comes with some nice animation and background musicwhichwill keep interested.So give it a try and have fun countingtheobjects.P.S: One can use mute option in settings in case youwantto turn off the sound of the App.
The Meditation App 2.51
A meditation app that touches your soul…The Meditation App istheleading app that helps you to reduce stress, sleep well, love,findpeace and start a deep discovery within yourself.You can listento150+ meditation sessions with top quality audio in both EnglishandSpanish. You can learn to meditate, listen to FREE music torelaxwith nature sounds, use the timer to meditate and focusondifferent topics with specialized programs. Topicsare:StartmeditatingAwarenessFeel your bodyReleasestressSleepwellAcceptanceSelf-confidenceCompassionGratitudeStartNow whichincludes on the gomeditations:MorningSleepSmallBreakWalkingRelaxationLonelinessAfterworkPainTensionreliefTransportationIn addition to meditationsessions, you can useTimer option to meditate without guidance withdifferent backgroundmusic options. Also, you can favorite your bestmeditations,download and listen to them OFFLINE! Users see theimpact in theirlives very clearly:“It’s the most impactful thingagainst a busyand stressful business life. I’ve experienced manybenefits ofpractice as a person, whose business life is very hecticandtiring. When feeling very stressed and suffocated among allthework I have, I give a break and I really feel that I cancalmmyself.”“Every day, I look forward to having mymeditationpractice. Each meditation that I listen provides me thechance todiscover myself. I sense the real peace and calmness. Iknow how tocalm myself down even under stress.”Our aim is to spreadmeditationall around the world and make meditation affordable!Therefore TheMeditation App COSTS FAR LESS THAN OTHER APPS!7,99USDpermonth49,99USD per yearTerms &Conditions:
Do I Snore or Grind 0.3.1 B.V.
This app will record snoring and grinding sounds made duringyoursleep, you can listen to them the next morning.An algorithmfiltersand detects the teeth grinding and snoring sounds.You canchoose ifyou want to record only snoring, grinding or both.Teethgrinding isoften caused by factors such as stress, smoking, alcoholandcoffee.Snoring is sometimes caused by factors such asobesity,alcohol and other drugs, among others.After 5 nights ofrecordingyou will be asked to use the paid version to be able torecord morenights. There are simple solutions to reduce teethgrinding andsnoring.In this app various remedies and factors areshown.Comparethe sound recordings with a remedy or factor with therecordingswithout any remedy or factor and see the differenceyourself, bycomparing the grinding and the snoring score in orderto know whichfactor or remedy is more harmful or helpful foryou.The app canalso be used in airplane mode.We recommend to use adevice newerthan January 2014 for better results of the app.
Sleep Music - Relax Soft Sleep Sounds 1.2.2
⏰Sleep Music brings vivid sleep sounds that can be mixed intotheperfect relaxing soft music. Enjoy this high qualitysleepsounds and wake up refreshed.You can choose from differentkinds ofrain, nature sounds, city sounds, white noise orinstruments. Saveyour favor sounds in your own style.☺️Are youlooking for relaxingsounds that will improve your sleep? Withthis simple and softsleep music, the soft relaxing music will beable to calm you down,induce you to sleep using mellow and relaxingmusic as well asscientifically proven methods like adding binauralbeats asbackground beat. You can schedule the timer that willautomaticallystop the app.🌟Highlight Features for Sleep Music:★High qualitysoothing sounds★ Better uninterrupted your deep sleepand relax★Help against snoring sounds★ Smart, simple andbeautifuldesign★ Smart timer and app turns off automatically★Stylishand beauty background imagesThis Sleep Music is designedFREE forworkers, students and everyone who has been struggling toget asleep. This sleep music is just right for you. Simple,on-the-go,and no paid or locked module. This is all free as youcanget. Enjoy this high quality sleep sounds and wakeuprefreshed.Sleep Music, for easy sleeping and relaxing.
Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories: Kids Bedtime Stories 2.2.2
Story time with Moshi Monsters! Children can dream the nightawaypeacefully with soothing sounds and relaxing bedtime stories.MoshiTwilight Sleep Stories is a bedtime aid for kids that’s lovedbyparents. Children fall asleep easily with soothing musicandlullabies. Relaxing audio content follows kids’ naturalsleeppatterns and helps them drift away. These calming bedtimestoriesand guided relaxations make the charmingly surreal world ofMoshiMonsters come to life, so your little monster can dreamserenely atnight.Bedtime Stories & Soothing Sounds: TOP 3FEATURES 1.Soothing music & dreamy visuals to make story timemagical andcalm little minds.
 2. Relaxing lullabies that easebedtimetransitions, helping kids drift away and gifting parentswith moreof their night.
 3. A bedtime aid containing hours ofcalming audiocontent, with new guided relaxations addedweekly.
Children willlove each calm and surreal bedtime story,starring their favoriteMoshi Monsters on dreamy adventures. MoshiTwilight Sleep Storiesmakes kids fall asleep smoothly at storytime, every time.SleepStories was created by as a bedtimeaid to help kids andparents alike drift away with soothing soundsand dreamy lullabies.The Calm app also contains soothing music,calming videos, soundeffects and meditations to help you fallasleep and dreampeacefully.Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories is freefornon-subscribers. Non-subscribers have limited access toSleepStories, Guided Relaxations andSoothingSounds.SUBSCRIPTIONSSubscribers can access the fullcollection ofMoshi Twilight content, including weekly updates.Thesesubscription plans have a recurring payment. Subscriptionsarenon-refundable and non-transferable. All Recurring paymentsarecharged through your Google Play account. If you choose topurchasea membership, your Google Play account will be chargedimmediatelyfor the subscription period you havepurchased.CANCELLATIONCancelanytime in Google Play settings atleast one day before the end ofthe subscription period forcancellation to take effect at the endof the current subscriptionperiod. Deleting the Moshi Twilight Appwill not cancelsubscription. Please see our Terms and Conditionsat for full details onhowto cancel your Subscription plan.On cancellation ofyourSubscription plan, you will remain a Member until the last dayofthe period which you have paid for and you will not receivearefund of your payment for that period.SAFETY andCOPPAcomplianceWe do NOT collect personal information throughthisApp.CUSTOMER SERVICEWe create worlds that fire the imagination.Ifyou have any questions or recommendations please get in Terms&Conditions apply:
Farm Dream: Village Harvest - Town Paradise Sim 1.4.2
Farm Games. Farm. Farmer. Farming. Village. City. Town.Farm Dreamisa unique blend of farming and building a village to a city.Harvestcrops on hay day at the farms, milk the cows, shave thesheep andsell your produced goods to develop your township.FarmGames: FarmDream - Harvest Town Farming DayAre your ready tobecome a farmerand city-mayor to build your city in a family farmdream simulation?Connect with other farmers worldwide and sellyour harvested crops,eggs, fresh milk, wool, and other goods fromyour seaside farmvillage and trading port. ♥ Decorate andcustomize your farming gametownship with lots of beautifuldecorations ♥ Construct hundreds ofcommunity buildings, houses,production facilities, farm fields anddecorations in your familyfarm village♥ One of most popular farmgames town simulator♥ Lovelyand cute farm animals to take good careof: cows, sheep, chicken,pigs♥ Collect fresh milk, wool, eggs andmore ♥ Various crops togrow and harvest on your farms on hay day:tomatos, potatoes,oranges, raisins, lemons, apples, nuts, hay andmore.♥ Grow yourbig farm games village with friends♥ Develop yoursim town byfarming, trading, crafting, building and managing♥ Lotsof farms inyour ville or township to manage♥ Start with a farmvillage, expandand build a city / town near the seaside♥ Visit,trade or sellgoods to neighbors and sharing with friends♥ Exoticgoods collectedfrom other islands in your trading port withsteamboats♥ Farm gameslike this are easy to play♥ No blocky, butbeautiful realisticgraphics with a cartoon blend♥ Hey, just escapefrom the city,become a farmer and build your farm township♥ Helpyour fun andsweet townspeople with orders♥ Farming games, farm,farming,family, friends, fun, farming simulator♥ Ville, village,city,town, township, sim♥ Craft, collect, explore, visit andescape♥Fill your barn with animal food on hay day♥ One of mostpopularfarming simulation games and it is free to play♥Completechallenging daily missions and quests to earn achievements♥Buildbig farms and expand the seaside village to cover yourentirecartoon island♥ Play offline with no wifi needed, one ofbestfamily games without wifi
Multiplication Table (पहाड़ा) & Counting (गिनती) 1.0
Guru Balaji
A great app to learn math’s in English and Hindi:MultiplicationTables and Numbering with audio support which is funand excitingway to learn. This Amazing tool helps kids in teachingbasic mathprinciples. Kids will learn to count and recognizenumbers.Our App,a great learning resource for kids along with audiosupport. It’seasy to use and no parental support is required. Alltablesmultiples will be displayed and app will speak all themultiplesone by one by highlighting the row getting spoken whichmakeslearning really easy.Enjoy the fun learningwitheasy-to-use!Credits: Icons made by Freepik
Sleep Time : Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock Tracker 1.36.3575
Azumio Inc.
Zzz. Sleep and slumber better. Wake up calm, refreshed, andwellrested every night with Android. Best alarm clock and sleepdiaryto sleep well. Your sleep guru & sleep timer.Sleep wellandquiet. Wake up at the lightest sleep stage with your sleepcycletimer. Understand sleep score and analysis. Be your own sleepguruwith the best sleep timer.How It works:1. Download Sleep Time.Setalarm clock. Put Android under pillow.2. Sleep well andquiet.Sleep time detects movements during bed time or nap, whetheryouare snoring or dreaming. Choose soothing & peacefulalarmsound, lullaby & soundscape.3. Sleep Time wakes you upgentlyat the lighest sleep stage so you are well rested.4. Receivesleepscore & analysis about duration, REM & sleep cycle.Writenotes about dreams, lucid dreams, stories or sleephabit.5.Understand sleep analysis trends. Sleep better. Wake uprefreshed.Be well rested at all times.FEATURES★ Set alarm clockwith Android.Put Android under pillow.★ Choose soothing &peaceful alarmsound, lullaby & soundscape. (sleep fan, waves,and more)★ Zzz.Wake up at the right sleep phase & sleep cycle,and feel wellrested.★ Sleep Lab™ and Sleep Genius™ and Sleep Guruwith sleepcycle analysis★ Smart alarm algorithm to optimize sleepquality,bedtime, slumber. Makes sure you sleep well.★ Sleep historyandgraphs about sleep duration, REM & sleep cycleZzz.SweetDreams! Your sleep guru. Wake up refreshed with soothing&peaceful alarm sound, lullaby & soundscape
iLearn: Numbers & Counting for Preschoolers 1.1.2
An application for 3-4 years old kids. This application contains6rich sections. The sections are designed for little kids toknowthe numbers and learn how to count. These sections are designedina very colorful and interesting In addition to these 6sections,the application has 3 activities which are very nice.Theactivities help the kids to learn while having fun.Theapplicationis available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, Arabic,Portuguese,Russian, German, French.We believe that preschool kidshave to havefun in order to learn and we come with a veryinteresting andenjoyable application for teaching the small kidsthe colors. Thisapplication is one a of the iLearn series forpreschooler and allof them are educational. The series isaddressing all the skillsexpected by 2-6 years old: colors, fruits,vegetables, numbers,letters, sorting, shapes and more.Enjoy whilelearning with ForqanSmart Tech and download iLearn: Numbers &Counting forPreschoolers.
Lullaby for babies 1.8
Your baby cries a lot? Can you put a nice sound to calm yourbabyand sleep like an angel. Choose the music and the time and putyourchild to sleep, a beautiful song That will really calmyourbaby.Lullabies are sung by mothers around the world forTheirchildren fall asleep.√ You can choose the music.√ You canchoosethe time.√ Great quality of the sound√ Absolutely Relaxing!√Thebest relaxing sound!The lullaby is a soothing song, usually sungtoyoung children before They go to sleep, with the intentionofspeeding That process.
