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The Supreme Council, 33° 32.0
The Scottish Rite Journal is the bimonthly publication oftheSupreme Council, 33°, of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,SouthernJurisdiction, USA (the fraternity's governing body). Itfeaturesnews from the world of Freemasonry and the Scottish Riteinparticular, book reviews, and articles on symbolism, history,andpeople of the Scottish Rite. Subscription is free and opentoall.This application is powered by GTxcel, a leader indigitalpublishing technology, provider of hundreds of onlinedigitalpublications and mobile magazine apps.
My Freemasonry 7.1.197
Blake Bowden
The My Freemasonry Mobile App grants you full access to theMyFreemasonry website and discussion forum. Join over 16,000fellowFreemasons as they share upcoming Masonic events,educationalpapers, photos and more! Popular Discussion ForumsInclude:-Masonic Events- Becoming a Freemason- EmploymentOpportunities-Famous Freemasons- Masonic Jurisprudence- Masons inthe Military-Prince Hall Freemasonry- Sickness and Distress- TheTravelingFreemason- Voting Booth- Order of the Easter Star-Scottish Rite-Shrine- York Rite- Masonic Youth Organizations-Masonic EducationLibrary - Frequently Asked Questions- Masonic NewsFeeds- MasonicMultimedia Library- Poetry and Words of Wisdom-Philosophy,Religion and Spirituality
The Scottish Rite 6.5
This is the official app of the Scottish Rite, NorthernMasonicJurisdiction, for Freemasonry. This app was inspired inorder toprovide Scottish Rite Masons with convenient andenjoyableexperiences. We hope that you will use this app to furtherandstrengthen the ties that bond Freemasons into one band ofbrothers.
SR Chirp 8.3.6
The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry—Southern Jurisdiction is makinganew tool available exclusively to Scottish Rite Masons, known asSRChirp. This is a personal communication and messaging utilitywhichoperates as a mobile phone application and is unique totheScottish Rite.Maintaining meaningful personal communicationsintoday's fast-paced and technology intense day can bechallenging.Smartphones are everywhere, and a variety or servicesincludingFacebook, Twitter, and text messaging make keeping intouchpossible using many different methods.Each populartechnologyprovides benefits as well as challenges. With so muchinformationavailable to us, it's often hard to keep track of someof themessages that are most important.The name “Chirp” wasselected bythe application's developer, which has otherbusiness-to-consumerprojects apart from the Scottish Rite. SR Chirpmessages are knownas “Chirps.” Using the application, Scottish Ritemembers may“Chirp” to each other and share their experiences,day-to-dayinteractions and thoughts, updates from their localValleys andOrients, or simply stay connected throughout thejurisdiction.Theapplication enables Scottish Rite Masons to quicklyandconveniently communicate and interact. Although SR Chirp issimilarto text messaging in some ways, because SR Chirp is usableonly byScottish Rite members, it becomes simple to separatecommunicationswith brothers from the sometimes overwhelming numberof messagingthat are part of our personal and business lives.SRChirp usersalso customize the messages that they desire to see. Auser mightelect to view only messages from his own Valley, or mightdecide toreach out to another Valley where he is traveling. Becausetheapplication is location-aware, users can elect to see messagesandinteract with other users easily and conveniently wherevertheyare—and not see messages from locations or Valleys that are notofimmediate interest.Installation is simple and registrationrequiresonly that you confirm your membership and create a user IDthroughthe portal if you have not already doneso.Activation instructions are included with theapplicationinstallation.Please download SR Chirp and be part of theon-lineand mobile community. We're looking forward togettingacquainted!Not A Freemason?SR Chirp is available only toScottishRite Masons. For more information about Freemasonry andtheopportunities available through membership, pleaseclickhere: Rite Mason?There's more to Masonry than threedegrees.Please click here to learn more about ScottishRiteMasonry:
SR Player (Video Player) 3.0.2
SR Player - The perfect way to enjoy movies &videos.Considerbuying Pro version of this application to enjoy Adsfree videoexperience and get unlimited access to advancedfeatures( SCENES:Split your videos into sub-clips andplay eachsub-clip separately as if it is a completely differentvideo thatexists in your device. Watch only specific scenes youlike the most(action, comedy, romantic, songs etc.) withoutplaying the fullvideo and going through the pain of seeking toyour favoritescene.HOME SCREEN WIDGET:Play all your videos fromHome screenwithout ever opening the application. With widget, allyour videosare listed and accessible from home screen.POPUP(FLOATING)PLAYER:Play videos in small popup mode. Now you can dootheractivities (chat with friends, shop online etc.) whileenjoying yourvideo.BACKGROUND PLAYER:Play videos in background asaudio only.Best for listening to video songs, long speeches etc.inbackground.PLAYLIST:Create your own playlist of videos.Separateyour favorite videos based on categories of your choices sothatyou can find them easily later.VOLUME & BRIGHTNESSCONTROLTHROUGH GESTURE:Keep volume and brightness control atyourfingertips. Apply appropriate gestures to changecontrols.SMOOTHONLINE STREAMING:Play online videos smoothly withoutaudio &video sync problem.BOOKMARKS:Now you can createbookmarks foronline videos. Play bookmarked videos directly from'Bookmark'section without searching it online again. FAVORITES:Markvideosyou like as favorite so that you can find them easily later.Accessall your favorite videos from 'Favorite' playlist.NIGHTMODE:Wecare for your health. With night mode, you can exploreyourfavorite videos in low light or in complete dark withhighestcomfort.SEARCH , SHARE , DELETE, SUBTITLES (API 4.1 &above)AND MUCH MORE.
