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Apple Shooter Archer 2 1.0
Medoni Inc.
Have you ever fancied being a rangerlikethosefantasy characters you love so much? Well, now you caninArcher!Pick up a bow and a quiver full of arrows and getshooting!Don’tworry you won’t be shooting at anything alive ormoving.Thisaddictive free online hunting game has you blastingarrowsattargets in many fun and interesting ways.Forgettraditionalarchery ranges, because you’ll be shooting yourway pastobstacles,and using physics based gameplay to hit thosetargets.You can usethe power of your shot to slam through objectsblockingthe way andhit your target, all in one fell swoop. Tocontrol yourshot youmust swipe your finger or drag the mouse acrossthe screentoadjust the shot power, and then release once you’vechosenthetrajectory you want. There are multiple levels eachwithvaryingchallenge difficulties that make for a seeminglyendlessstream offun scenarios and results. The farther you progressin thegame theharder and more challenging the levels become. Thepuzzlescan becompared to other slingshot based games where you havetoshoot avariety of birds at pigs – you know the one we’retalkingabout! Ifyou find that you can’t reach a particular target,you canswap outto the bouncy arrows – one of many differentammunitiontypes. Whatare you waiting for? Get out there and startshootingtargets!Compare your scores with friends and family to seewho canget thebest. Don’t forget that this game can be playedfromanysmartphone, tablet or computer. Choose your weapon of choicesotospeak and aim for those targets! There’s a lot less tocleanupwhen you’ve finished a game of archer too, and nobodylikestoclean.
Girl Apple Shooter 1.3
This is a shoot apple game, but thedifferenceis not in the shooting by hand, but the choice is moredifficult,with their feet to complete the project, are youready?
Super Apple Shooter 1.3
Bwss App
This is an interesting shooting game.This is an interesting shooting game. Shoot the green apple,don'tshoot your assistant. That's too dangerous!
Bowmasters 2.12.2
A hotsy-totsy aim and shoot game, Bowmasters has lots in storeforyou:• 41 INSANE CHARACTERS from all dimensions absolutely forfree!• 41 DIFFERENT WEAPONS for total mayhem, awesome fatalitieswithrag-doll physics! • EPIC DUELS WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Grab yourmatesand show them what you’re worth! • MULTIPLE GAME MODES. Shoоtbirdsor fruits down, defeat the enemies in duels and get money forthat!• ENDLESS REWARDS FOR YOUR SKILLS! Don’t miss out on the fun!Bethe first to grab it!
Forest Crow Hunting Simulation 2018 1.4.3
Babloo Games
The forest crow hunting 3D game is for those passionate gamerswhoare getting tired of typical sniper shooting games and wantsomenew fun and adventure. So finally a new and advance snipershootinggame is available on Google Play to fulfill your shootingfever inmodern jungle shooting arena. The gameplay is so unique andawesomethat everyone will surely fall in love with this crowhunting game.Have you ever thought to get rid of those annoyingblack crowswhich are causing so much trouble in your life? If yes,then getready to take down these clever crows and become the bestcrowhunter of the 3D sniper world. This black crow game isanotheraddition to fun and adventure games and have a lot ofthrillingsniper shooting action. So brace yourself for real junglehuntingadventure and become the master of all sniper shooters.Everyoneloves to play jungle hunting and commando shooting games,that’swhy we are presenting you a brand new idea in the categoryofsniper shooting games, the forest crow hunting - 3D. Playthisjungle game adventure while taking perfect killer head shotsofblack crows which are flying everywhere in the safari jungle. Beasharp shooter and aim the crows perfectly. Your accuracy mustbevery high while hunting the crows as the accuracy is the keyfactorin every bird hunting games. The sniper hunting simulatorisspecially designed to boost your sniping skills in mostrealisticmanner. Feel yourself an elite force commando and be aperfectsniper shooter to hunt down all the crows in this forestgame.Inforest crow hunting - 3D game, each hunting simulation gamemissionhave fixed number of crows, which you have to kill withinthe giventime limit. Use the sniper killers shots perfectly andwith extremecare or else you may run out of ammo. There aremultiple thrillinghunting simulation missions in this forest game.Play and completeeach jungle hunting mission successfully in orderto unlock thenext one. There are multiple advance sniper rifleswhich areavailable to choose according to game mission need. Sochoose yourweapon wisely, as each jungle games mission demandsdifferent typeof weapons and shooting accuracy. There is fix timefor each foresthunting adventure mission so don’t think much aboutthese annoyingcrows and pull the trigger as fast as you can. How toPlay ForestCrow Hunting - 3D:• Tap the shoot button at bottom leftcorner ofdevice screen to perform sniper killer shots. • Use thesnipertelescopic zoom to increase your aiming accuracy.• Completeeachsniper simulation mission to unlock the next level.• Swipethedevice screen to find and hunt the crows in jungle.• Avoidmissshots and delay fires.• Kill all crows within giventime.Featuresof Forest Crow Hunting - 3D Game:• Top free offlinejungle shootinggame and hunting game.• Excellent sniper physics andcontrolsimplemented.• Supports all devices.• Realistic 3D graphicswithdynamic lighting and amazing killing effects.• Brutal Actionnow onyour smart phones.• User friendly GUI and controls.•Realadventuring forest Environment looks like adventuremovies.•Support for HD devices.• Game with Good quality soundeffects.•Efficient weapon controls & movement.• Bestdownloading gunshoot game in gaming worldIf you like forest crowhunting – 3Dgame, please try our other crow games by clicking “MorefromDeveloper” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’tforgetto rate and review.We don't collect any personal information;anynon-personal information collected by our partners like Googleisused for analytic and game improvements.
Apple Ninja 1.0
Cut the apples into pieces. Do you love fruits? Lets slashyourfruits and get fresh juice out of it. Apples will come in frontofyou. You have to slash the apples. Touch on the screen to cuttheapples by your bade.Your sword is sharp and it can blast thefruitsinto juice.Do not let the apples go back untouched.Gamefeatures:-Beautiful environment- Addictive gameplay- Shining blade-JuicyapplesHave fun!
Apple Shooter 3D 2017 Archery 1.0
Ocimum Games
Get ready to be amazed in this new Apple Shooter 3D game whichhasmany addictive levels and attractive graphics. Be a good Archer.Inthis game you can test your archery skills. Watch the numberofarrows remaining and dont run out of arrows.You have to shoottheapple but avoid hitting the character 3D EnvironmentRealisticArchery PhysicsTouch to drag the arrow and move toaimRelease toshootSimple to play and addictive
Apple Shooter Master New 1.2
Apple Shooter game.Goog luck!
Fruit Shoot Archers 1.3
Words Mobile
Fruit Shoot Archers is the best archery game ever! Use the bowandthe arrows to hit the fruits placed on the head of the littlecutebears, brave soldiers and evil dragons!Shooting an apple offone'shead is a feat of bowmasters with a bow and an arrow. How farcanyou shoot? Are you as good as Robin Hood? Now grab bow andarrowand try to hit the fruits on the head of the cute buddies inthismost insanely addictive adventure game!Game Features:- Hoursandhours of engaging gameplay of Challenge mode and V.S. mode-Explore90 levels in 3 iconic locations (Indian, Sparta,Viking)-Outstanding graphics and beautifully detailedbackgroundsHow toPlay:- Touch anywhere on the screen- Drag thedotted line to adjustthe angle and power- Release to shootUse ofthis game is governedby the WordsMobile Terms of Service.Collection and use of data aresubject to WordsMobile's PrivacyPolicy. Both policies areavailable at
Bottle Shoot 3D 16
★★★ TOP 10 Action game in over30countries!★★★ TOP 100 Action game in over 72 countries!★★★ #1 Best Action Game in 10 countries!★★★ More than 2,000,000 downloads in 10 days!!(keepincreasing).Bottle Shoot 3D is all about shooting as many bottles asyoucan in the fixed time duration.Only if you can do both will you become a real BottleHuntMaster! Every round gets harder on harder. You hear ashootingsound and blasting bottle sounds while playing. Startinglevels areeasy to play but gradually the game will become difficultto play.Improve your aiming skill with Bottle Shoot 3D Game and bea realBottle Shoot Master!Grab awesome Bottle shoot game Now !!!★ How to play?- Start Bottle Shoot 3D game.- Aim at the Bottle, Shoot Bottles precisely.- Move gun Left-Right with finger.- Blast All within time.- Shoot All in minimum time.- Share your score with friends on Leaderboard.★ Features:- Smooth UI.- Simple and Addictive Game play.- Extended Shooting experience.- Leader board Functionality added.- Game for all ages.- It is free, Play and Enjoy Bottle Shoot game.
