Top 15 Games Similar to Moa Island Adventure

Adventure princess jump 1.0
Welcome to the fabulous world ofOceania.Athousand years ago, the great sailors crossed the PacificOceanandwere looking for new islands of Oceania. But once theystoplooking.. No one knows why. Brave girl, the daughter of theleader,boldlylooking into the eyes of danger and decides tocontinue thework oftheir ancestors! She wants to find a fabulousisland, hopingtolearn the secret of his family.It will have many trials, one of them to collectmagicalamulets.Help charming princess to collect all the greenmagicstones!Tap the right - long jumpTap the left - short jumpLook do not mix! Otherwise, the wave engulf the island!Features♛ exciting arcade game for girls and boys with theirfavoritecartooncharacters♛ Dynamic management which will cope every child♛ 3 unique characters - choose your favorite!♛ free and without built-in shoppingGo to the sea adventure with a princess!
Adventure Moana Fruits 1.0
Two thousand years ago, thegreatsailorscrossed the Pacific Ocean and discovered a lot oftheislands ofOceania. But once they have stopped traveling .. Nooneknows why.Brave girl Moana boldly looks into the eyes ofthedangers anddecides to continue the work of their ancestors!Shewants to finda fabulous island, hoping to learn the secret ofherfamily.It offers a lot of adventures, of which you will soonfindout,but now you can help her with an important test!Demigod Maui arranged for a young princess fruit test.HoweverMoañacatch bright juicy fruit, but be careful, do not touchthebomb!Go to work, along with the princess in this fun adventureonalost island in the Pacific Ocean!The features of our game:- Stunning free game- Vivid graphics- Amazing sound effects- Simple gameplay- No internet connection- FreeJoin us and invite the friends in our exciting, simple,freeplaywith their favorite characters!
Moana's Monster Hunter 1.0
Fadama Glory
Defeat of the most dangerous enemies!NAVIGATE your bow so that the enemies!Help Moana & Maui defeating the enemies and monsters.★ Conquer enemies are cool!★ Open existing character!★ Find and defeat monsters!★ movement of your fingers to the right!★ Challenge your friends!Join the most daring adventure!Adventures of a very stressful and challenging, moveyourfingersto defeat all the enemies there.Fadama offerings Glory Team.
Mickey & Moana Jump
Mickey & Moana This is the best Jump challenge appevergamesFree game disney is an amazing running and jumpingadventuregame,Enjoy this adictive and simple game with realphysics. Matchthe higher score and compete worldwide with anotherplayers tocrown the global leaderboard! You can unlock a lot of newplayerfamilly , papa and trails to make them cooler. Customize yourballto complete the daily missions that will make this gamefunnierthan ever!Just tap the trolls.# Play hundreds of challengingandfun match-3 levels# It's jump time: play with yourFacebookfriends# name players : moana , kitty ; mickey mouse #FEATURES ##get point 500 point for shop other Player# get point 500point forshop other Player familly disney# New missions everyday.#3unlockable mickey mouse to play.# 5 unlockable trails foryourmoana# Absolut launch control.# Realistic physics.#Globalleaderboard.# Saves your own highscore.# Relaxing musicandrealistic sound effects mp3,# Customizable backgroundaesthetic.#Extra points in the epic shots.# game free, awsomewallpaper# BestGames kids jump# games jump and jumping enjoyYou canshare yoursocor in : * Facebook * Instagram * Twitter * RECOMMENDit topeople you don't like!
