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Telugu Typing (Type in Telugu) App 1.5.0
Telugu Typing (Type in Telugu) app is an English toTelugutransliteration tool. Type your Telugu words in English(Ex.Namaskaram and hit/tap space button). This appautomaticallyconverts into Telugu script. App Advantages================== *Easy Installation. Start typing immediately *Easy to WhatsAppshare & copy text to other apps * Light weightapp (below 2MB)* Consume less mobile battery power * No keyboardconfiguration.Technical knowledge is not required * Simply typeTelugu words inEnglish and hit/tap space button After typing yourmessage sharewith WhatsApp or Copy and paste your message at yourfavourite Appslike... WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Allo, Twitter,GMail, SMS etc.,If you like this app, give it a rating and write agood review (Toprating is 5stars).
Telugu Keyboard 4.3.11
Telugu Keyboard is an English to Telugu keyboard app thatmakestyping Telugu faster than ever before. - Type in English togetTelugu letters - Works inside all apps on your phone - aTelugutyping keyboard app for all social media and messaging apps -Savestime compared to handwriting input or other Indic Teluguinputtools. - Chat with your friends and family with thisTeluguKeyboard English to Telugu Installation and set up is easy.-Download the app and open it. - Enable Telugu Keyboard in Step1and choose it in Step 2. - Change settings and choosefromcolourful Telugu keyboard themes. - That's all! You can typeTelugueverywhere now. - To change keyboard easily, press and holdthespace key. Built in India. Amazing features. - Type inTelugufaster. Start typing the letters and choose Telugupredictions fromthe list. This is the easiest app for English toTelugu typing -Top words are available offline in the fastkeyboard. Turn oninternet for additional words. - A phonetic Telugutransliterationkeyboard that works on Android phones and tablets.Telugu texttyping made faster. - No need to learn Telugu keypad andlayout. -The best rated Telugu typing app that works as TeluguEnglishkeyboard - This English to Telugu key board is easier to usethanany other keyboard Simple and easy to use. - Use thelanguagebutton to switch between English and Telugu. Englishwordsuggestions are also available. - For GIFs and emojis, clickthebutton on top left side of the keyboard. Make yourconversationseven more amazing with popular animated GIFs - Pressand hold theemoji key to view all emojis from the Telugu emojikeyboard -Telugu GIF keyboard lets you share interesting goodmorningmessages, funny animations and more. - Color themes can bechangedfrom settings. Choose from 21 interesting colorcombinations. Loveit? Choose Premium. - Buy Premium on this TeluguKeyboard forAndroid for a small one time cost for a fully ad freeexperience. -Your purchase supports the developers and helpsimprove the appeven more. We respect your privacy. - No personalinformation orcredit card details are collected. A standard warningis shown byAndroid for all keyboards that you download. - Anonymousstatisticsmay be collected to improve your experience. Share yoursuggestionsby emailing us at Please leave greatfeedback -it helps us keep going!
Just Telugu Keyboard 6.1.2667
Just Indic
Install only if you can read “తెలుగు మాట తీపు”. If you seeBOXES,your device does NOT support Telugu. Steps 1. Goto Settings->Language and Keyboards 2. Enable Just Telugu 3. Select“Inputmethod” -> then JustTelugu Works only if 1. TeluguFontInstalled 2. Device Complex Font Rendering. Latest Indianfirmwaressupports these. All Device above 4.2 Jelly Bean. Reportany issuesor requests here or mail to
Lipikaar Telugu Keyboard 6.0.6
Now you can send emails, post Facebook updates and send messagesonWhatsapp in Telugu using the Lipikaar Telugu Keyboard.How totypein Telugu(తెలుగు) with Lipikaar:Rule 1:Repeatedly type theclosestsounding key till you see the correct Telugu scriptcharacter. s =స ss = శ sss = ష krr = క్ర krrr = కృRule 2:Join twocharacters bytyping x between them. nxy = న్య lxl = ల్లRule 3:Typez to add aspecial symbol of the script. z = ఁ zz = ం zzz = ః zzzz =ౕFor moredetails: No memorizingkeypositions. Simple and intuitive typing in Telugu usingregularEnglish (QWERTY) keyboard.- No fluency in English isrequired.Lipikaar encourages users to think in their language.
Telugu Keyboard Telugu Typing 1.13
Telugu Keyboard Telugu Typing is for Telugu Typing in YourMobile.Now Telugu Typing is Easy with Telugu Typing App TeluguKeyboardAnd Telugu Typing. All Telugu Alphabets are added inTeluguKeyboard. Telugu Keyboard is simple to Use. Telugu Keyboardcan beUsed by Any User easily. With The Telugu Alphabets SymbolsAndTelugu Numbers Are also included in Telugu keyboard TeluguTyping.You can switch from Telugu Alphabets to Symbols And TeluguNumbersby a single shift key click. Shift key in Telugu TypingTeluguKeyboard swap the keyboard Type to Telugu Alphabets toSymbols andSubwords in Telugu language. It helps to Type TeluguLanguagewithout mistakes completely to get Full word clearly. YouNeed toEnable Telugu Keyboard after Opening Telugu Keyboard AppbyClicking on Enable Keyboard button. Then in the Next ScreenSelectTelugu Keyboard as Your Default Keyboard. That is EnoughYourTelugu Keyboard Setting would be Completed. Now You canStartTyping in Telugu anywhere in Mobile. Now You send Messages SMSinTelugu. You can Chat in Telugu Chating in Social NetworkingwithTelugu Keyboard Telugu Typing.
