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Karaoke - Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs 3.7.074
Yokee™ is the #1 karaoke app that let you and your friendssingkaraoke for free. Sing along to millions of karaoke songs,withmusic and lyrics, use our special audio and video effects andsharewhat you make with our supportive singers community. Join over100million Karaoke fans already singing their hearts out onourkaraoke app. FEATURES ✪ Sing from an endless selection ofkaraokesongs from a variety of genres and themes, find songs sungby yourfavorite artists. Plus, sing in any language, anytimeanywhere! ✪RECORD: Once you’ve chosen a song, record your vocaltrack as yousing along to the lyrics, add some of our special voiceeffectslike echo and reverb if you like. New! You can now karaokewithvideo. ✪ SHARE your performance with the world, connectwithfriends, listen to other singers and like their recordings.SINGKARAOKE FOR FREE With new songs added daily, you can findalmostany of your favorite songs. Choose from a huge catalog ofmusicgenres: Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Latin,French,Russian, JPop and more! Top Trending Songs: ✪ Despacito -LuisFonsi ✪ Perfect - Ed Sheeran ✪ How far I'll Go - Moana ✪ Hello-Adele ✪ Love Yourself - Justin Bieber ✪ 7 Years - Luke Graham ✪LetIt Go - Idina Menzel ✪ 24K Magic - Bruno Mars ✪ Heathen -TwentyOne Pilots ✪ Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor BestKaraokeSongs of All Times: ✪ Total Eclipse of the Heart - BonnieTyler ✪My Way – Frank Sinatra ✪ Baby One More Time - Britney Spears✪ IWill Survive - Gloria Gaynor ✪ Losing My Religion – R.E.M. ✪SingleLadies - Beyonce ✪ Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen ✪ It's a RainingMen -The Weather Girls And we have millions more! SOUND LIKE ASUPERSTARNot sure you can sing in tune to the music and lyrics? Noworries!Yokee karaoke app will auto-enhance your voice with echoand alittle reverb to help you sound just like a star on the radio.Youmay also choose to enhance your voice with our special effectslikeStage and Hall. KARAOKE APP FOR YOUR PARTY Our karaoke appallowsyou to easily arrange karaoke or singing party. Simplyconnect yourphone to one of the supported external singing devicesand startsinging karaoke instantaneously. With Yokee™, Karaoke hasneverbeen so much Fun. We think it’s better than any other karaokeapp,but don’t just take our word for it, download the Yokee™Karaokeapp and see for yourself! Love our karaoke app? Rate us onGooglePlay. We’re always trying to make Yokee™ better. If youhavequestions or suggestions, please share them with [email protected] your heart out with Yokee Karaoke App, anytime,anywhere!
Midifun Karaoke 8.20
Midifun is your offline karaoke for Android. Unlike otherKaraokeapps, you already get hundreds of songs when you downloadandinstall Midifun. Midifun is a multimedia application; acollectionof MIDIs with lyrics that you can sing-along to. This appis aguessing game too. You guess the song based on the lyricsdisplayedor being played. Given with four song choices, get a scoreforevery correct answer. Answer fast to get bonus scores and beatthehigh score in no time. MIDI - an acronym for MusicalInstrumentDigital Interface FAQs 1. Is Midifun compatible withBluetoothmicrophones? Yes, it works with Bluetooth mics. :) 2. IsMidifunalso compatible with Bluetooth headsets? Yep, Midifun istested toplay on Bluetooth headsets. :) 3. How to adjust the fontsize? Onyour Android device, select Settings > Display >Font. Moreinfo: You can request for specific/additional songs butplease bekind when doing so. I work full time and is finding timeto addfeatures and add more songs to this free app. Trivia:Requestingspecific songs get noticed more compared to when you justgive theartist name. :) Note when recording: If the Androiddevice'smicrophone is too far from the speaker, the playing musicmay notbe heard on the output. As expected, the music will also notbeheard when you use headphones while recording. Your rateforMidifun means a lot... thanks.
StarMaker: Free to Sing with 50M+ Music Lovers
SING TO CONNECT! StarMaker is an amazing free karaoke sing appthatlets you sing your own cover of top songs from a massivecatalogand sing karaoke and record like the star you are! You canCOLLABwith your favorite artists! Edit top quality recordings witha hugerange of voice effects and share your cover with all yourfriendsand win Likes! Hear the voice inside you! Music is life,singingfree is to live your life! StarMaker Karaoke Sing NewFunctions! Wehave added a bunch of new features for a bettersinging songexperience! Such as: + Collab with your friends andfavoriteartists. + Record song and edit your karaoke songs with alargeselection of special effects! + New functions like "Chorus"allowfor flexible recordings; only sing the best part of yourbestkaraoke songs now! + The Cutting-edge voice enhancementtechnologycaptures your voice with the best quality sound while yousing yourfavorite karaoke songs! + Make new friends through thepower ofmusic! Follow other amazing and talented artists! Hear thevoice ofdifferent covers! + Powerful recommendation engine suggestsnewcontent for you based on your tastes and style! + We now sharethesame catalog with THE VOICE: Free To Sing app! To beSocial!Welcome to our massive and inviting community of a greatsingingapp, make friends from all around the world when you singkaraokeonline, love the voice of every potential future stars. Singorparticipate in regular karaoke competitions for chances towinamazing prizes or just have fun with free sing karaoke app inyourpocket! Thousands of Songs to Sing on StarMaker Karaoke! Pickfromall the top hits; Updated everyday! Includes: + 7 Years -LukasGraham + Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes + Hotline Bling –Drake +Shake It Off – Taylor Swift + Love Yourself - Justin Bieber+Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran + Cheap Thrills - Sia + OneCallAway - Charlie Puth + Work From Home - Fifth Harmony + Lean on-Major Lazer & DJ Snake + See you Again - Wiz Khalifa +StressedOut - Twenty One Pilots + Stay with me - Sam Smith + LikeI’m Gonnalose you - Meghan Trainor STAY CONNECTED! Check out ourTHE VOICE:Free To Sing Song APP, the official singing app of theworldwidehit TV show! Having trouble to download or sing? Contactourcustomer service at [email protected], we’llbehappy to help and answer all your questions! Sing Songs -StarMakerKaraoke Official Website: Like uson Facebook( Follow us on Twitter (@StarMaker)& Instagram(@StarMaker_App) Subscribe to our YouTubeChannel(@StarMakerNetwork) Sing Songs with the StarMaker KaraokeFree App!To sing, to Live!
SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3 3.3.4
Automatically convert your mp3 songs into KARAOKE. The resultis“Vocal Removed” songs. Now, you can enjoy Karaoke using MP3songsin your own device; Sing and record your favorite songs, andcreateyour own unique recordings and share them with your friends,familyand the world. It’s so easy to get started. There’s no needto getsweat trying to find your favorite karaoke songs, or downloadthemfrom YouTube. SingPlay automatically converts the music onyourphone into karaoke songs, while reserving the original qualityofthe music; It’s not a MIDI sounds! Browse through your musiclist,pick a song that you like to sing and start. If you want torecordyour singing, just press the record button. Once you’vefinishedyour performance, listen to your recording and make editsto yoursound with SingPlay’s volume and voice controls. If you’rehappywith it, save as an MP3 file on your device. You can alsoshare iton Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud and so on. DownloadSingPlay todayand get started! [Play with your songs!] * Enjoysinging with orwithout the original vocal * Vocal Training is soeasy, thanks to 5seconds FF / REW * Record your singing orinstrumental performancewith the original music in the background *Record only the part ofthe song that you like * Adjust the TEMPOand PITCH controls as youwant * Share your recordings on Facebookand Google+ with the touchof your finger * Save your recordings asMP3 files including yourfavorite photos attached [Main Features] *Karaoke Mode: Remove orreduce the original vocal (varies dependingon songs) * Recording *Lyrics display (from mp3 file). Lyrics canbe added manually, ifnot included in the mp3. * Pitch Control (+/-4 semitones) * TempoControl (+/- 4 steps) * 5 seconds FF / REW *Reverb (Echo) effecton your voice * Independent Volume Controls forMusic, Vocal, andReverb * No internet connection is required[Supported OS /Devices] Smartphones with Android 4.4 (Kitkat) orabove. Not alltablets are supported. Supported Audio Format: .mp3,.aac, .m4a(AAC), .wav, .flac, .ogg Outputs: Video file (mp4), Audiofile(mp3) * Please use either earbuds or headphones for thebestrecording experience. It is recommended to use earbudsorheadphones without a microphone attached, since a microphoneinsidea phone provide a better quality recording than one attachedto anearphones, in most cases. ** For more details and questionsabouterrors as well as enhancement requests, pleasecontact:[email protected] Your feedback is welcome andhighlyappreciated! Thank you!
Shazam is one of the world’s most popularapps,used by hundreds of millions of people each month toinstantlyidentify music that’s playing and see what others arediscovering.All for free.And that’s just the beginning: One-tap access to video clips,songlyrics, related tracks and streaming services, where you canlistento your Shazams in full or buy them.Top artists like Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato, areusingShazam to find new music, and you can follow them to share inthethrill of discovery.MUSIC DISCOVERY• Identify music with one tap• Sing along to songs with music lyrics, or watch theirvideos• Preview songs and add them to Spotify playlists**• Shazam Offline: Identify music even when you’renotconnected!*• Check out recommended tracks to find new music• Stay in the loop with Shazam’s real-time charts• Simply log in to sync all your Shazams across all devices• Launch Pandora radio based on artists you Shazam**• Buy your Shazamed songs in Google Play Music with justonetapCONNECT & SHARE• See what your friends are Shazaming when you connect yourFacebookaccount• Follow your favorite artists to see what they’re Shazaming• Share your discoveries through Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp,Pinterest, Google+ and more…MORE THAN MEETS THE EAR• Shazam visual recognition: Tap the camera icon to Shazamposters,magazines, books and so much more! Use it anywhere whereyou seethe Shazam camera logo• Visual recognition also works as a QR code reader• Launch Shazam on your Android Wear smartwatch to see theartistand song appearOTHER INFO• Previewing and buying music requires the Google Play musicstorein your country• MIPS devices are not supported• Why does Shazam need these apppermissions?• Shazam may share collected location data for interestbasedadvertising, allowing advertisersto infer interests and serve ads to users based on theiractivityand location over time• For more information on Shazam’s privacy practices, pleasereadthe Privacy Policy, availableat• Don’t want the advertising? Upgrade to ShazamEncore:*Song names will appear in your My Shazam tab once connectionisrestored**Some features are dependent on location, device andappversionAny questions or feedback? Checkout:
Walk Band - Multitracks Music
Walk Band is a music studio (a toolkit of virtualmusicalinstruments) customized for Android. It contains tons offeaturesincluding Piano, Guitar, Drum Kit,Drum Machine, Bass,Multi-trackssynthesizer etc. All instruments use the realisticinstrumentsounds. You can add the drum beats and guitar chords toyour pianomelody. Play your favorite music everywhere with yourphone.Another fantastic feature, External MIDI Keyboard over USB isalsosupported. You can connect your YAMAHA, Rolandmidikeyboard/controller with Walk Band. ☆ Best DownloadingMusicalInstruments APP. ☆ Multitrack Synthesizer / Mixer. ☆ StudioAudioQuality. Features: [ Piano ] - 88 keys piano keyboard. -Single RowMode. Dual Row Mode. Two Player Mode. - Multi-Touch. -Touchpressure detecting. - Key width adjustment. - Five KeyboardSound:Piano, Music Box, Organ, Rhodes, Synth. - Midi and AudioRecording,Playback and Sharing - Set recordings as Ringtone. -Metronome. [Guitar ] - Chords Mode. - Solo Mode. - 3 Guitar TypeSound: NylonGuitar, Steel String Guitar, Clean Electric Guitar. -Midi andAudio Recording, Playback and Sharing - Pitch Bend for solomode. [Drum Kit ] - Play Along feature: Play beats while playbackyourfavorite mp3. - Five Drum Kit Program: Jazz, Rock,HipHop,Percussion, Dance. - Drum Pad Mode. - Various Demo Beats:Rock,Ballad, ChaCha, Disco, Latin Rock, Polka, Waltz etc. - MidiandAudio Recording, Playback and Sharing - Set As Ringtone etc. [DrumMachine ] - Create your own beats with this battery - FiveDrumKitSound: Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, Dance. - 11 preloaddemopatterns. - Pitch control. - Speed control. - MIDI recording.[Bass ] - Chords Mode. - Solo Mode. - 3 Bass Type Sound:AcousticBass, Picked Bass, Slap Bass. - Midi and Audio Recording,Playbackand Sharing - Pitch Bend for solo mode. [ MultitrackSynthesizer /Mixer ] - Multitrack synthesizer for differentinstruments - Mergedifferent tracks of the same instrument to one -Import existrecording - For the track recording, you can edit itrespectively,such as mute, delete, add the recording, change thevolume. - Shareyour multitrack recording as a standard midi file -MidiSynthesizer - Midi Editor (Piano Roll) Mode - Follows standardmidiprotocol - Convert MIDI to MP3. This need your AndroidsupportFEATURE_AUDIO_LOW_LATENCY flag [ Music Zone ] - Upload,share andlisten to other user's midi music recording - Add goodmidirecording to your collection and listen later - Share toyoursocial network [ External Midi Keyboard over USB ] - SupportforExternal MIDI Keyboard over USB MIDI. You can play PerfectPianovia the external midi keyboard (such as YAMAHA P105, RolandF-120,Xkey, etc) over USB - Pitch Bend wheel support - Notice:Requireconnect through a USB OTG Cable. A MIDI to USB line alsoneeded ifyou keyboard only has a MIDI interface [ Sound Plugins ]-Keyboard: Cello, Flute, High Quality Grand Piano, SopranoSax,Violin, Strings Ensemble, Electronic Piano, Xylophone,Trumpet,Synth Bass 1, Sitar - Guitar: Acoustic Bass, Jazz Guitar,OverdriveGuitar, Distortion Guitar - Drum Pad / Drum Machine: MetalKit, NewHipHop Kit, House Kit - Bass: Fingered Bass, Palm MutedBass Thisis one of the best musical instrument toolkit formusician,composer, performers, drummers, guitarist, bassist andpianist.Notice: - Like Walk Band onFacebook: -Feedback:[email protected] - Teachers are welcomed to useit onmusic class. We are excited if this app help.