White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds 1.31
White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds free app helps your baby (and you!)tofall asleep using classic monotonous sounds ("white noise")provento be effective by generations of parents.Such soundsinclude: ✔Pure white noise✔ Waterfall (natural brown noise)✔ Fan✔Vacuumcleaner ✔ Hair dryer✔ Washing machine ✔ Train ✔ Car ✔ Sea ✔Rain ✔Shower✔ Creek ✔ Mountain river✔ Mother ✔ Heartbeat✔Fireplace✔ CatpurringFrom practical experience, we have learnedthat such whitenoise sounds are more effective as a lullaby forbaby sleep thanmusic, tones or sing. Babies love white noise.Background whitenoise is calming for baby and resembles the kindof sounds that hewould hear in the womb.White noise for baby sleepis recommended bypediatricians including Dr. Harvey Karp, authorof The Happiest BabyOn The Block.To start using White Noise BabySleep Sounds, put yourphone to a hearing distance from your baby,choose one of theavailable sounds (or create your own mix), set atimer and start theplayback.We do highly recommend not putting thephone closer to thebaby than necessary.This app can also be usedas a sound machine(white noise machine) by adults suffering withinsomnia or sleepdisorders.App features:✔ 20 white noise sounds✔ 4baby lullabies✔Infinite playback✔ Timer with soft fade out✔ Mixerwith support foradjusting the volume of each sound in the mix✔Background audiosupport✔ No full-screen ads✔ Offline working✔Lightweight and easyto use
Lullabo: Lullaby for Babies 1.1.0
Lullabo contains carefully selected collection of soothinglullabiesand white noise for babies or toddlers.It can help you toput yourbaby to sleep faster and prevent unintentional sleepinterruptions.The lullabies can be played simultaneously withdifferent whitenoises such as rain, vacuum cleaner or hairdryer.The app containssome well known lullabies such as "Brahm'sLullaby" or "TwinkleTwinkle Little Star" in a very highquality.Why to use Lullabo?●Free lullabies and white noise●Customizable Timer● High quality●Beautiful graphics● Worksoffline● Helps to stop baby crying● Calmsdown children● Bedtimemusic for babies● Baby sleep musicWe hopethat both you and yourbaby will enjoy beautiful lullabies and youwill sleep better andlonger. Good night ;)
Meditation relax music sleep Meditation relax music 2.2
Meditation relax music sleep offers you 15 sessions ofmeditationsounds without repetition to be used how: ambiance music,massagemusic, music to sleep and calm music. Meditation relax musicsleepis your perfect relax aid and help to stop anxiety andstressdaily, relieve headache, cure insomnia and how a substituteforwhite noise.Why waste your time creating a mix with relaxmusic?Our deal with you: We create cool relax melodies, you onlyplay andrelax.Create a perfect ambiance and relax melodies to sleepfree.If you search relax and sleep, relaxing sounds, peacefulsounds,relaxation, sleep sounds, massage music, how anti stresstherapy,study music, practice yoga, reiki, kabbalah, taichi ormeditation,this is your app, don’t search more. Give a chance tomeditationsounds and become seduced by their soft melodies.Closeyour eyesand reach new relax levels. Improve your health.Features-15 musicsessions without repetition- High quality MP3 relax music-Play themusic in background with only press a button- Sleep mode:set thetimer, choose the exact minutes you want to stop music, turnon themusic sleep timer and music will stop automatically evenatbackground- Beautiful design with fullscreen HD images-Translatedto 8 languagesWe have more relax music apps, so you canchoosebetween nature, meditation, classical piano, relax melodiessleepmeditate, white noise and chill out and use each one at therightsituation how relax aid.
Kids Counting Hundred Chart 1.5
RamkyS Tech
Hundred Chart is a terrific tool for teaching kids basicmathprinciples. Kids will learn to count and recognize numbers. Itsagreat learning resource to help kids with counting to 100,countingby 2's,3's,4's 5's, 10's and recognizing countingpatterns.Featuresin Kids Math Hundred Chart:1) Hundred Chart withaudio from numbers1 -1002) Blank Hundred Chart with timer. Kids canpractice fillingthe whole chart.3) Odd Numbers4) Even Numbers5)Missing Numbers.Kids can set the number of missing numbers in thehundred chart.There are three levels - Easy, Medium, Hard6) MissingNumbers - 3rows7) Count By 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 10's8) Puzzle -One More/OneLess/10 More/10 Less
Deep Sleep - Meditation relax hypnotize 1.5
This is a new concept application that uses professionalaudiotechnology to help you sleep, meditate, relax andFocus.Accordingto the latest scientific research,Guidance bypsychology Dr andfamous doctor, a specific sound rhythm caneffectively help you tofall sleep quickly and can improve yoursleep quality.Thisapplication built in a variety of high-qualityaudio (rain, waves,birds, train sound, white noise) to help youblock the outsideworld noisy. Personalized sound, sleep sound andmeditation music,the most effective and high quality sleep,meditation,decompression applications, with music to changelifeFeatures♪Built-in free, high-quality music, sound of the waves,Flowingwater sounds, dripping sound, thunderstorms, bonfire sounds,insectsounds, frogs, bird sounds, lullaby ,White noise and so on.♪Timerauto off function.♪ New simple interface design♪ Works offline(Nointernet connection needed)♪ Very simple and easy to use.♪Absolutesecurity does not collect any privacy of the user.♪ Verypowersaving.♪ Install to SD Card(does not use phone memory)Note:Thisapplication can be used not only for relaxing or sleeping, butalsofor meditation, work or concentration.Download this app, startitand put on your headphones so that the soft music takes you intoabeautiful world that belongs only to yourself.Ourapplicationssupport the latest(2017) Infinity Display screen(all-screen) andultra-wide screen flagship phones such as: SamsungGalaxy S8, S8 +,Galaxy Note8, LG G6, HUAWEI Mate 10, Xiaomi MIX 1,Xiaomi MIX2,Vivo X20, iPhone X and so onIf you have any suggestionsorquestions you can contact us via facebook, WeChat, google+,Twitter
White Noise Sleep Sounds: rain, nature, and more 2.430
White Noise is proven to make you sleep better. Sleep soundsandnature sounds make you relax and fall asleep.With this appyou'llsleep better tonight, guaranteed. Its the most effective&highest quality sleep app, with over 5,400,00 happycustomers.FEATURED on ABC, CBS, BBC, Wall Street Journal,Successful Living,AppAdvice, AppCraver, 148Apps, Appolicious, &several radiostationsRECOMMENDED BY TOP DOCTORS onHealthTap.comThis is thefamous "APP THAT HELPS THE WORLD SLEEP".Turn it on and you'll beasleep in minutes, guaranteed.Sleep Pillowprovides an advanced setof high quality ambient sounds, premixedfor perfect sleepenhancement. The sounds are recorded and enhancedto relax and makeyou sleep. They isolate, create a relaxedenvironment, and put youinto a cyclical sleep pattern. The waythese sounds are createdwill induce sleep even for difficultsleepers or in the noisiestenvironments.--- ULTIMATE SOUND SET ---●Naturally recorded sounds●Pre-mastered & high quality Some ofour sounds:light rain|medium rain | tropical rain | rain on tent |rain on car + wipers |thunder storm | wind & rain & thunderstorm | wind-vaneblade | wind in field | outside bonfire | insidefireplace | gardenfountain | stream | bubbling stream | gentlebeach waves | beach& white noise mix | beach waves & birds| row boat | motorboat | birds & gentle frogs | small tropicalbirds | distantbirds | lake birds | jungle cave birds | jungle life| forest life| horse running in field | whale song | underwaterdive | bubbles |cold drink with ice | quiet city traffic | citynightlife | luxurycar ride | business class travel | train ride |wall clock |mother's heartbeat | thin wind chimes | medium windchimes | thickwind chimes | wooden wind chimes | underwater melody| templeatmosphere | indian tent | beach resort hammock | soothingguitar |quiet piano | couple's getaway melody | dream catchermelody |massage atmosphere music | beach meditation music | quietresortroom | metronome | baby lullaby 1 | baby lullaby 2 | babylullaby 3| white noise | blue noise | radio crackle | ceiling fan |box fan| metal box fan | tall stand fan | small fan | hair dryer |vacuum| clothes dryer ---- OTHER FEATURES ---- ● Sleep timer withslowfade-out ● App runs in the background ● App runs whiledevicelocked / screen dark● Favorite sounds shortlist ● Highqualitynature images, to set the mood--- PRESS & MEDIA QUOTES---●Wall Street Journal: "the hottest tracks on digitalplaylists:oscillating fan, crickets, waves..."● AppAdvice: "Nomatter whatthe reason, Sleep Pillow can make a stressful moodjustdisappear."● Successful Living: "Great for those nights youhavetrouble falling asleep… it keeps its promise of getting youtosleep."● WGNA Radio: "There's an app to help you sleep!"●Dearcustomers, we are here for you!
