Top 49 Apps Similar to LetsClick Lite

Screen Lock & Unlock Screen 3.7
Slight Studio
You have trouble with your Lock/Unlock button? Pressing thebuttontoo many time may cause damage to it. As the result,yourLock/Unlock button is hard to press or even malfunctioned.Withthis app you can Lock/Unlock your phone without touchingthebutton. This is the best app to lock screen with consumelessresources and save battery power. **To Deactivate the app,pleaseopen app and click the "Inactive/Uninstall" button**Afterinstalling this free app, your phone has become smarter withthefollowing superior functions: ★ Turn Off Screen + Screen offvianotification with one touch. You can turn off screen in theLockscreen + Double-Click HOME button to lock quickly + AddshortcutsScreen Off Button on the screen + Widget and Shortcut toeasy lockyour phone + Or you can set to Unlock when you open theapp + Easyto use + Support Android 8+ ★ Turn On Screen + Turn onscreen bypressing the volume keys up or down + Shake to unlockdevice. Allowyou to customize the shake strength + Double tap toturn on screen★ Note + This app uses the Device Administratorpermission + Touninstall app, open and click uninstall button + Ifyou settingunlock with Fingerpint, Iris Scanner or FaceRecognition. When youuse this to lock, may be take a short time toyour phone turn off ★Feel free to contact or give [email protected]
Double Tap Off 2.5.6
Double Tap Off is an app that helps you protect the powerbutton.Double Tap Off also help you turn off the screen quicklywith justtwo times touching the home screen."Save power button withbestperformance and save battery""This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission." It is necessary and used onlyforlocking the device when you use feature turn off the screen.Youneed to enable Administration before it can be used thatfeature.To uninstall the app, please open my app and click the"Uninstall"button.FEATURE IN DOUBLE TAP OFF APP:- Double Tap toTurn Off TheScreen.- Clear View show when off.- Work with SmartLock andFingerprint in android 6.0- Work with MIUI8 andabove.UNINSTALLINSTRUCTIONS DOUBLE TAP APPLICATION:1. Open DoubleTap Offapplication.2. Select the Uninstall button to uninstall theapp.Youcan refer to the application enable / disable automaticscreen myotherfollowinglink:[email protected] you for using thisapp....
Smart Screen On/Off Auto 3.6.6
Smart Screen On Off application is simple utility toautomaticallyOn or Off screen using proximity sensor and double tapon HomeScreen, instead of having to press the power buttonmanually. SmartScreen On Off have a power head floating in aconvenient locationis also provided to quickly turn off thescreen.Sometimes difficultto press the power button, or you want topreserve the physicalpower button. Smart Screen On Off applicationand the power headfloating can help you minimize the use of thepower button anytime,anywhere."This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission." It isnecessary and used only for lockingthe device when you use featureturn off the screen. You need toenable Administration before itcan be used that feature. Touninstall the app, please open my appand click the "Uninstall"button."This app uses Accessibilityservices." It is necessary andused to detect home screen.Functionhave in Smart applicationson/off screen auto:- Double tap on HomeScreen to turn off screen.-The sensor will automatically detect,and auto power on / off screento help you.- You can disable thefeature when the screen rotateshorizontally.- You can set separatedelays when the screen on / offto avoid accidentally enabled.-Support power to quickly head offthe screen.- Support for usingthe same cover.- Auto screen off whenput your phone into pocket.-Improve best performance. Only use amaximum of 5 MB RAM.GUI TOUNINSTALL:- Open my application. - Clickbutton uninstall.SUPPORT:-Website:[email protected]
Back Button, Home, Recent Button - Assistive Touch 1.3.1
Assistive Button display an float button on your screen, verylightbut powerful. It can simulate the system button like backbutton,home button and recent button. it can also let you pull downthenotification bar quickly.If the physic system button of yourphonewas broken, this app can save your phone. you can clickhomebutton, back button and recent button with this app. If yourhandsis not as big as your phone's big screen, Asistive button canletyou operate your phone with just one hand. if you use yourphonewith your left hand, you can click the back button easiliy,buthome button and recent button is hard to click. if you useyourphone with your right hand, you can click the recentbuttoneasiliy, but back button and home button is hard to youcan click them with one hand.--> System button functionsupportAssistive button app can simulate the system buttonfunction, likeback button, home button and recent button. it canalso pull downthe notification bar. if your phone's physic buttonwas broken thisapp will be best saver for your phone. --> Floatbutton longclick support Long click the float button on yourscreen, it willshow at most 5 function buttons. every button canperform adifferent function. like open your flashlight, boost yourphonewhen your memory is low, call a contact, sms to a contact.andquick open an app.--> Drag and drop support Drag the buttonandrelease it everywhere on your screen, you can put it anywhereyoulike. and press back button, home button and recent button atanytime.--> Customize the action buttons free user cancustomizethe single tap or long tap action. including back, home,recent,pull down the notification, open an app, sms to an contact,call ancontact, open your flashlight, boost your phone.--> Hide15minutes feature you can hide the float button with 15 minutes.itwill automatically show after 15 minutes.
Screenshot Pro 2 1.0
Info: The microphone permission is needed to be able to takevideoswith sound.The times are over, where you had to triggercomplicatedkey combinations just to take a screenshot or a screenvideo. WithScreenshot Pro you can take screenshots and screenvideos with just1 click, share it with any app or crop it.Screenshot Pro is hidedto the notification bar, once it islaunched. That means it isalways and everywhere accessible, nomatter on which screens youare. You can also add a floating buttonto have it accessible evenmore quickly. By clicking on the buttonor the notification you cantake screenshots or screen videosinstantly. All screenshots andvideos are stored in the gallery.That's all! It is as easy asthat!• Screenshots and screen videoswith just one click• Floatingicon• Crop screenshots• Sharescreenshots• Always and everywhereaccessible• Shortcut in quicksettings (for Android 7.0 andlarger)• Autostart after boot ofdevice• Delete status bar fromscreenshots• Choose default actionafter screenshot taken
Assistive Touch Pro 1.8
Assistive Touch for Android What is Assistive Touch? AssistiveTouchis an easy tool for Android devices. It's fast, it’s smooth,andit’s totally FREE. With a floating panel on the screen, youcaneasily use your Android smart phone. More conveniently, youcanquickly access to all your favorite apps, games, settings andquicktoggle. You can use smart clean function to cleanrunningbackground apps, help your phone faster. Assistive Touch isalso anideal app to protect the physical buttons (home button andvolumebutton). It is very useful for big screen smart phone.AssistiveTouch for Android - Virtual Home key, easy touch to lockscreen andopen recent task - Virtual Volume key, quick touch tochange volumeand change sound mode - Clean ram, boost speed, onetouch boost -Easy touch to open your favorite application - Go toall settingvery quick with a touch Highlight Features : Smooth andsimpleassistive phone operation - All the operations can be done byjustclicking or holding down the Easy Touch button with one handSmall& Light - Fast download and installation & it doesn'ttaketoo much capacity Ram Booster - Boosts your phone, frees upmemory(RAM), speeds up your device and saves battery. - Tap Boostto makeit easy to optimize directly from your home screen. Quickaccess toall the apps - Access quickly to your favorite games, appsandsettings with just one touch Gestures - Three gesturesareavailable to make your smartphone smarter! - The gesturefunctionis very special in the apps market. Notifications bar -Getimportant messages and don't miss any updatednotification.Intelligent - With Easy Touch, you can easily operateyour Androidphone with just one touch. - Click on the icon to setyour functionmode in the small floating button. Screen lock - Lockyour phonescreen quick to protect your privacy and data. -Customize theunlock function with your own style. - Easy to lockscreen.Screenshot - Take screenshots & create your ownScreenshotstyle. Weather Report - The Weather Forecast(LocationAuthorization required) makes your life easier. ThemeCenter -Supports DIY theme & new amazing themes are oftenupdated. -Creative theme styles (Keep increasing). Quick settings -Set yoursmartphone quick with your favorite options Customization -You canchange the background color with your favorite color - Youcanchange the Easy Touch icon with many pretty icons, totally free-Gestures Settings for the Floating Panel (One Click, DoubleClick,Triple Click) This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.This app uses Accessibility services.<.b> - CAMERAto turn onFlashlight, not take a photo. - READ_PHONE_STATE onlylisten stateof phone to make app work properly. - BIND_DEVICE_ADMINonly usefor lock the screen function. App does not use thepermission forany other purpose. - We never publicly disclose anypersonal orsensitive user data related to financial or paymentactivities orany government identification numbers, photos andcontacts, etc.Thank you for your support
Afghan Flags Pashto Keyboard 2.0
