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Quick Boot (Reboot) 4.8
** Root access to your phone is required tousethis application. **Reboot your device, power off your device, or boot yourdeviceinto recovery or bootloader mode, with just one tap.Createshortcuts / widgets on your home screen for easieraccess.Now with one tap also see device network, software, andhardwareinformation about your Android phone or tablet device. SeetheBootloader, SDK, build serial, MCC, MNC, Screen Size andmore.❐ Why Quick Boot only works on a rooted device?Because you need super-user permissions. Checkout here formoreinformation on root:❐ Please don’t hesitate to contact ( issues you may have; and do give us 5 stars if you likeus!Thanks & enjoy!
Fast Reboot 2.2
TRY THE PRO VERSION (, WHICH COMESWITHTHEOPTION TO AUTOMATICALLY PERFORM FAST REBOOTS AND LETSYOUMANUALLYEXCLUDE APPS! Simulates a reboot by closing/restartingallcore anduser processes and thus frees up memory. Your phoneshouldbe muchsnappier after using Fast Reboot. DOES NOT ACTUALLYREBOOTYOURPHONE, only the apps & processes. Does NOT requireroot.Appicon by Arabi Ishaque
Quick Reboot (Root) 1.6.5
App helps you to quickly boot intoRecoverymode, Bootloader ... without having to remember keyboardshortcuts.Helping to launch the much simpler mode.Features :★ Airplane Mode★ Refresh★ Capture screen★ Lock screen★ Reboot★ Hot Reboot★ Power off★ Reboot Recovery★ Reboot SafeMode★ Reboot Bootloader★ Reboot DownloadMode*** Root access to your phone is required to use thisapplication.If you are not aware whether or not your phone has rootaccess, youprobably don't have root access.If you want to help translate the app to otherlanguagesplease contact me!____________________________v1.6:★ Change UI.★ Add feature reboot into safe mode.★ Support android 6.0 and above.____________________________v1.5:★ Add Hot Reboot feature.★ Update capture button always on top.____________________________v1.4:★ Add Lock screen feature.____________________________v1.3:★ Update Material design.★ Add Capture screen feature.____________________________v1.2:★ Support Widget.★ Add Refresh feature.
Reboot 2.1.0
With this app, you can easily : * Reboot your device *SoftReboot(faster) * Reboot to recovery * Reboot to bootloader *Reboottodownload mode * Power off This app was made for somerockchipandallwinner based devices, which can't reboot to recoveryeasily.Ituses some tricks to do this. But if your device is notdetectedasone of these faulty devices, the app uses usual rootcommands todothe job, so it should work on any rooted device. Ithas beentestedon many android devices, but of course not everysingle one.Usethis app at your own risk. Make sure to do a fullbackupbeforetrying it. I am not responsible for any any issues thisappmaycause. ** Root access to your device is required tousethisapplication. If you are not aware whether or not yourdevicehasroot access, you probably don't have rootaccess.Supportedlanguages: * English * French * Polish *Russian(incomplete) *Spanish (incomplete) * Norwegian (incomplete)*Portuguese
Reboot Recovery 1.0
This is a simple application that allows you to reboot phonetorecovery. It can be started from launcher or long press"search"button menu.Designed for Samsung devices.Root is required.
Boot Droid (Reboot) 1.0.5
Spook Labs
[ROOT REQUIRED]Boot Droid is a simple app which allows you to Shutdown, RebootorBoot in to Recovery and Bootloader modes of anyAndroidDevice.*HTC Phones have been removed from listing temporarily*.
Recovery Reboot
This is a very small app for "rooted" phones to reboot into acustomrecovery. Simple and easy! . === Requirements === - You mustberooted. - Must have a custom recovery installed. . === Usage ===1.Tap the app icon. 2. You will get a small popup like in thepictureabove. 3. Tap on "OK" to reboot into recovery.