Temple Run 2 1.48.0
With over a zillion downloads, Temple Run redefined mobilegaming.Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turningandsliding you love in Temple Run 2!Navigate perilous cliffs,ziplines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursedidol.How far can you run?!FEATURES★ Beautiful new graphics★Gorgeous neworganic environments★ New obstacles★ More powerups★Moreachievements★ Special powers for each character★Biggermonkey!!!Become a fan of Temple RunonFacebook: Temple RunonTwitter:
Gun Duel Master 1.0.9
In the game, you may use nearly 100differentkinds of guns and kill to your heart’s content in the faceofthousands of enemies. This gun blood duel game has 8differentkinds of game modes for your choice:1. Quick game: classical mutual shooting mode; choose themostsuitable weapon, quickly hold the gun to shoot the crucialpoint ofenemies and win the battle.2. Career mode: act as a professional gunner and challenge 5typesof career with different difficulties.3. Challenge match: how many enemies can you kill withonelife?4. Throwing the flying knife: hit the flying knife, or else youwillbe hit by the flying knife.5. Shooting the bottles: hit the flying bottles.6. Shaky bottles: cooperate with the assistant to remove thebottleson your body.7. Shooting the apples: this game is very difficult. Hit theapple,and don’t hit the assistant.8. Shooting the birds: kill birds to your heart’s content; themore,the better.Game Feature:1. Multiple figures and props2. Quick shooting3. Aimed shooting4. Finish the level upgrading ad gain more coins5. Multiple modes for your choice6. Shoot the unceasing enemies7. Shoot the shaky bottlesTake up you gun and come to join in this the Gun DuelMasterGame.
Western Cowboy Gun Blood 2 1.0.12
New feature:1,add leaderboard.2,fix the lags bug.Western Cowboy Gun Blood is an western shootout game. Mission ofthegame is to become the most feared gunslinger by defeatingallmarksmen in one-on-one gun fights.HOW TO PLAY:Place your finger over the gun chamber, wait 3 seconds, and whenthecountdown reaches 'FIRE', shoot your opponent as fast as youcan.Much fun with Western Cowboy Gun Blood!
Tiny Archers
War is coming!DRAW YOUR BOW AND SAVE YOUR KINGDOM from hordes of goblinsandtrolls that siege your tower! Crush your enemies and becomethegreatest Tiny Archer in this challenging, fantasy,actiongame.Discover fantastic characters, fight multiple enemies, unlockmagicarrows and surprising abilities. Use your archery skillstosurvive! Defend your tower, defeat countless goblin andskeletonarmies and save the day! Join the ultimate bow and arrowadventureof Tiny Archers!FEATURES▶ ATTACK your enemies with 4 amazing characters: human, dwarf,elfand beastmaster▶ DISCOVER four surprising stories in this uniquely designedtowerdefence game▶ FIGHT an army of goblins, trolls and skeletons withspecialarrows, abilities and different attack layers▶ CHALLENGE yourself in 4 different stories with more than130unique tower defence levels!▶ TRAIN your archery skills to precisely aim attacks that stun,slowdown, or kill your enemies instantly!▶ UPGRADE your characters and collect resources to discovernew,magic arrows and skills▶ DEVELOP your unique strategy and tactics to survive anddefendyour tower from an army of goblins and trolls!▶ LAY TRAPS and use that strategic advantage againsttheattackers!▶ SURVIVE longer in the new game mode and beattheLeaderboard!▶ PLAY AGAINST OTHERS in the new Social feature to see who isbetterin the new game modes!▶ CHAT with others and share your photos or ask for help!▶ EXPERIENCE the challenge of the hard mode levels▶ EXPLORE diverse locations: elf cities, dwarf mines,valleys,forests and haunted graveyards▶ ENABLE the 18+ features for the full experiment: bloodmode,exploding bodies, kill-camBecome the greatest archery master and save the kingdom inthisultimate bow and arrow defence game!The game contains rewarded videos as well which are optionaltowatch.Do you have any issues, questions or suggestions forimprovement?Please send us your ideas and feedback!Reach us at: info@1der-ent.comWebsite: www.1der-ent.comFacebook:
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia 4.1.1
Experience intense multiplayer combat with up to 6 players onlineor12 using local wi-fi. Train with the Sarge and sharpen yourskillsin offline Training, Co-op and Survival modes. Shoot amultitude ofweapon types including the sniper, shotgun andflamethrower.Featuresexplosive online and local multiplayerwarfare! Intuitive dual stickshooting controls. Open world mapsutilizing rocket boots forextended vertical flight. Zoom control,melee attacks and dual wieldability with modern and futuristicheavy duty weapons and grenades.Play team based battles in thisfun cartoon themed cross betweenSoldat and Halo.Doodle Army 2 MiniMilitia aka DA2, based on theoriginal stickman shooter DoodleArmy, was created based on playerfeedback and suggestions. We loveto hear your ideas so thank youand keep them coming! Give a callout to Sarge from the in-gameemail link!Purchase the Pro PlayerPack to get full access to dualwield ability, extra avatarcustomization items and online weaponssuch as the rocket launcher,sniper rifle, laser, saw gun andmore!Note the alternative In AppPurchase offer: Your use of theunlocked Pro Pack trial access isfree of charge, per device, inexchange for safely using some ofyour device's resources (WiFi andvery limited cellular data), andonly when you are not using yourdevice. You may turn this offanytime when logging out of yourAppsomniacs account. Please seeour TOS for furtherinformation. (section 3.3)
Alien Shooter 1.1.6
Sigma Team
Legendary PC Alien Shooter is now available on yourAndroiddevice!Deserted military complex. Hordes of mercilesscreatures.Here you are. Your mission is simple – clear the base sothere arejust dead monsters' corpses left around.- burst through 10missionsand find out the reason of alien invasion!- Enjoy userfriendlycontrol schemes with auto-aim option available!- stand upto thehuge crowds of monsters appearing on one screen at a time-levelup, try out superhuman fighting abilities in an intensebattle-corpses of the monsters eliminated do not disappear - checkoutwhat happens at the end of every level!The alien invasionhasbegun, we have one chance, and that is to stop them cold intheirstaging area. Do not allow them escape this facility, you areourlast hope. The fate of humanity now depends on you! Mow themdownand stay alive!
Gang Boss Fighters 1.3.2
***Gang Boss Fighters is a fightsimulator,where you have to fight a funny gelly characters***Most fun to fight with your friends. You finally find out whoissteeper in all the street fights without rules.*1* PLAY ONLINE*2* PLAY WITH FRIENDS*3* AND MORE MORE MORE...
Mayhem Gun Crazy 1.5
brat packer
- Utilize over 60 different firearms- 12 diverse maps to fight on- 4 unique gameplay modes: Last Man Standing, One Shot One Kill,GunGame and Duck Defense- Campaign mode includes coop option- Customizable charactershow to play:Arrow Keys - MovementLeft Square Bracket (A) - ShootRight Square Bracket ( B) - Throw Bomb
Gun Builder ELITE 3.1.7
THE ALL NEW GUN BUILDING EXPERIENCE LIKE NEVER BEFORE. NowonAndroid!BUILD & CUSTOMIZEBuild guns the way you want withalarge selection of parts and attachments. Various camos foranycombat situation. Customize your optics. Disassemble yourweaponand rotate with touch gestures. All in realistic 3D.THESHOOTINGRANGETake your gun to the shooting range and unleash theaction.Activate your attachments. Aim down the sight. Wrecksomecarnage.COLLECT THEMCollect and fill up the gun rack withyourpersonal guns.Join the club.Features:- Dozens of interactive&customizable guns in gorgeous 3D graphics with tons ofvariants andattachments.- Color Picker and a variety of camos. Evencustomizethe reticle of the scope.- Beautiful first person viewenvironmentsto test your gun at such as the Night Facility,Destruction Stageand Artic Sniper Range mini game. Airsoft fanswill love this.-Zombie mode. A full on action fps game level to goagainst thezombie horde. Wave after wave of zombies descend uponyour housewhile you try to defend it. Upgrade your house, buy ammoand callin an airstrike. Anything goes here.- Side view shootingrange.-Functional attachments such as laser pointers, flashlights,grenadelaunchers.Weapons include:KRISS Vector Submachine GunM4A1AssaultRifle Carbine with M203 Grenade LauncherHK416Glock G21 / G30/ G34PistolP99 PistolThompson M1A1 Submachine Gun / Tommy GunM1GarandSemi-Automatic RifleBAR Light Machine GunSpringfieldM1903Bolt-Action RifleM1 CarbineFN-D Browning AutomaticRifleM14RifleM60 Machine GunMG3Ultimax 100 Light Machine Gun MK5RPDLightMachine Gun with classic variantMK14 EBR EnhancedBattleRifleDragunov SVU Bullpup Sniper RifleSIG556 AssaultRifleFALSelective Fire Battle RifleM14 SOPMODIA2 AssaultRifleDesert EagleHand GunColt Python .357 Magnum Revolver HandGun1911 PistolM9Pistol.44 Magnum RevolverBarrett M82 Anti-MaterialSniper RifleDSRBullpup Bolt Action Rifle with DSR-1 SubsonicvariantTAC-50 SniperRifleAS50TAR-21 / MTAR-21 Bullpup AssaultRifleFAMAS BullpupAssault RifleSA80 L85A2 CarbineL85 AFV / L86A2LSWFN F2000FelinFAMASRemington 870 Pump Shotgun R870SPAS-12 CombatShotgunKSGBullpup Pump-Action ShotgunIthaca 37 with StakeoutvariantMossberg500 Chainsaw ShotgunM3 Super 90 S90M590 / M500TacticalH&K MP5Submachine Gun with MP5K / MP5SD variantUMP45Submachine Gun withUSC variantMP7 / MP7A1FN P90 with PS90variantAK-47 AssaultRifleAK-103AEK-971SGL21-66AK-74 / AKS-74URPKLight Machine GunFNSCAR / SCAR-H MK17SCAR MK 20 Sniper SupportRifleXCRMSR SniperRifle with Ghillie camouflage suitInterventionM200 / M300.338Lapua MagnumM249 Light Machine Gun (LMG) /SAWMK46PKPPechenegMinimiMK48 Mod 0 / Mod 1, LSATG36 / G36C / G36KAssaultRifle with AG36 Grenade LauncherSL8 / SL9Semi-AutomaticMG36ACR,ARX 100 / 160, MSBS-5.56AWP, AA-12, AAC HoneyBadger PersonalDefense Weapon (PDW), AW50M9 Bayonet, BallisticKnife, Karambit,USMC Knife, Drop Point Knife, Tomahawk, Kukri,Throwing KnifeAndmore.Attachments and Parts include:Drum / Box /Extended Magazine,Suppressor / Silencer, Holographic / Red DotSight, Combat GunSight, Night Vision Scope, Angled / Forward Grip,Bottom RailShotgun, Stun Gun, AN/PEQ Laser Sight, Flashlight, Bipodandmore.Follow us at
