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* This app requires Device Admin privileges to implement the"Screenoff and lock" feature.* This app uses accessibility servicetoimplement some features.* The video is from an articleofWonderHowTo:!Somefeaturesof this application are implemented by non-open(unofficial) API ofAndroid framework.This means that they are notguaranteed to workproperly on all Android devices.Please do notgive less stars justbecause it does not work onyourdevice.---------------------------------------------------Youcancreate more shortcuts with this app.Currently supportedshortcuts:- Activities - Hidden activities cannot be access inlaunchers-Contents - Opennable content such as Video, Photo, Audio,Documentsand so on.- Flash - Turn on the flash (camera light) whenyou clickthe shortcut.- Screen off and lock- Internet URL- Ringermode:mute, vibrate, normal- wifi/mobile data: on/off (not supportedonLollipop)- Bluetooth: on/off- Expand notification/settingspanel-Open recent apps- Screen brightness- Advanced- and so on...
Activity Launcher
This Android App launches hidden activities and creates homescreenshortcuts for installed apps.This project still lacks afewfeatures and translation. You are welcome tocontibute!Translationsare hosted under
Icon Changer free
The easiest way to decorate your android.Icon Changer istheapplication that makes shortcut with a new icon at homescreen.Iconcan be chosen from gallery and lots of icon packs.Youcan decorateyour phone!** HOW TO USE **1. Execute ICON CHANGER2.Chooseapplication or activity to change icons3. Choose an imagefromgallery / icon package4. Icon will be changed!!!!If youhaveissues, send any crash reports if you can.or please email mecrashdetails.The changed icon will come on the homescreen.Icon doesnotchange permanently.Therefore don't worry about restoring.Ifyouhave an issue with Icon Changer, please do not write a reviewofthe app saying "it didn't work" — this does not help us improvetheapp. Instead, please contact us we'll do our best to help. We'reconstantly improving IconChanger to make it the best app.IconChanger, Icon Change. ChangeIcons, Customize Icons, convert, icon,icons, change, customize,change icon, Theme GO Launcher EX, ADWTheme, go theme
Shortcut maker for DocumentsUI
This app allows you to create shortcut to DocumentsUI(defaultnative Android File Explorer) for Android 7.0 Nougat. Thisapp willalso work on Android 8.0 but without icon andnamecustomizations.On Android 7.0 you can customize name and colorofthe shortcut icon.I tested it with Google Pixel phone andGooglePixel C tablet and it works great.After you create yourshortcut,you can uninstall this app.On August 28, 2017 I addedsupport forandroid 8.0 (Oreo).If you are on Android 8.0, you won'tbe able tocustomize the icon appearance - instead, this app will beyour"shortcut" to the default (embedded) file explorer. The appwilldetect if you are on Android 8.0 and then it willautomaticallylaunch default (embedded) file explorer and closeitself.Pleaseleave a review or rating if you like this app.Thanks.Enjoy!
Holo Launcher
New Holo Launcher based on the Marshmallow stock launcher,onlyworks on Android 4.1+ devices.If you like the old Holo Launcherforyour old devices, please find it on the Play Store.BasicFeatures:-Full material design.- Custom Desktop Pages/Grid: Up to 9desktoppages and 10 x 10 grid.- Scrollable Dock: Up to 7 icons perpageand up to 3 pages.- Infinite Scrolling- Gestures: Swipe up/downondesktop to launch apps quickly.- Customizableshortcut/foldericons- Customizable icon label color- Apply iconpacks, support ADWicon pack and Launcherpro icon pack.- Long pressto edit mode-Other Customization Options: Keep in memory, home keyaction, hideapps in drawer, hide labels, etc.Plus Features (NeedHolo LauncherPlus):* Unread count notifications for call, sms,gmail and K-9mail* Customizable notification badge color* Moredesktop gestures:Pinch in/out, Two Finger Swipe and Double-tap*Icon Swipe up/downgestures* Support Go Launcher icon pack* Moretransition effects*Widgets overlapping* Other enhancement andcustomization options
Nova Launcher 4.3.1
The highly customizable, performance driven, home screenAcceptnosubstitutes! Nova Launcher is the top launcher for modernAndroid,embracing full Material Design throughout.Nova Launcherreplacesyour home screen with one you control and can customize.Changeicons, layouts, animations and more.For my money, NovaLauncher isthe best of the AOSP-style launchers available inAndroid.--Android PoliceNova Launcher has some very capable handsbehind it--PhandroidOur favorite is Nova Launcher, which strikes agreatperfect balance between incredible performance andhighcustomizability without getting too gimmicky and difficult touse--LifehackerChock full of features you won't find in thestocklauncher, and comes highly recommended --AndroidCentral• IconThemes - Find thousands of icon themes for NovaLauncher on thePlay Store• Subgrid positioning - Much greatercontrol thanstandard launchers, Nova Launcher allows you to snapicons orwidgets half way through the desktop grid cells• Colorcontrols -for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabsandbackgrounds• Customize App Drawer - Custom tabs, VerticalorHorizontal scrolling, Custom effects• Improved Widget Drawer-Widgets grouped by app makes it much faster to use• Infinitescroll- Never far from your favorite page, loop through the desktopordrawer continuously• Backup/Restore - Sophisticatedbackup/restoresystem allowing you to backup your desktop layout andlaunchersettings• Scrollable Dock - Create multiple docks andscrollbetween them• Widgets in dock - Place any widget in yourdock, suchas a 4x1 music player widget• Import Layout - No need torebuildyour desktop from scratch, Nova Launcher can import frommostpopular launchers. Including the one that came withyourphone.• Fast - Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do it'sworkquickly and quietly, keeping the animations smooth and lettingyouuse your phone as fast as you can move your fingers.NovaLauncherPrimeUnlock the following extras by purchasing NovaLauncherPrime• Gestures - Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on thehomescreen to open your favorite apps• Unread Counts - Never missamessage. Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail andmoreusing the TeslaUnread plugin• Custom Drawer Groups - Createnewtabs or folders in the app drawer• Hide Apps - Keep a cleanappdrawer by hiding never used apps• Icon Swipes - Set customactionsfor swiping on app shortcuts or folders• More scroll effects- Suchas Wipe, Accordion, and ThrowThis app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission for optional screen off/lock functionality.
Shortcutter - Quick Settings​, Sidebar & Shortcuts
A multitude of options to access settings, actions,activities,apps, shortcuts & services in an instant from yourhome screen,quick settings pulldown or via the always on topShortcuttersidebar.English, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese,Russian,Turkish, Japanese & Chinese.Screen Record, ScreenShot,Flashlight, Floating Calculator, Weather, Round Corners,NightMode, Immersive Mode*, Countdown Timer, Data Usage,BatteryPercentage, Brightness Presets, Weather, Location, WiFi,WiFi HotSpot, Custom Apps, Custom Activities, Shortcuts & MORE!** Nowwith all new Oreo Dynamic & Pinned Shortcuts! **Pleasepayattention to the guides & contact me if you needhelp:)Compatible with Android 6.0+, Android 7.0+recommended.TheSidebar may not function correctly on some older LG6.0devices.Some functionality may be impacted by manufacturerchanges& limitationsBeta testing via Google+: OptIn; A Floating Toolbox or Swipe out SideBar- Up to 106QuickShortcuts available, including up to 30 Custom tiles(App,Activity, Shortcut & Web Link)!- Theme Customisations-CustomIcons (Feel free to mail me with any of your own)- Customsizes-Custom positionUp To 32 Exposed Launcher Shortcuts:- Allowsyou totoggle Settings & Start/Stop Shortcutter services fromyour appdrawer, home screen, HTC Edge Sense, Tasker & more!Anumber oftiles & services require elevated permissions:* Admin- ScreenLock.* Accessibility - Activity Detection, Power Menu,Recent Apps,Split Screen (N+).Quick Settings Tiles (Android N7.0+): * 82Additional Quick Settings Tiles available for thestandard user (54in the free version). * +10 Tiles for Advancedusers with a PC. *+4 tiles for users with ROOT access. That's 96Quick Setting Tilesfor the power users out there.AvailableTiles/Toggles:- Auto Sync-App Drawer/Folder- Bluetooth- BatteryPercentage- BrightnessPreset- Cast- Camera Launch- Clipboardeditor- Clicker- CountdownTimer- Dice- Data Usage- Data Speed-Expand Quick Settings- ExpandNotifications- Flashlight- FloatingCalculator- File Browser- FontScale- Keyboard / IME Selector-Location Mode: Off, Device Only,Battery Saving & HighAccuracy*- In Ear Audio- NotificationLog- Multi Window- Mute mediavolume- My Location- New Tweet- NewEmail- Next Alarm- NightLight/Desk Clock- NFC*- Power Menu-Play/Pause Music- Power Saver*-Quick SMS- Quick Reminder- RecentApps- RAM Usage- Rounded Corners-Ring Mode- Screen Wake AKACaffeine- Screen Record-- Custom videoprofile - 1080p, 720p, 480p,HIGH or QVGA- Screenshot - High Res---Custom save location forscreenshots & recordings.---Notifications with View, Share& Delete actions- Screen Timeout-Screen Brightness Mode-Speaker Audio- Screen Filter AKA Night Mode-Screen Lock -*Requires Device Admin*- Screen Orientation-Stopwatch- TouchVibration- Volume Panel- Unknown Sources- WebSearch- WiFi- WiFiHotspot- Voice Search- VPN- Weather- SystemUITuner- 20 CustomApp/Activity/Shortcut Tiles (30 in theSidebar/Toolbox) - Add ashortcut to any application, activity,shortcut on your device,assign a web address/search term or shellcommand (Root).*Shortcutto activity only if the app has no accessto settings secure.WithSettings Secure Access (Enabled with a PCcommand):- ADB- DataRoaming- Ambient/Doze Display- Heads UpNotifications- ImmersiveMode/Expanded Desktop(INCOMPATIBLE WITHMIUI)- Keep Screen On WhileCharging- Monochrome (B&W)AdditionalROOT Only Tiles:- MobileNetwork Mode- Mobile Data- Advanced PowerMenu- One handed mode-Assign shell commands to custom tilesThis appdoes not store,retain or share any personal data, all toggles aresubject tosystem availability.