Type in Telugu (Telugu Typing) 2.1
'Type in Telugu' app converts Telugu words written inEnglishletters into Telugu script. If you type 'ela unnaru' it willbeconverted into Telugu script as ఎలా ఉన్నారు. It is an EnglishtoTelugu transliteration tool. You don't need to type exactspellingof the word like most other apps and this 'Type in Telugu'app isintelligent enough to understand what you are typing. 'TypeinTelugu' app allows you to share and store the convertedTelugumessage using any app on your phone such as WhatsApp, SMSMessages,GMail, Saving as Documents etc. You can copy the Telugutext using'Copy' option and paste it on any app such as Facebook,SMS, GMail,Twitter, Instagram or any app that you like. Install theapp nowand start using our beautiful Telugu language to chat withyourfriends and your Facebook posts.Features* Easy to use EnglishtoTelugu script conversion (transliteration) tool. * You don'tneedto learn how to type complex combinations of Telugu letter. Youcanjust type in English to produce the Telugu sound as per yourverybasic English language skills. For example 'halo ela unaru'*Youcan Share the Telugu Message using WhatsApp, SMS or Gmaildirectlyfrom the app using the buttons provided. You can use 'Copy'optionto share the message using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter oranyother app for that matter. * You can Copy the Telugu textusing'Copy' button and paste it in any app such as Facebook,FacebookMessenger, Twitter, Instagram or any other App you like.You canalso store the message as a document on Cloud Storage apps(likeGoogleDrive) or simply store on your phone.
Telugu Keyboard 5.0
Abbott Cullen
Telugu Keyboard allows you to type in Telugu language. Youcancompose emails, post on social network and write some onemessagesthrough Telugu Keypad. With Telugu Keyboard you can writeallTelugu Alphabets, letters and words. Telugu keyboard is theeasiestkeyboard to write in Telugu language. Telugu keyboard forall of uswho love Telugu language. You can use this keyboard towrite inTelugu text. No need to copy and paste Telugu text. Thisapp isuseful for Nepal people and Telugu speaking people acrosstheworld. Telugu Keyboard is a great tool and must to use app foryourday with different types of features. Download Telugu Keyboardandtype in Telugu language. Share with others. ThemesCustomization: +Stunning Themes is there to decorate your keyboard.+ You can setyour photo as background in keyboard. + See preview ofkeyboardinside app. + Different themes settings available.KeyboardBackground: + Pick from Gallery or Capture from camera +FontStyles, Size and color + Both Landscape and PortraitKeyboardLayouts + Key Transparency settings Typing: + Easy typingMethod +Telugu Symbols added + 1000+ designed Emoji, emotion,smiles. +Language and Dictionary + Font Color Install and Use: +SimpleInstallation + Set Keyboard directly from app + Just startusingfrom any text editor Amazing Settings: + Control Vibrations,sounds+ Spell Checking, word prediction + Auto text suggestion +ToggleTelugu or English + Text color, popup color or size, +KeyboardHeight, Auto Correction
Fast English to Telugu Keyboard-Fast Telugu Typing 1.4
A phonetic keyboard designed for the Telugu users who love totypein Telugu through english to telugu keyboard app . Do you wanttotype words in your own language? This app provides youtelugutyping keyboard So, you can type or write through telugukeypad.Now translate from English to Telugu transliteration tool,usingTelugu Keyboard for Android mobile with this easy translatorapp.Just get Telugu typing app in your mobile and starttranslating.Its a easy to use app with beautiful User InterfaceDesign. Thisenglish to telugu keyboard can be used for all kindsofapplications where telugu input is required. With Telugu typingappyou can write all Telugu Alphabets, letters and words veryquicklyand easily.Type In Telugu is a free transliteration tool,Usingthis app you can type in English and get the text convertedtotelugu language.This app - telugu keypad - helps you tocommunicatewith your world in your own language. Communication inyourlanguage brings you closer to your people ! Do you finditdifficult to type telugu words and telugu writing in yourandroidmobile keyboard? Then telugu english keyboard will help youtowrite in roman english as it is telugu english keyboard so itwillconvert that roman english in telugu automatically , now anyonecanwrite even though they don’t know how type in telugu . Sothistelugu typing app is convenient to use for anyone. App features: -Translate easily from English to Telugu, No need to copy andpaste.- In-build english to telugu converter keyboard given withintheapp itself. You can directly type in telugu using thiskeyboard.You don't need to download any easy telugu keyboardapplicationfrom the play store. - Copy and Paste features. You cancopy thetranslated text telugu or English, and use it anywhere youwant. -Use default keyboard and type in Telugu - english toteluguconverter keyboard-convert english into telugu - Nextwordsuggestion - Friendly interface and easy to use features.ThisTelugu to english translation app is for those who want totypetheir own language through default telugu keyboard. Now youcanchat on social media, you just write in Roman english andeasytelugu keyboard and best and easy telugu keyboard change itintelugu input. How App Works? After installing telugu keyboardforandroid , you are free to use by pressing “Enable Keyboard”&choose this Keyboard. This keyboard works as default keyboardinandroid phones/tablets for typing/texting. Just type in Englishandpress spacebar your English word will be converted intoteluguscript automatically. Install english to telugu keyboard .Enableit in settings with telugu keypad embedded. How can I enableit andset it as the default keyboard and how to use telugukeyboard? Opentelugu keypad and then add this keyboard in yoursettings. OpenSettings -> Language & Input, under “KEYBOARD& INPUTMETHODS” section, go to Current Keyboard -> ChooseKeyboards-> Check “telugu Typing”. Then you have to selecttelugukeyboard as input method .When typing in an input box, youcan alsochange the default input method by clicking the keyboardicon onthe bottom right corner of the screen and can also disablethattelugu keyboard . We hope you will like our telugu toenglishkeyboard. So, download and enjoy this telugu keyboard anddon'tforgot to give us your feedback. So, we can provide you moregoodwork as per your feedback.
