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English To Zulu Dictionary Splash
Sohid Uddin
This Zulu Dictionary has the facility of searching both fromEnglishto Zulu and Zulu to English. Relavant and important wordsare listedand synced with search that gives advantage of a wordbook of Zuluand English. Search History, Store Favorite, DisplayWord Of theDay. List of Synonyms and Antonyms with details Englishdescription.Searching words through voice, Pronunciation ofEnglish, Detectingtyped language automatically. How to use somemain features InstantScanning features: At first you have toenable instant scanning fromdisplay settings or home screen ,During using browser or any otherapplication please select theword or words and then press copy. Youwill see instant meaning ofthis word without opening dictionary.English Grammar: We providesome important grammar chapter liketense , sentence , voicenarration etc. Word Quiz: Our quiz have 24level, You have tocomplete one by one. For wrong answer you will beasked again onthe end of the level. Mixer MCQ: This is like realexam. You canchange number of question and question type also. WordCategory: Wedivide important word into 60 categories.You will findit fromdrawer. You can change category position by dragging.Weincludeverbs, idioms and phrases section. Backup & Restore: Youcantake backup and your favorite and history word in sdcard.andcanrestore it later. How to set Live Wallpaper: From leftdrawerplease click live wallpaper option and you will see wordwithmeaning on your home screen. You can customize thiswallpaperscreen. you can change color, font size and also positionof word.Quotes: We provide a lot of quotes that can change yourlife.
com.promt.pmtappfree 2.2.188
The Online– app and the PROMT Online service areasingle cloud system with synchronization of favoritetranslationsbetween a smartphone and a PC. Sigh up now and enjoyall thefeatures of the free version and discover functionalitywithPREMIUM subscription! FREE ONLINE VERSION OPTIONS -3-in-1:translator, dictionary and phrasebook - Speech and texttranslationin “Dialog” mode - Translation of text in images andphotos -Instant translation in any app - 18 profiles foraccuratetranslation - Voice input and pronunciation - Roamingtrafficsaving mode - Synchronization of settings and favoritetranslationsbetween devices PREMIUM OFFLINE SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS -7-day freetrial period- ADS FREE app and online service - Offlinetranslator,phrasebook and dictionary - 7 popular languages areaccessible foroffline translation: English, French, German,Russian, Spanish,Italian, Portugal and also 20 languages are alwaysaccessibleonline THIS APP TRANSLATES TEXTS AND ENTIRE WEBSITES! THEMOSTACCURATE TRANSLATION PROMT advanced technologyprovideshigh-quality translation. The app has been alreadyconfigured forthe most popular topics: languages study, science andeducation,correspondence and online networking, engineering,business,purchase, travel, sport, health. TRANSLATION IN “DIALOG”MODESpeech translation in dialog mode allows you to communicateeasilyat any time and place. Choose the languages forcommunication,speak your native language and and engage inconversation withforeigner. Text and voice input modes areavailable. . TRANSLATE INANY APP Just copy the selected textfragment, its translationappears at the notification area. Contextmenu is also accessiblefor work with texts in any app for Android6.x and elder versionsPHOTO TRANSLATION Take a photo or choose fromthe gallery an imagecontaining text. Just select a text fragment ora word at theimage. SPEAK AND LISTEN It is not necessary to typethe text, justspeak the phrase and listen to its translation. It isconvenient atthe travel abroad and during foreign languagesstudies! STUDYLANGUAGES EASILY Use the app as a full-fledgeddictionarycontaining translations of words from different subjectsareas,information about parts of speech and transcription. You alsocanlisten to how the word and any of its translations arepronounced.More information available on the website: grammar,declinations,conjugations, examples of translations andcollocations. Quicklinks are integrated into apps. SAVE ROAMINGTRAFFIC Special modewhich allows you to minimize mobile web trafficwhen you translateduring travel abroad. DON’T TRANSLATE THE SAMETEXTS TWICE The last50 translations are saved in “History” andaccessible offline.Favorite translations are saved forever, even ifyou cleared the“History”.. TRANSLATION FOR POPULAR LANGUAGESEnglish, German,French, Spanish, Italian, Portugal, Hebrew,Finnish, Japanese,Arabian, Turkish, Catalan, Greek, Kazakh,Chinese, Korean, Dutch,Hindi, Ukrainian and Russian. **Internetconnection is necessaryfor translation in a free version.** Did youlike our app? We arevery glad! Leave a comment about it on GooglePlay and help otherschoose our translator. This is the best way tothank us. Don’tleave a negative review right away. If the appconfounded yourexpectations, please write us to support@promt.comand we willimprove the product for your special benefit! For moreinformationvisit our website:
LEO dictionary
Leo GmbH
The application offers access to the LEO dictionaries,languagecourses and Survival Kits as well as the vocabulary trainerandforums. Dictionaries LEO’s online dictionaries are always uptodate (no updates necessary). ★ English ⇔ German (814,000entries)★ French ⇔ German (261,000 entries) ★ Spanish ⇔ German(212,000entries) ★ Italian ⇔ German (206,000 entries) ★ Chinese ⇔German(199,000 entries) ★ Russian ⇔ German (314,000 entries)★ Portuguese⇔ German (103,000 entries) ★ Polish ⇔ German (70,000entries) WithLEO you can do more than just look up the meaning of aword in adifferent language. LEO also provides: ☆ noun and verbtables ☆ real voice audio pronunciation (nospeech synthesis)☆ definitions☆ grammar and etymology, as well as other informationrelevant tothe search term(s) including ☆ orthographically similarwords☆ possible base forms for inflected words ☆ links toforumdiscussions containing the search term(s) Language coursesandSurvival Kits Learn a new language and find your way round in anewcountry. With LEO’s language courses and Survival Kits youcanlearn nine languages and find out about different customsandcultures – on your desktop or mobile device (also offline).Thelanguage courses and Survival Kits can be purchased within theapp.Vocabulary trainer Use our free vocabulary trainer tocreatepersonal word lists and improve your vocabulary. We use atwo-waysynchronization method, which means you can access all yourwordlists on your mobile devices or on your desktop, all you needis afree account. Forums Connect with other users and get helpwithlanguage-related questions that are not answered by thedictionary.To participate in the forums all you need is a free useraccount.The app contains adverts which you can choose to removebysubscribing to our ad-free version. For a detailed descriptionofall features, please visit
simply.learn.japanese 4.2.3
Simply Learn Japanese is an ultimate tool for learning Japanesewhenyou visit Japan. We have all important Japanese phrases andJapanesewords that you are going to need during your visit and wepresent itto you in both phonetic and original Japanese text.Doesn’t know howto correctly speak Japan? We also record thecorrect pronunciationby a native Japanese girl. If you plan tovisit the Sakura country,learning a bit of basic Japanese can helpyou survive your visit andmakes it more pleasant. Japaneselanguage can be confusing forpeople who don’t speak Japan everyday. If you plan to visit Japan,you might be looking for aJapanese translate app or an app to helpyou learn Japanese,especially basic Japanese language. We haveincluded all importantphrases are included. For example, let theapp speak to the Taxidriver in Japan to show them where you want togo. Use our app fora basic Japanese language training to preparefor your travel.Simply Learn Japanese - Learn Japanese – FreeJapanese Phrasebook★★★TOP FEATURES★★★ • Save important and yourfavorite Japanesewords and Japanese phrases so you can review themeasily later. •Use our basic vocabulary flashcard for languagetraining &improving your language skills and basic vocabulary.• Test yourlanguage skills with our fun quiz and review your scoreto see howfar you can speak Japan. • Survive in Japan using ourJapanesetranslate app! Search all phrases and words to quicklyaccess whatyou need. We have total of 1200+ Japanese phrases andwords. 300phrases are FREE to access and you can unlock the restwith anin-app purchase option. • Let our app speak Japan (forexample tothe taxi driver). The speaker from our app is a nativegirl fromJapan so she can speak & pronounce every Japanese wordclearly.• High quality audio with the ability to play and replaythe soundslower. • A great system for learning Japanese withspacedrepetition system. • Copy a Japanese phrase to the clipboardforlater use. • You can also adjust the settings for Japaneselanguagequiz & vocabulary flashcard settings. You can set itforJapanese to English, English to Japanese, Phonetics to English,andEnglish to Phonetics. Simply Learn Japanese has 33learningcategories 11 Free Learning Categories Use our app forJapaneselanguage training with 300+ free Japanese phrases andJapanesewords in the following categories: Numbers, Time&Date,BasicConversation, Greetings, Directions Phrases, DirectionsWords,Eating out in Thailand, Sightseeing in Thailand, ShoppinginThailand, Emergency, Accommodation 22 Categories in the ProVersionImprove your language skills by unlocking the Pro Version.Get 900+more Japanese phrases and words in the Pro version withthefollowing additional categories: Advanced Conversation,Health,Border Crossing, Questions, Places, Food, Vegetables,Fruits,Colors, Romance I, Romance II, Post Office, Phone &Internet,Banking, Occupations, Business Talk, Hobbies, Feelings,Body,Animals, Family, Countries We appreciate your feedback!! Ifyouenjoy improving your Japanese words vocabulary and using our apptoimprove your language skill, please leave a rating and review.Ifyou have any feedback, suggestions or advise I am more thanhappyif you let me know at We hope youhavefun learning Japanese with us!
