Top 49 Apps Similar to SmartWatch 2 Inspection Camera

ZenWatch Remote Camera
ZenWatch Remote Camera is a companion app for your ASUSZenWatchthat turns it into a remote control for the camera onyoursmartphone or tablet. Remote Camera opens up newphotographicopportunities by displaying your smartphone's cameraviewfinderremotely on ZenWatch, freeing you to take photos fromcreativeangles where the viewfinder would be difficult to see, suchas whenholding the phone overhead at a concert or other crowdedevent.Remote Camera is also useful for group photos, letting youcomposethe photo, release the shutter, and check the final resultwhilebeing included in the shot.[Reviews]ASUS ZenWatch: AFancySmartwatch That Measures YourRelaxationLevels ASUS'stylishZenWatch is all about security, remote controlandwellness[Keyfeatures]WithZenWatch Remote Camera, you can:• Operate yoursmartphone’s camerafrom your ZenWatch • See the camera viewfinderremotely on yourZenWatch • Take single photos, optionally withlocation info• Recordvideos• Zoom in and out• Start the camera’sself-timer• Move yourwrist (or shake the ZenWatch) to release thecamera shutter.[Tips]•In ZenWatch Remote Camera, tap anywhere onthe preview screen on thewatch, or twist your wrist to takeshot.[Note]ZenWatch Remote Camerais only compatible with ASUSZenWatch smart watches.
Lifelog 4.0.A.0.28
Lifelog is the clever activity tracker app for Android thatkeepstrack of what matters to you – like how many steps you takeand howmuch you sleep – with or without a Smartband. You can setpersonalhealth goals, follow your progress and get insights intoyourbehavior. Lifelog lets you look back on any day to see howactiveyou were, where you went and how you got there. Log your dayeveryday, in detail. This application uses analytics software tocollectand aggregate statistics to help us improve this app andourservices. None of this data can be used to identify you.
com.lumaticsoft.watchdroidphone 12.0
Version for the phone. Connect your smartwatch withAndroidoperating system to your phone to receive notifications ofyourapplications, manage music playback, send files from your phonetosmartwatch, among other things. How does it work: Install"WatchDroid Phone" on yourphone."Watch Droid Assistent" on thesmartwatch. both devices have bluetooth enabled. Open "Watch DroidPhone"and follow the steps of the assistant in configurationApk12.0.27.12 for smartwatch without PlayStore: giving permission for the management of phonenotificationsand selecting the applications that you want tocontrol, you cananswer them from the smartwatch. In the options ofthe phoneapplication you will have the possibility to modify yourpredefinedanswers, delete or add. If the notification has thepossibility ofbeing answered, the button will appear to be able toselect one ofyour predetermined answers, keyboard or voicedictation (if thesmartwatch has the possibility). Music: In themusic option you can:* Open the default player of your phone. *Skip the topic, pause orplay it. * Raise or lower the multimediavolume of the phone. Sharefiles: * Select the file to send. *Select the location on yoursmartwatch. * Send your file. Cameracontrol: *Take a picture *Retard 3 sec * Change camera from backto front
WatchMaker Watch Faces 5.4.4
Why keep buying watchfaces? Join millions who paid once tounlockWatchMaker Premium and gained access to 60,000+stunningwatchfaces! With tons more watches added every day!! Onepurchase!One low price and over 60,000 watchfaces! WatchMaker isthe largestwatchface collection and community in the world for WearOS byGoogle (was Android Wear) & Tizen. Instantly geteverything youneed to customize & personalize your AndroidWatch or GearS2/S3/Galaxy Watch! WATCHMAKER NOW SUPPORTS GEARS2/S3/GALAXY WATCHSearch for WatchMaker in the Samsung Gear app*(available on GooglePlay) Features exclusive to WatchMaker : •60,000+ high qualitywatch faces instantly available from our G+page • Select a color to suit your mood! •Createyour own faces with the most powerful design tools available!•Animated GIFs - Add custom animations to your watch face! •3dGyroscope - Create an amazing parallax effect! • BatteryProtector- Automatically limit watches with high brightness toprotectbattery! • Interactive Clock - Create hotspots to launchwatch orphone apps! • Animations - Create bright / dim / tapanimationswith 45 tweening functions! • Calendar - Choose whichcalendars toshow! • Weather / Moon Icons - Add in 1-click! •Countdowns - Daysuntil your birthday, Christmas, etc! • Cool TextEffects - Addglow, outline, even flat shadow! • 1-Click Widgets -Includingbattery (watch/phone) + WiFi widgets! • OpenGL Shaders -Powerfulrendering for watch segments, radars • Free Watch Faces -10,000+watchfaces from our huge G+ community!•Tasker - Full tasker integration to set watchface,changevariables, run tasks • Compass - Add rotating compass orbearing •Stopwatch - Why design a watch when you can build astopwatch?! •Multiple Time Zone - Set up to 3 custom time zones •Heart rate andstep counter for fitness • Programmable Watches useour inbuilt LUAengine to make calculator, stopwatches, countdowns,anything yourlike! • Complications - Step counter / Pedometer /Calendar + manymore! Also features : • Very low battery usage! •100s of newwatches each week! • Weather Data • Supports round andsquare faces• Selection of analog and digital clocks! • Get datafrom all phonesensors, accelerometer, etc. • Compatible with allWear OS watches(was Android Wear) Pricing • You get 10 watches, 12fonts, 15backgrounds and the watch designer for free! • Premium is$5.99:200 featured watches each week and exclusive access to60,000+faces from our G+ community,, +useyour own images in watchfaces! Supported watches : • All Wear OSbyGoogle (was Android Wear) • Apple Watch • Armani ExchangeConnected• ASUS ZenWatch (1/2/3) • Casio Smart Outdoor/Pro Trek •Diesel OnFull Guard • Elephone Ele • Emporio Armani EA • FossilQExplorist/Founder/Marshal/Q Control/Sport/Venture/Wander •GUESSAce/Connect/Cassidy/Jemma • Huawei Watch (1/2) • Hugo BossTouch •Kate Spade Scallop • LG G Watch • LG G Watch R • LG WatchSport •LG Watch Style • LG Watch Urbane (1/2) • Louis VuittonTambourHorizon • Michael Kors Access • Misfit Vapor (1/2) •MontblancSummit • Motorola 360 (1/2/womens/sport) • Movado Connect• NewBalance RunIQ • Nixon Mission • Polar M600 • Samsung GalaxyWatch(Active) • Samsung Gear S2/S3 • Samsung Gear Live • SamsungGearSport • Skagen Falster • Sony Smartwatch 3 • TAG HeuerConnected •Ticwatch 1/2/C2/S/E/Pro • Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 •Verizon Wear24 •ZTE Quartz • Many more! Join our Google+ / Redditcommunity and getfree watch faces : GOOGLE+: WIKI: LUACODING: * Separate charge of $2.99 for SamsungGearWatchMaker companion app
Mail for Wear OS (Android Wear) & Gmail 1.0.190827
View your mail inbox, search mails, view attachments, replytomails, forward mails and compose mails with keyboard,predictionsand emojis ... or use third party keyboards, likeTouchOne ... allon your Wear OS (was Android Wear) smartwatch. ThisAndroid Wear OSmail client brings email on your watch to a newlevel. Enjoy thisdedicated mail for Android Wear client. Supportsstandalone accessto your email on Android Wear 2 watches pairedwith iOS or Androidphones. For standalone support install the appfrom the play storeon the watch only. Easy setup: - Quick sign-inwith your Googleaccount - Quick sign-in with email & passwordfor Outlook,Yahoo, etc - Add IMAP account from other mail providers- Multipleaccounts can be added Mail inbox: - View your inbox onthe watch -Read whole mail threads, message by message - Mark mailas readwhen you open it - View attachments in mails - Attachedimages canbe auto-loaded - Mail content is displayed in astructured way withclickable hyperlinks using the Wear InternetBrowser( - Quick actions for reply, reply all and forward mail-Quick actions for archive, star and delete mail - Actionsareavailable for mail cards and inbox mails Search mail: -Searchmails with keyboard or voice search Write mail (full versiononly):- Reply and reply all - Forward mail - Compose new mails -Searchcontacts with keyboard or voice search - Write mails withkeyboardor voice input - Keyboard with text predictions and emojis-Pre-defined texts - Keyboard app integration,e.g. new mails: - Structured mail content - Mark mail as readif cardis swiped out Customize vibration patterns and sound (fullversiononly): - Choose "Notification Settings" on new messagecards or longpress on a message - Define a specific vibrationpattern for thesender of an email, the mail prefix or for allmessages of theaccount - Define a specific notification sound forthe sender of anemail, the mail prefix or for all messages of theaccount - Choose apre-defined pattern or record your own patternCustomize your mailexperience (full version only): - Configurereal name and signature- Configure pre-defined texts - Configureauto-load images -Configure mark-as-read - Configure categoriesfor cards: Primary,Social, Forums, Updates, Promotions - Configurecard style: contentlength and stack cards - Custom vibrationpatterns The Wear MailClient is compatible with all Wear OS(Android Wear) smart watches.e.g. - Sony SmartWatch 3 - MotorolaMoto 360 - Fossil Q (Explorist,Marshal, Founder, Venture, Wander,...) - Ticwatch (E, S) - MichaelKors (Bradshaw, Sophie, ...) -Huawei Watch (2, Leo-BX9, Leo-DLXX,...) - LG Watch (Urbane, Sport,R, Style, …) - ASUS ZenWatch (1, 2,3) - Samsung Gear Live - TAGHeuer ...and many more If your watch isnot listed, please check ifyour Smartwatch runs Wear OS (formerAndroid Wear).
