Top 49 Apps Similar to Garth Tyre and Auto Services

SpareRoom UK — Room & Flatmate Finder
As the UK’s leading flatsharing service, we’ve helped over7,000,000people to find their perfect flatmate or flatshare. Withour apps,you can do it all while on-the-go. Suitable for EveryoneWhetheryou’re starting university, relocating to the UK, tired oflivingalone, weighing up what to do with an empty room, or, quitesimply,searching for another flatmate or flatshare, we’re theservice foryou. Unrivalled Choice With thousands of flatsharingopportunitiesto choose from in London, Manchester, Birmingham,Leeds, Edinburgh,Glasgow, and right across the UK, you’ll be ableto find yourperfect flatmate or flatshare. Our PhilosophyExperience has taughtus that flat sharing is as much about thepeople as it is about theproperty. To help you find the best ofboth, we provide unparalleledtools, choice, and support. As aresult, someone finds a flatmate orflatshare every 3 minutes. Help& Support Our award-winningcustomer support team are here tohelp you with your search. If yourequire support, come across aproblem, or want to provide feedback,you can get in touch usingour new feedback option at the bottom ofthe home screen.
Memo Widget (to-dos&ideas) v3.4.12
Looking for an easy-to-use, customizable memo app? ByusingMemoWidget, you can easily create and display memos on yourphone.Try MemoWidget to remind yourself of important events ortodecorate your home screen. * Widget size options 1x1, 2x1,2x2,4x1, 4x2, 4x4, 5x1, 5x2, 5x5 and adjustable widget *Customizationoptions - text size & color, background color,border color -transparent background, text-shadow - bold, italic,underline -text alignment possible (left, right, vertical (upper,center,lower)) * Features - Google Drive backup/restoring supported-share by sending to other apps - available to changedefaultsettings * How to display memo on home screen Home Screen>Press and hold onto screen > Widgets > MemoWidget * Ifyouhave a SD Card installed, the app will not work. *TheDayBefore'sother apps - 'The Day Before' for D-Day calculationand day count -‘THE COUPLE’ to remind couples of special occasions
Calendar - Google Calendar 2018, Reminder, ToDos 1.1.10
Lemon, Inc
"Easy Google Calendar is a free, professional and easy touseschedule planner to manage your business events and programs inasingle app.Easy Google Calendar can connect your GoogleAccountsand can be synchronized to automatically display events,programsand appointments on it .Easy Google Calendar contains allthefeatures that you could find in other apps in the stock,includingDay , Week, Month Views , variety modifies,and connectionacrossdifferent accounts.Easy Google Calendar organises youragendaincredibly easily to increase performance andproductivity.🌟Features: 📆 All-In-One view: Powerful and cleanagendaviewsSchedule appointments and event by using our EasyCalendarthat offers the Day, Week, Month, Year , Agenda and Listviews.🎄Holidays and Festivals:Premium holiday, finance andlifestylecalendarDon’t forget Holidays and Festivals. Your dayswill becomemore special.🎂 Celebrate: Get birthdays from yourcontacts or addbirthdays calendar directly without contactsThere isalwayssomeone's birthday. Write down your friend’s birthday andsend thema message, or buy gifts for them. ✈ Work and life balance:Scheduleyour appointments in different time zones)Easily manageyour dailyto-dos, let alone the schedules that you need to keeptrack of yourschedule.📱 Android widget: Quickly review your dayfrom yourhomescreen You can simply check everyday schedules even onyoursmartphone. 👥 Real time sync: Sync all your current calendarswithGoogle CalendarYou can simply import schedules in defaultcalendarof your phone by a single click. ⏰ Reminders: Alerts ringat theright time & momentSet up reminders with time andlocation toshow your events.🔔 Notifications: Remind you your eventson thehomescreen when necessaryPush notifications simply when youaddingthings on your calendar.😍 Colorful Emoji: Free emojigooglecalendarCreate events with emojiDownload Easy Google Calendarrightnow and start scheduling important events and appointments inthebest calendar app on Android!"
Download the Kevo app for use with the Kevo Touch-To-Opensmartlocks made by Kwikset and Weiser.No more fumbling for yourkeys.Keep your phone in your pocket or purse and just touch thesmartlock to open.Send eKeys to family, friends and guestsfromanywhere, anytime with the mobile app or from the web.Controlaccess by choosing to send an Anytime, Scheduled orGuesteKey.Check Kevo’s history to see lock/unlock events all usersandset up notifications when they come home or leave.TheKevoTouch-To-Open smart locks are available from retailers in theUSA(Kwikset) and Canada (Weiser). For more information or to buyaKevo smart lock, visit for Android is made possible bythesewonderful open sourceprojects:
Daylio - Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker 1.18.1
Daylio enables you to keep a private diary without having to typeasingle line. Try this beautifully designed micro-diary apprightnow for FREE! Pick your mood and add activities you have beendoingduring the day. You can also add notes and keep an oldschooldiary. Daylio is collecting recorded moods and activities inthestatistics and calendar. This format will help you tounderstandyour habits better. Keep track of your activities andcreatepatterns to become more productive! You can review allentries inthe statistics on charts or the calendar and share themwith yourfriends. To make it even better Daylio allows you: ★ Use abigdatabase of beautiful icons for your personalized activities★Explore interesting statistics about your moods and activitiesonmonthly or yearly charts ★ Share statistics with your friends★Customize the names of moods ★ Safely backup and restoreyourentries via your private Google Drive ★ Set reminders andneverforget to create a memory ★ Turn on PIN lock and keep yourentriessafe ★ Export CSV document to print your entries We treasureyourprivacy. Daylio does not store any of your personal data. Theyarefully under your control.
