Top 49 Games Similar to TOTAL100 Free

River Raid 2.23
The River of No Return!***************************What’suniqueabout this remake of the Atari 2600 River Raid?!1. We usedoriginalmaps of river raid for creating them!2. This is the exactremake ofRiver Raid!We tried to make the exact remake of thisfantastic gamewith its marvelous atmosphere in every possibleaspects of theoriginal game (sounds, graphics, gameplay, scoring,etc.) and addedfew touches here and there, like adding Game Centerfor onlinescores.3. Fly over green areas, Destroy houses and treesand othercool items could be unlock intheshop.***************************Gameplay:Your mission is toscoreas many points possible by destroying enemy tankers,helicopters,fuel depots, jets and bridges before your jet crashesor runs outof fuel. For each 10,000 points you score, you're givenanadditionalfighter.***************************Features:-Leaderboard- Shop- 100original River Raid maps- 6 types ofcontrol- Play with BlackFighter!- Exact remake of Atari 2600 RiverRaid!- This is the realAirFox!- Responsivecontrols-Everyplay***************************Shop items:- Fly overgreenareas!- Destroy hourses and trees!- Destroy with touch!- FlywithBrazil, US, UK, Black, Invisible Fighters!- Double jetspeed;-Double fuel.- Etc.***************************MoreGames:Search thestore for these games.Atari 2600 Enduro, Seaquestand KeystoneKapers!
Just Bones 1.2.15
In Just Bones, you play as a skull of someone who used to be amage.Collect bones and tools scattered across levels to get toteleportsand help him come back to his abode.Game details:- 2Dplatformerwith dynamic gameplay.- Mechanics of collecting skeletonparts.- 4locations and 60 levels.- Free updates with newlevels.ENJOYING THEGAME? HAVING ANY IDEAS? MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEDEV!On Facebook:
AirFox free
Tango Games
River Raid is based on the famous Atari2600,it was published by Activision on 1982.River Raid Android is here to bring back thatchildhoodmemory.*******************************************Bring back your childhood memories!Experience your dads childhood games!****************************************************** Features ************************ Multiplayer game with WiFi** Unlimited game play and maps** Graphics based on the original game** A new Fantasy mode** Swarm leaderboards** Cool achievements** 3 types of controls (Tilt, Retro, Directions)** Autosave & load** FacebookA good game is not always a fancy game filled with 3d monstersandhigh-tech aliens. We believe simple ones are the best. Theonesthat entertained us in the old days and the simplicity wasrelaxingand fun ! They simply make our childhood dreams. Theclassic oldiesthat really never get old.In AirFox, we travel to the 80's and the cartridge games age.Webring you back to that childhood dream of playing anairforcepilot, sent to big missions to defend their country.
Pirate Bejewel 1.4
pirate bejeweldiscover new ways to play the puzzle game forfreeIfyou want to become a fearsome pirate,you need to solvepuzzles. Butit won’t be that easy, you’ll have to conquer enemiesto find thetreasure. Experience endless fun and unique challengesevery day ina beautiful world filled with surprises, explosions,and playfulpuzzles. Combine sparkling gems to earn rewards, createboosts whenyou need them most. Master moving Currents of gems toenhance yourmatching strategy.- Swap the bejewels to match 3 in aline toremove them- Drop the star into the bottom of level to passthelevel bejewel.- Match the bejewel until the boardtransparency,thejewels star will appear.- Make the bejewel down tolast line topass the level.Match three or more Jewels to gainpoints. Collectall treasures before you run out of moves! Unlockthese excitingand challenging levels. Go to your shiny place inthis brand-newmatching experience that takes you far away from theeveryday.
ZXRunner 1.0
ZXRunner - Retro Game based on the classic arcade for theZXSpectrum.- 150 classic levels.- Full custom Conrol.- Customsizescreen of games.
Pirate Match 1.2
pirate matchdownload and join us on an epic adventures ofmatch3Play through level after level in arcade mode where witheachcompleted level the difficulty increases. As you progressfurther,you will travel through a series of different piratethemedenvironments and adventures.You can also play in classic modewithpotentially unlimited game play as you make as many matchesofthree as possible. The concept is simple, slide a piece intoaposition where it makes a set of three or more of the same, anditwill destroy the block behind. - Nice pirates! Masterthedifficulties making super combinations with gems!- Lots ofbonusesand daily rewards will help you to solve all puzzles andcollectall diamonds-jewels.- You can play offline!- It’s absolutelyfreematch 3 game, but you can buy some additional moves or othergamefeatures.