Willow - Photo Watch face 1.10
Willow photo watch face, is free android wear watch face thatbuildsto fulfill and support android wear. The optional way toshow yourpersonality on your watch. ** for Android 6.0 and above,pleaseenable permission on the watch first. without granting itwill notallow you to change to the picture Support format - PNG -JPG - GIFwith animation You can use any GIF picture to make yourwatch faceanimate! (when set GIF to the watch for the first time,it may takea while to upload to the watch because most of GIF fileis verylarge) Font support format - OTF - TTF To add the font,copy fontfile into one of the directories - Willow/font folder -Downloadfolder - or just put it in the sd card directory itwillautomatically show in the setting it compatible with AndroidWearwatches: • Motorola Moto 360 • Motorola Moto 360 Gen 2 •MotorolaMoto 360 Sport • Asus ZenWatch 1, 2 and 3 • Huawei Watch 1and 2 •LG G Watch • LG G Watch R • LG Watch Urbane • Samsung GearLive •Sony SmartWatch 3 • TAG Heuer Connect • Fossil Q • MontblancSummit• POLAR M600 • New Balance RunIQ • ZTE Quartz • LG WatchSport •Casio PRO TREK Smart • LG watch style / sport • MICHAEL KORSACCESS• The Mission, by Nixon Willow photo watch face comes willfreephoto gallery, provide the user to download variety styleofpictures and set it to your background screen of your watchface.You can enable or disable Willow photo watch facepicturenotification in setting app. In case you enablenotificationfunction, it will notify new photo for download. CheckWillowgallery for more picture. if you want to add a custom image,justplace it in willow directory in external storage. itwillautomatically, display in the setting app Interest to became abetatester? Join Willow watch google plus community to learn moreat: or bug, feel free to send it to ammarptn@gmail.comorpost itat
Wear Mini Launcher 5.8.4
Mini Launcher
Best Launcher on Android Wear Devices, Over 400,000User'sChoiceNowcome with 3 fully customizable interactive watchfaces,accessyourfavorite apps / toggles without activate launcher.It'softena painto open an app on your Android Wear device. Youhavetoremember itsname or scroll through different lists tofindandlaunch it.WearMini Launcher is designed to allow youtoquicklylaunch any app fromanywhere.You have also access toquicksettingswith the double swipegesture. You can changethebrightness ofyour wear device, changethe wifi state, the ringmodeof yourhandheld or make it ring tofind it back!Make it lookslikeyou!With many customization options,the launcher is now exactlyasyouwant it to be.Customize theposition to slide from the partofthescreen you chose.You have toown an Android Wear device tousethisappCurrently compatibledevices:► HUAWEI Watch► Moto 360Gen2(2015)► Moto 360 Gen 1 (2014)►Asus Zenwatch► LG G Watch►LGGWatch R► LG G Watch Urbane (AndroidWear version)►SamsungGearLive► Sony SmartWatch 3First time startTomake it workwhenyoufirst install it, please:* Open the app onyoursmartphonewhilethe watch is connectedor* Open the app onyourwatchIf thehandheldapp shows a loading icon multiple times,rebootyour watch.Itsometimes loses the connection toyoursmartphone.In-Apppurchasesare only used by the donation system.Theapp and all thefeatureswill remain completely free.**WearMiniLauncher wasoriginalcreated by Nicolas Pomepuy
Bubble Cloud Tile Launcher Watchface (WearOS)
DYNA Logix
(if you only want to use on your phone or tablet, please gettheWidgets-Only variant which does not include the watchcomponents)  New Wear OS Tilessupport: Get to your apps on your WearOS watch more easily: ► use asextendedwatch face: scroll horizontally for apps / brightness /volume /assistant ► or keep using any other watch face and pullapp drawerover screen: similar to other mini launchers  Bubbles growwith use: more frequently used items stand out fromthe crowd(optional)   ► Over 850,000 installs ◄   2-in-1app getBubble Clouds both ► on WEAR OS SMARTWATCH ► andphone/tablet →HOMESCREEN FOLDERS and WIDGETS   REFERENCES ►Featured onAndroid Police in "25 standalone apps and watchfacesfor yourAndroid Wear 2.0-equipped watch": ►Business Insider, Android Central,Yahoo tech, Gizmodo, AndroidPit,SlashGear… see   COMPATIBILITY ► YES: WearOS by Google(was: Android Wear) Huawei 1-2, Moto 360, all LGwatches, ZenWatch1-3, Sony SW3, Fossil Q… ► NO: Samsung Gear(Tizen) ► NO: "Android5.1" smartwatches (GT.O8, DZ.O9…)   2MODES ► App Drawer(similar to other android wear mini launchers) ►Interactivewatch-face (the launcher becomes your watch face)  FEATUREHIGHLIGHTS ► Fun+practical: can fit more icons → find appswithless scrolling ► Variable icon sizes → preset or usage based►Organize apps into "clouds" (favorites/archive/folders) ►Watchface with "live" info (date/watch/phone battery/weather/stepcount+unlimited complications) ► Dim ambient watch face ►Selectiveambient: pick what info stays on ambient face ► Stickyopen →double tap to keep any app on screen (without battery hit) ►Screenlock to prevent accidental touches ► Favorite contacts cloud:call,text, email [Premium] ► Screen brightness/volume control halfaswipe away ► Auto day/night brightness management ► Verybatteryfriendly on watch AND phone → Guaranteed: no wake-locks ►Stand-upalert plugin ► Tasker plugin can control bubbles on watch ►SmartHome automation via HTTP GET/POST command bubbles (alsowithauthentication) ► Toggle Wifi, Bluetooth, Ringmode (on watchANDphone) MUCH CONTROL OVER LOOK ► Use custom colors / imagesforbackground, clock dial + hands or… ► 100+ ready made 1-clickthemesin 11 downloadable theme packs ► Full icon pack support →usestandard Android icon packs to theme watch ► Smart auto layouts→auto-arrange icons in various layouts or… ► Drag&dropwatchfaceeditor   WEAR OS FEATURES ► Unlimited number of watchfacecomplications [premium] ► Put complications in app drawer +folderstoo ► Background image from complication provider ► Remaphardwarebutton to open app drawer, start dimmed theater mode andmore ►Notification peek cards in Wear 2.x ► Override watch faceswipefunctions (not only at the edges) ► Doctor / paramedic watchface:seconds hand in special ambient mode for accurate vitals→   TUTORIAL VIDEOS ► my appismore than might seem on the surface ► I explain every featureinshort videos    FREE VERSION ► constant developmentbasedon user feedback ► fully customizable favorites cloud (=watchface)► 2 layouts for the archive cloud (=app drawer) [premium=9] ►1complication bubble [premium=no limit] ► 1 Taskerbubble[premium=no limit] ► assign function to watchbutton[premium=assign 2nd press] ► no time limit forthelauncher/watchface (update reminders) ► full support fromdeveloper► no ads   INFO ► Website with hundreds ofposts: ►Versions:   PERMISSIONSDetailed: #BCWKEY
Facer Watch Faces
Facer Watch Faces is the ultimate watch face customizationplatformfor Android Wear & Tizen smartwatches. Facer offerseverythingyou need to customize & personalize your AndroidWatch or GearS2/S3, including 15,000 free and premium watch facesfrom leadingbrands and artists. You can even make your own watchfaces andshare them with the world using the creator tool. Don’t bedefault,Facer offers everything you’ll need to bring your personalstyle toyour smartwatch. FACER NOW SUPPORTS GEAR S2 & S3DEVICESInstallation tips for Gear S3 & Gear S2 users: *Download&Install “Facer” app from the Google Play App store *Make sureyourGear S3 or Gear S2 is connected with your smartphone throughthe“Samsung Gear” app & bluetooth is turned on for both yourphoneand smartwatch *Download & Install “Facer Companion forGear S2& S3” from the Samsung Galaxy App Store *Long press onyourGear S2/S3 smartwatch and scroll to select “Facer” as yourchosenwatchface *Open the Facer App from your phone and enjoy thefullFacer experience with over 15,000 watchfaces or create yourownusing our world-renowned Facer Creator & TROUBLESHOOTING *If you’rehaving any issues usingour app & watch faces or aredissatisfied in any way, pleasegive us a chance to fix it for youbefore expressingdissatisfaction through ratings. *You can sendfeedback directly *If you areenjoying our watch faces,we always appreciate a positive review15,000 WATCH FACES Thelargest single destination for free andpremium faces, there issomething for everyone in our vastcollection. Explore the newest& most popular watch faces or usethe new search feature todiscover the perfect watch face for yourmood. TOP BRANDS Findhundreds of premium faces from the world’sleading brands likeTetris™, Star Trek, Garfield, Ghostbusters,American Dad and more.There are new brands being added all the timeso keep an eye outfor new watch faces. ORIGINAL DESIGNS Facercurates collections oforiginal designs from talented watch facedesigners to bring youthe most beautiful and dynamic facesavailable for Android Wear.PUBLISH YOUR WATCH FACE DESIGNS WITHFACER! Want to create your ownwatch face designs & publish themthrough Facer, reachingthousands of smartwatch users? If so, we’relooking for talentedartists to join our growing community ofFacer-certified designers.Find out more by contacting us atfacerdesigners@little-labs.comMAKE YOUR OWN WATCH FACE Make yourown watch faces with ourpowerful web-based editor at (note:view on your laptop or desktopfor full functionality). FacerCreator Features include: *Import andedit any image you’d like*Included free watch hands and weathericon collection *Largecustom font collections *Numerous Time andDate layouts*Interactive and Animated Design capabilities *WeatherConditionswith Fahrenheit and Celsius support *Battery Level, StepCounter,Wifi Indicator, and Dynamic Backgrounds COMPATIBLE WITH ALLANDROIDWEAR WATCHES Facer watch faces are compatible with all ofthelatest Android Wear devices, including Nixon Mission, Polarm600,Michael Kors Smartwatch, Asus Zenwatch 3, Moto 360 Sport,CasioWSD-F10, Tag Heuer Smartwatch, Moto 360 1 & Moto 360 2ndgen,Huawei Android watch, Asus Zen Watch 1 & 2, Sony Smartwatch3,LG G Android watch, LG G R Android watch, LG Urbanesmartwatch,Samsung Gear smartwatch and more CONNECT *Facer Creator&Community: *Google+Community:*Twitter:*Instagram:
Classic Watch Face 1.67
Classic Watch Face is fully compatible with Android Wear 2.0 andiscompatible with all Android Wear watches ★ Android Wear2.0integrated features • external complication support• fullystandalone • iPhone compatible Classic Watch Face has aclassiclook and is build for using every day, it simplified manyuse casessuch as launching programs, setting brightness andlistening music.Classic Watch Face is absolutely free and it hascore options, butyou can purchase the PREMIUM version with a lot offeatures andoptions. FREE version includes: ★ 8 background colors ★Ownlauncher ★ Own remote music control ★ Ability to changescreenbrightness from launcher ★ Weather forecast for current day★Detailed information of watch battery and phone battery ★GoogleFit data for current day PREMIUM version includes: ★ Allfeaturesfrom FREE version ★ Another 12 background colors ★ UseNight Modefor power saving features ★ Weather forecast for upcominghours anddays ★ Ability to change battery indicator type. Watchesonly ordual indicator (phone and watch) ★ Detailed Google Fit dataforcurrent day and last 7 days ★ Set two shortcuts withpredefinedviews or actions ★ Set four Quick actions with predefinedviews oractions or any application on your watches ★ Choosing fromthreeclock dial types ★ Set smooth seconds ★ Ability to changeKeepwatches screen awake interval ★ Ability to change Weatherupdateinterval ★ Ability to change Weather provider Theconfiguration incompanion application contains: ★ Time and dateformat according tophone settings (12/24) ★ Enable touch feedback ★Ability to setGrayscale Ambient mode for OLED displays ★ Show/HideBatteryindicator ★ Show/Hide Google Fit indicator ★ Show/HideWeatherindicator ★ Ability to change temperature units ★ Ability tochangewind speed units ★ Information about last weather updateTheHuskyDEV Classic Watch Face works great with squared androundwatches. For using Google Fit data in Classic Watch Face, youmustconfirm dialog on start, that application can read data fromyourphone. Common synchronization problem solution: If theApplicationdoes not appear on your watch please do the following: -uninstallthe face application from the phone - disconnect watchfrom phone -restart watch - connect watch and phone again - installClassicWatch Face once again
Photo Gallery for Wear OS (Android Wear) 1.0.190910
This app provides an easy and beautiful way to view your photosonyour Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatch. It automatically picksupall your images and folders from your phone or from yourGooglePhotos. You can scroll through your folders and view, shareanddelete photos directly from your watch. A truewearableentertainment app. Supports standalone access to yourGoogle photoson Android Wear 2 watches paired with iOS or Androidphones. Forstandalone support install the app from the play storeon the watchonly. Features: - Browse all your photos on yourAndroid Wearsmartwatch - No setup on your phone required - Includesall yourimage folders, e.g. Camera, Whatsapp, Screenshots etc. -Includesyour Google Photos after optional sign in - Special folderfor eachmonth to easily find photos - Image stream for scrollingthroughfolders - High resolution image view - Zoom in and out bytappingon a photo or using pinch zoom - Swipe up/down from photo tophoto- Delete photos - Open photos on your phone from the watch -Sharephotos directly from your smartwatch with our mail or messagesapp- Videos in your folders will be shown as little icons. Towatchthose videos please use our VideoGallery: entertainment app Note: The free version shows up to10photos per folder. To view all photos in-app purchase of thefullversion is required. The Android Wear Photo Gallery appiscompatible with all Wear OS (Android Wear) smart watches:-Motorola Moto 360 - Sony Smartwatch 3 - LG G Watch - LG G Watch R-LG Watch Urbane - LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition - ASUS ZenWatch-ASUS ZenWatch 2 - Huawei Watch - Samsung Gear Live - FossilQFounder - TAG Heuer Connected
Smart Connect
This is the official Smart Connect app from Sony. SmartConnecthelps you set up and manage smart accessories from Sony.When youconnect your accessory, Smart Connect identifies it anddownloadsany required app or app extension. Smart Connect can beused withthese accessories: • Mono Bluetooth Headset MBH10 •StereoBluetooth Headset SBH50 • Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH52 •StereoBluetooth Headset SBH60 • Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH70 •StereoBluetooth Headset SBH80 • Bluetooth Speaker BSP10 •BluetoothKeyboard BKB10 • Bluetooth Remote with Handset FunctionBRH10 •Smart Imaging Stand IPT-DS10M • SmartTags NT3 • SmartTagsNT2 •SmartTags NT1 This application uses analytics software tocollectand aggregate statistics to help us improve this app andourservices. None of this data can be used to identify you.