Lovebird chirping Master 4.0
Aditya App
Master Lovebird application contains a collection Chirpingchirpingsound to Masteran Lovebird order Rings with beautiful andcontainssome maintenance tips Lovebird. With this application youcan trainyour pet bird or just listen to the melodious sound ofbirds andprovides some tips for caring for your pet bird.Featureapplications: - Play the sound of birdsong Lovebird - Ringtones,sms, contacts and alarm (long press on mp3) - Care Tips,ChoosingBird, Distinguishing Gender Lovebird - Stop, Shuffle,Repeat -Content can be shared in the Application Features ShareThisapplication does not Requires Internet connection(Offline)Download Right Now and Wait for Further Reform Thank you
Blog Maçonnique d'un jeune franc-maçon sur la Franc-Maçonnerie-Actualités maçonniques, ésotérismes, spiritualités.Masonic blogofa young Mason on Freemasonry - Masonic News,esoteric,spirituality.
LoveBird Bird's chirp 1.2
A lovebird is one of nine species of the genus Agapornis(Greek:αγάπη agape 'love'; όρνις ornis 'bird'). They are a socialandaffectionate small parrot. Eight species are native to theAfricancontinent, and the grey-headed lovebird is native toMadagascar.Their name stems from the parrots' strong, monogamouspair bondingand the long periods which paired birds spend sittingtogether.Lovebirds live in small flocks and eat fruit, vegetables,grassesand seed. Black-winged lovebirds also eat insects and figs,and theblack-collared lovebirds have a special dietary requirementfornative figs, making them problematic to keep in captivity.★JoojleApplication ★
Learn Japanese Offline 2.2
You want a handbook of essential phrases, sentences ! containsover1000 commonly-used Japanese phrases and vocabularies fortravellersand beginners in 18 categories. + Greetings + GeneralConversation+ Numbers + Time and Date + Directions & Places+Transportation + Accommodation + Eating out + Shopping + Colours+Cities & Towns + Countries + Tourist & Attractions +Family+ Dating <3 + Emergency + Sickness + Tongue Twistersnativepronunciation App completely offline. No require internet tolearnSearch by Japanese or English Save your favourite sentencesforreview later When you travel, business to Japan, don't forgetthisapp
Learn French Easily 3.2
This application allows you to learn the French language andimproveyour level of communication, your grammar and possiblydiscover newwords in French. To improve your communication inFrench in agenuine way, you are offered a list of more than 200courses(Conjugation, Grammar, spelling, Lexicon, writtenexpression,pronunciation ...), that you can find them in severalcategories.Very simple to use with a beautiful design, you will beable tolearn at least one lesson a day and especially apply it.Features: -More than 200 French lessons. - Search for lessons bycategory. -Share and Send by all social networks (WhatsApp,Facebook, SMS ...)- Lesson of the day at the preset time. Severalcategories areavailable: - Conjugation - Grammar - spelling -Lexicon - Writtenexpression - Idiomatic expressions -Pronunciation - Dialogues andconversations
Learn English Daily 8.6
"Learn English Daily" is a free application for learning tospeakEnglish. "Learn English Daily" contains lessons that givespecialattention to English pronunciation and everyday language.►LISTENING: - Listening to thousand English phrases bynativespeaker ► SPEAKING: - Try to speak common sentences everydaywillhelp you improve your english speaking "Learn EnglishDaily"include: - A hundred Common English Conversions -ThousandEssential Phrases and Words - Online lessons - Translationto mostcommon languages. Bookmark, Notification, Search...will helpyoukeep learning English frequently.
SR Time 15.0
SR Time News App - Stay tuned for latest updates
California Freemason magazine 32.0
Enjoy the California Freemason in a format that’s as mobile asyouare.California Freemason, the bimonthly member magazine fortheMasons of California, delivers thought-provoking articlestoinspire and educate members about the significance ofFreemasonry.Each issue is guided by a theme, communicated through afeaturestory and several sections, including History, MasonicEducation,and Around the World.Magazine Features: • Current andpast issuesof California Freemason • Brilliant replica format, justlike theprint edition • Text-formatted articled designed formaximum mobilereadability • Download each issue, then return anytime for offlinereading • Search the archive of available issues •Bookmark youfavorite articles • Share your comments with otherreadersThis appincludes issues dating back to June 2010. New issueswill beavailable for download bi-monthlyYou’ll also receive in one app!____________________Thisapplicationis powered by GTxcel, a leader in digital publishingtechnology,provider of hundreds of online digital publications andmobilemagazine apps.
