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Galaxy Gunner : The Last Man Standing 3D Game 1.7.7
*Thanks for 1M players that has played Galaxy Gunner* Let’s haveacrack at an alien shooting game combined with survival theme.Youare a space engineer who trapped on a distant planet with yourdog.When things couldn't get any worse, alien creatures come outfromnowhere kidnapping your four-legs friend. Now you need to standupto take back your cute pet from aggressive unknown alientsunamiand their alien bosses, with support of variety of awesomeweaponswhich can be obtained throughout the campaign by openingloot boxesor completing challenges. You, the Galaxy Gunner vs Alien– whowould be the last man standing? Survival is in your hand. Onyouradventure to rescue your pet, there are endless waves ofalienenemies and they will overwhelm you with number. However,there areover 20 different awesome guns that can help deal withthesealiens. Take your gun and shoot ‘em up! You have to fight andshootalone without anyone else’ support. You want to win? Seekeachalien’ weaknesses and shoot aliens as much as possible!GalaxyGunner will bring back first person shooting experiencewithcartoonist design which is without blood nor matureviolentelement. It is kid friendly and suitable for everyone.GalaxyGunner will feature: 1.LAST MAN STANDING SHOOTING STYLE:Useeverything that you have to defend yourself from alien enemiesandbe the last man standing for survival in the space.2.WELL-DESIGNED ALIEN ENEMIES: In both visual appeal andgameplaymechanic. Alien minions and bosses will have their ownuniquedesigns and weaknesses. 3. BIG ARSENAL: Over 20 guns andmanypower-ups that help you overcome any challenge. 4. GAMEPLAYTHATSUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Developed with a “Easy to play, but hardtomaster” mindset. Galaxy Gunner does not require you to possessasniper shooting skill in the beginning to be able to play, butitdoes have increasing challenges throughout the campaign.Afterconquering each level, valuable rewards are waiting ahead. 5.FUNNYAND RELAXING ELEMENTS THAT BALANCE OVERALL EXPERIENCE:Inspired byDead Target but with hilarious alien enemies, weirdweapons likecrocodile gun, vacuum cleaner; these stuffs would makeyou unableto take your eyes off. 6. PUBLISHED BY AWARD WINNING GAMESTUDIO:From 2 studios that developed Dead Target – Editors’ Choicegame onGoogle Play & Robo Avenger - 1.5M installed game. GalaxyGunnerwill be the next big hit that VNG Game Studios & TofuGamesbrings to you. For any support, please feel free to contact usvia:Fan page:[email protected] Important note: This app offersin-apppurchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using yourdevicesettings.
Gun & Strike 3D 1.1.9
Doing Studio
"Gun & Strike 3D" is a 3D shooting game.The game has a hotandrealistic battle scenes, smooth operation, rich weapon system,theintelligent enemies regulation system, and the players canupgradethe property of the system. We will let you put it down,waitingfor what ?Try the mobile version of Gun & Strike 3D!★ Afullrange of weapons systems: covers let you experience the thrillofFun variety of firearms, from pistols, submachine guns to thewholeset of firearms sniper rifle, nine kinds of weapons are freeforyou to choose, such as DesertEagle,AK47,P90,M4A1,TMP,Barrett,Fiveeven,MAC10, Galil,etc;★ Theplayerattributes to upgrade the system: by destroying the enemy todropcoins can upgrade player attributes, including attack poweranddefense, superior fighting;★ Terrorists of intelligentregulationsystem: the play effect you want to achieve by adjustingthe numberof enemies (1-11) and wisdom (0-100), you can continue tochallengetheir own limits;★ A variety of different combat postures:standingshooting, squat shooting battle switch clip to experiencerealisticcourse of the fighting;★ Radar systems: radar system cansee theorientation and the number of the enemy, the better to graspthecombat situations;★ Realistic visuals: the strong distinctivesoundof a real battle screen effects and rhythm, such asshooting,running, and death.★ Free Games: Free download, freecoins, you donot pay also can play cool.We will let you put itdown, waiting forwhat ?Try the mobile version of Gun & Strike3D!
Alien Shooter Free - Isometric Alien Invasion 4.3.5
Sigma Team
The ENHANCED version of the legendary top-down PC Alien Shootergameis now available on your Android device! Deserted militarycomplex.Hordes of merciless creatures. You. Your mission is simple– clearthe base and stop the alieninvasion.--------------------------------------------------- ALIENSHOOTER –HIGHLIGHTS--------------------------------------------------- -Hours ofgameplay with and engaging story mode and tons of sidemissions -Character upgrade facility, try out superhuman fightingabilities inintense battles - Tons of weapons of mass destruction- Usefulgadgets - flashlights, medkits, battle drones... - Userfriendlycontrol schemes with auto-aim option available! - Stand upto thehuge crowds of monsters - Corpses of the monsters eliminateddo notdisappear - check out what happens at the end of everylevel! -Ability to play without internet connection (offlinemode). THECLASSIC NOSTALGIC ALIEN SHOOTER, NOW ON YOUR PHONE! Playone of thebiggest shoot-em-up hits of all time wherever you are.Stop thealien invasion, mobiley! BRING ALIENS TO THEIR DOOM, ENDTHE ALIENWAR! The teleportation gate has been opened, aliens arefloodingthrough. You’re the only hope to save the world fromendless wavesof monsters! SHOOT-EM-UP AND SAVE THE WORLD! Feel thenostalgia asyou blast through waves on creatures! MOW DOWN ENDLESSALIENS ANDSTAY ALIVE! DOWNLOAD NOW! Follow us onFacebook:
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath 1.0.13
** PLEASE NOTE: Rockchip, Broadcom and Amlogic devicesNOTSUPPORTED! Requires at least a 1.2 GHz dual core CPU, 1 GB RAMwithAdreno 220, Nvidia Tegra 3, ARM Mali 400-MP, PowerVR SGX543MP,Intel HD Graphics or Vivante GC1000 GPU. Runs atvariableresolution based on device capabilities. Performancesettingsavailable in app."A stunning and exquisitely realizedmasterpiecethat delivers a gaming experience unlike any that we'veseenbefore" - Game Informer"A wild, beautiful and exceptionalactionexperience" - IGNTouchArcade 5/5 Stars "every bit as awesomenow ona mobile device"148apps Editor's Choice 4.5/5 Stars "it’saconsole-quality adventure"Prepare to immerse yourself in 20 +hoursof action-adventure.In the dusty, undeveloped wastelands ofWesternMudos, cantankerous townsfolk find their settlementsbesieged bybelligerent outlaws. Along comes Stranger, a drifterturned bountyhunter, with a unique double-barreledcritter-firingcrossbow.Stranger’s Wrath has been passionatelyupgraded for thisall-new release with all exciting new controlsthat make the mostof the mobile format and improved visualsthroughout.Features:*Fully configurable touch-screen controls letyou move & re-sizeindividual buttons to suit your play style*Scalable virtualjoystick for fine tuning sensitivity of movement *Explore livingtowns, lush forests, and massive industrialfacilities* Seamlesslytransition between first-person shooter andthird-person platfomer*Scour your surroundings for live ammo* Workwith a range ofstrategies to surprise, stun, lure, blast and bagdevious outlaws*Meet incredibly odd, funny and smack-talkingtownsfolk, enemies andnatives* Fight dozens of varied bosses withoutlandish arsenals andoutrageous names Plus:* Complete"twin-stick" HID gamepad support,including specific control setupsfor Shield, Moga (HID), XBOX 360,PS3/PS4, and many more* Intuitivetouch controls + a redesignedmobile interface make playing &navigating a breeze *Incredible visuals that harness all theadvanced graphicscapabilities of today's mobile chipsets* Ahilarious script,theatrical soundtrack and compelling storylinewith a shockingtwist* English, German, Russian, French, Spanish,Italian,Portuguese, Finish, Swedish, and Polish languagesupport*Leaderboards, Achievements and Cloud Save
Recoil Game 1.0.45
RECOIL is a first of its kind first-person shooter broughttolife!Use with the RECOIL Multi-Player Starter Set, whichincludesadvanced weaponry and a Wi-Fi game hub. Feel the kickbackof yourweapon as 3D positional audio lets you hear exactly whereenemyfire is coming from. Engage up to 16 players over a250-footradius, viewing live stats and tracking each other’smovements.•GPS-enabled technology dynamically maps your game intothe realworld• Place Virtual Weapons such as landmines ontothebattlefield, or call in Virtual Airstrikes!• RECOIL Wi-Fi GameHubsupports up to 250 feet of multiplayer perimeter•Bluetooth-enabledRECOIL weapons (sold separately) connect to youriPhone•Multiplayer games support up to 16 Players• Various gameplaymodes,such as Free-for-all Skirmish, Team Skirmish and Search&Destroy• AR-powered Indoor Play mode requires no GPS• Supportfor“Mobile-only” players in team games – no RECOILhardwarerequiredBeef up your team’s size and firepower withadditionalRECOIL weapons: the standard Starter Set (soldseparately) includestwo RK-45 Spitfire weapons, but SR-12 Rogueweapons are alsoavailable with more range, power, and largermagazine capacity.Both the RK-45 and SR-12 are fully automaticRECOIL weapons withdynamic force-feedback for a physical “kick” toadd to therealism.All weapons have push-to-talk buttons that enablereal-timevoice chat – call out instructions to teammates, or taunttheenemy. For a real game changer, the RECOIL frag grenade(soldseparately) provides a timed release blast with a hugeradius.It’stime to get in on the action because The World Is NowGame.