Astra 1.1.8
★ AppAdvice 9/10 ❖ IGN 8.8/10 ❖ TouchArcade 8/10 ❖ PocketGamer7/10★A game inspired by Greek mythology. Astrå is the adventureofHemera, the goddess of daylight. Help her fight darkness,anddiscover the wonders and secrets of the unique Astråuniverse.✔Arcade action.✔ Unique art, music and gameplay. ✔Designed fortouch screen. Simple one touch controls.✔ Auto-runnerplatformerwith space physics.✔ Go explore, solve small puzzles, anddiscoversecrets.★ REVIEWS9/10 "The graphics are beautiful andincrediblydetailed, the music is soothing with whimsical soundeffects, thecontrols feel natural and let you play it with onehand, and thegameplay is challenging." - Christine Chan(AppAdvice)8/10 "Really,Astrå stands out among other orbitalplatformers for its unique artand great feel. But it is a tryinggame"..."that made the successesmore rewarding, and it's long wayto the top, that's for sure." -Carter Dotson (TouchArcade)"Bytaking the tried-and-testedplatforming formula and reducing it downto its very core, Molinahas managed to assemble one of the mostunique, elegant, andbewitching mobile games I've ever had the goodfortune of playing."- Chris Kerr (Stuff)
Catch the bees 1.0.5
Happy Dragon
Manage bee-princess touch on the screen. Collect as many youngbeeswithout losing health. Dodge the red hornets,bloodthirstymosquitoes, and other enemies. The more bees, the morehoney! Donot miss bonus bugs! Features: - Fun gameplay - No viruses- Aminimum of advertising - Nice graphics
Bubble Pet Pop 1.4
Bubble Pet Pop is an exciting puzzle adventure game. Play nowandrescue the cute pets by popping all the bubbles! Download forfreefrom Google Play and explore hundreds of thrilling levelsfilledwith colorful bubbles and awesome challenges. Visit thebeautifulgreen bubble gardens and shoot and pop all the bubbles inarelaxing setting.Charge up with awesome boosters that will helpyousmash bubbles and rescue all the trapped pets. Play and enjoythisawesome puzzle game straight on your Android device.Featuringbeautiful graphics, colorful bubbles and very cute pets.Cleargardens of bubbles by matching at least 3 colors. Play at yourownpace, but be careful – shots are limited. You can earnpowerfulboosters if you make 7 shots in a row or pop more than 10bubblesin a single shot.How to Play Our GameTap on the screen todrag thelaser aiming and lift it to smash bubbles. When you match 3or morebubbles of the same color, they burst and you win points.You canswap bubbles without limit, simply tap to change the color.Tryreaching high scores and earning 3 stars on every level.It’sfunand entertaining! Explore hundreds of thrilling levels filledwithawesome puzzles. Set free all the pets and restore balancetonature.
