Top 24 Games Similar to Happy Road Wanted!

Fury Roads Survivor 2.1.1
THERE'S NO ESCAPE. Take the chance to FIGHT for your life inthischarged-up ENDLESS arcade, free-roaming racing game.SelectyourPOST-APOCALYPTIC modified vehicle and drive it through thedesertedruins of the wasted world, while trying to defend yourselffrom themotorized oil-cultist SCAVENGERS hunting to seize yourFUEL... andyour flesh! Only a madman can do it! Are you madenough?BE MAD ORBE DEAD!FEATURES:- Survive the longest you canagainst SPIKEDBUGGIES, ARMORED FLAME-THROWERS, TANK-CARS, WAR RIGSand muchmore!- Use high lines, ramps and hills to challenge yourenemieswith evasive acrobatic jumps- Master dozens of vehicles toenjoy acompletely different driving experience- Unlock loads ofoffensiveand defensive gear to enhance your vehicle- Find yourperfectvehicle+gear balance- Challenge yourself by smashingenemieswithout the support of your gear (Fury Roads Survivor""SmashyMode"" included!)- Explore a gorgeous isometric 3D“voxel”world!Please leave a review on the App Store if you likethegame!We use all feedback to keep our games engagingandinnovative.Thank you for playing!
com.gopas.fury 1.0.4
Nedama Masoft
Be quick and watch around! Crazy bears attack your hero fromfourdirections! Hungry and extremely dangerous. All you have isyourwooden club and your fast reaction. - old school pixel graphics-different locations to fight - addicting gameplay -onlineleaderboards
Crossy Christmas Road 1.0.7
Protey Apps
Favorite game with new features!Christmaspixel journey is waiting for you!Funny heroes: snooty Santa, crossy deer, angry Greench,blockheadElf and more.Just jump across the road and don't let your hero to die.Controls:- tap to jump forward (over the road);- swipe left/right/bottom to move in those directions;Features:- cool holiday heroes (snooty Santa, crossy deer, angryGreench,blockhead Elf and other blockheads heroes);- fantastic 3D graphics (pixel art style);- great effects;- absolutely FREE (no any in-app purchases)!- cold and funny winter atmosphere;Really cool crossy game is waiting for you!Have a questions? You can contact us on theFacebook:
Blocky Cars: Smashy Road 1.2
Blocky Cars is a unique, fast-paced arcade game with someawesomeblocky graphics and tons of action! Blocky Car is abouttrafficracing. avoiding obstacles and collect coins , and take asmashypower. drive your car at full speed and make a bigscore.FEATURES:- ★ 3D Toons Graphics. ★ Variety of cars to choosefrom ★Diffrent Track Like Jungle Racing Road , Water Road Racing. ★Lotsof traffic cars ★ Smashy Power ★ Make A HighScore.
Crashy Roads 1.0
Check out our new game for your entertainment! Crashy Roads isaperfect game to kill time at work or on your travels.Welcome totheCrashy Roads! The ultimate goal of the game is to drive a carwhileescaping from the police. **HOW TO PLAY** Tap the gas pedaltostart up. Use the arrow keys to control your vehicle. Tap thebrakepedal to stop the vehicle.Game features:-cool timekillinggame-original car models-old-school pixel art-so easy toplay Avoiddangerous obstacles and incoming cars, escape cops andhave funwith Crashy Roads! Time for a real adventure!
Watch Yo! Back
Play as one of the most feared Kaiju known to mankind:Yobak!Destroycities and defend yourself from police, swat, tanks,turrets,missiles and robots!Let citizens fear your presence andpay youtribute. Use coins to free your powerful Kaijufriends!Justremember, watch yo' back!Game Objective:- Destroy thecity as muchas you can to earn the highest score- Avoid enemiesfrom hittingyour back- Break mystery boxes for powerful boosts andcoins-Destroy EVERYTHING- Gain infamy levels and spawn powerfulenemies-Free all your Kaiju friendsWait for NEW awesome updates!
Color shoot - crazy circle color 1.1.8
color shoot - crazy circle color , is a very simple andaddictingnew game from smallgames.In the middle is a color wheel,this colorwheel spins and spins and spins.You have to shoot coloredballs atthis circle, but this circle is not just a regular circle!It justswitches direction out of nowhere! Can you beat the circleandscore points?Try and compete with friends and share your score.Tryto reach as high as possible and become the color shootmaster!Trythis game now and become the color shoot master!
Loop Car Driving Smashy Road 2 1.0
"Loop Car Driving Smashy Road 2" is asimplebutchallenging driving/racing game where all you have to doisdrive incircles, keep your car safe and avoid anycrashing.The most addicting crash race is back with a tinker sequelandtonsof procrastinate improvement!New tracks with easy and hard difficulty options,uniqueenvironmentsand segunda brand new mobi cars!As it's ancestor, "Loop Car Driving Smashy Road 2" isaoliviercasual arcade racing game with a gameplay incredibly easytogetstarted but frustratingly difficult to master vuelve.Basically, all you have to do is reco drive in slk circlesandavoidcrashing your car.Adjust your speed as you levi accelerate and brake attherightmoments to avoid crashing with another edin vehicle.Earn more coins with every loop, unlock cars, placarexpandyourcollection and see what ancestor suits you best.Survive as long as possible medida, as you trainyourdominicreactions, make a target with higher scores anddifficilechallengeyour friends. Dominate the road and escape thepolice!Don't hitthe crossy ducks, it will lose you points. Collectcoinsto win andunlock new cars! Show your driving skills, race theroadand findyour ways trough the traffic.Discover your highscore! Don't be dumb and melville don'tdie.Canyou beat your friends? Lets denys find out!Hurry up and join the impossible biel race now!* Easy to play, endless gameplay* Different vehicles: Taxi, Sport, Jeep, Truck krugandmuchmore* 4 unique senora environmentsControls:- Tap on the accelerate button to move.- Tap on brake button to slow down or stop.Follow And Contact Us:It’s always happy to receive your valuable recommendations.Weinviteyou to suggest game improvements, bugs orgeneralfeedback!
Burnout City 1.1.5
Easy! Thrilling! A race full of fun!Try Burnout City, aridiculouslyfun and easy game. Home page acharacter who has been falsely accused of a crime you didnotcommit! You’re not going to let them catch you that easily, areyou?Become a fugitive and run from the police!Try out thisexciting gamethat is full of thrill and delights!** Main Features- Thrillingpolice chases! - Speedy delivery & escape missions!- Variousvehicles with its own characteristics! - Competition withfriendsall over the world!** Highly recommended to: - Users whoenjoycasual games - Users who does not enjoy racing games (yes,even youcan enjoy this one!) - Users who take their time in thebathroom(constipation? no problem!) - Users who enjoy racing games- Userswho are looking for games to kill time - Users who preferone-touchgames - Users who are under intense stress
Ball King - Arcade Basketball 2.0.10
Qwiboo Ltd
Want to feel like King? Throw ducks, frogs or even oldradiosthrough the basket and crush your friends score!Compete intwoexciting game modes and unlock new environments to play in andnewobjects to throw!No pop-up advertisements or timers stoppingyoufrom playing, just pure fun! Enjoy the game!
Smashy Brick 2.01
**UNLOCK VIDEOGAMEDUNKEY AS A FREE PLAYABLE CHARACTER****FeaturedinDunkey's Best of 2016****Taco Bell Indie Game GarageWinner**SmashyBrick is not your regular brick breaker game.Instead of moving aclunky paddle, you draw trampolines to bounce“smashies” at brickformations. Help Flamey and his friends destroythe galaxy, brick bybrick!Features: - 121 hand crafted levels - 12characters withunique powers to collect - Free to play, ads areoptional andnon-intrusive!Independently developed with love by asmall team ofstudents from the University of Washington inSeattle. This is ourfirst game, so let us know what you think!Follow the developers ontwitter:@smashynick@tastefultylerb
Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 1.5.1
Take off with your rescue helicopter, be the hero chopper pilot,andsave the life of the wounded soldiers in the battlefield.Fightagainst tanks and trucks firing their weapons at you andtransportthe friendly army back to their base.In Dustoff HeliRescue 2 youcan: Save hostages being held in Prisoner of War camps.Combat inmilitary attacks in the desert, forests, mines, swamps andfjords.Build radio towers and bridges. Protect the friendly truckand VIPconvoy before the enemies can reach and demolish them! Findandtransport the stolen trucks and cargo and take them back to theHQ!Fight against the extreme weather conditions and fly in duststorm,heavy rain and snow blizzard. Upgrade your weaponry,installvarious gun, missile and rocket weapons to protect thefriendlysoldiers.MAIN FEATURES Up to 30 unique missions 9helicopters, eachwith different characteristics 11 weapons, allwith differentcapabilities Artistic blocky 3D graphics Variousmissions like:cargo transportation, saving hostages, towerbuilding, air assault,convoy support and many more Various daytimeand weather conditionsNumerous war scenes including deserts,forests, hills, snowyfields, hidden cave and mine systems and a lotmore to explore Epicaction music and cinematic sound effects Up to30 achievements and30 leaderboardsAll in a well known blocky stylein a familyfriendly mode, where humans never die, enemies alwaysrun away.
Blocky Raider 1.7.183
Full Fat
Explore the blocky temple in one of the greatest mobileadventuresof all time. Survive pitfalls, spikes, traps, blades,lava, ricketyrope bridges, ancient ruins and rolling boulders...It's blockhard!Join the
Smashy - Hobbit Edition
Smashy - Hobbit Edition You are wanted! in the earth ofMysteryplaythis top game -jump like a chicken down the endlessmountain whileavoiding many obstacles and criss cross enemies inthe Middle ,Master and unlock all halfman,Wizard and dwarves in thekingdomsSmash the mountain road and see if you can beat yourfriendshighscore in the online leaderboards!*Game is free
Cops and Robbers! 1.07
BoomBit Games
Play Cops and Robbers! They say that Crime doesn’t pay… Well tryitfor yourself. In Cops & Robbers your goal is to steal asmanygold coins as you can while avoiding being caught bythepolice.Tons of different disguises, characters and partnersincrime to unlock, each with their unique style andspecialmoves.Bump into unsuspecting passers-by for some extra goldandcollect power-ups to help you in your crime wave.Simple OneTouchcontrols make this arcade game fun, challenging andtotallyaddictive. ★★★ MULTIPLAYER ★★★Play With Your Friends inendlessTurn Base Multiplayer mode. Challenge them in direct onlinebattlesto see who is the ultimate master of crime!In the end we allknowthat Crime doesn’t pay and sooner or later you’ll be locked up.Thequestion is how far can you go before your criminal daysareover!Features:★ From the creators of Bird Climb &SpiderSquare★ Free To Play★ Simple 1 Touch Controls★ OnlineMultiplayer★Play With Friends★ 2 Difficulty Modes – Easy &Normal★Beautiful Minimal Art Style★ Leaderboards and Achievements★CloudSave★ Android TV Support (coming soon)★ Game Pad Support(comingsoon)
Perfect Trick Shots - Basketball Flip 1.6
Are you able to score the bottle in the basket challenge? Thisisfor fanatical of smash basket mobile, throw yourself in theroadand make the perfect goal of your life in this throwchallenge!!!Enjoy the new stars of basketball game.In this newsport, the ballchallenge you have to try to hit the ball with thechannel,direction and strength blast exacts to pass through thehoop. Thereare 8 endless game modes for dominate, free throws likea blitz,extreme limited time and score every shot from fartheraway, areyou a record breaker? How many points can you get? Comparethemwith those of your friends and challenge them to see who scorethebottle more times !! Don't fall in faily if you do not leavethefirst shots, keep the head in calm and soon consecrate you asareal stars of the bottle basketball. If you are a fanaticalofBasketball and flippy bottles, Are you the king of thebasketballand bottle flip games? flip and shoot with precision thebottle inextreme weather.New: Toss the water bottle and rolling themaximumnumber bottles as you in the amazing reverse mode and befasterthan the best ninja shooting, more action on a new level with100bottles thrown as balls on hand to flip in the middle of theroad.Become the new hero of the flip bottle mania.Tips andtricks:-Calculate the space and shoot the bottle like a ball tocross thehoop- Use the force of the shot pong, to score cleanly andearndouble points- Use reference geometry environment for aneffectiveshot away references.- The faster baskets, accumulate morelife incountdown mode.- Endless Mode, try not to miss too aspenalized andyou subtract lives.- Always keep the app updated, newlevels arecoming with the best challenges to discover.- Don't rushor run,looks good your move.- Addictive basketballmaniaCHARACTERISTICS:-Fantastic setting in a brick park-Entertaining subway challenge in3D of bottle flip.- Three modes ofplay: Shooting - CountdownExtreme and - Maximum flippy distance-Throw the water or fruitjuice bottles, shoot hoops and scorepoints.- Funny and for thewhole family.- No internet connectionrequired.
Monster Crackdown 1.0.3
Become an action hero in the new game of modern war -MonsterCrackdown Fallout. Test your elite smashing skills againstenemieson the battlefield! With cutting-edge Striking super powersin yourarsenal this game tests your ability to wage a tacticalandintelligent war against creaturesA lethal virus infectionspreadsthroughout the capital, turning its victims into sickundeadmonsters, breeding very rapidly, get ready to defend yourhomelandand strike on the mob of sick undead monsters who are abouttoinvade your hometown. Continue the journey to find survivors(kidsand villagers) and lead them to safety.Those undead crapcreaturesare back, and it's up to you to keep them brainless. Useyourfinger to tap on the deadly monsters to smash and strikethembefore they break down your door.How to Play:• Simplytouchmonsters on mobile to smash them• Don't hit the survivors(kids andvillagers) surfers from neighborhood• Use the specialpower-upswiselyGame Features:• Story Mode, conquer all 60 fun-deadlevels ofstory mode— through day, night, in the jungle, town andmore.•Survival Mode, test your smashing skills and survive throughthedeadly waves of monsters. Challenge your friends to breakyourrecord.• Time Mode, you have very less time left to strike alltheenemies left so speed up• Real True Graphics and amazinggameplay•More than 11 unique characters, beasts and dragons tocrush. Defendagainst the army of formidable monster breeds.• Be thedominatorand defend your village into an unbeatable fortress.•Shieldyourself from attacks by using super powers• Intense King ofactionmobile game fit for subway time• Be social.• Fight your wayto thetop of the Leaderboard.• Amazing visuals & immersiveCDsquality audio• Enjoy the full experience on your mobilesandtablets (also Designed for tablets)SUPPORTChief, are youhavingproblems? Visit or contact us ingame bygoing to Settings > Help andSupport.PrivacyPolicy:
Crossy Robot: Combine Skins 1.6
➤Welcome to the garage, where you can combine robot piecestoprepare the best robot skin.Do you like robots games? Inthisracing game you will find skins inspired by the best famousrobots.Get all the pieces in the surprises machine and create yourcrossyhopper robot!Cross as many halls as you can and complete allthechallenges you can in order to get the most epic pieces!Butit'smore! Here you can mix pieces to create and craft the perfectrobotand be the best hopper in the world!Tap to choose or createyourhopper robot!Features:★ Many pieces to build your robot. Taptobuild your favourite craft skins!★ 7 colorful environments, 2bosslevels and effects to cross over!★ All kind of trapstoovercome...tap and show your skills!★ A map will indicate wheretofind batteries and gifts★ Increasingly difficult challengestounlock epic skins!★ Play bonus challenge to get a lot offreecoins!★ Each floor will be a randomly generated challenge★Insteadof road, galaxy, a creeper, or other things you canencounter incrossy games, here you have a future age, with a lot oftraps andamazing places!★ You'll feel great arriving in time tocollect thebatteries to recharge your crossy robot!★ Tap to collectsurpriseboxes and coins to redeem robot pieces in the machine!★Enjoycrossing halls as fast as you can!★ Fluid, enjoyableandaction-packed game!★ Play with your hopper skins withoutanyinterruption!★ Totally Free!From the creators of CrossyCreeper.Continue unlocking awesome skins and discover the new trapsandworlds!
Twist Roads 1.3
Twist Roads !Endless Runner in sky above the amazingcartooncity.Roads are twisted and you must run and jump as fast asyoucan.Dont fall down.Jump the next twist road step by thetime.Jumpand run in the sky.You are a thief and you should escapefromcops,polices. Just tap the screen ,twist the roads andjump.Amazingfunny smashy ,crossy road game but it could be a littlehard:)Challange with your friend. Game has a globalleaderboard.Keepthe thief away from polices but running on smashy,crossy ,blockyand twist roads.Character selection option enabled!!!32 new gameCharacters !!!City views changed !!Police man, Pimp,Business man,Housewife, Waitress, Doctor, Road worker, Prostitute,Street man,Punk, Sheriff, Hobo, Trucker, Robber, Firefighter, Riotcop andBeach babe,Nerd, Emo, Cheerleader, Clown, Biker, FootballPlayer,Mountie, Grandma, Grandpa, Prisoner, Luchador, Runner,Hippie,Shopkeeper, RaceCar Driver and Tourist,
Goat Turbo Attack 1.4
You can be a goat. You can be a goat and destroy everything. Youcanbe a goat, but also a Chtuluh, a Gotzilla, a Pig, a Unicorn, aPug,a Bull and much more.Take your imagination to new racingadventures!Race through the city, destroy everything that is onyour way andcollect coins. But be aware, because you’re not alone!Escape thePOLICE, the EVIL ROBOTS and the ZOMBIES! How long canyou last?Youcan make turbo attacks, create mayhem and brag to yourfriends thatyou have a goat to destroy everything! Challenge yourfriends tobeat your high score in the onlineleaderboards!FEATURES- 18unlockable characters! More are comingsoon!- A quiet and calm cityenvironment to demolish- Allcharacters have their own sound effectsand features. Discover whatis your preferred one!- Great voxel artand original sounddesignPlease leave a positive review on the AppStore if you likethe game! This helps us to develop many otherengaging games.Thankyou for playing!
