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Netmonitor 1.5.84
Monitor GSM/CDMA/LTE network: current and neighboring cellinfos,signal strength. Multi SIM support (when possible).UseGPS/geolocation. Generate database with custom info oncells.Export log to file CLF/KML. Map shows cell location. ListWiFiaccess points. @ Please contact me if you have questions.BETAversion:
Network Cell Info Lite 4.16.2
Thank you! We have reached 3,000,000+ unique users whohaveinstalled our app on at least one device for the first time.(*) Wedo not show/have tower locations, but indications of celllocationsfrom the Mozilla MLS database. Network Cell Info is a cellnetworkmonitor and measurements log tool (4G+, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA,GSM). Itprovides also WiFi info (beta). Featurescomparison: Main features: Almost Real-Time (1sec.)monitoring of cellular and WiFi signals, in Gauge/Raw Tabs (*)GSM,CDMA, UMTS (WCDMA), IWLAN, LTE, LTE+ support Dual SIM support(*)2/3 Signal-meter gauges for both SIMs and WiFi (*) Signal Plots,upto 2 cells Band number (*) SIM# preference option, for otherthanGauge tab Map with network cellular info and signal-metergaugesLogs, Measurements of cellular signals (in the Map tab)Indicationof cell locations (not cell towers) in the Map, fromMozillaLocation Service (MLS), excl. cdma (*) Route coloring (inthe Map)according to the signal strength, and map markers withlocation andsignal info Measurements settings (minimum distance,minimumaccuracy, motion sensor, etc.) Database export measurementsin KML2.2, MLS Geosubmit v.2, CLF v.3, OpenCellID csv, CMWFdatabasetypes Network information in Status Bar Raw view ofnetworkcellular info Connection statistics (2G/3G/4G) SIM anddevice info(*) Notes: Data accuracy is dependent on deviceimplementation ofAndroid APIs. Not all manufacturers/devicesimplementfully/correctly Android APIs. For Android < 5.0, DualSIM is notsupported for non-MediaTek devices, due toAndroid/devicelimitation. You may use Mozilla Stumbler app, toupdate the MozillaMLS database in your area. Please check also thericher features ofour paid app: BETA, whenavailable: Manual: (also FAQ inside app settings / about)CommonDatabase Formats: Pro subscriptionDatabaseFormats: Phone issues: SIM issues: Make sure you enable it in theapp settings, Measurements database: Themeasurements youmake in the MAP tab, can be saved locally in yourdevice. * Tips tocommon install issues: 1. If Google Play hangswhile installing theapp, reboot your device. * Tips to commonstart-up issues: 1.Update app to latest Release. 2. Uninstall theapp, (reboot thedevice,) and re-install. 3. Perform any pendingsystem and/orgoogle apps update(s), and re-install the app. 4. IfyourAndroid/ROM/root somehow modifies the apk, then the app willnotwork. 5. Turn the internet on, before you start the app forfirsttime (or after long time). 6. Email us to help you! Thanks forallfeedback! ** Network Cell Info Lite is distributed exclusivelyinthe Google Play Store **
G-NetTrack Lite 8.0
G-NetTrack is a netmonitor and drive test applicationforUMTS/GSM/LTE/CDMA/EVDO radio network. It allows monitoringofmobile network serving and neighbor cells information withoutusingspecialized equipment. It's a tool and it's a toy. It can beusedby professionals to get better insight on the network or byradioenthusiasts to learn more about wireless networks. G-NetTrackLiteis a free version of G-NetTrack Pro- uses runtime permissions. Grant needed permissions in Menu- Apppermissions in order to use all app features. The appmeasureslevel, quality and frequency (Android 7) for serving andneighborcells. Only for 4G also SNR, CQI and timing advance aremonitored.LEVEL, QUAL and CI depend on technology: - 2G - RXLEVEL,RXQUAL andBSIC - 3G - RSCP, ECNO and PSC - 4G - RSRP, RSRQ and PCILog mode -When logging is started the app will stay active whilein backgroundin order to measure correct data and location. ***G-NETTRACK PRO -Pro version with many more additional features ***- 2G/3G/4Gserving and neighbor cells information measurement -Recordmeasurements in logfiles (text and kml format) -Cellfileimport/export and sites and serving and neighbor cellslinesvisualization on map - Predefined routes load - Voice testsequence- Data (upload,download,ping) test sequence - SMS testsequence -Mixed Data/Voice/SMS sequence - Bluetooth control ofmultiplephones - G-NetWiFI control - Cells scan - Multithreadupload anddownload - Chart with serving and neighbor cells levels -Barometerusage for height determination - Unlimited number of celllayersand custom cell colors If your phone does not show MENU -press andhold multitasking button. If your device does not supportGooglePlay services you can try G-NetLog- Pro manual- G-NetView Lite - Android app for viewing andanalyzingG-NetTrack logfiles- - Android app for mobile network optimization andpostprocessingof logfiles- - Free lite version of G-NetLook Pro- - web app for postprocessing of logfiles andvisualization andanalysis of mobile network- G-NetReport Pro -similarto G-NetTrack Pro, but you can send reports in real time toyourown online database and organize your measurement fleetofreporting phones- tool for unattended measurements of wirelessnetwork- YouTube channel- IMPORTANT:Measurementscapability depends on the phone. Check here- Ifyourphone manufacturer has not implemented correctly neededfunctionsfor reporting there is still hope. Try this: 1. Go toSettings -Calibration and check 'Use old functions' for serving andneighborcells. 2. Go to Settings - Calibration and check 'Forceupdates'.3. If nothing of above helps you have to update your phonesoftwareor wait for such update if it is not available at themoment. Signto testers list to get app early updates- - Formoreinformation go to
Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter 1.0.137
It's a simple data monitor. It includes a net-meter, andnetworkusages analysis tools. For example cellular data usagesanalysis,traffic usage breakdown analysis, network connectionanalysis, andping tracker / watcher list. It also includes a WIFIscanner. Someof the analysis features are for Android 6 and above.Widgets areavailable. Premium feature: Widgets are also availablefor purchase
Signal Strength 21.1.8
Are you living or working in a low signal area ? Then this istheapp for you. With this app you can get a good idea of theCellularand WiFi signal strength and find out which corners of yourofficeor home are having the best reception. What this app givesyou:-General User • Signal meter • Speed test • WiFi scan • Homescreensignal widgets 5 types • Home screen clock widget includingsignal,battery and storage info Advanced User • Signal Logger •Networkinfo • Cell towers • Latency • Out of service, low signalandroaming alerts. Pro Features(Inapp Purchase):- • AdFree •Premiumwidgets (5 types) • Speed test increased download sizeIMPORTANT: •Dual SIM has been standardised from Android Lollipop5.1 onwards.This app only measures the signal of active SIM. Forgetting signalmeasurements set Calls and Data to same SIM in SIMsettings. Thereare still a lot of bugs in manufacturerimplementations. Considersending an email to describe bugs toincorporate workarounds. • Avery few phones are not following thesignal reporting standardfully. If the signal strength is notupdating then this is a suresign of a broken ROM. This is a knownissue and not a problem withthe App.
Phono 1.10
Phono shows the operator logo in the status bar.It alsoprovidesinformation about the telephone network and roaming info,signalstrength, data network with its state of the connection,thehardware and the operating system of the device.There arecurrentlysupported approximately 400 telephone operators (includingMVNO) in46 countries around the world.On some devices the signalstrengthmay not work exactly for reasons independent of Phono.Referto thehome for bug & supported operatorsSome feedback:"Love itI'vebeen using this on Project Fi for a few months. Veryinformativeand very helpful.""Great for Project Fi Showing thecurrentlyconnected carrier logo is the most unique feature ofPhono, whichin high demand by Project Fi (Google carrier)customers. I found noother app that does logo in status bar at top.Maybe Project Fiwill some day provide this feature.""love this appspecially withProject Fi the icon on status bar is really helpfulto know whichprovider (Sprint/T-mobile) I am connected to......"
WiFi Speed Test & Signal Strength
⚡Network Booster is a handyandfree network management tool ( WiFi Speed Test & WiFiBooster). It is able to diagnose your network status and then speedupWiFi signal strength. Speed up WiFi by terminatingunauthorizedbackground apps, monitor Internet speed and switch to afaster WiFiwith Net Speed Test Master.Net Booster key feature details:★Boost Network - Optimize and Enhance Signal Strength⚡Wi-Fi slow? Network Booster offers you quick access to boostyournetwork speed by closing down apps which you probably didn’tevenrealize were running in the background! With a single tap,yournetwork speed will be pushed to reach its full potential.★Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test Meter ⚡Have you ever wondered about your Wi-Fi speed? Perhaps you’vefeltthat your Wi-Fi is slow at times, but you just don't know why.UseNetwork Booster to test your Wi-Fi speed. Monitor your Wi-Fispeedin real time. ★WiFi Manager Master - Manage WLAN and Switch WiFi ⚡With Net Booster, you can view a list of all available WiFinetworksnearby, along with all necessary speed and securitydetails. We justmade switching to high speed Wi-Fi a whole loteasier! ★Floating Bubble Notification ⚡Easy to access speed test and boost feature. One tap awayfromknowing your network speed and optimize signal strength.NetBooster is the best Internet speed test too, testing speedwithjust one tap, and showing WiFi speed test results withinseconds.It can test the speed of both internet & WiFi. It helpstocalculate the speed of pingd, downloads and uploads withprecision,and ensures the network security of WiFi hotspots.Multi-languages - English, Português, Español, Pусский,Français,Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά, فارسی, عBahasaIndonesia,Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語 and中文.If you have any questions or any problems, please [email protected] team is committed to providing the best network speed testtoolfor global users. We’d like to hear more from you. Yoursuggestionsand feedbacks are really important to us.
Internet Speed Meter Lite
Internet Speed Meter Lite displays your internet speed in statusbarand shows the amount of data used in notification pane. Thishelpsyou to monitor network connection anytime while using yourdevice.The app is completely Ad-Free. Lite Features - Real timespeedupdate in status bar and notification. - Daily traffic usageinnotification. - Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFinetwork.- Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days. -Batteryefficient Pro Features Notification Dialog A notificationdialogappears when you tap the notification having - Graph tomonitor lastminute internet activity - Time and usage of currentsession -Today's app usage for mobile and wifi - Realtime speed ofrunningapplications Smarter notifications Notification appearsonly whenyou are connected to internet. You can change priorityofnotification. You can also hide the notification when connectionisidle for specified amount of time. Themes support You canmanuallyselect the color of user interface. Blue status bar iconOption tochoose between blue or white status bar icon. (only forKitKat andbelow versions of Android) Upload and Download SpeedOption to showupload and download speed in separate notifications.Warning: Donot move this app to SD card. It will stop (Force close)when youremove the card.