Onet Classic Legend 1.2.2
Onet or paopao classic legend is a very popular game of the21stcentury, with extremely simple gameplay plus pictures ofadorableanimals but has special powers, but it is very difficult toachievea high score. You have to be very sharp-eyed to find thesamepictures and connect them to just follow the road rules.Onetlegend is a free game, the addition of new features tofacilitatemore consistent with common telephony equipment. Let'splay andexperience all of you.Features: - Automatically savegamescreen at any time (even if your computer has theproblem) -The communist regime handsomely point ^^ - Findand connecttwo identical form by 3 lines - You have 10 timesconvertingscreen when no longer any valid ramp - Image andsound -With 20 different screens, and 10 levels of increasingdifficulty(each time playing all the 20 different screens, the gamewillswitch to 1 new plays with time shortened) - Easily adjustthevolume of the game at will.- Top score Please send feedbacktous to date a more complete game. Have fun
Star Vanisher UUUM [DBZ] 1.1.3
The Super Boss [HIKAKIN] has descended!!!The even moreexceptionallypowerful[UUUMEditiion]!!HAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!(o゚Д゚)r‥‥…━━━━━☆Blowawaythe star with your energy beam!!!★How to play★-Fire your beambytapping the screen!-The part of the star overlapping with thetargetwill be blown away♪-High score for the accurateshot!◆Tips◆Bonus forthe perfect shot?Your energy will become【SUPERBEAM】for the nextstage and the score will double!Earn experiencepoints for levelup!Level up more to enable【FINALBEAM】☆(o`Д´)r━━━━━☆------------------------------------WorldRankingChallenge!- Acquire high ranking admission ticket byachieving highscore.- All seven kinds of authorized ranks! Aim forthe legendaryphoenix rank!- The authorized ranks you’ve acquiredcan be sharedto LINE, Twitter or Facebook from theapplication!ChallengeEvents!- Master all events!AC- Pushnotification for limitedeventnews!------------------------------------(C) AKUNOSOSHIKI
Tank Blitz: Battle City 1990 1.0
79 Studio
This is the Classic Tank game that you played when you werechild.And Tank Blitz will be your ticket of time machine take youtochildhood. Tank Blitz includes almost 100 different levels.Eachbattle is a piece of your memory about the family computer. Itbemade exactly the classic one does, from each block of map.Thejoystick is mod to make you easy to play as it could be. Theruleis not change: You must to protect Phoenix.And then controlsyourTank by using Virtual Joystick to move, must destroy enemytanks ineach level. The enemy tanks attempt to destroy the player’sbase(Phoenix). A level is completed when the player destroys all20enemy tanks, but the game ends if the your base is destroyed ortheplayers lose all your tanks. Features:99 DifferentlevelsGameplaycontrol opt includes the orientation sensor.Tons ofmaps toaccomplish and various levels in the game to test yourattackingand survival skills to the limit.User-friendlyinterface.Don’thesitate! Just download now for FREE and don’tforget to vote forus 5 stars.For Support and latest update, ContactusatGmail:potatosquadgames@gmail.comFacebook:
Evolution of Dogs 1.4.0
The evolution of dogs has started! Do you want to know howthemutation of doggy happens? Dog evolution tap games will showyou!Combine similar puppies and help them evolve! Than mutationwillhelp you to create amazing mutant doggy! As you create moredogs,you will discover new worlds and help mutant dogs to capturetheworld! Each new dog brings more money to his owner, soyouwill became rich very fast! Play fun offline games for freeandmake money!
WAR OF TANKS 2016 1.09
Tank battles!We are ready to become the best army tanks anddestroytanks?If yes, then go ahead!You must destroy the enemy army!comewhat was not!You are the only hope for us.Sit in your tankandgo!Features:★ 63 exciting levels!★ Beautiful 3Dgraphics!★Realistic physics!★ Different opponents!★ boss!★ nicemusic!
Kong Battle Multiplayer 1.0.3
Step into gorilla’s shoes and be prepared to a monumental fightinthe middle of Southern Africa.The aim? Push your enemy from thetopof a cliff toward the abysmal chasm.Unlock special moves bymakingcombos. Who is the boss? Play two players and show that youare theking of the jungle! Features:Single player againstcomputer2players modeSpecial moves
com.elsisi.elfaka 1.0.1
رابط صفحة الفيسبوك :للاتصال:macappdiv@gmail.comبلحه بيلم الفكه في مصرالسيسي بيلمالفكهعبدالفتاح بيلم الفكهFacebook page: Belém in EgyptFakkaSisi Belém FakkaAbdelFattah Belém Fakka
Lightning Duru 1.4
Lightning Duru is a classic 2D shooting game. Players willcontroltwo airships from “X War Office” to eliminate theenemiesencountered in different missions.* Very easy to control.What youneed is to practise your dodge skill!* Two player airshipswithdifferent “temper” - Lightning & Duru.* Different stylesofgame levels with their dangerous enemies.
Piano Tap - One Piece 5
Anime One Piece Piano Tap is developed to fulfil everyone'spianodreams.Don't touch on the white tiles, tap the black tiles tokeepthe song going.If you love piano or music, you will enjoythispiano tap app.All piano lover should download this pianotapapp!DISCLAIMER:Anime One Piece Piano Tap is an unofficialfanapplication.It is not affiliated with or endorsed by AnimeOnePiece, or his record label.This app does not includeanycopyrighted material.The piano melodies are arrangedwithindividual piano notes..For entertainment purposes only.