OurHome – chores, rewards, groceries and calendar 3.13.2
OurHome is a new and simple way to organize your family. Kidswillbe motivated to do chores and take responsibility while parentscanreward them for their effort. There’s a shared grocery list andafamily calendar to keep everyone coordinated. And it’s free tousewith no ads and no hidden costs.Key features:- Assign andscheduletasks and chores- Motivate kids with rewards and goals-Viewpersonal progress and activities- Add items to the sharedgrocerylist- Enter events into the family calendar- Send messagesand setreminders- Stay in sync across unlimited devicesATRULYTRANSFORMATIVE TASK SYSTEM.The house is tidy. The pets arefed. Thekids are studying quietly. All this without even beingasked!Whether it’s housework or homework, OurHome’s gamified taskssystemkeeps your family humming.REWARD RESPONSIBILITY.MAXIMIZEMOTIVATION.Motivated kids are successful kids. Byintroducingresponsibility from an early age you improve yourchild’s chance offuture success. With OurHome, your kids buildself-esteem whilecompleting tasks and achieving goals!CHECK THECALENDAR. STAY INSYNC.Calendars keep everyone coordinated, allbatting for the sameteam. With a monthly view that’s actually madefor mobiles, theOurHome calendar is the coordinating companion thatyou can counton.SIMPLIFY SHOPPING. GET ALL THE GROCERIES.Everyonelikesreturning home to a full fridge and a well-stocked pantry.WithOurHome you can easily add grocery items and swipe them off atthestore. Save time in the supermarket and never forget themilkagain.A HANDY TOOL, TAILORED TO FAMILIES.Smartphones are onlyassmart as their software. So it’s about time families had ahandytool tailored to their particular needs. And a tool that onlygrowssmarter as OurHome learns your family preferences.We lovehearingfrom our users. If you have any feedback, questions orconcerns,please email us at [email protected], orvisit don’t forget to like usonFacebook:
Universum - Diary, Journal, Notes 2.32
SPB Apps
Do you want to keep a diary of your own thoughts and feelingsorfinances or brilliant ideas or maybe a story of a trip inphotos?Or maybe all at once? All this can be done using theuniversaldiary. Additionally: ★ Entrance password ★ Fingerprint ★Export toPDF ★ Backup of the diary on SD Card ★ Backup of the diaryonGoogle Drive ★ Backup of the diary on Dropbox ★ Creationofdrawings ★ Recurring tasks ★ Search tool ★ Dark theme ★Black(amoled) theme ★ Screens of detail ★ Calendar ★ Mood indicator★Hashtags This diary is perfect to use as: Classic private diaryDoyou have lots of thoughts every day? Would you like to keepthemjust for yourself? Organize your thoughts and your life inyournotes that you always have with you. Travel journals A traveldiaryor road journal is valuable documentation of a journey.Dietjournal A food diary is a daily record of all food consumed asameans of tracking calorie consumption, weight loss orothernutritional monitoring. Dream journal Or dream diary is aprivatejournal in which dream experiences are recorded for lateranalysisand possibly oneiromancy. Mood tracker Keep track of yourdailymood and routines. It will help you discover causes of yourups anddowns.
Google Keep
Google LLC
Quickly capture what’s on your mind and getareminder later at the right place or time. Speak a voice memoonthe go and have it automatically transcribed. Grab a photo ofaposter, receipt or document and easily organize or find it laterinsearch. Google Keep makes it easy to capture a thought or listforyourself, and share it with friends and family.Capture what’s on your mind• Add notes, lists and photos to Google Keep. Pressed fortime?Record a voice memo and Keep will transcribe it so you canfind itlater.Share ideas with friends and family• Easily plan that surprise party by sharing your Keep noteswithothers and collaborating on them in real time.Find what you need, fast• Color and add labels to code notes to quickly organize and getonwith your life. If you need to find something you saved, asimplesearch will turn it up.Always within reach• Keep works on your phone, tablet, computer and Androidwearables.Everything you add syncs across all of your devices soyourthoughts are always with you.The right note at the right time• Need to remember to pick up some groceries? Set alocation-basedreminder to pull up your grocery list right when youget to thestore.Available everywhere• Try Google Keep on the web at and finditin the Chrome Web Store at NoticeCamera: This is used to attach images to notes in Keep.Contacts: This is used to share notes to contacts.Microphone: This is used to attach audio to notes.Location: This is used to set and firelocation-basedreminders.Storage: This is used to add attachments from storage totheirnotes.