Watch Face - WatchMaker Premium License 4.3.1
Why keep buying watchfaces? Join millions who paid once tounlockWatchMaker Premium and gained access to 40,000+stunningwatchfaces! With tons more watches added every day!!Onepurchase!One low price and over 40,000 watchfaces!WatchMaker is thelargestwatchface collection and community in the world for Wear OSbyGoogle (was Android Wear) & Tizen. Instantly get everythingyouneed to customize & personalize your Android Watch orGearS2/S3!WATCHMAKER NOW SUPPORTS GEAR S2 & S3 DEVICESSearchforWatchMaker in the Samsung Gear app* (available onGooglePlay)Features exclusive to WatchMaker :• 40,000+ high qualitywatchfaces instantly available from our G+ page•Create your own faces with the most powerfuldesign toolsavailable!• Animated GIFs - Add custom animations toyour watchface!• 3d Gyroscope - Create an amazing parallax effect!•BatteryProtector - Automatically limit watches with high brightnesstoprotect battery!• Interactive Clock - Create hotspots tolaunchwatch or phone apps!• Animations - Create bright / dim /tapanimations with 45 tweening functions!• Calendar - Choosewhichcalendars to show!• Weather / Moon Icons - Add in1-click!•Countdowns - Days until your birthday, Christmas, etc!•Cool TextEffects - Add glow, outline, even flat shadow!• 1-ClickWidgets -Including battery (watch/phone) + WiFi widgets!• OpenGLShaders -Powerful rendering for watch segments, radars• Free WatchFaces -10,000+ watchfaces from our huge G+community!• Tasker - Full tasker integration tosetwatchface, change variables, run tasks• Compass - Addrotatingcompass or bearing• Stopwatch - Why design a watch when youcanbuild a stopwatch?!• Multiple Time Zone - Set up to 3 customtimezones• Series of hours / minutes Zooper style!• Heart rate andstepcounter for fitness• Programmable Watches use our inbuiltLUAengine to make calculator, stopwatches, countdowns, anythingyourlike!• Complications - Step counter / Pedometer / Calendar +manymore!Also features :• Very low battery usage!• 4 newfeaturedwatches each week!• Weather Data• Supports round and squarefaces•Selection of analog and digital clocks!• Get data from allphonesensors, accelerometer, etc.• Compatible with all Wear OSwatches(was Android Wear)Pricing• You get 10 watches, 12 fonts,15backgrounds and the watch designer for free!• Premium is $3.99:200featured watches each week and exclusive access to 40,000+facesfrom our G+ community,, - alsolets youuse your own images in watchfaces!Supported watches :• AllWear OSby Google (was Android Wear)• Apple Watch• ASUS ZenWatch(1/2/3)•Casio Smart Outdoor/Pro Trek• Diesel On Full Guard•Elephone Ele•Emporio Armani EA• FossilQExplorist/Founder/Marshal/Venture/Wander• Guess Connect•HuaweiWatch (1/2)• Hugo Boss Touch• LG G Watch• LG G Watch R• LGWatchSport• LG Watch Style• LG Watch Urbane (1/2)• Louis VuittonTambourHorizon• Michael Kors Access• Misfit Vapor• MontblancSummit•Motorola 360 (1/2/womens/sport)• Movado Connect• New BalanceRunIQ•Nixon Mission• Polar M600• Samsung Gear S2 / S3• Samsung GearLive•Samsung Gear Sport• Sony Smartwatch 3• TAG HeuerConnected•Ticwatch2/S/E• Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7• Verizon Wear24• ZTEQuartz•Many more - please try free watch faces app tocheckcompatibility!Join our Google+ / Reddit community and getfreewatch faces :GOOGLE+: CODING:* Separatecharge of $2.99 for Samsung GearWatchMaker companion app
Calendar for Wear OS (Android Wear) 1.0.190910
The most complete calendar app for your Wwar OS (was AndroidWear)smartwatch: 3 calendar layouts with different level of detail,7, 4and 1 day per row. Daily agenda overview and event detailsview.Customizable calendar layouts and colors in the full version.Add,edit and delete events directly from your smartwatch in thefullversion. A must have productivity app for yoursmartwatch.Features: - Say "Open calendar" to start the app on yourAndroidWear smartwatch - Swipe left to view 3 different calendarlayoutswith different level of detail - Events will beautomaticallypicked up from your phones calendar accounts withoutfurther setup- Support for multiple calendar accounts - Voicecontrol - OpenMaps with event location - "Today" button showstoday's agenda -Fast time picker user interface - Configurablecalendar layout andcolors (full version) - Add events directly fromyour smartwatch(full version): Specify description, start- and enddate and time -Edit existing event time and description (fullversion) - Deleteevents (full version) - Complete productivity appThe full version(in-app purchase) offers: - Add, edit and deleteevents - 3configurable calendar layouts: days per row (1,2,3,4,7)and eventsper day (2-9) - Configurable colors for events, holidays,birthdaysand more - Configurable pre-defined event textsSupportedsmartwatches include all Wear OS (Android Wear)smartwatches: -Sony SmartWatch 3 - Motorola Moto 360 - Fossil Q(Explorist,Marshal, Founder, Venture, Wander, ...) - Ticwatch (E,S) - MichaelKors (Bradshaw, Sophie, ...) - Huawei Watch (2,Leo-BX9, Leo-DLXX,...) - LG Watch (Urbane, Sport, R, Style, …) -ASUS ZenWatch (1, 2,3) - Samsung Gear Live - TAG Heuer ...and manymore If your watchis not listed, please check if your Smartwatchruns Wear OS (formerAndroid Wear).
The Album application brings new intuitive ways tobrowsehigh-quality photos and videos at blazing speed. [Notes]*Supportfor viewing of photos with the Places view has beendiscontinuedThis function will no longer be available afterupdating theapplication. *If your content is showing the wrong dateorder inAlbum Please use "Edit Date" from "Details" in option menuin thefull-screen view. You can adjust the date and time of yourphotos.*If you are unable to see your content in Album Please checkthatyour SD card is working correctly or visit support page to seemoredetail[]
Weareal is a collection of classic analog and digital watchfacemodels with amazing metallic glow and reflection simulation.Everywatch face we design is interactive and response torotation,thereby it looks like real on your Android Wear. It canreturn youto those times when watch was not able to inform youabout weather,but you were enjoying the beauty of material flare.FEATURES ✔Battery Friendly For common usage power consumptionincreases onlyby 1-5% ✔ Looks Real Beauty and style of classicanalog watch withanimated 3d light, glow and shadows ✔ CustomDesign We make eachour stunning watch face from scratch and careabout every pixel ✔Temperature, Google Fit steps and Battery LevelRider and Airpowermodels display current temperature (°C/°F) andbattery level.Airpower also displays Google Fit steps counter ✔Different ModelsExplore new classic and modern models, take a lookat live previewand add them to your watch ✔ Square, Round and Moto360 Our watchfaces suits round and square screens and have customlayout forMoto 360 MODELS Rider (free) - The trophy for adventureseeker.Suitable for real men. Get more information on the go.Digimaster -Stylish sports watch faces with digital screen andmechanicalarrows, which will give the impression of the reliabilityof yourwatch. Acute (free) - Classic and simple design watch facewithacute shapes. This model impart expression to yourwatches.Airpower - Designed for everyone who loves mechanic. It'sbold andbright, but at the same time quite airy. Golder (free) -Minimaland elegance watch faces with gold elements. Golder looksluxury onyour watches. Wonderland (free) - Stay dreaming with theWonderlandwatch faces. DETAILS We have designed Android SmartphoneApp toexplore our watch face collection. You will regularly findnewclassic and modern analog faces in the feed. Applicationprovideyou ability for live preview. Tap on the watch face you likeandrotate you device to see interactive effect with 3d light,shadowsand reflections. Compatible with Motorola Moto 360 (2014,2015), LGWatch (Sport, Style, G Watch, G Watch R, Urbane), HuaweiWatch (1,2) and all other Android Wear devices. In case of anyproblems,don’t rate it 1-star, instead please contact You can help make us better.