Ant Smasher 1.0.1
App Menia
Smash ants with your finger in this great game.This is averyinteresting game. It looks very simple, but it's hard to get ahighscore.Are you too annoyed with these little creatures, settledown& relieve all your frustration by killing as many ANT's asyoucan.Game builds up more & more complexity as you play more.Sokeep on playing for reaching most exciting phase.Smash of cointoearn bonus coins and make high score.
Skater Boy Epic Heroes 1.4
This crazy city is being attacked by Distructo-1000, the evilrobot.You have your trusty skateboard and a passion for dressingup assuper heroes. So hop on your skateboard and test your skillsversusDistructo-1000 who has made it his personal ambition to stopyou inyour track. Choose the costume you like and collect as manycoins aspossible on your way. Use the coins to buy new costumes tohelp youon your quest to stop Distructo. Skate as fast as you canand get tothe right speed to do awesome skateboarding tricks. Jumpover cars,get more speed, do air tricks, get more coins, unlockmore costumesand have tons of fun! This game also features: -easytap controls-expertly crafted 3d graphics -easy to learn fun tomaster -coolmusic And its FREE to play with NO in app purchases!Good luck andenjoy!
Guide Hook(鐵鉤船長) 1
This game is the early 90s by the movie adaptation of thearcadegame, also known as "Captain Hook"(虎克船長), "Peter Pan"(小飛俠)and soon. The story of the game background is Peter Pan - PETERPANinorder to save the kidnapped children, call partners to destroytheevil hook captain.
Zak Power Storm 1.0
AzOrO Inc
Game PlayZak run Storm: Pirates Adventure run and jump ofSuperPirate is an adventure game performed by Zak Storm and Friendstopass 4 different islands with different enemies as well.let'splayZak run Pirate Storm: Adventure and jump of Super Piratenow.Gamefeatures- Game with nice HD picture.High quality - Game hasaninteresting challenge.- zak run storm Game has many levels.-Gamezak run storm is fun.- Game jump and rush is free.- Adventureofzak run storm Game.How to Play- there are three button jump,runand rush.- this game very easy to be played.Let's PlayandFun...!!## DISCLAIMER ##All the App name, images, characters,logoand other info are not created by way of us but by means oftheirrespective owners. This app collects guides and get themorganizedin an clean manner for customers to view. This app followsthe"fair use" guidelines by US regulation, if you feel there isaninstantaneous copyright or trademark violation that doesn'tcomplywith inside the "fair use" recommendations, please contactus.
Knock Downs 1.1.8
knockdown is a arcade fun game that is about knocking downthemustache boxes using a slingshot and blue balls.This is alevelarcade game knockdown. It has many unique and interestinglevelswhere you have to knock down all the mustache boxes usingyourlogical and finger aiming skills to complete a levelinknockdown.The physics used in this arcade game knockdown isveryaccurate and amazing arcade . You will surely enjoy it.You canalsozoom in, zoom out and move screen scene to see close look.ifyouare looking for joy fell free to download and enjoy thisamazingknock down s world.
Lovely Pancakes-Hot ham Tower 1.4
"Hot ham tower" is a fun game loved by all age players.You canplay3 cute games.How to playStack the Hot ham in a singleverticalline.Try to stack in a straight line to maintain goodbalance.Throwfast it before a pancake will be blackpancake.(C)Koaya Matsuda
CuText : Generate cute message 1.683
Generate cute message and send it to friends with messengersorsns.All functions are free.★ Various stylish fonts.★ Funny&lovely text effects.★ Text on photo.★ Text on video.★ Text ongif.★Video to gif.★ Easy to use.★ Animation effects.(Animationeffectsdon't work on some messengers or sns).check out the listbelow.KakaoTalk : O (on click) Facebook Messenger : O Facebook :XTelegram : O Tumblr : O Line : X WhatsApp : X WeChat : X Tango :Ximo : X Instagram : X Tweeter : X
AsciiCam 1.2.4
AsciiCam generates ASCII images in real time from whateveryourcamera is pointing at. Choose from black and white, primarycolors,or full colors, take pictures, and share them as images orHTML.You can also create ASCII versions of pictures in yourgallery, andoptionally have ASCII versions automatically generatedevery timeyou take a picture with the standard camera app.AsciiCamiscompletely free and open source.
