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Civil Quantity Estimator 6.0.1
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This app is developed in the interest ofcivilengineers work. Basic start off work of a civil engineerstarts offwith quantity calculations. Quantity calculations are forvarioushundreds of materials in a building.First the quantity calculations are started off withstructuralelements. Structural elements involves any elementrelated withinternal structure such as foundation, column, beams,steel,blockwork etc. Later stages in the finishing of the structuresuchas plastering, painting, furniture etc.Hence, at the first start off this app works on the calculationofstructural elements namely column, beam, concrete wall andsteel(Reinforcement).The logic works out the calculation of concrete, surfacearea,forming area of different elements mentioned above.Every Engineer either working at office or site, will be abletoutilize the function of this app for calculating the abovevaluesimmediately and accurately based on the input. The valuesobtainedis purely based on the input values fed by the enduser.This App will ease civil engineer work as it helps him to getthevalues in seconds. In future, more elements will be addedtoimprovise the app and improve flexibility of app for the benefitofthe end user.We are always here for receiving any comments from the end userforimprovements and we will try to implement it as soonaspossible.
Brick Calculator 3.0
Are you getting ready to build a brick wallorpathway? Then this app is for you! Easily calculate thetotalnumber of bricks you will need to complete the job. No moremakingmultiple trips for more or returns. Get the right amount thefirsttime.
Cost Estimate for Houses 1.6
"Now there is in the grip RAB Mu"This application is very Handy Portable, easy to use andcontainsInternational Cost Codes.It is suitable for those who are currently looking for asolutionProject Budget Plan, fast and instant. Especially foryourcontractor, planning consultant, foreman, interiordesigners,etc.In this APK we have listed also LIST SNI Complete as areferenceprice.Apk is made possible to Flexible, where Price and CatagoryorDescription can Add Unlimited.We have released Plugins Cost Estimator for Design Software suchasSketchUp (Trimble) and 3d Max (Autodesk) and ArchiCAD(Graphosoft),more please go to our Official Website:http://estimator.rumahwaskita.comhttp://autogeneraterab.rumahwaskita.comBy installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicies:''''-i HopeThis application helpful to thank you-
Constructing Calculator 1.21.00
Calculator construction materials, sizes, volumes, cost. Inthisapplication, you can calculate:- Unit volume of the material-Theamount of material per unit volume- The amount of material inagiven volume- The weight of a predetermined amount of material-Thevolume of a predetermined amount of material- The price ofapredetermined amount of material- The amount of material(bricks,blocks, beams, slabs) required for stacking wall (countingjoints)-Wallpaper rolls count- Earth works (foundation pit, trench,wellround)- [email protected]
Handyman Calculator 2.4.6
Complete construction calculator with simple inputs. The appforconstruction and DIY! Reduce Waste, Save Time and Money!Welltested by more than a million contractors and home owners! Top100productivity app. Give it a try! Calculate materials,trackinvoices, time spent, manage to-do list and save calculationstonotepad.Listed in "This Old House" magazine "The TOH Top 100:BestNew Home Products 2013" and Bob Vila newsletter.The bestcontractorapp for construction!Time Tracking toolTo-dolistCutListcalculatorFeet and inches calculatorSquarefootagecalculatorConstruction calculatorMeasurementcalculatorContractorcalculatorCarpenter