Top 49 Apps Similar to EverForm

Recycle Note 1.3.0
Recycle Note is a good helper to manage your schedules and notes.Itgives you a quick editing experience when you write notes, memoandmessage.===== Ability of Recycle Note ===== - Save memo andmessage.- Recover memo and message. - Find title of memo andmessage. -Change the background color within the application. -Automaticalchange the language within an application according tothe languageon your phone.
Notepad 1.0.24
Splend Apps
Notepad - NotesAdler Notes is free, full-featured and easy tousenotepad app for Android.You can use it as a digital notebookordiary. Our app is also perfect for recording lectures,businessmeetings and interviews.It saves your inspirations, holidayplans,shopping lists or anything you want to organize orremember!Colorsand tags help you to organize and classifyeverything.You can workeverywhere, stay productive and getreminders at the righttime.More features and details• Basic notehas a text field whereyou can write notes of any length• Notes canhave many additionalelements: - Bold title field - Colors such ason sticky notes, 8colors to choose from (one of them can be set asdefault) - Tasklists, to-do lists, shopping lists and checklists -checkboxes letyou control what is to be done - You can take a photoand attach itto your note - Voice memos - high quality and low sizeM4A audiorecordings - Speech to text - use voice recognizer todictate anote• Reminders (one-time or recurring) notify you on timewithblinking LED notification• Status bar - component (inthenotifications area) helps you add a new note quickly• Tagssupportfor better organize your notes• The most important notes canbeadded to Favorites• Efficient search helps you to gettheinformation you need very quickly• Backup and restorefeatures•Synchronization with Google Drive™ and Dropbox™ (auto syncworkswhen needed and by default works on Wi-Fi only)• Veryusefulwidgets - put your notes on your home screen: - Add QuickNote -provides quick access to the app - Single Note - sticky notememo,resizable widget displays one note - Your Notes - resizablewidgetdisplays all your notes or notes from selected list•Helpfulactions on multiple notes at the same time (long-clickselectionsupport)• Sorting notes by modification date, creationdate,reminder date and by name with favorites on top or not• Shareideaswith friends and family via SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter oranyother appAbout Us• Visit•Our Privacy Policy:• ContactUs: Us•Twitter:•Facebook:•Google+:
Notebook 2.0.6
Notebook is a simple and plain app which could be used fortakingnotes, making lists, etc.The intention of this app is to giveyou aclear overview of all your notes and lists. You can easily dothisby naming your notes and sorting them by dragging thenotes.Thisapp does not take up a lot of space, nor does it needanypermissions.
FiiNote, note everything
FiiNote is the most convenient note app for android.It isdesignedfor both Phone and Tablet.Feature list:1, Unique hybridmodel forcombined handwriting andkeyboard.2,Text,paint,voice,photo,video...Noteeverything.3,Calender,alarm,todo...Getting things done.4, Infinitecanvas, textbox, DIY templates, real pen style...Too manyincredible functionsinside.5, Organized by books, tags, bookmarks,calendar. Archiveand trash box are also supported.6, Lesspermission is required.Youcan use FiiNote offline, or link it tothe cloud and synchronizedata with your computer. FiiNote forWindows is readynow!https://www.fiinote.comNew feature: Make notewithoutunlockingmenu - settings - show notificationRelated:Shownotification on thelockedscreen
Notes 1.22
Save and manage your notes with this application.You can:-Createsimple note or checking (todo) list, and attach images.-Addcategories (colors) to notes, filter notes with colors, createnewcolors.- Push the required note to the notifications area orwidgetin the desktop, so they're always in sight. And add reminders(orsimply events).- Secure your notes with password (usingAESencrytpion).- Simply search notes using text.- Create notesfromother apps, using 'share'.- Reserve your notes withimport/exportto memory or Google Drive.Write your suggestions toimprove theapp.
Raloco Notes 2.5
Kenzap Ltd
Easily capture what’s on your mind. Notes is a good helper tomanageyour schedules, notes and everyday thoughts. This app doesnotsupport photo of a poster, receipt or document it is intendedto bea simple and beautiful text only editor. Its really easierthan anyother notepad and memo apps. Various colors and sortingmethodstogether with custom font selection is one the most belovedfeaturesfrom our clients.Features:• Color customization.• Organizenotes bycolor• Font size and style adjustment.• Different sortingmethods.•No advertisement.• No Internet or GPS permissions, so nothird partythat can upload your private notes.• Edit text filessent from otherdevices and save changes locally.​• Set reminders.•Status barnotifications• Global search through all notes.•Backup/Restorenotes.FAQ:Q: How do I sync/transfer all notes toother device?A:From apps main screen go tosettings/backup/transfer. Send exportedfile by email and open iton other device. All notes will beimported. Q: How do I renamenote, change color or font?A: Opendesired note. Under the topright corner of your screen find threevertical dots menu. Click onmenu and find appropriate option fromthe list. Depending on yourandroid version menu list may show up bypressing options buttondown on your screen or phone panel.Q: How doI password protect mynotes?A: Open main app window where list ofall notes is located.Long press on desired note and wait till newoptions menu show up.Select password protect. You can resetpasswords from apps mastersettings.Q: How do I enter master notessettings?A: Open main appwindow where list of all notes is located.Under the top rightcorner of your screen find three vertical dotsmenu. Depending onyour android version menu list may show up bypressing optionsbutton down on your screen or phone panel.Q: How doI put a notewidget on the home screen (sticker)?A: Under the homescreen holddown your finger on an empty space once the new windowarise choosewidget. Find Raloco Color Notes from the list andposition it onyour home screen.Q: How do I find backed up notes?A:All you backedup notes are stored in a single file. Which isusually locatedhere:"/data/KenzapNotes"orhere:"/Android/data/com.kenzap.notes/files"
Note 100.1.6
Another simple notebook with the ability to add photos andnoads.Easy to manage.You can create folders.There exporting datatothe SD card.The data is stored in the app and on the memory card.
Notebook - Notepad and Notes 3.0
Use our notepad app to jot down important notes & remindersonthe go. A great way to write down memos and dailyreminderswherever and whenever just like an actual notebook. Hereare justsome things our app can help you with. Writing down arecipe whilewatching a video or a cooking show on TV. Recording ajournal foryour daily activities.Jotting down your grocery list forthe nexttime you go shopping. Setting up reminders for your dailyexerciseroutine.Change headings of your notes and notepad icons.Easilyorganize your memos & journals with categories.Categorizenotes & journals by specific categories such as homeandschool. Using icons to differentiate between a recipe,grocerylist, work, journal, school & more.See why our notepadapp isone of the best productivity apps in the market!FeatureSummary& App Uses:✔ Copy & Paste right into notepad✔ Selectanicon for your notes✔ Jotting down a journal✔ Easy &simplenotepad✔ Favorite notes option✔ Multi-task your work withwrittennotes and memos on your notepad✔ Mark important memos✔ Writedownyour grocery needs & recipes✔ Great for remindersOur appisdesigned to be used as a personal notebook if there isanythingyou'd like us to add to the app let us know!