Moon Phase Calendar 1.12
This application is not only an advanced lunar calendarwithnotifications, but also a valuable source of information abouttheMoon in your chosen location! You can check here e.g. currentphaseof the Moon, the illumination and the dates of subsequentphases.You will also find useful information about the Sun,dawn,twilight, and important phenomena of light.Get interested inourapplication if you are:• a person who is feeling the influenceofthe Moon on his or her body - the calendar of the Moon phaseswillallow you to carefully plan important events in your life sothatthe Moon favors the implementation of your plans! Withthisapplication you will get a notification up to 3 days inadvanceabout Full Moon or New Moon and you will be able toproperlyprepare for this day. In addition, you can observephenomena suchas perigee (the Moon closest to the Earth) or apogee(the Moonfarthest to the Earth) - thanks to this you will know whentheinfluence of the Moon is strongest and when the weakest!•amateurastronomy - view of the compass with the visualization oftheazimuths of the Moon and the Sun will allow a betterunderstandingof the phenomena associated with them (at school,university orduring independent observation). The compass showswith coloredarches the visibility of the Sun or the Moon in the skyon a givenday in the selected location.• photographer – the view ofthe Sunallows you to check when there is a "golden hour" and "bluehour",so you can plan to take beautiful and professionalphotosoutdoors.The most important functionalities of theapplication:-The Moon view with over 15 useful parameters,including the currentphase of the Moon, illumination, rise and setof the Moon, thedates of subsequent phases- The Sun view with over10 usefulparameters, including sunrise and sunset, dawn, twilight,length ofday and night- calendar with a view of the selected monthandimportant parameters of the Moon or the Sun.- compass view isthevisualization of azimuths of the Sun and the Moon (andelevationangle) for the selected location- notification withcurrent Moonillumination and phase name- notification of upcomingFull Moon orNew Moon in advance up to 3 days- widget with thevisualization ofthe current phase of the Moon- everything for youfree andoffline!Permissions:• Access to the network -> access tooursite, information about our other applications, displaying aworldmap, advertising• Location -> automatic location searchInthecase of issues in the application or the idea how to improve it-contact us using the envelope icon in the application or byemailat the bottom of the page.
space fire 9.0.0
Space invaders style game reminiscent games space 80´s
Ant Smasher 1.8
Galaxy Game
Hi and welcome to Ant Smasher game .This is a very interestinggame.It looks very simple, but it's hard to get a high score. It'sbriefrule, Smashing the ants they are destroying fruit, This isachallenge of endurance and your ability, do you want to try?Thankyou !
Rank Insignia 1.3.8
This is the game for every Military Fans!Let's promote yourmilitarybadges.From Private to General,just combine your Insignias& gethigher ranks!* Combine rank insignias to promote!*Collect all rankinsignia from Private to General!* Drag the rankinsignia and Dropit on the other same rank.* Go to battle withyour collectedinsignias!* You can get gold by removing enemytanks, air fightersor battle ships in the combat.* If you achievevarious quests, youwill get rewards.Are you ready to become a fanof Rank Insignia?Visit Facebook on Lucky Chan Games andclickLike.
Stone Throw Black 1.0.1
The most entertaining and lightweight stone throwing fun forall.-Make highscore and compete with the world via real timelivecharts.- Directly compete with friends and random players viarealtime one on one matches.- Simple tap tap gameplay where fewtapswill throw the stone far into the river.Kids and adults, boysandgirls, men and women of all ages can play this game. This isacomplete fun package for family, party, office, solo,school,college whatever is the place, time, location, you can enjoythisgame anytime, anywhere. Go get it now!