Baby Sleep 1.2
Want to make your baby a good night's sleep? Here is anexcellentoption to put your child to sleep. You can put a nicesound to calmyour baby and sleep like an angel. Beautiful songsthat will reallycalm your baby. This application helps provide agood night'ssleep. How about using this technique to help you sleepbetter andfaster? A lullaby is a soothing song, usually sung tochildrenbefore going to sleep, with the intention to speed up theprocess.As a result they are often simple and repetitive. Lullabiescan befound in every culture and since the ancient period. - Youcanchoose a time that will leave the music playing. - This appwillhelp your child sleep like an angel! - Infants and childrenfallasleep immediately. - Deep Relaxation with children's songs. -Highquality music that soothes.- Wonderful songs for babies. - Youcanchoose the songs. - Your baby will really relax. - Music forbabiessleep. - Perfect sound quality! - Great quality sounds. -Sound tochildren sleep. - The best relaxing sound! - Music tosleep. -Sounds for babies. - Soft music. - Beautiful sounds.
Rain Rain Sleep Sounds
Trouble sleeping? Rain Rain helps you fall asleep fast! Letdozensof high-quality endless sounds lull you to sleep in notime!Download the app that over three million people have used tofallasleep today!Install Rain Rain today, and get a betternight'ssleep tonight!
Pzizz - Sleep, Nap, Focus 4.9.5
Dynamic audio designed to help you get great sleep, takerefreshingnaps, and stay deeply focused."I love Pzizz... Best I'veused by amile" - J.K. Rowling on TwitterFeatured in The New YorkTimes,WIRED, Engadget, Gizmodo, Product Hunt, Lifehacker,Mashable,Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and more!PRESSMENTIONS“…Hibbertcredits the app for helping cure his insomnia anddiminish hispostgame dependence on Ambien.” – NBA Star Roy Hibbertspeaking toSports Illustrated“That night, I nestled under mycovers,downloaded the full version of Pzizz and turned it on… I wasoutbefore 20 minutes had passed and haven't looked back since.”-Jenna Wortham, New York Times“Pzizz helps you get to sleepfasterand get more restful sleep with a combination of soothingsoundsand voice cues aimed at helping you relax, destress, and gettosleep. In my experience, it works really well.” - AdamPash,LifehackerHOW IT WORKSPzizz delivers sleep at the push of abutton!Using the science of psychoacoustics, the app's patentedalgorithmplays you "dreamscapes"—sleep-optimized mixes of music,voiceover,and sound effects that quickly quiet your mind, put youto sleep,keep you asleep, and then wake you up feeling refreshed.Ifyou wantto sleep better at night, or take incredible power napsduring theday, this is the app for you. All you have to do islisten toPzizz. Headphones/earbuds are recommended foroptimaleffectiveness, but your built-in phone speaker will worktoo.FOCUSMODULEThe focus module is music designed to help you getmore workdone.Built around ‘focuscapes,’ environments of sound thathelp youget in the zone and be productive, backed by the samethoroughresearch we use to create our dreamscapes.Each focuscapehas a‘focus’ section which gets you into full concentration and a‘cooldown’ section which brings you back out gently.WHAT MAKESPZIZZ SOMUCH BETTER? Our sleep researchers work closely with ouraudioengineers to create beautiful dreamscapes that are backedbyacademic psycho-acoustics, and we pair these musicaldreamscapeswith voice scripts based on clinical sleepinterventions, and theninfuse them with personalization driventhrough our learningalgorithms so you have a different audiosequence each night (whichis important to keep Pzizz effective overtime). It’s wild, andincredibly potent. You can read more about thescience behind Pzizzon our blog.TRY IT NOWIt’s free to try and easyto use! So whywait? Download it now and give it a try to see why somany peoplearound the world are glowing about Pzizz!
Baby Sleep 2.7
This app is intended for babies and their parents. It helpsbabiesto fall asleep instantly. Uses classic monotonoussounds(lullabies) proven to be effective by generations of parents!Yourbabies will soon get used to it and when getting older evendemandit and choose their own lullabies. The app becomes anintegral partof the babies and their parent every day sleeproutine.Why is mybaby crying?Your baby is fed, has a clean nappy,no issues withcolic, you were playing with your baby but still itis crying? Thebaby is probably too tired, but at the same timeunable to fallasleep by itself. This is a common situation ofnewborns and asituation when Sleep Baby Instant can help themost.Sleep BabyInstant helps your baby to fall asleep using classicmonotonous lowfrequency sounds proven to be effective bygenerations of parents:Such sounds include: • Shower• Washingmachine• Car• Hairdryer•Vacuum cleaner• Shush• Fan• Train•Musicbox• Heartbeats• Sea andstream...From practical experience, wehave learned that suchsounds are more effective as a lullaby thantones, music orsing.Even for older babies Baby Sleep Instant helpsto increase theoverall noise level in the room, so that suddenurban sounds liketraffic would not disturb your baby fromsleeping.Baby Sleepinstant is easy to use so that even your babiescan start thelullaby. They just choose one of the available sounds.Each lullabyhas a colour and a big image do that babies can findtheirfavourite lullabies. A timer will automatically stop thelullabywhen times run out.We do highly recommend not putting thephonecloser to the baby than necessary and turning on airplane modeaswell as muting alerts during the entire use of this app.
Night Candle : relaxation, sleep, meditation 17.0
Self Healing
Beautiful night candle with 6 relaxing background sounds andambientmusic for your choice.This Candle can use as night lightwith timeror for meditation and get six sounds of anature withthis candle :forest , jungle , river , rain , fireplaceand ocean.
