Top 50 Games Similar to Run Candy Run

Смешарики. Параллельные миры 1.1.1
Крош и Ёжик случайно включили новое изобретение Лосяша иПигаипопали в параллельный пластилиновый мир. Но вот беда-послеперемещения изобретение сломалось! Что же делать?Какдрузьямвернуться домой? Скорее устанавливай игру, чтобыпринятьучастие вприключениях Кроша и Ёжика в пластилиновом мире!Изучайвместе сними новый мир и общайся с другимипластилиновымисмешариками!Разбуди спящего Бараша, развлеки Нюшу,помогиКаркарычу, загляни наогород к Копатычу, воспользуйсязнаниямиЛосяша и умениями Пина,посети Совунью и помоги Крошу иЁжикунаконец вернуться домой!
One Level: Stickman Jailbreak 1.8.6
RTU Studio
Tommy got into trouble again! Our hero is behind bars. Buthe'snotgoing to stay in jail for a long time and he decidestoescape.Tommy steals a key and gets out of the jail cell. Butourfrienddoesn't go free: Tommy suddenly finds himself in thesameroom fromwhich he just escaped! The conditions for escapingchangeeverytime. In order to go free Tommy will have to solvelogicalpuzzlesand you can help him in this! At first it will beeasy, butthetension will increase, and the tasks will becomemorecomplicatedwith each level. You should use your brain for all100%,but ifyour skill is not enough, you can use a hint or ask forhelpfromfriends! Are you ready to help our hero? He's alreadywaitingforyou! Features: - 48 unique levels; - the function of"helpfromfriend"; - hints; - instructions. You can solve thepuzzlesaloneor with your friends and spend time well! Our contacts:VK-
One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak 1.8.1
RTU Studio
Hardly had Tommy broken out of prison when he hit thebricksagain!The escape seems to be impossible: upgradedsecuritysystem,increased concentration of prickles, attentive chiefwardersandcrazy watch bumble-bees don`t give a chance to breakout.Tommywill have to struggle his freedom! Every time theescapeconditionschange. The tasks became more difficult and thepressureis harder.Use your brains and friends all the way! Our heroiswaiting foryou! Help him! New: - now 180 unique levelsareavailable - 3secret levels - animated interface objects -extraobjects tointeract - crazy watch bumble-bees Stayed thesame:-“friend`s backup” option - promptings - description You cansolvethe puzzlesalone or with your friends and spend time well!Ourcontacts: VK -
12 Locks II 1.12
RUD Present
Plasticine man has a bad habit to lock all doors to 12 locks.Asaresult he finds himself in different awkward situationsallthetime. The task of a player is to help him to find allkeys,solvingdifferent puzzles. Game features: - Plasticine graphics-Fun music- 3 unique rooms - Different puzzles
My Grumpy - The World's Moodiest Virtual Pet game! 1.1.19
Tapps Games
You might have pulled all kinds of pranks on Mr. Grumpy, but nowyoucan have him as a pet with fun games for kids! Adopt mr. Grumpyasyour cute virtual pet and keep annoying him whenever you feellikeit! Give him a happy family, keep him clean and well fed andmaybehe’ll even grow to hate you a little less!, hewon’t.GRUMPY PUPPY GAMES HIGHLIGHTS 🐻TAKE CARE of mr. Grumpy asyour owncute and moody virtual pet. Shower, feed, pet and be thefamily henever ever wished for! 🐻DISCOVER new kids games pranksand tricks topull on your cranky pet and have fun with his funny(over) reactionsin cute mini games (fun games for kids!)🐻CUSTOMIZE mr. Grumpy withfunny hats, ties, glasses and clothes!He absolutely loves to bedressed in cute little puppy gamesoutfits, he just has a verydifferent way of showing it! 🐻DECORATEyour pet marmot’s home andmake yourself comfortable: having peoplebreach his personal spacefilled with fun games for kids is one ofmr. Grumpy favorite thingsin life! Play mini games and spendquality time with your newvirtual pet, mr.Grumpy and make him feelloved and cared for likethe little kid marmot he is deep down inthe most marmotful of kidsgames. Making him feel good might beharder than winning thelottery, we know, but cranky might just bethe new happy in puppygames lingo! How to play mini games and takecare of a virtualmarmot in kids games? Feed him overly spicy foodwithout warning himfirst, wake him up with a good old scare andpull cartoon-worthypranks on him all day! It’s simple like puppygames! Kids games andmini games can never match this level ofcheerfulness! Adoptmr.Grumpy now! He simply can’t wait to play fungames for kids withyou! Please note! This virtual pet game is freeto play, but itcontains items that can be purchased for realmoney. Some featuresand extras mentioned in the description mayalso have to bepurchased for real money.
One Level 3: Stickman Jailbreak 1.10
RTU Studio
One Level 3 Stickman Jailbreak is the sequel to a seriesoflogicpuzzles from the developers of One Level and One Level2Fromprison to prison! Tommy doesn't like this prospect, buthedoesn'twant to sit on the ground. He's trying to escape again!Thistimethe prison isn't going to let Tommy go: improvedsecuritysystem,subtle trials and now bosses! Together with Tommyyou willsolvecomplex puzzles, guess riddles and defeat the evilbosses whowillstand in your way. Link your head and friends up toget free!It'sup to you if our hero escapes! All this awaits you inthe gameOneLevel 3 New: - new interior design - now 288 uniquelevelsareavailable - 24 levels with bosses - new riddles andpuzzles -extraobjects to interact - even more enemies, even moredangersStayedthe same: - “friend`s back up” option - promptings-description -animated adds to the interface - rabidwatchbumblebees You cansolve the puzzles alone or with your friendsandspend time well!Our contacts: VK -
12 LOCKS 3: Around the world 1.10
RUD Present
Plasticine little people like travelling a lot, and that is whytheyare never at home. There are so many adventures are awaitingthem,such as: diving, space-flight, and even a stroll in the WildWest,where behind each cactus a bandit lying in wait for you. Whatismore, a weirdo didn’t break off his habit to lock the door with12locks outdoors. Game features: - Plasticine graphics - Funnymusic -4 unique rooms - Many puzzles
TripTrap 1.8.8
Duello Games
TripTrap is a tasty new puzzler fromthecreators of iSlash!Enjoy this challenging unique game with delicious graphics bothonPhones and Tablets!"Simple to learn and satisfying to complete, TripTrap isanattractive casual puzzle game. It’s a fun way to spend somesparetime." - 148Apps"Although it is important to be objective while reviewing an app,Ican't help but to love everything about Trip Trap."-AppAdviceOur little friend "Ched" (aka "Cheddar") is very hungry and heneedsyour help to get the cheese. But it won't be an easy trip.Help himflip and flop his way through dangerous paths and get thecheeseavoiding the traps!Trip Trap Key Features- Single touch original flip-flop gameplay- 4 rooms, 80 well-planned tricky levels- Casual Mode with limitless freedom- Puzzle Mode with limited number of jumps- Global leaderboards & achievements- Beautiful graphics designed to support both PhonesandTablets!TripTrap has been designed to work on most modernAndroiddevices.Join the action and solve a different puzzle on each level!
12 LOCKS: Plasticine room 1.11
RUD Present
This is an "Escape Room" type of game in which you must findallkeysand unlock target door. If you like fun yetchallengingpuzzles, thenthis is the game for you! Additionalyfeatures: crazyplasticinegraphics and fun music. The status of thegame isautomaticallysaved. If you want to reset game progress youcan doit in settingscreen, by clicking settings button in theintroscene.
Nyan Cat: The Space Journey 1.05
isTom Games
Nyan Cat: The Space Journey! The world’s numberonerainbow-ridingcatronaut is back to go where no cat has gonebefore!The countdownhas already begun - so jump into the cockpitandprepare for anincredibly cute adventure! A whole galaxy ofcake,cheese and candyis out there, waiting only for you toexplore!HIGHLIGHTS - Casual,innovative action - a running gamewithdrag-and-drop controls! -Cute and detailed cartoonish graphics-Nyan Cat is now lookingbetter than ever! - Crazy challenges-slalom between lollipops,evade flying candies and help Nyantoreach the end of the level! -Collect coins and other goodies togetaccess to new features! -Share your success - Nyan Cat: TheSpaceJourney is integrated withFacebook! Challenge your friendsandshare your achievements withthem! CASUAL CONTROLS The controlsarevery easy to learn - justgrab cute little Nyan Cat with yourfingerand swing him around toavoid obstacles. Let him loose andhe’llkeep flying straightahead! AN AMAZING UNIVERSE Cheese planetswithrainbow rings,cupcake moons with lollipop satellites,mushroomasteroids spinningaround smiling suns - discovering thecute andbeautiful NyanUniverse will be quite an adventure! Youwon’t beable to stopuntil you explore every inch of it - and thenyou’llcome back formore! JOIN THE RACE Log in to Facebook and watchthemap turninginto one huge leaderboard. Compete with yourfriendsfrom level tolevel - grab more collectibles to become theace. Misssomeone fromthe list? Everyone is just a single inviteaway! Formoreinformation please visit thedeveloperwebsite: Join the publisheror thedeveloperfan club onFacebook: orinquiries please contact Thankyou for playing Nyan Cat: TheSpaceJourney!