Fast Reboot Pro
- Select processes that should be excludedfrombeing restarted/closed!- Schedule automatic fast reboots (e.g. every day at 4am)- Option to automatically fast reboot when you unlock yourdevice(from standby)- Comes with a widget and a direct shortcut to instantly startarebootSimulates a reboot by closing/restarting all core and userprocesses(configurable) and thus frees up memory. Your phoneshould be muchsnappier after using Fast Reboot Pro.Fast Reboot Pro now includes an option to automatically performa"fast reboot" every time you unlock your device (i.e. when youturnit back on from sleep and "slide" to unlock). This way, yourphonewill _always_ be as fast and responsive as possible! Inaddition,you can now schedule a fast reboot so that your phone isfastrebooted automatically at a certain time each day (configuredbyyou, e.g. 4am when you're least likely to be usingyourphone)Want to perform a fast reboot when your battery drops below 30%,orwhen you leave work? Download the free Fast Reboot plugintointegrate the app with Locale / Tasker: you don't see the widget in the widget-list, please move theappback to your phone's internal memory (Settings,ApplicationSettings, Fast Reboot Pro, Move to Phone). This is alimitation ofthe Android system which I unfortunately have nocontrolover!App icon by Arabi Ishaque
TWRP Manager (Requires ROOT) 9.8
Jmz Software
----------------------------- THIS APP REQUIRESROOTACCESS----------------------------- PLEASE READ BEFORE RATINGTHISAPP!DESCRIPTION: This app allows you to Install, Backup,Restore,andWipe your device all using TWRP. We useOpenRecoveryScripttocomplete these actions. Your device will rebootintoTWRP,accomplish the selected tasks and then reboot back toAndroid.Anyissues or errors within the recovery should be addressedwithTeamWin. We do not make the recovery and cannot supportanythingbeyondour apps. Tools in the app: - Install Recovery: Thisallowsyou toinstall the recovery for supported devices. Not alldeviceswill besupported and giving us a low rating will not changethat.We canonly add what Team Win provides. - Install: This allowsyoutoflash zips. When you use this option, the app willreboottherecovery, flash the zip and then reboot back to Android.-Backup:There are two types of backups in this app. Classicbackupsrebootto the recovery and complete the backup as normalbeforerebootingto Android. Live Backup (paid feature) backs up yourphonewhileyou are still using it. This is a very unique featureandsaves ondown time and increases the amount of time you spendinAndroid. -Restore: Restores work like classic backups to wheretheapp willreboot into the recovery and complete the restorebeforerebootinginto Android. - Partitions: The app scans theavailablepartitionsand gives you a list. You can then backup animage of thepartitionin case there are issues in the future. Thisis useful forbackingup your EFS partition as well as boot andrecovery. There isanoption to remove ads to help support ourcompany. It's only$0.99and helps keep us running so that we canprovide the core appforfree. If you are at all unhappy with yourpurchase email us attheemail address below with if you would likeus to fix the issuesorjust refund your money. Either way we willhappily oblige. FAQsQ:My device isn't listed but it's officiallysupported, why? A:checkunder your device's codename. If you stillcan't find it,email usand we will assist you. Q: Why isn't mydevice listed? Whydon'tyou support my device? A: We do not make therecovery, TeamWindoes. If they don't support it, we cannot supportit either.Youcan see the full listhere: Several featuresareincompatible with differentversions of BusyBox. This is whywerequire you to use theStericson BusyBox. It is the only one wehavetested that worksflawlessly. If you have any issues orquestionsplease either emailus and we will assist. We only have somanydevices to test on. Forsupport: Send email Asupport ticket will becreated automaticallywhen you send an emailto this address. ORVisit and click thehelp button andcreate aticket there.