4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.
OpenSignal app is a powerful and freenetworksignal & wifi tool.Run a speed test to check connection quality to your ISP orcellnetwork, monitor data usage, compare coverage, viewconnectionhistory e.g. how much 4G you get. OpenSignal does itall.With free wifi maps & cell tower maps, you can see where togoto improve your wireless experience. Use coverage maps tocomparenetworks & data speed in your area.Download now to find high speed data and strong signal forcellcalls.Features✓ Cell tower direction - follow our signal compass tostrongersignal✓ Download, upload and latency tests - for 2G, 3G, LTEandwifi✓ Database of your speed test results so you can view test history-stored in app, so see results offline✓ Compare coverage and connection quality on a map✓ History of your mobile connection - see stats on yourconnectionto 4G and 3G and your data usage✓ Find fast wifi with our interactive wifi map✓ Free and no adsEasy, Fast Speed Test• Test download speed, upload speed and ping performance on yourISPor mobile network• High speed test - runs fast using a network of CDNs toshowrealistic measurements• Units in mbps and ms• History of results saved to a database - speed test history onamap• Speedometer style interface• Save to sd card as a CSV• Works for mobile and cable broadband (ADSL)Signal dashboard• Shows direction of your connected cell tower - walking towardsit,or out of the way of obstructions, can improvecellularconnection• Ping test for quick speed check• Signal strength in dB• Become a network master: get notifications when you have nodataor can't make phone callsCell and Wifi Maps• Where we have data, see the cell towers on *your* network-including, Verizon wireless, T Mobile, Sprint, AT&T,USCellular + more• Wifi hotspots map and list - find free wifi nearby• Unique network tools: signal compass, signal strength indBm• Uses Google Maps• By using the app you help crowdsource data - automaticallyaddingnetworks and wifisView history and stats• View data usage on wifi and cellular• How long have you had access to 4G (LTE), 3G or 2G, or spentinsignal notspots? See your stats for network availability• Save to SD Card as a CSV - see your history of LTE,3Gmeasurements and moreCompare networks with our coverage map• Interactive maps covering mobile networks worldwide• Compare performance on Verizon wireless, T Mobile,Sprint,AT&T, US Cellular and many more• Coverage checker for if you're moving home or going abroad, seeifyou can make calls or get fast data• View average speeds for download, upload and latency andnetworkstrength• 100% independent, our data is based on real measurements fromappusersCrowdsourcingSince launching in 2010, OpenSignal has built the largestglobaldatabase on mobile performance.With hundreds of billions of readings of mobile networksignalstrength and speed tests, OpenSignal shows the performancewhereyou live. Download the app to automatically contribute dataonspeed and 2G, 3G and LTE signal, or you can choose to turn offdatacollection settings.Want to check app performance - know if you can get fast videoonYoutube, or if WhatsApp will send messages - check our sisterappMeteor which is powered by OpenSignal technology.PermissionsLOCATION so we can show you nearby wifi and antennasPHONE SETTINGS allows network reset on some Android OSsSMS required to count the number of SMS sent to track yourusage,SMS are never read (use a packet sniffer to check!)Advanced NotesOn CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint you will seefewertowers than on GSM networks such as T Mobile andAT&T.Supported languages:English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil&Portugal), Indonesian, ThaiHelp test and develop features! Join the OpenSignalbeta to help us improve theapp.We're developing other advanced network tools - we'd love tohearfrom you
Network Monitor Mini 1.0.227
We like live statistics. Android does not show networkconnectionstatistics on screen. You do not know the currentinternetbandwidth used for upload and download. This is a mininetworkmonitor for your phone. It monitors the upload and downloadspeedper second. It will always stay in the corner of yourphone'sscreen. You can set the indicator to any corner of thescreen,customize the color and transparency of the indicator. Inthis way,you can enjoy surfing internet, just like what you do inyour PC!You can record the live network information for your WiFi /3G / 4Gnetwork speed! FREE features: ★ Live Network Traffic Meter(Speed /Data Rate) ★ Custom Prefix (U: / D: etc.) ★ Custom Color,Width,Height, Font, Font size, Transparency value ★ Hide /s Suffix(persecond) PRO features: ★ Adjustable Kilo Value ★ AdjustableDecimalPlaces (Please turn it off if you have flickering problem)★Normalize VPN / proxy / loopback traffic ★ Custom ReadingsLocation★ Show on Status Bar ★ Hide Readings when there is NoTraffic ★Hide when Specific Apps are Running ★ Hide when DayDreaming(screen saver - 4.2+) ★ Beta Test: Traffic Breakdown Mode(forsupported devices only) Pro version support auto-hides whenthereis no traffic, hides monitor for specific apps, and it isad-free.You can also disable the notification icon. Pro versionisavailableat:★Permissions ★ * Location: Android 8+: access WIFI SSID willrequireuser to give a location permission. Otherwise it will givea value.* Disk: Import and export the configuration files (Menu> Export/ Import) * Apps running in Background (App usageaccess - forandroid 6+): a) system overlay compatibility: systemdidn't allowoverlay on top of system overlays (e.g. systempermission dialog),there will be "screen overlay detected"warning. If you give thisaccess, monitor automatically turn offitself and prevent suchsituation.
PowerLine: On screen battery, signal, data lines
PowerLine - smart indicators in your status bar or anywhere onyourscreen. Indicators ready to use: Battery, CPU, Memory,Signal,WiFi, Phone usage, Bedtime alert, Storage, SMS, Missedcalls,Network usage and more... Better than a widget! Alwaysvisible,even on the lock screen. Features - Any number ofindicators at thesame time on screen - Auto-hide in fullscreen -Material design -Simplicity FREE version with two indicators, moreindicators withthe PRO version.
Network Signal Info 4.80.01
"Network Signal Info" provides detailed information overthecurrently used network with accurate signal strengthoutput,whether WiFi (WLAN) or cellular (mobile) connection and iseasy touse. Do you know ? Network Signal Info / Pro are UNIQUE Thistypeof software is ONLY available on Android smartphones - neitheriOSnor Window Phones. Main Features: - detailed MOBILEnetworkinformations - accurate signal strength indication -detailed WiFiinformations - detailed ANDROID System informations -Widgets forMOBILE- and Wi-Fi network (PRO version with six widgets)- mobilecell tower location (PRO version with much better onlinecell towerdatabase) - Mobile SIGNAL TRACKER (only PRO version withKML-fileexport for e.g. Google Earth) - WI-FI SIGNAL recordfunction (onlyPRO version) The app has two widgets, one for mobile-and one forWiFi-Signalstrength (free version), Six widgets in thePROversion,,three for mobile- and three for WiFi-Signalstrength.(Ifyou can't find widgets, please copy the app to phone memory) Ihaveput special value on the visualization of the WiFi andmobilesignal strength. They are normally only divided in weakly,good andexcellent. Graphically in the form of mostly "only" threeto fivebars on the Mobile Radio and three to five "waves" by aWiFiconnection. In my app I differentiate the signal strength inmorebars. This will give you a quick visualized anddetailedinformation about how good the signal strength is really.Inaddition to the much more sophisticated graphical representationofthe signal strength you will see some more interestinginformation.In "Mobile Signal": Network operators, Sim operator,phone type,network type, network strength in dbm and ASU, datastate, dataactivity, country code of the mobile phone, device ID,IP address,roaming state ... In "Wi-Fi signal": Wi-Fi-Name (SSID),BSSID, MACaddress, maximum Wi-Fi speed, IP address, external IPaddress, netcapability, net channel, subnet mask, Gateway IPaddress, DHCPserver address, DNS1 and DNS2 address. ... If you likethe app,please give me a positive rating in the market. The PROversion(compared to the free version) has no ads, a NEW celltowerdatabase with over 80 millions more entries, a NEW MOBILESIGNALTRACKER function that generates a KML file for use withGoogleEarth, more widgets, a MOBILE SIGNAL LOST SERVICE and muchmore.
Internet Speed Meter
Internet Speed Meter displays real-time internet speed instatusbar, notification bar and shows the amount of data innotificationbar. It also shows download and upload speed inreal-time graph.Features ➢Live download and upload speed ➢Daily andmonthly basisinternet usage record. ➢Real-time speed in status barandnotification bar ➢Optional download or upload speed in statusbar➢Real-time Graphical representation of Download, Upload speed➢Lastone minute or last five minutes in real-time graph➢Separatedownload, upload speed in notification bar ➢Datarepresentation inMegaBytes per second (MBps) or Megabits per second(Mbps) ➢You canhide lockscreen notification ➢Multiple themes➢Monitors data forthe last 30 days, this month, this year ➢You canselect custom dateto show data stats ➢App usages stats for today,last 30 days, thismonth, this year and custom date ➢Separate statsfor Mobile andWiFi ➢Floating button for data stats and app usagesstats ➢Batteryefficient ➢You can remove ads Internet Speed Meter,Data Monitor orBandwidth Monitor or Speed Test, Live Internet SpeedTest, Realtimeinternet meter, realtime data monitor, App Usagesdata, DU meter,speedtest.
Network Signal Booster 7.4
Are you getting tired of weak cellular signal? Do you have hardtimefinding signal reception and network connection? DownloadNetworkSignal Booster for FREE and get better signal strength andbetternetwork reception in instant! Network Signal Booster is asignalbooster utility app which helps you improve your cellularsignal andnetwork connection. Our signal booster app employsadvancedconfigurations that will improve your signal strengthreception.Simply tap on our network booster app and feel thedifference!Improve your mobile phone performance with NetworkSignal Booster!There are many apps that need reliable connectionto the internet orcellular signal to work and some of them arevital in your day today live. Imagine if you can’t access Maps,call a taxi, or makeEmergency calls. We create this networkbooster app to help youovercome your cellular signal and networkproblems for FREE so youwill always be connected to the network.-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -NETWORK SIGNAL BOOSTER TOP FEATURES: -- ---- -- -- -- -- -  FREEto use. Download our signal boost app andstart utilizing ournetwork booster now!  Effective process. Feelthe difference inyour signal strength after you have refreshedyour connection withour phone booster.  Easy to use. Simply openour signal booster appand tap to activate our phone booster. 24/7 support. If ournetwork booster app doesn’t work, please feelfree to contact us viaemail, Facebook, or Twitter. How does ournetwork booster work? OurSignal Booster works by refreshing yourcurrent network. This phoneboosters app switch off your networktemporarily and switch it backon again to signal improve yourcellular signal strength. Our simpleprocess has shown todramatically improve signal strength andnetwork speed for mostAndroid mobile phones. Please feel free tocontact us if you haveany problem using Network Signal Booster. Wewill help you in anyway we can.