Catch the Candy: Red Holiday game! Lollipop Puzzle 2.0.33
Fluffies like to catch red candy! Get through all theobstaclesandcatch the candy! Based on the hit Flash game, CatchtheCandyfeatures a lot of levels to complete and achievementstounlock.Each set of levels has unique features to vary thegameplay:hotbeaches with tropical palm trees, city parks, andstreets, andevensome forest lands! This is the funny physics actionpuzzle IQballgame! But remember, even this creature sometimes needsa breakfromeating candy to play outside! On every stage you haveonly onegoal– to catch the candy and eat the tasty red ball.Fluffies usetheirlong tongues to grapple things and drag themcloser. To catchthered ball, fluffies will often solve a puzzle.Game features: 🍭120unique levels and difficult obstacles. 🍭Adorable fluffycreaturewith unique movements. 🍭 Realistic actionphysics. 🍭 6parts andyears in one puzzle game. 🍭 2 million happymobileplayers. 🍭 Plus125 million players in Flash. The fluffy won'tgiveup its quest toget the elusive red candy. Using the tail andthesucker, make yourway to victory, get through all the obstaclesyoumeet on your way,and catch the red candy balls. The Fluffy isreadyto complete 120new colorful levels of the puzzle and catch allthecandy! It'stime to start an exciting adventure with acandy-lovingfluffy andcatch the delicious red ball. Plunge into thefantasyworld of oneof the top puzzles and catchthecandy!_____________________________________ Do you want to findalltheparts of the Catch the Candy puzzle? Follow usonTwitter:@HeroCraft Watch us on Youtube: onFacebook:
Amanita Design
CHUCHEL is a comedy adventure game. Join the hairy hero Chuchelandhis rival Kekel in their quest to retrieve the precious cherryandface numerous puzzles and challenges! The reward?Cheerfulsituational humor, wild music and sounds by the band DVAand dozensof hilarious gags that warm up even the coldest of souls.Pluscherries!
Mimpi 1.1.9
Explore strange new worlds and unique adventures in Mimpi-afantastic new adventure, puzzle, and platformer game.Bestplayedon a tablet. Awards: European Games Awards 2014 nomineeforBestEuropean Mobile Game & Best European Art Direction.CzechGameof the Year 2014 nominee for Visual ArtsExcellence.Reviews:TouchArcade: 4.5/5 "Mimpi is adorable, theartwork isamazing, andthe puzzles are both challenging and simplyfun to playthrough ...I highly recommend folks check it out."Arcade Sushi:9/10 "Thisfirst rate app is an absolutely gorgeoustitle, and it’sone of thefew physics based puzzlers that moves theheart and themind." AppAddict: 4/5 "Mimpi is delightful platformer,that reallyshines dueto the challenging puzzle element which oftencleverlyutilizes thetouch screen." The game is like apsychedelicillustration comealive! Mimpi the dog is searching forhis masterin eight diverseworlds. The environment is seldomrepetitive, thepuzzles arealways new. The story is told withoutwords by the gameworlditself. The game can be played by anyone,kids, adults,hipsters,crypto terrestrials... :) =Features= -Optimized fortablet - 8different illustrated levels where eachscreen isdifferent -Puzzle, platformer and adventure mechanicscombined intouniquegameplay style - Unique puzzles and minigamesthat seldomrepeat -24 short comics to discover - Unobtrusive storythat istoldcompletely without words, no boring dialogues - Musicthatchangesas you progress levels - 8 character skins availableingame=Follow Us= Become a fan of Mimpi on Facebook and getthelatestupdates or follow the
Monsterland 2. Physics puzzle game 1.6.0
ALMA Games
A game of logic with the most unusual and tricky puzzlesthatrequirecreative approach. The catchy physics based puzzleaboutthe endlessaction between sleeping Senior and energeticJunior!Help activeJunior to get to snooze Senior for wake him upby popthe monsterblocks and clear a path to continue the fungames! Theadorablemusic, colorful art, Junior's merry laugh andSenior'sgrumble inthis 2-nd story of Monsterland will put a smileon yourface,guaranteed! FEATURES: - 100+ interesting levels&differentcolorful worlds - catchy brain physics-based puzzlesforlearning andplaying - attractive colorful films about JuniorvsSenior - cutecomic monsters blocks - nice music, charmingart& catchingJunior' laugh - don't know what to do, callthealarm clock for helpMONSTERLAND STORY: Everybody like fun,ourhero is no exception. Thefull of energy Junior crazily wantstojump, run, play and foolaround. But Senior decided to sleepanddoes not want to have funwith the little block. TheMONSTERLANDhabitats guard the Senior'srest. And it makes thislogical brainpuzzle just much moreinteresting! HOW TO PLAY: Popthe monsters,use elevators &portals, travel around theMonsterland world tosolve a variety ofattractive puzzles and joina playful juniorwith his tired Seniorfor endless fun. Collectcandies, check thepops to open more newinteresting levels indifferent packs such asJunior vs Senior,Junior Revenge, JuniorReturns, One more Junior.NEW LEVELS: 30 newlevels in the Challengetale. Now Junior has alittle sister Jenny!Help the little one andhis sis wake up theSenior! Monsterland 2 isa continuation ofMonsterland. Junior vsSenior story which manypeople like. Theexciting 2-nd part puzzlefrom ALMA Games presentsyou anunforgettable adventure in thecolorful world. If you likebrainphysical puzzles visit ourwebsite totryother brain games by ALMAGames: "Monsterland. Junior vs Senior","Snoring. Wake upElephant", "Alarmy", "Cat around the world".Joinour community Will be appreciativeforyour positivereview & 5 stars in the store. Also,don'thesitate to writeyour remarks at
Bubble Blast Adventure 1.0.4
Magma Mobile
Come discover the fabulous world your favorite Bubble Blast livein!Bubble Blast Adventure is an exciting Platformer where you mustracethrough the levels collecting special items and defeating theevilBubble Square Tribe. The Bubble Square Tribe has invadedthebeautiful kingdom the Bubble Blast have peaceful lived inforcenturies. While invading the kingdom, the tribe has stolenBubbleBlast artifacts, which represent the greatest source of powerinthe entire kingdom. As you venture through the various levelsandtake back the Bubble Blast Kingdom, you will be in chargeofrecovering them all. The kingdom’s future is at stake. BubbleBlastAdventure features - Unique Art design - PlatformingActions:Rolling, Jumping and Exploding Bubble Blast - Super easy toplay,yet very intricate gameplay - Hidden keys, gateways andtreasures -Over 100 fun levels to discover - Interactive shop toboost yourabilities all throughout the game - Customizable BubbleBlastcharacters. How cool will your Bubble Blast be? - The gameisTablet ready and supports 15+ Languages
My Dog Shibo 2 – Virtual pet with Minigames 1.6.10
Axelerum S.L.