calculatorWoodworkingcalculatorAsphaltcalculatorConstruction materialcalculatorsPlywoodCalculatorFraming calculator BuildingmaterialscalculatorsConstruction projectcalculatorsCarpenterscalculatorFlooring calculatorBrickcalculatorBid calculatorProjectcalculatorPlywood calculatorJobestimate calculatorFeet inchescalculatorImperial calculatorAnglecalculatorLumbercalculatorWoodworker CalculatorsConcreteCalculatorSidingcalculatorElectrical calculatorsMetric unitsarithmeticFeet,inchesTO Metre,cm,mm ConverterTape measurecalculatorFractionCalculatorFraction SimplificationCubicFootageCalculatorLumber,Asphalt calculatorLength, Area andWeightConverter.Temperature ConverterDensity ConverterBoardFootCalculatorBoard feet and Linear feet ConverterLumberWeightCalculatorDeck Baluster CalculatorDeck BoardCalculatorSpacingCalculatorWall Framing CalculatorFirewoodCalculator and BTUChartLumber Log Volume calculatorConcrete, Brick,Block, Mortar andSand CalculationsExcavation CalculatorAsphaltVolumecalculatorAggregate CalculatorDrywall calculatorCrownMoldingCalculatorCarpet CalculatorLaminate Flooring CalculatorWallPaperCalculatorTile CalculatorPaint CalculatorStairsCalculatorArcLength CalculatorAir Conditioning and HeaterCalculatorRoofCalculatorRoof Pitch Angle ChartRafter LengthCalcRebar WeightChartMulch and Topsoil CalculatorPatio PaversCalculatorBrickCalculatorPlants Calculator.Wood FenceCalculatorGrass SeedCalculatorSod CalculatorBlown Insulation Rvalue CalculatorGoldenRatio(Golden mean) CalculatorSpeed, Distanceand TimeCalculatorRain water Collection CalculatorLoanCalculatorSpeed andVelocity Unit ConverterWater Flow RateCalculator. Tank CapacityCalculatorOhm's Law CalculatorResistorColor CodeCalculatorResistance ConversionPower Calculator Amps toWattsCalculatorCapacitance, Frequency, Inductance andResistanceCalculatorVoltage Drop and divider CalculatorWireSizeCalculatorPower Wash CalculatorSine Bar CalculatorWrenchConversionChartDecimal and Fraction ConverterDiagonalcalculatorSlopeCalculatorRight Triangle CalculatorRectangleCalculatorSquareCalculatorCircle CalculatorPolygonCalculatorFraction to PercentageCalculatorAngle ConverterPowerConverterEnergy ConverterTorqueConverterForce Units ConverterLiquidUnits ConverterPressureConverterMagnetic Flux ConverterVolumeFlowRate UnitsConverterDegrees, Minutes, Seconds and DecimalDegreesConversionBMI CalculatorMiles Per Gallon (MPG) andKilometers PerLitres CalculatorGas and Oil mixture RatioCalculatorDiscountCalculatorDate Duration CalculatorTipCalculatorGraphingCalculatorPCB Trace Width CalculatorWorldClockShipment DensityCalculatorCurrency ConverterOil DrillingCalculatorsRefrigerantPressure Temperature ChartPercent Grade toDegrees ConverterPercentGrade CalculatorMowing CalculatorElectricCharge ConverterFuelConsumption ConverterEnthalpy ConversionLedResistor Calculatorincluding Series and ParallelFrequency,Wavelength and EnergyConverterMilling Machine calcsMat bordercalculator for pictureframesTap and Drill ChartWoodturners SegmentCalculatorLumens toWatts CalculatorMetal detector
GPS Fields Area Measure 3.8.4
Easy to use, useful app for an area, distance andperimetermanagement. This tool is helping for million people tomeasuretheir fields, mark their needed points and sharing theirmeasuredmaps with their colleagues. Don't waste your time searchingfor thebest free app to measure area, distance and perimeter -choose ourapp and simplify the measuring process! UNIQUE FEATURES:➜ Fastarea/distance marking ➜ Smart Marker Mode for very accuratepinplacement ➜ Name, save, group and edit measurements ➜ “Undo”buttonfor all actions ➜ GPS tracking/Auto measure forwalking/drivingaround specific boundaries It also includes afeature to send anauto-generated link to your friends or partnersof pinned/selectedarea, direction