MoAnna 2.0
About this game…MoAnna is very special little girl with sort ofmagicalpowers;she can control water which is her best friend .Dreamer andbeingin tune with nature, she is ready for adventure andyou mustguideher through this crazy course,Enjoy jumping and do acrobat on air and stunts. YoumustpreventMoana from falling down and help her by putting waterbarsatscreen bottom. Use your skills to guide the girl and helphertocomplete each stage and earn gold and fruits.This game is fun and addicting for all ages !Enjoy!More about the story line :Welcome to the fabulous world of Oceania. A thousandyearsago,the great sailors crossed the Pacific Ocean and werelookingfornew islands of Oceania. But once they stop looking .. Nooneknowswhy. Brave girl, the daughter of the leader, boldlylookingintothe eyes of danger and decides to continue the workoftheirancestors! She wants to find a fabulous island, hopingtolearn thesecret of his family.Go to the sea adventure with a princess!PS. This game is not related to moana character from Disneyoranycartoon, this game is for fun only, nocopyrightinfringementintended.
The Tao
Welcome to The Tao - A fun filled casual game with simple onetouchcontrol.Dart and weave through a randomly generated worldwhileavoiding the enemies.Find your Tao by collecting smallTaoobjects.Includes:* Realistic physics engine with zerogravitylevels.* Simple touch and drag control.* Endless twists andturns.Play as long as you want and try to beat your friend's oryour owntop score with Game Center!* Free download (with in-apppurchasefor removing ads).Fun, elegant and simple finger-runner.Easy tolearn and difficult to let go. Download The Tao today andenter theWay.How to play:Playing The Tao is simple. Touch anywhereon thescreen and drag left or right to move the ball. Avoid the theredenemy tiles and objects or your character will die and thegamewill be over!Use green blocks to your advantage. You canhidebehind them or push them towards the red enemies to avoidthecontact.
Winter Dress up 1
What's more, you can nowassessingtherecreations dressing diversions dressing Delights moldthatMAKEPrincess the most wonderful girl in the opposition ofthebiggestacquiescing Recreations Young ladies Dressup new,Girls' games and dressing in this new andwonderfulgame,presentlywill help one of the most valiant Disneyprincesses,Moana to begina dangerous voyage. If not you don't knowwho is theMoanayet,
Bzz - the bee 0.1.8
Kilo Moana
Just waiting on the bus stop, waiting for the girl friend tohaveher make-up finished, do something while the boyfriend has notime.With Bzz - the bee you can do it with one finger only.Bzz isanarcade game. The main target is to fly with bzz as wide as youcanand to avoid to fly against the obstacles.Bzz is not a gamewhichyou play for hours. It is a short game which you canplayeverywhere and everytime. It is a challenge to try to be thebestof your friends and to fly wider as the rest of the world.Youwillfind a really cute comic look in Bzz. Especially Bzz herselfwithher great eyes. You will feel forced to go on a journey withbzzandto try to lead the worldwide leaderboards with her.A smalloverviewabout the features:- sweet graphics- leaderboards-achievements-twitter and facebookYou'll find further information onthe websiteat
Monster Island Adventure 1
Intuition Lab
Professor Einstein needs your help! He has created a smallgreenmonster with rockets for feet to locate a mysterious artifacton abizarre island. Fly, stomp, and roll your way through40challenging levels to 3 unique endings!How to play:1. Tocontroldirection with operating ball on machine.2. Click the bluebuttonin game interface to jump, and click red button to storepower anddestroy enemy by jumping over its head..3. To control thedirectionof power ball released by robot with gravity perception.Becapableof controlling enemies is the main feature of this game,whichmeans you can control your enemies to defence your enemies.Inother words, your enemies can do everything for you.
Yokai Adventure in Ice Island 1.0.1
Yokai Adventure in Ice Island is anadventurerun game of a boy in a super Island. YoKai must run intothe iceisland and pass many differents obstacles and monsters andcollectwatch.Jump and run though Yokai Ice Island Adventures, collect watchsandenjoy yourself with more than+100 levelswonderfullydesigned.YoKai Ice Island Adventures game is packed full of fast actionandadventure stories!★ Yokai Adventure in Ice Island ★✔ Addictive game play✔ 100+ challenging levels✔ 3 Game Modes✔ Beautiful new graphics✔ Amazing game control★ How to play Yokai Ice Island Adventure ★✔ Catch the watchs for bonus score✔ Tap the screen for jump and collect watch✔ Mind the gap and the obstacles on the road✔ Collect more watchs to achieve high scoreInstall now YoKai Ice Island Adventures and challenge yourfriends.. Enjoy!
