Top 47 Games Similar to Sniper Deer Shooting Expert

Deer Hunter 2018 5.2.2
From the creators of Deer Hunter 2014! Return to the wild andhuntacross the globe in the world’s greatest hunting experience.HUNTAROUND THE WORLD Pursue trophies in unique and beautifullocationsthat span the globe from Alaska to Zimbabwe. BAG BIG GAMEANIMALSHunt animals so real they nearly jump off the screen! Trackdownand bag the world’s most exotic and elusive game. SHOOT LIKE APRODevelop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master theskillsto take the perfect shot. GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOU Takedownpredators before you become the prey. COLLECT TROPHIES Competeforbragging rights and bag the biggest animals with GooglePlayachievements and leaderboards! BUILD YOUR ARSENAL Collectandcustomize your firearms with scopes, magazines, barrels, andstocksas you perfect your weapons for each hunt. It’s Open Season -jointhe hunt today! Deer Hunter 2018 includesauto-renewablesubscriptions. • Silver Subscription: $0.99USD / week(or localequivalent) or $1.99USD / month (or local equivalent) •GoldSubscription: $1.99USD / week (or local equivalent) or $4.99USD/month (or local equivalent) including a 7 day free trialor$12.99USD / 3 months (or local equivalent) or $19.99USD / 6months(or local equivalent) All benefits are described ingame.Subscriptions are available via in app purchase. Subscriptionswillautomatically renew at the applicable subscription price at theendof the subscription period until you cancel yoursubscription.Payment for the subscription period you selected willbe charged toyour Google account within 24-hours prior to the endof the currentsubscription period. You can cancel your subscriptionat any timeby accessing your Google Account Settings and selectingto cancelyour subscription. After canceling, you will beresponsible forpaying the subscription fee for the current activeapplicablesubscription period. Here are the links to our privacypolicy andterms of service: Privacy Policy: Termsof use: NOTE: - Thisgame is free to play, but you can choose to payreal money for someextra items, which will charge your Googleaccount. You can disablein-app purchasing by adjusting your devicesettings. -This game isnot intended for children. - Please buycarefully. - Advertisingappears in this game. - This game maypermit users to interact withone another (e.g., chat rooms, playerto player chat, messaging)depending on the availability of thesefeatures. Linking to socialnetworking sites are not intended forpersons in violation of theapplicable rules of such socialnetworking sites. - A networkconnection is required to play. - Forinformation about how Glucollects and uses your data, please readour privacy policy - If you have a problemwith this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. Use of thisapplication is governedby Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use. Collection anduse of personal dataare subject to Glu Mobile’s Privacy Policy.Both policies areavailable at Additional terms mayalso apply. FOLLOWUS at Twitter @glumobile
Deer Hunting 2017 1.1
Neon Games
Deer Hunting 2017 is a First Person Shooter (FPS) deerhuntingsimulator. Except Deers, there are number of speciesavailable forhunt including bear and pig in beautiful environmentof Africanforests. Develop your skills to shot from line of sight.Shot thepredators before they hunt you. Explore the forest and hunttheanimals with the best shotting weapons and bigguns.Features:Highquality graphics3D realistic environmentPowerfulshootingweaponsMission based TasksMore species more fun
The most REALISTIC and AUTHENTIC hunting sim returns. It's timetoRELOAD your rifles and take to the wilds of North America tobagthe BIGGEST GAME out there.- First Person perspective withvisuallystunning environments- New X-RAY mode to target specificorgans-Move between strategic vantage points to line up the perfectshot -Customizable player avatar with a variety of jackets, vests,boots,and hunting glasses- Complete challenges to collect trophiesforyour trophy room PLEASE NOTE:- This game is free to play, butyoucan choose to pay real money for some extra items, whichwillcharge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasingbyadjusting your device settings.-This game is not intendedforchildren.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears inthisgame.- This game may permit users to interact with oneanother(e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging)depending onthe availability of these features. Linking to socialnetworkingsites are not intended for persons in violation of theapplicablerules of such social networking sites.- A networkconnection isrequired to play.- For information about how Glucollects and usesyour data, please read our privacy policy you have a problem with this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help”feature. FOLLOW US
Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition ofalifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter: DeadlyShores.HUNT DINOSAURS Journey to a hidden, untouched Jurassicisland andkill the most ferocious animals in history. EncounterJurassicbeasts long thought extinct, from the docile stegosaurus totheterrifying T. rex. VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONS Killdinosaursin lush and dangerous Jurassic environments liketheshipwreck-strewn coast, overgrown jungle and dinosaurboneyard!EQUIP POWERFUL WEAPONS Load up on firepower withdestructiveweapons like the rocket launcher and shuriken crossbow.You’ll needa powerful arsenal and an expert shooter strategy tokill thesedinosaurs! MASTER A UNIQUE SHOOTER CHALLENGE SERIESProgressthrough varied shooter series to win rifles, shotguns andassaultrifles. Make your kills and complete them all for evengreaterrewards! EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICS Dynamic shadows,hi-restextures and realistic Jurassic models all combine to makethis oneof the most beautiful dinosaur shooter games on your mobiledevice!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay! “It’s as if Glu Mobilewaslistening in on my mind as I imagined how good Deer Hunter2014would be with dinosaurs.” – Kotaku “… I am totally,absolutely,100% completely behind blasting dinosaurs with gunsuntil theyexplode, and happily that's exactly what Dino Hunter:Deadly Shoreswill let you do.” – AppSpy “Dino Hunter: Deadly Shoresdishes uptons of behemoth-shooting action. It’s an easy game toenjoy.” –Gamezebo “Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is a solid shooter.Thedinosaurs in the game are very well detailed and the gameallowsyou to jump right in…” – Modojo PLEASE NOTE: - This game isfree toplay, but you can choose to pay real money for some extraitems,which will charge your Google account. You can disablein-apppurchasing by adjusting your device settings. -This game isnotintended for children. - Please buy carefully. -Advertisingappears in this game. - This game may permit users tointeract withone another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat,messaging)depending on the availability of these features. Linkingto socialnetworking sites are not intended for persons in violationof theapplicable rules of such social networking sites. - Anetworkconnection is required to play. - For information about howGlucollects and uses your data, please read our privacy - If you have a problem with this game,pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW US at
Mountain Deer Adventure 2016 1.7
Lets go hunting with Mountain Deer Adventure 2016. This isanamazing and addictive action game to take you to anultimateadventure in the most realistic environment with trees,grass andsnowy mountains. Those who love the hunting game will lovethisfirst person shooter sniper game. All you have to do is, grabyoursniper rifle and go hunting the Deer's in jungle. So, letsgohunting in the real jungle wilderness environment. The deermightbe unaware of your presence so give your best shot and take asmanyDeer's home as you can. You will see the most amazing winterscenesin the game, sound of weapon, mountains and animals. TOPFEATURESFirst Person Shooting Efficient Gun Control 3D GraphicsReal TimeJungle Environment 11 game play mission with differenttasksHOW TOPLAYRotate your gun around with screen swipeCamera zoomto getaccurate shotsMission based game play to complete allmissionsShooting accuracy and skills
White Tail Deer Hunting 2016 1.1
feugo games