Learn Korean 1.0.5
Kit Vong
Learn Korean is a Korean Phrasebook for visitors to Korea andthosewho are interested in learning Korean a good start inthelanguage.- Have 18 categories with 1000 sentences (withsounds)-Store frequently used phrases in bookmark- Search bykeywords(korean, mean...)- Repeat the sentence and recordyourself.- Testthe category which have been learned. (Input text orvoice).
Prince Hall Free Masonry
Absolutely the premiere “APP” for the Prince Hall Freemasons,theOrder of the Eastern Star (O.E.S.), The Ancient EgyptianArabicOrder Nobles Mystic Shrine (A.E.A.O.N.M.S.) and YOU! LearnaboutMasonic & OES history, spiritual degrees, sciences ofwealth,keys to leadership, and the secrets to personal power&success!The Prince Hall App is for you and it includes theFREEPrince Hall Masonic Library with over 50 FREE classicMasonicbooks, and a Library of Success, with over 50 FREE books onWealth,Success, Power, and Leadership! Join the elite who haveusedtimeless sacred Masonic knowledge to unlock secrets of theBible,unlimited Wealth, and discover your path to truepersonalhappiness, power, & success!
Blue Lightning Freemason Live Wallpaper Theme LWP 66.01
Download this awesome Freemason live wallpaper withIlluminatilightning effects. Show your Freemasons pride bydownloading thisone of a kind app live wallpaper. Take a trip toOak Island and themysteries with the amazing cool lightningeffects.***FEATURES****Awesome G Freemasonry Illuminati Logo* NiceGlowing Blue Effects*Awesome lightning effects* Low memory andbattery usage* Phone andtablet supportDownload this awesomeFreemason stonemasons livewallpaper today and enjoy the benefits ofandroid. The New WorldOrder is coming soon. The knights Templarwill come save usall.Checkout my awesome apps and live wallpapersand don't forgetto rate and comment.
Learn Korean Offline 2.2
Learn Korean Phrasebook is an easy to use mobile KoreanPhrasebookthat will give visitors to Korea and those who areinterested inlearning Korean a good start in the language. LearnKorean isrecorded using native speaker and we have tried our bestto beauthentic in the pronunciation whilst ensuring it is easytounderstand. Recommended app for tourists and businesspeoplevisiting Korea. Learn Korean Phrasebook contains over1000commonly-used Korean phrases and vocabularies for travelersandbeginners in 18 categories. + Greetings + General Conversation+Numbers + Time and Date + Directions & Places +Transportation+ Accommodation + Eating out + Shopping + Colours +Cities &Towns + Countries + Tourist & Attractions + Family+ Dating<3 + Emergency + Sickness + Tongue Twisters nativepronunciationALWAYS LEARN PHRASES, NOT INDIVIDUAL WORDS: ▶ Meaning:Phrases areeasier to remember, because they have meaning, theypaint apicture, they tell a story. ▶ Speed: When you learn phrasesinsteadof a word, you're learning how to use that word correctly,and it’smuch faster. When we're children, we learn with phrases,groups ofwords, not just one word by one word by one word. Word byword isslow. ▶ Pronunciation: In real life some groups of words aresaidas though it were a single word, in one breath-group,withoutpausing. If you stop to take a breath in the middle of thephrase,you are not saying it correctly, and you risk beingmisunderstood.App completely OFFLINE. No require internet to learnFREE Search byKorean or English Save your favorite sentences forreview laterWhen you travel, business to Korea , don't forget thisapp
Bird Sounds 1.0
From simple tweets and chirps to beautiful birdsongs, this apphasthem all! Birds can be heard anywhere, from wilderness foreststosuburban backyards. But not all birds sound alike! Thereisincredible diversity in the types of sounds that birds canmake.Birds such as the canary, robin and sparrow are well-knownfortheir beautiful voices and can be heard singing their uniquesongsfor the entire world to hear. Other wild birds such ascardinalsand orioles can also be heard whistling their songs in theearlymorning. Cockatiels, a popular type of pet bird, frequentlywhistleand chirp to communicate with their owners and other birds.But notall birds have such melodic voices… Hawks make loudscreechingscreams as they fly high in the sky and crows use a harshcaw soundto communicate. Quacking and honking are also bird soundsmade bythe water-loving duck and goose. While most birds are onlyheardduring the day, nocturnal owls wake at night to hunt and canbeheard calling out with an eerie hoo-hoo noise. This app isgreatfor birdwatchers who can learn to identify various bird soundsas atrick for spotting these beautiful birds in the wild! Everyonewillhave a blast listening to strange bird sounds too – anactivitythat is both fun and educational at the same time!
