Top 47 Games Similar to Frontline Submarin Battle Fury

Adventures Story 2 26
Everyone has a weakness, our Chingu has two! Sleep and Candies.Sowhat happens when he sleeps and dreams about candies. Jump intoaworld of total fun and adventure, from a Green Island to aPirateShip and from the Bunny Land to the Candy Land. Chingu is allsetto glide through his super cute candy dreams. They say dreamscometrue, but so do nightmares. Features: • Experience an excitingmixof fun and exploration. • Lots of bosses and super cute enemiestodefeat. • Set off on a dreamy adventure with amazing visuals.•Smooth controls. • Funny animations give life to allthecharacters. Many challenging levels to explore with your petsandcompanions while you fight for survival in this fantasyworld.There is a special BOSS mode where you have to battleagainstbosses to reach the next level for exciting rewards. Showyourskills by completing levels and be the hero! Collect allthecandies and use them for power ups to gain lives, health andmuchmore. You will face many enemies on your way to completeyourmission, so get ready for an epic adventure! The game is freetoplay and is very easy for everyone to pick up and start. Contactuson if you need any help! Follow Us togetnews and updates:
com.touchfoo.swordigo 1.4.1
Touch Foo
Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world ofplatformingchallenges and embark on an epic adventure! The #1mobile adventuregame and a 3D platformer, now also available forAndroid phones andtablets. “Swordigo is a love letter to theplatforming andadventure games of the past.” — SlideToPlay, 4/4“There’s never adull movement as you hop between platforms andslash your swordagainst a plethora of enemies.” — Apple’n’Apps,4.5/5 “Honestly, ifyou only buy one game this week, you shouldchoose Swordigo.” —AppAdvice A GREAT ADVENTURE • Explore a magicalrealm of dungeons,towns, treasures and devious monsters. • Gainexperience and levelup your character. MAGIC AND SWORDS • Findpowerful weapons, itemsand spells to defeat your enemies. • Ventureinto gloomy caves anddungeons to discover powerful hidden swords.SIDE-SCROLLERPLATFORMER GAME • Fluid and challenging platforminggameplaydesigned specifically for mobile devices. • Precise touchcontrolsoptimized for smartphones and tablets. • Customize thecontrols toyour preference. 2.7
Chaves Adventures is a super classic adventure andlegendaryside-scrolling arcade platformer. + addictive, thrillingandchallenging jungle adventure hit + old school jump and runplatform/ obstacles runner + classic platformer for kids, childrenandadults + side-scroller gameplay with easy game console padcontrols+ easy and free to play - hard to master + classic jungleretrojunning and jumping adventure Chaves`s princess is beingkidnappedby evil crocs, spiders and dragons and brought to darkcastles. Itis up to Super Chaves, the little kid to rescue her! Buttake care!Lots of enemies, troubles, obstacles, traps and bossesaredefending your way through the jungle and wonder worlds. To gettothe loveley princess, Chaves will have to run and jumpoverobstacles, fight and shoot against angry bees, crocs,crawfishes,snakes, birds, frogs, hedgehogs, mushrooms, skeletons,leps, snailsand many other dragons and monsters. Climb up hugemountains andstairs, fight against perhistoric enemies, avoidfalling bricks,find hidden blocks and levels, collect coins anddiamonds, swimthrough dangerous seas, explore lot of challengingand addictivejungle worlds and lands and defeat all cruel enemiesand bosses.This cool Jump and Run is an addictive non-stop oldschool arcadejungle adventure game! Features of Chaves Adventures:+ 4 differentaddictive worlds (wonder land, crazy forest, egyptworld and caveland) + 80 beautiful, well-designed and challeninglevels withincreasing difficulty + 8 awesome boss fights (angryscorpion,dangerous spider, bee golem and crocodile boss) in 8differentcastles + many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks andbonusitems + over 20 different, great animated enemies such ascrocs,frogs, spiders, snails and many more + high resolutiongraphics -great mix between 2D and 3D graphics + retro arcade musicand oldschool sound effects + perfect, intuitve game controlthrough retrocontrol pad like on console games + special chavesskills hidden indestroyable blocks and bricks + awesome gameplayreminding to retroclassic games + sea and water worlds - jumping,running andswimming ! + try to unlock all achievements and to benumber one ofleaderboards! How to play Chaves Adventures: + formoving thechaves character click on right or left on the controlpad! + clickdown for ducking or on some tree stumps to get to abonus level! +press B-button to make Super Chaves jumping! + pressA-button ANDright or left for running; press A and B together for ahigher andwider jump! + after eating an apple you become SuperSilver Chavesand will be able to destroy bricks! + after eating agolden floweryou become Super Golden Chaves and will be able toshoot balls -press B-Button for shooting! + chaves swimming: pressA-Buttonmultiple times to swim higher ... release your finger frombuttonto go down! Enjoy this brand new super jungle adventureplatformergame!
Jungle Adventures 32.3
On a beautiful sunny day Addu and his girlfriend were eatingapplestogether and enjoying life and suddenly an evil monsterappearedfrom the deep jungle out of nowhere. That evil monstercapturedAddu's girlfriend and ran away into the deep jungle. Adduis on anadventure to rescue his girlfriend by defeating the monsterandteach him a lesson. To bring Addu's girlfriend back he needsyourhelp. Run and jump through the deep jungle, avoid traps andclearall enemies in your way and defeat all the bosses. Features :+Classic gameplay + Simple yet beautiful graphics + Easyandintuitive controls + Ability to double jump + More than 80uniquelevels + Ton of boss battles + Suitable for all ages Exploreamagical world of mysteries with different types of charactersyoumeet on the way, some are friendly while others stop at nothingtohunt you down. Try to survive the hoard of creatures that youwillface to complete your mission. As you complete levels andcollectsfruits you can get even more powerful with the power upswhich areavailable which can be upgraded or purchased in the ingameshopsuch as a Jinnie, triple jump and more! Choose from fivedifferentcharacters to play from while you use powerful items andspells todefeat your enemies. Face unique bosses which havepowerful attacksto destroy you so be careful while you face them asthey provide achallenging experience. Download this legendary freeto playplatformer game that takes you on a unique and funfilledadventure. The game is very easy for everyone to pick up andstartplaying. Contact us on if you needanyhelp! Follow Us to get news andupdates:
Tom 3D World Adventure Games ; Modern Platformer
tom 3d Jungle Knight Adventures is a nutmeg diversion cherishletterto the platforming and enterprise recreations of the pastyou can Asuper experience amusement with a moving stage as anafterthought.Run, bounce and cut your way through an immenseuniverse ofplatforming challenges and leave on an epic experience!versatileexperience tom diversion and jerry a 3D platformer, Youdon't recallhow you got to this island, however now you'restranded in nature.Getting by here will be no straightforwardassignment. presentlyadditionally accessible for Androidtelephones and tablets. "." -SlideToPlay Investigate a mysticaldomain of cells, towns, treasuresand underhanded beasts. Pick upunderstanding and step up yourcharacter. In the first place you'llhave to discover sustenance,create some crude apparatuses, andfabricate a haven. Think you havewhat it takes? Your survival tom3d jerry island enterprise is goingto start ...
Jungle Adventures 2 40.8
Winner of 24 FPS International Best Game Design 2016 award !!!TheFruity forest is in trouble, a mighty Magician has stolen allthefruits of the jungle to become Immortal. Addu, ourfearlessadventurer along with his loyal pet Bullion set out tobring allthe fruits back to breathe new life into his homeland.DiscoverAddu’s amazing new abilities. • Addu could jump, swim andthrowstones. • Now he can pick up, throw and glide. • He can ridehispets to assist him in his journey. • Run, jump and exploretheArcades. Contact us on if you needanyhelp! Follow Us to get news andupdates: 2.1
US army transport submarine driving game is the real challengeofarmy transport game of 2018. Serve as an US army transporterinthis multi transport simulator game. Army submarine drivinggamewill have different army trucks, jeeps, tanks,helicopters,transport plane and army submarine ships. You will alsoplay as thearmy coach bus driver to unfold the prison driving dutytotransport prisoners in this military convey game. Play as therealhero of US army who is ready to serve in multi transport taskofmilitary tanks, helicopter, prisoners and OffRoad jeepdriving.Your mission will be offroad driving jeeps, trucks, tanksandhelicopters to the army basecamp sea port that will laterbetransported to a different location through sea and airtransportservice. Army convoy Transport military items to thedestination ontime. It is the most thrilling army transportsubmarine drivinggame where you will serve as an army transporterthat will performdriving and transport plane missions along withsubmarine driving.Your mission will be transportation of armyvehicle safely in thisbest of navy submarine army games. Load thejeeps on to the cargoplane parked at airport, drive the army truckand park it insidethe Russian submarine, guard the prisoner bus andpark it safely asthe prisoners and police cops are locked inside ofthe prison busin this us navy submarine simulator. Drive submarineunderwater tobe undetected by the enemy attack ships in this bestof US armysubmarine driving games. Be in charge of army transportconveymovement and become a army transporter hero in this amazingArmytransporter submarine driving game with heavy duty transportplanemissions. Drive army jeeps offroad while transporting themfrom thearmy base to the sea dock yard, full fill your urge ofoffroad jeepdriving games. Transport army trucks safely from armyunit to warsubmarine, fly ultimate fighter flying helicopter likecobra orstealth helicopter to the dockyard, perform Ariel twistsand turnslive the life of a pro helicopter pilot in this best of usarmyhelicopter games. Become a pro US army submarine captain andmanageall the transportation of military Jeeps, trucks, helicoptersandprisoner van. Be a wise army submarine ship captain andperformyour duty well in this us navy army transporter submarinedrivingsimulator 2018. Enjoy the adventure of multiple drivingmachines inUS Army Transporter Submarine Driving Game.
Super Woody with Lost World 30
Super Woody is a fun, action packed adventure and platformgamewhere you need to test your skills as you try to help Woodythetimberman find his friends. In this amazing title you can takeyourplatforming to the next level by collecting coins which canbetraded for power-ups, all while avoiding the enemies that canbefound at all corners and which give you demandinggameplaychallenges that you want to avoid.We extend the adventurewith LostWorld and Bonus World new adventures in this awesome worldof SuperWoody.Tip: There are some new tricks in the game. Like theGodMode.Features:• Fun adventure and platforming gameplay•Collectcoins and unlock powerful bonuses• Stunning HD graphics•Unique,fun soundtrack• Access multiple game worlds like themountain,forest or desert
Caveman Adventure 1.14
STEM Studios
Caveman Adventure !!! is a 2D action-adventure side scrollgamedeveloped by STEM studios. The story follows a caveman's kidsaretaken by a dinosaur and the caveman starts to search the kidsinthe dinosaur world. Our caveman has to face a lot of wilddinosaursin the jungle. In its pacing and structure, cavemanadventure is agame with 4 worlds that contain plot twists. The gameitselfconsists of 20 stages, and the adventure is continued by 4specialworlds. Together, caveman adventure makes the best adventuregameof the month. Additionally, power-ups and the effects inthecaveman adventure game makes the gameplay exciting andaddictive.caveman adventure is a simple 2D game with relaxing musicandaddictive graphics. even a small kid can play this simple rungame.caveman adventure has support for almost all android devices.Don'tworry about the space on the phone, this exciting cavemanadventureis just 10 MB almost all can afford for someentertainment. Goodluck! Features 1. Have Four different adventureworlds. 2.1 HaveOne perfectly designed fly background. 2.2 Have Oneperfectlydesigned cave background. 3. Have 20 levels to reach theBossDinosaur. 4. Have a lot of enemy Dinosaurs in the land 5. Have20Dinosaur birds. 6. Have 1 Boss to defeat. 7. Have checkpointstosave the progress in this adventure world. 8. Have coolsoundeffects & background music. 9. Support SD cardinstallation.
Adventure of Tobot 3D 1.0
Adventure of tobot X Y Z Games - On this happy season we createdanadventure-type game. This adventure game is titled " AdventureofTobot Y". Game Adventure Robot Z War also includes aChristmasgame. With the snow atmosphere. Many snowman or snowman.New Games2018 free forBoys and GirlsNot like many games on store.Games forkids, games for babies or games for teens / adults. Alldepends onthe pleasure of each - each. Some like adventure games,some likesimulation games, some like action games or sportsgames.It issuitable for children and teenager even adult. It caneven beplayed for boys or girls. Also love subway adventure templerunningjungle games. So Let's play this game by helping a Tobotpassing apath full of difficult obstacles to get valuable coins.New Games2018 free for everyoneThis game can be played by anyone,bothchildren and adults. The kids who will play this gamewillcertainly feel happy. Because the game Adventure of Tobot Z YXGames is very funny and easy to play.Features★★★★★ Gorgeousvisualeffects★★★★★ Smooth game control★★★★★ Appropriate backgroundmusicmakes you feel more immersive!★★★★★ Numerous power-ups giveyoumore fun!★★★★★ Addictive one-touch gameplay★★★★★ Dailyrewardsystem★★★★★ Recording gameplay and exporting GIF imagesforsharing★★★★★ Sharing GIF or PNG images to social networksLet'sGoto Play Fun & Easy Game Adventure of tobot X Y Z , If youlikeThis Game, please leave a comment and give feedback for us !
Ice Age Adventures 2.0.8d
Scrat's nutty pursuit of the cursed acorn hasworld-changingconsequences. Manny, Diego, and the rest of the herdare suddenlyfloating out to sea at the edge of a continentalcataclysm. Leftall alone, Sid needs your help to rescue his friendsand save theentire herd. Get ready for ICE AGE ADVENTURES! EPICADVENTURE •Explore the unknown with Sid, Manny & Diego asplayablecharacters • Discover incredible environments like snowyislandsand treacherous lush lands • Overcome extreme hurdlesandencounters with threatening foes in order to find the missingherdRESCUE THE ENTIRE HERD • Play a match-3 mini-game to savetheanimals • Sled with Sid and rescue the herd's babies •RecruitPrecious and bring the herd together quickly ACOMPLETESCRAT-ASTROPHE • Help Scrat escape an avalanche in anexciting andaddictive runner mini-game • Use rescued animals aspower-ups •Compete against friends in daily/weekly challenges andearn bigrewards MOVIE-LIKE EXPERIENCE • A unique storylinefeaturing theofficial voices of the three playable characters •Beautiful 3Dgraphics will immerse you in the world of ICE AGE • Funanimationsgive life to allcharacters_____________________________________________ You candownload andplay this game for free. Please be informed that italso allows youto play using virtual currency, which can beacquired as youprogress through the game, or by deciding to watchcertainadvertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases ofvirtualcurrency using real money are performed using a credit card,orother form of payment associated with your account, andareactivated when you input your Google Play account password,withoutthe need to re-enter your credit card number or PIN.In-apppurchases can be restricted by adjusting theauthenticationsettings within your Play Store settings (Google PlayStore Home> Settings > Require authentication for purchases)andsetting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutesorNever. Disabling password protection may result inunauthorizedpurchases. We strongly encourage you to keep passwordprotectionturned on if you have children or if others could haveaccess toyour device. This game contains advertising for Gameloft’sproductsor some third parties which will redirect you to athird-partysite. You can disable your device’s ad identifier beingused forinterest-based advertising in the settings menu of yourdevice.This option can be found in the Settings app >Accounts(Personal) > Google > Ads (Settings and Privacy) >Opt outof interest-based ads. Certain aspects of this game willrequirethe player to connect to theInternet._____________________________________________ Visit ourofficialsite at Follow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles. Discover our blogat for the inside scooponeverything Gameloft. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: End User License Agreement:
Ankora 1.3.9
Mûn the explorer of Interstellar Patrol Team 5, suffers aseriousaccident with her spaceship and has to make an emergencylanding onthe Planet Ankora. It is a very large planet, full ofcontrasts anddangerous monsters, but Mûn is a brave explorer withgreat survivalskills and faces the adventure without any fear. Theonly way toask for redemption is to bring together the transmitterparts lostfrom spaceship during landing, which are scattered aroundvariousremote locations on the planet. With all the pieces, shewill beable to build the antenna and send the distress signal. Lifeonplanet Ankora is not easy, to survive Mûn must overcome hungerandthirst, looking for food and water, cooking her own provisionsandstruggling against the elements: rain, north freezing cold andhotsummers in the desert, long nights full of dangers ... But soonshewill have unexpected help: the ANKs. The ANKs are a primitiveraceliving in harmony in Ankora since ancient times. Theyarekind-hearted and are divided into tribes engaged indifferentoccupations: farmers, fishermen, merchants, craftsmen,hunters andwisemen. Mûn has a lot to learn from the ANKs, who willwillinglyhelp her sharing their culture: teaching her to maketools,buildings and structures, objects of jewelry, all kinds ofmeals,recipes and even magic potions. In return, Mûn will alsoprovideher assistance through countless missions, specializing ineach joband becoming a genuine ANK-hearted. PLANET ANKORA Ankorahas largedimensions, it's divided into 144 quadrants made ofblocks, Mûn hasgreat exploration work in this wild world, wherenature has grownat will. Mûn must learn to overcome obstacles:rivers, lakes andwaterfalls, huge rocks blocking the passage,mountains, leveljumps... And many monsters. But nature will alsoprovide thematerials she needs to move forward and survive: wood,stone, metaland wild plants. Soon she learns to open her own ways,becauseAnkora is a changing and unique planet. THE TOOLS AlthoughMûn willbegin the adventure with empty hands, the ANK tribe willaccompanyher sharing their secrets and showing her to make usefultools. Thehammer to build structures, the shovel to dig or raisethe terrain,the saw and the pickaxe to collect wood and stone, thehoe tocultivate and harvest ... and the spear and the hunting bowtodefend herself. OBJECT CRAFT A key task to survive will be tomakeher own objects and manage the resources she finds onheradventure. Mûn can collect a lot of items in herbackpack:different materials, survival tools, food and specialitems. Theseobjects can be combined in many ways using the kitchenand theworking table. As Mûn learns new recipes, her skills andherchances of survival will multiply. THE DEILAND SAGA Ankora isthesecond game of the Deiland saga. If you enjoyed the adventureofPrince Arco in tiny planet Deiland, you'll sure love thisnewexperience of exploration and survival. You will findmanymechanisms and a style similar to Deiland's, but also manynewfeatures enhancing and extending the gameplay in this universe.Indeveloping Ankora, we have tried to cover many requests wereceivefrom users and we expect it to be a fun and interestingtitle. Inaddition, it is a completely offline game and does notrequireconnection. "Essentially a farming and adventure sim, set inspace.Great for fans of Don’t Starve, or Stardew Valley. Nicegraphics,and super pretty art! Long storyline and huge map toexplore."Reboot Reload "Overall, Ankora seamlessly mixesexploration,farming, and other gameplay aspects into a fun,well-crafted game.The graphics look fantastic, and the art style isboth unique andpleasant." GamesLand "The best part of this game,you have tons ofquests to be complete and 144 quadrants of areas toexplore!"Specialist4Gamer CREDITS Abraham Cozar Miriam Barea PacoMitos
Rayman Adventures 3.9.0
The enchanted forest is in trouble - the Ancient Eggs thatsustainthe Sacred Tree have been stolen and scattered across theworld.Embark on an amazing adventure through legendary worlds tohelpRayman and his friends rescue Ancient Eggs to breathe new lifeintothe Sacred Tree! AN EPIC PLATFORMER! · An exciting mix oftimelessadventures and breathtaking visuals! · Over 55 playablecharacters- play as Rayman, Barbara, Globox, or Teensie! · Run,swim, hover,and take giant flying leaps as you dash through 200+gorgeouslevels! · Jump into the action - battle Minotaurs, Bandits,andmany other monsters! EXPLORE VAST WORLDS! · Explore 7extraordinaryworlds in this action-packed Rayman 2D platformer! ·Grow yourSacred Tree to unlock new adventures, and soar abovethecompetition! MEET THE INCREDIBALLS! · Collect Incrediballs with3Special abilities - Seekers, Inhalers, and Protectors! · FeedtheIncrediballs, and make music with them in the Beatbox Mode!·Complete more than 50 various Incrediball families! · Seekandcollect over 320 unique Incrediballs! Run throughvariousmysterious lands, haunted medieval castles, and the mythicalworldsof Olympus, and unravel their hidden secrets! Downloadthislegendary free-to-play Rayman platformer game that takes you onanadventure unlike any other! Game available in: English,French,Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese,Danish,Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese,Arabic andChinese. Join the Rayman Adventures Community onFacebook: PLEASE NOTE:This game isfree to download and play but some game items can bepurchased forreal money. You can disable in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings.
com.webgames.ghosts 2.54
Welcome to Ghost Town! Embark on an incredible adventure inGhostTown—a mysterious city inhabited by ghosts! Join theyoungsorceress Anna and unravel the secrets of Ghost Town: meetit'sresidents and uncover the evil plan of the mysterious Dramatistwhohas taken over the city. 🎃 A Fascinating Plot: Amazingadventuresalong with a thrilling storyline await you! 🎃 UniqueGameplay:Explore mysterious houses and reveal the secrets of GhostTown! 🎃Side Stories: Enjoy lots of side quests that explore allaspects ofthe game. Every update brings compelling new narratives .So staytuned! 🎃 Additional Quests: Over 100 characters, each withuniquestories and secrets to be discovered! 🎃 Dialog: Interact withtheresidents of Ghost Town and solve all sorts of riddles alongtheway to completing your quests. 🎃 Exciting Crafting: Createmyriadmagical objects, brew magic potions by mixing rareingredients, andmore! 🎃 Hidden Objects: Shortcuts, secret passages,treasure, magicgems and many other secrets are waiting for you tofind them! 🎃Dangerous Enemies: Fight evil spirits, zombies,carnivorous plants,frozen giants, and more!
Victo’s World - jungle adventure - super world 1.6.9
🍄 Victo’s World - a journey of Victo - strayed kid in heatjungle,in this journey Victo must pass so much threats to run totargetworld. On his road, you can use weapon to kill monster butweaponis hidden in somewhere. 🐌🐌🐌 Game Features : 🍀 Real retro gameplay- Victo’s World - jungle adventure is a classic platform game.🍀More than 80 colorful levels. Map carefully designed to maketheadventure more enjoyable and addictive. 🍀 Beautiful graphicsandmusic. 🍀 Smooth game play and easy to play. 🍀 4 super worldsunlockfree when play to end of that super world, discover greenisland,jungle,desert, and deep sea... 🍀 Tricky monsters: snails,spiders,scorpion, carnivorous flower and so many otherenemies...destroythem ! 🍀 Play, run, jump and attack enemies andsuper boss anddiscover beautiful worlds 🍀 It Is an addictiveadventure game and alot of challenges. 🐌🐌🐌 How to play this game: +Use button to jump,move and attack. + Find mushroom and transformto super Victo:faster, stronger. + Find weapon in flowers. +Collect lots ofcoins. 🍄 Start your adventure now and smash throughthose trickymonsters: snails, spiders, scorpion, carnivorous flowerand so manyother enemies. 🍄 Runs and jumps across platforms andattack enemiesin themed this adventure game These includea multitudeof power-ups and items that give super boy special magicpowerssuch as fireball-throwing and size-changing into giantandminiature sizes. Play Victo’s Adventure - adventure game andcomeback to chilhood. 🐌🐌🐌 Get Victo’s Adventures - Jungle Adventureforfree today. Have fun !
Super Toby Adventure 1.0.4
PVN Studio
Super Toby Adventure is a Super classic video game, now availableonMobile.Super Toby Adventure was designed with classicgraphics,classic game play and sound, Super Toby Adventure willbring you toyour childhood.Super Toby Adventure have over 100levels with manychallenges.
Subway Dora Adventure Rush : Doramon Adventure
There are many adventure games on store but we are alsointroducingyou one of the best adventure game Subway Dora AdventureRush :Doramon Adventure. The game has adventure, suspense andthrilling.You have to just play and enjoy.Download Subway DoraAdventure Rush: Doramon Adventure game free.Game have four doramonsone of thedoremon is unloacked and remaining three doramons arelocked. youhave to play the game earn enough shin coins to unlocktheremaining doramons. So don't waist your time and play SubwayDoraAdventure Rush : Doramon Adventure game.In future we will comewithnew subway adventure games with new characters likeshinadventure.Run, jump and save the doramons from obstacles. Youhaveto save your doremon form trains and tramps and makehighschool.Features of subway dora adventure rush : DoramonAdventuregame.beautiful environmentsbeautiful graphicsfourdoramonfull ofadventure
Adventures Story 4.6
On a peaceful day like every other, Chingu and his brotherweretaking a nap in a jungle of flowers. Suddenly an evilmonsterappeared out of nowhere, Chingu ran but his little brothercouldn'trun and he got captured by the monster. After feeling theguilt ofrunning away Chingu decided to rescue his little brotherand takerevenge and teach the monster and his mate's a lesson. Tobringback Chingu's little brother home safely he set out to go intoadeep jungle. So help him in his adventure to rescue hislittlebrother. Run and jump in the jungle, take out all the enemiesinyour way and defeat all the bosses. Features : + Cute andbeautifulgraphics + Easy and intuitive controls + Ability to doublejump +50 unique levels + Suitable for all ages Contact if you need any help! Follow US togetnews and updates:
Super Ted Adventure 2 (Jungle Adventure ) 1.1.16
64 Games
--- 5 MILLION DOWNLOADS Super ted Adventure ---Now 64 gamespresentsclassic side scroller "Jungle Adventures" game. This gamebring backmemories of old school adventure games withnumerousadventure.Jungle World of this game contains well designedlevels,various enemies, bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphicsandsoothing music and sounds.Super Ted Adventure 2 is aclassicplatform game with a journey of Super Jungle Adventure thatbringsyour childhood back. This classic game will make you addictto.Inthe new super jungle world, ted must smash enemies to pass somanythreats. With familiar characters, Super Ted Adventure 2 issuch achildhood game. In this jungle adventure game, Ted runandcollect coins, power-up to fight with bosses in newworlds.GreatFeatures Of Game- Great graphics and music.- freelevels with 2worlds and 2 bosses to fight and more coming soon.-Over 30 enemiesand power up obstacles- 64 jungle world is waithingfor you (thereare more than 64 jungle world in super ted adventure1 & superted adventure 2)Please Download now and start theJungle Adventurejourney .
Russian Submarine - Robot Transformation Games 1.4
Minja Studio
In a post-apocalyptic world of mech wars and robot war game youarean evil robot transformation maker and disgruntled submarinerobotman scientist who used to work for the government and wantedtoconquer the world. But your revolutionary ideas for bestrobotgames were rejected and you were disbanded for life. Youhaveidentified robot man people in the black market who dealinexperimental best robot games parts. You have to go meet withthemto collect evil robots parts in order to assemble yourmegatransforming robot mech warrior called war machine submarino.Useyour offroad truck to meet with these black market dealers togethold of mega robot parts and assemble your war machine and makethemost out of mech wars best robot games. Once you haveassembledyour futuristic robot that transforms into a RussianSubmarine inthis transforming simulator the government asks foryour help as anall-out epic navy war is upon the world. YourRussian Navy nuclearsubmarine bot named Battle Cruiser is assignedthe task to beavailable to launch a torpedo attack in a pre-emptivestrike ifenemy evil robot man and Uboat attempts to fuel their mechwarsmissiles in this underwater games unlike any other flyingrobotgame. As the ultimate commander & chief, you are one offewcommanders left in this post apocalyptic world of RussianNavyrobot war game with combat experience in super robot wars. Itistime to engage in Uboat war game and play this Russian submarine–Robot Transformation Games in our latest submarinesimulator:Russian submarine – Robot Transformation Games in aseries ofunderwater games and u-boat robot marine games. Do not letyour manarmy down, through torpedo attack, dominate this epic robotbattlesubmarine war and destroy enemy navy battleship, air botsandbattle cruiserThe Russian submarine robot transformingsimulatormech warrior, Battle Cruiser submarino, has just obtainedanemergency strike message, ordering the launch of an epictorpedoattack through robot transformation against the enemyNavybattleship Uboat and air bots in mech wars best robot games.Basedon radio info enemy has decided to participate in the war gameandepic battle simulator. Before the robot transformationBattleCruiser can launch its torpedo attack, a second wirelessmessagebegins to be acknowledged, but is cut off by the attack ofenemynavy battleship and air bots in best underwater games. It istimeto get serious and take full control of the epic Navy warandu-boat epic battle simulator in our robot transformationsimulatorsubmarine simulator war game unlike any other flyingrobotgame.Avoid the heavy torpedo attack of mech wars rogue assaultbyevil robots roaming the waters, steer your Russian submarinerobottransformation machine and improve your skills as a submarinewarcommander and as a robot fighter in super robot wars. Do notletyour Uboat robot man and mega robot hero cripple duringthisultimate submarine war in our submarine simulator war gameandrobot transformation games. Aim for evil robots navybattleship,move around to dodge their attacks and defeat all navybattleshipsin this futuristic battle simulator and ultimate navywar of theworldsFeatures of Russian Submarine - RobotTransformationGames:Lifelike Battle Cruiser Russian Submarine withamazing 3Drobot transformation animationSmooth execution oftransformingRussian submarine in mech warrior gamesFuturistic robotfightinglike air bots during mech warsIncredible underwater andcityenvironmentOffroad truck driving simulator to collect robotpartswith futuristic laserExcellent robot hero assembly animationwithlaserU-boat gunship battle and hand to hand battlesimulationbetween evil robots and robot heroGo deep underwater toattack theevil robot man and enemy gunshipsMachine guns andtorpedoes forRussian submarine attack Realistic sound effects formech warriorsattack and destroy
Survival Island Games - Survivor Craft Adventure 1.8.7
You are a tiny survivor on a survival island! Build tosurvive,fight, play adventure quest, control the weather and planan islandescape in open world survival games!Explore dozens offloatingislands in a new action adventure survival game with craftgameselements. Control the weather on floating islands inreal-timemode. Collect resources to make items and buildings insurvivinggames. Battle the deadly beasts that roam these unexploredlands inrpg games. They show no mercy to lone survivors!Incredibleadventures await you in Tiny Survivor Weather Lord!KeyFeatures:🍃You are a weather lord: freeze, melt or scorch at will!You'll havethree available weather conditions on every island!Control theweather in real time in survivors the quest game!💨Variety ofbiomes for a survivor: from a snowy, sub-zero climate toabaking-hot desert, a humid, watery expanse and otherislands!👷🏻Bring craft ideas to life like in a survival simulator:Makehundreds of different items using a range of resources incraftingand building. If you like craft games, you'll love this!🏡Advancedconstruction system in crafting and building: from simplehouses topalaces and castles! Build the house of your dreams andlast outbitterly cold nights in it!💡 Reveal the secrets inadventuresurvival games: there are a huge amount of puzzles instore foryou. They'll be pretty tricky to solve in open worldadventuregames, but the reward is worth it! Go ahead, tiny warrior!To theadventures!💪🏻Compete with your friends in surviving games:who'sgot the better survival skills? The league table will answerthisfor you!🏹 Try to survive: monitor your health and don'tstarve.Animals turn into truly savage predators at night, so be onyourguard! Like a true survival simulator!🤗 Intense, vivid 3Dgraphics:the most beautiful Chibi-style mine survival island gamesoutthere!Try these survive games if you like adults boys games.Theworld will be interesting even if you like games for kids 10yearsfree and minekraft rpg games! GameFirst Mobile's new survivegamescombine all the best features of the open world adventuregames.Gotany questions about this island games adventure? You canwrite toour support team on: feedback@gamefirst.proJoin ouronlinecommunity for anyone who loves survivalislandgames:
Moro's Adventures World
Moro's Adventures World as in classic platform games with ajourneyof Moro's boy that bring your childhood back. Moro'sAdventuresWorld is an adventure game that your oiram can jump, runand shootenemy. Features: + Classic retro platform game style +Beautifulgraphics + Destroyable bricks, blocks and moving platform+ Awesomegameplay similar to retro classic game + Easy andintuitivecontrols with on-screen retro controller + 3 beautifulworlds with30 well designed levels How to play : + Tap Left / Rightto move. +Jump to crash the enemy. + Take the ball to shoot enemy.+ Collectall coins and bonus items to get more points. What are youwaitingfor? Play Moro's Adventures World now!
👰 Princess Sofia wonderland: first adventure game
princess Sofia wonderland : first adventure game is a newfunnyrunning and jumping Adventure game for kids and girls game.Jump,dash, running, hurry, sprint as you can! Let’s start fun runwithhero right now. Try to get to the end of the road, dashoverobstacles, kill all monsters and the same time collecting andgetmagical hearts. Help Princess to jump with her horse fromonebuilding to another and collect hearts. The more heartsyoucollect. Be attentive and not to fall, otherwise you will loseyourlife!Let the amazing magic running Princess First adventurebegin!Help Princess Sofia to escape from the cursed abandonedcastle deepin the jungle. In the jungle, there’s a temple thatlives an evilwitch who cast an evil spell on the castle. Avoid thattemple!Bring Princess Escape from the castle and out of the jungle.Dashand run as fast as you can! Be as shimmer as you can. Lookforprincess shine on the way. She can help you!Download andplayprincess Sofia wonderland : first adventure game withPrincessSofia. This is the best game for young kids, children andalsoadults!Features :- Free Shimmer Game adventure- Beautiful andfunnygraphics- tree level packs and one hundred and five levels -Goodcontrol❤ Please leave us a review and rating to let us knowwhatyou think about the game ❤. We always want to continue todeliversome the best and most fun Princess Sofia adventure gamesfor yourlittle girls. Your feedback plays an important part in usebeingable to achieve our goal. Thanks! 
Super Jungle Adventures 2.4
🍅 Hometown of super boy was invaded and destroyed byunexpectedmonsters. Super boy was all alone! Go help him take hishometownback!🍓 Super jungle adventures - Run and jump is the bestjungleadventure game for ever. The game has many difficult levelsto playand to discover.🍅 Special Feature: 🍅⛄ 90 new levels andchallenge⛄6 super worlds with magnificent graphics⛄ 22 differentmonstersfrom the former versions⛄ Super boy can transform his sizewithsuper mushroom, marvelous experience!⛄ Great graphics andmusic.⛄Play, run, jump and attack enemies and super boss⛄ Superworldsunlock free when play to end of that super world.🍒 Super boyinJungle World as in classic platform games with a journey ofsuperboy. In this jungle adventure , Super boy must pass so muchthreatsto run to target super world. You can use weapon to killmonsterbut weapon is hidden in somewhere. Super boy must be findit.🍅 Letgo ! and discover Super jungle adventures- jungleadventureDownload now and enjoy it !👉 Contact
Submarine Sim MMO 15
App Holdings
SubZone - KamchatkaHere is a free, 3D multiplayer submarinebattleadventure for your phone or tablet!Thanks to everyone foryoursuggestions and requests on how to improve the originalSubmarineSimulator 3D. Please keep the suggestions and ideas comingand wewill try to include them in the updates. Do you have afavoritesubmarine you would like to see in the game? Let us knowand wewill try to include it.~ Cyclops GamesIn this new version:*Battlea rogue warlords navy that have set up port in the remoteislandsoff Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula.* Sink cruisers,destroyers,weapon-carrying cargo tankers, and drug-running fishboats.* Outwitcompeting subs in multiplayer mode for salvage andgold bars.* 6modern submarines you can command* Restock yourtorpedo supply bysalvaging them from ships and submarines you sink*Explore theseafloor for crates of ammo, repair equipment and goldbars* Useyour periscope with and homing torpedoes to blow upenemyvesselsPlease rate and review and send us your requests tomakethis game better ~ Coming soon: SubZone - Red SeaSkirmishNOTES:BETA VERSION:====================We are stillperfecting themultiplayer logic* updates will be frequent while weget everythingworking* send us an email and tell us about any bugsor problemsMULTIPLAYER:===================* Since WiFi connectionson mobiledevices are not the best, you may see the game trying toreconnectat times.* It is important that the player "hosting" thegame has agood connection and keeps the game in the foreground* Ifthe playerwho is hosting the game does not keep the game in theforeground onthe device, they will be bumped back to the main menu,and anotherplayer will automatically be assigned as the new host*The numberof subs you have sunk shown in the bottom left is a tallyof subssunk in multiplayer mode
Super Doraemon Jungle Adventure Run 2.2
Super Doraemon Castle Run is the best free Adventure run gameforkids . In this game, you get the chance to join Doramon andshizukafor a wild adventure. Are you willing to help them runthrough all100 levels ? Doramon is need for your super help to passall levels. This game offers wonderful well-designed graphics forkids.Superdoramon Run is the best platform adventure for your kidsEverythinghas been carefully designed for you to have a lot of fun.DoraemonGame objectives are to crush all difficultés and defeatall enemiesin his way to rescue the princess and his friends Nobyand Shizukafrom the hand of the evil black monster doramon .Superdoramongames free Run is a Kids game for boys and girls this gameinspiredfrom doramon movie In the Jungle-Doramon-Adventure-Run, youwillnot have to run through levels but you have to jump anddodgemonsters and obstacles as well. You can also collect coins topowerup Super-Doramon , by buying super tools from the market.Thisavery wonderful Super Jungle game. The manner to play this gameisvery simple , all you have to do is to cross the levels all thewayto the temple castle.Cats games of supernatural schleich demonsandspirit who inspired also from doramon cartoon.doraemon games Trytoreach the max score in his adventure, run and jump anddefeatenemies in adventure land of the doremon game Cats cula .thelittledoremon game Cats is in his first time adventure in a castletryingto help his friends and his princess fighting againstblackDoraemon game Cat who consedred as his doremongame Catboy to defeat enemies by shootting fire and jump over them,try tonot touch the enemies to not get lose the gamedoramon boyface alot enemies in his way adventure and hi is having lot of funin adefférent world, castle world jungle ice age anddesertworldFeatures :Super free Games for kidsSuper spirit in thewildjunglePlenty of monsters , super bosses , andlevelsJungleAdventure for super kidsTemple CastleWell-designedgraphic80beautiful challenging levels How to play superAdventure:*Tapbuttons to move and jump! Your goal is to overcomealldifficultiesThis game is very simple to play barelyneedsinstructions , all you have to do is : to run , to killmonsters ,and to jump over obstacles. So go ahead download rightnow andenjoy! Jungle-Doramon-Adventure-Run is what you are exactlylookingfor
Super Nod's World Jungle Adventure Classic Game 1.3
Super Nod's World Jungle Adventure is a super adventure ofjungleworld, a jungle boy (man heroes) want to become atreasurehunter.One day, Jungle boy (man heroes) found an ancientmap in thewarehouse of his grandfather, it leads to the superjungleworld.Given that it was a treasure map, boy decided to jumpintojungle adventure to find treasure without knowing that a lotofthreats in super jungle world are waiting for him.In thesuperworld, must pass so much threats to run to target superworld.Superjungle runs and jumps across platforms and atop enemiesin themedlevels.Super Jungle World is one of the best jungleadventure game.The game has several challenging levels to play anddiscover.SuperJungle World (Nod's World) Full HD (4K support) fansarecomplaining that their creations are being removed from thegamewithout a reason or explanation.This has happened before butfansknew that it was for the stages that had glitches.Thecompanyshould explain to the fans that they have changed theprocess. Ifnot, they should still tell them about the stages andwhy they arebeing removed from the game. A few months ago, gamerswere toldthat the stages in Super Jungle World (Nod's World) FullHD (4K)with glitches would be removed.Features:- So much scenes:jungle,frozen, cave, subway world- Addictive game-play- Amazinggraphics-Addictive gameplay- Challenging level design- Fun for allages-amazing world- jungle Beautiful graphics- +80 level toplay-Beautiful graphics and control- Many challenging levelscontested-Try to get high scoreDownload Super Nod's World JungleAdventure(Super Jungle World) now and enjoy the game.The gameincludes:-Achievements- 60+ different enemies- Easy, intuitivecontrols- 4beautiful worlds(more coming soon)- 80 awesomelevels(more comingsoon)- Classic platform game style- And a lotmore features!How toplay- Use button to jump, move and fire- Findweapon in flowers-Kill enemies by firing or jumping on theirheadSuper Nod's WorldJungle Adventure is the greatest platformadventure for yourandroid!Everything has been carefully designedfor you to have alot of fun! We warn you, it´s not an easy game sogood luck!Allthis completely free, so you should at least try it.We hope allour players have a great time playing it, please rateand thanks alot for playing Worry about downloading this appmay cost youa lot?Developed and being maintained by a professionalteam, thisapp will service you well.Thank you download and play mygame.
Vampirina : Hide and Shriek World Adventure 👻 1.1
Do you love vampirina jungle adventure doll in TransylvaniatheHotel and her little mona the vampire family, and you want toplaywith little vampiri in magic goblins halloween ghosts ? Thisisperfect Bunicula adventure for you.Vampirina Games Hauntleybroomis a super Jump and run adventure and legendary sidescrollingplatformer.the Super Buffy the Vampires Slayer Bat has topass lotsof evil crocs and enemies, Gravedale High, RosarioVampire,Hellsing and also go through noir castles and DiabolikLovers akaTsukuyomi .You will enjoy every broom while playing thishedgehoggame. Bring your childhood memories from the platform gameswithOxana vàmpirina Subway Runner, It is a free running and jumpingandswimming game.Vampirin bridget tells the story of Vampiregirlmoved from hotel of Transylvania to Pennsylvania Ghost formeetBunicula.In this brilliant diversion Vampire Knight moved groupofscream girls, father and Little Dracula creature! Littlevamperinanosferatu, she gets a kick out of the chance to makeexperience andhave a ton of fun! To start to make companions. thisstunning toonvampirin needs your assistance to gather the VampireKnight coins,so you can play this amusement, you need to climbwolfie, dashingand maintain a strategic distance from allObstacles, it's truly anastounding diversion, it's an pumpkinentertaining amusement forchildren and everyone.vanperina Boris isa diversion with theundertakings of running, You should help thelegend young ladyvampirina games free to gather coins and beatdifferent snags inthe wilderness.Vampiri halloween is a pumpkinadventures andarcade, game ballerina spatial or structural ordimensional swg ofnosferatu vimpirina. swg is also one or two ofthe stars of thegalaxy's most legendary heroes of the galaxy andballerinaslegendary in vampirina hide and shriek game.Adventurehalloweenvàmpirina the origin is to destroy the common of MonsterHigh onthe screen.It is swg help galaxy battle widen the ballerinaof thevampirina hide and shreek games.we provide the best run andskullsescape game for kids ever! Download vampirina hide and seekandenjoy scary escape games finest, beautifully made bydedicatedCartoon lovers and design Professionals to offer you scaryyetenjoyable fun for free experience inside of Buffy thevampiresSlayer nights world this is your chance to manifest yourlove forvämpirina wolfie to show her ability to escape fear andface bigchallenges.The Vampire babe girl Vee got Lost in theNightwalkerterrors of a dark scary world, your mission is to Helpher findinghome! discover her story of escaping monsters and spookyHalloweenVillains,all the way through creepy ghosts and hauntedhouses,chilling graveyards and tombs. Let the mona Vampire blood oflittleVee Lead your way home, Escape night terrors, true fear andLivethe Vampire adventure. This time you have a chance to playBuniculawith little doll poppy peepleson and her family and screamgirlsfriends vampire in this halloween creepy ghosts andskullsadventure, quite same way of playing but new challenges, newmagicgraphics, new dark spooky worlds and lot of goblins ghostsandhedgehog vampires.Start your experience with vampiri in thisdollgame charmers with different world 3D halloweenTsukuyomigraphics.How to play :+for moving the vamperina characterclick onright or left on the control pad!+click down for ducking oron sometree stumps to get to a bonus level!+press B-button tomakevanperina games jumping!+press A-button AND right or leftforrunning; press A and B together for a higher and widerjump!+aftereating an apple you become Super Buniculavimpirina+after eating agolden flower you become Super vamparinagames and will be able toshoot balls - press B-Button forshooting+vapmirina swimming: pressA-Button multiple times to swimhigherEnjoy this brand new supervampirina jungle adventureplatformer addictive dash game!
Submarine Robot Transforming Games : Real Shooting 1.0.8
Naval warfare is on with the best robot games havingRussiansubmarine and mech warrior in the new battlecruiserrobottransformation of best action games or best robot actiongames. Manarmies will not be fighting the wars but the future robotbattlesor mech fighting games will be fought by sottomarinoRussiansubmarine robot games using the uboat. The submarine torpedowillbe ruling the atlantic fleet and robot superheroes willdominatethe future robot games or submarine simulator games. Theera offlying and shooting robots is over and the underwater game isrunby war of warship. The monster robot games are dominated byu-boatmarine game and all the efforts to conquer the enemy by robotsquadto transform robot into fighting machine. The robot armies andmechwarriors are trained with combat action skills andRussiansubmarine robot to destroy the enemy. The marine robot gameis notlike other flying robot game but the transforming robot canshootand blast evil robots, navy ships, battle warship, fight thebotsand dominate the naval empire in best action games or bestrobotaction games. The Submarine simulator or sumbmarine simulatorispart of hero robot league to witness the epic combat action.Attacksubmarine with the best robot fighting games, not like anyotherairbot or flying robot game and rule the flying and shootinggamein the best combat action game of the year. This submarinerobotsimulator the best robot games of the year and provides youwith anopportunity to perform super robot transformation not likeanyother future robot games or mech fighting games. Plan yourcounterattack strategies not like any other transforming submarinegames.Be on the side of super robots in this ww2 naval battle ofmarinegame with navy ships in best action games or best robotactiongames. Giving you the flexibility of underwater game orrobottransforming games of ww2 naval battle. The submarine robotgame orfighting robot games or mech warrior games will push you totheedges of the adrenaline rush and give you a true flavor ofamachine build for war destroying enemies and evil robots. Thisisnothing like any other fly robot games or flying robotsimulator.Attack submarine on the leash to protect the countryagainst theenemies of the national interest in this transformrobots game.Engage in a submarine warfare underwater, using thebest robotgames, with the enemy transforming submarine and gun downthe enemyassets. If you want to simulate the transform robots andsubmarinesimulator to bepart of the navy field then this is thebest robotfighting games, better than airbot games with superbcontrols andrealistic animations to enjoy the best action games orbest robotaction games. The hostile combat will make you thinkabout thestrategy to defeat the enemy and make your nation proud.The best3D models for Sottomarino transform robot and underwatergames inthis marine robot with robotic superheroes powers. Testyourtransforming Russian submarine robot games and shooting skillsinthe future robot wars. Play the naval warfare battle with thisfunto play marinebot game. The ultimate gameplay of the bestactiongames or best robot action games to fight the criminalsagainst thestate. Key Features of the best robot action games Best3D robottransformation models. Smooth execution of the transformingRussiansubmarine. Ultimate naval warfare sound effects.Challengingunderwater game missions. Best controls for the robottransforminggames.
The Long Journey - Adventure Games & Point Click 1.3
Do you love Adventure Games? Do you love Escape Games&Intriguing Puzzles? Do you love solving Mystery Games? Play'TheLong Journey' and feel like you are in a Gigantic AdventureGamewith a Massive and Abandoned world to explore! If youloveAdventure Games & Mystery Games with a storyline thatwillCaptivate you from the start, then you will LOVE The LongJourney -Adventure Games & Point & Click. Travel to afaraway anddistant land nestled in the mountains, where mankind isoftenunseen, and stories of the ages unfold. You crash land in averyisolated, dense area in the forest. It appears to be anotherworld- totally uncharted territory, where only outliers dwell. Withabackpack as your only supply, you start your journey throughthevast woods, picking up clues on your expedition. Along yourway,you see visions of young children in the distance, waving youtokeep moving along, as if there is a path and destiny to bereached.Where did you come from? Who are these young children, andwhat arethey leading you into? The mystery of the Long Journey willunravelbefore your very eyes, and another improbable twist endingwillunveil and leave you astounded, and wanting to discuss the turnofevents that lead up to the epic finale... Features Include:Over110 Gorgeous HDR Scenes from many places around the world,sewntogether to bring you one stunning game. Beautifully craftedmusicand sounds immerse you into a whole other world. Captivatingnewstoryline that builds up into an improbable twist ending!Includesa Map System, Hints, Answers & other tips and tricks tohelpyou along the way!
Enigma: Super Spy - Point & Click Adventure Game 1.0.17
Love retro story mode point and click adventure games free?Lovehidden object or escape from the room free games? Wanna belikeLarry or the visitor? Want to play adventure games with story?Loveriddles, puzzle games and mysteries? It's not another trollfacequest story mode game! Want to start new adventurous journeyintothe times of WW2? Enigma: Point & Click Adventure is anew,atmospheric, completely free, point and click adventure gamewhereyou have to solve the mystery of Enigma machine and escapefrom theoccupied territory, solving the mind-bending puzzles andriddles,discovering the mysteries and traveling through the Europeas asecret agent during World War 2. The silent age begins! Thehouseis on fire! As a Tiny Spy you’ll have to bring the secret codebookusing logic, talking, collecting items, solving jigsawsandpuzzles. Sometimes you’ll have to be a tiny thief,sometimesdressed up as an enemy soldier. Room escape, importantdialogues,hidden objects - all these in one adventure game for boysandgirls! Tiny Spy Adventure is specifically designed for pocket/mobile devices so you’ll flow through the game with nofrustrationsand hiccups. This free point and click adventure gamehas soul ofan old school adventure games. Amazing storyline,absolutelyfantastic quests, charming graphics and smart, mysterioustaskswill guarantee plenty of fun in this ABSOLUTELY FREE pointandclick adventure game for boys and girls! Solvemind-bendingpuzzles, use logic, find items, hide them in yourinventory,combine, talk with NPC’s to solve the mystery and escapethe enemy.Solution is just round the corner but first you need toget therealive. This indie production will give you thrills.Intelligentdialogues, plenty of locations, no in app purchases.Walkingaround, playing dead, being a spy or thief, playing allthese rolesyou have to get the Enigma code book back to alliedforces at allcost! Bring the code or the end of the world will be aseriousthreat - end of world as we know it. The code is needed onebroken.Sword, knife or gun? Our hero is a spy soldier and can useall thesilent weapons to get what he needs. Plunge into the worldofEnigma Spy Adventure (the great escape!). It's notanotherplaformer arcade ignatus game. It's a great game for boysandgirls! Be a dark hero in dark times everywhere: from SyberiatoAfrica● Complete three chapters + many hidden objects andbonusmini-games. ● Awesome - breathtaking storyline ● Greatdialogues ●Charming graphics and music ● Story mode● Deviouspuzzles andriddles ● Room escape episodes ● Completely free - noregistration,no hassles, just download and play! ● Point and clickadventuregames free Background story: It’s 1943 - a year beforeD-Day. TheWorld War is on! Whole Europe is occupied by nazis. Whilethey arestruggling to win on eastern front, fighting Soviet Union,aresistance is being formed in occupied Poland and rest oftheAllied countries. Nazis are using secret cipher machinecalledEnigma 2 to send orders to troops. They have no idea that thecodeof the machine was broken by allied mathematicians. To readthemessages sent through the Enigma a code book is needed. The bookisin Warsaw, and has to be delivered to London - and that’s howthisstory begins. You - as a secret agent/spy, former commando -aresupposed to be dropped safely with a parachute somewherebehindenemy lines, but everything goes wrong. Your plane has beenshotdown by an AA gun somewhere above Germany, with a bit of luckyoumanage to escape from burning plane and now, in the middleofenemy’s territory have to finish the mission. The silent agebegins- get the secret code book and win the war! * Amazingadventure inWorld War II times! * Puzzles, riddles, explosionsandzombies!EPISODE 2 COMING UP!* new adventures (well it's oneofgames with story mode!)* Longer gameplay - you can play unitltheend of the world!
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.2.7d
Become the Amazing Spider-Man in this open-world 3D adventurefullof crime-fighting, web-slinging, and non-stop action as youfacethe web-slinger’s greatest challenge yet! New York is underthreatfrom a city-wide crime spree and only our hero Spider-Man canstopit! Standing in his way are Venom, the Green Goblin, Electroandother nefarious villains. Can Spider-Man restore order andsafetyto Manhattan?! THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2MOVIE• Web-sling, wall-climb and web-shoot as the fast andquick-wittedSpider-Man! • An original story expands on the highlyanticipatedMarvel film! • Go beyond the Sony movie and into thecomics withnew characters such as Black Cat and Screwball. • UnlockSpider-Mansuits such as Symbiote Spider-Man, Iron Spider andUltimate ComicsSpider-Man! • Face off against famous villains suchas Venom, theGreen Goblin, Electro, and Kraven the Hunter! •High-quality voiceacting and 3D cinematic action cutscenes bringthe movie experienceto life! CUTTING-EDGE GAME EXPERIENCE • Intensecombo-focused crimefighting! Defeat Spider-Man’s greatest enemies –from street thugsto super villains such as Electro and Venom – withcrazy acrobaticfighting styles! • Marvel at the amazinghigh-quality, fluidanimations as you swing freely through theopen-world city likenever before! • Take the fight to the sky withaction-packed aerialcombat! • Unleash devastating combos throughenhanced icon controlsfor an intense action game experience!MASSIVE ENHANCEMENTS TO THEULTIMATE PLAYGROUND • Adventure in alarger 3D open-world Manhattanwith 6 detailed districts to explore,from the bustling TimesSquare to picturesque Central Park! •Console-like 3D graphicsoffer a bigger, better, and more beautifulexperience. • Be thehero in a deep story that takes you on anexciting adventure,showcasing 6 legendary villains and a super setof side missions! •Amazing heroic social events, including battlingwaves of bossesand opponents in Mysterio’sArena!_____________________________________________ For fans ofactiongames, fighting games, comics, Marvel, and super-heromovies._____________________________________________ Visit ourofficialsite at Follow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles. Check out our videos and game trailerson Discover our blogat for the inside scooponeverything Gameloft._____________________________________________This app allows you topurchase virtual items within the app andmay contain third-partyadvertisements that may redirect you to athird-party site. PrivacyPolicy : Terms of Use: End User License Agreement:
Adventure Oggy And Jack
Adventure Oggy and Jack is a super magical adventure and afantasticside scrolling platform gameOGGY AND THE CAFARDS land ina crazyrace! Joey, Deedee and Marky are going to show you all thecolors,cockroach hunting is open!Try to get to the end of theroad, pullthe obstacles and get back and get coins.Ready,Set,SCROLL!*************Jump, shoot, run, hurry, sprint asyou can!Let's start running with Hero right now.Try to get to theend ofthe road, pull the obstacles and get back and get thechicken.Helpthe blue cat Oggy to jump like a ninja from onebuilding to anotherand collect coins. The more you collect coins.Be careful and donot fall, otherwise you will lose yourlifeDownload for free a funand exciting magic adventure game forkids and adults. Startplaying games running and you will lay themoff!If you likecartoon, you can try this new game, it's free andit's just a fanbrand.we are sure you gonna be addicted to this Oggybattle dachhedgehog game after you try it. just go and downloadyour copy ofit and score better than your friends! Swipe to turn,jump andslide to avoid hitting obstacles, barrier and Subway 3D.Haveexciting run surfers on Bus,collect coins and buy power up.Unlocknew characters, and see how far you can run! Undergroundcityadventure travel along the subway tracks start now,surf withyourfriends. Run like hell and challenge your limit. But Rush mustbe avery fun run surfers game. Download it now and start yourSubwayand Rush run at the forest surfers, join the most thrillingdash.Super crazy running game, subway game surf is to run run asfast asyou can! Subway 2018 is an amazing running game on subwayforrunner. Run along the chaos complex traffic subway and escapefromthe trap.How to play:>> Press your device tojump.>>Hold for a higher jump. This is an importantmoment.>>Collect as much space as possible with asparklingprincess.Characteristics:>> Cool graphics and smoothphysicssimulation.>> Funny sounds Oggy.>> Stepsforexperienced users and beginners.>> Always up to dateforfuture levels.
Adventure Aladin Pyramid World 1.0
Download and play Adventure Aladin Pyramid World, a newaladinadventure game for boys and girls. Explore the cave of wonderwithawesome platform as you control as the prince to collectgoldcoins, magical oil lamps and special items and explorethemysterious temple pyramid environment in this fantasygame.Facingthe unknown fear & danger, hostile arrows andfireball attacks;Help him destroy all the guardian monster by usingall theavailable power ups as you dash, jump, swim and slash youwaythrough the Ancient Egypt where there are powerful Godsandeverything was surrounded with gold and luxury. Can you surviveasfar as you could and rescue his princess from the devilforce?Enterthe Mystical Pyramid and race against your friends tosee who cancomplete the level first. Find out where the magicalstone ishidden and take the stone to the right place. Rush as fastas youcan and pick up power-ups to attack enemy, achieve high scorebycollecting all special item and defeat the final boss. Remembertosolve the mystery puzzle and find out all the secretarea.Installthis lost pyramid game in your device now to bring yourchildhoodmemory back. Classic gameplay with modern interface andnewchallenginglevels.-------------------------------------------------------HOWTOPLAY-------------------------------------------------------1.Controlpad and buttons available to control the prince2. Collectas manygold coin as you can and do not fall off the pit3. Reachthe end ofthe map to completealevel------------------------------------------------------FEATURES------------------------------------------------------1.Smoothcontrol interface2. More than 4 worlds you can play and morelevelswill be added in future.3. Great graphic, goodsoundtrack4.Challenging gameplay and highly addictive 5. Suitablefor all agesand even kids!If you like aladin games this is probablyfor you!
The Paranormal Society: Hidden Object Adventure 1.20.1500
An eerie hidden object puzzle adventure! From the companythatbrought you Hidden City® comes the first-ever free-to-playhiddenobject adventure The Paranormal Society®, which takes thegenre toa new level! If you enjoy finding hidden objects, tacklingpuzzleadventures or completing quests, this riveting game is foryou.Victorian London is experiencing an invasion ofmalevolentphantoms. The government officially denies it but hassecretlyasked the Paranormal Society for help. As a young wifewhowitnessed your husband's spirit leave his body to joinotherphantoms, you become the newest member of the ParanormalSociety inorder to get answers. In the process, you will also:EXPLORELondon's stunning manors, FIND AND USE hidden objects,SOLVEenigmatic puzzles, USE scientific tools and... BANISH evilspirits!While this game is absolutely free to play, you have theability tounlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from withinthe game.You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.● 22absorbing locations to search ● 29 unforgettable characters tomeet● 44 phantoms to chase and defeat ● Over 1800 engaging queststofulfill ● Dozens of collections to assemble along your adventure●Google Play game services support Plus, more locations,characters,phantoms, quests, collections and puzzles are coming inregularupdates that are absolutely FREE!______________________________Game available in: English, Chinese,Traditional Chinese, French,German, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Brazilian Portuguese,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish______________________________COMPATIBILITY NOTES: This gameperforms best on high-endsmartphones and tablets.______________________________ Sign up nowfor a weekly round-up ofthe best from G5 Games! G5 Games - Worldof Adventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" in Google Play!Adventure: ▶Mahjong Journey: A Tile Match Adventure Quest ▶Homicide Squad:Hidden Crimes ▶ Pirates & Pearls: A TreasureMatching Puzzle ▶The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery ▶ Survivors:The QuestStrategy: ▶ Supermarket Mania Journey ▶ Farm Clan®: FarmLifeAdventure ▶ Virtual City Playground: Building Tycoon ▶StandO’Food® City: Virtual Frenzy ▶ The Island Castaway: LostWorld®______________________________ VISIT US: http://www.g5e.comWATCHUS: FOLLOWUS: GAMEFAQS: Service: G5 End UserLicenseSupplementalTerms:
shinchan world
Super shin chan adventure: shin chan games is a fast paced3dendless run subway themed game. Play with your favorite shinchan,Nobi or Nobita Hero and dash through the subways! Run, Rush,Dash& Jump gato.Finally the addictive mega-hitshin chan Gamehasbeen waiting for you for now! All your friends are playing it -canyou beat their high scores ?! shin chan cartoon is a very funrungame. Download it now and start your Subway Surf experience,jointhe most thrilling dash race, just run like hell and challengeyourlimit with for nobita. for shinchan Games Features:★ Mostthrillingand fun running game in a while,★ Very addicting ...definitely avery different running game★ themed game adventure run★Bestendless shin chan runner★ Dash as fast as you can★ ntuitivetouchcontrols★ Endless fun★ Beautiful shin chan video graphics★AmazingUpgrades talking games★ A fast and frenzied experienceHow toplaySuper shin chan adventure: shin chan games:• Swipe to turn,jumpand slide to avoid hitting obstacles and matching• Run as farasyou can from security guard to succeed in playing this subwaysurfgame.• Collect coins & Power-Ups to win the adventurejungleshinchan rush game.Enjoy feeling super speedy with some superfastspeed! What are you waiting for? Download Super shin chanadventurenow for FREE!Recent changes:shin chan games: free matchshin changames, shin chan arcade - Subway Surf Gam
Benji Bananas 1.37
Benji Bananas
The best action adventure game on your Android! Andit'sfree!Exciting and fun physics based adventure game!Fly fromvine tovine, but watch out for dangers lurking in the jungle. Earnbananasto get upgrades, specials and power ups.Features: -Beautifulcartoon & hand drawn like graphics - Fun physics basedgameplay(swing a monkey along ropes to get forward) - Make your runthroughvarious landscapes (temple ruins, waterfalls and jungles) -Collectfruits like bananas and chilis to gain more upgrades -Unlockspecial powers such as a jetpack, chili speed boost and eagleride- Cloth your monkey differently (ninja costume, gas mask)-Different kinds of ropes (vines, snakes, burningropesetc.)Download now and experience the joy of flying along thevinesthrough various environments!If you have any issues with thegame,please contact our support at support@fingersoft.netCheck outtheBenji Bananas website at developed by TribeFlame Ltd. and published by FingersoftLtd.
Ato's Adventure 1.1
Ola Febiola
Ato's Adventure is the best adventure game that isincredible,adventure through debt with many threats from monstersand wildanimals. Classic and popular games that combine jumping andrunninggames with modern Parkour screenings.Be careful with thetrapspierced this way! This is the most challenging adventure. Thisisreally a super hard and challenging jump game. It willchallengeyour focus and your time jumping skills. Join the Ato'sadventuregame now !!!Super adventure game features:- 80 levels ofcolor with4 super worlds- Super worlds unlock free when playing atthe end ofthe super world.- Collect coins with ease- Trickymonster: snails,spiders, scorpions, carnivorous flowers and so manyother enemies...- Good graphics and HD animations.How to play superadventure:-Move button: move right, left, jump and down stairs withsupersimple controller.- Tap to jump and double-tap to double jumpandescape the trap. Beware of signboards and complete all levels.-Youcan jump to your enemy to kill them and your goal is to guidetheboys to the end.Come and enjoy challenging levels, remindyourchildhood memories!
zayzay catch run2 1.0
serga games
*** Enjoy playing our new adventure game the new game*** *OggyAdventure vs The Cockroaches.the game is in a city with acastlewayTemple Oggy Fun game offers the best escape run game onlostcastle.1 - Oggy Adventure subway super oggy best games to play2 -oggy the blue cat which is sometimes having problems with moneyandthe cockroaches.3 - with oggy in a city castle andAdventuresCockroaches4 - Are you interested in playing a super gamecallednew Oggy Adventure vs The Cockroaches6 - obstacles the jungleisvery large and danger. Some monsters are in the blue cat7 - Averyfun running and jumping game suitable for kids, 8 - delusionaJoey,Deedee and Marky are going to show you all the colors,cockroachhunting is open! Ready, Set,9 - Battle-down fighting inthe kitchenThe terrible cockroaches Joey, Deedee and Marky tried torob theOggy fridge Your mission to pursue them in this ultra crazyrunnergame and try to end their caval, while avoiding the obstaclestheyhave left on your way Jump, roll, steal and use your fool tocrushthese indiscreet * young adults and familyChallenge yourreflex byrushing down the castle temple road as fast as you can.The game isall about saving your cockroach buddy from the angry dogThesmash-hit game is full of excitement, addictive gameplay whichisgreat for you to spend time with your children. Enjoy playingthiswhile beating each others high score1 - Many surprises withthegame developed for the first time Game King of the Dragon ( 龍王戰士 -and - cadillac mostafa and dinosaurs ) game of the master oftheKnights.2 - The evolution of more than 500 new surprises andlevelsfor the first time.3 - A new game developed from scratch witholdcharacters and new events.4 - Adventures of new games inendlessadventures and suspense.5 - The first version of the newgames of"Dragon King" 2020.6 - The story of the king of heroesinadventures without end.** a story **1 - Stories Game King oftheDragon (龍王 戰士) game of the master of the Knights and adventuresofa new metro in the events of the hero Mustafa Cadillac slug andthespending of the mouse Ougi and friends who are the brawlers intheembodiment of the story of Tom and smalldinosaurs.Challengeyourself in the dog game Bienne of MindConcentration Games inMustapha real adventures.Dragon Land is a newgame filled withwonderful levels2 - The surprise of the game in thestory of theworld and the selection of all four superheroes and bigfighters inthe world of animation and video games old.3 - War withthe metalninja machines and the Casirean plates with all the meansoffighting Soldiers and advanced weapons in the battles againstJerryand the superheroes in the game Metal of beautiful cartoongames.4- game Tom king of the most beautiful and best new videogames inthe adventures and tales of old and modern events withpopularcharacters such as the legendary hero lost the old MustafaCadillacwarrior dragon enemies small dinosaurs weak in a new war.With thejoining of Bob and the Reds and the four heroes in a newmission tobring and Tom back to Mr. Blue and his friendMunda.Mustafaadventures without end and endless suspense in storiesand tales ofthe old age.The world of old games in the new returnwith theheroes of the new era.5 - Super speed in the world of newgames isbetter than the speed of racing cars and motorcycles in theoldrace tracks.6 - Collect points and sugar candy to buy heroesandnew characters.* note1 - And many surprises with the newvideogames "The King of Dragons" new games.2 - games suitable forallages from kids to adults.3 - The game is updated to parallelarcadelevel and modern.4 - Collect points and apricot candy to buynewstages and advanced levels.5- Many surprises with games havebeendeveloped from scratch and like the original as theaudiencewishes.An apology from the company to compare the originalgames tothe intensity of admiration
Russian Submarine - Navy Battle Cruiser Combat 1.1
Minja Studio
An all-out epic navy war is upon us. A Russian Navynuclearsubmarine named Battle Cruiser is assigned to a patrolmission tobe available to launch a torpedo attack in a preemptivestrike ifenemy Uboat attempts to fuel its missiles. As theultimatecommander and chief, you are one of few commanders left intheRussian Navy with combat experience. It is now time to engageinUboat war game and command this Russian submarine in ourlatestsubmarine simulator: Russian Submarine – Navy Battle CruiserCombat. Do not let your men down, through torpedo attack, dominatethisepic submarine war and destroy enemy navy battleship andgunshiphelicopter.The Russian submarine, Battle Cruiser, has justreceivedan emergency action message, ordering the launch of an epictorpedoattack against the enemy Navy battleship Uboat andgunshiphelicopter, based on radio information that the enemy hasdecidedto engage in the war game. Before the Battle Cruiser canlaunch itstorpedo attack, a second radio message begins to bereceived, butis cut off by the attack of enemy navy battleship. Itis time toget serious and take full control of the epic Navy war inoursubmarine simulator war game.Avoid the torpedo attack ofrogueelements roaming the waters, steer your Russian submarineandimprove your skills as a submarine war commander. Do not letyourUboat cripple during this ultimate submarine war in oursubmarinesimulator war game. Aim for rogue navy battleship,maneuver aroundto dodge their attacks and defeat all navybattleships in thisultimate navy war.Download and install RussianSubmarine – NavyBattle Cruiser Combat on your Android devices forFREE Features ofRussian Submarine – Navy Battle Cruiser Combat :-Lifelike BattleCruiser Russian Submarine- Incredible underwaterenvironment-Gunship battle and helicopter battle simulation- Godeep underwaterto avoid detection and attack- Machine guns andtorpedoes forattack - Realistic sound effects for attack anddestroyComing Soon:Battle of Thrones – Castle Black
Shin Hero Adventure Run
Marvelous time to appreciate the new Shin Hero Adventures, chanhopand run and investigate to gather his most loved nibble. Chimeinto the fun times with Crayon, shin. Gather the greatest numberofmost loved colored pencil nibble as you can, give wellbeingandvitality to bounce more. So… ..Get-Set-Run Chan. This isanAdventures diversion. Players be changed into Chan andbattleagainst the foe, secure his Shin.Shin adventure chan is anexcitingold school platform game. If in the past, you love 8 bitplatformgame, you don’t need to look for anymore games,Shin chanadventurewill bring you to your memory. The Game main Character isshin!shinshan is a jungle boy and deputy chhota brother. He andraju livedin jungle world from their childhood. The jungle trainedhim tobecome a hero, Shin adventure chan run all the way in theJungle tocollect the maximum The Coins that he could. Your role isto helpMr shin to do that and don't forget to avoid the obsatclesin thegame must overcome all enemies, obstacles!# Features : - Thegamedoesn't need any internet connection.- Nice music.- SoundEffects.-Animation.- Easy and fun.- The game is designed specificand Safetyfor your smart children.#How to play:1.Just tap thescreen to letshin jump.2.Collect Coins as you can.3.Avoid thewater.3.Reach thebest score that you can .Have fun with the shinshan and do yourbest to get The Coins
Kizi Adventures 1.3.5
Kizi Games
Kizi Adventures is one of the best platform games evermade!Discover mysterious planets, defeat your enemies, and be aHERO!Find out who stole Kizi’s special spaceship and search forhiddenspaceship parts. Learn new skills, upgrade your Kizicharacter,complete many challenging levels, and win amazingtrophies! Familyfun game for boys and girls!★ User’s testimonials:-“This game isso cool and easy to install. Unlike other adventuregames, Kiziadventures is actually super exciting game to play. Bestgame evermade for family and kids.”- “This is one of the bestadventuregames I have ever played. It’s kinda like JungleAdventures, but Ilike Kizi better! This is probably the one of thecoolest games Iplayed in my life.”- “Awesome gameplay and supercool graphics. Mykids are playing this amazing game on a dailybasis.”★ Features:✔Help Kizi Stomp, Freeze and Smash a variety ofminions, beforetaking on the big boss himself!✔ Complete varioustasks andchallenges throughout the game and win trophies!✔ 24excitinglevels filled with fun puzzles and rewarding bonuses!✔Awesomegameplay, unique graphics and Epic game mechanics!GuideKizithrough this amazing adventure as Kizi jumps, stomps, andglidesacross mysterious planets, searching for missing parts ofhisspaceship. Install now! It’s amazing!🚀 Kizi Adventures is 100%freeand safe, with absolutely NO in-app purchases! 🚀★Community:Like uson Facebook - toour YouTubechannel - morefun freegames, visit our website - – Life isfun!
super of doraemon run jungle adventure 1.2
super of doraemon run jump adventure is the best free Adventurerungame for kids . In this game, you get the chance to join Doramon.Are you willing to help them run through all 100 levels ?Doramonis need for your super help to pass all levels . This gameofferswonderful well-designed graphics for kids. super of doraemonrunjump adventure run Titans one of the most free games foradventurelovers ever made with great game quality for kids. superofdoraemon run jump adventure is the best classic platform gameswitha smash world boy has journey. In the super worldAdventuressubway, smash boy must pass so many threats the free kidsgames .You can run and jump and swim with doraemon.You can use thecoinsto power up and make the mission easier than before.How toplaysuper Adventure:-Tap buttons to move and jump! Your goal istoovercome all difficultiesThis game is very simple to playbarelyneeds instructions , all you have to do is : to run , tokillmonsters , and to jump over obstacles. So go ahead downloadrightnow and enjoy! Jungle-Doramon-Adventure-Run is what you areexactlylooking forFeatures of super of doraemon run jumpadventure:- 4different addictive worlds (wonder land, crazy forest,egypt worldand cave land)- 120 beautiful, well-designed andchallening levelswith increasing difficulty- 8 awesome boss fights(angry scorpion,dangerous spider, bee golem and crocodile boss) in8 differentcastles- many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks andbonusitems- over 20 different, great animated enemies such ascrocs,frogs, spiders, snails and many more- high resolutiongraphics -great mix between 2D and 3D graphics- retro arcade musicand oldschool sound effects- perfect, intuitve game control throughretrocontrol pad like on console games- special chaves skillshidden indestroyable blocks and bricks- awesome gameplay remindingto retroclassic games- sea and water worlds - jumping, running andswimming!super of doraemon run jump adventure is a smash adventureandlegendary side scrolling platformer.Are you ready, Downloadbeastboy adventures game for free today.Have fun with this coolnewsuper adventure platformer tale game!
Atlantic Fleet Lite 1.12
No Ads. No In Apps. No Pay-to-Progress. When you buy thefullversion: One Price = Full Game.Play the first 10 levels of boththeAllied and Axis campaigns, 3 on 3 single battles with ships uptothe Light Cruiser Class, 3 historical battles and theopeningmonths of the dynamic campaign. See if you like it, see ifit runswell on your device and if so, upgrade to the full featuredpaidversion (sold separately).Atlantic Fleet is a turn-basedtacticaland strategic simulation of the Battle of the Atlanticduring WorldWar II.Take command of surface ships, submarines aswell as carrierand land based aircraft in a deadly struggle forcontrol of theshipping lanes."Atlantic Fleet is probably the gameof the year."-Owen Faraday,*** 512MB RAMRECOMMENDED ***FullVersion Features:- No In Apps/Advertising. NoPay-to-Progress. OnePrice = Full Game- Stunning full 3D graphicsand environments,including underwater- Unique blend of deepstrategic planningcombined with quick tactical decisions- Play asthe Royal Navy andher allies or Kriegsmarine (German navy)- Up to10 versus 10 shipsin combat- 3 Game Modes:1) Single Battle Editorwith 30 HistoricalMissions for standalone combat2) Campaign of 50missions perfaction3) Full Dynamic Campaign from 1939 to 1945-Individuallysaved games for each campaign and faction- MultiplayerHotseat forSingle Battles- Sink ships with realistic buoyancyphysics, notwith hit-point bars!- Target specific ship subsystemsto sink orcripple the enemy- Destructible ships, subsystems andvisual damageto ships- 60 historical ship classes representing over630 shipsand 350 submarines- 13 playable aircraft- Submarinewarfare, wolfpacks and convoys- Carrier operations and land-basedair strikes-Too many more to list here, visit
sofia adventur 1.0
This game is one of the best sofia adventur World games themostincredible one, Everything has been carefully designed for youtohave a lot of fun!if you really love adventure, sofia adventurisperfect choice for you and your kids.sofia adventur is anexcitingold school platform game. If in the past, you love 8 bitplatformgame, you don’t need to look for anymore games,pj supermasks willbring you to your memory. The Game main Character isSofia!Sofia isa jungle boy and Princesse brother. He and clonerlived in jungleworld from their childhood. The jungle trained himto become ahero, pj super masks run all the way in the Jungle tocollect themaximum money that he could. Your role is to help Sofiato do thatand don't forget to avoid the obsatcles in the game mustovercomeall enemies, obstacles!Features : - The game doesn't needanyinternet connection.- Nice music.- Sound Effects.- Animation.-Easyand fun.- The game is designed specific and Safety for yoursmartchildren.How to play:1.Just tap the screen to letSofiajump.2.Collect Cake as many as you can.3.Avoid thewater.3.Reachthe best score that you can .Download "sofia adventurGame" NOW !!!its FREE !!Have fun with the Princesse and do yourbest to get moreCake.
Jungle Story - Jungle adventure - super jungle run 1.0.2
Manji Games
🍗 Ready to jump, run! Enjoy your jungle adventure world now! 🍗TheSuper boy who is traveling throughout the jungle world willbringyou a lot of fun during his jungle adventures world injourneygame. Jungle run is a fun, action-packed adventure andplatformadventure game where you need to test your skills. Ifyou'relooking for a cool jump and jungle run platform game in thestyleof super adventure, this is your best choice! 🌲 Game Features:🌵200 well - designed challenging levels with increasingdifficultyof the adventure game.🌵 A amazing world with 2Dappearance🌵 Junglerun and super jump with style to rescue Princessjourney game. 🌵Super boy can transform his size, marvelousexperience!🌵 Cutecharacters super jump and many different enemiesto defeat injungle adventure world.🌵 Well-designed graphics andcool soundeffects.🌵 So many scenes: jungle world, cave, superworld🌵 Now youcan buy mushrooms, flowers, and shields from thestore using thecoins you collected while playing the journey game -jungleadventure.🌲 How to play: - Move by a left and right button oftheadventure game.- Jump by jump button in jungle run.- Run to theendof the jungle run to pass the level.🌲 Once you startplayingjourney game, you’ll enter into the real super world.Encountersmany threats and obstacles and he tries to defeat all ofthem injourney game to pass between levels and jungle worldswhilecollecting coins. You can defeat and fight with the threats bygunand some other necessary tools. Download Jungle Story - Junglegamefree now and enjoy !
The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2: Escape Games 1.9
Do you love Escape Games, Adventure Games, or Point &ClickPuzzle Games? The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 - Point &ClickAdventure Escape Game has finally arrived! The Final Chapterof TheMystery of Haunted Hollow 2 lets you try the game out forFreebefore purchasing! The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 continuesthestory which left off in the town of Hollow... Adventure,Escape& Puzzle Games Await! If you love Escape Games,AdventureGames, & Classic Point & Click Games, you willlove TheMystery of Haunted Hollow 2! The Mystery of Haunted Hollow2continues the story which left off in the town ofHollow...Adventure Escape & Puzzle Games Await! You arrive intheVillage of Nightfall, tired, dreary, but ready to pursue thisnewendeavor... you are on a quest and determined to the solve newandintriguing puzzles that lie before you, & escape this towntolearn the final truth, and meaning of your true destiny...Theadventure continues in the Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 intheVillage of Nightfall. You arrive in the dreary and foggytown,drenched in rain, and the thunder and lightning clap inthedistance, making you feel more cautious as you trek down thelongpath... New discoveries will be made, and unusual stories willbetold as the final truth is unveiled. You embark on anadventureseeing new ghosts & apparitions, some of whom arefriendly,others who have more sinister plans in mind. Explore thechilling,desolate Village of Nightfall and many more eerie, andominousplaces including the haunted shack, an old barn, the massivesecretlibrary, a new chapel, a thrilling & dark asylum, anabandonedHotel, and the Old Manor, which has a surprise waiting instore...An exciting new adventure with many new stories awaits thedesolatetown of Nightfall Village. Tread carefully in this town,and putyour wit and imagination to the test! Don't forget to turnthelights off, and wear your headphones for a fully immersive,andterrifying experience... The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 -TheFinal Chapter, where adventure & discovery await,andintriguing puzzles, and stories are unveiled by it'sformerresidents! ——————————————————————————————————— All NewWeather FXSystem: Using Unity SDK, we brought in the big guns byusing astunning weather FX system, creating more immersive, andchillingenvironments. Chilling artwork & Design: Usingrealisticphotos, and images to create Hauntingly realisticenvironments, andvarious locations providing plenty of areas withvariety toexplore. Professionally crafted Music & sound FX:Musicalsoundtracks that will send chills down your spine as youexplorethe depths of this adventure game. Somber, and theatricalmusicalpieces make this game a very dramatic adventure game, onethat isunforgettable. Addictive Gameplay & CompellingStoryline: Youwill want to play this game again after reading thestories, andseeing the final ending... there are many players whohave saidthey loved playing this game repeatedly to read thestories, enjoythe adventure, and get lost in adventure andexploration.