Meet Shibo now, your new virtual pet! He is a funny andlovingdogwaiting for your cares. He needs you to adopt him andlookafterhim. Feed him, play with him, tickle him…! CustomizeyourlittleShibo and make him a unique and lovely dog. Will youkeephimhealthy and happy? Moreover, there are 10 free funnyminigamesanda collectible sticker album! ++ HOW TO PLAY “My DogShibo 2–virtual Pet with Minigames"++ There are many games aboutcatsandpets, but this is different. The objective is to lookafterShiboas if he was a real one. You have to feed him, keephimhappy,relaxed and clean. - Adopt our favourite shiba inu andstarttoplay with him! - Dress him as you prefer, choose hisclothes,hiscomplements. You choose! There are more than 100 itemstochoose. -Design his home. Choose the furniture, decoratehisbedroom,customize the kitchen, and choose the colors of yourlivingroom,the pattern on the floor… Use your creativity! - Getstickersandcomplete all the pages in the album to get incredibleprizes.-Feed him. You’ve got a lot of food to choose from but… justaclue:he loves burgers. - Play with him, tickle him and listentohismeows. Remember he needs cuddles to be happy! - Washyourlittledog and keep him clean and tidy to avoid illnesses. -Sendhim tosleep to recover all the energy to play. Show that youcan beagood owner of Shibo! ++ FREE MINIGAMES ++ Thisgameincludesseveral free and funny Minigames that will allow you togetcoinsto buy food, clothes and furniture (you can play themalsoinFlight Mode): DOG-RUNNER. Run and jump in thisfreneticminigame.DOG-BUBBLES. Explode the bubbles in this superclassicminigame.DOG-BASKET. How many baskets will you score inthissportsminigame? DOG-CAR. Press the accelerator and overtakecarsandobstacles. DOG-SHELL GAME. Don’t lose sight of the bellandfindit. DOG-CROSSY ROAD. Go the farthest you can! But lookwellbeforecrossing! DOG-PIANO TILES. Follow the rhythm of ourshibainu.Press the piano tiles and make a beautiful song soundinthismusical minigame. DOG-JUMP TREE. Jump the highest youcanjumpingfrom branch to branch. DOG-TRAIN. You are the enginedriver,becareful and don’t crash with other trains! DOG-STACK.Getthehighest score without being crushed! DOG-DRUMS. Followtherhythmof Shibo and get a high score! DOG-BLOCKS. Join blocksandget thehighest score! ++SOCIAL WORK FOR PETS – ANIMAL RESCUE++Likeyou,we love pets. Shibo is our favourite one but we arealsocrazyabout dogs, cats and other hairy pets looking for theirplaceinthe world. For that reason we want you to get involvedinthisproject and collaborate together with a NGOprotectioninstitutionof animals that welcomes, helps and curesabandoned,injured andorphan animals. They also help them have agood life anda betterfuture. How can you help us with this petrescue? It’s verysimple:Subscribe to Shibo. We will donate 20% ofthe incomegenerated byall the subscriptions to help them! The firstweek inevery monthwe will inform you about the details of theprotectionNGO from thegame, and how the animals are healthy againand happythanks toyou. Moreover, with your subscription you willget freestickersevery day and coin multipliers in the minigames! Doyouneed morehelp? Want more advice? Visit usin: Youcan also find us onFacebook Rate “MyDog Shibo 2 – Virtualpet withMiniGames”, as the best virtual petgame and give us youropiniónwith a big WOOF!
Bubble Blast Rescue 2 1.0.2
Magma Mobile
Maintain law and order in the Wild West in this new episode set inabeautiful and colourful 3D scenery. Under your cannon shotsvillainswill have no other choice but to release their hostages.Beware someof them are well protected... Be clever and smart tosave a maximumof Bubble Blasts in order to reach the next level.The bounties youwill collect will be up to your talent! NEW : TNTcrates, hatches,wrecking balls... Used cleverly, some sceneryobjects can give youthe edge! Try also one of our wacky bonus tomake prowess. BubbleBlast Rescue 2 features : - Discover thelively world of BubbleBlast - Triumph of nearly 200 levels -Unleash the power of 8amazing bonuses - Complete all achievements- Measure yourself toother players in the world rankings Will yoube the hero the worldis waiting for? Download Bubble Blast Rescue2 for free ! BubbleBlast is a registered trademark of MagmaMobile.
Furby Connect World
Hasbro Inc.
Connect to a virtual world of surpriseswiththe Furby Connect World app!* HATCH super cute virtual babies… Furblings! Over 60adorableFurblings to discover!* CARE for your Furblings by feeding, cleaning, and healing theminorder to level them up and reveal their hidden traits intheapp.* COLLECT over 100 different items you can use to take care ofyourFurblings.* GROW your peaceful virtual Furbling village into a busyFurblingparadise over time!With your Furby Connect toy (sold separately), in the app youcanalso…* NAME your Furby Connect and watch it remember its name!* HELP Furby Connect learn song lyrics and new phrases bywatchingvideos with it at the virtual Movie Theater! (Contentchanges overtime.)* FEED your Furby Connect with virtual food using the app tofindout what it likes! Furby Connect likes different things!* LAY over 60 different virtual Furbling eggs!* DISCOVER what happens when Furby Connect uses the toilet intheapp!* PLAY with Furby Connect as it talks about what happens initsvirtual world!NOTE: The Furby Connect World app is only compatible with theFurbyConnect toy (sold separately) and is not compatible with priorappsor other Furby toys.= = = = =SUPPORTED DEVICESThe Furby Connect World app supports these devices runningAndroid4.4 and above:* SAMSUNG GALAXY S4, S5, S6, S7* SAMSUNG GALAXY EDGE S6, S7* SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI S4* SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3, 4, 5, 10.1”* SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 (10.1” model only)* SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 4 (7”, 8”, 10.1”)* GOOGLE NEXUS 7 (2013 Edition and newer)* GOOGLE NEXUS 9* GOOGLE PIXEL C* MOTOROLA MOTO X (Generations 1, 2)Check for more information on compatibility,availability,and instructions. Make sure your device supports thisapp beforedownloading. Other devices may be compatible but are notsupported.Updates may affect compatibility.
Draw a Stickman: Sketchbook
** Winner of 5 Webby Awards - Draw a Stickman Franchise ****Playedover 100 Million Times around the Globe ** DrawaStickman:SKETCHBOOK is a FREE DEMO app that allows you toexploreyourcreativity by giving you the freedom to draw anything!If youcanthink it, you can draw it! Let your imagination soar inthissinglesandbox level where you are given access to the sameuniquetoolsfrom Draw A Stickman: EPIC 2. Draw A Stickman:SKETCHBOOKallowsfor unlimited drawings to be saved, shared, andused forgameplayin Draw A Stickman: EPIC 2! Dive into a colorfulnew worldwiththis essential SKETCHBOOK companion, andenjoyhand-craftedinteractions in a magical environment!CREATE!Experiment with theenhanced drawing tools, along with amedley ofvibrant colors, andturn the blank canvas into your owncreativemasterpiece! DISCOVER!Use your tools to reveal newsurprises inthis Sketchbookadventure! Different patches unlockdifferentsecrets! SHARE!Download EPIC 2 to use the drawings youhave createdin yourSketchbook! Share those drawings with yourfriends, and theycanalso share their drawings with you! Unlimitedideas makeforendless amounts of fun! Draw A Stickman: SKETCHBOOK isjustonechapter in the greater stickman universe. Experiencetheentireadventure!
Catch the Candy: Winter Story! Catching games 1.0.10
Fluffies like to catch red candy! Get through all theobstaclesandcatch the candy! Based on the hit Flash game, CatchtheCandyfeatures a lot of levels to complete and achievementstounlock.Each set of levels has unique features to varythegameplay:snow-covered woods and mountains, ice-coveredlakes,brightlydecorated houses and a Christmas tree! This is thefunnyphysicsaction puzzle IQ ball game! But remember, eventhiscreaturesometimes needs a break from eating candy to playoutside!On everystage you have only one goal – to catch the candyand eatthe tastyred ball. Fluffies use their long tongues tograpplethings anddrag them closer. To catch the red ball, fluffieswilloften solvea puzzle. Game features: 🍭 120 unique levelsanddifficultobstacles. 🍭 Adorable fluffy creature withuniquemovements. 🍭Realistic action physics. 🍭 6 parts and years inonepuzzle game. 🍭2 million happy mobile players. 🍭 Plus 125millionplayers inFlash. The fluffy won't give up its quest to gettheelusive redcandy. Using the tail and the sucker, make your waytovictory, getthrough all the obstacles you meet on your way,andcatch the redcandy balls. The Fluffy is ready to complete 120newcolorfullevels of the puzzle and catch all the candy! It's timetostart anexciting adventure with a candy-loving fluffy andcatchthedelicious red ball. Plunge into the fantasy world of one ofthetoppuzzles and catch thecandy!_____________________________________Do you want to find alltheparts of the Catch the Candy puzzle?Follow us onTwitter:@HeroCraft Watch us on Joinus
My Cat Mimitos 2 – Virtual pet with Minigames 1.6.10
Axelerum S.L.