Vivekanandha Quotes Telugu 1.10
Vivekanandha Quotes Telugu Vivekanandha was a key person intheintroduction of the Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga totheWestern world. Vivekananda founded the Ramakrishna Math andtheRamakrishna Mission swamy vivekananda Quotes in TeluguVivekanandhamotivational quotes. All Quotes in Telugu Laguage andeasy to readin Telugu Quotes of Swami Vivekanandha Sri Rama KrishnaParamahamsais Inspirational to Swami Vivekananda inspirationalandmotivational quotes from Swami Vivekananda. You getInspirationfrom Swami Vivekanandha to develop their Careers.careerdevelopment will be improved by Swami Vivekanandha BooksAndQuotes. User Can Read Swami Vivekanandha Quotes easily.
Telugu Old Songs Collection 1.5.1
MM Creations
Telugu old songs app provides best collection of melody old songsintelugu. There are thousands of telugu melody songs fromtelugumovies, you go back to reminded of old days where music issobeautiful and melodious from old telugu movies. Enjoy melodyteluguold songs anywhere without difficulty. Enjoy the music hitsofYesteryear with our all old Telugu Hits. So here is bestcollectionof telugu old songs that are also superhit telugu songsfromevergreen telugu movies. Celebrate life with melodious teluguoldsongs with this app. Download this app for free to enjoy Teluguoldevergreen hits which is available on all devices. Disclaimer:Thecontent provided in this app is hosted by external websites andisavailable in public domain. We do not upload any audio toanywebsites or modify content. We are just providing the waytostream. We don't claim right on any file in this application.Allthe content provided in this application has the copyrightsoftheir respective owners. This app also does not provide optiontodownload any of the songs. Note: Please email us if any songswelinked is unauthorized or violating copyrights. This app hasbeenmade with love for true fans of Telugu music. The appoffersbiggest collection of old Telugu songs.
Just Kannada Keyboard 6.1.4078
Just Indic
Oppo/Realme phones have an issue with latest update. We areworkingon this fix. ಸಿರಿಗನ್ನಡಂ ಗೆಲ್ಗೆ, ಸಿರಿಗನ್ನಡಂ ಬಾಳ್ಗೆ,ಸಿರಿಗನ್ನಡಂಮೊಬೈಲ್ಗೆ! No 1, Kannada Keyboard. Support Nudi, InscriptandTransliteration Layouts. Also Supports Google Voice Input. JustTapMic icon, settings key, and Kannada in Languages. Report anyissuesor requests here or mail to justindickeyboards@gmail.comOrSubscribe for beta versionshere
Love Quotes Telugu 1.6
Love Quotes Telugu is Collection of TeluguPremaKavithalu.Valentines Day GreetingsPrema Kavithalu inTeluguLanguage.Telugu Love Poetry Prema KavithaluPremikularojuKavithaluTelugu Kavithalu Best App in Telugu.Telugu PremaKavthaluAnd Telugu Love quotes.Best Love Quotes in Telugu.StartReadingTelugu Love Quotes And Feel Your Love With TeluguLoveQuotes.Kavithalu And Love Quotes in Telugu.Telugu Best Quotes
Telugu Bible Plus 1.0.2
Bible India
Telugu Bible Plus is a Free, Offline, Super Fast app. to readbiblein Telugu and English.Below are some its features 1) ReadTeluguBible 2) Read English King James Version 3) Read Parallelbible (Telugu + English) with verses interleaved. 4) Search inTelugu andEnglish bibles 5) Bookmark verses 6) Highlight verseswithdifferent colors 7) Add notes to each verse 8) Historyofpreviously selected verses is available 9) Increase ordecreasetext size by pinch-zoom gesture 10) Very fast to launch anddisplaythe bible11) Select a verse in a single screen12) Shareverses withothers via applications like Gmail, Whatsapp etc13)Supports allversions of Android 2.1 and up.14) Corrected severalmistakes inour Telugu Bible App.Request to reviewers :If yourgiving lowrating kindly give your comments so that we can rectifyany shortcomings..
Telugu Full Movies Free 1.5
Watch your favourite movie without any adds. You can add moviesintoyour favourites list. Search for any movie by name.