Real Archery Shooting 1.1.7
Are you ready to become an Real Bowman Archery Shooting Master?Youcould be a better archery shooter in this archer war game toshowyour archery skills. Start shooting today by playing inArcheryClub in this awesome archery center Olympic game andexperiencereal archer action! Everyone is welcome to play and startyour ownarchery shooting with ultra realism pleasure!Play one ofthe mostpopular modern sport games in the Olympics. It's FREE tobecomearchery master!!Real Archery Shooting is a 3D mobile bowshootinggame which has amazing 3D shooting archery rangegraphics,animations and it’s so realistic with movie or filmlikelocations/stages. Makes you feel like you are actually inthesports games of archer shooter. Come and try your best to bethereal archery master bueskytte arc!Real Archery Shootingdeliversultra realistic bowman archery experience that featuresstunning 3Dgraphics like archer war games, amazing animations likearcheryclub and simple controls like archery center. Shoot arrowsattargets generally set at various distance to complete levelsandstages to earn coins rewarded arrows in this sport gameofOlympics. Get ready for the intense challenges from RealArcheryShooting. Take a breath, aim the target, shoot the arrow andhitthe bull's eye now for realism pleasure! Will you be thebestarcher or bowman with bueskytte arc?In Real Archery Shootingyou’llalways face new challenges in archery range. Clear stagestoincrease your skills and get access to new locations, whereyou’llcompete against the best of the best! The aim of the gameisshooting your arrows at the targets. There are a variety oflevelswith different features and shooting challenges.Theinescapableaddiction!! The realistic shooting screen!! The simplecontrols!! Abreathless medal competition!! A variety of maps, avariety oftargets, and moving targets!! Start now! Aim and shoot!You are theReal Archery Master! ★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ • FirstPersonArchery 3D Shooting• Efficient Game Controls • Multiplearcheryshooting locations: War Field, Archery Field and Backyard•3DGraphics and Sound effects• Stage Based Environments• Lotsofaddictive & competitive levels★★★ Disclaimer ★★★ This freegamecontains ads.Enjoy Real Archery Shooting, the greatest Archerygameof 2016-17!Your suggestion would be our great pleasure fortheimprovement of the game features time to time.
Superhot Time Shooter 3D 1.2.0
You’ve woken up in the strange place,filledwith white light and aggressive red creatures made fromtheglass.You don’t remember your name or occupation, but you have thepowerof time control, and that’s enough to struggle your wayouttahere!Welcome to the new part of the world famous slow-mo action!Strange human-like creatures made from red glass trying to killyoufor your invasion, and your only advantage is your timecontrolability! Stop time to avoid bullets, control it’strajectories toget in target and have fun with Superhot TimeShooter 3Dgame!Try two different game modes – single mode and endless mode anddoyour best to get the highest results in both! Earn points andchecknew weapons! and feel very hot!Use all your skills, try different weapons, explore huge levelsandcomplete deadly missions with Superhot Time Shooter 3D!Superhot Time Shooter 3D features:• New part of famous time control action game series• New weapons and locations• Absolutely new time control mechanics• Avoid bullets and blades of your enemies and shoot back!• Two different game modesUse all your shooting and fighting skills, to break free fromthisstrange place and destroy all crystalline creatures!DownloadSuperhot Time Shooter 3D right now!Privacy policy:
Critical Ops 0.9.9.f59
Are you ready for a no-nonsense, action packed firstpersonshooter?Critical Ops is a fast-paced FPS that will testyourreflexes and tactical skill. Experience a criticalantiterroristoperation. Fight for domination alongside your friendsor show theworld your skill by leading the individual scoreboard.Join thecompetitive combat in the most skill-based portableFPS!Gamecurrently in Alpha phase: Critical Ops is still underdevelopment,but you can download and play the game now! We willkeep working onthe game continuously to fix bugs, improveoptimization and add aton of new features and content to thegame!The game currentlyfeatures 4 game modes: Defuse, TeamDeathmatch, Ranked Games, andGun Game.In defuse the terrorists tryto plant and explode a bombwhile the counter-terrorists try toprevent the bomb fromexploding.In Team Deathmatch the teams competefor dominance withina time limit.In ranked games, the players areawarded points forevery game that they win.Gun Game is a game modethat is played inteams, but all players individually work their waythrough all theweapons in the game.Critical Ops is not and willnever bepay-to-win: Purchase comes to customize yourfavouriteweapons.Follow us on socialmedia:Facebook: ofService:
Star Horizon 2.3.2
Entertain yourself with this epic galactic shooter!Play as John,aprivate in the service of the Federation.John doesn't fight torackup kills or for honor and pride. At least not anymore. Hejustfights to survive and get the whole thing over with. His shipiscontrolled by Ellie, an Artificial Intelligence which isprogrammedto help pilots stay mentally strong throughout the warand whichcannot kill human beings.Federation is about to turn thetide ofthe war but then things start to go wrong. Ellie puts Johnintohibernation for 1000 years. Now he will have to discoverwhatreally happened and maybe, but just maybe, save thegalaxy.Focus onamusing story and dynamic spaceship battles. Journeythrough thecosmos, upgrade your spaceship, make important storydecisions andhave fun fighting those epic bosses! Take up achallenge and wingalaxy battle. Let the journey in cosmos begin! •Grab your phoneand play instantly. Your screen is your controller(virtual sticks?Yuck!)• Rescue your friends or obey the orders –follow thestoryline and make choices• Don't get shot - upgrade yourship within-game currency (no IAP!) and weapons to finish yourenemies inmultiple astonishing ways• Follow the relationshipbetween the manand the machine spiced up with amusing conversationsand absurdhumor.• Discover a wild variety of spaceships and fleet•Use yourskills to unlock achievements• Support for gamecontrollers“StarHorizon stands on its own as a title that is wellworth playing.The visual splendor alone would be more than enoughto justify thepurchase.”- 148Apps“Star Horizon is a fiery andfitting tribute thelikes of Afterburner and Starfox.”- AppSpy“StarHorizon is a slickpulse-raising arcade shooter that evokes many ofthe best sci-fispace battles in recent cinematic and TV history”-Pocketgamer“BestMobile Game” nominee @Game Connection Paris 2013 /SelectedProjects finals
Bullet Force - Online FPS Gun Combat 1.38
Lucas Wilde
Best FPS on android, play online or offline first-personshooterwith lots of weapons customizations and arenas. Bullet Forceis afast action 3d shooting game. Download this new FPS now!FPSPVPMultiplayer ActionFight alongside your teammates inmassive20-player war using a variety of iconic weapons. Be ready tokillall your enemies in this survival game. Weapons CustomizationWithover 20 weapons, 30 weapon camouflages, multiple optics,lasersights, and barrel attachments the possibilities arevirtuallyendless. Play How You Like Bullet Force currently features4polished game-modes including Team Deathmatch,Conquest,Free-For-All, and Gun Game. In all of them you will be incombatagainst other players. Awesome Custom Matches Set up thematch youwant by creating your own custom match with your owncustomsettings. Create new and modern combats PVP. CinematicFeaturesBullet Force features a free spectator mode and an optiontodisable HUD, making the game perfect for all your montageneeds.Offline FPS Feature Don't have an internet connection? Youcanstill play the game offline with bots in a skirmish andcampaignmode.We hope you enjoy this new multiplayer FPS, see you inthefight.Download Now!!
Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game 2.9.2
Aim and Shoot! Kill the bad guys and accomplish missions to becomeaMaster Hitman. - EASY CONTROLS- 3D graphics- Multiple TARGETSandScenarios!- Improve your skills and accomplish EXTREMEMISSIONS-Mini sniper puzzles- 13 chapters for you to enjoy. Morechapterscoming soon!- Layout fully optimized for smartphonesandtablets!Don't miss a single Shot....or you will end up losingyourjob! Looks awesome on smartphones and tablets!DownloadSniperShooter Free - Fun Game now and don't miss amazing updates!