Watch Face Black Style 3.0.4
Watch face for smartwatches with steps counter and batterylevel.Supported all smartwatches "Wear OS by Google" models (square&round screens). - analog hours/minutes/seconds - date (month,week)- watch battery level - steps counter - 24h dial -Weather(forecast 4 days) - Calendar (tap on date area foropeningCalendar) - Night mode Configuration supported languages -English- Français - Deutsch - Українська - Русский - 中文 (繁體) Note:to workcorrectly reading the number of steps necessary tosynchronize theclock with Google Fit app on your smartphone.
ZenWatch Manager
*ZenWatch Manager is compatible with ASUS ZenWatchonly.*ZenWatchManager enables seamless integration between yoursmartphone andASUS ZenWatch, and unlocks the full features of yourASUS ZenWatch.ZenWatch Manager lets you customize the watch face ofyour ASUSZenWatch and enables these exclusive features: Cover toMute,Unlock My Phone (for Android™ 4.3 and Android 4.4 only), FindMyPhone, and sending preset messages during emergencysituations—allon your ASUS ZenWatch. With ZenWatch Manager andother Android Wearcompatible ASUS wearable applications, you cantake advantage of avariety of different functions. ZenWatch Managerallows you tounlock your smartphone or tablet without having totype your PIN orpassword, and warn you when you get out of range ofyour phone andrisk leaving it behind. It also comes with usefultools such as aflashlight and compass. Android is a trademark ofGoogleInc.Android Wear FAQWhat you can do with Android WearforiPhone?!category-topic/android-wear/SoLvptptLwwReviewsASUS'stylishZenWatch is all about security, remote controlandwellness•Time-Honored Craftsmanship,SmartCustomization• ASightto Behold• MeettheZenWatch 3•TimeIsMoney• ZenWatchManagerTutorial Video•WatchFaces TutorialVideo•Customize your watch face to include information such asstepcounts, calories burned, weather conditions, missedcallnotifications, battery levels, and additional time zones.•Addemergency information to easily and quickly send a presetmessagefrom ASUS ZenWatch during an emergency situation.•ConfigureUnlockmy phone to let ASUS ZenWatch automatically unlock your phoneortablet without the need for password entry. Your devicesremainprotected and accessible using a PIN code.•You can useZenWatchManager to set your ASUS ZenWatch to light up and vibratewhen youtry to locate it using your paired smartphone. •Togetherwith theASUS Remote Link app, you can turn your ASUS ZenWatch intoa remotecontrol and time manager for presentations usingMicrosoft®Windows.•Using the ZenWatch Remote Camera app, you canuse ASUSZenWatch as the viewfinder for your smartphone's camera,allowingyou to open up new photographic opportunities and takephotos fromcreative angles.•Using the ZenWatch Wellness app, youcan fullymonitor your activity level and heart rate to keep ahealthy andbalanced lifestyle. Important reminders•Download AndroidWear appfirst before you download and install ZenWatchManager.•ZenWatchManager is compatible with ASUS ZenWatchonly.Privacy policy• Useof BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permissionFor Android4.3 and 4.4 devices,ZenWatch Manager requires being the DeviceAdministrator to providethe “Unlock my phone” feature and so needsthe BIND_DEVICE_ADMINpermission.For full information about ASUSprivacy policy,pleasevisit
Black Classic Watch Face 1.63
Black Classic Watch Face is fully compatible with Android Wear2.0and is compatible with all Android Wear watches ★ Android Wear2.0integrated features • external complication support• fullystandalone • iPhone compatible Black Classic Watch Face hasaclassic look and is build for using every day, it simplifiedmanyuse cases such as launching programs, setting brightnessandlistening music. The application is absolutely free and it hascoreoptions, but you can purchase the PREMIUM version with a lotoffeatures and options. FREE version includes: ★ Choosing fromsolidor gradient background color ★ Own launcher ★ Own remotemusiccontrol ★ Ability to change screen brightness from launcher★Weather forecast for current day ★ Detailed information ofwatchbattery and phone battery ★ Google Fit data for current dayPREMIUMversion includes: ★ All features from FREE version ★Endlessbackground colors ★ Weather forecast for upcoming hours anddays ★Detailed Google Fit data for current day and last 7 days ★Set twoshortcuts with predefined views or actions ★ Choosing fromthreeclock dial types ★ Choosing from three hand color types(Black,White, Accent) ★ Choosing from four battery indicator types★Choosing from three Google Fit indicator types ★ Set smoothseconds★ Ability to change Keep watches screen awake interval ★Ability tochange Weather update interval ★ Ability to changeWeather providerThe configuration in companion applicationcontains: ★ Time anddate format according to phone settings (12/24)★ Enable touchfeedback ★ Ability to set Grayscale Ambient mode forOLED displays★ Show/Hide Battery indicator ★ Show/Hide Google Fitindicator ★Show/Hide Weather indicator ★ Ability to changetemperature units ★Ability to change wind speed units ★ Informationabout last weatherupdate The HuskyDEV Black Classic Watch Faceworks great withsquared and round watches. For using Google Fitdata in BlackClassic Watch Face, you must confirm dialog on start,thatapplication can read data from your phone. Commonsynchronizationproblem solution: If the Application does not appearon your watchplease do the following: - uninstall the faceapplication from thephone - disconnect watch from phone - restartwatch - connect watchand phone again - install Black Classic WatchFace once again
Informer for Wear OS
For Wear OS smartwatches ONLY! WhatsApp call notifications,missedcalls, notification history, instant replies, receivedimages,filters and vibration patterns for your Wear OSwatches.INSTRUCTIONS After installing Informer on your phone,launch it andgrant permission to access notifications by selectingthe firstsetting "Service is OFF. Turn it ON?". For Wear OS: FirstinstallInformer on your phone. Wait for 5 minutes. Open "PlayStore" onyour watch. Scroll down to "Apps on your phone". Clickon"Informer.Wear" to install it on your watch. For XiaomiMIUI:Please enable Informer in the phone Settings - Permissions -Autostart. Informer improves the way you handle messages onyourAndroid Wear SmartWatch. It shows the history of notificationsandmissed calls. Informer for Android Wear brings instantcards(better than notifications) which allow you to reply tomessageswith a single tap. You will be able to view images sentviaWhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Threema rightonyour smartwatch. You can also set the night silence hours andsleepwell without disruption (even your phone will be turned intosilentmode until morning). PREMIUM membership gives you extraoptions: ✔WhatsApp voice call notifications ✔ Vibration patterns tofeelcontacts ✔ Timer to close cards automatically ✔ Send a messageinreply to a missed call ✔ Floating transparent notifications✔Select apps from installed list ✔ Mute selected chats Pleasejoinour community on Facebook: supports all Wear OSsmart watches: ✔ Sony SmartWatch 3 ✔Huawei Watch (1 / 2) ✔ Moto 360(1 / 2 / Sport) ✔ LG G Watch (R) ✔LG Watch (Urban / Urban 2/ Sport/ Style) ✔ Asus ZenWatch (1/2/3) ✔Casio Smart Outdoor Watch(WSD-F10 / WSD-F20) ✔ Fossil (Sport /Founder / Marshal / Venture /Explorist) ✔ Nixon Mission ✔ PolarM600 ✔ Tag Heuer Connected ✔ NewBalance RunIQ ✔ Movado Connect ✔Mobvoi Ticwatch ✔ Samsung Gear Live✔ Samsung Gear 2 (Android Wear)✔ Michael Kors Access ✔ Michael KorsRunway ✔ Montblanc Summit ✔Marc Jacobs ✔ SKAGEN ✔ Emporio Armani ✔Armani Exchange Connected ✔Diesel On Full Guard ✔ Elephone Ele ✔Guess Connect ✔ Hugo BossTouch ✔ Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon ✔Misfit Vapor ✔Ticwatch2/S/E ✔ Ticwatch Pro ✔ Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7✔ VerizonWear24 ✔ ZTE Quartz ✔ Kate Spade New York Scallop ✔ HublotBig BangReferee All product names and registered trademarks areproperty oftheir respective owners.
The motion of our planet along its orbit and around the sunbringstime to pass in our realities. We were quite intrigued bythis factand decided to recreate this idea in our next watchface.Radiitakes inspiration from the dynamics of a planetary systemandsimulates its workings onto a digital timepiece. Thecentre—ourstar—indicates the hour while a sphere carrying theminute rotatesaround it along its striped orbit. You will also seea tiny moongliding around this sphere in sync with each stroke ofthe secondhand. What’s more? The watchface also has a scale thatdisplaysyour battery life and a crescent that shows the day. In theeventthat the watch does not automatically notify you to set upRadiiyou can manually do so by following these steps: • On thewatch,press the side button and go to Play Store • Scroll downuntil thesection "Apps on your phone" appears. You should be ableto seeRadii listed under this section. • Under Radii, tap on"Install".Once it is installed, select "Set Watch Face". 8 Colorthemes +Customizable color options. Android wear smart watchrequiredCompatible with: • Moto 360 • LG Watch Sport • LG WatchStyle • LGWatch Urbane • LG G Watch R • LG G Watch • Asus ZenWatch• Huaweiwatch • Sony Smartwatch 3 • Samsung Gear Live • Tag HeuerConnected• Fossil Q Founder • Fossil Q Marshal • Fossil Q Wander oranywearable running Wear OS by Google (Previously known asAndroidWear) More watch faces by The Design Cycle: • Roto 360 •Tymometer• Time Tuner • Roto Gears Created by Gaurav Singh &KrishnaPrajapati
Music 9.4.4.A.0.3
The Music application from Sony makes listening to your musicfilesa wonderful experience. Import your music, arrange inplaylists andjust listen and enjoy. We optimize the sound andrestrict the powerused, so you can listen for as long as you want.The Musicapplication is only compatible with Xperia devices.Thisapplication uses analytics software to collect andaggregatestatistics to help us improve this app and our services.None ofthis data can be used to identify you.