Meet Mimitos now, your new virtual pet! He is a funny andlovingcatwaiting for your cares. He needs you to adopt him andlookafterhim. Feed him, play with him, tickle him…! CustomizeyourlittleMimitos and make him a unique and lovely cat. Will youkeephimhealthy and happy? Moreover, there are 12 free funnyminigamesand acollectible sticker album! ++ HOW TO PLAY “My CatMimitos 2–Virtual Pet with Minigames"++ There are many games aboutcatsandpets, but this is different. The objective is to lookafterMimitosas if he was a real one. You have to feed him, keephimhappy,relaxed and clean. - Adopt our favourite cat and starttoplay withhim! - Dress him as you prefer, choose hisclothes,hiscomplements. You choose! There are more than 100 itemstochoose. -Design his home. Choose the furniture, decorateyourbedroom,customize your kitchen, and choose the colors ofyourliving room,the pattern on the floor… Use your creativity! -Getstickers andcomplete all the pages in the album to getincredibleprizes. -Feed him. You’ve got a lot of food to choosefrom but…just a clue:he loves vegetables. - Play with him, ticklehim andlisten to hismeows. Remember he needs cuddles to be happy! -Washyour littlecat and keep him clean and tidy to avoid illnesses.-Send him tosleep to recover all the energy to play. -Customizeyour garden toyour liking and become the most popular. -Visitother players andlet them know if you like their house. Showthatyou can be a goodowner of Mimitos! ++ FREE MINIGAMES ++ Thisgameincludes severalfree and funny Minigames that will allow you togetcoins to buyfood, clothes and furniture (you can play them alsoinFlightMode): CAT-RUNNER. Run and jump in thisfreneticminigame.CAT-BUBBLES. Explode the bubbles in this superclassicminigame.CAT-BASKET. How many baskets will you score inthissportsminigame? CAT-CAR. Press the accelerator and overtakecarsandobstacles. CAT-SHELL GAME. Don’t lose sight of the bellandfindit. CAT-CROSSY ROAD. Go the farthest you can! But lookwellbeforecrossing! CAT-PIANO TILES. Follow the rhythm of ourcat.Press thepiano tiles and make a beautiful song sound inthismusicalminigame. CAT-JUMP TREE. Jump the highest you canjumpingfrombranch to branch. CAT-TRAIN. You are the engine driver,becarefuland don’t crash with other trains! CAT-STACK. Getthehighest scorewithout being crushed! CAT-DRUMS. Follow the rhythmofMimitos andget a high score! CAT-BLOCKS. Join blocks andgethighest score!++SOCIAL WORK FOR PETS – ANIMAL RESCUE++ How canyouhelp us withthis pet rescue? It’s very simple: For this reasonwewant you toget involved in this project to collaboratetogetherwith a NGO toprotect animals that welcomes abandoned,injured,orphan animalsand helps them to have a good life and abetterfuture. How can youhelp us with the pet rescue? It’s verysimple:Subscribe toMimitos. We will donate 20% of the incomegenerated byall thesubscriptions to help them and you will beinformed aboutthedetails of the protection NGO. Moreover, with yoursubscriptionyouwill get free stickers every day and coinmultipliers intheminigames! Do you need more help? Want moreadvice? Visit usin: You can also find usonFacebook Rate “My Cat Mimitos 2–Virtual petwith MiniGames”, as the best virtual pet game andgiveus youropinión with a big MEOW!
Cover Orange: Journey 3.0.58
THE ORIGINAL! FINALLY ON GOOGLE PLAY! Revisit Cover Orangeinthiscompletely new and juicy sequel made by the original team.Theacidrain cloud is after your oranges again! - 300 Levels andmoretocome Enjoy 300 clever levels with astounding new puzzles,eachwithits own 'Eureka Moment'. We added new puzzle elements tothemix,like the trampoline, glass and the spike-ball. Find outwhyCoverOrange was awarded IGN's coveted "Editor's Choice".-TimeTravelling Adventure Enjoy travel through time, witheachepochhaving its own unique graphics and gameplay elements.Meetknightand pirate oranges on your way! - Improved Gameplay Westayedtrueto the original: drag and drop various objects into theleveltobuild a shelter and protect your oranges. But this time,keepaneye on the background while the evil rain cloud passes by.Willyoufind the hidden star? - Play together with your family! Alotofusers told us that they played 'Cover Orange' togetherwiththewhole family. What a beautiful way of enjoying thisawesomegame!We want to keep this tradition alive with more puzzlestothinkoutside the box. Who is first to find the solution? -DressingRoomCustomize the look of your oranges in an all-newdressing roomandshare your design with friends. FEATURES: - 300Levels - HDDisplaySupport - Game Services Support - New GameplayMechanics - 5Epochsof Time - Unlockable Comics - All-New MusicTracks -CuteAnimations - Dressing Room
Troll Face Quest: Game of Trolls
Spil Games
A FEW FANTASTIC FEATURES - Over a dozen puzzles that arefilledwithamusement and adventure! - A whole new set ofachievementsawaitsyou. Collect them all while you show off yourskills, andyou'llbecome a true hero of hilarity! - Fortune favorsthebold,especially on a leaderboard that's truly legendary. - Playthegamewhile riding on a dragon or just hanging out in yourlivingroom.You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, no Wi-Fineeded!Welcome toa world filled with swords, sorcery, and plenty ofmayhemthat wasinspired by one of history’s greatest TV series.Troll Faceisgetting ready to prank several of its mostfamousscenes,characters, and much more in Troll Face Quest: GameofTrolls.There’s no telling what will happen when he and hisfriendsmockthe show’s naive knights, crafty queens, andverydangerousdragons. Is winter coming? No, but plenty of prankingwillbe onceyou start playing this hilarious point and clickadventuregame!Troll Face always pays his debts, especially when itcomestoparodying the world’s best TV shows, video games,memes,andmovies! So join him on his latest mock-filled mission asyouclickand tap your way through seven, eight, or maybe evenninekingdomsfilled with humor and hijinks. You’ll be immersingyourselfin thefunnest and funniest trolling adventure of our timesinthisuproarious game where only one person can becomeking...orqueen.THE NIGHT IS DARK AND FULL OF...HILARITY! Find outif you’reworthyof the Troll Face Quest Crown by solving the mosthilariouspuzzlesimaginable. You may need prophetic powers or amagical,three-eyedraven in order to get through all of them. Onlytheperson destinedto rule this enchanted world will make it alltheway to the finalpuzzle. Will that be you? You’ll have to playthiscrazy point andclick adventure game right now to find out. Oh,andwhatever youdo, don’t forget to hold the door!
Troll Face Quest: TV Shows 2.2.3
Spil Games
The ultimate pranking game is back with a new victim ofchoice:TVshows! With more than 50 million installs worldwide, theTrollFaceQuest franchise is the world’s most successful prankinggameoutthere. Troll your way around this wacky world and becomeKingofthe trolling world! Sherlock the crap outofhead-scratchingpuzzles and prank your favorite TV characters!WACKYFEATURES • 35+loony puzzles that will make you laugh yourbuttsoff! • Unlock offthe wall achievements! • Conquer theglobaltrolling leaderboard! •Play anytime, anywhere. Wi-Fi notneeded! TVSHOW MANIA As youprogress through mind-boggling levels oftrolling,you’ll notice alot of characters and scenes from hit TVshows. Theprank’s eitheron them or on you! When Winter comes, thetrollingundead walkfreely. Prepare for the ultimate trolling battlebyslipping onsome yellow anti-trolling jumpsuits and by hiringacrooked lawyerjust in case you need a quickget-out-of-troll-jailcard. It’s onlya matter of time before you’lltroll your way up tothe WhiteHouse. Ring any bells? TO TROLL, ORNOT TO TROLL: THAT ISTHEQUESTION. This nonsensical world ofbaffling puzzles will haveyoubanging your head against the wall. Ifyou let it get to you,thesecrazy levels of non-stop trolling willhave you admitted to aloonybin in no time. Try to keep your cooland beat therelentlesstrolls at their own game! Are you sane enoughto enduresuchtrolling pain? Find out when you troll or get trolled.
Catch the Candy: Tutti Frutti! Find & Get Lollipop 1.0.15
We all love candy right? So does this cute little creature,butit'salways tantalisingly out of reach for him. You'll need tousehisextendible grappling tail to catch the candy, but it'snotalways aseasy as it looks. Push and pull obstacles, balanceonunsteady logs,cut the ropes, climb flag poles and grip ontoalmostanything towork your way across the level and grab thatcandy! Onevery stageyou have only one goal – to catch the candy andeat thetasty redball. Fluffies use their long tongues to grapplethingsand dragthem closer. To catch the red ball, fluffies willoftensolve apuzzle. Game features: 🍭 120 unique levels anddifficultobstacles.🍭 Adorable fluffy creature with uniquemovements. 🍭Realistic actionphysics. 🍭 6 parts and years in onepuzzle game. 🍭2 million happymobile players. 🍭 Plus 125 millionplayers inFlash. The fluffywon't give up its quest to get theelusive redcandy. Using the tailand the sucker, make your way tovictory, getthrough all theobstacles you meet on your way, andcatch the redcandy balls. TheFluffy is ready to complete 120 newcolorfullevels of the puzzleand catch all the candy! It's time tostart anexciting adventurewith a candy-loving fluffy and catchthedelicious red ball. Plungeinto the fantasy world of one of thetoppuzzles and catch thecandy!_____________________________________Do you want to find alltheparts of the Catch the Candy puzzle?Follow us on Twitter:@HeroCraftWatch us on Join
Catch the Candy: Remastered! Red Lollipop Puzzle 1.0.67
Fluffies like to catch red candy! Get through all the obstaclesandcatch the candy! On every stage you have only one goal – tocatchthe candy and eat the tasty red ball. Fluffies use theirlongtongues to grapple things and drag them closer. To catch theredball, fluffies will often solve a puzzle. Game features: 🍭120unique levels and difficult obstacles. 🍭 Adorable fluffycreaturewith unique movements. 🍭 Realistic action physics. 🍭 6parts andyears in one puzzle game. 🍭 2 million happy mobileplayers. 🍭 Plus125 million players in Flash. The fluffy won't giveup its quest toget the elusive red candy. Using the tail and thesucker, make yourway to victory, get through all the obstacles youmeet on your way,and catch the red candy balls. The Fluffy is readyto complete 120new colorful levels of the puzzle and catch all thecandy! It'stime to start an exciting adventure with a candy-lovingfluffy andcatch the delicious red ball. Plunge into the fantasyworld of oneof the top puzzles and catch thecandy!_____________________________________ Do you want to find alltheparts of the Catch the Candy puzzle? Follow us onTwitter:@HeroCraft Watch us on Youtube: Joinus onFacebook:
That level again 2 1.61
That Level Again Part 2 A small logic game where all levelsarethesame but ways to win are not. The character just want toleavethehouse. Sounds easy, isnt't? p.s. If you have cool ideasfornewlevel! You can send it to my mail
Kitten Up! 3.0.7
Dual Cat
Jump to the top to save your kitten! Discover 10 uniquetrapsandcollect coins to play the CLAW MACHINE to unlock newkittens.