DietBet - Weight Loss Games 1.2.14
Perfect for anyone who needs some extra motivation to loseweight,DietBet is the fun way to get fit—and get PAID to do it.It’sunlikeany other diet program, and it works: 96% of players loseweight,and winners take home an average of $58! Not to toot our ownhorn,but one player even said, "This app is the key to weightloss!”Theidea is simple: bet on yourself to lose weight with agroup ofother players. If you meet your weight loss goal by the endof thegame, you split the pot with the other players. Boom! Youjust mademoney getting healthy.You can choose between twogametypes:**Kickstarter: Lose 4% of your weight in4weeks**Transformer: Lose 10% of your weight in 6 monthsWeverifyweight with photos, algorithmic auditing, and a team ofamazingReferees who individually review each weigh-in Speaking ofourRefs, they’re also on call 24/7 to help with any questionorconcern. Whether you join a game led by another DietBet playerorchoose a celebrity-hosted game (inspiring fitness-minded folklikeJillian Michaels and Chris & Heidi Powell), you’llexperiencethe unparalleled support of the DietBet community.Because playerscompete against the scale, not each other, you’ll becheered on byyour game-mates. As one player put it: “So encouragingand united!Woot!”**Featured in: The Huffington Post, ABC News, CBSNews, ThePhiladelphia Inquirer, The Mercury News, Los AngelesTimes, TheWall Street Journal & The New York Times**EnjoyDietBetwherever you go with our app! APP FEATURES • Readinspiringupdates, photos, tips, and encouragement from your gamehost andother players • Easily post your own updates—brag about thesliceof pizza you just turned down, share a great smoothie recipe,orupload a sweaty post-gym selfie! • Read and sendmotivatingmessages • Easily submit weigh-ins • Check yourweight-lossstandings against other players • Find and join gameswith ouruser-friendly game directory • Check your Point balance andcashout in one click • Import weight and other health stats fromAppleHealthkit with seamless integration “I love this app! Dietingis sodifficult when you feel like you’re the only one doing it.…Whoeverthought up this idea, you’re a GENIUS!” “I love themotivation Iget from DietBet! It helps push me to lose weightbecause I reallydon’t wanna lose my money!” “Dietbet is fantastic,you bet onyourself each challenge to make the goal.” “I finallyfound a groupand an app that will motivate me to lose weight. Loseweight andget paid for it. I’m in.” “I’ve had a lot of success onmy fitnessjourney by putting up $$ to lose weight. The community ofsupportis amazing!” “This app is a great and fun way to earn moneywhileshedding those pounds.” “Everything about this app is awesome!Andit completely helps motivate you to lose weight.Highlyrecommended!”
the trip 1.8
Thanks for the patience. This game is a gift for you. Free, withnoads nor in-app purchases. Have fun. TIP: Touch to jump.VERYIMPORTANT TIP: pass BELOW the "suspend/high/taller" VW bus.Youwill do fine.This was my first project using Unityengine.Createdinside a cave by Henry Gosuen based on the Vimeo'sStaff Pickanimation The Trip by Antonio Vicentini.Game Design&Programming (and most of the sounds): Henry GosuenArt&Animation courtesy of Antonio VicentiniMusic courtesy ofBenHantootHave a safe trip.*2018 News*Hello everyone. I'm finallyfineafter the car accident. But now I am paying the bills. Uff.Life istaking a lot of time from me. I am not replying so manyreviews asbefore... because it make me really anxious. Really. Iread yourawesome words, and that burns my DNA to come back anddevelop moregames. Right now I have to focus on this crazy liferoutine. TheiOS version of the game is off because I can't payApple Devprogram anymore. The android version will stay here, butwith nofurther updates. I beg your pardon. Thanks for thecomprehension.Thanks for playing. Try my other game: Space Spacy.:)
Bombuj - Filmy a seriály zadarmo 2.0.5
Sledujte najlepšie a najnovšie filmy online a zadarmo vjednejaplikácii!Watch the best and latest movies online for free inoneapp!
Balloon Shooting HD 1.2
Balloon Shooting HD is a very juicy arcade game withbeautifulscenery and Balloons. 25 Arrows total, more arrows andmoreballoons shoot higher scores, combos will get extrascores.Features- - Precise physics effects.- Beautiful graphics. -No time limit,25 arrows total.- Easy and precise archery controls.-Differenttypes of cool animations when arrow hits balloons.Try outthisballoon shoot game and have endless fun.