MyDuty - Nurse Calendar 1.10.4p1
It is a nurse compulsory calendarapplication.Vacation/Group/Personal Calendar schedule management atonce!! Nowforget about other things.. "MyDuty" is the prettiest. 1.You canmanage your Duty. 2. You can easily share the registeredDuty. 3.You can easily check the duty schedule with the exclusivewidget ata short time. 4. You can manage the number of vacationdays. 5.Make a group and invite your friends or teammates. You cancheckthe schedule of the group member at once in the width. 6. Agroupexclusive closed notice board is provided. Enjoy afunconversation. But, keep your manners. 7. You can accessthe"Myduty" service through email registration/login. 8. Youcanmanage the personal calendar schedule with Myduty. Awesome!Nowleave the daily lives of nurses to MyDuty. "MyDuty" will taketheresponsibility of nurses' daily lives.
MyRide 1.3.6
MyRide has been created with you in mind, the rider. Theappprovides you with functionality to enrich your riding experiencenomatter the bike you ride. This first release offers you: -trackyour ride and store them under your own account - create aminijourney of your ride by adding the pictures you want during oratthe end of the ride. - Share your experience on social media -Dataon riding features like leaning angle, acceleration, speed,brakepower, elevation - ability to keep a list of all the brandsandbikes you own(ed) and tested Enjoy your Ride!
Rail Egypt 3.3.1
e-Biene DEV
rail Egypt Introduces a service to people who traveling usingEgyptRailway/ Egypt Trains. Easily - Find your Train. 13000+Travels900+ Trains 500+ Stations 50+ Train Lines 5 Types ofTrainsTrolleys Features: - Offline Use. - Multi-Language support:English- Arabic - Many Fields for Search - Fast search results -Keep yoursearch history - Keep your favorites trains - Ability tochangeTime Format (24 hours - 12 hours) - Ability to shownotificationsbefore your favorite trains arrival.
Hindi Status 02|08|18
Keep updating your status on famous social apps with the helpofthis app. This app contains all the contents one must haveforSocial Media Apps only in Hindi Language which includes1]8650+Status Messages with more than 50 Categories2] 3050+ SMSCollectionwith 20 Different Types3] 340+ DP Images available forviewing andsharingKey Features1] Copy to Clipboard Feature2] ShareFeature3]Easy to Use Swipe User Interface4] Guaranteed Update inFutureReleasesDisclaimer: All the contents present in this apparecollected from internet "as is" without warranty of any kind.
Image Shrink Lite
Olive Labs
This shrinking function is specialized to reduce image size attheslightest tap (must be tapped at least once). Multiple imagescanbe resized in one batch. Remove time and location informationfromphotographs to protect your privacy, or save the Exif andGPSposition to keep information in tact when scaling imagesdown.Specify custom sizes and link this app with others to finetune howit operates. Please use the to scale down 4 or morepictures at atime. Note: Reduced images and photographs are savedseparatelyfrom the original images on the SD card. None of theoriginalimages will be edited or erased.
Sprint Mobile Diagnostics 1.29
Something not right with your phone, Sprint Mobile Diagnosticscanhelp keep your phone working at its very best. With SprintMobileDiagnostics, users can quickly and easily performmultiplediagnostic tests on their device.
RightNow Media 2.4.0
The RightNow Media app gives you instant access to thousandsofBible study videos and kid's episodes. Powerful Biblicalvideocontent anywhere, anytime for you and your family! Get thefree appwith your membership to RightNow Media. FEATURES - - StreamvideoBible studies and children's content via wifi orcellularconnection - Search for content using the channel filtersorkeyword search - Use Chromecast to stream the content fromyourAndroid device to your TV - Add / Remove content fromyourpersonalized queue - Set parental controls to keep your kidswithinthe "kids" section - View a list of videos you haverecentlywatched - Receive notifications about new and relevantcontent -View and complete training posts
Fossil Q 2.8.0
FOSSIL Q is the companion app for Fossil's line of activitytrackersand hybrid smartwatches. Receive alerts from your favoritecontactsand apps, compare multiple time zones and track everythingfromsteps to sleep through the Fossil Q App. Turn your hybridsmartwatchinto a remote control with customizable buttons that cancontrolyour music, check the date and more. The best part? Youcancustomize your tracker or hybrid to perform your favoritefeatures.Download now to stay curiously connected (your way). GETNOTIFIED –Know who's calling or texting you TAKE A SHORTCUT –Assign afunction to your buttons TRACK IT ALL – Keep track of yourprogressGET CONNECTED – Start tracking stats, gain access to avariety ofshortcuts and receive notifications on your watch!
Paris 6 3.8.0
Get to know the incredible Paris 6 menus and our unique dishesanddesserts, find our Bistros and conveniently check ouraddresses,contact phones and opening hours. Sing up to getconnected withParis 6 and be eligible for exclusive offers. Keepyour couponsstored in the App and use them in our Bistros to getthe exclusivebenefits.
