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Guess Logo 1.0.8
Guess Logo is a simple yet addictive logo guessing game. If youwishto raise your knowledge base in your spare time, this gameistotally the best choice! Different products, brands,companies,such as car makers, fashion, electronics, airlines,hi-fi,cosmetics, clothing, food, drinks, beers, you name it,they're allhere right in this game! Features:● Facebook Connect:enables youto compete with your friends and ask them for help!●Scoreboard:where you can compare your ranking with friends.● Hintsare awardedto help you figure out the answer!● Timely updates: newlevels areadded frequently.Guess Logo is designed puzzle lovers toraise yourknowledge base. It’s not only a logo guessing game, butalso an appwith an educational nature. Play on your mobile ortablet for FREEnow!All logos shown or represented in this game arecopyrightand/or trademark of their respective corporations. The useof lowresolution images in this trivia app for use ofidentification in ainformational context qualify as fair use undercopyright law.
Welcome to the Icomania world!!! Here you will have more than900cartoons to quiz, they are all imaginative andhandcraftedcartoons! Can you guess all the pop icons? Try thisIcomania game!It's Free! A man and a woman was riding on a deer ina snowing day,what's this movie? -- It's Frozen! A super herowearing an Americansuit and arming a shield, what's this character?-- It's CaptainAmerica! ... There are more than 900 icons for youto quiz! Theicons includes TV & Movies, Characters, FamousPeople, Country,Cities, and Brands.Come and try this icon pop quizgame! Playing'Icomania – Icon Quiz' is pretty simple: you see anicon and you'reshown a series of 14 or 16 scrambled letters, out ofwhich you haveto guess a word that you associate with the icon. Wenow presentyou the new puzzle adventure - icomania! Download thetop trendinggame on the market for free and begin the icon maniaright now!Please keep an eye on Icomania's update! Update: * Addnew iconsand levels for thanks giving holiday! Let's keep enjoyingtheicomania icon quiz fun! * Improve sharing function on facebookandother ways.
Logo Quiz Ultimate
★★★Logo Quiz Ultimate! A brand new Logo Quiz Game with thousandsoflogos classified in 24 categories for you to enjoy the logoquizfun!★★★ Merry Christmas! Playing is pretty simple: In first19levels, there's no conditions so that you can go ground intheselevels and guess logos. If you want to go further, you willhave toguess a certain number of logos to unlock the new categoriesandnew levels. How to guess the logo: Just walk through the logosinlevels, take one logo and you're shown a series ofscrambledletters, out of which you have to make a word that youassociatewith the logo. Play Logo Quiz Ultimate, you will get:instant fun,accurately classified in categories, clear and beatifulUI in thislogo quiz game! We now present you the new puzzleadventure - LogoQuiz Ultimate! Download the top trending game onthe market forfree and begin the icon mania right now!
Car Logo Quiz 3.3.08 (68)
Car Logo Quiz is a logo quiz car game which has the most carlogos,more than 250 logos! If you love all the car things orenjoyplaying quizzes, then this car logo quiz game is for you! Howmanyof car logos can you recognize? Divided into 12 levels youwillfind cars logos like Audi, Ford, Ferrari, Peugeot, Opel,Buick,Chevrolet, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Volvo, Landrover,Porscheetc. Test yourself how good you are as a car fans, try toguess asmore logos as you can in this car logo quiz game! All thecarbrands logos in the game are in HD quality. Playing this freegame,Car Logos Quiz, is the best way to sharpen your visual memoryandmental reflexes. Logo Quiz - Cars is the most addicting wordgameever! FEATURES ★ more than 250 logos! ★ show thecorrespondingcomplete logo after you unlock a logo. ★ 12 levels! ★helpfulclues! ★ best players rating! ★ puzzles of varyingdifficulty!Compare your answers with those of your friends! Competewith themand check who’s the best!
Quiz: Logo game 9.2
Do you like logo quiz, trivia games? Do you think you knowcompaniesfrom all over the world? Quiz: Logo game is just for you!Find outjust how much do you know! * guess 2625 brands from allover theworld * all American brands. Also Canadian and many more *specialAmerican levels * complete 86 engaging unique levels *withincreasing difficulty as you play along * retro level - testyourknowledge of past company images * collect 44 achievementsinGoogle Play Games * compete with your friends and players fromallover the world on two unique leaderboards * use 6 cool uniquehintsto complete levels * keep a track of your stats and progress*complete picture appears when you guess the logo * and all ofthatabsolutely free Updates with more levels and hundreds ofbrandscoming soon. In this trivia game you may find every brandcategoryyou love including cars, fashion, movies and games. In thislogoquiz you can guess companies from all over the world as well asallAmerican companies. Can you guess every brand you hold dear?Ascompanies change their labels, here you can come back toseveralretro images from the past. Enjoy our awesome retro leveland testyour insight into past company symbols. In our logo gameyou willfind many more brands and hints not available in othergames. Allfree. All logos shown or represented in this game arecopyrightand/or trademark of their respective corporations. The useof lowresolution images in this trivia app for use ofidentification in ainformational context qualify as fair use undercopyright law.
Logo Quiz 34.0
How many of brand logos can you guess? Guess the brands with #1LogoQuiz! Best trivia game ever! ♥ More than 60 000 000 downloadsaroundthe world! Thank you! ♥ Logo Quiz is a free trivia app whereyouguess the brands names of thousands of logos from popularcompanies.We can see various brands logos every day andeverywhere. On TV,walking along the street, in magazines ...simply everywhere! Morethan 3000 logos are available for you toguess. ★ We have introduceda new game mode that is called "DailyChallenge". Guess new puzzleevery day! Get more points and extrahints! ★ In our logo quiz gameyou will find new Extra Levels.Available only in our game & allfor free! ★ Food Quiz - guessthe food of popular companies, ★ GuessThe Color - guess the colorsof thousands of logos, ★ Slogans -identify 200 famous slogans, ★Minimalist - surprise :D, ★ ExpertMode - This is a "NightmareMode" >:-). More levels coming soon!LOGO QUIZ FEATURES: ★ 3000logos and a small size of theapplication! ★ 52 exciting levels! ★15 languages support! ★ Learnmore about brands after correctlyguessing! ★ Helpful clues! Eachlogo has 5 hints! ★ 12 free hintsevery 15 minutes! Free hints areavailable in our store every day!★ New hints are granted forcorrect logo quiz answers. ★ Swipescreen to switch between logos! ★Cloud Save! Start game on yourphone and continue where you left offon your tablet! ★ Detailedstatistics! ★ New leaderboard! Compareyour scores with yourfriends! ★ Frequent application updates!Compare your answers withyour friends! Challenge them to see whoknows more logos! New logoscoming soon. Check for the updates!---------- Find Us on Facebookand stay up-to-date!
Logo Quiz 2019 - Fun Quizzes 7.4
Logo Games
Logo Quiz 2019 - Fun Quizzes will provide you and your friendswithhours of fun and entertainment. Logo Quiz contains 1000 logosin asmall size app! Get it today! Guess the brands with themostexciting Logo Quiz game ever! Logo Quiz 2019 - Fun Quizzes isnowavailable for Android! Thanks to our loyal mobile users foryourcontinued support!Logo Quiz 2019 - Fun Quizzes is a completelyfreegame where you need to guess the names of logos frompopularcompanies.In this logo trivia game, you will come acrosseverybrand category that you know and love, including cars,fashion,apps, restaurants, movie industry, games industry, and manymore.Guess the companies from all over the world, including theUS,Canada, UK, Australia, and lots of others. We will bringbackmemories with several fun retro logos and older company symbolsaswell.Earn coins for each correct answer and then use your coinstobuy letters and hints.Logos have become a part of our lives.Weseem them on TV, on the street, on the subway, and in theshoppingmall. How many logo brands are you subconsciouslyretaining? Nowyou’ll find out! Work with your friends to find theanswers for thebrands that you just can’t think of the name of.Withbeautifullyrendered logos and cool animations, Logo Quiz 2019 - FunQuizzes isa pleasure to behold and fun to play. LogoQuiz is broughtto youexclusively by Logo Games. New logos coming soon. Checkforupdates!Enjoy the game!