com.ufo.learnfrance 2.3
You want a handbook of essential phrases, sentences ! you wanttopractice Speak French for beginner. Learn French Phrasebook-Apprendre le Français contains over 1000 commonly-usedFrenchphrases and vocabularies for travellers and beginners in18categories. + Greetings + General Conversation + Numbers + TimeandDate + Directions & Places + Transportation + Accommodation+Eating out + Shopping + Colours + Cities & Towns + Countries+Tourist & Attractions + Family + Dating <3 + Emergency+Sickness + Tongue Twisters NATIVE PRONUNCIATION -- each phrasewithspeech of native speaker help you learn speak FrenchcorrectlyALWAYS LEARN PHRASES, NOT INDIVIDUAL WORDS: ▶ Meaning:Phrases areeasier to remember, because they have meaning, theypaint apicture, they tell a story. ▶ Speed: When you learn phrasesinsteadof a word, you're learning how to use that word correctly,and it’smuch faster. When we're children, we learn with phrases,groups ofwords, not just one word by one word by one word. Word byword isslow. ▶ Pronunciation: In real life some groups of words aresaidas though it were a single word, in one breath-group,withoutpausing. If you stop to take a breath in the middle of thephrase,you are not saying it correctly, and you risk beingmisunderstood.App completely offline. No require internet to studySearch byFrench or English Save your favorite sentences for reviewlaterWhen you travel, business to France, don't forget this app
daily French phrases - learn French language 3.3.01
french language learning app is an easy to use mobileFrenchPhrasebook that will give visitors to France and those whoareinterested in learning French a good start in the language. Ifyoudon't know how to say basic conversion sentences when traveltoFrench, this This is a French learning app will help you: ☞sayhello in French ☞ thank you in French ☞ good morning in French☞good evening in French Learn French is recorded usingnativespeaker and we have tried our best to be authentic inthepronunciation whilst ensuring it is easy to understand.Recommendedapp for tourists and business people visiting France.Features:900+ common words and phrases included for FREE ☞Carefullytranslated list of essential phrases ☞ High qualityaudiopronunciation by native speaker ☞ No internet connectionrequired ☞Store frequently used phrases in favourites ☞ Search bykeywords ☞Record voice and compare the pronunciation CATEGORIESApplicationcontains over 800 essential phrases with 18 categories.☞ Frenchgreetings ☞ General conversation ☞ Numbers: french numbers☞Directions and places ☞ Transportation ☞ Eating out ☞Accommodation☞ Time and date ☞ Shopping ☞ Colours: colours infrench ☞ Towns andprovinces ☞ Countries ☞ Tourist attractions ☞Family ☞ Dating ☞Emergency ☞ Feeling sick ☞ Tongue twistersKeyword: French phrases,common french phrase, study french
Simply Learn Hokkien 4.2.12
★★★ Learn Hokkien language when visiting Taiwan 🇹🇼★★★ SimplyLearnHokkien Language App is a FREE🆓 language app that will assistyouto speak Hokkien quickly and effectively⚡. All Hokkien phrasesandwords are presented to you in both phonetic and originalHokkienwriting. They are recorded by a native speaker from Taiwan👧🏻. Saveyour favorite phrases and words to review them without fuss❤️.Study your vocabulary with flashcards using the spacedrepetitiontechnique. Test your knowledge with fun Hokkien languagequiz andreview your score. ★★★ Survive when travelling in Taiwan🗺️🇹🇼★★★Use the Hokkien phrasebook to survive in Taiwan. Allimportantsurvival phrases are included. For example, let the appspeak tothe Taxi driver 🚕 in Taiwan to show them where you want togo.Search all phrases and words to quickly access what you need.★★★Main Features ★★★ ✓ 💬300+ free Hokkien phrases and words✓👧🏻Recorded by a native speaker from Taiwan ✓ 🎙️High quality audio✓📖Spaced repetition learning system ✓ ❓Hokkien quiz to reviewyourskills ✓ 📈Track your learning progress ✓ ❤️Save yourfavoritephrases and words ✓ 🔍Quick search function ✓ 🗒️Copy thephrases tothe clipboard (by clicking long on the phrase) ✓ 🔈Playthe soundmore slowly ✓ 🇹🇼🇺🇸Adjust the quiz and flashcards settingsforHokkien to English, English to Hokkien ★★★ Learning Categories★★★FREE version: * Numbers🔢 * Time&Date🕙 * Basic Conversation💬*Greetings👋 * Directions Phrases📍 * Directions Words📍 * Eatingoutin Taiwan🥘 * Sightseeing in Taiwan🎑 * Shopping in Taiwan🛒*Emergency🆘 * Accommodation🏨 PRO version: * Advanced Conversation💬*Health💊 * Border Crossing🗺️ * Questions❓ * Places📍 * Food🥘*Vegetables🥕 * Fruits🍋 * Colors🖍️ * Romance I❤️ * Romance II❤️*Post Office📬 * Phone & Internet☎️ * Banking🏦 * Occupations💻*Business Talk👔 * Hobbies💖 * Feelings😊 * Body🦵 * Animals🐎*Family👨‍👩‍👧 * Countries🗺️ ★★★ Feedback appreciated 👍★★★ If youlikethis app, please take a few seconds to give a rating or review.Ifyou have any feedback, suggestions or advise I am more thanhappyif you let me know. ★★★About US 📣★★★ Have fun learning Hokkien!
You are finding a best way to learn English,real English. Thisappwill be very helpful for you. It collect 1000 most commonphrases,1500 most common words what native user using everyday.Shouldlearn everyday, I believe that just around 3months thenyourknowledge will be enough to communicate with native Americanuser.Good luck!