Lets go hunting with White tail deer hunting 2016 3D. This isanamazing and addictive action game to take you to anultimateadventure in the most realistic environment with trees,grass andAlot of Realistic 3D environments Those who love the 3Dhuntinggame will love this first person realistic shooter snipergame. Allyou have to do is, grab your sniper rifle and go huntingthe whitetail Deer's in jungle. So, lets go hunting in the realjunglewilderness environment. The deer might be unaware of yourpresenceso give your best shot and take as many Deer's home as youcan.Youwill see the most amazing 3D realistic Environments in thegame,sound of weapon, mountains and animals.TOP FEATURESFirstPersonShooting Efficient Gun Control 3D Graphics Real TimeJungleEnvironment Real hunting experienceGreat Game play HOWTOPLAYRotate your gun around with screen swipeCamera zoom togetaccurate shotsMission based game play to complete allmissionsShooting accuracy and skills
Please use WIFI to download 250MB+.ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE?Theultimate Deer Hunter experience has arrived, and it's ALWAYSopenseason! The most popular and realistic hunting franchise takesyouto extreme wilderness environments in search of the biggest,mostprized game around the world. Use the GPS map to track andtrainyour sights on black bear, reindeer, cougars, moose and more.Thinkyou've got what it takes to become a master huntsman? Thechallengehas been issued... become a hunt legend in DEER HUNTERCHALLENGE.•Earn experience points and become a more skilful hunterin the newcareer mode• Experience far-flung hunting locations inextremewilderness environments• Choose from a variety ofcustomisableweapons such as the Bolt Rifle, Shotgun, Crossbow andmore!• Earntrophies for bagging the biggest game and relive yourproudestmoments in the Trophy room• Play additional mini-games andbonusroundsPLEASE NOTE:- This game is free to play, but you canchooseto pay real money for some extra items, which will chargeyourGoogle account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjustingyourdevice settings.-This game is not intended for children.-Pleasebuy carefully.- Advertising appears in this game.- This gamemaypermit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms,playerto player chat, messaging) depending on the availability ofthesefeatures. Linking to social networking sites are not intendedforpersons in violation of the applicable rules of suchsocialnetworking sites.- A network connection is required to play.-Forinformation about how Glu collects and uses your data, pleasereadour privacy policy at: If you have aproblemwith this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOWUSatTwitter
Deer Hunting – 2015 Sniper 3D 2.7
Its winter season, snow has covered the mountain fields,itsfreezing out there, perfect field for the hunter. Grabyourshooting gears and come out in search of your prey. It’shuntingtime! Deer Hunting - 2015 Sniper 3D will let you hunt deer&lion in the wild jungle on snowy mountain top. 2015 is nearwithChristmas & New Year just around the corner it’s time to beasniper assassin and hunt deer in this sniper shooting game.Thegame is filled with action, hunting & shooting. Those wholoveto be a deadly hunter will love to kill deer & the wildlion.The angry lion is also among us somewhere in the mountains andifhe gets in your way don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and shothimdead. It’s wild out there with hunting season of wildlifeanimals.You will see the most thrilling winter scenarios in thegame – thesound of the weapons, animals, wildlife, forest, mountain&birds. Sniper 3d shooting skills should be enough to hunt yourpreyall alone. Don’t let the deer run away and be the ultimatehunter.Become the modern sniper of this era using best weaponry.Plan yourhunt as if it is a secret assassin mission because this iswhatreal hunters do!★★★ STORY ★★★Life spend in army always comeshandyin hunting. An ex-army men decides to live inside the wildjungle,in search of its PREY. Only an army soldier can survivetheexcessive snow falling. Suddenly you heard the voice of adeer.It’s the voice of your prey! Grab your sniper rifle and let’shuntdown deer in this sniper 3d shooting and hunting game. It’snotonly you and deer out there. You suddenly hear the roar of abeastLION. Now is the time to show how well you snipe both of them.Aim,shot and kill!!! ★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ • First PersonSniper 3DShooting• Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom• Enemy AI(ArtificialIntelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Winter& SnowFiled Environment• Real-time Lion & Deer Hunting★★★PrivacyPolicy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’sprivacy.You can read our privacypolicyhere:★★★ Follow usonFacebook★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D 1.0
Owl No. 7
The Deer Hunting season is back! Embark onahunting expedition of a life time with Deer Hunting – 2016Sniper3D. Deer, guns, hunting and adventure, come play Deer Hunting–2016 Sniper 3D, the ultimate Deer Hunting game!Be a sniper assassin and hunt deer in this thrilling snipershootinggame. Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D is fast paced, full ofaction,hunting and shooting. Grab your weapon, test your sniperskills andhunt deer in a realistic jungle wilderness environment.Don’t letyour prey get away and become the ultimate Deer Hunter inthis fastpaced game, Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D.Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D gives you an awesome experiencewithamazing 3D graphics, realistic sound effects and beautifuljungleenvironment.Armed with powerful weapons, a sniper and an expertshooterstrategy, hunt your prey to become the amazing DeerHunter!Get Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D for free!
Deer Hunting - Sniper Shooting Games 3.8
Let’s go hunting with Sniper Deer Hunting. This is an amazingandaddictive action pack game to take you to an ultimate adventureinthe most realistic environment with trees, grass,outdoor,mountains etc. Those who love hunting will love this firstpersonsniper shooting game where you don't have a squad & youneed todo it all alone. Grab your gun, test your sniper skills anddon'tlet the deer escape. Let’s go hunting in the real junglewildernessenvironment. Do you trust your sniper shooting skills?Let’s showhow to hunt. The game gives you an awesome experiencewith real 3Dgraphics, sound effect and the environment. The deermight beunaware of your presence so take your best shot to becomethe besthuntsman of the jungle. ★★★ STORY ★★★ The army career isover now;The soldier decides to live in hillside jungle betweenmountains tospend his life enjoying his hunting passion. Currentlyhe possesone sniper rifle which can be used for hunting but if heuses hisarmy shooting skills, he can successfully hunt some deer’sandrewards to buy more different guns. You will see the mostbeautifulsummer scenes in the game - the sounds of weapons,animals,wildlife, forest, mountains & birds. ★★★ TOP GAMEFEATURES ★★★• First Person Shooting • Efficient gun control • EnemyAI(Artificial Intelligence) • 3D Graphics and Sound effects •RealTime Jungle Environment • 10 gameplay mission with differenttasks★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★ • Easy touch and drag gameplay to rotateaxis •Camera zoom to get accurate shots • Mission based gameplaytocomplete all mission • Shooting accuracy and skills ★★★ Followuson Facebook ★★★
Deer Hunting Sniper Killer 3D 1.0.5
We are proud to present our new game Deer Hunting SniperKiller3D.Have you ever tried to be a deer hunter?Have you evertried totest your sniper shooting skills?Deer Hunting Sniper Kill3D willhelp you to achieve your sniper shooting skills and trainyou as aprofessional wild animal hunter. So get ready to be ananimalhunter, a sniper shooter and kill the deers. Deer HuntingSniperKiller 3D is a new free deer hunting 2016 game, so forgetaboutdeer hunter 2014 and deer hunter 2015 because it's 2016 now.Ifyouenjoyed deer hunter 2014 and deer hunter 2015, you will surelylovethis deer hunter 2016 game.Animal hunting is very popular nowadays, killing animals require a lot of sniper shooting skillsandbravery.Only a sniper killer and animal hunter can hunt thesewilddeers. The beauty of the game is that your child and all ageskidscan also enjoy this wild hunting because there is no use ofbloodor other inappropriate stuff.Features:Natural jungleenvironmentwith lot of wild deers.10 exciting missions of huntingdeers withsniper rifle.Killing and hunting deers with differentcomplexitiesand AI in every next mission.Earn reward against eachdeerhunt.Realistic sounds of shooting fires and killingdeers.That'sall about Deer Hunting Sniper Killer 3D 2016.Have funand enjoyunlimited hunting experience of wild deers.