Marine Commander Watch Face for WearOS
This watch face supports ONLY smartwatches on WearOS byGoogle.Tizen OS (e.g. Samsung S2/S3/Watch) or others OS NOTsupported. Notsupported Wear OS watches (only based on Android 6.0API23): - AsusZenWatch 1st - LG G Watch - Motorola Moto 360 1st -Samsung GearLive - Sony SmartWatch 3 You can change settings ofwatch face ONLYfrom smartwatch (long tap on watch face). From thephone you canNOT change settings of the watch face. FUNCTIONSWeather with -wind speed - sunrise/sunset times - air pollution(quality)Currency exchange rates (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CHF, JPY,CNY, HKD,etc. more 100 quotes) Crypto currency exchange rates(Bitcoin BTC,Etherium ETH, Ripple XRP, Dash, Litecoin LTC and etc.more 100quotes) Hourly chime with sound and vibrate Logo withcompass ordigital time Date and day of week (with a counter offuturecalendar events, for the next 24 hours) Battery levels of thephoneand the smartwatch Fitness data (from Google Fit) - Steps-Distance - Calories Heart rate Support third-partycomplicationsSupport sensors - barometer - thermometer - humidityCustomizablecolor themes, screen timeout, brightness of ambientmode (with autoswitch depending on twilight) Protection againstburn-in of pixelsin ambient mode INSTALLATION 1. Install app onyour phone (onlyAndroid OS 6.0 or above) 2. Install app on yoursmartwatch (onlyWear OS by Google) The application on the phoneneeded only totransfer the battery level of the phone to your thesmartwatch.PERMISSIONS Read location - access is required todetermine theweather in your area. Read calendar events - access isrequired forthe calendar event counter. Read and write from/toGoogle Fit -access is required for the steps, distance, caloriescounters andsaving heart rate data PREMIUM VERSION In demo mode allfunctionsare available. The premium license removes onlyinscription "demomode" in the bottom of the watch face. IMPORTANTThe compass willwork correctly only if your smartwatch has magneticfield sensor.If the compass shows wrong, do not forget to calibrateit. If yoursmartwatch does not have a magnetic field sensor, thecompass willwork in emulation mode, due to the gyroscope andaccelerometer andthe compass will not show the sides correctly.TRANSLATIONS If youfind any mistakes in the translation, or wish tohelp with thetranslation into your language, please mail
ByssWeather for Wear OS
byss mobile
Weather and Radar for Wear OS (Android Wear) NOW withInteractiveWatch Faces! NOW with Google Fit integration!"This app is fantastic for anyone who wants arunning update on theweather for the day. With nine different facesthere are tons ofoptions in how your weather is displayed, whatinformation you get,and how you get it." Featuring multiple WeatherWatch Faces: - TWOradar maps combinations including satellite view:visible andinfrared - 24h forecast with temperature, participationinformation*** NEW *** Google Fit watch face - comparing yesterdaywith todayactivity - minimalistic forecast in 2 versions - digitaland analog- stylish LCD + analog Watch Face - smart forecast face -ultrauseful Meteogram Watch Face Rain notifications - withconfigurabledistance. METAR notifications. App includes alsostandalone WearApp with all features if for some reason you don'tlike to useWatch Face. Option to use special low power, low bitmodes on allsupported devices. Battery indicator. You can check ifrain iscoming, directly on your wrist. Weather Radar (rain andsnow) worksin US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany,France,Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark (southern partonly),Switzerland, Japan Satellite coverage (visible and infrared-everywhere else) In US it includes HD Radar information fromNOAAWe worked hard and close with Google Team to deliverInteractiveWatch Faces. Now with one tap on watch face you changefeatures.Changing readings: wind/temperature/humidity/dewpoint/cloud coverrequires just one tap. Same goes for all GoogleFit parameterscalories/steps/duration/distance - just one tap! HINTforMarshmallow users: When watch face will not load afterfreshinstall please look for Instaweather app on your watch andlaunchit, then accept permissions request. App and watch face willloadnext. This inconvenience will get fixed when Android on wearwillget bump to 6.0
Personal runners trainer for you - very simple andlightweightapplication. Official mobile application of Run-log.comwebsite. -Track your activities on all Android Smartphones andAndroid Wearsmatwatches (Sony Smartwatch 3, LG G Watch R, ASUSZenWatch etc.) -Send your workouts to and watch(Workouts of friends,maps, stats, events, Forums) - Integrationwith Bluetooth Smartheart rate monitors
Add Ninja theme content to AR (Augmented Reality) effects whenyoutake pictures and shoot videos! You can add the Ninja themecontentto Xperia AR effect application. Transform yourself into aNinjawith the Ninja hood, see their legendary abilitieslikeswordsmanship, skill with caltrops, water techniques andmore.Transport yourself to the old mythical Ninja era andcreatememorable photos and videos. Sony's FACE RECOGNITIONTechnology andSmartAR* Engine automatically detect faces and 3Denvironments anddecorate them with fun AR items. *SmartAR is theregisteredtrademark or trademark of Sony Corporation in Japan andothercountries, for the augmented reality technology developed bySonyCorporation. Interaction with AR items: 1. Drag animationstochange their position 2. Tap on Ninja to change their actionNOTE:1. This theme app requires v3.1.1 or higher version of AReffect.Please upgrade your AR effect application. 2. Thisapplication usesGoogle Analytics to collect and aggregate usagestatistics in orderto help us improve the application and ourservices. None of thisdata can be used to identify you.
Wear OS Center - Android Wear Apps, Games & News 1.4
With Wear OS Center for your smartwatch you get all androidwearapps, games, news & watchfaces for your Android Wear deviceinone place. Do you have trouble finding watch apps for yourAndroidWear smartwatch? This app contains all top apps, gamesandwatchfaces for Android Wear. It is simple, fast and easy touse.Discover top rated, brand new apps and trending apps easilyusingappropriate filtering mechanisms. Choose from over 2200 Appsyourfavorites for your Android Wear smartwatch. This app is freeandhas no ads. Find best Android Wear watch apps in ourrecommendationlist. With the built-in app manager you can manageinstalled wearapps.New:★ Discover trending Android Wear apps★Manage your AndroidWear Apps on phone★ Stay tuned with our AndroidWear newsticker★All apps, games and watch faces for Android Wearalso online at:http://www.androidwearcenter.comFeatures:★ Moderndesign★ Superfast★ Manage your installed Android Wear apps★Recommendation forbest Android Wear apps★ New Apps, Games and WatchFaces for AndroidWear are updated continuously★ News about AndroidWear★ Quickaccess to top apps★ Apps and Games are ordered bycategories★ Alist of all Android Wear Apps★ A list of all AndroidWear Games★ Alist of all Android Wear Watch Faces★ Separate listingof allAndroid Wear Apps, which are promoted by Google★ No Adsandcompletely freeFind apps, watchfaces and games forfollowingdevices:► HUAWEI Watch► Moto 360 Gen 2 (2015)► Moto 360Gen 1(2014)► Asus Zenwatch► LG G Watch► LG G Watch R► LG G WatchUrbane(Android Wear version)► Samsung Gear Live► Sony SmartWatch3Do youhave suggestions for improvements? Any ideas or problemswith theapp. Let us know.
Watch Droid Assistant 12.0
Version for smartwatch. Connect your smartwatch withAndroidoperating system to your phone to receive notifications ofyourapplications, manage music playback, send files from your phonetosmartwatch, among other things. How does it work: Install"WatchDroid Phone" on yourphone."Watch Droid Assistent" on thesmartwatch. both devices have bluetooth enabled. Open "Watch DroidPhone"and follow the steps of the assistant in configurationApk12.0.27.12 for smartwatch without PlayStore: giving permission for the management of phonenotificationsand selecting the applications that you want tocontrol, you cananswer them from the smartwatch. In the options ofthe phoneapplication you will have the possibility to modify yourpredefinedanswers, delete or add. If the notification has thepossibility ofbeing answered, the button will appear to be able toselect one ofyour predetermined answers, keyboard or voicedictation (if thesmartwatch has the possibility). Music: In themusic option you can:* Open the default player of your phone. *Skip the topic, pause orplay it. * Raise or lower the multimediavolume of the phone. Sharefiles: * Select the file to send. *Select the location on yoursmartwatch. * Send your file. Cameracontrol: *Take a picture *Retard 3 sec * Change camera from backto front
Music Player for Wear 1.5.5
Offline Music Player and File Manager and GalleryWith Wear Mediayoucan manage your files on your watch and also move any kind offilesor complete folders from your phone to your watch. During thecopyprocess you will always keep the overview over the copy stateofeach file. Copied files or folders can easily be deleted withtheintegrated file explorer.The integrated music player onthesmartwatch allows playing of music files offline withdifferentmedia types like mp3, wav, m4a, aac, mp4, ogg. This meansthat noconnection to the smartphone is needed. The watch app hasalso afile explorer integrated with which you can navigate throughyourmusic collection. The player supports the usual play modeslikeshuffle or different types of repeat playing, next andprevioustrack or change volume. Furthermore in the music playerscreen youcan fast-forward or rewind the track with an nice lookingwaveformwhich is animated during playback. The music player cansave thetrack position for each music file and therefore it isperfectlysuited to use for audiobooks and podcasts. An audiobook orpodcastusually has a length of about a couple of hours and storingthetrack position will help you to stop and start playing at thelastposition.Additional, Wear Media has an image galerieintegratedwith which you can navigate through your transferedpictures andthe viewer allows also zoom in and out ofimages.Keyfeatures------------------File Manager / Explorer★ Fastertransferdue to new Channel API (WIFI support)★ Browse through yourfiles onyour watch and phone★ Copy files/folders from your phone toyourwatch and see the progress size, duration, transfer rateandaverage★ Delete files/folders on your watchOffline MusicPlayer(Watch and Phone)★ Offline music player on your watch andphonewith shuffle and repeat (3 modes)★ Music player stores andrestorestrack position★ Perfect for audiobooks and podcastsImageGallery onWatch including Zoom★ Gallery on your watch with zoomin/out ofimages★ Double Tap to Zoom in/out★ Drag during zoomed inmode toswipe the image★ Long press to delete the imagefromwatch----------------------------------------------------To getaad-free version upgradetopremium.----------------------------------------------------Compatiblewithall Android Wear devices.Please make sure your Phone / WearandGoogle Apps are up-to-date:Google Play Services app version7.3.28or aboveGoogle Search app version 4.0 or aboveAndroid Wearappversion 1.1.0orabove suggestions for improvement or additional featurerequests? Anyideas or problems with the app. Before leavingnegative feedback,please get in touch with us.We are alwayswilling to help users andtherefore respond quickly:qubinapps@gmail.comBeta tester are alwayswelcome and you can jointhe grouphere:
Challenger Watch Face