Telugu Jokes 1.6
This app contains the following categories. - Jokes, -PodupuKathalu - Kavithalu - Samethalu - Quotations - All thesecategoriesin telugu only. - This app is entertainment for allpeople andchildren. - A must listen for every adult to remember andrelivetheir childhood. - It serves as a primary helpmate forthoseparents who wish to spend meaningful time with their childreneveryday. - It guides and hones the narrative skills of parents andmakethem a grand success every evening with their children. -Childhoodis a beautiful painting from the hands of parents. Parentsare theones that provide necessary colouring and thought to thisgreatwork of art. Telugu...!, in a way, is a workshop forparents,especially for those busy and hardworking fathers, tohelpmastering their parenting skills in shaping the lives oftheiryoung ones into vibrant portraits. Keywords: Telugu,AP,TS,India.
generalknowledge Telugu 1.0
General knowledge in English and telugugk in this app wehaveknowledge oabout stock gk and history, Indian economy,Indianpolity, geography
Telugu Calendar 2020 Panchangam & Festivals 3.0
Srihari Raju
Telugu Calendar 2020 Daily Panchangam Offline Ads Free (No AdsatOffline) App with Festivals & Holidays and Telugu RasiPhalalu2020-2021 Yearly & Monthly for Telugu States. * TeluguCalendar2020 (Offline) * Telugu Daily Panchangam 2020 (Offline) *TeluguFestivals 2020 (Offline) * Telugu Rasi Phalalu 2020-2021Yearly& Monthly (Online) * App Contains Ads at Online # If youlikeus, Rate us & Submit Review!! TeluguCalendar.OrgOfficialMobile App for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States.Website:
Telugu Calendar Panchang 2020 1.5.4
Vikram Apps
Telugu calendar panchang 2020 allows you to view maasam kalamrutuvuvaaram thitdhi and nakshatram yogam karanamsooryodhayamsooryaasthamam information for all days in telugu. Youcan selectany date and get information for that particular date.Highlightsfull moon day and no moon day for each month. HighlightsMainfestival dates in listed month. Will generate results offestivalsfor selected month.
Amharic keyboard FynGeez - Ethiopia - fyn ግዕዝ 2 20.7.3
ለ 🇪🇹ኢትዮጵያ 🇪🇹 🇪🇷ኤርትራ 🇪🇷 FynGeez Amharic keyboard (አማርኛ ኪቦርድ/መተየቢያ)developed by fyn systems for Amharic, Tigrigna andAfaanOromoo speakers living in Ethiopia or abroad. Which helps youtotype in Amharic, Tigrigna and Afaan Oromoo (አማርኛ, ትግርኛናOromiffa)fyn ግዕዝ 2 Features ★ Four languages (Amharic, Tigrigna,Oromiffa& English) ★ Word Preditction ★ Emoji ★ Voice type forEnglish★ Add new words to user dictionary for next suggestion★Customization with many color themes ★ Theme maker ★ FourGeezLayouts (for Tigrigna and Amharic Keyboard) ★ Custom fontchanging★ Customize-able Keyboard height fyn ግዕዝ 2 supportedKeyboardsTigrigna Keyboard, Oromiffa Keyboard, Amharic KeyboardAmharicKeyboard (fyn Geez), Tigrigna Keyboard, Afaan Oromookeyboard,Ethiopian Keyboard, helps you write in Amharic, Tigrignaand AfaanOromoo languges. FynGeez Amharic keyboard have wordprediction andsuggestion function for faster input. FynGeez Amharickeyboard havemany features that are exclusively available. FynGeezAmharickeyboard lets you customize you keyboard with color themesand evenlets you create your own theme. FynGeez Amharic keyboardcontains 4Geez layouts to choose from based on you previoustypingexperience. Fyn Geez Ethiopian keyboard is also capable offontchanging. Fyn Geez Ethiopian keyboard is the best freeAmharic(Ethiopian) keyboard available on Google play store. Privacy- WeNEVER EVER collect your personal info including creditcardinformation or any other text you input using our keyboard. -Don'tWorry about the warning message you see when activatingFynGeezKeyboard stating " fyn ግዕዝ 2 may be able to collect yourpersonaldata". This is a standard warning in all Android phones forany nonfactory keyboard app that the user (You) install. - If youhave anyconcerns about your privacy you can directly contact thedeveloperof this keyboard app, Yohannes Ejigu ለ 🇪🇹ኢትዮጵያ 🇪🇹 🇪🇷ኤርትራ 🇪🇷 fyn ግዕዝ 2
Telugu Video Status - Telugu Status 2018 1.11
Telugu Video Status App Contain Large Collection Of Video StatusForWhatsapp Status.Telugu Video Status For Whatsapp app servesvarietyof short lyrical videos songs in telugu which is suitableto post onwhatsappp directly.Easy set and fastest video share onone tap clickto whatsapp and other social apps.Telugu Video StatusApp containvariety of short videos which is suitable to post onWhatsap.2018New Status : Status, Shayari, Sms, JokesCollection,Love Status& Attitude.Share😍 feelings throughRomantic😘, Love , Sad andmuch more videos on Whatsap.Love VideostatusGood Morning VideoStatus Good Night Video Status Miss YouVideo Status Love Status ILove You Status Friendship Statusస్నేహంFool Statusఫూల్Funny StatusతమాషాCute Love Status అందమైనప్రేమtelugu video statustelugu statusfor whatspptelugu videosongstelugu video songs for whatsappstatusvideo status forwhatsappvideo songs status for whatspptelugustatus 2018Telugu SadVideo StatusTelugu Romantic Video StatusTeluguLove VideoStatusTelugu Good Morning Video StatusTelugu Good NightVideoStatusValentine Day Video StatusFriendship VideoStatusBreakupVideo StatusRepublic Day Video StatusTelugu VideoSongs 2018
Telugu Jathakam 2018 1.6
రోజువారీ జాతక ఫలితాలు, తెలుగు జాతకం, వధూవర గుణమేళనం,సంఖ్యాశాస్త్రం,రాశిఫలములు, పంచాంగం మరియు జ్యోతిష పాఠాలుDaily Rashibhavishya,horoscope, zodiac, raahu kalam, festivals, RasiPhalaluJust click onthe zodiac sign and get daily astrology inteluguShare, sms/mms thedetails.