or route – displays the area youwant to share. Afeature to add the point of interest or POI on thefield helps toavoid stones, mark fences or boundaries of paddocks,grazeterritories for dairy cows, cattle, beef and other livestock.Inneed for more advanced versions?: ❖ PROversion ❖ Ad-free version Tryout our other apps for farmers: ❖ FieldNavigator ❖ AgroBASE ❖SoilSampler ❖ Commodity Spy❖ Calcagro Disclaimer:Subscription is notincluded in ad-free or PRO versions, it is anadditional featureobtained by an in-app purchase. The mentionedversions influenceand expand functionality. Download it and startmeasuring yourfields today! GPS Field Area Measure is also usefulas a mapmeasurement tool for outdoor activities, range finderapplicationsand sports such as biking or marathon. Comes in handywhenexploring golf area or as a golf distance meter, convenientforland surveys, practical for field pasture area measure, helpfulingarden and farm work or planning, great to keep area records.It’sgreat for constructions and agricultural fencing. Thisapplicationis practical even for solar panel installation, roofareaestimation or trip planning. Our measuring app has thehighestaccuracy in the market, that being the main reason why we’retheleading measuring app among construction sites, building andfarmcontractors and farmers. Among our users are peopleconstructingroofs, buildings and roads, farm owners who arespraying,fertilizing, seeding, harvesting farms or tilling. It’shelpful forbiking, traveling or planning trips. For growing gardensandpaddock, grass or lawn – we are the number one choice.Includingpeople who are farming beef, pork, or poultry – theapplicationcomes in handy for fence measuring and planning. Pilotscan alsouse this app while flying in the fields. Farm managersandcontractors who are exploiting agricultural work for farmerscanuse this app to count the amount of planted fields and sharethemwith the owner. The fields are displayed in Google Maps. It'sagreat tool for paddock calculation and measuring. This is thebestsolution for farm owners who grow wheat, corn, rapeseed,maize,sugar beet and need to measure the planted area annually. Allinall, it is useful for: - Farmers, for farm management -Agronomists- Town planners - Construction surveyor - Landscapeartists - Landbased surveys - Land record management - Constructionsurveys -Health, Education and facilities mapping - Farm fencing -Sportstrack measurement - Construction sites and building sitesarea -Asset mapping - Landscape design
Construction Labour Calculator 7
Most of the major construction projects ends up in Labourloss.However if labour requirement is estimated and plannedproperly atthe start of an activity and productivity is monitor onregularbasis then this risk can be substantially reduced. This appis abasic calculator that calculates:1. Construction Labourrequirementto complete an activity. 2. Labour Cost to complete theactivity.3.Estimates activity duration with the available labour.4.Productivity.This app helps to proper planning /projectingresources and also helps in regular monitoring of theresourcesthat are deployed on an activity.
Construction Calc - 24h Trial 6.13
Construction Calc Pro - *24 Hour Trial* Save money byquicklyestimating materials. Save time by calculating angles,measurementsand quantities. The ideal handy pocket calculator foranyone in theconstruction industry. 