BabyCam: Baby Sleep Monitor & Nanny Cam - 3G, Wifi 2.0.8
Brand new, free and super easy to use baby sleep monitor whichworksboth on Android and iOS.Features:# Have your baby trackerready in20s# See your baby with HD camera# Use any network - 3G,4G, LTE orWiFi# Be alerted every time, everywhere# Soothe babyremotely# Freefor limited timeAll you need is Baby Cam - BabySleep Monitor andtwo devices – a parental and a child unit. Leavebabysitting on themachine! Use your phone or tablet as a childunit (yourcamera andmicrophone), place it near to your sleepingbaby and use your seconddevice as a monitoring unit. Theconnection of the devices issuper-fast and easy.Parent app(monitor) is still running in thebackground so you can hear yourbaby anytime. Don't worry, if theconnection is interrupted (Wifican be clumsy), we will notify you-since we use the cloud fornotifications.The app can even detectyour baby’s cry and you canalso try to soothe your little one byyour voice because he canperfectly hear you.If any noise isdetected, there are pushnotifications on your parental unit. Whenyou click, you can seebaby monitor cam live along with crispyaudio.The child unit goesinto sleep mode within few seconds afterbeing placed near to yourbaby so it doesn’t disturb him at all(lights, sounds...). Just besure that child unit isconnected topower source.Baby Cam - BabySleep Monitor always keeps you in touchwith your babies just byone glance at your phone ‘s display
Shhh...Sleep in Seconds 1.0
Insomnia? Busy mind? Can’t sleep? Us too. That’s why we createdShhh- the app that helps you get to sleep faster, when you need itmost.Sometimes you wake up at 3AM because Jeff needs thatquarterlyreport tomorrow. Maybe you have a newborn and your lunchbreak isyour only chance for a power nap. You took the red-eye toPhoenix,but the kid in 3C is using your seat back as a punchingbag.Life isfull of challenges. Falling asleep shouldn’t be one ofthem. Wecould tell you we spent many years and hundreds ofthousands ofdollars researching audio frequencies, soundengineering, andhealing (which is true). But who cares? Theimportant thing is wemade an app that lets you fall asleep easier,faster, and betterthan any other method. Even alcohol (we testedthis)!If you’retired, we can help you fall asleep in seconds. Justdownload thefree Shhh app, plug in your headphones, and tell theworld to Shhh.
Relaxing Music: Sleep Sounds 2.3
Relaxing music is ideal for fatigue, stress, insomnia andsorenerves. It works great when you study, sleep, meditate, read,yogaand stay in the spa. It also works for children andbabies.Listening to relaxing melodies reduces stress,improvesconcentration and relieves tinnitus.Download theapplication andmake your day free from stress and tension. Listento relaxingmusic and melodious sounds, relax your mind and soul. Alargecollection of relaxing sounds and melodies will help you tocalmdown and rest.Create your own sound compositions, add andmixrelaxation music with the sounds of nature such as: birdssinging,cicadas' sounds, sounds of rain, wind noise, night soundsand manymore.With this application on your phone you can enjoyrelaxingmusic and soothing melodies wherever you are and wheneveryou want.Playing soothing music when you sleep at night is the bestway tohave a restful sleep and an effective rest.Put on theheadphones,close your eyes and feel like in the spa.Advantages oftheapplication:● Built-in timer,● High quality sound,● Ability toworkin the background,● Auto-play mode,● Ease of use,●Off-lineoperation, no data connection needed,● No in-app fees(totally freeapp).Music to sleep:Listening to the melodious soundsyou will fallasleep easier, waking up more rested and started yourday in abetter mood.Music to Concentration:Relaxing music isolatesyou fromthe noise and ambient noise which makes it easier toconcentrateand increase the level of focus.Music formeditation:Soothingsounds will let you calm down and achieve innerpeace. The time torelax will be even more enjoyable.Levelingtinnitus:Many peoplesuffer from tinnitus that can be eliminated bylistening torelaxing music.Sleep better and wake up rested.Try it... is reallyfree.
Fabulous: Motivate Me! Meditate, Relax, Sleep 3.47
▌ Winner of Google's Material Design Award for MostCharmingEngagement ▌ Nominated for Google Play’s Best App Award ▌Incubatedat Duke University Behavioral Economics Lab Fabulous isnot justyour average habit tracker! We’re a science-based app thatwillmotivate you to improve your fitness & achieve your weightlossgoals, reboot your sleep cycle, and discover mindfulness toreduceyour anxiety. You’ll learn to build an transformativemorningroutine and even pick up life-changing habits likemeditation andyoga along the way. Our ultimate goal is to instillhabits thatimprove your health. Using any random habit tracker topick up ahabit like yoga, meditation, or to serve as a reminder toworkoutnever works. This is why we’ll act as your life coach,buildingyour motivation so you can focus on developing habits thatreducemental health issues like anxiety, and improve yourdailyproductivity. Upgrade your planner for the an exciting newhabittracker and achieve your health and productivity goals today.UseFabulous for motivation to build a refreshed morningroutine,exercise, improve your sleep cycle, and lose weight. Startbyinstilling these healthy living habits that will improveyourmental health and keep you on top of your goals. Like wesaid,Fabulous is not just your average habit tracker. Fabulous isyourmotivation to workout and lose weight, your morning routinejumpstart, your mindfulness app to help you relax and focus, andsomuch more. ▌TOP 6 REASONS TO USE FABULOUS ★ Have an irregularsleepcycle and want to learn how to get a good night sleep?★Strugglingwith your fitness and don’t know how to lose weight?★Needmotivation to build an indestructible morning routine?★ Wanttoincrease your energy so you have focus the entire day?★ Finditdifficult improving your productivity because ADHD?★ Wanttoimprove your mental health through mindfulness so you can copewithanxiety? ▌INTEGRATED HEALTH SESSIONS Take your fitness&workout routine to the next level by trying our integratedexercisesessions. We’ll coach you through each of our sessions andmore! ★7-minute scientific workout to improve your fitness so youcan loseweight★ Zen and vipassana meditation for high anxietyandmindfulness★ Deep work and power nap sessions for productivityandfocus★ Stretching starter pack for total flexibility ★Yogaexercises to reduce anxiety and improve your mental healthAfteryou’ve created your morning routine, you’ll begin toreceivepersonalized vocal advice from your own personal life coachbasedon your everyday habits. ▌HOW FABULOUS WORKS ★Smart-targetedhealth advice to develop an exercise routine andimprove yourfitness ★ Science-based habit tracker focused on healthandmindfulness★ Weight loss workouts that don’t just rely oncountingcalories (based off the Atkins & HCG diet)★ Your ownpersonal1:1 life coach for motivation to achieve your goals★Integratedhealth sessions for meditation and relaxation, yoga,exercise andmore★ Tools to improve your sleep cycle so you can havea goodnight sleep★ Expansive library to improve your productivity&focus, and build a successful morning routine ▌GET IN TOUCH!We'realways happy to talk with you and hear how fabulous hasimproveyour mental health and helped you achieve your goalsfrommeditation to weight loss, and so much more!Shoot us an emailathello@thefabulous.coLike us on Facebookat: us on Instagram:
Deep Sleep and Relax Hypnosis 1.3
Do you have trouble sleeping or getting into a relaxed state?Ormaybe you have a harder time staying asleep and finding thatdeepstate of rest each and every night… If you've felt the effectsofsleep deprivation, then you know that a good night's sleepisincredibly valuable and important. From the creators of thefastgrowing and H Mindifi series, we introduce to you our SleepandRelaxation Hypnosis. Immerse yourself into our customcreatedhypnosis sessions, specifically designed to give you ameaningfuland restful experience. We have created audios coveringeveryaspect of sleep and relaxation in order to give you apersonalizedexperience catering exactly to your needs. Mindifibrings you themost advanced and current hypnosis techniques, soundeffects,music, and beautiful visuals to bring you animmersiveall-encompassing experience. Use Mindifi's Deep SleepHypnosis appto help with insomnia, rid of anxiety, improve yourfocus, and useas a sleep aid through hypnotherapy andmeditation.Audios in thisapp include: 1). Sleep like a baby- EnjoyFREE on us! 2). DeepMuscle Relaxation 3). Disarming Nightmares 4).Falling back tosleep 5). Insomnia Relief 6). Peaceful Partner 7).Power Nap 8).Snore No More 9). Stress Release 10). Virtual MentalMassage 11).Wake Up Early Enter the world of Mindifi!