Guess Brand Logos 3.2.1
Goxal Studios
You come across these world brand logos every day but how manyofthem will you recognize?Let's see if you can guess themall!•SIMPLE AND ADDICTIVE •Countless world brand logos are waitingforyou!Guess Brand Logos starts off easily but becomesmorechallenging as you progress through the game and recognizemoreinternational logos that crop up aspects of our everydaylives.•INSTANT FUN •-▸ Guess the logo displayed on screen byfilling inavailable letters-▸ Ask friends for help on Facebook,Twitter orInstagram-▸ If you get stuck you can use the followinghints: -Reveal a letter - Remove letters (all which are not part ofthesolution) - Skip to next level-▸ Out of coins? Buy more in theshopor earn free coins easily in gameWe constantly improve thegamebased on your reviews, please let us know anything you like,don'tlike or what you would like us to add into the game!•CONTINUOUSUPDATES •Over 550 levels with professionally edited logosto guesswith more coming soon! Download and have fun!
Guess the Logo: Multiple Choice Quiz 1.5.3
Logos Box
CAN YOU GUESS THE LOGO? With Over +7,500,000 Installs, GuesstheLogo is one of the biggest trivia games on Google Play! Installandjoin the FUN! ♥ Tons of popular logos from all over the worldwiththe largest logo collection of over 1600 brands & logostosolve. You see brands every day, let’s see how many you canguess.Download GUESS THE LOGO now and let the fun begin! GUESS THELOGOoffers: A smooth experience ✔ Multiple choice options foreverylogo ✔ Starts off easy but gets harder as you progress throughthebrands ✔ High-quality graphics Hints & Clues ✔ Helpfulclues!Hints are awarded to help you figure out the answer ✔ NewDailyChallenge logo to solve every day for extra hints! Ask yourfriendsfor help, or Compete with them! ✔ Login with Facebook orGooglePlus to sync your Logo Game Quiz score and compete withyourfriends! ✔ Ask your Facebook friends for help when stuck! ✔AScoreboard where you can compare your ranking with friends. Wetakeyour reviews seriously ✔ That’s why Guess the Logo deliverstimelyupdates, with new logo packs added continuously Simple&addictive fun is waiting for you. Install now and let thefunbegin! All logos shown or represented in this game arecopyrightand/or trademark of their respective corporations. The useoflow-resolution images in this trivia app for use ofidentificationin an informational context qualifies as fair useunder copyrightlaw.
Logo Quiz: Guess the Logo (General Knowledge) 1.5.6
It’s now the time to challenge your general knowledge and guessthelogos with family and friends to find out who knows moreaboutfamous brands and their logos all around the world. So, if youareinto such free trivia games and looking for an ultimate logoquizapp, you’ve come to the right place. The Logo Quiz is full oflogosfrom different companies and brands worldwide includinglocalbrands in the United States and Canada. Download this picturequizapp for free, start guessing the logo names by just puttingtheletters in the correct order and see how many logos youcanrecognize. As you move forward and guess more logos in thisfreepicture logo quiz game, more difficult logos come in your wayandwhenever you feel you are stuck in a level, make sure touseavailable hints and clues. Logo Quiz: Guess The Logo MainFeaturesat a Glance: ⚫ Clean and neat design with fresh andintuitiveinterface. ⚫ Rich database of logos worldwide ⚫ Guess thelogo offamous companies and local brands ⚫ Compete with family andfriends⚫ Recognize and guess more logos to unlock new levels ⚫ Useshintsand clues in difficult levels ⚫ Fun for all ages to challengeyourgeneral knowledge ⚫ Free So, Logo Quiz delivers everythingyoushould expect from such trivia and general knowledge games anditeven sets the bar to a higher level by offering clean and easytonavigate interface, wide range of logos to guess,leaderboardfeature, spend coins to get hints and clues, and a lotmore.Download Logo Quiz for free and let us know about anybugs,questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.
Logo Maker : Graphic Design Generator : Logo Art 2.0.3
Sweet Sugar
Branding for your business Create original logos and use themforyour business, they are the identity Design the ideal logo foryourbusiness that stands out and helps your business grow. Promoteyourbusiness and leave the never lasting impression on theaudience.Branding is very important when it comes to - buildingyour company- presenting your impression on customers/consumers -advertisingLogo Maker gives you the freedom and ease of buildingthe rightkind of branding for your business. As branding is one ofthe mostimportant part of your business, it should be creative,precise,something that express your business. Create a stunninglogos orjust a sticker, icon, artifact and many more. Edit themanytime youlike. There are limitless possibilities of creative andusefuldesigner artifacts you can create using Logo Maker Logo Makerhas10+ categories of core logo icons to choose from andcountlessemoji's, symbols, heart shapes, basic shapes, stickersetc. This ishow you will create a branding for your business : 1.Choose fromgiven icons divided in different categories as a startof designinga logo, 2. Decorate it with stickers and artifacts ofyour choice3. Add text to the logo. Here you have many beautifulfonts tochoose from. Choose the size and color of your choice 4. Ifyoulike you can also decorate it with custom brushes and drawbydragging your finger over the screen 5. You may also use theplainbrush stokes of any color to show your painting skillsAltogetheryou will be surprised to see how quickly and beautifullogo you maycreate with this app. So don't wait any further, justdownload thisamazing Logo Maker - Designer and start building someseriousbranding logo for your business
com.taplane.logoquiz2 1.6.2
Guess It Apps
Guess the brands from popular companies all over the world!Theprogress in Logo Quiz is synced with Facebook and Google Plus,soyou can play on all of your different devices and compete withyourfriends for the highest score! Logo Quiz Features: ★ More than1900logos organized in over 70 packs. ★ Helpful clues! Eachpuzzlerewards hints! ★ Swipe screen to switch between logos! ★ Loginwith Facebook or Google Plus to sync your score and competewithyour friends! ★ Ask your Facebook friends for help when stuck!★Scoreboard where you can compare your ranking with friends. ★LogoQuiz progress is synced with Facebook and Google Plus, so youcanplay on all of your different devices. ★ Hints are awarded tohelpyou figure out the answer! ★ High quality graphics. ★Timelyupdates: new packs are added frequently. Compare your answerswithyour friends! Challenge them to see who knows more puzzles!Newpacks coming soon. Check for updates! All logos shownorrepresented in this game are copyright and/or trademark oftheirrespective corporations. The use of low-resolution images inthistrivia app for use of identification in an informationalcontextqualify as fair use under copyright law.
Guess The Movie Quiz 5.2
Guess the movies, TV shows & cartoons with the best moviequiz!Best trivia game about movies! ♥ More than 1 000 000downloadsaround the world! Thank you! ♥ Can you guess a movie byits bestscene or famous actor's face? If you like movie triviagames thisapp will be great fun for you! In our film quiz game youwill findnew Daily Challenges. Everyday we will prepare for you aspecialmovie puzzle. After every correct guess you can collect morepointsand get new hints! Collect your points and compare your scoreusingour leaderboards! Challenge your friends to see who knowsmoremovies! Guess The Movie Quiz is a new free word game fromthecreators of the "Logo Quiz" ( ).FEATURES:★ More than 400 movies to guess and a small size oftheapplication! ★ 20 amazing levels! ★ 29 languages support! ★Learnmore about movies after guessing correctly! ★ Helpful clues!Eachmovie puzzle has 5 hints! ★ 10 free hints every 15 minutes!Freehints are available in our store every day! ★ New hints aregrantedfor correct logo quiz answers. ★ Swipe screen to switchbetweenmovie puzzles! ★ Cloud Save! Start game on your phone andcontinuewhere you left off on your tablet! ★ Detailed &beautifulstatistics! ★ New leaderboard! Compare your scores withyourfriends! ★ Frequent application updates! Playing is prettysimple:you see a movie icon and you're shown a series ofscrambledletters, out of which you have to guess the movie title.Moremovies coming soon! Enjoy for Free and Have Fun! ----------Find Uson Facebook and stay up-to-date! © Bubble
Logo Quiz World 2.9.4
MSI Apps
Guess the names of (thousands) of logos from popular companiesallover the world. Logo Quiz World has over 10500 worldwide brandstosolve in 21 countries. Users can choose to solve top globalbrandsor solve logos by countries. Countries include: USA,Canada,France, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan and many more Features: -Morethan 10500 logos organized in over 430 levels - FacebookConnect:enables you to compete with your friends and ask them forhelp! -Scoreboard where you can compare your ranking with friends.- Gameprogress is synced with Facebook. So you can play from eitheryourphone or PC. - Hints are awarded to help you figure out theanswer!- High quality graphics. - Timely updates: new levels areaddedfrequently. * Completely free All logos shown or representedinthis game are copyright and/or trademark of theirrespectivecorporations. The use of low-resolution images in thistrivia appfor use of identification in an informational contextqualify asfair use under copyright law.