Easy Note 1.8.1
Notes is an intuitive, lightweight application that allows youtocapture and organize your ideas. It gives you a quick andsimplenote editing experience when you write notes, memos,messages,audio record, map location, draw on photo or picture.EasyNote issimple and very easy to use.Offline note that you can use towriteon all the notes to remember without the need forinternetconnection.Features:- Organize notes by color, timeline.-App lock(Pattern + Fingerprint).- Sort notes by date created,dateupdated.- Add reminders.- Voice memos - high quality and lowsizeM4A audio recordings- Picture attachments for notes.- Writenoteswith finger (handwritten note taking & drawings).- Drawonphoto or picture.- Support multi photos or images.- Locate onmap.-Filter by date.
MixNote NotePad Notes 1.2
DoMobile Lab
MixNote is a mobile note taking app, like a memo pad ornotepad.Take note of every deserved thing, with text, ToDo, voiceandpicture.You can take notes, write memos, create to-do list,recordvoice and add pictures in MixNote. Make your notes morevaried andinteresting.Capture ideasTake notes with words, picturesor recorda voice memo in any time and place. Capture ideas is sosimple.When you come up with a plan, record it by words or voice.If youwant to take note when calling, shake the phone to startrecordingyour voice. No need to find pen and paper. All notesareauto-saved.Share ideasCreate notes about recipes, take picturesofsceneries, write down feelings and share your memo viaSMS,Facebook or emails, etc. Local backup and cloud syncMixNotehaslocal backup and cloud sync. So you don’t need to worry datalossand can view notes in different devices.ReminderCreate ato-dolist. You can put it on the home screen to be a reminder. Justlongpress on the home screen and add widget. OrganizeandsearchCustomized tags help you organize all notes. You cansearchmemo quickly by the tags. Or use search bar to input akeyword andsearch.SafeYou can lock and hide private notes withpassword. Keepimportant notes safe.----Features----WritenotesRecord voicememoAdd pictureMake to-do listRemind by ToDowidgetCreatetagsOrganize notes by tagsUse tags to find notesSearchbykeywordRecord voice when callingLock private notesHideprivatenotesShare your notesCheck the deleted notes Any suggestionorquestion, please send us an email. Your feedback is valuedtous.Email:support@domobile.comWebsite:http://www.domobile.comFacebook:
Simple Notepad 2.0.1
Simple Notepad is a notepad app that gives you a quick and easynotetaking experience. It's not only simple and easy to use butalsocomes with many features: checklist, widget, reminder,passwordprotection, search, picture attachment, share,andmore!v1.9.7beta*Features-------------------------------------------------✔Checklist✔Password✔ Protect app launch and note/checklist usingdevicesecurity feature (PIN, pattern, password) for lollipop+✔Reminder✔Widgets/shortcuts✔ Widget customization✔ Convert note tochecklist(lines -> check items)✔ Attach pictures from cameraand gallery✔Search and sort✔ Share✔ Color title✔ Read-only mode✔Upload topopular cloud storage services✔ Auto/manual export to SDcard✔Import .txt from SD card✔ Archive deleted items✔ Add toCalendar✔Pin to status bar (sticky reminder)✔ Folders togroupnotes/checklists✔ Send data to Google Cloud Print(experimental,download Simple Notepad Cloud Print Addon to enableit)✔ CustomFonts (copy .ttf files in $sdcard/simplenotepad/fonts)✔Localclipboard to insert frequently used texts andtimestamp✔Customizable font and background✔ Clickable links (url,email,phone, and map) in read-only mode✔ Character/Word count✔VoiceinputIf you have questions, please mail me instead of usingthereview comment. FAQ is available in the settings.Export/Importarenot Backup/Restore. When you export a note/checklist, itstextcontent is saved as .txt file 'without' meta data likecolor,priority, folder, etc.Setting password does not deleteexportednotes. If you don't want to keep them, deletemanually.Moving appto the SD card disables widgets. Android doesnot support widgetsfrom SD card. Moving hides shortcut icons tooonreboot.Translators:Chinese (simplified) -Cye3sChinese(traditional) - Ensign LauCroatian - CvitaCzech -rizla, ZbynekKrivka, and DuckDaffyFarsi - Farid(oveishasanpour)French - Yozil,anonymous userGerman - ReinerSüdding, Andre Ramnitz, Frank,HB9KNS, Michael and anonymoususers.Italian - Giovanni Aneloni,Emanuele BrownJapanese - anonymoususerKorean - 허선영, 김희재, 정성엽,Hoyeon ChoPolish - Karol Bieńkowski,ArgailRomanian - CristianSavinRussian - Oleg Avilov, anonymoususerSpanish - YamilSwedish -Mattias (removed as of v1.8.9)(in caseyour name is missing, pleaselet me know)
ClevNote - Notepad, Checklist 2.17.14
Cleveni Inc.
ClevNote is a memo app to help users to write memosnecessarydaily.The list of memos supported by this app is asfollows.1.Manage bank account number- If you enter the bank accountnumber,you can copy it to the clipboard or send it to someone.2.Managechecklist - You can write down necessary items and use itforshopping list or to-do list.- You can freely modify it forto-dolist, work list or any kind of things-to-do list.3. ManageBirthdaylist- It reminds you of family or friends' birthday. Itsupportscalendar mode.4. Manage site IDs- Since countless internetsitesout there, it is difficult to remember your ID. This functionhelpsyou to remember them.5. General text memo- You canconvenientlywrite down text memos.- Even long memos will be okay.[Otherfunctions ]- Cloud backup and restoration through GoogleDrive-Reminder function- Widget[ Reasons to allow permission]•WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is required tobackupnotes.• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is requiredtorestore the backup notes.