Sleep Away 1.3.2
Samuel Banas
Sleep Away is a sleep management application that provides twomainfunctions:Manage your sleep. By letting Sleep Away calculateyoursleep cycles, you can either set your alarm to wake up feelingwellrested if you go to sleep now, or set a reminder to go to bedat acalculated time, so you wake up when you need to. Sleep Awayalsolets you set an alarm for a quick power nap. Listen to whitenoise.Sleep Away contains a few sounds that you can listen to whileyoufall asleep. Those currently are: Heater, Rain and Campfire.Noneed to worry about turning the sound off - theapplicationcontains a timer that will automatically shut off thesound afterit counts down. You can let your phone sleep and justrelax.
Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds 3.5
Atmosphere is the perfect app to relax. Enjoy a variety ofrelaxingsounds divided into different environments.Just choose thesoundsthat you like and create your favorite combination,sleep,meditation, yoga, relieve stress, beat the anxiety andinsomnia orjust enjoy the sounds of nature.With the help ofbinaural beats andisochronic tones you can stimulate your mind,reduce stress andstimulate creativity.Some of its functions allowyou to import yourown audios to mix with default sounds. It willalso help to sleepeasily thanks to the timer that closes theapplication byitself.Atmosphere have environments for everyone:-Beach- Forest-City- Home- Underwater- Park- Countryside-OrientalEnjoy thecalmness of the rain, the strong of the storm orthe stream of ariver.Atmosphere also includes a section of binauralbeats andisochronic tones that will help you to free your mindandsoul.Available functions:- Don't waste battery with the timer✓-Mix and save you favourite sounds to load them anytime ✓-Importyour own sounds to mix them with the ones we provide ✓- Mixsoundsbetween any environment. Customize it as you want. ✓- Hightqualitysound ✓- More than 70 soothing sounds available ✓- Naturalandartificial sounds ✓- Listen to the sounds at background whileyouare doing other things ✓- Extend your mind the variety ofbinauralbeats ✓- Interface designed to not cause eyestrain ✓-Control thevolume of each sound to make your perfect environment ✓-Calm downyour little kids with the nature sounds ✓- Regain yourhealth andvitality ✓- Overcome anxiety and insomnia ✓- Use as Studyrelaxmusic app ✓
Baby Night Light: Instant Sleep Aid & White Noises
Baby Night Light is an app that lights up in the dark and givesoffsoft and comforting light until your kids is deeply asleep.Withour little animals, the fear of the dark disappears and yourchildfalls asleep reassured and in good company.14 NIGHTLIGHTSChoosefrom a variety of small animals. Calm your kids thanksto the sweetlittle faces of our adorable little animated lamp. Makepanda orsheep sing as you please.Some Sounds to help your babysleep:•White Noises• Lullabies• Washing machine• Car• Hairdryer•Vacuumcleaner• Shush• Fan• Train• Musicbox• Heartbeats• Seaandstream...AN INFINITE CHOICE OF BACKGROUND COLORSCustomizeyournightlight with a color palette. You can use the followingcolors:blue, green, yellow and many other colors!ROTARY ANIMATIONSANDSPOTLIGHT EFFECTIts lighting effects, its rotary motionsandvariable light intensity make it a quality night lamp that isidealto calm the night apprehensions of your kids and help themsleeppeacefully; they will sleep under a starry sky lamp.ACCOMPANYTHENIGHT LIGHT WITH A SWEET SOUNDHelp your kids with the gentlesoundof lullabies and soothing sounds. Sound of waves or abeautifulnursery rhyme. Choose what will suit him thebest.SOUNDDETECTIONNight light will automatically light up tosoothe and putyour child to sleep again when baby wakes up. Throughits automaticignition function sensitive to sounds, the night lightwill switchon as soon as the baby starts crying or writhe. Then,your babywill quickly go back to sleep without the need for youtoconstantly intervene.SET THE TIMESet the nightlight to thetimeneeded for your child to fall asleep. The timer function allowsyouto set how long you want the nightlight to shine beforeitgradually switches itself off. A convenient way to accompanyyourkids to sleep.Created for the comfort of babies and the peaceofmind of parents, Baby Night Light will be a useful lamp at homeoron vacation and will make your child have a sweet nightwithdreams.WARNING: Parents are advised to turn on the Airplanemode onthe baby's device in order to eliminate noise and reducetheemission of signal waves. It is not recommended to leave thedeviceon your baby's bed. To ensure the safety of your child, itshouldpreferably be placed on a nearby table.Editor shall not beheldresponsible in case of problems.