Yahoo Finance 10.2.1
Your #1 finance destination to track the markets and theeconomy.Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalizednews andalerts. Access real-time stock information and investmentupdatesto stay on top of the market. Favorite features: • Tracktheperformance of your personal portfolio • Follow stocks togetreal-time quotes and personalized news • Discoverdetailedfinancial information such as historical financials, ESGratings,and top holders • Go beyond stocks and track currencies,bonds,commodities, equities, world indices, and futures • Compareandevaluate stocks with interactive full screen charts • Sign intoview and edit your web portfolio on the go Helpful tips: •Followall the stocks you care about by searching for the tickerandtapping the star icon • Create multiple watchlists to organizethestocks you follow • Enable notifications for price alerts,breakingnews, earnings reports, and more • Sync your portfoliosacrossdevices About Premium billing: Want to make the most ofYahooFinance? Upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive toolsthathelp you maximize your profits with confidence. You can choosetobe billed $34.99 monthly or $349.99 annually. Payment willbecharged to your iTunes account as soon as you confirm thepurchase.Your subscription will automatically renew at the end ofeachbilling period unless you cancel at least 24 hours before theendof the current period. You can cancel at any point in yourAppStore account settings.
Deer Hunting in Jungle 2017 - Sniper Deer Hunter 2.0.9
Do you love Deer shooting games and hunting in the jungle? Getreadyfor a treat as we are about to bring you hunting in thegreatwilderness! We will take you across the world where you willhuntin the grassy alaskan mountains, and lush green forests. Useyourhigh powered fire power to take down Deer’s.You will huntdeer’sbut can also hunt the different wildlife that is around theforest.Earn great rewards for completing the levels which you canuse topurchase more weapons and unlock the different seasons. Go onandtake a shot at the animals; you will be rewarded handsomely andsoyou can take home the exotic deer trophy! The Deer huntingwilltake your breath away! Flowing rivers in the jungle and animalsallfor your taking if all you love is Deer shooting games! GamePlay:-As being a Hunter you have to Hunt deer’s within the time ineachlevel. You are equipped with Pistol, assault and Sniper gunand,you have to hunt deer with your accurate firing tactics. Ifyoumiss your fire, it will alert the Deer’s and they will runaway.You have to kill the running deer if you want to completeyourmission even after missing your fire. To hunt deer’s withintimeand complete the missions, you need best and accuratefiringskills, focus on the object, make a quick and sharp decisioninthis action game. Here is Deer Hunting in jungle game with real3Dgraphics of jungle environment. The game is developedconsideringthe most popular and addictive hobby of hunting Deer’s.If you haveever been a hunter or shooter using Pistol, Assault andsniperrifles, it will really relax your mind if you achieveyourobjective in hunting. Download for free from Android Play storeandhave fun. Deer Hunting in Jungle Game FEATURES:- - Actionpackedmissions in the jungle full of wild animals- First PersonShooting-Radar system to indicate Deer’s positions.- 3 differentseasons tochoose from- Pistol, Assault rifles and Sniper rifles!-Firepowerwhen you most need it- Hunt not just Deer’s, but manyanimals inthe forest in different levels!- Stand in awe at thebeautifullyrendered scenery in multiple weather seasons!This gamehas IN-APPpurchases. Though you can play the game withoutpurchasing items;they increase your experience of the game manyfolds.Enjoy DeerHunting in Jungle 3D Game,..!Your suggestion wouldbe our greatpleasure for the improvement of the games features timeto time.
Hunter Simulator 2016 1.1
From the creators of Stag Hunter 2016, and Dinosaur HunterSimulator2015.Deadly Hunter Simulator 2016 3D - Hunt the world’smost exoticanimals!Be a Wild Hunter and return to the wildernessto hunt theworld’s dangerous and attacking predators includingBoar, Wolf,Bear, Gorilla, Elephant, Panther, tiger , and Lion.Hunting the deeris just the beginning. Moreover, chasing yourtargets on a hillclimb makes the game even more challenging.Jointhe hunt now andbecome a hunting legend!GAME FEATURES- RealisticFPS Sniper ShootingSimulator with lush visuals- AAA graphicsprovide the most stunningfantasy gameplay experience- Over 60immersive hunting missions tocomplete- Immerse yourself in diversesafari environments filledwith over 16 animal species- Next levelhunting with high-end tabletgameplay!- Ultimate adventure ofhunting jungle animals.Download theHunter Simulator to experiencethe life of real hunter.BYMIDNIGHTFREE GAMES
Deer Hunting 2016 1.0
The Deer Hunting season is back! Embark on a hunting expedition ofalife time with Deer Hunting 2016 - Sniper Shooter.Deers,guns,hunting and adventure, come play Deer Hunting 2016 -SniperShooter, the ultimate Deer Hunting game!Be a sniper assassinandhunt deer in this thrilling sniper shooting game. Deer Hunting2016- Sniper Shooter is fast paced, full of action, huntingandshooting. Grab your weapon, test your sniper skills and huntdeerin a realistic jungle wilderness environment. Don’t let yourpreyget away and become the ultimate Deer Hunter in this fastpacedgame, Deer Hunting 2016 - Sniper Shooter.Deer Hunting 2016 -SniperShooter gives you an awesome experience with amazing 3Dgraphics,realistic sound effects and beautiful jungleenvironment.Armed withpowerful weapons, a sniper and an expertshooter strategy, huntyour prey to become the amazing DeerHunter!Get Deer Hunting 2016 -Sniper Shooter for free!