English Sentence 2.0.1
✔ A simple way to learn English is through the commonEnglishsentences. The app provides you the most common englishphrases andvocabulary. ✔ Over 3000 common English phrases ✔ Over4000 commonEnglish vocabulary ✔ Sentences and vocabulary areincluded nativespeaker sound
Learn English by Videos Elight 2.0.3
Hoc ngoai ngu
★★★★★ This English application is absolutely Free! ★★★★★ Total20months English Conversation Full Package!!★★★★★EnglishIdioms,Business English,English Conversation,Easy English,Englishlistening,★★★★★ English conjugator,Conversation, EnglishSpeaking.Elight Elearning English★ English Fist Step &Pre-Beginnercourse (1day 20min for 4month)★ English Video withsubtitles.Listento and watch our most popular English learningpodcasts and videosin Learn English by Videos Elight! The app ispacked with lots ofcool features like landscape video mode. Improveyour listening andlearn new vocabulary on your mobile device,anytime, anywhere!WithLearn English by Videos Elight, you canaccess the best podcastsand video brought to you by ourLearnEnglish website, as well aslots of special features. Thepodcasts and videos don't requireinternet streaming, so you canaccess the content even when you'reaway from your computer!Thefirst step towards Englishfluency!Introduction to Conversation is agateway to the firstlevel of English conversation.Not only will youlearn the mostbasic greetings, but you will be guided throughbuilding a simpleconversation, using fundamental Englishexpressions andvocabulary.Students will also learn the MES methodof buildingquestions and answers through constant practice withtheinstruction of a native speaking instructor.IntroductiontoConversation students focus on their pronunciation andmemorizationof the tenses during the eLessons.The goal for studentsofIntroduction to Conversation is to start speaking English fromdayone, while mastering the basic tenses, vocabulary andcorrectpronunciation!★ Beginner course (1day 20min for 4month)ApplyyourEnglish to Real Life Situations!Beginner Conversation is aimedatstudents at the beginner level of conversationalEnglish.Thiscourse is designed to introduce students to questioningandanswering about themselves and others.Students will startworkingon building simple conversations they can apply immediately,inreal life situations.students will master an array ofmodernEnglish vocabulary while perfecting their tenses and areencouragedto focus on their pronunciation, intonation andspeed.★Intermediate Conversation Course Expand yourConversationSkills!Intermediate Conversation introduces a series ofnew tensesand more difficult vocabulary.This course challengesstudents tobuild longer, more personal sentences and practiceusingprepositional phrases, adverbs and time references tomakequestions and answers more specific.Students also learn howtounderstand and fluently use everyday expressions, slangandidioms.Students at this level are encouraged to really focusontheir confidence and fluency.★ Advanced Conversation Course(1day20min for 4month)Speak English Just Like a NativeSpeakerAdvancedConversation is designed for advanced students whoalready have aworking knowledge of English and the ability to speakaboutthemselves and others using most tenses.The instructor willspeakat a regular conversation speed and use a large number ofmodernexpressions.Students at this level will be expected tounderstandgrammar and will instead focus more on confidence,intonation andnaturalness.This course is recommended for Businesslevel students,so if you're not at the Business level yet, werecommend you startwith a conversation course before beginningBusiness Conversation,such as Introduction to Conversation orBeginner Conversation.LEARNENGLISH IN A FUN WAYWith songs,funnyclip, series of filmsInaddition, the application also provides somefeatures:- Takingnotes videos learned, and review it again in Notescreen.- Addfavourite playlists.- Search videos and playlists.
Vitriol 5.0
The Masonic Library Jose Felix Ribas has the three main gradesofUniversal Masonry, each grade has different readingsandinstructions recommended for the H :. Apprentice, CompanionorTeacher. Thus seeking the improvement of self andself-perfectionof man.
Kicau Murai Master
heni olala
Aplikasi ini adalah aplikasi sederhana berisi audio kicauburungmurai master. Dan bisa membantu burung murai anda untuktambahgacor. This application is a simple app contains audiochirpingmagpie master. And can help you to add a humming birdgacor.
Daily English Conversation 6.0
Daily English Conversation is a quick way to learnEnglishconversation. Learning English will be easier. It's free andcan beused offline.If you are looking for an application toimproveEnglish conversation skills and help you speak Englishmorefluently, this application is suitable for you. Thisapplicationcontains various examples of daily english conversation.This willhelp you speak English fluently.You can also practice withyourfriends, and share the contents of this application to socialmediasuch as Facebook, Line, Whatsapp, BBM, Twitter, WeChat,Hangouts,Google+, GTalk, etc.Available apps from basic to advancedlevel,check this out ;)I hope this application can be usefulforeveryone. Don't forget to rate and comment!!!Thank you :)
net.andromo.dev341420.app393283 3.0
Rachel Dev
A lightweight application to train your pet birds chirpingsodiligently and quickly gacor . Kacer contain the birds singing,kacer bird care tips , and also presented a video of birdsongkacernational champion This application also apat be used asringtones ,alarm tones and sms tones .