Pause - Guided Meditation and sleep story App 2.0.2
••• PAUSE - GUIDED MEDITATION FOR PEACE AND HAPPINESS •••Take adeeprelaxing breath with Pause. Through mindful meditation, wemovetoward peace, leave behind stress and unpleasant emotions,andenhance our lives. We become gradually calmer, healthier-happier.Pause is suited to beginning or advanced meditators,andwas designed by an innovative team of experiencedmeditators,psychologists and cognitive scientists!Our Foundationdevelops anawareness of meditation, the ways it can help andsupport you, withmany helpful tips.Our Series focus on specificthemes, such asstress, emotions, or the many ways of loving. OurBasic Skillseries guide you through the core of the meditativeprocess -simply sitting down and focusing on our breath.Our SOSsession isdesigned to guide you through a developing panicattack.Then, whenyou feel confident, you can easily use our Timerand meditate byyourself.***PAUSE - MEDITATION AND SLEEP ***Problems withinsomnia? Trouble getting to sleep? Our "sleep story"and relaxingsounds will guide you to deep, restorative sleep. Ourstoriesdesigned to help you drift off will finally take you to thehealingsleep you've been searching for. Take our relaxationmelodies, mixin some sleep-inducing sounds such as white noise, adda meditationsound effect and enjoy long nights of deep sleep.Sweeten yourdreams with Pause - Meditation and sleep••• PAUSE - THEBENEFITS OFMEDITATION •••According to numerous scientific studies,meditationcan have a direct effect on our brain and body. Withinthis greatersphere, the practice of mindfulness can help to manageor combat:stress, general anxiety, mental distress, insomnia,social anxiety,depression, insomnia, burnout, diabetes,hypertension, lack ofconcentration, self-esteem issues, etc.Meditating for ten minutesa day can help you feel better withinyour body and mind. Why wait?If you suffer from stress, anxiety,distress, insomnia, use Pauseand its guided mindfullness meditationexercises every day. Youwill see positive results in your health,personal fulfilment andhappinessMake friends with your inner self,and cultivate a stateof calm and serenity.Find the most comfortablespot and position,away from distractionExplore Pause through ourbasic sessions -before signing up!Enjoy hundreds of hours of smartmeditations, andour regularly updated contentHit play and startbreathing!Pauseaims to improve your life through the understandingand taming ofour inner voice:Explore our Series and learn to dealwith obsessivethoughts or unpleasant feelings. Unlock new Series bypracticingBasic SkillsTry us out to improve your concentrationandsleepFollow your progression in your Profile••• MORE ABOUT THEAPPAND THE SUBSCRIPTION •••The app is available in English.DownloadPause, sign up and get started on our Foundation series.Then signup for the Pro version in order to access more guidedmeditationsand relevant themes. Download our sessions so you canaccess themoffline..Pause offers two auto-renewing subscriptionoptions,choose the length of your subscription: • 1 month :$13.99($3/week)• 1 year : $79.99 ($1.5/week), save up to 50%Onceyou'vechosen your subscription and confirmed your order, thepayment willbe charged to your account, with the right price foryour country.The subscription will automatically renew at its enddate, and yourGoogle Play-linked bank account will be charged. Youcan stop theautomatic renewal any time. To avoid the renewal,cancel it atleast 24h before the end date of your subscription. Norefund isavailable for unused time. Terms andconditions: Pause - Meditation onFacebookfor some advice and content about mindfulness meditationAnymorequestions about our app? Write us at
Euro Farm Simulator: Livestock 1.2
Play in new farming simulator of 2017 which is all aboutlivestocklike chicken, sheep, cow, farm horse and eggs. Buy somecouples ofchicken and breed in your farm. Grow up farming chickenand developyour own poultry or chicken farm. Sale eggs and poultrychicken onyour farming vehicle. Breed cows, horse and sheep in yourfarm! Theeuro farm simulator 2017 allows you to deep into farminganddevelops your own cow farm, sheep farm and horse farm. Learn howtodrive all types of vehicles and breed cows. This is multipletasksEuro farming simulator which is about farm simulatorchicken,farming simulator cow with massive gameplay of farm simsheep andeggs etc in Euro Farm Simulator: Livestock.Fulfill theduties bycultivate hay and breed livestock to earn some handsomemoney. Themore money you get more livestock like cows, chicken,sheep andhorse you can buy and make your own farm with farming simgame.Drive offroad farming truck to transport and sell yourlivestock.Make your own horse farm by and sheep farm, transport andsell themin city. Cow farming, chicken farming and sheep farming ishard jobin hot and cold seasons.Your offroad farm truck will helpyou todrive on slippery and steep paths during animal transportorlivestock cargo. Breed and feed your farm animals in thisfarmersim 2017. You need to become a master for your cows andsheepbecause they will give you the best milk to selling in city!Thisis a real platform for farming, breeding and trading. You havetobe a master of offroad driving because you have to transportyourlivestock to the market in euro farm simulator 2017. FeaturesofEuro Farming Simulator:✸ Buy & breed livestock animals tomakeyour own farm.✸ Multiple animals like cow, chicken, sheep&horse to transport.✸ Drive hill transport truck for offroadanimalcargo.✸ Make your own animal farms, sell livestock & eggsonfarming truck.✸ Manage multiple farm jobs with hours ofvibrantgameplay. Prepare for breeding and develop farm for earningmoney.This farming game of 2017 will teach your how to operate allfarmvehicle and make your own livestock animal farm. Download nowEuroFarm Simulator Livestock and become a real farmer invillagefarming game.
babies sleep music 10.1
worldwide sleep music for babies from different languagesandcultures but it really workshave a nice relaxing time for youandyour baby and sweet dreams"
Sheep Evolution - Clicker Game 1.02
Mix and sheep, make them evolve and watch for the appearance oftheamazing,horned monsters. Gradually you will be able tocaptureseveral planets!Unbelievable beautiful transformation willoccurbefore your eyes.Promote and enrich the nature of theEarth,helping the evolution of sheep.HOW TO PLAYIt's simple!* Coins-sheep product life. Coins have every monster!* Move the sheepnextto each other so that they evolved in advanced sheep.* As muchaspossible, press the sheep! This encourages them to domorecoins.FEATURES* Two beautiful planet - Earth and Mars!*Fourcheerful measurement!* The story that you create with yourownhands* Four of these deities* The unexpected combinationofsomething like Alpaca Evolution, 2048, and incrementalclickers*Amazing genetic mutations* Doodle graphicsHome sheep,acloven-hoofed mammal of the genus sheep of bovids, whichincludesalso goats and cattle. This animal in ancient times itwasdomesticated by man, mainly thanks to its thick wool andediblemeat. Sheared sheep's wool, or fleece, used more often thanthewool of any other animal. Sheep meat, mutton, is one oftheimportant consumer products in many countries around the world.Inaddition to receiving the wool and meat, sheep are also bredtoproduce sheep's milk, made him a cheese, cooking oil andpelts(sheepskin). Sheep are used in scientific experiments, themostfamous representative of this species is considered to be Dollythesheep, the world's first cloned mammal.Under the sheep meanthefemale sheep and males are called rams. Young females who havenotreached puberty are called arkami, and the offspring oflambs.Sheep- breeding, dedicated to the breeding of sheep ispracticedthroughout the world and at all times played an importantrole inthe economy of many countries. Currently, the greatestnumber ofsheep available in China, Australia, India, Iran, NewZealand, UK,South Africa, Turkey, Pakistan and Spain. In thepost-Sovietcountries, the most important sheep-breeding as thelivestockindustry in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Moldovaandsouthern Russia.The characteristic sheep of the features isthepresence of glands, opening the channels between thefingers,spirally curved horns with transverse ridges and the lackof maleshave beards. Not all sheep provide the fleece removed byshearingin the form of a single layer; some belong to the smoothtype.Theexact origin of domestic sheep is unknown. Their ancestorsareconsidered wild taxa, it is the European mouflon, theAsiaticmouflon from the Middle East and urial (steppe), or ladacki,asheep native to Central Asia.Sheep have been domesticatedtogetherwith other livestock in the Neolithic, 000-8000 12 yearsago. Themiddle Eastern Neolithic sites closer to our time, the moreisfound the remnants of the sheep along with the spindles andotherevidence of weaving. By the beginning of the historical eraappearcoarse, innohosting and primitive fine-wooled sheep. Judgingfromthe earliest written monuments of the sheep is widely usedtoobtain as meat and wool, the former at that time one of themostimportant items of barter. In Europe, the sheep began to growinsettled households. In Central Asia they have beendomesticatedlater than in the middle East, but sheep-breeding hasspread hereover vast territories and became the basis of thewelfare ofnomadic peoples.Most modern highly productive breeds ofsheep ofmeat and meat-wool is created in the British Isles or withasignificant participation of the British breeds. In Britain,thereare 31 Association for the breeding of purebred sheep. Sheephavehistorically served as one of the world's major sources of meatandwool, and their milk used to produce cheese. Sheep were andstillare the basis of the exchange of goods - directly or "as" hair–non-perishable, easy to transport product.