Mad GunZ - Battle Royale, online, shooting games 1.8.6
Mad Pixel LTD
Are you looking for great pixel shooter or unusual shootinggameswith stunning graphics and the variety of game modes? Here isMadGunz - one of the best online shooter games! Imagine this: youwakeup, feed your beloved kitty, and then — all hell breaksloose!Where did Mr. Fluffy go and what is... is that an armoredturkey?Does it have anything to do with these... unicorns? Uh,what'sgoing here? Well you’re gonna find out in this adventurousnewentry in the pixel shooting games, FPS genre! Join thisshootinggame online and plunge into the craziest atmosphere! Takeup yourweird pixel gun and get ready to start the maddest of thepixelgames and shooting games! Mad Gunz comes from the school ofonlineshooter games, FPS and gun games that have strange, cute,pixel artand is just not like all online games multiplayer you’veused tosee! What is Mad Gunz - one of the best online games forfreeabout? ★ Far from realistic, but SUPER beautiful pixel art!Take alook at this online shooter, pixel games and you will fall inlovewith nice pixel graphics! ★ The most incredibly weird shootinggameonline is ready to introduce the oddest armory! Beat yourrivalswith a handbag with a dog in it, a huge lollipop or a magicwand.Use exploding hamsters or just shoot them with… cat fur! ★Enemiesfrom the best of online games & online shooting gamesincludingzombies, crazy chickens and even a mad octopus! ★ Plus!The mostweird about shooting games or any other FPS , online games,you cansee not only the gun but even your feet! Mad GunZ is notlikeregular pixel shooter or other shooting games & onlinegamesthat haven’t surprised you much. Tired of thinking of newtacticsin different shooting games online multiplayer? This onlineshooterwon’t teach you any tactics or make endlessly fiddle withyour gunsettings. Just get out there and shoot your rivals with abananagun, or a hamster thrower, or slap them with a handbag! Breakintothe mayhem of online shooting games and crush everything inthewackiest new online shooter games! No limits for your actions!Teamup, choose your rivals and dominate the battleground! Stilldon’twanna play this awesome shooting game online - the maddest ofFPSshooters? Think it’s just another one of those onlineshootinggames? Well we think you’ll love it more than any of othergungames, because Mad GunZ - pixel shooter has: ★ Theeasiest,intuitive online shooter controls ★ 5 unique maps witheaster eggsfrom your favorite movies & games ★ Dynamic battleswith wildenemies are here in crazy online shooting games ★BATTLEROYALE!Show your skills and become the last one standing! In ourBattleRoyale you'll enjoy HUGE map, unusual system of gun andarmorcrafting! ★ Mad GunZ is one of the best online shootergamesbecause you can enjoy crafting! Build your map and craftingitemsfor it in the best shooting games online! Enjoying pixel gamesandonline games multiplayer but can’t find really amazing one?Thisshooting game online is made for you! It’s the one pixelshooteryou’ve been waiting for Survive in one of the mostadventurousonline shooting games among all online shooter games tosaveMr.Fluffy! Mad Gunz is the unique in its madness shootinggameonline! We bet you’ve never seen such odd guns in any ofonlinegames, FPS and gun games! A gun of you dream is here in ouronlineshooting games multiplayer! You’ll be surprised with ourBattleRoyale features: cool gun styles, bright trails and flyingdevices!Why are you still reading this? Duh. I’m tired of talkingabout thebest online shooter (according to me)! Get one the bestonlineshooter games among other shooting games and especiallypixelshooting games, create your map or pick any of ours andstartplaying online games for free! Download the craziest onlinegamesand start the battle now License agreement:
Bullet Force 1.52
Best FPS on android, play online or offline first-personshooterwith lots of weapons customizations and arenas. Bullet Forceis afast action 3d shooter game. Download this shooting nova FPSnow!FPS PVP Multiplayer Action Fight alongside your teammatesinmassive 20-player war using a variety of iconic weapons(guns,pistols, AK-47, Assault Rifles,). Be ready to shoot to killallyour enemies in this survival game. Weapons Customization Withover20 weapons, 30 weapon camouflages, multiple optics, lasersights,and barrel attachments, ak47, the possibilities arevirtuallyendless. Play How You Like Bullet Force currently features4polished game-modes including Team Deathmatch,Conquest,Free-For-All, and Gun Game. In all of them you will be incombatagainst other players Awesome Custom Matches Set up the matchyouwant by creating your own custom match with your owncustomsettings. Create new and modern combats PVP B>CinematicFeatures Bullet Force features a free spectator mode andan optionto disable HUD, making the game perfect for all yourmontage needs.Offline FPS Feature Don't have an internetconnection? You canstill play the game offline with bots in askirmish and campaignmode. We hope you enjoy this new multiplayerFPS, see you in thefight. Download it Now!!
WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game 2.3.0
Jump into WarFriends: the most exciting free online PvPshooterbased on duel matches, packed with fun and challenge! 💣Shoot, blowup, command & win! 🔥🔥🔥 Ready to go to war onlineagainst realplayers from across the world, WarFriend? WarFriends isaskill-based, real-time multiplayer shooter with fresh graphicsandintuitive touch controls. The fast-paced online PvP brawls arefullof action and various challenges. Collect powerfulmilitaryweapons, refine your war strategy and build an unstoppablearmy. ▶COMMAND AN ARMY ◀ ⚔️ Recruit paratroopers, snipers, drones,mechs,tanks and helicopters to create an unstoppable army.Collectarsenal of weapons for various playing styles. Shotgunmadness or apatient sniper? It's up to you! Your army can't do allthe shootingthough! The intuitive touch controls will keep youengagedthroughout every match. ⚔️ ▶ BECOME THE CHAMPION ◀ 🏆 Enlistfriendsto fight alongside you in ranked PvP death-matches. Battleto thetop of the leaderboards for world-wide bragging rights.Become thelegendary hero of the Arena, where the rules and rewardschangeevery week. 🏆 ▶ ENDLESS CUSTOMIZATION ◀ 🤡 Choose yourcharacter,adjust your looks, pick your loadout and build your owncrushingarmy to lead to battle. A zombie with a weak spot forexplosives,or rather a sneaky ninja with mad sniping skills? InWarFriendsyou'll find all that and more! 🤡 ▶ IT'S ALIVE! ◀ 📅 Takepart onlive events, enjoy amazing sales and special offers, havefun withyour friends during thematic holiday missions. 📅 What’s alittlewar between friends? 💙 Stay up to date on the latestWarFriendsnews: ImportantConsumerInformation. This app: Requires acceptance of EA’s UserAgreement.EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy applies. Includesin-gameadvertising. Collects data through third party ad servingandanalytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy fordetails).Requires a persistent Internet connection (network feesmay apply).Contains direct links to the Internet and socialnetworking sitesintended for an audience over 13. Allows players tocommunicate viaFacebook notifications. To disable see the settingsin-game. Theapp uses Google Play Games. Log out of Google PlayGames beforeinstallation if you don’t want to share your game playwithfriends. User Agreement : Privacy&Cookie Policy : for assistanceorinquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30daysnotice posted on
Metal Squad: Shooting Game
Metal Squad is a shooting action game. This game will takeyouthrough series of classic levels, various enemies and bossbattleswith amazing experience of side scrolling platformer games.Usevarious weapons filled with slug and power ups to fight yourwaythrough a multiple enemies, metal tanks, copters and put an endtothe evil army leader's and his world of terror. Blow up allenemiesin Metal Squad! Kill them all in this amazing shootergame.Pleasehold your arms up and face dangerous challenges ahead.FEATURE ★Different kinds of weapons, such as shotgun, heavy machinegun,rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades. ★ Different characterstochoose. ★ 5+ unique zone with 30+ Levels ★ Different kindofenemies. ★ Challenging boss fights ★ Amazing graphics, coolmusicand sound. HOW TO PLAY ★ Use the joypad to move ★ Tap Jumpbuttonto jump avoid obstacles ★ Tap fire button to shoot ★ TapGrenadebutton to make deadly explosion Download Metal Squad now andletthe shooting begin! Contact us at email:[email protected] us on Facebook: JoinGroup withus: Thankyou!
Infinity Ops A multiplayer FPS in a sci-fi setting! The event ofthegame take place in the distant future, when humanity hassurpassedthe limits of technological development and the world hasdescendedinto the chaos of interplanetary warfare! Player willface team PvPcombat as classes like Recruit, Saboteur, Tank, andAssault! Each ofthe classes has its own features and abilities.Features: ❖ ClansCreate your own clan and invite other users orfriends and spendtime in the game together! ❖ Armament A widevariety of weapons areavailable in-game, from assault and plasmarifles to lasermachineguns and grenade launchers! Each weapon hasits own uniqueproperties and features. ❖ Material interaction Lowgravity freesplayers to jump far and high, while universal gravitycan affectrunning speed! ❖ Jetpacks Use a personal flight deviceto morequickly and effectively conduct combat operations. ❖Fantastic 3Dgraphics Excellent, detailed 3D character and mapmodelling. ❖Optimization for weak devices The game is optimizedfor devices withlow technical characteristics. Choice of graphicsfor differentphones! ❖ Easy controls Intuitive control and easyinterface won’tleave you struggling to master the learning curve!Game modes ≛ TeamDeathmatch Two teams battle for domination. Theteam with thehighest score at the end of the round wins; ≛Deathmatch Free mode.You fight for yourself. The player with thehighest score at the endof the round wins; ≛ HARDCORE A morerealistic combat experiencewith doubled damage; For true proplayers! ≛ Custom game Create agame with your own rules. Inviteyour friends to your custom gamelobby and battle together! Morefeatures ☢☢☢ MAGNIFICENT GRAPHICSAND OPTIMIZATION FOR WEAKDEVICES! ☢☢☢ Immerse yourself in theexperience of online battlesin the future with stunning graphicsand perfect controls. Take tothe frontline of each battle. ☢☢☢IMPROVE ARMOR AND ARMS! ☢☢☢Improve your character, upgrade weapons,reload time, armor andmovement. Each character has its own traits.Buy additionalgadgets, such as: mines, grenades, medkits, andshock-blades. ☢☢☢ ADAILY REWARD! ☢☢☢ Enter the game daily toreceive free presents,quests, and tons of free stuff! Do your dailyquests and improveyour equipment! Dear users, the game is still inthepost-development phase. Please share any bugs and errorsyouexperience, as well as any requests and ideas you have throughthesupport team. ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ Please joinus:
Zombie Conspiracy 0.198.7
* First Person Zombie Apocalypse Shooter Game. * Precise controls*3 Gameplay Modes * Prepare your arsenal and personalizeyourweapons * Save the world! Music by Arthur Chaslot
Galaxy Wars - Space Shooter 1.0.3
The Alien is coming for us and our Earth is in danger. Readyyoursquadron, choose your air fighter, equip powerful weapon andshoot'em up in this amazing arcade action game! In 1942, the BattleofGreat War in the galactic showed that the entire galaxy isinperil. You are the chosen protector of the galaxy that destinedtostop the Great Space War and defense the Earth from thealienattack. Assisted by the advanced technology of the Ancestors,yoursquad broad a big spaceship that flying in the midway of thegalaxywith powerful gun and equipment. The invaders aren't easy totakedown and avoiding their 'bullet hell' is must-have skill. Thespaceinvader will become stronger by each level passed.Travelingthrough more than ten planets with 3 difficult levels andearnreward. There are variety of spaceship to choose from. Usepowerboosts wisely because they are going to save you when youactivatedit. BIG FEATURES ⭐️ Amazing gameplay with tense actionpackedelements ⭐️ Powerful Spacecraft with unique special skills ⭐️Lotsof unique enemies and bosses ⭐️ Optimized for casual tohardcoreplayer ⭐️ Sparkling detailed graphic effects Welcome to themostenjoying classic vertical shooting game. We promise to bringyouthe best gaming experience. If you love original actionshooterfrom the arcade or handheld system, like galaxy shooter,chickenshooter, air combat... then this game is definitely for you.Freedownload Galaxy Wars - The Best Galaxy Fighting Game now!
Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action 4.9.3
Game Insight
• Easy and intuitive controls: get a hang of the game fromtheget-go and start climbing up the ranks! • Vivid graphicsandsupport for older devices: stunning visuals will keep you gluedtothe screen, while the hardware requirements remain very moderate.•Engaging PvP battles: enjoy team-based fun across numerous mapsandgame modes. The adrenaline-filled action never stops in GoB!•Character customization: create a unique hero by usingacombination of various perks and equipment skills, and findtheperfect look with hundreds of cosmetic items. Creating aflexiblebuild for your play style is as easy as ever. • Regularupdates andevents: with constant content additions, new features,and colorfulthemed events, you’ll never be bored. This game justkeeps ongiving! • Pro Play Mode: eSports events with players fromgloballyacclaimed teams. Can a mobile FPS be truly competitive? Youbet!Guns of Boom is a competitive multiplayer FPS with awesome3Dgraphics and gripping gameplay. It’s so simple that your catcouldlearn the controls, but the skill-cap is high enough to sparktheinterest of competitive eSports players who’re used toextremelychallenging and clutch tournament-style battles. Engage inonlinePvP battles on a variety of maps, utilizing differentcunningtactics. Get the ultimate FPS experience with fast-pacedmatchesthat take less than 5 minutes on average. The game is on!Notice:Please note that Google ARCore, which is used in our game,maycollect and process
Star Combat Online
Cube Software
Star Combat is an online space shooter, as well as a genre ofactionpacked simulator for free. DOWNLOAD THE GAME RIGHT NOW!gunshipbattle with the players in the dynamic 3D battles in StarCombatOnline galaxy empire . A flexible aircraft customizationsystem willcapture your attention to the details of the combatvehicletechnical equipment and allow you to create your own styleof play,while the furious dynamics, drive and action of spacebattles withreal rivals will not let you to be bored. SpaceshipsIn the game,you will encounter 18 warships, each of them has itsown potentialthat you need to disclose; Improvements andCustomization 29 weaponsunits are provided for you: rockets,machine guns, plasma cannons,lasers and sniper railguns –everybody will find equipment to theirliking; In addition, you canput on the ship 48 auxiliary systemsand improvements: radars,force field amplifiers, body weightreduction, afterburners andmuch more things that will supplement orstrengthen your shipcharacteristics; Flexible power-levelling ofthe combat vehicle,allowing to create more than 25 thousanddifferent configurations;Locations and battles in space Now, thereare 4 detailed maps withdifferent features and unique gameplay inthe game. On the maps, ateam combat among real players is realized.Rendering Full 3drealistic models and high detailing as well asoptimization forweak devices. The sound design and project qualityimmerse you inthe game atmosphere. General information Gameplaydynamicsunprecedented for mobile platforms; Focusing on onlinefights andPvP (and also, on PvE in the future). If you are ready tobecome afighter of the shooting games then bravely press "Install"!TheGalaxy needs new star citizen heroes to win the War! StarCombatwill allow you to chat online chat and relax with friendsafter thefight! Join us, play with your friends online and leadyour starcrew into a space flight! Join our community to getmoreinformation about the game or to ask questions to thedevelopers:
Hide Online - Hunters vs Props 3.3.0
HitRock Games
Hide Online — an addictive and thrilling multiplayer Hide andSeekaction-shooter game in popular Prop Hunt genre. Hide as a Propfromother players in any room or try to escape! Simply swap andbecomeany kind of hidden object — a chair, a box, a cup, or evenalavatory pan. Or hunt the hidden players as a Hunter by findingandshooting them! Both grownups and children will have funplayinghide and seek in Hide Online!
Metal Ranger. Classic Platformer Shooter Game 1.27
Albert Zig
Metal Ranger is a new and awesome shooting platformer with aretrofeel that pitches one valiant battle robot against a wholearmy ofinsect-like alien monsters. Explore level after leveloftreacherous shop floors and walkways of the game’sindustrialsetting, clear out enemy infestations, kill the bosses,and takeadvantage of weapon and armor upgrades.This side-scrollinggamebears an amazing likeness to the 2D shooters of the 80s, thegoldenera of the action arcade – but in a good way, thanks to thesleek,well-detailed graphics. The look of the manufacturingplantinterior is realistic enough to meet the expectations oftheyounger audience and at the same time immediately recognizabletoolder gamers, featuring familiar details such as steelgridflooring, massive pipes and girders, and neon tube lights inthebackground.Speaking of light effects, the discharge ofdifferenttypes of weapons used by the robot character is alsowell-rendered,from the bright streaks of the default machine gun tothefire-and-smoke halo of an occasional explosion to the fireballthatthe flamethrower spews in a natural strafing motion,leavingburning insect bodies in the robotic hero’s victoriouswake.Theplaying character looks nice and sleek, with naturalpostures andfluid moves of the necessarily angular, steel-platedandroid body.Quite often, especially in mecha games, developerschoose to createtheir battle bots featurng various degrees ofponderous, clumsymotion. However, more in line with the platformshooter tradition,Metal Ranger trades the clunky awkwardnesspeculiar to steel jointsand spring tendons for smooth, flowingmovements of an agilesuperhero. Other physics details are alsorather smoothed outaccording to the requirements of the genre.Thesoundtrack isfaithfully close to the traditional chiptune style ofthe arcademusic, adding another ingredient to the "comfort food"recipe forthe connoisseurs of golden oldies.As for the foes, theyarethoroughly alien in a classic manner. The crawling, leaping,andflying monsters come in various but unmistakably arthropodshapesand sizes – vicious horseflies with a two-foot wingspan,freakishspider-mantis crosses, enormous woodlice, etc. The gametakes fulladvantage of the fact that normal human impulse is tosquashsomething like this – or fire your rifle at it – the momentyou seeit, offering copious amounts of bug-shooting action.Traversing thefacilities of an abandoned, monster-infested plantwith your robotcharacter, using different guns to clear the area ofthe enemies,and emerging the winner in this classic battle of goodvs. evilmight sound a bit simple – but simplicity is genius, asthey say.Could this be the reason why generations of gamers findrun-and-gunaction so amazing?All in all, if you agree that there isnothingquite like a righteous 2D shooter rampage with a noble causeofrepelling an invasion, you should enjoy playing Metal Ranger.Andif you find sentimental value in good old arcades, you willsimplylove it.Game features:- Many interesting 3d levels- Bigarsenal-Atmospheric music- High quality graphics
Death Shooter 4 : Mission Impossible 1.0.4
Welcome to the "Death Shooter" world. 2018 hottest top freeshootinggameComplete Impossible Mission, Become sniperlegend.Designed StoryEvery levels, Just like TV dramas.12 chpaterexciting non-repetitivetasksMore than 40 different kinds ofweaponsShoot sniper rifle,assault rifles, and pistolsExclusivegunfire sound, differentshooting experience Complete your missionsin jungle, mountains,snowfield and military baseMorning fog,sunshine, twilight, nightand other weather systemVarious kinds ofsoldiers, armored vehicles,tanks, fighter planes and other enemyarms that cover land, sea andairThank you play with our games.AnyGood Ideal mail to us.enjoy it. ~_~
Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots 1.6.6
Armored Squad is a fast paced online action with mechs, robotsandtanks with colorful graphics. Grab your friends and join onlinePVPbattles! Or play 60 offline levels and play against AI bots :nointernet required! Fight with lasers, swords and rocketlaunchersat the same time! Our robots can use multipleweaponssimultaneously. Force fields and jump jets, boosters andshields,tons of guns - equip the mech to fit your style of play.Repairyour allies and put defensive sentry guns. Collect partsofdestroyed machines to assemble new robot. Achieve new ranksinmultiplayer or single player duels. Unlock all three levelsofdificulty. A lot of game modes in this online shooter won't letyouget bored: Capture The Flag (ctf), Control Points, BombDelivery,Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Football, Hail The King! Thegame sizeis small - under 50Mb ( megabytes) This is one of the fewofflineand online mech games with customization! See you onthebattlefield!
World of Tanks Blitz
Meet the legendary tank shooter. Join more than 90 millionplayers!Fight in 7vs7 team battles alone or with friends, researchandupgrade armored vehicles, try different tactics and win. Chooseatank and join the battle! GAME FEATURES • A huge world oftanks.Witness historical vehicles and models from other popularuniversesface off on the battlefield. The game features more than250 uniquevehicles! • Dynamic 7vs7 battles in different modes andin morethan 20 game locations. Every battle is unpredictable: theoutcomedepends on you and your team. • A well-developedprogressionsystem. Explore the full range of vehicles from Tier Ilight tanksto humongous Tier X heavies. Change guns, installequipment, applycamouflage—tune your vehicle to match yourplaystyle. • Spectaculargraphics that are automatically optimizedfor your device. Manualtuning helps find a balance between vibrantcolors and high FPS. •Team game. Create platoons with your friendsor join a clan tofight with like-minded people, then participate intournaments withprizes! To install the game, you need at least 3 GBof free spaceand an internet connection. For more informationplease visit
Deadly Dinosaur Hunter Revenge Fps Shooter Game 3D 1.1
Jhatka Gamers
Play Deadly Dinosaur Hunter Revenge Fps Shooter Game 3Dwithmultiple Deadly Dinosaur collection of Hunter guns and shootDeadlyDino with Hunter Shores effects of green environments.DeadlyDinosaur is a Hunter Revenge game for Fps shooters ofSurvival Gamewho loves to play Dinosaur Games and wants to becomebest huntersof Deadly Dinosaur and titled as DINO HUNTER in lovelyenvironmentsof deadly shores. You will hunt unlimited Deadly Dinowho will tryto hunt you or wants to run away to survive from youvia thisHunting Game.Dinosaur Hunter game is online and gave youtheability to compete with your player enemies with player rankingandtotal Deadly Hunt of dino. Deadly Dino shooting havemultipletargets achievements and will rewarded you after completingtheseachievements of this dino hunter game. Dinosaur Hunter is anFPSSurvival Game of dino shooting to kill dinos of multiple typewithkilling attempts of deadly dinos in Deadly Shores stunts.BecomeDinosaur Hunter in 2018 while playing Dinosaur Games ofdinohunting but Deadly Dinosaur Hunter Revenge Fps Shooter Game 3Disbest dino game of 2018. Avoids Dinosaurs Attack and becomekillerof dinosaurs by using 10 types of guns including snipers ofthreetypes which will make you able to hunt Safari Deadly Dinosaurintorivers, mountains and jungle. Hunt dinos in different deadlyshoreslike Africa, India and many others country environments.DeadlyDinosaur Hunter Revenge Fps Shooter Game 3D is only bestDinosaurHunter game in safari and jungle hunting to approach dinocityafter making you best dino hunter of Carnivores dinos. Made itCallof Safari dino hunter to Jurassic Survival Game so you caneasilyhunt dinosaur in real environments of Dinosaur Hunter who canhunt7 different types of dinos in 10 levels of hunter 3d game.Dinohunting is performed in deadly shores where dinos are tryingtohunt you in different ways. This dino hunting game is best fordinohunters in jungle of Carnivores dinos , you will use gunsandsnipers and become best sniper dino shooters of free dinogames.Perform deadly hunt in thus hunter simulator game ofchallanges.This is a dino survival game where we will hunt andtries to saveourselves from deadly dinosaurs and become bestdinokillers.Features :Dinosaur Hunter of Deadly Shores as FPSshooterin a Survival Game.Become best Dinosaur Hunter in 2018playing thisDinosaur Game.Deadly Dinosaur is an Animal Huntinggame.Become DinoKiller and survive Dinosaurs Attack.Dino Hunt is aSniper Games in2018.Hunt Safari Dinosaur and complete HunterChallenge indifferent levels.Hunt Carnivore Dinosaur in Jungle likeAnimalHunting Games.
One Gun: Stickman 1.91
This game is the greatest RPG action game, is combinationoffighting games and shooting games. Like other fighting games,youwill be brought to the awesome adventure world, have tofaceagainst many zombies, monsters and mighty opponents but morethanthat, you have an opportunity to show off your shooting skillas tobe in shooting games. No more concerns about the internet, nowyoucan enjoy this game every time you have and everywhere you arewithfull action games experiences. Are you ready to be thegreatestplayer in this stickman games? In each adventure battle,you’llplay stickman warriors who are on a journey of conquering thedarkworld which filled with a lot of weapons, skills and awesomeskins.Be ready for exciting stickman fighting games, you can be afighterand master the stick game. Do you have the drive, courage&passion to master! ▶ EPIC BATTLE IN SHOOTING GAMES When thebattlebegins, each stickman needs to fight off the dangerousmonstersthat are constantly attacking him. Whenever you want toshoot themor avoid getting killed. This is an insanely hard battleall thetime but if you use multiple skills, you will have abilityto makeyour stickman more powerful. Try not to be hard hit bythemonsters. ▶ NICE DESIGN, EFFECT & GRAPHICS You will bestunnedwith the graphic & sound effects of One Gun: Stickman.Be astickman hero, do some crazy powerful magic and burn thedarknessworld. Smartly utilize the controls to fight with maximumeffect! ▶TONS OF DIFFERENT UPGRADES Some monsters are extremelydangerous& you will need more powerful weapons than thestarting ones.Upgrade the attack, armor, health to be better ineach level! ▶UNLIMITED ITEMS There are different levels in game,attack, defense& hp are really important in how well you willcope with theenemies. You can upgrade or even buy more guns. Skillshelp themincrease their power many times & wipe out the enemiesat aglance in each war. ▶ THE GLOBAL RANKING There are rankings tomakethings more interesting and entertaining. Take your stickman tothetop by battling in a smart & skillful way. Make friend alloverthe world and compete with your friends. ▶ FEATURES - Offlinegamemode: Battle, Map, Hell - Item upgrade with many levels - Havemanyactive skills and passive skill - Global leaderboard-Ultra-stunning graphics - Thrilling sound effects "One Gun" isanunforgettable experience, is the best choice in seriesstickmangames and ninja games. Heroes require highly-professionalskills.Will you help our heroes in his fighting and killing againsttheenemies. Download One Gun: Stickman and share your moment withyourfriends now!
Ramboat 2 - The metal soldier shooting game 1.0.61
Genera Games
A new Ramboat Run & Gun shooter adventure, a new war wheretoprove you’re the hero metal soldier who will defeat the coronelandhis army! Discover a new action arcade shooting gameexperiencefull of weapons and bullets! Collect amazing weapons,upgrade andcustomize your metal soldier, drive military vehicles,get readyfor the combat and enter the best platform shooter actiongame!Escape from hundreds of enemies, jumping and dodging asquickly aspossible. Ramboat 2 is a Run & Gun addictive shootinggamewhere you can run, jump and shoot. Do you love jumpingandshooting? Download Ramboat 2 - The metal soldier shootinggame& discover the new Ramboat Run & Gun adventure! Surviveanarmy of metal soldiers, paratroopers, rocket launchers andenemysubmarines, dodge bullets. During your run, get amazing powerupsto increase your firepower and collect coins to upgrade yourguns& craft new gears. Make Ramboat unstoppable! Craft andupgradeweapons and gears with the gold you earn in each battle:shotguns,machine guns, rifles, uzis, rocket launchers. Shoot yourbest gunand destroy the enemy army! Play Ramboat 2, the best Run& Gunshooting game, and help your friends to defeat the enemiesarmedfrom head to toe, you will quickly face the most dangerouscombats.Customize your hero with the fight item you’ll find inthebattlefield, choose your outfit and improve your combat skills!Bea metal soldier legend! Beat your enemies and complete allthemissions and challenges to increase your military rank!Gamefeatures: AMAZING RUN & GUN MISSIONS AND STAGES -OFFLINEACTION SHOOTING GAME -Rush through different STAGES andfaceCHALLENGES that increase the difficulty and fun: Fight againsttheenemy camp! The best endless shooter game! POWERFUL ARSENALTOUPGRADE -Tons of guns & weapons to choose. Collectblueprintsand buy potent weapons like the machine gun,flamethrower, classicpistol, laser and more! -Become a soldier andshoot! Upgrade yourguns and increase their power, shooting rate...Boost yourfirepower and hit the enemy lines! -Find epic gadget inthe storeand go to war fully equipped like a real special opsmilitarysoldier! COLLECT ALL CHARACTERS AND BOATS -Try +12 uniquebandmembers, each with their special equipment and skills. -Racewith+12 speedy and mighty boats like a yacht, a pirate ship… orashark! Can you collect them all? AMAZING RUN & GUNSHOOTINGGAME MODES -Classic action adventure ARCADE style withoriginaltwists. The ultimate endless shooting game runner. -Playwith afriend in MULTIPLAYER SHOOTING GAME and double the fun. Whowillend with more enemies? -Do you want a challenge? Try the ELITEMODEif you have what it takes. Shoot like a pro! QUALITY DETAILS-Veryeasy to play and completely FREE!! -Simple and intuitiveinterface.Jump and shoot with one finger! -Awesome 2D graphics,withfascinating HD effects of light and color. You’ll love thisrunnergame! -Great music and sound effects that make you run andjumpeven faster! HOW TO PLAY -Use the joypad to move -Tap jumpbuttonto jump avoid obstacles -Tap fire button to shoot -TapGrenadebutton to make an explosion Sync with your Facebook orGoogle Playprofile and share your score with all your friends! Jointhousandsof players in this exciting Run & Gun adventure!Shoot, jumpand kill in this addictive action and shooting game.Play now Run& Gun for free! Download Ramboat 2 - The metalsoldier Run& Gun shooting game & start playing NOW!Facebook:
Commando Hunter: Sniper Shooter 5.1.0
🔫As a commando hunter and sniper, you need to lurk behind enemytoshield your teammates from offense!Train your shooting skillstoincrease your hit rate!Commando Hunter: Sniper Shooter is one of#1shooting game in 2018!Game features:● a variety ofpowerfulweapons: AK47, MP5, M4 and other 6 kinds ofworld-renownedfirearms, pistols, rifles, submachine guns, shotguns,sniperrifles, grenades and other weapons of all kinds.● Richgameplay:Slide the left side of the screen to control the movementof thecharacter. Click the Acceleration button to sprint.Afterdiscovering the enemy, click on the aim and then shoot. Afterthebullet is used up, pay attention to switch the firearm. Ofcourse,you can also use the firearm to perform a melee attack.●Realistic3D game screen, high quality game sound: Perfectfirst-person lens,the smooth picture can be very clear the positionof the enemy, isdefinitely the pinnacle of mobile anti-terrorismgame screen. Thebackground music is full of substitutions, takingyou into the realbattlefield; the actual firearms sound andfootsteps are recorded,so that you can clearly distinguish theposition of the enemy withgunshots.● No need for WiFi: Playanytime, anywhere to play, allmap levels can be played downstreamin offline conditions, downloadCommando Hunter: Sniper Shooter,enjoy the thrill ofshooting.Download Commando Hunter: SniperArcher, become thebravest assault commander in the army!🔫If youlike the first-personshooting game, then Commando Hunter: SniperShooter is definitelythe option you can't miss!
Chicken Shooter: Space Shooting 2.4
This is a classic Shoot'em Up. Your goal will be quitechallengingas you will have to save the Universe from itsintergalacticchickens. In this game the chickens want to attack theearth and wemust defend ourselves. In this "bullet hell" shootergame, you willbe faced with an increasingly large number ofprojectiles andenemies. As the game progresses, you will earn theright to upgradeyour spacecraft to bring it to full lethalcapacity. If you likespace shooting and survival games and like tosimulate sky shootingin for glory and duty, then Galaxy SpaceInvader is the one youshould be shooter playing. Start yourspaceship engines and join tothis ultimate galactic war game.Features: - Multiplayer mode -Easy to play, Hard to master - Fastsmooth action on phone ortablet - Includes Power-ups and Bosses! -Great sound effects andsoundtrack The Space's future is now in yourhands. DownloadChicken Shooter today!
Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie 1.55
The survival game Prey Day is set in a post apocalyptic world:in2033 the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infectionthatdestroyed almost all the humans. Prey Day - online survivalgamewhich takes place in the huge city of apocalyptic world. Anunknownvirus destroyed a large part of the population, leaving onlyahandful of survivors. Most of the inhabitants turned intozombiesor mutated under the influence of the virus. Among thelabyrinth ofempty streets, the survivors fortify camps to resistzombie hordesand sneak outside to find relatives and discover thecause of theinfection. You are one of the few survivors whosedestiny isdirectly related to these events. Deal with hunger andthirst, lookfor the survivors' camps, build your own shelter fromthe gatheredmaterials. Investigate the causes of infection bycompleting thequests. Explore into the darkest corners of the Cityto craftunique armor and weapons. Build vehicles that will grantaccess tohard-to-reach areas. Enter into confrontation with othersurvivors,greedy for the loot you carry. Unite with other playersin onlinezones to fight back zombies and other players hiding inthe streetshunting for easy prey. Gather your friends to gotogether to themost dangerous parts of the City. HUGE ONLINE WORLDThe world ofPrey Day is a whole city, destroyed by a wave ofinfection. It ispopulated by other survivors - the real players.You cancommunicate with any player you meet, join them in a groupor fightagainst them to take their loot. CLANS Unite with otherplayers ina powerful clan, opening access to clan locations, whereyou willfind rare items and unlock new craft. Together with yourclan youcan clean an abandoned military bunker from monsters,establish aclan base in it, and start real military actions on thestreets.CRAFT You can craft new weapons and equipment from variousitemscollected on your journey. Crafting skills will allow you tobuildyour own shelter and protect it from other players withtraps!ADVENTURE By completing quests or simply exploringHarbortown, youwill plunge into a whole series of adventures, goingdown to thecity subway, traveling to the mountains and nationalparks on theedge of the city. RPG AND SURVIVAL Prey Day isdifficult to survive- it's a dangerous world full of players whomay have differentgoals and methods of survival. Communicate,unite, oppose anddestroy competitors - in the best traditions ofMMO and RPG games!