Afghan Pashto Flags Keyboard bring you another variety ofusingkeyboard . Afghan Keyboard is the most unique and neededkeyboardfor writing something in your mobile . This Flags keyboardincludesfantastic and heart touching flags which you enjoy whileusing suchkeyboard . Such Pashto keyboard is specially design forthosepeople who want to text or writing sms , poetry or lesson andalsosomething in Pashto language and also like and want theafghanflags . Afghan Flag keyboard is recommended on all time oflife.Afghan Keyboard can refresh you any time .No any special timeisassign for using you can use it all time . so install it andkeepenjoy such Afghan Pashto keyboard. And also this keyboardisrecommended for those people who want to text in English formatandalso love afghan flags. So install it and enjoy! ★ How to use?★After double click on icon of Afghan Pashto flags keyboard thenthedialog box will open the following button will appear a) Themesb)Enable keyboard c) Set keyboard d) Setting 1) THEMES ; Thefirstbutton is theme option so click on themes button differentflagswill open then one flag is select at a time 2 ) ENABLEKEYBOARD ;The 2nd button is enable keyboard Click on enablekeyboard buttonand then click on Afghan Pashto Flags Keyboard withthis suchkeyboard will be enable to set. 3) SET KEYBOARD ; The 2ndlastoption is Set keyboard Click on Set keyboard option Afterclickingon set keyboard option you select the Afghan Pashto FlagsKeyboard. So the Afghan Pashto keyboard will be set in your mobile4)SETTING ; The last and the 4th option is setting withthisdifferent option will open every option has differentattributeslike auto Completion , Prediction , vibrate , sound , keypreview ,theme(themes change) ★ Free Features of Afghan PashtoFlagsKeyboard ★ - Flags of Afghanistan on different angle and alsoofnew variety . -Support all flags keyboard themes. -Youcancustomize the afghan keyboard flags . -voice typing produce alotof freshness and such functionality can be made fromSettingoption. ★Languages support:★ Afghan Pashto Flags keyboardnotsupport
Screen Draw Screenshot Pro 1.0
With Screen Draw Screenshot you can draw on every screen ofyoursmartphone and take screenshots and videos. Quickaccessible,always and everywhere! Screen Draw Screenshot is perfectforpresentations, video tutorials or screenshots to highlight textsorimages on the screen. The Screen Draw Screenshot toolboxisindividual placeable per drag and drop. Addtional you canrotatethe draw toolbox horizontal or vertical that you can place itatthe best position on your screen or you just hide it inthenotification bar.Forget the inconvenient steps and keycombinationsto take and edit a screenshot. With Screen DrawScreenshot you cantake screenshots and videos with just 1 click!Activate the drawmode, draw or mark something and click on thescreenshot button.You can share your screenshot instantly!• Takescreenshots andvideos (Android Lollipop required)• Exportscreenshots as pdf• Cropscreenshots• Draw everywhere• Add text•Stroke color and widthselectable• Hide-mode• Always accessible•Individual placeable perdrag and drop (horizontal and vertical)•Undo/delete drawingfunction• Accessible with one click• Add screendraw icon to quicksettings (Android 7 required)• Autostart on bootof device• Deletestatus bar from screenshots
WiFi Mouse HD free 3.0.5
Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard andtrackpadusing WiFi Mouse. it enables you to control your PC, MAC orHTPCeffortlessly through a local network connection.You can relaxonthe sofa and control playing movie in the comfort of yourownhome.What can WiFi Mouse do for you?➢ Wireless mouseSupportmouseleft/right click and scroll➢ Wireless keyboardSupportAndroidsystem keyboard and simulate computer keyboard➢WirelesstrackpadSupport tap for click, two fingers tap for rightclick,three fingers move for drag and drop,and moregestures.➢Handwriting gesturesControl your windows, media playerandpresentation with cool gestures.➢ Computer controllersControlmediaplayer, internet explorer, Presentation, windows, evenshutdownyour computer. WiFi Mouse features: ● Mouse movement andclick●Make scrolling● Android keyboard or simulate full screencomputerkeyboard● Voice to text to computer● ManygesturesTap,doubletap,two fingers slide, three fingers drag anddrop, four fingersslide● Computer applications list and start●MediacontrollerControl many media player applications.●PresentationcontrollerControl PPT, Keynote● Shutdown Shutdown,restart, andlogout your computer● Compatible with Windows/MacOSX/Linux(Ubuntu).Notes:● Please download mouse server and installit fromour official website● Help ustotranslate APP to yourlanguage:http://wifimouse.oneskyapp.comFacebook
Handy Soft Keys - Navigation Bar 3.1.1
This app provides handy soft keys that simulate the threenavigationbuttons: Back, Home and Recent. It is easy to use andrequires verylow permission. It automatically starts when thedevice boots up andruns in the background.The app consists ofTrigger Spot and PieControls that shows up when Trigger Spot ispressed. Both of themare able to fade off automatically when youdo not need it. It canbe easily placed anywhere along the edges ofthe screen by drag anddrop. The location of Trigger Spot can beset for landscape andportrait orientations respectively.Configuration is available sinceversion 2.0 where you are able tocustomize size, color and somebehaviour to suit your needs.Thisapp uses Accessibilityservices.Requirements: - Android 4.1.2 orabove.How to use it:1)Download and install the app. 2) Navigate tophone Settings, selectAccessibility under SYSTEM section;3) On theAccessibility settingpage, select Handy Soft Keys under SERVICESsection;4) Switch thetoggle to ON to enable the service for theapp;5) Start the app byApp drawer icon or restart the device. Thetrigger spot will show upin the middle of the right edge on thescreen; it will fade off inseconds. Tap on the screen or rotatethe device and it will appearagain;6) Touch the Trigger Spot, andthe Pie Controls will show upjust around your finger. Slide yourfinger to one of the threenavigation icons and release.7) Tochange the location of the app,press and hold the Trigger Spotuntil the device vibrates and thenmove it wherever you want bydrag and drop;8) Double click thecentre of Pie Controls to bringup the Settings interface thatincludes two groups of parametersfor Trigger Spot and Pie Controlsrespectively. Some parameters areintuitive. Below list are someuseful scenarios that can beachieved via Settings. Please rememberto press the “Save” buttonif you want to keep the changes.8.1)Change colors: click thesample color to bring up the Color Pickerdialog where you canselect your favorite color and then click OKbutton to confirm theselection. Then the sample color is changed tothe color youselected. After selecting a color for Trigger Spot, itis easy toset the same color for Pie Controls by clicking link“Sync fromTrigger Spot”, or vise versa. 8.2) Set transparency to0%[invisible] to hide the Trigger Spot and it won’t show upunlessits set location is touched, albeit it will show up whenrotatingyour device.8.3) Pie Controls disappears right after one ofthethree navigation buttons is released. But for the Back key, youmaywant to use it several times to go back a couple of pages whenyousurf a website. If so, check “Keep up as normal”.8.4) PieControlscan stay on the screen permanently when the screen is bigenough soyou don’t have to tough Trigger Spot first.8.5) Afterfinding asuitable location for the app on your screen, you candisablere-location function temporarily. Enable it when you want tomoveit again.Limitations: - The app does not includeMenu/Optionkey.How to uninstall the app:This app can be easilyremoved fromyour device completely by following steps:1) Go toSettings;2)Click Apps;3) Locate Handy Soft Keys in the DOWNLOADEDlist andclick it;4) On the App info page, click "Uninstall" buttonand thenselect "OK"
Win XP Simulator 15
Click the "Yes" or "Ok" button to stop the simulation, you willbegreeted with the Blue Screen of Death! "Feel as if you're usingaWindows XP computer with this realistic simulator!" - MALGOW jkHowTo Play: Opening Internet Explorer STEP 1: Click on the"StartMenu" STEP 2: Click on "Internet Explorer" STEP 3: Wait 20Secondsfor Internet Explorer to fully load up IMPORTANT*: Do notclose thestart menu during this process! STEP 4: Internet Explorerwill havenow opened, you can install your apps from here STEP 5:Done!Removing Viruses STEP 1: Launch "Anti Virus" after installingitfrom Internet Explorer STEP 2: Wait 30 Seconds* STEP 3: TheAntiVirus software will now display "Viruses Successfully Removed"STEP4: Done! Using Bonzi Buddy STEP 1: Launch "Bonzi Buddy"afterinstalling it from Internet Explorer STEP 2: Bonzi Buddy willbeginwith a short introduction of himself STEP 3: He will then tellafew (bad) jokes STEP 4: Done! First Easter Egg STEP 1: Clickandopen the Start Menu STEP 2: Click my profile image or nametentimes STEP 3: The first easter egg will now begin STEP 4: Done!
Thug life button 1
Just press the Thug life button !When you just start the Thuglifebutton application and within a moment you will be only a tapawayfrom unleashing some of the loudest, most realisticsoundavailable.Thug life button has been design to be simple, byonlymaking one sound.Thug life button sound funny buttons canmakealmost anything more entertain yourself when you are bored!Yourcan joke with your friends or family with sound effect.Inthisapplication you have to press the Thug life button below tolistenthe Thug life button someone about to say something.Themostrepeated sound, you can listen to it as many times as youwant.Thuglife button features :** Instant Thug life buttonreponse.** Highvolume sound effect.** Real button simulator.Thisapp is brought toyou totally free. It's completely free to useanytime youwant!Yeah!!!!! Have fun and enjoy it !!!!!Get theultimate Thuglife button NOW!!!!!!