Developer: DevTycoon, programmer simulator 0.2.9
You have to go all the way from the usual "teapot" to the richestofthe planet programmers. In this way you will have manyadventures:you will live in the most expensive homes and open youroffice, Youwill take part in a large number of events andconferences, rack upmillions of subscribers in social networks,you will have only themost recent and expensive phone models andthe rest of the equipmentyou require. This is just a fairy tale ofsome sort!Start theprogram now! Create your own games and apps!Earn on their firstmillion dollars!You will be called a programmeror computertechnician, but we then know who you really are. You -thedeveloper! Remember that word.The game is based on real events.
Alias 1.1.0
Game Alias. The goal of the game is to explain to your teammatesasmany words displayed on the screen of your device as it ispossiblefor a limited time. Alias game also known as Taboo.Gatheryourfriends! Split up into teams, select a name.Select a category!Setsof words of different complexity and topics are suitable foranycompany.Score points! Guess words and get points.Win! The teamthatfirst scores the required number of points is the winner ofthegame.
Circle Pong - Ping Pong 1.8
Grupo Mezzor
One simple rule: Keep the ball bouncing inside the wheel.Youcancontrol only the direction of paddle movement just by tappingthescreen. The rules are simple but still demanding.Be careful nottobecome addicted. You have been warned.In short this game canbedescribed as mix of ping pong and squash.
GPS status 1.0.9
This application is a set of several tools that we collected foryouin one complete application where through it you can:1- Knowthelocation of satellites in space compared to your location ,thislocation are Illustrated on a compass in different forms(gpsin acircle form,glonass in the form of a triangle and other formsforthe other satellites......)this forms are colored accordingtosignal strength.You canalso display and hide what youwant.2-Graphic columns which present the signal strength ofsatellites.3-Know the location of the sun and the moon in the skycompared toyour location .4- Sunrise and sunset and disappearing.5-Compass6-The location*Your location in the form ofcoordinates(Longitude,latitude and altitude).*Your location in theform of address (city,country).*You can display your location onGoogle Maps*You canshare your location*You can send the track toyou7- AGPS servicethat Accelerates The process of GPS reform anddetects location.8-Calculation of speed9- Know all the directionsaccording to themagnetic North which is obtained by the sensors ofyour device.10-Know all the directions according to the true northwhich iscalculated by the internet network or the GPS(GLOBALPOSITIONINGSYSTEM).11- Know all the directions with the GPS compassvia theGPS world localization system.12- Know the power of themagneticfield to know if there are overlaps or not.Permissionsneeded:*Thelocation: We need this to show your location orre-determinelocation*Internet: used to get AGPS data
2048 1.5
2048 is played on a gray 4×4 grid, with numbered tiles thatslidesmoothly when a player moves them using the four arrow keys.Everyturn, a new tile will randomly appear in an empty spot on theboardwith a value of either 2 or 4. Tiles slide as far as possibleinthe chosen direction until they are stopped by either anothertileor the edge of the grid. If two tiles of the same numbercollidewhile moving, they will merge into a tile with the totalvalue ofthe two tiles that collided.The resulting tile cannot mergewithanother tile again in the same move. Higher-scoring tiles emitasoft glow.HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to movethetiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they mergeintoone. When 2048 tile is created, the player wins! 8 .. 16 ...1024.. 2048.Completely native implementaion
Super Rummy 2.1.4
Come on! Who doesn't get bored anytime? On the way ,at work,atschool or at home ...Relaxing ,using life,not wasting time...Ifyouseek for these ,the enjoyable world of tiles Mini Rummi isexactlyfor you.Super Rummy is a puzzle game that cater to everyonefor allages ,have rich entertainment ,can be understand easily andyou canalso spend enjoyable times while playing this game.SuperRummy is atotally free game.•You can compare your total score andyour bestscore with your friends connecting by Facebook, GameCenter ,Playstore •At the end of game you can share your scoreboard with yourfriends at any platform you want.If you think thatorganizing andclassifying is my job, this rich entertaining game iswaiting foryou.