Action Bubble Shoot 1.0
Action Bubble Shoot is an extreme bubble shooter action gamethatwill keep you occupied for hours! It’s time to take action,chargeyour shooter and fight. This is the best fun fighting gamefor allof you who like enjoyable shooting games. Match and smashall theballs in this relaxing color-matching adventure!Don’t missout thisfun combat game! In this amazing game you will need to aim&shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles. This is afullaction-packed tactic game, absolutely free and fun to play.It’simportant to form a strategy according to the differentballoonslayout in each level. Shoot and pop all the colored ballsin thisfun free game, aim carefully and hit the target! Ready tostart thefree action game? FUN BUBBLE SHOOTER GAME FEATURES: ★Thousands ofexciting bubble popping levels, with more added all thetime. ★ Newelements and great prizes - enjoy the best action game!★Popbubbles and enjoy amazing effects and sounds. ★ Clear obstaclesandbeat the combat game challenges. ★ Pop and smash 7 bubbles in arowto unlock the fireball.★ Drop 10+ balloons at once to get abomb.★Play anytime and anywhere, no wifi and no internetconnectionrequired. Join the action adventure game, and put yourstrategyskills to the test! Compete the bubbles game with friendsandfamily and see who can reach the highest score and get threestarson every level. Earn coins while you play and use them to getcoolboosters. Use your logic and puzzle solving skills to completethefun puzzles missions and clear the board.Play Action BubbleShoot,explode, shoot, and smash the colorful balls to advance tothe nextamazing puzzle level. Train your brain and test yourmatchingskills while playing this addicting epic game for free.Hurry upand rush to join the balloon crushing mania, but be careful- onceyou start popping bubbles you simply can’t stop!Action BubbleShootbubble shooter game is very entertaining, addictive and supereasyto learn. Hours of extreme endless fun are guaranteed!Thousands offun bubbles levels are waiting to be solved, so youbetter startplaying! All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned byIlyon DynamicsLtd.
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia 4.1.1
Experience intense multiplayer combat with up to 6 players onlineor12 using local wi-fi. Train with the Sarge and sharpen yourskillsin offline Training, Co-op and Survival modes. Shoot amultitude ofweapon types including the sniper, shotgun andflamethrower.Featuresexplosive online and local multiplayerwarfare! Intuitive dual stickshooting controls. Open world mapsutilizing rocket boots forextended vertical flight. Zoom control,melee attacks and dual wieldability with modern and futuristicheavy duty weapons and grenades.Play team based battles in thisfun cartoon themed cross betweenSoldat and Halo.Doodle Army 2 MiniMilitia aka DA2, based on theoriginal stickman shooter DoodleArmy, was created based on playerfeedback and suggestions. We loveto hear your ideas so thank youand keep them coming! Give a callout to Sarge from the in-gameemail link!Purchase the Pro PlayerPack to get full access to dualwield ability, extra avatarcustomization items and online weaponssuch as the rocket launcher,sniper rifle, laser, saw gun andmore!Note the alternative In AppPurchase offer: Your use of theunlocked Pro Pack trial access isfree of charge, per device, inexchange for safely using some ofyour device's resources (WiFi andvery limited cellular data), andonly when you are not using yourdevice. You may turn this offanytime when logging out of yourAppsomniacs account. Please seeour TOS for furtherinformation. (section 3.3)
Hitman Shooter 1.0
Be a hitman - aim and shoot bubbles in the coolest bubbleshootergame in store! Use the laser sight sniper to target thepoppingbubbles, and hit! Don't rush, pull the trigger and smashtheballoons when you are ready. It's an exciting action puzzle gametoplay with no wifi connection needed! Join Hitman Shooter, afreefun bubble shooter game to play and enjoy hours of fun. Makesureto aim the laser sight, shoot and explode balloons in thousandsofchallenging action-packed levels! There are many fun puzzlesandriddles to solve, so you better get going and start thisexcitingadventure. Hitman Shooter is the perfect pastime game toplay whenyou want to relax and clear your mind. Download today thehitmanbubble shooter game and get popping- shooting and hittingbubbleshas never been more fun! How to Play: - Tap on the screen todragthe laser aim and lift it to smash bubbles. - Match and hitatleast 3 balls of the same color to pop the group and win levels.-Bubble swap is free, all you have to do is tap on the bubbletochange the color. - It’s time to hit - challenge yourselfwiththousands of exciting levels! - Play this sniper shooter withnointernet - make big bubble drops, and make sure to hit thetarget!-Pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a fireball that will burnbubbles onthe way. - Drop 10 balls or more to earn a bomb that willcreatemajor bubble drops. - The action game starts now! Completethemissions and solve all the different puzzles.Hurry up to partnerupwith the hitman and download this free addictive bubbleshootershooting game with thousands of challenging levels tosatisfy youritch for fun puzzles!You'll absolutely love this funbubble popgame! All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned by IlyonDynamicsLtd.
Crime Shooter : FPS Commando Elite City Sniper 3D 1.0
Crime Shooter : FPS Commando Elite City Sniper 3D is anamazingwarbased strike game. The user will serve the force asaFrontlineSoldier as the user will lead the attack overenemyhideouts andenemy base camp. The user need to enter the baseandtake thecontrol of enemy military settlement. Plan the attackandtake outthe guards deployed at the base, take higher positionandaim attarget as Mountain Sniper. The user will hit the targetsastheuser can hide on the top of building. The user willbecometheassassin as the user will try to hit the targetandassassinateimportant figure of the enemy force to create chaos.Theuser willhave advanced weapons, assault rifles, guns and bombstofight withenemy in this battle. Dominate the battlefieldwithultimatecommando skills as you aim at enemy and try todestroytheir force.The user will become a contract killer andattack theenemy ascamouflage and become totally undetectable. Theuser willperformmultiple missions as Desert Sniper in Middle Eastworld warzone.The final war action began! Seize your sniper rifle,searchtherest of the city enemies, and destroy them, completethemission.It is a crisis fighting causal combat revenge warofsecretcommando hero vs lethal deadly criminal’s terroristenemies.Learnto combat & shoot as a super warrior in thisamazinggrandhunter strike game. It is all about being thebestincrediblesniper hero who has to defeat by shooting everyviceterrorist,gangster, mafia lords & enemies. The battlefieldisfull of thecrisis, all the cutting-edge weapons again, whetheryoucan escapeall the attacks, complete all the challenges. Inthisfury snipershooting game. Go army camp and get all theweaponsincluding heavyshot gun, rifles, m4 guns, pistols, grenadeandmachine guns. As asoldier it is your duty to defend yourcountryfrom all sorts ofthreats including enemy army soldiers&gangsters. You have tosurvive this challenging shootingmissionthat is full of combatattack of advanced guns &heavyartillery. Following are someamazing features:• HighQualityGraphics with amazing gameplay.•Accurate and mostadvancedweapons.• Realistic War zones andbattlefield environment.•Militarybases and enemy hideouts.•Highly optimized gameplay withefficientprocessing.• The user willtake enemy into battlefield andwillcapture various militarysettlements.• Various camera anglesandcamera views.• First PersonShooting with multiple guns andrifles.•Perform secrete operationsand rescue hostage.• Use sniperrifleswith accurate scope, HUD andmagazine.• Realistic war basedsoundeffects and multiple visualeffects.• Multiple animationslikebullet animations.• Multipleitems and guns to unlock.• Modernandclassic warfare.• World warinspired missions.