Notes (Notepad) 3.4
★ Notes (Notepad) is a simple application which you musthave!Itgives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience whenyouwrite notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists andto-dolists. You can also use Notes (Notepad) as a notebook,journal,agenda or diary.★ Notes (Notepad) features two basic notetakingformats, a text option, and a checklist option. Add as manyas youwant to your master list, which appears on the app's homescreeneach time the program opens.★ Taking a Note ★Serving as asimpleword processing program, the text option allows for asmanycharacters as you're willing to type. Once saved, you can editordelete the note. From main menu you can delete all notes.★MakingTo-do List or Shopping List ★In the checklist mode, you canadd asmany items as you'd like. After the list is finished andsaved, youmay check or uncheck each line on your list with a quicktap.★Features ★- Checklist- Sorting notes- Many stickers- Manycolors ofbackgroundsdesigned by Freepik from Flaticon
Rocketbook 2.0.282
The Rocketbook app is designed to work with Rocketbooknotebooksincluding the Wave, Everlast, Color, One, and Rocketpad.Rocketbookallows you to enjoy the pleasure of writing in atraditional paperand pen notebook, while quickly digitizing allnotes and sendingthem to the cloud, using your smartphone. Captureyour thoughtsnaturally using pen and paper in your Rocketbooknotebook. Then,use the app to digitize your notes and instantlyorganize theminside the services you use. Simply mark special iconson eachnotebook page to send your notes to your email inbox orspecificlocations inside Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box,OneDrive,OneNote, Google Photos, and Slack. The Rocketbook app usesyoursmartphone camera to "see" your notebook pages and instantlyblaststhem in to the cloud.For more information about ourreusablenotebooks, please visit Free RocketbookPDFs andcustomizable pages can be found at
Annotations 2.5.3
Rodrigo Brun
The application notes to support basic functions of everydaylife,you can still flag your notes in different colors tofacilitatetheir identification or level of importance, for example.Can, atthe click of a button, capture a photo and attachthenote.Keywords: Notebook, Notepad, Notes, Draft
Monospace - Writing and Notes 2.6.3
Monospace is a minimal notes and writing app, built from thegroundup with a designed-for-touch UI.It get's rid of thestandardediting features you'd find in standard writing and notesapps andreplaces them with a modern-styled, essentials-onlyformattingpopup.Monospace Writer supports Bold, Italics,Strikethrough,Bullet, Quote and a bunch of size relatedformattingstyles.Monospace has built in internal sync (Pro packageonly) thatlets you keep all your devices on the latest version's ofyournotes, and let's you edit anywhere.Monospace Writer'shashtagsfeature replace the classic folder system. Simply addhashtags(which can be nested) to the last line of a file andMonospace willtake care of the file/folder organisation foryou.Monospace Writerallows for exporting via Markdown, meaning ithas copy and pastesupport for a huge amount of services, includingWordpress andTumblr.Help translate Monospace into your nativelanguage:
Simplenote is an easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas and more.Yournotes stay in sync with all of your devices for free.TheSimplenoteexperience is all about speed and efficiency. Open it,write somethoughts, and you're done. As your collection of notesgrows, youcan search them instantly and keep them organized withtags andpins.The best way to learn about Simplenote is to try it.Onceyou're up and running, visit to download it onotherdevices and start accessing your notes everywhere.
Sticky Notes Notepad 2.0.4
• Add, edit, remove color notes• Search note with title• Sortnotesby date, alphabet and color• Material and user friendlydesign•Simple, fast and easy to use• Support text to speech withstandardEnglish voice• Import text files• Record voice and write tonote•Backup and recover data
Notepad 1.19
This is a really simple notepad application which is as easy touseas a notepad. Just put your notes to the notepad which growsandshrinks automatically to fit your needs.Just launch thenotepadapplication and start typing. Swipe left and right tochangepages.Native Android copy & paste functionality isperfectlysupported.You can also undo text deletions.Your ideas orquestionsare welcome at the Notepad Facebookpage:
Notes with Caller ID 1.0.259
Notes will give you a quick and simple note taking experience.Notonly is the note taking app simple and easy to use but alsocomeswith a to-do checklist which can quickly be shared via email,asearch function, data backup, and restore features.As a topnotesapp for Android it is packed with many great features makingitmore than just a note pad. Notes links your notes &callstogether in a powerful way. It’s the best note taking app,whichlinks your notes with your contacts so you canclick-to-calldirectly from a note. Notes app also shows the lastnote you tookon the caller. You can see it in real time while thephone isringing. This way you easily remember what you discussedearlier.More than just a note taking app, it also identifiescallers andadds the name and number to a note with just 1 click.When yourphone rings the notepad app instantly identifies callers.Even theones not in your phonebook. After you hang up our notes appgivesyou practical options like saving the identified caller toyourcontacts, calling back, or sending an SMS. Or conveniently takeanote with one click. What’s included in this free notepadapp:•Handy note search feature for the ones who take many notes •Seeyour last note on the caller during the incoming call• Create anewnote and link it to a contact – now you can click-to-calldirectlyfrom the note• Take, edit, export, and view all notepadentrieseffortlessly• Backup and restore your notes easily• Savenewcontacts to your phonebook with one click, call back or sendSMS•Identify callers and search numbers in worldwide databases with1billion+ numbers• Get warnings for millions of spam numbers
ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes 8.86
Take notes even when you don't feel like typing! Just speakyournote, and it will be saved as text. This notepad app wasdesignedto quickly jot down your ideas, with minimal hassle. And itmakesit easy to keep those ideas organized.Features:* Hands-freespeechrecognition at the press of a single button.* Searchable.Notes areindexed for fast searching.* Password protection optionfor notes.*Share notes with SMS, email, Twitter, and any other appthataccepts plain text.* Quickly add notes. If you have a slideoutkeyboard, just slide it out and start typing.* Accepts plaintextfrom other apps that share.* Password locked notes areencryptedbeyond the first 20 characters. This allows you to be abletoidentify and search for the note, while at the same time havetherest of it encrypted with the AES encryption standard. This isthesame encryption standard used by the US government and banks.*Starnotes with star filtering.* Color-code notes and filter yourlistby color.* Organize notes by category.* Deleted notes are movedtothe trash so you have a chance to restore them.Added Features:*SDCard Backup and Restore. Lets you make a backup of all yournotesand stores them encrypted on your SD card.* Continue buttonaftercreating your voice note, so you can add additional speechtext ifneeded.* Time to Breathe option - lets you choose how longto waitbefore stopping speech input.* Full Screen and popup screentexteditors.* Quotation marks. You can now say Quotation Mark anditwill place one in your note.* Carriage Return. You can sayCarriageReturn to simulate pressing the Enter key.* CategorySharing. Youcan share/export an entire category of notes.* Lightand DarkThemes.Popular uses:* Quick and easy note taking withspeech totext. Your voice is "recorded" as text. Does not functionas anactual voice recorder though.* Text editor. You can useListNote asa classic note pad, but with more speech-to-textfunctionality.*Shopping list. Great when you want to quickly makenote ofsomething you'll need at the grocery store.* Notebookorganizedwith color tabs. You can make a color note tab bylong-pressing anote and selecting "Change Tab Color".* Simplenote-taking. Manypeople prefer a notepad app that doesn't requireyou to make anaccount and upload all of your notes to a server.There is noaccount necessary with ListNote. All of your notes arestored onyour own device.* Dictation software. You can transcribeyourthoughts quickly and easily. You can then edit the result likeyouwould with any note-taking app. When you're editing the notesinthe text view, you can insert speech anywhere in the text, andevenundo the last speech input if it didn't turn out right.*Securenotes. You can create safe notes that are private. Theseprivatenotes are locked with password protection. When you lock anoteit's an easy way to encrypt text from pryingeyes.Requirements:*Google voice search is required for speech totext functionality towork. Most devices come with it pre-installed.If you don't want touse the speech recognition functions, the appis still fullyfunctional without it.