Picture Quiz: Logos
Do you know brand logos? Can you recognize and guesscompanytrademarks? In this addicting and challenging free logo quizyouwill find: • 4000 puzzles with international brands •Includingalmost 1000 local brands from countries such as USA,UnitedKingdom, Germany, France, Australia, South Africa and manyothercountries • 29 Achievements to unlock • Online high scores soyoucan compare your score with your friends • Simple controls -justswipe between questions • Increasing level of difficulty•Challenging expert levels • Use guessing hints if you get stuck•Progress stored and connected to Google account - play onyourphone, continue on tablet! • Game is completely free, forever!•Detailed statistics of your progress • Small application size•Optimized for mobiles and tablets Logos are everywhere aroundus.Question is - how many can you remember and recognize? Tryyourmind, memory and perception skills in a free "Picture Quiz:Logos"game. Guess the logo picture and answer what internationalbrandshide under logos from all over the world. Some are easy andyouwill know them instantly, but some may prove to be a muchbiggerchallenge to correctly guess the brand. Different products,brands,companies, such as car makers, fashion, electronics,airlines,hi-fi, cosmetics, clothing, food, drinks, beers, you nameit,they're all here right in this game! Play on your mobile ortablet!Great free logo quiz game which will give you hours of funand joy!Play on your own or have fun together with your friends. Ifyou getstuck, you can use hints to help you move on and facemorechallenges. Solve puzzles. Guess the brands. Completeachievements.Win trophies. Disclaimers: 1) All trademarks areproperties oftheir respective owners. The use of low resolutionlogo images inthis app for use of identification qualifies as "FairUse" undercopyright law. 2) Some brands use different names indifferentcountries. For such cases always the name for the widestmarketrange has been selected. We're sorry for the inconvenience ifthebrand is known under a different name in your country. 3)Thisapplication uses only Latin alphabet to enter brand names.Otheralphabets are not supported at this time.
Cars Logos Quiz HD
0km apps
If you love all things cars or enjoy playing quizzes, then thisgameis for you! You can play Car Logos Quiz absolutely free ofcharge.You’ll see a logo of a car and need to name its brand.There areover 200 !!! car brands logos in the game. At each gamelevel you‘llsee one logo and several car brands names for you tochoose from. Ifyour guess is right, you’ll see the next logo fromthe group. Ifnot—you lose 1 of your 3 tries (stars). All logos aredivided into15 groups (icons top to bottom). There are 4 types ofgame levelsfor each group (icons left to right). 1st type • Logois shown infull, but there is no brand name labels. 2nd type •Only a scaled uppart of a logo is shown. 3rd type • A scaled upand rotated part ofa logo is shown which complicates things foryou. 4th type • Themost difficult and longest game level. Alongwith the brand logosfrom the current group, you’ll also see logosfrom all previousgroups. A total of 60 game levels! Your cleartime for each levelwill be recorded, so you can later replay anylevel and beat yourown fastest time. Car Logos Quiz is the perfectway to sharpen yourvisual memory and mental reflexes. We’ll beissuing new car logosgames soon—be sure not to miss that! Thankyou for choosing ourgame! --------------------- Disclaimer All carlogos shown in thislogo game are protected by copyright and/orregistered trademarks.This app, not anyone associated with it,claims any ownership(copyright or otherwise) of any logos used inthis app. The use oflow-resolution images in this application forthe use of logosidentifying qualifies as "fair use” undercopyright law. We are notconnected or affiliated with thebrands/clubs. Any content will beremoved if asked by the legalowners. --------------------- PrivacyPolicy The "0km Apps"development studio knows that you care abouthow your personalinformation is used and passed on to thirdparties. We take yourprivacy seriously. This privacy policy iscurrent on March 23, 2018and may be updated in the future. Soplease watch for the changes.All software products of the "0kmApps" studio do not operate inany way with any personal dataidentifying a particular user. We donot collect, do not use and donot share such personal data ascontact list, media files, email,any user id., user age, gender,IMEI, etc. Get more informationabout privacy policy on
New Logo Quiz : Guess Brands 2019 5.1
utarr games
From a team of professional developers at Utarr Games we bringtoyou a one of a kind New Logo Quiz Game Free 2019. This gamefilledwith rich features is specifically designed for all theTrivia logoquiz gamers. Some of the feature:- - SupportsMultiplayer Feature -More than 800 Logos spanning across 20 levels- Offline Accessible- Small size app - Easy to use - Hints andhelps availableDisclaimers: • All trademarks and/or copyright areheld by theirrespected businesses. We use low-resolution picturesto be used asidentity only and qualifies as "Fair Use" withinCopyright law.
Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz 4.9.3
Logos Box
★Logo Game Quiz★ Play the Logo Quiz Game! Guess the namesofthousands of popular logos from all over the world. Logo GameQuizhas the largest collection of over 4500 worldwide brands tosolve.Logo Quiz Game progress is synced with Facebook and GooglePlus, soyou can play on all of your different devices and competewith yourfriends for the highest score! Logo Quiz Features: ★ Morethan4,500 logos organized in over 140 packs. ★ Categories : logosaregrouped into unique categories. ★ Expert packs: for those whowouldlike a challenge! ★ Helpful clues! Each puzzle rewards 2hints! ★Swipe screen to switch between logos! ★ Log in withFacebook orGoogle Plus to sync your Logo Game Quiz score andcompete with yourfriends! ★ Ask your Facebook friends for help whenstuck! ★Scoreboard where you can compare your ranking with friends.★ LogoGame progress is synced with Facebook and Google Plus, so youcanplay on all of your different devices. ★ Hints are awarded tohelpyou figure out the answer! ★ High quality graphics. ★Timelyupdates: new packs are added frequently. New packs comingsoon.Check for updates! All logos shown or represented in this gamearecopyright and/or trademark of their respective corporations.Theuse of low-resolution images in this trivia app for useofidentification in an informational context qualify as fairuseunder copyright law. New packs coming soon. Check for updates!
Logo Maker, Logo Design, Graphic Design 16.0
Apps You Love
A logo is a combination of text and visual imagery that servestwopurposes. It tells people the name of the company and it createsavisual symbol that represents your business. Some logoshavepowerful symbolic association connected to people's memory. Alogois a basis for strong branding efforts. Logo design is only apartof a company's overall branding. However, companies usuallybeginwith this step to determine company colors, tone, fonts,andoverall brand feeling. Design elements such as shape,lines,colors, and typeface in the hands of an experiencedgraphicdesigner can turn a logo into a spectacular marketing tool.Youdon't need a graphic designer to create logo for yourbusiness.We've designed a good collection of logo and make iteditablethrough Logo Maker app. Create your own logo for yourbusinesswithin seconds using beautiful and professional templates.KeyFeatures: 1. Collection of professional and beautifullogotemplates 2. High-level customization support 3. CoolPhotoStickers 4. Add text with multiple fonts and text effects5.Undo/Redo your changes 6. Share on Social Media 7. Easy to useLooklike you hired a professional designer by creating an awesomelogosin seconds. Please rate the app and give your feedback to helpusimprove and create much more unique apps for you.
Food Quiz 4.2.0
Trivia Box
★★Food Quiz★★ ♥ More than 10,000,000 downloads around theworld!Thank you! ♥ Food Quiz is the ultimate food quiz on Android!Withover 6900 items and growing, Food Quiz has the largestcollectionof worldwide food items; this will allow you to discoverfoods fromvarious regions. Challenge your friends to see who cansolve themost foods. Food Quiz progress will be synced withFacebook, so youcan open the game on your PC. Food Quiz Features: -More than 6900food items. - Over 400 packs of food items organizedinto 25countries. - Available in 8 languages. - Facebook Connect:enablesyou to compete with your friends and ask them for help!-Scoreboard where you can compare your ranking with friends. -Gameprogress is synced with Facebook. So you can play from eitheryourphone or PC. - Hints are awarded to help you figure out theanswer!- High quality graphics. - Timely updates: new packs areaddedfrequently.