Red Karaoke Sing & Record 3.1
Red Karaoke
The free karaoke app to sing and record yourself on audio orvideo.Start singing now with lyrics on the screen!Choose among100,000+karaoke songs and “sing along”, record yourself while yousing,share your videos singing and get fans. More than 10millionmembers are waiting to listen the voice!You can also recordduets,add sound effects to improve the voice, balance the musicwith thevoice, add Themes and Video Effects to your videos and muchmore.You will become an ultrastar, let's sing and create your ownvideoslike in a carpool karaoke. KARAOKE ON YOUR TV? If you want tothrowa karaoke party on your TV, use our new Karaoke Party appbyRedkaraoke. Download the app it for free, and sign in withyourRedkaraoke username and password. First karaoke app developedtosing on your TV and 100% compatible with Chromecast, Amazon FireTVand Fire TV Stick. Get it nowat: about our singapp?Contact us
Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony
Voloco is a real-time voice-processing appthatcombines automatic tuning and vocoding. You can pick a songfromyour library to sing or hum along to, and Voloco willautomaticallyguess the key of the song and pitch correct yourvoice to that key.Voloco also lets you record video of yourselfsinging and share itto Facebook or InstagramVoloco features four effect presets:Big Chorus -- A seven-voice harmonization effectHard Tune -- The classic "AutoTune" sound made famous by T-PainandothersNatural Tune -- Gentle auto tuneSuperVocoder -- A pitched-down monster vocoderIf you hear nothing *even when a headset is plugged in*, thensetMore Options --> Settings --> Prevent feedback toOFF.Voloco compresses your recordings as AAC in an MP4 container soyoucan easily share them.
SoundCloud - Music & Audio 2018.09.14-release
BRAND NEW: THE UPLOAD - This brand new discovery featureonSoundCloud brings you a list of the freshest new music uploadedtothe platform, personalized to your taste on a daily basis. - Withaconstantly expanding mix of music uploaded to SoundCloud everyday,we’ve made it easier to filter through it all and findtracksyou’re bound to love. - The Upload utilizes machine learningtorecommend music uploaded within the last few days, based onyourlikes and plays. - The more you use SoundCloud, the suggestionsinThe Upload will become even more fine-tuned to yourtastes.SoundCloud is the world's largest music and audiostreamingplatform – 150 million tracks and growing. With a buzzingcommunityof artists and musicians constantly uploading new music,SoundCloudis where you can find the next big artists alongsidechart-toppingalbums, live sets, and mixes for every occasion. Ourenormouscatalog lets you discover amazing hip hop, electronic,rock,classical, jazz, podcasts and more. SoundCloud offers a familyofproducts for all listeners and creators: SOUNDCLOUD FREE: -Over120 million tracks from emerging and established artists -Getsuggested tracks based on your likes and listening habits-Discover incredible music in each genre with SoundCloudcharts,from all-time greats to the newest and hottest tracks -Connectwith friends and interact with your favorite artistsdirectly -Create playlists for parties, workouts, on the way towork, orwhatever mood you're in SOUNDCLOUD GO: - Discover, stream,andshare a constantly expanding mix of music – anytime, anywhere-Over 120 million tracks from emerging and established artists-Take your collection offline, everywhere you go - No ads, foranuninterrupted listening experience - Support artists – apercentageof all revenue from SoundCloud Go is paid to creators ontheplatform - All for just $4.99/month* SOUNDCLOUD GO+: - UpgradetoGo+ for a fully expanded catalog of over 150 milliontracks,including superstars from major labels and indies - Takeyourcollection offline, everywhere you go - No more 30 secondpreviews— all music on SoundCloud, including premium Go+ tracks,isaccessible to stream & save offline - No ads - 30 daysfree,then $9.99/month** SOUNDCLOUD PULSE: Are you a creator? If youmakemusic, podcasts or any type of audio and upload it toSoundCloud,this app provides an easy way to manage your account andkeep yourcommunity humming: - Reply to comments on your tracks, onthe go -Get up-to-date stats on the performance of your tracks -Share youruploaded sounds, both publicly and privately - Get itfree on theGoogle Play Store: JOIN THECOMMUNITYSoundCloud Blog: http://blog.soundcloud.comFacebook: PROBLEMS? FEEDBACK? Themore youtell us, the better SoundCloud gets.http://soundcloudcommunity.comhttp://help.soundcloud.com Availablein English, French, Spanish,German, Dutch, Italian and BrazilianPortuguese. *Get SoundCloud Gofree for first 7 days, and$4.99/month after that. Free 7-day trialonly available for userswho haven't previously subscribed toSoundCloud Go. Trial must becanceled within 7 days of subscribingor will automatically renewfor $4.99/month. Offer limited to usersbased in the US. **GetSoundCloud Go+ free for first 30 days, and$9.99/month after that.Free 30-day trial only available for userswho haven't previouslysubscribed to SoundCloud Go or SoundCloudGo+. Trial must becanceled within 30 days of subscribing or willautomatically renewfor $9.99/month. Offer limited to users based inthe US. PrivacyPolicy: Termsof Use:
Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music 7.2.3
Musixmatch is the world’s largest collection of song lyrics usedbymillions of people to get instant synchronised lyrics forYoutube,Spotify, Pandora and more. You can also now use it to getsongtranslations on the go. KEY FEATURES: Musixmatch lets you: •Enjoysong lyrics with music from Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, AppleMusic,SoundCloud, Google Play Music and all your otherfavouritestreaming services • Tap on the real- time notification todisplaythe Floating Lyrics widget and get the current track’slyrics •Easily learn new languages by displaying the translation ofthelyrics, in time with music. • Identify and get the lyrics toanysong that’s playing around you with one tap • Search foryourfavourite song by title, artist and even just using a singlelineof the lyrics ADDITIONAL FEATURES With Musixmatch you can also:•Use the smart seek to find your favourite lyrics by easilyskippingthrough a song using the the progress bar • Share yourfavouritesong lyrics on amazing backgrounds with the LyricsCardfeature •Play Youtube videos in full screen, on landscape mode, toenjoy theFloatingLyrics fully integrated with the video • Play,pause, skiptrack from your lock screen • Get notified instantlywhen newlyrics from your favourite artists are available • Quicklyandeasily find all your favorites on your profile • Preview songsorwatch their Youtube videos • Collect your identified songs inaSpotify playlist • Join our Community so you can submit allyourfavourite lyrics, put them in time with music and even havefuntranslating them • Fetch song info and cover art for yoursongs.WEARABLES & TV STREAMING • Musixmatch is available onyourAndroid Wear devices • Enjoy Musixmatch at home casting localmusicand lyrics to your TV with Chromecast MUSIXMATCH PREMIUMFEATURESParty mode - sing along to any song with word by wordsyncing andbeautiful themes. Offline lyrics - enjoy all the lyricsyou haveviewed without a connection. No ads - get all the lyricswith noads. No commitment - cancel any time you like. GET STARTEDNot surewhere to start? Be sure to have enabled the FloatingLyricsand letMusixmatch find lyrics for your songs on Spotify, Pandora,Playmusic, YouTube, SoundCloud and more. COMMUNITY LoveMusixmatch?Don’t miss our updates: MusixmatchBlog: PROBLEMS?FEEDBACK? Welove receiving your feedback, they help us to improveMusixmatch.Reach us: on Twitter: @musixmatch or via email Visit ourSupport: REVIEWS AND HONORS AwardedinAndroid Excellence Apps 2018. The best Music Player asforAndroidPolice, Android Authority and The Next Web. "Best Apps2014and 2015" selection on Google Play Store. +50,000,000peopleenjoying their Music with the power of Lyrics Google PlayEditorChoice with +1,2 mln 5 stars reviews PERMISSIONS *We only askforthe permissions we need for the app to be at its best.Musixmatchrequests the "Notification access" permission only tolisten formusic.
Music Maker JAM
The #1 music creation app. Jointhemusic revolution now! Millions of people use Music Maker JAMtocreate, remix and share amazing beats and tracks across awidevariety of genres like EDM, trap, hip-hop, house, pop, rock,andmore.We make it easy! Pick from thousands of studio-qualityloops,beats and samples to start mixing your new track –thenshare instantly with a worldwide audience.Submit your remixes to our global challenges - grow asaproducer, gain a following and get discovered!More than ten FREE Mix Packs available in the Music MakerJAMstore.HIGHLIGHTS- Choose from 300+ Mix Packs including EDM, trap,hip-hop,house, pop, rock, dubstep, jazz, latin, techno, DnB andmore- Create your own unique sound: easily compose bycombiningsamples from different music genres- You are the producer: record live with a perfect mixdownonthe 8-channel mixer- Access thousands of studio-quality loops from beatsandvocals to synth leads and bass lines- Be creative with easy controls: adjust tempo andharmonies,edit song parts and play with spectacular real-timeeffects- Remix tracks by shaking your device- Record your own vocals- Share your tracks directly to Youtube,SoundCloud,Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks- Join our music community and connect with friends,artists,influencers, fans, followers, DJs, producers andmoreThe Music Maker JAM community has created and uploaded morethan4 million songs to date. Do you have what it takes tobecome apart of this today?You are the music revolution, we are the spark.