Learn Italian. Speak Italian
ATi Studios
Learn Italian with free lessons daily. Let Mondly teach youtheItalian language quickly and effectively. In just minutesyou’llstart memorizing core Italian words, form sentences, learn tospeakItalian phrases and take part in conversations. Fun Italianlessonsimprove your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation like nootherlanguage learning method. Beginner or advanced learner,traveler orbusiness professional with a tight schedule? The appworks greatand dynamically adjusts to your needs. Explore languageexercisesfor reading, listening, writing and speaking enhanced withadictionary, verb conjugator and state-of-the-art speechrecognitiontechnology - you’ll feel like having your own Italianlanguagetutor in your pocket. Download the language learning pilltoday andenjoy the benefits of learning a new language for life.The secretpath to language learning Remember the Italian languageclasses inschool? You started with hundreds of basic words andexpressions,continued with tons of Italian grammar lessons and atthe end of afull semester’s language course you could barelytranslate asentence or say “Hello!” to a foreigner. That’s thetraditional wayto learn a language. Mondly has a differentapproach, that’sopposite to the average language course. This ishow the future oflanguage courses looks like The App gets youstarted with a basicconversation between two people. You quicklystart memorizing corewords, use them to build sentences andphrases, and at the end of a45-minutes module you are able toreconstruct that conversationwith your own voice. It’s an effectiveway to learn Italianphrases. State-of-the-art Natural SpeechRecognition and SpacedRepetition Algorithms make the app effectivefor learninglanguages. Here are the key features that make Mondly agreat tutorfor you: Crystal-clear audio and professional voiceactors. Learnthe right Italian pronunciation from conversationsbetween nativespeakers. State-of-the-art Speech Recognition. Mondlyknows exactlyhow to listen to your Italian words and phrases. Youwill only geta positive feedback if you speak Italian clearly andcorrectly.This will improve your pronunciation. Useful phrases forrealsituations. Memorizing hundreds of isolated words is not theway togo when it comes to learning Italian. Mondly teaches youItalianvocabulary by offering you core words and phrases. The appbreaksthe learning process down into short lessons and puts themintothemed packs. Learn conversational Italian. Conversation isthemain reason to take this free course. It will help you build acoreItalian vocabulary with widely-used nouns and verbs, andspeakItalian clearly. Verb conjugations. If you want to learnmoreduring this course, just tap the Italian verbs and get thefullconjugation on the screen, including the translation. It’sfasterand better than a dictionary. Advanced Statistics. The Appusesintelligent reporting, so you can always follow yourprogress.Build your vocabulary step by step and become betterdaily. TheLeaderboard. See how your friends are doing and competewith peoplefrom all over the world to become the best learner inthe Mondlycommunity family. Take the Weekly Quiz to become evenbetter.Adaptive Learning. Learning Italian is different from persontoperson. So we taught the app to learn from your way oflearning.After little time spent together, Mondly will understandwhat suitsyou best and it will become your own guide and customizedteacher.Kids will love it as well. Before you know it, at the endof theseItalian lessons, you will master the most useful 5000 wordsandphrases and you will be on the fast lane to learning anewlanguage.
Hindi Dictionary Offline Splash
Sohid Uddin
This Hindi Dictionary has the facility of searching bothfromEnglish to Hindi and Hindi to English.and English toEnglishmeaning with example. Relevant and important words arelisted andsynced with search that gives advantage of a word book ofHindi andEnglish. Search History, Store Favorite, Display Word Ofthe Day.List of Synonyms and Antonyms with details Englishdescription.Searching words through voice, Pronunciation ofEnglish, Detectingtyped language automatically. How to use somemain features InstantScanning features: At first you have to enableinstant scanningfrom display settings or home screen , During usingbrowser or anyother application please select the word or words andthen presscopy. You will see instant meaning of this word withoutopeningdictionary. English Grammar: We provide some importantgrammarchapter like tense , sentence , voice narration etc. WordQuiz: Ourquiz have 24 level, You have to complete one by one. Forwronganswer you will be asked again on the end of the level. MixerMCQ:This is like real exam. You can change number of questionandquestion type also. Word Category: We divide important word into60categories.You will find it from drawer. You can changecategoryposition by dragging.We include verbs, idioms and phrasessection.Backup & Restore: You can take backup and your favoriteandhistory word in sdcard.and can restore it later. How to setLiveWallpaper: From left drawer please click live wallpaper optionandyou will see word with meaning on your home screen. Youcancustomize this wallpaper screen. you can change color, fontsizeand also position of word. Quotes: We provide a lot of quotesthatcan change your life.