Alien Shooter - Lost City 1.1.3
Sigma Team
Don't miss new part of the legendary game familiar to millionsofusers from all over the world from the childhood!The war tosavethe Earth is on a full scale, severe fights are all over theplanetsurface.Scientists are studying the imminent danger, but thevolumeof information about the monsters that we have isawfullysmall.Nobody knows where did they come from, whether theyhaveleaders and how to stop the invasion...The Headquartershavereceived SOS call from small human settlement situated intheEuropean part of the planet.Right after the communication withthecity was lost...Here the adventures begin!Head to the LostCity,save the citizens alive and find the source ofinvasion.Theinformation received may have decisive influence on warresults.Thefate of Humanity depends on You again!What's new:- newmissions inthe Lost City. Attention! Don't miss enormous enemy inthe lastmission!- gaming in open area. Various locations includingforest,village, severe fights on roads and in the city.- realisticweatherconditions, dynamic change of day and night.- new kindsofmonsters, they can fly now!- new gadget - monster radar! Planyourtactics following monsters on the map.- various tasks foreachmission, including saving the citizens left alive.Themostimportant is that all Sigma Team games are being createdthankfullyto our gamers participation.We are always happy to hearYouropinion and wishes concerning future projects and new versionsofalready existing ones!Our officialFacebookpage:
Archery 3D - shooting games 1.3.3102
Join the worldwide archery match and compete the archerymastersfrom all over the world. Great & free game to make youto bethe archery master! Just aim and shoot, easy to play.Startshootingtoday by join Archery Tournament! Welcome to join ArcheryOnlineBattle World. Play one of the most popular modern sport gamesinthe Olympics.Archery Tournament is a 3D mobile game whichhasamazing 3D shooting graphics, animations. It’s so realistic.Youwill feel like you are actually in the sports games. The aim ofthegame is shooting your arrows at the targets. There are a varietyoflevels with different features and shooting challenges.GameFeatures:- V.S. mode of archery competition. Tournament ofArcheryGames.- Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics- Lotsofaddictive & competitive levels- Varity of archeryequipment:magnificent bows and arrows - Multiple archery shootinglocations:Forest, Archery Field, Iceland etc.Come and try your bestto be thearchery master! Challenge the online Archery mastersaround theworld, be the Archery King in this 3D ArcheryBattlefield!
Real Shooting 3D 1.9.7
Here is a simple game for range shooting practice for allagesshooter. It’s a best range shooting practice game. Getreadyshooters to enjoy the best update of Real range Shooting 3D of2016on your android device from google Play Store.Shooting referstothe use of gun but this is also known for firing from bowasarchery. A person who shoots is called shooter. Shooting isusedfor hunting animals in jungle, warfare, self-defense andduels.Shooting can be very tricky depending on the weapon beingused justlike pistols, shot guns sniper rifles, etc. There are alsosomefactors which can play in accuracy of shooting while you areinshooting arena, jungle or in battle field. There are fewimportanttips for best shooting game practice e.g. Comfort,Breathing,Trigger control, and Sight and target alignment.This gameisdesigned to give user the best ever experience of rangeshootinggame with real guns while keeping all points in mind. Thinkof aperson who is in a competition, if he has some sort ofpriorexperience which will help him to win the rivalry. While beinginjungle as hunter, this range shooting game will help you to bethebest shooter/hunter and taking the head shots with accuracy.Also asoldier in war can also use the experience to become thebestsniper shooter of all time. Being a soldier it’s necessary toaim,shoot and kill with accuracy. A best range shooter is one whodon'tmiss the fire and shoot in head or in the center of hisenemy.There are three targets in this game: I) Bottles astargetII)Glasses as target III) Floating bottles in air asatarget.Selecting these objects will lessen the fear and violenceinany game that’s why this game is suitable for all the agegroups.But the best ever controls and well managed ArtificialIntelligencewill give you the true sensation of firing. New gunsand newexciting missions will be added soonFeatures:- DifferentExcitinglevels- Guns with realistic controls- Well managedArtificialIntelligence- Realistic Environment- Stunning firing zone- Bestever controls How to Play:- Aim to shoot- Move left or rightusingcontrols- Take shots with maximum precision- Destroy alltargetswithin timeDownload this game on your android device ortablet forfree and don’t forget to rate us. Provide us with yourvaluablefeedback. We will be looking forward to you.
Apple Shooter 3D - Archer 1.1
Apple shooter 3D is for fans offruitshootingand archery. Apple Shooter 3D is one of the bestfruitarcherygames that requires you to shoot arrow and hit theapple.Drag yourbow to shoot the apple in this apple shooting game.Makesure yourarrow shooting apple hit on the mark. Practice yourshotin yourfavorite shooting game of archery. Shoot the apple withaneasy bowdrag. You have limited arrows to shoot the apple. Makesureyou hitthe right spot.Game FeaturesSeveral adventurous stagesAmazing graphics and stunning animationsUser friendly controls, touch, drag and shootSuitable for all agesSo, if you enjoy shooting, aiming and hitting targetsthenthisarchery game is made for you. And the best part is the gameisFREEto download.
Alien Shooter Free - Isometric Alien Invasion 4.2.9
Sigma Team
The ENHANCED version of the legendary top-down PC Alien Shootergameis now available on your Android device!Deserted militarycomplex.Hordes of merciless creatures. You. Your mission is simple– clearthe base and stop the alieninvasion.---------------------------------------------------ALIENSHOOTER–HIGHLIGHTS----------------------------------------------------Hoursof gameplay with and engaging story mode and tons of sidemissions-Character upgrade facility, try out superhuman fightingabilities inintense battles- Tons of weapons of mass destruction-Useful gadgets- flashlights, medkits, battle drones...- Userfriendly controlschemes with auto-aim option available! - Stand upto the hugecrowds of monsters- Corpses of the monsters eliminateddo notdisappear - check out what happens at the end of everylevel! THECLASSIC NOSTALGIC ALIEN SHOOTER, NOW ON YOUR PHONE!Playone of thebiggest shoot-em-up hits of all time wherever you are.Stop thealien invasion, mobiley!BRING ALIENS TO THEIR DOOM, ENDTHE ALIENWAR!The teleportation gate has been opened, aliens arefloodingthrough. You’re the only hope to save the world fromendless wavesof monsters!SHOOT-EM-UP AND SAVE THE WORLD!Feel thenostalgia as youblast through waves on creatures!MOW DOWN ENDLESSALIENS AND STAYALIVE! DOWNLOAD NOW!Follow usonFacebook:
N.O.V.A. Legacy 5.3.1b
THE LEGEND REBORN & REMASTEREDN.O.V.A. Legacy brings youthebest 3D sci-fi FPS experience based on the epic first episodeofN.O.V.A., which received critical acclaim -- all in acompactversion of the shooter.Kal Wardin, our hero, is a veteranN.O.V.A.marine, summoned once again to don his Mobile Armored Suitandstrike against the enemies of the ColonialAdministrationforces.Helped by Yelena, his personal AI Agent, Kalmust protecthumanity's destiny by engaging in combat against alieninvaderswhile uncovering the mystery behind their suddenassault.TEST YOURSKILLS IN MULTIPLAYER ARENAS- Deathmatch: Be thelast shooterstanding on an online multiplayer battlefield for 8combatants. Trynot to get caught in the crossfire!- TeamDeathmatch: Make everybullet count in a 4v4 multiplayer strike.-Customize your marinewith a variety of special 3D models andskins.- Top the onlineLeaderboards and climb the leagues to achieveyour destiny.- Watch3rd-person ""Death Cam"" replays of anyonestruck down by a sniper,caught in the crossfire or blown up on thebattlefield.- Upgradeyour Suit Cores to add different bonuses thatcan boost anythingfrom the force of your bullets to your sniperrifle accuracy.-Matchmaking: Set passwords for private multiplayermatches or usethe advanced online matchmaking system.A CONSOLE-LIKEEXPERIENCE ONMOBILE- An immersive offline and online shooterexperience based ona renowned Gameloft FPS series in the same veinas Modern Combat.-Craft and upgrade sci-fi guns and modern weaponryby collectingcards, from sniper rifles with long-range bullets toplasma gunswith devastating force. Having the right gear iscritical!- Enjoythe original N.O.V.A. shooter experience withenhanced 3D graphicsand gameplay.- Play the single-player campaignoffline to protectEarth anytime, anywhere.DEFEAT ALIEN FORCES INVARIOUS GAME MODES-Story Mode: Delve into the story offline andfight to uncover thetruth about these alien invaders in 19action-packed FPS levels.-Shadow Missions: Assault the alienSpecial Ops Force on challenginglimited-time battlefields.- SpecialOps: Launch a critical strikeon uniquealienformations._____________________________________________Visitourofficial site at out the newblogat't forget to follow us onsocialmedia:Facebook: appallows you to purchase virtualitems within the app and may containthird party advertisements thatmay redirect you to a third partysite.Terms ofUse:
SWAT Shooter Killer 1.0.5
SWAT Shooter Killer is the most challenging and adventure FPSSniperShooting game. The terrorists occupied the desert town.Theywantonlooting, sabotage, kidnapping ordinary people.Town People'slivesare in danger. Snipers and special talks family has been inplace,SWAT accept the mission to rescue the hostages, this is themomentof your bravery!You are a special training SWAT, skilled inusingall kinds of snipers, machine guns, and other weapons; Youweredispatched to rescue people trapped in the desert town,fightagainstterrorists; The task is very arduous, keep calm,hold yourbreath,pull the trigger, shooting.CHALLENGING ADVENTURE FPSSHOOTING TOTERRORISTS* Rich weapons, snipers, assault rifles,pistols, help youcomplete a variety of missions!* Different tasklevels, difficultydifferent, make you feel passion and thrillingshooting* Realisticpicture of the game, immersive experience inthe desert town.*Ranking system, and other various title, Primary,Senior, Advanced,Elite Killer.Features Of SWAT Shooter Killer:-First Person ShootSniper Game-Realistic scenes,all kinds ofcharacters,richweapons.experience an extraordinary journeykillings.-The shock ofthe game sound effects, bring you differentawesome shootingexperience. Shot, headshot,sniping,explosions-Easy Play, CompletelyFree, play Happy.-As long as youwork hard, get more rewards, usethese rewards to unlock moreadvanced weapons and clips.Forterrorists and criminals withoutmercy and hesitate to take up armsto come play SWAT ShooterKiller, save the world, maintaining peace!