Deer Hunting 2016 - Sniper 3D 1.1
Lets go hunting with Deer Hunting 2016- Sniper 3D.The huntingfeveris at the high, so its time to grab all the equipment and gunandprepared yourself for the deer hunting in the snow valley. Astheseason is on! so hunt as many deer as you can to becometheultimate deer hunter .Deer becomes most craziest when snowseasonstart and lovely snow falls on mountains. you like to huntinadvance winter envoirment. There are large numbers of deer .Youhold your comando sniper gun and select a safe place to snipecrazystags. Deer Hunting 2016- Sniper 3D is most attractive andamazingaction game with full of adventure in the mostrealisticenvironment with realistic jungle trees, mountain, waterlakes andgrass etc.Deer Hunting 2016- Sniper 3D is an amazing andaddictiveaction game to take you to an ultimate adventure in themostrealistic environment with snowy mountains. Those who lovethehunting game will love this first person shooter sniper game.Allyou have to do is, grab your sniper rifle and go hunting theDeer'sin jungle. So, lets go hunting in the real junglewildernessenvironment. The deer might be unaware of your presenceso giveyour best shot and take as many Deer's home as you can.Youwill seethe most amazing winter scenes in the game, sound ofweapon,mountains and animals.TOP FEATURESFirst Person ShootingAmazingsniper rifle with scope to zoom.Stunning 3D Graphics RealTimeJungle Environment with Snow Mountains8 game play missionwithdifferent tasksReal sniper hunter gameSnow season with lovelysnowfallsModern sniper and hunt experience.HOW TO PLAYRotate yourgunaround with screen swipeCamera zoom to get accurateshotsMissionbased game play to complete all missions Shootingaccuracy andskills
Jungle Deer Hunting Game 2017: Deer Hunting game 1.2
We bring you the best hunting experience with jungle deerhunting.Hunt across the globe in the world’s greatesthuntingexperience.Jungle deer hunting is all about thrill &fun. Deeris a smart and clever animal so to be a professional deerhunteryou must have good aim and shoot skills while holding yourbreath.You are on a Deer hunting expedition of 2016 in a densejunglesnowy winter environment where you have to hunt deer in aspecifiedtime. In this Deer Hunting encounter your shooting andhuntingexpertise should be at par to win this immersive challengewhileenjoying a best deer hunting experience in a beautiful anddenseforest in a winter season kind of environment.You are going tofacea real challenge to hunt one of the smart and wild animalhuntingi.e. deer before it jump of your sniper gun shot, you shouldholdbreath, line up your gun barrel and press the sniper guntrigger totake successful shot on this wild and smart predators foranoutstanding and sensation shot.Anyone who love to playsnipershooting games, animal hunting, forest hunting and Jungleanimalhunting games, must try this free hunting game of pro 2016 tobe asuper hero of this new deer hunting game while having ahuntingadventure with modern sniper guns similar to AK47, M4, AWP,P90,UMP45 Desert Eagle, negev etc. If you are FPS games fans, thentimehas come to download and play new deer hunting game of prowithmarvelous game play and splendid graphics which areabsolutelyincredible and you will surely love playing this firstpersonshooter game. The Jungle Deer Hunting delivers the nostalgickindof deer hunting experience on your smartphone and tablet! So ifyoulove hunting games, shooting game and deer hunter games thenyoudefinitely need to download this new deer hunting game to haveamemorable Halloween Holidays season in this winter. DownloadnowJungle Deer Hunting and ENJOY UNIQUE DEER HUNTING EXPERIENCEWITHAMAZING 3D GRAPHICS; Jungle Deer Hunting – GAME FEATURES:★Toughand Challenging Missions. to become a real sniper hunter herointhis 2016 hunting game.★ Multiple Missions★ Multipleweapons★Interactive Environment★ HD Graphics★ Smooth Game play&Interface★ Great Deer Hunting Experience
Animal Hunter 2016 1.1
Do you love Hunting Games? Download Animal Hunter 2016 now andenjoy20 different levels set in 2 different parts of the world.You startin the forest of Europe while finishing all those levelsyou move onto Africa to shoot exotic animals on the savanna. Beaware ofdangerous and wild predators while aiming on all kinds ofanimalslike Hippo's, Lions, Crocodiles, Sheep's, Goats, Deer's,Stags,Zebra's and many more! Can you handle the deer hunterchallenge andunlock all the other rifle guns? Unlock new snipers,handguns,shotguns and even automatic weapons in the weapon store!So makesure you have enough bullets when you go on Safari andconquer thewilderness in this awesome new 3D simulator gamespecially build forandroid. Game features:- Totally FREE to play.-Unlock all kinds ofweapons.- 20 levels with all a differentdifficulty.- Cool 3D animalanimations and simulations.- Maybe youwin a cool trophy when youfinish the game!
Safari Deer Hunting 2016 1.0
Rumax Games
I hope its a best game for those person who want hunting oftheDeer. this game is consist of very intersting streatgy andjoyful,real and attractive 3D environment.You are the best hunterifyoucomplete all the levels of this game.Its a challange forallhunters.beause needing or using a lot of physical or mentaleffortorenergy for completionofgame.Weapons:*Sniper*AK47*Pistol*UMP-45*M4A1SopmodFeatures:*ManyDifferent Levels *Third person jungle SniperHunting*SmoothControl*Realistic African Environment*Amazinganimation of dear
Deer Hunting - 2015 Safari 3.4
Do you like hunting ? How dangerous do you think it is? how willbethe fun to snipe some animals during a safari trip on theAfricanplains and cause a stampede ? Do you like to live someadventures,hunting, running and Tracking monsters in the Jungle ?So! you arein the right place ! Deer Hunting 2015 the high realisticfree 3Dadventure hunting game which will take you in a newhuntingadventure in the jungle featuring a wide variety of wildanimalsand monsters “ Deer, lion, Boar, Sheep and other”.DeerHunting 2015surpasses the previous versions of deer hunting gamesat alllevels. It enhances the virtual hunter's experience bynudging himthrough a dense lifelike forest with trees, rivers andwaterfalls,home to many wild animals, including the jungle king -theLion.**This app offers in app purchases. You may disable inapppurchases using your device settings**1. SOLE HUNTEREXPERIENCEwiththis deer hunting game you will take control rightfrom the verybeginning hunter and you’ll load with a rifle designedto simulatereal adventure of jungle life shooting experience. Asyou proceedwith a hunter's determination to kill and shoot, you canmove upthe leaderboard by hunting down bigger animals and bagginginbigger trophies.However, this is not easy hunter game, forthechallenge gets tougher as you struggle to find your targeteverytime the leaves rustle or the buck bellows and theartisticrendering makes the animal come charging right atyou.Making this3D hunting game for free a truly adventurous andvaliant experiencefor you. 2. FEATURESYou will choose to hunt downthe roaring lionor the bawling wolf, bear. Rhino or a wild boar orspot and chase adeer guarding his fawn.Apart from keeping an eye onthe attacker,you have to think as an hunter. Find your prey's bait,and use itto draw them in. Use it as a trap.As a hunter keep acheck on yourhealth. There is a nurse on board who appears eachtime you have tobuy health points. The visual effects are enhancedfurther bygiving you the option to hunting during day and night!The nightsget more challenging as it conceals the wilderness in itsdarknessand brings alive the jungle sounds and fireflies. You haveto be onguard every second and be watchful of every sound or moveas yourfight is against the natural hunters whose iridescent eyesandpredator instincts are heightened in the night. You have tostrikethem down before it is too late. Hunt the Deer 2015 controlsarehighly interactive, allowing you to zoom in and out and aim inanydirection. You can also share your score/progress on facebookandcompare your results with other gamers.3. ENJOY ITEVERYWHEREYoucan enjoy it at a temple, or while traveling in a realairplane ora running train, also in the subway, or in your car onthe road, inschool or while running.It's suitable for everyone; ifyou're alover of mincraft game, adventure or hunting game. Youshould likeHunt the Deer 20154. LIGHT GAMEHunt the Deer 2015 don’tconsumedata from your device, it was created to be suitable withall kindsof your devices phone or tablet.If you like our game,please rateit and recommend it to your friends. Hope you will enjoyhuntinganimals.**Hunt the Deer 2015 was created by the best huntersgameteam to be compatible with all ages and there is not realanimalswere harmed in the making of thisgame**--------------------PrivacyPolicy: for assistance orinquiries.Feedback:Share your feedbackatappinteractive@gmail.comFOLLOWUS:Facebook:
Wild Forest Hunt - Deer Sniper Hunter 3d
Get ready for extreme jungle safari real sniper animal hunter&survival challenges in this jungle deer hunting. Huntingthefurious animals of the jungle which are gone wild and aredangerousfor everyone who enters in the woods. The junglesecurities areworried about picking up the dead bodies of innocentvisitors whovisit the woods to see natural beauty but ends up deadby thesedangerous and wild deadliest animals. The security hascalled youthe most famous hunter to hunt down these dangerouscreaturesbefore they kill more innocent people. You have been inthis for awhile, you are the best fps forest hunting hero of safarisurvivalhunter ever was born. Starting hunting at a very early agewithyour father, which help you to become the youngest famoushunter ofall time. Now you are at your best time so that's why thejunglesecurity has called you help and take care of these wilddangerouscreatures. Be ready for some of the most extremechallenges foryour life these animals are nothing like you everface before theyhave been in these woods for a long time and theyknow better thanyou so be ready for the most extreme battle of yourlife.The deerhunt sniper shooting hunting season is about to start,grab yourweapons to become the best huntsman of wild jungle.Prepareyourself to hunt down these wild dangerous animals that arekillinginnocent people in lion hunter best simulator game. Tounlock morelevels and weapons clear the ongoing levels fast so youcan playnew levels. There are many levels to unlock andmuch-advancedweaponry to unlock. Unlock all of them to callyourself the bestfps forest hero of safari survival huntsman ofthis jungle.Thrilling and adventurous animals sniper target huntingsimulationmissions are designed for you in this new 2018 game, soyou can getthe real lion hunter & forest sniper shootingsimulator huntingexperience. You are going to face a real challengeto kill thesesmart and dangerous animals in they own territory.Mark yourtarget, be steady with the gun make sure it’s right on thetargetand pull the trigger for an amazing shot. If you miss theotheranimal will be alert and run away. The animals are unaware ofyourplans, show your huntsman skills to kill the wilddangerousanimals.Let’s go wild in animal sniper hunting 2018. Thisis anaction-packed adventurous animal hunter 3d sniper shootinggamefilled with extreme intense challenging missions. This isanamazingly addictive deer hunt jungle simulator 3d shootinggamewhich takes you on an ultimate adventure with the mostrealisticforest environment. It's a risky and adventurous game.It's aone-man show. You have to survive on your own once you enterthisfirst-person shooting game. Show your sniper fps shooter skillsinthis game and survive the wild dangerous animals who are hungryforhuman flesh. Grab your sniper, prove your shooting skillsbysurviving each of the challenges in this game and not lettinganyanimal escape. Let’s go hunting in real forestwildernessenvironment.Game Features - FPS First person snipershooting gameDeer- Real jungle wilderness environment - Wild deerhunt realhunter challenges- Real forest hunting experience- Huntaround theworld - Shoot like a pro jungle animal hunter - Bestjungle snipershooting game
Ultimate Deer Hunting Sim 2016 1.0
Enough with routine deer hunting games? It’s time to trydeerhunting with 4x4 drive in Ultimate Deer Hunting Sim 2016.Althoughhunting is itself a thrilling thing to do, but when it addswithdrive an off-road vehicle, it adds spice to it. While playingthisgame, firstly you have to drive a vehicle in a jungle to reachtotheir prey and then shoot deer. This will ultimately testyoursniper shooting skills. You will be given multiple tasks tokillthe multiple targets. As you know deer is an animal whichisbubbling with energy and excitement, it is not an easy tasktocatch him. This will be a serious challenge for player to chaseherand hunt it down. So be ready, gather your wits and trythisamazing 3D simulation game. It is a game for free for smartphoneusers. Your tasks will be time bound in this game. You willbegiven a specific time to complete your missions. So, willdrivingyour 4x4 offroad vehicle and hunting deer, keep time in yourmindas well. As a player you have to be very careful from otheranimalspreset in jungle. As a sniper, you have to target yourdesiredanimal from a specific distance so they can not harm you inanycase. Take down predators before you become the prey. Inshort,this 3D sim will bring multiple challenges for you. Keep inmindthat your prey should not escape from you. Hunt animals sorealthey nearly jump off the screen! Track down and bag theworld’smost exotic and elusive game. Shot like a pro shooter, keepyourhands steady, aim at a specific part of the target and kill himinone go. This is a perfect environment for deer hunting. This isanamazing and addictive action pack game to take you to anultimateadventure in the most realistic environment with trees,grass,outdoor, mountains etc. For FPS (First Person Sniper) gamelovers,this is a tremendous game where you don’t have a squad andhave toperform your duties all alone. The deer might be unaware ofyourpresence so take your best shot to become the best huntsman ofthejungle. Become the modern sniper of this era using bestweaponry.Plan your hunt as if it is a secret assassin missionbecause thisis what real hunters do! *****Features of Ultimate DeerHunting Sim2016*****• Smooth and attractive forest environment•Shooting with4x4 off-road drive• Action packed missions in thejungle full ofwild animals• Full range of jungle animals to huntincludingdeers!• REAL 3D Graphics and sounds• Multiple weapons withquickchange abilities • Great Deer Hunting Experience
Dinosaur Hunter 2016 1.8
Dinosaur Hunter 2016 - Hunt the largest and most ferociousdinosaursin the Jurassic world!Dinosaurs were the one of severalkinds ofprehistoric reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic Era,the "Age ofReptails". Some dinosaurs were Carnivorous, and somedinosaurs wereHerbivorous - but all the dinosaurs aredangerous.Dinosaur Hunter isa Hunting and Survival Simulation gamewhere you track and stalkyour prey.You need to be aware of yoursurroundings. Its time toload your sniper gun and jump into themonsters of Jurassic world,and become a Dino hunter to take thelife of most dangerouspredators like Tyrannosaurus T-Rex,Carnotaurus, Velociraptors,Allosaurus, and Stegosaurus.Rememberyou're not hunting deer, you'rehunting dinosaurs.GAME FEATURES-Realistic Simulator- Huge 3D SafariEnvironment- HD Graphics-Ultimate Hunting Adventure.- 16+ UniqueSpecies- 60 Epic Missions.- Thrilling Prey HuntingChallenges.Download the Dinosaur Hunter2016 and go back to Jurassicage in a most realistic deadly jungleenvironments to hunt.Also tryour most popular top new free games -Real Lion Simulator 2016, RealTiger Simulator 2016, Deer HunterSimulator 2015, and DinosaurHunter 2015.BYMIDNIGHT FREE GAMES
Sniper Deer Hunter 2016 1.2.2
It's time to become an international sniper deer hunter andstarthunting deer and many other kinds of animals. Earn rewards,upgradeyour weapon and go on big hunting missions.
Hunting Safari 1.0.1
Animal Hunter is here. If you're looking for a sniper game whereyouneed to hunt for all kinds of animals, from wolves and deertobears, whitetail. Each level gives you a set of animals toshoot.Take your rifle. Set your scope and hunt! Your goal is tokill allanimals in your range. Use sniper view for betterprecision. Duringthe game, you will enjoy the realistic graphics ofthe overgrownjungle.Hunting 3D features:- High quality graphics-Differentarmour- Different view point: sniper and basic- UnlimitedammoLeftside of the screen controls the movement, right side of thescreencontrols the rotation.Realistic 3D graphics and amazingimmersivegameplay are providing a visceral, dramatic experience andarehelping you to travel into the astonishing dinosaur world ofyourdream right on the screen of your mobile device, includingyourphone and tablet!Be careful of these bloody beasts as theyarethirsty for blood , and they will get a good meal with yourflesh.