Offline Translator: French-English Free Translate
Free offline* speech translator, dictionary and phrasebook --theultimate foreign language text translation tool for EnglishandFrench when you are abroad! Save on data roaming charges whenyoutravel!Our unique offline translation technology oftendeliverstranslations that excel both Google Translate andMicrosoftTranslator while using much less storage space.TRANSLATETEXT-instant offline translation as you type;- fully functionalofflinetranslator between English and French without anyinternetconnection;- automatically detects input language;TRANSLATEVOICE /SPEECH- offline voice input* for English and French;-offline voiceoutput for English and French;- allows readingindividual words bytapping the desired word in the translation;TRANSLATE PHOTOS /PICTURES AND OCR- take a picture of printed textand translate itin seconds offline! - available for English andFrench; - use thisfeature to easily convert photos of printed textinto editable textin offline mode; DICTIONARY- dictionary betweenEnglish andFrench;- recognizes any word form and identifies itsfeatures(number, person, gender, etc.)- displays all thetranslations for agiven word;- displayed for single words andcollocations;- allowsreading individual words by tapping thedesired word in thetranslation; HISTORY / PHRASEBOOK - you cancreate your ownphrasebook by hitting the save button;- all savedtranslations canbe viewed for reference; (*) You have to run theapp online once inorder to download the data file;(**) Voice inputis available onmost devices running Android 4.0+.If you encounterproblems withthe app, please contact our customer support!
Parts of Speech English Grammar 1.8
Part of Speech English Grammar In this app you will geteverythingabout part of speech- ->Parts of Speech ->Noun->Pronoun->Adjective ->Verb ->Adverb->Prepositions->Conjunction ->Interjection GrammarLessons, Grammar Rules,with Explanation google playlink- Speech English Grammar In this app you will get everythingaboutpart of speech- -> Parts of Speech -> Noun ->Pronoun ->Adjective -> Verb -> Adverb -> Prepositions->Conjunction -> Interjection Grammar Lessons, GrammarRules, withExplanation google playlink-
Tagalog to English 4 Kids 7.20.2z
Master your Children's English Vocab with this Fun App! TagalogtoEnglish 4 Kids is an English to Tagalog Translation Game.Tagalogto English 4 Kids is an English to Tagalog EducationalGamedesigned for Filipino Children. This is a very fun andchallengingway to master Tagalog to English translation. The gamehas a verysimple idea and that is to Translate a word from TagalogtoEnglish. If the player gets the correct answer, points willbegiven. These points can then be used by the player tosolvechallenging levels. With anime-like characters in thisgame,children will surely love its interface. Learning EnglishusingTagalog to English 4 Kids game has never been exciting andfun.
Portuguese English Translator 8.8
GK Apps
This free app is able to translate words and texts from englishtoportuguese, and from portuguese to english. - very useful appforeasy and fast translations, which can be used like a dictionary-voice input for text available - speech output in both languages-you can translate offline, without internet connection -sharetranslations with your friends and contacts - if you are astudent,tourist or traveler, it will helps you to learn thelanguage! -Portuguese is spoken in countries like Brazil,Portugal,Mozambique, Angola, Macau andothers._____________________________________________ - Contact usforsupport E-mail: Kik: gkappsTelegram:gkapps WeChat: gkapps
com.tlaapps.englishnounpronouce 5.3
Do You want improve yoour english listening and pronunciation?Areyou looking for some tools to teach how to Pronounce anenglishword or sentence correctly? This app can do the job. Yes itwill doit! If you are in doubt how to pronounce a word or englishphrasecorrectly just open the app and type in your word or phraseand theapp will finish the job. This app is made in order to helpyouimprove your english speaking both listening and pronunciation.itis a training tool to improve your english speaking. justwriteyour word or sentence and then listen to pronunciation. It iseasyto use as application, just open it then type in your wordorsentence and touch speak button and the word or phrase will bereadin english. Please send us your remarks about thisenglishpronunciation tool which help to improve english learning.We arehere to improve it. just enjoy it and happy english learning!