Keep My Notes - Notepad & Memo 1.35.2
Easy & simple notepad that you can use for quick notetaking,for writing a diary or as a private notebook.Features:*Offlinenotebook that you can use to write on all the notes torememberwithout the need for internet connection.* Notepad withpassword.You can make all your notes password protected.* Memoalarmreminders for your to do list or checklist notes. Thenotepadalarms of the reminders can be repeated daily, monthly oryearly.*Write notes with finger (handwritten note taking &drawings).*Take audio notes using the voice recording notepad.* Youcan setprivate note locks for specific notes or checklists withouthavingto lock the entire app.* Exchange your recorded notes thatyou takeor your diary with other apps.* Spell check text of yournotes anddiary.* Wordpad styles : bold, italic, underline,strikethrough andhighlight options.* Sticky note widget (notes forhome screen).*Speech to text notes using android voicerecognition.* Pictureattachments for notes.* Notepad with no lines(no lines under thetext of your note).* Light theme and dark theme.Choose the themeyou are most comfortable with when writing notes.*Adjust the textfont color used for writing notes or diary.* Controlthe text sizeused when writing notes.* Offline backup and restoreof all yourrecorded notes.* Lite notepad app that opens and loadsquickly.*Can be used in portrait mode for android phones andlandscape modefor android tablets.* Free diary app & notepadfor androidphones and android tablets.Check the frequently askedquestionsection on the website beforeaskingquestions: 'Keep My Notes' :
Simple Notes 4.0.0
Need to take a quick note of something to buy, an address, orastartup idea? Then this is the app you've been looking for!Nocomplicated setup steps needed, just type in what you camefor.Comes with autosave, so you will not discard your changesbymistake. Supports creating multiple independent notes.Youcanaccess the note in no time by using the customizable andresizablewidget, which opens the app on click.Contains no ads orunnecessarypermissions. It is fully opensource, providescustomizablecolors.This app is just one piece of a bigger series ofapps. Youcan find the rest of them at
(R) Notepad - easy color notes 2.2.5
(R) Notepad easy memoI have the ability to share noteswithcategories and color folder notes. (R) folder notes are usefulformanaging schedulesFeatures of Color notes 1)I cantakenotesFeatures of Color notes 2)You can organize your notesintocategories and manage them.There are several categories ofto-do,general notes, shopping lists, passwords, books, sports,travel,etc.Tasks and shopping lists are also important featuresthat youcan check to see if your notes are completeFeatures ofFolder notes3)If you have a large category and you have a largenumber ofnotes, you can manage them in large groups.Notepadfunction 4)Ihave sorting, bookmarking, importance andremindersNotenotification feature lets you mark important materialin the topnotification barFeatures of notes 5)You can share noteswith emailsor sns by sharing on the detail screen of notes.Notepadfunction6)Can I back up and restore notes?Notepad function 7) Youcan copythe contents of the note to the clipboard. notepad function8)Colornote featuresI can color the notesYou can alsocolor-categorizeyour memo list.Functions of folder notes 9)You cancreate variousfolders under the parent category, you can also sortfolders bycolor, and you can adjust the output order by adjustingthe numberswith the priority function.Function of color folder memo10)Colornotes have an alarm function, so if you set the date andtime ofthe year, the corresponding color memo will be displayed asa popupat the specified time. It is useful to set the color memocontentswith the meeting scheduleHave a good time ~It has beendeveloped toallow the users to use it with ease.Thank you for usingit(easycolor, folder notepad)~------------------------------------------------ Otherdevicerestore 1. File download ( email or drive ,,, )2. Position :copy___ /storage/emulated/0/misonote/miso_note_history.db Pleaseusefile manager ~ 3. Restore Thank you very much for using~
Evernote – Organizer, Planner for Notes & Memos
Let Evernote change the way you organize your personalandprofessional projects. Evernote is the only organizer andplannernotebook app you need in your life: take notes, create to-dolists,add images, scan documents with your camera, takehandwrittennotes, make sketches and more! Edit, share andcollaborate on yournotes automatically between your phone, tablet,and computer."UseEvernote as the place you put everything … Don’task yourself whichdevice it’s on—it’s in Evernote" – The New YorkTimes

“When itcomes to taking all manner of notes and getting workdone, Evernoteis an indispensable tool.” – PC Mag


Evernotegives you the tools you need to keep your workeffortlesslyorganized:
• Write, collect and capture ideas assearchable notes,notebooks, memos, checklists and to-do lists. It’sthe only planneryou need.
• Take notes in a variety of formats,including: text,sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippingsand more
• Usecamera capture to easily scan and comment on piecesof paper,including printed documents, business cards, handwritingandsketches
• Attach Microsoft Office docs, PDFs and photos
•Organizeyour receipts, bills and invoices
• Use Evernote as adigitalnotepad and easy-to-format word processor for all yourthoughts andmemos as they come

Evernotegives you theability to sync and comment on content across alldevices:
• Synceverything automatically across any computer, phoneortablet 
• Start your task working on one device andcontinueon another without ever missing a beat

Evernotegives you the tools to share and collaborateproductively withothers:
• Create, share and discuss with thepeople who help getyour work done, all in one app
• Get inspiredand brainstormcreative ideas by working collaboratively

• Make personal checklists to keep yourthoughtsorganized 
• Set reminders to keep on top ofactivities andwrite to-do lists
• Gather, capture and store everythought youneed to stay productive
• Plan events such as holidays,weddings orparties• Use it as a planner to organize your life.•Write notesand memos on the go with the easy-to-usenotepad.

• Create agendas, write memos andcraft presentations.Use it as your ultimate planner at work.
•Annotate documents withcomments and thoughts during team meetings,then share withcolleagues 
• Get your projects underway fasterand maximizeproductivity by letting multiple participants accessand work ondifferent aspects alongside each other

•Keep up with lecture notes so you don’t miss a vitalthought
• Clipand highlight articles from the web for academicresearch
• Planand collaborate for better academic group work
•Discuss andannotate notes and drafts

AccessEvernoteeasier and faster using the Home screen widget


Alsoavailablefrom Evernote:

EVERNOTE PREMIUM - The ultimateworkspace.
• 10GB of new uploads each month• Unlimited number ofdevices
• Accessyour notes and notebooks offline
• Save emails toEvernote
• Searchinside Office docs and attachments
• AnnotatePDFs
• Scan anddigitize business cards
• Show notes aspresentations,instantly
$7.99 monthly, $69.99 annually

Price mayvary bylocation. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit cardthroughyour Google account. Your subscription will automaticallyrenewunless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of thecurrentperiod. You will not be able to cancel the subscriptiononceactivated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings.
Notes Taking 1.1.5
This application is advanced, lightweight, and handy whichallowsyou to take control of your notes and give you the best notetakingexperience. The most graceful, efficient and powerfulapplicationwhich is clean and realistic high-tech smartest designresembles toandroid phone model, with the smartest design andfastest startup,it definitely outruns the real Notepad.All yournotes in one placeand with you, anywhere, Notes taking is a digitalnotebook for yourto-do lists, lecture and meeting notes or anythingyou want toorganize or remember. Notes is a good helper to manageyourschedules and notes. It gives you a quick and simplenotepadediting experience when you write notes, memo, email,message,shopping list and to do list. It makes to take a noteeasier thanany other notepad and memo application. This is a new,contentedand simple application right on your Android. Notes takingisalways at your hand, you just have to write down what you wanttodo or what you don't want to forget, you may even do not saveit,it would do it for you, so Keep works on your phone,tablet,computer and android cell phone. Everything you addsynchronizeacross all of your devices so your thoughts are alwayswithyou.When we stay outdoor, and need to memorize something withtextor drawing immediately, we have to find a piece of paper and apen.From now on, you can do that with this app. You just launchthisapplication, this application has attractive and stylishbuttonswith easy-to-use editor screen and automatic functionalityofsaving notes that allows you to capture and organize yourideas.Notes taking - Text Editor is the simple application to open,edit,delete, rename and save text files to and from the SDcard.KeyFeatures:- Automatically save notes- Advanced FileManagerApplication- Working like Notepad- Simple Text Editor- Youcan havelengthy Notes.- Easy-to-use- Create and update notes.-Handy-Attractive and stylish buttons- Save notes in SD card©TGITechnology Software* Please contact the support email forreportingbugs or problems so we can fix them as quickly aspossible.- Morefeatures will be added. Stay in touch!