Connection Stabilizer Booster 2.2.0
Connection Stabilizer Booster is the best mobile dataconnectionstabilizer, reconnector and booster for 2G GPRS, EDGE,HSPA 3G, 4GLTE and WiFi wireless networks. If you are havingtrouble with yourcellular data connection, this is the app foryou.Loaded with lotsof powerful features, this app delivers astable mobile internetconnectivity. ★★★ Active Keep Alive ★★★Doesyour wireless carrierdisconnects your 2G, 3G or 4G data connectionafter a certainperiod of inactivity? Or is there no data transfereven whenconnection is live? Active Keep Alive along with Reset onFailurekeeps your connection alive in such cases and also helps inkeepingthe traffic flowing between your phone and your ISP'sservers. Italso optimizes TCP/IP parameters if required, to giveyou the bestpossible internet experience. The network assigns ahigher priorityto your device and this results in significantimprovement innetwork performance, especially if resources on thenetwork areunder strain. ★★★ Active Reconnect ★★★Does your deviceoften losedata signal and is unable to reconnect even thoughnetwork isavailable? Do you miss out important chats, IMs andemails untilyou turn data connection on and off, maybe multipletimes to getreconnected? That is a known issue that affects manypeople. It canbe caused by handset or carrier issues.ActiveReconnectautomatically reconnects your 2G GPRS, 3G or 4G LTEinternetconnection as soon as it gets disconnected and thus keepsthe dataconnection active at all times.When activated, thisfeatureactively monitors and immediately re-establishesdroppedconnections, using muscle if required. This is particularlyusefulif android's built in system fails to connect you to thenetwork.The monitoring process does not cause any load on yourdevice'sresources as it is intelligently invoked onlywhenrequired.Reconnection needs root access on android 5+ due tonewaccess restrictions imposed by Google. ★★★ Force Connect★★★Usestricks and tweaks to establish internet connection andattainsconnectivity even on congested networks. ✔ Highlycustomizabledesign.✔ This app can fix 3G and 4G LTE internetconnectionproblems on T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T,Telkomsel,MetroPCS, DoCoMo, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance JIO or anyothertroublesome carrier!✔ This ad supported app is availablecompletelyfree of charge unlike other ineffective low quality paidapps. PROTIPS:→ If you are experiencing difficulty inestablishingconnection to the internet over the mobile network,just press theForce Connect button on the dashboard to try forcingthe connectionfor once.→ If you are facing automatic disconnectionproblem thenactivate the Active Reconnect module. It willautomatically detectconnection drops and actively reconnect theconnection, using forceconnect if required. → If your carrierdisconnects you from thenetwork following a particular period ofinactivity, activate theActive Keep Alive module. You can adjustthe ping interval from theActive Keep Alive settings to be justlower than your network'sinactivity timeout period.→ If you arefacing any other problemwith you connection, like no data beingtransmitted even whenconnected, you can just activate the ActiveKeep Alive with defaultsettings. Its pinging action is known towork wonders and solve orreduce the intensity of many congestionrelated network issues. Itcan also detect and reset frozenconnections. ☆ Please don't useplay store's feedback system forsupport. In case of issues or forany question or suggestion pleasecontact us directly via e-mail.German Translation by MokkamiIMPORTANT INFORMATION:→ When ActiveReconnect is enabled, you cannotturn off the mobile dataconnection directly from your device.Todisconnect, press the datasetting ON OFF button on the app'sdashboard or deactivate ActiveReconnect before turning off mobiledata from android settings.
Coverage - Cell and Wifi Network Signal Test 1.113
Coverage creates your own personal cell and WiFi coverage mapbasedon signal strength readings from your phone. See where yourdevicehas better signal strength and where it encounters deadzones. Putyour carrier's claims to the test by creating your ownpersonalcoverage map and by performing your own speed tests.Testyournetwork performance- Map your cell and WiFi coverage- WorkswithGSM, CDMA, UMTS, and LTE cell networks- Uses accurate WiFi andcellsignal strength readings from your phone- Find dead zones onyourcommute- Speed test your connection- Swap SIM cards andcompareyour coverage on different carriersLots of interesting WiFiandcell statistics about your phone- Your average LTE signalstrength-How many new cell towers you saw today- How much of yourtime doesyour phone spend connected to WiFi- How much of your timedoes yourphone spend on an LTE network- Your average WiFi signalstrength-Much more
Network Signal Speed Booster (White Stallion)
The Pioneer, Original, Best Network Signal Speed Booster forAndroidOS!Hello Friends, here's the new version, hope it helpssupport moredevices this time!Oh add my Twitter: @mcstealthappsI'malways just aDM away!- MCStealth -
Network Master - Speed Test 1.9.73
Network Master is a free WiFi network tool,net signal with netspeedtest. WiFi speed test also a signal booster provides onlinesecurity& speed up internet. Do you have issues with slowspeedinternet, disconnect from the internet or online security?UsingNetwork Master, you can identify phishing Wi-Fi hotspots toprotectonline security, this network speed test app can find fastWiFihotspots, detect all devices connected to network analyzerpro,speed up phone by terminating unauthorized background apps,monitordata usage and share portable hotspots with net speedmaster app.Network Master is the all-in-one professional tool forbetter WiFispeed experience. Just one tap, you’ll be the net speedmaster ofAndroid. Network Master-Highlights - Speed up internet:maximizenetwork speed - WiFi speed test: test network speed - WiFispydetect: protect network security -Monitor mobile data: monitorWiFidata usage -Network booster: refresh net speed NetSpeedMaster-Features ●Maximize network speed This personalhotspotbooster view apps network usage in real-time and preservebandwidthfor important apps automatically such as online game,online videoand downloader app. Like network speed test master app,WiFinetwork also test network speed to find fast WiFihotspots.●Security Check As a wireless network speed master app,net speedmaster WiFi spy detect protect online security to avoidinsecurepublic WiFi or phishing hotspots, by detecting DNShijacking, ARPspoofing and SSL hijacking. ●Speed up phone bystopping backgroundapps Net speed app helps detect and stop appsfrom using cellularor WiFi data in the background secretly andunauthorizedly,ensuring authorized apps to have maximized bandwidthand connectionspeed, remind you the apps network usage, it’s all intest networkspeed app. ●Speed Test Master Speed test master app isan Internetspeed meter to test network speed. Speed test master cantest speedfor your mobile cellular connections like WiFi hotspotand so on.This wireless network speed test app will test internetspeedthrough thousands of servers worldwide, speed up internet andshowaccurate broadband speed test apps results within 30seconds.●Professional Speedometer Using this network WiFi speedcheck,real-time testing of download and DNS resolved speed. Speedtest ofnet signal master works on both cellular and device WiFi,WiFispeed test can troubleshoot and verify the speed WiFinetwork.●WiFi Spy Detector Net signal master monitors all devicesconnectedon WiFi hotspot. You can evaluate security levels, detectintrudersand resolve internet issues. This WiFi spy detectorprotect onlinesecurity to avoid insecure public WiFi or phishinghotspots, bydetecting DNS hijacking, ARP spoofing and SSLhijacking. ●Networkboost How does our network booster work? Netbooster is aspecialized WiFi optimization tool. Signal boosterworks byrefreshing current network. ●Resolve network issues Monitorappsnet work usage 24/7 and show accurate info instantly. Send analertto you when apps are wasting data or near your data limits.●Avastonline security Protect yourself against viruses and malwarethatcause popups and unwanted ads with avast online security,●Helpfight against deceptive ads Net speed app is committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. ●Share Portable Hotspot Turnyourmobile phone into a router and share your mobile network withyourfriends. Network Master is committed to fighting againstdeceptiveand misleading ads. You can find our full official policyon thismatter here: Ifyou comeacross one of these ads, please report tous:[email protected] The more detailed, the better.
Internet speed meter 1.1
Internet Speed Meter show your internet (Data network) speedonstatus bar and shows the used amount of data on notificationbar.Internet Speed meter helps you to monitor internet or dataspeedwhen your are using other application.Features of Internetspeedmeter- Network speed meter on status bar- Network speed meteronlock screen(📲)- Upload and download speed monitor(⏳)- NotconsumeBattery(💗).- History(📈) data for usage Daily, Weekly &Monthly-Checked with all network provider and high speed & lowspeeddata.- Compatible with all types of network (3G,4G &LTE,WiFi).(🔛)- 🔧Notification appeared when internet is on.
Internet Speed Meter 2.1.2
Glitterz Inc
Internet Speed Meter is an Internet Speed and usage monitor foryoursmartphone.Now Monitor Your Internet Speed Smartly, Safely andIn aCorrect Way.Key features-1.StatusBar Widget Without Root orXposed.Just Simple And Easy.2.Notification Monitor Tool.3.Dailyand MonthlyBasis Internet Usage Record.4.Desing with MetarialDesignPrincipals.5.Many Customization For Widget AndNotification.Downloadto See More Fetures NOW! If you Find Any bugthen Please Send yourValuable Feedback From App Settings Optioninstead of Submitting BadRating. Thanks.
Internet Speed Meter 2.3.3
Internet Speed Meter displays live internet speed and data usageperapp, check hot spot usage, background and foreground usage,Setbilling cycle with specific date and limit for metered as wellasunmetered network. Key Features: • Displays live internetspeed(net Speed 4G)in status bar. • Shows Data usage per app.Easilyidentify most data-hungry apps in your device. •Separatestatistics for Mobile network (SIM1 and SIM2) and WiFinetwork. •Monitors traffic data for the last 30 days, Daily,Weekly, Monthly& Yearly. • Set Billing cycle for metered andunmetered networkseparately. • Alerts before you hit your datalimit — never besurprised by overage charges again! • Displays allstatistics inBar Graphs & Pie Charts. • Only app on play store,havingHotspot usage • Check Background and foreground usage foreach app.• Simple, intuitive design and easy to use UI. • DailyMobile andWiFi usage summary notification. • Reminder notificationoncompletion of 100% battery charging. • Internet Speed Meter isaData Manager who Monitor, Manage and count data usage. • ItshowsNetwork Speed(WiFi, 5g,3G,4G) in Status-bar. • Data Counter,MobileData Saving, Internet Speed, App Usage, Internet Usage, Datausage,Data Usage Monitor,Internet data Manager,Data Management,DataPlan, Hotspot Usage, Data Setting, Datausage and InternetSpeed,Data Counter, Speed meter, speed counter • Useful settingsfor allfeatures. • 24x7 Official Support.