Deer Hunter Game 2017 Free 1.3
Here is one of the Deer Hunter Games 2017 for the realsafarihunters who love to hunt in a jungle. You might haveplayeddifferent hunting games e.g. deer hunting, wild animalshunting,dinosaurs hunting games but this one is the best deerhunting gameamong all. Everyone likes hunting in his childhood andwant tobecome best safari hunter. Many hunters take it as theirhobby theylove to hunt the different animals in the jungle. Thisdeer huntinggame is especially developed for those deer hunters wholove tohunt. Here is a big chance for them to learn wild animalskillingand deer hunting. Beginners and expert hunters both can playthisgame. Beginners can learn how to hunt in the jungle and expertscanimprove their deer hunting skills and test their target levelbyplaying this classic deer hunting 3d game. You have to avoidtheattack of wild animals, set aim on them and kill them beforetheyattack on you.Thrilling and adventurous deer hunting missionshasbeen designed so that you could feel real deer huntingadventurewhile hunting. Different kinds of shooting guns e.g.sniper, pistolare available in this hunting game you have to selectany gunaccording to your choice and start hunting the deers. Ineachcoming level number of deers will be more than the previous onesoyou have to all the deers in the given time to complete eachlevelsuccessfully. Multiple environment e.g. desert, mountains,desertand snow have been designed so that you could become thebesthunter and could hunt the deers in any situation withoutanydangerous. Your life is very important to hunt deers so besafe,protect yourself from any wild animal attack in the jungle. Ifyouwill die then your mission will be failed and you have toplayagain to complete the hunting mission.You will find guncontrolsmore smooth and realistic. Realistic deer's animations andrealsafari jungle 3D environment has been designed, you will feelrealjungle hunting adventure in this hunting game. There are4different environments e.g. desert, forest, snow, mountainetc...You have to explore each environment one by one to find thecleverdeers and other wild animals to shoot and hunt them. Simpleandeasy graphics user interfaces has been designed for allagedpeoples in this deer killing game. Features of Deer HunterGame2017:Multiple environment e.g. desert, mountains, jungleandsnowDifferent shooting guns e.g. sniper, Pistol to huntthedeersUnlimited bullets in the gunsMultiple thrillingandchallenging missions in each environmentIncreasing number ofcleverdeers in each coming levelRealistic deer running and eatinggrassanimationsaim to set the exact target on the deersCamera zoomInfacility to watch deers from far awayMap to find the deersinbehind the mountains and in the snowsmooth and realisticcontrolsSimple and easy Graphics user interfacesFree to play noin-apppurchasingJust install this Deer Hunter Game 2017 game andenjoyDeer hunting in snow jungle and mountains.
High-end, immersive tablet gameplay! Lead the charge on D-Day asthetip of the spear in the largest Allied invasion of WW2! Defeattheoccupation forces and take back France; storm the beaches,clear thetrenches and liberate towns as you battle through thecountryside ofNormandy. SEE AND FEEL THE ACTION! Experience theultimate 3rdperson shooter with stunning console quality visuals,precisecontrols, advanced physics, destructible environments andfullvoiceovers. Jump into the heat of battle and push your deviceto thelimit! HUGE SINGLE-PLAYER CAMPAIGN! Experience 5 separatecampaignswith 145 separate missions based on the actual beachlandings; Juno,Sword, Utah, Gold and Omaha. Destroy powerful tanksand cannons toallow allied forces to advance. Grab a stationarygun and unloadagainst fortified positions. Man the Ack-Ackanti-aircraft guns totake down bombers and their escorts beforethey can release theirpayloads. RUN THROUGH THE WARZONE! Battleyour way into the heart ofenemy territory! Run through thebattlefield dodging mines andleaping barriers as you move to thenext cover point to avoid enemyfire. Emerge from destructiblecover points to engage waves ofenemies! COMMAND AN ARSENAL OFDEADLY WEAPONS! Take to the frontlinewith an array of classicweapons from World War 2. Grab a historicrifle to take downenemies accurately or, if you prefer, amachine-gun to unleash ahail of bullets. Call in Artillery strikesagainst entrenched enemysoldiers or shoulder a bazooka to reduce atank to rubble. PLEASENOTE: - This game is free to play, but youcan choose to pay realmoney for some extra items, which will chargeyour Google account.You can disable in-app purchasing by adjustingyour devicesettings. -This game is not intended for children. -Please buycarefully. - Advertising appears in this game. - Thisgame maypermit users to interact with one another (e.g., chatrooms, playerto player chat, messaging) depending on theavailability of thesefeatures. Linking to social networking sitesare not intended forpersons in violation of the applicable rules ofsuch socialnetworking sites. - A network connection is required toplay. - Forinformation about how Glu collects and uses your data,please readour privacy policy at: - If you havea problemwith this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature.FOLLOW US atTwitter @glumobile READ_CONTACTS– The gamereads your contacts only to allow you to invite yourfriends toplay. getLine1Number - This permission was accidentallyincludedbut is not used by this game. We will remove in an updatein nearfuture.
Winter Hunter 3D ™
Winter Hunter 3D - Hunt, Explore & Survive.This game offersyouthe unique & enhanced hunting experience in winterseasonfeaturing fast-paced combat, dead-cold environments, andover-thetop action. This game lets you hunt the biggest and mostdangerousanimals in the world. Take down predators before youbecome theprey.EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-restexturesand high- poly 3d models all combine to make this one ofthe mostbeautiful hunter simulator game on your mobile device!HUNTWILDANIMALSImmerse yourself in lush environments filled withvariety ofwild animals from small to giant, from herbivores tocarnivoresincluding Deer, Gazelle, Bear, Hyena, Tiger and manymore. Huntingdeer is just the beginning.WIDE RANGE OF ARSENALWildHunter isequipped with wide range of guns, which allow them to stayawayfrom the claws and teeth of frozen jungle animals -Pistol,Revolver, Machine gun, Assault Rifle, Shotgun.Aim andShoot!GAMEFEATURES- Intense FPS shooting and deadly environments.-Over 20epic carnage hunting challenges to complete.- Dozens of realworldweapons.- Realistic 3D graphics and awesome soundeffects.-High-end, immersive tablet game play!- Map and radar tolocate andtrack forest animals.Winter Hunter 3D is free to playgame from thecreators of Primal Dinosaur Hunter 2016 & DeerHunterSimulator. Download now and experience the greatest huntingever!Return to the wild and become a real hunterAbout"LeocapStudios" isa leading global developer and publisher of free-to-playgames forsmartphone and tablet
Deer Hunter : Hunting Deer
The World's #1 Deer Hunting 2017 game is now available onmobile!Play Deer Hunter : Hunting Deer game and become aprofessional DeerHunter 2017 champion is the hottest and mostrealistic Deer Huntingsimulation for you. Deer Hunter : HuntingDeer 2017 brings stunning3D graphics, realistic deer and sniperanimations and simpleintuitive controls. Shoot at targets (deer's)generally set atvarious distance. Deer Hunter : Hunting Deer is theworld besthunting experience with deer hunting 2017 . Hunt acrossthe globein the world’s greatest hunting experience. Becoming thebest deerhunter you have hunt all the deer's.Deer Hunter : HuntingDeer isfull of action and thrill with full of polish animation andfull ofadventure in the most realistic environment withrealisticPicturesque locations, jungle, mountain, water lakes andgrass, let's try to have fun to hunt deer but more, you needto beattentive and expert in using your sniper gun. You have theonlygun with scope to shoot deer.This Deer Hunter : Hunting Deer2017is specially for those who loves to play deer hunting games,zombiehunting, sniper shooting games, animal hunting or animalhunter ,forest hunting ,snowy hunting and Jungle animal huntinggames. Allyou have to do is, grab your sniper rifle and go huntingthe Deer'sin jungle. So, let's go hunting in the real junglewildernessenvironment. Its good time to download and play deerhunting gameof pro 2017 with fabulous game play and splendidgraphics,Picturesque locations, lake view which are absolutelyincredibleand you will surely love playing this first personshooter game.The Deer Hunter : Hunting Deer delivers the nostalgickind of deerhunting experience on your Smartphone andtablet!FEATURES of DeerHunter : Hunting Deer:* Picturesquelocations water fall * MultipleMissions * Unlimited ammo in DeerHunter : Hunting Deer 2017* FPS3D game full of action and thrill.*Best real life 3D graphics andenvironment .* The natural sounds ofdeer and fire.* Real 3D deer'swith best animations. * Real huntingexperienceNote: This game istotally free and Ads supported
Deer, Bear, Tiger Hunting 2016 1.0
It’s not easy to hunt down wild animalsinthejungle with only a rifle in real life such as Bear, TigerandStag.MQ Games bring addictive, interesting and the besthuntinggame of2016. This game has beautiful and elegant graphicsplusjungleenvironment for hunting, 12 levels of huntingwithdifferentcomplexities, zoom and aim options with sniper gunandmany more.Download it and enjoy our free best Hunting Game of2016.** Features **- Beautiful jungle environment for hunting- Attractive graphics with wild animals- 12 levels with different complexities- Hunt 3 wild animals; Deer, Bear and Tiger- Zoom to aim the animals with a sniper gun- Best sniper shooting experience in the jungle- Sniper shooting hunt- Pause / resume the level- Hunting among wild animals** Help / how to Play **- Tap on play button to start the 3D game- Choose the level to enter the jungle environment- Read the level Instructions carefully and tap on Start- Navigate the forest by swiping left/right on your phone- Find the animal, target it and shoot- Use zoom button to aim the animalNote: Play this free game with advertisement
Join the war for Europe in the exciting sequel toFrontlineCommando: D-Day. Close in on the Occupation with eachmission, makeyour way to the heart of Berlin, and lead the Alliedforces to WW2victory! History depends on you!ENGAGE INHISTORICWARFAREExperience exciting WW2 campaigns with challengingmissionsthat will test your skills on the battlefields of Belgium,Italy,Germany, and more. Grab your guns to fight enemy troops,eliminatesnipers, or obliterate convoys, halftracks, and tanks toforwardthe war campaign and save Europe.COMPLETE DANGEROUSMISSIONSMasterchallenging objectives in Assault, Sniper and RocketLaunchermissions to clear war-torn streets and rural villages ofAxisinvaders! Become a special operations solider to take downthedeadliest, high-profile WW2 enemy officers and destroyvaluablemilitary targets using snipers, machine guns and tanks.POWERFULWEAPONRY AT YOUR COMMANDNew and improved weapons are atyourdisposal to help lead the Allied forces to victory. Fight withyourwhole arsenal and utilize machine guns, sniper rifles,rocketlaunchers, flamethrowers, and more. Choose your weapon of warandeliminate your targets!STELLAR GRAPHICS ANDIMPACTFULENVIRONMENTSWith cutting-edge graphics and precisecontrols, youcan see and feel the action of WW2. Whatever themission or weapon-from machine gun to sniper- you’re on thefrontlines ofwar.High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!PLEASE NOTE:-This game isfree to play, but you can choose to pay real money forsome extraitems, which will charge your Google account. You candisablein-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.-Thisgame isnot intended for children.- Please buy carefully.-Advertisingappears in this game.- This game may permit users tointeract withone another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat,messaging)depending on the availability of these features. Linkingto socialnetworking sites are not intended for persons in violationof theapplicable rules of such social networking sites.- Anetworkconnection is required to play.- For information about howGlucollects and uses your data, please read our privacy If you have a problem with this game,pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW
Forest Sniper Hunting Season Wild Jungle Hunter 1.0
If you are interested in Forest Hunting, Then get ready forthisForest Hunting game. An exotic hunting simulation: Chooseyourfloresta Sniper gun and hideout in forest so during wildanimalhunting your enemies (wild animals) not get noticed ofyourpresence in this hunting game. Whether you want to huntlions,cheetahs, tigers, Stag, Deer or Bear, this wild hunting gamegivesyou all, and invites you to take the challenge if you canprove tobe the best in hunting jungle animals in floresta. Foresthuntingis not easy thing in real life and especially in theforest(jungle) among wild animals that can kill you. Be awareofdangerous and wild predators while aiming on all kinds ofanimalslike Hippo's, Lions, Crocodiles, Sheep's, Goats, Deer's,Stags,Zebra's and many more!This forest hunting game offers youtheunique wild animal hunting game where you can hunt a lot ofwildanimals, just aim and shoot. As animal Hunter this huntinggamelets you hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals in thejunglefor example tiger hunting, Cheetahs hunting, Elephants andLionshunting. This animal hunting game gives opportunities towildhunter to hunt deer in real wild hunting atmosphere. inthishunting game you can unlock new snipers handguns, shotguns andevenautomatic weapons in the weapon store! In this animal huntingfreegame, be part of the real hunter simulator and reach yourhuntingjungle animals venue first, choose target, aim and shoot thewildanimals.The forest is full of wild animals so you will have toputall your animal hunting and tiger hunting skills to practice tobethe best hunter. In this Forest Animal Hunter free game youcanperform exception sniper hunting and make your hunting day fullofenjoyment.Game features:-- Totally FREE to play.- Unlock allkindsof weapons.- 20 levels with all a different difficulty.- Cool3Danimal animations and simulations.- Maybe you win a cooltrophywhen you finish the game!- User friendly and easy tocontrol.-Realistic forest environment .
Wild Deer Hunt 2016 - Sniper 1.0.1
Gamers Pulse
Have you ever felt the wrath ofjungle?Imaginethat you are all alone in the jungles of Amazon or intheDarkforest of Africa and you have only one weapon to defendyou.Whatwould you do? Don’t worry we designed this game to trainyouinhunting and surviving from the wrath of the jungle. Alllevelsaredesigned to make you a fearless and professional hunter.Thisgameis designed in very simple, realistic environmentswithGrass,trees, mountains, waterfall etc. You will definitelyenjoyhuntingin every level in fps mode. All preys areAi(artificialintelligent).You are a hunter who is assigned with different tasks ineverylevel,provided with a most deadly and very lethal weaponTheDragunov.Complete the given task by hunting specific numberofdeer and getpromoted to next level. The environment of everylevelis reallybreath taking. You are provided with twodifferentseasons of nature,summer and autumn. The animation anddesign ofevery level isaccording to these both seasons. Whilehunting youhave to be quick,maintain stealth and be very careful.You have tokill the deer veryquickly or the deer will sense youand he willrun away. If the deerran away then your hunt will befailed. Youcan also aim down yourweapon to get a clear shot ofyourprey.HOW TO PLAY:Tap Aim button to aim down your sight.Swipe on screen to spot your prey and take aim.Tap fire button to fire your weapons.Tap Pause button to pause the game.FEATURES:First Person Shooting Mode.Gun control is very smooth and comfortable.The environment is very realistic and 3D.Two seasons, summer and autumn are available.Ten levels are provided with different tasks.Real time jungle environment and sound effects.
Deer Jungle Hunter 2016 1.6
Gamesview technology warm welcomes you and presents moststunningand immersive android 3D hunting simulator game named as“DeerJungle Hunter 2016” for the hunting lust of professionalmasterhunters on google play store. In this deer hunting game youwillhave to show your best sniper shooting skills as a promasterhunter and assassin. It’s the time to check your legendaryepicsniper shooting and hunting skills versus exotic animals (deer)inwilderness real 3D jungle environment. In deer jungle hunter2016,your prey is easy but elusive to hunt. You, as aprofessionalmaster hunter of wildlife animals, will use thedifferent guns,rifles and arsenal as per your objectives in thisventure. You havethe modern sniper shooting guns with extremefirepower to aim yourprey which is the wild deer. So concentrateyour sight to targetthe prey, control your breath and shoot on thewild hunting deer.Beware of the buck grunt around and focus on thewild deer bleat,it will run away if you got failed to hunt him inyour first shoot.By the deer rattling, you have to face complexchallenge to killdeer after hunter gun reloaded again. So you haveto shoot, shootand shoot to kill the all deers to reach at thefinal game level.In the deer hunting perspective, this is a 3D FPShunter shootinggame with amazing deer AI (Artificial intelligence)response andmovements. Game Features:- • Multiple levels to achievethedifferent goals• Multiple marvelous gun selections simply bybesthunting score• Best stunning 3D graphics, GUI andrealisticenvironment• FPS (First Person sniper) 3D shooting game•Accurategun controls and zoom to view the target (prey)• Best deerAI(Artificial intelligence) • Awesome and realistic 3D huntingdeermodels• Amazing back ground music and junglesoundsDisclaimer:-Thisgame is Ads supported and is available ongoogle play store forfree. Please download and refer this game toyour friends for moreadventures and action. Please write usdirectly in case of anydifficulty/problemduring the game play. We always welcome you forthe feedback toimprove our game features for more quality fungames. Your positivereviews will encourage us to get back to youwith best androidapps. So just tune to “gamesview technology” ongoogle play storeto download the best games for unlimited fun forall. Here is ourgoogle playstorelink.