Reboot Manager (*ROOT*) 2.1.4
****** Notice ****** * The app works on * ROOTED *phonesonly。Please don't try to download or install this app if youdon'tknowwhat "root" is. * I couldn't promise you that this appwillworkwell on any device because of the fragmentation ofAndroid.Forexample on some Samsung devices, "Reboot to Bootloader"justdoes anormal reboot. * Don't move this app to SD card oranyotherexternal storage. It may be cause the app disabled orvanish.* Thelauncher icon' showing option will take effect after afewsecondson your launcher. Please hold on for a monent. If youwantthelauncher icon again, just add widget and change thesettingoption.* This app contains a widget so you can add it onhomescreen ifyou need. But it might be respond nothing the firsttimeyoupressed it, please try again or wait for a moment. Or ifitreallydoes nothing, reboot the device manually please. *Thelaunchericon' showing option will take effect after a fewsecondson yourlauncher. Please wait for a monent. If you want thelaunchericonagain, just add widget and change the setting optionRebootManagerincludes the following features: * normal reboot * hot/fastreboot * reboot to recovery mode * reboot to bootloadermode*reboot to download mode * reboot to safe mode * power off
ROM Installer
JRummy Apps
ROM Installer, by JRummy Apps, is the bestwayto find and install custom ROMs and ZIPs. It is a must have appforany root user.You will find more ROMs available in ROM Installer than anyotherapp on the Google Play Store. It has many of the same featuresthatyou will find in Goo Manager, ROM Manager, ZipInstaller,Flashifyand other similar products.Features:★ Many ROMs and ZIPs to download and install for hundredsofdevices★ 1-Click install of the latest TWRP, ClockworkMod andClockworkModTouch Recovery★ Backup and restore your current ROM (nandroid), kernel,andrecovery★ Install queue to flash multiple ZIP files and send commandstorecovery★ View ROM details, socialize with other users, download,andinstall popular ROMs★ Built-in GooManager that has all the same features as theoriginalapp★ Receive notifications and OTA updates for updated ROMsandrecoveries★ Flash .img files to the boot and recovery partition★ Options to wipe data, cache, dalvik, etc.★ Extract files and apps from nandroid backups.With ROM installer you can always be up-to-date with yourfavoriteROM and recovery. Popular ROMs available for installincludeCyanogenMod (cyngn), Android Open Kang Project (AOKP),ParanoidAndroid, OMNI, Carbon, Slim, Vanir, PAC-man and others. Inorderfor a particular ROM to be visible your device must besupported bythe ROM.ROM Installer also offers the fastest way to install the mostrecentrecovery. All TWRP recoveries are hosted on our fast serverandupdated on a constant basis. No other app offers an easierway.Supported recoveries: Team Win Open Recovery (TWRP),ClockworkModRecovery (CWMR).WarningROM Installer requires superuser permission. ROM Installer doesnottake any responsibility for any damage it may cause to yourdevice.You should always know how to restore your device and befamiliarwith what you are doing before proceeding to make changesto yoursystem.Premium UpgradesROM Installer is free but does contain optional in-app purchasesforadditional features and support.Contact UsG+Community: you have any questions or need help please contact before rating the app poorly.
Simple Reboot (only for rooted devices) 8.3
It'll be the best reboot you'll ever experience. Do youwanttoreboot and your rom doesn't have that shortcut? SimpleReboot.Doyou want to enter the recovery and you don't want to enterthelinemanually into the terminal? Simple Reboot. Do you wanttoenteryour bootloader to use fastboot and there is no wayrebootinto it?Simple Reboot. Now also including a Soft Reboot andSafeModereboot options! Restart SystemUi without rebooting yourdevice.Beafraid no more! This simple application gives you alltheshortcutsfor all these tasks without having to type it intocommandline oradb. You just need root and you're good to go!!! Itonlydoes whatit's advertised, no shady permissions or datacollection.Fortransparency the source code isavailablehere: justworks™
Fast Reboot (no ads) 1.29
This is a simple fast reboot app for Android devices allowing youtoquickly reboot into recovery, fastboot, re-initialise the systemUIor turn off the phone completely!This app is integrated into Blade Buddy, so check out BladeBuddyif you don't already use it!Requires rooted phone.Notes on permissions required:android.permission.INTERNETandroid.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONThese permissions are to allow sending of bug/crash reportsandfor analytics to see which countries this app is being deployed.Ifthis concerns you, you can safely block net access usingDroidWallor similar software without impacting the running of thisapp.