MI Theme Creator
###Stop your Ads Blocker to can run it###Note: Installing themesonMIUI 9 Beta Updates is not supported. This limitation is duetoXiaomi's restrictions. You can request this featurefromXiaomi.MIUI Theme Creator is the most powerful Xiaomi (MIUI)themeCreator with its simple and awesome UI and its wide set ofoptionsto help you customizing your phone easily. It's fully freeandavailable to everyone. You can create and save your themequitefast. Never hesitate to download it.
iFont(Expert of Fonts)
The best Font Installer on Android is Coming back! The appisdesigned to install beautiful fonts on your phone. You candownloadand use hundreds of fonts to make your phone become lovely.It 'seasy to change system font! Beautiful fonts,Beautiful mood!Doyouwant let your phone has become distinctive as well asmorebeautiful?It 's easy to change system font. Integrated hundredsofexquisite lovely font, easily change the system font, thesimplechange mood! Font blossoms, personalized I dominate! Somonotonousphone interface look! Let you have a happy mood everyday, lovelife, love fonts.Font blossoms, personalized I dominate!Somonotonous phone interface look! Let you have a happy moodeveryday.Best Font Style Application for Android!Hundreds ofhandpickedfonts that works for your phone Be one of the first toget it andsurprise your friends with one of these amazing fonts;)★★★★SupportGalaxy S3,S4,Note,Note II without Root change font ,without needreboot!★★★★Select from hundreds of custom fonts toinstall systemwide! Preview, backup, install from SD card and shareyourfonts.★★★★Because Samsung limited other font,if you see 'Fontnotsupported',you may need rooted your phone first,Please do notgivenegative feedback, thank you!★★★★SupportKorean,Japanese,Arabic,Russian,French,Spanish,Vietnamese,Myanmar...fontChange the font, Change your mood!Main functions:1.SupportSamsung,XiaoMi (MIUI), Meizu,HuaWei(Emotion UI)phone perfectreplacementfont2.Support Htc, Sony, Motolora phone replacementfont(NeedRoot)3.Support to modify the font size, support forcustomfonts4.Easy to operate,eliminate the tedioussteps.5.Automaticbackup fonts easily restore the factoryfont6.Change font size,makesize from small to big.
Engineer Mode MTK Shortcut
!! Application is only for devices running MTK (MediaTek) !!Usedforeasy and fast access to the engineer menu (Engineering Mode)deviceson the platform MTK (MediaTek). Standard, built to causetheengineering menu, you need to dial *#*#3646633#*#* (forexampleonly), which is not very convenient and practical - is atinyapplication designed to eliminate this inconvenience :) - Hasaminimum size - just 25KByte. - Does not require any permits. -Donot "hanging" in memory. - No advertising.!! Application isonlyfor devices running MTK (MediaTek). If you have adifferentplatform, you will get a message that the device is notsupportedwith the proposal to uninstall this applicaton.!!!Attention 1.Ifyou can not get into the Engineer and see thefollowing message:"EM is an advanced debug mode. If you want toentry the EM, pleaseentry the developer options at settings" , thenyou need toactivate the developer mode in the device.Usually, forthis youneed to open the "Settings" - "About the phone" and findthe item"Build number", now you need to tap it 7-8 times - a pop-upmessage"Congratulations, you are a developer".After that, thesettingsshould appear "For developers" - go in and click"enable".!!!Attention 2. On some devices (basically, these are somemodels ofHuawei) manufacturers denies access to the EngineeringMenu, inconnection with which these devices will be able tofunction theprogram only with the given Root access.For those whowould like tosupport the project, offer donate-version: EngineerMode MTK donate
Mi Launcher
Upgrade the launcher on your Android device for MIUIexperience,available on all devices with Android 4.1 or higher.Thisis not theofficial MIUI launcher, it is a highly customizable,clean, MIUIlook launcher with the App Drawer.Mi Launcher features:•MIUIicons, flat design, customizable icon size• Colorfuliconbackground, disable it to use MIUI icon background•Supportthousands of icon themes on the Play Store• Customizabledesktopgrid• Lock, Unlock desktop• Infinite scrolling on desktopand dock•All apps in the Drawer, and you can hide apps• Scrollabledock,customizable dock pages and number of dock icons•Screenorientation• Set default screen for desktop• Edit shortcuticonsand text• Enable/Disable wallpaper scrolling• Resize anywidget•More customizations and options
HiFont - Cool Font Text Free + Galaxy FlipFont
Hundreds of handpicked written fonts style like cute , darker,comic , galaxy , love , pink , sexy written , color fonts ,cleanfonts , candy fonts are all for you . And it is compatiblewith thefont program on your phone ! Preview the font in Hifontbeforeinstalling it to your system . Say you stumble across a newsfontyou like. You "Digg" it , by clicking download at the end ofthepicture . If you fail to install , you can taste to installandrestart . This app compatibility is good . Every font looks neat.HiFont –Free Stylish FlipFont Text:You may download hundredsoffonts to customize your phone for FREE! Love, sweetie, colorfulasyou like. Be one of the first to get it and surprise yourfriendswith one of these amazing fonts ;) Ability compatible isthis app’sfeature . Come and become hifont’s owner . Yoo , goo ,andso onsearch platform can find Hifont . You will sense happy andlovethis app . We handpicked hundreds of most stylish andcoolestAnimoji fonts with different types, and is very easy to beapplied.A change of a font, a change of a feeling. Integratedhundreds ofexquisite lovely font, easily change the system font,the simplechange mood! Font blossoms, personalized I dominate! Somonotonousphone interface look! So monotonous phone interface look!MoreDisneyland style are waiting for you . Let you have a happymoodevery day . Open Hifont interface , All fonts are free forpersonaluse and the majority are free for commercial use too . WeuseUnicode . Unite all kinds of style . Come and replaceyourcustomary negative font . We dedicate to create the mostpopularfonts for you! And that's why: UNIQUE COLORED FONTRELEASEED! Eachcolored font are specially designed for a specificthemes. With ourcolorful font, you will expand the beauty of yourfont into a verynew dimension ! We make samsung fonts for samsungfans . There willbe no errors in our font . All fonts are correct .Free font wipebad mood for you and prompt you to be happy every day. ★★Mainfeatures★★1.Support Samsung phones(via Galaxy S3 ,S4 ,S5,Note,Note Ⅱ ,Note Ⅲ ) to change font perfectly (Norootneeded)2.Support HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei, Nokia andotherphones to change font (Root needed:The name root is the usernameor account that by default has access to all commands and filesonthe Android operating system.)3.Support Flipfontchangersystem4.Support to use your own custom fonts.5.Provide superbigfont for the elderly6.Provide font for dyslexia font tohelpdyslexia readers 7.Adapt Solo Launcher8.Supporte Korean,Japanese,Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, Vietnamese,Myanmar...font!9.Cool emoticon and cute smiley.10.Easily to changefontsize.11. Special designer's font zone added!!!12.New fontwillreleasing weekly.13.Colored font added!!!(For Android 4.4andhigher device only)CONTACT USEmail:john.papassa@gmail.comFollowuson twitter: us onfacebook:
Apex Launcher 3.3.3