Trumpy Wall 3.1
Harambe Games
Best of Trump games! Totally fantastic! Amazing pixels!YUUUGE!!!-DonaldPrepare your reflexes! Trump wall needs to be builtahead ofschedule and under budget! Construction is progressing atbreakneckspeed, slow builders are getting stumped!Whether your votewent toTrump or Hillary, you will enjoy this TOTALLY BEST FREETRUMP GAMEOF ALL TIMES!! #HumbleBragGame includes 32 charactersincludingpresident Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders,HillaryClinton, Harambe, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln,Russianhacker or Vladimir Putin riding a bear!Political viewsexpressed inthis free election game do not reflect views of itscreators.Youcan play the game offline and online for free, internetor WiFi areNOT required.Do you have an issue with the game? Forsupport,contact us at
Galaxy Hoppers: Crossy Wars
▪ Fight with friends for highest online score! ▪ Randomlycreatedlevels (never play the same thing twice!) ▪ Challengingscenarios!▪ Destructible environment! ▪ Awesome roster of heroeswith uniqueabilities! ▪ Many clever enemies! ▪ Seriously Funobstacles! ▪Unlock lots of funny characters! ▪ Share videos orphotos of yourbest moments! Star in the galaxy's most epic endlessroad crossinggame! Super challenging, but fun for any age! ***Galactic RoadCrossing *** This game packs tons of the things you'vecome to loveabout road crossing games but ups the ante x 2! GalaxyHoppersimproves upon our other crossy games with multi-planetexplorationand fully destructible environments! We guarantee thatthis is themost epic, most fun, most challenging crossy game in thegalaxy!Sure there are cars, road, rivers and logs, but now throwinaliens, robot wars, ice monsters, fire traps, space ships andafully destructible environment! *** Hop Across the Stars ***Blastacross the galaxy from one star to the next. You'll findyourselfvoyaging across multiple planets each with it's ownchallenges! Runthrough the fire traps of the lava planet! Slicethrough theforrest jungle avoiding racing speeders and mech warriorbots! Hopthrough the sand alien wars quickly avoiding thestampeding SandMammoths and giant worm pits! Hop for your lifeacross the frozenworld before the ice monster awakens!Freely-hopping enemies willclose in on your location and force youto react quickly. Can yousurvive and claim the top score or willthe Galactic Wars take you?*** Compete with Friends *** Competewith your friends online forthe highest score and prove that youare the greatest survivor inyour solar system. Check your scoreregularly and improve yourgame. Show your friends who the real staris. Climb to the top ofthe online Google Play leaderboard while youforce their scoresdownwards! As you level up and improve yourroster of charactersyou'll become unstoppable! *** Funny Characters*** There are tonsof funny characters to unlock! Each one has theirown uniqueability. Deflect lasers as the sabre wielding space ninjaor blastaway alien after alien with smuggler's blaster sidearm.Each timeyou play your character will gain Experience Points movingyou fromlevel 1 to 2 to 3 and so on. Levelling up will unlocknewcharacters with new abilities. Unlock all characters tocompleteyour own unstoppable galactic force! This is a super fun,lovinglycrafted game. And best of all it's totally free! Welcome totheworld's crossy-est space wars shooter game!
Racey Track 1.0.2
Racey Track - Fun Block Car Racing24 Track, Over 30 Cars.SingleTouch Game Play. Police Chase Action Packed and Awesome.TopGameFeatures:--24 Ultra Challenging RaceCourses--Progressivedifficulty--Blocky style graphics--Single touchgame play --30Vehicles to unlock--5 Unique environnements --RoadTraffic andPedestrians--Cop Chases on advanced levelsBlocky carsinclude :Army Tanks, Ice Cream Truck, Limo, Hummer, Jeep,Ambulance,Firetruck, Garbage Truck, F1 track Race car, turbo batcar, driftspecialty car, and many other blocky cars andtrucks.Environmentsinclude : Working Airport, Farm, Snow City, BigCity, and IslandTown.Its a smashy, happy, all wheel fun racing gamethat you won'twant to miss. Loaded with tons of fun features andeffects. Singletouch game play.
Crossy Craft 2.1
Roads, Crossy Roads, where we're going we need CrossyRoads!!CrossyCraft - just tilt your device from side to side toavoid themincraft men. Catch as many melons as you can and at thesame timepick up protective first aid kits! Crossy Craft is anaddictivetime filler, very simple and easy to play for all ages!How longcan you survive let the crossy men pass by you to collectthefood!It's free, it's fun, its simple. This game is not a FroggerorCrossy Road copyAll feedback on Crossy Craft is welcome!