Listening English For BBC - Free
"Listening English For BBC - Free" is a common applicationforeveryone to learn English. The program focuses on listeningandspeaking.Improve your vocabulary through Flashcard, increasingyourpronunciation through basic pronunciation lessons.-"ListeningEnglish For BBC - Free" is your chance to catch up on theverylatest English words and phrases. In under 3 minutes, we helpyoustay ahead of the pack by giving you 'must have' phrases thatyoucan use in your everyday conversation. Amaze your friends,impressyour teachers and delight your parents with these fantasticwordsand phrases.- Listen to the English conversations thenpracticespeaking yourself. You can speak English daily with aparticularvideo to improve your speaking skill every day.The usercan recordhis/her voice to practice pronunciation.- "ListeningEnglish ForBBC - Free" is an application for learning English byvideos withmore than 10000 videos and 12 categories which areclassifiedorderly for common topics in English such as:- 6 MinuteEnglish:Ourlong-running series of topical discussion and newvocabulary,brought to you by your favourite BBC Learning Englishpresenters.-Drama:You can also listen to our versions of Gulliver'sTravels, byJonathan Swift, The Importance of Being Earnest by OscarWilde,Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier, A Christmas Carol byCharlesDickens and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. We willadd TheRace and Frankenstein soon.- News Report:Improve yourlisteningskills with News Report - our English language teachingseries thatuses authentic audio news stories from the BBC.LearnEnglishVocabularyLearn English PronunciationLearn EnglishSpeakingLearnEnglish ListeningLearn English ReadingLearn EnglishWritingLearnEnglish GrammarLearn English Idioms* If you are notsatisfied withthis app. Please send feedback or reviewsapplications forus.*Note: The application will regularly update thenew versionwith the error that user feedback.
Community Defence Services Ltd 2.8.5
CSAFE is the next generation of neighborhood watch. It is aprogramspecially designed to manage all the external and internalworkingsof neighborhood groups by integrating a number of uniqueproductsand services into one robust platform that is reliable,timely,confidential and above all… SAFE! Our alert system operateson thebasic premise that is you “see something...say something”andthrough innovative communication channels, CSAFE in turnalertsyou, your entire community and relevant law enforcement ofanyreported suspicious or criminal activity in real time. Westronglybelieve that “Safe Communities are not built but are madesafe bythe people who live and work in them”. CSAFE isthereforeengineered to help mobilize communities into behaviors andactionsthat help keep the criminals out, reduce your fear of crimeandreturn your peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safeandyour property protected 24/7. C.S.A.F.E which standsfor(Communicating Security Awareness for Everyone) is an initiativeofCommunity Defence Services Limited, a company established outofnecessity, for the sole purpose of helping to improve thequalityof community life by empowering and connecting communitiesand lawenforcement across the Caribbean through the innovative useoftechnology. This is our simple, yet effective "grassroots"solution to winning the war on crime and it starts with YOUatground zero. WELCOME YOU TO A SAFER COMMUNITY. YOURS!! TheCSAFEApp is optimized for Smartphones and Tablets. Key FeaturesInclude:• Receive Bulletins • Receive Push Notifications • ReceiveUpdates• View Calendar of Events • Use One-Touch-Call to the Office• SendFeedback to the Office • Send Photos • Share with FacebookandTwitter • Links to view related information • Maps • Abilitytotake surveys and answer polls • More settings to control the app
Striply - Avatar Messenger 53.1.0
Striply, the only messaging app where you can have a laughwhilechatting with your mates. • AVATAR Create your avatar. Make itlookgood. Choose the haircut, shape of the face, make-up,clothes,colors... hundreds of possible options. • CHAT Use youravatar tochat and have fun in comic form with your friends. - Sendyourmessages in bubbles. - Combine 200+ emojis to smile, laugh, cryandbring your avatar to life. - Surprise your friends withsecretcombinations. - Send photos that self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2,1,.... - Choose the setting for your conversations from over80available (in your bedroom, at a restaurant, on the beach, ...).•CREATE AND SHARE Create and share comics and stickers ofyouravatar on Snapchat, Instagram and other messaging apps. •FREEStriply is free to download and use. However, you need amobilephone number that can receive text messages to register. Andaninternet connection (wifi or 4G) to send and receive messageswithyour friends.
com.melonapps.melon 1.4.29-melon
Castle Global
Welcome to Melon, a new way to make friends all over theworld!Meeting people has never been easier. Starting a chat is assimpleas pressing a button and entering into a fun video chat withyournew friend. Talk to as many people as you want, wherever youwant.FEATURES: • Lightning fast video chat to discover new peoplefromall over the world. • Add friends to save them for apersistentrich messaging experience. Communicate through text,photo, andvideo. • Use search filters to find chat partners fromregions thatyou want to explore. • Advanced moderation tools toensure a safecommunity. • Melon will be free to use forever.