Apex Launcher helps you create a customized, fast, and stylishhomescreen experience on your Android device.📣 "Fantastic app thathasthe potential to give your phone a complete makeover. Ihighlyrecommend it." - MakeUseOf📣 "Even after a lot ofcustomization,Apex Launcher feels super fast." - Pocket Now📣 "Wemust say it isas smooth as butter." - Droid Life🏆 Five Best AndroidLaunchers -Lifehacker🏆 Top 10 best performance Android launchers of2017 -Devs-Lab🏆 15 best Android launcher apps of 2017 -AndroidAuthorityFeatures:• Customizable home screen grid size andup to 9home screens• Scrollable dock☝️ with up to 7 icons per pageand upto 5 pages• Infinite & elastic scrolling (home screen,drawerand dock)• Fancy transition effects (tablet, cube, etc.)•Hideelements as you want (persistent search bar, status bar, oreventhe dock)• Custom icons and labels for shortcuts and folders📂•Choose different folder preview styles and background•Multipledrawer styles (transparent/opaque,horizontal/vertical,paginated/continuous)• Drawer apps sorting(title, install date,mostly used)• Hide apps 🙈 from the drawer•Lock your desktop 🔐 toprevent accidental changes• Convenient homescreen gestures (pinch,swipe up/down, double tap)• Advanced themeengine (icon packs,skins, etc.)• Backup/restore settings and data•Optimized for bothphones and tablets• Lots of other customizationoptions!ApexLauncher Pro (Paid Version) Features:• Powerfuldrawercustomizations (sort apps in drawer, folders in drawer)•Unreadcount notifications (provided by the free Apex Notifierextension)•Convenient icon gestures 🙌 (swipe up and down actions)•Moregesture options (two-finger gestures)• Additionaltransitioneffects (accordion, cross, etc.)• Enhanced folder support(bulkadd, merge folders)• Advanced widget options (widgets indock,overlapping widgets)• More features on the way!Tips:• Pinchthehome screen to access screen previews (like Exposé or HTCSense).•Long press 👆 an icon and drag it over another icon tocreate afolder.• Long press icons/folders on the desktop and chooseeditfrom the popup menu to customize icons and labels.• Drag,hover,and drop app icons over the delete button at the top of thescreento quickly uninstall apps.• Long press an app in the hideapps listto quickly launch that app.• Switch to single screenwallpaper modeto fix wallpaper zooming issues.• Enable the RootHelper inadvanced settings (root required, Android 4.0 only) to addwidgetsfrom the drawer.Permissions:• Access widget data: Only usedtocreate and display widgets on the home screen. (Android 4.1+only)•Application information: Used to display warnings whenotherlaunchers are running.• Control vibration/StatusBar/Wallpaper:Standard launcher functions.• Network communication:Used foranonymous usage/error reporting (optional).• Phone calls:Used whenyou create direct-dial shortcuts on the home screen.•Storage: Usedto backup/restore settings and desktop data.•Superuser: Requiredto add widgets from the drawer (Android 4.0only).Love ApexLauncher 💕 ? Rate us 👍 on Google Play. We’re alwaystrying to makeApex Launcher better. If you have questions orsuggestions, pleaseshare them with us 😉 !
TTA MI Font 9.1.3
Can Change China ROM and Global ROM Fontstyles any MIUIif youneedhelp tap The "Help" button
Screen Lock (one touch to lock screen)
【It has exceeded 700,000 downloads, thank you for yoursupport!!】Just one touch to turn off and lock screen.The hardwarepowerbutton of some devices is not well designed. The frequent usetopower on/off screen may damage it. We provide the softwarebuttonsto replace it and extend its lifespan. ★ Different kindsofbuttons:- Display on home screen- Display in thenotification-Float over other apps (floating button)★ Features:-Built-in iconlibrary- Select icon from device- Vibrate whenlocking- Play soundwhen locking- (Floating button) Adjust buttonsize- (Floatingbutton) Adjust button opacity- (Floating button)Display weatherinformation- (Floating button) Auto hide in thefullscreen mode-(Floating button) Set to the desired position onthe screen-(Floating button) Auto return to the set position (Inthis mode,when button is moved, it will automatically move back tothe setposition in seconds. To change the set position, just moveit tonew position & hold in seconds)- (Floating button)Long-pressbutton to reveal more shortcuts (memory boost/appshortcuts/systemsettings/screen capture/flashlight/...)★ Notice:-This applicationmay use accessibility service to let lock buttonfloating overother apps.- If you need to uninstall our application,please mustuninstall it from “Screen Lock Settings”.- This apprequires deviceadministrator policy to lock screen
Explorer 3.2.4
Explorer is perfect for organizing your internal storage and SDcardcontents. Simple, with a smooth intuitive interface. You canalsoeasily access your cloud and network files. Features include:•Multiple tabs - Easily navigate between different locationsbyswiping or clicking on a tab• Google Drive, Box, DropboxandNetwork (SMB) support • Multiple themes (Light, dark andhomewallpaper) • Built in Text Editor• Create and extract zip ortarfiles• Extract rar archives • Perform long running operations(e.g.copy, move) in the background • Stream video and audio filesfromnetwork and cloud to media player applications• Create homescreenshortcuts to files and folders• Customisable icon sets • Sendfiles(via email, bluetooth etc)• Built in SQLite databaseviewer•Bookmark frequently used files and folders• Search function•"OpenWith" facility allowing files to be opened as a generic typeor byusing specific apps• View file and folder propertiesincludingsize, date, MD5 checksumFor fast, friendly support simplyemail supports 11languagesincluding: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German,Japanese,Korean, Hebrew, Danish, Russian and Portuguese.Permissions:• Fullnetwork access - Required for network and cloudaccess. Noinformation is passed to us over the internet.• Add orremoveaccounts - Used by the Google Drive SDK to add a new accountifdesired. No changes are made to existing accounts and nodetailsaccessed apart from the account name.• Find accounts on thedevice- Used to list available accounts for logging into GoogleDrive.•Prevent from sleeping - Used to stop the device sleepingduringlong operations so they are not interrupted.
App Shortcuts Creator - App Shortcuts Master Pro
Create shortcuts of apps, activities on your phone usingAppShortcut Maker.Top Reviews:XDA:Create shortcuts for apps andappactivities with ease, allowing you to use custom icons andevencomes with icon pack supportAndroid Police:App Shortcut Makercansee a bunch of app processes and put them on the homescreenwithease, including custom app icons from images or iconpacks.AndroidCommunity:‘App Shortcut Maker’ lets you createshortcuts not onlyof apps but also other activities on yoursmartphoneAndroidHeadlines:App Shortcut Maker is an Android appthat makes itsuper-easy to further extend the usefulness of yourAndroid homescreen. It does this by giving users the power to makea shortcutof any app, any Android shortcut, or any Androidactivity.AppShortcut Maker allows creating shortcut with variety ofuniqueoptions like:✔ Custom shapes for the shortcuts. Unique optionthatallows creating shortcut icons with heart, Ace, apple shapes.✔Iconpacks supports, all Nova, apex, Adw, Aviate, Go, Startlaunchericon packs supported, choose any icon from these icon packsforCreating shortcut.✔ You can create app shortcuts using imagesfromgallery.✔ Rename the shortcut name.✔ Search Apps &FavoriteApps options allows quick and fast finding of your apps youwant tolunch.✔ Create shortcuts for any activities, There areinternalactivities in the apps, you can browse through them and cancreateshortcut of theses activities too,You can add pretty much anyandall application screens. For example, the stock Clock app doesnotallow for shortcuts directly to the Alarms page by default,howeverusing App Shortcut Maker, you can add that as a shortcut toyourhome screen without a problem.You can also use App ShortcutMakerfor searching the app which you want to launch.if you know thenameof the app, App Shortcut maker will help you finding theapp.Pleasevisit for more detailsIf you like AppShortcutMaker don't forget rate 5 star ★★★★★ or review.
