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Parrot Fly 2.0
Rabbit Apps
This parrot is having fun in the forest. He is hoping from heretothere. He is very happy an loves to play this game. He wants youtojoin him in his favourite flying game. Tap on the screen tomakethe parrot fly from one floor to another floor. When you tapparrotwill fly and move to the upper floor. Keep tapping and taketheparrot flying and as high as you can and earn more and morepointssince this is an endless game. But don’t rush in tapping.Thefloors are moving. So first judge properly the position ofthefloor, then tap to fly parrot to the upper floor. But beware!Thereis a wild bird also flying around. This wild bird is lookingforprey. And our cute flying parrot could be an easy target forhim.So be alert. Tap on the screen when wild bird is not flyingaround.Then fly the parrot to the upper floor. If you miss, thewild birdwill capture the parrot when he flies, and go away withhim.And behappy too. Because there is another friend bird flyingaround tohelp the parrot. If enemy bird captures the parrot, friendbirdwill rescue him, and take him back to the platform tocontinueplaying. But not always. You get 5 lives. You missed 5thtime andgame is over!!!# Game features# Endless game play# Cutecartooncharacters# High quality graphics# Nice sound and music