★★★ Interactive Watch Face for WearOS 2.0. ★★★ Digital andanaloginteractive watch face with Premium upgrade option. You canalwaysuse it for free and it has core options and design, butPremiumversion comes with lot more features and options. ★★★ Freeversion:★★★ ✔ Weather ✔ Watch and phone battery indicator ✔ Date ✔24 hourformat ✔ Screen time ★★★ Premium version: ★★★ ✔ 2 watchhands ✔TimeZones ✔ Interactive menu with app shortcuts ✔ 5 daysweatherforecast (2 weather providers) ✔ Automatic or manualweatherlocation ✔ Google FIT step counter with 7 days history ✔Indicatorin watch (Weather and app shortcuts) ✔ Shortcuts forHangouts,Google Keep, Google Maps, Alarm clock, Stopwatch,Translate,Flashlight, Timer, Google Fit, Agenda, Find my phone ✔Full ambientmode ✔ Smooth seconds ✔ System indicator positions ✔Removed ads★★★ Configuration in the companion app ★★★ ✔ Automaticor customadded weather location (NEW!) ✔ Smooth seconds or tickseconds ✔Screen time settings ✔ Weather update time ✔ Simple andfullambient mode ✔ Peek card configuration (transparent, small orbig)★  How to select shortcuts in the position (complication) ★ -Longtap on the watch face - System shows icon "gear" for the watchfacesettings. Tap on it - Select "Customize" option -Select"Complications" option - Select desired position - Select"ExternalComplication" - Find "General" from list and select it -Select"App shortcut" and choose desired app You are ready to go.★ WearOS 2.0 integration • Fully standalone! (iPhone andAndroidcompatible) • External complication data for the indicators★ FAQ!! Please contact us if you have any trouble with the app!! How do I install the watch face on WearOS2.0? 1. Install it from Google Play Wear Store on your watch.2.Install the companion app for fully customization (Androidphonedevices). Why I can not see steps or activity data in abuilt-incomplication? To see steps and other fit data, you need toconnectthe app with Google Fit. There are two options: 1. ConnecttoGoogle Fit via settings located on your smartwatch 2. ConnecttoGoogle Fit via settings located on the phone companion app(onlyfor Android phone devices) The watch face CANNOT be installedonsmartwatches with TizenOS (Samsung Gear 2, 3, ..) or any otherOSexcept WearOS ★ PERMISSIONSExplained
Daring Graphite HD WatchFace Widget Live Wallpaper 4.9.4
DeNitE Appz
This completely customizable interactive HD Android Wear / WearOSWatch Face, Clock Widget & Live Wallpaper brings aclassicelegance to your wrist and Launcher. Features includecustomcomplications, battery levels, weather conditions, stepcounter,color picker & date information. A settings app willalso beinstalled on your mobile device to configure the watch facefor anylook you desire. Select any color and create a completelycustomlook for yourself! Don't have an Android Wear watch? NoProblem!You can use the clock widget or Live Wallpaper on yourlauncher!💡IMPORTANT - Not compatible with Samsung Smart Watchesthat useTizen or smartwatches with other operating systems thanAndroidWear. Please also note that as this is an HD watch face, thefileis a bit larger and can take up to 5 minutes to transfer toyourwatch. This is normal. ★Basic Features★ ✔ Launcher Clock Widget(Nosecond hand due to battery consumption) ✔ Live Wallpaper✔Customizable digital & or analog clock ✔ InteractiveActions(Digital, Date) ✔ Time zone selection ✔ Custom date formatpicker ✔Smooth second hand ✔ 24-Hour ✔ Burn-In protection ✔SquareCompatible ★Premium Features★ ✔ Animated (Watch Face only -NOTLauncher Widget) ✔ Widget Frames ✔ Live Wallpaper (Animated)✔Custom Complications (Android Wear 2.0) ✔ Screen Modes(Normal,Always Ambient, Always On) ✔ Screen on Time selection ✔InteractiveActions (Weather, Step Counter) ✔ Peek card sizeselector ✔ Ambientmodes selector ✔ Screen on-time selector ✔ Colorpicker to selectany color you like for the background, clock hands,text, &numbers ✔ Save personal color themes (long press todelete theme) ✔Clock numbers toggle ✔ Watch battery status ✔ Phonebattery status(When connected to an Android Phone) ✔ Current date ✔Step Counter✔ Weather conditions (Yahoo Weather &OpenWeatherMap) (Whenconnected to an Android Phone) ★Translations★✔ English ✔ Chinese ✔Czech ✔ Dutch ✔ French ✔ German ✔ Italian ✔Japanese ✔ Korean ✔Russian ✔ Spanish ★How to install★ Watch Face -Once you haveinstalled from the Play store, you may be asked tograntpermissions to the app on your phone - be sure to approveallpermissions. Once the app has installed on your phone, it maytake5-10 minutes to transfer over to you watch and the AndroidWearapp. Please be patient. Once installed, simply long press onyourwatch face to bring up the selection menu, or select thiswatchfacefrom the Android Wear app. Use the accompanying settingsapp toconfigure the settings and options Widget - Depending onwhatlauncher you are using, you can either long press on yourlauncherto place a widget, or select this widget from the AppDrawer ->Widgets list. Customize and change the widget settingswith theaccompanying App. Live Wallpaper - Depending on whatlauncher youare using, you can either long press on your launcherto selectyour Wallpaper, or you can select the Live Wallpaper fromtheSettings App If you have any problems at all, please send meanemail before leaving a negative review - I will do my best tofixthe issue as soon as possible. ★TroubleShooting★ Staytuned formore watch faces to come! ★Google+Community★
Wear Audio Recorder 3.1.7
Handy and functional voice recorder for the smartphones andAndroidWear watches! Record your conversations, lectures, meetingsandanything you want with very simple and intuitive interface. Theappis designed both for watches and smartphones. Features: ·Theall-new Material design; · Sound quality customisation (choiceofthe optimal modes); · Dropbox & Google drive · Add photostoyour recordings. · Echo suppression and noise filtering,silenceskipping; · Work in the background (when the display isoff); ·Autostart when you start; · Invisible Recording (replaces aniconin the notification bar, so nobody can see that the recordingislaunched) · Synchronise the watch (if any); · Manageaudiorecordings (share, delete, rename) · Tags If the app can'tstart dorecording on the watch it is because the app hasn'tpermissions.You should enable permissions on the watch. Settings->Permissions -> Audio Recorder. But you can see that youcan'tenable permissions. It is because different app openedtransparentwindow at fullscreen. Some users sent me descriptionsthat canhelp: It comes from the Wear App: "Wear minilauncher" or"Feel TheWear - Notifications" Steps: 1 I temporarily disabled it 2I gaveyou app file writing and microphon permissions (fromwatch>Parameters>Authorizations>Audio recorder 3 The"screenoverlay detected" does not show anymore, (with or withoutWearminilauncher activation) for obviously it does not need toaskanymore permissions already given Important! A moto 360 has abug.At the time when a watch activated an opportunity to say"okgoogle" mic stops working in other applications, despite thefactthat the recording is already underway. If you turn offthedisplay, go to the Settings menu, or open any other application(itis important that there were no available "ok google")soundrecording is restored. For normal operation, you should keeptheapp open. Help make a bettertranslation: positively noted in publications followingeditions: The10 Coolest Smartwatch Apps of 2015 (SoFar) Android Wear smartwatch apps2015 New Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 7/22/14 -8/1/14 apps for AndroidWear best Android Wear apps for the LG G Watch and SamsungGearLive 'Android Wear'Apps Appofthe day: Wear Audio Recorder forAndroid the Best Android WearApps
Cronosurf Wave watch
Cronosurf Wave is a chronograph watch app for Android devices andawatch face for Wear OS watches. NOTE: The Tizen operatingsystemand thus Samsung Gear/Galaxy watches are NOT supported as oftoday!This app is based on the original design started 2014 asaweb-based technology demonstrator ( Its mainfocuslays on design, functionality and usability. If you areachronograph watch lover, you'll find yourself using Cronosurfasyour day-to-day app for alarm, countdown timer and stopwatch.SinceCronosurf has many features, the app includes a comprehensiveusermanual. The Button Assistant (also available on the webversion)labels each button according to the momentary state of thewatchand helps you to quickly get familiarized with the basics.Toactivate it, simply tap on the area above the watch. Discoverallthe special features and great usability of Cronosurf Wave.Youwill love it! Cronosurf Wave runs on Wear OS watches withcompletefunctionality and without the need of an Android device!Note: Fortouch interactivity, Android 6.+ on the watch is requiredThere isalso a dedicated "Android Smartwatch Mode" for standaloneAndroidSmartwatches that optimizes the app for the watch screen.Note thatCronosurf runs as a regular app on these devices (not as awatchface). Key features • 12-Hour Stopwatch/Chronometer with1/20seconds resolution • 12-Hour Countdown-Timer (CD) withoptionalautomatic repetition • Daily/Once Alarm (AL) with optionalgradualvolume • Optional vibration for AL/CD signals •Customizablepresets for both AL and CD • World Time with 15 minutessteps •Current date, day of the week and the unique Cronosurf'smonthlycalendar • Innovative 100-year-Calendar • Week number •Indicationof moon phases • Compass (when supported by device) •Screen-Ontimer • Analog and digital battery level indicators •Second hand:pulse or sweep motion • Set mode supports set-by-drag(not on WearOS watches) • Torch function • Day/Night modes(white/coloredcomponents) • Wear OS: Optional automatic Day/Nightmode switchingvia light sensor (when available) • Wear OS: Optionalminimalistambient mode • Wear OS: Support for Moto 360 and other'flat tire'displays • Live Wallpaper (basic interactivity,customizablebackground, adjustable size/position; enable it likeany other LiveWallpaper.) • Lots of extra functionality you'veprobably neverseen on other chronographs • Ad-based, (only smallbanner, nofullscreen ads) The PRO version is also available andoffers theseextra features: - Ad-free - 5 customizable colorspresets - 4instead of 2 presets each for AL and CD - Quickstopwatch (onebutton press from time mode) - Split function for thestopwatch -Flyback chronograph function - *NEW* Thousandths of asecond forstopwatch (experimental) - Reference pointer for thecompass -Weather information for a user defined location(temperature andhumidity, sunrise/sunset times) - Landscape modesupport - For theLive Wallpaper, any image from the gallery can beset as abackground image - WEAR OS: Optional automatic Day/Nightmodeswitching via sunrise/sunset times - WEAR OS: Party Mode(automaticcolor change every couple of minutes) - WEAR OS:Auto-Return to TMEmode after 1 minute; long press [B] disables forcurrent mode tillnext mode change - WEAR OS: Optional hourly chime- WEAR OS: Buttonlock - WEAR OS: The info box shows the watchtemperature =====SEPARATE MANUALS AND FAQ: Permissions:- Run at startup: Used for reactivating a pendingAL or CD. -Prevent device from sleeping: While an alarm is beingplayed, sothe user can see the watch and stop the alarm.
Single Tap Games 2.1.0
Enjoy simple, single tap games directly on your watch.Playshortsimple games that are just great fun. Play and beat yourhighscores, move up the leaderboards and compete againstotherplayers.The game runs directly on Android Wear 2.0 devices, noneedfor a companion phone app. Got a minute to spare? Tap and PlayonAndroid Wear!
★★★ Animated and interactive Watch Face for Android Wear watches★★★★★★ Google FIT data: ★★★ ✔ Daily steps with graph (click in acenterto switch between graphs) ✔ Total data (Today, Week, Month)✔ Activerunning time ✔ Active walking time ✔ Active biking time ✔Burnedcalories ✔ 4 color themes ★★★ Other data: ★★★ ✔ Weatherforecastwith graph (3 weather providers) ✔ Stopwatch ✔ Musicplayer ✔ Watchand phone battery ✔ Date with date format settings ✔24 hour format✔ Screen time ✔ Interactive menu with app shortcuts✔ Automatic ormanual weather location ✔ Current location ✔Shortcuts for Hangouts,Google Keep, Google Maps, Alarm clock,Stopwatch, Music, Translate,Flashlight, Timer, Google Fit, Agenda,Find my phone, GoogleMessages, Shazam ✔ Full ambient mode ✔ Smallpeek card option ✔Translucent peek card ✔ Time zone ★★★Configuration in companion app★★★ ✔ Google FIT sync time ✔Automatic or custom added weatherlocation ✔ Smooth seconds or tickseconds ✔ Screen time settings ✔Weather update time ✔ Simple andfull ambient mode ✔ Peek cardconfiguration (transparent, small orbig) ✔ Notifications Toinstall: 1. After install run 'Resync app'on Android Wear App. 2.Long press your android wear watch andchoose SmartDrive Watch Faceas your watch face
com.sonymobile.xperiaweather 1.3.A.4.15
The Sony Xperia™ Weather app is a simple-to-use weather appthatprovides you with current weather info. - Shows wind,humidity,high and low temperature and wind information for yourcurrentlocation - Shows you the perceived temperature - Easily setup andswipe between different locations - Simple to use widget -Multipleweather locations - Celsius & Fahrenheit
Wear Face Collection 4.0.0
/!\ THIS APP IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE SAMSUNG GEAR 2, AND 3/!\Anew collection of watch faces for Android Wear !Design,classic,casual, the collection has 90 themes.Features :★ 90 watchthemes★weather forecast★ battery life★ dual timezone★ date★ 12 and24 hourformat★ and many more ...This app is fully compatible withthefollowing watches :- Samsung Galaxy Gear Live- LG G Watch-MotorolaMoto 360- LG R watch- Asus Zen-watch- Sony smartwatch 3-Any otherAndroid Wear WatchAfter install on your phone, theappautomatically installs itself on the watch.Please activate itfromthe watch :Long press on the clock, and select "wearfacecollection"This app is freemium, but many faces are FREE./!\NOTCOMPATIBLE GEAR nor GEAR 2 /!\
Calculator For Wear OS (Android Wear) 1.7
The first pocket calculator for the Android Wear operationsystem.Perform calculations quickly without using your cell phone.It issimple and easy to use, a great helper for on the go.Switchbetween basic and scientific functions. Use also your voicetoinput calculations. Download now for free. To start the app.Justsay: OK Google...Start calculator.Get more apps, games &newswith "Android Wear Center":, multiplication,subtraction, addition, decimalpoint, resultScientificfunctions:trigonometric functions,logarithmic functions,exponential functions, modulo operation,constants pi and e, squareroot functionChoose from two themes:-Classic theme- Flat themeYouhave to own an Android Wear device touse this appCurrentlycompatible devices:► HUAWEI Watch► Moto 360Gen 2 (2015)► Moto 360Gen 1 (2014)► Asus Zenwatch► LG G Watch► LGG Watch R► LG G WatchUrbane (Android Wear version)► Samsung GearLive► Sony SmartWatch3Please note:-Make sure your mobile iscompatible with AndroidWear.-Make sure to pair your phone with thewearable device withhelp of the Android Wear app.-To open: Go to"Start..." and open theapp "Calculator" or say "Startcalculator"Do you have anysuggestions for improvement? Any ideas?Any issues with the app?Please let us know.
Time Lapse
Capture images at regular intervals to produce a time lapsevideo.Choose the resolution from 480p 720p 1080p and even 4K.Maximumcapture time of 24 hours. Video frame rate from 1 fps to50fps.Exclusively available to select Sony Xperia™ devices runningatleast Android is available as an in app purchase onlytodevices with at least a 9MP camera.This is the first time lapseappon the play store to support 4K!Features:• Maximum 24 hourtimelapse• Resolution up to 4K ( as well as 1080p, 720p, 480p)•Saveimages and manage time lapses• Exposure & whitebalanceoptions• HDR if the phone supports it• Render videos from1fps to50fps• Record in the background with the screen off•Controlrecording from an Android Wear deviceIf the video is stuckwhiletrying to playback, this is a bug on the phone. Please play iton acomputer to view it properly!Our YouTubechannel:
Real Weather Watch Face Reborn 1.37
Real Weather Watch Face Reborn is fully compatible with AndroidWear2.0 and is compatible with all Android Wear watches ★ AndroidWear2.0 integrated features • external complication support• fullystandalone • iPhone compatible Cute and nice lookinganimations.Custom background for every weather. The application isabsolutelyfree and it has core options, but you can purchase thePREMIUMversion with a lot of features and options. FREE versionincludes: ★Background image is changing according to currentweather ★Animations of sun, moon, clouds, rain, raindrops,lightnings,snowing ★ Own launcher ★ Own remote music control ★Ability tochange screen brightness from launcher ★ Weatherforecast forcurrent day ★ Detailed information of watch batteryand phonebattery ★ Google Fit data for current day PREMIUM versionincludes:★ All features from FREE version ★ Endless accent colors★ More than18 translations ★ More than 15 date formats ★ Use NightMode forpower saving features ★ Weather forecast for upcominghours and days★ Ability to change battery indicator type. Watchesonly or dualindicator (phone and watch) ★ Detailed Google Fit datafor currentday and last 7 days ★ Set two shortcuts with predefinedviews oractions ★ Set four Quick actions with predefined views oractions orany application on your watches ★ Choosing from threeclock dialtypes ★ Choosing from four marker types ★ Ability tochange Keepwatches screen awake interval ★ Ability to changeWeather updateinterval ★ Ability to change Weather provider Theconfiguration incompanion application contains: ★ Time and dateformat according tophone settings (12/24) ★ Enable touch feedback★ Ability to set FULLAmbient mode for OLED displays ★ Show/HideBattery indicator ★Show/Hide Google Fit indicator ★ Show/HideWeather indicator ★Ability to change temperature units ★ Abilityto change wind speedunits ★ Information about last weather updateThe HuskyDEV RealWeather Reborn Watch works great with squared andround watches. Forusing Google Fit data in Real Weather WatchFace, you must confirmdialog on start, that application can readdata from your phone.Common synchronization problem solution: Ifthe Application does notappear on your watch please do thefollowing: - uninstall the faceapplication from the phone -disconnect watch from phone - restartwatch - connect watch andphone again - install Real Weather RebornWatch Face once again
BTNotification 1.1.43
Application Connection via Bluetooth Smart Watch, remotevoicecalls, SMS, remote camera, sync messages, contacts, weatherandother data.This application will use the rights ofcameras,microphones, contacts, phones, and so on
Holo Watch face 1.14.0
Holo Watch face, is free Wear OS watch face that builds to showyourpersonality on your watch. it compatible with Wear OS andAndroidWear watches: • Motorola Moto 360 • Motorola Moto 360 Gen 2(42mmand 46mm) • Motorola Moto 360 sport • Asus ZenWatch • AsusZenWatch2 • Huawei Watch • LG G Watch • LG G Watch R • LG WatchUrbane •Samsung Gear Live • Sony SmartWatch 3 • TAG Heuer Connect• Fossil QFOUNDER Holo Watch face come will the setting app foryou tocustomize the color and time format. any suggestion or bug,feelfree to send it to
Xperia Link™
Xperia Link™ basic featuresTethering:With Xperia Link™, your Xperia™ device or SONY VAIO® PC canconnectto the Internet by using the tethering function of theotherXperia™ device. You can turn the tethering function on andoffremotely from your Xperia™ device or SONY VAIO® PC. You canevenconnect to the Internet using this connection when you are outandabout, with your Xperia™ phone in a pocket or bag, and no Wi-Fiisavailable. Note that Bluetooth always must be on duringuse.Features between Xperia™ devicesReceive call notifications and text messages:On your Xperia™ device (excluding Xperia™ Tablet S), you canreceivecall notifications and view your Xperia™ phone’s textmessages.While connected via Xperia Link™, you will not miss aphone call ortext message even if your phone is in your pocket orbag. You canalso reply to text messages you have received on yourphone,directly from the bigger screen of your Xperia™tablet.Transfer notifications:The notification received on the server side of Xperia™ (a deviceinShare mode) can be transferred to the client side of Xperia™(adevice in Use mode). Therefore, on the client side, you cancheckthe notifications received on the server side. (Supported onlybyXperia™ device with Android 4.3 or higher)Switch between the server (Share mode) and the client(Usemode):Xperia Link™ can be used between Xperia™ phones or betweenXperia™tablets. This will allow you to use Xperia Link™ and connectyourXperia™ devices easily if you renewed or purchased anotherXperia™device.Features of Xperia Link™ for tabletScreen mirroring:You can also view and control your Xperia™ phone from yourXperia™tablet by using Screen mirroring even when you are notholding yourphone in your hand. (Supported only by Xperia™ Z2phones (Xperia™Z2 or later) and Xperia™ tablets (Xperia™ Z2 tabletor later) withAndroid 5.0 or higher)More informationPlease install the latest version of Xperia Link™ to bothdevicesfrom this page.- Your phone and data plan must support the use of tethering.- You may incur additional charges for tethering depending onyourdata plan.- To share mobile connection over Bluetooth, both Xperia™devicesmust support Bluetooth tethering.Supported phones: Xperia™ with Android 4.1 or higherSupported tablets: Xperia™ tablets with Android 4.1 or higherSupported computers: SONY VAIO® PCs with Windows 7 or higherThis application uses analytics software to collect andaggregatestatistics to help us improve this app and our services.None ofthis data can be used to identify you.
com.shotzoom.golfshot2 1.36.4
Improve your game and master the course while enjoying a whole,newgolf experience with Golfshot. Over 2 million members oftheGolfshot community rely on our golf GPS apps to save time,money,and strokes. Get the best golf GPS features right on yourwristwith Android Wear™. ALL Golfshot members enjoy these accurateandinnovative free features: - Distances to the center of the green-Easy-to-use scorecard for yourself or your foursome -UseAuto-Advance and Voice Hole information to remain handsfree-Connect Golfshot to Bose Frames for a heads up, and handsfreeexperience - Ability to zoom in on detailed satellite imageryofeach course - Insightful statistics of your game, coveringfairwayshit, greens in regulation (GIR), and putts per hole forin-depthanalysis - Android Wear support - Up to 80% off tee timesprovidedby GolfNow when booked through Golfshot - The latest golfnews,both in your app and in our monthly member newsletter -FREEone-week trial of Golfshot Pro Want even more? Upgrade toGolfshotPro and you’ll get: - Interactive, real-time distances toallhazards and targets - Premium Android Wear featuresincludingreal-time GPS distances, scoring and shot tracking -Dynamic 3Dflyover previews of each hole to help with golf coursestrategy -Personalized club recommendations based on yourstatistics - Savean extra $20 off a Hot Deal tee time provided byGolfNow -Integrated Handicap Index® tracking for existing GHIN®members -Zoom in on targets for better shot planning and savedstrokes -Scoring for Skins, Nassau, Match play and other games -Over $200in savings on golf equipment, tee times, golfmagazinesubscriptions, golf travel, golf instruction and moreGolfshot GPSrequires a GPS-enabled Android phone or tablet. AndroidWear™requires an Android wearable device and watch app.Forbattery-saving tips, FAQs and all of the amazing featuresofGolfshot visit If you don’t see your courseinGolfshot, email us at to request acourseupdate or send us your feedback! Created by Shotzoom LLC
Watch Face Collection 2016 2.0.0
/!\ THIS APP IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SAMSUNG GEAR RUNNING TIZENOS/!\Did you like "Wear Face Collection" ?This is a newcollection!This app is fully compatible with all Android WearWatch, and thebackgrounds are in the best possible quality (nocompression, readyfor high density screens...)Design, classic,casual, the collectionis has already 30 themes, and will have atotal of 50 themes in thenext months.All the faces are interactive! There is a build inchronograph, and shorcut to weather forecastand calendar.Features:★ weather forecast★ battery life★ date★ 12and 24 hour format★ andmany more ...After install on your phone,the app automaticallyinstalls itself on the watch.Please activateit from the watch:Long press on the clock, and select "watch facecollection 2016"
Add new Horror theme content to AR (Augmented Reality) effectswhenyou take pictures and shoot movies! You can add Horrorthemecontent to the Xperia™ AR effect application. With Horrortheme youcan create fun pictures and movies by attaching scarymasks to yourfriends' faces, and much more. Capture your memorieswith uniqueeffects. Discover amazing augmented reality scenes inthe realworld with your viewfinder. Sony's face recognitiontechnology andSmartAR* Engine automatically detect faces and 3Denvironments anddecorate them with fun AR items. Palm recognition**engine detectspalms and decorates them. Interaction with AR items:1. Tap on anobject and it will change (color/variation/actiondepends on themecontent) 2. Drag animations to change theirposition *SmartAR isthe registered trademark or trademark of SonyCorporation in Japanand other countries, for the augmented realitytechnology developedby Sony Corporation. **Palm recognition usesthe technology whichis powered by Sony Deep Learning Solution. Palmrecognition issupported on Android 5.0 or above and devices basedon QualcommRprocessor. NOTE: This theme requires a version of theAR Effect appv4.4.2 or higher. Please upgrade your AR effectapplication beforedownloading and installing the theme. Thisapplication usesanalytics software to collect and aggregatestatistics to help usimprove this app and our services. None ofthis data can be used toidentify you.
⌚ Watch Face - Ksana Sweep for Android Wear OS 1.6.7
✪ The ultimate in customizable luxury ✪ An easy to use, topmodern,uniquely interactive, analog & digital "Wear OS byGoogle" (wasAndroid Wear) watch face that combines classic stylewith latestsmartwatch features & offers a multitude ofcustomization's.Style Use any of the provided backgrounds, or addyour own via aWear 2.0 complication app. Choose an accent colorthat goes wellwith your background. Maybe use your monogram as logo& perhapsa sweeping second hand & roman numerals? And whynot put yourname below the logo? Function You can customize KsanaSweep to bevery informative with step counter, calendar, worldclock, batterylevel, digital clock, date, app shortcuts toinstalled apps +complications provided by other apps (e.g. weather,sports &fitness data) on Wear 2.0. Or you can be moreminimalistic. Perhapsjust date, calendar, battery & a worldclock? And - no matterhow you want Ksana Sweep to look, & whatcomplications you wishto use - you can make all changes directly onyour watch! » A clean& luxury watch face, designed for bothround & square WearOS watches. 6 interactive areas • Upper top• Lower top • Left •Right • Bottom • Lower right/left action buttonWith a tap on acontent area it will expand & display itscontent in moredetail. Ex 1: If you've chosen Date for lower toparea it willdisplay the date in short form when minimized, & afullcalendar view with the day of month highlighted when maximized.Ex2: When a Step counter is chosen for a content area it willdisplayyour steps when minimized, & both steps & step goalwhenmaximized. - To open full details view, either double tap ortap amaximized complication's top right action button. - Easilychangecontent by tapping a maximized area's left or rightarrows.Complications • Data provided by installed apps (Wear2.0complication: e.g. weather, activity tracking & fitness)•Steps (Google Fit) • Date (day, month, weekday) • Calendar/agenda•World clocks (multi time zones [world time, not just dual;butquadruple]. Up to 3 analog & 1 digital world clocks foranytime zone, custom name [e.g. NYC for New York]) • Watch battery•Phone battery • Watch & phone battery combined • 24/12hourdigital clocks • Custom text • Logo: monogram, emoji (e.g. ☂ ,☸)Features • Change accent color • Change background (carbon,metal,linen, space, black, or custom on wear 2.0) • Many ambientmodes •Adjust second hand (sweeping, ticking or no second hand) •Choosedial numerals / numbers (western arabic [12], roman [XII] ornodial numerals) • Add app shortcuts to any app. Not justbuilt-inapps such as Weather or Heart rate. Perhaps add a shortcutfor ahealth & fitness app to a pedometer / step counter? • Useanaction button • Personalize monogram • Custom text below logo•Modify display sleep • Customize Unread notification indicator•Presets (save watch faces) • Let it snow (& choose whenyouwant that Christmas feeling / snowfall effect [at once oraroundChristmas]) • Force English for months & weekdays •Burn-inprotected • Ambient mode as luxury designed as interactivemode. •Adjusts for chin Watch face settings All customization's can-unlike on many watch faces - be done on your watch. Onsmartwatch:- Long press the watch face On Android phone: - tapKsana Sweepicon on your phone - or tap Ksana Sweep gear icon in theWear OSapp (in the list of watch faces) - or tap "Open on phone" inKsanasettings on your smartwatch Designed for Wear OS watches suchasTicwatch Fossil TAG Heuer Diesel Armani Michael KorsMontblancSummit Movado Connect Louis Vuitton Kate Spade SkagenFalster Moto360 / Sport LG Watch Sport / Style / Urbane Polar M600NixonMission Casio Asus ZenWatch New Balance RunIQ Samsung GearLiveHuawei Community FAQ
FEATURES: • Ad-free digital compass app. • Choose frommultiplecolor themes. • Choose between 2 heading modes - Trueheading(based on True north) and Magnetic heading (based onMagneticnorth). • Sun direction indicator. • Moon directionindicator. •Set and save a target direction. • Tilt-compensatedandself-calibrates as you use. • High contrast designimprovesreadability. PERMISSIONS: • Requires access to locationcoordinatesto calculate True heading. Any suggestions or feedbackare warmlywelcomed.
com.aide.ui 3.2.190809
AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) fordevelopingreal Android apps directly on your Android device.Followinteractive coding lessons and step-by-step become an expertappdeveloper. Visually design apps, write code with the featurericheditor with code completion, real-time error checking,refactoringand smart code navigation, run your app with a singleclick and usethe Java debugger to find bugs. AIDE featuresinteractive lessonswith step-by-step instructions to learn Androidapp development andJava programming skills. Follow the lessons,become an expert andapply what you've learned in your own appprojects. AIDE will turnyour Android tablet with keyboard into areal development box. AIDEwill turn your Android Phone into a smalldevelopment computer tobrowse and touch your code on the go. AIDEsupports building appswith Java/Xml and the Android SDK, apps withC/C++ and the AndroidNDK as well as pure Java console applications.AIDE is fullycompatible with Eclipse projects. You can just copythe sourcecodeto your device and open the Eclipse project in AIDEto startcoding. Alternatively you can keep your sourcecode on yourDropbox- AIDE integrates with Dropbox and allows to easily downloadfromyour Dropbox and sync back your changes. AIDE can also openAndroidStudio projects, which follow the default folder structure.AIDEalso supports Git for professional development. PurchasingAIDEPrime, the AIDE Premium Key, the debugger or the UIdesignerdisables all ads in the app. A brief summary offeatures...Learn-to-code (in-app purchase): - Interactive lessonswithstep-by-step instructions - Java programming course -Androiddevelopment course - Game development course - Android WearcourseEdit-compile-run cycle: - Create a sample App with a singleclick -Build Java/Xml apps - Build C/C++ NDK apps - Build pureJavaconsole applications - Run your App with a single click - Norootaccess required - Incremental compilation for fast build times-Uses Eclipse .classpath project format for compatibility -Opendefault Android Studio projects - Integrated LogCat viewerDebugger(in-app purchase): - Debug Android Java apps and JavaConsole apps- Breakpoints - Step-in, step-over, step-out - Inspectthread trace- Inspect local variables - Inspect object fieldsReal-time errorchecking: - Real time error analyis throughout thewhole project asyou type - Automatic Quick-Fixes for many errors UIdesign: -Preview XML layouts - Jump from view in the designer tothe XMLelement Refactoring: - Rename - Inline variable -Introducevariable - Extract method Code: - Code formatter -Organize imports- Out-comment code - Createsetters/getters/constructors fromfields Code navigation: - Gotodefintion - Find usages - Gotosymbol - Goto class Editor: - Veryfast editor even with largefiles - Code completion for Java andAndroid XML - Android onlinehelp directly from the code - Syntaxhighlighting for Java and XML- Unlimited Undo/Redo - Pinch zoom -Smart expand selection -Keyboard support with configurablekeybindings - UI optimized forsmall screens to show as muchcode/content as possible Filebrowser:- Built-in file manager withthe most common features: Rename,delete, create file or folder -Dropbox integration - Gitintegration withCommit/Dicard/Push/Pull/Branch/Merge and SSHsupport. To summarize:AIDE offers Java programming for thebeginning, intermediate oradvanced programmer. Beginners can learnto code, developers can doreal development. Using the advancededitor with code completion andsyntax highlighting to edit Javaand XML files, then compile thesoftware, the use the Compiler toturn it into an app. AIDEsincremental Compiler is blazingly fast.Interoperiability withAndroid Studio and commandline SDK Tools isprovided. Not only doesAIDE Support Java development but C and C++native development issupported as well.