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BLACKJACK ========3D========== 1.0
Amazing 3D BLACKJACK!Play one of the TOP graphical BlackJackgameson the Android market.Our Blackjack game naturally hasa'one-more-go' feel to it and as the game is so easy to play,itbecomes quite a potent and addictive mix. Enjoy watching thereallife look and feel of 3D cards and poker chips tossed on andoffthe table. Quickly take control of your strategy with theuserfriendly interface with options such as DEAL,DOUBLEBET,DOUBLEDOWN,HIT,REPEAT BET,SPLIT,STAND,UNDO,CLEAR ALL.- Play 3Hands atonce.- Game is played with 1 deck- Dealer must stand on 17-Playermay double down on 9,10 or 11 - Split only once per hand -Doubledown is allowed after split- Split hands are eligible forBlackjack- Blackjack pays 3 to 2- Insurance pays 2 to 1 if dealerhasBlackjack- A win pays evensFeatures:-3D CARDS-3D CHIPS-3DPOKERTABLE-QUICK AND INTUITIVE CONTROL INTERFACE-SETTINGS TO RESETYOURCREDITS-GAME REMEMBERS credits; so you can play where youleftoff-SMOOTH PLAY-GREAT GRAPHICSNOTICE: These games areforentertainment purposes only. No real money can be won or lost.GoodLuck and Have Fun!
Blackjack 1.0.27
BlackJack Enjoy the best blackjack game with latest andexcitingfeatures. Blackjack, also known as 21, is the most widelyplayedcasino game in the world. Blackjack is a comparing cardgamebetween a player and dealer, meaning players compete againstthedealer but not against other players. It is played with one ormoredecks of 52 cards. Our Features: => Completely FREE gamewithUNLIMITED FREE chips option! => FAIR card shuffling forHONESTgame play! => Rich graphics with wonderfulanimations! => Updated with realistic background sounds anddealer voice!=> Daily, Hourly BONUSES and much more!  =>Best game tomaster the perfect strategy! => Compete with yourfriends orplayers around the world! => Great interactive optionsin game!=> Multiple casino tables to choose from! Follow us onsocialmedia for more: Face book:
Blackjack 21 Blackjack
Play Blackjack as if you were at the casino! This is themostpopular FREE Blackjack game on the other store, now launchedonAndroid. Designed specially for the latest Android handsets.Playblackjack against the dealer and see whether you can get 21withoutgoing bust!This is a free Blackjack 21 game designed forAndroid.Play blackjack against the dealer and see who can get 21withoutgoing bust! • Large cards, HD graphics • Easy to play• Tapchips,cards and table to play blackjack as if you were at thecasino •Tap to split your cards • Win more chips when you getblackjack •Blackjack casino rules pays 3:2 • Insurance: pays 2:1 ifthe dealerhas blackjack • Exchange chips for new table themes •Choosebetween different table themes We've put effort intodesigning thisBlackjack game specially for Android - there aren'tany unnecessarybuttons cluttering up the screen. The app to showsoff the largecards and chips so that you can enjoy playingBlackjack with aclean design. In the game, you can unlock morestages when you winenough chips. If you're go bust don't worry, youget 100 chips freeper hour so you can come back later and play moreblackjack if yourluck runs out.Please note, in app purchases costreal money - thesecan be disabled in the system preferences. Wehope you enjoyplaying Blackjack! If you have any questions orsuggestions, pleasecontact us using the app.