Cat Stickers Free 1.0.25
This app includes a lot of cat stickers. You could send them toSNSand other message services. New stickers are available fromGACHA,a capsule toy.If you do not have "Fame Stickers Free" yet,get ithereat
Zombies Crusade 1.1
Zombie Crusade is a gamer into many new game modes, moreattractivethan those of other famous players. Players no longerhave to shootthe items on the map to place the gun again, but playharderlevels, players may only place guns on the default locationon themap. With this new game modes in the game Zombie Crusade,playersmust have a more rational thinking, sharper tactics to buildthebest system for their defense.Zombie Crusade has thefollowingfeatures: Play in offline mode without intenet or 3G.Sharp picturegraphics, spectacular effects attract players.Background music,lively sound. There are many tasks in the currentplaying level12.Also equipped with guns, mercenaries, players alsohave the helpof a free zombie game Crusade as: book looks pricklydraining theblood of the enemy, casting a net slow travel speed ofan enemygroup, sparks draining the blood of a group of enemysoldiers ...
Alex & Co Quiz 3.3.6z
Mettiti alla prova cercando di scoprire i nomi dei personaggidiAlex & Co !!! In bocca al lupo !!!Test yourself trying tofindout the names of the characters of Alex & Co !!! Good luck!!!
Moto cross 2.0
jing jingjie
This is a gravity-based motocross mobile game,players controlthecrazy motorcycle by gravity and speed, and get the finalvictory.*Many levels, each level has different scene settings, thegameallows players to maintain freshness.* Difficulty level, asyoupass one level,the game will be more difficult, it requiretheplayer has wonderful gaming technology, drivingsimulation.*Perfect production, race track, sound effects, options,mapdisplay, bring the most intuitive operating experience totheplayers .* Driving simulation, the player can realisticoff-roadconditions, acceleration, braking, gravity sensor, etc.,andpassthe level!If you like extreme racing games, then do not missthiscrazy off-road motorcycle game!
Scooping Goldfish (Festival) 2.4.2
Enjoy the festive mood by playing traditional "ScoopingGoldfish"game at the fair.Easy method to play1. Touch the watersurfacewhere there is no goldfish and insert the poi in the water2.Movethe poi by dragging it3. Drag the poi by moving the fingerandcatch the goldfish. Aim high score by catching plentyofgoldfishes!
Rhythm Care 1.7.1
dot-i studio
Rhythm Care helps you improve daily routine and stay healthy.Youcan manage many different types of data, Weight,Body-fat,Blood-pressure, Sleep-time, Body-temperature, Steps, andwhateveryou want.FEATURES- Simple & well designed userinterface-Easily to add, edit and delete items- Supports 16 datatypes(number, time, To-do, 5 stars....)- Easy and Quick access-Calendarview (jump to the target date by tapping)- Graphs andCharts-Useful as a To-Do list (Daily or Weekly)- Summary view(showsaverage, min, max....)- 120 icons- 4 theme colorsUSAGE- Tapthecell to input a data.- Tap buttons on the cell to viewdetails-Long-press to sort- Move forward and backward by horizontalswipe-Tap the plus button at settings screen to make a new item-Tap thetop bar to open the calendar view
Waterfall Live Wallpaper 2018
Want to make your phone more special than ever? Just downloadourlive wallpaper app! This live wallpaper app (homescreenbackground) is a free app that has a large collection of HDlivewallpapers. * Main Features of this Live Wallpaper (HomeScreenBackgrounds) ★ ⭐Great live wallpaper effect ⭐Full collectionof HDwallpapers are of high quality ⭐Lots of Free Live Wallpaperstocustomize your phone; ⭐Various categories: Nature, Flowers,Puppies& Animals, Festivals and more for you to choose; ⭐Fastandsmooth while using for setting wallpapers; ⭐New themesaddedweekly; If you are a nature lover, we have waterfall,rain,aquarium and ocean theme backgrounds; If you are a scienceandtechnology fanatic, you'll love our science and tech HDwallpapersand backgrounds; If you like animals, you can find cutecats anddogs or cool lion and wolf wallpaper themes here. Everyonecan findtheir favorite wallpapers and backgrounds with LiveWallpapers(Home Screen Backgrounds). Note: If your wallpaper resetstodefault after reboot, you will need put the app on phone insteadofSD card. ★ Contact us ★ Feel free to contact us if you haveanyquestions or suggestions: