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Password Wifi
Recupera tus claves para las redes wifi. Consigue la clave detuwifi por si te la has olvidado. ¡Si la clave es la que vienepordefecto, la podrás conseguir en cuestión de segundos! Soportalassiguientes redes: WLAN_XXXX, JAZZTEL_XXXX, WLAN_6X,YaCom_6X,Megared-XXXX, AXTEL-XXXX, InterCable6X,InterCableXXXX,INFINITUM6X, INFINITUMXXXX, MAXCOMXXXX Losalgoritmos usados poresta aplicación son de dominio público
WiFi Password Recover 4.1
Wi-Fi Password Recover crackstheWi-Fitorecoveryour Wi-Fi default password. Thepurposeofthisapplication is toaudit the security wireless networksofusorrecover lost default keyof own Wi-Fi network. In nocaseshouldbeused to crack the passwordof a wireless network thatisnotusowned or without the consent ofthe owner. Theuseoftheapplication for this and other purposesforwhichitwasn’tdesigned, will be under the responsibilityoftheuser.Ensure SD card installed. The application need SDcardtoinstalla66Mb Dictionary, which is smaller andmoreefficientthananythingelse available on the market. Thisfileshouldbedownloaded bydefault to your SD card, though youcanselectthefolder where thefile is on the preferencesmenu.Alternativelywecan use yourInternet connection instead ofthedictionary.Thisoption can beactivated in the settings menu. Italsocancalculatenatively thekey although it will take about 2minutesinlesspowerfully phonesand about 10 seconds on a SamsungGalaxyS.Thistool also detectsthe new 2010 Thomson routers forwhichkeyscannotyet begenerated.Support Routers:1. Thomson based routers (IncludeThomson,SpeedTouch,Orange,Infinitum, BBox, DMax, BigPond,O2Wireless,Otenet,Cyta,TN_private, Blink )2. DLink ( Only some models )3. Pirelli Discus4. Eircom5. Verizon FiOS ( Only some routers supported)6. Alice AGPF7. FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey8. Huawei (Some Infinitum XXXX)9. Wlan_XXXX or Jazztel_XXXX10. Wlan_XX ( Only some are supported)11. Ono ( P1XXXXXX0000X )12. WlanXXXXXX, YacomXXXXXX and WifiXXXXXX13. Sky V1 routers14. v1 and v2 ( TECOM-AH4XXXX )15. InfostradaWifi16. CONN-X17. Megared18. EasyBox, Arcor and Vodafone19. PBS (Austria)20. MAXCOM21. PTV22. TeleTu/Tele223. Axtel, Axtel-xtremo24. Intercable25. OTE26. Cabovisao Sagem27. Alice in Germany (new)28. Speedport (new)
WiFi Master - Fast Secure WiFi 5.1.37
With a hundreds of millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots shared byourusers globally, you can connect to free Wi-Fi with WiFi Master( - LinkSure Singapore)! Find & Connect tosharedWiFi hotspots in one click. Easy and safe. The WiFiMasterexperience - Cost Savings: Save data costs by connecting tofreeshared WiFi hotspots. - Easy and Fast: Connect WiFi in oneclickand enjoy Internet! - Safe and Secured: All shared passwordare notrevealed. It is encrypted to protect sharer’s privacy andsecurity.- Easy to understand in your own language: Available in19languages across 200+ countries and regions. English,Thai,BahasaIndonesia, Malay, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese,TraditionalChinese TW,Traditional Chinese HK, Japanese, Korean,Portuguese,Spanish, Russian, Arabic,Turkish, Hindi, French,Italian,German...more languages coming soon. Disclaimer: WiFiMaster is nota hacking tool. It does not assist in unlockingpasswords of Wi-Fihotspots that are not shared by the users.Hacking is illegal. Withour growing community of over 800 millionmonthly active users(MAU) , we aim to build a trusted platform foreverybody to enjoythe Internet. So, come join the world’s largestWiFi sharingcommunity today! If you don’t find shared hotspot yet,don’t worry,give the community some time to grow. There will bemore and moreshared WiFi to help you get connected online and surfthe Internetfree! Rate us to show us your love! It means a lot tokeep usgoing! Have a question? Wanna leave a feedback orsuggestion? Sure,we’d love to hear them— tell us here or on ourpage! Spread the word, andkeepsharing WiFi!
Wifi password recovery 2
Recover your wifi password,only need usethisapp,if you modem has the default password you can use this apptorecover the passwords.Never lose your wifi password againthis app only works for default password in some modems.this is not for hacking wifi free networks, neither for freewifi,its for recovery next networksWLAN_XXXX, JAZZTEL_XXXX, WLAN_6X,YaCom_6X,Megared-XXXX,AXTEL-XXXX,, InterCable6X, InterCableXXXX,INFINITUM6X,INFINITUMXXXX, MAXCOMXXXX, mega cabledo not use in wrong way, the app can change yourwifisettings.This app can turn on your wifithis app its like wifi hacker prank, or wifi hack joke,butfunctional.
Wifi Analyzer 3.11.2
Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! ShowstheWi-Fichannels around you. Helps you to find a less crowdedchannelforyour wireless router. ##########FortheUSB read/write permission: This permission is used to saveandloadsnapshots(see menu in my app). ##########
Wi-Fi password reminder 3.3.6
Do you always forget passwords fromwi-finetwork?The app "Wi-Fi Manager passwords" will help You, to add,saveand share all networks which You use.Network sync between devices using your accountSupports 2 types of authorization: using a Google accountorregister on email-password.The application allows:◉ add, delete, or send your access point◉ copy password of the selected network to the clipboard◉ send to other applications text data: network name(SSID)and password◉ to create a picture with QR-code of wifi networkconnectionsettings◉ quickly find a known network in the list◉ quickly connect to a known network◉ create a backup copy of the file to wp_export.csv◉ import the history from the filewifi_pass_export.csvThe app works as a password manager for wireless networks,alsoinclude with additional functions, this app is free, workswithouta Root. An early version was called "Reminder passwordsfromWi-Fi"Is compatable with the file of historyimportwifi_pass_export.ksv saved.This app is not a password cracker of Wi-Fi networks anddoesn’tallowed pick a passwords on the router.The application is absolutely legal and allows you to work withthealready known to you wifi passwords.Attention! If you accidentally delete network from device,youcan easily restore and connect to the network, right throughtheapp.Comfortable and functional application "Password Manager fromWi-Finetworks" allows you to quickly and easily view and sharethepassword.Synchronise through your account will save your time, andtransportsthe previously listed network to other devices.Additional functions in the presence of ROOT rights onthedevice:◈ the application automatically adds the used earlier Wi-Finetworksto the application◈ each time a new networks is connected, the app will updatethelist of saved passwords on the device◈ in the case of the removal of one or more networksfromapplication and administrator will request a permit for addthereversing, because the data on these networks are stored onyourdevice.Our group VKontakte: your passwords are in one place!
WiFi Free 3.1
With a hundreds of millionsoffreeWi-Fihotspotskeys shared by our users globally ,getfreewifianywhere! Based onyour location, WiFi Free offersyounearbywifihotspot password. Allwifi passwords shared byrealpeoplearoundthe world and theavailability will beautomaticallydetectedbyWiFi Free.Wi-Fi Free Function:-Free wifiBased on your location, WiFi free offersyounearbywifihotspotpassword within 5 kilometers.-Easy to findYou can take the initiative to find the wifihotspotyouareinterestedin area such as cafe, hotel, city,country.-AvailableAll wifi passwords are shared by users, andtheavailabilitywillbeautomatically detected by WiFi Free.-Around the worldNow available wifi password over ten million,allovertheworld,including the USA, Canada, Mexico,Brazil,America,Europe,Asia,Russian and all former USSR Countries,MiddleEast,Oceaniaandother countries and regions.-SmartUsing the reminder function for a wifi hotspot,WiFiFreewillremindyou, when the wifi hotspot is available.-SecurityWiFi Free will never initiatively recordanywifihotspotinformationon your phone unless you initiativelyshareaWiFihotspotpassword.
Wifi password master 16.0.1
Main features: * Generates high security random passwordsoftypewep, wpa, wpa2. * See the list of open and protectedwifiaccesspoints. * Speed ​​test to measure connectionspeed.Important: Thisapp is not for cracking, hacking, or accessinganykind of wifinetwork.
Router Keygen 4.0.2
Recover your keys for your wifi network. If you havekeptyourdefault key you will instantaneous get your key back.Itsupports alot of common routers. All algorithms are frompublicdomain.
WiFi Key Recovery (needs root) 0.0.8
** You need root to use this application. ** You needtohaveconnected to the network in the past. ** This appcannot"hack"into an unknown/new network. I cannot help you withgettingroot.Have a look at forthat. Haveyouever forgotten the password of your home WiFi network,or theoneyou setup for your parents a few months back? Thisapplicationwillhelp you recover the password of a wireless networkyouhaveconnected to with your device in the past. You can theneithertapon an entry to copy it, or export the list to SD, or shareitusingthe standard Android sharing facilities. It does notcrackthenetwork, or use the MAC/SSID address to deduce thepassword.Itsimply reads it from the device itself. Essentially itparsesthewpa_supplicant file. For more information on how thekeysarerecoveredreadhere: use responsibly. Tested by me on: •HTC DesireZ•SamsungGalaxy Tab. According to feedback it also works on:•HTCDesire HD•HTC Evo •LG Optimus 2X •Motorola Defy •SamsungCaptivate•ViewsonicgTablet •Xperia X10 Mini Email me if does notwork onyour deviceand I'll try to fixit.Github:***Pleaseemail me with any bugs/problems/feature requests. Icannotreply tomarket comments which can make debugging difficult.***
Wifi Password Viewer Free 2.0.42
LengKeng Lab
'Wifi Password Viewer Recovery' help you view your wifipasswordandyou can recovery, backup or share your password, whichyou cannotsee wifi password in device default setting. You needROOTyourdevice to use 'Wifi Password Viewer', you can copyyourpassword tothe clipboard to paste anywhere. Or you can shareyourwifipassword in easy way. Our "Wifi Password Viewer"requestCamerapermission because of QRCode library which uses CameratoscanQRCode feature but we do not use this feature. We onlyuseQRCodegeneration feature. So don't worry aboutCamerapermission.FEATURES: - Fast and easy to use by only 1 click.- Easyto viewyour Wifi password - Easy to copy Wifi Passwords -Easy torecoveryour Wifi password - Easy to share Wifi Passwordswith otherdeviceor another account - Easy to share WifiPasswordswithQRCodegenerator feature.
Wifi Password [Root] 1.1.1
Rooting RequiredDo you need to connect to WiFi Networks but forgotyourPassword?Have you ever forgotten your WiFi Password which have been savedonyour phone?Just download this application and get your WiFi Password!WiFi Password 2016 will shows you the Password of WiFiNetworkswhich you have connected before.If your device is not Root and you really want to usethisapplication, you can Root your device following introduction onXDAforum ( ) before install and runthisapplication.We would love to hear from our users. If you have anyfeedback,suggestion that will help us become the best app. Pleaseemail forus at: kaikaisoft@gmail.comNote:- This application does not HACK or CRACK WiFi network!- Rooting your device may void its warranty! We do notencouragecustomers to Root their device.
osmino: FREE WiFi Lite - lightweight versionofthe legendary app osmino WiFi. This is a free WiFi access aroundtheworld - more than 20 million wifi hotspots. With the help ofthiseasy WiFi-manager you can automatically join free WiFi andsharepublic and private WiFi networks. Automatic search andconnection topublic WiFi networks start with one tap. No anycomplicated settingsnor terms. You can check the nearest publichotspots on our WiFihotspot map.You get an automatic access to available WiFi. Without havingtoknow any parameters and network settings – osmino WiFi will doitfor you.You can also share the password to a known WiFi network and makeitavailable to other osmino users, just select "Share" and agreebyfilling check box.Information about public hotspots is automatically set onmap,according to the data received from users’ devices. Whenyouconnect to any public network we receive on our server thenetworklocation, name and access settings and automatically show iton themap.This is how we create the use-proven public WiFi hotspots mapbasedon users’ data. The more users subscribe to osmino, themoredisposable wifi hotspots appear on the map.There are already nearly 20 000 000 wifi hotspots on osmino mapinmore than 50 countries.More than 3 000 000 hotspots in USAOver 3 000 000 wifi hotspots in KoreaNearly 600 000 hotspots in Mexico and over 400 000 in Brazilmore than 1.5 million hotspots with passwords in Russiaabout 170 thousand wifi hotspots in Ukraine400 000 hotspots on the map of Italy,200 000 on the map of Spain,France has more than 550,000 hotspots,Germany - 350 000about 100 000 wifi hotspots in Indiamore than 300 000 wifi spots in Thailand,about 50 000 wifi networks in Colombia,100 000 hotspots in Indonesia and Turkey in each,more than 550 000 wifi hotspots with passwords on Japan map.
WiFi Connection Manager 1.7.0
WiFi Connection Manager is a Wi-Fi scanner, manager andconnectoronandroid. Help us with the translationprojecton 1.SupportAP(Access Points) SSID with special characters, suchasChinese,Japanese, Korean, Greeks, Russian, Arabic,Portuguese,UNICODE andso on. 2. Fix device Wi-Fi problems. 3.Instant connect.Oncesearched, once start connecting. Way fasterthan thesystembuild-in Wi-Fi scanner. 4. Static IP settingssupport. Autoswitchbetween different AP. 5. Switch betweenavailable networks,solvingthe network conflict problem. 6.Add/Connect to certainhidden SSIDnetwork (depends on device andnetwork conditions). 7.Manual addnetwork, with special support forEAP/LEAP encryptednetwork. 8.Detailed network information, networkbandwidth, channelandnetwork type. 9. Auto detect WebAuthentication. 10.Backup/Restoresaved networks. 11. Add/ShareWi-Fi network with QRcode. 12.Arrange network connecting priority.13. WPS (Wi-FiProtectedSetup) support for Android 4.0 or abovedevices. 14.Automaticalswitch between saved networks when signal isnot ideal.15. Wi-Fitether (Wi-Fi Hotspot) support. About therequiredpermissions:Camera is for adding Wi-Fi network via QR code.Phoneand Internetis for the AdMob plug-in made by Google. Storageis forbackup andrestore saved network.