Hanazuki 1.4.2
Hasbro Inc.
The Hanazuki app allows you to become a Moonflower justlikeHanazuki. You can choose your mood of the day, play games,andcustomize your very own moon. Take care of Hanazuki’s friends,theHemka, by feeding, dressing and petting them. Play the mini gametokeep the Big Bad away from the moon using the power oftreasuresand rainbow goop. Additional features include: ·Get toknow all ofthe wacky and fun lunar characters that live inHanazuki’s world·Collect virtual treasures to complete your ownfantasticalconstellations ·Watch Hanazuki episodes in-app ·App isfree todownload •To unlock in-game items faster, users can SCANtheirHanazuki treasure codes into the app using their device’scameraand/or SYNC their Hanazuki MoodGleam Deluxe Wearable with theappvia Bluetooth. ADVICE TO PARENTS The app only asks forpermissionto access the device camera and Bluetooth in order tosync the appwith purchased toys for the purpose described above.You may visityour device's privacy settings at any time to enableor disableaccess to Bluetooth and/or the camera. Users can watchepisodes ofHanazuki in-app via an embedded YouTube video playerthat we havecustomized. Outside of the technical device informationrequired toserve the videos, we do not collect any personalinformation fromour users. We have also disabled the feature whichdisplayssuggested third party videos and the user is not encouragedtovisit the YouTube site. You may visit the Hanazuki app’sprivacysettings to enable or disable the videofunctionality.Alternatively, you may turn off cellular data for theHanazuki appon your device to only allow video to be played overWiFi.Supported Devices: Android OS: support of 4.4-6.0 up toversionsreleased mid-February 2017 Android Devices:  SAMSUNGGALAXY S5 SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 and up to current model SAMSUNGGALAXY TAB 3 (3 10.1)  SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3,4,5 GOOGLENEXUS 7 (2013)  GOOGLE NEXUS 8,9,10  GOOGLEPIXEL MOTOROLA MOTO X  HTC One M9 and up to currentmodel LG G4 and later  Motorola Droid Turbo 2 and uptocurrent model Huawei Google Nexus 6P and up to current modelGoogleNexus 9 and up to current model
Paper Tales Free
A delightfully different and fun-filled game forpreschoolersandearly grade school students. Help them developtheirimaginations,increase their attention span, and broadentheirexperience of theworld around them: – Travel to a mysteriousisland– Explore thepaper forest – Set up experiments with AristotletheMoose – Giveyour favorite characters a new look – Learnabouteveryday objectsin a fun way. Paper Tales is a uniquecharactereditor where youcan customize any character, print themout, andfold them to makea paper toy. Get out your paper andscissors andgo from thevirtual world to the real one along withyour favoritecartoonheroes. Animal friends will lead your child tofantasticplaces andteach them how to fix things and prepare healthyfood.Curiouschildren endlessly asking "Why?" will find the answerstotheirquestions while interacting with every object in thegameandlearning about the world with Paper Tales! WHAT MAKESTHISGAMEUNIQUE? – Interactive creative studio for children ages3-6–Complete creative freedom – 14 characters that you canprintoutand fold into paper toys – Game editor where you canuploadnewpatterns for the characters – Bright visual stylepackedwiththought-out details – The unforgettable andrecognizablegraphicsyou can always expect from Interactive Moolt. ┉IN-GAMEPURCHASESMost features in the free version of «Paper Tales»do notrequireadditional in-game purchases. «Paper Tales» playerscansubscribeto selected Interactive Moolt apps. A subscriptiongivesaccess toadditional features of selected games andunlocksadditionalcontent. Monthly subscription fee: $6.99. Paymentforsubscriptionis charged to the card linked to the useraccount.Please note thatby purchasing a subscription you acceptitsautomatic renewal. Yoursubscription to Interactive Moolt appsisrenewed for the nextperiod within 24 hours before the end ofthecurrent one, unlessthe automatic renewal feature is disabled.Youcan manage yoursubscriptions and disable automatic updatesandpayments in youraccount settings in Google Play. Payments madeforthe currentperiod are non-returnable; the subscriptionremainsvalid until theend of the paid period. The current versionof theUser Agreementis available at: If you have anyquestionsorsuggestions, please write to us at,andyouwill definitely get a response!
Bubble Blast Rescue 1.0.12
Magma Mobile
Help save the Bubble Blast from horrible enemies who arekeepingthemhostage on remote islands! Set in stunning 3Denvironment,your jobwill be to throw Bubble Blast at enemies andpush theminto thesurroundings water. Be aware that the enemies aresmartand haveprotected themselves in such a way you could loseBubbleBlastfriends if you are not careful enough. The game willgive youtheopportunity to play 20 levels so you can have a greatfeel forwhatthe game offers. For those of you who wish to play atotal of450amazing levels, you will be given the opportunitytopurchaseadditional levels through in app purchasing. BubbleBlastBoxesrequires skills to achieve a perfect score. The betteryou getatthe game you came, the more stars you will get which willleadyouto unlock levels later on in the game. Come PlayBubbleBlastRescue today. Hours of fun ahead of you! Bubble Blast™is aMagmaMobile Trademark.
One line - Hungry Animals 0.4.7
Senior Games
Put your brain to work and streamline your mind withthisaddictivethinking game puzzle. The goal is to help ouranimalfriends to eatall the food by drawing a single line. A funblockgame simple andvery addictive for all ages. Will you be abletofill the line? Atfirst you will have to solve simple puzzlesbutlittle by littlethe difficulty will be increased. Agreattime-killer game to playat any moment. This game combineslogicalability and mathematicalmentality in a fun way, both forchildrenand for senior players.Use the hints offered by the game tomake aline without goingthrough the same place twice. They willshow youthe right path!GAME MODES - One line: Help animals to eatall thefoods thatappear in the puzzle without going through thesame placetwice. -Flow: Connect each animal with their favoritefood. Theycannotcollide with each other and you must fill all thegrid topass thelevel FEATURES - Funny designs and animal animations- Playaloneor in online multiplayer mode - Brain training andthinkinggame -Use the clues to help you when you're locked -Constantupdateswith new levels - Completely free - For all agesABOUTTELLMEWOWTellmewow is a mobile games developmentcompanyspecialized in easyadaptation and basic usability whichmakes ourgames ideal for theelderly or young people who simply wantto playan occasional gamewithout major complications. If you haveanysuggestions forimprovement or want to keep informed aboutupcominggames that weare going to publish, follow us on oursocialnetworks. @tellmewow
Bring You Home
Alike Studio
From the creators of Love You to Bits, Alike StudiopresentsBRINGYOU HOME BRING YOU HOME unravels the story of Polo, ahumblealienhero who will traverse all kinds of worlds in a frenziedchasetorescue his kidnapped alien pet. BRING YOU HOME is acuteandaccessible, purely visual, family-friendly puzzleadventure…with atwist in the gameplay. You don’t control the hero,youcontrol thelevel ITSELF! How? Change and rearrange the piecesofevery levelto unveil the right path for Polo! With thisinnovativemechanic,even failing can be fun! If poor Polo finds adeadly buthilariousfate, just go back in time and rewind the level.Ventureintooodles of worlds stuffed with magicalcharacters,bizarresurprises, and many treacherous dangers – all tocatch thecaptorsof your missing pet. Will you get to the bottom ofthismystery?INVENTIVE Explore a mind-boggling game mechanic thatallowsyou tocontrol the environment around you! UNEXPECTED Jumpfromworld toworld in dozens of levels all around the universe.Younever knowwhat’s gonna happen next! SILLY Discover all thewackypitfalls inevery level – you don’t want to miss them! ADORABLEFindandcollect nostalgic pictures you took with your lovely pet!Oh,sweetmemories…