Karaoke 2018: Sing & Record 7.7.7
Karaoke 2018 is the best karaoke app for android that helpsyouunleash your burning voice, discover talent in your stars.Pleasejoin with millions of people sing karaoke, and burning, andputpassion. The application has powerful search feature can helpyoufind all what you want as the current hot songs, favoritesingersnow, musicians and any kind of music do you like, you needthefastest. We all have a voice. Find yours. Sing your favoritesongsavailable on Youtube. Solo privately, karaoke with friends,connectwith singers around the world. It will appear as soon as youhitthe search button without having to wait too long. It’s justlikekaraoke, only better. This really Top #1 karaoke for android,withoutstanding functionality Karaoke 2018: ✪ SING: Browse throughanendless catalogue of music videos from a variety of genresandthemes to find songs sung by your favorite artists. Plus, singinany language! ✪ RECORD: Once you’ve selected a song, now isthetime for you shine promote your singing talent, and this isafeature that help you record your vocal track as you sing alongtothe lyrics, the emotions and tone of voice soaring star of thesongyou just present. You can re-record yourself as many times asyoulike if you think you can do better. ✪ REPLAY: This is agreatfunction, you can replay as many times as you want, this isthecondition for you to evaluate their voices increasinglyprogressiveor not. ✪ MARK SONG AS FAVORITE: Show your love withyour favoriteartists and songs. With Karaoke 2018 has never been somuch Fun. Wethink it’s better than any other karaoke app, but don’tjust takeour word for it, find us and download Sing Karaoke &Record nowto have awesome moments! Karaoke Online 2018 - let yousing becauseit leverages YouTube’s unlimited library of songs andvideos. We’realways scouring YouTube for the best karaoke songs andlyrics andadding new music, songs and videos every day. Choose froma massivecatalog of Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Country,Soundtracks,Latin, K-Pop and more! Popular on Sing Karaoke &Record!Whenever you want to relieve stress, don’t hesitate to startwithKaraoke Online 2018 immediately! If you are musicallyinclined,have imagined singing a solo on stage, performing a duetwith a popstar, or joining an acapella group, download Sing Karaoke&Record today! Sing Karaoke & Record is a supportive,joyfulcommunity where music-making at all levels is encouragedandappreciated. We’re always trying to make Karaoke 2018 better.Ifyou have questions or suggestions, please share them [email protected] Try to use best karaoke app 2018now!Join millions of Karaoke fans already singing their hearts outwithKaraoke Online 2018!
Magicsing : Smart Karaoke for everyone 3.0.02
Introducing the MagicSing app! Sing, shout, and dance to all ofyourfavorite songs by accessing over 200,000 songs from all overtheworld! The MagicSing app is presented by EnterMedia Co., Ltd.,theworld’s number one karaoke manufacturer! We are proud tointroduce amobile karaoke app based on MIDI technology. MagicSinghighlightsthe various elements of music and singing by allowingusers to alterthe tone, tempo, and melody so that the song can betailored to eachunique singer! It provides a voice search functionand a wide-rangeof musical genres from gospel music to the latestpop songs. Byusing the streaming method, the latest songs areautomaticallyupdated so that it’s ready to play anytime andanywhere. TheMagicSing app is also compatible with EnterMedia’slateststreaming-based MagicSing karaoke machines, which worktogether tocreate a more lively karaoke experience. Refer to theMagicSingkaraoke manual to connect the app and the karaokemachine![Highlights] * Provides an extensive music library of morethan200,000 songs in a variety of languages * Supports keychanges,tone, tempo, and melody * Instrumental accompaniment withvolume andcontrol to match the users’ taste * The latest songsareautomatically updated * MagicSing can be used togetherwithEnterMedia’s MagicSing karaoke machines * MIDI-based music,ratherthan recordings. This service only uses a small amount ofdata;about 20 ~ 30 KB per song, so that you can get fast streamingandimmediate music for fewer data. [Support] *Contact"[email protected]” for song requests or anyotherinquiries. * Official facebookpage: Thank you forusingMagicSing!
Magic Piano by Smule 2.8.3
From Bruno Mars to Mozart, play the hottest songs!Relax yoursoulwith beautiful sounds of piano while playing your favoritetunes onoriginal #1 piano rhythm game. Featured by TIME, New YorkTimes andGoogle Play Best Apps 2014. Features- New hits added daily- 1000+hits across genres- Adjustable difficulty level- Rhythm andtempocontrol - recreate the music! - Sing! Jam - play along tofeaturedartist's vocals- Create your own music with our Composer.Find itin the main menu!Current most popular songs (all genres):**Let ItGo - Disney's Frozen** All of Me - John Legend** On Top oftheWorld - Imagine Dragons ** Counting Stars - One Republic** Cups-Anna Kendrick** I'll Make Love To You - Boyz II Men** Photograph-Ed Sheeran** Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko** Bubbly -ColbieCaillat** What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction** MovesLikeJagger - Maroon 5** Eye of the Tiger - Survivor** The MagicFlute -Mozart** Moonlight Sonata - BeethovenWant a song that'snotavailable? Suggest songs on Smule’s UP AND PLAY EFFORTLESSLYMagicPianomakes you sound like a piano prodigy - any time, anywhere.Playyour favorite songs with your own spin and sound greateverytime.-Follow beams of light to guide your fingertips to thecorrectnote. You control the notes, rhythm and tempo, allowingyourcreativity and expressivity to shine.CONNECTING THE WORLDTHROUGHMUSIC™- SHARE YOUR PERFORMANCES-Broadcast your performanceson thein-app Smule Globe or listen to other players’ songs and givetheirperformances some love.-Share your pieces through Facebook, While you can use your existing Smule account with MagicPiano onAndroid, the content of the apps differ substantially,andconsequently songs and Smoola are not shared between iOSandAndroid. Thank you for your understanding.2) We unfortunatelynolonger support Android devices running an Android OS lowerthan4.1. We apologize for the inconvenience.Have questions onaparticularpermission?
StarMaker Lite 7.1.6
The free karaoke app that lets you singing like a star!StarMakerLite may be the best social & musical APP you’ve everseen! WHYdo we say that? Cause here you can sing your own covers oftopsongs from 2,000,000+ songs! You can COLLAB with yourfavoriteartists and more than 40,000,000 users can collab with you!You canalso create top recordings with a huge range of voiceeffects andshare your cover with all your friends and win Likes!Let’s enjoymusic, let’s enjoy life!! Cutting-edge features help yousingkaraoke like a star! + SING like a star with Audio effects +YOURTURN TO SHINE : Sing and Gain Fans! + RECORD your music videosandadd cool filters! + SHARE with our community and on socialmediawith your friends! + WATCH amazing covers from singers allover theworld, LIKE and SHARE! Singing is fun! Show your uniquetalent tothe world Start singing that chart-topping song by artistslikeBruno Mars, Jessie J, Selena Gomez and more. The more songsyousing, the more songs you unlock! New karaoke tracks released onadaily basis: you’ll never run out of songs to sing! Share andbediscovered Post your karaoke videos to friends and followersonFacebook, Twitter, Instagram…, and share on our network withtheStarMaker community for even faster fan base growth!Watchthousands of karaoke covers, VOTE for the best singers andLIKEyour favorite songs! JUST A FEW OF OUR HIT SONGS: + 7 Years -LukasGraham + Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes + Hotline Bling –Drake +Shake It Off – Taylor Swift + Love Yourself - Justin Bieber+Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran + Cheap Thrills - Sia + OneCallAway - Charlie Puth + Work From Home - Fifth Harmony + Lean on-Major Lazer & DJ Snake + See you Again - Wiz Khalifa +StressedOut - Twenty One Pilots + Stay with me - Sam smith + LikeI’m Gonnalose you - Meghan Trainor … and more songs added daily!Like us onFacebook ( Follow us on Twitter(@StarMaker) &Instagram (@StarMaker_App) Subscribe to ourYouTube Channel(@StarMakerNetwork) Also check out our STARMAKERapp! Havingtrouble? Contact our customer [email protected], we’ll be happy to helpandanswer your questions! Under License: Talpa Media HoldingsandPhilips Electronics
Easy Voice Recorder
Easy Voice Recorder is your everyday companion to recordimportantmoments. Capture meetings, personal notes, classes, songs,and muchmore, without time limits! For students Record your classesandlectures with clear quality, even when the teacher is not rightinfront of you. Listen to these notes as many times as you wanttohelp you study for that next exam. With no time limits andtheoption to choose a compressed format, it's easy to record eventhelongest classes and lectures. For business Capture interviewsandmeetings from your phone, tablet, or smart watch, then sharethemwith your colleagues through email or your favourite messagingapp.Take advantage of powerful widgets and shortcuts to start anewrecording right from the home screen. For musicians andforeveryone With many options to fine-tune the recording, the appisgreat for rehearsals and for capturing melodies that pop inyourhead. Quickly try new ideas, hear the results and makeadjustmentson a new take. You can quickly switch between voicenotes, meetings& lectures, and music & raw sound with easyto use settingsand presets. Here is what you get: ★ Record tohigh-quality PCM andMP4, or use AMR to save space. ★ Quick start anew recording withwidgets and shortcuts, and record in thebackground. ★ Sharerecordings easily through email or yourfavourite app, or set themas a ringtone. ★ Android Wear support -record from yoursmartwatch. ★ Light and dark themes, and many othercool features.Want more? The Pro version also includes thefollowing features(available on supported devices): - Upload newrecordingsautomatically to your Google Drive or Dropbox. - Manageandorganize your recordings with folders, and save recordings toyourSD card. - Record using a Bluetooth microphone. - Controltherecorder from anywhere using the notifications bar, or throughourTasker and Locale plugins. - Many more options, includingMP3support, stereo, skip silence, volume boost, custom bitrates,andmore. Easy Voice Recorder is exactly what the name says: an easytouse audio recorder and sound recorder. Reliable, fast andflexible,it adapts to your needs. Need help? Please note that EasyVoiceRecorder Pro is not a call recorder and can’t record phonecalls onmost phones. If there are any problems, please contact [email protected] We are always happy to assist you. TermsofUse Terms ofUse: Photos/Media/Files - Save recordings to yourexternalstorage. Microphone - Record audio from your microphone.
AutoRap by Smule 2.1.3
If you can talk, you can rap with AutoRap. Select from over100beats from artists like Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Tupac, and SnoopDogg.Then listen as AutoRap transforms your speech into alyricalmasterpiece!With Smule’s proprietary “rappification”technology,AutoRap maps the syllables of your speech to any beat,creating aunique rap every time.Features: - Turn your words in to arap songinstantly - Talk mode- Auto-tune your freestyle verses(correctsbad rapping) - Rap mode - Rap Battles - show off yourrapping. Takechallenges from other AutoRappers- Discover TopRappers. Getfollowers yourself.- Share your rap on via SMS, email,Facebook andTwitter. Go viral.The current catalog includes songsand beats by:- Drake- Lil Wayne- Nicki Minaj - Eminem feat. Rihanna- BOB -T-Pain- Snoop Dogg - Ludacris - Tupac feat. Dr. Dre -Outkast -Nelly - Beastie Boys - Kelis - Chamillionaire ...and manymore. NEWBEATS AND SONGS ADDED EVERY WEEK. TALK MODE: Talk into theapp, andAutoRap magically morphs your speech into a legit rap.Create yourown original rap songs with Freestyle Beats and PremiumSongs fromartists like Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj to AutoRap.TheRappification™ feature will turn you into a rap star! RAPMODE:It's all you! Dish a fresh rhyme in your own time andstyle.AutoRap autotunes your verses to match the tempo of the beatyouchose. (Headphones recommended for Rap Mode)SHARE, GO VIRAL-CONNECTING THE WORLD THROUGH MUSIC™Rap about something thatmattersto you and go viral. Share your rap recordings with yourfriendsvia text message, email, Facebook or Twitter. Sing them ahappybirthday they’ll never forget, or give ‘em the lowdown onthesandwich you ate for lunch.RAP BATTLE: You don't have to rapalone.Challenge your friends to an epic three-round, turn-by-turnrap-offand let AutoRap seamlessly weave verses from you and youropponentinto a single track of rapperly rapport. ALWAYS FREE: Weoffer onesong that is ALWAYS FREE - “Turkey Burgers” - so you canuse theapp anytime you want completely free, without spending anymoney,ever. EARN PLAYS: We also allow you to earn Plays for free,rightin the app!NOTE: Headphones recommended for maximumenjoyment.Havequestions on a particularpermission?
TikTok - including 8.5.0
TikTok is a global video community. We make it easy for you towatchawesome short videos AND you can also make your own videosbycapturing those funny and memorable moments to share withtheworld. Spice up your videos with our special effects filters,funstickers, and so much more. Life’s moving fast, so makeeverysecond count. ■ Watch millions of videos selected specificallyforyou An experience catered specifically for you based on contentyouwatch, like, and share! TikTok will adapt to your taste toofferthe most relevant, interesting, fun, quirky, head-turningvideosthat you’ll never want to stop watching! ■ Get entertainedandinspired by a global community of creators Millions of creatorsareon TikTok showcasing their incredible talents, preciousmoments,and knowledge. ■ Add your favorite music or sound to yourvideosfor free Easily edit your videos with millions of free musicclipsand sounds! We create featured music playlists for you withthehottest tracks in every genre, including pop, rock,rap,electronic, R&B, country, and more. ■ Use emoji stickersandface filters 100+ emoji stickers available for free to takeyourvideos to the next level. Unlock tons of fun face filtersandbeauty effects in your videos. ■ Editing tools allow you toeasilytrim, cut, merge, and duplicate video clips ■ Livestreamingfiltersare constantly being updated with fresh, creative designs ■Dance,Comedy, Vlog, Sports, DIY, and Animal videos all ready tobeconsumed * Any feedback? Contact us at [email protected] ortweetus @tiktok
Karaoke Sing - Record 1.8.121
Application with best karaoke songs, latest- Sing comfortableandrecord your singing voice- Save your songs, can be setasringtones- With the latest songs- Scoring your singingvoice-Intelligent search function to help you find all of yourfavoritesongs.- Data is continuously updated every day.Share yoursingingvoice with people offline.
Karaoke Online : Sing & Record 1.18
Aloha Std
Karaoke Online : Application that help you Sing and Recordsongseasily, conveniently. Karaoke Online has lot of songs, includemanynew karaoke songs in 2017, you can search easily and singkaraokeall day right on your phone / tablet.With Karaoke Online,you can:-Sing new songs, sing favorite songs anytime.- Sing karaokeonlinewith video.- Search karaoke songs easier with Talk ToSearchfeature.- Record while singing karaoke with high quality.-Addeffects to your recordings like echo, reverb...- Have fun withyourfriends by Karaoke Online Score feature or send yourrecordingfiles to your friends.And lots of other gadgets foryou.Let's tryKaraoke Online with your friends. If you have aBluetoothloudspeaker, it will very fun ^^Note:- Application supportAndroid4.0.3 and up.- Application requires RECORD_AUDIO PermissionandWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Permission to record karaoke songs andsaveto storage.- When you use voice to search karaoke songs, let'susethe default language of your phone.Thank you for usingKaraokeOnline. Any questions please contact email:[email protected]
SoundHound - Music Discovery & Hands-Free Player 5.4.4
Music Discovery, Identification, & Voice-Controlled player300M+downloads, billions of songs discovered. Hey, what song isthat?SoundHound 8 makes it simple to discover music playing aroundyou.Whether you’re in the car or out and about, open the app, hitthebig orange SoundHound button, let your phone listen for afewseconds, and we’ll tell you exactly what’s playing! Some folkshavecalled it pure magic, and we tend to agree. Look! NoHands!SoundHound comes equipped with “OK Hound…”, an incrediblypowerfulway to interact with SoundHound through your voice. “OKHound…” canhelp you navigate the app, discover new music andplayback songshands-free. Simply say ‘OK Hound...’ from any screenand say acommand! Hey DJ, turn it up! Discovering new music is onlyhalf thefun of SoundHound. We’re music lovers too, so we’ve createdanincredible experience for you to relive your discoveries withourmusic player. Connect your Spotify account to listen again,buildplaylists, explore music across genres, and find new favorites-all with real-time, karaoke-style lyrics through LiveLyrics®.Don’thave a Spotify subscription? No sweat, we have you coveredwith ourfree, built-in YouTube player. This is your music journey.Everysong you discover will be kept in your own personal history.Lookup where you heard that song on your Music Map. Want to keepallyour devices in sync? Be sure to register for a freeSoundHoundaccount! Still curious about SoundHound? Here’severything you needto know! Discover • Tap the SoundHound button inthe app todiscover music playing around you! We’ll let you knoweverythingabout the song including title, artist, album, andlyrics! • Have asong stuck in your head? Press the SoundHoundbutton, sing or humthe tune and we’ll do the rest! • Keep track ofall yourdiscoveries in your own personal history • See the hottestnewmusic across Genre, Global, and Popular charts • Find outwhat’sbeing played near you and around the world with our Music MapPlay• Songs you discover can be played back for free via ourbuilt-inYouTube player • View lyrics when playing back a song fromYouTube• SoundHound comes with ‘OK Hound…’, an incredibly fastandaccurate way to find great music with your voice. Hound isbuiltwith natural language understanding, so speak like you wouldwith afriend. • Simply say ‘OK Hound....’ from any screen or tapthemicrophone on the play page. Once you see the listening panel,youcan follow up with commands including: App Navigation‘ me my discoveries’ Help/Questions ‘OK Hound...Showmewhat I can say’ Music Discovery ‘OK Hound...what’s that song?’SongPlayback ‘OK Hound... Play Hello by Adele’ Lyrics Search‘OKHound... Show me lyrics to Castle on the hill’ Top Charts‘OKHound...Play today’s top songs’’ Add to SpotifyPlaylist(registration required) ‘OK Hound...Add this song to myplaylist’Connect • Build personalized playlists through Spotify(SoundHoundaccount and music subscription required) • AccessSpotify playlistsfor a richer playback experience throughSoundHound • View andinteract with real-time, moving lyrics foryour songs withLiveLyrics(r) • Keep all of your discoveries in syncacrossmultiple devices SHARE • Share your music discoveries toFacebook,Twitter, messaging services and email! REVIEWS &ACCLAIM • Top10 Must-Have iPhone Apps - Bob Tedeschi, NY Times •Best MusicEngagement App - BILLBOARD Music App Awards • EssentialiPad App -"Seriously fast" - John Herrman, Gizmodo • "Genius, isn'tit?" -B.B.C. World Radio • "This is amazing... insane, right?" -DavidPogue Don’t want banner ads? Upgrade toSoundHound∞:
Google Play Music 8.14.7429-1.H
Google LLC
Google Play Music provides free, ad-supported radio for whatyou’redoing, how you’re feeling, or what you want to hear.Instantlystart radio stations based on songs, artists, or albums,or browseby genre, mood, activity, decade, and more. Bring your ownmusiccollection with you by uploading 50,000 of your own songs;thenlisten to them across Android, iOS, and the web, forfree.Subscribe to get on-demand access to millions of songs anddownloadanything to listen even when you’re not connected - or signup forthe family plan on Android to provide access for up to sixfamilymembers for one low price. Plus, subscriptions come withYouTubeMusic Premium membership, so you can enjoy YouTube Musicad-free,in the background, and offline. Free features: *Radiocurated byexperts for anything you want to hear *Store up to 50,000songsfrom your personal music collection *Discover and subscribetopodcasts *Smart recommendations based on your taste *ListenonAndroid, iOS, and the web Subscription-only features: *Thefamilyplan, where up to six family members can enjoy Google PlayMusicfor one low price. *On-demand access to over 35 millionsongs*YouTube Music Premium membership( for details) *Download musictoyour device and listen when you’re not connected*Ad-free,uninterrupted listening Learn where Google Play Music isavailableat moreabout Google Play Music at
Deezer Music & MP3 Player: Songs, Radio & Podcasts
Deezer Mobile
Discover music, albums and playlists you love with Deezer,yourpersonal music player. Stream and download to listen offline,orsing-a-long with and share online - your personal sound isnowalways with you. Try Flow, for a custom list of new and oldtunes,albums and more. Listen to playlists packed with top songsandsounds by the hottest artists. Download any MP3 from thelatestalbums and sing along to your favorite tune with on-screenlyrics.Listen to your music on-demand, online or offline, whereverandwhenever you want, and have music at your fingertips for wakingup,chilling out and living life. Deezer’s music Editors andsmarttechnology help you discover new music and songs that matchyourpersonal taste. Just press play, and let Flow learn yourmusicaltaste. • Discover Flow, your personal soundtrack • Searchandeasily share any song, artist or album • Discover musicandmillions of playlists • Listen to Mixes inspired by yourfavoritetracks, artists or albums • Create unlimited musicplaylists •Download music and any MP3 to listen to offline • Singalong withon-screen music lyrics • Immerse yourself in what youlove with alist or Channel • Explore unlimited entertainment,podcasts, andaudiobooks • Listen to live radio stations • Importyour favoriteMP3s • Share your song playlists or keep them privateFlow Flow isyour personal soundtrack of fresh new beats and thesongs youforgot you loved in one infinite stream. It’s anever-evolving,one-click musical experience that plays non-stoptunes,personalized to your tastes. Plus, discover new hits by EdSheeran,Adele, Justin Bieber and other award-winning artists.Listen to thesongs that are playing on the radio. Playlists Createplaylists andreceive recommendations from the Deezer music Editors,who curatethousands of tracks so you can play them one afteranother or inshuffle mode. Find a playlist of songs for a road tripwithColdplay, or create a workout mix with pop hits from MeghanTrainorand Nicki Minaj. Find music and keep your playlists forever.StreamStart listening to songs at your leisure and enjoy yourmusicanywhere with your own mobile music player. ChannelsStreamChannels and enjoy curated, recommended songs based on amood,genre or event. Discover unlimited music for genres such asIndie,Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock, Blues and more. Choose a Channel tosee acollection of artists, playlists, radio stations, new releasesandEditor picks. Lyrics Deezer not only lets you streamunlimitedmusic, but it also lets you sing along to your favoriteartistswith on-screen lyrics. Whether streaming Madonna or ChrisBrown,sing along with music lyrics at your fingertips. Heard a songonthe radio that you love? Find the music, get the lyrics andsingout loud. Mixes Enjoy mixes based on your favorite tracks,specificsong genres or types of music such as 80s rock, countrymusic, topDavid Bowie songs, pop like Miley Cyrus or chill outmusic likeColdplay. Download your music Mix and even share yourMixes withfriends. Search Explore the entire Deezer music catalogand listento music by searching for artists, albums or tracks.Search musicto discover the best new artists and genres. Discoverthe latestmusic and listen to songs, all day long. Audio Set upyour audiosettings by choosing the Balanced option – improve soundqualitywhen connected to WiFi, or customize your audio settingsyourself,by choosing the Custom option. Deezer Premium • Unlimitedmusicacross all devices • No ads or interruptions • Enhanced soundandaudio quality • Offline mode • Drive with CarPlay, the bestcopilotDeezer Family • Kids-only profiles • 6 Premium profiles*Startstreaming the latest music with the best music player FollowDeezerFacebook: Snapchat: Deezermusic
Voice Recorder 2.0.13
Splend Apps