Absolute Gun Simulator : War Gunman Battlefield 1.0
Absolute Gun Simulator : War Gunman BattlefieldAbsolutegunsimulator: war gunman battlefield is the bestshootinggamesMaterializeyourself with heavy guns and weapons inthisbattlefield & defeatyour enemies to death. Thisfrontlinecommando game is the best mechwarrior gunner simulationgame.Yourenemies are spread all aroundyou.You have to strategiesyourmissions because you wouldn't findtime to think foraction.This isthe real Battlefield gunnersimulator withdeadlyweapons,rifles,sniper.assaults,machineguns,missiles andbazookaetc.Experience an alluring 3D gunner'sBattlefield with bestactionwar game.This Gunner Battlefield gunnersimulation is totallyanadventure for you. You need to serve yournative town.BravoDeltaForce Warriors are with you for best FpsCommandoshootingactions.Being a Gunner soldier you have been fullytrainedin gunshooting gun survival skills.Act like a ruthlesssoldier&attack your enemies with heavy machine guns and weaponsandrpgmissiles for your certain defense.This FPS fun shooting gameisthebest gunner simulation for real mech warriorshootingactionskills.Terrorists aim to raid your military assets.Thiscrazygunner strike FPS shooting killing arena is totallyFun.Trainyoursoldiers well and defeat enemy troops before theyenter intoyourregion.Real soldier actions and heavy gunfire shotscreate athrillof Battlefield .You are equipped with ultimateweapons andmachinegun to survive in this deadly mech warrior'sbattlefield.Useallthe tactics of gunner shooter 3d to recoveryourself.ThisFirstPerson Gunner simulation game of modern warfareis totallyFree toplay. Enemies distentions towards your home townaredangeralarm.Army heroes shooter and fierce battle shooteractionsaregoing to take place.Modern warfare shooters are goingtoconductshoot operations.Your Enemies are also well equippeduseyourtactics and shooting and crazy killing spree with backtobackshooting and bombing. This Gunner war is the mostadventurousandaction filled shooting war game.Set out to build ateam ofsoldiersto attack terrorist.Yield a wide range of modernweapons& gunsand rocket launcher .All the heavy weapons andmachineguns havebeen provided to you.Show your best skills formodernwarfaretrained by Delta bravo forces and win this gunshipbattle atanycost.Mech Warrior Gunner Storm :Gunner's BattlefieldSimulatoris awar gun shooting game FOR FEE! You have all the eliteforcestofight this gunner shoot war.There are numeriousshootingterroristsin this battlefield.Use your war combat,guncombat andfighting andshooting skills to save your home town fromcruelenemies.Machineguns are used for deadly gunshots.Thisgunners'battlefield gunnersimulation action packed game is themostthrilling and intriguingbattle simulator.The bestGunnerBattlefield game of is just underyour one click!Features:•Best FpsShooting Game• First PersonShooting • Realistic 3d WarExperience•Easy and smooth controls•Gunner's Battlefield• ModernCombat •Exciting Missions
Space Pioneer 1.5.1
Space, the endless frontier... Explore the galaxy asanintergalactic alien shooter in the newest action war game.Discovernew planets, chart interstellar worlds and exterminate anyinvadersthat stand in your way with the latest power weapons andgear inthis new top-down shooter and action RPG by VividGames."Definitely one of our favorite releases of the year" -5/5,TouchArcade game of the week "Space Pioneer is just an awfullot offun" - 8/10, PocketGamer Silver Award DISCOVER NEW GALAXIES&EXPLORE INCREDIBLE WORLDS When space exploration andbattlestrategy games meet. Explore and conquer strange new worldson aspace adventure with your trusty robot friend and fightagainstinvaders. You have to stop the alien invasion! Build yourown worldas you make your way across new planets from the icytundra to redMars or lush green jungles brimming with intergalacticflora andfauna on an amazing space odyssey. Defeat enemies at everyturn inthis thrilling alien shooting war game and get unlimitedpower!ACTION-PACKED GAMEPLAY To make it through hordes of aliensandinvaders, you’ll need to be a skilled, versatile hunter.Fasttop-down shooting action will test your combat reflexes andtacticsto the max. In this action war game, you will never let yourguarddown! INFINITE GALAXY The endless universe has countlesshostilegalaxies to conquer. Combined with a dynamic objectivessystem, thegameplay is truly infinite in Space Pioneer – theperfect spaceodyssey! UPGRADE YOUR WEAPONS AND SKILLS Get even morefirepowerfor your machine gun, shotgun and flamethrower in thisactionshooting game! Earn loot to upgrade the weapons and gearincludinggun turrets, rifles, blasters and mines. Unlock dozens ofcombatskills to give you the fighting edge. ANNIHILATE GIANT BOSSESFromaggressive robots and giant mechs to venomous hornets,face-offagainst massive bosses, each with unique offensive anddefensivecapabilities including reinforced shields and powerfulbeam blasts.Alien shooter action games have never been thisexciting! DYNAMICOBJECTIVES SYSTEM Recover stolen disks, defendprobes, repaircrashed craft and complete missions to earn loot andunlock awesomegear and skills. Every time you play missions havenew objectives,enemies and endless additional challenges. STOP THEHORDE Battle itout against increasingly tough waves of ferociousaliens andinvaders in horde modes to obtain tasty loot andexperience inthree difficulty levels: normal, hard and hell. Thereis no easymode in Space Pioneer. It’s endless fun! BUILD YOUR OWNSPACE BASECustomize and upgrade your base to increase yourresourceproduction and power up your equipment. Follow our socialmedia forupdates and tips:➡️➡️Discord➡️➡️Got a question? Contact usat [email protected] Bydownloading the game you accept ourEnd User License Agreement,Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy:
Circuroid 2.1.1
Circuroid is an unique fast-paced arcade shooter where youmustdefend the circular perimeter from endless of incomingasteroids.Circuroid features an intuitive control where you canpreciselyswitch between positions of your spaceship around thecircle toshoot at the direction that you are pointing. More thandozens ofPower Ups to unlock. Each Power Up will change thebehavior of yourspaceship which brings you a whole new gameplayexperience whiledefending the perimeter. Feature List: -Fast-paced, action-packed,unique gameplay experience - Intuitiveand responsive control -Endless of challenges - Power Ups to unlock- Rank Badges to unlock- Minimalist graphics with vivid color -Stunning soundtrack -Global Leaderboards - Facebook friends’Leaderboard integration -Google Play Games Services Achievements
Bacon May Die - Fun Run & Gun Fighting Game 1.0.59
SnoutUp Games
Bacon May Die is a fast paced 2D fighting and shooting game inwhichangry pig Bacon must brawl with army of bacon hungry zombiebunniesand kill hordes of monsters, survive boss fights and unlocktons ofweapons and outfits!From the developer of Iron Snout comesan actionpacked sidescrolling fighting game with responsive thumbcombatcontrols, 100 unlockable outfits and weapons, boss fights,charmingcartoon 2D graphics and smooth run and gun game play.Getyourfingers ready for action!🔥 BATTLE armies of monsters🔥ENDUREchallenging boss fights🔥 UNLOCK 100+ funny outfits andcrazyweapons🔥 HIJACK enemy vehicles🔥 USE variety of melee weaponsandpowerful guns🔥 ENJOY fun run and gun gameplaySmooth andresponsivecontrolsWiggle your thumbs to warm them up for a smoothswipefighting controls, where quick taps will make our tiny pigheroswing its weapon, swipes will initiate dodging, jumping androllingmoves and holding touch longer will switch to ranged attackmodewith a cool movie-like slow motion effects. These simplethumbfight controls are very easy to learn and you’ll be doingdeadlycombos with bad piggie fighter in no time!Fight zombies,monstersand skeletonsThe sidescrolling road to survival is full ofbad anddangerous creatures, which will stand in a way of our angryfighterpiggy and must be destroyed. In forest arena our deadlykillerninja pig will face mutated zombie bunnies, bunny bandits,bombers,rocket shooting enemies and brawl with hog fighters. Rushthroughdarkest dungeon which is crawling with spooky skeletonswordsmen,bone throwers and other deadly monsters.100+ items tounlockBaconMay Die, fun 2D brawl game, brings a huge variety ofitems toreward your survival skills and piggy kung fu mastery! Earncoinsby fighting monsters and you will be able to unlock funnyoutfitsto dress up your angry pig as famous game or moviecharacters. Hugevariety of weapons is available to aid your angrypiggy hero! Thisfun 2D fight game wouldn’t be complete without thegun shootingpart, so you can unlock and use such ranged weapons aspistol,revolver, UZI, machine gun, rocket launcher, shotgun, ninjastarsand even a bee launcher! If you prefer mortal close combat,thenthere’s a big selection of deadly melee weapons for you toswingaround: baseball bat, sword, scythe, guitar, chainsaw, katana,panof bacon and other useful zombie fighting tools to power upyourbad pig ninja!Fun little thingsThere are many secret mechanicsInthis pig survival game - you can hire a chicken to be yourfollowerpet and fight by your side, hijack enemy plane and pilot itaroundthe arena shooting rockets or just knock back projectilesback atyour foes! Latest update added a medic NPC, which willprovidehealing and super powers to boost your angry pigfighter!Bacon MayDie fun run and gun gameplay is inspired bylegendary 2Dsidescroller games.More to come!This fun beat em upsidescrollergame is under active development, so you can expectmore arenas,deadly boss fights, enemy monsters and weapons added inthe future.Don’t hesitate to use in-game feedback function and sendyour crazyideas - all of them will be considered!If you’re lookingfor moreaction packed 2D fighting games for boys check out myotherprojects like Iron Snout or jetpack shooter CaveBlast.Website: other fun and freegames:
Stickman Meme Battle Simulator 1.09
The meme wars are upon us! In Stickman Meme Battle Simulator itisin your legacy to battle the enemy memes and destroy theirstickmanforces. Use your strategic skills for an epic and bloodyvictory!◇Lots of memes (rage ) troops ◇ many gun, melee weaponandprojectile weapon choices◇ TABS - style gameplay◇ Epic memes,realRagesMusic:route66_metalgrungysSounds from
Corin Story - Action RPG 2.02
Action RPG Game - Corin Story!▶ Combo action to enjoy withsimpleway!▶ Stories of heroes.▶ Collect weapons, armor, monsters,andartifacts.New encounters and farewells with heroes ...Thedemonking Chaos and the three demons,And storiesofheroes.■■■■■■■■■■Create new weapons through theblacksmith!Collectand strengthen new weapons!■■■■■■■■■■Individualarmor fills yourlacking power!Collect armor and increaseyourabilities!■■■■■■■■■■Defeat boss monsters andcollectthem.■■■■■■■■■■The artifact's power is powerful.Acquisitionofartifacts has a big influence on the progress of thegame.Growingthrough reinforcement and reincarnation,Start youradventurewithheroes!EnjoyGame!-------------------------------------------------www.yemacomm.comE-mail:[email protected]
Zombie Gunship 1.14.4
Zombie Gunship® puts you in the gunner seat of aheavily-armedAC-130 ground attack aircraft. A shooter game whereyoustrategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless wavesofzombies and protect the remaining survivors of thezombieapocalypse! ☆☆☆ IGN Editors' Choice (9/10) "Amazing" ☆☆☆☆☆☆"Meetthe real angry bird: the ultimate anti zombie weapon." -Forbes☆☆☆● 3D night vision display● Use your radar to detect theundeadthreat walking towards your base. You are humanity’s lastdefense ●Authentic guns, including 25mm Gatling gun, 40mmBoforsauto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon. Which gun will beyourfavorite?● Complete objectives, earn ranks, and out gun othersonthe leaderboards! ● Collect a bounty for each plague infecteddeadzombie ● Upgrade each gun and increase your zombieshootingefficiency. ● Game controller support, so you can shootzombieswith a gamepad for the ultimate experience. Put your triggerfingerto good use and gun down those zombies dead● Cloud SavedGames withGoogle Play. Save your progress and restore it on otherdevicesGiveus a +1 if you think this game is awesome!Email usquestions,problems, or suggestionsat:[email protected] alsohasthese other defense games: ☆ TowerMadness 2 ☆ - A 3D RTStowerdefense where you can shoot aliens dead. ☆ TowerMadness ☆ - A3DRTS tower defense, the prequel to TowerMadness 2. ☆TowerMadnessFree ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense, the free versionofTowerMadness------------------------------Limbic’s FacebookPage:’sTwitter:’s YoutubeChannel:'s Google PlusPage:
Stickman Shooter: Elite Strikeforce 7.1
On a dangerous special forces mission behind enemy lines, yourelitestrikeforce was captured. As the only member of your team whohasevaded capture, it’s your job to infiltrate the prison, shoot&kill the enemies and free your squad! Armed with anexperimentalassault rifle with ricochet bullets, you’ll use youraccuracy andmarksman skills to kill the enemy soldiers and freeyour squad fromthe cages in this intense, exciting new stickmanshooter. You’llonly have a limited number of bullets for eachstage, so use themwisely! Shooting enemy soldiers isn’t the onlyway to kill them,though. Using your environment to your advantage,there are avariety of ways to dispatch your enemies. Don’t have aclean shot?Bounce your bullet off the wall to hitthem!------------------------------------------------------------------StickmanShooter: Elite Strikeforce –Highlights------------------------------------------------------------------•60 challenging special forces missions • Shoot the enemysoldiers& free your squad from capture • Use an experimentalassaultrifle with ricochet bullets • Bounce your bullets off walls&use the environment to your advantage • Kill all enemies &freeprisoners using a limited number of bullets Do you havetheaccuracy, skill and tactical awareness to kill the enemy andgetyour special forces squad to safety? With over 50challenginglevels, our hottest new stickman shooter will have youentertainedfor hours! RESCUE THE ELITE STRIKEFORCE & DEFEATYOUR ENEMY –DOWNLOAD TODAY!