TypeFace - Change fonts with Root or Substratum
“Think before you speak. Read before you think.” ―FranLebowitzPlease read the entire description. TypeFace needsspecificrequirements for it to work on your device.With TypeFaceall GoogleWeb Fonts are just a click away for use with CyanogenTheme Engineor Substratum! Generate font themes on the fly bydownloading fontsavailable on Google Fonts( For the poweruser, TypeFace alsoprovides a premium/paid option for creatingfont themes by importingfonts from archives (ZIP/APK) or fontfiles (TTF/OTF).TypeFace workson:1. Rooted ROMs (Known issues: Boxsymbols at some places, Readhere for more info: A custom ROM withCyanogen's Theme Engine(CM14/LineageOS doesn't have a themeengine)3. A custom ROM withOMS support. Substratum app alone is notenough for font themes towork.Note: Andromeda based theming doesNOT support fontsreplacing. Check here: developmentand updates of TypeFaceonGoogle+: the fonts may be smaller in size as per their design and/orlacksupport for local languages. TypeFace has no abilitytoalter/correct these issues.
Shortcut Creator
This application allows you to create shortcuts on local filesandfolders, applications, settings, contacts, messages and evenyoucan customize shortcuts from other app. You can provide yourownshortcut title and use many different features forcustomizeshortcut icon: use icon of the related application, cropimageexported from external gallery, import icons from file, useiconfrom external theme.WARNING:Some features required Pro mode(in-apppurchase) but app does not block these features at first andgiveyou a time for test theirs. In this Trial mode the behaviorisabsolutely IDENTICAL to Pro mode. So don't by Pro mode if youthinkthat something will be changed.WARNING:On Android Oreo (8.0)thereis a new way for add shortcuts on the main screen and theLauncherautomatically add small Shortcut Creator icon a the rightbottomcorner of any shortcut icon. This could not be changed, hopesomethird party launcher can fix this.For file shortcuts youcancustomize the app for opening the file, this is very helpful ifyouneed to open only this particular file in some app. In theAndroidyou can only setup default open app for one type of thefile. Forexample, Android powered consoles contains many emulatorswhich canopen archives with ROMS. Actually the required emulatorapp relatedto type of the ROM in the archive, but all archives havethe sametype and Android system could not help in this situation.Alsoquality of playing some videos is better on one player butanotherplayer is better for other videos, so you can createshortcuts foryour favorite videos and select the best player foreach video.Providing fun icon for a cartoon allows your smallchildren startup the cartoon without knowing its name. There is anability tocreate shortcuts on folders for quick access to thefiles. Someexternal file-browsers are supported or you can alwaysuse internallightweight viewer. There are already some predefinedways tocreate shortcuts on applications and contacts but this appalsoallow you customize the result shortcut to your own taste.Thisworks only for home screen but it is not need to refuseyourfavorite launcher. The app provide you rich set of systemsettingson which you can create shortcuts. In some cases youcaninteresting only is some particular settings and don't wanttosearch its in standard settings app. Via Transmutation featureyoucan change appearance of created shortcuts and re-add itagain.Also you can import shortcut from other apps. Features ofShortcutCreator:- ability to create shortcuts on local files,applications,settings, contacts and messages.- manage your iconscollections andimporting a new icon collection from zip archive(Pro moderequired).- select images from different Android galleriesand richcrop functionality for create new icon from the selectedimage.-parse themes for some popular Launchers and provide abilityto usetheirs icons (Pro mode required) and wallpapers.- app has notwriteaccess to internal storage and sdcard and works only in itsprivatearea.- support tablet devices.Currently the app allows youbuy Promode only. This mode provides following benefits:- Importicons tothe icon gallery.- Use icons from themes.- Removing any ad(if itwill be added in the future) and other annoyingdialogs.Requiredpermissions:- Read your content on SDCard isrequired for selectsome local file which will be used as target fora shortcut. - Readyour contacts is required for selecting somecontact which will beused as target for a shortcut.- Installshortcuts is required forcore functionality. - Internet access isrequired only foradvertising and is not used in other parts of theapp.On Android6.0 there is a system ability to block access to yourlocal filesystem and contacts – the app takes this into account andhandleall cases correctly.
App Shortcuts - Easy App Swipe (TUFFS Pro)
App swapper that allows you to add Shortcuts of favoriteapps,favorite contacts, and android system shortcuts to thenotificationarea. Its Smart app switcher app that creates appshortcuts innotification to fast and easy access of yourfavoriteapps.Features:1. Material Design, Simple light UI withoptionsthose are easy to use.2. No background service, noadvertisements,no internet access.3. Full customization options4.Add Appsshortcuts, direct call to a contact, direct messaging to acontact,a shortcut to a URL, many more.5. Option to change theIcons,shapes, color, label etc.6. Option to hide notificationfromLockscreen7. Auto start Notification shortcut on reboot.8.Numberof Smart Shortcuts.9. Themesputs apps shortcuts to quicklyaccessthem. Application shortcuts will remain on top ofnotification allthe time.Permission Details:CALL_PHONE permissionadded to workDirect Dial Shortcut.More Language supportednow.German, Russian,Italian, Turkish, French, Indonesian, Persian,Hebrew, Swedish,Portuguese (PT and BR) and (Tagalog, Philippines)APPS INNOTIFICATION.Please visit for moredetailsIf youlike this App don't forget to rate 5 star ★★★★★ orreview.
File Manager
Features List:* File ManagerManage your files (file explorer)likeyou do on your desktop or laptop using MultipleSelect,Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share,Send,Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark;* Application Manager–categorize, uninstall, backup, and create shortcuts to your apps*3sets of commercial icons for 80+ different file types, toolbarandmenu items* Multiple resolutions support* Support 19languages*List and grid view for file explorer* Compress anddecompresssupport* Search and share files* Multiple selection andvarioussorting support* Thumbnail for photo, video and apk files*Supportfile shortcut on Home screen for easily access* Basicfeatures likecut, copy, delete, compress, extract etc. easilyaccessible- Workon multiple tabs at same time- SMB(windows) filesharing- Multiplethemes with cool icons- Navigation drawer forquick navigation- AppManager to open, backup, or directly uninstallany app- Quicklyaccess history, access bookmarks or search for anyfile- Rootexplorer for advanced users- and the list goes on...*Attractivematerial Design UI/UXLight & smoothSimple &cleanMultithemes support* App ManagerBackup appsUnistall appsShareappsPlaystore app link* FTP ServerDownload files and folders fromyourphone* Hidden FilesHide any file on you deviceNote:Basicread/writeoperations might not work on external memory on KitKatdevices.Don't use cut/paste from or to external SD Card. You mightlooseyour files.Feedbacks and suggestionsWe’d love to hear fromyou!Send us your feedbacks via: vannhondev91@gmail.comKeywords:FileManager, File Explorer, App Manager, FTP Server.