Big Battery Indicator 1.5
Features:* Big battery indicator on the status bar*Severalindicator styles* Battery widget* Battery information page*Basicbattery consuming chart (battery level% vs minutes)
Data counter and speed meter 2.2.0
Sun Light
Data counter helps monitor data usage according your plan toavoidextra costs and save your money on phone bill. FEATURES#Uniquelive data monitoring – see what application use yourconnectionright now!# Monitor data usage based on network (mobile,roaming,Wi-Fi)# Monitor data usage based on applications divided bynetwork(mobile, roaming, Wi-Fi)# Monitor data speed based onnetwork(mobile, roaming, Wi-Fi) – help you control quality ofservice#Several time plans (daily, weekly, monthly, custom period)#Warningfor reaching limit at 75%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 100%# Notificationshowsused limit, current internet speed, used mobile/roaming data,usedWi-Fi data# Highly customizable widget shows used limit,currentinternet speed, used mobile/roaming data, used Wi-Fi data#Optionto add extra data package# Adjust UI colors # HighaccuracyADSFREE# There are no ads. ZERO PRICE# Data counter and allfeaturesare for free.WARNING# Applications providing firewall,hotspot,sharing (like SHAREit), VPN (like Opera) can affectaccuracy. Ifyou use these applications and accuracy have beenaffected, contactdeveloper of those applications, because I cannotfix the behaviorof their applications.# If you use any batterysaver, memoryoptimizer or task killer, add this application toexception,otherwise accuracy can be affected.
Shortcutter Quick Settings & Sidebar 6.6.7
Shortcutter is the ultimate Android toolbox, giving youinstantaccess to Settings, Actions, Activities, Apps, Shortcuts&Services in an instant. It's simpler than it looks & it'sfreeto use, with additional features for a small fee. Access all oftheabove from your home screen launcher, quick settings pull-down,thealways on top Sidebar/Side Launcher or via theShortcutterWidget's. Please pay attention to the guides &contact me ifyou need help :) Some functionality may be impacted bymanufacturerchanges & limitations Sidebar / Side Launcher: - AFloatingToolbox or Swipe out SideBar - Up to 108 Quick Shortcutsavailable,including up to 40 Custom tiles (Apps, Activities,Shortcuts &Web Links)! - Fully interface customisation - Customsizes - Customposition - Custom colours Quick Settings Tiles: * 84AdditionalQuick Settings Tiles available for the standard user (56in thefree version). * +10 Tiles for Advanced users with a PC. * +4tilesfor users with ROOT access. That's 98 Quick Setting Tiles forthepower users out there. Up To 69 Exposed Launcher Shortcuts(microapp's): - Allows you to toggle Settings &Start/StopShortcutter services from your app drawer, home screen,HTC EdgeSense, Tasker & more! A number of tiles & servicesrequireelevated permissions: * Admin - Screen Lock. * Accessibility-Activity Detection, Power Menu, Recent Apps & SplitScreen.Available Tiles/Toggles: - Auto Sync - App Drawer/Folder-Bluetooth - Battery Percentage - Brightness Preset - Cast -CameraLaunch - Clipboard editor - Clicker - Countdown Timer - Dice- DataUsage - Data Speed - Expand Quick Settings - ExpandNotifications -Flashlight - Floating Calculator - File Browser -Font Scale -Keyboard / IME Selector - Location Mode: Off, DeviceOnly, BatterySaving & High Accuracy* - In Ear Audio -Notification Log -Multi Window - Mute media volume - My Location -My Play Apps - NewTweet - New Email - Next Alarm - Night Light/DeskClock - NFC* -Power Menu - Play/Pause Music - Power Saver* - QuickSMS - QuickReminder - Recent Apps, Back & Home buttons. - RAMUsage -Rounded Corners - Ring Mode - Screen Wake AKA Caffeine -ScreenRecord -- Custom video profile - 1080p, 720p, 480p, HIGH orQVGA -Screenshot - High Res --- Custom save location forscreenshots& recordings. --- Notifications with View, Share& Deleteactions - Screen Timeout - Screen Brightness Mode -Speaker Audio -Screen Filter AKA Night Mode - Screen Lock -*Requires DeviceAdmin* - Screen Orientation - Stopwatch - TouchVibration - VolumePanel - Unknown Sources - Web Search - WiFi -WiFi Hotspot - VoiceSearch - VPN - Weather - SystemUI Tuner - 20CustomApp/Activity/Shortcut Tiles (40 in the Sidebar/Toolbox) - Addashortcut to any application, activity, shortcut on yourdevice,assign a web address/search term, direct dial, directmessage orshell command (Root). With Settings Secure Access(Enabled with aPC command): - ADB - Data Roaming - Ambient/DozeDisplay - Heads UpNotifications - Immersive Mode/Expanded Desktop(INCOMPATIBLE WITHMIUI) - Keep Screen On While Charging -Monochrome (B&W)Additional ROOT Only Tiles: - Mobile NetworkMode - Mobile Data -Advanced Power Menu - One handed mode - Assignshell commands tocustom tiles. Add an extra layer of security inyour quick settingspulldown, replace your existing tiles withshortcutter tiles &enable the Lock Shortcutter Pull-Down Tilesoption! This app doesnot store, retain or share any personal data,all toggles aresubject to system availability. Keywords: Shortcut,Shortcuts,Sidebar, Launcher, Quick Settings, quickset, clipboard,reminder,immersive, calendar, brightness, filter, corners
3G 4G Speed Stabilizer Prank 300.2
Internet signals booster Prank is the new generation colorful 2G3G4G WIFI signal boosting simulator app for android device.Thisappis a simulation of network and internet speed StabilizerorOptimizer. This is aprankapp.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Are you looking forbestentertainment and prank app? Congratulations you have come torightapp. How to use this 3g 4g wifi network speed connection prankapp?1. Run the app 2. Click optimize button 3. Wait while 'phonesignalbooster' will simulate scan or boosting process You canshowfriends that you really boosted network GPRS signals Itdidn'treally increase network SIGNALS strengthorcoverage*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* This app is justasimulator of real 2g 3g 4g signal booster. It shows how boostercanwork and strength the reception of target network range. It isnota real signal booster! This app shows how it reconnect themobilewith the fastest cell tower available on the place,but itdidn'treconnect the cell signal connection. It just simulates howitreconnects the cellphone signals. It shows simulation offindingbest signal carrier Reception from cell tower,cleansignalinterference,change settings of packet data. It showsthesimulation of improvement of low signal latency. If you doaspeedtest after optimizing using this app.,there won't beincreaseor decrease in cell signals strength because it is a prankapp. Youcan show friends that you really boosted network CDMA ,GPRSsignalsIt didn't really increase network and net signal strengthorcoverage.You can use it to make prank! This app isforfree!Download 2g 3g 4g Signal Speed Master Or Booster Prankforfree!
3G 4G 5G Signals Booster Prank 402.2
This app is for Fun and Entertainment purpose only. Don't takeitSerious. This is not real signal booster and it just simulatesthesignal booster. 3G WiFi Signal Optimizer Prank is thenewgeneration colorful 2G 3G 4G WIFI signal boosting simulator appforandroid device. This app is a simulation of network andinternetspeed Stabilizer or Optimizer.This is a prankapp.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Are you looking forbestentertainment and prank app? Congratulations you have come torightapp. How to use this 3g 4g wifi network speed connection prankapp?1. Run the app 2. Click optimize button 3. Wait while 'phonesignalbooster' will simulate scan or boosting process You canshowfriends that you really boosted network GPRS signals Itdidn'treally increase network SIGNALS strength orcoverage*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* This app is justasimulator of real SIGNAL SPEED MASTER. It shows how boostercanwork and strength the reception of target network range. It isnota real signal booster! This app shows how it reconnect themobilewith the fastest cell tower available on the place,but itdidn'treconnect the cell signal just simulates howitreconnects the cellphone signals. It shows simulation offindingbest signal carrier Reception from cell tower,cleansignalinterference,change settings of packet data. It showsthesimulation of improvement of low signal latency. If you doaspeedtest after optimizing using this app.,there won't beincreaseor decrease in cell signals strength because it is a prankapp. Youcan show friends that you really boosted network CDMA ,GPRSsignals It didn't really increase network and net signalstrengthor coverage. You can use it to make prank! This app is forfree!*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Try it and feel thefunusing fresh network signal speedmaster prank app! Download 2g 3g4gSignal Speed Master Or Booster Prank for free!
Internet Speed Meter Live 1.7
Live Internet Speed For Android Download And Upload SpeedInScreen-lock And Notification-barTo Internet Speed Meter The UseOfInternet And Wi-Fi Daily-used Data Report And Show DateInRight-sideLive Internet Speed Meter Features:-- ConsumerReportsMobile and WI-Fi internet 30 Days To Resolution Pictures AndSeeThe Total Traffic.- Live Internet Speed Meter Real TimeSpeedUpdate In Status Bar,Screen-lock And Notification.- ResetData-usedMobile and WI-Fi internet 30 Days Total Traffic.- LiveInternetSpeed Monitors Your Traffic Data For The Last 30 days.-Show Statusbar Mobile and WI-Fi internet Speed.- Speed MobileInternet andWiFi And Use Of The Current Day As Well As InternetSpeed Alerts InThe Notification Bar (Notification)- Internet SpeedMeter SettingsTo Notification-bar And Speed Meter Information.-Internet SpeedMeter Start To Click Bottom Button To Start.-Separate stats forMobile network and WiFi network.Live InternetSpeed MeterNotification Bar And Screen Lock Dialog:-Internet SpeedMeterNotification Dialog Appears When You Tap The NotificationHaving-Internet And WiFi Download And Upload Speed Show- Graph ToMonitorLast Minute Internet Activity.- Today's App Usage For MobileAndWiFi Total Data.- Real-time Speed Of RunningApplications.LiveInternet Speed Meter Download And Enjoy......!
