Top 7 Games Similar to Slither Snake Xenzia

slither snake new 1.3
A single mistake is enough to make agiantturninto nothing and lead to game over, even againstthesmallestplayer, granting this latter a chance of becomingstrongerandfaster without effort.Snack Slither is an addictive new mobile game thatcombinestheclassic game of snake with elements.Controlling yoursnake inSnackSlither is simple, as your snake is entirelycontrolled usingthejoystick button.Game Features:★ Dont touch worms body.
★ Explose the snakes and eat their romains to be large.
★ Eject mass to extra speed with the right down Button.★You can play without internet connection★ Controls with Joystick★ Various skins.★ No Lag!★ Internet connection is not needed, play wherever, youareofflineor online.★ Fully optimized gameplay with mobile controls.★ Strategic alpha online multiplayer game play.★ Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls.★ FREE to play game.★ snake crawl games★ Eat luminous dots as much as★ Intuitive touch screen controls★ Beautiful scenary★ Strategic slither★ To be the biggest snakes 1.0
Game of Trump is a funny action game like with DonaldTrumpand Hillary Clinton and the others president of American(BarackObama, Bill Clinton,...)In Donald Trump, HillaryClinton,Barack Obama,... will become a snail. You can choose apresidentwho you want and swallow up many blinking dots.You loveDonaldTrump or Hillary Clinton? Let join, select apresident andkill other snails.Features in No lag- Totalfree
Snake Rex 1.1
Snake Rex is one of the mostcrazy,addictive& Amazing and fun gameyou can play it without worrying about starting it uplateron.The challenge is to collect as much money as you can andmakemore!before your chosen snake io gets you.the premise is simple, and great may also pick your chosen snake.Try to collect as much witouht letting crawlio pro get you
Endless Slither
Endless Slither, dragon coming, it is a magic game!The classicgame"Snake" is now upgraded to be "Endless Slither", a newdragonfigure, a new play waiting for you to challenge withyourfriends!This is a super fun free casual Competitive Games, notonlytest your speed, but also test your strategy! In the worldofEndless Slither, everyone will be a DIY skin’s smalldragon,through continuous efforts to be longer and longer, andfinallybecome the longest player of the day! How to Play1.Controljoystick to move your dragon, eat the colored dragon ball onthemap will be longer.2. Carefully! If your head touchesanotherdragon, you will explode and die.3. To do your best to be infrontof a much larger dragon to defeat them! Then, eat the bodyquicklyto be longer. How Fun[Change at any time]If you're skilledorlucky, you can swerve in front of any longer dragon to defeatthem![Simple game-play]No matter what age, what sex, whatoccupation,just only need to move your finger, you can get the funof EndlessSlither![Fighting skill show]Not only speed, but alsostrategy! Useyour Slither Skill to complete your personallyshow.[Free game withfriends]Endless Mode or Timely Mode for free,you can invite yourfriends, enjoys the challenge with them![Diverseskin]Varieties ofskin, you can choose your favorite dragon, andshow yourself on thescreen!Facebook: youlike Endless Slither,please feel free to leave us valuable advice,tell your friends toplay together oh ~
Snake crawl new 2.3
Classic snake crawl game, controlyoursnake,crawl left or right to eat luminous dots or dyingopponents!It'svery fun and against with many other players. Don'tlet yourheadtouches another player.Using a boost button (the lower right corner of the screen)canmakesnake to run faster but running fast will reduce thelengthofsnake. Become a skilled Snake io and slither to killyourenemies.Focus on the snake meat along the way, and eat as manyaspossibleto become bigger snake.In Slither Snake, you have achanceto wineven if you're tiny. You can swerve in front of amuchlargerplayer to defeat them, no matter how big you are!Snake crawl you have a chance to win even if you're tiny.Youcanswerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them,nomatterhow big you are!If your head touches another player, it will then explodeoverthegame. But if others entered into Yu, then they willexplode,andyou can eat their remains!In this game you will meet lot of slither games fans likeyouandthey want to feel nostalgic for the classic snakegames.Eat and survive long enough to become the biggest cellinthegame!Eat luminous dots or dying opponents and become thebiggestslitherin the universe!Play against other people! and be the longest player orthelongestsnake.good luck!
Catchup 1.1
This is a bit of endless motion-sensing stroll game. Grab theapplesby navigating the eater. Collect as many apples as possibleand beaware of the hurdles on your path. You may need to get moreappleson hitting the stones on your way to growlarger.Controls:Tilt yourmobile up,left,right and down to navigatethe eater.
worm crawling game
worm crawling game, using your finger to guide the worm toeatfruit.the worm is hungry, our worms eats fruits!try to avoidthesnake in level 2!you start as a small worm, grow bigger byeatingfruits.try to survive big as much as you can!avoid crash intothesnake or in the quick! the snake also can eat fruitsandgrow bigger!collect points to reach the next level and unlockthenew levels. collect as many points as you can to need to tap the screen to guide your wormonscreen.finish level and get challenged with thenextlevel!features:- fruits: apple, orange, banana, peach andpear.-variety of difficulties levels.- collect points.- control thewormby touch on screen.- tap the screen.