Colormania Game 2020: Guess the Color & Logo Quiz 1.9.24
Genera Games
Guess the colors of thousands of popular logos from all overtheworld? playing Colormania, the best logo quiz! Colormania isthenew funny and entertainment logos game quiz. Choose thecorrectcolors, exceed the levels unlocking brands logos and trainyourmemory! How many of the logos do you know? Welcome toCOLORMANIA!Genera Games launches Colormania - Color Logo Quiz,learn the logosof your favourite and famous brands in this awesomegame quizsimulator! With simple movements of your finger you willget rightthe correct answer for each color logo. Are you a ready?Downloadthis color quiz game now on your smartphone or tabletcompletelyFREE! Go ahead DOWNLOAD NOW THE BEST LOGO QUIZ GAME &GUESS THECOLORS! Accept the CHALLENGE? Got what it takes to guessthecorrect colors of thousands of brands and logos? You’ll alsohaveto guess the colors of favorite brands, foods, car logos,flags,sport teams, celebrities, TV & movies characters ... andmuchmore! Test your memory and guess the colors of FAMOUS BRANDSANDLOGOS! Do you like solve puzzles? Colormania is thinking forrealquiz games lovers. There are thousands of trademarks logos, areyouready? Answer the color, get the ultimate level and unlocknewlogos. Test yourself and see how many logos you can recognizeinthis memory game. You have never seen before such anfunnyeducational game! START THE GAME SHOW! GAME FEATURES:DIFFERENTSCATEGORIES Loot all logos from different groups like TVquiz &movies figures, sport teams emblems, magazines titles,companiesnames, food from various regions, country flags, carbrands,celebrities, game & cartoon characters and much more!Can youcollect them all? Are you a logo-maniatic? Enjoy learninglogos inthis PUZZLE ADVENTURE! POWERFUL ABILITIES You won't forgetthecolors of your favorite characters and brands… or will you?Selectincredible power-ups to solve the test in this kids game. Usethe“HAMMER” to eliminate a possible solution of the colorpanelanswers. Apply the “BRUSH” to paint a correct color response!Visitour shop and buy interesting packs one of these powers. PlaythisCLICK AND COLOR quiz game and know hundreds logos, improveyourVISUAL MEMORY! LEVEL UP Find the correct colors of tendifferentlogos and level up in your game. Each level is moreinteresting andcomplicated in this trivial brand game! Can youovercome anyquestion? Train your memory and demonstrate that youare the bestin this FAMILY GAME QUIZ! New levels and categoriescoming soon,check for updates! The logo mania COME BACK! NEWCHALLENGESComplete all normal levels and unlock different challengepacks,the show must go on! The most funny challenges are inColormania -Color Logo Quiz: CHRISTMAS, MOTOR BRANDS, USA SPORTSEMBLEMS, SWEETCANDIES and much more! Conclude all of them in thislogo pop quizgame! LIFE SYSTEM At the beginning each match, youplaying life'sroulette and win the attempts for your next round. Ifyou lose alllives, you will have to restart the game or buy morelives in ourgame shop. EACH GAME ARE UNIQUE! Very EASY to play andtotallyFREE, with its simple and intuitive interface, colour anddraw withonly one finger! You'll love this challenge color logoquiz! Do youlike the COLORS QUIZ? Check out the official gamevideo. Unlimitedlogos and brands in this new Start this entertainmentbrandlogos game, you won't stop drawing, colour and playing!Freedownload Colormania - Color Logo Quiz and start guess famouslogosNOW! COMPLETE ALL LEVELS! Guess all colors, logos and brandsshownin this game are copyright and or trademark of theirrespectivecorporations. Visit us and and enjoy our Don’t miss our news and releases! Followus onfacebook, twitter and instagram: Enjoy the game!
com.mygamingfever.logoquiz 7.19.0z
“Logo Quiz” is the best quizzing app for all the corporate andotherlogos. The app is very well designed for all age groups tomasterthe logo names. The app has a huge collection of logosfromdifferent categories. Identify the logos and keep guessing themostpopular logos and increase your knowledge about variouslogos.“Logo Quiz” aims at testing your identification skills aboutthelogos. In this fast paced world, number of companies areincreasingat an alarming rate and it becomes difficult to keeptrack of thelogos. Logo Quiz keeps you updated with all the latestand popularlogos in the market. Identification of logos is not veryeasy, youneed to put your observing and identification skills toscore themaximum points. Logo Quiz is the most challenging quizzinggame.Identifying logo becomes more challenging and difficult astheplayer makes progress. This fun quizzing game has very easygamingcontrols. You need to use your skills to identify the logoand thentype in the company name at the space provided using thepossibleletters available. The next level is unlocked only afterguessingthe company name. The app also provides various hints tohelp youguess identify and name the company logo. You can choose tohavenext letter or remove the letters from the screen or even guesstheentire name. To use these hints you need to have sufficientcoinswhich can be earned by guessing the maximum logos. Sokeepidentifying and keep earning the coins! This fun quizzing gameisan all time favorite quizzing game which can even be playedingroups. Challenge your friends or family to check outtheknowledge. This is a complete fun game with full enjoyment andpasstime. Put on your skills and test your knowledge about howmanylogos you are aware of..! Here is your chance to master of theLogoWorld. ************************ SAY HELLO************************We are constantly working hard on makingthe “Logo Quiz” app betterand more useful for you. We need yourconstant support to getgoing. Please feel free to email us foranyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello.Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature ofthe“Logo Quiz” app, do not forget to rate us on play store.
Guess the Logo: Brand Quiz 5.1.0
Guess the Logo is a trivia quiz that is using picture as a clueforyou to guess name of a logo/brand shown. You have to answerthequestion to pass each level by locating right letters attheavailable space which is name of a logo/brand. Can you guessallthe character's in this Guess the Logo quiz?If you can'trecognizea logo/brand in this guess logo quiz, don't worry!*Youhave hintsas credit to get clues even answer the question. *Everyyou passthe logos, you will get more hints.*Fortunately, if youlack ofhints, you can get another by watching a video.The gamecontains 20levels with thousands of logos to guess!*You can buy thehints inthe game with competitive price.Logo/brand are waiting foryou!Prove your knowledge of logo/brand by playing this Guess theLogoquiz. Good luck! Cheers!
Guess the brand from hundreds of logos and icons! This is anotherhiguess the brand game with levels you can walk through withoutanyrestrictions! Merry Christmas! Playing is pretty simple: Justwalkthrough the logos in levels, take one logo and you're shown aseriesof scrambled letters, out of which you have to make a wordthat youassociate with the logo. If's pretty like the logo quizgame, butit's simpler since you don't have do deal with all theletters. Asthe creator of Logo Quiz, Icomania, and 4 pics 1 word,we nowpresent you the new puzzle adventure - Guess The Brand -Logo Quiz!Download the top trending game on the market for freeand begin theicon mania right now! "Guess The Brand" is ahighly-addictive game.Take a look at icon and guess what's theword! This Logo Quiz gamewill keep you happy!
Business Card Maker & Creator 2.3.4
"Corporate brand is like a person’s reputation. You earnyourreputation by acting as a role model, trying to work outyourchallenging tasks." - Business Card Maker & Creator *BusinessCard Maker & Creator is: - A simple application whichmakesyour business card in a minute. - A mini studio that inspiresYourMind. - An evaluate vision for your brand. - New ways to buildyouronline showcase. * Business Card Maker & Creator does: -Createany custom color card or pick your own image. - Point yourbusinesscard with many elements. - Save your business time withoutanydesigner. * Business Card Maker & Creator, how to make:-Choose your business (name) card type: flat color or usetemplateor insert your own image. - Design yourself as easy as youcan do:Insert texts like your name, company name, mobile number,emailaddress, website, etc... Add border lines or lines to makemoreengaging. Useful elements: Predefined symbol like mobile,email,website, location, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc... Easyto makeany logo within or make your own logo with our otherapplication. -Powerful to edit your texts, elements, symbols:change fonts, size,style, color. - Navigate your element using 4arrow key for editingdetail. * Business Card Maker & Creatorcan: - Make yourevaluate business card more and more. - Printableor digitalbusiness card showcase to your clients. - Help you tocontrol thequality of your brand, reduce time wasted in searchingor rentfreelancer designer. - Custom card, custom your mind, customyourbrand and bring many materials for specialist inmarketingcommunications. Get Business Card Maker & Creatorright now andlets your mind fly over the worlds!
