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Clash of Territory:3D 046.049
As we all know, World War II, because ofitsfirepower, protection and mobility, the tank corps is themostimportant army divisions fighting force. And now, you canhaveone.This is an easy-to-play strategy game, with a very cute 3Dcartoonstyle. But it's real.War has entered the intensified stage: the city has beensurroundedby tanks; the guards have lost contact with the mainforce.At this critical moment, how should you rescue your companions asalittle tank commander? Join in the game and you may change thewar,change the world, defense the city!Welcome to Clash Of Territory: A mechanized tank war game.In the game,Clash Of Territory, you shall act as a littletankcommander. Your goal is to fight against the waves ofenemies’attacks! Stand your ground.While fighting against your million of enemies, you shouldtoimprove your strategy and become a better commander!The enemies not a rookie, but angry, they have all kinds ofadvancedequipment, such as automatic locking missiles,transformers, tigerstanks, mines, gunship.**FEATURES:**There are 6 different types of attributes available, Magnet,MovingSpeed, Aiming Speed, Armor, Artillery, Attack.You should upgrade them wisely to block enemies.The game is free forever, You can upgrade the weapons byfreegold coins.Come on, Join us.