Top 49 Games Similar to Jewel Diamond Killer

Diamond Temple Quest 1.3
hours and hours of fun for you,best match 3 gamediamondtemplequest, New and improved match 3 puzzle game launched onAndroidMarket.Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinations in this jewels journey!This sparkling puzzleadventurewill instantly sate your wanderlust and craving fordiamondstreasure. You must quest real treasures using old maps inthisjewels Kingdom. Embark on this diamond temple quest,matching_threeand switching your way to the kingdom throughaddictive matchgameplay.Download diamond temple quest, rate thisgame and sendyour feedback, help us to improve this jewelsgame!game features:*diamond temple quest is FREE to play with 700+amazing levels* manylevels of different diamond temple jewelsChallenges * suitable forall ages to enjoy the game and match 3diamonds or more of the samecolor* beautiful graphics and boost upeffect ( mega bombs,lightning, blocks, and many more).* amazingmusic and game soundsfor different challenges and game matches
Ice Queen Magic Jewel 1.5
A classic diamonds that are free Match-3 game launch onGooglePlay.Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure in thefreezekingdom.Pass the levels and try to get all stars in eachlevel.Howto play:Match 3 or more identical freeze jeweledFreezeJewelsLegend features:- Complete adventurous levels and unlocktreats-Easy and fun to play, challenging to master- Hundreds ofmysteriouslevels in the frozen kingdom- More than 1400 levels andmultiplepretty scenes in the game.- Swap two advance jewels tocreatespecial effects.- Leaderboards to watch your friendsandcompetitors!- Match 4 jewels can win lighting jewel.- Match5jewels in cross pattern to generate a bom jewel and cursh around.
Atlantis 3 1.06
Atlantis 3 is a fun match 3 jewels diamond dash game, enjoytheunderwater sea Atlantis adventure.there are many differentlevels,each level has different rules,limited moves, limited time,shootspecial underwater jewel bombs,or start amazing lightningstorms.just switch or match 3 or more diamonds. you can freelyenjoy theAtlantis feeling of bombing holes in the screen, orcollecting thespecial jewels, and advancing to higher levels of theAtlantisdiamond dash jewels adventure 3.Enter the diamond match 3Atlantisquest world , smash the Diamonds of Atlantis, collectspecialsurprises, gently move the gems , become an underwaterbubbleshooter and win amazing rewards.In this fantastic Atlantisjewelsworld adventure , you can become a jewels crush digger andjoinother champions and compete with your friends ,just controltheseAtlantis diamond jewels crush,splash,blast,or move.It will beanAtlantis diamond adventure saga quest, a diamond diggemsunderwater world!Features,**All levels are Free, and thegamebecomes more complicated as you go on**amazing jewels, andnewspecial underwater shoot adventures and rewards alongtheway.**blow up the screen, smash special crates and bombunderwaterbubble shoot bombs**When you get stuck, wait for a hintto helpyou,**Easy but funny to play, a challenge to those who canopenmuch more levels,**Suitable for all ages,**Coolgamepieces,**variety of Sound, and enjoyable music.**Share itwithothers.If you have ideas for new levels please tell us aboutit,you leave a feedback we will appreciate it!!!Thanks for allthesupport!!!
Pharaoh Treasures Blast 1.1
a new match 3 jewels puzzle adventure in ancient EgyptThebrilliant"match 3" puzzle game for everybody who loves a magicatmosphere,ancient mysteries jewels.If you really like the jewelstype ofgame, but also very love of Egyptian culture, the treasuresblastis your first choice.Match the magic diamonds in the questtounlock the secrets of the jewel world. Complete more than1000+quests and levels to win the ultimate quest with swapping,hittingand exploding the jewels and power-ups.
Jewels Deluxe 2017 1.0
Welcome to Jewels Deluxe 2017, a classic diamond linkgame.-------------------------- This blast mania puzzle game isveryattractive. Just touch, touch and link jewels, you score. Manycooleffects in Jewels Deluxe 2017 is awaiting you. The more diamondyoulink, higher score you got. We have ranking board for topplayer.-Jewels Deluxe 2017 is free offline game totally. You canplay iteverywhere, every time as you want. We have many cute andbeautifuljewels. Game has simple interface, easy game play. Such asclassicblock puzzle, bubble shooter, this game has many fans intheworld.- Some highlight feature in Jewels Deluxe 2017: + 2playingkinds: Arcade and Classic + Cool different diamonds +Beautifulmania blast + 100+ level + Ranking board + Invite friend-PlayingJewels Deluxe version 2017: + Link as much jewels as you cantoblast them. At least 3 once link to ‘bomb’ them + Have limitedtimeevery level + You get score to pass level + You can use ‘bomb’tohelp you crash iced diamond---------------------Have a greattimeand don't forget vote/rating to support us. Every your commentwillhelp us improving this diamond game.
Diamond Mine
Get as many diamonds and escape fromthemine.Beware of the rocks, move them strategically and carefully, sotheydon't crush on you! Spiders will make this task evenmoredifficult.There are many different objects.Get the diamonds, emeralds and rubies, and blast your way withbombsand dynamite.Customize the controls to play in the easiest way for you. Youcanalso connect a keyboard or a gamepad to playmorecomfortably.You have 126 different levels, but if you want more, also providedapowerful level editor.Unleash your imagination with the endless possibilities offeredbythe editor, and do not stop playing!
Jewels Star Atlantis Quest 1.1
jewels star atlantis questJewels Star Atlantis Quest is a funmatch3 diamond jewels game, a deep ocean underwater jewelsadventure.there are many different underwater levels, each levelhasdifferent rules, limited moves, limited time, blow specialjewelbombs, just switch or match 3 or more diamond jewels.alllevels areFree, and the game becomes more complicated as you goonamazingjewels, and new special underwater match 3 adventures andrewardsalong the way.blow up the screen, smash special crates andbombunderwater jewel bombswhen you get stuck, wait for a hint tohelpyou,easy but funny to play, a challenge to those who can openmuchmore levels,suitable for all ages,cool game piecesvariety ofSound,and enjoyable music.
Pirate Diamonds Crush 1.1
Panda Box
pirate diamonds crushThis sparkling puzzle adventure willinstantlysate your wanderland and craving for piratetreasureColorful gemsjewels crush effects and well designed puzzlesfor you to play inanytime and anywhere!Sea world and island worldcould be reallydangerous! Follow the map of jewels world then helpthe prince rideout the storm.Features:- completely free games in adazzling jewelworld- best match 3 games for adults and kids-wonderland of gemsand jewels and diamonds- more than 5 millionplayers already- easyto play and hard to master- match 4 jewels ina row to createsparkling effects- match 5 jewels or gems for adazzling blast
Pharaoh Jewels Legend 1.2
Reveal the mystery of old Egypt by solving thepuzzleEgyptianhistory and culture dates back thousands of years tothe era of theancient Pharaohs. Loaded with traditions and values,Egyptianculture is quite interesting and catches the attention ofanyonevisiting features:★ amazingly unique new levelswaitingfor your exploration.★ mysterious Egyptian world, hundredsofcheckpoints waiting for you to unlock.★ a variety ofgameobjectives,mobile mode, time mode, collection mode.★wonderfularsenal for props.★ enjoy high quality visuals andexciting specialeffects★ mysterious background music to lead you toexperience adifferent game experience.★ play and compete withfriends.
Pharaoh Jewels Crush 1.2
pharaoh jewels crushlet's start your journey in pharaohjewelsJoinmillions of players in an adventure journey through thepyramiddesert of ancient Egypt. Can you solve the puzzles andhelpCleopatra with this quest of jewel treasures? Let’s go!Usepowerful boosters to craft epic powers to break the curse ofthepharaoh. Game Features:- mysterious Egypt world, hundredsofwell-designed free levels!- multiple goals, move mode, timemode,collect mode.- very addictive and popular match 3 jewelspuzzlegame- fun for more than a million players already- classicmatchingwith a twist- easy and fun to start but a challenge tofullymaster.- stunning graphics with a highly polishedinterface.Youwill love the fun, creativity and excitement of thisgreat casualgame.Any questions or advise, please send us e-mail.have fun!