Sound Effect DJ 1.13
Play sound effects for every occasion! Is somebody talking toomuchin a meeting? Blow the Air Horn or Whistle and silence them!Did afriend just tell a funny joke? Play the laugh sound and showyoursupport! This popular sound machine is perfect for having funwithfriends or annoying family members. Soundboard includes 69soundeffects and can be customized sound button position. DownloadourSound Effect DJ to your Android phone! We are bringing acollectionof the Best DJ sound effects. Example sound effect inapplication :"Scratching" "Quack Quack", "OH NO!", "Kiss", "FartSound", "Ha HaHa", "Cry", "Cow", Gun", "I Love You", "Yee Haa","Seedy","Gargle", "Crap", "Sheep", "Mix Comical Sound", "PhoneVibrate","Thunderstorm", "Raining" etc. Sound Effect DJ Features: -75 Soundeffects (SFX) - Simple UI and Easy to use - Edit/Swap soundbuttonposition to make a group of sounds you use often. - You canrevertsound button position to our default position by clickingeditbutton and revert button - Stop sound button.
Classic launcher 2018 - Theme, wallpaper 8.0
Classic Launcher 2018 easy to use, stylish and offershigherperformance. A new clean and perfect user interface designwhichgives user to easy and better interactive control experience.Itprovides more wonderful and useful features and variousbrand-newicons which enhance your phone with different styles.Incrediblyfaster & smarter: Classic Launcher 2018 providesusersextremely fast and smarter handling experience with simple,smoothinterface. Elegant look: It is most stylish launcher becauseitunique clean design. Personalization: Classic Launcher2018provides you very efficient and quick personalize experiencewithour different type of settings. we are providing more than10colors which are dominant, more muted, fancy mixing warm andcoolercolors to provide your phone an elegant look. CustomizeScreen: Youcan customize screen by long pressing on icons whichprovideschange app of icon. Easier Access Feature: It provides youveryeasier way to access all apps by just click on apps buttonincenter where you can get full app information and uninstallapp.Weather & Music Player Classic Launcher 2018 provideweatherand music player on your more screen. KEY FEATURES - Youcancustomize icons by long press on it. - View all apps installedinmobile by just one click. - Many Color available forcustomizingbackground color. - Smooth and clean UI. - Easy to setbackgroundcolor or wallpaper of your choice. - Uninstall app byjust longpress on app in app list. - Visbile and invisible statusbar -Change font style Classic Launcher 2018 is highlycustomizable,fast and easy to use launcher for Android. This appprovides youvarious customization features which will change yourandroid phonecomplete look. Say goodbye to the old launchers andadopt a brandnew, Classic Launcher 2018 for better experience. Ifyou areenjoying our classiclauncher 2018 please take a moment torate ourapp.
eCourts Services 1.4.2
eCourts Services • The App provides information related toCasesfiled in the Subordinate courts and most of the High Courts inthecountry.  • One can use this exclusively for DistrictCourtsor High Court or both. By default the app is set forDistrictCourts however you can change to High Court or Both. Sodecide yourrequirements and configure your settings accordingly. •eCourtsServices App is useful to Citizen, Litigants, Lawyers,Police,Government Agencies and other Institutional Litigants. • Inthe App services are given under different caption viz. SearchbyCNR, Case Status, Cause List,calendar and My Cases. • CNR isuniquenumber assigned to each case filed in District and TalukaCourts inthe Country, through Case Information System. Simply byenteringthe CNR one can get the current status and details ofthecase.  • Case Status can be searched by various optionslikeCase Number, Party Name, Filing Number, FIR Number, AdvocateName,Relevant Act of the Case and Case Type. • All above optionsareshown in the App with identifiable separate icons under theCaseStatus tab • Initial search result of case status is displayedwithCase Number and names of parties. • Once link of case numberisclicked current case status  and entire history of the caseisdisplayed with expandable view captions.  o CaseDetailscaption shows information of  Case Type, Filing Number,FilingDate, Registration Number, Registration Date and CNRNumber. o Case Status Option shows information of FirstHearing Date, NextHearing Date, State of Case, Court Number andDesignation ofJudge.  o Expandable view captions  viz.Petitioner andAdvocate, Respondent and Advocate, Acts, History ofCase Hearing,Judgment and Order, Transfer Details can be viewedwhen user clicksany of these expandable captions.  o The“History of CaseHearing” caption shows entire history of the casefrom first dateof hearing to current date of hearing. When we clickdate ofhearing shown in the form of link, it will show businessrecordedon clicked date. o Judgment and Order caption shows linksof alljudgments and orders passed and uploaded in the selectedcase. Linkof the Judgment and order can be clicked to view thesame.  o“Add Case” button can be seen while viewing the casehistory, onthe top right corner “. Any case can be saved with thehelp of AddCase button. Once a case is added, the button changesitsappearance and caption to Saved Case.  • In the optionnamedAdvocate under Case Status, information can be searched byname ofAdvocate or his bar Code. Once Bar Code of any advocateregisteredwith system is entered, it generates list of all caseswherein hisname is tagged with the case.  • Date Case List isuniquecause list option which generates cause list all casesof Advocate listed before all courts in the Complex.  •Litigantor Lawyer can save all cases of interest, which will beshown underMy Cases tab. This helps them to create and managePortfolio oftheir cases or Personal Case Diary for further use. •Today’s Casesbutton shown under My Cases tab provides facility toview onlytoday’s listed cases from all cases saved under My Cases.One canselect another date to see the cases listed on selecteddate. •When case details are accessed through My Cases,  itgivesoption to “Remove Case” • Refresh button is given adjacenttoToday’s Cases to update the information saved under MyCases. • If any case is not updated or refreshed because ofconnectionissue, App will show this information as “connectionerror”. •Cause List option generates cause list of selected Court.• Backupfacility is provided to take backup of saved cases onmobileDevice  o By using Export option backup can be taken intextfile format on device o By using Import option data can berestoredin My cases tab. Facilities like calendar, caveat search,and courtcomplex location on Map.
Photo Image Download All Files 20181127
Core • Search for images with keyword image search service•Powerful image grabber: Search and batch download for allimageswith website,Scan depth multilayer • Twitter multi imagesdownloadInput • Web browser URL to share button to open PhotoImageDownloader start download task • Support input http web pageURL •Support input image keyword • Support input twitter user URL•Support Parse menu to quickly input Config task start •Configimage file size min limit • Config image pixel min heightwidth •Config Web Images scanning depth.web crawler can scanmultiple webpages • Config task download max connectionsDownloading • keywordImage title auto save as a file name • webhtml title auto savefolder name • Support web login download Theoriginal high-qualitymass picture file • Web crawler automaticallyscans the associatedall picture • Use of multi-connect,multi-threaded download thefastest • Does not limit the number ofimages to download • Whenthe remaining disk space is not enough,automatically stop thedownloading task Images list • Whiledownloading the preview imagelist • Associated image list bywebpage sort order • Multi-selectthe images you want to bulk save •Multi-page display thumbnailsand size History task • Support deletepictures feature • Androidother gallery feature • View images fileSave folder path • TaskURL to open the Web browser • Support taskto re-download • Contextmenu to remove previous search ImagesViewer • Zooming capabilitieswith multitouch • See a description ofthe image • Link to see thewebsite where was published • Downloadof images • Share images •Set current images as wallpapers • Giffile animation display •Delete image file Description • This is abulk image downloadersoftware app application. Best speed grabbercrawler download saveall multi picture image from url,from awebsite,from webpage,fromkeyword image search,from google. FreeBatch Image Downloader orpicture downloader or photo downloader orsearch downloader
Smooz Browser 1.13.1
Astool Inc.