TTA Mi Font lite
Change Fontstyle no Need Root and Account easy change one click
MIUI Custom Font Installer
MIUI Font Installer is All in One MIUI Font Tool ;)you canchangecustom font style for all MIUI version.You can also use thisapp tochange font stylewithout designer account or rooting phone inMIUIversion 8 or upper.This application can support both ttf andmtzfile format.Apk file size 1.5 MB only.--- Features ---Support.ttfand .mtz (You can Install font from any .ttf font file and.mtztheme/font files.)Custom Font NameCustom Preview ImageNoneedinternet connectionSupport MIUI 7,8,9--- How to use ---InstallandOpen MIUI Custom Font Installer App.Click "Browse Font" buttonandchoose your font. [.ttf or .mtz]Set your font name andpreviewimage. [ You can SKIP]After click "Install" > chooseyourinstalled font > Apply>Reboot!Enjoy!!#MIUICustomFontInstaller MiCustomFontInstaller
SuperSU is the Superuser access management tool of the future;!!!SuperSU requires a rooted device !!!SuperSU allows foradvancedmanagement of Superuser access rights for all the apps onyourdevice that need root. SuperSU has been built from the groundup tocounter a number of problems with other Superuser accessmanagementtools.Features include:- Superuser access prompt-Superuser accesslogging- Superuser access notifications- Per-appnotificationconfiguration- Temporary unroot- Deep process detection(no moreunknowns)- Works in recovery (no more segfaulting)- WorkswhenAndroid isn't properly booted- Works with non-standardshelllocations- Always runs in ghost mode- Wake on prompt- Convertto/system app- Complete unroot- Backup script to surviveCyanogenModnightlies- Icon selectable from 5 options + invisible-Themeselectable from 4 options- Launch from dialer: *#*#1234#*#*or*#*#7873778#*#* (*#*#SUPERSU#*#*)NOTE: Not all phones takebothcodes. On some phones you need to use single *# instead ofdouble*#*#The Pro version additionally offers:- OTA survival mode(noguarantees)- Full color-coded command contentlogging(input/output/error)- Per-app logging configuration- Per-appuseroverride- Grant/deny root to an app for a set amount of time-PINprotection- Per-app PIN protection- Adjustauto-denycountdownSUPERUSERThis is meant to replace Superuser(ifinstalled), you use either one or the other. You cannotcombinethem. Statements that this breaks Superuser arethereforecompletely nonsensical.NOTICE: A SPECIAL PROCEDURE ISNEEDED FORUNINSTALLATION. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE APP, DO *NOT* JUSTUNINSTALLIT, YOU *WILL* LOSE ROOT.Superuser access management runsthrough aso called "su binary". There can be only one of these at atime. Soif you install SuperSU, your previous superuser accessmanagementsolution will no longer operate. So if you want to switchback: (1)Open that application, and search for an option for ittoinstall/update/replace the "su binary". (2) Confirm root-usingappsare using the superuser solution you want. (3)UninstallSuperSU.IN-APP PURCHASESThese are completely optional andmore likedonations. They do not unlock any functionality.Contactus:Website:
MI Theme Editor 1.4.3
* Stop your ads Blocker to be able to run it** No Root *Note:Installing themes on MIUI 9 Beta Updates is not supported.Thislimitation is due to Xiaomi's restrictions. You can requestthisfeature from Xiaomi.MIUI Theme Editor is the most powerfulXiaomi(MIUI) theme editor with its simple and awesome UI and itswide setof options to help you customizing your phone easily. It'sfullyfree and available to everyone. You can pick, edit and saveyourtheme quite fast. Never hesitate to download it.Features-Multioption for selecting themes :--- Picking from thememanager---Browsing storage- Edit description- Edit system font towhateveryou want and choose between :--- Built-in fonts (built-infontssupport only English language if not working with you try togetfont support your language ".ttf" and select it by "choose acustom.ttf font" option).--- Browsing storage.- Edit apps icons by:---Selecting an icon mask.--- Selecting dynamic icons.---Importingall icons from an installed icon pack.--- Selecting iconsmanuallyfor each app.- Edit status bar icons (battery, signal andWiFi).-Edit home screen wallpaper.- Edit lock screen wallpaper&style.- Editing notification panel background & icons.-Editingincoming calls background. And more discover it by yourself.Wehope you'll enjoy the app. If you like it, then please rate it5Stars.If you have any bug or suggestion, please contact us.Thanks
Manage Applications Shortcut
Manage Applications Shortcut - shortcut to native manager ofandroidapplications, which helps you access it by one touch. Placeit onyour screen for full improvement of your productivity. Thismanagershows programs, use of memory space; allow stop, delete,clean anyprogram on your phone.
Shortcut to My apps
Launch "My Apps" screen in Google Play Store directly.
File Shortcut(OLD)
[DEPRECATED]This app is too old so it's now deprecated.I releasedanew version and it's support Android Oreo now.Please try it.(ItisNOT compatible with theoldapp.) app to create a shortcut to open the file.You can chooseanyfiles such as images, videos, or PDF.Caution - You need aseparateapplication that corresponds to the format so you can openthefile. For example, PDF files can not be opened without PDFreaderssuch as Adobe Reader.
KWGT Kustom Widget Maker
Make your Android Launcher or Lockscreen look unique with Kustomthemost powerful Widget creator ever! Use its awesome WYSIWYG(What YouSee Is What You Get) editor to create you own designs anddisplayany data you need, at once and without draining yourbattery as manyothers tools do! You want animations too? Thencheck out KWGT littlebrother Kustom Live Wallpaper!With KustomWidget you can createcustomized watches like Digital and AnalogClocks, Live Map Widget,Weather Widget, Text Widget, sophisticatedBattery or Memory meters,randomly changing images, Music Players,World clocks, Astronomywidgets and much much more. Imagination isthe limit.PLEASE do notuse reviews for support/refund questions,use email or G+/Redditlinked belowYou get:- Some skin to startwith and some Komponent (aWidget in Kustom)- Text with customfonts, colors, sizes andeffects- Shapes like Ovals, Rects, Arcs,Triangles, Exagons andmore- 3D flip transformations, curved andskewed text- Gradients,shadows, tiling and color filters- Zooperlike progress bars andseries- Layers with overlay effects like proimage / photo editors(blur, clear, xor, difference, saturation)-Touch actions / hotspotson any object you create- Status BarNotifications (text, imagespackage name and so on)- PNG / JPG /WEBp Image and SVG (scalablevector graphics) support with builtinpicture scaler- Google Fitnesssupport (segments, calories, steps,distance, sleep)- Complexprogramming language with functions,conditionals and globalvariables- Arbitrary change WidgetBackground or aspect based ontouch, time, location, weather,anything!- Dynamic download ofcontent via HTTP (live maps, weatherand so on)- Native musicutilities (current playing song title,album, cover)- Weather withwind chill, feels like temperature andmore- Multiple weatherproviders like Open Weather Map, Yr.No,Weather Underground(plugin), Darksky (plugin) and more- RSS andfree XML / XPATH / Textdownload- Tasker support (load preset viaTasker, change variablevia Tasker and so on)- A huge amount ofdata to display such as:date, time, battery (with durationestimation), calendar, astronomy(sunrise, sunset, illumination,stardate), CPU speed, memory,countdowns, WiFi and cellular status,traffic info, next alarm,location, moving speed, rom/device, ip,network data and muchmore)Pro will:- Remove the ADS- Support thedev!- Unlock import fromSD and all external skins- Recover preset-Buzz Launcher support-Save the world from alien invasionMore?-FAQ: G+ Community: G+Gallery: - FeatureRequests: -Tutorials: Videos: -Permissions: Skin Howto: apps (go check them out,KWGT isbetter, full comparison here HDWidgets-Zooper Widgets- UCCW Ultimate Custom Widget- Make your ownwidget-Buzz widget
Launcher for MIUI
A better Mi Launcher launcher for every one. You shouldn'tskipit.Mi Launcher is the most polished, highly customizable GalaxyS8style (TouchWiz style) launcher.Mi Launcher makes your phonefaster& stylish with lots of customizations.You can make aTouchwizdesktop on all devices with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) orhigher.Mainfeatures of Mi Launcher Galaxy theme★ Theme and iconpack support,many themes and icon packs★ Mi Launcher animationsandtransitions.★ Mi Launcher icon pack★ Hide app feature, evenlockthe hidden apps★ Quick search in all apps★ Guesturesupport★Infinite scroll in drawer★ Recent apps in drawer★ MiLaunchersearch bar★ Custom icon label★ Custom grid size icondashboard★Wallpaper scroll★ Android N widget drawer style★ AndroidN editorstyleAndroid is a trademark of Google Inc.Samsung, Galaxy SandTouchWiz are registered trademarks of Samsung ElectronicsCo.,Ltd.Mi Launcher is base on Android 5.0 Lollipop launcher,enhancethe experience of Mi Launcher TouchWiz launcher (SamsungTWlauncher). We love creating applications. If you like S8Launcher,please help to spread Mi Launcher, rate us and share toyourfriend.Supported devices: Samsung, Galaxy, Nokia, Asus, HTCOne,Sony, Xperia, Acer and Lenovo android phoneSupported Launchers:GOLauncher, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Smart Launcher,AviateLauncher, Solo Launcher, Next Launcher,CM11-CM12.x(Trebuchet),CM13 Theme Engine, KK Launcher, Adw EXLauncher, Arrow Launcher, CMLauncher, Lollipop Launcher, MiniLauncher, Hola Launcher, YandexLauncher, Google Now Launcher, LLauncher, Holo Launcher, LG Home,Atom Launcher, S Plus Launcher,ZenUI Launcher, Lucid Launcher, TSFLauncher, TurboLauncherPermission important “This app uses theDevice Administratorpermission.”If you do not want to give uspermissionYou may removethe BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission on theDevice Settings screen inthe Android preferences.Thank you
Lock Screen
Touch the shortcut to lock your device.Note that:* This app usestheDevice Administrator permission.* Uninstall:you have to goto"Settings—>Security—>Device administrators" to shut offLockscreen first.