Logo Quiz Perfect! 2.9.073
Logo Quiz Perfect is a free game to let you enjoy guessingthousandsof logos from different companies.Company logos arearound us everyday and everywhere. How many logos can you rememberor recognize?Logo Quiz Perfect is a simple but exciting game whereyou can try toguess logos of different brands based on part of thelogos shown onthe screen. Play the game is just like to giveyourself a test ongeneral knowledge questions. It's also the funway to kill some timeor procrastinate while exercising your brain.FEATURES:★ more than1700 logos!★ more than 30 levels! ★ helpfulclues and guessinghints!★ best players rating!★ puzzles of varyingdifficulty!Thislogo quiz game including brands and/or companieslogos in differentcategories: car makers(car logo), fashion, I.T.,banking, web &mobile, electronics, airlines, fashion, kids,cosmetics, clothing,food, drinks, beers, and others!This free logoquiz has beenoptimzied in tablet.There are so many logo games inthe google playapp market, but you will find out this companylogos quiz game isthe best one.Test yourself how good you are as alogo game fans, tryto guess as more logos as you can in this logoquiz game! Guess thelogo and answer what international brand hidesunder logos of theworld!Disclaimers:1) All trademarks areproperties of theirrespective owners. The use of low resolutionlogo images in this appfor use of identification qualifies as"Fair Use" under copyrightlaw.2) Some brands use different namesin different countries. Forsuch cases always the name for thewidest market range has beenselected. We're sorry for theinconvenience if the brand is knownunder a different name in yourcountry. 2.4
Guess the brand from hundreds of quiz with logos and icons!Guessthe brand from more than thousand of quiz with logos. This isaguess the brand game with quiz levels which you can walkthroughwithout any restrictions! Playing game is pretty simple:Just walkthrough the logos in levels, take one logo and you'reshown a quizwith a series of scrambled letters, out of which youhave to make aword that you associate with the logo. If you do notknow the logo,don't be shy to use the hint in the right of thelogo, it will helpyou to easier to make your answer. Of course, youwill pay somecoins to use it, but you can receiver coins every houror day youplay the game. - Features - 1. Friendly UI 2. Full detailtutorial3. Simple and addictive gameplay 4. Lots of achievements tounlock
Logo Quiz: Guess logo - Brand 3.12.7z
Guess the brand from hundreds of logos and brands! Game withlevelsyou can go without any restrictions!* Over 100 excitinglevels!*Rating, you can play with your friends and acquaintances;*Gamestatistics;* Small size of the application;You must guess thelogoof your favorite brands, products, car logos, flags,teams,celebrities, characters and more!Do you like to solve puzzlesandplay other similar quiz? In "Logo Quiz: Guess Logo - Mark" youwillfind hundreds of unique brands, which are not found inothergames.* Facebook, Vkontakte, etc. share;* And it isabsolutelyfree;* As many as 6 different tips that will help youunravel themysteries;Soon there will be the following updates: anew puzzlelevels and new options for them.All used in this gamelogos areprotected by copyright and / or trademarks of theirrespectivecompanies. Using images having low resolution, for thepurpose ofidentification and for information purposes, qualify aspermissiblewithin the meaning of copyright.
Desygner: Free Graphic Design, Photos, Full Editor 3.5.7
THE EASIEST & BEST GRAPHIC DESIGN APP as featured byForbes,Product Hunt, Social Media Examiner and Terra with1,000,000+layouts. Join 250,000+ new users every month for FREE. WEOFFER THEMOST BEAUTIFUL PROFESSIONAL IMAGES ROYALTY FREE TO USEforever! NOPAYING for packs like most inferior apps, sometimes upto $10 animage or a graphic every time. We even give you free fontsandgraphics and more and more being added every day. If youarelooking for a Business Branding Solution, check out ourEnterpriseMarketing Hub at used by the largest bluechips in theWorld. 1’000s of professionally designed templatesalreadyperfectly sized for everything you will ever need…. LOGOs:With ourlogo for your new brand, business, or event, & more.SOCIALMEDIA GRAPHICS, HEADERS, POSTS & BANNER: FacebookInstagramTwitter Pinterest Tumblr Google Angel List LinkedIn EtsyYouTubeCollages Snapchat Geofilters Blog & Website Posts–Inspirational, Travel, Food, Music ADVERTS already sizedperfectlyand made to simply tweak for: Facebook Ads Google Ads IABand manymore EVERY MARKETING MATERIAL you ever need ready to choosefrom:Posters – Sale, Events, Clubs, Party, Inspirational, MusicBusinessCards – Photographic, Modern, Minimalist Flyers A5, A4, DL,US,international – Events, Clubs, Band, Real Estate, BusinessEBookcovers, Kindle covers & Book covers – Romance,Thriller,Non-Fiction Album & CD Covers – Playlist, Podcast,Music Mix,Singles Menus Letters Invoices For Sale signsCertificates PriceLists Newsletters Email Campaigns Wattpad WebBanners PRESENTATIONSETS: You can edit and even present from yourphone! – Sales,Business, Education, Projects, Life, anything.PERSONAL AND FUN:Resumes/CVs Invitations and Cards – Birthday,Party, Wedding,Engagement, Christmas, Baby Shower Postcards &Cards -Birthday, Thank You, Parties, Weddings, Engagement, LovePhotoCollages – Birthdays, Love, Families, Babies Wanted &MissingPosters Magazine & Newspaper Covers Planners, Vision andMoodBoards Memes & Awards PHOTO LAYOUTS: Convey messages inyourphotos with text or captions from 1000s of fonts to suityourstyle, tone and voice. Adjust the line height, linespacing,alignment, position, colour, size, anything. ANYCUSTOMIZABLE Sizecan be added. NOW, JUST ENJOY the experience ofdesigning from yourapp or anywhere online in minutes. Simply changean image, edit thetext and you are ready. SHARE via text, email& social media,or download and print from your phone inseconds. DESIGN ANYWHEREDesygner is the only online design toolthat allows you to edityour designs from a computer, tablet orphone for free. PROJECTPAGE Shows all your designs and downloadsyou ever made for easyaccess and management with share and privacysettings. DESYGNERwill always offer a FREE version. If you arereally serious aboutdesign, then you might like our new DesygnerPremium subscription.For just US$9.99 / month, or US$69.99 / year,you can unlock allour platforms to store colors, fonts, text andimage assets, importelements from PSD and PDF files and get accessto 1000s morepremium templates. Price may vary in your country. Anyunusedportion of a free trial period will be forfeited when theuserpurchases a subscription to our service. For moreinformationplease consult our Privacy Policyat and Terms of Serviceat If you LOVEDesygner,please rate us or email or use thecontactform at
Logo Maker: Design & Create 2.2.0
Shopify Inc.
Hatchful - Enjoy hundreds of professionally designed logos forfree!The logo maker app that fits in your pocket - introducingHatchfulby Shopify! Quickly and easily design stunning, originallogos fromscratch with the logo maker from Hatchful. Our logomaker isdesigned for the entrepreneur on the go! With our logodesign app -you can build your brand in seconds! No graphic designexperience?No problem! Hatchful is the logo maker that works foryou. Ourpowerful logo design tool comes jam-packed with all thecolor &text editing tools a business owner needs to create& edit aunique logo for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedinor Instagramprofiles. A logo design app that’s quick andeasy-to-use - Hatchfullets you create original logos for use inweb content, marketingemails, social media posts, flyers &more! With our fully-loadedset of graphic design editing tools -there’s no limit to what youcan create! Logo Creator from Hatchfulcomes equipped with tons offree templates. Choose colors, styles,icons, fonts & brandingelements to create your own customgraphic design. Amaze potentialcustomers with a stunning &professional business logo! Use ourlogo creator app to createoriginal, professional elements in just afew clicks & generatecustom designs in less than 5 minutes -without having to hire adesigner or arts expert. How it works:Select the industry for yourbrand to have Hatchful create your ownpersonal templates.Hatchful’s logo generator works for any industry- Arts &Photo, Toys & Games, Technology, & more! Startcustomizingand editing your logo! Use Hatchful’s text editing andgraphicdesign tools, change fonts & select unique colorscombinationsfor your business That’s it! After editing - downloadyour logo!Create in seconds with Hatchful Logo Maker & LogoCreator app!Start developing your professional brand for free!Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Logo Quiz full 1.5
This is the full version of the popular Logo Quiz. Guess 275newlogos and win your own!If you liked the free version you willlovethis one! It's got the things everyone hasd been asking forandmore.FEATURES★ 275 logos!★ 11 stages.★ Finish the game tounlockthe LogoMaker and create your own logo!★ Comprehensiveclues.★Dynamic & slick feel.★ Score overview.★ Percentagecorrect whenanswered wrong.★ Improved installation routine.★ Andmuchmore...Uses write to external storage permission to save yourlogoto the SD card of your phone/tablet.Uses internet permissionforFaceBook and Twitter.