Smooz offers a fresh and unique web browsing experience withitsgesture-based navigation, tab manager, customizablegesturecontrols that trigger a multitude of functions. Smooz wasfeaturedon more than 30 media articles in Japan includingTechCrunch,Gizmode, Engadget etc. ●Smooth Tab Operation Hold linkto open itin a new tab. Swipe left and right to change tabs. Swipeup theSearch Icon to close a tab. ●Gesture-Based NavigationGestures canbe customized to activate numerous functions such asopenbookmarks, activate private mode, close tab, translate page,andmany more. ●Private Mode Browse without leavingbrowsing/searchhistory and cookies ●●Main Features●● · Hold link toopen in a newtab on the background · Swipe left and right to switchtabs · Checkother users' comments on the website you are visiting ·Privatemode · Quick access to visit favorite websites faster · Pintabsfor quick and easy access · Tab manager · Close all thecurrenttabs and organize tabs · Gestures ●●Secondary Features●●·Customize gestures to open bookmarks, activate private mode,closetab, translate page, and many more. · Display keyboard andsearchpage on launch · Share websites from share button · Openlastbrowsed tabs when restarting Smooz · Open webpages fromotherapplications in Smooz · Open URL copied from other applicationinSmooz · Search engine options · Search keywords on websites·Translate page · Save ID/Passwords · DeleteBrowsing/Searchhistories · Show, edit, copy and share URLs · Chatbased customersupport ●Media TechCrunch Nikkei MJ newspaper NikkeiBusiness DailyNikkei Trendy Engadget ASCII Internet Watch R25Sankei News ExciteNews LINE NEWS Techjo Nifty news TokushimaShimbun BIGLOBE NewsAmeba News Venture Times Newsletter ● Inquiriesor [email protected]
Gesture Control - Next level navigation
Get the maximum out of your android device! Get rid ofyournavigation bar and learn to appreciate the benefitsofgesture-based navigation. There was never before, a morenaturalway, to control your smartphone. Let the future begin! Whocanbenefit from this application? ▶ Tech freaks, which want tohavethe latest features on their device ▶ People with small handsorhuge smartphones, it is much easier to expand navigation barfrombottom of screen, than from the top. ▶ People with brokenhardwarebuttons ▶ People who use their smartphone with gloves orhaveproblems touching the normal soft keys. The sensor area of thisappis customizable, so everyone can find the perfect size.Currentlythese gestures are available: ▶ Swipe up/left/right ▶Swipeup/left/right and hold ▶ Short Swipe up ▶ Short Swipe up andhold ▶Double tap (Donation/Pro version) ▶ Long tap (Donation/Proversion)▶ Double tap and hold (Donation/Pro version) Currently youcaninvoke these actions with gestures: ▶ Back ▶ Home ▶ Recent apps▶Notifications ▶ Quick Settings ▶ Screen off ▶ Most recent app▶Power Dialog (Power off, reboot on some devices, etc.)▶Multiwindow (Android 7+) ▶ Google assistant (if installed)▶Execute Tasker tasks (Pro, requires Tasker) ▶ Volumeactions(Partially Pro required) ▶ Show information (Partially Prorequired) ▶ Media control (Partially Pro required) ▶ Brightnesscontrol(Partially Pro required) ▶ Launch other apps(Pro required)▶Internal actions (Hide Bar for specific period, hide bar untilappswitch, etc. - Partially Pro) ▶ Power off options, Takescreenshot,etc. (Root, Partially Pro) More is coming soon! In orderto providethe above-mentioned functions, the applications usesaccessibilityservices features. Privacy is important to me. Thisapplicationwill not send any personal data to the developer oranyone else.This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Thispermissionmust only be granted if you want the "Lock screen" actionto beused. If you like my app, I would be very happy if you have alookat the donation/proversion( information about how the app works, please check outthefollowing reviews: (Text -Detailed) have any questions, feel free to contact me:[email protected]
Lower Brightness Screen Filter
Have you ever set the screen brightness to the lowest but itstillso bright? If you feel the screen is so bright and you wanttoreduce it. You need this application called "LowerBrightness"."Lower Brightness" application helps you reducebrightness to anylevel. You can set brightness level from 0% to100% by just openingthe application and choose brightness level youwant. Features -Reduce screen brightness below the system minimumbrightness - Easyto use. Just enable and set the percent ofbrightness level(0-100%) - Auto start after reboot - Brightnessicon on topnotification bar (select notification bar to openbrightness appsetting) - Easy to use. Just choose percent ofbrightness you wantto set. - Small size of application. - Alsosupport devices thathave the navigation bar on thescreen.(home/back button at thebottom of the screen) - Ask forpermission in android 6.0+
App Sharer+ 2.7.6
App Sharer is a perfect application which helps toshareapplications with your friends. Thanks to this application youcanshare applications links and apk files. Applicationproperties★Sharing application' market links, apk files by Email,Dropbox,Google Drive, Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter etc.★ Multipleselectionand sharing feature,★ Caching feature (You can disablethis featureby choosing 'fast share' on settings),★ Clean cache nowfeature,★Used cache size on settings,★ Running selectedapplicationfeature,★ Web sharing feature,★ Blocking web sharingusing cellulardata feature,★ Cancelable sharing.* ResetingsettingsSharingoptions a)Apk and Link: Shares google play store urland apk fileb)Address: Shares only app url c)QrCode: Shares app'sencodedgoogle play store url d)Apk with Expansion files: Sharesapps withexpansion files e)Copy to folder : Selected apps will copytoselected folder f)Copy to folder with expansion files :Selectedapps will copy to selected folder with expansionfilesProproperties★ Sharing apps with expansion files which isapps' sizeover than 100MB,★ Moving .obb expansion files to defaultfolderwith a smart tool★ Ad-free, clean usageBuy Pro: share apps by selecting apps which you want to sharethanclicking 'Share selected apps' or clicking an app thanselecting'Share' on opened menu. When you're apps ready for share,you canshare by apps which installed on your phone like Dropbox,GoogleDrive, Email, Facebook, Twitter etc. or you can share overbluetoothwith other devices. You can cancel sharing on processing.Allsharing options are under the 'other options' menu item.AppsharingoptionsLink : You can share apps' google play market url bythisfeatureQRcode : You can share apps' google play market urlqrcode bythis featureApk and Link : You can share apps' Apk fileand googleplay market url by this featureApk with Expansion files: You canshare apps' Apk files, expansion files and google playmarket url bythis featureWeb sharing : You can share apps by yourown app storeover webExpansion fileAndroid apps have expansionfiles other thanApk file which apps' size over than 100MB. Thisapps could not runwithout expansion file. You must have expansionfile on your phone.Expansion files have obb extension.Movingexpansion file'App Share+Pro' have a feature to open and move .obbexpansion files. After apkfile installed you should install obbfile before open application.When you select .obb file 'App Share+Pro' asks 'Do you want to moveexpansion file to default path?',you should select 'Yes' thanmoving .obb file start. When movingfinished your application readyto start.
Ladybug Keyboard Theme
NEW 2018 version! Try Ladybug Keyboard Theme FREE!★ What yougetwith one of the most amazing keyboard apps, Ladybug KeyboardTheme:★• Customization of your keyboard with an amazing designcreatedjust for you!• A different shape of your keyboard keys andmaketyping easier!• A nice keyboard with an HD background that willfityour personal style.Ladybug Keyboard Theme is one of thebestkeyboard themes for Android, designed just for you! Downloadthisphone keyboard theme today and change the way you typeyourmessages.★ How to install and use Ladybug Keyboard Theme★•DownloadLadybug Keyboard Theme;• Open your new HD keyboard andselect "Setas Active Theme"• Start using the best Androidkeyboard!★ Notice ★This beautiful keyboard theme works with acompatible keyboard appon your Android phone or tablet. If you donot have either of theseapps, you will be redirected to a downloadpage where you caninstall the compatible keyboard and use thisawesome keyboard forAndroid!★ Do you want more beautiful keyboardthemes? ★ Visit ourdeveloper page and download more unique keyboardthemes and otherpersonalization apps! If you like this keyboardtheme changer,please don't forget to rate and review it.★ Share thetop keyboardsfor Android with your friends and family!This themeuses a freefont which can be found UserLicence AgreementRead to findout the conditions for downloading,installing, using and accessingfeatures of this app - PolicyWe do notstore personalinformation. See what data we analyze and how it isused -
Telugu Keyboard Telugu Typing 1.11
Telugu Keyboard Telugu Typing is for Telugu Typing inYourMobile.Now Telugu Typing is Easy with Telugu Typing AppTeluguKeyboard And Telugu Typing.All Telugu Alphabets are added inTeluguKeyboard. Telugu Keyboard is simple to Use.Telugu Keyboardcan beUsed by Any User easily.With The Telugu Alphabets SymbolsAndTelugu Numbers Are also included in Telugu keyboardTeluguTyping.You can switch from Telugu Alphabets to Symbols AndTeluguNumbers by a single shift key click.Shift key in TeluguTypingTelugu Keyboard swap the keyboard Type to Telugu AlphabetstoSymbols and Subwordsin Telugu language. It helps to TypeTeluguLanguage without mistakes completely to get Full wordclearly.YouNeed to Enable Telugu Keyboard after Opening TeluguKeyboard App byClicking on Enable Keyboard button.Then in the NextScreen SelectTelugu Keyboard as Your Default Keyboard.That isEnough Your TeluguKeyboard Setting would be Completed. Now You canStart Typing inTelugu anywhere in Mobile.Now You send Messages SMSin Telugu.Youcan Chat in Telugu Chating in Social Networking withTeluguKeyboard Telugu Typing.
Click Counter Free 1.10.4
Digital Fish
Click Counter is a simple Tally Counter application. Applicableinmay ways. Just press the volume up button to increasecounter.Counter value will last until pressing reset button.Features: -sound effects - optionally decrease button - speechassistant -previous value view - on screen increase button. -animated digitsPlease report problems and suggestions by email.This is free adsupported version. Internet connection permission isused todisplay adsonly.--------------------------------------------------- TallyCounterFull version available now. Benefits of paid version: -ClickableWidget - Save/Load counts function - Share saved counts byemail orother channels. - No ads.