Voice recorder - Audio recorderVoice Recorder isfree,full-featured, beautifully designed and easy to use audiorecordingapp for android.Our sound recorder provides high qualityrecordingswithout limits of time (only limited by memory size).Youcan use itas a regular dictaphone for record voice notes and memos,businessmeetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, concerts, sleeptalking:) or anything else.This audio recorder works well onsmartphonesand tablets, with and without external storage.Morefeatures anddetails• 4 Different audio formats: MP3, high qualityPCM (wav),good quality AAC (m4a/mp4) and AMR (3gp) to save space•Adjustablesample rate from phone quality (8 kHz) up to CD quality(44 kHz)•Changeable bitrate from 32 up to 320 kbps• Live audiospectrumanalyzer• Recording in background even when screen isoff•Customizable recordings folder• Selectable audiosource(microphones or phone call) NOTE: This app is not dedicatedcallrecorder and may not work properly on some devices.•Built-inuser-friendly media player like in a regular mp3 player•Send andshare via e-mail and other apps• Rename and delete yourrecordings•Set recording as ringtone, alarm or notification sound•Open withoption allows you to play and edit sounds in other apps•Controlrecorder and player from the status bar• Blinking LEDnotificationduring recording and playing when screen is off (fordevices withnotifiation LED)• Automatic stop when out of memory•Sortingrecordings by date, name, size and duration• Saving soundstoandroid media libraryAbout Us•• Our PrivacyPolicy:• ContactUs: Us•Twitter:•Facebook:•Google+:
Tuner & Metronome 4.0
Tuner & Metronome is the best free app for musicians. Themostaccurate chromatic tuner and professional hands-freemetronome.Designed by musicians - superfast and simple! Even onetouch can: •Start / stop the metronome • Set a combination of sound/ flashlight / vibration / visual beats • Turn on tuner • Recordyourplaying • Select rhythm patterns • Use black screenbattery-savingmode ========================================== ★Features • Tunerwith 2 modes: (1) chromatic tuner measuring soundpitch andintensity (2) pitch fork mode • Customizable A4 frequency(440Hz bydefault) • You can upload your sheet music through ourapp. You canrecord and practice playing while watching uploadedsheet musics. •Our app never lags beats: a real metronome shouldn'tlag. • Able torecord your playing with integrated one touchrecorder ★ Flashlight metronome mode If the sound of the metronomeis hard to heardue to the speaker volume limit or loud backgroundnoise, use flashlight metronome mode. In this mode, you can easilyfeel the beatswith flashes of light. Project the flashlight to thewall, then theentire wall can flash the beats. ★ Large and simplebutton Start orstop the metronome wit a big button whenever youwant ★ Morefeatures • Supports all instruments, such as activepiano, guitar,ukulele, mandolin, violin, cello, viola, bass, drum,flute,harmonica, etc. • Supports all kind of transposedinstruments,including B-flat clarinet, F horn, E-flat saxophone,D-flatpiccolo, and many others. • Scales practice • Precise beatsperminute (BPM) control • BPM detector • Practice time tracker •Highprecision tuner • Visual metronome mode using flash light ofthecamera • Tuning fork, pitch pipe ★ About permissions Accesstocamera is required for flash light metronome, access tophonestatus is required to stop the metronome when a call isincoming,access to microphone is for recorder and tuner, and accesstostorage is for recorder.
Sing Karaoke Online & Karaoke Record 1.3.7
GO Studio
With Sing Karaoke & Record help you unleash your burningvoice,discover talent in your stars. Please join with millions ofpeoplesing karaoke, and burning, and put passion. The applicationhaspowerful search feature can help you find all what you want asthecurrent hot songs, favorite singer now, musicians and any kindofmusic do you like, you need the fastest.Withoutstandingfunctionality Sing karaoke:- Sing: Categories listedclearly andfully affordable genres you love, plus you can searchfor any kindof music you like.- Recording: Once you've selected asong for her,now is the time for you to shine promote his singingtalent, andthis is a feature that helps you record the emotions andtone ofvoice soaring star of the song you just present.- Replay:This is agreat function, you can replay, share your moments shinewhensinging karaoke, this is the condition for you to evaluatetheirvoices increasingly progressive or not.- Share: You can shareyourperformances on any social network you like facebook,twitter.Alsosing karaoke app also some very interesting features,you alsodiscover download to offline. Sing karaoke songs from theyoutubevideo is very rich, so you can find anything you want.If youloveSing karaoke by gostudio! Please rate we app on Google Play.Wewill always be receptive to your suggestions forfurtherimprovement applications. If you have any questions cancontactusE-mail: [email protected]: . Thank you verymuch!
edjing Mix: DJ music mixer 6.8.2
Introducing edjing Mix - the brand new version of the world'smostdownloaded DJ app voted Best App by Google 4 years in arow(2013-2014-2015-2016) - reworked to ensure even greaterperformancelevel. Designed in partnership with pro DJs, edjing Mixtransformsyour device into a real DJ setup and stretches the limitsof djingon mobile, offering unlimited creative freedom. Accessmillions oftracks coming from Deezer, SoundCloud and all your localfoldersand remix in an instant with more than 20 DJ fx andfeatures. Notto mention the all-new sampler and the hardwareintegration to pusheven further the boundaries of the mobile djing.* ‘edjing Mixoffers the same capability of a pro DJ software exceptwith theconvenience of being on a device that fits in a pocket.’ -DJ TechTools * 'A super portable digital setup' - DJ Worx Remix+50million tracks - Music library (access to all your local music)-Soundcloud integration - Deezer integration (requires aPremiumaccount) - create multisource playlists with songs from bothyourlocal and streaming sources - smart search feature thatdisplaysresults for all your music sources on the same screen -queuesystem to prepare the upcoming songs - advanced sorting:browse byalphabetical order, BPM, or Time A new major feature: thesampler -access 16 free samples to trigger when you want on top ofyourmusic: siren, gunshot, kick, snare... - possibility to linkthesampler to the crossfader to cut the pads' samples sounddependingon your crossfader's position. - +20 sample Packs (EDM,Hip-Hop,dubstep...), created by Pro DJs, in partnership with FutureLoopsAll the must-have DJ tools - automatic BPM (Beats perminute)detection for all your songs - Tap BPM feature to manuallyadjustthe BPM of your tracks - continuous sync between your twotracks -a little audio spectrum to navigate in your music - a wideaudiospectrum for optimised beats detection - pro audio FX:Echo,Flanger, Reverse - audio FX expansion (in-app purchase):Roll,Filter, Steel, Color Noise, Beatgrid...and more! - automatedaudioFX sync on the beats (loop, cue, seek) - loops: from 1/4 to 8,orcustomizable through 'in' and 'out' point - set up to 4 Hot Cuesoneach deck - EQ three bands and Gain - Pre-cueing withheadphones(in-app purchase) - Automix mode to let edjing mix and doseamlesstransitions between your tracks - ultra precise scratch - a"Slip"mode that can be activated for Loops and Scratch - HDrecording ofyour mixes and scratch routines in .wav format - 4skins tocustomize your turntables (in-app purchase): Diamond, Gold,Neon,Metal Turntables designed by pro DJs - intuitive interfacethatgives you a direct and quick access to all the essentialfeaturesto gain time during remix live sessions - optimizedturntables: youare only 1 click away from the essentials -possibility to reorderthe audio FX lists to customize the panelCompatible with Mixfader- remix with edjing Mix and the world'sfirst wireless crossfader( - Mixfader becomes yourcrossfader for you toscratch on edjing To detect and connect toyour Mixfader, the appneeds permission to activate your Bluetooth,and access yourlocation. This is required by the Android BluetoothSystem.Mixfader requires Bluetooth LE and Android 4.3 onwards.Remix fromsongs your Android Wear - access your set key information- syncyour songs - manage 4 DJ effects About edjing Mix Tokeepup-to-date on our latest news, follow us on:www.edjing.comFacebook: Twitter: Contact our Team: [email protected]
Voice Recorder Pro 2.0.23
Splend Apps
Voice recorder - Audio recorderVoice Recorder isfree,full-featured, beautifully designed and easy to use audiorecordingapp for android.Our sound recorder provides high qualityrecordingswithout limits of time (only limited by memory size).Youcan use itas a regular dictaphone for record voice notes and memos,businessmeetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, concerts, sleeptalking:) or anything else.This audio recorder works well onsmartphonesand tablets, with and without external storage.Morefeatures anddetails• 4 Different audio formats: MP3, high qualityPCM (wav),good quality AAC (m4a/mp4) and AMR (3gp) to save space•Adjustablesample rate from phone quality (8 kHz) up to CD quality(44 kHz)•Changeable bitrate from 32 up to 320 kbps• Support forstereo andmono recording• Live audio spectrum analyzer• Recordinginbackground even when screen is off• Customizable recordingsfolder•Selectable audio source (microphones or phone call) NOTE:This appis not dedicated call recorder and may not work properly onsomedevices.• Built-in user-friendly media player with volumecontrolexactly like in a regular mp3 player• Send and share viae-mail andother apps• Rename and delete your recordings• Setrecording asringtone, alarm or notification sound• Open with optionallows youto play and edit sounds in other apps• Resizable widgetdisplaysyour recordings and provides quick access to the app•Controlrecorder and player from the status bar• Blinking LEDnotificationduring recording and playing when screen is off (fordevices withnotifiation LED)• Automatic stop when out of memory•Stop recordingor playing when active call• Auto start recording•Share and deletemultiple files at the same time (long-clickselection support)•Sorting recordings by date, name, size andduration• Saving soundsto android media libraryAbout Us•• Our PrivacyPolicy:• ContactUs: Us•Twitter:•Facebook:•Google+:
Access, manage and share your files at 4shared with others.Freemobile application 4shared for Android is a convenient and fastwayto access your account at, including alldocuments,photos, music, etc. directly from your Android devicewhenever youwish to. The convenient public search option allows youto searchfor and find the file you need within the massive 4sharedfiledatabase. It’s also simple to define various search filters(uploadtime, size, type of file, etc.) to get the best results andadd thenecessary file to your own account at With4shared forAndroid you can easily copy, move, rename, delete,upload anddownload any files from your account at onyoursmartphone or tablet and share them with your colleagues,relativesand friends. 4shared for Android enables: • Fast andconvenientaccess to 30,000,000+ files. • User-friendly searchwithin massive4shared database with an option to instantly add thefound files toyour account. • A possibility to manage your, listen to music and even watch videos directly onyourAndroid device. • Instant sharing of files from your4sharedaccount via the app. Required app permissions: • Contacts -onlyused for reading contact list. This enables sharing your filestoemails from your contacts. We do not enable any 3rd-party accesstoyour contact list info. • Device ID & Call information -onlyused for reading the status of any ongoing calls. Thisenablespausing streamed music in the app, when someone’s callingyou. •Photos/Media/Files - enables file upload from Androiddevice(including Camera upload) to your 4shared account and thedownloadof files from your account to the phone storage or SD card.•Identity - used for the correct sign-in to your 4shared accountviathe app. We do not sell or otherwise transfer your personal datato3rd-party vendors. • Wi-Fi connection info - only used forreadingthe state of Wi-Fi connection. This improves file uploadanddownload app features. Facebook NetworkAudience:
Perfect Piano 7.3.0
Perfect Piano is an intelligent piano simulator designed forAndroidphones and tablets. With in-built genuine piano timbre,this app canteach you how to play the piano and amuse you at thesame time! [Intelligent Keyboard ] • 88-key piano keyboard •Single-row mode;Double-row mode; Dual players; Chords mode •Multitouch screensupport • Force touch • Keyboard width adjustment• Multiplein-built sound effects: Grand piano, Bright Piano, MusicBox, PipeOrgan, Rhodes, Synthesiser • MIDI and ACC audio recording•Metronome • Direct sharing of recording file or set as ringtone•OpenSL ES low latency audio support (beta) [ Learn to Play ]•Learn thousands of popular music scores • Three guidancepatterns:falling note, waterfall, music sheet (stave) • Three playmodes:auto play, semi-auto play, note pause • Left & right handsetup• A->B loop • Speed adjustment • Difficulty adjustment[Multiplayer Connection & Competition ] • Play the pianowithother players from all over the world • Make friends •Real-timeonline chat • Weekly new song challenge ranking • Createguilds [Support USB MIDI Keyboard ] • Supports standard GeneralMIDIprotocol and allows the connection of MIDI keyboard (such asYAMAHAP105, Roland F-120, Xkey, etc.) through USB interface •Perfectlycontrol the piano, play, record and compete via externalMIDIkeyboard • Note: this function is only available forAndroidversion 3.1 or higher and supports USB Host with theconnection ofUSB OTG lines. [ Support Timbre Plug-ins ] • Timbreplug-ins arefree to download and install, such as bass, electricguitar, woodenguitar, flute, saxophone, electronic keyboard,violin, chord,xylophone and harp. [ Piano Widget ] • A small pianowidget foryour home screen. You can play music any time withoutopening theApp. If you have any questions regarding the use of app,pleasecontact us: • Feedback: [email protected] •Facebook: Let's rock and roll!
Downloader for Smule 1.3
This app allow you to easily download audio and video fromSmule.Howto use this app?- Copy share URL of the video- Paste itin this app-Tap on Download- Enjoy ;)Premium feature [PAID]includes:-downloading cover image- listed name of all performer-downloadprofile photo of any performer- no adsDisclaimer: "Thisapp is notsponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Smule,Inc."
Drum Pads 24 - Music Maker 3.5.4
Drum Pads 24 is the best all in one drum machine app: drumpadssampler and beats music mixer. Over 15,000,000 beat makersandfinger drummers already use it! Hot new music every day!Youcanmake music and tracks on the go with this epic DJ mixer andevenmore:★ Performing live★ Beatboxing★ Fingerdrumming★ Playingloops★Creating sounds★ Mastering your beat maker skills★ Recordingandsharing music session Are you a beatbox maker? Use our PadEditorto record your own voice and sounds and make perfect beatsmusic.Doyou like hiphop or rap? Use Drum Pads 24 as rappersoundboard appwith ready-to-use and high-quality sounds.Are you abeginnermusician? Watch our video tutorials and master your beatmakingskills step by step. Lightshow will make your practice evenmorefunny and stunning!Are you a beats maker pro? Create your ownsoundpack with our Pad Editor, share it with our huge beatmakerscommunity and grow your fan base. Or take part in our battlesonour social channels!Drum Pads 24 is one of the best dj appsformixing music and making music apps. It’s the key to havefastfingers so that can be epic on any drum padcontroller.Wecollaborate with popular music producers and producesound packs inour own music studio to provide you with music indifferent EDMgenres: ★ Hip-Hop★ Trap★ Dubstep★ House★ Drum-n-Bass★Electro★Future Bassand more!There are 2800+ high-quality sounds inourlibrary of music create app. New sound packs are releasedeveryweek. Use Drum Pads 24 to create your own music or mixtapes.Makingmusic beats is really easy for everyone with our drumpadmachineapp. Tap colourful pads and make music with drum pads 24everyday.Record video, collaborate with friends and share yourmasterpiecesto Youtube or Soundcloud.★★★ FEATURES ★★★- High qualitysamples(uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1 KHz)- Popular EDM sound packs,new freeupdates regularly- Keep up with beat makers that you followanddiscover new content daily.- 24 pads in two scenes- Pitchaudioeffect- Step sequencer to make beat loops or use it as ametronome-Pad Editor to create your own sound pack with our samplesor yourfavorite song.- Music session recording and sharing-Videotutorials for mastering your skillsDrum Pads 24 is madebymusicians for musicians. It’s a perfect rhythm app approvedbyprofessional beat makers!Our team is always hard working toprovideyou with the high-quality app and sounds.Watchus: Likeus: (and take partinbattles!)Enjoy playing Drum Pads 24 and become a member ofhuge#drumpads24 family!
Karaoke 2018 - Sing What You Like 1.7.8
Chris Grey
Karaoke 2018 is a Karaoke app that helps you find all what youwantas the current hot songs, favorite singers now. Withoutstandingfunctionality Karaoke 2018: ✰ SING: Browse throughendless karaokesongs & sing in any language! ✰ RECORD: Recordyour vocal trackas you sing along to the lyrics, the emotions andtone of voicesoaring star of the song you just present. ✰ FLOATINGPOPUP PLAYER:- Karaoke 2018: watch your videos in full screen oruse thefloating popup for multitasking - Customize the size ofthefloating popup player to your needs - Move the floatingpopupplayer wherever you want on the screen ✰ MARK SONG ASFAVORITE:Show your love with your favorite artists and songs. WithKaraoke2018 has never been so much Fun. We think it’s better thananyother karaoke app, but do not just take our word for it, findusand download Karaoke 2018 now to have awesome moments! Karaoke2018- let you sing because it leverages YouTube’s unlimited libraryofsongs and videos. We’re always scouring YouTube for thebestkaraoke songs and lyrics. ✰ PLEASE NOTE: - This app is PoweredbyYouTube API. All the content is provided by YouTubeservice.Karaoke 2018 does not have direct control over the content.- Aninternet connection is required (Wi-Fi or cellular data)-According to YouTube's Terms of Use, we are not allowed todisplayvideos when in lock screen, nor to enable you to downloadfreesongs. We are always excited to hear from you and will try ourbestto help you! If you have any feedback or questions, please usethefeedback option from the app. Rate us on Google Play. We’realwaystrying to make Karaoke 2018 better. If you have questionsorsuggestions, please share them with us! Join millions ofKaraokefans already singing their hearts out with Karaoke 2018!
Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Max MP
Poweramp is a powerful music playerforAndroid.Follow us on twitter @PowerampAPP to get instant updates onappdevelopment progress, feature spotlight, theme sharing, takepartin giveaways and even chances for free copies ofPoweramp.Please check Common Questions/Answers below inthedescription.Key Features:- plays mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape,wv,tta, mpc, aiff- 10 band optimized graphical equalizer for all supportedformats,presets, custom presets- separate powerful Bass and Treble adjustment- stereo eXpansion, mono mixing, balance- crossfade- gapless- replay gain- plays songs from folders and from own library- dynamic queue- lyrics support, including lyrics search viamusiXmatchplugin- embed and standalone .cue files support- support for m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists- OpenGL based cover art animation- downloads missing album art- custom visual themes, lot of skins available on Play- 4 widget types with many selectable styles,advancedcustomization; Android 4.2 lock screen widgets- configurable lock screen- headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or BTconnection(can be disabled in settings)- scrobbling- tag editor- fast library scan- high level of customization via settingsThis version is 15 days full featured Trial. See Related AppsforPoweramp Full Version Unlocker or use Buy option inPowerampsettings to buy Full Version.====Common Questions/Answers for Poweramp v2.x:Q. Does my Poweramp v2 purchase include the next Poweramp v3?A. Yes, it does.Q. My songs are missing from folders/library.A. Please ensure you have all your folders with musicactuallychecked in Poweramp Settings => Folders and Library=> MusicFolders.Your original Android Library is not changed, nor anyfilesdeleted.Poweramp library is a separate, completely independent library.Whenyou installed Poweramp 2.0, it just got filled with thefilesscanned from your sd card/other flash memory, as specified inMusicFolders.Q. Volume too low. Volume changes weirdly. Othervolumeissues.A. Try to disable Direct Volume Control in Poweramp Settings=>Audio => Advanced Tweaks.Poweramp 2.x uses Direct Volume Control by default on2.3+mid-to-high end devices. On stock ROMs this produces muchbetteraudio output. But many custom/buggy ROMs, while supportingDVC, canfail with it.