Gif Love Sticker 1.7
❤️ Introduction: Gif Love Stickers is a free app. Using the giflovestickers in this app will make your social chat much moreinnovativeand interesting! In this animated love sticker app, youwill find: 💋300+ gif lover stickers. Yes, they are animated andmoving! 💋 8+categories of gif stickers 💋 1 click to share, quiteeasy to use 💋You can find the gif stickers to share no matter whatmood you wantto express to your lovers: Miss, Love, Sorry, Shy,Exciting, Eager,Joyful, Hurt, Loved etc. Except for Love stickers,this app alsooffers you some other gif stickers for the normalgreetings like Hi,Good Morning, Well Done, Happy birthday etc. ❤️Features: • Largevariety of animated stickers and gif lovestickers. • Enable you toexpress your love in different way (gif Ilove you , gif flowers,gif thank you, gif sorry, gif Happybirthday) • Easy to share onWhatsApp facebook messenger InstagramWeChat …. • Everything isfree! 🌹 We are sure that you will likethis app, and your family andfriends will like you more after youusing this. Please feel free tosend those gif stickers and tellsomeone how much you love themtoday! Wish you all Happy New yearin 2019! 🌺
Watch & interact live events happening around you atanytime,anywhere!RINGS LIVE is the best way to watch liveconcerts,festivals, classes, performances, talks, conferences andmuch more.Interact with others by sending chat messages &animated gifts,and meet new people who love the things youlove.With RINGS LIVEyou can: • BROADCAST events happening aroundyou with one click andget more people to know about it.• UPCOMINGplan your futureevents. Join the stream and get notified when itgoes live.• REPLAYNever miss an event. Watch replays of yourfavourite channels.•FOLLOW your favourite channel and get notifiedwhen they go live.•SHARE any broadcast video with friendseasily.Stay posted on newupdates from RINGS would love to hearyour feedback! If you have anyquestions or comments, shoot us anemail to
dialogues in French 4.0
To study the French language in a simple and easy way, toimprovecommunication in French quickly and easily in dialogue
The Russian-English phrasebook - is the one of the bestphrasebooksfor Android is designed for users who have a basicknowledge ofEnglish, and for those who does not speak English, foruse in anytravel and to learn English via more than thousand ninehundredphrases and thematic words, divided into fifteen major andsevenadditional topics. With the help of Russian - Englishphrasebook,while traveling abroad , you can make purchases instores , book ahotel room, to learn all of the necessary transport,buy thenecessary tickets , book tours , rent a car and chat withcitizensof the host country . The one who possesses a basicknowledge ofEnglish, the Phrasebook will help to remember andexplore the mostcommonly used and the necessary to tourist Englishphrases andwords. For those who does not speak English , thephrasebook isprovided with a transcription and voice speech of allEnglish wordsand phrases. For a phrasebook, who have a largedatabase of phrasesis essential to have advanced search featuresallow you to quicklyfind information in Russian and Englishlanguages, even forsynonyms search words. The "Favorites" topicallows you to keep aphrase selected by the user, there is always"at hand". The mainunique features: • Pleasant and friendly userinterface iscompletely in Russian; • A total of more than 1,900phrases andwords and phrases related to all kinds of situations,translatedfrom Russian into English and provided withtranscription; • Voicespeech of English phrases and words viaTextToSpeech function; •Thematic sections and phrases selected foruse in tourist trips; •Fifteen major topics are optimized for fastselection of phrasesthat are required in the process ofcommunication and languagelearning; • Bonus section "idioms" -phrases decorating andenriching the language; • Seven additionalsections for quickaccess to frequently used phrases and words:common phrases,colors, numbers, dates, time, units, pronouns; •Eleven majorsections have subsections with related words andphrases; • Topic"favorites" - the most important phrases selectedby the user; •The search function is designed to search a words andphrases inRussian and English languages, which allows you totranslate fromEnglish labels, ads, road signs, tourist information,etc.; • Fullyoff-line app - does not require Internet connectionthat allows youto save on international roaming; • The applicationis optimized torun on smartphones with any size screen and tabletcomputers.