Amazon Drive
Amazon Drive provides easy access to the documents, music,photosand videos that you have stored in Amazon Drive. Storeyourimportant files in Amazon Drive and keep them secure even ifyourAndroid is lost or damaged. Upload your content to AmazonDrivefrom any computer and preview, share and enjoy it on allyourdevices. Features:– Upload photos, videos, documents andotherfiles from your Android device– Access all the content youhavestored in Amazon Drive, no matter what device it came from–Previewphotos, videos, PDF, text and Word documents– Create foldersandmove files between them– Search for, rename and delete filesandfolders– Download files to your Android– Share files as linksandattachments through email, text message and other apps
Moniusoft Calendar
Moniusoft Calendar helps you manage events in your life. Youcancreate your own notes and set reminders. Your notes are safeonyour device. No one has access to your notes unless you wanttoshare them with your friends. You can use the application evenifyou don't have access to the Internet. Features: - Creatingyourown notes. - Repeating events every specified period (days,weeks,months, years). - Setting reminder alarms. - Configurableremindernotification sound. - Sharing via various channels (e-mail,SMS,Bluetooth, ...). - Importing and exporting your events to afile. -App widget with agenda of the day. - Configurable first dayof theweek: Monday or Sunday. - Customizable appearance.Severalpredefined themes (light, dark and translucent). -Languageselection regardless of the system settings.
To Do Reminder with Alarm 2.68.20
To Do Reminder- “Make life easier” It's a quick, simple and easytouse reminder app. No Stress, Feel Relaxed. It will remindyoueverything!! Memory like a sieve? Now there’s no need torememberall those things that you have to do, because To DoReminder willdo that for you! It’s quick and easy to use; you canset a task inthe reminder list in mere seconds. It's a bestreminder app withalarm. App can helps you to remind - Daily TodoTasks, Meetings,Homework and Assignments, Business Appointments,TakingMedication/Pills, Paying Bills, Policy renewals, ImportantCalls,Birthdays, Anniversaries and many more. It has followingkeyfeatures - Easy and quick to set reminders. - Customiseyourreminder in your own way with repeat options minute, hour,daily,weekly, monthly, weekdays, yearly. - Can set in-advancealerts forReminders. - Can choose reminder alert as Notification orAlarm. -It will remind you with alarm notification with yourfavouritesound. - With Speech-to-Text, no need to type to createanReminder. - Can smartly handle your reminder notification incaseof Driving Car etc for your safe drive. - Synchronise birthdaysandanniversaries of your friends from Facebook, Phonebook,GoogleCalendar, or add them manually. - Post birthday wishes withlovelycards on your friends Facebook wall or send them Wishes byGmail,SMS, WhatsApp. - Daily Google drive Auto backup - With Backup&Restore, you can save all your reminders to SDCard, asmailattachments or upload to Drive. - You can see all remindernotes onhome screen using app widget. - Can choose Day or Nighttheme forgood visibility. - You can set reminders to friends andremind yourfriends to remember something important. With this SendReminderfeature, you can : 1. Set an Alarm for your friends to meetup. 2.Set an Alarm for your husband to buy groceries while hereturnsfrom office. 3. Set a Reminder for your office meetings. 4.Set aBirthday Reminder. 5. Set a Gentle Reminder to a friends whoowesmoney. Important Note - Please make sure that you don't preventthealarms from working with a battery saver app, a task killerapp.These apps always have an option like "Ignore list" or"whiteList".You have to add app into it to allow app to work. Why doesthe app ask permissions to access personal data? Contactaccess -It allow the app to sync birthdays from phonebook and showthat onBirthdays screen Photos / Media / Files- It allow the app totakebackup or restore the tasks and birthdays. Got a questionorsuggestion? Just email us, and we will be happy to help. YOUCANHELP! BY * Give Rating and comment on Google Play. * Like usonFacebook * Join usonGoogle+ page * Shareandjoin on Facebook, Google+ or twitter using thislink keep us motivated to work on new features.You can contactwithus at [email protected] Thanks :)
Power Of Positive Thinking 2.4
Norman Vincent Peale says "The way to happiness: Keep yourheartfree from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expectlittle,give much. Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others.Try thisfor a week and you will be surprised." Power Of PositiveThinkingApp brings you daily wisdom of how to change your life forbetter,every day, day by day with magical wisdom of many greatthinkersThe app has some nice features: - Browse Dailytunes now& setthem as your app tune! - Weekly planner to set differenttune fordifferent day! - Set Daily tunes as Ringtone or Alarm Tone!- Sharedaily card on social network & using other messagingtools -Listen to background music, to create a serene environment -Set analarm to receive daily quote notification - Add Cards toyourfavorites - In app purchase (to make the application Adfree)Download Now & enjoy daily bliss!
Map of NYC Subway: offline MTA 3.2.8
Thryv, Inc
Just the NYC Subway map, no bells, whistles, or othercomplications.From the official MTA sources, you can zoom thesubway map in, zoomit out, and that's all. Very simple and easy touse! Opens to theNYC subway map immediately so you can quicklydecide if you need tohop on the train in front of you, or wait forthe next one. I'vealso tried to keep the size down so anyone caninstall it. This appis excellent for visitors to NYC and longtimeresidents alike.Support indie developers! If you have any troublewith the app,PLEASE EMAIL ME at the address below before ratingpoorly: I'm veryresponsive by email, but I rarely check ratings.Thank you!
Sticky Notes ANIMAL LIFE 1.1.0
This is a memo pad widget of "ANIMAL LIFE". Please tap onthewidget, and you can write memo on it. This application is awidgetfor your home screen and you can enjoy personalization of it.Keeppressing the home screen till an additional menu ofwidgetsappears. Pick out “Sticky Notes ANIMAL LIFE” from a listofwidgets. Let's play GACHA [Capsule Toys]. You'll get cutestickynote widgets. Officialtweets byARTSPLANET
Like4like pro 1.1.02
Watch the video to know more about the app.If you findanybug/problems with the app, please write to [email protected] will definitely try to fix alltheissues as soon as possible.Please rate us if you liked the apptokeep this app alive.
Calendar Notes 1.0.3
An very easy app to save your idea and your notes in a calendardateform * beautiful & simple application withoutanypretension/requirement * add a note, idea, personal agenda,diaryinto calendar * perpetual calendar * swipe left and right tochangemonth * in month view, you can change year by swipeleft/right aswell * backup your notes manually into email or youronline storage( no need to login , you need do this manually ) *optimized app,use latest android design guide and library * smallsize APK Don'tlet your idea gone, write it down with this calendarnotes app !--- App icon is modified version from icon designed byLaura Reen, Icon license : Attribution 3.0Unported (CCBY 3.0)
Ryanair Bubble 1.2.1
Ryanair Labs
We're looking to improve your flight experience with RyanairLabsbeta innovative products.This App will have your mobileboardingpasses for the upcoming flight when you need them.With it,you canalso keep an eye on gate closing time, add fast track,priorityboarding or just manage your trip.Are you still waiting?Downloadthe App and make your trip better.We'd love to hear whatyou thinkabout our updates so drop us a line [email protected]
Ministry Assistant 3.1.2
Lost Pixels
A help for Jehovah's Witnesses in their field service toquicklytake notes and stay organized. It's very easy to keep trackof yourterritories, all your return visits, your service time forthemonth and plan your day or week of door to door ministry.Neverforget a return visit again or be frustrated trying to findyoupaper notes! NOTE: Please send suggestions by e-mail insteadofleaving them in a comment, since I can't reply if Idon'tunderstand what you mean, and the suggestion will neverbeimplemented! Features: * Easily create and generateterritorieswith streets, buildings or rural addresses * Tagaddresses with GPSpositions and see them on a map * Make fast notesof a visit withjust a few clicks * Automatically update visit dates* Create aministry schedule for your service year or month *Shareinformation using NFC * Keep track of return visits, biblestudiesand magazine routes * Keep track of return visits bydate,neighborhood or bookmarks * Send addresses and return visitsas SMSif several publishers work a territory or as data toimportdirectly into Ministry Assistant. * Add time for return visittoGoogle calendar * See statistics over a territory, what timeanddays you've been working there * Keep track of your servicetimefor each month and year, and send the report by SMS or e-mail*Different profiles like pioneer or auxiliary pioneer * Widgetformonth report * Backup/restore easily to never lose your notesifsomething unexpected happens Permissions GET_ACCOUNTSandUSE_CREDENTIALS Needed to be able to make backups to GoogleDriveACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION and ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION Needed forGPStagging addresses INTERNET Needed to use Google MapsREAD_CALENDARand WRITE_CALENDAR Needed to be able to write theappointment witha return visit to the Google Calendar READ CONTACTSNeeded toimport a person or person details from the contacts on thephoneThanks to those who translate!
Compass S8 (GPS Camera) 1.7
Compass with a photo camera is an interesting new appthatdetermines geographic direction and takes a photo in a waythatnever has been done before. With its light and easy set up youcanchoose a direction, direct to needed position save, share themandkeep in built in library.
ANB Mobile 1.9.13
The simplest way to perform all yourbankingtransactions is now available through ANB Mobile. Justdownload theapplication and enjoy a simple, fast and reliablebankingexperience on the move.Login using your ANB NET user name and password or tap ontheregistration button and follow the steps.Through ANB Mobile you can:-View a summary of all your products-View of all your accounts and credit cards-360° view of your financial position-Perform all types of transfers-Add new beneficiaries-Pay and add new bills-Cash transfer from your credit card to your account-Locate the nearest ANB branch / ATM-Contact ANB through phone / email-Share your ANB Mobile experience with friends via TwitterandFacebookNote:* In order to experience the best of ANB mobile banking pleasekeepyour mobile banking app updated to the latest version, ANBMobilerequires OS version 4.2 and above.* ANB Mobile uses the ‘android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN’tostore a few non –sensitive data encrypted on the device. Thesedataare used in application on further screens. For example, westore aflag for IS_TERMS_ACCEPTED if the user has accepted termsandconditions so we do not display terms and conditions to theuserevery time they launch the application.
LOCO Ladoo 4.2
Anti Tech
LOCO Ladoo App contains LOCO - The Live Trivia Game show's twohintsi.e. Ladoo. This app help in winning cash prize in Daily LocoQuizShow. Daily update of Ladoo will be available to users beforethegame. Ladoos will be available to users 15 minutes beforestartingof the game. So, Keep enjoying, keep winning.