Centiplode 1.62
Angry centipedes are coming down the screen to attack your hero!Butyou will be well armed and able to defend yourself and yourGardenfrom the coming killer bugs! Free centipede arcade shootergame withincreasing difficulty and vibrant colors. Now with Easyand Hardsetting! Player scores by shooting colorful centipede&millipede sections, turning them into mushrooms! Specialbonuses forFleas and the deadly Poisonous Scorpions! Centipedehead = 100points, body = 10, Flea = 200, Spider = 300 to 900,Scorpion = 1000points A new classic arcade game for free on mobilebut with somemodern touches to add extra game-feel and 2 controloptions (1 or 2fingers mode). If the centipede reaches the bottomof the screen, itwill move back up the screen to try to get you.1-Finger Mode =Touch to move and Auto Shoot 2-Finger Mode = Touchto move at bottomof screen and Tap top of screen to shoot Drag /touch Controls allowa responsive alternative to the originaltrackball controls ★Heart-racing arcade fun and challenging gameplay ★ Screen ShakingEffects (optional) ★ Challenging Hard modeadded for even morearcade frenzy ★ Retro color pixel art and chipsounds ★ 1 or 2Finger control drag modes ★ Bonus lives based ofscoring ★ Easy toPlay But Harder to Master ★ Classic 80s stylegame AdditionalUpdates ================ - Mushroom Maze BonusLevels - More angrybaddies to run from - More action in retropixels!! - Moreexplosions too Feel free to make a video of yourgame play and shareit with us! :) Don't forget to Check out ourother classic gameslike Galaxy Storm and Plasma Invaders etc.Tweet High Scores [email protected] Our facebook is[Please update to latestversion of our game]
Sausage Shooter Gun Game – Shooting Games for Free 1.7
Minja Studio
Calling out to fans of hotdog games & sausage games to playbestnew shooting games 2018 & new fps shooting games 2018. Youcanknockdown your regular pigeon shoot killer games fruitshootinggames or chicken shooter games & watermelon shooter 3Dbut nowit’s time to move on from paintball arena shooting tosausage partysniper shooting gun FPS games. Unleash your killersniper furykilling spree on silly sausages in the cafeteria. Don’tlet thebacon escape through their silly walks to become a hot doghero fortheir sausage army. You have to be an elite sniper assassinof fpsgames to ruin the frankfurter sausage party by one shot ofyoursniper bullet in new fps games & fun shooting games oftheweek: Sausage Shooter Gun Games – Shooting Games for Free. Wesay,enough with ordinary pigeon shoot pumpkin shooter or bestshootinggames for free & FPS shoot attack, get into the funmode tobecome a sniper hunter & sniper shooter with differentsnipermission of aiming at the hot dog hero & dominate thecafeteriatable by 3D shooting with guns to dominate shooting gamesfor freein the realm of fun shooter games or best shootinggames.SausageShooter Gun Game – Shooting Games for Free is gunshooter set in amodern diner where your food has revolted unlikeother fruitshooting games or watermelon games & paintball arenashooting.This new fps shooting games 2018 will give you the tasteof adifferent kind where sausage party is on and all sausageshavetaken over the diner with their silly walks, so you have totakecontrol of hotdog games & sniper games for free to make useofyour past experience of being a sniper hunter like sniperassassin& fruit shooter in chicken shooting games or bottleshootergames to make sure your aiming with guns is on the dot shootandfinish all the hotdogs by your sniper kill one shot ofsniperbullet in fun gun games.Tired of playing fruit shooter gamesfpsgames or fruit shooting games in paintball shooting arenalikepumpkin shooter or still stuck in a rut with bottle shoot 3Dbottleshooter? Get out of the twilight zone of your regularchickenshooter games or watermelon game and watermelon shooter 3Dfpsgames where there is nothing but plain old watermelon shootingorshoot the apple. If you can knockdown new shooting games 2018ornew fps shooting games 2018 and different new fruit games, thenwesuggest you say no to your regular sniper hunting games andsnipergames for free. Download Sausage Shooter Gun Game – ShootingGamesfor Free to enjoy the fun of aiming games or gun games andyoursniper kill through colorful & funky rifle gun or snipergunand be part of fun shooting games or fun shooter gamesfamily.Onceyou download the fruit shoot game & choose yourfunky guns toshoot down hot dog hero with their silly walk you willfeel like ashooting king and best shooter of casual shooting gamesor targetshooting games and will get hooked onto this free shootinggames orshooting games for free. Aim shoot & smash sillysausage andfeel the power of becoming the hero of shooting gamesfor free.This shoot the target game with shooting competition isfun anddifficult because sausage has taken over the dinner tablewiththeir silly walks on the cafeteria table. To become theultimatecowboy shooter & best shooter you will have to playthis snipershooting gun shooter game multiple times just like shootthe applegames or all new shooting games.Features of fun shootinggames& sniper games for free - Sausage Shooter Gun Game –ShootingGames for Free:Use colorful rifle gun, sniper gun and othergunsfor aiming and shootingSausage shooting game will keep youhookedAim shoot and fire to earn coins to buy new & colorfulguns toenjoy your sausage killing spree
Archery Physics Objects Destruction Apple shooter 1.05
KM Technology
Non-Stop Action.Ready. Aim. Fire!* 70 unique and mindrelaxingamazing levels.* Realistic bow and arrow game.* Actionbased camerawith slow motion effect.* Very simple one buttoncontrols.*Breathtaking beautiful graphics.* Projectile motion forsimulatingarrow shooting physics.* There are also some very funnymomentsinside. * Beautiful maps and environment and veryrelaxingbackground music.* Completely one time paid game so youwill notspend any money inside.* You either win or lose.No WiFi NoProblembecause this is an Offline game where you just get Ready.Aim.Fire!Enjoy the whole new experience.This is an offline gamewhichworks without internet connection so you can play it anytimeandanywhere like subway.You never have to pay to win this game. italldepends on your archery skills that how well you can aim andshootthe target.1: Apple shooting game. apples and some otherobjectslike glass bottles and watermelons are given as targets soyou haveto shoot them. 2: Moving targets shooting game. there aremovingtargets which you have to shoot with some strategy. There are70unique levels in this game where you are given certain targetswitha bow and many arrows. your goal is to shoot those targetse.gapples, glasses, bottles. you must be very careful whiletargetingbecause if you hit the girl the game will be over.Bow andarrows inthis game simulates real world physics phenomena ofprojectilemotion which means if you shoot the arrow it will benddown withdistance like a curve so you have to imagine the hitlocation incross hair. aiming depends on the distance from thetarget. if youhit the girl then girl will die like a rag doll.somelevels arevery interesting as well as difficult where you have tohit movingtargets. This game actually sharpen your archery skillsso you willalso become very good archer in real life.Levels arevery beautifulwith amazing breathtaking graphics.
Flat Pack 1.0.4
Flat Pack. A 2D and 3D platform mix-up!Features:• Cool trapsandenemies that escape the confines of the level.• Take to theskiesand explore 30+ levels each with there own unique twist.• Wrapyourbrain around this 2D and 3D hybrid!• One handed platforming atitsbest.• Epic Boss Fights!!!• Explore and find all of thesecretstars to unlock a secret ending!
Bottle Shooter Expert : FPS Gun Shooting Games 3D 1.0
Bottle Shooter Expert : FPS Gun Shooting Games 3D istheuniqueshooting arena challenge game. The user will bepresentedwithvarious mission in this shooting range. Thechallengespresented inthe game has various difficulty levels souser must beready forthe challenge. The user will have variousweapons andadvance guns.All user needs to do is to hit the bottlesplaced invarious placesin real time and if user is unable to do itthemission would beconsidered as failed missions. To unlocknextlevels user first hasto clear the current levels and performthetask presented in it.The sound of bottle being smashedandshattered into pieces reallymakes this game an experienceoflifetime. Have the real fun withhardcore gun shooting. The gamehasultimate advantage of restartlevel which applies no nagitiveimpactof shooter career. Becomethe ultimate expert and have thereal funof shooting the bottledown. The game is basically atrainingsession and once user getssome experience he/she can joinmilitaryforce or police officerand serve his/her country.Thisexpert targetbottle shooter game isa realistic shooting game withcrystal glassbreaking soundeffects. If you like fun, addictiveand aiminggames then thissniper game is for you. Just make youraim, set yourtarget andshoot all the bottles. This new bottle blastgame isspeciallydesign to test and improve shooting skills as gunshooterplayvital role in army forces, police snipper trainingtofightterrorists and prisoners. Become an expert sniperbottleshooter,by shooting all the moving bottles, using a snipergun, byplaying,the bottle shoot, which is one of the top, bestshootinggames.Bottle Shoot is about shooting as many bottles as youcan inthefixed amount of time. Only if you can do both will youbecomeareal Bottle Hunt Master. Perform bottle archery shootingas,abottle gun shooter or target bottle expert shooter, byplayingoneof the best bottle shoot archery games orbottlehittinggames.Following are some amazing features of thegame:HighDefinition HD Display. Amazing sound effects (SFX). Watchandhearthe smashing of the bottle. Various shooting visualeffects(VFX).Range of guns with unlimited ammunition. Blazinggunshotswithhighly simulate bullet animation. Multiple levels tokeepusersinterest. Maximum rate of frames per second.Efficientprocessingwithout any lagging. Accurate controls withhighlysimulatedshooting environment. Dynamic Camera Angles withmultiplecameraviews. Real time shooting challenges to put user intest.
Questland: RPG Heroes Quest 1.10.16
Dive into a beautiful Questland RPG world, collect powerfularmor,compete in guilds, end the war and become a true hero! Over2million online players can't be wrong - you won't be able tostopplaying! Join a growing community of powerful heroes andbattleyour way to the top of the ranking. You and your friends willloveit - everyone can become a champion! A real treat for allclassicRPG lovers out there! - First-person perspective withdynamicdungeon crawler battles - Satisfying turn based combat -Immersivestoryline with great characters and funny narrative -Complex yetenjoyable character creation Customize a legendary herofromscratch!⚔️ - Thousands of looks to choose from - Change yourlookwhenever you feel like it - Hundreds of powerful pieces of geartocollect - Make your character invincible by strategizing itsbuildNever stop fighting! 🔥 - Duel other players online during PvPonthe Arena - Battle hundreds of vile monsters during the campaign-Compete with other Guilds during Events - Unite with yourfriendsto defeat powerful Bosses Loot, craft, collect and make yourmatesjealous! - Collect exquisite gear: from common to legendary -Avariety of ways to upgrade your gear - Manage your gear andproveyour tactical skills - Combine gear to get bonuses and usetheirpower to your advantage It's never boring! Get addicted todynamicgameplay! - New, exciting events every week - Hundreds ofthings todo, assignments and quests will keep you busy - Regularlyadded newfeatures and content - Explore the City, visit shops,embark onvoyages and many, many more Unite with your friends anddominatethe rankings! - Join a guild to chat with your friends andfightmonsters together - Send and get gifts from your guildmates -Beatother guilds and get rewards for ranking Who will be themostvictorious hero of Valia? Embark on an epic quest to defeattheShadow and become The Chosen One! One of the best games of 2018-always leaves you satisfied with your progress… yet somehowwantingmore! Please note that although Questland is free to play,ourusers are able to purchase game items with real money. If youdon’twant to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.DownloadQuestland RPG game and start your RPG hero fantasyadventure now!