Speak English using Tamil - Learn English in Tamil 43.0
* Learn English Speaking using an easy, simple yetcomprehensiveTamil to English Speaking Course which is meant forteaching youEnglish speaking. * This is a Tamil to English Speakingtutorialwhich uses a systematic and gradual teaching methodologywith veryinteractive English audio sessions for each of the sixdedicatedchapters. * You are systematically coached to get morecommand overEnglish language with Tamil with each and every lessonthat youtake. * Confident, fluent English learning for EnglishInterviewand speaking becomes quite simple and easy as you areprovidedfacility to even record your own English exercise sessionsin yourown very voice for each lesson and save it for futurereference. *A Tamil speaking person will also like going througheach of thechapters which are completely interactive in nature,coaching youthroughout to gain more knowledge as you learn speakingEnglishlanguage with command. * Every Tamil to English learningchapter issufficiently provided with quality information to ensurethat yourspeaking fluency gets further enhanced. Use this speakingenglishbook free and make full use of this speaking english courseapp.This is how you can use this application: ***** Text BasedTamil toEnglish Learning ***** Audio Based Tamil to EnglishLearning *****Save your voice recordings for future reference andtrack yourimprovement against each exercise. Etiquette and PhrasalVerbs.***** Take a quiz test on English language after completingthesechapters. ***** Hence thereby learn how to speak EnglishusingTamil Fluently. ***** This app is useful in giving youtheknowledge of English Basics before you start learningBusinessEnglish. After completing this tutorial, you will be ableto figureout common mistakes In English. Often people jump startwithGrammar and Parts of Speech, but it is suggested that youfirstlearn with this Tamil to English Phrasebook. Learn to SpeakEnglishby Play & Learn method. You can Learn Languages freeusing thetechniques specified in this learn english magazine. Thisapp givesyou a basic BPO Interview Briefing. Once you completelyunderstandthe content of this app, you can go ahead and laterchoose to learnIdioms & Phrases. Your next step could also be agroupdiscussion app for interview or an app on English forcompetitiveexams - it will completely your choice. ComprehendingEnglish verbsthrough English listening can also be your futurecourse of action.Here you can also learn to some extend, Englishfor BPO. LearnEnglish by Listening and find here InterviewQuestions and Answers.You will also be able to Learn English Wordsor Learn EnglishVocabulary Daily. This can be your first steptowards learningEnglish for Bank Exam. Later, you can refer anIdioms and PhrasesDictionary and strengthen your English. If youare wondering as tohow to speak english fluently in 30 days, thiscan be your perfectdestination. We suggest that after you havecompleted perusingthrough your app content, you can memorizeSynonyms and Antonyms orchisel your English for Banking & SSCpreparation. This isEnglish speaking course and Spoken English inTamil. This languagelearning application can also be used by thoseTamil speakingparticipants who are preparing for BPO, Call Center,EnglishDiscussions and Debates as well as English job interview. Ifyouwant to learn English grammar, it is advised that you initiallygothrough this application get yourself ready for yournextassignment. If I want to learn English, I should beapproachingthis application for the same and go through all thechapters. Thisapp can help you learn english fast using audio. Itis easier tolearn the language using English conversation ratherthan throughan English Dictionary. Learning Spoken English hadnever beeneasier. Exercises, vocabulary and business english makethisapplication a special one.
Learn English Free 1.6.7
The best app free Learn English for the world, contains over9000common English words and phrases with excellent audio quality.Itserve the purpose for learning and traveling abroad...Lessonsaredivided into category and subcategory in a scientific way, tryandfeel. It brings a new learning methods FEATURES - Supportmultiplelanguages (Translate from 32 languages to English) - Quizgame(choose correct answer and rearrange these words to makemeaningfulsentences) will improve word and phrases - Perfect searchandmanage your favourite items system - No internetconnectionrequired
speak Chinese - study Chinese daily 3.2.05
Learn Chinese is very easy when use mobile Chinese Phrasebook.Thisdictionary app will give visitors to China and those whoareinterested in learning Chinese a good start in the language. Ifyoudon't know how to say basic conversion sentences when traveltoChina, this This is a Chinese learning app will help you: ☞ howtosay hello in Chinese ☞ thank you in Chinese ☞ good morninginChinese ☞ good evening in Chinese Learn Chinese is recordedusingnative speaker and we have tried our best to be authentic inthepronunciation whilst ensuring it is easy to understand.Recommendedapp for tourists and business people visiting China.Features ☞Thousand phrases included for FREE ☞ Carefully translatedlist ofessential phrases ☞ High quality audio pronunciation bynativespeaker ☞ No internet connection required ☞ Store frequentlyusedphrases in favourites ☞ Search by keywords ☞ Record voiceandcompare with native pronunciation ☞ Easy to speak withChinesepinyin CATEGORIES ☞ Greetings ☞ General conversation ☞Numbers ☞Directions and places ☞ Transportation ☞ Eating out ☞Accommodation☞ Time and date ☞ Shopping ☞ Colours ☞ Towns andprovinces ☞Countries ☞ Tourist attractions ☞ Family ☞ Dating ☞Emergency ☞Feeling sick ☞ Tongue twisters Keyword: Chinese phrases,commonChinese phrase, study Chinese
Tamil Calendar 2019 1.9
This is the perfect and useful application to all Tamilspeakingpeople & Tamil lovers.
Uplive Morocco 2.7.2
UpLive Morocco brings together millions of users worldwide,morethan 1000 talented hosts from countries such as Japan,Korea,Taiwan and Vietnam, and more than 5000 supermodels, actors,andpart-time hosts. Join the party and enjoy a real-time showcaseofdifferent lives and cultures spanning across the globe.Using2017'strendiest medium of interaction, enjoy a 24-hour 'zerotimedifference' connection to users all around the globe. AtUpLive,you can listen to acoustic guitar songs, learn aboutexoticcultures, discuss your favorite movie, or just have a latenightchat. Overcome the obstacle of distance instantly and interactwithhosts of your choice anytime, anywhere. The show of my life,liveat UpLive Morocco.【Live stream】Your talents and stories,broadcastlive on our platform;【Interactive gifts】Gain your own fansand beshowered with gifts;【Filter Features】Our filters will makesure youlook your best at all times;【Live stream likes】Supportyourfavorite hosts by tapping the screen and sending out hearts.