Business Insider 2.6.0
The Business Insider app provides you with a fast, free,andconvenient way to read Business Insider on the go. Keep up todatewith the latest news, sharp analysis and insightfulcommentariesfrom around the world and across the spectrum ofBusiness Insiderverticals. * Current news by industry verticals:Finance, Tech,Media, Politics, Strategy, Sports, and more *Exclusively producedvideos, charts, photo slideshows and otherenhanced multimedia *Favorite articles for later or offline reading* Search articles *Share content through any installed app * Viewfull comment streamfor each post We are always working to improvethe overall appexperience and welcome your feedback. Feedback aboutthe app:[email protected] Contact oureditors:[email protected] Thank you for reading! UPDATEDPRIVACYPOLICY: We have updated our Privacy Policy to reflectglobalprivacy standards. We encourage you to read the updatedpolicy infull. By continuing to this app after May 10th, 2018, youagree tothese updated terms. Privacy Policy is
Darts Scoreboard: My Dart Training 2.1
My Dart Training, the training & darts scoreboard app foralldarts players. Training/Practoice on a regular basis isimportantto improve your darts skills. But it is just as importantto keeprecords of the trainings results. This job does My DartTrainingfor you. Keep track with your progress in miscellaneousvariantsand bring your gameplay to the next level by detectingyourproblems and optimizing your play. My Dart Training supportsyou indoing so. My Dart Training is also a multiplayer dartsscorer, forX01 games and many other darts games. Currentlyavailablemultiplayer games: * X01 Scoreboard (two input options-score oreach dart, no Player limitation) * Cricket ( no Playerlimitation)* Highscore ( no Player limitation) * Buetts Eleven *Halve-It /Splitscore * Killer Currently available trainingvariants: * x01(170, 201, 301, 501, 701, 1001) * scoring * roundthe world / clock(options are singles, doubles or trebles) * roundthe world scoring* Challenge Mode (like a CPU Opponent) * Bob's 27* Catch 40 *Highscore * Finishing 50 * Game420 * Cricket (classicand scoring)* Target Training * Halve-It / Splitscore * JDCChallenge *Multiplayer Darts Scoreboard Functions: * save andrestore databasefrom phone * Save and Restore Database on/fromGoogle Drive *Profiles: use different Trainingsprofiles fordifferent Darts orSetups and compare them * Google Play Games givesyou optionally aoppurtunity to compare your results with yourfriends or peoplearound the world. More functions and improvementsare in work andwill be released continuously. (zb: moreTraininggames, moreMultiplayer Games, more Stats.....) Follow onFacebook:
মেসেজ ওয়ার্ল্ড - Bangla SMS 1.1.2
Bangali Apps
Bangla Message World will help you to send sms to your loved oneinBangla & English. From this app you will find amazingmessagesto draw a smiley curve on your loved one.Top Features:-SMSRatingSystem-My Choice option-Text color choosing-Textsizechanging-Sharing through all messengersMessageCategories:-BanglaLove sms-Bangla Eid sms-Bangla Birthdaysms-Bangla New Yearsms-Bangla Friendship sms-Bangla Sorrowsms-Bangla Funny sms-BanglaAdvice sms-Bangla Morning sms-BanglaRemember sms-English Lovesms-English Eid sms-English Birthdaysms-English New Yearsms-English Friendship sms-English Sorrowsms-English Funnysms-English Advice sms-English Morning sms-EnglishRemember smsIfyou keep this app with you then you can easily managedifferenttypes of situation through the year. So, enjoy BanglaMessage Worldand keep your closers happy.
PrettyLittleThing 12.2.0
Need your fashion fix on the move? We got you girl. Shop usingthePrettyLittleThing app for fierce trend-lead, affordable fashionatyour fingertips. The ultimate in fast fashion, with thefreshestlooks in the latest on-trend styles hitting the site daily,there'sno excuse not to keep your #OOTD on-point. With our app inyourpocket, we make browsing hundreds of wardrobe must-haves easyasclicking "download". • Buy straight from our app to getessentialnew season garms delivered straight to your door. • Don'thave timeright now? No worries, add those garms you're going hearteyed overto your wishlist to add to bag later. • Just in need someinspo forthe weekend? Browse our new in collections. • While you'reon yourphone - join our squad and share your selfie with thehashtag#PLTSTYLE. Whatever your shopping needs, get in the knowwith 24/7fast fashion on the go.
My Orange Jordan 1.5.3
Orange Jordan
My Orange is a mobile secured self-care application that offersapersonalized account management experience for Orange Jordanmobilecustomers.You will have a welcome message, a tutorial thathelpsyou to go through the different application'sfeatures.Theapplication allows the customers to check their creditbalance,recharge their account or the account of a friend andmanage Orangeservices subscriptions. .Moreover, the customer canrecharge hismobile prepaid account using e-fawateerkom, by scanningthe scratchcard number or by credit card. He can also subscribe toE-billservice.The application will be GPS-enabled and feature mapforlocating Orange shops. This state-of-the-art application willalsokeep users updated with the latest promotions, offers andservicesfrom Orange. The customer can have a direct link to thee-shop andto the fixed and internet account.Browsing conditions: •User mustbe an Orange mobile customer • Browsing the application isfree ofcharge• Using the application requires a mobile datanetworkconnection
Analog Clock Constructor-7 2.0
Construct unique analog clock to show current time, date, month,dayof the week and battery charge using a lot of options. You canuseit as app, live wallpaper and widget. Features: * Use asapplicationor Live Wallpaper; * Set color for: second hand andbackrgound; *Fast selection of light or dark color theme; * Show:ring, secondhand, date, battery charge; * Use dot markers; * Sizeof the clock;* Align for Live Wallpaper; * Keep screen on forapplication; * Timeto speech by interval: 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60minutes. If no speech trytoinstall: "Settings -> Languages and input -> Speech->Text-to-speech output", select "Google Text-to-speech Engine"andselect "Listen to an example".