Blackjack 2.9
Download the casino experience with our free blackjack app onyourAndroid phone or tablet. You're always a VIP at ourblackjacktable. As Internet connection is not required, our cardsare readyto deal faster than you can say, "hit me!" Our blackjackgameoffers the sights, sounds, and thrills of the casino all forFREE.With our lush graphics and sleek game design, you'll feel liketheblackjack table is your throne. Best of all? You can enjoythegambling adventure of a high roller without betting a dime.ReceiveFREE CHIPS every two hours and exciting bonuses daily! Ifyou havewhat it takes, join our high stakes Tournament mode. If youwin,(lucky) - collect the prize money equal to 3 times the entryfee!FEATURES: - Play blackjack online or offline - Internet isnotrequired! - High-quality graphics - spacious table, largecards,and chips. - Clean, uncluttered game design. - Play bylegit,casino blackjack rules. - Fun options - double down or splitapair. - Single player, multi-player, or AI mode. - Freecasinochips every two hours! - Chance to win free chips in daily"spinthe wheel" login bonus! - Brag your way up ourcompetitiveLeaderboard - Unlock thrilling Achievements - CompatiblewithAndroid phones and tablets HOW TO PLAY: - Place a minimum bet-Players are dealt two cards each. - Cards in blackjack holdtheirface value - face cards equal 10 and an Ace is considered 1 or11(whichever is more advantageous to your hand). - Decide to takeanadditional card (hit) or stand. - Take as many cards as you need-but STOP before you go over 21. Your GOAL is to beat theDealer'shand without going over twenty-one - that's a bust! WHAT'SABLACKJACK?: Did you know there's a difference betweentwenty-oneand a natural black jack? NATURAL BLACKJACK: For anatural, theplayer must form 21 with their first 2 cards. You'recrossing yourfingers for an Ace + 10. TWENTY-ONE: A 21 consists ofmore than twocards that equal twenty-one. For example, 10+5+6 isnot black jack- but it's a 21! To learn more about blackjackstrategy or receivenews about the latest features, check ourwebsite. This game isintended for an adult audience. This game doesnot offer "realmoney gambling" or an opportunity to win real moneyor prizes.Practice or success at social casino gaming does notimply futuresuccess at "real money gambling."
Blackjack Free 1.1.0
AbZorba Games
Play the popular Casino game on your mobile device without theneedof an internet connection! Sharpen your skills in Black Jackandenjoy countless hours of fun with unlimited chips! BlackJackFreeis a single-player, offline game that will make you feellikeplaying in Las Vegas. There’s no need to rush – play at yourownpace! ♠ Google Play Leaderboard – compete with players aroundtheworld!♠ Google Play Achievements – test your skills and getthebadges! ♠ Two seats to play two hands at a time♠AuthenticBlackjack rules♠ Beautiful graphics Blackjack is a free,online,game of chance and skill for entertainment purposes only. Itis notpossible to win real money, real items/services/gifts orgoods inkind by playing our skill games. The virtual currenciesused inthis game are called Chips and can be purchased in the‘Store’ byusing real money. Chips cannot be exchanged for cash orbe paid outin any form and can only be used to play our game.Blackjack isintended solely for an adult audience which is eighteenyears orover.Terms of Service:
Blackjack Classic 1.03
Feel the rush of a real Vegas casino with this beautiful gameofBlackJack, or use it to practice so you can break the bank inreallife! Whoever you are - a professional gambler or just afirst-timeplayer, here you will find everything for the perfectpastime:outstanding design, realistic game logic, different playmodes andmuch more.