Draw a Stickman: EPIC Free
Pencil your way into one of the most creative drawingpuzzlegamesever designed: Draw a Stickman: EPIC! Play the first 3levelsforFREE! In this uniquely crafted cartoon RPG, you becometheartistand create your very own stick man hero! Sketch anddoodleyour waythrough the cartoon obstacles the evil stick manZarpthrows atyou! As the artist behind the adventure, start thegame bydrawingan original cartoon hero. Your hero also needs afriend, sosketchhis buddy and give him a name! But as you watchyourcartooncreations hop right off the page, your stick manhero’sfriendheads straight into the dangers of the cartoonadventurebook! Sendyour doodle dude into the book to save hiscartoonfriend! As theartist, you’ll guide your sketched herothrough thedangerousdrawing world to save his friend. You’ll usevariouspencils andcreativity to animate solutions to puzzles orobstacles!Need toget past a pile of dynamite sticks? Use the flamepencil todoodlea fire and blow them up! Bees in your way? Use thecloudpencil tosketch some rain to grow a pollinated distraction!Wardoff dragonenemies, draw a spider to fight attacking trollhordes,andsupercharge a toaster with the lightning cloud! There isplentytodo in the world of Draw a Stickman: EPIC! Features:-Customizablestick man feature that lets you animate your own hero-Unlockablecolors for drawing life into your character - Plentyofcartoonlevels to play through - Multiple pencil types forcreatingandanimating solutions to obstacles: A fire pencil toburndownobstacles A cloud pencil to create rain or lightning Akeypencilto help you unlock doors and other objects An axe penciltohelpyou chop down trees An armor pencil gives you addedprotectiontoin-game hazards
Hungry cat: physics puzzle game 1.8.3
ALMA Games
HUNGRY CAT is a simple but very addictive puzzle game about"eatandtravel" cats' adventure. The goal is to feed the cutehungrycatwith a tasty food by travelling around the worldandsolvinginteresting physics puzzles. HUNGRY CAT puzzle is afunnygame forall cat lovers! Everybody likes cute cats andphysicspuzzles andthis game is both! HUNGRY CAT puzzle highlights:- Solveaddictivepuzzles, earn stars, open new levels - Enjoyoriginal,clear andcatchy game mechanics - Travel around the world -Discovernewcountries and interesting places - Feed the mostcharmingHungryCat around the world! - NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! You canplayofflinein anytime. HUNGRY CAT puzzle instructions: Useyourlogicalthinking to solve addictive puzzles by breaking iceandsandblocks, trigger springs to help the Hungry Cat gethistastyburger, pie, shrimp or sushi. Always think a step aheadandwatchyour time to earn more stars and open new excitinglevelsandworlds. Feed the Hungry Cat with a tasty snack and youwill getthecutest grateful "meow"! HUNGRY CAT logical puzzle gamewillprovideyou with hours of fun. Each of the addictive levelsrequireslogic,skill, and patience. Will you be able to solve allthechallengingpuzzles? Download the game and check it rightnow!HUNGRY CATpuzzle game is sure to become your favorite! ALMAGamesiscommitted to updating HUNGRY CAT puzzle game on aregularbasiswith new challenging levels and features. ALMA Gameswillbethankful for your positive feedback and 5 stars markinAndroidstore. Please note! HUNGRY CAT puzzle game is freetodownload andplay but some game items may be purchased forrealmoney. If youlike logic puzzles and cool math games such theHungrycat puzzle,try other attractive physics-based puzzles fromALMAGames -Snoring: Elephant game, Monsterland: Junior vsSenior,Monsterland:Fairy Tails, Alarmy. Wake up Alien and other.Want toknow more,get tips and the latest news from ALMA Games?Follow us=> For any issue orfeedbackpleasewrite us to the following GetthisFREE android puzzle game today! FeedHungry Cat, travel aroundtheworld and have much fun! Meow! It wasopen to question, howmuchfits into this cute Hungry Cat! :)
Monsterland. Junior vs Senior 1.8.0
ALMA Games
Big Senior doesn't want to play with a cute Junior!Helpmonstersfamily to make a peace! Monsterland. Junior vs Senioristhe funlogical game. Help the cutest Junior to wake up Seniorinthis freephysics-based puzzle that enhances logical thinkingandproblemsolving. Click away as few mean monster blocks aspossibletoreunite a playful son and his tired dad for high scoresandstarratings. FEATURES: - tone of interesting logicalpuzzleswithproblem-solving levels - logical thinking -eliminateunfriendlymonsters blocks in a specific order - cause andeffect -explorehow the monsters' world works - play and learn -solvechallengingpuzzles, enjoy merry melodies & stunninggraphics.STORY:Junior is the incredibly energetic child. Thislittle redmonsterblock wants to run, jump & rollick. But hisfatherSenior hasgot so tired and doesn't want to play with the son.Maybeyou canchange that in this eye-infested tumble-dropphysicsgameMonsterland: Junior vs Senior. LOCALIZATIONS: You cannowplayMonsterland. Junior vs Senior fun puzzle game in11differentlanguages: English, French, German, Italian,Chinese(China),Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brasil),Portuguese(Portugal),Russian, Spanish. Monsterland habitats are socute,there areYellow, Pink, Violet, Blue block-monsters, wiseCyclope,slippy Flyand flexible Jumper among them. Explore theseadorablecreaturesand objects so Junior can land on Senior and wakehimup!Interesting puzzles, adorable music, colourfuldesign,cartoonmonsters' land and a kid's merry laugh will bring somuchpleasureand fun, guaranteed! Monsterland. Junior vs Seniorisawesome freebrain game for mobile phones and tablets. It's funforplayers ofall ages and abilities. What remains to wait?Downloadthe bestlogic puzzle and play with your friend right now!FollowALMA Gameson Visitoursite Write us one-mailcontact@alma-games.comWant to go further? If you likelogicalpuzzles, cool math games asMonsterland. Junior vs Senior andwantto play more levels, pleaseenjoy the 2-nd part of this story-Monsterland: Fairy Tails. Moreinteresting puzzles, newcharactersand so much fun! Also, you cantry other cool math gamesby ALMAGames: Snoring. Elephant game,Alarmy & Monster Family,HungryCat around the world.
Fun blocks, simple puzzle game 1.0.5
LiftApp LLC
Fun Blocks is a simple but incredibly exciting anddynamicpuzzlegame from Appiolla! The point of Fun Blocks puzzlegame issimple:there is a tower at each level consisting of blocksofvariousshapes. There is a hero shape on the top of the towerblock.Theaim of Fun Blocks puzzle game is to get the hero shapedown totheplatform by dismounting the tower block. Tap the blockstomakethem disappear. The hero shape will come down to theclearedspace.It seems to be simple but if you remove the wrongblock thetowercan become unstable and collapse and the hero shapewillfalloutside the playing field. Use the boosters in order topreventthehero shape from falling from the tower. The magnetboosterwillkeep from falling and pull the hero to the middle of thetower.Thewall booster will build walls on both sides of the towerandwillnot allow it to collapse and the hero shape to fall.Theballoonbooster will save from falling keeping the hero shape intheairfor several seconds. The drill booster will destroy theblocksinthe middle of the tower. In the puzzle game Fun blocksyouexpect:• 5 HERO SHAPES. Each hero shape has his own form, onwhichhisbehavior during the puzzle game depends. • 4UNIQUEBOOSTERS.Boosters will help to pass the levels – theywillstrengthen orbreak the tower block, keep the hero shapefromfalling from thetower, when it would seem that nothing cansavehim. • 100+ LEVELS.Each level will offer you a new test. Thetowerblock is differentat each level. It can become high, narrow,veryfirm or quiteunstable. • DAILY DEALS. Every day a new levelopens,pass it andget more boosters. Get extra rewards every day! •AWARDSFORACHIEVEMENTS. As a reward for completing the levels youwillgetpoints, boosters and diamonds. Fun blocks, simple puzzlegameiseasy to learn and is made to play for a few minutes or hoursatatime. The Fun blocks, simple puzzle game will keep youonyourtoes, but it will also give you so many positive emotionsthatyouwill gladly return to it over and over!