Indian History in Telugu 1.3
-This app contains India,AP and TS History related topics. -Thisappcontains India ,Telangana and AP history related bits.keywords: GKin Telugu,DSC study material intelugu,CurrentAffairs,Student,Jobs,Education,Govt jobs,Policejobs,APPSC,Group1,Group 2,Group 3,VRO,VRA, Panchayat Secretary,Bankjobs,TSPSC, GKin Telugu 2019.
GK in Telugu 2.1
This app is useful for all competitive exams. This appcontainsTopics, Practise tests and Self Test categories. Theimportant andvery useful 109 Topics are covered by this version.keywords: DSCstudy material intelugu,CurrentAffairs,Student,Jobs,Education,Govt jobs,Policejobs,APPSC,Group1,Group 2,Group 3,VRO,VRA, Panchayat Secretary,Bankjobs,TSPSC,Central Cabinet Ministers,Telangana Cabinet Ministers,AndhraPradeshCabinetMinisters,Biology,Chemistry,Physics,Polity,History,Geography,Economy,GK,GeneralKnowledge,BankJobs, IBPS,RRB,APPSC,TSPSC,UPSC,TET,GeneralScience,AP GramaSachivalayam,Panchayat Secretary (Grade-V) ,Mahila Police and Women& Child Welfare Assistant (Female) ,Welfare & EducationAssistant , Ward Administrative Secretary5,Ward Women & WeakerSections Protection Secretary (Female),Engineering Assistant(Grade-II) , Ward Amenities Secretary(Grade-II),Village RevenueOfficer (Grade-II) , Village Surveyor(Grade-III),VillageAgriculture Assistant (Grade-II) , VillageHorticulture Assistant ,Village Fisheries Assistant , PanchayatSecretary (Grade-VI) DigitalAssistant , Ward Sanitation &Environment Secretary (Grade-II) ,Ward Planning & RegulationSecretary (Grade-II) , AnimalHusbandry Assistant , ANM/Ward HealthSecretary (Grade-III) (Female),Ward Education & DataProcessing Secretary , Ward welfare &Development secretary(Grade-II) , Village SericultureAssistant,LIC,IB,TSSPDCL,SPDCL ,TSForest, Police jobs, TS- TET,TSPSC Group- I, TSPSC Group- II,TSPSC Group- III, TSPSC Group-IV,JLM, JPO & Jr Asst cumComputer Operator etc.
English Grammar in Telugu 1.5
To speak in a clearer and more effective manner we study grammar.Aperson who has unconscious knowledge of grammar may besufficientfor simple language use, but the ones who wish tocommunicate in anartful manner and well, will seek greater depth ofunderstandingand proficiency that the study of grammar provides.Thisapplication is the best way to improve your English Grammarathome, on the move, anywhere! What is included in the app? ActiveOrPassive Voice Adjectives Adverbs ArticlesConjunctionsInterjections Nouns Prepositions Pronouns Parts ofSpeech TensesVerbs Degrees of Comparison Simple, Compound andComplex SentencesAntonyms Letter Writing and more......
Telugu live news 1.24
Important live channels in telugu
Reasoning in Telugu 1.4
The following content is the reasoning Topics & Tests. -Ranking- Directions - Blood Relations - Missing Numbers - Coding -Decoding- Ages - Analogy - OddMan Out - Calendar - Clock - Puzzles...etc.Please share your feedback , we will improve moreinformation.Thanks for your support. keywords:gk in telugu 2019,MentalAbility,Logical Reasoning,Verbal Reasoning,Maths,dsc studymaterialin telugu,appsc group 2 study material in telugu,polityintelugu,general science in telugu,TSTranco,TSGenco,TS SouthernPowerRecruitment 2019,TSSPDCL,Indian Post OfficeRecruitment2019,Telangana Postal Circle releases Postman Jobs /PostalAssistant / Sorting Assistant / GDS / MTS / Mail Guard &OtherPost Office Jobs 2019,Telangana Govt Jobs 2019Notification,Government Jobs in TS,TSPSC, TSTRANSCO, TSGENCO,Telangana Policedepartment, Teaching, Telangana Health department,Ts Postalcircle, TS Forest, Group I, II, III & IV andUniversities.
type kannada 1.5
type kannada app allows to type text in kannada and otherindianlanguages using normal keyboard.The text can be messagedYoucanalso share the content with famous appsOptions for copy andsaveare also provided
Spoken English to Telugu 2.8
Moving Curves
||Tenses|| • We are introducing new way to learn englishwithtenses. • Filed with fully formulas, with examples andtelugumeaning also. • You can find Positive, Negative,Interrogative andNegative + Interrogative in a single page, thishelps you tounderstand what is the different between these all. •Every tensehas a some Examples with English to Telugu. ||Grammar||• LearnGrammar with telugu explanation • Given explanation andexamplesfor each parts of speech to better understand ||ModalVerbs|| • 11Types of modal verbs has been given. • Each modal verbhas a Teluguexplanation. • English to Telugu examples for betterunderstand. •Positive and Negative form also given.