82 Powerful, Proven &Precise Estimators& Calculators in one app. Enter measurementsfor thecalculators in feet/inches or metric. AUTOMATIC APPUPDATESConstruction Calc Pro has taken 12 months and 21,500 linesof codeto develop and is the easiest to use construction calculatorandestimator app available on any mobile platform. There isnocomplicated manual to master or instructions to follow – justenterdata and get precise results from the calculators. HIGHVISIBILITYIN DIRECT SUNLIGHT White on black text, with blue andorange inputsand outputs for high visibility of the app in directsunlight.WEBSITE Visit the app websiteat EMAIL SUPPORT Send us anemailat [email protected] CALCULATORS &ESTIMATORSINCLUDE: AGGREGATE Inputs: Width, Length, Thickness,Density,Wastage Outputs: Estimate Weight, Volume ASPHALT Inputs:Width,Length, Thickness Outputs: Estimate Weight, VolumeBALUSTERSInputs: Run length, Baluster width, Baluster spacingOutputs: Qtyof balusters, Qty spaces, Baluster spacing(center-to-center),Baluster spacing (edge-to-edge), Measurements tofar side of eachbaluster BOARD / LINEAL FOOT Inputs: Thickness,Width, Length,Quantity Outputs: Board feet, Lineal feet CONCRETE -RECTANGLEInputs: Width, Length, Thickness, Use rebar option, Rebarspacingalong width, Rebar spacing along length Outputs: EstimateVolume,60lb premixed bags, 80lb premixed bags, 10kg premixed bags,25kgpremixed bags, 50kg premixed bags, Rebar required CROWNMOULDINGInputs: Wall angle (corner of wall), Crown (spring) angleOutputs:Miter angle, Bevel angle DROP CEILING Inputs: Length atceiling,Width at ceiling, Tile size, Distance (anchor to dropceiling)Outputs: Estimate Ceiling area, Ceiling tiles, Perimetermoulding,Main supports, Tee support peices, Wire length (each),Wire length(total), Wire anchors DRYWALL Inputs: Room width, Roomlength, Roomheight, Panel width, Panel height, Include ceilingoption Outputs:Estimate Area - surface area. Materials - Drywallpanels. Jointcompounds - Readymixed, Lightweight readymixed,Setting-type,Lightweight setting-type. Fastener - Drywall nails,Drywall screws.Additional items: Joint tape, Primer, AdhesiveFLOORING Inputs:Width, Length, Wastage, Square Ft or M per boxOutputs: Total area,Boxes needed FRAMING Inputs: Total wall length,Qty of windows, Qtyof doors, Qty of corners, Stud spacing (oncenter) Outputs: Studsrequired INSULATION Inputs: Total area width,Total area length,Batt/roll width, Batt/roll length Outputs:Batts/rolls required,Total area LINEAR COST ESTIMATOR Inputs:Single panel length, Qtyof panels, Cost per linear foot, Cost perlinear meter Outputs:Total cost, Total length PAINT Inputs: Walllength, Wall height,Number of coats, Surface type Outputs: EstimateGallons required,Liters required RAFTER Inputs: Run, Pitch (/12")Outputs: Rafterlength RISE/RUN/ANGLE Inputs: Rise, Run, Angle(Enter rise andeither run or angle) Outputs: Angle, slope, RunROOFING Inputs:Width, Length, Pitch, Sq ft or M per pack, Type,Nails, Safetymargin Outputs: Roof surface area, Packs needed, NailsSQ COSTESTIMATOR Inputs: Width, Length, Cost per Sq ft or MOutputs: Totalcost, Total area, Total area (acres) SQUARING (3-4-5)Inputs:Width, Length Outputs: Diagonal STAIRS Inputs: Total rise,Customrise, Custom run Outputs: Riser height, Total risers, Treadrun,Total treads, Total run, Stringer board length, Elevation,Runningstringer points TILES Inputs: Room width, Room length, Tilewidth,Tile length, Use border tiles option, Border tile width,Bordertile length, Tile pattern, Safety margin Outputs: EstimateTilesneeded, Border tiles needed
Brick Calculator + 1.0
ArchiApps are proud to release this architectural app whichhelpsArchitects, Architectural technicians & technologists,Builders& DIYers to coordinate their brickwork or otherbuildingmaterials. No more referring to brickwork dimension tableswith theapp which also includes a calculator to quantify sectionsof wall.The calculator can also include windows, doors, etc toprovide anaccurate quantity for ordering or estimating purposes.Program andsave your own modules of European sized bricks or otherbuildingmaterials such as blockwork, wall tiling and timbercladding.Calculations can also be saved for future reference.