Blackjack Original 1.0.1
Be a part of the original Black Jack experience in this newtimecapsule of Blackjack Original for android game. DevelopedbyMonster Mobile developers, the game offers a unique arrayoforiginal Black Jack casino game features to its players.Withchangeable background themes, new colored decks, up-to 8decksgaming options and all original game rules, the game have lotsofthings to offer to the players.Features:• Very powerful enginewhatmakes the game more challengeable• Increase bets, win big moneyanddo lots of crazy things• Bust the dealer by doubling down thebetmoney and winning the Black Jack• Includes options like Deal,Hit,Stand or double down• Take insurance to save your funds fromsuddenloss• An addictive fun game play for professional players•Detailedstatistics to track your performanceGame-play:It is neverdifficultto understand the logic behind the famous BlackjackOriginal casinogame but just encase the idea is that the overallBlackjackOriginal game offers a similar game play to all otherBlack Jackgames on the android market:By starting a deal againstthe dealer,you will have to select a betting amount by increasingit via moneycoins displayed in one corner of the game screen. Themore betmoney you place, the higher value game you are going toplay on theavailable decks.You can simply bust down the dealer byscoringexact 21 numbers or something near to it.Scoring numbershigherthan 21 will result in your loss in terms of virtual moneyand youwill be required to reset money status by moving to thesettings ofthe game.The free Blackjack Original game also has lotsof newfeatures like detailed statistics to make sure that you havetrackof all your previous achievements and scoring details. Thegameoffers a unique and full of exciting game play to its playerswhichrequires real nerves to beat the dealer. Enjoy
Gold Rush Blackjack 2.7
Great graphics, three different tables, quick and cleargameplay.The object of Blackjack is very simple: to achieve a totalthat isgreater than that of the dealer, and which does not exceed21. Youmust consider your cards and your dealer's card andremember, ifyou go over 21, you lose. You win if: - Your total ishigher thanthe Dealer's total. - The Dealer goes over 21 or"busts". If yourtotal is the same as the Dealer's total it is a"stand-off" and youneither win nor lose. If you go over 21, or theDealer's total isgreater, you lose. The values of the cards: -Picture cards (Jack,Queen, King) each count as 10 points. - An Acecounts as 1 point or11 points, whichever is better for owns of thehand. - All othercards have their numerical value. Blackjack is acombination of anAce and any 10-points card.New great Blackjack.Best Blackjack in2013!
Ultimate BlackJack 3D Reloaded 3.2.0
Engage in a battle against the dealer in this free simulation oftheclassic blackjack casino card game.Special attention was paidto theuser interface giving the cards a decent size, select yourpreferredinput method (buttons or gestures), usage of sensors tomake theplaying experience even more comfortable.Ever wanted tocompare yourskill level against other players ? Now you can withthe unique"Online challenge"!Get your blackjack ELO rating and tryto climbthe "Challenge leaderboard", help your country on the"Countryleaderboard"!For players who do not trust thepseudo-random numbergenerator (PRNG) which is built into theirphone/tablet (and usedfor shuffling) here it is, an unique newfeature: TRUE RNG ! (thenumbers are generated via atmosphericnoise)No more crying thedealer cheats ;)This game/simulation wasdesigned to please everyblackjack player, from the casual one tothe professionals.Check outwhy many users claim this is the bestblackjack on the market.Playthis game to sharpen your skillsbefore your next trip to LasVegas.Main features of "UltimateBlackJack Reloaded"★ greatgraphics, animations and sounds withclean and friendly userinterface★ highly customizable (game rules,user interface,graphics, sound, speech...)★ custom casino editorwith allwell-known as well as many lesser-known rules (38parameters! holecard, surrender, dealer peek, penetration, numberof decks,continuous shuffling, doubledown rules...)★ createSpanish 21,Pontoon and other blackjack variants★ an unique onlinechallengecompetition with ELO leaderboard! (facebook or customlogin)★ DoubleAttack variant of the game★ three side bets (LuckyLadies, SuperSeven, Black Jack)★ play in one of the six predefinedcasinos or anyof the self-created ones★ basic strategy tutor whileplaying (beforeor after making a move), surrendering tutor★ basicstrategy tablefor each game★ 15 counting systems, display of trueand/or runningcount★ game statistics★ four leaderboards (bankroll,achievements,ELO, country!) ★ 52 achievements★ customizable dealer(voice, dealspeed ...)★ customizable input method (buttons orgestures)★ usageof accelerometer sensor and phone vibration★ 11back card patternsand eight table colors to choose from★simulation of real continuousshuffling machine (CSM)★ visible cutcard, display cards left inshoe★ true random number generator viaatmospheric noise - it can'tget any more random than this!...andmore features and enhancementsto come!Let this game be your problackjack trainer (mentor), havefun while playing and do not losefaith on dealer's blackjack !:)Did you know?★ Blackjack (blackjack, 21, twenty-one) is the onlycasino game where you canactually beat the house if played by basicstrategy and using cardcounting★ Blackjack is the most widelyplayed casino game in theworld★ Other casino games inspired byblackjack include Spanish 21and pontoonReview by Best Apps MarketAvery detailed Black Jackgame with online play, quick game modes,and a great tutorial fornew players. Free of many of the gimmicksI've seen in other casinogames, this one's practically Black Jacksimulator.