VolumeSlider 2.6.2
IMPORTANT: If the app isn't working for you (especially onRedmidevices), please go into Settings, or wherever you grantyourpermissions, and make sure VolumeSlider is allowed to DRAWOVERAPPS / DISPLAY POP-UP WINDOW / PERFORM SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW /MODIFYSYSTEM SETTINGS. If you still have issues, please e-mail mefirstbefore leaving a negative review. Out of fairness, I willnotattempt to help anyone who leaves a negative review beforegivingme a chance to help.Are the volume buttons on your devicebroken?Are you always hitting the wrong one? Try VolumeSlider, thevolumebutton replacer. Control up to four different volume streams*onthe same screen by simply sliding your finger up or down theedgesof the screen. It's that easy, and bonus, VolumeSlider nowcontrolsbrightness as well. This feature is experimental though,and I willwork to improve it. Please keep that in mind and/orcontact mefirst before leaving ratings based on your experiencesusing thebrightness setting.Find and share me onFacebook:@clownFaceProd*Controlling 2 or 4 streams simultaneouslyrequiresthe ad-free, paid version (just a buck!). Free versionallowscontrolling one stream on the left or right side. Freeversioncontains banner and interstitial ads and will indicate whenaninterstitial ad is about to be shown first.Lastly, to usersandfellow devs, beware a user who goes by "B. Rajan B. Rajan"aka"brcp brcp" aka "br br". He hits you up for a promo code,claimingthere's an error when trying to purchase the app. See theemailsbelow:
Malayalam Keyboard
Manglish Malayalam Keyboard, commonly known as Manglishhastransformed the way people type Malayalam on Android.Join2,500,000+ users who save time using our word predictionsandaccurate phonetic transliteration. Now with Malayalam moviestickercomments. Use these amazing fun stickers in yourconversationsinside any messaging app. Typing with Manglish is thefastest wayto type - you don't need any other Malayalam inputtools. It worksinside all applications on your phone - no morecopy-paste! Starttyping in English and choose Malayalam word forwhat you're typing.The most common words work without internet.Chat with your friendsand family in your native language - useMalayalam on Whatsapp,Facebook or any other app. The only app thatsupports Malayalamdialogue stickers in Whatsapp and other chatapps. How to use thisMalayalam keyboard 1. Open Manglish Keyboardfrom your apps afterinstalling 2. Enable and choose Manglish asyour keyboard 3.Customize settings and choose any of the amazingthemes 4. Starttyping Malayalam everywhere 5. Spice up yourconversations by usingMalayalam photo comments from our curatedmovie dialogue stickersFeatures - Switch between Malayalam andEnglish predictions byclicking on the മ button - Add emojis/smileysin your chats fromthe keyboard. Hold the 123 key or press 123 andselect the emojiicon to get a list of smileys - Click on thestickers icon in thesuggestion bar to open the Sticker/GIF/Emojisection. You can alsouse the emoji key to open this - Malayalamstickers are categorizedinto groups. Click on a sticker to previewit and click Send tosend it in your chat - Scroll GIFs sideways andtouch on a GIF tosend it. You can choose from different categoriesof GIFS Settings- Choose "Vibrate on keypress" to add a smallvibration whenpressing each key - Enable "Insert space after . ,"to add a spaceautomatically after these characters - Enabling"Press space toselect word" will automatically select the Malayalampredictionwhen you press space - Choosing "Edit English onbackspace" willchange the converted Malayalam text back to Englishfor easierediting. Turning this off will let you edit Malayalamtext directlyby pressing backspace - "Use offline predictions" canbe turned offto get only exact matches for what you type. This willneed anactive internet connection to work - Choose a theme that youlikefrom "Keyboared themes" - To remove all ads from the app,click"Remove Ads" and make a purchase. This is a small one timepriceand helps support us Premium You can choose to buy ManglishPremiumfrom the Remove Ads section in settings. Your purchase willhelp uscontinue improving this application and pay for expensestowardsrunning our infrastructure. It's a one time purchase andwill giveyou premium features forever. Typing FAQ - To getഞങ്ങൾക്കും, type"njangalkum" - For ആശംസകൾ, type "aash" and you'llget the fullprediction - To type just ആശംസ, type "aashamsa" andscroll thesuggestions to select it - Some words needs internet towork - youmight have to wait for a few seconds if internet is slowForgetHandwriting Input, Indic Keyboard or other slow manualkeyboards -this is the best Android Malayalam Keyboard and is fast,effortlessand the top rated. നിങ്ങളുടെ സ്വന്തം മലയാളം കീബോർഡ്. Wecollectanonymous statistics to improve your experience - let usknow yoursuggestions on [email protected] Please leavegreatfeedback - it helps us keep going!
J Touch 1.5.5-GP
Guo BaoSen
J Touch is a clean and simple assistive touch button. It has asmallsize(less than 1 MB) , also it has No ADs and onlyrequestsnecessary permissions. You can perform many actions bytaping orswiping the button: * Back Key * Home Key * Lock Screen*Notification Panel * Recent Apps * Move Button Position * Switchtolast App * Quick setting panel (includes Power button,Volumeadjust, Ring mode adjust, Wifi, Bluetooth, Rotation lock,Screenalways on) * Lock Screen(Root required) * Menu Key(Rootrequired) *Close Current App(Root required) Note: 1. To makefunction "LockScreen" works, J Touch needs to use theadministrative authority ofthe terminal. 2. J Touch usesAccessibility Service to simulateBack Key/Home Key/Recent App Keyetc for better usage of phoneswith big screen size. You cancustomize the style of floatingbutton, also there are several waysto hide the floating button.For more detailed info, please refer"Style & Position". Notethat for some bands of phones, somesettings are needed in order torun J Touch properly: #. Grantpermissions "Draw over other apps"and "Auto launch". #. Add J Touchto white list in Power Managerand Lock screen cleanup(if have). #.Lock J Touch in Recent apps.Any suggestions or bug reports, you canpost comments in GooglePlay or contact author via:[email protected] Thanks for yoursupport!
ScreenShot - Capture Screen 1.0
ScreenShoot - Capture Screen for Android with onetouch!!ScreenShoot- Capture screen, Screen recorder , video screenis the simplest andeasiest way to capture, share and edit yourdevice's screen withfriends very fast.Capture screen -ScreenShootRecorder ScreenvideoOne touch button widgetCapturescreen gameCapture screenfacebookCapture screen application andScreen recorderRecorderscreen video ,clip with one touchFloatingwindow / Floating gadgetalways remain on top so that you can startthe recording any time,and even stop too. Also you can pressrecord button from the widgetitself to see the recorded videos.Doyou want to know how youperformed during a particular stage of agame? Then start recordingthe game using Screen Recorder No Rootapplication.
Women Safety 2.5
Women Safety app is the best app to inform and update yourcloseones if you are in an unsafe place. The app is the fastestandeasiest way to update your close ones about your location andotherdetails.With just a tap of a button, the app sends an SMS toapreconfigured number along with your location and a link toGoogleMap. The app also captures 2 pics, one with front camera andtheother with back camera, and a video or audio clip and uploads ittoour server. A link to the pic, audio or video is emailed toapreconfigured email Id(s).There are 3 colored buttons in theappwith different configurations. Just open the app and tap onthecolor based on the seriousness of the situation. If you justwantto update your status to your dear ones, tap on Green button.Ifyou want to stay cautious, press on Orange button. If you wanttoreport that you are in danger, press the Red button.You willneverfeel unsafe with this app. Keep it installed and stayalert!Pleaseemail us your feedback and your [email protected]
Uninstaller - Uninstall apps 1.3
Best, easy & fastest bulk uninstall tool for android,removeapps in seconds, free up space to get more space storage Haveyouever had trouble with uninstall apps when your phone has somanyapps, you was wonder to uninstall apps, how do i uninstall anapp?,how to uninstall multiple apps from phone at once?, … inshort, youwant to delete apps quickly in tick tac, that is thereason oureasy uninstaller app free be here to help you. It is veryeasy touse, you can select multiple apps that you want touninstall, andclick “uninstall apps" button to uninstall them. Easyuninstalleralso supports app search & sort, enter what you wantto searchthe app that you want to uninstall, sort them for betterfindingthe app. The apps has a lot of feature that help bulkuninstallapps to get more space storage Features: - Removeapplicationeasily by single click! select an app then uninstallthis app -Support batch uninstall: Delete an app or delete all appsat once,click “check all” check box, then click uninstall appsbutton -Display application name, version, installation time andsize -Search application by name - Various sort modes (name, date,size,…) - Batch uninstall & bulk uninstall: Get many app removeatonce. - Fast uninstall by one click - List all installed apps-Show app name,version,update time,size - App share with yourfriend- Launch app inside the uninstall app - Cached app list forfastloading - Launching option before decide to delete apps -Increaseyour system performance: of course, your phone will be muchbetterrunning when storage is cleaned and you have more spacestorageDownload app uninstaller now, the best app to clean yourphone, itmake your phone has more space storage by free up space.
