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Light in the Soul 1.1
Welcome to Soul Springs, the town of dreams.Small. Peaceful. Quaint. As perfect a place as youcouldimagine,where each day starts with singing birds and freshlybakedapplepie. A town where every neighbor is your friend, andwherefindingyour misplaced phone is the toughest challenge oftheweek.Until the day when three strangers arrive...anddarknessdescends.Welcome to Soul Springs, the place of nightmares.A brand new adventure game with an old-school approach, "LightintheSoul" takes you on a journey into the dark corners ofhumanpsyche,as you try to crack the bizarre secret of aseeminglypicture-perfectMidwestern town. Soul Springs is just thekind ofplace to spend yoursummer vacation in, to relax and getaway fromit all. Now, threelives are about to cross paths there,threepeople who came to thetown to escape the trouble of theirdamagedlives, to look for newopportunities and new horizons.But sometimes there is no escape. Sometimestroublewillfollow.Scarlet, the labeled "witch and freak", who chose toworkwithanimals to avoid the pain of facing people, wantednothingmorethan a quiet summer. Yet when the animals aroundSoulSpringsuddenly begin to disappear with no explanation, shefindsherselfforced into action, as her fragile, still-recoveringmindbegins toquestion reality itself.Nathan, the troubled painter who came to the towntofindinspiration and to flee the darkness that has haunted himallhislife, hopes only for solitude. But when he findshimselfsurroundedby people he never chose to meet, he must decidewhatalliances tomake -- and anyone is to be trusted at all.Dye, once a bright student, now a depressed shadow ofhisformerself, would rather spend the rest of his days lockedinsidehisroom, imprisoned there by his doubts and anxieties. Yetwhenthesolution to the ominous secret of Soul Springs comes todependonhim and him alone, he must stand up to his greatest enemy--hisvery own mind.Features:- An expansive adventure set in a small town with asecret,- An immersive story, told from the perspective ofthreeprotagonistsyou alternately control,- A combination of interactive entertainment and amature,serioussubject matter, created in cooperationwithpracticingpsychologists,- A twisted path solely dependent on your decisions,withmultipleoutcomes for each protagonist.- Numerous locations to visit over 7 in-game days,- Hand-painted graphics mixed with unique backgroundsinspiredbyImpressionist art."Your mind is the deepest of prisons..."