Blackjack SG Free 2.94
Blackjack SG FREE - Unlimited Free Play / No Chip Packs to Buy /NoWaiting to Play First release from Super Good Pixel. Started byaformer KONAMI Air Director. Looking for a free blackjack game?Thisis the FREE version of Blackjack Super Good (Blackjack SGforshort) . The popular blackjack game comes to the Android Marketandgoes LIVE! Have all the fun of Las Vegas most popular casinogamesin your hands now! Come sit at our VIP table. The bestauthenticmobile and tablet version out there! One important featureof ourfree blackjack game is UNLIMITED CHIPS!. What does that mean?Ifyou end a game because you ran out of chips to bet - Don'tworry!We got you covered here. You can just start a new game. Nowaiting.We just want you to have fun.NOW! We are not like the otherguys.There are no expensive chip ad-on packs here. This isblackjackunlimited and free.Blackjack SG FREE app includes two modeof play.A Practice Mode and a Career Mode. Practice mode is perfectforquick games where you don't want to worry about losing allyourchips and Xp points. It's also a great mode to let friendsandfamily play, because you know they are not messing up yoursavedgame this way. Career mode is for the long term game player.UseCareer mode to build up your experience points and bankaccount.Your results are saved so you can continue on at a latertime.Howfar can you go? Can you unlock the VIP table? "BLACKJACK SGFREE"is here today! "Blackjack Free" is what it's all about. Wehope youenjoy the app and we look forward to adding new featuressoon.Ifyou enjoy this app, please consider supporting us by gettingthePRO version.Created by a Former Konami Art DirectorIf you haveanyproblems or issues with our game, please email us (see contactinfoon this very page below). Please allow us a chance to fixanyproblems you may find before rating. If possible tell us whatcardswere on the table when/if you get any issues. ThanksNOT to beusedfor any commercial purposes.
BlackJack 2.0
DroidVeda LLP
One of the most popular card games worldwide, Blackjack 21 isnowout on the Google Play Store. Non Stop Blackjack 21 funishere!Blackjack is also know as 21 or twenty-one is a widelyplayedcasino banking game. Blackjack 21 is a comparing card gamebetweena player and a dealer, meaning players will compete againstadealer but not against other players and is played with one ormoredecks of 52 cards. A Blackjack 21 game can be won in thefollowingways:✔ Getting 21 points on the player's first 2 cardswhich iscalled a 'blackjack', 'natural' assuming the dealer has notgot ablackjack✔ Get a score higher than the dealer withoutexceeding 21✔Allowing the dealer to draw additional cards until hishand exceeds21When the game of blackjack 21 starts the player orplayers aredealt with a two card hand and add together the value oftheircards. The Face cards which are kings, queens and jacks arecountedas 10 points. The dealer and the player count an ace as 1point or11 points, and all other cards are counted according to thenumericvalue shown on the card. The players after receiving theirfirsttwo cards, have an option of getting a hit or taking anadditionalcard. The player or the dealer wins by having a score of21 or byhaving the higher score that is less than 21. Having ascore higherthan 21 is going bust or called busting which willresult in aloss. The player playing blackjack 21 can win by havingany scoreequal to or less than 21 if the dealer 'busts'The playercan alsotake the following decisions: Hit, Stand, Double Down andSplitEachBlackjack game has a basic strategy, which is playing ahand of anytotal value against any dealer's up card which loses theleastmoney to the house in the long run.So what are you waitingfor?Sharpen your Blackjack 21 skills before visiting the casinosandwin those big bets!! Blackjack 21 is absolutely FREE! Downloadittoday! ❖❖❖❖ Features ❖❖❖❖✔✔ 1000 Free Chips everyday✔✔ PhoneandTablet Support✔✔ Split and Double to win big bets✔✔IntuitiveGameplay and InterfaceDownload Blackjack 21 for your phoneandtablets today for hours of funFor any kind of Blackjack 21support,visit:
http://droidveda.comPlease don't forget to Rate andReviewBlackjack 21, we aim to make Blackjack 21one of the best cardgamesout there on the google play store
BlackJack 21 1.0.3
Try your luck at one of the most realistic and popular casinogamesin Las Vegas. The mission - Reach 21 or a score higher thanthedealer without exceeding 21.Our engine uses a strong randomizertoshuffle the decks to make the game as authenticaspossible.Practice your card counting skills and take advantageofadvanced strategies, like splitting and doubling down, towinbig!Blackjack 21 is completely free to play and all the chipsandmoney used in the game are fictitious.There is absolutely noneedto spend any money in our game to get more chips. -Gorgeous,beautifully animated cards - Touch and interact with allof yourchips - Split hands or double down to win big - Unlimitedfreechips! - Fun and easy to play on all mobile devices.We hopeyou'llenjoy Blackjack 21 :)
Black Jack Free Game - 21 1.1.2
Leopard V7
This version has NO in-app purchasesforgetting chips in our casino game! Practice and improve yourskillhere.Black Jack Free is completely free to play and all the chipsandmoney used in the game are fictitious.Take advantage of advanced strategies, like splittingmultipletimes, and doubling down, to win big!Blackjack 21 Rules:1, The object of the game is to reach 21 or to reach a scorehigherthan the dealer without exceeding 21.2, The dealer must draw to 16 and stand on soft 17. Blackjack pays3to 2, and insurance pays 2 to 1.Key Features:- Gorgeous game UI and wonderful animations- Touch to control game playing- Split hands or double down to win big- Surrender to get out of a tough situation- Free Daily Chips- Unlimited dealer hints- Unlimited free chips!- New deck animation helps you practice your cardcountingskills- Adaptable to all tablets and phones of all sizeGive Blackjack free a try, and we promise you will haveafantastic experience, and with the new skills you will get.
BlackJack 21 1.0.6
Play the BEST casino card game BLACKJACK on your android phonesforFREE. Black jack by SNG is the only black-jack with SIDEBETS,Perfect Pairs and Buster Blackjack. BLACK JACK, Black Jack,BJ,21!Las Vegas casinos are not the only place where you canplayBlackjack. You can earn MILLIONS of daily chips FREE. Do notmissit!You will experience the real deal of SIDE BETs: PERFECTPAIRSand BUSTER BLACKJACK.Features:•Detailed table and card designwitha fast paced game flow.•Dealer stands on soft 17.•3:2 is paidforblackjack.•Split is enabled.•Insurance and side bet.SideBets:*Buster Blackjack * Perfect PairsBlackjack side bets odds :BusterBlackJack bet wins if the dealer busts with:* 3-4 cards: pays2 to1 (Dealer Busted)* 5 cards: pays 4 to 1 (Dealer Busted)* 6cards:pays 12 to 1 (Dealer Busted)* 7 cards: pays 50 to 1(DealerBusted)* 8 cards: pays 250 to 1(Dealer Busted)Perfect Pairsbetwins if the player's first two cards are a pair:* Mixed pair:pays5 to 1* Colored pair: pays 10 to 1* Perfect pair: pays 30 to1Havefun with SIDE BETs! Never give up on blackajck!
A simple but funny Blackjack application!A simple butfunnyBlackjack application!