New Ankara Styles 1.0
IGI Tech
This application keep users updated on latest CLASSIC ankara styles
Airtime Loadup - Airtime loader & scanner 2.0.0
An airtime loader app(scratch card scanner) to scanairtimevoucher(scratch card), share airtime & recharge yourmobilecredit using the phones camera.This scratch card scanner appmakesthings easy you don't have to type anything. airtime loadupmakesit easy to save your airtime pin codes for future use no needtokeep airtime voucher (scratch cards) in your wallet.Saveyourfavorite USSD(codes eg *131#) and run them with just a clicksavingyou feature typing.share airtime with friends made easy. viasocialmedia, message,email etc and the shared pin codeautomaticallyloads when clicked no need to dial. airtime loadupfeaturesthousands of free HD images that you can set as wallpapersin asingle click. feel free to download the images for yourdesireduse.
Pray For Your Husband: 31 Day 2.0.6
This is an app for Mike Leake's "Pray For Your Husband: 31DayChallenge" seen on Facebook and This is achallengefor wives to pray for their husbands for 31 days and willhelp youput a FACE on praying for your husband: * Focus — I need toknowwhat specifically to pray for my husband or I’ll just keepprayingthe same things over and over again. * Accountability — Ineedothers to keep me accountable and remind me daily topassionatelypray for my husband. * Challenge — I need to bechallenged to godeeper in the way that I pray for my husband. Acommunity of otherspraying will help shape my prayers. *Encouragement — Sometimes wepray for things and God’s answer isslower than we like. We needencouragement to keep praying. Shareyour progress and encourageothers on Facebook and Twitter with#p4h31
Status Downloader and Status Saver 1.14
Jame Infotech
Do you love social media posts including image and videos, areyousocial media lover then whatsapp status video download is therightapplication for you. By using this application you cansave,download any images, videos or post from whatsapp,whatsappbusiness, facebook, instagram and TikTok videos includingmusicallyvideo download that you love. Now its easy to save status,videosof any friends that you love the most. No need to ask him/hertosend it to you. Most exciting features of the application: →Save,Share and Delete your friends whatsapp status. → Delete notusedstatus from long time. → Save, Share and Delete yourfriendswhatsapp business status. → Save, Share, Re-Post yourfriendsinstagram post, videos and images. → Download any facebookvideoand use it as you want. → Whatsapp direct - Send message toanywhatsapp number without saving number. You can also picknumberfrom recent call list. → Now you can download any videosfrommusically → Now you can download any videos from tiktok So thisappis one stop solution for all of your problems and it act asallsocial media downloader. Many more features and settings wearecurrently adding. So keep using the app and help us bysuggestionsand feedback. We love to serve you better. Note: Thisapp is notrelated to and is not affiliated with any 3rd PartyincludingWhatsapp inc., Instagram, Facebook or TikTok or Musicallyapp. Thisapp not use to clone or hack anything, it just displaydownloadedfiles in app. We never share any user data or never useit for ourpurpose. This app is not using any pictures, videos orany othercontent for any other purposes.
SpamBox - Anonymous Temp Email 2.7
• Cannot access a piece of content because you have to log inwithyour email first? • Why do I need to give my e-mail addressjust todownload free giveaways? • Want to try out some new servicebutdon't want to use your real email address? WE HELP YOU KEEPYOURPRIMARY EMAIL INBOX CLEAN! – Just install SpamBox andcreateanonymous email address that you can safely use for webforms, appsignups and any other places you'd like to protect yourprivacy!One-click install, no questions asked! Your SpamBox emailaddressis not temporary like in some other services; your addresswill bealive as long as the app is installed! ✔ FREE, NO ADS ✔ Noannoyingnotifications ✔ Stop Spam ✔ Protect your privacy This appisadvanced, lightweight and AD FREE version of services like:10minutemail, guerrillamail, mailinator, temporaryemail,getairmail, throwawaymail, tempmail, burnermail and others.NOTE:You cannot send email using this application, only receive!