Material Notification Shade
Brings the features from Android Oreo to your notificationcenterand adds a ton of customization on top so you can make yourdevicestand out ✨.Replacement for your stock notification panel.The appuses gesture detection to provide you with a custom quicksettingsmenu when you swipe down to reveal yournotifications.KEYFEATURES• Stock themes: Nougat and Oreo basedthemes.• Full colorcustomization: Take the base layout and colorall the elements toyour taste.• Powerful notifications: Get it,read it, snooze ordismiss.• Quick reply: Reply to your messages assoon as you seethem. For all Android 5.0+ devices.• Auto bundled:Tired of thatone app that spams you notifications? Now they're allgroupedtogether, for easy control.• Notification card themes:Android 8.0Oreo inspired.- Light: your ordinary notifications-Colored: usesthe notification's color as the card background. Onlyapplies thebackground if the color isn't dark for contrastpurposes.- Dark:blend all your notifications with a pure blackbackground (great onAMOLED screens).• Quick settings panel- Choosea different colorfor the background or foreground (icons) of thequick settingspanel.- Change brightness slider color.- Choose yourown profilepicture to be displayed in the shade.- (Pro) Changequick settingsgrid layout (ie. number of columns and rows). Root isoptionalSincethe app doesn't actually change any parts of yoursystem it haslimited power in the quick settings area (cannottoggle mobiledata, location services, etc so it opens the settingspage foryou). You can grant it root access though to controlthesesettings.💬 BE A PART OF ITOfficial Google+community:
Lean Launcher
An open source, lightweight, customisable, lean launcher. Thesourcecode can be found at the following Githubrepository: weather, calendar events, etcFeed- currently onlyin thedebug buildsSearch UI- bottom search bar- app search bar-appsuggestions- voice search shortcutLook & Feel- light, dark,orautomatic theme based on your wallpaper- optional black colorsfordark theme- changeable grid counts- changeable icon sizes-optionalswipe indicatorEdit apps- hide apps from your drawer- hideapp namefrom the desktop or your drawer- changeable icon shape onandroid8.0 or later- basic icon pack support- adaptive icon supportforlegacy apps, with optional dynamic background color-- optionaltwoline app labelsGestures & Actions- one finger swipe downfornotifications- two finger swipe down for quick settings- doubletapto lock, with either timeout or secure lock- customisablehomebutton action on your home screenShortcuts- optionalstaticshortcuts- dynamic shortcuts from android 7.1 or laterOther-homescreen rotation- option physical animations- optionaltransparentnavigation bar in your drawer- lockable desktop
Quick call (shortcut)
The shortcut for contacts allows you to place the mostneededcontacts on the main screen to make quick calls in one click.Thisshortcut is especially useful for owners of phones with2SIM-cards, you can select the desired SIM-card for eachcontact.Andby creating a contact icon, you can place the contact inanyconvenient place on the desktop. Also you can merge thecontacts'icons into folders. The type of icons and folders dependson thephone's launcher.Contact shortcut features:- Add a contact tothehome screen- Setting the display of the shortcut (name display,SIMcard binding)- Select SIM-card (for phones with 2SIM-cards)-Editing shortcuts- Create contacts icons, merge iconsintofoldersEditing a shortcut allows you to quickly make changes toanexisting contact shortcut.To create a shortcut, go to the listofphone widgets, find the shortcut "Quick Contact". Add it toyourdesktop in the right place.
Material Glass Substratum [Legacy]
This app is no longer in active development. All files andscriptshave been opensourcedhere: shine through with material darkness!Pitched AppspresentsMaterial Glass, the first ever material theme! Thisstarted as aproject for the CM engine, but has now been portedtoSubstratum.There are no special permissions, no secretivelogging,and no freemium trials. Enjoy a transparent theme built forthecommunity.Material Glass is also proudlyopensourced app can befoundhere:
Smart Quick Settings
Smart Quick Settings is Quick setting application.Simpleoperation,fast and easy to set up the Android framework.● Featuresof SmartQuick Settings○ Wi-Fi Wi-Fi can be turned on or off. ○Mobile dataMobile data(3G, LTE) can be turned on or off. ○Bluetooth Bluetoothcan be turned on or off. ○ GPS GPS can be turnedon or off. ○Airplane mode Airplane mode can be turned on or off.○Ringer(ringtones) Ring tone can be turned on or off. (soundorsilent) ○ Vibration settings vibrate or sound can be turned onoroff. (vibration or sound) ○ Screen Auto-rotate Auto-rotatescreenor fixed screen can be turned on or off. ○ Screen autobrightnessBrightness can be set manually or set the screenbrightnessautomatically. ○ Auto syncAuto sync can be turned on oroff.○Tethering and Mobile hotspotTethering and Mobile hotspot canbeturned on or off.○ Screen TimeoutCan be easily change thescreentimeout.○ LanguageCan be easily changed in a varietyoflanguages​​.○ Date and TimeYou can change the auto sync with atimeserver, change Coordinated Universal Time, date / time format,suchas changing○ BackgroundsYou can change the standby screenWallpaperor Background Wallpaper (current)○ Battery info Shows thebatterycharge rate and battery temperature. Shows when the unitischarging, charging information. ○ Device info Shows thedeviceinformations. ○ Task Manager Running the Smart Task Manager○Application Manager Running the Smart App Manager ○ FileManagerRunning the Smart File Manager ● Auto On-Off ScheduleAutoOn-OffSchedule is the following items.Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Vibration,Sound,Screen brightness, Auto sync and Screen rotation.● SettingsSet thestatus bar ● Home screen widget (4X1) Smart Quick Settings -1(4X1) Smart Quick Settings - 2 (4X2) Smart Quick Settings - 3(New)
Computer Shortcut Keys
Computer Shortcut KeysThis app is useful for learn computerkeyboardshortcut keys.This app available in English, Marathi andHindiLanguage!Our app provides different shortcut keys forvariousapplication in the computer.With the help of this app youcan saveyour time while using various application in thecomputer.ShortcutKeys available for following topics:-- CommonShortcuts- WindowsShortcuts- MS Paint- Notepad- MS Word- MS Excel-MS PowerPoint- MSOutlook- MS Access- Internet Explorer- GoogleChrome- MozillaFirefox- Adobe Photoshop- Adobe Flash- TallyThanksfor using ourapp!
Computer - All Shortcut Keys
More than 300+ all software shortcut keys were in thisapp.Mainlyfocused for the computer users to avoid using the Mouse.Most ofengineering software also were inclusive.The Aim of thisComputer -All Shortcut Keys App is to education app for MotivateComputerusing Students and Professionals across the World intoLearning AllImportant Concepts of Shortcut Keys.This app isincrease yourcomputer knowledge as easily with free.If You can readthisComputer shortcut keys app you can avoid using the Mouseoncomputer.its helps to answer the Computer interview questionalso.It is small hand book for the computer user when using theallsoftware' this we split a category wise as windows , MAC,LINUX , web Applications.If you fully read the app you may useallsoftware easily.Categories of Shortcut Keys….- AutoCAD- Excel-MSproject- Photoshop Lightroom- Adobe Photoshop- AutodeskMaya-1Password- 3D Coat- Access- Ace Projects- Adobe Acrobat Pro-AdobeAfter Effects- Adobe Audition- Adobe Flash Professional-AdobeIllustrator- Adobe InDesign- Adobe Photoshop- Adobe Premiere-AdobeReader- Age of Empires- ALT Digits Symbol Codes- AndroidSDKEmulator- Android Studio- Anime Studio- Apple Photos-ArchiCAD-Atom (text editor)- Audacity- AutoCAD- Autodesk 3ds Max-AutodeskInventor- Autodesk Maya- Autodesk Revit Architecture- AvidMediaComposer- Axialis IconWorkshop- Battlefield- BeyondCompare-Cakewalk Sonar- Calibre- Camtasia- CATIA V6- Chrome- CINEMA4D-Civilization V- Clementine- Clink- Comsol- Console2- CorelPainter-CyberLink PhotoDirector- Directory Opus- Dynamics CRM-Dynamics GP-Dynamics NAV- Dynamics SL- Dynamicx AX- Eclipse- Edge-Evernote-FileMaker Pro- Finale- Firebug- Firefox- Fireworks- FLStudio-FreeMeta- FreeMind- GIMP- GroupWise- Hexagon- HoneyView-IBMRational DOORS- IMVU- Inpage- IntelliJ IDEA- InternetExplorer-IrfanView- iTunes- Jaws- Keyboarder- Media Player Classic-DynamicsCRM- Mindjet Mindmanager- MyLifeOrganized- NetBeans-Notepad plusplus- Notepad2- Nuke- Office Sway- OneNote- Onshape-Open OfficeImpress- Open Office Writer- Oracle SQL Developer-Outlook- PhoenixViewer- Photoshop Lightroom- Plex- PowerPoint- ProTools- QtCreator- Quickbooks- Resharper- SharpDevelop- SilhouetteStudio-Skype- Smartplant Review- Sonos Controller- Sticky Notes-StudioOne- Sublime Text- Tally- Tekla Structures- Texmaker-Thunderbird-Total Commander- UltraEdit- Unity3D- VideoStudio-Virtual DJ-Visio- VistaSwitcher- Visual Studio- VLC Media Player-Vuescan-Wikipedia- Winamp- Windows- Windows 10 Command Prompt-WindowsMedia Player- Windows Movie Maker- Windows Photo Viewer-WindowsRemote Desktop- Windows Run Commands- WinRAR- WinSCP-WondershareEditor- Word- Zoho Sheet- Zoho Show- Zoho Writer- Zune-Dropbox-Kanban Tool- Nirvana- Prezi- Quickbooks- Remember theMilkThis apprelated Global search Keywords :- computer shortcutkeys app-computer shortcut keys pdf- computer shortcut keys inhindi-computer shortcut keys in gujarati- computer shortcut keyslist-shortcut keys for computer keyboard hindi- computerknowledge-computer keyboard typing practice- computer shortcutkeys- shortcutkeys of computer a to z- shortcut keys for windows 7-shortcut keysfor windows 8- shortcut keys for windows 10