Logo Quiz 1.31
What is Logo Quiz?This is a quiz game where you have to guessthelogos of different brands. There're tons of logos that surroundusevery day: how many of the logos do you know? Throughout thegameyou'll be presented with a bunch of different level packs,eachcontaining logos of various brands or companies.More than1000logos of different brands and companies! Don't worry ifyou'restuck on the logo – you can always get some clue byusinghints (Each logo has 3 of them), or ask your friends onfacebook ortwitter.Game features:• More than 1000 logos ofdifferent brandsand companies• For every logo in the quiz, thereare 3 hints thathelp you• Reveal the full logo once it's guessed•Ask your friendson facebook or twitter to help you complete thequiz• Many hours offun gameplay ... That's Logo Quiz GameLike us onfacebook: usonTwitter:
Logo Quiz World 1.0.1
We see these logos every day and everywhere. On TV, walkingalongthestreet, in magazines ... simply everywhere! How manybrandlogos canyou guess?It is an intriguing game which let's youputyour knowledgeto test by identifying renowned Brands fromtheirlogos, challengeyour friends and compare the scores fromthereal-time leaderboardpositioning.How to Play:● Guess 3000brandsfrom all over the world.●Complete 80 engaging uniquelevels.●Helpful clues! Each logo has 5hints!● New hint is grantedforevery correct guess.● Keep a track ofyour stats andprogress.●Complete picture appears when you guess thelogo.In thisawesomegame you will discover way more brands thanother games.Theyinclude cars, movies, fashion, games, cartooncharacters andmanymore! From all over the world.All logos shown orrepresentedinthis game are copyright and/or trademark oftheirrespectivecorporations. The use of low resolution images inthistrivia appfor use of identification in a informationalcontextqualify asfair use under copyright law.
Guess The Shadow Quiz 2.01.19 (39)
★★★ Quiz hundreds of icons from the stunning shadow cartoons –GuessThe Shadow Quiz! ★★★ Shadow Quiz - Guess The Shadows! Canyourecognize the icon from an imaginative, handcrafted shadowcartoon?There are hundreds of shadow cartoon for you to quiz! It'sfree! Aman and a girl ride on a deer in an ice and snow world,what's themovie? -- It's Frozen! There are so many lego toys there,what'sthe movie? -- It's The Lego Movie! An old man and hisgrandson meta giant and broke robot in the seaside, what's thismovie? -- It'sPacific Rim! What's the character which is a littleand yellowcreature in a blue jean with little hair? -- It's MinioninDespicable Me! ... As the creator of logo quiz, icomania, 4 pics1word, now we are presenting you the new puzzle adventure -GuessThe Shadow - Logo Quiz! There are much more shadow icons foryou toquiz! The icons includes TV & Movies, Characters,FamousPeople, Country, Cities, and Brands. Download the toptrending gameon the market for free and begin the icon mania rightnow! Playing'Guess The Shadow - Shadow Quiz' is pretty simple: yousee an iconand you're shown a series of 14 or 16 scrambled letters,out ofwhich you have to make a word that you associate with theicon. Wenow present you the new puzzle adventure - Guess The ShadowQuiz!Download the top trending game on the market for free andbegin theShadow Quiz journey right now! Update: 1.2.0 - Add newlevels inthis Shadow Mania Game! 1.1.0 - Add new levels in thisShadow ManiaGame!
Logo Quiz: Guess Brands 1.0.3
Do you know brand logos? Can you recognize and guesscompanytrademarks? In this addicting and challenging free logo quizyouwill find: • Almost 360 puzzles with international brands•Including more than 50 local brands from countries such asUSA,United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, South Africa andmanyother countries • 12 Achievements to unlock • Online highscores soyou can compare your score with your friends • Simplecontrols -just swipe between questions • Increasing level ofdifficulty •Challenging expert levels • Use guessing hints if youget stuck •Progress stored and connected to Google account - playon yourphone, continue on tablet! • Game is completely free,forever! •Detailed statistics of your progress • Small applicationsize •Optimized for mobiles and tablets • Integrated withImmersionHaptic Effects for better gameplay Logos are everywherearound us.Question is - how many can you remember and recognize?Try yourmind, memory and perception skills in a free "Brand LogoQuiz"game. Guess the logo picture and answer what internationalbrandshide under logos from all over the world. Some are easy andyouwill know them instantly, but some may prove to be a muchbiggerchallenge to correctly guess the brand. Different products,brands,companies, such as car makers, fashion, electronics,airlines,hi-fi, cosmetics, clothing, food, drinks, beers, you nameit,they're all here right in this game! Play on your mobile ortablet!Great free logo quiz game which will give you hours of funand joy!Play on your own or have fun together with your friends. Ifyou getstuck, you can use hints to help you move on and facemorechallenges. Solve puzzles. Guess the brands. Completeachievements.Win trophies. Disclaimers: 1) All trademarks areproperties oftheir respective owners. The use of low resolutionlogo images inthis app for use of identification qualifies as "FairUse" undercopyright law. 2) Some brands use different names indifferentcountries. For such cases always the name for the widestmarketrange has been selected. We're sorry for the inconvenience ifthebrand is known under a different name in your country. 3)Thisapplication uses only Latin alphabet to enter brand names.Otheralphabets are not supported at this time.
Guess: Car Logo Quiz 2020 1.1
FlyHigh Inc
"Guess: Car Logo Quiz" is a free game full of fun that consistsonguessing the names of the 240 logo. If you love all the carthingsor enjoy playing quizzes, then this car logo quiz game is foryou!Features app: ★ Logos of 240 logo. ★ App have 12 levels and70coins are available. ★ Visit daily to get more coins. ★ Eachlogo'sname has 5 hints. 1. Show information about brand 2.Removeunnecessary letters 3. Show suingle letter 4. Show correctanswer5. Ask friend on Facebook ★ Beautiful animation and soundeffects.★ Support some languages. ★ Support get coins when youneed. ★Comfortable keyboard. ★ Detailed statistics. ★ Set thesettingsneeded. ★ Source of knowledge: Wikipedia ★ Frequentapplicationupdates. ★ Great fun All the car brands logos in thegame are in HDquality. Playing this free game, Guess: Car Logo isthe best way tosharpen your visual memory and mental reflexes. Testyourknowledge! Only 1% of players have managed to finish the game.PLAYIT NOW
Logos Quiz 29_8_14
This is a funny and addictive quiz game with hints and wordsautocompletion , better than the popular one from IPhoneAppstore!Guess the names of hundreds of logos from differentcompanies, usehints if you don't know the answer to complete thegame! Identifythe brand from the logo. Some should be obvious,others less.Challenge your friends to see who knows morelogos!There are lotsof really helpful clues that you can use. Youcan also ask yourfriends if you don't know the answer! All the timewe aresurrounded by hundreds, maybe thousands of company logos, weseethem on TV, when shopping in the mall, walking on thestreet,during important events, even when we are playing videogames! Howmany of them can yourecognize?-----------------------NEW!!! Trythe unique onlinecontest. Compete other players from all over theworld online! Toopen it you have to finish at least 20 logos fromfirst episode. Themode is very challenging. No hints, timelimited. If you stack youcan offer tie to youropponent.-----------------------New! HINTS:Ifyou feel stuck andthe answer keeps slipping away, don't give up!Use hints thataccompany every logo! Earn free hints by completingmore levels.USEFRIENDS:If after using all the hints, you stilldon't know theanswer, don't hesitate to use friends' help ! You canalways askyour family or friends, even through Facebook, andcomplete all thelevels!All Logos & brands shown or representedin this game arecopyright and or trademark of their respectivecorporations. Thistrivia game is for fun and knowledge.Please notecompany or eventlogos are protected by copyright and/or trademarkregistration
Logo Quiz 1.9
PLAY FOR THE PURSUIT OF FUN! Show off how many Logos you knowinthis #1 ranked Logo Guessing Game on Google Play.Guess TheLogo(a.k.a Logo Quiz) is a simple but exciting game where you trytoguess logos of different brands based on part of the logos shownonthe screen. This quiz game is the fun way to kill some timeorprocrastinate while exercising your brain. You just mightevenlearn a thing or two!Game Features:- A visual Trivia game foryourfamily and kids with all your favorite logos- A clean,beautifulinterface that you will feel right at home using to guessthebrand- 15 Levels with more than 1000 logos and emoji toguess(& more to come)
Logo Maker Pro Free 1.0
Intro Media
Make a your own logo in mimutes fast and proLogo Maker CreatorOurfree, easy-to-use online and offline logo maker helps you createanamazing logo in seconds. No design experience necessary — TryItFor Free Now!Design For Free, Buy Only If You Like It. GetYourProfessional Logo Now!Customize Your Logos Free • LogosDesigned InMinutes • No Subscription Fees • High QualityDesignsCreate &design your logo for free using an easy logomaker tool. Choosefrom hundreds of fonts and icons. Then just saveyour new logo onto your android!Logo designer Our professional logodesigners havedesigned these logos specially and specifically foryour business,keeping all aspects in mind. Our designs are simple,attractive andfollow standards.We have vast variety of designs andour galleryhas logos from almost every business category. Thedesign processis very simple and easy. You can create logo for yourbusiness infew minutes. Just select the design of your choice andedit thecolors, font, size and alignments in next step.Feature forLogoMaker Pro Free01. 10.000 Free Logo Designs Choose from 10.000Freelogo designs that you can customize 02. With Logotype MakerEasyLogo Editor Our logo creator is easy to use and hasunlimitedoptions 03. Logos for every business We have free logodesign forevery business category04. Logotype Maker Save UnlimitedLogos Makeunlimted logo designs and save them into your androidAndMore…-Logo Builder pro 2018- Logo Maker Almost 2000 fully editable&custom logo templates categorized by Industry- Professionaltoolsfor recoloring & editing.- Logotype creator free- LogoMakerMore than 100 fonts and they are supported by typographicengine.This is an advanced text editing tools that let's youcreatebeautiful typography for the logo- Professional layermanagementfunctions that let's you work on logos at ease.- LogoMaker Free-Logo Maker Easy to export for digital.Whatever brandingyou want tocreate - may it be a logo, sticker or label, LogoGenerator wouldallow you to create one at ease.You can createawesome logo designsusing our logo creator tool. The samples shownhere are created byour logo designer toolFree logo maker for yoursmall to mediumsized company. Thousands of high quality symbols anddesigns fornew businesses and entrepreneurs.Logo Maker Pro Free appis thebest app to create the perfect logo. So download now whileit'sFREE!