All in one Gestures 5.8.6
YS Liang
All in one Gestures allows you to hide soft keys, and controlyourdevice with simple gestures. Just swipe your finger acrossthescreen, and the action you want will beperformed.SupportedGestures:• Swipe from edges.• Double tap on thestatus bar.•Short/Long press on the physical keys.SupportedActions:• Home,Back, Recent Apps, Screen Off, Immersive Mode, etc.•Launch of anapplication or a shortcut.Requested Permissions:•Storage (savingscreenshots)• Camera (turning torch on)• Location(displaying ads)•Device Administrators (turning the screenoff)Note:On Android 5.0and above, it is possible to enableImmersive Mode with keyboardsupport. A tutorial can be foundhere:
OFF+ (Screen Off / Fingerprint unlock support) 1.8.20
Protecting the Power Button of mobile phones from intensive usebyreducing the frequency of pressing physical button.If yourphonedoesn’t have the double click lock built-in soft screen lockbuttonor the leather cover lock, then you may consider using thisAppThisApp is focused on the solution of Nexus Imprint (HTC 10 ormost ofthe fingerprint unlock) issues, it is unlikely our previousversionused a screen lock mechanism which will cause fingerprintunlockfail.OFF+ is a 10 sec soft screen lock, it tries to disablealltouch and button keys events and turns off the backlight thenwaitfor 0-10 sec (depends on your hardware and firmware) untilhardwarelock is activated, it will exit automatically and releaseallpre-occupied RAM and CPU resources.Please don't forget to rateandgive your valuable comments. Your satisfaction is important tous,this encourage us to work harder and better.Improvementsuggestionsare most welcome, let us know what you need and we willprovideupdates as and when ready. :-D
Private Screenshots 1.11.7
IntroSome apps detect when you're making screenshots on yourdevice.They also notifies person, which you're chatting with,about thefact that you made screenshot. Now you can makescreenshotscompletely privately. How it ensures privacy?All filessaved intoprivate app's directory. App doesn't broadcast anymessage about newscreenshot. Any other app can't accessscreenshots directly. Onlyyou can browse them, share or delete.Howit works?App launches'presentation' mode on your device andcaptures whole screen'scontent. It displays screenshot button, sojust press it and appwill save current display's frame asscreenshot.How to use?● PressSTART button● Grant permissions toallow capturing content ofdisplay● Press screenshot button inorder to make screenshot● Pressand hold screenshot button in orderto return back to app● PressSTOP button in order to exit from'presentation' modeWhat else?●Everyone can vote for new featuresdirectly through app. Find menuitem 'New features' and choose theone you need first of all.● App'sshortcut for buttons Start/Stopavailable instantly from Home screenfor users of Android 7.1 andhigher. Other users may add thisshortcut via app's menu.
Torchie - Volume Button Torch 3.1
Turn on/off super bright flashlight / LED / torch on yourphoneinstantly by holding both volume buttons / keys together!It'squick, fast, innovative. It works in screen on, lock screenandscreen off (when enabled from settings). Just works anytime!Itmakes you feel that you have a handy conventional batteryoperatedtorch with physical hardware button access! it's tiny,small, freeand runs silently as a SERVICE. Absolutely no rootrequired!Thisapp uses Accessibility servicesTorchie requires aservice to run inbackground to intercept PHYSICAL VOLUME BUTTON KEYpresses. Since anormal 'Service' cannot intercept Hardware Keypresses, an'Accessibility Service' is needed for this purpose. Itdoes not doanything apart from intercepting Volume Key presses!Ipromise!TORCHIE IS OPEN SOURCE NOW! Get the full source code here: FEATURES:★ Turnon/offtorch / flashlight / LED just by holding volume Buttons /keystogether★ Works in screen on, lock screen, even while screenoff(when enabled from Settings)★ Open Source (Sourcecode:★ Optimized(zero)Battery usage (unless enabled in screen off viasettings)★Standalone torch / flashlight / LED app too!★ Easy,innovative andhandy Material Design UI★ Very light, tiny and small(~1 MB)★ Superfast and reliable★ Brightest guaranteed★ Innovative,simple &handy★ No privacy / security issues★ No Root required★No framework/ plugin required★ No Ads and No spyware★ Completelyfree and everwill be ❤ Donation is available as In-ApppurchaseABOUT THEPERMISSION"...Can observe the text you type andactions youdo..."Alas! It's threatening isn't it? Torchie needspermission tolisten to your physical hardware (volume Button) Keypressesonly.However if a phone has a physical keyboard, it ispossible tointercept every key press (including Passwords etc).But, recentAndroid phones (except Blackberry Priv) have only threehardwarephysical keys i.e. one power button and two volumebuttons.Actually, It is Android's flaw showing this buggypermissiontoyou!,Torchiedoes not have 'Internet Permission'. So it's impossible tosendanything to anyone!Torchie's source code is availablehere You can gothroughevery line of code!Give a second thought please beforegivingNEGATIVE REVIEWSWe aren't a company. We are brothers. We havenoreason to collect anything from you! We made Torchie out ofpassionto make something innovative. So, If you find Torchieuseful,please donate to support us! It'll greatly helpus!:) 1. For Android4.0.3ICS, 4.1 JB, 4.2 JB users ONLYFlashlight / torch / LED mayturn onif you swipe to change volume in volume Panel. (Tip: Disableforscreen on) 2. Screen off will not work bydefaultTorchiefunctionality is disabled by default in screen off,to preventbattery drain. Using in lock screen will notcause/acceleratebattery drain. Advice is that using in lock screenis handyLearnmore: In-app purchases Donate us convenientlyfrom withinthe app.2. Camera Camera and flash are treated as sameunit tillAndroid version 6.0 (Marshmallow)3. Bind to anaccessibilityservice To detect your hardware physical volume keypresses4.Prevent device from sleeping Needed only when enabled forscreenoff5. Control flashlight6. Control vibrationHaving anyissues?Help& FAQ @ aissue @ @
Navigation Bar (Back, Home, Recent Button) 1.4.3
“Navigation Bar” application can replace a failed and brokenbuttonfor those people who has trouble using buttons or navigationbarpanel is not working properly. This app provides severalfeaturesand colors to make awesome navigation bar. It is easy toswipe upand down navigation bar as assistive touch. Key Features: -Autohide navigation bar - Easy to swipe up/down to show/hidenavigationbar - Functions: Home, Back, Recent - Ability to changenavigationbar with background and button color - Ability to setnavigationbar size with height - Ability to Set vibrate on touch -Options tolock navigation bar - 15 Themes Available - Long pressaction forback, home, recent buttons Support command for long pressaction -Lock screen (require Device Administrator activation, Ifyoualready activate Device Administrator and you want touninstallthis application, it need to deactivate DeviceAdministrator first.There will be an uninstall menu in 'Help'section to help youeasily uninstall this application.) - ToggleWi-Fi on/off - Powermenu - Split screen - Launch camera - Openvolume control - Voicecommand - Web search - Toggle notificationpanel - Toggle quicksetting panel - Launch dialer - Launch webbrowser - Launchsettings - Launch this application Note: This appusesAccessibility Services for Home, Back and Recent functions.
Pie Control 7.1.2 Sextans
Easy Interface PieControl! - User shortcuts. - Pie style launcher.-Button savior.* This app uses ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE.*'ACCESSIBILITYSERVICE' are used only for the following functions :- Home - Back -Recent - Show power menu - Show noti panel - Removepiecontrolnotification* The 'ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE' of Pie Controlwill neveraccess your personal and sensitive information.