Use Speedcheck to easily run an internet speed test and measureyourinternet performance by taking a free cellular or wifi speedtest.The automatic check feature even gives you the ability toscheduleperiodic speed tests to monitor your internet speedcontinually.However, simply measuring speed isn't that helpful ifyou don't knowwhat the results are telling you. To make yourinternet speed easierto understand we give you a simple overviewof how importantinternet services like email, web surfing, gaming,video streamingor chatting will perform for you. To provide thebest internet speedmeter that can reliably test every type andspeed of internetconnection, we have upgraded our entire servernetwork to 10Gbpsconnections. Speedcheck can be used either as aninternet speedmeter for your cellular connections ( LTE, 4G, 3G)or a wifianalyzer to perform a wifi speed test for wifi hotspots.* Test yourdownload and upload speed and latency (ping) * LTEspeed test: Checkthe speed of your mobile carrier * WiFi speedtest: Analyze theinternet speed of your WiFi hotspot, your net,and ISP * Scheduleautomatic checks to monitor your connection overtime, for example,if you are experiencing issues around a certaintime of day you canschedule a speed check to run multiple testsduring this particulartime window. * Check and verify if yourinternet service provider isdelivering on its service promise *Keep track of all your pastspeed tests and measurements with ourintuitive test history alongwith detailed overviews for every testtaken. * We make it easy foryou to share your tests with yourfriends and followers on socialmedia with a custom image for eachspeed test Download the freeSpeedcheck app for the best, easiestand most reliable way to run aninternet speed test and monitornetwork connection quality andperformance for all your internetconnections. Speedcheck is alsoavailable for iOS To testa computer'sinternet speed or analyze your test history on a biggerscreen youcan go to to use Speedcheckand run aspeed test from any browser. If you experience any issue,havequestions or suggestions, we are happy to help. Just send usanemail to [email protected]
Network Booster - Speed & Security 2.0
Booster Team
★ Internet Boost Quickly identifies apps using the networkandaccurately calculates data usage. One-tap to disable those appstoboost the network. ★ Network Detection Comprehensivelydetectsnetwork status, including Wi-Fi security, download speed,uploadspeed, networking devices, and more. All with just one tap. ★Wi-FiSecurity Comprehensively detects Wi-Fi security,includingencryption status, network connection status, DNSsecurity, SSLsecurity, ARP security, signal strength, and othersecurity issues.Detects them each one by one. ★ Speed TestAccurately testsdownload and upload speeds. ★ Current NetworkingDevices Checkswhich devices are sharing your network. ★ SmartCharge Displayscharging status in real time. Accurately estimatesremaining chargetime.
Advanced Signal Status
Samsung devices running Android 5.0 (lollipop) or later requirearooted device with SuperSU 2.49 beta or newer in order to usetheadditional settings shortcut. I won't be responding anymoretoreviews/emails telling me the "additional settingsshortcut"doesn't work for devices without root and rooted devicesthat don'thave at least SuperSU version 2.49 beta. If you need thatshortcutto work, please follow directions and root your devicebeforeblaming me or telling me it doesn't work. The shortcut doesworkfor most other rooted Android 5.0 devices and tested on mystockMoto (2014) X and Nexus 5. Android 4.x devices (not Samsung)workwithout root 99% of the time --- What do this app do? --- ►Togglebetween 3G and 4G with a few clicks for nearly anydeviceregardless of manufacturer. ► View all statistics yourcarrier usesto determine signal quality and 3G to 4G hand offs forCDMA, LTEand HSPA/HSPA+ in real time. ► Easy to read 3G and 4Gstatistics inpercentages based on the max/min values instead ofjust decibels. ►Quick access to info you can reference when youneed to complain toyour carrier about poor reception in your area.► Find dead spotsaround your home/office that affect phone calls,but not data (ordata, but not phone calls). ► Reception quality canbe misleadingwith bars only. See all the data Android and yourcarrier hidesfrom you to determine signal quality and how itvaries. ► Access tolow level information about your previous andcurrent wificonnections, including the current signal in decibels.Annoyed atthe lack of network signal information for your Androidphone yourcarrier hides from you? Can't switch between 3G and LTEeasily withyour phone? Wish you could know more about thestatistics yourcarrier uses to determine many bars your phone hasand the tower itconnects to? Want to see what your 3g and 4gsignals are at thesame time and also switch between them easily?Try out this freeapp and see all that information you've beenmissing when you couldonly look at number of bars and one signalunder status settings.Also includes hidden configuration settings(cell radioconfiguration, wifi config, battery info) normallyinvisible tousers. Compare your signal quality based on percentagesinstead ofjust decibels. Now, you can instantly see how great eachsignalreading is for your device based on a scale of 0% (worst) to100%(best). Percentages are configured to give the best readingforyour carrier by default. Use the info contained in this apptomonitor your current signal and find dead spots around yourhomeand office. Also useful for complaining to tier 2 tech supportwithyour carrier when your signal sucks. Be informed and use whattheyknow to your advantage! **If you want this app in anotherlanguage,please contact me either on the forums or with the listedemailhere to help. Translating can be done by anyonevia **Appworks best for phones with either a CMDA or LTE dataconnection,but I offer as much GSM info as I can provide. If itdoes not workwith your device, please contact me at my email and Ican work withyou to find out the issue. Note: not all informationmay beavailable depending on the OEM/OS. Info not displayed willshow as"N/A". If the advanced area button causes the app to crash,it'syour device and not me, sorry (not much I can do other thanremovethe button for your device only). It's an activity added tothepure Android OS and can be restricted by manufacturers(suchcertain Samsung ones). == PERMISSIONS ==CHANGE_NETWORK_STATEACCESS_NETWORK_STATE ↑ because the app won'tshow anything usefulwithout those ↑ INTERNET ↑ for the tiny bannerad I have ↑ACCESS_SUPERUSER ↑ Used only as a fallback for devicesthat can'taccess additional settings. I don't collect or store anypersonalinformation. Source Code:
Traffic Monitor & 3G/4G Speed 8.8.1
RadioOpt GmbH
Demand more. Have it all at your fingertips. Speed - Data - Voice-Quality With the ad-free RadioOpt Traffic Monitor you cancheckyour 3G / 4G speed and keep an eye on network coverage anddatausage on your smartphone. Integrated key-features: speed testfor3G / 4G networks, inspection of network availability and datausagemonitoring. You can also manage apps with the Traffic MonitorTaskManager. Speed test The speed test of the RadioOpt TrafficMonitorshows you the speed and latency of your UMTS, LTE and Wi-Finetworkon a speedometer, separated into upload, download and pingspeed.After each test you receive an assessment of your result,comparingit to users in your region. So you can find out if yousurf the netfaster or slower than the rest of the world. All speedtests arearchived with all details and can be accessed anytime andviewed onthe integrated map view. The archived data helps you torecognizespeed variations quickly. Coverage Discover the reasons ofbadnetwork performance with Traffic Monitor! The coverage mapdisplaysnetwork availability depending on your current position.Thenetwork coverage of each provider is shown on the coverage mapforselect countries, with more countries added over time.RoamingAvoid unpleasant surprises after your holidays. TrafficMonitordetects foreign networks if you are abroad and showsdedicatedroaming counters. So you can always keep an eye on yourroamingusage. Data usage Monitor your data usage in aself-specifiedperiod of time. Therefore you can set all yourdetails of your dataplan like the starting date of your billingperiod or your maximaldata allowance. You can also choose betweenweekly, monthly or30-day billing period lengths. Traffic Monitormeasures your datausage in general and by app. So you are alwayswell-informedbecause Traffic Monitor warns you if you have exceededyourspecified data volume. In addition, data usage abroad isshownseparately so that you can track your roaming charges easily.Taskmanager The integrated task manager shows you all running appsat aglance and offers you also the possibility toclosememory-consuming apps. Traffic Monitor is for free and doesnotcontain any ads! We are happy about positive ratings andyourfeedback :-). Thank you!
Speed Indicator Free
If you find a bug please send a feedback to [email protected] be better with your help! Speed Indicator is a simpleandbeautiful app to display your internet speed on status bar andviewyour data usage for the past days, months and years. Somedeviceswill kill background processes to save memory and battery.Pleaseadd it to the whitelist. Features: ★ Show internet speed (upanddown) on status bar. ★ Show internet speed (up and down)onfloating window. ★ Show current apps using internet. ★BeautifulUI. ★ Very little battery consume. ★ View data usage forthe pastdays, months and year. ★ More feature developing. If youlike thisapp please rate a 5-star. If you have any question orfeaturerequesting please email to [email protected] for help.