Dub Music Player - Audio Player & Music Equalizer 2.9
Ξ Play songs & listen to good music with Dub FREE musicplayernow! Get stereo quality sounds with our audio enhancerfeaturessuch as eq and bass booster. Moreover, Dub MP3 Player forAndroidhas a stunning interface. Dub is an OFFLINE music player!You don’thave to be connected to the internet to enjoy downloadedsongs orsoundtracks in your phone’s music library. All around theworld,Android users have voted us as the best sound music &MP3Player for Android. You can try to Google Music player and ournamewill consistently come on top! Here are some featuresthatdistinguish us from other MP3 player for Android:☆ CrossfadeandCrossfaderUse this awesome features to mix mp3 files and yoursoundmusic to enjoy in gapless playback.☆ Audio EnhancersWant toenjoygood music & play songs with stereo quality sounds? Adjustyoursound music volume with a five-band music equalizer and9professional music genres presets for your choice. Thepresetsinclude Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal, Classicaletc. Ouraudio enhancers are what set us apart from other freemusicplayers. ☆ Audio player for all music formats in yourmusiclibraryEnjoy various sound tracks & format! Our Androidmp3player supports all popular sound tracks such as MP3, WAV,AAC,FLAC, 3GP, OGG, MIDI etc☆ Beautiful Visual &StunningInterfaceAside from advanced & powerful features, wemake sureto create awesome interface & visual for you. You willbeamazed by our sound spectrum graphic equalizer bars, analogVUmeter, circular sound bars and vinyl records turntable. Allthemusic spectrums bars move according to the audio rhythm whenourapp play songs of your choice.☆ Offline music playerListen toyourdownloaded songs in your Music Library easily. There is no needtowaste data charge just to listen to good music. ☆ DubShareFeatureDo you want to share your playlist, songs, albums,orartists? Now you can! Dub Share is a cross-platform musicsharingfeature powered by Send Anywhere. This feature enables youto shareyour favorite music and songs with anyone in the world! Nowyoudon’t have to Google Music player that allows you to sharemusicwith your friends and family because you can use Dub Share! ☆OtherFeatures of Dub Free Music Player for Android:✔ Create andeditplaylist✔ Browse and play songs by title, artists,albums,playlists, folders, and genres✔8 themes (Classic, Material,Studio,Genesis, Gold, Studio Orange, Studio Green, Studio Red)✔Easysearch function: Search music by songs, artists, and album✔Simpleand effective interface, faithfully showing the visualizationofyour music played.✔ Background music play (to keep play songswhileyou use other apps, or while your device is in standby mode)✔9predefined presets, based on different music genres✔ Saveanddelete custom presets✔ Music progress bar for an easynavigationwithin the song you're listening to✔ Repeat function tokeeplistening to your song over and over ✔ Shuffle function toplaysongs in a random order✔ Media volume control✔ Home screenwidget ✔Lock screen widget✔ Supports headset / Bluetooth controlsfor easylistening.✔ Material design interface✔ Edit tags✔ SleepTimer✔ Setsong as a ringtone✔ Volume Balance control✔ Loudnessenhancer (Onlyfor Android version 4.4 and higher)✔ Speed control(Only forAndroid version 6.0 and higher)✔ Pitch control (Only forAndroidversion 6.0 and higher)Music equalizer presets include:✔ HipHop ✔Rock ✔ Dance ✔ Pop ✔ Latin ✔ Metal ✔ Classical ✔ Flat ✔NormalSo,you don’t have to Google music player to find other appsto satisfyyour needs for an awesome offline music player forAndroid. Playyour downloaded songs and share songs with Dub MusicPlayer. (^_^♪)
Music Volume EQ - Sound Bass Booster & Equalizer 4.0
Bass booster & music volume equalizer for Android Controlyourmusic volume, boost your music and amplify your audio withMusicVolume EQ. Listen to the top songs in your music library withtheBEST audio control & bass booster app for Android! MusicVolumeEQ has various features including: live music stereo led VUmeter,five band Equalizer, amp, bassboost, 3D virtualizer, slidervolume& audio control. To get the best results, pair MusicVolume EQwith your best headphones. If you don’t have a pair ofheadphonesor if you want to use a speaker, you can still enjoy goodmusicwith our app. Music Volume EQ is also a great speaker boosterandbass booster if you use a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music.Allof us install Android music player to play top songs in ourmusiclibrary. We hope to listen to good music with high qualitysound(maybe even surround sounds like in when you are insurroundtheaters!). However, even with the most advanced mp3 musicplayer,you will still high quality audio control app to get thebestsound, even if you are using the best hifi headphones inthemarket. That’s why you need Music Volume EQ, the bestaudiocontrol, speaker booster, amplifer, and equalizer! You canadjustand amp audio and also enjoy live visual with our 3DVirtualizer. ΞFeatures of Music Volume EQ – Sound BoosterEqualizer: ✔ Mediaaudio control ✔ Five band music equalizer ✔Bassbooster effect -speaker booster ✔ 3D Virtualizer effect ✔ 9equalizer presets withCustom Preset ✔ 2 themes (Classic andMaterial theme) ✔ Listen togood music whatever audio player you use✔ Stereo led VU meter ✔Home screen widget ✔ Lock media volume ✔Loudness enhancer - Volumeboost amplifier (Only for Android version4.4 and higher) ✔ Greatfor hifi headphones ✔ Circular music beatbars ✔ Video volumebooster ✔ Audible sound spectrum ✔ LiveWallpaper Our app iscompatible with most Android music players,audio player &video players. That means you can still enjoygood music with yourfavorite MP3 Music player and audio player toplay your top songsfrom your song library. It just takes a fewsimple steps to enjoysurround sound just like in surround theaterfrom your phone. Ξ Howto install & use: 1. Put on your bestheadphones 2. Turn onyour Android music player or MP3 music playerto play top songsfrom your music library. 3. Open Music Volume EQand adjust soundlevel and frequency. 4. To save custom preset pressSave Preset onthe list and type preset name. To delete preset, longpress presetsname and delete. 5. Select your preferred theme:Classic orMaterial 6. You can switch to full-screen visualizationand enjoyin a stereo sound booster. 7. To close the application andremovefrom Status Bar long press app power button. So, what areyouwaiting for? Are you ready to immerse yourself in the bestqualitysurround sounds like in Surround Theater? Do you want toenjoy thebest hifi quality sounds on your headphones? Simplydownload anduse Music Volume EQ now for FREE! We hope that youenjoy our soundbooster equalizer app! If you do, please take aminute to supportour app by leaving a rating and review.
Music Player - Audio Player 3.5.3
Powerful equalizer, Quick search all music and audio files, Easytosupport all music & audio file formats, Custom backgroundskin.One of the most gorgeous and powerful music player forAndroid! Youcan manage your musics easily, Music Player will guideyou easilyto find all the music in your phone. This music player isnot onlybased on artists or albums, but also based on the folderstructure.And more than 3 desktop widgets make your music playnever been soeasy. Over 20 background skins to make your musicplayer look moreoutstanding, and these also make your music playerget the nextlevel experience. The unique equalizer make your musicsounds likeyou've never had before. Key Features: * Browse and playyour musicby albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, folders,and albumartists. * Lyric support. Automatic scanning all the lyricfiles ,and matching the most appropriate lyrics file for yoursongs. * 3simple home screen WIDGETS (4x1,2x2,4x1). * NotificationSTATUSsupport: display album artwork, title and artist, play/pause,skipforward and stop CONTROLS in notification status. * Fivebandequalizer. * Search online hot music videos * Set as Play Nextsong* Trim/Edit Music file, Free to make customize ringtones. *22types of pre-set music tone for your choice, or you canmanuallyadjust the equalizer. * SHAKE IT feature: give your phone ashaketo play next/previous song * Gorgeous background skins,20+Gorgeous background images for your choice. You also canchooseyour own picture as background. * Edit the song details, nowyoudon't worry about the song without album name or artist name.*Headset support. Support one button and multiple buttonsheadsets.Leave your device in the pocket! * Music Library wideSEARCH. Findall your music never been so easy. * Custom Playlist,set albums,artists, genres, folders songs to playlist * Show recentplay list* Headset/Bluetooth Controls To learn more about theadvancedsettings, please feel free to down and have a try. We havealwaysbelieved that music player experience can be something more.Thisis exactly why we have created this Ultra Music player. NOTE:Thisapp is not a music downloader.
GO Music - Free Music, Equalizer, Themes 3.5.5
GOMO Limited
Best of 2018💎Editor Choice 🎧 Over 50 Milion Download! 🔥RateBeyond99% Player: 👍Music Player with free trending music,powerfulequalizer and beautiful background skins. 😍Free to get thisperfectaudio player and media player. The best music apps andaudioplayer! Perfect Support Performance : - Perfectly supportAndroid8.0 & Samsung S8&9 ——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐—— Do you want to get thebestacoustic entertainment but also share your favorite songs toyourfriends and families conveniently? Do you want to get a new tryofnice visualiztion and beautiful lights effect? Go Music is aMusicand Audio Player with stylish design, light structureandmultiformat support, which combines the built-in Equalizers toyourmusical experience. Its powerful features can fulfill allyourmusical needs. Key feature: ⭐Music Search⭐ Connected withYouTubeSoundCloud music library, you can easliy find any music. Andyoucan discover the music by Mood, Activities, Genres,Trending.⭐Support all the Most Popular Music File Formats⭐ SupportsAAC,AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, MP3, MIDI, Vorbis, PCM/WAVE, Opus,includingthe lossless music. ⭐Auto-Scan & Importing songs /audiosfiles⭐ Adds all local songs/ music files just by a clickingfromyour SD card and phone memory. Browses and Play your songsandmusic by playlists, songs, albums , artists , folders. ⭐EasytoPlay Songs⭐ Custom Playlists is convenient to chooseyourdownloaded songs and create or edit your playlists handily.⭐Powerful Equalizer⭐ Includes Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat,Folk,Heavy Metal, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop and Rock . It provide youpowerfulequalizer and different tones. Abundant Advanced Functions: 1.Visualiztion 2. Lights effect 3. Support Notification Status4.Home Widget 5. Music Locker 6. Music Alarm 7. Headset Support8.PAD & PHONE Support 9. Headset/Bluetooth Controls 10.Colortheme select option ⭐Remarkable Design , Good design musicplayer⭐Beautiful interface design & smooth animation. DEARUSERSPLEASE NOTE: 1. GO Music Player is using the third-party APIsourcefrom SoundCloud® and YouTube. All the free music is providedbySoundCloud® services and Youtube services. And you can searchandplay the songs on SoundCloud or Youtube. 2. By complying withtheAPI Terms of Use, we do not provide caching and downloadinganytracks (not a music downloader) 3. You can check more detailsaboutSoundCloud by this, can also use following link to check more details aboutYouTube: discuss your ideas: [email protected] Google+: : Our company :http://www.gomo.comHope you can enjoy this music player!!!! Therewill be ad contentshown in certain scenes in our app. For moredetails, visit
Add Music to Voice 1.5
With this app you can add a song to your recorded voice and makeitsound better.Follow this simple steps to get an improvedsound:1.Choose a recording from your device or record a new one.2.Choose asong from you music library.3. Apply smart filtering (byjustpressing a button) so that the voice and the musicblendsmoothly.4. Save it and done!You can record your voice whilethemusic is playing (useful for karaokes).You can also do somebasicedition like trimming audio or applying filters such fade-inorfade-out.
Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free
Instantly connect with the people in yourlife.Messenger is free, fast, and secure.- Reach anyone. You can use names or phone numbers tofindfriends.- Use everywhere. Messenger works across all mobile anddesktopdevices. You can even connect with peopleinternationally!- Connect however you want. Send a text message, share a photo,orstart a video chat — all in Messenger.- Communicate better with groups. Catch up in real time withhighquality group video chat or customize your messagingexperiencewith colors, nicknames, and group photos.- Call and video chat your friends 1:1 or in groups. It's freeoverWi-Fi (otherwise standard data charges apply), so talk as longasyou want, even with people in other countries.- Express yourself. Send emojis, stickers, and GIFs toconversationsor add new masks and effects to your videochats.- Capture photos and videos with fun art and effects. You cansavethese to camera roll, send to conversations, or post to yourDay, aplace where people can see what you're up to.- Play games and compete with your friends. You can comparescoresand see how you rank against other people.- Chat with businesses. You can make reservations, check onorders,and get real-time customer service.
WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.277
WhatsApp Inc.
WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Androidandother smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internetconnection(4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let youmessage and callfriends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp tosend and receivemessages, calls, photos, videos, documents, andVoice Messages. WHYUSE WHATSAPP: • NO FEES: WhatsApp uses yourphone's Internetconnection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available)to let you messageand call friends and family, so you don't haveto pay for everymessage or call.* There are no subscription feesto use WhatsApp. •MULTIMEDIA: Send and receive photos, videos,documents, and VoiceMessages. • FREE CALLS: Call your friends andfamily for free withWhatsApp Calling, even if they're in anothercountry.* WhatsAppcalls use your phone's Internet connectionrather than your cellularplan's voice minutes. (Note: Data chargesmay apply. Contact yourprovider for details. Also, you can'taccess 911 and other emergencyservice numbers through WhatsApp). •GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group chatswith your contacts so you can easilystay in touch with your friendsor family. • WHATSAPP WEB: You canalso send and receive WhatsAppmessages right from your computer'sbrowser. • NO INTERNATIONALCHARGES: There's no extra charge tosend WhatsApp messagesinternationally. Chat with your friendsaround the world and avoidinternational SMS charges.* • SAY NO TOUSERNAMES AND PINS: Whybother having to remember yet anotherusername or PIN? WhatsAppworks with your phone number, just likeSMS, and integratesseamlessly with your phone's existing addressbook. • ALWAYS LOGGEDIN: With WhatsApp, you're always logged in soyou don't missmessages. No more confusion about whether you'relogged in or loggedout. • QUICKLY CONNECT WITH YOUR CONTACTS: Youraddress book is usedto quickly and easily connect you with yourcontacts who haveWhatsApp so there's no need to addhard-to-remember usernames. •OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you missyour notifications or turn offyour phone, WhatsApp will save yourrecent messages until the nexttime you use the app. • AND MUCHMORE: Share your location, exchangecontacts, set custom wallpapersand notification sounds, email chathistory, broadcast messages tomultiple contacts at once, and more!*Data charges may apply.Contact your provider fordetails.---------------------------------------------------------We'realways excited to hear from you! If you have anyfeedback,questions, or concerns, please email usat:[email protected] or follow us ontwitter:[email protected]----------
Tune Me 2.2.19
Record tracks with Pitch Shift and Auto-Pitch effects over 500+freebeats. Tune Me is the ultimate hip-hop and R&Brecordingstudio.Set the Auto-Pitch effect to full strength toT-Painify yourvoice, or lower it for subtle, professionalcorrection. Downloadand record over 500+ free beats, or installyour own. Createhigh-quality tracks with full-featured recordingand editing tools.Share your tracks to Soundcloud, YouTube,Instagram, andFacebook.Recording and Editing Features★ Fastprocessing - effectsapplied in background while recording★Calibration - automaticallysyncs vocals with the beat★ Mixer -adjust volume of vocals andbeat separately★ Waveform Display -visualization of audio helpsyou stay on track while recording★ ClipLight - lights up if youare singing too loudlyPro UpgradeTake yourrecording to the nextlevel with these awesome extra features: ★Multitrack Recording -Record multiple lines in your track orrecover over your mistakes -Swipe to seek the waveform and startrecording at any point in thetrack★ Extra Audio Effects - Pitchshifter - drop your voice anoctave lower or shift if higher -Harmonize - creates a chorus-likeeffect of duplicated vocal tracks★Browse Beats - Select any audiofile on your device as a beat viathe Browse menu★ The Pro versionis ad-freeHit us [email protected] on Twitter or Like ourFacebook page help and support,[email protected]
GO Music Player Plus -Free Music,Themes,MP3 Player 2.0.4
GOMO Limited
GO Music Player PLUS is the best partner to find your musicDNA,including your favourite singers and genres, when and whereyoulike to listen to music. You will also get a personalizedplaylistthat plays what you love. The more you use it, the betterit knowsyou. In addition, you should try the powerful equalizer,fashionbackground skins, sleep timer & ringtones tools.Powerful andabundant free online music would bring you the bestacousticentertainment. ——★★★★★—— Key Feature: ♪ We know what youlove ♫ -Automatically generate personalized according to yourlisteninghistory. - Smart Musical DNA knows what you love andcontinuallyevolves with your tastes. ♪ Enjoy lyrics to millions ofsongs ♫ -Read lyrics in real time while enjoying your favoritesongs. -Display the Floating Lyrics Widget and get the currenttrack'slyrics while using other apps ♪ Easy to play and manage yourmusicfiles ♫ - Add all music files from your SD card and phonememoryautomatically (manually also support) - Browse and play yourmusicby songs, albums, artists, folders and exclusive playlistscreatedby yourself. - Missing album & artist artwork isautomaticallydownloaded (though you can edit tags manually). ♪Share your loveto idols with million of music fans ♫ - Besideslistening to themusic, you can write your feeling and view whatothers say aboutthem. - The comments you agree with can get yourvote. ♪ Much moreamazing free online music centre ♫ - Connectedwith abundant musiclibrary, you can easliy find any music you like.- Automaticallyrecommend the hotest, latest and interesting contentfor differentkinds of you. ♪ Powerful Equalizer ♫ - 5 bandsequalizer andpre-set music tone styles for your choice (Hip hop,Jazz, Pop,Rock, Normal, Classic, Dance, Folk, Heavy...) - SupportBass Boost,Virtualizer and Reverb. ♪ Fashion design and beautifulthemes ♫ -The continuously updated themes library provides youdifferentstyles of themes. - Beautiful light effects and flashlightmakeyour music shining. ♪ Perfect Support Performance ♫ - AllpopularAndroid device types including PAD & PHONE. - All theMostPopular Music File Formats (AAC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, MP3,MIDI,Vorbis, PCM/WAVE, Opus, lossless music) -Headset/BluetoothControls ♪ Abundant Advanced Functions ♫ √ SupportNotificationStatus √ Home Widget √ Music Locker √ Music Alarm Share&discuss your ideas: [email protected] Our company : http://www.gomo.comHopeyou can enjoy this music player!!! There will be ad contentshownin certain scenes in our app. For more details,visit
Audio Player 8.1.60
Listen to your music in style, as audio player adjusts to youralbumart. Features include:• Play music - Play music by song,artist,album or playlist• Easy navigation - One touch to navigatein yourmusic player• Playlists - Build and edit your songs intoplaylists• Party shuffle - Shuffle your music • Quick search -Search foryour music quickly• Albums - View beautiful album art inyour musicplayer• Notification control - Control music fromnotifications inAndroid 5.0 and later• Play queue - View upcomingmusic
MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker 41
Cut mp3, ringtone application help you cut a favorite part ofaaudio song, a music file. You can use the cut result asringtone,alarm, notification tone or a music song. You can managecutresults easily and you can share them with your friends. Thisappis a best choice to make your own ringtones (support WAV, FLAC,AACformats). User can record a live audio then use this app aseditorto edit and trim the best parts. editor supports MP3, WAV,AAC,AMR, FLAC and most other music formats. Music editor, alarmtonemaker, ringtone cutter or notification tone creator are othernamesof this application. With mp3 cutter and ringtone maker youcan: +Select music (MP3, WAV, ACC, FLAC, ARM) from your mobilethenchoose part to be chopped from the music song + Or record aliveaudio then choose part to be chopped from your audio Then youcansave as ringtone, alarm, notification or a new song to listen.Youalso can share it. Detail features: - Find all music, audiofilesstored in your phone memory and sd cards. - Edit music, audiowithtwo options: trim (remove left part and right part) orremovemiddle part. Select parts by setting start & end for theaudioclip or using an optional touch interface. - Record liveaudio,music for editing. - Save as ringtone, alarm, notification ora newsong to listen. - Option to delete (with confirmation alert)thecreated Tone. - Option to Name the new cut clip while saving it.-Set the new clip as default ringtone or assign to contacts,usingthis editor. - Manage contact ringtone Please downloadaudiocutter, mp3 cutter to make the best ringtone from favoritesongs.If you have question about audio cutter and ringtone makerpleasesend feedback to us.
Learn to Sing 1.8.5
Program to help your singing voice now on Android! You willlearnhow to sing with several exercises, inspired by Guitar Hero!Theapp tells you how you should sing indicating the correct note,andshows your score according to right pitch. An intuitive waytolearn music without knowing sheet music, but very useful evenforprofessional singers. You will learn all the musicalnotes,intervals and much more in a very easy and fun way. Greatforanyone who wants to improve the singing in karaoke, singingwithfriends, singing with a guitar or other instrument. Vocal warmup.* Part 1,2, and 3 have 46 exercises.
Music Editor 4.1.2
The most powerful and complete Music Editor! It has all thefeaturesyou would ever want in an MP3 Editor!! Trim Audio – MP3Cutter forRingtones, Merge two or more audio files, Convert fromone format toanother - MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A … and the list of appfeatures goeson!! Main Features: ★ Music Cutter: Select the bestpart from theSong then trim and cut the desired part of the songfor using inMusic, Ringtone. Inbuilt player for easy selection ofringtonecutter start location, end cut location and waveformsupport. Musiccutter supports cutting of MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, AMRetc. ★ Easilychoose the songs from the list. The songs are listedalphabetically,so that one can choose from. Also can be used todrag the slider tothe position list letters to quickly select thedesired song. Canselect multiple songs at the same time easily. ★Easily choose thesongs from the folder browser. A folder browserbuilt for you tochoose songs from memory, it will list all of thefolders containingaudio files and audio files to choose from. ★MP3 Merge: Merge twoor more MP3 files into a single song. Easilyselect multiple songsto merge. Drag and drop to change thelocation of songs, swipe todelete a song from the merging list.Listen to the song beforemerge. ★ Music Converter: Easily convertfrom one format to another.Supports a large number of formats like- MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A encoderetc. ★ Supports large number offormats in all the features - MusicCutter, Converter, etc. ★Easily access your music creations. Musicoutput list is wellorganized, stored in different tabs like TrimmedAudio has the cutmp3 files, Merged files, Format Converter files,Recorded files.You can play a specific song, delete one or moretracks if you donot like them,... ★ Share your creations with theworld! Share onFaceboook, Whatsapp, email and more, share moresongs ★ MusicPlayer: Inbuilt Music player in the app. You canplay/pause songs,rewind songs with ease. ★ MP3 Recorder: forrecording your voiceand music. Using the recordings to cut, merge,as ringtones,...Recording is encoded in MP3 format, 128 kbps,44100Hz ensureexcellent sound quality for you. ★ Super Fastprocessing &rendering! ★ Intuitive & Material Design UIFeatures on thepremium version: ★ No ads ★ Edit ID3 tags: changethe title, artistname, album, ... of the song. Compress music:change the number ofaudio channels, sampling frequency, bit rate ofthe song. ★Reverse: reverse song ★ Change speed: Increase ordecrease thespeed of the song. ★ Enhance the volume: increase ordecrease thevolume of the song. ★ Split: Select a time point forthe song andsplit the song into two sections from that point. ★Music mixer:mix audio of two songs to create remixes. Same or anyformat songscan be remixed. You can also choose the volume, forinstance youcan keep one song at low volume and another at highvolume in yourmashups.. ★ Delete section: delete part of the song.★ Mutesection: mute part of the song. ★ Convert video to music. Ifyouhave questions, please send me an email We will fix it for you.Ifyou like our app, please take a minute to rate it on GooglePlaymarket. Thank you for using the app.
SHAREit - Transfer & Share 4.5.38_ww
SHAREit, the best sharing app with fastest cross-platformtransferspeed & free online feeds including movies, videos,music,wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also added powerful media player,whichhelps you manage & enjoy your own videos and music. ►Fastestin the World 200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highestspeedgoes up to 20M/s. Transfer files without losing quality. ►TransferAll Types of Files Photos, videos, music, installed appsand anyother files. ► Infinite Online Videos HD & Selective,Offlinewatching, Continuously updated ► Excellent Video PlayerSupportalmost all formats, give you Smooth playing experience ►DiscoverTrending Music Tens of millions of high quality songs,andthousands of curated playlists. Online & Offline ►ElegantMusic Player Powerful equalizer provides immersiveexperiences foryou ►GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers Personalized,Funny, Download& Share 【LIKE US and STAY CONNECTED】►Facebook►Twitter ►VK►Instagram Note:SHAREit will notaccesspermissions that are irrelevant to our functionality. ByaccessingLocation, SHAREit can help to discover nearby users.Plus, it isrequired by Android system to access this permission.By accessingBluetooth Connection, SHAREit can discover nearbyusers more quicklyso as to connect with Sender/Receiver moreefficiently.
Vocalist - OPM Karaoke Offline - Tagalog 2.5
SWEET NOTICEDue to public insistent demand, we will beaddinghundreds of OPM karaoke in our app. Stay tuned!SINGINGMADESIMPLEVocalist does only one thing. Karaoke! It is freefromsophisticated features you don't really need. Tap the app,select asong and release the vocalist inside of you. How simple isthat?NONEED FOR INTERNET CONNECTIONYou can sing to the tune ofyourfavorite OPM on the train, on bathroom, on a jungle oranywherewhere internet is unavailable. No need to download a song.How coolis that?GREAT COLLECTION OF OPM SONGSWe included the top600 mostplayed song in Video Cinco. Now, you don't need a 5pesocoin.Filipinos love to sing. If you love OPM Karaoke, pleasehelpus to evaluate this application in Google Play. Thank you verymuchand happy singing!