Chilipi Prasnalu Telugu Funny Questions 1.0
Chilipi Prasnalu Telugu Funny Questions : BestTeluguEntertainment.Telugu Funny Questions For Fun in Telugu.FunnyteluguSamethalu Saradha Matalu And Prasnalu ChamathkaraJavabulu.Childhood Funny Questions And Funny Answers in Telugu.ManaTeluguChamathkaaramu.Saradha Aatalu And Saradha Matalu withChilipiPrasnaluYou find this as funny with Telugu Funny AndSaradhaQuestions.Telugu Chilipi Matalu And TrickyQuestions.TeluguChamathkara Prasnalu for Fun in Telugu.TeluguTamasha Matalu WithTelugu Samethalu Telugu proverbs.TeluguSamethalu And FunnyQuestions in Telugu.Best Simple Fun QuestionsAnd Answers forFun.Best Fun Way with Telugu Language.Konte PrasnaluinTelugu.Telugu Matalu Funny Matalu For Entertainment inTelugu.BestFunny Telugu App.Telugu Chamathkara Matalu.feel Happywith Fun inTelugu Chilipi Matalu And Chilipi Prasnalu.TeluguCollection ofFunny Quesions And Chilipi matalu.Chilipi Prasnalu AndTamashaPrasnalu.Telugu Tamasha Prasnalu.Kids Love this TypeTeluguLanguage App.Konte Prasnalu Thuntari Samadhanalu.
Spoken English in Telugu 1.4
To learn English using Telugu, this app is very useful. This appsomany topics both Telugu and English. The Topics list are PartsofSpeech, Nouns, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective,Conjunction,Preposition, Interjections, Tenses, Articles, DegreesofComparision, Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences, HelpingVerbs,Sentence(Positive, Native, etc) formation, Important wordswithMeanings, Conversations.
Kannada Typing (Type in Kannada) App 1.5.0
Kannada Typing (Type in Kannada) app is an English toKannadatransliteration tool. Type your Kannada words in Englishandhit/tap space button. This app automatically converts intoKannadascript. App Advantages ================== * EasyInstallation.Start typing immediately * Easy to WhatsApp share& copy textto other apps * Light weight app (below 2.1MB) *Consume lessmobile battery power * No keyboard configuration.Technicalknowledge is not required * Simply type Kannada words inEnglishand hit/tap space button After typing your message,hit/tap"WhatsApp" button and Share your message to your friends(or) copyand paste your message at your favourite Apps like...WhatsApp,Facebook, Google Allo, Twitter, GMail, SMS etc., If youlike thisapp, give it a rating and write a good review (Top ratingis5stars).
Telugu Old Songs(తెలుగు) 6.0
(Need Good Internet Connection)Enjoy 1000s of Telugu old moviehitsongs, organized alphabetically and following musicdirectors.-Ghantasala- Rajeswara Rao- Adinarayana Rao- K VMahadevan- M SViswanathanDisclaimer:The content provided in thisapp is hosted byexternal websites and is available in publicdomain. We do notupload any audio to any websites or modifycontent. We are justproviding the way to stream.We don't claimright on any file inthis application. All the content provided inthis application hasthe copyrights of their respective owners.Thisapp also does notprovide option to download any of the songs.Note:Please email usif any songs we linked is unauthorized or violatingcopyrights.This app has been made with love for true fans of Telugumusic. Theapp offers biggest collection of best Telugu audiosongs.If you area die-hard fan of Telugu music, you must have thisapp. Enjoy!!!
Telugu Christian Songs 2019 16.0
This mobile app designed for millions of Telugu people whoareliving across the world. This is a new generation appl thathelpsuser to listen songs any time and from any where directlythroughtheir smart phone instanltly. We gather all the data fromdifferenttrustable sources. All features available along withtelugu bibleas follows - Ionic version : a new technology helps usto viewclear and quality user interface. Push notification : whenever newstuff added immediately it will be send like a notificationmessageto eevvry user. - Bellow Categories available - Jesus Telugusongs- Telugu Bible - Jesus Telugu prayers. - Christmas songs.justclick to install this telugu christiain songs and share withallyour friends.
Telugu Sarasam Stories 8.4
Telugu Sarasam సరస శృంగార కసి కామరాజు కథలు KamarajuSarasamPriyuralu maripinche andham ప్రేయసి కవ్వింపు శృంగార రసంTeluguTholi raathri Telugu True Romantic Story Telugu Storiesఅందాలకనువిందు
Telugu SMS Collection 1.5
Daily new Telugu SMS,GIF,Greetings,Good night,Good morning GIF
Telugu Bible Offline 1.3
Bible Offline App provides us to read in different languageslikeTelugu & English.Use the bible app without internet andreadmore than 30K+ above verses in bible.Advantages of BibleOffline:1.Read Bible in Telugu2. Read Bible in English3. NoAdvertisements4.Day & Night Themes Support5. Customized themesand colors forBible App.6. Enhance the font sizes and Themes.7.Bookmarksprovided.8. Share the bible content to social media likeFacebook,twitter & Gmail.9. Share messages to friends usinginbuiltmessages app.10. Customize the settings according to ourownwish.11. User Firendly12. English to Telugu Translations13.Teluguto English Translations14. Best offline bible app.15. FreeOfflineBible Application16. Without internet read the bible andusebookmarks.The Bible application available as of now in TeluguandEnglish versions further we are trying to launch in Tamil,Hindiand Kannada bible also.Let's hope for the best. Our BibleOfflineapp provides the above list of features and If there isanysuggestion to improve much more better please let us know. TheBestTelugu Bible and English Bible offline application withentireverses provided as user friendly readable content.