Double Tap
DOUBLE TAPSave your hard power key, you only double tap homescreento turn off screen. Especially, we can double tap power icononAlways On Display to turn on screen without draining battery.Ifyour device does not have Always On Display, you cancoverproximity sensor to turn on screen.FEATURES * Double Taphomescreen to turn off screen. * Cover proximity sensor to turnonscreen (if not support Always On Display). * Double Tap powericonon Always On Display to turn on screen. * Provide a lockscreenshortcut on home screen.LIMITATION * You need adminpermission tolock screen it makes you cannot uninstall this appfrom homescreen. Please open the app and click uninstall to do it.* Fordevices support fingerprint you will not be able to usefingerprintafter double tap to lock screen, this is a securityproblem from MOS. We provided a solution for it we shorten screentimeout andshow digital clock before lock and you can usefingerprintnormally. * We need to activate app in Accessibility todetect youtap home screen and help app save battery.PRIVACYPOLICYYourprivacy is very important to us, we understand thisproblem and weensure this application not collect any userinformation to sharethird party. Below are detail permissions weused in theapplication.* BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN Request admin devicepermission tosupport lock screen.* BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE Useaccessibilityservice to detect you are double-tapping homescreen*WRITE_SETTINGS Reduce screen timeout and show digital clocksupportunlock by fingerprint after screen lock* WAKE_LOCK Turn onscreen*BILLING Support purchase in app* INSTALL_SHORTCUT Createlockscreen shortcut on home screenFEEDBACKIf you have any problemwhileusing the application, please give us some comments we willcheckand update as soon as possible.Email:
Lock screen
★ Lock screen pattern★ The best lock screen★ Lock screenhighsecurityVery nice, fast, simple, easy to use.This apphavefeatures: lock screen, turn off screen by shortcut andchangewallpaper (lock screen and home screen).Create lock patternstoprotect your phone This app help generate security patterns.★Fast, simple, smooth, easy to use ★ A lot of beautifulwallpapersto choose ★ Allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery ★Can createpatterns with any length ★ Ask user confirm the patternbeforeapplyTurn off screen by shortcut ★ Create shortcut or iconforscreen off and lock ★ useful when power button deranged, hardtopress or if you want protect power buttonUpdate wallpaper forhomescreenHow to use lock screen: 1. select "enable lock screen"(line1). 2. create pattern. 3. confirm pattern.How to use screenoff andlock: 1. select "tunrn off screen" (line 2) 2. accept (oractivate)requested 3. application will created shortcut (icon)screen off tohome screen final: use shortcut to scren off and lock*Uninstall(if you can't uninstall): - you have to go to "Settings—>Security —> Device administrators" uncheck (or remove)"Lockscreen" first. - or: You can use menu in setting to uninstall(lastline in setting)If you have any questions or suggestions,pleasefeel free to contact us;E-mail:
Website Shortcut
Personalize your Android homescreen bycreatingyour own icon shortcuts for websites. Customize yourwebsiteshortcuts with your own selected text and image.Furthermore, thereare no advertisements and it's free. I made itoriginally formyself, and decided to share. Giving a fair ratingis very wellappreciated!Many applications have made the switch from native applications toasingle mobile-friendly website. Although this is apositivedevelopment, it means that you can only open themconveniently viabookmarks. This requires two taps in the best case,while ashortcut on your homescreen requires only a single tap! Itisespecially convenient and time-saving for oftenvisitedwebsites.Features:* Automatically detect name and icon (via the website URL)* Make use of "Share via..." in any other application (e.g.Chrome)to create shortcuts* Icon selection via both path (local) and URL* Supports linking local application URIs(e.g.whatsapp://send?text=Hello)* Shortcut preview* Automatic protocol prefix* URL validation* Broad support for image formats: *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg,*.ico,*.gif, *.bmp* Free* No advertisements* Dynamic adjustment of icon dimensions* Works with icon packs* Supported languages: English--- LicenseCopyright 2015 Deltac DevelopmentLicensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");youmay not use this file except in compliance with the License.Youmay obtain a copy of the License at required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,softwaredistributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"BASIS,WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either expressorimplied. See the License for the specific languagegoverningpermissions and limitations under the License.
Zone AssistiveTouch
Zone AssistiveTouch, an efficient tool for Android.This appusesAccessibility services. Requesting Accessibility service is tohelpthe users who cannot conveniently press HOME/BACK/RECENTS key.Youneed grant this permission to perform HOME/BACK/RECENTS key byZoneAssistiveTouch.This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.You need to grant this permission to use "Lock screen"feature byZone AssistiveTouch. You need to deactivate DeviceAdministratorwhen you uninstall the app. But if you does not wantto use "Lockscreen" feature, you does not need to activateDeviceAdministrator.Features:-Customizable menu: quick action oropeningapplication-Swipe circle to select menu: new experienceforlarge-screen phone gesture control-App Freezer: freeze the appsyourarely used-Become transparent smartly: does not disturb thenormalscreen displayQuick action:-Home, Back, Recentskey-OpenNotification-panel-Camera-Torch-Lockscreen-Screenshot(Android5.0+)-Power dialog(Android 5.0+)-Menukey(Root)-LaunchAssistant-App FreezerOpen application:-Openpreviousapplication-Any application you favorite-ShortcutsFeedback- If youlike Zone AssistiveTouch, please give us 5 star - Ifyou have anyproblem with the app, please contact us by email
AIO Launcher
AIO Launcher is not ordinary home screen. It does not havecolorfulicons, many animation effects and a variety of themes.Instead, AIOLauncher uses a screen space to show you the mostimportantinformation.AIO Launcher can display the followinginformation onthe screen:* Weather - current weather and forecastfor 10 days;*System monitor - RAM and NAND usage, percentage ofbattery power;*Notifications - Standard android notifications(paid);* Player -when you turn on the music, playback controlbuttons appear;*Frequent apps - frequently used applicationsbuttons;* Frequentcontacts - the list of recent contacts;* Yourapps - the icons ofthe selected applications (paid);* SMS -recently received SMS;*Dialer - numpad for quick calls;* Timer -timer start buttons;*Mail - list of received emails;* Telegram -last messages (paid);*RSS - latest news;* Twitter - all tweets or asingle user tweets;*Calendar - upcoming events in the calendar;*Exchange rates -currency exchange rates;* Bitcoin - the bitcoinprice;* Androidwidget - standard app widgets (paid).Otherfeatures:* Severaldifferent themes;* Icon packs support;* Abilityto change the fontsize;* Advanced search system for applications,contacts, files andinformation on the Internet;* Ability torenameapplications.Usage:* Swipe on search button opens quick menuwithphone, camera and market;* To add the Android widget, longpresssearch button and select the "+" icon;* To resize the widget,holdthe finger on the widget, then use the up and down buttons;*Toaccess the list of all applications, drag from the left edge ofthescreen;* To refresh the information on the screen, pull down;*Holdfinger on various elements of the screen to open menu;* Toopensettings, hold your finger on the search button, and then clickthegear icon;* Hold the title of the widget to move it around;*Anywidget can be disabled in settings;* You can minimize the widgetbyclicking on its name;* To remove an application, opentheapplication menu, hold your finger on the desired application,anddrag it to the recycle bin icon.How to connect to Gmail:Go tothegmail settings, then "POP / IMAP Forwarding", then"EnableIMAP".How to connecttoOutlook: as default launcher on a Huawei smartphone:Settings-Applications - Settings - Default applications - Settings -Manager- AIO LauncherIf notification widget don't work onMIUI:Settings -Battery & performance - Manage apps' batteryusage - Chooseapps - AIO Launcher - No restrictions