Drones vs Soldier 1.4.1
Drones vs Soldier is a 2D shooter game where you take a roleofbrave Soldier who must resist drones and robots.Game hasseverallevels.Dynamic gameplay.Different victory conditions.Playnow forfree!
Mountain Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Shores FPS Shooter 1.0
Mountain Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Shores FPS Shooterisbestdiono,hunting,shooting,killing,fighting realadventureactiongame.New Mountain Dinosaur Hunter are dinosaursweregenerated fromDNA and fabricate dinosaur games, Dinosaur Inthisshooting andwild animal hunting adventure game you can enjoyadangerousdinosaur jungle world with real ultra natural graphicsandnearlyclosed to the nature, dinosaur hunting games Therearedifferentdinosaurs noises in the best dinosaur shooting gametomake youfeel real dinosaur hunting as. there are more than 5typesofdinosaurs for hunting and extensive variety of violentbeastsofthe of long ago era, dinosaurs games In world ofdinosaurshootingor hunting games this beautifully designed dinosaurhuntingorshooting game and real movement of dinosaur, dinosaurgamesinwhich fight on your strategies to the top of thenourishmentchainor play as a restful herbivore in a pragmatic 3Denvironment.EachDinosaur is attractive animated and has pragmaticsounds andrealenvironment, hunter games dinosaur with your bestdinosaurshootinggame is the survival of the fittest Dinosaurshunter,tropicalforest, make hunting If you love playing animalshootingandhunting games then dinosaur hunter free is for you as itgivesyouan opportunity of hunting and hunting wild animalingrandnonnative forest environment and will let you becomethedinosaurhunting pro hero of 2018, hunting games play isdaringconcept ofshooting concealed wild animals. Grip on triggerandshoot insniper hunter dinosaur kill 3d games, dinosaurs is playtherealdinosaur game and have lot of fun in demolish city!!Dismantlethecity and be the enormous dinosaur and roam aroundthefurthestlocations, dinosaur game gun game is your chancetoexperience thehunting sniper in your hand with a greatdinosaurgame view anddinosaur dismantle the cities, killingdinosaur gamesis dinosaurshunting are the measures playing &the biggestinterest ofhuman beings all over the world, rudimentaryhunterdinosaurHunting Free is the best dinosaur shooting game withan oldtomodern nuclear weapons and fast moving in natural 3Drealworldwith green plants.enjoy pragmatic world dinosaur hunterinthesedinosaurs games and double mod's game selected weathervision,thebest dinosaur hunting games is dinosaur hunting gameisrealthrill, full of action and fun if you shoot and crushdinosaurwithmoving mod in the game of dinosaur huntinggames,features:⦁BestMountain Dinosaur and dinosaur shores shootinggame.⦁ freetodownload and easy to play and enjoy this game.⦁extremelyHDgraphics and double-sided mod's for easy to play.⦁natural 3dsoundin Mountain Dinosaur Hunter.⦁ Play Mountain DinosaurHunterinnatural Environments.⦁ Two modes of a different type.⦁EasyandSmooth First person shooter and controlling and movingtootherside.⦁ 3D quality HD graphics in this fps dinosaur hunterandlikereal life forest graphics you feel.⦁ pragmatic FPS(FirstPersonShooting) Game for good shooter.⦁ no need to dataturning onnoneed to Wi-Fi.⦁ many of sniper guns and unlimitedmunitionsandexplosive.⦁ select time mod of day or night vision.
Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space Chicken Shooter 7.7
Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space Chicken Shooter is thebestshooting online games PVP - The best arcade game of 2017andpromising to create a major earthquake on Google Play. You canplayit on all smartphone and tablet. In immense space, there arealwaysbrutal forces with plots to invade Earth: May be aliens oranimalsthat is as intelligent as human… They can attack ourbeautifulearth anytime! Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space ChickenShooterbring you a epic war against chicken invader squadron.They’re asmodern fighter - the powerful army arm with advancedtechnology andthe strongest weapons. You’re last hopeful of Earth,your missionis control Legendary Fighter and join the epic battleto protectEarth from the invaders. In the battle, you can changefighter andupgrade power of your fighters by collect items, boosterto destroyall enemy. Please control your fighter cleverly andsmartly andbring the peace for Earth. If you want to win, you’remust be anexperienced player of the top down air combat shootergames, FPSgames and you also have strategy , don’t waste your lifeand getthe failure that was not worth it. Play game withhighconcentration to become a Hero who be true leader ofEarth.*********FEATURED********* - Log in Facebook to updateleaderboadwith your friends. - The attractive mission system . -Many mode toplay : Campaign, Endless, Raidboss - Great graphics,Amazing soundsand music. - Many levels with different difficulties,differentchallenges. - Various enemy : chicken fighters, chickenarmy, Bigbosses. - Many boosters, many items to collect and upgrade. - Theattractive daily mission, achievements. - Many free coinsandbooster with lucky wheel . Don’t wait. download StrikeGalaxyAttack: Alien Space Chicken Shooter right NOW!!!******************Contact*************** Visit our Official siteat: Follow us on Facebookat: Privacy Policy: Top Action Game: Top AdventureGame: Top ArcadeGame: Top PuzzleGame: Top StrategyGame: Top RacingGame: Top SportGame: Top RPGGame: Email contact:[email protected]:
Lion Hunting 1.6
Want to experience the thrill of hunting, the wild lions, inaforest environment? Then lion hunting is the ultimate 3dhuntinggame to do so. Lion hunting is an addictive 3d shootinggame, withamazing 3d graphics and engaging gameplay, wherein youwill have tohunt, the lions, and survive from their attacks. This3d shootinggame consists of two gameplay modes - Hunter mode andsurvive mode.In the hunter mode of this 3d lion hunting game, youhave toinitially hunt, the female lions, and later hunt, the malelions,which are of attacking nature. In the hunter gameplay mode,youwill be given, a score, based on the number of lions you hunt.Inthe survive mode of this 3d shooting game, you will have tosurvivefrom the male lions, wherein the number of seconds, yousurvive,will be considered. Stay alert on the arrival of the wildhungrylions, on the hunt for its prey, in this 3d animal huntinggame.Experience the beautiful scenery with trees alongside, a lake,andmountains, as you play this 3d animal shooting game. Thestunningsound effects, in the gameplay, adds to the excitement ofthis 3dshooting game. Become a skilled lion hunter, by playing this3danimal hunting game. Hunt as many lions as possible, toscorehigher, in this 3d adventure game. Also, survive as longaspossible from the wild lions in this 3d adventure game.Competeagainst your highest score, in order, to score higher inthis 3danimal hunting game. Hunt all the lions and become an expertlionhunter and a sniper hunter, by playing this sniper game, gungameand lion hunt game, which is one of the top gun games,animalgames, sniper games, shooter games, lion games and animalshootinggames. Have fun, shooting and killing, the dangerous lions,in thisgun game, lion shooting game and sniper shoot game, which isone ofthe best shooting games, gun games, animal games, snipergames,lion games and hunt games. Make sure you properly aim,beforeshooting, in this gun game, sniper game and sniper shootinggame,which is one of the top gun games, animal games, lion games,snipergames 3d, animal shooting games and lion hunting animalgames.Always be prepared for a sudden attack from the wild lions,in thisgun game and sniper game, which is one of the best animalshootinggames, gun games, lion games, best shooting games, lionhuntinggames and lion shooting games. Experience the amazingsoundeffects, by playing this sniper game and sniper shootinggame,which is one of the best shooting games, animal hunting gamesforkids and animal hunting games 3d. Show your skill, bysurvivingfrom the hungry lions, in this sniper shooting game, shootgame andlion hunter game, which is one of the top animal huntinggamesfree, sniper shooting games 3d and good quality sniper games.Killthe lions using a sniper gun and become a sniper shooter,byplaying this lion shooting game and sniper killer shootergame,which is one of the best lion hunting games 3d, shooter games,freeanimal hunting games and animal sniper hunting games. Hunt downandshoot, the flesh hungry lions, in this sniper new game, sniperhuntgame, lion shoot game and sniper latest game, which is one ofthetop animal hunting games with gun, shooter games andanimalshooting games for free. It is time to get this 3d snipergamedownload, lion hunting game download, sniper best game, shootgame,sniper killer 3d game and lion shooter game, on android, forfree.Key features 1. Two gameplay modes ñ Hunter mode and survivemode.2. Stunning 3d graphics and amazing sound effects. 3.Addictiveadventure game. 4. Challenging gameplay. Lion hunting isthe best3d animal hunting game. Download this top 3d lion huntinggame andhunt as many lions as possible, all for free. Twitter pageFollowus on Twitter at page Like us onFacebook at
Galaxy Invaders: Dron Shooter War 1.3
On a beautiful day, our beautiful galaxy is attacked byevilenemies. You are the last hero of the galaxy. Your task istocontrol the enemy, destroy space enemies and protect thegalaxy.Inthis game you will face more and more enemies of theenemy. And asthe game progresses, you get the right to upgrade yourspaceship tobring it to a deadly level, and take control of theenemy.FEATURES-Stunning backgrounds, vivid images, vivid soundeffects!- The levelof difficulty with the task to complete.-Upgrade shield, gun,rocket, laser, mega bomb- Especially when youlose your life youcan still have fun with offline shooter gameHOWTO PLAY- Move theturret to bring down all enemies- Try to avoidbullets to avoidbeing destroyed- Upgrade your engine to have thebest gun, laser,and bombYou are ready to control the enemy, destroytheenemy.Download Galaxy Invaders: Dron Shooter War & Enjoy it!
Bubble Dragon Rescue 1.0.3119
To save your lovely cute dragon friends and clear all the bubblesonboard. Start your way to play this bubble shooting gamewithmillions of other players for FREE now!!Tips: Breaking thebubblescontinuously can get points as bonus!- Over 500 magiclevels tocomplete! And more levels are coming up.- Drag yourfinger to movethe aim and lift it to shoot bubbles. - Matchat least 3bubbles of the same color to pop and win points- Trygetting 3 starsby reaching high scores and using fewer shots-Clear all the bubbleson the screen to level up- Pop bubbles tosave dragon pups as targetin some levelsPop ’em in thisbubble-shooting extravaganza!