SWAT Assassin Shooter 1.2
SWAT Assassin Shooter to aim and shoot,shoottokillSWAT Assassin Shooter is a sniper-type first-personshootergame,just ready to covert Special Forces soldier, you wantto beknownas the best sniper of the century? Then prepareSWATAssassinShooter epic action, where you are goingsniperdangerousmanipulator leader.Counter-terrorism purpose or damage caused by the terroristhorrorofmodern war experience pleasure.Rule along for your friends, or cause personal scoreboardtoshowyour skills to the world.Join the most basic skills of athletics portable FPS battle!Gun ranging from handguns to AK47, sniper rifle withGame features:- Amazing playability, which certainly keep you entertained- Slow-motion taking action- Hone their skills and prove themselves- Amazing game play!- Different rifles!- Unique scene!- Challenging task of shooting!When I met killing shot came, I appreciate the fact thatwearenot a straight up FPS game, and only focus on theaspectsofsniping.
Metal Shooter: Super Soldiers
Get your weapons ready for this ultimateactiongame. Metal Shooter is totally platform-style 2D actionshootinggame, you will become a soldier and help Condor - a suppercommandoto collect guns, bullets and slugs, through manybattlefields, shootdown Maddog's army, put the end to them bydeadly strike andweapons.EASY TO PLAY* Use joystick to move left or right.* Tap Jump button to jump avoid obstacles or wannadramatickills.* Tap Grenade button to make deadly explosion.* Hold on Shoot button you will active ""Auto fire"" feature,feelfree to release slugs.FEATURE* Amazing graphics and sounds.* Classic platform game style.* Different characters to choose.* Different kinds of weapons as shotgun, rocket* 3 zones: Forest,Barrens,Depth* 14 kinds of enemy include tanks and helicopters* Hundreds rebels will chase you or you are incredible hero?Lock ‘n Load. Collect hand gun, shotgun, heavy machine gunandrocket launcher and shoot.Download Metal Shooter now FREE and enjoy!CONTACT USMore improvements and new features are coming. Any commentsandsuggestions please contact us
Range Shooter
Range Shooter is a 3D first personshootersimulation game with stunning details and addictivegameplay.Hi there rookie!Welcome to your basic and advanced shootingtrainingsimulation.As you start the simulation, your first trainer will meet youandguide you through the basic stepsThere will be different trainers for every range and it wouldbewise to listen to them.Good luck.Choose your weapon and test your shooting skills withcountlesschallenging missions!Try different weapons in specialised ranges, fight for newmissionsor high scores.Now pick up your gun, step into the action and proveyourself!TOP QUALITY GRAPHICSEnjoy the next generation graphics quality right onyourdevice.Top quality 3D environments, detailed gun models, realisticphysicsand special effects are all part of the simulation.CHALLENGING GAME MODES & TRAINING RANGESTest your shooting skills in 3 unique training ranges and5different game modes.Eleminate terrorists, rescue hostages, race against targetsandtime.TONS OF UPGRADEABLE GUNSArm yourself with highly detailed guns ranging from classicpistolsto assault rifles, sniper rifles and many more!Unlock new weapons and upgrade your guns with damage, accuracy,rateof fire, reload speed and clip size upgrades!EASY CONTROLS DESIGNED FOR MOBILEGet comfortable with easy to use controls and focus allyourattention just on your enemies.Select Touch Aim or Sensor Control as you like.DAILY REWARDSGet your daily bonus every day, multiply with everyconsecutivevisit.COMING SOON!Online Multiplayer Mode!Brand New Training Range!Tons of new Weapons!KEY FEATURES- Single Player and Multiplayer options- 5 Challenging Game Modes: Time Attack, Missions,Challenge,Hostage Rescue, Survival- Three Shooting Ranges: Pistol Training Range, AssaultRifleTraining Range, Sniper Training Range- Realistic weapons: Pistols, SMG's, Shotguns, Rifles,Snipers- Upgrade Options: Damage, Accuracy, Rate of Fire, ReloadSpeed,Clip Size and Ammo Capacity- Rich Target Variety: Stationary and Moving Targets,SuicideBombers, Terrorists etc.- Stunning 3D graphics with quality options- Easy & comfortable control options- Online Leaderboards and AchievementsPlease rate us and give your feedback for further improvement ofthegame.Visit our official site at
Blitz Brigade - Online FPS fun 3.5.1c
You ready for the gun show? Because Blitz Brigade is packingmajorheat in this over-the-top (and over budget) online FPS warfest!Puton your game face as one of seven highly skilled classesand teamup with other players to blast your enemies into theground… Thendig 'em up so you can blast 'em again! Enter anoutlandishalternate history where the world’s military leaders areactuallysensible people, and the warring forces of the Axis andAlliesrealise that a world war would literally be the worst thingever.So, they decide that it would be a lot less messy (and a tonmorefun) if we just picked the greatest, most trigger-happyshootersand troopers from both sides to fight it out in amazingteam arenasfull of guns, bombs, tanks, and other crazy tools thatmake thingsgo BOOM!So why not gear up, join the fight, and feel therush ofMMO FPS combat!*****LOCK 'N' LOAD FOR MULTIPLAYERFPSMAYHEM!*****GIVE AN ONLINE BEATDOWN!√ Up to 12 players canbattleat the same time online for completely frantic combat gamesandmaximum fun.√ Catch limited-time events for newchallenges,seasonal contests and loads of fun new content,including speciallythemed weapons and costumes!√ Create or join aSquad to crushglobal opponents in MMO team games and work togethertowardsgaining glory and rewards.√ Voice Chat lets you plan yourFPSstrategy and call out to allies in the heat of battle.PICK ACLASSFOR KICKING... BUTT√ 7 Classes: Jump into combat as theversatileSoldier, the heavy-hitting Gunner, the supportive Medic,theprecise Sniper, the cunning Stealth, the fearsome Demolisher orthetactical Engineer.√ Customise and master each class'sspecialisedskills to do your best in team games and counter youropponent'splan.√ Unlock each class's Ultra Abilities, which cancompletelyshift the tide of battle. Imagine being a Sniper that canseethrough walls, or a Stealth that can't be seen at all!√Uniquetaunts and kill quotes add character to your team. Because agoodtaunt can do more damage than almost any weapon…√ Top offyourunique look with a wide selection of hats.LOADS OFMODES√Deathmatch: Race to rack up the most kills for your team inastraightforward firefight.√ Domination: Strike key positionsandtake control of the battlefield while defending your positions.Theultimate test of teamwork!√ Capture the Flag: Infiltrate theenemystronghold, swipe the flag and (here’s the tricky part) get itBACKto your base before getting blown to pieces!√ Free-for-All:Takedown the first moving thing you see... and the second... andprettymuch everything after that! In this mad shooter mode, it'severyperson for themselves!PACK SOME POWER √ Roll out in a varietyofarmed and explosive land and air assault vehicles.√ PilottheCrusher—a mech made to step all over the competition!√ Gear upwithover 100 wild weapons to customise your chaos.√ Prime yourskillsin challenging single-player missions that will train you forthemultiplayer PvP games.*****War Is a Heck of a GoodTime!*****Forfans of free online action games, class-basedmultiplayer shooters,first-person shooters, army/war games, oranyone who enjoys a goodMMO fight.Enter the battlefield, get readyfor the war, and enjoyhours of FPSfun!_____________________________________________Visitour officialsite at out the newblog at't forget to follow us onsocialmedia:Facebook: ofUse:
Respawnables - FPS Special Forces 6.8.0