Battery Widget Charge Level % 4.4.16
Battery Widget is an elegant 1x1 widget which helps you monitoryourbattery level status bar and monitor app battery usage:-BatteryPercentage Monitor: Beautiful widget depicting the animatedbatterycharge level on your home screen.- Battery Level StatusBar: InstallBattery Widget to show battery information and viewcurrent batterylevel and battery percentage in status bar.- TrackApp BatteryUsage: Battery Widget reports on which apps aredraining yourbattery so you can force close or uninstallhigh-draining apps forbetter battery life.- System ToggleController: Quick access todevice settings such as WiFi, screenbrightness, GPS, and more. Youcan adjust the toggles to extendbattery life.- Automatic BatteryStatus Alert:Automated batterynotification for you when yourbattery is low so you know when tochargebattery.========================Feature Overview:- Batterylevelindicator on status bar. Option to show colors in 3configurablelevel ranges (Android 4.4 and below).- Toggle screenbrightness,screen time, WiFi, data, vibration, volume, Bluetooth,sync, screenrotation, airplane mode, and GPS- Battery Level StatusBar that willshow battery life level at glance from your homescreen- Batterystatus alert instantly inform you of low batterystatus- Timeinformation when device is plugged/unplugged- Optionto disablecharging animation- Battery charge info and batterydischargingstatus provided in battery app- Option to showtemperature inFahrenheit- Various indicator icon styles- Apprecommendations thatare better for your batterylife========================If space isunavailable on your homescreen, a battery level indicator on thestatus bar is availableand visible at all times.For Android 4.4 andbelow:- Battery levelindicator on the status bar can be customizedto show 3 differentcolors to reflect high/medium/low batterylevels.Available inmultiple languages: English, Chinese(Traditional &Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian,Greek, Italian,Arabic, Hungarian, Estonian, Turkish, French,German, BrazilianPortuguese, Polish, Catalan, Dutch, Ukrainian,Romanian,Azerbaijani, Indonesian, and Thai.Please emailus([email protected]) if you would like to help localizeBatteryWidget.Important Notes========================- Make surethatBattery Widget is excluded in any task killer programs; itmightfail to work properly otherwise.- Due to the limitation oftheAndroid platform, homescreen widgets will NOT be availableifBattery Widget is moved to SD card.- Some devices indicatebatterylevel every 10% due to their kernel design (known ones are:mostMotorola devices including Droid and Atrix series, SamsungMomentseries).- In Android 4.0, the system may shrink and dimlevelindicator icons in status bar.- Receive community-poweredbatteryreports that compare and analyze the battery usage ofpopular apps-The permissions are required to allow you to easilycontrol yourdevice settings and optimize your battery directly fromwithin thewidget (Battery Widget). By having Battery Widgetrunning, you’llbe contributing app performance data anonymously tothe BatteryCommunity, thereby helping other community members andappdevelopers improve their Androidbatteryperformance.========================Instructions========================PleaseaddBattery Widget to your home screen with the generalmethodsbelow:Method 1: Press Home button followed by Menu button.SelectAdd → Widgets → Battery Widget.Method 2:Press Home button toshowthe home screen. Tap and hold your finger on any availablespace,select Widgets → Battery Widget.Procedures to add widgets onhomescreen might be different in devices from variousmanufacturerswith their custom userinterfaces.===========================
Notification Toggle 3.8.2
Notification Toggle creates notifications in the Android statusbarto let you quickly switch WiFi, Bluetooth, Silent mode,Screenrotation and Flight mode on and off or to adjust thescreenbrigthness (and many more...) You can also add shortcut toyour ownapps into the notification bar! In the settings, you canchoosewhich notifications should be active. All icons & colorscaneasily be changed through the app for full customization! NowwithAndroid Wear integration! Select which toggles you want to seeonyour Wear smartwatch and say "Start Notification Toggle" toswitchyour phone to silent, lock it, turn on the flashlight...Somenotes: • Not every toggle will work on every device • Somesettingsaren't changeable by user apps, so it will bring youdirectly tothe Android settings • Exclude from task-killers! • Sometogglesrequire root access • The app can not remove the build-intogglenotification on Samsung phones • Please read the FAQ in theappbefore posting a review -------------------- Availabletoggles& shortcuts: • WiFi • Bluetooth • Sound / Vibration,Sound /Silent, Sound menu • Brightness mode / menu / 5 predefinedstages •Screen timeout dialog • Wake lock • Rotation • Flight mode• Mobiledata • NFC • Flashlight (might require "TeslaLED" app) •Sync &Sync now • WiFi- & USB-Tethering • Music: previous /next /pause • WiFi settings / advanced settings • Bluetoothsettings,Bluetooth visbility • GPS • Mobile data settings • Datausage •Battery • Camera • next Wallpaper (requires "WallpaperChanger"app) • Lockscreen (requires "Delayed Lock" app) • Shutdown&Reboot (requires root) • own apps & shortcuts(shortcutsfeature requires an in-app purchase) ------------------Thisawesome app icon is made by :) Ifyoudon't like the default icons, click on 'Icons & Colors' anduseyour own icons or use the 'Icon Downloader for NT' app dodownloadalternative icons made by xda users.--------------------Permissions: ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - toggle wifitetheringACCESS_SUPERUSER - direct GPS toggle on rooted devicesBILLING -for in-app billing BLUETOOTH_ADMIN & BLUETOOTH -toggleBluetooth CALL_PHONE - direct call contacts fromnotificationCAMERA & FLASHLIGHT - turn on cameraflashlightCHANGE_NETWORK_STATE - toggle mobile data on somedevicesCHANGE_WIFI_STATE & ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - toggleWiFiEXPAND_STATUS_BAR - to close the status bar on ICSdevicesMANAGE_USB - toggle usb tethering NFC - toggleNFCREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to load custom iconsRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED- place the notifications after boot VIBRATE- for haptic feedbackoption WAKE_LOCK - for the wake lock toggleWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE- to save shortcut icons like contactpicturesWRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS - GPS toggling on rooted pre-4.3devicesWRITE_SETTINGS - to toggle various stuff like rotation &screenbrigthness WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS - toggle sync
Net Speed 2.1.5
Studio Team
<>bNet Speed is a simple applicationtodisplay your day to day network- internet (data/Wifi) usage onyournotification screen, status bar, lock screen & onapplicationhome screen.Why you have to download it?- You can track your daily usage internet with daily weekly&monthly panel.- You can check internet speed on your status bar to traceproblemwith your data network or Wifi network.- You can identify internet speed on lock screen.- You can set auto start net speed meter. When internet isoffservice for internet tracking is auto off and it will startwhenyou use internet.Other features like:- less in size- Battery efficient- Tested with many devices & different internet speedlike(2G,3G,4G & broadband Wifi).If you have any concern or feedback please let us know onouremail:[email protected] for your support in advance.
Network Signal Refresher Lite 10.0.5
Refresh network signal in one click!UPDATE 8.0.0: New Android7.0+Experimental feature + Root Mode. Millions of users gettheirsignal back using NSR, try our network tool today andenjoy!NetworkSignal cannot be boosted by an app, Network signal canbe refreshedand recovered. Network Signal Refresher is not anetwork signalbooster, its a network tool that can be used torefresh networksignal. Signal booster app is a myth, while NSRtries to refreshthe signal several times till you get a bettersignal. So afterusing NSR, Your network signal can get increased instrength (If astrong signal is present in that area) or stayconstant (If thereis no stronger signal in that area). NSR canrefresh signalconnection in Android Lollipop and above (5.0+)One ofthe highestrated network signal tool. 13000+ 5 star reviews![[Worksfor CDMAtechnology. GSM may not always work.]]NOTICE: THIS APPWON'T ALWAYSWORK ON DUAL SIM DEVICES.Basically this app refreshesthe signalcertain number of times until a good signal is found. Thesignalsetting is done by Android system itself when signal isforcefullyrefreshed by this app.★Features/Expected results:★Refresh NetworkSignal(4G/3G/2G) and WiFi in 1Click.★ Refreshes WiFiconnection ,Data connection & Signal Strength together in oneclick.★Fastest refreshing of signal, not more than a minute.★ AutoCloseafter Refreshing network.★ Notify last Refresh time.★ Nofakeboosting offered, but refreshes/resets the signal and sets thebestpossible signal strength in that area. Know that the resultsaresame as any other "Network Booster" apps.★ Home ScreenWidget[PRO]This is lite version with Ad, Try Pro. Pro Features:★Homescreen Widget. 1 click Refresher.★ Automatic Signal Refreshforcontinuous low signal.★ Faster refresh of Signal.★ No Ads.HSPAtweaks and signal booster apps in Google Play are fake! But NSRisa genuine app that can reset radio signal connectionandre-establish the reception.Permissionrequirement:READ_PHONE_STATE: For determining the system statebefore refreshing signal.By8JAPPS
Network Connections 1.2.0
Powerful tool that displays and monitors (tracks) all inboundandoutbound connection from and to your Android device. Alow-levelconnections capture module ensures best performance with aminimalbattery usage. Works on NO ROOT phones too. A must have foreveryAndroid aficionado, Network Connections is the perfectaddition tothe Anti Spy Mobile app that will reveal the 'secrets'of yourapps. KEY FEATURES: - Monitors all internet connections fromand toyour Android device - Displays notification when hidden appsareconnecting to remote servers - Displays detailed IP informationforeach connection - IP address, reverse resolving (PTR), ASnumber,Abuse RBL data, administrative information, etc. - Getsdetailedinfo about each app that connects to remote servers andnetworkconnections used by it - permissions granted to eachcapturedpackage and all IP addresses used by it. - Real-time sortby mostactive, latest connections or by package name. - Log andexport thecaptured data. NOTE: The app is a FREE-Trial and somefeatures(including period of connections capture, export ofcapturedconnections (limited to first 10), and number of IPaddressresolve/information) are limited to certain amount of tries.If youlike it and want to used it, please download the Unlock keyfor it.Connections Used by The App: Google IPs - Statistics andMaps RIPE,ARIN - IP information
Network Signal Refresher Pro 10.0.1p
Refresh network signal in one click!UPDATE 9.0.1: Refresh History+Advanced Auto Refresher. NSR can refresh signal connectioninAndroid Lollipop and above (5.0+)Network Signal cannot beboostedby an app, Network signal can be refreshed and recovered.NetworkSignal Refresher is not a network signal booster. No networksignalboost is achieved here. NSR tries to refresh the networkseveraltimes till you get a better network signal. So after usingNSR,Your network signal can get increased in strength (If astrongsignal is present in that area) or stay constant (If there isnostronger signal in that area). NEW FEATURE: Refresh networksignalautomatically for low signal reception!If you have unlockedproversion in NSR Lite, then you don't need to purchasethisapp.Millions of users get their signal back using NSR, tryournetwork tool today and enjoy!One of the highest ratednetworksignal tool. 13000+ 5 star reviews!As it may require morethan 15minutes to evaluate NSR PRO, You may try it and if itdoesn't workfor you may ask full refund. No questions will be askedand fullamount will be refunded. This goes for all 8japps apps.Feel easyand just try the pro version (faster and stronger thanfreeversion).[[Works for CDMA technology. GSM may not alwayswork.]]NSRrefreshes signal even in Lollipop without rootpermission!NOTICE:THIS APP WON'T ALWAYS WORK ON DUAL SIMDEVICES.Basically this apprefreshes the signal certain number oftimes until a good signal isfound. The signal setting is done byAndroid system itself whensignal is forcefully refreshed by thisapp.★Features/Expectedresults:★ Refresh Network Signal(4G/3G/2G)and WiFi Automaticallyfor low signal.★ Refresh NetworkSignal(4G/3G/2G) and WiFi in1Click.★ Refreshes Wifi connection ,Data connection & SignalStrength together in one click.★Fastest refreshing of signal, notmore than a minute.★ Auto Closeafter Refreshing network.★ Notifylast Refresh time.★ No fakeboosting offered, but refreshes/resetsthe signal and OS sets thebest possible signal strength in thatarea. Know that the resultsare same as any other "Network Booster"apps.★ Create Home ScreenShortcut by long pressing App Icon fromApp list and place itanywhere in Home Screen.Android 7.0+ userstry the Lite versionfirst and confirm your device model issupported beforepurchasing.Permission requirement:READ_PHONE_STATE: For determiningthe system state before refreshing signal.