Downloader for Instagram - Repost & Save photos 1.6.3
Downloader For Instagram allows you to download Instagramphotos& videos in HD quality, allowing you to see themanytime,anywhere. Repost For Instagram makes it easy to repostyourfavorite photos & videos when you find something you wanttorepost on Instagram. NOTICE:Instagram users who settheirphoto/video to private will not show Copy URL link, so pleasedonot try to download these photos. ★------ InstaSave MainFeatures------★ ※ Fast download speed ※ Repost for Instagram ※Downloadfull size photo & video ※ Set photos as wallpaper ※Swiftlyshare to friend ※ Quick access to Instagram app ※Withoutwatermarks. ※ All features are free ★------ How to use------★【Automatic Download】 1. Open app and turn on the button of"autodownload". 2. "Copy Share URL" of photos or videos.3.Photos/videos will start downloading automatically innotification.【Manual Download】 1. Open Downloader app. 2. "CopyShare URL" ,then paste to clipboard on photo/video you want tosave. 3. ClickDownload. Disclaimer: 1. This app is not affiliatedwith Instagram.2. Please do not use Downloader to save photos /download videoswithout the permission of the owners. Respect therights of theInstagram users. 3. Any unauthorized action or repostofphoto/video and/or violations of Intellectual property rightsisthe sole responsibility of the user. ========== Contactus:[email protected]
EazyType Marathi Keyboard 3.2.2
इजीटाइप वापरून अगदी सोप्या पद्धतीने आणि पटापट तुम्हीतुमच्याएंड्रॉयड फ़ोन वर मराठी टाइप करू शाकाल।वाट्स एप्प सारख्यास्माईलीज,एस.एम.एस. आणी फेसबुक वर वापरा, इजीटाइपकिबोर्डवरून।😹🙈🙉🙏🌹🍅🍌🍸🐘🐗🐔🐫💘💗💟💞💛👚💏💐🐠🐒This is a Soft Keyboard to typeMarathion your Phone. You can type easily on any app like Gmail,Facebook,Whatsapp. you can write blogs in Marathi in web browser.Thiskeyboard works as default keyboard in android phones/tablets.Noneed to learn specific Marathi keyboard. Just type in Englishandpress space you English word will be converted into Marathiscriptautomatically. This keyboard provides word suggestions totype in afast way. This Keyboard provides English typing option totype inEnglish. if you want to type in English just press toggletogglebutton to switch English to Marathi or Marathi to English. Ifyourare able to read "नमस्ते" (Marathi text) in your mobile phone,Ifyou can read Marathi text on your phone, you may installthisapplication.Please see video to know how itworks.Installation.1.Download and install this application onphone.2. Open EzyType'sHome screen. there are two button on screen(i) Enable Keyboard(ii) Choose default3. Press 'Enable Keyboard"button and selectEazyType Keyboard to enable this keyboard4. Press"Choose default"button and choose EazyType Keyboard as defaultkeyboard. OR 2. Goto "Setting"->"Language and Input" and tick incheck box onEazyType Marathi3. Go to any text filed in which youwant totype.4. Drag Notification bar (On the top of Screen ofPhone). Tapon "Select input method" Now Select "EazyType Marathi"(On a popup)OR Long press on text field and choose "Input Method".Now SelectEazyType Marathi (On a popup)
Thing Counter 1.6
Thing Counter is a free tool to count clicks like atallycounter.You want to count kisses, sheep, cigarettes, laps,pointsor anything else? This app is just for you!Features:- 100%free ofcharge and free of ads- homescreen widget (multipleinstances andvariable size)- overview of all active counters- labeland coloradjustable for each counter- advanced settings for resetvalue andstep size- click sound (optional)- count with the volumebuttons(optional)- speech output (optional)- history for eachcounter-simple statistical data- landscape modeThis app does NOTrequireany harmful permissions!It just uses the vibration motor ofyourdevice.Have fun counting! :)
Real Tasbeeh Counter 2.2
Real Digital Tasbeeh is a digital version of tasbih / tasbeehthathelps muslims dzikr activity.Digital Tasbeeh Counter Pro (Free)isa simple app which allows you to count/tally any activity youwish.Can be used for Tasbeeh (prayer) or just general counting likeatally counter.Real Digital Tasbeeh should be used for prayingandmaking yourself closer to Allah SWT. As use like a Tasbeeh,thisapplication helps you to count your zikir which is beingdone.RealDigital Tasbeeh Counter stores the value even afterexiting. Idealto use as a Digital Tasbeeh.Tap count button on thescreen to startcounting.Press reset button to reset counter.*Elegant and simpledesing.* Changeable Themes.* Click sounds (can beturned off).*Stores the result even after exiting.* Night mode.(With L.E.D.button)
Marathi Typing (Type in Marathi) App 1.2.0
Marathi Typing (Type in Marathi) app is an English toMarathitransliteration tool. Type your Marathi words in Englishandhit/tap space button. This app automatically converts intoMarathiscript.App Advantages==================* Easy Installation.Starttyping immediately* Easy to WhatsApp share & copy text tootherapps* Light weight app (below 1.5MB)* Consume less mobilebatterypower* No keyboard configuration. Technical knowledge isnotrequired* Simply type Marathi words in English and hit/tapspacebuttonAfter typing your message, hit/tap "WhatsApp" buttonandShare your message to your friends (or) copy and paste yourmessageat your favourite Apps like... WhatsApp, Facebook, GoogleAllo,Twitter, GMail, SMS etc.,If you like this app, give it arating andwrite a good review (Top rating is 5stars).
Volume Notification 0.9.5
Access your device's sound sliders straight from thenotificationdrawer!Featuring quick settings for Android N and adiscretenotification that matches your launcher for Android 4.1 andabove.You'll only notice that it's there when you need it.Thistightlittle app becomes particularly useful when you want to keeporshare any media streaming during a voice call. Or simplywhenaccess to physical buttons is limited. Or you just fancy afulltouch device.But it can also be a life saver, when you needtoquickly toggle that background audio. Never wished you hadit?Well, now you do!This application is open source and doesnotrequire any special permissions.Please feel free to file anyissuesor feature requests. Your feedback is always greatlyappreciated!**All custom theme's supported color names will belistedhere:
S8 Navigation bar (No Root) 1.3.6
*** NOTE: This app not a pixel navigation so if your devicehadsystem navigation. Kindly don't use this app *** Utilities:1.Norequire ROOT 2. Custom Animation3. Custom app blacklist4.Doubleclick, long click, ontouch feature to do something5.Custombackground color6. More style to use7. Custom auto hidenavigationbar8. Resize navigation9. Resize swipe area10. Very easyto use***Require: Android Version >=21 LolipopYou can use it andgive mefeedback. I will improve this app. Please kindly rate thisapp ifyou feel it useful. Thank you and have a nice day.Tag:NavigationbarHome buttonBack buttonRecent buttonButton saviorBrokenbutton*This app uses the Device Administrator permission.It isnecessaryand used only for locking the device when you use featureturn offthe screen. You need to enable Administration before it canbe usedthat feature. To uninstall the app, please open my app andclickthe "Uninstall" button.* This app uses AccessibilityservicesWerequest this permission to:+ Receive notifications whenyou areinteracting with an app to make color auto change and somefeature+Inspect the content of a window you are interacting with.To enablesome feature like back, recent press, etc.# note 8navigation bar,s8 navigation bar, button savior, brokenbuttonPlease be assuredthat we will not collect any personalinformation.
X Home Bar Gesture 1.1.3
1. Introduce* With this app you have 3 thing in one : Notch phoneXstyle, control center, X Home barThat will amazing applicationforyour android phone. It adds an home button at the bottom, top,leftor right edge of your screen. Add X Notch in your screen too.*XHome Bar give you 8 gestures to control:+ swipe up+ swipedown+swipe up far+ swipe left+ swipe right+ click+ long click+doubleclick* With each gesture we can do over 20 features:+ None+Homebutton+ Back button+ Recent button+ Show Volume + Show PowerMenu+Take Screenshot+ Lock Screen+ Show Split Screen+ ShowNotificationpanel+ Show Control Center + Show Quick Settings panel+Open GoogleNow+ Open Google Assistant+ Open Home Bar Settings+Brightness Up+Open anapplication (PRO)+ Volume Up (PRO)+ VolumeDown (PRO)+Brightness Down (PRO)+ Sound, vibrate or silent(PRO)ToOpen ControlCenterQuickly change settings and open apps:WithControl Center,you can quickly access multiple settings and apps.-Airplane Mode:Use Airplane Mode to instantly turn off Bluetooth,Wi-Fi, andcellular connections on your android device.- Wi-Fi: Turnon Wi-Fito browse the web, stream music, download movies, andmore.-Bluetooth: Connect to headphones, car kits, wirelesskeyboards, andother Bluetooth-enabled devices.- Do Not Disturb:Silence calls,alerts, and notifications that you receive while yourdevice islocked.- Portrait Orientation Lock: Keep your screen fromrotatingwhen you move your device.- Adjust brightness: Adjustthebrightness of your display from any screen.- Flashlight: TheLEDflash on your camera doubles as a flashlight, so you can getextralight when you need it.- Alarms and Timer: Set an alarm,timer, orstopwatch, or check the time in another country orregion.-Calculator: Tap numbers and functions in Calculator, justlike astandard calculator.- Camera: Never miss a moment to take apicturewith quick access to your camera.- Control audio: From here,youcan quickly play, pause, and control volume of your favoritesong,podcast, and more.With Control Center Panel, you can customizemorestyle, such as size, color, position, vibration.2. Permissionuse-Permission android.permission.CAMERA to turn on Flashlight,nottake a photo.- Make application can draw over other app - Makeyourapp over lock screen- Request cammera, Wifi state permissiontosupport open camera or quick change wifi state- request binddeviceadmin permission for turn off screen when double tap or longclickaction* This app uses the Device Administrator permission.Itisnecessary and used only for locking the device when you usefeatureturn off the screen. You need to enable Administrationbefore itcan be used that feature. To uninstall the app, pleaseopen my appand click the "Uninstall" button.* This app usesAccessibilityservicesWe request this permission to:+ Receivenotifications whenyou are interacting with an app to make colorauto change and somefeature+ Inspect the content of a window youare interacting with.To enable some feature like back, recentpress, etc.Please beassured that we will not collect any personalinformation.If youhave any problem, kindly contact me at :[email protected] .Thank you so much !