Note Everything 4.2.11
A note (notepad) application where you can create text-, voice-andpaint-notes. Your notes can be organized in folders. You cancreateshortcuts on home, send notes, use live folders & muchmore!Getthe Pro-Add-On for more features!Imports your Palm /OutlookMemos!Contact me if you have problems!
Notepad 1.185
If you need to lock your notes,I recommend that you use itwithAppLock.If your phone spec is low,For safe use Turn offautoupdates in the play store settings. Backup/Restore:- Insettings,tap the cloud icon. Change/Delete Category:- In settings,tap orlong press an item of list.Add Category:- In settings, tapthe penicon on title bar. Writing the Normal note:- In the notelist, tapthe red pen.Writing the Important note:- In the note list,longpress the red pen.Using the notes to the todo list / checklist.-In the note list, tap a note then tap check-list icon.- ItsupportsAndroid 4.1 or later. Select-mode of note list:- Tap thescissorsicon on title bar.Standard-mode of note list:- Tap the penicon ontitle bar. checking All items:- In the select list, longpress aunchecked item.unchecking All items:- In the select list,longpress a checked item. Delete a note:- In the normal list,longpress a item.Delete notes:- In the select list, choose itemsthentap the red scissors.Exchange text:- In the select list, selecttwoitems then tap the red scissors. Using the read mode:- In thenotelist, tap a item then drag to the left or right.Copy or Sharethetext:- Press the body of note view.Change the type of thereadmode:- In settings, tap the option icon.
Uni Notes 4.2.0
This app lets you to create and save your notes, such as ashoppinglist, quick notes, and more.Main Features:* The ability towriteany text notes* Saving notes to your phone* Editing any savednote*Coloring notes* Share notes* Removing a note* Drag&dropmovingnotes in the list* Simple colored widgets * Backup andrestorenotes to local storage or to Google Drive* You can locktheapplication with a password* Simple design and quick startofapplication* The app is free of charge.* Application interfaceisin Czech, Slovak or English (according to system settings)* Noadon notes list end editorAnd much more is being added ...Usingthisnotebook is really simple and practical.If you want to help mewithtranslations to another languages, please contact meatvyvoj@uniplex.czIf you want to use backup and restore feature,youmust grant the application permission to write and readthestorage.If you want to use backup to Google Drive, you havetogrand the internet permission
NOTEBOOK - Take Notes, Sync 4.3.3
'Google PlayStore's Best App of 2017’- with this beautifully simple note-taking app. A Macapp,an iOS app and web clippers for Chrome, Firefox andSafari arealso available. You can log into to viewand take notes online.*TAKENOTES*Notebook provides different waysto take notes and captureyour thoughts.- Write notes. Start with atext, add images,checklists, and audio, all in the same text note.-Createchecklists to get stuff done with the dedicated checklistnote.-Record voice notes with the audio note.- Capture momentsusing thededicated photo note.- Scan documents and add toNotebook.-Attach Microsoft documents, PDF, and otherfiles.*ORGANIZENOTES*Keep yourself and your work organized.-Organize variousnotes into notebooks.- Create notecard stacks bygrouping notestogether.- Reorder your notes within a notebook.-Move or copy yournotes between notebooks.- Search within a notebookor acrossnotebooks.- Securely lock your note with passwords of yourchoice.-Use your Touch ID to unlock notes.*SYNC ACROSSDEVICES*Access yourwork anywhere and everywhere with Notebook'sability to syncyour notes to the cloud.- Synchronize all yournotes and notebooksacross devices and to the cloud.- Take anote on one device,add to it from another. Be it a device or atablet or a computer orbrowsers, you name it and we have your notesthere.*NOTABLEGESTURES*Unlike the other colorful premium notepadapps, theintimate joy of Notebook comes from using the app.- Swipeyournotebook or note for additional information.- Pinch to groupnotesinto a stack.- Flick to find the note you need.- In landscapeview,pinch to fold group notes like an accordion.*CUSTOMIZEYOURNOTEBOOK*Notebook provides numerous ways to customize yournotes.-Change the color of your notes.- Choose a notebook cover orcreateyour own.- View your notes in either grid or landscapestyleviews.- Continue recording audio on any screen of yourandroiddevice.*SHARE YOUR NOTES*Notebook provides different ways toshareyour ideas.- Share your notes through email and othersupportingapps.- Export notes as PDF and share it withothers.*ANDROIDEXCLUSIVE*- Notebook Widget: View your last 20modified notesacross notebooks and find options to quickly createnotes from thewidget.- Access any notebook or note with a singleclick bycreating a shortcut.- Multi Window Support for mobiledevicesrunning Android 7.0 and above.- Create notes while you're inameeting with Google Assistant Integration. Ask Google Assistantto’Take Note’ to instantly create a note.- Print any noteusingGoogle Cloud Print or any other preferred configurations.-Quicklycreate notes using 'Launcher Shortcuts'. A long press on theappicon will reveal note creation options.*NOTEBOOK WEB CLIPPER*-Abeautiful, customizable Clean View for more focused readingwhileviewing articles.- Clip page links to create Smart Cards.-Cropphotos and screenshots and save them to Notebook.*NOTEBOOKFORSTUDENTS*- Record entire lectures using Audio Card.-Drawdiagrams and take handwritten notes during discussions withSketchCard.- Scan your reference books and make them availableforlater. - Clip research content and web pagelinks usingNotebook Web Clipper.*NOTEBOOK IN DAY-TO-DAY LIFE*-Stay up-to-datewith your daily tasks.- Sketch down your creativitywithout anysecond thought.- Effectively plan trips, weddings,andparties.- Make Notebook your daily journal.*PRICE*Notebookis100% FREE. No catch. No advertisements either. No plus,premiummodal like other leading note taking apps. Boostyourproductivity for free.
Just Note 1.3.5
Just Note is simple and elegant Text Editor. It is not onlysimplebut also fulfil what the most smartphone user really need.Quickand easy to write down every note, every moment,especiallyimportant note. Just Note can store and maintain yournotes. Createnote as easy as modify it and delete it.Flat design isa theme forJust Note. It give a focus what user really need. JUSTNOTEit. Current Version 1.3.4 (multi language support): *Czech*German* France* Indonesia* Japanese* Korean* Slovak*ChineseJustNote is updating continuously to get closely what youneed.We hear- consider - finally put it into Just Note.