com.englearner.tamiltoenglishspeaking 28.0
* This application helps you to learn English easily. * Youcanlearn spoken English in just a few hours. * This is anEnglishspeaking course for learning English easily. * Englishconversationcan be easy if you go through the chapters properly. *And if youare wondering how to learn English, this app on Englishlanguagecan help you do so. * This app has a chapter on Englishvocabularyas well. * If you are looking forward to learning Englishonline itis better that you initially start with this application.* Thereis also a chapter on English pronunciation. * There aresimpleEnglish words as well, in one of the lessons which you canfindhelpful. * Learn English phrases and idioms easily. *Thisapplication is in fact a Tamil to English speaking tutorial. *Ifyou are seeking to talk English the right way, this can be agoodbeginning. * Learn English using Tamil with effectiveEnglishlistening. * You can learn how to speak English fluently.*Speaking English with Tamil was never easier. * This can alsobeuseful for those who are seeking to join BPO or Call center. *Alsoif you want to participate in English discussions and debates,youcan begin with this application. * This application uses bothtextand voice audio to teach English the proper way. * LearningEnglishgrammar could be easier if you initially get to know thesebasics.* Learn to speak English fluently with Tamil. * Also if youarepreparing for an English interview, spend some time learningthetools provided here. * An excellent beginning for a Tamilspeakingperson. * Start learning these English lessons and improveyourEnglish knowledge with this application which is forbeginners.This application provide skills in Basic English. Youwill startpreparing yourself to learn Business English. Finding outcommonmistakes in English and common errors in English isimportant. Youwill be able to do so after going through this app,to a largeextent. You will learn some English Vocabulary aftercompletingwhich you will be able to go ahead and learn Synonyms andAntonyms.Using our apps, you can learn languages free. You canthereafterproceed with learning English Grammar and Parts ofSpeech. This appcan also be used as a Tamil to English phrasebook.What is for sureis that you will be able to learn EnglishVocabulary Daily. Youwill also be able to learn as to how to speakEnglish Fluently in30 days. First learn this and then go ahead andthen you can alsouse an English Idioms and Phrase Dictionary. Thisapp can also beuseful for those who want to learn English forCompetitive Exams.You can also hereafter jump-start with a GroupDiscussion app or anInterview Questions and Answers app. Learn howto speak Englishfluently in 30 days. Many can also use this app asa Learn EnglishMagazine app. This app can be used to improveEnglish for BPOInterview. You will also be able to Learn Englishwords daily. Youwill slowly become more familiar with Englishverbs. A warm welcomeis also extended to those who want to learnEnglish for Bank Exams- English for Banking. Some can use this forSSC preparation. Toput it in simple words, play and learn Englishusing this app. Youwill become better with Tamil to Englishspeaking if you also use aTamil to English dictionary or English toTamil dictionary apartfrom this application. * These Englishpractice lessons andtutorials will make you comfortable inimproving you Englishskills. * Learn English using Tamil languageand acquire the skillswhich are are looking to achieve. * You willlearn some basics ofEnglish which is important to understand beforeyou start learningprofessional English. * Learn englishcommunication skillsdevelopment. * Learn English using voice. *This is an englishconversation speaking app with voice and offline.* Learn EnglishListening gradually. * This is one of a kind spokenenglish app. *Learn english speaking and improve your spokenenglish offline app.
The free offline German dictionary application explains themeaningof German words! Definitions are based on German Wiktionary.Thisis a monolingual German dictionary: words must be entered inGermanlanguage. Features ♦ More than 106000 words and large numberofinflected forms ♦ Fast as it works offline, internet is usedonlywhen a word is not found in the offline dictionary ♦ You canleafthrough words using your finger! ♦ Easy and functionaluserinterface, optimized also for tablets ♦ Bookmarks andsearchhistory with option to backup your bookmarks ♦ Crosswordhelp: thesymbol ? can be used in place of single unknown letter.The symbol* can be used in place of any group of letters. ♦ Randomsearchbutton (shuffle), useful to learn new words ♦ Share worddefinitionusing other apps, like gmail or whatsapp ♦ Compatiblewith Moon+Reader and FBReader Your settings ♦ Black and whitethemes withuser defined text colors (pressmenu-->selectSettings-->click on Theme) ♦ Optional FloatingAction Button(FAB) supporting one of the following actions: Search,History,Favorites, Random search and Share option ♦ PersistentSearchoption to get automatic keyboard at startup ♦ Text tospeechoptions ♦ Number of items in history ♦ Customisable font sizeandline spacing Questions: ♦ Question &Answers: ♦ No voice output? Please followinstructionshere: ♦ Information aboutpermissions used bythe application can be found here: Wordpronunciation works only if voice datahave been installed in yourphone (Text-to-speech engine). In caseMoon+ Reader does not listmy dictionary: open pop-up "Customizedictionary" and select "Opendictionary directly when Long-Tap on aword" ⚠ An offlinedictionary needs memory. In case your device haslow memory, pleaseconsider to use the onlinedictionary: application developers: ✔ This application providesDictionaryAPI for 3rd party developers, please read furtherdetails: Thisapplication requires the following permissions:INTERNET - toretrieve the definition of unknown wordsWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (akaPhotos/Media/Files) - to backupconfiguration and bookmarks
an.RussianTranslate 9.7
GK Apps
This free app is able to translate words and text from russiantoenglish, and from english to russian. Best app for easy andfasttranslations, which can be used like a dictionary. If you areastudent, tourist or traveler (in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus),itwill helps you to learn the language!