Boot Manager Pro 3.2.6
Open sourced at supports UNLIMITED slots! and much more see thechangelog permissions are for syncing sms and phone logsacrossROMs!Read all of this and check if your device is supported!Boot Manager is Android's first multi-boot application. Itallowsyou to install boot ROMs from your sdcard and boot betweenthen withjust a reboot. The application acts as your recovery foryour sdcardslots. Install your kernels, themes, and ROMs allthrough the appand use your normal recovery for your phone ROMonly.IF YOU HAVE UPDATED SUPERUSER APK YOU NEED TO DISABLE LOGGINGINTHE SUPERUSER APP. IT IS A BUG IN SUPERUSER AND WILL CAUSEISSUESWITH BOOTMANAGERManual to the app at Read the Manual :)If you have questions stop by the forumhttp://forum.init2winitapps.comREQUIRESROOTS-OFF for HTC devices or unlocked bootloader for others(Thisdoesn'tapply to 2nd Init devices)Current Supported DevicesSamsung Galaxy NexusHTC DesireHTC Desire HDHtc Desire SHTC Desire ZHtc Evo 3DHTC EVO 4GHTC G2(aka Vision)HTC Incredible 1Htc Incredible 2Htc Incredible SHTC Inspire4gHTC MyTouch 4GHTC Nexus OneHtc SensationHTC ThunderboltHTC RezoundMotorola Droid 1Motorola Droid 2Motorola Droid 2 GlobalMotorola Droid XMotorola RazrBootManager will not work with Samsung devices that arenotlisted because of the way Samsung handles the bootpartition.Motorola phone's with a locked bootloader will also notcurrentlywork. Check compatible phones above.
Boot Animations for Superuser
JRummy Apps
A boot animation is the loading animation that is playedwhenyourdevice starts up. Choose from hundreds of customloadanimations toinstall to your rooted device. Root access isrequiredand yourdevice must be compatible to install custombootanimations.Features: • Hundreds of beautiful boot animationsforsuperusers 🌈.• Install boot animations from your SD card. •Convertan animatedGIF to a boot animation. • High-quality bootanimationpreviews. •Auto install a new boot animation each timeyour devicestarts up.• Modify boot animations (custom dimensions,backgroundcolor,frame rate). • Compatible with the CyanogenModTheme Engine.**PLEASE NOTE: SAMSUNG IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APPWhatshouldour next app be? Let us know what youthinkhere: FrequentlyAskedQuestions:Q: Is my device supported? A: Your device must berootedto installa boot animation. Some manufacturers, like Samsung,use adifferentboot animation format (QMG) which is not compatiblewiththis app.You do not need root access if you are running a ROMwiththeCyanogenMod theme engine. Q: The boot animation doesn’tplay.Howcan I fix this? A: Some Android devices usedifferentinstalllocations. You should find your current bootanimationlocation andchange it in the app’s preferences. Q: How doI restoremy originalboot animation? A: The app will backup bootanimationsby default.If you want to restore your original bootanimation,click on the“Backups” menu item, select your animation,and click“Restore”.Before installing a boot animation you shouldbackup yourROM inrecovery. Please visit our support website beforeleavinganegative review. Disclaimer: Installing a boot animationhasthepotential to soft-brick your device. Please backupyoursystempartition using a custom recovery before using the app.
Link2SD Plus (New) 1.1
Bülent Akpinar
✚✚✚✚ Plus key for Link2SD ✚✚✚✚ This app is a licensekeyonly,requeries the Link2SD (free) app and turns it intoPlusedition,removes ads and unlocks additional features. You willsee"Link2SDPlus" on the title in Link2SD (free) app. Plusfeaturesadded ✔Links internal data directory of apps to SD card Youneed touse anon-FAT file system (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) onyour2ndpartition. Because the FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32 orexFAT)doesnot support UNIX file ownership or permissions andcausesasecurity breakdown of app's private files. ✔ Linksexternaldataand obb folders of apps and games to SD card ✔ Linksdex filesofthe system apps to SD card ✔ Auto clear cache service ✔Removesadsfrom Link2SD **** Note for old Link2SD Plus users ****Due toaproblem with Google Play the package name of the apphaschangedand published as a new app. It is the same as the oldone,you cancontinue to use old version. You can reinstall theoldversion from"Play Store -> My apps -> ALL". ****Support& Upgrades /Reinstalls **** ● Keep "Link2SD Plus"installed anddo not freeze(disable) it. ● Link2SD Plus purchase isper Googleaccount forpurchases on Play Store, all upgrades andreinstalls arefree. ●You can install Link2SD Plus on any device