Net Master - Speed Test 2.0.4
What do you expect from a great Network Master app?​NetworkBoost,Speed Test, Security Check, Signal Enhance, Data Monitor,​FreeWiFi, Wi-Fi Spy Detect​. —— Net Master(Speed Test) has all youwant!!!It is exactly the best Network Master app you are lookingfor.★Boost ​Your phone is slower?Network Boost​ can improveyourphone speed by ​stopping background apps that using networkormemory, give all the broadband and CPU to the app you areusing.★Speed Test ​Net Master(Speed Test) can test your downloadspeed,upload speed and PING time, very accurate andprofessional.Real-time speed is also shown in dashboard​.★ Wi-FiSpy Detect​Check how many devices are sharing the bandwidth andwhat their MACaddress are to protect your Wi-Fi. ★ SecurityCheck ExceptBoost and Speed Test, ​Net Master(Speed Test) also hasan SecurityCheck feature.Check your network's security​, Net Masterprotectyour phone from insecure public Wi-Fi & phishing hotspotbydetecting DNS/SSL hijacking and ARP spoofing.​★ SignalEnhanceSignal too weak?Why not try Signal Strength Enhance, Makeyoursignal strong immediately!Net Master can enhancing the signal,giveyou the best network experience.​★ Data Monitor ​Monitor mobileandWi-Fi data usage listed by day and month.Data Monitor alsosendnotification to you when your mobile data is about to runout.★Free Wi-Fi​ Lots of Free Wi-Fi hot spot shared by users aroundtheworld. Easy to find the nearby FREE Wi-Fi foryou.★Multi-Language​ Available in English, Indonesia, Portuguese​andSpanish.​ This Network Master app can be used for allpeople.★Feedback​ You are welcome to contact Net Master developerby Email:[email protected]✓ Here is your best network masterandnetwork manager, don’t hesitate to download it!​
Internet Speed Monitor 0.9.1
Lufesu Inc.
The Internet Speed Monitor is an application specialized fortheinternet speed display. You can always display on the screen,youcan know the internet speed in real time. Release popularfeaturesof Data Usage Monitor as application Flexible settingbecamepossible and advanced function. Free version features -Monitorinternet speed. - Added various setting items. PRO versionfeatures- Judgment function of applications currently incommunication. -Hide ads.
Battery Bar : Energy Bars on Status bar 3.1
Yogesh Dama
Battery bar puts energy bar/battery level indicator attopbar/status bar of your phone. Battery bar is cooler way ofcheckingAndroid’s energy/battery level. You can adjust thickness ofenergybar, power bar color, battery percentage, batterybarposition,color line etc. Turn your status bar green when plugged inyourcharger or enable pulsating animation, Set red color to powerbarwhen battery depleting beyond specified batterypercentage.Download freeversion: set battery bar style on top of the status bar or at bottomorfill the whole status bar with the battery bar colorindicatingcurrent Battery level. Battery bar is a energy bar app, Asmartbattery monitor for your phone. Battery bar require systemoverlaypermission to draw energy bar on status bar of android.Battery Barapp do not have any features those require running appaccess, likehiding energy bar when app is on fullscreen, and thisalso helps torestrict Battery bar service to 0% load on CPU. HenceBattery barworks silently without much RAM usage, and when you lockthe phone,Battery bar service becomes idle, meaning it doesn't readchangesin battery level when the screen is off. You won't believehowconvenient it is until you try it yourself! App reviews byandroidpopular websites: Above Android: "Battery Bar is one of thebestapps for Android devices. It offers users a new way tovisualizetheir battery percentage instead of just seeing a numberor abattery icon." ...More "This app will putabattery bar at the very top of your display, just like theEnergyBar app, but you’re getting a ton more customization here." "The app basically replaces the plaingenericstatus bar on top with something more eye-catching andcolorful.And offers plenty of options to customize it." "Battery Bar is a pretty coolapp thatlets you visualize your battery by changing the boringpercentagenumber into a colourful energy bar""Battery Bar: Add Fantastic Effects and Colorsto Your Smartphone’sBattery." ...More Pleasevisit for more details Ifyoulike Battery Bar App don't forget rate 5 star ★★★★★ orreview.Battery Bar, Turns checking your phone’s battery into acolorfulexperience Main features: ✔ Change that boring percentagenumberinto a colourful energy bar. ✔ Offers users a slick waytovisualize their battery percentage instead of just seeing anumberor a battery icon. ✔ You can mess with settings such asthethickness of the energy bar, power bar color, batterypercentageand battery bar position. ✔ The app also works well withfullscreen apps such as YouTube with it disappearing when you gofullscreen so it doesn’t distract from your viewing. ✔ The bestpart isthat you get to set the bar’s color segments thathelpdifferentiate from 25% remaining or 50% remaining. You alsogetchoose how the bar is divided into the five segments, meaningyoucan set the percentages. ✔ you can try out many differentstylesand see which one fits your phone’s display better.
Internet Speed Test (Mobile Data & WIFI) 1.21
☞Speed Test shows your phone's internet Speed in Status Bar 24*7,Noneed to launch app check ongoing internet Speed. Speed Testprovideyour most accurate Uploading/Downloading Speed in simpleandconvenient way,You can also check current Internet speeddirectlyfrom Notification bar of your phone & refereshdireclty fromthere. ★ KEY FEATURES - Real time mostaccurateDownloading/Uploading Speed - Speed History to track allyourprevious speed history - Supports MBPS/KBPS - Get you phoneIPAddress ★ WHY SPEED TEST - Auto Speed Check to get currentInternetSpeed at prefered time inteval - Show Speed in Status Bar -Getoption to manage your Speed from Notification Bar - NewLollipopdesign app with with simple & convenient way to manage.★ WHATSSPECIAL IN SPEED TEST - Smooth & Fast Performance - EasyTo use- Lollipop UI - No Restriction - Less RAM Consumption - SmallApkSize - Less Power Consumption
Signal Guard Free 4.4.0
Signal Guard back to Google market NOW (4.27 star praise100,000downloads, statistics as of the end of 2015), it wassuspendedbecause of the self-update function. now fixed. I hope wecontinuelike it, thank you![Suceessful Case]:1. losing signalproblem ofMotorola Phone 4G.2. Signal block problem of SamsungS3,Note2.3.Unregistered problem of Samsung android seriesasS6,S5,S4,S3,Note2,Note3,Note4,Note5.4. Signal offnet ordivingproblem of cell phone5. Show your Carriers'ssignaldistribution,Services provided by the Cloud Data Center.Doesyourcell phone losing signal or offnet frequently? Doesyourgrey-market cell phone keep losing signal?Is the signal normalwhenyour cell phone sleeping?Do you get losing signal warningwhenentering subway,basement,computer room and tunnel?You wouldsufferabove problems more or less when using cell phones.Cell phonedoeslose signal in certain places.Could we get beforehand warningoflosing singal? Could we restore signal?SignalGuardreal-timemonitoring signal quality and working condition of yourcellphone.It can give beforehand warning with ring,vibration andLEDthree methods when signal abnormalities occurs,such asenteringplaces like subway,basement,computer room and tunnels orcaused byuncorrectly baseband settings. And it can automaticallyrestoresignal networking within 6 seconds(fastest), in accordancewith thesignal parameter settings. The whole restore process willberecorded in database which could be checked later.1,Basebandlocking function: it can set working baseband in 2G,3G or4G.2,Celltower locking function: it can switch to the most powerfulcelltower nearby, Combination of rational setting 2G/3G/4Gbaseband,itwill enhance signal stability and improve qualityofconnection.3,WIFI management function: controlWIFIconnection,real-time examine frequency channel, DBM andotherinformations, change or erase connecting password, moreeffectiveand convenient than system’s wifi management.4,WIFIchanneldiagnostics function: It can automatically analysisavailablewireless router frequency channels,give tips of conflictedandinterferenced channels and available free ones,therefore solvetheproblem of slow wifi connection.5,Power saving function:Whenactived, power saving function will turn on flight mode,closewifiand GPS. Thus no need of worrying midnight call or message wakeyouup.[Function Description] 1) cellphone communicationssignalrestore funtion to restore broken and weak network, enhancesignal.2) cellphone baseband lock, base station refresh functiontoimprove the cellphone signal quality.3) WIFI connectionmanagement,improve the diagnostic function to improve WIFIconnection rate. 4)Signal power saving function to save cellphonepower, extendstandby time. 5) monitoring cellphone signals workstatus , doubleicon displays the amount of telecommunicationssignals. 6) Usecombination of sound, vibration, LED three ways toremind lostsignal and signal network restored. 7) Record logs oflosing signaland restore signal network, for check and managementlater.8) Theapp can be set to boot from the start, provide wholetimemonitoring. 9) Support all the software and hardware ofAndroidmodels in the market. Support monitoring and restoring thesignaleven the cellphone is in standby or hibernationmode.[UpgradeInfo]V4.4.0 (20170204): 1. Added signal self-testfunction,presetcorrect repair mode.2. Fixed bugs that wererefreshed in the eventlist.3. Updated the feedback module.4. Someproblems have beenimproved.By installing this app you agree to thefollowing privacypolicy: back toGoogle market NOW (4.27 star praise 100,000 downloads,statisticsas of the end of 2015), it was suspended because of theself-updatefunction. Now fixed. I hope we continue like it,thankyou![Suceessful Case]:1. losing signal problem of MotorolaPhone4G.2. Signal block problem of Samsung S3, Note2.3.Unregisteredproblem of Samsung android series as S6, S5, S4, S3,Note2, Note3,Note4, Note5.4. Signal offnet or diving problem ofcell phone5.Show your Carriers's signal distribution, Servicesprovided by theCloud Data Center.Does your cell phone losing signalor offnetfrequently?Does your grey-market cell phone keep losingsignal?Isthe signal normal when your cell phone sleeping?Do you getlosingsignal warning when entering subway, basement, computer roomandtunnel?You would suffer above problems more or less when usingcellphones.Cell phone does lose signal in certain places.Could wegetbeforehand warning of losing singal? Could werestoresignal?SignalGuard real-time monitoring signal quality andworkingcondition of your cell phone.It can give beforehand warningwithring, vibration and LED three methods when signalabnormalitiesoccurs, such as entering places like subway, basement,computerroom and tunnels or caused by uncorrectly basebandsettings. And itcan automatically restore signal networking within6 seconds(fastest), in accordance with the signal parametersettings. Thewhole restore process will be recorded in databasewhich could bechecked later. 