Wave to Unlock and Lock
Do not support Xiaomi Redmi 3S. Wave Lock(Wave to Unlock) is theappuse proximity sensor to lock and unlock the screen by way waveyourhand over the proximity sensor. Protect power button on yourphone.[NOTE] ● The app makes error fingerprint so you should turnofffingerprint before using this app ● This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission to you can lock the screen whilewavingyour hand overlay the proximity sensor ● If you can unlock,pleaseopen settings and enable "Fix Unlock" function to retry ●When wavelock not working maybe wave lock service is killed bySystem orClean Master app. Please try to check power manager onyour deviceI think can it set app in list power save this can makeapp not runstable ● On Xiaomi device. Please try to do thefollowing tip tomake the app run stable: 1. Open app 2. Open recenttask 3. Dragand drop wave lock icon to bottom when wave lock iconwill appearwith icon lock ● To uninstall the app you can click thebutton"Uninstall" in-app or go to"SystemSettings—>Security—>Device Administrators" touncheckAdministrator permission for Wave Lock and afteruninstalling WaveLock app same as normal way. If you can'tdeactivate DeviceAdministrator please try to restart your device toretry or sendfeedback to me to receive more supports. [Feature] ●Supportmultiple languages (English, Vietnamese, Swedish, Spanish,Russian,Greek, Italian, Polish, German, Indonesian, French,SimplifiedChinese, Hungarian, Arabic) ● Wave hands over proximitysensor tolock and unlock screen ● In pocket(Do not turn on screenwhen toput your phone in pocket) ● Easy pause and play appvianotification center. ● Disable in Landscape to avoid lockscreenwhen playing game or watching video ● Allow set sensitivityforproximity sensor ● Set time delay before lock screen WaveLock(Waveto Unlock) app free and very easy use. When to use app ifyou issueany error, please feedback for me Setup and enjoy!!! Ifapp notworking you can use old versionhere: like the app, don't forget rate five stars ★★★★★ orreview.They are appreciated for me. Thank you so much Help us totranslateto yourlanguage: help from translators: Gustav Dersjö - Swedish Gilbertoleomar- Spanish Cuneyt O - Turkish dukenukemf - Russian GeorgeChorafas -Greek eu.lorenzozanni94 - Italian DanieL - Polish ThomasGorzka -German Facebook fanpage: P/s:Communicategoogle+ groups withme Thankyouvery much.
X Home Bar - Free 1.6.1
Want to feel like you go the last iPhone X or replace a brokenhomebutton? This app adds an iPhone X lookalike home button atthebottom of your screen. This new home button is very simple.Justswipe up, left or right to launch a selected action. Theavailableactions are: _Home _Recent apps _Back _Pull downnotification panel/!\ If your device has a navigation bar (Home,Back and Recent appsbuttons) on the screen, the button will beabove the navigationbar! /!\ This app uses the Device Administratorpermission. Theonly administrator policy used is \"force-lock\" andit is used tolock the device when the user has done the selectedaction.Permission : _Read Phone State => Needed (and only used)to loadapplications list because of some manufacturers limitations._WriteInternal Storage => Save screenshots in the device. Thisappuses Accessibility services.\n\nAccessibility services are usedtostart several actions (start multi-task, pull downnotificationpanel, pull down quick settings, open power menu,simulate back).These actions can help people that need to use theirphone withonly one hand to start actions that are not easy to dowith onlyone hand (for example pull down notifications).Accessibilityservices are only used to these actions.
Taskbar 4.8
It comes in handy when you want to launch apps, commonsettings,favorite contacts quickly. Features☆ "Start" buttonTap onthe"start" button to open taskbar. Scroll up/down to launch app.Ifyou add folders, contacts, settings, click on theme toexecute.☆Change start button locationClick an hold for a while,then movearound to change its location.☆ Smart "Start" buttonStartbuttonwill be dimming if taskbar does not open in two seconds. Italsolearn the way you use "start menu" area and taskbar, thensmartlyadjust them for you.☆ Reorder appsOpen setting > Editstart menuitem, then drag the icon in the right and move to changeitemorder. ☆ Hide appsOpen setting > Edit start menu item,thenclick on action bar > hide to exclude apps.☆ CreatefolderOpensetting > Edit start menu item, then click on actionbar >add new to add new folder. Type folder name, select iconand foldertype. Folder type includes:- Applications- Settings-Contacts-Bookmark ☆ Xposed enabled to show natively on navigationbar (softnavbar with AOSP ROM only)This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.
TS Korean keyboard-Chun Ji In2 4.6.5
This is the best Korean Soft Keyboard ever!!(Type traceeffect,Multi tool bar)You don't need to look up and down betweenTextscreen and Keyboard any more.●Try this Hangul 17 KeyLayoutKeyboard!- It's convenient to type with wider buttons.Moreintuitive & simple! No need to learn! Just type asyouwant.●Type trace effect helps you to correct the mistypedlettersquickly!- You can quickly recognize mistyped letters andcorrectthem with visual effects of touching buttons.●Try thisconvenientMulti Tool Bar!- You can type with fun and conveniencewith variousMulti Tool Bar's sub tool bars.Meet an Easier, Simpler,moreIntuitive Hangul Keyboard.You can feel a real fun to type withthevarious auxiliary tools in Multi Tool Bar. ★Main Features*Hangul17 Key Layout*Type trace effect*Multi tool bar - Drag ToolBar :You can Move letters left and right, Delete letters, Movecursoreasily in typed words. - Edit Tool Bar : You can COPY, CUT,PASTE,SELECT, SELECT ALL for the typed words. - Dictionary Tool Bar: Ithelps to type in Korean & English withcandidatewords.*Selective Skin (Basic, Gray, Brown) : No More usethe oldfashioned keyboard layout! It supports 3 fancyskins.*Voicerecognition : You can enter words with your voice.*KeyHeightControl : You can change the buttons' height for your fingersize.*Delete Words with Gesture : Try to swipe from the right totheleft on the word to delete. You can find how easy to deletewords.*Report Bugs : Easy to contact with us, report bugs andyourrequests at Setting's mail to menu.★How to install- Settings->Language & keyboard -> Select 'TS Hangul keyboard'->Long touch at any text input box -> Select 'Input method'on theedit menu -> Select 'TS Hangul keyboard'
Assistive Touch 1.5.9
NOTE: DON'T REPORT BUGS, SUGGESTION NEW FEATURES VIA COMMENTANDRATE. PLEASE REQUEST BUG FIX AND IMPLEMENT NEW FEATURES [email protected]"This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission." It is necessary and used only for lockingthe devicewhen you use feature turn off the screen. You need toenableAdministration before it can be used that feature. Touninstall theapp, please open my app and click the "Uninstall"button."This appuses Accessibility services." It is necessary andused only toperform a global action. For example going back, goinghome,opening recent, power dialog, notification etc. You need grantthispermission to use that action.When you turn on AssistiveTouch,you’ll see the AssistiveTouch menu. You can drag it to anyedge ofthe screen, then tap the menu to open it. 1. To turnonAssistiveTouch:Open my app > Switch on AssistiveTouch.2. Tousemore actions:Go to Settings > Accessibility > Servicesandturn on AssistiveTouch. You can also use AssistiveTouch toaccessyour Home screen, Recent screen and use Back Key. Just opentheAssistiveTouch menu and tap Home, Recent, Back action.Toaccessyour Notifications, open the AssistiveTouch menu andtapNotification. To get to the control, open the AssistiveTouchmenu.From here, you'll be able to do things like turn Bluetooth onandoff, use Wifi on and off, take screenshots, andmore.FEATURES:-Control your device with Assistive Touch menu.-Custom size andcolor Floating icon.- Custom color Assistive Touchmenu.- Andmore.SUPPORT:- Email: [email protected]:https://luutinhit.blogspot.comTHANKS FOR USING MY APPS.
ClickLight 🥇 Fastest flashlight 2.1.0
ClickLight provides the fastest way to turn on your device'sbrightLED flashlight. There's no need to unlock the phone, open anapp,or find a widget. Simply triple click the power button at anytimeto toggle the light on or off. Please make sure the powerbuttonactually turns the screen on and off. The flashlight may alsobetoggled from a widget, a QuickSettings tile, the notification,orfrom inside the app! Please exclude CL from any task killers/memory cleaners! If you experience an issue, [email protected], or use the contact menu option from theappbefore leaving a negative review! Options explained•Double/tripleclick: how many times to click the power button forthe flash totoggle on or off. Triple click is more reliable andwill not turnon when you didn't actually mean to toggle the flash.•Except whilein-call: choose this if you have problems with thelight coming onduring calls due to the screen turning on and offquickly.• Keep inmemory: shows a notification to make the serviceless likely torandomly kill the service. You may also toggle thelight from thenotification! The premium unlock allows you to accessall lockedoptions on all of your devices, forever. The camerapermission isrequired to access your device's flashlight. Commonproblems• Youare clicking the power button too quickly and it isnot causing thescreen to turn from off to on and back to off (orfrom on to offand back to on).• The time interval you have selectedis too short.Your device's screen cannot physically turn on and offthatquickly. The speed at which your screen can cycle may dependonwhat app is on your screen at the time! Want faster updates?Jointhe beta program by opting in at thislink: Matteo RegoliFrench - Anthony KyalumbaLaunchericon( Paomedia ( underlicense( andhas notbeen modified.In-app light bulb icons providedby and have not been modified.