Top 7 Games Similar to Wild West

Dinosaur Arena 1.3.6
Dinosaur Arena is the original real-time 3D DINOSAUR fight gameonGoogle Play.Game features:* Offers a relative highqualityexperience (3D Models and 3D Sounds)* Easy to control(Virtualjoystick and buttons)* Smooth camera follow view* Four AIlevels(Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare)* Six real dinosaurs withdifferentfeatures* Free withunobtrusiveAds==========================================or Others?Pleasefollow us:Facebook -
Gladiator Mania 1.7.3
Gladiator Mania is the original real-time 3D GLADIATOR fight gameonGoogle Play.Game features:* Offers a relative highqualityexperience (3D Models and 3D Sounds)* Easy to control* FourAIlevels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare)* Six high quality AIanimals(Deer, Boar, Bear, Lioness, Tiger & Lion)* Three weathersystem(Sunshine, Rain & Snow)* Free withunobtrusiveAds==========================================or Others?Pleasefollow us:Facebook - Weibo-
Wild West VR - Cardboard 1.1
Wild West VR utilities the power of Google Cardboard to put youinan exceptional adventure full of action and adrenaline in theWildWest. You are one of the most dangerous cowboys in the Westandyour head is worth thousands of dollars. During your journeyyoufind yourself in one of the western villages surrounded bybanditsthat are trying to hunt you down. Do what any respectfulcowboywould do in such a situation – FIGHT YOUR WAY OUT! Shooteveryoneon your way to the gates of the village. Be wary aboutyoursurroundings for the enemy may hide. Features:- Full 3Dimmersion-Realistic 3D sounds designed specifically for this game-Engagingsoundtrack- Incredible graphics that create lifelikeatmosphere ofthe Wild West. - 4 different types of guns, one ofwhich you canenjoy for absolutely no fee- Dynamic damage system-Easy to usecontrols- Compatible with Google Cardboard
High Noon™
Become the deadliest gunslinger on the planet in thisfirst-personshooter (FPS) re-invented for mobile devices!***** "That rush you get when you headshot a completestrangerright before they kill you. Nothing beats it."***** "GREAT way to pass the time and get someangermanagement!!!"***** "Amazing I love how u get a freaking sniper at level3!!!"Challenge gunslingers around the world in real-time shootoutstobecome the most wanted gunslinger of them all! Your phone isyourweapon with live-action holstering, drawing, and shooting.Win duels and collect reward money, then customize your lookwithclassy Western clothes, unlock deadly guns, and arm yourselfwithspecial items from the Indian Trading Post. As you build upyourWanted Reward, the bounty will attract shooters from aroundtheglobe!Form gangs with friends, and compete on the scoreboards -global,national, or just with those on your "shitlist".Earn money in fair bounty fights, or just picksomeone'spocket.High Noon 2 features fully animated 3d characters and myriadsofweapons and character customizations.FEATURES- Real-time multi-player FPS PvP duels- Fully 3d animated and customizable characters- Made-for-mobile gesture controls - holstering,aiming,reloading- RPG style progression of your character and weapons- Many gun types, e.g., revolvers, rifles, shotguns,andscope/sniper rifles- Many additional weapons, e.g., dynamite, lasso, and variousformsof pepper!- Upgradable weapons and skills- Create gangs and compete with other gangs- Authentic Old West clothing and other top items, only availableinthe Gulch- Free to play FPSHaving fun? Like and follow us!
Western VR Shooter 1.94
Find yourself in a thrilling adventure in the VR WildWest.Whirlwind firefights, pursuits – boost your adrenaline rush invrworld.Requires VR glasses (headset) FIBRUM www.fibrum.comThegameimplements a freemium system. Please register promotion codeorpurchase the app if you like the game.