Notepad 2.0.381
Notepad is an easy to use notes app for Android. Our fastnotetaking app allows you to take quick notes on the go, andisspecially optimized for taking notes after phone calls withease.Pen and paper are being replaced by fast note taking appsandNotepad is one of the best notes apps in its class. ThesmartCaller ID of our notepad app instantly identifies who iscallingeven if the caller isn’t in your phonebook. After you hangup thecall, save the new contact info or write down a note withjust oneclick. Effortlessly edit and share your notes using emailandSMS.Notepad is a notes app for Android that gives you a quickandsimple note taking experience. It is not only simple and easytouse, but also comes with a to-do checklist which can quicklybeshared via email, a search function, data backup, andrestorefeatures. Our notepad app is always at hand, since it liveson yourafter-call screen making it easy to jot down notes, orsearch forold ones, directly after every call.Notepad app keyfeatures:•Notebook feature to write, collect and capture ideas assearchablenotes, to-do checklists• Take quick call notes and sharethemeasily • Backup and restore your notes anytime• Handy notesearchfeature for the ones who take many notes• Real-time CallerID:Always know who’s calling• Spam warning: Get warnings formillionsof spam numbers worldwide
Ultimate Notepad
This lightweight Notepad application serves all your notetakingneeds by providing a crisp user interface, the ability tosearchnotes, prioritization, color-coding and capability to back-upandrestore notes through import/export via SD Card.FeaturesInclude:-Prioritize Notes- Color-code Notes- Autosave option-Dictation (ifyour device supports it)- Read Notes Back- Easy to UseScreens-Search Capability- Import / Export to SD CardPlease sendusfeedback at*** If you like Ultimate Notepad,getthe Pro version without Ads ***
Sticky Notes ! 33
DroidVeda LLP
Sticky Notes! is the ultimate application to create sticky notesandreminders on your Android device. Designed to take notesandnavigate with minimum clicks and taps, Sticky Notes beatseveryother note taking app in ease of use and speed. Multiple fontsanddifferent text sizes make it even more friendly to use. Youcanassign labels to your Notes and organize them easily.Put yourwittythoughts on a sticky image and easily share it on social mediafromnow on. You can swipe through the stickies for quicknavigation.And with the new reminder feature, you will never forgetatask.Searching through your stickies is faster than ever usingthesearch button. You can even search your stickies directly fromyourHome screen by including the search results in the GoogleSearchwidget.It is complemented by two simple widgets so that youcanalways have a quick access to your stickies right from yourHomescreen.Features:* Elegant UI - quick access to create, edit,searchand share sticky notes.* Swipe between stickies forfasternavigation.* Set reminders with your preferred ring tone andcustomvolume.* Multiple colors for stickies.* Cool themes.* Homescreen& Lock screen widgets.* Easily sort and organize.*Multiplefonts and different sizes.* Tablet friendly.* Easily shareyourstickies to Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS* Create coolstickyimages and share easily. Integrated Facebook to enablepostingwithout native Facebook app.* Text to speech to read outyournotes.* Backup and Restore feature using Dropbox Account tocreatea backup of stickies and restore later to prevent dataloss.*Labels - for easy filtering and organizing your notes toavoidclutter.NOTE: Phone state permission is used only to reducethealarm volume if a phone call is in progress.Have a nice timeusingStick Notes!
Daily Notes, Notepad, Note 1.9.9
Daily Notes is a simple and handy notepad app.Take notes,addreminders, email, message, shopping list, photos and notes,videosand notes to prepare you a fast and easy audio recording andnotesis a notepad.Daily Notes is easier than any other notepadandreminder application.-- Features --* Sticky Note widget* Ortoprepare a shopping list of things to do* Preparing a programonCalendar* Note encryption and locking* Backup memory card* ListorGrid view* Note on search* Reminder System* Convert notes to Txtorpdf.* Save txt or pdf files as notes.* Note that your SMS,e-mailor to share via twitter-- Description --Daily Notes, Text,Photo,Video, Audio Recording and checklists form of note-takingsupportsfive different formats.You can add notes as you want fromthe listwhen you open the application notes.Your notes will besaved withthe record button or the back button when you havefinished yourediting.Warning: If you experience any problems withthe upgrade tothe Premium version, you can follow the directions toSettings /Feedback / AboutBuy and fill out the form and send ittous.PermissionsWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE* To save files such asphotos,videos, audio recordings you created intheapplication.RECORD_AUDIO* To add a voice recording toyournote.GET_ACCOUNTS* To purchase a premium version or to backuptoGoogle Drive.CAMERA* To add a photo to your note.Notepad,Notes,Color, colors photo, voice, video, Note, daily, shoppinglist,calendar, notepad, notes, note
Notes - Notepad 1.4
Notes - Notepad is an intuitive, lightweight Notepadapplicationserves all your note taking needs.It gives you a quickand simplenotepad editing experience when you write notes, memo,email,message, shopping list and to do list. It makes to take anoteeasier than any other notepad and memo apps.FeaturesInclude:-Auto-saved.- Simply search notes using text.- Create notesfromother apps, using 'share'.- Reserve your notes withimport/exportfunction.- Simple Navigation
Diaro - Diary, Journal, Notes, Mood Tracker 3.50.7
Diaro is a multi-platform diary app, designed to recordyouractivities, daily events, appointments, experiences,thoughts,secrets and ideas throughout the day and sync data acrossall yourdevices. It helps you organize your daily diary / journalentriesor notes from the past in the easiest way.Powerful searchisavailable to help you find diary entries by any keyword inthetitle or text and filter results by date, folder, tags orlocation.Preserve your special memories, store personal moments&memories or keep track of your life with help of Diaro. Diarocaneasily be used as a classic diary, travel journal, moodtracker,simple note editor, business planner, daily expense trackeror evenas diet journal. It can be used as a greatuniversaldiary.Features: - Lock & Protect your private diaryentrieswith a PIN, Security code or fingerprint- Organize diary /journalentries using folders and tags- Multilingual UI(30+languages),adapted for phones, tablets and web- Attach & storeunlimitedamount of photos in your dairy- Personalize UI withdifferent UIcolors & Themes- Protect Privacy with dataencryption &passcode - Powerful search and filter functions -Cloud storage& Sync (Dropbox)- Share diary entries and photosvia Email,SMS, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.- Quickly create a new diaryentry fromthe notification bar icon or widget
- Automaticgeotagging for newdiary entries- Multi-window mode (if supported bydevice)- Locationand maps - Backup diary entries for easy recovery& restoreeasily - Calendar view for easy navigation &overview of dialyentries- Swipe between your diary entries - DiaryMood tracker& Weather - Lock with fingerprint or passcodeDiaroPROFeatures: - Sync your diary across all your devices andDiaroOnline using your Dropbox account- Export to PDF and printthem viaDiaro Online- Ad-Free Premium Experience- Priority CustomerSupportDiaro Online You can access your Diaro diary entries onlineon anydevice using web browser: https://diaroapp.comDiaroOnlinefeatures: - Export your entries to PDF , DOCX, or as TXTfile-Import data from other popular diary apps : Journey,Evernote,Catch Notes, Flava, Google Keep, Momento, Day Oneapps-MultilingualLearn More - Facebook: F.A.Q.: Web: diaroapp.comAbout Diaro Diaro is thesmart,intuitive and most secure way to keep a personal diary.Trusted bymillions of users worldwide, download now for free andkeep yoursecret diary, diet diary logs, travel diary with stories,photosand maps or daily life diary notes securely. Need Help?FindtheFAQs in the Help & Support or contact