Ultimate BlackJack 3D FREE 3.1.0
Engage in a battle against the dealer in this 3D simulation oftheclassic blackjack casino card game. Play by the rules of someofthe most famous world casinos or create your own. All casinoscomewith their basic strategy table and if you create your owncasinothe table is automatically calculated.Rules are highlycustomizablewith addition of some rarely used ones. Learn how toplay orsharpen your skills with the built-in basic strategy tutor.Bringyour skill to the next level using one of the 15 cardcountingsystems. Special attention was paid to the user interfacegivingthe cards a decent size, no unnecessary buttons to occupythescreen, usage of sensors to make the playing experience evenmorecomfortable. To add more spice there are 52 achievementswaiting tobe unlocked (plus earn real-life rewards!) and aleaderboard tocompare your skills with players around the World.For players whodo not thrust the PRNG (pseudo-random numbergenerator) which isbuilt into their phone/tablet (and used forshuffling) here it is,a unique new feature: TRUE RNG ! (the numbersare generated viaatmospheric noise)No more crying the dealer cheats;) All this andeven more, packed in 3D graphics with niceanimations, sound andspeech and there is a reason why this game iscalled "UltimateBlackJack 3D" !Play this game to sharpen yourskills before yournext trip to Las Vegas...★★★ Check out our newblackjack game:Ultimate BlackJack Reloaded ★★★Main features of"Ultimate BlackJack3D"★ highly optimized 3D graphics and animationsfor lifelikegameplay★ clean and friendly user interface★text-to-speech(prerecorded and live)★ usage of AccelerometerSensor, OrientationSensor and Vibrator★ highly customizable (gamerules, userinterface, graphics, camera view, sound, speech...)★create yourown casino with all most popular Black Jack rulescustomizable(hole card, surrender, split, dealerpeek,   penetration, burn cards, cut card,charlie,number of decks, continuous shuffling machine,doubledownrules...)★ play the Double Attack variant of the game★play theplayer's blackjack sidebet variant★ play the Lucky Ladiessidebetvariant★ play the Super Seven sidebet variant★ play by therules of7 world famous casinos★ basic strategy table calculator★comparebasic strategy tables side by side★ basic strategy tutorwhileplaying (before or after making a move)★ 15 countingsystems,display of true and/or running count★ 10 user profiles★ 9cardbackgrounds (new: Christmas theme)★ leaderboard and 52achievements(with real-life rewards!)★ data backup/restore★ gamestatistics★optional input by gestures★ true random number generator(viaatmospheric noise)★ mini-game Card Spotting★ continuallyenhancedwith new features★ no internet connection required (worksoffline)★COMPLETELYFREE★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Let thisgame be yourpro blackjack trainer (mentor), have fun while playingand do notlose faith on dealer's blackjack ! :)Check out why manyusers claimthis is the best blackjack app on the market.Did youknow?★Blackjack (black jack, 21, twenty-one) is the only casinogame whereyou can actually beat the house if played by basicstrategy andusing card counting★ Blackjack is the most widelyplayed casino gamein the world★ Other casino games inspired byblackjack includeSpanish 21 and pontoonGAME COMMANDSHit - touchcard pile or usemenuStand - touch any of your cardsSplit - shakephone or usemenuDoubledown - touch any of the dealer'scardsSurrender - touchthe "white flag" icon or raise bottom ofyour phoneIf using gesturesto playHit - touch the screenStand -swipe from left to rightSplit -long press anywhereDoubledown -double tapSurrender - swipeleft-right-left
BlackJack 21 Free 2.2.0
Shvuta Apps
Get blackjack 21 card game now!Get started with 20,000 freechipsfor the blackjack 21 cad game.The basic idea of the gameofblackjack card game, Vingt-et-un, Pontoon or just "21" as itissometimes called, is to have a hand that is closer in numericvalueto 21 than that of the dealer - without going over 21("Bust").Yourhand is only played out against the hand of theDealer. Don't worryabout the other players, in this game you areonly playing againstthe Dealer of the blackjack cardgame.Blackjack, also known astwenty-one, is the most widely playedcasino banking game in theworld. Blackjack is a comparing card gamebetween a player anddealer, meaning that players compete againstthe dealer but notagainst any other players. Blackjack is playedwith one or moredecks of 52 cards. The object of the game is toreach 21 points orto reach a score higher than the dealer withoutexceeding 21.