Telugu Calendar Panchangam 2018 1.1.1
Telugu Panchangam Calendar is an informative app for peopleofAndhrapradesh and Telangana and Telugu speaking people acrosstheworld.Wherever you go! This application is a great tool to helpyouget the most out of your day, and plan your days forsuccess.Telugupanchangam 2018Telugu Calendar 2018Telugu panchangamcalendar 2018is Day wise CalendarApplication supports followingfeatures :1)Masam, Paksham, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset,Sunsign andMoonsign.2) Panchangam (Thidi,Varam, Nakshathram, Yogam,Karanam)3)Good Time (Amritakalam, Abhijit Muhurtham, AnandadiYoga)4) BadTime (Rahukalam, Yamagandam, Varjyam, Gulik kalam, DurMuhuratam)5)Horoscope (Daily, Week, Month, Year)6) Muhurtham(Marriage,Property, Housing, New Purchase )7) Festivals (ParticularMonth)*Users can select any date and get information for thatparticulardate.* Users can select any month and year by clickingleft andright arrow buttons
com.CreativeSketchup.TelugutoEnglish 15
1) Formulas. *Learn English by using formulas (Ex: Sub + H.V + V1+ing + Obj). * First learn 12 formulas then convert those as48formulas. * Best way to learn English according to EnglishGrammar* This formulas covers Grammar part also. 2) 300 * More then300Formulas in your hand. * Each formula has a description inTeluguabout usage of formula. * More then 100 formulas have aexamples inTelugu to English for Create new tenses on your own. *For eachformula has been given more then 20 examples in Telugu toEnglish.3) More... * Conversations * Graphic line draws forbetterunderstand about tenses.
Indian Polity in Telugu 1.3
- Your knowledge on Indian Polity as well prepare forallCompetitive exams, self evaluation and learning. -EntireConstitution of India is available in Telugu - App designedto workfor all screens - Phones & Tablets - Available inOFFLINE mode(No internet required) keywords: Polity in Telugu,Indian Polity inTelugu,DSC material,GK , APPSC, TSPSC, Group1,Group 2,Group 3,bankjobs,police jobs, Please give 5 stars if youare satisfied with ourefforts.
Fast Amharic Keyboard-English to Amharic Typing 1.8
A phonetic keyboard designed for the Amharic users who love totypein Amharic through Amharic keyboard. Do you want to type wordsinyour own language? This keyboard provides you Amhariclanguagekeyboard So, you can type or write through Amharic keypad.Nowtranslate from English to Amharic, using Amharic KeyboardforAndroid with this easy translator app. Just get EnglishAmharicTranslator app downloaded in your mobile and starttranslating. Itsa easy to use app with beautiful User InterfaceDesign. ThisAmharic keyboard Typing app can be used for all kindsofapplications where Amharic input is required. With AmharicKeyboardyou can write all Amharic Alphabets, letters and words veryquicklyand easily.Type In Amharic is a free transliteration tool,Usingthis app you can type in English and get the text convertedtoAmharic language.This app - Amharic keypad - helps youtocommunicate with your world in your own language. Communicationinyour language brings you closer to your people ! Do you finditdifficult to type Amharic words and Amharic writing in yourandroidmobile keyboard? Then english to Amharic converter will helpyou towrite in roman english as it is english Amharic keyboard soit willconvert that roman english in Amharic automatically , nowanyonecan write even though they don’t know how type in Amharic .So thisenglish to Amharic converter is convenient to use foranyone. Appfeatures : - Translate easily from English to Amharic,No need tocopy and paste from different places. - In-build Amharickeyboardgiven within the app itself. You can directly type inAmharic usingthis keyboard. You don't need to download any Amharickeyboardapplication from the play store. - Copy and Paste features.You cancopy the translated text Amharic or English, and use itanywhereyou want. - Use default keyboard and type in Amharic -English toAmharic converter-convert english into Amharic - Nextwordsuggestion - Friendly interface and easy to use features. ThisEasyAmharic typing keyboard app is for those who want to type theirownlanguage through default Amharic keyboard. Now you can chatonsocial media, you just write in Roman english and easyAmharickeyboard and english to Amharic keyboard change it inAmharicinput. How App Works? After installing Amharic keyboard forandroid, you are free to use by pressing “Enable Keyboard” &choosethis Keyboard. This keyboard works as default keyboard inandroidphones/tablets for typing/texting. Just type in English andpressspacebar your English word will be converted into Amharicscriptautomatically. Install Asan english to Amharic keyboard .Enable itin settings with Amharic keypad embedded. How can I enableit andset it as the default keyboard and how to use Amharickeyboard?Open Amharic keypad and then add this keyboard in yoursettings.Open Settings -> Language & Input, under “KEYBOARD&INPUT METHODS” section, go to Current Keyboard ->ChooseKeyboards -> Check “Amharic Typing”. Then you have toselectAmharic keyboard as input method .When typing in an inputbox, youcan also change the default input method by clicking thekeyboardicon on the bottom right corner of the screen and can alsodisablethat Amharic keyboard . We hope you will like our EasyAmharickeyboard & Amharic Typing App. So, download and enjoythisAmharic keyboard and don't forgot to give us your feedback. So,wecan provide you more good work as per your feedback.