Logo Maker - Logo Creator, Ad & Flyer Maker 3.2
zind apps
Create Professional Logos Get the recognition that yourbusinessdeserves with a remarkable logo that your customers caneasilyidentify and connect to your brand. Logo Maker- LogoCreator,Poster, Ad & Flyer Maker Poster Flyer Maker IconDesignInvitation Card Creator Editor Poster Maker Posters DesignFlyerMaker & Ad Maker + Create Logo Maker- Logo Creator CreateLogoDesign * A logo maker with thousands of logo templates tochoosefrom * Customize all your Logos with Logo fonts, Logo colors,Logosymbols and more * Neatly categorized Logo designs accordingtoindustry and alphabets * And best of all, our logo makerisabsolutely free for use * Choose a logo for a consistentbrandidentity for your business * Get business card Logo,stationeryLogo, web Logo design, T-shirt design and more *Ready-to-launchbrand designs you can customize instantly with alogo * Get allyour branding and more done on a shoestring budget *Design yourmarketing materials complete with a logo design * Createbrandedmarketing materials you'll love to flaunt * All yourmarketingcampaign design needs at one place - BRIGHTNESS/CONTRASTSomephotos need a little bit more light and a little bit of ashadowfeel, this tool will do just that to get the brighter logo-HUE/SATURATION Change the colors in your pictures and adjustthevibrant level in your logo - SHARPNESS Take out the blurrinessoutof your photo for perfect & sharp logo - TEMPLATE LOGOSChooselogo from our logos library and just replace the brand orcompanyname To get a logo in seconds. - TRANSPARENT LOGOSSelecttransparent logo background to get the logo as watermark.
SALT Watermark on Photos, Watermark Maker
SALT WATERMARK APP MAKES IT EASY FOR BUSINESSES TO TAKE PHOTOSWHILEAUTOMATICALLY ADDING THEIR LOGO, WATERMARK OR TEXT ADD TEXTTOPHOTOS Easily add text to photos, and choose your font out ofaverity of free fonts - handwriting fonts, fancy fonts, girlyfonts,stylish fonts and many other cool fonts CROP AND RESIZEPHOTOSResize and crop photos in a wide verity of sizes: 1:1, 3:4,4:3,9:16, 16:9, Facebook Ads, Facebook Cover, Facebook PagePost,Pinterest Ads & Youtube Art TELL PEOPLE WHO YOU ARE Addingyourlogo or watermark & text to the photos you share onsocialmedia will help potential customers easily recognize you andbecomeloyal customers HELP PEOPLE CONNECT WITH YOU Adding contactdetailsto your photos will help people reach out to you. Easily addyourwebsite, phone number, email or any other detail to yourphotosPROTECT YOUR PHOTOS Automatically mark all your photos withaunique watermark. This will prevent illegal miss-use of yourphotosEasily get great brand awareness throughout all socialnetworksMake your day to day activity count by connecting people toyourproducts and experiences. For the first time ever, you caneasilyadd your logo and brand to any photo you take, and instantlysharethem on social media. Help potential customers easily findyouSocial networks are a jungle. Millions of pictures andproductscontinually flood the minds of users across the web. Makeit easyfor potential customers to find you and buy your products.Add yourwebsite, email, phone number or any other details to yourphotos,and make this a no brainer for them. Want us to feature youonInstagram? just follow @salt_app, and we will chose the bestphotosto feature. The future is here... - There is way more tocome, andyou can help us shape it! Have an idea for a cool feature?submitit to If you encounter any issues, or want toshareyour feedback and ideas, just contact us at,Followus on Facebook- on Instagram -
Brand Builder 4.1.1
Brand Builder equips licensed Certified Angus Beef ®brandfoodservice distributor partners with on-the-go informationandanswers. Knowledge is power, and Brand Builder supplementsthesales materials available on Licensee Services, arming youwithtools while you’re on the road. This convenient mobileapplicationempowers you to sell the Certified Angus Beef ® brandwithconfidence. Use this App to: -Refresh your brand knowledge.-Findthe answers you need in a fast and mobile format. -Connectwithcustomers and satisfy their demand for reliable,great-tastingbeef. Key features: -Cost to downgrade calculator – aninstantanalysis of a restaurant’s lost revenue from downgradingtheir beefoffering. -Portion control calculator – compare actualproduct costof portion cut steaks vs. cutting subprimals in-house,and makeinformed buying decisions based on the dollars and cents-Salesobjections – a guide through the four most common salesobjectionsand how to overcome them with informed and educationalresponses.-Local connections – identify farming and ranchingfamilies nearyou who take pride in raising the best Angus beef.-Brand basics -our foundation, 10 science-based specifications andbrandadvantages -Follow the brand – find all online outlets toconnectwith the brand.
Guess Logo - Quiz 2018 4.0
Do you like logo quiz??Do you think you know companies from alloverthe world??Play Guess Logo - Quiz 2018! Thousands of popularlogosfrom all over the world with the largest collection of over2380brands to solve.This game is just for you! Find out just howmuch doyou know!Guess Logo - Quiz 2018 Features:* guess 2380brands fromall over the world* keep a track of your stats andprogress*complete picture appears when you guess the logo* usehint to guess*and all of that absolutely free* Multiple choiceoptions for everylogo* Helpful clues! Hints are awarded to helpyou figure out theanswer!* Swipe screen to switch between logos!*Log in with Gmail tosync your Logo Game Quiz score and competewith your friends!*Scoreboard where you can compare your rankingwith friends.*High-quality graphics.* Timely updates: new packsare addedfrequently.Updates with more levels and hundreds ofbrands comingsoon.In this trivia game you may find every brandcategory you loveincluding cars, fashion, movies and games. Inthis logo quiz you canguess companies from all over the world.Inour logo game you willfind many more brands and hints notavailable in other games. Alllogos shown or represented in thisgame are copyright and/ortrademark of their respectivecorporations.The use of low-resolutionimages in this trivia appfor use of identification in aninformational context qualifies asfair use under copyright law.