The special ops shooting madness and third person shooterthat’llmake you forget any other AAA FPS combat! Feel theadrenalinethrills of combat action and counterattack fighting inthis MMORPGand become a real sniper of the special forces! Getready for thewar action with your gun and join now this multiplayerFPS shootingbattle. Have you chosen your MP5 shooter weapon?Shoot,counterattack and respawn!Join this third person shooter andMMORPGcounterattack adventure! Play this shooting game offline oronlinefor FREE: Complete challenges, join a special forcessquad,counterattack or just play with your gun! Become whoever youwant:thumper gun man, sniper, special ops soldier, shootingexpert,rifleman, marksman, war veteran or just a combat soldier tofeelthe adrenaline in this online third person shooter fullofmultiplayer shooter war action! Choose your weapon in theammoarsenal: gadgets, shotguns, rifles, firearms, thumper gun,MP5machine guns… Join different special ops teams and defineyourmilitary strategy and tactics for the action FPS fight todefeatthe rifleman rivals attack and counterattack of the opponentarmiesin the battlefield! OFFLINE THUMPER MISSIONS:- More than 185singlemilitary action quests. Choose your rifleman shooter!- Testall theweapons in your ammo inventory and plan the counterattackoffensivein these multiplayer shooter pvp games!- Short action FPSbattlecombat for entertainment on the go!- Practice your FPSstrategyoffline to counterattack and defeat your enemy on theonline pvpgames mode!ONLINE SHOOTER, MULTIPLAYER BATTLE SIMULATORAND THIRDPERSON SHOOTER:- Special forces and thumper warmatchmaking AAAMMORPG- Two shooting combat RPG modes: Free for All& Team VS -Play with allied teammates on a war action strugglewith a singlegoal: The survival of your special ops army!CUSTOMIZEYOUR RIFLEMANWAR HERO AND SPECIAL OPS MILITARY WEAPONS:- 60+customization fightitems with action FPS, special ops, rifleman andsniper attributes-Customizable Elysium, Men in Black - MIB 3 &Ghost Busterscontent!- 30+ special ops weapons to attack andcounterattack:Choose your guns, equip a grenade, use a huntingrifle, a MP5machine gun, a thumper gun or any other military gun! -MMORPG waraction skill tree- Fighting boosters and rifleman wargadgets-Sniper battle maps in single first person action gamesormultiplayer shooter modeMILITARY SPECIAL OPS COMBATMMORPGFEATURES!- Superb quality 3D action third person shootercombatstyle- Smooth FPS MMORPG controls - PVP games content -In-Gamemultiplayer shooter and rifleman counterattack achievements-Struggle with Facebook friends and alliesIf you lovemilitaryspecial ops RPG shooter and third person shootermultiplayer combatgames, this action FPS MMORPG will make youforget about any otheronline shooter, FPS defense, FPS pvp,rifleman shooter defense orsniper war action games you playedbefore! Assassin, terrorist,gunman, elite sniper, war veteran,thumper gun man or just aspecial forces killer… Which one will youchoose? Make your specialforces sniper or gunner aim at theshooting target and, with yourfavorite rifle or thumper gun,prepare the assault and attack andcounterattack with the fire ofthe bullets of your weapon to damagethe rival rifleman or sniper inthis MMORPG FPS game!Choose yourspecial forces rifleman withthumper gun and mark your target inthe battle of this shooting warstruggle. An FPS shooter never wasso funny! Start shooting in thisthird person shooter multiplayeronline!Please note:- These thirdperson shooter pvp games are freeto play, but extra content can bepurchased with real money. Torestrict in-app purchases, adjust thesettings on yourdevice.Celebrate Spring with our limited-timeoffersFacebook:
City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D 2.2
The City Traffic is under threat and criminal are snatching carsandescaping. Take the best kill shot to eliminate eachescapingcriminal in the car.This City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D isarealistic FPS First Person Shooting Game, in traffic and carsnipershooter game, you have to play the role of a deadly marksmanand anex-army SWAT commando and bravo sniper hunter with elite killshotskills and collateral damage to the criminals, don’t letyouropposition runaway in the snatched from innocent citypeople.Remember, you are a master assassin has been hired toinfiltratesecure locations and eliminate high-profile targets withlethalstrikes. Take your best slingshot.In City Traffic SniperShooter3D, your are assigned to eliminate the terrorist and otherenemiesof the state, the enemies and criminals are using the localcarsand transporting in police cars, trucks, taxi and othervehicles,your task is to blow them away on the way and don’t letthemescape, take the perfect kill shot and kill them all, yourmissionis your top priority, be a bravo sniper kill shot skilledtraffichunter and finish your job. Prove that you have the bestsniper andhunting skills to shoot down the traffic cars running onthe cityroads. You are an elite assassin sniper shooter and traffichunterwith modern sniper techniques, get ready to play your partinhunting down the criminals in dangerous attacks and silentassassinmissions. Eliminate cars with enemies at street level ortake outthe each single high-profile target. Aim, Shoot and Kill,be theperfect marksman and rouge army in City Traffic ModernSniperShooter 3D, use your modern sniper gear and rifle to taketheextreme headshot, this sniper rifle is especially designedforassignment like this, it has an extreme powerful zoom,unlimitedammunition with powerful piercing bullets, deadly muzzleandperfect barrel to take the best and extreme real killshotcriminals and enemies escaping in the cars and hiding in thecitytraffic. This is the perfect way to take the revenge ofyourcountry and proving to be the best marksman to hunt downandinitiate the war of revenge leading in crazy city trafficsniperand eliminating the criminals in killing and huntingbrutality.Being a hunter and elite SWAT command master sniperassassin andbest criminal traffic hunter, equipped with a sniperrifle engagein stealth mission, long-range targets and a mob ofenemy cars makethis a perfect traffic sniper hunter 3D and sniperfury assassinshooting game. Snipe, shot & eliminate criminals,cars, jeeps,suv, 4x4 and some escaped prisoners while you watch outthe carsaround the city in search of your targets in this trafficandhighway car shooter and sniper modern combat game thissnipershooting game gives you the opportunity to kill and hunt downcarsin traffic by using the latest Sniper Weapon on the roadwayandhighway passing by the city. This game of traffic and carcityhunter and sniper shooter is all about testing your shootingandsniping marksman skills. Can you shoot fast moving trafficandother armored vehicles, do you wish to destroy the enemyescapingin cars and armored vehicles on highways and city roads?This iscity traffic sniper shooter and hunter game gives youtheopportunity to hunt down the cars and vehicles by using thelatestAmerican rifle with sniper gear on the highway entering bythecity. Space Arena 1.5.1
Clown Games! Join the next trend in io games with a combat inthedeep space! 1 versus all in the arena!Shoot your opponentsandovertake their spaceships to grow your fleet. Can you buildthebiggest fleet to dominate the space io game war?The ships youshotcome in on your fleet; but be careful, the other shooters canpullthe trigger as well! Spray the space with bullets anddefendyourself to survive long enough to take over, regardless of the size of your wings,you can blazeaway at the top players. Chase the top scorers to earnmore pointsto climb up the scoreboard supersonically. Shooting thebestplayers to death will bring double, and even x5 points if youkillthe player on the first place.FEATURES:• No lag. Works onmanydevices without performance issues.• Internet connection isnotneeded.• Auto-grow and Auto-shoot toggles for uniquestrategies.•Smooth control on mobile devices.WE VALUE YOURFEEDBACKThe creatorsof popular io games: Landix, Twix and Blobiepresents Shooters.ioSpace Arena.We will listen you and develop ourgame according toyour feedback! Your reviews are important for us!Please sendusanyfeedback.
War Machines: Free Multiplayer Tank Shooting Games 2.10.0
Are you ready for war? Download now one of the best multiplayertankgames, it's FREE! Choose your tank and gun and clash withyouropponents in fast paced realtime combat.Challenge your friendsandfire up in the best action game!FAST PACED SHOOTING GAME3minutes!That's the time you have to take down as many tanks as youcan in aperfectly balanced tank game designed from the ground upformobile. DEFEND YOUR COUNTRYDefend the honor of your countryagainstyour enemies. Battle against players from China, USA,Russia, Japanand more. The world is full of tanks!TWO EXPLOSIVEMODESFight inteam-based battles or in the free-for-allconflicts.ICONIC TANKSFROM ALL AROUND THE WORLDChoose your tankfrom a wide range ofpowerful beasts depending on your strategy.Choose a light tank tofast scout the enemy's territory and provideyour team battlechanging intel. Or take the heaviest and strongestof all, thePanzer, and give your enemy what it deserves.DEEP TANKUPGRADESYSTEMUnlock new tanks and make strategic decisions overwhat partyou want to upgrade. Show your enemy who you are withtankcustomization with decals and patterns.VARIOUS BATTLEFIELDSTOEXPLORE AND MASTERFight and shoot your enemies in various WorldWarII battlefields: European cities, industrial zones with robots,noman's lands... Know the battlefield and get the edge onyourassault over the enemy.Download now while it's free!From FunGamesfor Free, the same developer behind games like Sniper 3D,WarHeroes and Castle Crush!