Confused Words Offline 18.0.8
Confused Words Offline Dictionary is a free offline app withover2500+ Words with meanings usage in sentences. Thisdictionarycontains confused words which are either similar inpronunciationbut different in meaning or similar in spelling butdifferent inmeaning or both . Now No internet Required for learningconfusedwords . Its time to learn along with usage on the go ,offline now.Features - Completely offline - Complete Search (WithKeyword ) -Shows a meaning along with its usage - Option toBookmark Words. -Share meanings via app. - Regular Updates -Complete support -Clear and Concise This dictionary will help youin your career planand helps in preparation and preventions oferrors in confusedwords of english as well as in competitive examsand curriculumexams . Write us at forsuggestions andfeedback for improvements. Follow us on twitter@gamesnapps4u
Lingualeo LLC
Lingualeo is a convenient, effective, and free service forlearningEnglish. Over 18 million people all over the world useLingualeo.No advertising in the application! Gamification and aseriousapproach We use modern learning methodologies, combiningelementsof gamification with high-quality content. We emphasizelearninglanguage basics. Personalisation A personal program is puttogetherbased on the learner’s level, interests, goals, and age.VarietyWord trainings for expanding vocabulary and gamifiedtrainings fordeveloping reading, writing, and listening skills.Tangibleprogress Language learners can see their progress andadjust thespeed of development for specific skills. Accessibility Awideselection of free content, exercises, and courses. Apremiumversion is available for more learning options. Master yourEnglishwith Lingualeo!
Oxford English Urdu Dictionary 10.0.407
The Oxford English Urdu Dictionary is now available for FREE!Themost authoritative language tool available for the Urdu languageofPakistan and India. It provides extensive coverage ofwords,phrases, idioms, scientific and technical terms, as wellasetymology, definitions, inflections, phrasing, and much more.TheOxford English Urdu Dictionary app features:  • More than85,000entries ranging from classic to modern language usage  •IPAnotation to help learn accurate pronunciation  • Grammaticalandusage information for both languages For the first timethedictionary includes in Urdu lexicography, InternationalPhoneticsAlphabet (IPA) pronunciation, providing a standardized,clear, andexact representation of the sounds and spoken letters ofa word,ideal for foreign language learning. NEW!Translate words inanyother Android app with the Tap to Translate feature, and do itinstyle with any of the four colorful new themes. Alsoincludesadvanced search and language tools that have become thestaple ofquality language apps from MobiSystems, Inc. SEARCH TOOLS-effortlessly find words thanks to a clear, functional,andeasy-to-use interface. Designed to provide the mostcomprehensivesearch experience the dictionary combines severalsearch tools tomatch or suggest what you are looking for,including:  • Searchautocomplete helps find words quickly bydisplaying predictions asyou type  • Looking for a specific wordbut don't know how it'sspelled? We've got you covered with ourautomatic ‘Fuzzy filter’ tocorrect word spelling, as well as ‘Wildcard’ ('*' or '?') toreplace a letter or entire parts of a word  •Camera search looksup words in the camera viewfinder and displaysresults  • Use ourVoice search when you don't know how an entry isspelled  • NEW!Tap to Translate entries in other apps.  • Shareword definitionsvia installed apps on your device LEARNING TOOLS -engagingfeatures that help you further enhance your vocabulary. •‘Favorites’ feature to create custom folders with lists ofwordsfrom the extensive library  • ‘Recent’ list to easilyreviewlooked-up words  • ‘Word of the day’ section to expandyourvocabulary daily  • Home screen widget provides random words ataglance Get even MORE with Premium:  • Audio pronunciation -Learnwords faster by listening to how they're pronounced  • Offlinemode- No WiFi, no problem. Save words on your device to beviewedwithout the need of an internet connection  • Prioritysupport –Get expedited support for any app-related issues  • No ads- nomore in-app advertisements
com.developitnowadays.malayalamtoenglish 27.0
* Learn English Speaking using an easy, simple yetcomprehensiveMalayalam to English Speaking Course which is meantfor teachingyou English speaking. * This is a Malayalam to EnglishSpeakingtutorial which uses a systematic and gradual teachingmethodologywith very interactive English audio sessions for each ofthe sixdedicated chapters. * You are systematically coached to getmorecommand over English language with Malayalam with each andeverylesson that you take. * Confident, fluent English learningandspeaking becomes quite simple and easy as you are providedfacilityto even record your own English exercise sessions in yourown veryvoice for each lesson and save it for future reference. *AMalayalam speaking person will also like going through each ofthechapters which are completely interactive in nature, coachingyouthroughout to gain more knowledge as you learn speakingEnglishlanguage with command. * Every Malayalam to Englishlearningchapter is sufficiently provided with quality informationto ensurethat your speaking fluency gets further enhanced. This ishow youcan use this application: ***** Text Based Malayalam toEnglishLearning ***** Audio Based Malayalam to English Learning***** Saveyour voice recordings for future reference and trackyourimprovement against each exercise. ***** There are sixseparatechapters that are devoted individually for Scenarios,EnglishInterview, Expressions, Colloquial English Speaking,Etiquette andPhrasal Verbs. ***** Take a quiz test on Englishlanguage aftercompleting these chapters. ***** Hence thereby learnhow to speakEnglish using Malayalam Fluently. ***** Learn Englishin Malayalamin a methodical and step by step manner. ***** LearnEnglish withMalayalam language in 30 days. This is a systematic appthatteaches you to understand English Speaking in Malayalambetter.