Microsoft Launcher
With Microsoft Launcher (formerly known as Arrow Launcher), youcanpersonalize your Android device to match your stylewithwallpapers, theme colors, icon packs and more. With aMicrosoftaccount or work/school account, you can access yourcalendar,documents, and recent activities in your personalizedfeed. You caneven open photos, docs and webpages on your WindowsPC* to beproductive across all your devices.  KEYFEATURES ·People at your fingertips. Have your most importantpeople at yourfingertips. Pin contacts to your Home screen andplace themanywhere on the Home screen, dock or in folders.· Chooseyour look.Personalize the look and feel of your device bycustomizing yourwallpaper, theme and accent colors, icon packs,gestures and more.·Personalized feed. See your most importantinformation at a glancelike news, calendar events, docs, contactsand more in yourpersonalized feed. You can even set your feed asyour defaultHome.· Continue on PC. Snap a pic on your phone and seeitinstantly on your Windows PC* or continue editing an Office365document on your PC by linking your phone with your Windows PC.·Search the web and your phone in one place. Search the web oryourfiles, apps, docs, messages and web results usingMicrosoftLauncher's universal search bar. · Gesture customization.With deepcustomization for gestures, you can double tap to lockyour phone,swipe up for app drawer and more.  TERMS OFUSE Byinstalling this app, you agree to the Terms ofUse( and PrivacyPolicy(*Continue onPCusage requires a Windows PC with the latest Windows FallCreator'sUpdate
Fonts for FlipFont 50 Written
This Font Pack contains 50 free written fonts for Samsung GalaxyandHTC Sense 6.0 devices designed to be compatible withMonotypeImaging Inc.'s FlipFont® program and will install new freefonts onyour Samsung Galaxy or HTC that are compatible with theFlipFont®program on your phone. NOTE: This App is NOT sponsored,endorsed,or affiliated with Monotype Imaging, Inc, the owner of theFlipFonttrademark and technology.NOTE Samsung Galaxy devicesrunningMarshmallow (or newer) no longer support installingfreefrontsPlease enjoy this pack of Fonts for Android flip fontstoprovide you with the ability to change your device’s typefaceforfree. Using the FlipFont font changer program installed onyourSamsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 phone, you can use thisapplicationto customize your device to one of the many beautifulfonts forSamsung Galaxy that we have collected. This font pack is arandomselection of 50 typefaces that have been optimized for useonSamsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 Android devices. Pleasebrowsethrough our FlipFont packs to find the perfect font stylesthatfits your taste.To change fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTCSense6.0 device, navigate to the display settings in yourdevice'ssystem settings. In the display settings you can change thefontstyle to any of these 50 new fonts for Android. This fontpackshould work on all Galaxy and Sense 6.0 brand phones andwillprovide fonts for Samsung Galaxy S3, fonts for Samsung GalaxyS4,fonts for Galaxy Note 3, and HTC One. This app will not workondeveloper devices, such as the Galaxy Nexus or AOSP GalaxyS4Google Edition, because it does not have the FlipFontprogram.Please verify that your phone can change its font. Look forthefont style option in the display or screen display section ofyourdevice settings. This app is not designed as fonts for androidwithroot and does not require root permission to change your font,norwill it require you to restart your phone.* Also, you will beableto enjoy your fonts for texting and messaging, however thetypefaceused on your device will not be sent to people that yousend a textmessage to. * Phone restart will not be required fordevicesrunning Android 3.0 or later. Devices such as the SamsungGalaxy Yand Samsung Galaxy Ace will still require a restart toapply thenew font. This android application is not affiliated withFlipFontor Monotype Imaging Inc. All functionality, trademarksandcopyrights remain the property of their respective owners.
Developer options & Developer Settings
If you having issues with games that say 'location not found'thenwith this app you can disable the mock locations and play thegameagain.Ever wondered how to find the developer options&settings? Instead of clicking 5 times and then looking for itinthe settings now you can click on one little icon and haveaninstant access to the developer settings!
This application is a launcher supporting a variety of stylesforshortcuts so that you can create a great mobile screen likeamagazine cover page. For more wonderful screen, you can addsomefancy font files(.ttf and .otf) and apply it to shortcuttexts.Save your nice work to a file and share it with yourfriends!**PERMISSION information is here:*Features- Setdifferent background image for each page- Composedifferent layoutsfor the screen orientation- Scroll all pagesvertically- Decoratescreen with a variety of styles for shortcutsand widgets.- Layoutand resize all objects (shortcuts and widgets)totally freely-Support four direction gestures for every shortcuts.(limited inthe free version)- Create a widget poping up by tappingashortcut.- Supports dynamic text and image for current date&time, missed calls and unread SMS/MMS messages and so on.-Supportsscrollable widgets.- Easy and quick access to pages forcontacts,bookmarks, application drawer, application group.- Manyusefulfeatures of application drawer: app parcel(folder),showing/hidingapp, marking star for favorites apps, changingapplication icon andname, uninstalling app and so on- Createapplication group andmanage list by drag and drop.- Save and loadyour theme, pagelayouts and settings.- Convert the saved theme fileto apk.(contact us by e-mail for more informations)- Hide statusbar, openstatus bar by swiping down.- You can implement nice screenwithoutlauncher 7, launcher 8, dvr, minimalistic text, wp clock,clockretc.* We will make more optimized application throughcontinuousupdates.keywords: launcher, magazine style, typo graphic
Evie Launcher
Experience Evie — anunparalleledhomescreen replacement, designed with performance inmind."Deliciously different" — Android Headlines"Performance is spectacular" — 9to5Google"Shakes up the usual Android launcher approach" — GreenBot🏆 Best Android Launchers — Android Central & Tom’s Guide🏆 15 Best Android Launchers of 2017 — Android Authority🏆 Best Android Launchers of 2017 — Phone ArenaKey Features:Universal SearchSearch inside all of your apps in one place. Let us do the hardworkfor you!Quick NavigationNot in the mood to use our lightning-fast search? Swipe upforinstant access to all of your apps instead.Custom ShortcutsLong press on search results to create custom shortcuts. Needto“Call mom” in a jiffy? Make it a shortcut!PersonalizationImport and customize layout, wallpaper, icon size, app icons,iconsize, or start from scratch! You are unique, and we think yourhomescreen should be too. [1][1] For the double-tap to lock feature, the 'Instant Lock'optionuses the Device Administrator permission. The 'Time Lock'optionrequires no additional permissions.New Features:🔥 Choose a search engine (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing)🔥 Lock home screen icons🔥 Show more local results in search (type less!)🔥 Frequently used apps in search (except for hidden apps )🔥 Android O notifications🔥 App drawer and folder grid customizationHelpful Tips:💡Access Settings: long press on an empty space on the homescreen,or type “Evie Settings” into search.💡Create Folders: long press an icon and drag it overanothericon.💡App Options: long press on icons to access icon customizationandother options.💡Create Shortcuts: long press on a search result to create acustomshortcut.💡 Remove apps from homescreen: long press on an icon, drag anddropthe icon over the “Remove” button at the top of thescreen.💡 Add a homescreen: Long press an icon and drag to the far rightofthe screen. Empty homescreens are not currently supported.💡 Uninstall: Make sure “Double Tap to Unlock” gesture isdisabledbefore uninstalling.If you 💕 us, let us know with a rating ⭐️ and join ourcommunity(! If you hate us… keep it to yourself.Teehee,just kidding. We still love you, and want to hear yourfeedback onhow we can improve your experience!Contact: hello@evie.comThank you so much for using Evie. Happy customizing!*** A special thank you goes out to our awesome translationteam.We couldn’t do it without you! ***Evie Translation Team:Catalan [Arnau R, Albert PM, Eudald PP]Czech [David K, Anna T, Vaclav B]French [Jeremy A, Tim J, Nathan S, Caribou, Amiinos E]German [Martin P, Holger B, Marty S, Labo]Italian [Marco C, Ashif , Lucas DM, Alessio S, Naaah,StefanoT]Korean [jine0th, devtools, kdy4, Yang JH, yun05]Polish [Robert D, Łukasz J, Patryk A, Piotr B]Portuguese [Marcelo M, Erwin B, Celoaz, Eduardo B, Gleyson A,WalterS]Russian [Alex W, Misha S, Dasein, Max G, Yuri Z, Rodney E]Spanish [David H, Carlos AP, Amiinos E, Matias CS]Swedish [Johan D]Turkish [Kaan C, HealGea, Saim KY, Neko K]Vietnamese [Truong D]