Ramboat - Jumping Shooter Game
Ramboat: Shoot and Dash uniquely blends the genres ofarcade,shooter and runner games, producing the best game of franticactionand endless adventures. Help Mambo and his crazy troop ofheroes toescape from hundreds of enemies, jumping and dodging asquickly aspossible on the backs of some of the most picturesquecrafts whilstfiring immensely powerful weapons. Do you likerunning? Are youaddicted to jump and shoot? Then you’ll LOVERamboat!DownloadRamboat: Shoot and Dash now on mobile or tabletcompletelyFREE!Survive an army of soldiers, paratroopers, rocketlaunchersand enemy submarines, dodge a hail of bullets while youunload allyour artillery on them. During your run, get power ups toincreaseyour firepower and collect coins to upgrade your guns,ships andstatistics.Your escape begins, but your enemies will notlet you goeasily... With simple movements of your finger you willhave toavoid an infinite number of bullets and destroy the enemyarmy onyour war toward salvation.Armed from head to toe you willquicklysail through the most dangerous waters. Improve your gearand boatwith the gold you earn in each battle and become the heroyourmilitary team have been waiting for.Jump or dive, forwardorbackward, what if we activate the bullet time? In wartime,anythinggoes! Feel the blistering pace and the heat of battle inyourhands. Assault all scenarios with your favorite hero andresisteach challenge with strength. You have never seen before suchanexciting and funny shooter game!What is the biggest combo youcanget? Complete all the missions and challenges to increaseyourmilitary rank!Game features:ORIGINAL MISSIONS ANDSTAGESRushthrough +9 incredibles stages that increase thedifficulty and fun.The best endless shooter game!Hundreds of questsand missions!Complete as many as you can to earn coins to buy newgear in theArmory, and gain exp to raise your level and yourmilitaryrank.Tons of hidden achievements rewarded with a medal ofhonor.Can you unlock all the medals and be the best soldier amongyourfriends?POWERFUL ARSENALBecome a heroe and shoot +7 potentweaponslike the homing missile, machine gun, flamethrower, classicpistol,laser and more!Upgrade your guns and increase their power,shootingrate... Boost your firepower and hit the enemy lines!Try+15marvelous gadgets and go to war fully equipped! Have youeveractivated slow motion to bring win to all enemies?COLLECTALLCHARACTERS AND BOATSTry +12 unique band members, each withtheirspecial equipment and skills.Race with +12 speedy and mightyboatslike a luxury yacht, a pirate ship… or a shark! Can youcollectthem all?FUNNY GAME MODESClassic action adventure ARCADEstyle withoriginal twists. The ultimate endless shootingrunner.Play with afriend in MULTIPLAYER and double the fun. Whowill win to moreenemies? Do you want a challenge? Try the ELITEMODE if you havewhat it takes. Shoot and win like a pro!Enjoyplaying minigames tomultiply your coins and get juicy bonuses andgear.QUALITYDETAILSVery easy to play and completely FREE!!Simpleand intuitiveinterface. Jump and shoot with one finger!Awesome 2Dgraphics, withfascinating HD effects of light and color. You’lllove this runnergame!Brutal music and sound effects that make yourun and jump evenfaster!Sync with your Facebook or Google Playprofile and shareyour score with all your friends!Why not check outthe officialgame video? Gunfire, explosions and endlessspeed: thousandsofplayers in this exciting adventure! You won't stopshooting,jumping and shoot. Play now for free!Download Ramboat:Shoot andDash and start playingNOW!VISITUS:
Dead Invaders: FPS Shooting Game & Modern War 3D 1.4
Become last line of defense and save mankind from extinction!-fightthrough the city and kill epic enemies,- live throughdramaticbattles against space invaders,- kill thousands of enemiesand savethe earth,- stand on the front line of war and testyourdetermination,- become legendary hero and live throughexcitingtale,- defend your grounds,- use two guns at the sametime,- superbgraphics and sound,Lonely hero, countless of enemiesand war towin!Intergalactic war destroyed earth, battlefields andwar becomeseveryday experience for everyone. Cities are burning andnationsvaporizing. Only true commando can find his way throughnightmaresof war start fighting his way to victory. Death liesaround whendead invaders wanders around destroying ourlegacy.Trigger yourwrath and use it against deadly hostiles. Useyour gun (or even twoat the same time) and kill those aliens. Callyour army and attacktheir troops. Only your brothers and you canachieve huge armyobjectives. Zombie invasion from galactic depthsrequire sacrificeand duty to overcome difficulties. Complicatedcircumstances ofearth forced you to fight alone, as a hunter. Takeyour futuristicgun and blast your way on warfare fields. Use yourultimate snipertraining and start eliminating your opponents. Everykilled enemyhave definitive effect on the war line.Best freeshooter hasarrived once again - shoot, kill and destroy to achieveoneultimate target - defeat their queen and win. FPS - firstpersonshooter - genre obtained new noble representative. Ruinedhumancities on the edge of fallen, lat human hope, full ofrevenge.Fun,Free and best shooting game everNo limits just zombiekilling, whenyou walks around, in modern cities which transformedinto warfare.No energy or forced purchases, just fun from walkingand killingspace zombies. Epic journey waits. All you is to becomeultimateterminator of space plague.Survival ModeWhen you finishfightingand shooting from all your guns, you should try endlesssurvivalgame mode in apocalyptic environment. As last commandofightagainst dreadful waves of zombie arachnids. Absolute newfirstperson shooter quality in games. Fight as long as you canandproclaim your domination on leaderboards. Compete with otherpostapo hitmans from all around the world. Great VisualsHugecitymapped with perfect quality as a warfare zone. Different timesifday and dynamically changing light makes unique mood ofapocalypticacts of war.Space undead bugsPlenty of different kindsof enemies -small and deadly ones can call othersand bringdestruction. Theyare fast and sneaky. On the other hand you meetbigger ones, slowerbut tougher. And at the end of the epic campaignplayer willchallenge the ultimate queen of hostile specie.ComplexcampaignTravel through city flooded in combat andtriggerastonishing episodes. Hide in abandoned houses and reclaimwhatalways belonged to mankind. And do it with two guns at thesametime. Equip with grenades, armor and first aid packs and shootthemuntil you or them will be dead. Defend your position andlivehorrific waves of walking spider zombies. Survive long enoughandmove to another spot, closer to your biggest nightmare.
Sniper Shooter Defense 1.7
Sniper Shooter Defense game for android inplaystore! Free Shooter game which can give you real challengetocheck your multiplayer Shoot thinking. Best valuable 3d shootergamefor android. Hit man for aim and kill the badman and terrorist of the world. You can also say it is realModernArmy Sniper Shooter game for android. with a lot of missiontocomplete, Mission match for shooter game, Mission may beimpossiblefor un expert for game. Deer Hunting Sniper Shooter notgood, butgame is based on shooting. Most wanted Shooter man snipereffects.Vision should be show if you have target for reachanywhere,Shooter vision game in the forest area. Traffic Shootergun andBlack Ops Sniper Shooter 3D for android free. This type ofgameMilitary Base Sniper Shooter also use during war. enemieskiller byArmy Shooter, World Dangerous Hunter Sniper shooter gamein playstore. Viral Shooter sniper game.Game Features :-->Game include Hi-def realistic graphics.-->Realistic low poly 3d-models-->Eight different and unique levels.-->Difficulty given with following segments,Limited time to finish mission.Limited number of bullets.Facing enemies shot.-->Levels are set with progressive difficulty.-->Facilities of removing ads using in app purchase.-->Each and every levels of game includes unique missionandenvironment.-->Smooth and well designed game controlling.-->User friendly 2d graphics interface.How to play:- Find enemy in forest rush environment.- Press trigger button to shoot enemy- Press zoom(binoculars) buttons to view targeted enemy incrosshair.- Try to shoot enemy in limited number of shots andwithintime.Tactics:- Recognize enemies movement to set crosshair.- Don't keep cross hair on enemy's body else he will start toshootplayer.
CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars 2.10.4
Build your own battle bot and unleash its power in this stylishPvPgame. From the creators of the hit games Cut the Rope and KingofThieves, comes the most ingenious and stylish battlebotconstructor! Join more than 100 million players from all overtheworld and become the star of the Arena!Welcome to the streetsofMew York. Someone has to rule this place... Why notyourgang‎?Unite into powerful gangs, participate in gang battlesorcreate a super-strong Ultimate machine to dominate theUltimateLeague fights! Make every opponent bite the dust!Features:•Be amaster engineer: design, craft, upgrade, and improve theUltimatebattle bot!• Take the role of a mean street cat and fightagainstother players in fast and hilarious PvP action!• Discoverdozens ofcrazy weapons, gadgets and body shapes, includingUltimateMachines! Outsmart your opponents with your unique battlebotdesign!• Create a powerful gang and rule the streets!Participatein gang battles to win unique parts, make new friendsand shareyour secrets in your gang’s chat.- KINGS OF THE CITY‎:Fightagainst real gangs from around the globe to conquer the cityinthis NEW cooperative game mode.• Battle against real playersandfight your way to the top of the World Championship!• Bet onotherbots and share replays of your best fights!Get the game nowforfree and become the star of the Crash Arena!
Combat Trigger: Modern Gun & Top FPS Shooting Game 1.91
Extreme features:- exciting campaign with plenty ofbattles,-futuristic weapons,- grenade overkills,- armor andhealthcustomization,- millions of enemies to kill,- battlefieldsonexotic planets and fallen human cities to fight in,- combatinfallen human citiesFight modern battles on the frontline ofthespace combat with dead bugs. Call your inner duty, becomeacommando and start shooting and killing beasts that were goingtodismantle human dreams about peaceful existence.Space bugs-species unknown before the age of deep space explorations.Beforethat, we were hunters of deer, ordinary frontline commandos,butafter the space leap we started to have more worries, morehorrorsto hunt.Modern combat has become a lot more complicated -deadtrigger amongst us once again with unbelievable power.Humanitycalled all soldiers to fulfill their duty. Frontlinebattlefieldbecame blood baths and humankind once again tastes theirown blood.Dead fingers on the trigger once again... Warfare wasn'tthe samesince then.Don’t wait and start playing in excitingsimulatorcombat shooter with storyline and battles around theuniverse.Warfare and combat are amazingly dynamic and satisfying.Emotionsin the final battle with zombie bugs which you can hunt.Youcanplay as a sniper or ordinary assault soldier - choose yourrole,shoot them from the distance or use your shooter rifle andkillzombie monsters from a closer distance.Shooter that youdreamedabout.