Telugu Calendar 2020 1.0.13
######### Advanced happy new year 2020 ######### Telugucalendar2019 & Telugu calendar 2020 allows you to view maasam,vaaram,thithi, and nakshatram information for all days in December2019& for all days in the year 2020 in Telugu. Features: -Supportsyear 2020 Telugu calendar - Supports Dec 2019 Telugucalendar -Provides an option to choose a date in 2020 to getvaaram, thithi,nakshatram, raahu kalam, and durmuhoorthaminformation - Providesan option to navigate through the months in2020 - Highlights fullmoon day and no moon day for each month -Displays the list offestivals in Telugu for the currently selectedmonth - Supports allscreen types
Malayalam Typing (Type in Malayalam) App 1.5.0
Malayalam Typing (Type in Malayalam) app is an English toMalayalamtransliteration tool. Type your Malayalam words in Englishandhit/tap space button. This app automatically converts intoMarathiscript. App Advantages ================== * EasyInstallation.Start typing immediately * Easy to WhatsApp share& copy textto other apps * Light weight app (below 3MB) *Consume less mobilebattery power * No keyboard configuration.Technical knowledge isnot required * Simply type Malayalam words inEnglish and hit/tapspace button After typing your message, hit/tap"WhatsApp" buttonand Share your message to your friends (or) copyand paste yourmessage at your favourite Apps like... WhatsApp,Facebook, GoogleAllo, Twitter, GMail, SMS etc., If you like thisapp, give it arating and write a good review (Top rating is5stars).
Telugu Calendar Panchangam 1.0.1
Vikram Apps
Telugu calendar panchangam paper edition designed forusability.Readpanchangam rashiphalam and muhurtham all under onepaper and willnotice all month names and rashiphalam names at homescreen.Checkfestivlas under calendar page and muhurtham inrashiphalam page.
A World GK in Telugu 1.8
This app contains all countries Flags,Capitals,Currency,PrimeMinisters,Presidents, and official languages,WorldGK,Importantdays and International organizations. These are alluseful for allcompetitive exams. Keywords: DSC study meterial intelugu,WorldGK,GK,World, CurrentAffairs,Student,Jobs,Education,Govtjobs,Police jobs,APPSC,Group1,Group 2,Group 3,VRO,VRA, PanchayatSecretary,Bankjobs,TSPSC,IBPS,RRB,SSC.
Telugu Calendar 2020 1.48
Telugu Calendar 2020 By RB Apps & Games: Our TeluguCalendar2020 will provides the month wise Calendar/Panchagam withdailybasis results. This app is useful for all telugu people whowantsto get the information of panchagam, festivals and many more.Itconsists the following panchangam details * Sunrise, Sunsettimings* Pournami, Amavasya information with highlighted symbol inthecalendar date * Thidi details with starting time , ending timein aday * Nashatram * Vedic Monthname, Paksham ,ayanam(dakshinayanam/vuttarayanam ..) * Yogam * Karanam *Auspicioustimes * Amruta Kalam * Abhijith Lagnam * In Auspicioustimes time *Rahu kalam * Durmuhurtam * Varjyam * Yama gandam *Gulika * TeluguYear Name (means telugu samvatsram like vikari,sarvari…) * HistoryOf The Day * telugu calendar Other than theabove it provides thelist of festival/ public holiday date withdetails. telugu calendar2020 App also provides the month wiseraashi phala details.Recently we providing the south regionalrelated raasi chakramdetails of each day with planetary positions.***** Thanks forcooperation *****
Calendar 2020 Telugu 1.5.2
MM Creations
Calendar 2020 Telugu, allows you to view masam, thithi,nakshatram,sooryodayam, sooryaasthmam rahu kalam, yamagandam,varjyam, maasam,Kalam, Rutuvu, vaaram, amruthakalam, abhijitmuhurtham, gulikakalam, information for all days in the newCalendar 2020 Teluguyear. Complete year Festivals in one app.Calendar 2020 Telugu ispage zoom feature available for aged peoplecan easily use. MainFeatures of Calendar 2020 Telugu app : *Rahukalam, yamagandam,durmuhurtham timings for each day. *Festivals and important daysare listed out separately (bottom) *Provides the timings ofsunrise and sunset * Accurate dates &times for rahu kalam,yamagandam. * User can view any date andinformation for particulardate in the present month. * New look anddesign for New Calendar2020 Telugu Year.
Gujarati Keyboard 1.2
Are you want to type words in your own language? ThisGujaratikeyboard provide you Gujarati keyboard language.So, you cantype orwrite in Gujarati fonts. For use this Gujarati Keyboard youhave toinstall this applicationfirst. use Gujarati Keyboard: 1) Download this keyboard theme andphotokeyboard application. 2) Than open Language option fromapplication.3) After that you cans select theme from themeoption.And use thatlanguage So, now you can chat in your ownlanguage with thisbeautiful keyboard and many keyboard theme ,emojis etc areavailable in this keyboard. Want more language? Weprovide manyother keyboard language with stunning User interface.So, downloadand enjoy this Gujarati keyboard and don't forgot togive us yourfeedback. So, we can provide you more good work as peryourfeedback.
com.bengalityping.indianapps 1.5.0
Bengali Typing (Type in Bengali) app is an English toBengali(Bangla) transliteration tool. Type your Bengali words inEnglishand hit/tap space button. This app automatically convertsintoBengali (Bangla) script. App Advantages ================== *EasyInstallation. Start typing immediately * Easy to WhatsAppshare& copy text to other apps * Light weight app (below 2.5MB)*Consume less mobile battery power * No keyboardconfiguration.Technical knowledge is not required * Simply typeBengali words inEnglish and hit/tap space button After typing yourmessage, hit/tap"WhatsApp" button and Share your message to yourfriends (or) copyand paste your message at your favourite Appslike... WhatsApp,Facebook, Google Allo, Twitter, GMail, SMS etc.,If you like thisapp, give it a rating and write a good review (Toprating is5stars).