Game Dev Story
Manage your own game company and try to create amillion-sellinggame in this unique simulation.Features the abilityto develop yourcompany's own game console, plus a system forchanging your staffmembers' professions.Your staff members can havea variety ofgame-related professions, from programmer to soundengineer.Workhard and you may reach the top of the video gameindustry!--Trysearching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games, orvisit us at Be sure to check out both ourfree-to-play andour paid games!
Impossible to sleep - Alarm clock free 1.6
If you have difficult to wake up, this app forces you to startyourday thanks to several functions. It\'s impossible tostayasleep.Features:• Stop the alarm by measuring your heart rate:youmust move to increase your heart rate to stop the alarm.• Stopthealarm by solving math equation.• Stop the alarm only aftersortingthe numbers.• Stop the alarm only after playing memory gameto findthe same colors.• Stop the alarm by shaking yoursmartphone.• Stopthe alarm only after reading a QR-code or a TAGNFC: Put a QR-codeor a TAG NFC far from your bed, for example in another room, sowhen alarm starts ringing, you are forced to wake upto stop it•Turn on the flashlight when the alarm clock starts.•Snooze topostpone the alarm clock.• Set an unlimited number ofalarmsclock.• Set a single alarm clock, a weekly repetition,apredetermined date. • Choice between ringing, vibration orboth.•Brightness and volume increase smoothly.* * * Important note* **If the alarms don't ring in the correct setup times, probablyabattery saving function is active in your smartphone. In thiscasego to the settings of your smartphone and add this app tothewhitelist so it works in correct mode.* * * * * * * * * *Helptotranslate:
Sleep as Android Unlock 20160509
Unlocks the "Sleep as Android" application - the alarm clockwithsleep cycle tracker. This is not a subscription but alifetimelicense. Install this "Unlock" and enjoy all features.SleepasAndroid is a smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakesyougently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings. Features: -Sleepcycle tracking with smart wake up- Sleep graph history- GoogleFit,S Health- Pebble, Android Wear, Galaxy Gear - Sleep deficit,deepsleep and snoring statistics- Social sharing (FaceBook,Twitter)-Gentle volume nature sound alarms (birds, sea, storm...)-Musicplaylists from alarm- Nature sound lullabies with binauraltonesfor fast fall asleep- Never over sleep again with CAPTCHA wakeupverification (Math, Sheep counting, Phone shaking, Bathroom QRcodeor NFC tag scanning...)- Sleep talk recording, snoringdetectionand anti-snoring- Jet lag preventionMore features waitingfor youtoexplore!Permissionsexplained
Tingles ASMR - Relaxing & Soothing Sleep Sounds 2.15.0
Tingles, Inc.
Tingles lets you enjoy ASMR videos on your phone. Followyourfavorite ASMR artists and save videos you like tofavorites.Tingles features all the best ASMR artists, curatedtriggerplaylists and a powerful search to quickly find whateveryou'relooking for. You can listen in the background or with yourscreenturned off. Use sleep timer before you go to sleep so youdon'tdrain your battery.New ASMR videos full of soothing sleepsounds,white noise & melodies added daily! Tingles is the onlysleepapp you will ever need. FEATURES• Latest videos from the allthebest ASMR artists• Follow your favorite artists• Save videostofavorites• Curated trigger playlists• Search artists, videosandtriggers• Listen in the background or with your screen turnedoff•Player built for ASMR• Sleep timerWHAT IS ASMR?ASMR is arelaxingphysical sensation that is commonly triggered by variouscalmingsounds like whispering, tapping, breathing, ambientsounds,binaural beats or different calm nature sounds like soundsofwater, ocean waves or rain. ASMR helps you relax, fall asleepandsleep better. It is an effective way to reduce stress andanxietyand it can also be used for meditation, to increase focusandmindfulness.Benefits of ASMR:• Effective sleep help, cureforinsomnia• Better sleep• Stress and anxiety relief• Greatformeditation and relaxation• Increase mindfulness and focus
Fox & Sheep Movie Creator 1.47
Fox & Sheep
With our new App ""Fox & Sheep Movie Creator"" you canchoosebackgrounds, characters and music to shoot your very ownmovie!Integrate our famous characters of our best selling apps""LittleFox Music Box"" and ""Nighty Night"" and many more to tellyour ownstory.Make your movie special with effects and personalizeit byadding an opening and a closing! Fox and Sheep Movie Creator"givesyou the chance to create a birthday film for granny,explaincomplex concepts in an easy way or just finally visualizeall thestories in your head! HIGHLIGHTS:1. Characters andbackgrounds ofaward winning Apps "Nighty Night", "Little Fox MusicBox" and manymore2. Intuitive navigation3. Over 30 differentcharacters andbackgrounds to choose from4. Dynamic special effects5. Possibilityto export and share movies with friends on socialmediaDISCOVER,PLAY, LEARN Our aspiration is to introduce childrento the digitalworld in a playful and gentle way and thus opening upa completenew world to them. With our apps, kids are able to stepintodifferent shoes, go on adventures and set theircreativityfree.DATA PRIVACYYour and your child's data and privacyis veryimportant to us. That's why Fox and Sheep obeys theChildren'sOnline Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which protects dataofchildren. Please see more info on our privacy policyhere:
Tape it Up! 1.06
You have to tape up all these boxes REAL QUICK! Use everythingyoucan think of. No TAPE? Use CATS! No CATS? Use BACON! (Mmm…bacon)Become a TAPE MASTER in this oddly satisfying verticaljumpingaction scroller!NOTE: You may download and play this gamefor free,but optional in-game items require payment. You can turnoff thepayment feature by disabling in-app purchases in yourdevice’ssettings. Features:- No internet connection required toplay-Stylish pixel art- Simple swipe controls- Super easy to play,buthard to master- Unlock and collect 40+ characters- And 30uniquebackground themes to choose from!PrivacyPolicy: Support:Havingproblems or want to report something?E-mail usattape-it-up@devsisters.comWant more Tape it Up?Like us onFacebookat