forfree as longas youuse the same Google account you bought it with.Note thatforGoogle Play Store purchases if you have multiple Googleaccountsonthe device, your "original" Google account should beselectedinPlay Store (side menu => top-right white arrow nexttoyouraccount). If you're getting license error This is reportedinthefollowing cases: ● Play Store app not loaded. PleasestartPlayStore app and wait until it fully loads start page. PlayStoreappcan fail to load, for example, during itsself-updating.Pleasewait until it fully loads, then start Link2SDagain ●internetconnection is not available/unstable or PlayStoreapp/services areblocked from internet. It requires anetworkconnection for thefirst license check. But then you can goofflinefor a period oftime before requiring another license check.Cachingis enabled forlicense check. ● Link2SD Plus is in factnotlicensed/order isincomplete/refunded/canceled. Please openyourtransactions in"" and check your Link2SDPlusstatus is"Complete" ● invalid Google account on the device.GooglePlay appsare bound to the Google account, if you change it,PlayStore can'trecognize your purchase anymore. Please re-addthatGoogle accountback to your device and/or select this accountinGoogle Play Storeapp (side menu => top right arrow next toyourGoogle account) ●too much requests from apps to Play serversforlicense check.Please try again later (in 10 minutes) ●(Android2.x) backgrounddata is disabled To resolve this issue: 1.uninstallLink2SD andLink2SD Plus then reboot 2. ensure you haveinternetconnection onthe device up and stable 3. install Link2SDandLink2SD Plus fromGoogle Play Store app. Reinstalls to thesameaccount are free.(Installing from the APK won't resolve theissue)4. you may needstart/wait a bit/exit Link2SD Plus a fewtimes toreload licensestate. 5. if it didn't help, clear data ofGooglePlay Store andGoogle Play services and reboot If you'regetting“insufficientstorage available” error when installingLink2SD Pluseven you haveenough free space To resolve this issue:1. "Clear allapp cache"within Link2SD 2. set "install location" toautomaticwithinLink2SD settings and reboot 3. if it didn't help,clear dataofGoogle Play Store and Google Play Services and reboot
SetCPU for Root Users
SetCPU is a tool for changing the CPUsettingson a rooted Android phone or tablet. SetCPU works with agreatvariety of Android devices and ROMs, including the HTC Oneseries,Samsung Galaxy series, and Nexus devices. You're undercontrol:SetCPU can improve your performance, save battery, orboth!Automate SetCPU with profiles! SetCPU allows you to set uppowerfulprofiles to change your settings under certain conditions,such aswhat app is running, when the phone is asleep or charging,when thebattery level drops below a certain point, when thephone'stemperature is too high, or during certain times of day. Seethescreenshots for examples of how you might set up profiles.SetCPU's wide feature set make it useful to Android beginnersandenthusiasts alike. Accelerate your processor to unleashyourphone's true multitasking potential, or dial your CPU's speeddownto save battery.SetCPU also includes a "voltage control" menu, available tocertaindevices with custom kernels that support it, tocontrolundervolting to save even more battery. Undervolting isonlyavailable for certain kernels.3.1.0Hey guys! It's good to be back ;) I have been very busy withschoolfor the past year. 3.1.0 is mostly a bug fix release forsomestanding issues, but expect much more frequent updates fromnowon.- Added SUPERUSER permission.- Fixed a bug where action bar menu items would sometimes notappearfor the profiles menu.- Fixed a bug where voltage items would appear in reverse withsomecustom kernels.- Added an open source licenses menu item in About.Mike "coolbho3k" HuangPermissions:Root: SetCPU needs root permissions to modify the CPU speedandother settings.Read logs: is used for efficient app condition checking. Thatiscurrently all it's used for.Start at boot: SetCPU will start a profiles service at boot,ifenabled. It also sets default boot settings, if enabled.SetCPUdoes not run in the background if profiles are not enabled,andbecomes inactive after settings, if any, are applied.Wake lock: This prevents the phone from sleeping whilestresstesting and benchmarking.Write external storage: SetCPU needs to read from and write totheSD card or internal storage to back up profiles.Read phone state: The "in call" condition needs this to determineifthe user is making a phone call or not, and trigger the profileifthe user wants to.