Puzzle Fuzzle 1.3.0
Lion Studios
Sometimes it’s as easy as one and one makes two. Unlock yourinnerMacGuyver and your inner Picasso and even your inner engineerasyou solve puzzles by disassembling pictures and using the piecestocreate a brand new object. Dr Frankenstein is the master ofpiecingtogether random parts, but you can do it without all theextra timespent getting a fancy degree. Start creating yourmixed-upmasterpieces right away! There are hidden components ineach image,your imagination is all you need to combine the correctshapes inthe proper way. Use a suitcase and a mitten to build atoaster.Find a wine glass in a plunger and a candle. Your brain isyourbest tool to see the pieces tucked into each object as youtearapart two distinct images and use the correct parts tomakebeautiful new pictures. Featuring 100+ levels ofcombinationchallenges No time limits, no rush, this is a relaxingjourney ofpictures Whimsical images to delight your imagination Ifyou thinkyou are stuck, don’t worry; the handy hot and cold meterwill showyou when you are on the right track or when your pictureis gettingless and less perfect. It turns out, sometimes one andone actuallymakes a shoe! Visit have anyfeedback, need help on beating a level or have anyawesome ideasyou would like to see in the game! Follow us to getnews andupdates on this and our other Award Winningtitles:
Nyan Cat: Lost In Space 11.3.4
isTom Games
Race through the candy filled vastness of space with theinternet's#1 rainbow-riding nyan space cat in this casualplatformer game.Nyan Cat: Lost in space allows you to take flightas the mostcelebrated rainbow-propelled cat in internet history.Guide NyanCat through infinite space avoiding evil cosmic horrors,such asspace dogs, while collecting intergalactic sweets. Youwanted morenyan-ness in your life? Look no further! Enjoy thecrazy, colorfulspace adventures of Nyan cat, featuring: - Nyan Cat,hurlingthrough candy filled space themed levels! - Cheery &colourfulgraphics - lots of rainbow colours, as expected! - Collectspacecandy & space powerups! - Unlock new Nyan cat skins, andlevelthemes! - 10 Nyan cat comics included for your pleasure! -Onlineleaderboards!
Virtual Dog Shibo – Virtual Pet and Minigames 2.50.1
Axelerum S.L.
Meet Shibo now, your new virtual pet! It's a funny andlovingdogthat is waiting for you to take care of him. He needs youtoadopthim and also take care of him. Feed him, play withhim,ticklehim...! Customize your little Shiba Inu and make him auniqueandcharming puppy. Will you be able to keep it healthy andhappy?Inaddition, the game has 12 funny minigames and abeautifulgardenwhere to grow your own food for your virtual dog.++HOW TOPLAYVirtual Dog Shibo – Virtual Pet and Minigames++ Thereare a lotofdogs and pets games, but this with a Shiba Inu, isdifferent.Yourgoal is looking after the cutest virtual puppy as ifit was arealpuppy. You will have to feed him, keep him happy,relaxedandclean. - Adopt Shibo and, start to play with him! 
-Dress himasyou like it, choose his clothes, his accessories. It'sup toyou!.You've got more than 100 pieces of clothing to choose.
-Customizehis home. Choose the furniture, decorate hisbedroom,customize thekitchen, choose the colour of his living-roomwalls,the pattern onthe floor... Free your creativity!
 - Take careandcustomize yourgarden, be the envy of all the neighborhood! -Feedhim. You havegot lots of food to choose. - Play with him andticklehim.Remember that he needs your cares to be happy!
 - Washyourvirtualpet and keep him clean to avoid illnesses.
 - Make himgo tobed torecover all the energy to play. Show off that you canlookafteryour virtual puppy and your virtual garden very well! Thegamehasmore than 200 challenges to unlock and all of them have aprize.Ifyou want, you can share your records in the socialnetworksorvisit your friends' Shiba Inu to have a look at theirclothesanddecoration.
 ++++ MINIGAMES ++++
 The game includesseveralfunnyand kawaii minigames that will provide you cash tobuyfood,clothes and furniture for your dog, not everything isgonnabeclean and customize your dog and garden!: RUN! Run as muchasyoucan and collect all the cash that you will find. Therocketswillmake you run faster!
 MEMORY. Train your memory withShibocards. 
BUGS. Many bugs attack your virtual dog' food. Avoidit notto runout of it!
 SPACE. Shibo goes to space with hissiderealspaceship.Avoid the obstacles and collect all the cash thatyouwill comeacross. 
 JUMP! Jump from platform to platformwithoutfalling toopen space. Try to collect as much cash as you canduringyourjourney.
 ROULETTE. Give it a chance and win cash andbellswhenyou get a line of objects.
 CATCH. Catch all the ballsyoufind!OBSTACLES. Dodge all the obstacles moving to another lanewiththefinger.
 TRAFFIC. Go the furthest you can! But, watchoutbeforecrossing!
 GUMMY. Join the same color gummies and breakthebubblesbefore you out of movements. BUBBLES. Make combinationsofbubblesto burst them. Get rid of all of them to go up alevel.PIANO.Follow Shibo's rhythm. Press on your puppy's icons andplayabeautiful song. Need any help? Want some more advice? Visitusat: You will also find usonFacebook Rate Virtual Dog Shibo – VirtualPetandMinigames and give us your opinion! Thanks to all theplayersofour virtual pet, here you have the funniest joke about aShibaInu:"A group of friends composed by a Spanish Shiba Inu,anAmericanbulldog and a Russian terrier, went for a walk inthegarden.Suddenly they saw an huge German Bulldog puppy appearandshibosaid: "guau guau guau", and the bulldog freaked out:"woofwoofwoof", to which the terrier said "gav gav gav". Thehugepuppybecome very cheerful and replied: "Guau woof gav". "Guauwoofgav!"Shibo could not be more right, and the 4 becamefriendsforever"Shibo is really funny, right? XD Many thanks forplayingthe mostkawaii Virtual Dog Shibo – Virtual
Смешарики. Обещание 1.2.3
Вы любите мультики про Смешариков? Отлично! Значитинтерактивныймультфильм "Смешарики. Обещание" для вас! И это нетолькоразвлечение, это увлекательные игры на реакцию, логику ивнимание!Вам предстоит помочь смешарику Ёжику пройти черезмножествоинтересных и непростых приключений, чтобы выполнить данноеимобещание. Ну что, готовы к новой встрече со своимилюбимымигероями? Тогда устанавливайте приложение и вперед, навстречуприключениям!-------------------------------------------------------------Всегов игре 24 уровня, в которых вам предстоит помогатьлюбимымперсонажам в выпавших на их долю приключениях! Приятнойигры!
Run Around 웃 1.9.5
Run run get around! Ever feel like you’re just a littlestickmancaught up in the vicious circle of life? No? Well, now youwill.Play as a stickman as you run around the circle and jumpoverobstacles. Complete the circle loop to pass levels. All yougottado is be a good little stickman - just run around the circleandjump, and make a loop… sounds easy, huh? Think again,stickman!Time your jumps perfectly as you run around so you don’tgetsquashed. Enjoy the hilarious sound effects, awesome musicandelectric colors as you run around the circle loop and jump.Howlong can you stick it out, stickman, before you die? "To opt outofCrazyLabs sales of personal information as a Californiaresident,please visit our Privacy Policy:"
Kiki & Fifi Halloween Salon - Scary Pet Makeover 5.0.11519
Get ready for the scariest Halloween night with yourvirtualpetfriends Kiki and Fifi! Give a magical bath, style funnyhair,dressup in colorful costumes and decorate the haunted houseintheneighborhood. Prepare for kids' favorite trick and treatnightwithKiki and Fifi! Play and create the best Halloween outfitsforsweetand furry kitty and puppy. Wash Kiki and Fifi in amysteriousbathand look what happens. Brush, curl, wave their hairand createthesuper cool hairdos. Dress up, add crazy accessoriesand changeeyecolors for the spooky Kiki and Fifi's look. Freeyourimaginationand create the coolest kitty and puppyHalloweencostumes ever!Play the best Halloween pet salon games forgirls andboys withKiki and Fifi: · Prepare for Halloween party withthefluffy andcute kitty and puppy! · Dress up with amazing clothesandcreatetons of crazy outfits! · Help Kiki look like thesweetestfurrykitty from Mars! · Do your magic and turn Fifi thepuppy intothecolorful unicorn! · Cut, curl, wave and style hair forthe bestpetfriends ever! · Change Kiki and Fifi's fur color inamagicalHalloween bath! · Paint, decorate and make the hauntedhouselookcozy and cute! · Play every day, level up and createtheenchantedtree of your own! · Watch videos for kids and getbonuscoins tounlock more exciting items! - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - -- - - - About TutoTOONS Games for Kids Craftedandplay-tested withkids and toddlers, TutoTOONS games fosterkids’creativity and helpthem learn while playing the games theylove.Fun and educationalTutoTOONS games strive to bring meaningfulandsafe mobileexperiences to millions of children worldwide.ImportantMessage toParents This app is free to download and play,but theremay becertain in-game items that can be purchased for realmoney.Bydownloading this app you agree to TutoTOONS PrivacyPolicyandTerms of Use. Want to report an issue or sharesuggestions?Contactus at Discover More FunwithTutoTOONS! ·Subscribe to ourYouTubechannel: · Learnmoreabout us: · Read ourblog: ·Like us onFacebook: ·Follow us onInstagram:
Do Not Disturb 3 - Grumpy Marmot Pranks! 1.1.16
Tapps Games
Mr. Grumpy is back, but he’s on vacation! Will you respect hisalonetime and let him relax? Yeah, right! Discover even more fun,sillyand creative ways to disturb your favorite grumpy marmot anddon’tgo away until you run out of pranks! Which will never everhappen!Laugh out loud with Mr. Grumpy’s “thrilled” reactions, andgetcreative to find out just how many grumpy faces an annoyedmarmotcan make! And don’t worry about the big flashy DO NOTDISTURB signon his door: it actually means “welcome” in marmottalk! HIGHLIGHTS🐻PLAY many different kinds of pranks on Mr. Grumpyand give him therelaxing vacation he so desperately needed! 🐻TAPeverywhere to findnew ways of annoying Mr. Grumpy and have fundiscovering endlesspranks! There are many surprises hiding inplain sight, so tap, taptap and then tap some more! 🐻LAUGH withMr. Grumpy’s funny reactionsand see if you can watch every singlegrumpy animation of ourbeloved marmot! 🐻BECOME the best pranksterever and prove yourskills by never getting caught! Mr. Grumpysecretly loves yourattention, he just has a very marmot-like wayto show it! Don’t lethim spend his vacation all alone and show upin his doorstepunannounced: he’ll love the surprise! If Mr. Grumpyyells DO NOTDISTURB and doesn’t answer the door, don’t worry:you’ll find tonsof ways to lure him out! Third time is always thecharm, and mr.Grumpy has lots of charm if you look really hard!Just knock on hisdoor and don’t go away until he answers! Don’tlet him see you,though: he’ll love the mystery! Download now andcatch up with thecutest grumpy marmot ever! Please note! This gameis Designed forfamily and it is free to play, but it containsitems that can bepurchased for real money. Some features andextras mentioned in thedescription may also have to be purchasedfor real money.