BlackJack 21 Free 1.0.7
Do you think it's your lucky day? Then test yourselfwithBlackJack!WhatWapp Entertainment is really pleased to announcetherelease of the coolest BlackJack on Google Play Store! Bestnews?It's completely FREE to play!Challenge your friends byreaching thetop of the Global Leaderboard and by unlocking all thedifferentachievements! You can choose among 5 different casino: LasVegas,Reno, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City and Macao. Each one has it'sownrules and will give you a new experience!With a very colorfulandfull of light effects graphic BlackJack will give you the mostfunexperience and it's completely free. Here you can find some ofit'scharacteristics:* 25 levels to unlock * 5 different casino toplayBlackJack in: Las Vegas, Reno, Monte Carlo, Atlantic CityandMacao* Full integration with the most popular socialnetworks(Facebook, Twitter, Google+)* Global Leaderboard* 20+differentachievements* Premium stats* Cloud savings: never loseyourprogress, with cloud savings you can backup and restart fromwhereyou left, even if you use a different device* More than 10ways toget free money every dayThe game is free to play and all themoneyyou can win playing BlackJack are virtual and not real.Foranyquestions, error or clarification, please contact us by sendingane-mail at [email protected], or by writing on Twitter [email protected] This information is accessible directly fromtheapplication in the "Credits" section.Like us on Facebook bygoingto / WhatWapp and follow @ WhatWapponTwitter!Have fun!
BlackJack Royale - 21 Live 6.0
Play BlackJack Royale - 21 infriendsmodeorsingle mode with unlimited entertainment, top-tiergraphics.The game is totally FREE and NO NEED to buy any chips.Itletsyouplay in 2 modes. Single Player - Trainer ModeandMultiPlayerLive.I. Single Player Mode : •  Play and understand basic moves.Worksasofflinesimulator. •  Sharpen your Card Counting skills with HiLo, Hi-OptI,Hi-OptII,KO •  Use Advice to know when to Hit / Stand / BetusingBasicStrategy,to improve your odds and chances ofwinning •  Customize & experiment with various Rules andsettingsofyourblackjack game  •  Enable/Disable Insurance  •  Number of Decks from 1 to 8 Decks  •  Dealer peeks on Aces/Tens  •  Dealer stands on Soft 17  •  Enable/Disable SurrenderII. Multi Player Mode : •  Play live with people around the world in realtimeandexperienceLas Vegas casinoIII. Buy virtual gifts from the Shop and compareyourrankingsonthe Leader Board.Try BlackJack Royale - 21 Live, Now! We are sureyouwillloveit.
Blackjack King
★ Get the best free Blackjack App on Android! ★Take down thehousewith Blackjack King. With the most features, enhancedgraphics,seamless gameplay, 8 standard decks, and stylish avatars,BlackjackKing is the only blackjack game you'll ever need. Thecasinoexperience has never been better! Play like you were in VegasorMonaco. Outsmart the dealer on daily challenges and rack upyourachievements.Play with us on Facebook:★ Get FREE chips daily★ Use oneaccount to play on allyour Android devices & Facebook★ Earn andshare over 50+achievements★ Share your scores on Twitter &Facebook★ DailyChip Lottery★ Global and FriendsLeaderboardsGameplay tutorial[ComingSoon!]=====================================Follow us onTwitter andLike us on Facebook for BlackjackKingUpdates! made possible by the generous contribution of the OntarioMediaDevelopment Corporation.
Blackjack 21 Classic Twentyone 0.0.2
Free to play Twenty one game with Black Jack.Realistic GameplaywithLas Vegas Casino Sounds and Atmoshphere with Slot Machine andothersounds.Raise your bet and Deal with the highest Bet To Be TheWinnerIn this Best Casino Game.Free to play authnentic Blackjacktwentyonesimulator just like playing at a Casinoenvironment.Develop strategyand play your cards well against youroponent to be the ultimatelucky winner.BlackJack 21 Classic iscompatible with Android Phonesand Tablets.Super Black Jack SagaFeatures;✔ Free to Play Continuousgameplay.✔ Clean and StylishGraphic Design.✔ Addictive andChallenging 21 Black Jack Game.✔Easy Touch Controls with intuitiveGameplay.Enjoy This Simple BlackJack 21 Game and If you counter anyissues please send an emailinstead of writing bad reviews.