Treasure hunters match-3 gems 2.1.0
JEWELS! JEWELS! JEWELS!Your pirate team has found it!Use jewelstobuild the Town on your island.Travel through the ocean andsolvesacred puzzles.Be calm and happy when returning to home.Yourisland needs jewels to repair the old town.Match the 3s ofjewelsand you will receive the great treasures!Every mach3 levelhas itsown unrepeatable style and unbelievable rewards:+diamonds+sapphires+ brilliants + rubies... and sacred jewelry!Youneed justcombine jewels to make 3s or more similar gems in a row.New freematch game:- Lots of interesting puzzles! And each 2 weekstherewill be more! - Beautiful and calm island, where you can buildyourown Town.- Use a sacred Portal to find the new territories!-Nicepirates! Master the difficulties making super combinationswithgems!- Lots of bonuses and daily rewards will help you to solveallpuzzles and collect all diamonds-jewels.- You can playoffline!-It’s absolutely free match 3 game, but you can buy someadditionalmoves or other game features.- No ads."Treasure hunters"- theworld of match 3 adventures in your smartphone.Play match-3gameabout pirates and treasures. At the "mach 3" levels you willfind alot of puzzles, beautiful animations, and useful bonuses.Jointhefan page and find out the updatesfirst!Facebook:
Temple Jewellery 1.3
Temple Jewellery, New and improved match 3 puzzle game launchedonandroid market.Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinations in this jewels journey!This sparkling puzzleadventurewill instantly sate your wanderlust and craving for templejewel.You must quest real treasures using old maps in thisjewelsKingdom. To be jewelry king.How to play:- in each level, listofgoals that need to be completed.- match 3 more identicaljewelsquickly and swap colorful jewels.- learn to use specialeffectsjewels. the sharpest brain puzzle game.- if you haveanydifficulties passing a level you can use helpful props.- tryyourbest to make super combinations with super match!- less moves,morestars, higher scores! crush all jewels!- try to get all starsineach level, become jewels legend.Features:- completelyfree.-exquisite gameplay, Best experience, graphics and puzzles.-brainpuzzle game in simple rule, easy to play, hard to master.-variousmission puzzles levels waiting for your adventuring.- brainpuzzlegame with simple rule- no play limit such as heart, play asmuch asyou can!- can play even without network!- game file is aslow as20M, light-weight download!- supports tablet screenEmbark onthistemple jewellery adventure, matching_three and switching yourwayto the kingdom through addictive match gameplay.Downloadtemplejewellery, rate this game and send your feedback, help ustoimprove this jewels game!
CaratLane - A Tanishq Partnership - Buy Jewellery 4.4.34
Looking for the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself? Orneedsome serious jewellery inspiration? Discover over 5,000beautifuldesigns with the CaratLane Jewellery Shopping App! Fromstunningrings to elegant earrings, pretty pendants to gorgeousnecklaces,classy bangles to dainty bracelets and more - all atyourfingertips! Shop gold, diamond, solitaire and gemstonejewelleryonline and save up to 25%!All Your Favourite Designs inOnePlace:Make a wishlist of your favourite jewellery designs andbenotified of price drops and offers on them. Psst… You canalsoshare your most loved designs with your friends and evensomeonespecial ;)The Easier Way to Shop:Browse through 1000s ofjewellerypieces – including rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces,banglesand more. See stunning details of each of them and pickyourperfect design. Shop on-the-go from a range of 7,000+stylishoptions in diamond, gemstone, gold, platinum andsolitairejewellery and save up to 25%!Become an Insider:Never missout onour exclusive collection launches, new arrivals, offers anddeals.Find the nearest CaratLane store using our convenient storelocatorfeature. Get instant notifications through the app and be apart ofour insider gang! Enjoy the CaratLane Advantage:Prefer totry thejewellery before you buy? Just walk into any of our storesacrossthe country or request a free [email protected] All our jewellery is100%certified. We offer 30-day money back, lifetime exchange,free& insured shipping on all purchases. You can chat withourexpert consultants for any queries with your shopping and evengetinsider tips on buying jewellery!Our online jewellerystore’sselection of products includes:* Solitaire jewellery –Rings,Earrings, Pendants, Bangles* Diamond jewellery – Rings,Earrings,Pendants, Bangles, Necklaces, Nose Pins, Mangalsutra*Goldjewellery – Rings, Chains & Necklaces, Earrings,Pendants,Bangles & Bracelets, Men’s kadas* Gemstone jewellery –Rings,Earrings, Pendants, Bangles, Necklaces* Platinum jewellery –Couplebands, Pendants, Rings, Earrings* Gold coinsSo what are youwaitingfor? Download the best jewellery shopping app, find yourperfectjewellery and save up to 25% today!Send us your suggestionsandfeedback on [email protected]
Candy Jewelry Shop and Making Factory 1.0
Cute Candy is waiting for awesome gold and diamond jewellery forherwedding party. Help her in your gold and diamond jewellery shopandfactory game for girls, boys and little kids Girls love diamondandgold jewelry even they feel incomplete without beautifulandmatching jewels in their necklace, bracelet or earring. Somegirlslike simple necklace design but some of them like to take thewholenecklace shop on their body. Diamond and gold Jewelry makingisreally a fantastic art in the jewelry shop and factorysimulator.You don’t worry about how to make necklace as the littlejewelerwill guide you. Keep in mind the beautiful gold necklacedesigns tomake your own awesome gold jewelry in the locket makershop. Designa beautiful diamond and gold necklace set to be ajewelry king ofyour diamond shop empire. It’s a crazy fun adventureto be a chokernecklace maker and making diamond necklace set. Let’sstart silverand gold necklace making like a locket master in theweddingjewelry shop and factory game for kids and girls. It is funfor ajewelry designer to make gold jewelry with diamond beads.Littlejewelry designer will teach you how to make beadsnecklacejewellery in the jewelry factory game for girls. Diamondbeadsnecklace making in the jewelry maker factory is a crazyfunadventure for little fashion designer like you. Choose thebestjewelry design for the superstar fashion model. Any fashiongirlknows lots of jewelry designs and making or decoration ideas.So belike a fashion girl and while making a necklace design fortherockstar girls. Let’s start necklace making and firstchoosebetween gold and silver. Make awesome gold and diamondnecklace forthe superstar fashion model and make your necklacemaking factory agreat gold jewelry shop for fashion lovers. Onceyou have done withgold locket maker process, decorate it withdiamonds and beautifulbeads. Make your gold necklace much moreexpensive by decorating itwith the most expensive diamonds andcolorful stones. Diamondjewellery is dream of any girl or woman wholove fashion and wantto be a star girl.Here is the story of Candy’sfactory ends upafter making great gold and diamond jewellery andselling it on thediamond jewellery shop, gold necklace shop andsupermarket.Ourmaking factory games are popular in kids as they geta chance towork like a factory manager, worker, owner andmanufacturer at thesame time. Manufacturing their own goods infactories is crazy funadventure for them.If you want some more funwith factories games,just click the link below and haveextrafun.
Jewels Jungle Treasure : Match 3 Puzzle 1.3.0
Jewels Jungle Treasure, exploring style match 3 gems jewels gameinlost jungle.Uncover the unknown secret and collectvaluabletreasures as you play through match funwithchallengingchapters.Jewels Jungle Treasure is an addictive andexciting legendadventure match 3 game filled with colorful jewelscrunchingeffects! Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinations in this lost jungle temple journey!Thissparklingpuzzle adventure will instantly sate your wanderlust andcravingfor jewels treasure. You have to overcome the difficultiesto getthe goal and quest real treasures using old maps in thiskingdom.Ifyou like swapping and matching jewels then you will lovethisaddictively game. Highly recommended to all fans of puzzleandmatch three games.HOW TO PLAY- List of goals that need tobecompleted in each level- Match 3 more identical jewels quicklyandswap special jewels.- Use helpful props or power-ups if youpassinga tricky level.- Make super combinations with super match.-Lessmoves, More Stars, Higher scores.- Try to get all stars ineachlevel, become jewels hero legend.FEATURES** Colourful ANDlosttemple style graphics!** 1000+ amazing levels!** Cast spells tousepowerful boosters!** Crush all jewels, Precise mashingjewels.**Sharpest brain puzzle game.Embark on this jewels jungleadventure,match 3 and switching your way to the jungle throughaddictivegameplay.Download Jewels Jungle Treasure, send yourfeedback, helpus to improve this jewels game!
Jewels 2018 2.7
Jewels game is very famous with the gamers, the gameplay isveryengaging and easy to play. That's the core of this jewels game.Webuilt this game follow the classic gameplay of jewels game.Butthere are several new things in here. You have to try you besttoget the red star in each level. It's not easy if youcouldn'tcomplete the quest. The hexagon jewel and star are sobeautiful,and deluxe in this game we put the jewel in a matrix ofline, thereare more than 3 challenges and each challenge has 100levels inthis jewel diamond. You can easy try to find your bestscore ineach level by beat you last best score in leaderboards. Alevel hasmany quest or jewel quest. You have to put the jewels in aline -damon dash - to match 3 jewel in a line then you earn thescores.There are many jewel skills, and magic like lightning, bomborsuperlighting, and blizzard .... It's the magic really, andcoolstuff! it will help you destroy the dash, or fired up anarea,diamond dash, let's try to discover the magic system ingame.Jewels Diamond has 2 play mode. In classic mode, you will playthegame with you best and get best score for you, it' s endlessmode,the difficulty will be increased follow the levels of you.InArcade mode, you have to complete the quest - got red starbydestroy all bricks and ices or woods tile in matrix. These tilehasdifferent attributes, the brick tile is more hard than ice tileandthe ice one is harder than normal tile. When play this gameyouwill feel it is better than the others star games like classic,orhas more effects than jewels legend and jewels saga. JewelsDiamondis kind of diamond game, so you see the diamonds in game,withseveral awesome graphics effects and great audios and musics.Thisis a free jewel game for everyone, you couldn't find any starordiamond games better than this jewel deluxe game.300 LEVELSFORGAMERSAre you ready to be the winner by pass 300 levels webuilt.It's a challenge for you to be the winner of this game. Doyou wantto try your intelligence with our built levels, pop thejewel withseveral shape: hexagon, ellipse, heart, square, triangle,..., it'sjewels diamond, and follow the saga story in this game,you will belegend of the world Peaceful Land, West Land and DarkLand, starsand run to blizzard world. Let's try this jewellery game!! Eachmatch, always has enough time for you to get 3 stars, sobefore thetime run up, try you best to match the jewels and getfull star foreach match !A LOT OF JEWELS SHAPESThere are severalshapes of jewellike heart, triangle, square, ... and colorful.CLASSIC MODE ANDARCADE MODEGame have 2 modes for you to play. Inclassic mode, wecould play in a enless mode, the final score cancompare with thefriends and challenge them. You will lose if thereare no matchmore appear on the screen. This mode is very easy buteasy to loseif you don't think deep. In Arcade mode we built about300 levelswith the difficulty ascending.NEW MODEWe are developingthe legendmode of jewel damon, so we can challenge our friends tofind thelegend, who crush the jewels to complete the quest fasterthan theothers. In legend mode. you can choose several deluxebackgroundgallery or the diamonds, jewel gem set and also comparetheprogression with your friends, it is really multiplayergames.GAMEFEATURES- 3 worlds to discover- More than 300 levelss-Very coolaudio effect- Beautiful jewels, a gem set with varietyshape ofgem.- Multiple leaderboardsLet's play this game and tryyour bestto get the highest score for you and challenge thefriends. Playthis cool game and try to finish all challenges andgot most starsas you can! Discover all the world. Become a superstar of star andsay awesome!
Clash of Diamonds - Match 3 Jewel Games 11.1332.141
Clash of Diamonds - a jewel world with classic jewels match 3puzzlegames.Match and pop jewels with dazzling combinations infunchallenges to solve all levels and complete the quest!How toplay:-Crush magic gems and jewels in special quests- Match 3diamonds ormore similar jewels tiles on the board- Swap colorfuljewels andbecome the best sweeper prince- Best classic jewel gameson themarket- Jewel world with great jewel games- Classic match 3freegames of diamonds- Try your best to make super combinationsandrelease boosting super match powers- Pass the levels in lessmovesto get a higher scoreFeatures:- Completely free games in adazzlingjewel world- Best match 3 games for adults and kids-Wonderland ofgems and jewels and diamonds- Popular jewel games onthe Androidmarket- More than 5 million players already - Easy toplay and hardto master- Match 4 jewels in a row to create sparklingeffects-Match 5 jewels or gems for a dazzling blastOur sparklingpuzzleadventure in the prince wonderland is ready and craving foryou tosolve the jewels quest. Swap gems and diamonds to becomethesweeper prince. Solve every quest in this jewel world that’sfilledwith challenging jewel games and be the best!Let’s play ClashofDiamonds now and enjoy match 3 free games!
Atlantis 2 1.01
Atlantis 2 is a fun match 3 diamond jewels game, a deepoceanunderwater jewels adventure.there are many differentunderwaterlevels, each level has different rules, limited moves,limitedtime, blow special jewel bombs, just switch or match 3 ormorediamond can freely enjoy the Atlantis feeling ofbombingholes in the screen, or collecting the special ocean jewels,andadvancing to higher levels of underwater diamondjewelsdashing.Enter the Atlantis 2 match 3 jewels dash world ,smash theunderwater Diamonds, collect special surprises, gentlymove thegems , tap the diamonds to become an underwater jewelsbubbleshooter and win amazing rewards.It will be an Atlantisdiamondjewels underwater adventure saga , a diamond jewelsdashworld!Features,**All levels are Free, and the game becomesmorecomplicated as you go on**amazing jewels, and newspecialunderwater match 3 adventures and rewards along theway.**blow upthe screen, smash special crates and bomb underwaterjewelbombs**When you get stuck, wait for a hint to help you,**Easybutfunny to play, a challenge to those who can open muchmorelevels,**Suitable for all ages,**Cool game pieces,**varietyofSound, and enjoyable music.**Share it with others.If you haveideasfor new levels please tell us about it, you leave a feedbackwewill appreciate it!!!Thanks for all the support!!!
Jewelry Pop Puzzle 1.0.7
Enjoy various patterns and difficulty! And train yourself.Fivetypesof gems and various objects are prepared for you.All jewelrygemscan be removed at once if you choose gems wisely.[How toplay]-Remove two or more blocks by simply pressing them!- Usebombs asmuch as you get your scores.- More blocks you break, gethigherscores.- Various items like Hammers, swords, sides, magicwands willhelp you to clear the level.[Features]- A game foreveryone, easilyaccessible and casually enjoyable.- Tons of stages(Challengevarious stages one by one)- Classic mode supported(challengehighest scores).- Multiplayer supported (Compete withfriends andrivals around the world).- 16 languages supported-Leaderboard andAchievement supported.- Tabletdevicessupported.Homepage:Https://
Jewellary Fashion Editor: Latest Collection 1.0
Make yourself ever stylish and love to wear evertimes newlaunchedjewellary collection. Jewellary Fashion Editor: LatestCollectionis compiled according to your modern ornament taste whereyou seean exclusive variety of antique jewellary, traditionaljewellary,american diamonds, temple jewellary, stylish bridaljewellary andmagnificient store of south Indian jewellary. Thecharm of everygorgeous lady is enhanced with new fashion trendyjewels.Lovelyneckless sets, hoops, bindis , bands , rings andbracelets arebeauty boosting elements which add much to your grace.Visit theunique jewellary booth and have look over bestdesigner’sjewellary. Jewellary Fashion Editor: Latest Collectionpersuadingyou to take latest fashionable women accessories likecollarneckless, bangles and bracelets, jhumkas, anklets, ringsandpendants, waist belts and nose pins for any party andweddingceremony. Girls Picture editor is linked with face beautyandglamour and its take you in jewellar shop for wearingtraditionaland stylish jewellary for any special events. Thefashionable girlsare conscious in selection of ornament for eachfunction and that'swhy jewellary photo editor is designed withvariation of stylishwomen accessories. Jewellary Fashion Editor:Latest Collectionincludes wedding rings, Traditional jewels, moderngirl’s ethnicjewellary, punjabi jewellary, south Indian jewellary,templejewellary, bridal ornaments and currated jewellary. Nothingis fakeat this fashion shop it offers you real diamond jewellary,goldjewellary and silver jewellary for hand, neck, fingers anklesandears. Jewellary Fashion Editor: Latest Collection isparticulargirls and women application with ever new and latestjewellarydesigns from world's various parts. Wear the expensive andrealpearl jewellary at wedding, birthday and night partyfunctionfreely. You don't have need to purchase these accessoriesand wasteyour money. Jewellary Fashion Editor: Latest Collectionofferingyou most trendy and currently launched modern and antiquejewellarywhich make you graceful in your surroundings. Choose thematchingjewellary with your dress or wear any contrast jewellaryand givecolors to your appearance among the people. JewellaryFashionEditor: Latest Collection is camera and gallery photoapplication,feel easy in editing process, just upload any pic ortake a cameraclick for image editing. Keep your editing productsave in file andshare your new look to your friends at socialmedia. You can changea simple girl into bridal look by applying allsorts of jewel withliberty. Features of Jewelry Fashion Editor:Latest Collection •New girls and women fashion application• Storeof ethnic, AmericanPunjabi and south Indian jewellary• Current andtrendy collectionof gold, silver and diamond jewellary• Real girlsfancy ornamentshop and style bar• Quick jewels shopping likenecklace sets,jhumkas, rings, hoops, brecelets • Modern bridaljewellarycollection like bindis, collar neckless, anklets, anglesandbrecelts, ear rings, nose pins, waist belts and weddingrings•Women pics editing studio and image editor• All womenaccessorieswith different categories.... antique jewellery ,curatedjewellery, terracotta jewellary, temple jewelry and pearjewellery•Sharing of edited photos at all social networks• Galleryphotos andcamera photos application• Jewels for all types partiesandfunctionsHow to UseSee below and read the points for the usingofapplicationInstall the Jewellary Fashion Editor: LatestCollectionapp via internet- Upload any gallery pic that you want toedit ifnot then click a new one and set for changes- Crop the picfirstand then look at the jewellary shop and choose the accessoriesbytheir need- Save it in the app saving file and also share itwithothers when you like
Jewels Jungle 1.6
jewels jungleLots of fun and very challenging matchgameJewelsJungle, New and improved match 3 puzzle game launched onandroidmarket.The best match-3 puzzle jewels game of its kind! Lotsof funand very challenging, can be played by anyone.This casualgame canmake boredom go away. It has addicting graphics and awesomegameplay. It is a fun classic game brought to the Android worldwithnew pretty jewels.Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinations in this jewels journey!This sparkling puzzleadventurewill instantly sate your wanderlust and craving forjewelstreasure. You must quest real treasures using old maps inthiskingdom.How to play:- in each level, list of goals that need tobecompleted.- match 3 more identical jewels quickly and swapcolorfuljewels.- learn to use special effects jewels. the sharpestbrainpuzzle game.- if you have any difficulties passing a level youcanuse helpful props.- try your best to make super combinationswithsuper match!- less moves, More Stars, Higher scores! Crushalljewels!- try to get all stars in each level, becomejewelslegend.Features:- completely free.- exquisite gameplay,Bestexperience, graphics and puzzles.- brain puzzle game insimplerule, easy to play, hard to master.- various mission puzzleslevelswaiting for your adventuring.- match 4 jewel gems can win the1line effect.- match 5 jewel gems can win the colorchangingeffect.- match 5 more jewels can get more usefullyspecialprops-jewels effects.Embark on this jewels jungleadventure,matching_three and switching your way to the kingdomthroughaddictive match gameplay.Download jewels jungle, rate thisgame andsend your feedback, help us to improve this jewels game!
Jewelry Gold Designs 2017 3.1
Jewelry Gold Designs 2017A lot of female want to know aboutIndianjewellery and about jewellery making designs and style, thekhazanajewellery and best diamond jewellery is most famousjewellerydesigns and mostly like college girls, in this Latestjewellerydesigns application select for jewellery designs for bestfriendjewelry set, ring jewellery designs, jhumkas Designs,goldnecklace, bangles designs this is a best online jewelrydesignsandroid application, you can say about this is a bodyjewelleryshop because you can easily select jewelry designs forfamilymember, our friends and college friends, its a cheapjewelrydesigns online shop for your mobile, find a lot a ofartificialjewelry designs , best Indian jewelry designs or bestIndiandiamond jewelry designs for wedding party and for everyfunctionparty.The selection of designs of jewelry go to applicationandselect a lot of different style designs. simply downloadtheandroid application and select artificial jewelry designs andalsoselect new baby jewelry design from your mobile, aryjewelrydesigns is one of the valuable in the jewellery gold ofworld. Somegirls like and select designs for bridals so you cansimply selectfrom this android application FREE jewelry designs2017. This is abest bridal jewellery designs application for yourbridalsjewellery. This Latest free jewellery android applicationfor everyfemale. In this application you will find a jewellerydesigns forrings. In short this is a best and famous androidjewellery designsapplication in the world.Feature of thisapplications:- Easy touse- User friendly interface- Offlineversion- Pinch zoom- Set aswallpaper- Have sharing function- FreeDownload- Save image withscreenshotNote: All the designs arecopyrighted to their respectiveowners
Glimmer Gemstone Kitty Keyboard Theme 10001004
✪What is kitty pink diamond typing keyboard?The kitty pinkdiamondtyping keyboard theme offers cool typing experience andkittyenjoyment.kitty pink diamond typing keyboard theme haskittybackgrounds, kitty pink diamond app icons,kitty fashion fonts.Thiskitty pink diamond typing keyboard theme is specially designedforkitty people who loves pink theme.✪Features1)Offeringdiamondtyping keyboard Are you sparkle lover? the luxury graphicsdesignshining keyboard theme with diamond typing keyboard willenjoy alot.2)Many other typing keyboard ThemesMany other themesareprovided. Find different theme categories, includingtech,cool,skull,graffiti,crystal,pink, golden, kitty, animal,galaxy spaceand many more. 3)Personalized fontsBesides the diamondand sparkledesign, we also offer you a number of fonts.4)AutowordscorrectionOur typing keyboard is smart enough torecognizemistyping words, provide smart word prediction and makeyour luxurytyping easier and faster . 5)Smart words predictionTheshiningtyping keyboard can predict the words you are typing byusing cloudcomputing technology.6)Smart EmojiMany pre-installedluxury emojis!The emojis are supported on all Androiddevices.7)Key-presssoundRealistic keyboard sound effects that arecrisp and clear.8)Supported LanguagesThe shining keyboard themesupports over 80languages✪Come on download it Do you envy friends’phone decoratedwith kitty typing keyboard? Download this kitty pinkdiamond typingkeyboard, it will take you into a diamond trip andyour pinkstyle.kitty typing keyboard will takes you into the worldwhich isfull of sparkle ,in other words sparkle everywhere.If yourfavoritediamond is sparkle, download and try the kitty pink diamondtypingkeyboard today ,you can also save your favorite sparkletypingkeyboard in our main keyboard app.Whether you are a boy or agirl,we have plenty of kitty pink diamond typing keyboard for youtochoose.What kind of typing keyboard do you like? The pink type?Isit must decorated with diamond? How about sparkle? If you donotlike these kitty pink diamond typing keyboard withkittybackgrounds pink theme, , we also prepared more kittytypingkeyboard for you !✪How to use it?1)The pink theme is a pluginapp,make sure you install our main typing keyboard app for pinkthemeto run.2)Download the kitty pink diamond typing keyboard withkittybackgrounds pink theme and tap the APPLY button.3)If youalreadyhave the main typing keyboard installed, please tap on theAPPLYbutton and the pink theme will be installed on yourphoneautomatically.✪NoticeWe won't collect or use any of yourprivateinformation while you're typing.Hope you like it! Thank you
Diamond Mania Match 3 1.91
Diamond Mania match 3 is a thrilling puzzle game featuringshinygems and jewels and stylish graphics and designs. Jointheglamorous adventure and help the IT girl to collect all theblingsparkling diamonds. Play and discover awesome glitteringfeatures:- Hundreds of brilliant levels packed with beautifulshinygemstones- Trendy designs and graphics - Awesomeboosters,power-ups and bonuses - Addictive gameplay- Fun match 3puzzles andchallenges. Complete all the missions and win levels!Play anytime,anywhere! There’s no limit and you can try as manytimes as youlike. Move and smash diamonds until you complete themissions andclear the level. Play today and advance through thesplendiddiamond mania match 3 world. We can assure you that you’llenjoythe addictive gameplay and all the exciting puzzles andlogicriddles. How to Play- Match at least 3 diamonds of the sametype toburst and clear the board. - Enjoy hundreds of stylishlevelsfilled with match 3 glitter and glam. - Make uniquecombinations toget special boosters that will help you beat hardlevels. - Reachhigh scores and try to get 3 stars on every level.
Pharaoh Quest Diamond Journey 1.3
pharaoh quest diamond journeyFeel the power of Pharaoh legend inthematch 3Egyptian Legend of match 3 jewels is the mostinsanelyaddictive match three puzzle game ever. Be a legend conquerandremove curse of pharaoh from the land and steal as many gems asyoucan by matching three or more a-like gems creating preciousstar,flame and hyper-diamond gems. Play the most popular matchthreepuzzle-game with powerful gems. You will come across cascadesoffun as you test your gem stealing techniques by matching threeormore a-like gems.Pharaoh quest diamond journeyfeatures:•experience a new game play with rich and exotic graphicsset inAncient Times• explore magical new worlds as a treasureexplorer•powerful boosters to help with challenging levels• unlockboostersand Hidden treasures!• easy and fun to play, challenging tomaster•hundreds of adventurous levels to complete• available onmobile andtablet devicesExplore the lost places of the ancientEgyptian worldwhere epic adventures await you in The Pyramid!Switch and matchfascinating jewels to make face Blushingcombinations and playchallenging game modes brimming with diamonds
rose diamond love shining tema 1.1.3
With rosette red shining jeweler background, rose loveshiningdiamond theme is of HD rose love shining diamond wallpaper,luxuryglowing gem lock screen and glittering romantic amourflowerromance elements. For users who love romantik amour lov,flowerromance or rosette red shining jeweler, this beautifuldynamic roselove shining diamond locker theme is customized foryou! A uniquelocker theme with HD rosette red shining jewelerwallpaper, thisrose love shining diamond theme, dressed up withglitteringromantic amour, luxury glowing gem, and rosette redshiningjeweler, brings you a brand new glittering romantic amourluxuryglowing gem look and feel! Whatever you like, luxury glowinggem HDwallpaper or flower romance, this glittering romantic amourrosettered shining jeweler theme with flower romance decorationwillalways be your optimum choice.? rose love shining diamondlockscreen theme with romantik amour lov flower romance HDwallpaper.?rose love shining diamond HD wallpaper with rosette redshiningjeweler flower romance glittering romantic amour theme makesitsstyle unique.? rosette red shining jeweler pattern lockisavailable under rose love shining diamond HD wallpaperwithromantik amour lov flower romance.? rosette red shiningjewelercode lock is available under rose love shining diamond HDwallpaperwith luxury glowing gem flower romance. This rose loveshiningdiamond theme is designed for CM Locker. CM Locker needs tobeinstalled first to apply this rose love shining diamond theme.roselove shining diamond theme with rosette red shiningjewelerglittering romantic amour luxury glowing gem flower romanceHDwallpaper is free to download! It is designed to create afasterand smoother using experience. With flower romance rosetteredshining jeweler dynamic HD wallpaper, lock screen of this roseloveshining diamond theme is decorated by glittering romanticamourluxury glowing gem flower romance elements, which makestheappearance of luxury glowing gem flower romance morespectacular.Weather and clock widgets are also designed withrosette redshining jeweler romantik amour lov and rose love shiningdiamondelements. rosette red shining jeweler romantik amour lovlockscreen protects user privacy. Unparalleled glitteringromanticamour luxury glowing gem flower romance lock themefeaturingdynamic rosette red shining jeweler romantik amour lovwallpaperpresents a distinctive romantik amour lov and flowerromancerosette red shining jeweler style for you.★ Want to have aspecialromantik amour lov flower romance keyboard or launcher?Visit ourtheme center to search your favorites. Happy & uniquethemes,cool, cute, animal, neon and more are in there!
Jewels Switch 2.2
Words Mobile
The power of magic jewels is in your hands! Switch and match 3ormore jewels to walk through more than 250 levels in thiscompletelynew hit puzzle adventure.Jewels Switch is an addictiveanddelicious adventure filled with colorful gem crunching effectsandwell designed puzzles for you to play in subway time! Withcandystyle jewels to smash and eliminate in each level, JewelsSwitch istwice the fun but familiar to play. So let's get startedto crushthe saga now!Game Features:- Arcade Mode: 250 challenginglevelsand more to come- Time Mode: There is no time to waste whichcanhelp you lose fat- Stunning graphics with a highlypolishedinterface- Sharp and animated visuals fit this saga tosurferslife- Easy and fun to start but a challenge to fullymasterHow toPlay:- Swap the jewels to match 3 in a line to removethem- ArcadeMode: Reach a specific goal to solve the puzzle saga-Time Mode:Match as fast as you can to level up
Royal Queen Diamond 1.4
royal queen diamondperfect pause for your refreshment!jointhisamazing royal storyThe brand new Match 3 brain puzzle game.Anamazing adventure is waiting for you.You are a teen corsair,youraim is to become a queen. Match up diamonds for make yourdreamcome true, you would find real jewel treasures using templequestmap. Move the temple Jewels to match the same 3piecesThisadventurous game consists of different amazing episodes.In eachtemple jewel quest episode you have a treasure map. If youchasemissions you will find the queen’s treasure.The principle ofthisnew game is match 3 jewels in row, in each level, youhavedifferent list of goals that need to be chase.Collect queenjewelstreasures, compete and become a real pirate!Royal QueenDiamondfeatures:• King or Queen to Challenge jewel mash .•AdventurousGameplay is incredibly amazing in freeze• intuitive andeasy toplay• Hd stunning Graphic and effects are stimulatingandentertaining.• Modern winter theme with the game graphicandstyle.• game supports both new and old phones and tablets.
Diamond Tap 1.0001
Diamond Tap is a new fun match 3 jewels crush diamond gamewithunique gameplay like never before and 900 jewel crushing levelsandNO lives system, play as much as you want!each level isdifferentand unique and will challenge you and granted jewelcrushingfun.blow a hole in the screen with special Diamond Tapbombs, orstart diamond twister lightning stormsjust tap and swipeto match 3or more diamonds. you can freely enjoy the feeling ofbombing holesin the screen, or collecting the special jewels, andadvancing tohigher levels of diamond dash magical gems.this game isthe best inall the jewel blast, diamond, bubble, gem, ruby, candy,fruit, cubeelimination games. Also best in dash, match, crush,rush, blastdiamond games.Enter the Diamond Tap crush story, smashthe jewels,collect special surprises, gently move the gems , andwin amazingrewards.In this fantastic Diamond Tap gems legendadventure , youcan become a tap diamond jewels digger and joinother champions andcompete with your friends ,just control thesediamonds crush , tap, blast , or move.It will be a Diamond Tapjewels saga world , abejewel dashing jewels diamond adventure!ifyou get stuck you canspin the wheel of free prizes to get a boosterthat will help youcrush the remaining gems in the level andcomplete the level puzzleand as you progress in the game you willfind many diamond chestwith special prizes in them to boost you upand help you win thejewel quest!Features,900 amazing jewel crushinglevels.amazingdiamonds, and new special adventures and rewardsalong the way.blowup the screen with Mega-Bombs, smash specialcrates and hit withamazing lightning.When you get stuck, hint willshow to helpyou.Easy but funny to play, a challenge to those whocan completemuch more levels.Suitable for all ages.Cool gems blastpieces.Sowhat are you waiting for? start crushing jewels andsmashing gemsright now!
Ice Princess Diamond Match 1.1
Panda Box
ice princess diamond matchice princess diamond match is theultimatematch 3 game taking place in the magical ice worldkingdom. Startyour adventure today, move and crush jewels andexperience hours ofendless fun. Access thousands of beautifullydesigned levels filledwith gorgeous jewels and plenty of funsurprises.- move and match 3jewels in a line to remove them- beatall the challenges and winhard levels- complete the missions!-collect all the sparkling gemsbefore you run out of moves
Luxury Gold & Silver Keyboard 10001004
Theme Wizard
★ Matching Luxury Gold & Silver Launcher- thanks for checking out my LuxuryGold& Silver Keyboard. This cute golden silver theme has asilverglitter wallpaper that will really make your phone lookbeautiful.Detailed diamond studded keyboard keys give it asparkling look. Ifyou like glitter themes or glamorous themesyou're going to wantthis on your phone. Go ahead, treat yourselfand add another uniqueluxury keyboard theme to your diamondcollection, apply it on yourphone screen today! Luxury Gold &Silver Keyboard Features:♥Elegant glitter gold and silver wallpaperbackground with sparkles♥Diamond jewelry lined golden shinykeyboard keys♥ Platinum goldlined top keyboard♥ Custom diamondstudded heart delete key♥Platinum silver flower for shift key♥Shiny icons lined withplatinum and sparkles♥ Glossy platinum goldlined function keys♥Unique golden diamond studded pop-upkeys!Keyboard Features: ★Gesture input makes typing fast and funwith a slide of yourfinger★ Voice typing with accurate wordsuggestions★ SmartPrediction: Learns your way of writing includingwords, phrase andfavorite expressions★ Auto Correction: Providesword completion,word prediction and suggestions for mistyped words★Multi Language:Supports over 120 languages★ Emojis: A large emojiselection toexpress yourself when words are just not enough★ Plusmany morekeyboard features!This theme requires a keyboard to apply.Pleaseinstall this app and follow the simple instructions. This appisnot supported by all keyboards.Is there a keyboard theme you'dliketo see designed? We listen to all suggestions andrecommendations.Please let us know what you'd like to see. Lotsmore jewel keyboarddesigns are on the way. If you have anyquestions about this LuxuryGold & Silver Keyboard please emailus. Thank you forsupporting our app designs!
Treasure Pharaoh Quest - Gems Match 1.0.1
Rest Studio
Treasure Pharaoh Quest - Gems Match, a super classic jeweltreasurepharaoh crush addictive match-3 type game with lotsofexcitement!THE STORY:Follow Archaeologists exploring theancientmysterious Egyptian pyramids.There are many dangers inPyramid,such as poisonous gas, magical mummies, and death.You needto avoidthese dangers to get more special jewels. Don't hesitate.Study themysterious treasure chest. There are ancient treasures inthechest, exploring the key to the unknown world.HOW TO PLAY:1.USEyour fingers: slide, switch and match 3 or more jewels torockpyramid world.2. You must have the sharpest mind. Learn tousespecial jewels or props.3. If you have any difficulties intrickylevels you can use power-ups.GO FOR THIS ADVENTURE:--Discover thesecrets of Rune gems and unlock the treasure.-- Embarkon pharaohpyramid match 3 journey with exploring fun.-- MysteriousEgyptworld, hundreds of well-designed free levels!-- Stunninggraphicswith a highly polished interface.If you really like thepuzzel 3game, also very love of pharaoh culture, let's start yourjourneyin Treasure Pharaoh Journey.Download now!
Jewels Star: OZ adventure 1.3
jewels star: OZ adventurematch your way to meet the wonderful Ozinthis puzzle adventurejewels star: OZ adventure is free, justplayand enjoy for fun. We have many cute and beautiful jewels,diamond,with easy to use controls, simple and friendlygraphics.Enjoy theArcade mode with more 300 stunning levels and theClassic modewhich is completely Endless jewels star: OZ adventuremode.jewelsstar: OZ adventure will provide you a very funny andchallengingtime.▶ HOW TO PLAY:☆ swap and match jewels in group ofthree.☆ lessmoves you pass a level, higher score you'll get. Try toscore highand earn 3 stars on every level.☆ match 3 or moreidenticaljewels.☆ make the jewel star down to the last line to passthe nextlevel.☆ tips: Complete the game as soon as possible to getmaxbonus score.▶ FEATURES:☆ every match from 3 jewels youwillaccumulate energy for mighty bomb, that helps to destroyobstaclesfor you.☆ match 4 can win the jewel bomb and 1 lighting.☆match 5can win color-changing jewel and 2 lightings.☆ specialsItems☆ thebomb can eliminate the jewels around.☆ the timing canextend theplaying time.☆ the lightning jewel can eliminate alljewels in onerow or column.☆ outstanding graphics and music, easyto play, hardto stop playing.☆ Stunning graphics and effects , trapand boostitemsLet’s download and share jewels star: OZ adventurefor funnow!
Jewels 2.50
💎Jewels💎 game will help you to relax during the day or justbeforeyou go to sleep. Enjoy beatufil graphics, smooth animations,nice🎵music🎵 and simple (but addictive) gameplay. Great 👑diamonds👑gamefor kids and adults. Pop as many 💍jewels💍 as you can and getallgolden⭐stars ⭐!⭐ Jewels game is one of the best classicmatch-3type puzzle game available in the market. Pass the levelsand tryto get all golden stars in each level. Every level isdifferent.Levels are getting harder while you are progressing.⭐ InJewels youcan play different 🌍worlds🌍 with a lot of differentlevels. Try tofinish all levels in every world.⭐ Now Jewelsincludes Powerups!-Hammer - destroys single Jewel- Bomb - destroyssurrounding Jewels-Magic Wand - removes Jewels with given type⭐Howto play:⭐1. Tap(match) 2 or more identical color jewels toeliminate them.2. Youpass the level if you eliminate all diamondsfrom the board.3. Whenyou pass the level the next one will beunlocked.4. Win all goldenstars in each level.⭐Tips:⭐1. Number ofyour moves in each level isstored in the game.2. Try to pass thelevel with the minimum numberof moves.3. Try to get three goldstars in every level.4. In themost complicated levels you can passto the next level even if youdon't get any golden star.5. Pressmenu button in the top barduring the game to restart the currentboard or generate the newboard.6. Now you can save the currentgame. Choose "Save game" fromthe menu during the game. Next timewhen you launch the game youwill be asked to continue the lastsaved game.7. Use Powerups inharder levels.⭐Features:⭐- powerups!-many different levels (hoursof fun!)- clean, nice lookinginterface- you can play alreadyfinished levels (Change leveloption) - more chances to collect allgolden stars :)- you can playsame board multiple times- no timelimit!- fantastic music and soundeffects- beautiful graphics andanimations- animated scenes in thebackground- support for mobilephones and tablets- unlimited undomove- sharing option- savinggame⭐ Now you can also share your gameprogress with the world :)⭐Thank you all for the feedback and thesupport (and sometimes forthe constructive criticism :)). We arestill working very hard tomake game better and more challenging! Sostay tuned! :)
Witch Magical Jewel Star 1.6
Panda Box
witch magical jewel starWelcome. We deeply welcome everyone tothisworld full of magical Jewels.Cute and sweet witch, Wendy andthefairies will help guide your adventure. Addicting puzzle gameforall gender and age is awaiting for you.Enjoy a game of puzzleinthe magical world full of fabulous Jewels.Thank you all to thosetolove and support Jewel Witch!We promise to repay with anamazinggame for all the users!FEATURES• 3 match puzzle- ADeliciousmatching puzzle game with cute characters & addictivelevels!•tons of unique levels- Over 900 puzzles are unique and fullof funand amazing challenges!• easy and fun play- Easy to playinterface,Just swap & match.• no time limit- Play at your ownpace.- Playin anytime and anywhere!• no wifi? no problem!- Gamesyou can playoffline.
jewel free match 1.4
jewels & gemsPuzzle game with tricky levels will steal yourfreetime. Use your skills, logic and imagination to gather gemsandreach the game goals.Gems Fever features:- new version ofclassiccasual match-3 games- magnificent conspicuous design- 1000uniquetricky levels & more are coming- a free choice oforiginalpicturesque backgrounds to your taste- beautiful uniquegems tomatch and various obstacles to crush- no time limits-quicklyrestoring lives
Jewellery Photo Editor 1.3
New Collection of jewellery designJewellery photo editor willhelpto pickup various modern stylish jewellery items likeNecklacessets, Ear Rings, Ear Hangings, Chain, Bindi, Crown, Cap,gogglesand tattoosCollection of Awesome Diamond and GoldJewellerysetsJewellery Photo Editor is a free to used all the HDJewellerystickers set into your pictureLots of Amazing variety ofJewellery,this Jewellery changer app offers makes it uniquestyle.Keyfeatures:- Collection of beautiful diamond and gold neckless setsfor girls- Amazing verity of earrings and bindi- Verity ofmoderncrown- Lots of beautiful goggles for females- Unique flipoption toproperly fit hair style into your face- Rotation andzooming-zoomout tool for setting up neck less, earrings and bindion yourbeautiful face- rotate and crop image features- sharecreated imagein social media and your friends and familyHow toUse:- Selectphoto from gallery or capture image from camera- cropand rotateyour image- choose your neck-less, earrings and chainset- changecolor of all jewellery- Scale, rotate and flip to fitinto yourface- Save the image in your device storage- Share theimagethrough social mediaPlease try to check Collection page if udon'tfind your saved image in your device.Also known as:-Jewelleryphoto editor for girls- Jewellery photo frame- Jewelleryphotomakeup- Jewellery Stickers Editor- Jewellery photo Changerphotoeditor- Jewellery Booth Photo Montage.Please downloadjewelleryPhoto Editor app for free
Kiran Gems 1.8
Kiran Gems (GIA / IGI / HRD) - app makes the B2B buying ofcertified(GIA / IGI / HRD) diamonds easier than ever. The appprovides fullfunctionality of the E commerce while “OnThe Go”. To provide a seamless buyingexperience to the user, theapp is featured with:· Live inventory·Search Diamonds- White/Fancy/ Single/ Quick· Diamond DNA for everydetail· Diamond videos,pictures and certificate.· Buy diamonds-“On The Go”· Bid ondiamonds· Multiple ongoing dealsand muchmore...The app isbeautifully designed and meticulously engineeredto provide you thebest B2B diamond buying experience.The app isfrom Kiran GemsPrivate Limited- The world’s largest manufacturerof diamonds.
Temple Diamonds 1.06
Temple Diamonds is an addictive Match 3 jewels diamond game, onamatch 3 game you need to match 3 or more Diamonds of thesamekind.when you match more then 3 jewels you get bonus points butyoualso get many different boosts like mega bombs who make a holeinthe screen and amazing lightning storms ,to crush specialgameblocks like crates or walls you need to match 3 ormorediamondsright next to the special items. Join the templeDiamondsadventure,and dig your way to the jewels temple crushtreasures!This Diamonds dig blitz saga game will provide you withmany hoursof fun, with endless challenges!Game features:* manylevels ofdifferent diamond temple jewels Challenges ( limited time,limitedmoves, max amount of points ...).* beautiful graphics andboost upeffect ( mega bombs, lightning, blocks, and many more).*amazingmusic and game sounds for different challenges and gamematches,
Riddle's Jewelry 6.9
Since 1959, Riddle’s Jewelry has been a family owned andoperatedbusiness and during those years we have expanded to 65stores innine Midwest states.At our headquarters located in RapidCity,South Dakota, we operate a thriving factory that produces manyofour own jewelry designs and where our diamond cutters createourown signature Noventa diamond. Like you, we believe thatproducingand buying products made in the USA is still the backboneof ourstrong country!After fifty-seven years of dedicated serviceto ourcustomers, our Riddle’s family name has become synonymouswith finejewelry and diamonds. We are committed to providing thevery bestvariety in style and price, including many designerbrands.Riddle’sJewelry, a name you can trust for all of life’sspecial moments.
Diamond Fight Online 4.1.0
Diamond Saga
Diamond fight online is a jewels match 3 game combined withRPGmultiplayer Diamond game, to win you have to crush jewels tofightthe Enemy!Join the Diamond fighting club, you can fight thegameenemies or choose to fight other players from all over theworldand dash jewels to crush your enemy and win treasures!EntertheDiamond Fight adventure and crush the gems to defeatotherchampions and join the fighter's hall of fame!In this amazingMatch3 game combined with RPG style characters you can decide ifyouwant to register a user or use Facebook login so you cancompeteand play against your friends or other fighting stars fromall overthe world.You also have the option to join the greatfightingadventures and use the diamond map to try to defeat thegamechampions and become the diamond fighting online star!Thisgamewill require you to be smart and fast so you can match 3 jewelsandhit your opponent, and if you can match more than 3 diamondsyouwill get amazing moves with strong lightning attacks and bombstokill your enemy, as well as get stronger armor for defenseandmore!Diamond fighting online match 3 RPG game will give youlonghours of fun and challenges with multiplayer battles so jointhefights and become the champion of the diamondfightingsaga!Features:**Multiplayer fights against your Facebookfriendsand other champions from around the world.
**Play diamondmapadventure, and the game will becomes more complicated as yougoon
.**Great diamond gems, and new special adventures andrewardsalong the way.
**Match more then 3 to get amazing lighting,bombsand many more rewards
**If you opponent is hitting you hardand youcan't find a match, wait for a hint to help you.
**VarietyofSound, and enjoyable music.Let Us Know Your opinion aboutthegame.
Email:[email protected]
Jewels link matching 1.0.10
Jewels link Matching 2 or more Jewels by putting them on thesameline!Get point by erasing Jewels. You can make longer chainofJewels to get more points!Jewels link matching How to get 3starson every level ?Before you Jewels link matching, find thebestmatch. It will take time to understand this, but you willlearnafter playing few levelsHow to play: - Jewels link matching 2ormore identical Jewels- Connect three or more same Jewels toscorepoints.- Archive the target points to level up.- Eliminate themoreJewels quickly can get extra scores.
Jewels Deluxe 1.2.1
Jewels Quest Deluxe - Top #1 classic match-3 jewel blitz gameonmobile. It’s totally FREE now and forever.Jewels Quest Deluxe isanultimate classic match-3 puzzle game with addicting gameplayandchallenging missions. Swap and match jewels your way, showyourbest strategical moves to get highest scores and pass thousandoflevels.It’s simple and fun to play this Jewels Quest Deluxebutquite challenging with 4 addictive game modes: Classic,Arcade,Time Attack and Endless.HOW TO PLAY - Match 3 or more jewelsin aline to crush them. - Match 4 jewels to create speciallightningjewels blaze. Lightning jewels blaze can destroy alljewels in arow or column - Match 5 jewels with T or L shape tocreate specialjewels blast bomb. Jewels blast bomb can destroy alljewels aroundit. - Match 5 jewels in a line to create special colorjewels star.Color jewels star can destroy all jewels with the samekind ofselected jewels . - Combine 2 special jewels together asuper blastto destroy more jewels. - Reach level target(Classic,Time,Endless) or make board transparent (Arcade) to pass levels.GAMEMODES - Classic mode: you have to reach the jewel target scoretogo to next level and try to keep the jewels board always haveonematch at least. The game is over if no more matches- Arcademode:you have to clear all jewel backplane to go to next levelbeforethe time is up.- Time Attack mode: you have to match as manyjewelsas you can to fill full score progress. The score progressisdecreased by time.- Endless mode: you have to reach thejeweltarget score to go to next level and go as far as you can. Thegameis over if you quitGAME FEATURES- 4 game modes: Classic,Arcade,Time Attack, Endless.- 8 different jewels legend withclassic jewelstyle and many special jewel items: lightning jewelblaze, jewelblast bomb, colorful jewel star… - Global leaderboardand manyinteresting achievement .- Nice, clean HD graphics, coolanimationsand smooth game play.- Easy and fun to start but achallenge toreach high levels and high scoresLike us onFacebook: ultimate Jewels Quest Deluxe - a FREE classic match-3jewelblitz? Please send email to us: [email protected] alsotry our another match-3 puzzle jewels game : JewelsAdventure - ajourney in the jewel Saga world. This jewel game willtake you to anexcited adventure in the jewel Saga world.Downloadithere:
Crystal Crush Mania Match 3 1.1
Swap and crush the crystal diamonds and solve all the funmatch-3puzzles. Enjoy an epic puzzle matching adventure at themagicalkingdom and collect all the gems. Play the most addictivediamondmatch today. Make combinations of at least 3 gems to blastand winpoints. Play through hundreds of sparkly levels andcollectdifferent rewards. Don’t forget to boost your experiencewithawesome power-ups! For massive explosions make thefollowingmatches:- Match 4 jewels to get a striped item of thiscolor andcreate a line blast. - Match 5 gems in an L or T form toget anamazing gemstone that will explode all items around it.-Match 5crystals in a row to get a special colorful item that canburst allgems with the same color. - Connect 2 special jewels tocreate evengreater explosions. Follow these Instructions:- Move andmatch 3jewels in a line to remove them.- Beat all the challengesand windifficult levels.- Complete the missions set at thebeginning ofeach new level. - Collect all the sparkling crystalsbefore you runout of moves. - Win enough points to earn at leastone star.Free toplay anytime and anywhere you want, no internetconnection isrequired. Hours of entertainment are guaranteed!
Jewel Witch Legend 1.5
Game Focus
jewel witch legendtest your skills in a match-3 game fullofjewels,puzzlesLet’s take a adventure, explorer thisfantasticmiracle world and become a jewel lenend!jewel mysticlegend is acasual match 3 puzzle game, classic and suits for anyoneof anyage. Join this gems match 3 mania, you just need to match thesame3 diamonds to beat competitors or get jewelery materials intherequired moves. It is quite fun to be a jewel lenend. Youwillnever get tired in this migic casual gms world.Features:-AdorableUI design- Lots of addictive levels and more will beaddedregularly- Match 3 gems to collect, match more to getspecialpowerful jewel star- Get daily bonus in this diamond swapgame-Mania jewel boosters swap jewels with magic effects- Amazingsoundeffects
Joolz - India's Jewellery Shop 0.3.27
GemSwipe Ltd.
Discover your perfect Gold and Diamond Jewellery Online withJoolzapp, a fast growing online shopping app for Jewellery inIndia.Choose from 1000s of Gold and Diamond Rings, Earings, Pendantsets,necklaces, mangalsutras, nosepins and Indianweddingjewellery.Joolz is a leading marketplace for the word's topjewelrybrands and designs and one stop shop for your favoritejewelleryonline.* Discover on thousands of jewellery pieces onlinefrom thebest designers and brands* Share you favorite styles andjewellerywith friends, and loved ones on Facebook Instagram Twitter&Pinterest* Enjoy a fast and smooth online shopping experience*Shopon the go for classic and stylish diamond, gold, gemstone,platinumand solitaire jewellery* Save up to 35% compared totraditionalretail stores* 30 days money back, 100% certified,lifetimeexchange, free & insured shipping on all yourjewellery* Trackyour orders with ease* Get tips & tricks onjewellery buying*Get free gifts with every jewellery* Win freejewellerycompetitions* Get your latest jewellery and fashion newswith JoolzNews* Explore over 50 top Indian jewellery brands such asAsmi,Tanishq, Gitanjali, Gili , D'damas and many more.* Downloadforfree* Find the perfect gift with our gift finder* Joolz is notlikeCaratlane ,Velvetcase or Bluestone Jewellery - Joolzjewellerycomes from the topIndian jewellery brands and is asexclusive as itgets. Joolz jewellery only partners with the worldstopqualityjewellers and designers. Don't just explore one brandwhen you canexplore hundred jewellerybrands on one-stop- shop forall yourjewellery shopping needsDiscover best of Gold and Diamondjewelleryonline. Our selection of jewellery products includes:*Solitairejewellery such as Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles,Bracelets,Necklaces* Gold jewellery such as Rings, Earrings,Pendants,Bangles, Necklaces, Nose Pins, Mangalsutras,Chains &necklaces*Diamond jewellery such as Rings, Earrings, Pendants,Bangles,Necklaces, Nose Pins, Mangalsutras* Gemstone jewellery suchasRings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles, Necklaces* Gold coins(Comingsoon)* Men's jewellery* Shop Gold jewellery in all KaratSowhat areyou waiting for? Download the top jewellery shopping app ofIndiatoday. Feedback and suggestions are [email protected] you!
Purple Diamond Lavender Theme 1.1.3
Customize your android with this beauty app with purplediamonddeluxe jewel . This purple diamond theme has diamond cryptickeylive wallpaper designed with mystic jewel style on purpleflowerbackground . Do you love lavender flower theme or purple rose? Thedragon eye jewel made into cryptic key jewel with silver wingsonlavender background . It is classic jewel for lovely girls andladyvery charming theme. It is very purple diamond theme withdeluxejewel screen lock ! The purple diamond theme has diamondiconpackfor 56 popular apps and purple lock screen free . Hope youwilllove this purple diamond theme to protect android privacyandpersonalize android phone with shining diamond .Get a purplenailand wear a purple jewel, and get this purple diamond theme foryourandroid skin now ! A perfect match of purple dress . No matteryoulove skull theme or steampunk theme or pink rose theme orthepopular rose theme . You will love this mystic jewel theme onmagiccharming lavender live wallpaper . Ever want to get a newgoldphone inlaid with diamond . Get the purple diamond theme freenowfor fashion girls and ladies . Purple key sword jewel to keeplovevow stay !Content of purple diamond theme in deluxe jewel styleinpurple color A purple diamond lock screen wallpaper and goldrosetheme weather widgetPurple diamond glittering on lavenderflowerbackground special designed icons for 56 popular apps inpurplediamond frame icon setspurple diamond live wallpaper to givedeluxeluxury jewel feelingmystic jewel dash lwp wallpaper make itastylish cool lavender flower themeWeather widget design withmysticjewel to get a diamond phone3d dynamic launcher home to makeyourandroid phone glittering gold styleSupport DIY wallpaper inrosegold theme center and basketball theme or football theme .Youcanchange as you wish any time white soul theme for one launcher .Newgold rose theme for you all types free gold butterfly themeandblack gold theme . This is not purple flower applock themeorpurple flower emoji keyboard theme. You need to install cmlockerto apply as diamond applock theme . We are designing Diwalithemeand Halloween theme christmas free for you to celebratefestivalswith you .Please read before install magic jewel theme***RequireCM Launcher to apply this purple diamond theme withlavender livewallpaper. *** ***After you tap apply the Purplediamond theme isused on your home screen . You need to lock youscreen and then youwill see this purple diamond lock screen . Youneed to enter youprivate password or pattern to unlock lockedscreen. *** We havespecial purple diamond icons for 56 popular appslike facebooktwitter and more . Other app icons will be decoratedwith purplediamond frame . *** After applied successfully , enterthe “ themecenter ” where you can see tons of cm launcher theme andlivewallpaper . All themes and wallpapers free . You can alsoDIYwallpaper or theme there .*** Purple diamond theme withmysticjewelwallpaper and neon gold theme icon to get a gold rosephonefree.
Jewel Quest Hidden Object Game - Treasure Hunt 3.01
Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Download JewelQuestHidden Object Game - Treasure Hunt mystery and play one of thebestseek and find games free download. Be the greatest explorerandfortune hunter on the treasure island. Challenge yoursearchingskills and be a true detective and archaeologist inthisresearching expedition. Spot the object in the picture andenjoyone of the best item searching games on the market. Try it nowforfree!💎 More than a 1000 hidden objects!💎 Translated into 15worldlanguages!💎 Treasure hunt games with levels!💎 Zoom in/outfeaturefor all devices!💎 Fantastic music and sound effects!💎Mini-gamesamong hidden items!✨ Hidden object game levels: 🔎 SEARCHBYPICTURE🔎 SEARCH BY SILHOUETTE🔎 OBJECTS IN ANAGRAMS🔎 NIGHTMODE🔎MATCH PAIRS🔎 FIND THE DIFFERENCE🔎 TIME LIMIT GAME🔎 PUZZLEGAMEHOWTO PLAY Jewel Quest Hidden Object Game - TreasureHunt?Follow theinstructions and start a new mission! Find hiddenobjects in thepicture written on the cards below. Click on the“light bulb”button when you get stuck to use help. Find hiddenfigures when youare given a picture or a silhouette and search formissing itemshidden in anagrams. Use a flashlight for a night mode.There is aspecial level as a time limit game, where the timerbrings adramatic moment to the game. Play other mini games forbrain thatwill entertain you for hours like find the difference,match pairsand puzzle games.Prepare for the expedition! You need tomake athorough research if you want to find hidden jewels. Pick themapsand other missing items you need for the trip. Jewelquestmysteries hidden objects game is the best object findingadventurefor everybody who likes pirate island and treasure huntjewel gameswith levels. Search the pyramids of the ancient Egyptand findhidden gems lost in the tombs and other precious things.Play oneof the most popular object searching games - Jewel QuestHiddenObject Game Treasure Hunt adventure and experience a newlevel offun.New hidden object game full version free download foralltreasure hunters!Jewel Quest Hidden Object Game - treasurehuntadventure is the best brain teaser game that is perfectforboosting concentration and having fun at the same time. Killyourboredom and play the most fantastic mystery quest game foradults.This is one of the most addicting free offline hidden objectgamesfor women and men and all adventurous souls around the world.Findhidden caves somewhere deep in the jungle and became the bestjewelminer. The most popular treasure hunt game on pirateisland!Challenge yourself with a perfect brain teaser game!If youlikeitem searching games, you will enjoy fortune hunting mysteryhiddenobjects. Fantastic treasure hunt action game for adults isfinallyhere! Treasure hunting hidden objects adventure game isperfect forall the people around the world who love pirate storiesand actionmovies about the expeditions in the lost world. Searchobjects inthis lost city of secret society hidden object game freeand lurkthrough the ghost town with no fear. Jewel Quest HiddenObject Game- Treasure Hunt adventure in an ancient city issomething youshould not miss.Find hidden objects in pictures andbecome rich!Start the treasure hunt now!Pick all the hidden itemsfrom thetreasure island and escape the cursed temple as soon aspossible.Download this fantastic secret mission hidden objectsgame, thebest seek and find hidden figures mystery game and enjoytheunforgettable adventure. This is not only the best brain gameforexercising concentration, but also a fantastic addictive gamethatmakes you have fun all day. If you are a fan of cluediscoverygames, you will certainly love this object finding gamefor adults.This is a perfect relaxing games for all the adventurersin theworld who want to escape the everyday boredom. Have fun!
Gem Selections (Unit of Khanna Gems Private Ltd.) 2.0
Gem Selections: The Only Trusted Brand for *Govt. LabCertified*Gemstones, Diamonds & Jewellery launches the GemSelections Appto solemnize 30 Years of Excellence in the Indian Gem&Jewellery Industry!Gem Selections takes its CorporateSocialResponsibility seriously. The Gem Selections App is not justanordinary E-Commerce App. The main reason for the creation ofthisApp is not to increase revenues but to provideauthenticinformation about Gemstones, Diamonds, Jewellery &Rudraksha tothe masses which unfortunately they are unable togather anywhereelse.Features of the Gem Selections App:Create yourown Jewellery:You can create your very own Jewellery masterpieceusing the GemSelections App within the click of a few buttons.Getfree GemstoneRecommendation: Get free Gemstone Recommendation usingthe GemSelections App.Video Encyclopaedia: The Gem Selections Appisnothing less than a Video Encyclopaedia for the Gem &JewelleryIndustry in India.Buy Govt. Lab Certified PreciousGemstones fromGem Selections.Buy Govt. Lab Certified Semi PreciousGemstones fromGem Selections.Buy Govt. Lab Certified DiamondJewellery from GemSelections.Buy Govt. Lab Certified VictorianJewellery from GemSelections.Buy Govt. Lab Certified Gem StuddedJewellery from GemSelections.Gem Selections™ © Khanna Gems PrivateLimited