1, Baseband lockingfunction:  it canset working baseband in 2G, 3G or 4G.2,Cell tower lockingfunction:  it can switch to the mostpowerful cell towernearby, Combination of rational setting 2G / 3G/ 4G baseband, itwill enhance signal stability and improve qualityof connection.3,WIFI management function:  control WIFIconnection,real-time examine frequency channel, DBM and otherinformations,change or erase connecting password, more effectiveand convenientthan system's wifi management.4, WIFI channeldiagnosticsfunction:  It can automatically analysisavailablewireless router frequency channels, give tips ofconflicted andinterferenced channels and available free ones,therefore solve theproblem of slow wifi connection.5, Powersavingfunction:  When actived, power saving function willturnon flight mode, close wifi and GPS. Thus no need ofworryingmidnight call or message wake you up.[FunctionDescription] 1)cellphone communications signal restore funtionto restore brokenand weak network, enhance signal.2) cellphonebaseband lock, basestation refresh function to improve thecellphone signal quality.3)WIFI connection management, improve thediagnostic function toimprove WIFI connection rate.4) Signal powersaving function tosave cellphone power, extend standby time.5)monitoring cellphonesignals work status, double icon displays theamount oftelecommunications signals.6) Use combination of sound,vibration,LED three ways to remind lost signal and signal networkrestored.7)Record logs of losing signal and restore signal network,for checkand management later.8) The app can be set to boot fromthe start,provide whole time monitoring.9) Support all the softwareandhardware of Android models in the market. Support monitoringandrestoring the signal even the cellphone is in standbyorhibernation mode.[Upgrade Info]V4.4.0 (20170204):1. Addedsignalself-test function, preset correct repair mode.2. Fixed bugsthatwere refreshed in the event list.3. Updated the feedbackmodule.4.Some problems have been improved.By installing this appyou agreeto the following privacypolicy:
Car Dashboard Live Wallpaper II 1.37
Car dashboard comes as a collection of functions andsensorsarranged with an astonishing design. The dashboard canbetransformed into a real car engine simulator when the engineisturned on. Play with the gas pedal to control the revving oftheengine. The gearshift (manual or automatic) will amaze you withtheprecise simulation of car mechanics. Features: ✯ CPU monitorwidget- CPU monitor indicator that operates as a CPU meter -CPUperformance control - CPU speed test - CPU spy gauge - CPU andRAMmeter widget - Monitor the CPU and RAM at the same time BecomeCPUmaster by using this advanced CPU monitor app. ✯ RAM monitorwidget- RAM manager - RAM monitor - RAM meter - RAM memory info app- RAMmanagement app - RAM usage monitor - RAM spy for RAMoptimization -RAM test for your phone and eventually clean RAM toobtain a RAMbooster effect. Speed up RAM memory by RAM memorycleaningoccasionally. ✯ Wifi signal strength analyzer / Mobile datasignalstrength - Monitor the wifi signal strength - Wifi map foryourphone - Wi-Fi signal meter function - Wifi strength tester -Mobiledata monitor - Mobile data connection type 2G ,3G, 4G - Movearoundto boost the wifi signal strength for a better downloadspeed. ✯Network speed monitor/ Internet download monitor - Test andshowthe speed of the network signal - Network tool to scan thenetwork- Network signal info - Mini network monitoring tool -Networkmeter - Boost your network by finding the bestinternetconnectivity - Monitor internet speed - Internet speedmeter - Testyour internet speed - Internet download speed tool -Control datadownloaded via tethering - Monitor internet networktraffic andsave the internet data consumption - Manage all yourinternetdownloads in one place. ✯ Digital clock functionality /ClockWidget - Clock widget for your home screen - Clock for androidthatfits perfectly as clock display at the main screen - The clocklivewallpaper that you always dreamed ✯ Battery widget/ Batterymonitor- Battery drain analyzer widget - Battery tool used as abatterysaver for android mobile - Battery charge indicator -Batterypercentage - Monitor the battery and become a battery doctorwiththe battery meter functionality - Battery level - Monitoringthebattery level to extend and enhance the battery life ofyourAndroid device. - Battery temperature monitor - Use thebatterytemperature sensor to check if your battery get hot on yourphone.✯ Sound meter dB / Noise meter in decibel (dB) - Sound meterin dB- Monitor the environmental noise - Smart sound meter app -Noisemeasure as noise meter for classroom - Noise level meter indB.Sounds showing in decibel the power of noise. - Sound levelmeter.Sounds (over 90 dB), may not be recognized. ✯ Enginesoundssimulator / engine rev (revving) - Dashboard transforms inaspeedometer or a tachometer of the simulated car - Engine gametosimulate engine sound of cars and the mechanics of sport cars. -V8engine simulator - Interactive engine sound application forsupercars - Engine revving - Simulate engine sound of classic cars-Play with gearshifts - Shift the gear and change thespeedometervelocity with the gas pedal - Real engine sound -Simulated cargame by pushing the gas pedal - Speedometer(tachometer) and a RPM(engine rpm meter) - Engine Sounds controlgear-shifts, brakes, andaccelerator speed - Sonic models of realengine sounds withreal-world mechanical physical parametersincluding speedometer,tachometer, accelerator, brake, drive ratios,drive lashing, engineload, gear-shifts, backfire logic and enginerev simulator. - Carlock screen live wallpaper - Car extremedriving as car race games- Car simulator game to drive the car andexhaust the car soundswith gas pedal and shifter - Super carsimulator games - Super carsound simulator that have all themechanics of a car game. - Caroff road driving is waiting for youwith car wallpapers.
PingTools Network Utilities 4.27 Free
This app contains the following tools: • Info - basicinformationabout your device network• Watcher - continuousmonitoring ofremote resources• Local-Area Network - shows alldevices on yournetwork• Ping - ICMP, TCP and HTTP ping• GeoPing -Check resourceavailability worldwide• Traceroute - UDP or ICMPtraceroute tool•iPerf - tool for network performance measurementand tuning• Portscanner - TCP ports scanner• Whois• UPnP scanner -UPnP\DLNAdevices scanner• Bonjour browser• Wi-Fi scanner• Subnetscanner•DNS Lookup• Wake on LAN• IP Calculator and even more!Enjoy!
Speedcheck is the only speed test that lets you test yourinternetconnection on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, keep trackof yourspeed tests and contribute your results to a crowdsourcedmap ofWi-Fi Hotspots that shows the speed of each hotspot. You canusethe included Wi-Fi Finder to find Free and Fast Wi-Fi - inHotels,Cafes, Restaurants - anywhere in the world. Main Features: ✓RunSpeed Tests for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTE connectionstoimprove your coverage ✓ Test the Download and Upload Speed andPingof WiFi Hotspots on dsl, adsl, cable connections. ✓ Helpmakefinding free WiFi Hotspots with fast network connectionspossibleby contributing your test results to the crowdsourced Wi-FiFinderdatabase ✓ Worldwide high speed data server network forreliableresults ✓ Keep track of your internet speed tests in yourpersonalresult history. The includes download and upload speed,ping,signal strength, network name, internal and external IP andthetest date. ✓ Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cell speedtests.Study the reliability of your broadband dsl, adsl,cableconnections over time. ✓ Use the Wi-Fi Finder to access acoveragemap that let’s you easily locate free, fast WiFi Hotspotsaroundyou in Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants and other publiclocationslike stores, bars and libraries
All in one Gestures 5.8.6
YS Liang
All in one Gestures allows you to hide soft keys, and controlyourdevice with simple gestures. Just swipe your finger acrossthescreen, and the action you want will beperformed.SupportedGestures:• Swipe from edges.• Double tap on thestatus bar.•Short/Long press on the physical keys.SupportedActions:• Home,Back, Recent Apps, Screen Off, Immersive Mode, etc.•Launch of anapplication or a shortcut.Requested Permissions:•Storage (savingscreenshots)• Camera (turning torch on)• Location(displaying ads)•Device Administrators (turning the screenoff)Note:On Android 5.0and above, it is possible to enableImmersive Mode with keyboardsupport. A tutorial can be foundhere:
Assistive Touch 2018
Notice: Some new advance function such as Capture Screenshot,Powerpopup...only support high software version 5.0 and up. Ifyourphone does not supported please do not give bad review. Thankforyour support ★ Assistive Touch for AndroidYou canuseAssistiveTouch to control your device. Assistive Touch is alsoanideal app to protect the physical buttons for yourdevice!★Assistive Touch switch or turn on/offAssistive Touchprovides theeasiest ways with one touch to:✔ Screenshot, screencapture (OS 5.0or above)✔ Virtual home button✔ Back button✔ Easytouch to lockscreen ✔ Open recent task✔ Virtual volume key button,quick touchto change volume key and change sound mode✔ Go to allsettings veryquick with a touch✔ Clear ram, boost speed, one touchboost✔ Wi-Fi✔Bluetooth✔ Brightness✔ Ringer mode (normal, vibrate,silent)✔Screen rotation✔ Airplane mode✔ Open Notification✔ Powerpopup✔Volume up & down✔ Location (GPS)✔ Flashlight bright✔Datausage✔ Open all application on your device★ Advance- You canchangeicon of Assistive Touch with many pretty icons. And if youwantothers icons, please let us know.- Funny with more themes andnewthemes are updated regularly, you can change colour ofbackgroundwith your favourite colour.★ Feedback- If Assistive Touchbringsyou amazing and convenience, please don’t hesitate give us anicereview and 5 StarsThank youverymuch!---------------------------------------FrequentlyAskedQuestions:1/ How to uninstall Assistive Touch? Please be notedthatyou need do by this way to uninstall app, kindly please openappand click to “Deactivate and Uninstall”. 2/ Why couldn’t IuseScreenshot Capture function?Screenshot Capture only is availableonOS 5.0 or higher. So if your device is not satisfied, it shouldberooted to operate that function.3/ How to checkdeviceversion?Kindly access to Settings screen then scroll down andlookfor “About Device”. You usually find this at the very bottom ofthemain Settings screen.This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. This app uses Accessibility services.Thank you verymuch!