MotoManager by Mr. Tire 3.1.2
Mr. Tire
Get individualized Smart Offers, store car maintenance history,andmake appointments.Get a FREE OIL CHANGE or $25 off yournextservice when you download and complete your profile!MotoManager™is the newest, smartest way to manage your vehicle’sservice withindividualized offers and discounts. **MotoManagerapplication andSmart Offers currently available at selectlocations.WithMotoManager, you’ll find it easier than ever to:* Getgreat SmartOffers you need based on your vehicle - no more spam!*Search fornew tires* Track your maintenance records* Scheduleappointments*Receive reminders when services are due andappointments arescheduled* Locate your closest Mr Tire™ store*Create and edit yourprofileComing soon: * Earn additionaldiscounts* Share MotoManagerwith friends to earn additionaldiscounts* Store importantdocuments like insurance cards,warranties, invoices, registration
Work Shift Calendar 1.6.4
This app is designed for shift workers and for people who needtokeep order in their day to not miss any appointments. Youcancreate all shifts you need and configure them visually, setalarmsand include actions at start/end of each shift, such as turnON/OFFWiFi, switch to sound/vibration/silence mode or setON/OFFbluetooth. Create notes on each day and add reminders withalarms.Do not ever forget appointments or important notes. Create aWidgetfor your desktop and display your calendar without evenopening theapplication. Change your calendar in two ways: - Fast orpaintingMode: Select a turn from the dropdown list and click on theday topaint with that turn. - Edit Mode: Select one or more daysandperform actions on the selected range of days.Maincharacteristics: - Easy to use - Clear Interface - Monthly View-Annual View - Displays the next notes at a glance - Createnotesand reminders - Configurable sound alarms - Createfullyconfigurable shift - Alarms for each shift - Up to two shiftsperday - Performs actions at start/end of each shift schedule(WIFI,sound mode, Bluetooth) - Easily share your calendar withfriends(via SMS, Whatsapp, email ...) - Add images and handmadepicturenotes - Desktop Widget - Up to ten different calendars
Namola is the quickest way to requestemergencyassistance. By using your phone’s GPS location we’re ableto tellnearby responders who you are and where you are.How does it work?When you request assistance, we will call you back immediately.Ourtrained operators will confirm details and dispatch helpfromnear-by police, sentinels or other emergency officials.Emergency contactsAdd up to five emergency contacts who will be alerted wheneveryouuse Namola to request assistance. Emergency contacts will beableto see your current location during an emergency, and canmessageyou and the Namola control room to understand what’shappening andto help you get to safety. Keep yourself and yourloved ones safeby adding emergency contacts today!Give it a try!Download the app and sign up (it’s quick!), and then give it atestto see for yourself.For more information, go to or email [email protected]
Resize Me! Pro - Photo & Picture resizer 1.91
Resize your photos easily with 'Resize Me!' before sending thembyEmail or sharing them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ... Youcando that with just one click, or use the interface to rotate,cropand resize. RESIZE PHOTO - RESIZE IMAGE - CROP IMAGE - PHOTOBATCHCONVERT--- Features ---* Custom size* Easy to use* Keep EXIFtags*Keep GPS data* Rotate and crop* Save in JPEG or PNG format*Set asWallpaper* Share or save the result--- Only available infullversion* Batch resize (resize multiple images)* TextwatermarkFORSUPPORT AND HELP, please contact me [email protected] -----* Launch 'Resize Me!' Open aphoto or take from cameraRotate, crop, resize share or save* Launchfrom your viewer (e.g.Gallery) Select or Open an image Tap on"share" or "send it" andchoose 'Resize Me!' Choose image sizeSelect the application thatyou want to use to open the result*Launch from mail apps Tap onattach button Choose 'Resize Me!'Choose your viewer (e.g. Gallery)Select an image (or a list ofimage) Choose imagesizeFacebook:
Offline Diary 2.1.6
Want to keep a diary, but don't trust it online? Offline Diarycanbe used for a personal diary, work journal or note taking. Youcanuse it keep lists for Christmas, birthday or even groceryshoppinglists too! Features - Simple and easy to use interface -Passwordprotected - Android Material Design inspired - Customthemes In-apppurchases: - Backup/Restore and WordpressImport/Export - Removeads - Several different theme packs
Boost Spot 2.0.28
The Boost Spot application is your one stop portal foreasydiscovery and access to top quality applications, games, TV,musicand entertainment. With Boost Spot, keep up to date with thelatestmobile content, continually refreshed by our mobile expertstoenhance your mobile lifestyle to keep you coming back for more.UseBoost Spot to customize and manage your Boost mobileexperience.Boost Spot is now your gateway to the world of mobileentertainmentand more.
My Ooredoo 6.0.0
My Ooredoo App enables you to take charge and be in control ofyourOoredoo Myanmar Prepaid Account. It is available in MyanmarandEnglish language, 24 hours a day for your convenience. WithMyOoredoo App, you can: • Keep track of your Ooredoo accountbalance• Top Up your phone • Transfer Credit • Buy our packs andservices• Check your active packages • Reserve Vanity Numbers •Access ourValue Added Services • Locate our stores and many more...Getstarted by downloading My Ooredoo Mobile App today and you willbeautomatically notified when new and improved versions areavailablefor upgrade.
Drive Recorder: A free dash cam app
DriveRecorder is a free and car dash camera app which can recordthevideo when driving, and it will give you an extra pair of eyeswhendriving. If this app really helps you, please rate this app toletus know if this app is helpful to you. Current major features:-Support recording in the background - Support recordingrepeatedly -Auto recording once you launch the app - Supportdifferent videoresolutions and file size - Support specifying thevideo storagesize - Support sharing the video to your cloud drive- Supportrecording the driving trajectory - Support the featurewhich cannavigate to the last location in the video - Supportediting videosIf you have any problems or issues to use this app,please go to thebug report page. Note: Wehighlyrecommended that your OS of Android should be 4.0 or higher.In thefuture, we will keep adding more features