Free Wifi Password Recovery 4.0
InfoWork Tech
Do you often forget the password the wifi networkyouconnectedbefore? Or do you want to tell your friends thepasswordof thenetwork you are connecting to? No worry, our FreeWifiPasswordRecovery will help to find and recovery the passwordsofall thewifi networks you have ever connected to,includingprivatewireless network, wifi hotspot and wifitethering.★Attention★ ThisWifi Password Recovery tool needs rootpermission.How to use:★Launcher our Wifi Password Finder. ★The WifiPasswordViewer willlist all the wifi networks info you connectedbefore.★Select thewifi id and the password dialog will show. ★Clickthecopy buttonto copy the password and you can connect to thenetworknow.Disclaimer: This is not a wifi password hacker; itcannot hackorbreak any wifi network. Instead, it is a useful andpowerful apptoretrieve the password of the wifi networks to whichyour phonehaveever connected.
WiFi Automatic
This simple app can help you increasethestandby time of your device: WiFi Automaticautomaticallydisable your WiFi radio when you don't need it andthereby lowersthe battery consumption.You can also specify to automatically turn on WiFi again, ifyouturn on your device or when you enter a specifiedlocation(requires a cell radio and therefore does not work onWiFi-onlytablets!). Also, the app can regularly scan for availablenetworksto connect to and re-disable WiFi if no suitable network isfound.This way, you are always connected to your WiFi network whenusingthe device.WiFi Automatic is opensource: WiFi connection generally uses less power than a mobiledataconnection, so on your phone, it makes sense to keep the WiFiradioactive, whenever a WiFi network is in range--------------------Permissions:RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - is required to start the service againwhenrebooting your deviceThe following permissions are required to observe and changetheWiFi state:CHANGE_WIFI_STATEACCESS_NETWORK_STATEACCESS_WIFI_STATEThe following permissions are required to the "turn on WiFiwhenentering these locations" feature:INTERNETWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONBILLING
WiFi Password Native 2.4
Wi-Fi password native adopt nativecalculationmethod to recover passwords. If your modem has thedefault passwordyou can use this app to recover the passwords. Itdoesn’t need todownload the dictionary. It can calculate nativelythe key althoughit will take about 2 minutes in less powerfullyphones and about 10seconds on a Samsung Galaxy S.Note:In no case should be used to crack the password of awirelessnetwork that is not us owned or without the consent of theowner.The use of the application for this and other purposes forwhich itwasn’t designed, will be under the responsibility oftheuser.Support Routers:Please visit our Web site:
Free Wifi Password Router Key 4.0
InfoWork Tech
Do you often forget the original password of your router? Ordoyouwant to login to change the router setting when you buy anewwifirouter. No worry, our Wifi Router Password will give youallthedefault passwords of all the wifi tether routers.Feature:★Providevarious router models in different brands such asAsus,Belkin,Cisco and so on. ★Easy to use, free to download, liteappwith fastspeed. Disclaimer: This Wifi Router App is not aWifirouterpassword breaker or hacker; it is a utility thatprovidesacomplete database of the default key of the all kindsofrouters.It is so convenient for you to use.
Wifi pass 5.0Final
This app will not be updated any more.Pleasedownload the newversion: not receive Wifi? Have you run out of data on your Smartphone?Wehave the solution to all your problems get freewifipasswords!With this new application, you will make everything easier.Thanksto its integrated map you can connect to the Wi-Fi networksof yourcity. Make an analysis of all the Wifi connections that arewithinyour reach and if the network password is the one that comesbydefault, you will get it instantly.If you also want to move around the world, with this app youwillhave Internet at all times obtaining free Wi-Fi passwords fromanycountry you move to. It turns out not to be connected!- Get the nearest WiFi access point.- Available in more than 30 countries.- With millions of free WiFi access points.- Available in all languages.- Recover the password from your wifi router.- Access the application offline.DIRECTIONS FOR USEClick on the network that you have chosen and select it, atthatmoment if the network is available you will receive the key,andyou can be connected to the Wi-Fi network in question. If it isawifi network open simply select it and you willconnectautomatically.• Green Network: Unlocked• Yellow Network: Open• Red Network: BlockedJoin, share access points, and rate!