***** This application tries to use the best possibletechniquesfor English Learning. ***** Feel free to use this app andlearnEnglish Speaking from Malayalam. ***** This app uses tipsandtricks for teaching English using Malayalam in a properfashion.***** This app is useful in giving you the knowledge ofEnglishBasics before you start learning Business English. Aftercompletingthis tutorial, you will be able to figure out commonmistakes InEnglish. Often people jump start with Grammar and Partsof Speech,but it is suggested that you first learn with thisMalayalam toEnglish Phrasebook. Learn to Speak English by Play& Learnmethod. You can Learn Languages free using thetechniques specifiedin this learn english magazine. This app givesyou a basic BPOInterview Briefing. Your next step could also be agroup discussionapp for interview or an app on English forcompetitive exams - itwill completely your choice. ComprehendingEnglish verbs throughEnglish listening can also be your futurecourse of action. Hereyou can also learn to some extend, Englishfor BPO. Learn Englishby Listening and find here InterviewQuestions and Answers. Youwill also be able to Learn English Wordsor Learn EnglishVocabulary Daily. Use this speaking english bookfree and make fulluse of this speaking english course app. Thislanguage learningapplication can also be used by those Malayalamspeakingparticipants who are preparing for BPO, Call Center,EnglishDiscussions and Debates as well as English job interview. Ifyouwant to learn english grammar, it is advised that you initiallygothrough this application get yourself ready for yournextassignment. If I want to learn english, I should beapproachingthis application for the same and go through all thechapters. Thisapp can help you learn english fast using audio. Itis easier tolearn the language using English conversation ratherthan throughan English Dictionary. Learning Spoken English hadnever beeneasier. Exercises, vocabulary and business english makethisapplication a very special one.
com.developitnowadays.kannadatoenglish 27.0
* Learn English Speaking using an easy, simple yetcomprehensiveKannada to English Speaking Course which is meant forteaching youEnglish speaking. This is an English Speaking Courseand SpokenEnglish in Kannada. * This is a Kannada to EnglishSpeakingtutorial which uses a systematic and gradual teachingmethodologywith very interactive English audio sessions for each ofthe sixdedicated chapters. * You are systematically coached to getmorecommand over English language with Kannada with each andeverylesson that you take. * Confident, fluent English learningandspeaking becomes quite simple and easy as you are providedfacilityto even record your own English exercise sessions in yourown veryvoice for each lesson and save it for future reference. * AKannadaspeaking person will also like going through each of thechapterswhich are completely interactive in nature, coaching youthroughoutto gain more knowledge as you learn speaking Englishlanguage withcommand. * Every Kannada to English learning chapterissufficiently provided with quality information to ensure thatyourspeaking fluency gets further enhanced. This is how you canusethis application: ***** Text Based Kannada to EnglishLearning***** Audio Based Kannada to English Learning ***** Saveyour voicerecordings for future reference and track yourimprovement againsteach exercise. ***** There are six separatechapters that aredevoted individually for Scenarios, EnglishInterview, Expressions,Colloquial English Speaking, Etiquette andPhrasal Verbs. *****Take a quiz test on English language aftercompleting thesechapters. ***** Hence thereby learn how to speakEnglish usingKannada Fluently. ***** Learn English in Kannada in amethodicaland step by step manner. ***** Learn English with Kannadalanguagein 30 days. This is a systematic app that teaches you tounderstandEnglish Speaking in Kannada better. ***** Thisapplication tries touse the best possible techniques for EnglishLearning. ***** Feelfree to use this app and learn English Speakingfrom Kannada. *****This app uses tips and tricks for teachingEnglish using Kannada ina proper fashion. ***** This app is usefulin giving you theknowledge of English Basics before you startlearning BusinessEnglish. After completing this tutorial, you willbe able to figureout common mistakes In English. Often people jumpstart withGrammar and Parts of Speech, but it is suggested that youfirstlearn with this Kannada to English Phrasebook. Learn toSpeakEnglish by Play & Learn method. You can Learn Languagesfreeusing the techniques specified in this learn english magazine.Thisapp gives you a basic BPO Interview Briefing. Once youcompletelyunderstand the content of this app, you can go ahead andlaterchoose to learn Idioms & Phrases. Use this speakingenglishbook free and make full use of this speaking english courseapp.Your next step could also be a group discussion app forinterviewor an app on English for competitive exams - it willcompletelyyour choice. Comprehending English verbs through Englishlisteningcan also be your future course of action. Here you canalso learnto some extend, English for BPO. Learn English byListening andfind here Interview Questions and Answers. You willalso be able toLearn English Words or Learn English VocabularyDaily. This can beyour first step towards learning English for BankExam. Later, youcan refer an Idioms and Phrases Dictionary andstrengthen yourEnglish. If you are wondering as to how to speakenglish fluentlyin 30 days, this can be your perfect destination.We suggest thatafter you have completed perusing through your appcontent, you canmemorize Synonyms and Antonyms or chisel yourEnglish for Banking& SSC preparation. This language learningapplication can alsobe used by those Kannada speaking participantswho are preparingfor BPO, Call Center, English Discussions andDebates as well asEnglish job interview.