BlackJack Card Counter 1.0
Blackjack Card Counter app helps in maintaining the RunningCardcount of Blackjack also known as 21.A player can win a handagainstdealer and make money if he is able to Hit Blackjack, orstay closeto count 21 and beat dealer's hand count or Not to getburst andstay in the game and hope dealer gets busted. This app canhelp youin making smart decision and achieve above goals.This appnot onlyhelps in card counting but provides other useful statsduring cardcounting such as Total Number of High Cards dealt ,% OfCards Dealtetc.Make your moves or place bets based on total # ofcards dealt,Deck running status and % of each type of carddealt.Win more handsand win more money.
BlackJack 10.0.17
Blackjack - 21, also known as Twenty-one or Vingt-et-un is themostwidely played casino banking game in the world. Blackjack isacomparing card game between a player and dealer and played withoneFrench decks of 52 cards.Black Jack game features: - Enableslivecounting of left cards in a decks - Counts players and dealerswins- Enables bidsPlayer decisions in BlackJack game:Afterreceiving aninitial two cards, the player has options: "hit,""stand," or"split". - Hit: Take another card from the dealer. -Stand: Take nomore cards; also known as "stand pat", "stick", or"stay". - Split:(only available as first decision of a hand), ifthe first twocards have the same value, the player can split theminto twohands.Keywords: Blackjack , Card, Casino, 21, BlackJack,Twentyone, Vingt et un.
BlackJack 21 1.0
our Blackjack 21 game it is the most fun casino card game.Whilemaking the experience easy, beautiful, and intuitive foryourAndroid phone or tablet. Best of all, there are no in-apppurchasesfor getting chips in our casino game!Tap the chips toadjust yourbet, and watch the gorgeous, crisp, and beautifullyanimated cardsfly on the table.If you're unsure of your strategy,ask the dealerfor a hint at any time.Helpful bubbles assist you toquickly add upyour cards, or decide whether you should take a hiton a softvalue.Take advantage of advanced blackjack 21 strategies,likesplitting multiple times and doubling down, to winbig!Practiceyour card counting skills by tracking the decktransitionanimation.We love our players so we made sure that youdon't spendany money in our blackjack twenty one game to get morechips.Blackjack 21 free is completely free to play and all thechips andmoney used in the game are fictitious.Give Blackjack 21 atry andwe promise you will have a fantastic experience. With thenewskills you pick up you’ll feel more confident for your next triptoLas Vegas!A note regarding the odds of winning Blackjackfree:Likeall casino games, the odds of winning are slightly infavor of thecasino. In our game, we use a cryptographically strongrandomizerto shuffle the decks to make the game as authentic aspossible. Thegame of blackjack is not meant to be ‘won’ but isinstead a game ofboth strategy and chance, resulting in both winsand losses. Theunfavorable hands are meant to make the followingwinning streaksthat much sweeter :)Blackjack 21 Rules:Blackjack,also known as 21,is one of the most popular casino games in theworld. Blackjack isa card game where players compete against thedealer. The object ofthe game is to reach 21 or to reach a scorehigher than the dealerwithout exceeding 21.In Blackjack 21, thedealer must draw to 16and stand on soft 17. Blackjack pays 3 to 1,and insurance pays 2to 1.Blackjack 21 Highlights & Features:-Gorgeous, beautifullyanimated cards - Touch and interact with allof your chips - Splithands or double down to win big - Buyinsurance to dodge a dealerblackjack - Surrender to get out of atough situation - Detailedstatistics to track your performance -Multiple casino tablebackdrops to choose from - Unlimited dealerhints - Unlimited freechips! Just spin the wheel :)- New deckanimation helps youpractice your card counting skills- OurBlackjack free games lookamazing on tablets and phones of allsizesEnjoy spending your freetime with our fun game.