WikiMind note lite 1.5.0
The value of memo rises when you read it. WikiMind helps youtocompose 'readable memo'. You can read your memo effectivelywithWikiMind.By using simple wiki syntax, you can expresstitle,headlines, numbering, indentation, bold, italic, etc. Itreallyhelps you to read your memo.And you can also use the linkfunctionto jump to web site, google maps, or other WikiMinddocument.Attach your photo also available.It also have manycustomizeoptions. You can configure this application foryourconveniences.Features:- Manage documents * Tab and hold on afileor folder in browser screen. You can see the filemanagementfunctions in the context menu * All documents are normaltext file.So you can manage or edit in your PC easily * Supportexternalmemory (Preferences -> General)- Support the Wikisyntax- Selectthe start document. If you select the start document,WikiMindshows it whenever you execute * Select the start documentinPreferences -> General- Link to other WikiMind document,Phonedial, Google Maps, or web pages * In the editor screen, usewikitag or 'Link -> Other documents' in the bottom edittoolbar-Attach photo from web or in your device * In the editorscreen, usewiki tag or 'Link -> Attach Image' in the bottom edittoolbar-Attach photo from camera directly (Only in full version) *In theeditor screen, use wiki tag or 'Link -> Attach Image ->Usecamera' in the bottom edit tool bar * WikiMind launches thecameraand attach it directly in the document- Insert frequentlyusingwords easily with macros * Configure the macro in the'Preferences-> Macros' * In the edit screen, press the 'Menu'button andselect 'Edit' menu. You can find the date/time macro anduserdefined macros * You can configure your macro with somereservedword to insert date/time easily- Edit/Navigation toolbars,andflexible configurations * Apply the wiki tags easily withedittoolbar * move between the linked documents with topnavigationtoolbar (like web browser)- Encrypt document- Encryptfolder (Onlyin full version) * Encrypt documents in the selectedfolder * Newdocument created in the encrypted folder also encrypted* Configuresecurity level for access the encrypted folder(Preferences ->General)- Generate table of contents * Select'Menu -> Table ofcontents' in the view/edit screen * Generatetable of contentsautomatically with headings- Configure the powermanagement. Itdoesn't screen off when you didn't enter anything *Configure it in'Preferences -> General'- Full text search- Linkto externalfilesIf you have any question or requirements, pleasevisit my blogor send me a mail.
Password Notes 1.3
Password Notes is a secure, elegant notepad app withpasswordprotect. It gives you a private, quick and simple notepadeditingexperience when you write notes, memo, email, message,shoppinglist and to do list. Most importantly, in terms ofsecurity, wehave done the ultimate.Features:Pattern passwordprotection, it isvery safe;Super password;Invisible patternpassword;Mark note withdifferent color;Automatically link phonenumber/URLs innotes;2x2,4x4 widget;......
Folhuvaiy 0.8.1
Folhuvaiy (n.) The rule/lines drawn on a notebook.Folhuvaiy isasimple Thaana note-taking and text editing app. It is designedtohelp people compose and store quick notes and simple documentsinDhivehi language.Some key features:+ Compose new notes+Emailnotes+ Bulk rename / delete+ Open text shared from other appsinFolhuvaiy for quick editing+ Share Folhuvaiy documents byemail+Full screen mode+ change font sizeAll documents are stored onyourSD-Card in plain text, so you can back them upasnecessary.Dropbox/Drive sync may be added later.App graphicsbyAhmed Karam (@bandey)
Notepad 2.6.1
Kamal Faraj
• Keep it simpleCreate a note in one click, it will automaticallybesaved on your device.Access all your notes at one glance.Archiveordelete notes when you are done with it.• Make it personalChangethecolor of notes to highlight what matters.Sort notes by datecreated,date modified or by color.• Google accountSign in withyour Googleaccount to sync your notes.• Android WearAccess allyour notes fromyour wearable.• Other featuresAdd reminders andreceivenotifications.Add widget to home screen.Share notes withotherapps.Open a link directly from a note.• FreeThis app is freeandcontains no advertising.If you like it, please take a moment torateit.
Cute Memo: Cloud Sticky Notes 1.2.0
Keeping track of your notes and memos have never been this cuteandconvenient! This simple app lets you organize your notes andplacethem anywhere on your home screen, where you can easily viewandaccess them. Use this app to create to-do lists, shoppinglists,and reminders, or jot down notes with ease!Personalize yournotesby changing background themes, add some adorable stickers, orevenuse your own photos as your memo's background! Use the app toalertyou of deadlines or important dates by setting an alarm to amemo.What's more, this memo widget app is unique that you can syncitwith Google Task and Evernote.Now, you will no longer havetoforget or miss anything important!Key Features:⭐ With but afewtaps, you can easily create cute memos on your homescreen!⭐Features synchronization with Google Task, which means it'salsovisible on Google Calendar and any service integrated withGoogleTask⭐ Sync with your Evernote account! Evernote tags can beaddedto your memos!⭐ Turn any photo from your device into amemobackground, or take a photo instantly and apply it asyourbackground with just a few taps.⭐ Get alerted of deadlinesorimportant dates by setting an alarm to a note. The app willringyou when the time is due!⭐ Share your memos with anyone, anytimelike a label or a sticker! Greet your loved ones with abirthdaynote! ⭐ Features dropbox backup and restore.⭐ Very cute!youmay usethis app as: stickies,sticky notes,notes,memopad,widget,desktopmemo,floating notes, photo memo, post it or homescreen memo
Classic Notes Pro - Notepad 1.0.42
Fluffy Delusions
- A Simple Note-Taking App for Android, Plus More TinyUtilitiesThan You’ll Know What to Do With - Lifehacker- Like aBetter iPhoneNotes App for Your Android Phone - App of the Day @Gizmodo- Doesjust about everything, and walks your dog - DroidDog-Is the mostfunctional, usable, versatile app I've ever come across-AndroidGuys- The Magical Memo Pad that Doubles as a Utility Belt!-Androidtapp- Manages to provide a minimalistic interfacethatdoesn’t sacrifice quality - App of the Day @ Phandroid- SimpleYetRich In Features - TalkandroidThank you to the great peopleatstands4 ( for the API usage!Classic Notesisdesigned as an easy to use notepad application yet powerful atthesame time. Additionally, this notepad includes severaladditionalmini apps (found in extras). Common utilities such asunit andcooking conversions, finance and audio calculators are nowallreadily available inside one app. Additionally, all info fromtheseapps can be easily saved as notes for future reference.ClassicNotes also features todo and shopping / grocery lists. *Exportdatabase to SD or online* Trash / recycle bin - Accidentallydeletea note? No problem, just head into the trash and get itback*Individual note history - revert back to any point in anoteslifetime* Unit converter with 95 categories to choose fromandnearly 3500 individual units* Audio calculators for frequency,BPM,loop length* Random - A feature rich random number generatorcancreate random numbers, passwords, sequences, names, quotes,andeven lists used for lotto numbers.