Metal Shooter: Run and Gun
In 2200s, the Earth Protection Forcedetectsunusual signs at one island then they send one team to theplacefor investigation. It is found out that the whole island hasbeenoccupied by a Robot team. Immediately one squad of elitewarriorsarmed with the most modern equipment is sent to the islandwith themission of destroying the Robot’s base. Your mission inthis gameis to play the role of the warrior to penetrate intoenemy’s placeand destroy them.Metal Shooter: Run and Gun is a game about run and gun 2Dshooteraction game originally. During side view stages, player canshootleftward or rightward while standing, as well as horizontallywhilewalking. Auto-Shoot function is recommend.You will deal with touched enemies, shoot them down before theycomeclosely. Jump in to battles to conquer these epic bosses thatmakescenes.You lose a life if you gets touched by enemy or an enemy bulletorfalls into the bottom of the screen when there's novisibleplatform.When that happens, you will revert to his default weapon on hisnextlife. When you kill an enemy, you will get some coins soafterlosing all lives, the player can continue by inserting morecoinsor watch videos.There are many useful item in battle that help you got coin,bulleteven life.How to play- Jump and shoot weapons.- Keep do not die to end of mission.Features- Amazing colorful graphics HD.- Relax exciting map.- Classic arcade-style.Download Metal Shooter now FREE and enjoy!
Guns of Boom - Online Shooter 4.3.0
Game Insight
✔ “A brilliant multiplayer FPS that you should just go andplayright now. 9/10” — PocketGamer✔ “It’s so simple that your catcanlearn the controls, but the skill-cap is high enough to makeevenhardened FPS veterans break a sweat.” — Android and Me✔ “GunsofBoom has gone where no game has gone before – it’s alegitimatelygreat shooter on mobile.” — Droid Gamers✔ “You’ve neverseen an FPSfor mobile quite as good as this. You will come backbecause thegame experience is just topnotch.” — AndroidCommunity✔“Guns ofBoom is some solid, streamlined shooting that feels betterthanquite a few other mobile shooters.” — 148Apps• Easy andintuitivecontrols: get a hang of the game from the get-go and startclimbingup the ranks!• Vivid graphics and support for olderdevices:stunning visuals will keep you glued to the screen, whilethehardware requirements remain very moderate.• Engaging PvPbattles:enjoy team-based fun across numerous maps and game modes.Theadrenaline-filled action never stops in GoB!•Charactercustomization: create a unique hero by using a combinationofvarious perks and equipment skills, and find the perfect lookwithhundreds of cosmetic items. Creating a flexible build for yourplaystyle is as easy as ever.• Regular updates and events:withconstant content additions, new features, and colorfulthemedevents, you’ll never be bored. This game just keeps ongiving!• ProPlay Mode: eSports events with players from globallyacclaimedteams. Can a mobile FPS be truly competitive? You bet!Gunsof Boomis a competitive multiplayer FPS with awesome 3D graphicsandgripping gameplay. It’s so simple that your cat could learnthecontrols, but the skill-cap is high enough to spark the interestofcompetitive eSports players who’re used to extremelychallengingand clutch tournament-style battles. Engage in onlinePvP battleson a variety of maps, utilizing different cunningtactics. Get theultimate FPS experience with fast-paced matchesthat take less than5 minutes on average. The game is on!Notice:Please note thatGoogle ARCore, which is used in our game, maycollect and processyour
Zombie Shooter 3D 2.2
BEST ZOMBIE SHOOTER EVER**350 Million Zombies have been killedtillnow !! **Take your part on saving the world and winunbelievableprizes in specially designed zombie shooter game. Earnthe moneyevery day from fields!Zombie Shooter 3D is full of action,weaponsgame with deadly zombies and walkers. This First PersonShooter(FPS) game with stunning HD graphics and eye-catchingvisuals turnsyour mobile into a handheld game console. ZombieShooter HD is allabout survival of mankind and killing the dead whohave escaped thequarantine zone. As a First Person Shooter (FPS)you have to gagethe situation well and watch out for the bloodthirsty giants, whocome crawling and scrambling from all corners.One bite of creepyand morbid dead walking creature is enough toinfect & send youinto a state of eternal oblivion. The zombiewill not shy away totake a bite of your flesh as they all have beeninfected.The humanhabitat has turned into a dead city, portendingthe downfall ofhuman race. The air is contaminated and infected,augmenting thespread of the deadly virus. Reload your guns andweapon-up withshotgun, sniper, M1911, AK47, MP5 and even use meleeweapons,katana & knives for a close hand-to-hand combat wherethe bloodcomes spurting out. In the beginning of this fantastic 3Dhorrorgame, to kill undead people / zombies you can strategize yourmovesbefore hordes of bloody zombies with insatiable hunger cometoattack you. The touch screen game controls are at par with agamingconsole . Zombie shooter Gameplay - Beware as the dead riseagain!-Zombie Hunter- Videogame fever- Walking dead gettinghungry.-Walkers don't hesitate to kill- If you want to be a sniperbe one.-Sniper can save the city- You can kill with your nakedeye-Assassin- You will become a walker/ zombie if you loosecontrol-Dead triggers again- Kill the undead in FPS game -Terminatezombies in this FPS game - Stop the zombie plague - Youare theHunter - Rescue the human race from zombie plague - You vsthezombies!- Free FPS shooting game- Grab a weapon & shoot orbedead! - Weapon up for zombies or be dead- One of thebestvideogame- Human vs Zombies in 3D FPS game- Puncture zombiebrainswith headshots- Headshot is the best shot - Go for thebloodyheadshot - Hunt them all in the in hunt or be hunted- Be thehunterthey need.- It's Mission impossible.- Dead triggers in yourcity.-Shrek size walkers- Shrek zombie will come from subway-Bittersneed only one bite of your flesh!- Be the savior for thecity.-Flawless graphics- Kill or dieAre you ready for the longestZombieshooter war? Are you excited to kill the dead / undead hardtoidentify & move high on leaderboard? Download this FREEfpsZombie Shooter 3D game now, choose from lethal weapons, aim&shoot zombies & become a first class contract killer ofzombies/ walking dead. Be the rescuer of the Human race in thisdeadlyworld. Be the savior of this world else t -virus will spreadin theworld !We welcome all of your comments and !Follow usonFacebook: a reviewif you like our app. Thanks!
Sniper War:Alien Shooter 1.2
This is 2015's wonderful game about analieninvasion of TPS, That is a milestone! Here are someshockingthings: the alien scenes, weapons systems, the herocombinationsand Defense bunkers. If you like aliens -TPS, then thisgame isbest for you, my legend bounty hunter.AD 2137, the Titans Extraterrestrial Invade Earth, this is AMostViolent Year ever faced by mankind. Earthlings to the brinkofextinction, and you, as the last guardian, who will play maninblack, employ Defense bunkers, blocking aliens floodattack.Protect the survivors behind of you, waiting to fight backthesealien hybrids.You can play a sniper, a strike headshot! You can play amachinegunner, kombat Crossfire!!You can play therockettroops,Indiscriminate shelling!!!You can also play a bountyhunter,heroic warfare, do the best Brave shooter!!!! You will bethe focusof a unique, all the aliens invaders will launch afrenzied attackto you. In this warfare, the Titans ExtraterrestrialInvade Earth,the Earthlings is no winner! all you can do iscontinue to warfareto protect the people you love, and to live, asa survivor andguardian.In A Most Violent Year, you have to be like man in black todothe best shooter, and heroic combat the aliens. Like thebestsnipers to shoot the alien invaders.Civilization is on the brink of apocalypse, and you are abeaconof hope. Save the remnants of humanity in the alien-invadedcity,while slaughtering every alien in your sight! It's yourmission tohelp the survivors and fight back, send evil aliens towhere theybelong. Do what you have to in order to stay alive, keepcombat asfast as you can, and protect yourself by any meansnecessary. Endthis war NOW, and become a LEGEND tomorrow!Game features:1, make good use of a variety of Defense bunkers to Crossfire,willsave your life in battle.2. You are the focus of all the aliens, you must first kombatkillthem, do not let them close to you, or die that is you.3、19 devastating weapons, the arsenal of Shotguns, MachineGuns,Rocket Launchers, and Sniper Rifles.4、 14 ruthless alien types and 12 evil bosses to wipe out.5、 12 challenging levels, each with different guns andkillzones.6、 4 unique characters own 12 powerful skills with stunningvisualsand sound, such as "HEAD ONLY" "T-FREEZE" .7、 2 vicious game modes - Classic and Hell.For fans of defense game,FPS games, shooter games, freegames,alien games and war games! It's ongoing updates to delivernewmodes, features, and content. So go ahead install AlienwarfareSurvivors, starting up funny, free, and oneintenseadventure!If you like, please give us a five-star praise, thank you!