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Ice Princess Royal Wedding
The beautiful Ice Princess is getting married! You’ve been chosentodesign the wedding stylist and planner! Make sure everythingisexcellent. Give the royal couple a dreaming fairy-talewedding!GAME FEATURES:☆ Have a luxurious SPA to help the bride torelaxbefore the wedding day.☆ Give the Ice Princess a magicmakeover tomake her even more beautiful than she already is.☆ Tonsof fabulousdresses to blow your mind. Dress up the princess withgorgeousdress and make her the most beautiful bride ever.☆ Helpthehandsome groom choose a tux! Oh, don’t forget the bowtie!☆Makedelicious cakes decorated with frosting flowers and aromanticbride & groom topper!☆ A fairy tale aisle, a romanticceremony,sweet memory to cherish forever.☆ Enjoy the specialeffects and getextra joy out of a bundle of surprises.iFunny Studiois committedto create high level games for kids from all over theworls. Toprovide a pure, wonderful, equal and fun world forthem.Got anyideas? Suggestions? Need technical support? We wouldlove to hearfrom you.Visit us: http://www.ifunnygames.comLikeus:
Princess around the world.
Help the princess to run on the pavements.Differentcities,different dangers.It's very easy to play.
Prince Royal Wedding Shave
-Oh no! Dark Magic invaded our princes before their wedding.Theybecome ugly & hairy.-Four princes are waiting for youtorescue-Merman, Frogman, Lion Man & Woody Man.-Turn backourprince with the magic liquid and shave off the dirty hairswithtons of tools.-Style our handsome princes to meet the precioustimewith their lovely princesses.-Will you rescue the poorprinces?Let's free our princes from the evil curse.Download andplay forFREE!See you in HEATS&HUGS royal weddingrescue!ProductFeatures:- Use the magic liquid to remove evil curse-Rake thedirty seaweed from prince's head- Hunt annoying mosquitoeswithsweep net- Shave the messy hair with electric shavers - Usehairgrow spray if you want hair back- Cure the shaving woundswithmagic cream - Make fresh after shave and style your beard-Selectstylish outfits to prince for wedding- Record the preciousmomentwith princessAnd so much more! Come on and join us to rescueourprinces.How to Play: - Use interactive controls to play thegame.-Choose your favorite prince story- Remove evil curse, cleanup themessy stuff, dress up for wedding- Photo with lovely princessinamazing places- Have fun with tons of activitiesWanna havemorefun? We would love to hear from you!Find us on Facebookat on Twitterat more information about HugsNHearts, please visit
Princess Mermaid
Deep down in the ocean, there’s a magic kingdom where themermaidslive. People heard stories about them for thousands ofyears, yetno one never saw them. But one day, the beautifulPrincess Mermaidpersonally invite you to her palace, because she’sgoing to throw abeauty party recently and need a human stylist, youare the chosenone!!! Isn’t it thrilled to finally get the chance tosee whatundersea palace exactly looks like? Don’t hesitate, takethe pearlthe princess gives you and enjoy the time in theunderseaworld.Product Features: - Explore the mysterious worldwithbeautiful Princess Mermaid!- Tons of different nail polishanddecorations to choose from. Expand your imagination and createthemost unique nail.- Lots of distinctive ocean makeover worthoftrying, which will broaden your mind in a differentway.-Magnificent dresses and stunning decorations that made of theoceanproducts. You can style the Princess Mermaid any way youlike.-Beautiful undersea sceneries all around you, don’t forgettakepictures for the princess and her friends.- Collect pearlswhileplaying games, unlock more fancy stuff.Got any ideas?Suggestions?Need technical support? We would love to hear fromyouVisit us:http://www.ifunnygames.comLikeus:
Princess Storybook Fiasco - Fairyland Adventure
In an enchanted Jungle where the witch has taken over with herdarkmagic. The princess is stuck in castle looking astonish throughthewindow waiting for her prince. But how will the prince fighttheenchanted jungle and its dark magic. The witch has laying a lotoftraps for the prince and the princess can see all this throughthecastle tower. In this game you control both characters, beingtheprince and the princess. It is your duty to save the princessfromthe tower without getting hurt as a prince. Save yourself fromthewith and her evil traps. And when the prince comes near thecastleyou must get ready for the prince. Look beautiful andgorgeous.Smell like a star and impress the prince with yourstyling. Theprince should be very happy to save you and that alldepends on thedressing of the princess.The journey will be filledwith, so manyawesome worlds and you will get to learn so much inthis game. Tryescaping with the princess in her wedding dress so atthe end ofthe game you can get married and live happily everafterThings todo- Save the Princess!- Dress up the princess for thewedding!-Enjoy the dangerous journey and beware of the witch traps-See somany enchanted places and experience the best game ever
Cinderella & Prince Charming
This new dress up game lets all the fans of the Cinderellafairytale design great outfits for both Cinderella bride and herfiancePrince Charming! Tomorrow is their wedding day, and they bothneeda makeover.There are 200 items in total in this game: 120forCinderella and 80 for the prince. All of them are free, nothingislocked and there are no in-app purchases. A true feastforfashionista girls who love bridal and princess dressupgames!Findmore free girl games with brides, princesses, fairies,dolls andother creatures to dress up by following the "More byGames ForGirls" link!
Princess Royal Fashion Salon
Prince Charming is close to the castle! Hurry, get theprincessesready to meet him! The girls are in their rooms gettingready tomeet the prince, but they have to look their best beforethey leavethe castle! Help them look like beauty queens in thischarmingroyal story of dress up, hair design and spa treatments!The royalgirls high in the castle need your help to look beautifulforPrince Charming. Start by giving them new makeup,includinglipstick, eyeshadow and blush. Keep the spa story going bychangingtheir hair style, picking the prettiest, cutest hairdoaround! Findthe perfect royal dress to finish up the beautymakeover. PrinceCharming is almost here, so make sure you designthe perfect storybook look for these royal girls! Features: - Run abeauty spa forprincesses in the royal castle. - Help them play outtheir storyand meet Prince Charming. - Give them makeovers,includinghairstyles, makeup and dresses. - Design new outfits sothey looklike beauty queens. - Make your spa the best in thekingdom! How toPlay: - Choose a princess to design a makeover for.- Pick out anew hairstyle, new dress and cute shoes. - Add makeupto the girlsso they look extra cute. - Take them outside for abeautiful lovestory ending with Prince Charming!We want to hearyour voice!Likeus onFacebook: Twitter: more about Salon™onofficial website:
A mais linda princesa
Uma linda princesa decide casar apenas com o homem que lheoferecero melhor presente do mundo. Quem será ele?
Ice Princess - Sweet Sixteen
You’re invited to the most glamorous party of the year -IcePrincess’ Frosty Sweet Sixteen! Prince Charming will be theresomake sure to wear your most beautiful winter gown! Choose fromtonsof frosty-chic outfits and stylish accessories! You can evendressup your royal pet and bring it to the Frosty Sweet Sixteen!Dancethe night away with your prince by your side! Frosty Features:√Dress up Ice Princess the most enchanting look of the night!√Dance with Prince Charming at the Frosty Sweet Sixteen!√ Selectaroyal pet to style for the Frosty Sweet Sixteen! √ Choose fromthefanciest outfits and most stunning accessories!√ Style yourIcePrincess with flawless makeup - choose lipsticks, eyeliners,andmore! √ Relax at the Royal Ice Spa and beautify your IcePrincesswith luscious creams!√ Pose with Prince Charming! Takestunningphotos with the Photo Booth!ABOUT Coco PlayCoco PlayLimited isChina-based developer of creative and unique apps forkids. Foundedin 2013, Coco Play provides rich 3D simulation-basedgames for thewhole family. Coco Play is a subsidiary of TabTale, aleading,global creator of innovative games, interactive booksandeducational apps.Visit us: Likeus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: * This Appisfree to play but certain in-game items may require payment. Youmayrestrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.*Bydownloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this Appmayinclude third parties services for limited legallypermissiblepurposes.
Rockstar Girl – High School Rock Band Mania
Do you ever dreamed to have a rock band and give a concert atthegym? How about dressing up in the fashionable Rockstaroutfits,performing on stage and show off your rockstar moves! Emmawith herband play hard to prepare for the live concert afterschool, andnow she needs your help. Come to join a memorablerockstaradventure and help Emma to her biggest liveconcert!ProductFeatures: - Simple way to change the hair style andgive the hairstylish color.- Numerous fancy makeovers withsparkling beauties oneyes, faces and lips.- Choose those mostglamorous dresses, outfitsand accessories.- Design your uniqueguitar and rock out!- Decoratethe stage to create a fancy set forthe band.- Earn the metals ofhonor and see the title in the honorhall.- Stay up-to-date withyour rock star schedule via in-game todo list.- Each step of yourefforts can earn fans. Giving a liveconcert can earn tons offans!- Perform on stage before theaudience! You are a real rockstar!Got any ideas? Suggestions? Needtechnical support? We wouldlove to hear from youVisit us:http://www.ifunnygames.comLikeus:
PJ Party - Crazy Night with BFF
Summer vacation finally arrives, yeah!!!!!!!Emma is soooooexcitedbecause she finally gets the chance to have her crazypajamas partythat she has planned for a long time with her besties.They aregonna do all the crazy things and stay up all night.Nightfalls andlet’s get the party started! Come on!! it’s gonna be atotalblast!There are so many creative and awesome slumberpartyactivities tonight. Have a relaxing SPA with any facial masksthatprepared for you. Put on the crazy and silly makeup and playprankswith your friends. Paint your finger nail with differentpolishcolors and art decorations. Dressed up with your favorite PJsandshow off in front of your besties! Design your own sleepoverpartyroom and DIY the pillow as you want. A pajamas party won’tbeperfect without the pillow fight, so grab the pillow and let’shavethe craziest pillow fight tonight!!!Download and play forFREEnow!!Product Features:- Relax yourself with the mostluxurious& fun spa treatments!- Put on any style of makeoveryou like.Tons of lipsticks, eyeshadow, blush and more othercosmetics foryour choice!- Dress up with any style of PJs! You canchoose fromsexy, fluffy, adorable, cozy or any other style youlike. Don’tforget to wear slippers!- Get yourself and your BFFs aprofessionalmanicure, choose from tons of polish colors and othernail artoptions!- Design the PJ party room exactly as you want,withballoons, wall decorations, sleeping tent and otherstuffs.-Personalize your perfect pillow, embellish it withpatterns, laceand other decorations.- Have a crazy pillow fightwith all yourbest friends!- Don’t forget take a gorgeous photo withyourgirlfriends!iFunny Studio is committed to create high levelgamesfor kids from all over the worls. To provide a pure,wonderful,equal and fun world for them.Got any ideas? Suggestions?Needtechnical support? We would love to hear from you.Visitus:http://www.ifunnygames.comLikeus:
Princess Doll House Games
👑 Have you ever wanted to own or design your own dream houseforbeautiful princesses? Sure you have, because who would be abletoresist an adorable looking baby doll house? That’s whywe’vedeveloped the most creative princess doll house decoratinggamesyou’ve ever seen! My gosh, the princess castle you’re abouttocreate will be worthy of a true princess and you’ll enjoy somuchin astonishing dollhouse miniatures with royal design! 🌟PrincessDoll House Games 🌟 are yours for free, so get this roomdecorationgame to play with cute interior designs and create thebestprincess doll house plans. Download our latest housedecorationgames for free!🏰✻★‿★✻ Start the princess dream housedecoration funright now! ✻★‿★✻🏰🏠 Your favorite virtual princesshome is ready foryou – pick a room to design!🏠 Meet your newfriends – royalprincesses, cute baby dolls and even cuter pets!🏠Create a“princess castle” living room, bedroom, dining room orbathroom –develop whatever home design plan you want!🏠 Match andmix variousdollhouse furniture items and house decorations tocreate beautifulrooms!🏠 Extremely easy to use: just touch the itemsand drag themwherever you want.🏠 Take a photo of your princessplayhouse, shareit across all social networks and boast of your“dream home”!🏠Perfect house decorating items only in 🌟 PrincessDoll House Games🌟 FREE!👑 Would you like the cutest dollhousefurniture in yourdream home games? You feel like you need creativebaby doll housedesign games? You’ve found the perfect place foradorable princesscastle design games that have all the items fordecorating housesyou need, and much more! Download 🌟 Princess DollHouse Games 🌟 andlet your imagination run wild! Make interiordesigners jealous ofyour princess bedroom or royal living roomdesigns, all thanks toour latest house decoration games. Simplyimagine a princess castlefor a baby princess or a play house, worksome magic with yourfingers, and our baby doll dream house gamewill do the rest. Suchcharming princess dollhouse design gameshaven’t been seen yet!👑Start telling your friends: ‘My princesscastle is the best!’ andwhen they see it, they’ll beg you to tellthem what doll housedecorating games free made it. You’ll haveamazing dollhouse designglory to boast of. So, hurry up and be thefirst baby doll housefan to decorate your own doll house: make anddesign the cutestprincess castle right now! These room designinggames will make youhappy beyond belief! 🌟 Princess Doll House Games🌟 are your newfavorite house decorating games. Design a princess orbaby dolldream house from creative dollhouse kits and check howskilledyou’ve become with “dollhouse design”!👑 Are you searchingfor babydoll games for free? Or maybe a princess castle decorationgame?Here you’ll find perfect decorating princess games fordollhouses,and you’ll be able to design a fantastic princess castlewithinonly a few taps on the screen! Simply match furniture andotherbaby doll accessories for princesses and the style of yourdreamswill be right in front of you. Also, add paintings andflowers todress up your playhouse the way you like it best. Getyour “designhouse games” free right now!👑 Want to have stunning“doll housegames” for princesses that are easy and fun to play?Then installour latest 🌟 Princess Doll House Games 🌟 free app, andbecome yourown doll house decorator. Moreover, be sure to look forour othertop trending apps which combine dress up and makeup andare just asfun as this playhouse game. Combine our fashion designergames withthese baby doll games for free, and enjoy the fullexperience ofperfect princess games!
Magic Fairy Princess Dressup - Love Story Game
As a noble princess of the magic kingdom, you are gonna take partina big party. With tons of gorgeous dresses and perfect makeup,areyou ready now? Will you meet your prince in this grandprom?Everything is ready for you. Come and join us now.Features:*Make afacial spa and select hairstyles* Rich cosmetics to makeyourselfup* Select your dress to be the focus of the prom* Takepictures tokeep this precious timePretty princesses, come and joinus now.
Coco Princess
It’s a real 3D game for girls! Girls always dream of dancing withacool Prince in the golden hall. And how about watchingthefireworks show from other side of the island? Yes, you coulddoboth of them in Coco Princess – just remember to dress up yourCocoas pretty as you could before meeting the Prince. Inthiskid-friendly and incredible creative app, we have prepared thefullstuff for kids to dress up their Coco: dresses, tops,skirts,shoes, hairstyles, accessories, jewelries, eyelashes andeven skincolors and so on. Choose from them all freely to challengethematching skills and fashion sense, with no rules, stress ortimelimits. Just enjoy the amazing experience. All dressed up? Timetopick your Prince to the ball! Kids could shift the camera towatchthe dance from different point of view. There’s a bigfireworksshow waiting for you at the end of the ball. Take apicture forCoco, using the provided background pictures or thepictures fromyour device’s Camera Roll. You could also take a photoof yourselftogether with her. Pictures could be shared with familyand friendsvia Email or Facebook. And don’t forget to take part in“MyPrincess Coco” contest. Kids are always encouraged to write astoryfor the picture. It’s also a big show for Coco fans aroundtheworld. Feature Highlights: √ Real 3D game - you can see Cocofromany angle. It’s easy to enlarge, reduce, move and rotateCocofreely; √ Full dressing up stuff: dresses, tops, skirts,shoes,hairstyles, accessories, jewelries, eyelashes and even skincolors;√ Dance with Prince in the golden hall; √ Watch a bigfireworksshow; √ Easy-to-use, kid-friendly interface withincrediblecreative possibilities; √ Take a photo of Coco and shareit withyour friends via Facebook or Email; √ Take part in theweeklycontest “My Princess Coco”to show your Princess Coco to allthekids around the world; √ No rules, stress or time limits – playinany way you like; √ No third-party advertising; safe for allages;√ Keep updating the game. Contacts:Like us on Facebook to getthelatest apps and news: usyourideas or questions: and please leave a review to keep free updatecoming!Yoursupport is greatly appreciated!PRIVACY:* This App isfree to playbut certain in-game items may be purchased for realmoney. You mayrestrict in-app purchases by disabling them on yourdevice.* Bydownloading this App you agree to TabTale’s PrivacyPolicy andTerms of Use at andat App may include thirdpartiesservices, such as ad networks and analytics, and may containsocialmedia links that allow users communicate with others.Collectionand use of data are subject to TabTale's Privacy Policy.
Kick the Prince: Princess Rush
Princess Rush, the immensely popular game enjoyed by amillionusers, returns with an exciting new look in a newseason!ThePrincess is still out for revenge, looking to capturetheflirtatious Prince Charming - and we need your help!Stay tunedforcontinuous updates and additions!# Blow away your stress asthechase continues #Do princess fairy tales really end with a“happilyever after”? Turns out, our Prince Charming in all thetales areactually the same guy - playing games and cheating on alltheprincesses. Our story begins as we chase him down for revenge-with our weapon of attack, the squeaky hammer.# Ready for somerealaction! #Tired of games where all you do is run? How about awhackon the Prince with that squeaky hammer to blow away somestress?#Will you finish all the Quests? #Complete each quest tocapture thePrince and some gold! Let’s get started and kick somebutt!#Various skins and mounts #A variety of skins for princessSnowWhite, such as Robin Hood, Angel, Cute devil, Equestrianuniform,Sheep pajama, Cat Princess, Hanbok, Santa Claus!A varietyof skinsfor princess Sleeping Beauty, such as Halloween, Pajama,Cook,Santa Claus!A variety of mounts, such as Chicky, Ragdoll,Cloudy,Death, Unicorn, Dolring, Bald Eagle, Yangban Tiger,Manekineko,Bamboo Panda, Moon Rabbit!Match your skin and mount todecorateyour favorite set!
Magic Kingdom Princess Rescue
We can read all the stories about the most beautiful andbestbeings, namely princesses. Absolutely adore stories in whichtheprincess falls in love with a prince that meets to the prom.Inthis girls game you'll be able to do some of the mostbeautifullove story, you'll be witness to this fascinating storiesand evenwill be able to help the prince to rescue his beautifulprincesswho is closed by an evil witch in the tower. Witch wantsthe beautyof princess and therefore decides to close her with aspell. Youwill need to help the handsome prince to pass all tests.We're sureyou'll have fun very well and learn many interestingthings. You'llfeel very good about our story, you'll feel like it'sreallyhappening and even will become the best friend of theprince.Ourstory will make you escape from the real world, you'lllive afantastic story.Success!- Princess and Prince are to theprom, theyare celebrating the fact that soon they will marry butafter theparty ends a witch shows up and kidnaps the beautifulprincess.-Witch does a spell and binds the princess;- Now it canclose herinto the tower;- Prince wants to save his future wife andnow needsyour help;- You must help him to dress;- Choose suitableclothing;-Do not forget to choose a suitable sword;- The horse mustbeprepared;- Give him food;- Offer water;- Wash his horse;- Thetwocan go to find the beautiful princess;- The first clue willfindhim in a trunk;- In the trunk was a map showing the way totheplace where princess is attire;- Prince must go through the mazetofind a part of the map;- It must now make a potion that canhelpopen the door to the place where the princess;- It needs:flowers,pumpkins, apples and mushrooms;- In the front door is adragon;-Prince has to fight with him;- Help him win the fight;- NowPrincemay open the door and can save the beautiful princess, butthewitch appears and begin to fight;- Witch uses magic wand to winbutPrince throws a potion and manages to beat;- Now that the witchisnot, the prince saves the princess;- Follow the wedding;- Thebrideand groom looked very good;- The horse brings rings;- Thetwomarried and are very happy;- You are a wonderful friend.Havefunwith us every day through this game to save princesses.Have fun!
Mermaid Fashion Makeup
Beautiful mermaid princess and handsome mermaid prince willhavetheir happy wedding soon. Come to help them make up and dressupnice for their wedding. First step, you need to giveprincessmermaid a wonderful facial makeover. Help her clean hairand facecarefully and get rid of her red pimples one by one. Trimhereyebrows and then give her warm stream facial spa and putfacialand eyes masks for her. After that you can put some facialcreamsto make her face skin look fresh and attractive. When youfinishthis step, you will get one trophy. Second step, you need touseour given cosmetics to help princess make up beautifully.Choosesuitable eyebrow shapes and color for her. Use thefoundationmake-up to make her facial skin look fashionable.Decorate herbeauty with lipsticks and cheek colors. Don’t forget tochoose onebeautiful hairstyle. Thirdly, you can try your best todress upmermaid with gorgeous wedding dresses and accessories. Nextstageis for prince mermaid, you can play mini games to win enoughcoinsto open every stage for prince. Use the same method to make upanddress up for mermaid prince. At last, princess and prince canhavetheir excellent wedding happily. Have fun and show us.Features:1.Help mermaid princess to do facial makeover 2. Make upfor mermaid3. Dress up beautifully for princess 4. Make up anddress up forprince How to play:1. Use shampoo to wash hair forprincess 2.Clean face skin for her 3. Get rid of her red pimplesand blackeyes 4. Give her stream spa 5. Help her make facial andeyes masks6. Put some facial creams on her face 7. Use foundationmake-up forprincess 8. Select suitable eye brow shapes and colorsfor her 9.Decorate her beauty with other given cosmetics 10. Dressup mermaidwith beautiful wedding dresses 11. Use the same methodsto make upfor prince mermaid 12. Show us their wedding at last
Princess Libby: Tea Party
"Hear Ye! Hear Ye!" Calling for all your attention, PrincessLibbyis gonna hold a royal tea party!All the princes and princessesareinvited! It is the first time that Libby becomes thehost.With excitement as well as tension, she is sobusypreparing for goodies: cakes, macarons, juice and so on. Itisreally a grand feast! Libby almost keeps her own hands morethanfull, but it's far from well-prepared, IT IS REALLY ANEMERGANCY!Will you do her a favor? Come on, it will be the mostmemorableparty with your help. Just set the table, place thedesserts andget ready to welcome the guests!Oh~ Look! The guestsare justarriving, invite them to have a seat and serve them thedelicacies.Yum… the desserts and drinks have ran out so quickly,whichobviously means the highest marks among the guests! Andinappreciation of your tasty snacks, they all give you lovinghearts,hurry to collect them as many as you can, with which youcanexchange beautiful dresses for Libby. Aha~You can't wait to seehersurprising expression, can you? How to play:Open the game andclickthe icon to start. Slide the screen to the right, you willfind theguests all seated. Please click the bubbles above and checkwhatthey need. Then you can make whatever they want with the tips.Whenyou've done, drag the food to your guests, they willdefinitelylove it. How do I know? See~ The empty dessert trays andjugs provehow popular these snacks are! You'd better cook more!Here we go~Oops, the table is so messy that there is little roomfor thefreshly desserts. Click the dirty plate, then you canclassify thedishes and clean up the dirty table. After that, youcan also clickthe icon on the top right corner to rearrange theparty in yourflavors. And sweeties, your hard work totally paysoff, look atthese loving hearts you've earned. Now please clickLibby to seewhat will happen. YES! You can use these loving heartsto exchangebeautiful dress-up for her! This is super excellent!Would you likeour princess Libby to wear the most beautiful dresswith yourefforts? Come and earn more loving hearts forher!Features:- 14interesting games bring the fun-filled experience-9 delicate teasnacks show the luxury royal style- The gloriousdecorations arefreely to choose- The elegant dresses can perfectlymatch aswishes- Collect the loving hearts, unlock more fancydresses anddecorationsAbout Libii Game:With over 200 milliondownloads andgrowing, Libii is committed to creating innovativegames for girls.We'll keep working on establishing a goodrelationship with bothparents and their children and bringing ahealthy, happy atmospherefor them.Visitus: any ideas?Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feelfree to contact us24/7 at WeCare@libii.comNeed You Know:Thisapp is totally freeto download and play, some basic items are alsofree to use, butsome additional items need you to purchase and payto unlock.Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, pleaseturn offthe in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.
Princess Prom Makeup Salon
Our beautiful princess will attend the prom held by herschool.Princess want to have a good memory on the prom with herbelovedprincess. So please help her to realize her dream. Firststep, youneed to help her to have a face spa. Come to clean herlong hairfirstly with shampoo and and hair conditioner. Dry herhair and fixit. Then come to wash her face with facial cleansercarefully. Useour given tools to get rid of those red pimples oneby one and helpher to clear away black eyes. After that, you canmake facial andeyes masks for her and help her have a nice facialstream spa.Shape her eyes brow and make some facial creams to lether skinlook fresh. After you finish this step, you will get oncrown.Second step, you need to give princess a wonderful back skinspa.Make some essential oil on the back of her skin and thenmassagefor her. Use our given magnet on her back acupuncture pointsforseveral minutes and then take them down. Put some body creamstomake her back skin more smooth. You will also get one crownafterthis stage. Before the third stage, you need to play minigames towin enough gold coins. You can choose to get fruits or hitshrews.Then use the coins to open this stage and make up for ourprincess.Choose the best cosmetics and makeovers for her. Fourthly,try yourbest to dress up the girl with beautiful hairstyles,dresses andaccessories. Make her look amazing as you can. The fifthstep, youalso need to use enough coins to open and then choose oneprincethat princess like and dress up him with nice clothesandaccessories. Show us beautiful princess and handsome prince ontheprom at last. Features:1. Give princess a nice nursing 2. Makeherup beautifully 3. Dress up for her 4. Dress up for the prince5.Show us at last How to play:1. Clean hair for princess 2. Washherface skin 3. Get rid of red pimples and black eyes for her 4.Makefacial and eyes masks for her 5. Offer her nice stream facialspa6. Make some essential oil on her back skin 7. Massage for herforseveral minutes 8. Put some body creams to make her skin smooth9.Use our given cosmetics to make her up 10. Choose nice clothestodress her up 11. Select one prince and dress up him 12. Showusprincess and prince on the prom
Coco Ice Princess
The Enchanted Frozen Palace needs a new royal stylist! Do youhavewhat it takes? Dress up Coco Ice Princess in the mostbeautifulwinter outfits and get her ready for the Royal Ice Ball!Expressyour unique sense of style with this magical, frozen fashionapp!Personalize your 3D Ice Princess and choose from over 200royaloutfits and accessories! You can even choose your princess’haircolor and skin tone! Head to the Royal Ice Spa, applyprofessionalmakeup, and show off your stunning, frozen look!Features: √ BeCoco’s favorite royal stylist! √ Choose from the mostelegantoutfits and frozen accessories! √ Customize Coco’s look —chooseher face, eyes, lips, hair, and more! √ Enjoy SPA time! Relaxatthe frozen Royal Ice Spa! √ Attend the Royal Ball and dance with3Prince Charmings! √ Smile for the camera! Take photos ofyourstunning Ice Princess!√ Real 3D game! Move and rotate CocoIcePrincess as you like!ABOUT Coco PlayCoco Play LimitedisChina-based developer of creative and unique apps for kids.Foundedin 2013, Coco Play provides rich 3D simulation-based gamesfor thewhole family. Coco Play is a subsidiary of TabTale, aleading,global creator of innovative games, interactive booksandeducational apps.Visit us: Likeus: us:@TabTaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: * This Appisfree to play but certain in-game items may require payment. Youmayrestrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.*Bydownloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this Appmayinclude third parties services for limited legallypermissiblepurposes.
InsTagEmojiDIY your own tag sticker ! Any digital writing !Iconfree-for !Features:※ custom fixed Tags: create your owndigitallabel fixed !※ custom emoji Tags : emoji to add an unlimitednumberon the label !※ Filter : processing a variety of popularphotofilters !※ sticker : Popular sticker was added to the photo!※snappic: banner text, make the picture increase literary sense!※leaky effect : the effect of binding to the various leaked photos!More mood !※ Text : Write text to the photo !※ directionofrotation : the processing of your photos in different directions!※Crop: Crop a photo of a region !※ Background : blurred background,mosaic background , and background color
Long Hair Princess - Prince Rescue
The queen gave birth to a princess that had hair withspecialhealing powers. We call her the long hair princess. The evilwitchstole the princess because her hair could keep her from ageingandkept the princess imprisoned in a secret garden for many years.Oneday, an unknown man accidently stumbled into this gardenwithsevere injuries.Download and play for FREE!See you in BearHugsLong Hair Princess...Product Features:Oh! Who is this man? Howdidhe get in? OMG, he's seriously wounded. -Please help princesstotake care of this man- The man is tangled with vines, cut it off-Mix the herbs to treat his wounds- Collect the droplets fromlotusleaf-But the man still haven't waken up- Cut the hair and castthespell to save himThe witch drove the princess away because shecutoff the magic hair- Finally princess can get united with herfamily- The man promised to bring princess home- Use magic lotionto growthe hair back - Use the hair dye to make your hair lookgoldagainMake a beautiful and convenient hair style for a long trip-Braid the princess long hair- Highlight some fresh new colorstothe braid- Decorate the braid with some flowers- Make abeautifulwreath with the roadsides flowersDressup well to meet theKing andQueenAnd so much more! Come on and join us to help theprincess andthe prince.Having problems? Any suggestions? We wouldlove to hearfrom you! You can find us on Facebookat on Twitterat websiteat
Royal Princess Run: Princess Forest Run
Makers of Royal Princess Run: Girl Survival run achieves toprankand 1Million Downloads in one month. here we are presentingyoupart 2Are you a fan of Running princess Jumping especiallyroyalprincess runner, runner games, and endless running gameforgirls?If yes, then download new games for girls free fun runandjump, the adventure-packed game " Royal Princess Run:RunnerPrincess run & survival" the hard running game for girlson abeautiful forest beach, with elegant runningprincessJumping.Unlike the city, dash, castle, Subway girl andtempleprincess in which running princess jumping and escape, sohelpprincess running.Endless princess run, new game for girls wholikerunner girl game adventure with princess run and JumpgamesTheRunner Princess game run and escape adventure with arunningprincess jumping in the jungle island, in the new fun rungirl gameof 2018. Unlike rush run, the subway and temple princesscastlegames run on the jungle/forest with runner princess run girlrunthe adventure in the beautiful game.Snow princess runner gameforgirls follows a story of a pretty running princess, Emma,Sophia,Isabella, and Olivia.The girl are now in a maniac run sate,runningin search of another princess to survive in the dark wildnighthelp Princess runner girl run to escape in jungle run thisrunningprincess games for girls in her wild run game freeThebeautifulprincess jumping and running with the prince came for theadventurebut lost. Now, the runner girl princess runningcrazily.The runnerprincess game is a maniac run state. Follow thebest runner girlrun adventure in Royal princess game, endlessrunner game adventureof 2017 to search princess in most addictiverunning princess game.Obstacles in wild run, keep running Princessrunner girl in thisfun princess games for kids.Runner Princess gameRun girl:Highlights✔ running Princess game is Addicting game forgirls✔Beach, island and forest running game adventure ✔ RunnerPrincessjumping and running game adventure✔ runner girl survivalininfinite forest run✔ Rush, run, jump in endless running gameof2017✔ Addictive endless running game for girls✔ InteractiveRunninggame, Adventurous of runner princess✔ Fun Princess Run inbeautifulgame Environment✔ Princess running game for kids✔ Best newrunninggames for girls, Download Free✔ Fun Run game with flyinggirlTipsto Play this fun runner Games for girls:- tilt left orright- Dragup to princess jump - Drag down to slide- Prince rescuethroughRun, Jump and Slide to avoid obstaclesUnlike Rush, dash,subways,temples, and castle let's join the Royal Princess runninggame forgirls on a forest running adventure. Experience amazingandchallenging princess runner games for girls with wild runnergirlin addicting running games for girls.If you like snowprincessrunner games for girl run? try wild run girl run game!endlessrunning escape adventure in this best running girl game. Thefreegame in which you can run again and again. Royal princess gameissprint run games for princess run lovers. Rush, run, jumpandslide, reach the higher level while playing snow princessrunnergames for girls in 2018.Running princess jumping try tocollect thered shaped crystal diamonds and gems and stars and wingstomaximize the score in this princess rush game best kidsrunninggame free.The best game for princess and most addictive freegamefor girls prince rescue
Princess wedding girls games
Hi, how are you? Are you ready to spend a wonderful day inthecompany of a beautiful princess? Princess is very happybecausesoon She will marry with a prince who is very nice and good.Theymet last year and now prepare the most beautiful wedding. Tomakeeverything wonderful they have some people who will help thembutthe most important part, namely preparing princess will beyourjob. Through this girls game you will be able to help ourfriend tobe the most beautiful bride. It will come to your salonand spa youwill have to help her with everything you can.Becauseyour missionto have a nice end will have to pay attention todetails.Follow allinstructions of this makeover game for girls.Goodluck!- You willknow the beautiful Olive;- She expects to take careof her;- Youhave to apply a facial treatment;- Apply an exfoliatinggel tocleanse the skin;- Apply a mask of fruit to help her skintoregenerate;- Apply a moisturizer;- Remove spots and acne;- Washherhair with a special shampoo;- Now you have to makeup her;-Apply:lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, powder for cheeks, contactlensesand eyebrow pencil;- Choose the most beautiful hairstyle;-The bestpart is when you have to choose the wedding dress;- Payattentionto accessories;- Princess is very beautiful, you are agoodfriend.Thank you for helping, please come back daily to helpusthrough this wedding game with the princess.Have fun!
Glittering Halloween Party - Masquerade
Halloween is coming! Play with Glittering Halloween MakeoverPartyand have the most marvelous Halloween celebration fun!JointheHalloween Party and become the party queen! You will findthecharming key in this game. Come to take a magic makeover, haveacustomized nail design and the choose a bizarre dress. Youwillbecome the most eye-catching girl on that party!ProductFeatures: -A innovation Halloween makeover game ever- Tons of fancymakeoverswith sparkling beauties on eyes, faces and lips- Differentstyle ofcustoms and accessories to choose- Design unique manicureswithcute sticker, patterns and gems- Delicate sense withspecialHalloween decoration everywhere- Photography withwell-dressedpartners and save the great moment- Have great fun tocollectcandies and unlock items by candiesiFunny Studio iscommitted tocreate high level games for kids from all over theworls. Toprovide a pure, wonderful, equal and fun world forthem.Got anyideas? Suggestions? Need technical support? We wouldlove to hearfrom you.Visit us: http://www.ifunnygames.comLikeus:
Ice Princess - Wedding Day
The beautiful Ice Princess has chosen her Prince Charmingandwedding bells are ringing! Become the best wedding planneraroundand give the royal couple the wedding of their dreams. Designamagical icy wedding hall, dress the princess up in astunningwedding gown, and let them dance the night away. Theglamorous IcePrincess is lucky to have you as a wedding stylist andplanner!Make sure everything is perfect for the prince and princessontheir winter wonderland wedding day. From amazing weddinggowndesign to the cutest flower pets, it’s up to you to make sureallof the frozen details are just right! Features:> PrinceCharmingproposed to the Ice Princess, and she said YES!> TheIcePrincess has asked you to plan & style her wedding - Giveher afantasy wedding!> When the prince and princess ride in ontheirroyal carriage, they’ll be blown away by the beautifulicecastle.> Design the perfect wedding! Make a beautiful archand amagnificent aisle.> Make the Ice Princess even morebeautifulthan she already is – give her a makeover!> Style theprincess’shair and dye her hair sparkling amber!> Design themost gorgeouswedding gown – don’t forget to add snowflakes for thefinaltouch!> Help Prince Charming get dressed and become ahandsomegroom!> Help the princess look perfect in a magazinecovershoot!> Relax with the princess at the spa before thebigday!> Design a lovely, delicious wedding cake, fit for anIcePrincess!> Now it’s time for the royal bride and groom todancethe night away beneath a sky filled with fireworks!ABOUTCocoPlayCoco Play Limited is China-based developer of creativeandunique apps for kids. Founded in 2013, Coco Play provides rich3Dsimulation-based games for the whole family. Coco Play isasubsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator ofinnovativegames, interactive books and educational apps.Visitus: Likeus: us:@TabTaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: * This Appisfree to play but certain in-game items may require payment. Youmayrestrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.*Bydownloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this Appmayinclude third parties services for limited legallypermissiblepurposes.
Royal Coronation Makeup Salon
Well now, it looks like the princesses and princes are in a bitofan emergency situation, and only you can help rescue them!BabyRoyal Coronation Salon is a fun story adventure, doctor anddressup game that lets you experience the thrill of a royal weddingfromthe perspective of two different princesses and twodifferentprinces. Help get everything ready for the coronationparty as youclean, dress and give makeovers to the princess andprince one at atime. Work fast, they've got an emergencycelebration toattend!Four different royal kids have a story totell, and theyneed your help getting cleaned and dressed for theparty. PrincessAlexandra tried to sneak into the kitchen to grab acupcake, butnow she's covered in flour! Help clean her dress up andgive her amakeover so her emergency situation is solved. PrincessElisabethwas out playing with the royal puppy, and now she'scovered in mud.Help clean her dress and doctor her bruises so shelooks perfectfor the party.The two princes have been having theirownadventures, too, and since boys like to get into all kindsoftrouble, they'll need a doctor to help take care of theiremergencycuts and bruises! Both Prince James and Prince Henry needyour helpto get clean and doctored after their adventures are over.Get themwell, give them a makeover, and get this coronationceremony on theway so they can have a story book ending,too!Features:- Four royalkids are in trouble and need your help!-Go on a crazy adventure asyou solve each princess and prince'sstory.- 5 different clean uprooms for the royal kids to use.- 12emergency doctor tools to helpmake them better.- One dress up roomto get the makeoverscomplete!How to Play:- Use the touch screen tochoose a princess orprince.- Clean, doctor and treat each royal kidone by one.- Choosenew dresses and outfits for them to wear.-Complete the makeoverand solve the emergency situation!We want tohear your voice!Checkout ourFacebook! more on
Beautiful princess Dressup Games-Girls games
Beautiful princess Dressup Games-Girls games Welcome to the newandwonderful girls games and we will find in the game girlsofgirlfriends want to come out on the occasion of the springseasonthat features nature and beautiful and natural binoculars,thisleeway needs good clothing and is suitable for spring andhereComes Your turn is you are at home before you go out to thispicnicand you will dress them all and the way of the game is alittle bitdifferent from other girls games if you want girl dressupWhat youshould first press the mouse button and then you will dressit andafter finishing the decoration and choose good and suitableclothesafter that Pressure on the other killers to dress up and soso thefinal form of the girls is getting very nice dress up in thisgameand the Clilas for this when you're done, the killers will showup.In a wonderful and beautiful view and in nature and if I loveyouthis game dont forget to share it with your friends and all whoyouknow to be happy with them too and All your opinions arewelcomewhether they are positive or negative and we meet in anothernewgame... Beautiful Princess Dressup Games-game girls games Oneofthe most beautiful featured games here is Princess PrincessofDreams, Princess of a world with only birds, that was herstory.She was a princess of the bird city, and she knew theirlanguageand spoke to him in that beautiful language. Enter the gameandchoose the most beautiful clothes for her Being the mostbeautifuland attractive among the birds her beloved like this washer dreamcome in and choose everything that is nicer to her fromthe clothesand the story of the hair that you make and don't forgetto choosea crown to go as the most beautiful princess in her world.Dress-upgames, princesses and beautiful queens, the prettiest andnicestdress up games with Princess Prince Dressup game Princessesandqueen beauty Queens A fun game of distinctive dressup games,theIce Queen Dressup game, help the ice queen choose thebeautifulclothes and her characteristic as an ice queen, they chosethe icequeen. The prettiest and nicest designs for stylish dresses,enjoyplaying this special game of games Dressup, the Ice QueenDressupgame, they chose the ice queen to wear vivid and harmoniouscoloursbetween white and blue, playing fun and entertaining and wehopefor you my dear players girls games, girls dressup games,Indianmakeup games, makeup games, cooking games, kids games, arabgirlsgames, a Barbie saliva, dress up games, Lightning games,DoraGames, skillful games, baby hazel, toys games, dress upgames,dress up games, fashion games, play games, Barbie games
👸Princess. 🐉 Dragon Cave
Help the princess escape from the dragon's cave and run tohercastleTerrible dragon has kidnapped the princess and hid her inhiscave. But while the dragon was asleep, the princess escaped andnowshe needs to run to her castle. The road is very dangerous -caves,hanging bridge, forest, lake and otherdifficulties.Dragondiscovered the loss and set off in pursuit!Princess needs help toovercome all obstacles and reach thecastleThe game consists of 10interesting levels1) Dragon'sCaveWhile the dragon is stillsleeping princess must find a way outof his cave. Use "swipe" toturn left or right and one more "swipe"to start moving.2) Zig-zagroadAfter the dragon's cave princess mustrun on a zigzag road.This road has many turns, you should be verycareful not to falldown. Use the "swipe" to turn left or right.3)Dwarf’s CaveUsuallya lot of dwarves work in this cave, but now theyare hiding,because they saw the dragon. In a panic, they left alltheir tools,carts and ore - the runner has to avoid all thisobstacles.4) Oldhanging bridgePrincess runs on a hanging bridgebetween twomountains. But this bridge is very old and has a lot ofbrokenboards. Help the runner does not fall into these holes.5)CavemazeThis is gloomy cave with a lot of turns and dark corridors.Theprincess must find way out from this maze.6) ZigzagstairwayFinallythe mountains are over. Now the princess must rundown by stairwith many turns. To reach the end of the stairsprincess shouldjust turn left or right at the right time.7) ForestroadThe roadpasses through dense forest. Running through the forestisdifficult, because on the road a lot of fallen trees, roots,stonesand logs. Use the "swipe" left or right to turn, swipe downtoslide under fallen trees and "swipe" up to jump overlogs.8)Crossing the riverPrincess near the big river. There is nobridgeacross the river, so the princess runs on floating logs andjumpsfrom one log to the another.9) Road with holesPrincess runs onaroad that has a lot of holes. If the princess is not careful,itwill fall into the water, so try to avoid all the holes ontheroad10) Burning cityFinally, the princess reached the city.Shealready can see her castle, but she is still in danger. Thedragonis very angry, he wants to burn everything in this city.Streets inthe fire but princess is running to her castle. Save theprincessfrom the fire and help her get home
Princess Salon 2
Dear friends, let’s welcome the beautiful girls from PrincessSalonII! Thanks for your patient waiting for such a long time, andweknow how much you love our Salon Games!!! Here you can do spa,makeup and dress up 4 elegant girls----Veronica, Gracie, LeslieandLoretta, or go to the Prince’s house to visit and dress him! Nowwecan’t wait to tell you the biggest change of this game----Wehaveadopted your suggestion to add many interesting games into it!Youcan unlock different kinds of suits and rooms by completingthesetasks, which are totally free! So, what are you still waitingfor?Come to join and start your wonderful journey now,yourhighness!How To Play:Open the game and choose a girl you likemostto start the game, then you’ll find her appearing on acolorfulstreet. Along the street you’ll see a few rooms, insequence theyare the SPA room, Beauty Room, Fashion Mall, Prince’sHouse and 3showing rooms. After everything get well prepared, youcan enteryour wonderful cloakroom to have a look. If you like, youcan clickthe male icon on the bottom right corner to bring theprince out orchange suits for him. Don’t forget to take a snap forthem wheneveryou’re satisfied! Now, please be excited to enjoy yourfantasticlife!!!Features:- One integrated and beautiful street- 8differentrooms to choose- You can do spa, make up and dress up theelegantgirls- You can always find your favorite from the countlessprettydresses and decorations- You can also choose a prince youlike anddress him- You will receive 4 random tasks every day.Aftercompleting them, you will get prince’s new suits or unlocknewrooms as rewards - We have 3 Show rooms for you and each of themisworth visiting and taking photos- Continued improvements ofthisgame, please feel free to send us your feedbacksandsuggestionsNeed You Know:This app is totally free to downloadandplay, some basic items are also free to use, but someadditionalitems need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore,if you donot want to use these items, please turn off the in-apppurchase inyour settings. Thanks.
Princess Coloring Book Games
** Puzzle and coloring book lovers all around the world – anewprincess coloring game is here, with beautiful princesscoloringpages for those that love coloring and painting games, aswell asamazing prince and princess games!** Princess Coloring BookGames** has 3 exciting coloring book modes:-- COLOR GAME MODE –pickyour favorite scene and color it as you wish! Expressyourcreativity!-- BUILD GAME MODE – arrange the elements as youwishand build your own coloring page! Then, color it as youlike!--PUZZLE GAME MODE – complete a task and create a coloringsheet –put all elements of a princess puzzle in their marked place!Ofcourse, now you should make princess and her animal friends cometolife by coloring them!** Interactive and animated coloringpagesare even more enjoyable than real coloring books – in thisprincesscolor book, objects on the coloring sheet can move, danceand waveto you! Princess and animals start to move when painted!**Coloringgames can help you learn colors and shapes while coloringpicturesof princesses, animals, cars or anything else! Also, withour fairykingdom coloring book, you can learn animal sounds! Everyanimalmakes a sound when you tap to color it! ** You will enjoy"princesscoloring" because this animated coloring book allows themto paintpictures of princess in a magical farway kingdom!** Ourinteractivecoloring book is one of the cutest coloring apps free!Drawing andcoloring games have many amazing benefits, so ourprincess coloringbook game is both educational and fun coloringgame!** In **Princess Coloring Book Games **, you'll find many freecoloringpages with different scenery – a beautiful castle,enchantedforest, lakes – there are so many fantastic princesscoloringsheets for teenage girls 13 and up! ** Choose yourfavourite"princess coloring game" mode and enjoy coloring pagesforgirls!Feel like a true artist while coloring princesses inourprincess game for girls!** If you're looking for a great freegamefor 13 years old girls or free girl games, our fun coloringbooksfor girls with princess coloring pages are the best drawingandcoloring games and "how to color" games for AndroidTM!**Bestcartoon coloring books free are waiting for you to downloadthemand discover why everyone loves coloring book - free games! Inthiscoloring game, you can play, color and draw!** All "coloringpages"are amusing, but we know that all girls love princesses andfairytales, so we designed this beautiful animated princesscoloringbook especially for older girls who enjoy princess paintinggames!Get princess coloring pages free and see for yourself howmuch youwill love this coloring app!** Explore the breathtakingkingdom ofcoloring games for girls 13 and up with free princesscoloringpages, amazing prince and princess coloring sheets anddifferentgirls coloring game modes that make this virtual coloringandpainting game special!** Virtual coloring is amazing, you musttryout animated coloring books and princess coloring games and seehowcoloring shapes come to life!** Popular coloring games areperfectactivity games – don't hesitate and download this free2017princess coloring pages game ** Princess Coloring Book Games**right now and have a fantastic coloring and paintingexperience!Discover all the amazing benefits of a coloring book andenjoy thebeauty of princess coloring pictures!
How to Draw Princess Step by Step
Princesses are some of the most recognizable characters infictionalhistory. Kids dress up like them for Halloween; basetheir birthdayparties off Snow White and Ariel. Being able to drawa Disneyprincess is a skill that will inevitably come in handy—whynot learnthem all? This princess drawing application gives you aselection ofDisney princesses to draw, with individual guides andhelpfulillustrations.On this application, you will find an easydrawingtutorial about how to draw a princess step by step forchildren. Myprincesses have a simple design and most importantly,fast to draw.Moreover it also provides simple step-by-stepinstructions that willnurture creativity and confidence asyoungsters learn how to drawyour favorite princess. If you aregoing to draw beautiful princesbut you have no idea how to drawprincess, don’t worry. This drawingtutorial for kids applicationwill provides some of beautifulprincess drawing step by step. Theyare:Princess drawing applicationfor kids will show you how to drawan adorable Cinderella with easyto follow, simple step by stepdrawing instructions. The followingtutorial will guide you throughthe steps with easy geometricshapes, letters, and numbers.How todraw princess step by step willshow you how to draw an adorablecute Jasmine from Aladdin with thefollowing simple steps drawingtutorial for kids and beginners. Thisstyle is super easy drawingto learn how to draw.It also will showyou how to draw an adorablecartoon mermaid. The following easy stepby step drawing tutorialwill guide you through all of the steps.Happy DrawingThisapplication shows you how to draw PrincessPocahontas with easystep by step drawing instructions that can befound inside. It willshow you how to draw Pocahontas' face withletters and numbers andother simple shapes.Belle is the girl fromBeauty and the Beast whogoes to forcibly live with the ugly beast.She then falls in lovewith him and he turns back into a handsomeprince. You will findhow to draw Belle with easy to follow stepshere. I hope you findit enjoyable!Elsa is the older, blonde-hairedsister from Disney'smovie. She has powers to make ice and snowwherever she goes.However; she doesn't want to have these powersand doesn't know howto control it. Find out how to draw Elsa theSnow Queen fromDisney's Frozen with the following simple steps.This applicationwill guide you thru the step with simple geometricshapes.Thisapplication is going to show you how to draw Snow White.Snow Whiteis a classic Disney Princess that everybody adores. Itwill guideyou how to draw Snow White with easy to follow step bystepinstructions. It also shows you how to draw Rapunzel. She isaprincess with magical long hair that can reach the bottom ofthetower that she is locked away in. She is an amazing characterthatI was very excited to draw today. This application will guideyouthru the process of drawing Rapunzel with easy to followsteps.Sowhat are you waiting for? Download and install thisapplication,then get your paper and pencil ready to draw yourfavorite princesscharacter.
Mermaid Princess Makeup - Girl Fashion Salon
The little mermaid lives in the palace of the deep ocean. Shefellin love with a human prince when the first time she saw him.Todayis the prince’s birthday. He invites the mermaid princess toattendthe party. Can you help the mermaid princess to get ready fortheparty and dress beautifully? Enjoy a relaxing spa to lighteningherskin. Apply her fashionable makeup and choose perfect outfitforher. Features:☆A mermaid princess themed makeover game☆Findproperdressing style for the mermaid princess ☆Dress her to be themostshining girl in the party ☆Choose perfect formal suit fortheprince☆Help the mermaid princess find her true love Stylethemermaid princess. Create a fabulous look for her.
Princess Wedding Dress Up
Princesses are very happy today because it's their wedding day!Help4 princesses to dress up for their wedding ceremony andparty!They've each dreamed of their marriage and now this gloriousdayhas come. Every princess girl will marry a prince! But for thattheprincesses need makeovers.If you play a lot of bridal andprincessdressup games and enjoy dressing up brides and princesses,you willdefinitely love this bridal salon game. There is nothingmore funfor fashionista girls than to dress up beautiful princessesinbridal dresses and outfits on their marriage day. So go aheadanddress every princess bride in the best and the most amazingweddingdresses.210 items to choose from, including 30 hairstyles,30+wedding dresses, 20+ tops and 20+ skirts, and more! That's awholelot! And, believe it or not, this huge amount of virtualclothescomes completely free of change. All our dress up andmakeovergirls games are completely and truly free. More fashionistagamesbehind the link "More by Games For Girls". Just download andplayfor free forever. We've got new fashion games for girls onallkinds of topics: princesses, fairies, Cinderella, and muchmuchmore. Download them all on your Android phone or tablet andhavefun!
Véritable princesse | Otome Dating Sim games
▼Un nouveau volet à la série des jeux otome DeareaD▼Avec quilaprincesse va-t-elle tomber amoureuse ?【PrincessToBe*véritable princesse 】 Jeu de simulation d'amour otomepourfemmesAquria, petit royaume au milieu de l'océan.Vous viviezunevie tranquille quand tout à coup, un chevalier du palaisroyaumeapparaît devant vous !?"A partir d'aujourd'hui, tu eslaprincesse ."Votre vie de princesse commencesoudainement.Desjournées excitantes avec votre fiancé aupalais !Mais despersonnes en veulent à votre vie …Que va-t-ilrester de la romancede la princesse après que la véritéaéclaté ?・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・◆Caractéristiquesdel'application・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Jeu deromancepopulaire complètement gratuit !Progressez dans le jeuavecles tickets distribués tous les jours !La fin del'histoirechange en fonction des choix opérés pendantlapartie !Remplissez votre album demomentsinoubliables !Profitez d'une relation avec un hommecharmantn'importe quand etn'importeoù !・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・◆Présentationdespersonnages・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Qui sera celuiquite protégera1. Alex Rhondhurd ( arrogant leaderdeschevaliers)Arrogant et autoritaire, mais gentil dans le fond.Ilneveut plus perdre d'être cher. Quel secret cache-t-il derrièrecessentiments ?Tu as toujours été ma princesse2. Luca Lindberg(Jeune voyou aristocrate)Toujours joyeux et entouré depersonnes.Quel secret cache-t-il ?Quand la vérité serarévélée, que vontfaire les deux amoureux...?Si seulement je pouvaistoujours êtreamoureux de toi3. Denis Sakuraba ( prince étourdi)Leprince sérieuxet aimable d'une nation alliée.En conflit entre sessentiments etles ordres de son pèreJe sera toujours à vos côtéspour vousprotéger・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・◆Jeuconseillé sivous :・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Êtesintéressée parles jeux OtomeCherchez un jeu de simulation OtomepourfemmesCherchez un jeu Otome gratuitVoulez avoir une relationavecun homme charmantAdmirez les princessesVoulez une histoired'amourà couper le souffle avec un princeVoulez jouer à un jeudesimulation pour femmesVoulez jouez à un jeu Otome gratuitAimezlesmangas pour filles et les jeuxderomances ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・◆A proposdel'entreprise・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・DeareadInc.estune entreprise qui propose du contenu destiné auxfemmes【Siteofficiel】【Facebookofficiel】【Nouscontacter】*------------------------------------------*▼Anew component to the series of games otome DeareaD ▼With whomtheprincess she will fall in love?【Princess To Be * realprincess】love simulation game otome WomenAquria small kingdom inthe middleof the ocean.You lived a quiet life when suddenly, akingdom palaceknight appears before you?"From today, you are theprincess."Yourprincess life suddenly starts.Exciting days with yourfiance to thepalace!But people are after your life ...What it willstay theromance of the princess after the truth came out?· · · · ·· · · ·· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ··◆Application Features· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ··· · · · · · · · · · · · ·Game completely freepopularromance!Progress through the game with ticketsdistributeddaily!The end of the story changes depending on thechoices madeduring the game!Fill your album of unforgettablemoments!Takeadvantage of a relationship with a lovely man anytimeandanywhere!· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ··· · · · · · · ·◆ Presentation characters· · · · · · · · · · · · ··· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·Who will be theonewho will protect you1. Alex Rhondhurd (arrogant leader oftheKnights)Arrogant and authoritarian, but nice in thebackground.Hedoes not want to lose loved. What secret he hidesbehind thesefeelings?You were always my princess2. Luca Lindberg(Young thugaristocrat)Always cheerful and surrounded by people.What secretdoes it cover?When the truth is revealed, that will makethe lovers...?If only I could always be in love with you3. DenisSakuraba(stunned prince)The seriousness and amiable prince of analliednation.Conflict between his feelings and his father's ordersIwillalways be by your side to protect you· · · · · · · · · · · · ·· ·· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·◆ Game advisableifyou:· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ··· · · · ·Are interested in Otome gamesLook for a Otomesimulationgame for womenLooking for a free game OtomeWant to havearelationship with a lovely manAdmire the princessesWant alovestory breathtaking with a princeWant to play a simulation gameforwomenWant to play a free game OtomeLove manga for girls andgamesromances· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·· · ·· · · · · · ·◆ About the company· · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·· · ·· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·Dearead Inc. is a companythatprovides content for women【Officialsite】【】OfficialFacebook【Contactus】*------------------------------------------*
Royal Princess Run: Island Runner
Do you like Princess games and Running Games?If yes then youwilllove this royal princess runner game for girls. It is one ofthemost addictive running game.In this royal princess runIslandRunner adventure, a beautiful princess will run endlessly onanisland, which makes it a fun run game.HIGHLIGHTS - PRINCESSRUNISLAND RUNNER- Endless running game for girls with non-stopfunadventure- Fun girl princess games for kids- Run, dash, surfandjump in endless running games - slide to pass barriers inkidsrunning game for girls- Run girl run for survival on andisland-Collect coins and Powerups and have funROYAL PRINCESSRUNNING GAME:POWER-UPS- Flying Pony: Grab fly power-up to become aPegasus.- 2XGems & Coins: By catching this powerup you willdouble yourcoins and gems in the given duration.- Magnet: CatchMagnet tocollect gems & coins all around you.ROYAL PRINCESSRUNNINGGAMESNever-stop endless running adventurous & escape,Dodgehurdles & obstacles in fun Running princess islandrunCheckleaderboard in the Addicting game for girlsPrincess Runningandjumping for Collecting coins & gemsEscape from princesscastlein the endless runners games for royal princess island run inthebeautiful island full of fun and adventure with the new gamesforgirls in 2018. Like Rush, temple, dash, castle and subway rungamesfor girls, it is one of the fun princess running games. Rungirlrun! fun Princess game for free so run jump and play
Long Hair Princess 4 - Happy Wedding
The King and Queen held a ball to welcome the return of longhairprincess, but the evil witch appeared to have cast a sleepspell tothis kingdom. And the whole kingdom was covered with athick sheetof snow. Princess reproached herself for letting thecountry intotrouble. The prince Eukin stayed by the princess' sideto help thekingdom get rid of this nightmare. The princessconfessed her loveto Eukin, so the King and Queen will hold awedding forthem.Download and play for FREE!!See you in Bear HugsLong HairPrincess 4...Product Features:- DIY wedding invitationcard sendingto your guest through royal pigeons-Perfect weddingmust have aperfect ring-Use real tools to make your style weddingring-Make alovely, delicious princess style wedding cake- Give thelong hairprincess a fantastic bride makeover-Perfect bride shouldbe withcharming groom, help prince get ready for the wedding-Designthemost beautiful wedding arch,don't forget this is aroyalwedding-Now everything is prepared, the sweetest momentishappening, don't miss it.-Happy forever ending for longhairprincess & her prince.Having problems? Any suggestions?Wewould love to hear from you! You can find us on Facebookat on Twitterat websiteat
Princess Gloria Horse Club
Beautiful Princess Gloria is looking for a new littlehelper!Princess is very busy: her royal wedding with charmingPrinceAdrian is coming but first, she has to take care of herlovelyhorses!Princess Gloria has four magical horses: pinkunicornBeauty, blue fairy horse Windy, white horse Daisy and babyhorseSilver. They all need your love and care! Help PrincessGloriawash, shower, shampoo, groom, style and dress up her preciouspets.Get ready to fit the horseshoes and clean up a super messystabletoo! When all horses are clean and cute, it's time to getready forthe royal wedding fun. Clean up and decorate the carriagein aroyal style and plan the most romantic wedding ceremonyforPrincess Gloria and Prince Adrian!Princess Gloria Horse Clubgamesfor girls:· Meet and play with 4 magical horses: Beauty,Windy,Daisy and Silver!· Wash, shower, brush, groom and stylePrincesshorses with love and care!· Clean up the mud and dirt fromthem!·Dress up the royal horses with stylish saddles, saddleblankets andbridles!· Make sure Princess Gloria's horses look themostbeautiful in the kingdom!· Go horseback riding with horseDaisy!·Clean up Daisy's stable and swipe spider webs with a broom!·ChangeBeauty's old horseshoes to new golden ones like a realfarrier!·Decorate and clean up the carriage for Princess Gloria andPrinceAdrian's honeymoon trip!· Plan the best wedding ceremony,decoratethe chapel and celebrate the royal wedding!· Collect a newhorseracing trophy every time you reach a new game level!· Watchvideosfor kids and toddlers, get 200 coins and use them to unlocknewgame items!ABOUT TutoTOONS Games for KidsCrafted andplay-testedwith kids and toddlers, TutoTOONS games cherish thechildhood andhelp children learn the basic life skills throughgames they reallylove.Dress up games can develop creativity and artskills, cleanupgames build good every day habits, cooking gamesshow how to helpparents at home, pet games teach to share and care.These are justa few examples how TutoTOONS games let childrenexplore the worldaround them and develop on their screentime.PRIVACYThis app isfree to play but there are certain in-gameitems that may bepurchased for real money. By downloading this appyou agree toTutoTOONS Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.Discover morefun withTutoTOONS!Play our games: onTwitter: us onFacebook: - - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - -ABOUT TutoTOONS Games for KidsCraftedandplay-tested with kids and toddlers, TutoTOONS games cherishthechildhood and help children learn the basic life skills throughthegames they love. Dress up games can develop creativity andartskills, cleanup games build good every day habits, cookinggamesshow how to help parents at home, pet games teach to shareandcare. These are just a few examples how TutoTOONS gamesletchildren explore the world around them and develop on theirscreentime.IMPORTANT message to parentsThis app is free to play butthereare certain in-game items that may be purchased for realmoney. Bydownloading this app you agree to TutoTOONS Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use.DISCOVER more fun with TutoTOONS!Play ourgames: us onFacebook: ourYouTubechannel: ournewsletterfor families:
Holiday Princess Christmas Adventure 1.5
Play Adventure Princess Shimmer and shine Games ! This game isasuper christmas gift with a running platform game.AdventurePrincess Shimmer and shine Games Christmas gift First Gameisdesigned with interesting game play and beautifulprincessgraphics. You will definitely love it! шиммер и шайнEnjoytherunner mood in this magical world with your favoriteprincess!Jump, dash, run and dodge! Have a christmas gift run withyour herofirst princess Shimmer now! Dodge all obstacles andremember tocollect as many gold coins as possible! Go for it.HelpPrincessShimmer to run from the cursed abandoned castle deep in thejungle.In the jungle, there’s a temple that lives an evil witch whocastan evil spell on the castle. Avoid that temple! BringPrincessEscape from the castle and out of the jungle. Dash and runas fastas you can! Be in Shimmer and shine holiday Games as far asyoucan. Princess shine can help you on the way so look forhertoo.Adventure World is a also a magical game with sophia andhersister. The sisters like to collect jewels.We know thatprincessshine is beloved around the magic world, so we've addedfour newcharacters that you can play with... You can play in MagicJungle,Desert Rose, Castle, Ocean and Mountains, There are newcharacterstoo! Run with the four princess. шиммер и шайнThis is thelatestmagic holiday games where you tap the screen and pass theprincessthrough all the obstacles and monsters.Control the sistersto makeher dodge the obstacles by moving your finger rightandleft.Princess Shimmer y shine Play Game is also anadventurePrincess holiday games featuring interesting gameplayincludingrunning, jumping and 60 challenging levels! With thebeautifulgraphics and sound effect, Princess Shimmer y shine PlayGamepresents a mega-hit endless running holiday games for all ages!Youwill experience the thrill and excitement throughout princessfirstadventure. Help First beauty Princess to find her Princecharmingin the woods deep in the forest. There are monsters likegiantbeast in the woods. First help Princess Shimmer y shine toovercomethe challenges. шиммер и шайнRemember to collect gold andcoinsalong your way! Beat the beasts with your magical beautyskills![holiday Games Gameplay]+ Tap the screen to perform a Jump /Dodge+Up to 60 challenging levels+ 4 characters modes + SupportsALLAndroid phones and tablets[Game Highlights]★★★★★ ClassicRunningPlatform holiday Games with HD Graphics and HD Music★★★★★Race andBattle through up to 100+шиммер и шайн Levels★★★★★ ExcitingPowerUps and Upgrades★★★★★ Child Friendly with InterestingChristmasgift👸👸Free holiday games, no purchase required.👸👸Touchholidaygames play - swipe the screen and help hero's to avoid themanydangers and enemies that are on the road.👸👸Choose from 4charactersto play 👸👸Freedom of movement ( Dodge, Jump, Roll, FLY).👸👸Cleanand colorful graphics ( 3D Environments ).👸👸Available foranyAndroid phone or tablet as a Christmas gift.👸👸60 levels andthreedifferent worlds шиммер и шайн.Download and play the bestShimmerrunning game with Princess Sophia. This is the best game foryoungkids, children and also adults! шиммер и шайнDownload and playthebest Princess adventure games - Princess Shimmer PlayGametoday!NOTE for Christmas gift:Please do not forget note thegameшиммер и шайн if you like it.Have a good time enjoythegame.Disclaimer: This not a game related to the officialShimmer& Shine creators. It’s just a fan game of it done byShimmerfans as a Christmas gift for our followers.Shine on crazypeople :D
Sleeping Beauty Makeover - Date Dress Up
The beautiful princess was enchanted by a malevolent fairy. Onlyaprince can break the charm and awaken the princess. A coupleyearslater, a handsome and brave prince appeared. He killed theviciousdragon guarded in the castle and waked up the princess. Thewholenation is going to hold a big party to celebrate. Theprincesswants to dress beautifully to meet the princess who savedher life.Can you help the princess get a perfect look?Gamefeatures:☆Asleeping beauty themed makeover game ☆Get the princess acomfy spaand apply makeup on her☆Create the perfect style fortheprincess☆Tons of fashionable makeup and dresses to choosefrom☆Helpthe prince choose flowers for the princessMix and matchgorgeouslooks for the princess and the prince. Let’s make up.
Anime Princess Dress Up
This new makeover game features 6 cute princesses drawn inanimestyle, 4 backgrounds and 240+ items (hairstyles, dresses,tops,skirts, accessories and lot more) which can be mixed andmatched tocreate millions of combinations. Great news: nothing islocked! Thewhole game is free, no in-app purchases here, you can'tspend realmoney!Actually, all our games for girls are absolutelyfree, withno small print or sneaky credit card charges. We've got ahuge listof games already, be sure to check them out! Just followthe "Moreby Games For Girls". In the similar graphical styledownload girldressup games "Anime Dress Up", "Cute Anime", "ChibiPrincess","Manga Dress Up". Or, for western style, see "PrincessDress Up","Cute Princess", "Arabian Princess", "Indian Princess"and more.
Princess Elena ♛ royal dressup
She is a glamorous royal princess named Elena. Mix andmatchtogether a hairstyle and a dress for a luxurious princesslook!Flowers or crowns in the hair, long skirts and dress. As alatinaprincess she can't stay far from the music, so with a guitarshe iseven more attractive. And for sure she needs her MagicalCrystal,makes everything shine around.
Sweet Magic Princess Royal Spa
Enjoy helping princesses look their best in this fun palaceandroyal themed game where you are the makeup artist to thekingdom!Start by taking the princesses to the spa for a royalmakeover atthe palace. Give them fun facials using specialtreatments from thekingdom where the wind whips through the willowsand the birdsgreet you every morning. Cleanse, exfoliate andmoisturize theirskin to prepare them for a luxurious experience atthe palacesalon. Apply makeup in all colors of the rainbow. Try oneyeshadow, mascara and lipstick to find the best look for each oftheladies. Every royal princess will be flattered with yourattentionto detail! Finish with pearlescent powder and bronzer!Tresmagnifique! Finish their looks with a trip to the dress shoptofind outfits for the royal sisterhood. Mix and match blousesandskirts, or try on full length gowns with lots of glitz andglamour!Add pretty shoes and jewelry for each of them to fittheirpersonalities. Don’t forget the tiaras! Then head to the royalballfor a chance to dance with the handsome prince! ProductFeatures: -Three awesome levels for the princesses – Spa, Makeupand Dress Up-Lots of gowns and makeup options- Play again and againfor newlooksHow to Play: - Tap to pick clothes, shoes and jewelry-Swipeto apply cosmetics and spa treatments at the spa and salon
Princess To Be | Otome Dating Sim
▼A new addition to the Dearead otome game series!▼The Princessfellin love with....?Princess To Be - Love simulation otome gameforwomenAquria, a small kingdom in the middle of the ocean.As youwereleading a perfectly normal life..a Knight of the RoyalPalacesuddenly appears in front of you?! “From today onward, you’rethePrincess”And your life as the Princess suddenly beginsIt’salwaysan exciting day at the palace with your fiance!But peoplebeginaiming for your life...What will happen to the Princess’sromancewhen everything fallsintoplace..・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・◆Appfeatures・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Popular romancegamecompletely free of charge!・Proceed through the story with thefreetickets replenished everyday!・The ending of your gamechangesaccording to the actions you take during the story!・Fill upyouralbum with heart-pounding incidents!・Enjoy a relationship withthehandsome guysanytime,anywhere!・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・◆CharacterIntroduction・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Whowill be theone to protect you?1. Alex Rhondhurd (Arrogant Leader oftheKnights)Arrogant and bossy, but secretly kind.He never wantstolose anyone important again...what’s the secret behindthosefeelings?"You've always been my only princess"2. LucaLindberg(Delinquent Noble)Always cheerful and surrounded by people,thesecret he is hiding is...?!Already infatuated when exposed, thetwowill..."If only I could still be in love with you"3.DennisSakuraba (Airheaded Prince)The kind and serious Prince of anallynation.Trapped in the fate of being his father's son, hisfeelingsconflict and..."I will always protect you byyourside"・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・◆ Recommended ifyouare・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Interested inOtomeGames・Looking for a love simulation game for women・Looking forafree otome game・Want to get into a relationship with ahandsomeguy・Admire Princesses・Want to have a heart-pounding lovewith aPrince・Want to play an adult-oriented love simulationgame・Want toplay a free otome game・Like Shoujo mangas andlovegames・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・◆ AbouttheCompany・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Dearead Inc. isacompany that deal with female-friendlycontent.【OfficialWebsite】【OfficialFacebook】【ContactUs】
Wallpapers for Girls
Special Collection of Beautiful "Wallpapers For Girls" AndAmazingColorful "Girly Wallpapers" HD For Smartphone And Tablet. •Cute"Kawaii Wallpaper" High Resolution Graphics Art 3DIllustrationsFree Download!• Beautiful Pink "Pretty Wallpapers"ImagesBackground For Samsung Galaxy & LG HTC Phones. NiceFeatures OFLatest 2018 "Wallpapers For Girls" And Backgrounds HDWidescreenApplication For Android.- Full support for landscapemode.-Compatible with 99% of mobile phones and devices.-Optimizedbattery usage!- Fully supports horizontal orientation- Addtofavorites- You can save or Share "Cute Wallpaper" toFacebook,Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble,Instagram OrLine with your Good Friends or whole family. • BestMobile App 2018and APK Free! - Funny Sassy "Girls Wallpaper"Backgrounds ForTeenage.• This is an Special New Year 2018collection of CutestCartoon "Kawaii Images" with Perfect app forGirls.
Princess Fashion Salon Lite
The first snow falls to the kingdom. The princess is going to holdadance party in the palace. She wants to dress like a snowprincessand decorate the palace in snow theme. But she’s so busywithgovernment affairs. Can you help her select some beautifulclothesfor the party from her luxury dressing room? Take her to doa facialclean, put on delicate makeup and dress her as a snowprincess. Ofcourse, ornaments and glass slippers are necessary.Then ourprincess can dance with her handsome prince. Features:♂Dance andparty in the snow-themed palace♂ Enjoy royal relaxingmassage andskincare ♂ Fashion eye makeup, blushes, lipsticks andhairstyle tochoose from♂ Spend an amazing dancing night withfriendsHave fun inprincess fashion salon! Download for free andplay with yourfriends.
Princess of Thrones Dress up
These beautiful princesses are all into the trend of retrostyle.When they get the chance to dress up like ancient warriorprincessand try the exquisite dresses and accessories, they areveryexcited. Let's play this cute dress up game and select themostbeautiful outfits for the princesses. Have fun!
Princess Sofia Wedding Dress
Lovely long hair princess is going to hold her excellentweddingtoday. Come to be her wedding assistant and help her make uptobecome the most beautiful bride. First step, you need to helptheprincess make a facial spa. Clean her face skin and then useourprofessional tools to get rid of her pimples one by one. Afterthatyou can come to make facial and eyes masks for several minutesandthen put some facial creams and lotions to make her face skinlookfresh and amazing. The second step, you can try your best tohelpher make up. Choose the suitable eye brow and eye shadow colorsforher. Try your best to decorate her beauty with lipstickandblusher. The third step, you can show us your excellent dressingupskill, mix and match those beautiful wedding dresses,holdflowersand accessories until you find the best one that suits thelonghair princess for her wedding. Show us this marvelous princessandher prince at last. Features:1. Help long hair princess haveafacial spa 2. Make up her with cosmetics 3. Dress her upwithwedding dresses and accessories 4. Show us at last How toplay:1.Clean face for the princess 2. Get rid of her pimples on herfaceby using the tools 3. Make facial and eyes masks for her 4.Putsome facial creams and lotions for her facial skin 5. choosethesuitable eye brow shapes and eye shadow colors for her 6. Makeupher with lipstick and other cosmetics 7. Dress up herwithbeautiful dresses 8. Decorate her beauty with other accessories9.Show us at last
Fairy Tale Princess
The Fairy Tale Land is ruled by a beautiful princess... hereyessparkle like a starry night sky, her hair shines like diamondsuponthe warm sunlight. First follow some hair care steps, nextcreatethe perfect make-up and dress her up, and live like a fairytaleprincess today!