Western Sheriff: Wild Raider 1.1
Time to impose the law on the criminals of the Sunset Raidersgang,as you enter in Wild West city to take on the crime gang andsavethe citizens from their terror WESTERN SHERIFF ON THE RUN Rideoutyour horse in the western town to take on criminal shooters inaclassic gun style shooting. Travel with your horse in a freeroamaction through the town, and eliminate opposition with acollectionof freestyle weapons. GAMEPLAY Navigate the area withonscreencontrols to move your horse around. Engage in a thirdpersonshooting action to take out the wild raider gang. While onthe run,jump over obstacles to avoid falling down and keep a steadyaim tokill each wild raider. VARIOUS MISSIONS Play through 5intenselevels and complete various objectives to eliminate crimefrom theWild West town. Kill enemy gang bosses, take on hordes ofenemyshooters, destroy enemy ammunition supplies and gunpowderandengage in fast paced shootdown riding your horse. FEATURES5intense levels with various objectivesClassic shootingstylegameplay and weapons Third person roaming gameplay, combinedwithshooting action
Jane Wilde: Wild West Undead Action Arcade Shooter 2.240
Defend the man kind! Hordes of undead creatures have attackedtheWilde West and the rest of the world, you have to help JaneWildeslay these evil dark vampires and skeletons! • Experiencegreatfights in the Wild West, Mexico Salon and Paris settings! •Livethrough the powerful story-line, which takes you through morethan50 levels! • Taste the amazing upgradable weapons, suchasrevolvers, shotgun, gatling gun and many others • Feel the powerofthe all new power-ups, which make you stronger, faster,moreindestructible and so much more! • Fight epic bosses,includingresurrected presidents and conquerors! • Witness Janetransform byunlocking epic costumes, which not only make Jane lookbetter, butgive her awesome power boosts as well! Take on WonderfulWoman JaneWilde and you will see just what we mean! • Compete withyourfriends and see who can slay more of the undead beasts usingoursurvival mode! • Share your achievements with the world usingthesocial media links in the game! • Do not forget she is Wild,JaneWilde :P Jane’s amazing revolvers, gatling gun and verypowerfulpower-ups which you have not seen before are waiting foryou to usethem on the undead and unnatural creatures! More on thegame andyour experience: Some mystical unnatural force has awakenedthedead and they now threaten the life as we know it. Your missionisto rescue the Wild West and the rest of the world from thehordesof the undead creatures that have attacked it! In thesebattles youwill face some mighty foes, including legendary andpowerfulconqueror Napoleon Bonaparte and the wise and respectedpresidentAbraham Lincoln, which have been risen by the mysticaldark magicfrom the world of the dead. You will take pleasure inroaming theworld in order rid the Wilde West and our planet ofthese undeadbeasts. For these bloody battles you have an arsenal ofupgradableweapons at your disposal including: • Revolvers • GatlingGun •Shot gun • Fish Gun • Bone Bow and Arrow These battles wouldbe amission impossible without Jane’s powerful upgradablepower-ups,making your life easier when in all sorts of tightsituations,these power-ups enable Jane to move faster, strikeharder, becomeinvincible, summon help and much more! To aid you inyour quest,you will be able to upgrade Jane’s outfit by unlockingbeautifuland sexy costumes, and as mentioned earlier they will notonly makeJane look better but also make her much more powerful aswell,enhancing her health, speed and strength! These costumesinclude: •Wonderful Woman, inspired by a famous comic book andmovie hero •Nurse • DJane • Mistress • Iron Maiden • Jane“Davidson” WildeOther info: Jane might be a blonde girl, but shehas the biggestpistols in the West. Take pleasure in bloody hunt,slaying andshooting, kicking skulls, bombing tons of creaturesfromnightmares, including unnatural vampires and skeletonswithbursting skulls. Sheriff Jane will have to investigate themysteryof supernatural and unnatural evil monsters and their goals.Shehas an itchy trigger finger ready to shoot. Jane makes abattlelook easy, as this sexy blonde dominates and slays thesemenaces.The walking menace of risen dead stand no chance againstherpistols and her killer instinct. Guns are blazing, skullsareflying, blood is being spilled – the beautiful sheriff iscreepyskeletons' worst nightmare. Dangerous, Jane will make anapocalypsein the west! War is on! These creepy dangerous creaturesfromnightmare might be vampires and skeletons and not zombies buttheysure are annoying and ready for a crazy fight. Jane is thelastfrontier and defence of free world against outlaw legion readytokill. Demon bandits and their bosses have a deadly plan forhuman’sextinction. Jane Wilde is the most popular wild westernshooter onthe store with more than 1 600 000 downloads from allover theglobe, making the sexy blonde sheriff the first and themostpopular female sheriff hero!