* Fuel cost* Tools for lineandword operations and manipulation, case conversions, PigLatin,Morse code and much more * Finance - Over 150financialcalculators* Share notes easily via email, SMS, and so on*TTS -notepad supports text to speech* Add memos to GoogleCalendar*Status bar - easily pin notes to your status bar for quickaccess*Home screen shortcuts - Link notes and lists to your homescreen*Media - easily attach images and videos to notes fromgallery orcamera* Sketch / finger paint notes - Use your finger tocreatepictures* Lock note with passwords* File attachments - link afileon your device to a note* Geotag - Easily tag your memos basedonlocation* Content search - search through all notes orindividualones * Priority - Notepad allows to set priority of bothnotes andlists to sort based on urgency* Reminders / Alarms -Easily setreminders for your notes* Abbreviations* Time stamp -create customtime-stamps to insert into your notes* Dictionary andthesaurus -Easily look up a word from right inside your notes!*Example wordusage* Slang* Spelling Suggestions* Stopwatch* Rhymingwords -Found in notepad extras this is helpful for musicians *Phrases*Fitness - Basal metabolic rate (BMR), body fat, body massindex(BMI), daily caloric intake, max heart rate, nne rep max(1RM),target heart rate, waist to hip ratio, water intake* Ohm'slaw -resistance, voltage, current* System information:- Batterylevelpercentage, status, health- SD card total size, availablespace-Memory usage - total and available memory-Processor/CPUinformation- Network information ip address, wifi& mobilestate- GPS status* Holidays* URL shortener* Bulletedlists* Daysuntil countdown* Timzone - Fetch timezone data innotepad extras*Folders - Easily organize your notes into folders*Airport codes*Countdown Timer* Comments - Notes support commentssome timereferred to as sub notes* Recipe of the day* Flashlight*Hotstrings- This notepad feature allows for quick access to easilyinsertcommonly typed phrases into your notes
Memory Helper : To do list notepad 57
Do you easily forget things?Try using the Memory Helperapp!Writedown your list of things to do!Be reminded everytime youturn onyour phone!Don't forget things you have to do fromnowon!Particularly useful for:- Those who frequently forget todothings
Notepad 2.4
Notepad a new, comfortable and simple notepad right on yourAndroid.Notepad is always at your hand, you just have to writedown what youwant to do or what you don't want to forget, you mayeven do notsave it, it would do it for you.Choose any color youwant to writenotes, also you do have a chance to share notes withfriends orrelatives. If you like to leave a lot of articles and donot knowwhere is the one you want? Your new notebook will finditeasilyNotepad is fine for students in writingcribsheets.Features:- Search notes, drawings- Automatically savenotes-Save images into SD in notepad folder- Painting the choice ofcolorand brush size- The intensity of the brush saturation andcolortransparency- Undo in painting- Edit the name of the picture,ornote- Eraser is used to remove areas of color from the activelayeror selection of this layer, leaving behind transparency.-Supportsplotting boards for sketching, like a graffiti in touchwith choiceof color, thickness, intensity- The "Add Bookmark" willhelp you toput Desktop shortcut of your note or drawing as areminder.-Drawing, Color picker- Photo notes drawing- Photo notestext- Voicenote- Reminders- Shopping list- Gallery notes-Background color-Backup/import/export to SD cardAutomatic backupschedule daily /weekly /- Video Notes- Password ProtectionAre you acreativeperson? You need to not only record your ideas but also dosketchesas a picture, then this new notepad is for you!With thisfeature,you can quickly and easily create notes as sketches,drawings, ormake a note in the form of handwriting.Bright paletteand vibrantcolors will help you to express all your feelings in thetime ofthe drawing.An excellent option for the manuscript is adeviceGalaxy Note 5 with its pen, you can create amasterpiece.Fast,easy, beautiful and accessible at any time. Thisis what you need
A simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you a quick andsimplenotepad editing experience when you write notes, memos,e-mails,messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Quickly capturewhat’s onyour mind and get a reminder later at the right place ortime. Graba photo of a poster, receipt or document and easilyorganize orfind it later in search. Easily to capture a thought orlist foryourself, and share it with friends and family.Features:-Organizenotes by color, it is a colory notebook tool - Sticky notememowidget, Put your notes on your home screen- Checklist notes forTodo list & Shopping list. Quick and simple list maker-Checklistnotes to get things done - Organize your schedule by noteincalendar- Write a diary and journal in calendar- Password Locknote: Protect your notes with passcode- Secured backup notes toSDstorage- Supports online back up and sync. You can syncnotesbetween phone and tablet.- Reminder notes on status bar-List/GridView- Search notes- Powerful task reminder : Time Alarm,All day,Repetition- Quick memo / notes- Share notes via SMS, e-mailorTwitter
Private Notepad - notes and lists 4.0.1
Private notepad will help you to store your notes organized andwellprotected. Create notes and to-do lists, group it with labelsandprotect with password and encryption!Features:- Everything willbesaved with automatic saving- Make to-do lists easily- Protectyournotes with password, PIN-code or pattern- Enable dataencryptionwith AES standard which is used in banking systems- Beaware of anyperson who tried to learn your secrets: the app willtake a pictureof a burglar after several unsuccessful attempts ofpasswordentering- Tired of typing the password each time? Accessyour noteswith one touch using fingerprint access (Android 6.0+)-Enablesyncing with Google Drive for automatic backups uploading-Set timereminders to remember important things- Group your notestogetherwith labels- Export your notes to PDF or TXT files andsend it viamessenger or email- Switch between light and darkthemesPermissions:- Camera is required for taking picture whenincorrectpassword is entered- Access to accounts is required foruploadingbackups to Google Drive- Network access is required foruploadingbackups to Google Drive and loading ads- Access to devicestorage isreauired for exporting backups and PDF files to thephone memory-Run at startup is requried for resetting remindersafter devicereboot
Json Genie (Editor) 1.1.0
Json Genie is a JSON editor that was created by the need ofadeveloper. Really, really fastIt is ridiculously fast, whichwasreally important while creating the app. Our tests reveal thatitopens a 2 MB json file in under a second. We even did testswithfiles over 50 MB and Json Genie handled them without asweat.View,edit, add, clone & remove objects/arrays/valuesJsonGenieallows full reign over your json files. You canclonearrays/objects/values, you can add new arrays/objects/values,editexisting ones and even remove arrays/objects/valuesCreate/openfromsd, url, text, dropbox, ... Because Json Genie uses thedefaultAndroid way of opening files, it can open a json file fromallsources available on your Android phone (Dropbox, Drive, SD,...).You can even copy/paste your custom json text or openaURL.Share/save your json filesPowerful filterEasily findtheelements you want by using the easy to use filter option.Setasdefault json handlerEasily open json files fromvariousapplications by setting Json Genie as your default jsonhandler.
My Notes 1.4.7
With My Notes App you can save your notes everyday. With it youcanorganize all your notes in one place. In the application youcanset colors for your notes. This notebook is super intelligent,itcan recognize links, phones and email.FunctionalityNotepad:-Create quick notes- Add color to your notes- Add orcapture photosto your notes- Recognition links in your notes-Shortcut to createnotes quickly- Possible receive text and sharinglinks- Search innotesThis is the best notebook to make notes.