Logo Quiz Answers 5.0
mr jasoliya
answers for all levelsyou stuck at any logo then you use ourlogogame answers*logo quiz answers level 1*logos answers level 3and upto all levels*and also used to remember logos answers*getlogo quizcheat with*here you can find all logo quiz cheats andanswerslogoquiz answers has more than thousands of logo quizanswersyou cancheck by just selecting levels from appyou don't haveto pay youcan use "logo quiz answers" for a freehere you can findall logogame answersjust open specific level and find your logogameanswers instantlycheat codes for all comfortable withalllevels*********************************Read:logo quiz answersisnot official game of Any Kind of App and its not createdorassociated with any game
Logo Quiz Superb 2.09.29 (29)
Can you recognize the logos well? Prove your Logo identifyingskillsby playing the Logo Quiz Superb game or enhance yourknowledge aboutvarious logos. The quiz has a huge collection ofdifferent brandsand company Logos. The quiz is really simple totake. Guess the Logoby just seeing the half image of it. You cansee the entire logoafter entering the right name from a set ofalphabets. You canrandomly choose among various logos for guessingbut you can unlocknext level only after guessing certain number ofLogos. Startbrushing up your recognizing skills and keeps youreyes wide open.This amazing trivia logo quizzing game includesmore than 1700 logosof various brands and companies from differentcategories like carmakers(car logo), fashion, I.T., banking, web& mobile,electronics, airlines, fashion, kids, cosmetics,clothing, food,drinks, beers, and others! Identify the maximumlogos and be on thetop of the Leaderboard. The Logos have beenincluded from variouscountries like United States, United Kingdom,France, Germany,Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Philippines,Russia, and manyother countries. This Logo quiz will surelyentertain you. Collectthe points by identifying the Logoscorrectly without any help. Thequiz game has options that you canuse in case you get stuck inidentifying a logo. Use the collectedpoints and remove the unusedalphabets from the screen or even lookfor an alphabet in the LogoName. Challenge your friend to take upthe Logo quiz and know theirknowledge on identifying Logos.************************APPFEATURES************************- Morethan 1700 logos to guess inmore than 30 levels!- Showing fulllogos after you guess the logocorrectly- Helpful and concreteclues! Each logo has 3 hints.-Leaderboard! Compete with yourfriends on guessing brands!So whatare you waiting for? Enhanceyour knowledge in identifying the Logosand test it by taking thistrivial "Logo Quiz Superb". The game isperfect especially forthose who are passionate about the Logos orthe one who want toknow more about the Logo from different brandsor companies andfrom various countries. Take the quiz anytime youwant andanywhere..! Don't miss out the chance to be the master andgeniusof the Huge LogoWorld..!***********************SAYHELLO***********************Weare constantly working hard onmaking this “Logo Quiz Superb” gamebetter and more entertainingfor you. Please feel free to email usfor anyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to sayhello. Ifyou have enjoyed any feature of the “Logo Quiz Superb”game, dorate us on play store and share among your friends.
Logo League (Quiz) 2
Guess the brands around the world with the best Logo Quiz intheworld! Logo Quiz Game is absolutely free to download. Try toguessas much brands names as you can of hundreds of logos fromcompaniesaround the world. We know many brands logos and we don’teven knowthat. Most of them you can see On TV, internet, street andeven atwork! Right now we have more than 20 levels with highquality logosavailable for you to guess! Download our game and tryto guess thelogos you know. In our logo game quiz you will findgreat featuresthat no other logo quiz game has. Our Logo Quiz Gamefeatures: ★ Noflooding with ads! ★ High quality logos. ★ You canget hints whenyou stuck. ★ Wheel of luck, spin the wheel to getcoins and usethem to get hints! ★ Guess logos from everywhere,cars, food,internet and many more! ★ Easy to play. ★ Just downloadand startguess some logos. ★ Check for updates and enjoy!
Logo Maker Free 1.4
ZoTo Appx
Are You Looking For Logo Designing OR theBrandIdentity...?LogoMaker Free is then only for you. Free LogoMakercan design andgenerate logos for your brand identity. LogoMakerFree is not onlydesigned for logos but it "Logo Maker Free"alsohave the keyfeature of Business Card Maker and Visiting CardMakerapp. Youalso can design Logos and Icons for your whats appgrouporFacebook page or for any other social sites. LogoMakercangenerate logos, icons and also can design flyers andmakerpostersfor your brand's identity.Logo Maker Free pro 3D LogoMakerLogoCreator & Logo Generator Icon Maker 2018Logo Maker proisLogoGenerator is a professional logo design studio that letsyoucreatepowerful branding for your business in a matter ofMinutes.Itprovides everything you need to get started. It onlytakesamoments to create your own logo in a couple of easystepsOurLogoMaker is a Fully Loaded Logo Designer App ToCreateProfessional,Unique, Cool and Impressive Logos.logo makerforphotography,logodesigning software and logo maker forbusiness.logomaker free.OurLogo Maker is a Fully Loaded LogoDesigner App ToCreateProfessional, Unique, Cool and ImpressiveLogos.logo makerforphotography,logo designing software and logomakerforbusiness.logo maker free.Now You Don't Need To payafreelancer,Designer or an Artist You Can Create Original Logoswithlogodesign maker,Using A-Lot of Elements and Editing Options,Thereisno Limit on Creativity. We have Provided you Many Logos,iconsWitha Better Control there is a Good Collection of 2d Logosand3Dlogos You can Say it is a 3D logo maker too. We alsohaveprovidedmany background options you can add logos to youphotosalso youcan add gradients and logo for youtube, colors andetc.logofoundryand logo art.logo adder to pics and watermark onpics withlogobuilder and logo editor.The best text editing optionsyou canaddor edit your text freely You can change color of yourtext andyoucan use any font style it has many font styles you caneasilyapplyany font it contains 2D font styles and 3D isthebest tool ever You can use it as stylish text onphoto,3Dstylishtext on Photo because you can write text onYourphotos,logogenerator,logo in picture,you can use it asicondesigner makermake or generate icons you no more needtouse heavydesigning software or hiring a professional to createalogo oricon for you or your is the best Logo maker-LogoCreator, Logo Generator & Logo Designer,logo namemakerwithFollowing Features:A Unique Typography, Artistic LogoDesignerWithA-Lot of Symbolic Options.A-Lot Of Logos, Icon&SymbolsWithmultiple Choice of 2D & 3D LogoDesignshugeCollection ofGraphic Designing ElementsMultipleBackgrounds,Gradients,Texturesand Color optionsYou can add Logo toyour OwnPhotoProfessionalPhoto Editing & Text editing ToolsYoucan Usecan Add 2D Fontsand 3D fonts To you PhotosprofessionalLayermanagementfunctionsProfessional tools For Recoloring&EditingLogo MakerMakes Different Categories of LogosLike:Logomaker ForBusinessLogo Maker For PhotographyLogo MakerForProfessionalsLogomaker For Youtube Channel Cover Or IconLogoMakerFor Branding& WebsitesLogo Maker For androidApps.logoquizContains manyLogo templates.Generate logo for socialmediacover photo.Orgenerate logo for group icons like whatsappgroupphoto,Facebookgroup photo, pinterest graphics, posterspromotionalposters,advertisement, offerannouncement,brochure,newletter,lettterheads, stationary thumbnailsand etc.Nowcreate yourown impressive logo design.Generate more thana logowith thisgreat tool there is nothing to loss so why not tryit...
Logo Quiz Fun Plus 3.13.05 (115)
HOW MANY BRANDS CAN YOU RECOGNIZE? Guess popular logos withLogoQuiz Fun Plus! The best Android Logo Quiz Free Game! Morethan1,300 logos to solve, divided into 22 levels! We meetvariouscompanies, brands, and organization logos every day andeverywhere.On TV, walking along the street, in magazines...everywhere! Howmany of them are we able to recognize? FEATURES: *more than 1,300logos, it's free! * 22 levels! * brands acrossmanufacturing, cars,clothes, food, drinks, sports, tech, web orservice providers. *helpful hints! Each logo has 4 hints! *frequent applicationupdates! Taking part in this logo quiz game,you will find out howmany logos and products of different brandsyou are able torecognize! Compare your answers with those of yourfriends! Competewith them and check who’s the best! New logoscoming soon. Checkfor the updates! Like us on our logos quizfacebook: Follow us onTwitter: Please contact, let us know if you have any suggestion/issueonthis logo quiz game, we are determined to make best logoquizgames. Update log: * Add 30 new logos!It's1260 logos now! Enjoy our logosquiz game! * Fix a minorbug3.8.5.72(2012/12/14) * Fix a minor bug
Animal logo quiz 3.2.6z
Can you identify The Animal logo quiz based on theirpictures?Testyour knowledge on this gaming quiz to see how you doand compareyour score to others. Quiz by chihabiapps.