Escape Game Collection 5.1
Welcome to "Escape Game Collection"! "EscapeGameCollection"includes below. ***Escape Game Cafe *** The bearisworking in thecafe. Let's take a order and make dessert.***EscapeGame Kite ***Cat is flying a kite. Oh, the kite is gone.Let's helpto find it.***Escape Game Camping *** Squirrels arecamping. Theyneed someingredient to make lunch. Let's help to findthem.***Escape GamePlay *** The Mice perform a play today. But thepartsof theircostumes are missing. Let's help to find them.***EscapeGame Party*** It is a house party at the Bear's housetoday. Butit's notready yet. Let's help prepare for the party.***Escape GameMoon*** It is the moon festival tonight. Mice stealthe dumplingswhilethe cat is preparing the festival. Let's get thedumplingsbackfrom mice! ***Escape Game Beaver House *** Hen andChicksaretaking a walk. Then the Chick was carried away by theriver.Let'sescape from the beaver house. ***Escape Game Hide andSeek ***Themice are playing hide-and-seek. Let's help the mousefind theotherhiding mice! ***Escape Game Turnip *** A mouse triedto pullout aturnip. But the turnip is too large to be pulled outalone.Let'shelp the mouse gather its friends to pull out theturnip!***EscapeGame Tidy Up *** The bear was playing happily. Thentheparent cameand told to tidy up. Let's help the bear tidyup!***Escape GameChristmas *** It's Christmas today. Santa Clausiscoming after themice slept. Help Santa Claus send gifts!***EscapeGame Clay*** Thecat noticed that shelves had room. So hedecided tomake anddecorate a new doll. Help the cat make the doll!***EscapeGameHalloween*** Mole is decorating Halloween. The chimeattheentrance rings when the decoration is finished. Whoiscoming?***Escape Game Riceball*** Raccoon is eating rice ballonthemountain. But he has dropped the rice ball. Let's godownthemountain and look for the rice ball. ***Escape GameRecital***Moleis waiting to go to the recital. But his friends doesnotcome.Let's go pick up friends before the bus departs.***EscapeGameSwim Ring*** One day a bear goes to the sea. Otherbearsareswiming with swim rings. Let's find a swim ring.***EscapeGameSleepless*** Mouse put the kids to bed. When Mousecomes toseethem later, There are no kids. Let's find them.***EscapeGameFlower*** While Sheep is taking a walk, she finds aniceflower.Let's get a flower to give as a present. ***EscapeGameTeatime***Mice are having tea. Then, Bear fall in front ofthehouse and micearen't unable to get out of the house. Let'sescapefrom the houseand save the fallen bear. ***Escape GameMoleHouse*** Hen andChicks are taking a walk. Then the Chick fallsintoa pitfall.Let's escape from the mole house. ***EscapeGameHinamatsuri*** Itis Hinamatsuri today. When a cat isdecorating,hina dolls has runaway. Let's find hina dolls. ***EscapeGameHoney*** Fox wants toeat honey. But there is no honey. Let'sfindhoney with Fox.***Escape Game Potion*** A Cat found a injuredcatduring a trip.Let's make a potion to cure him. ***EscapeGameDango*** ***EscapeGame Trip*** ***Escape Game Cake*** You canplaywith easyoperation only with taps. ■ How to play Tap to findout.If youwant to use items, select the item and tap the place youwanttouse. To enlarge an item, tap the item twice. If you wanttocombineitems, enlarge the item, select the item you wanttocombine, andtap. To close an enlarged item, tap the crossbutton.If you needhints, tap the bulb button. ■ Function There isan autosavefunction. You can select the language. Long press icontochangegame progress. Download assets before playing game. TapTrashCanto remove download assets. ■ Features Beginners can enjoyit tothelast. Recommended for those who like cute world view.
That Level Again 3 1.11
LEFT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT JUMP JUMP TLA and TLA2 continued.Thistimeit’s not levels, but a story (and a few separate levels). Alotoflogic brain teasers and interesting solutions. Readthemessages,use your brains and have fun!
Bacon Escape 1.1.15
Illusion Labs
This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayedhome,thislittle piggy ESCAPED PRISON AND RAN FOR HIS LIFE! It’stime tobringhome the bacon. Fleeing your sinister jailors, BaconEscapeis yourquest to break free from captivity and join youranimalfriends. Butmake sure you’re not guiding your piggy out ofthefrying pan andinto the fire… Bacon Escape takes you onanimmersive and fast pacedadventure as you try to escape prisonandreach the promisedHappyplace. Pursued by your evil captorsintheir zeppelin, you’llzoom through stunning 3D mountains,deserts,cities and more in arace for your life. Dodging obstaclesandmaking new friends such asthe hot-dog vendor pig and thediscosheep, Bacon Escape willentertain both new and experiencedgamers.- Easy to learn one-touchcontrols, simply tap the screen toalterthe train tracks! - Unlockover 30 different characters toplay as,each with their own uniquepersonality and custom vehicle -Ridethrough farmland, mountains,oceans and more in over 24thrillinglevels No matter which characteryou choose, it’s yourtask toguide your character to safety andavoid being hauled backtoprison. At the end of each level, you’llhave a chance topartywith your friends at the Happyplace - butdon’t gettoocomfortable, your captors are never far behind. You’llhaveendlessfun exploring amazing landscapes, completingawesomechallenges,and emerging victorious as all your friends cheeryouon. Simple toplay but challenging to master, the whole familywillbe hooked onBacon Escape. Follow @illusionlabs on Twitter This game is free to playbutitoffers in-app-purchases. You may disablein-app-purchasingusingyour device’s settings. Download now and saveyour bacon!
Steppy Pants 2.8.7
Steppy Pants, the most realistic walking simulator you'llplaythisyear! Keep your cool when faced with insurmountableodds,likereckless drivers and an inexplicable inability to steponsidewalkcracks. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll remember justhowmuch funyou can have walking down the street.​ We've beenplayingthis gamenon-stop for months and it still makes uschortle!Features:Hilarious Physics Endless gameplay CharacterCustomization6different game modes EXPLODING SIDEWALKS Made withloveby@stephen_last and @shathatron​ P.S. Steppy Pants usessomespecialpermissions to help things run smoothly and to allowcertainsocialservices (like sending selfies), but you don't have tousethem ifyou don't want to!
Cat Evolution Clicker 1.5.1
The evolution of cats begins! Merge a couple of simple kittytogetnew species! New clicker game from creators of Cats Go!Turntwokitty into new super kind with just one click!Extraordinarycatsevolve - just click on the same kittens to mergethem!Openevolution branches – unlock different kinds of felinestogatherthe full collection! There are so many forms that catcanlooklike: space, orange, panda, meme, sushi, alien,stalker,flyer,fish, street and other! Drag and drop one similarkittentoanother, so that they evolve and upgrade, and bring moremoneytodifferent boosters of your gameplay! Watch the catevolutionandsent them into space with our game!
Amanita Design
Five friends, little tree creatures, set out on a journey tosavethelast seed from their home tree which is infested byevilparasites. -Relaxed game perfect for hard core gamers,theirpartners, familiesand seniors. - More than 150 detailedlocationsto explore. -Hundreds of funny animations. - Incredibleamount ofhidden bonuses.- Award winning music by Dva.