Grammaire Française 1.0
Ce application est conçu comme un outil indispensable pour tousceuxqui apprennent le français comme une langue étrangère. Sansavoirappris les règles et les structures de grammaire dufrançaisexplicitement, il est impossible de parler et d'écrire encettelangue correctement. cette application contient lesprincipalesrègles de grammaire du français en schéma ainsi quelesprésentations virtuelles (en flash et pdf) sur plusieurs sujetsdegrammaire suivies de divers exercices avec autocorrection.Thisapplication is designed as an essential tool for anyonelearningFrench as a foreign language. Without learning grammarrules andstructures of the French explicitly, it is impossible tospeak andwrite the language correctly. This application containsthe mainrules of French grammar schema as well as virtualpresentations(Flash and pdf) on several topics of grammar followedby variousexercises with self-correction.
Odia Dictionary (New) 1.2
Odia Dictionary (New)One of the Best Odia Dictionary in can learn Odia Language very quickly and easily fromthisutility application. Odia Dictionary Contains more than30000English words with more than one Odia Meanings and mostpowerfulfeature is all data is offline you don’t need Internetconnectionto use this Odia Dictionary.This Odia Dictionary ContainsQuiz can test you Odia skills using this multiple choicequiz andyou can improve your Odia.Also we have add Text to speechfunctionsso you can use that functions too to learn ProperWordPronunciation.Features :- Simple and User friendly UI- morethan30000 English Words with more than one Odia Meanings-OfflineSupport- small size- Fast ResponseYour suggestions aremuchvaluable for us so don't forget to provide feedback after usingtheapplication.
My Books : Malayalam Books Library 2.3.1
Vernal Info
Make reading a habit... Explore the Malayalam classicalbooks..Malayalam classical novels, short stories and write ups inyourmobile/tabs. Carry the world of letters with you always.. Theappprovides the easy reading of books and search feature toexplorethrough the collection of books.
Portuguese best dict 1.22
User will be satisfied with this Portuguese - Englishdictionarybecause:- It has the largest vocabulary- Detaildescription foreach word and a lot of samples- Simple UI & highperformancemake you feel easy when using* Full supportpronunciation for bothEnglish and Portuguese will help you so muchin study theselanguages.(This application can run in offline modebut need theinternet connection for the pronunciation and webbrowserfunctions.)This free dict works well in all androiddevicesincluding mobile and tablet, it is very useful for all kindsofpeople although in offline environment.- For student, pupilorresearcher, this app is the largest thesaurus help them makethedeeply investigation in each words and phrases includingidiom,slang, noun, verb, adjective, adverb... The largestvocabulary andlexicon will help people find all special words inall branch;medicine, medicinal, math, chemical, horoscope, biology,aetiology,physics, physiology...- For the English learners, this istheperfect tool to improve your lexicon, idiolect and grammar skillbyso many detailed examples and conjugation supported.Thisdictionary has all the advantages of other dicts so it willhelpyou improve skills in speaking, writing, reading,listening,conversation and well prepare for the tests such asTOEFL, IELTS...- For the translator or interpreter, this tool willgive youquickly the good translation and also the pronunciation ofbothlanguages by only one tap.- This is also the indispensable toolfortravelers, with this dict in your mobile you can finish thejourneyin anywhere in Portugal or Brazil without any communicationproblemwith local people.Good luck and merry using my product :)
English Dictionary New Edition 1.2
This Complete Dictionary App is one of the best Indonesian –EnglishDictionary App which has a lot of glossary. The appearanceis verysimple. We add more than fifteen theme colour to make thisapp moreattractive. You can change it whenever you want based onyour mood.White clean appearance and has simple navigation, thisCompleteDictionary app can be use for any age. The size of filebecomesmaller and it makes the app has a good performance, fastanddefinitely doesn’t make your smartphone crash. This app isveryrecommended for student, college, officer, and otherprofession.Some feature of this app in very interested. The wordsound featureis come from English native speaker. You can learnpronounciationwell with this feature. Other feature is AdditonalWords and Add toFavourite. With this features you can add new wordto make this appmore complete and you can save any word to add toyour favouritelist. We hope this free Indonesian – EnglishDictionary New Editioncould help you in anything like studying,working, travelling, ordoing conversation with anyone in dailyactivity. To improve thisapp, we very appreciate if you want togive us suggest for the nextdevelopment. Thanks for all users anddon’t forget to give big 5rate for this app! Cheers…