All-In-One Calculator Free 1.7.1
The original All-In-One Calculator for Android It's a FREE,completeand easy to use multi calculator & converter. Whatdoes it do?Designed with simplicity in mind, it helps you solveeverydayproblems. From simple or complex calculations, to unit andcurrencyconversions, percentages, proportions, areas, volumes,etc... itdoes it all. And it does it good! This is the PERFECTCalculatorPassionate development combined with constant feedbackwe receivedfrom our users resulted in that we think is the bestmulticalculator on the store. Featuring over 75 FREE Calculatorsand UnitConverters packed in with a Scientific Calculator with 40vibrantthemes, it's the only calculator you will need from now onon yourdevice. Oh, and did we say it is completely FREE? Yes, itis free.We think everyone should enjoy this. If you are a student,teacher,engineer, handyman, contractor or just somebody whostruggles withmath & conversions, you really should give thisone a try. • Useit for simple or complex calculations • Convertunits or currenciesin the same app • Enjoy easier homework orschool assignments •Learn. See step by step solutions to yourcalculations So, on withthe features... MAIN CALCULATOR • Simpleor Scientific layout • 40Light or Dark (AMOLED) themes • Editableinput & cursor • Copy& Paste support • Calculation history• Memory buttons •Function graphing • Dec, Hex & Binary •Floating calculator •Widget 75 CALCULATORS & CONVERTERS •Algebra, Geometry, UnitConverters, Finance, Health & Misc •Currency converter with 160currencies (available offline) • Sort,hide or add calculators tofavorites • Instant results delivered asyou type • Step-by-stepsolution & formulas • Smart search forfaster navigation •Create shortcuts on home screen Algebra •Percentage calculator •Proportion calculator • Average calculator- arithmetic, geometricand harmonic means • Equation solver -linear, quadratic andequation system • Combinations andpermutations • Decimal tofraction • Fraction simplifier • Primenumber checker • Greatestcommon factor & Lowest commonmultiple calculator • Randomnumber generator Geometry • Area /Perimeter calculator for square,rectangle, parallelogram,trapezoid, rhombus, triangle, pentagon,hexagon, circle, circlearc, ellipse • Volume calculator for cube,rect. prism, squarepyramid, sq. pyramid frustum, cylinder, cone,conical frustum,sphere, spherical cap, spherical frustum, ellipsoid• Righttriangle calculator • Heron's formula (solve a triangleknowing theside lengths) • Circle solver Unit converters •Accelerationconverter • Angle converter • Length converter • Energyconverter •Force converter • Torque converter • Area converter •Volumeconverter • Volumetric flow converter • Weight converter•Temperature converter • Pressure converter • Power converter•Speed converter • Mileage converter • Time converter •Digitalstorage converter • Data transfer speed converter • Numericbaseconverter • Roman numerals converter • Shoe size converter •Ringsize converter • Cooking converter Finance • Currencyconverterwith 160 currencies available offline • Unit pricecalculator •Sales tax calculator • Tip calculator • Loan calculator• Simple /Compound interest calculator Health • Body mass index -BMI • Dailycalories burn • Body fat percentage Miscellaneous • Agecalculator• Date calculator • Time calculator • Mileage calculator• Ohm'slaw calculator - voltage, current, resistance and powerDevelopedin Transylvania 🇷🇴
DEWALT® Mobile Pro™ 1.3.2
DEWALT® Mobile Pro™ is a full-featured calculator and referencetooldesigned specifically for construction professionals. Get thejobdone right the first time. Download the construction andscientificcalculator plus templates for every jobsite calculation,from areaand length conversions to estimating studs and drywall.In additionto the free capabilities, DEWALT Mobile Pro offersin-app purchasesrelated to carpentry, concrete, electrical,business math, finishmaterials, trim work, landscaping, and sitework. DEWALT Mobile Prois designed specifically for constructionpros. • Provides instantanswers to critical job-site questions. •Remembers the math so youdon’t have to. • Uses real-world examplesto explain concepts. •Helps you visualize the situation withdetailed illustrations.DEWALT Mobile Pro is a handy mobileresource. • Share calculationresults instantly by email. • Search,filter, and create favoritesto make calculations easy to find. •Access DEWALT resourcesdirectly from the app, find servicecenters, and more.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DEWALT Mobile Pro includes thefollowing freecapabilities: • Powerful construction calculatorthat includesfoot-inch math for lengths, areas, and volumes. •Area, length, andvolume conversions. • Area and volume shape mathincluding circles,squares, rectangles, and polygons. • Formulasfor estimating studs,drywall, and concrete slabs. The calculatorincludes the followingfeatures: • Foot-inch math for lengths,areas, and volumes. •Decimal and fractional math. • Powers, logs,trigonometric, andhyperbolic math functions. In addition to thesefeatures, you canpurchase calculation add-ons for: • Business math• Carpentry •Concrete work • Construction math • Finish materials• Landscaping •Site work • Trim carpentry