Monkey Island Adventure Runner 1.0.1
Monkey Island Adventure Runner takes youforarun in the jungle! If you like games where you have torunandjump, and you like to run through temples, jungles,subwaysorcities, then you have found exactly what you need.Features:★ Easy touch controls★ 6 islands to play★ 120 levels!★ Mad enemies!★ Run, jump and collect coins★ Cool customizable character!Have Fun!
Go Soy Luna jump 1.0
A new adventure for the lovely Luna! Gototheexciting world of sports!Luna - a girl who lives with his family in Mexico. Soygoestoschool, she loves to roller skate. However, her lifechangeswhenparents receive a job offer, which moves them toBuenosAires.Learn how to change the fate with Luna and help her tobecomethebest in the soy competition!Use rollers and jump on stage! Get the top prizeinthecompetitionYou have only three attempts to collect all the videos thatwillleadyou to soy victory.Tap the right - long jumpTap the left - short jumpFeatures★ Exciting arcade game for girls and boys withtheirfavoritecharacters★ Dynamic management which will cope every child★ 3 unique characters - choose your favorite!★ FREE and without built-in shoppingGo to a sporting adventure together with the Moon!
Island Treasure Adventure 3.9
"Island Treasure Adventure" is a very fun and challengingrunninggame. So, get in on the fun!Rise through the pirate shipranks.First become a Powder Monkey and then work your way to thetop andbecome the Captain of the ship. To rise to the top of theranks youhave to collect certain amount of special collectableitems. Eachrank has its own specific items that you have tocollect. Good luckwith your rise to the top of the ranks!Benimble... be quick... andmake sure to jump over obstacles and enemyto help the pirate getthe treasure."Island Treasure Adventure" iscompletely free to playand doesn't have any in-apppurchases."Island Treasure Adventure"features:-> Fabulousanimations and in-game graphics->Amazing island beach and islandjungle world themes->Challenging animated enemies-> 10Challenging and very funachievementsThe pirate got ahold of thetreasure map which led himto the amazingly beautiful island full oftreasure, to collect itall he needs you to help him run and jumpover obstacles andenemies. Be nimble, be quick and make sure tojump at the righttime though. This place is full of enemies andobstacles, and ifthe pirate touches it he will die.Soundtrack usedas backgroundmusic in this game-> license->
Coconut Shoot 1.0
Throw a ball and knock off the cans or shoot targets. This game isagreat time killer and keeps you occupied when in thosesituationswhere you have to wait. Simple to play and fun. Try beatyour ownscore. This addictive game is suitable for Adults and Kidsalike.Come test your skills and abilities.
Fruit Mania Free 1.0.9
world sniper
Fruit Mania Free is a fruit cutting game.There are differenttypesof fruit: banana, pineapple, pear, apple, orange,grapes,watermelon, lemon, strawberry, cherry, coconut, kiwi, limeandpeach. You have markers stars. Become a real samurai fruit. Itcanbe good exercise the brain's ability. How many times can youslicethese Fruits? Cut the sweet and delicious fruit. As so onyoucomplete the level find more fun and interest in this game andlotof more. It is completely 100% free game for everybody.variouscolors of fruit juice splash into the air, or splash intothe wall,bringing exciting perspectives for the players toexperience. HowTo Play:Hold the finger in your hand and sweep it inthe air towardthe fruit to cut and got score. don't cut bomb fruitthen you willfail, and enjoy especial effect. The cloud appear insome level,itwill hinder you where you pass levels. just you try tofocus in thescreen. Do not need to be hurry if you miss the chancedo try againand sweep it with good angle and got the expertise andlot more.Keep in control to your mind and not to be a panic if youloss tryit again and again.