Deer Hunt 2016 1.1
Hunt the wild animals across the globe and have a greathuntingexperience.You need to hunt down the animals, kill thembefore theytear you apart. Upgrade your guns to take an accurateand singleshot kill the wild animals. Free Hunting Game3DGraphicsCameraZoomAccurate Kill ShotUnique GunsBest HuntingexperienceDeer Hunt2016 is totally free to play, download and enjoythe hunt!Note:This game may contain In-app purchases and may alsocontainthird-party ads that may redirect you to a third-partysite.Thanksfor your support and keep playing our games!
Deer Hunting Simulator 2016 ™
Hunting & Survival Simulation that is completely truetolife!Deer Hunting 2016 lets you hunt the biggest and mostdangerousanimals in the jungle with access to powerful guns.Openand explorea huge 3d world in HD quality inhabited by variety ofwild animals.Start with an easy prey and move up the food chaineventuallyhunting the deadliest creatures alive.WIDE RANGE OFARSENALThe Deerhunter is equipped with wide range of firearms,which allow them tostay away from the claws and teeth of deadlyanimals.Shoot like apro with - Pistol, Revolver, Machine gun,Assault Rifle,ShotgunHUNT ANIMALSImmerse yourself in diverseenvironments filledwith many animal species! Watch out forattacking predatorsincluding bears, wolves, tigers, Lions andcheetahs!Hunting deer isjust the beginning!VISIT EXOTICLOCATIONSKill animals in lush anddangerous safari environments likethe overgrown jungle and animalboneyard!GAME FEATURES- Huge 3Dforest, open to explore!- 3DAnimals, from the Herbivorous (planteating) for novice hunters tothe carnivorous(meat eating) for theexperts- Real world weaponsand upgrades- Immersive hunting missionsto complete- Realisticconsole quality HD graphics and awesome soundeffects- Map andradar to locate and track animalsDeer Hunting 2016is free to playgame from the creators of Primal Dinosaur HunterSimulator andCarnivores Animal Hunter. Download now and experiencethe greatesthunting ever!About"Leocap Studios" is a leading globaldeveloperand publisher of free-to-play games for smartphone
ONE MAN. ONE WAR. YOU ARE THE FRONTLINE COMMANDO.As thesolesurviving Commando of a renegade attack against aruthlessdictator, you are stranded on the frontline and hell-bentonpayback. You must use all of your specialized skills to survivetheonslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.SEEAND FEEL THE ACTION The ultimate 3rd person shooter withstunningconsole quality visuals, precise controls, advanced physicsanddestructibles. Jump in the heat of battle and push yourAndroiddevice to the limit!COMPLETE DEADLY MISSIONSEmergefromdestructible cover points to take down helicopters, jeepsandheavily defended enemy bases. Fight off increasinglydifficultwaves of enemies over a variety of combat missiontypes.COMMAND ANARSENAL OF DEADLY WEAPONSTake to the frontline withan artillery ofassault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocketlaunchers, medkits, armor and more!PLEASE NOTE:- This game is freeto play, butyou can choose to pay real money for some extra items,which willcharge your Google account. You can disable in-apppurchasing byadjusting your device settings.-This game is notintended forchildren.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appearsin thisgame.- This game may permit users to interact with oneanother(e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging)depending onthe availability of these features. Linking to socialnetworkingsites are not intended for persons in violation of theapplicablerules of such social networking sites.- A networkconnection isrequired to play.- For information about how Glucollects and usesyour data, please read our privacy policy you have a problem with this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help”feature. FOLLOW US
Wild Deer Hunting 1.0.1
It’s almost 2016, with it comes the open deer hunting season,theperfect season for wild hunters to go into the wilderness forawild animal hunting adventure. Grab your jungle sniperhuntinggadgets, load them and go into the wilderness with the bestdeerhunter game of the season. Wild Deer Hunting is filled withloadsof ACTION, SAFARI HUNTING AND SHOOTING FUN to keep you engagedforhours. Wild Deer Hunting is not just about deer hunting butthis2016 game is also about other wild animal hunting likezebra,cheetah, elephants and even hippos, roaming freely inthewilderness of the jungle. Do you think you can be the best biggamehunter and hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals in theworldto be the best safari hunter? The target of the wild hunterislittle challenging, as the wild animal runs away hearing thesoundof the jungle sniper. So you will have to put all youranimalhunter and deer hunting skills to practice to be the besthunter of2016 Wild Deer Hunting season.With Wild Deer Hunting learnthe artof being the wild hunter by running in the 3D environment,runafter your animal prey as the real hunter simulator and be thebiggame hunter of your tribe. As the survival of the tribesdependsupon the outcome of the chase. So this wild hunting season,be partof the real hunter simulator and reach your hunting jungleanimalsvenue first, choose, target, aim and shoot the best game.But STAYFOCUS that is the key to unlimited hunting.Key Features: •Firstperson jungle sniper hunting• Smooth and efficient weaponcontrol•Realistic animal and deer hunting games graphics• Amazingsafarihunter and real hunting unlimited environment• Real-timewildanimal hunter and deer hunting simulator
Jungle Animal Sniper Hunter 1.2
Jungle sniper animal hunter 2014 in the most stunning FPShuntingsimulator on Android.Let’s begin hunting with jungle sniperanimalhunter 2014. Jungle deer hunter is most addictive andamazingaction game with full of adventure in most realisticjungleenvironment with realistic trees, mountain, rain, water lakesandgrass etc. Travel in different regions like Africa, Amazon,NorthAmerica, Everglades etc to hunt world’s most exotic animals.Huntmany jungle animals and also watch for attacking animals likebear,Tiger, Panther etc. Sniper hunter is best hunting game forthosewho love to hunt animals like deer, bear, zebras, tiger,pantheretc in jungle with a sniper gun and you are all alone. Thisis bestfor those who are good at sniper gun aiming and shooting. Ifyouare the best in sniper shooting then don’t let the animalstoescape. Jungle hunting is full of realistic environment full of3Dgraphics, sound effects, rain effects and environment. Animalslikedeer and zebras are unaware of your hunting so you can huntthemeasily but other animals are dangerous so they can attack onyouwhen they know about your presence.Hunting animals is thebesthobby for hunter.STORYHunting is you passion and also hobby,youdecided to hunt animals in hunting season so you travel fromyourhome to hunt animals. Africa Regions is famous for deer huntingandyou love to hunt deer, so Africa is your destiny for deerhunting.After hunting deer travel to Amazon, North America andevergladesfor hunting other animals like zebra, bear, tiger pantheretc. Youhave your sniper gun with a scope for aiming to thetargets. Youare best at hunting. So start your journey of huntinganimals withsniper gun in all around the world. It’s a huntingseason so jointhe hunt today. If you are a hunter then play ourhunting game.FEATURESJungle animal sniper hunter is developed forthose wholove: • First Person Shooting games,• Sniper shooting,•Snipersimulator• hunting simulator, • hunting in jungle,•animalhunting,• deer hunter,• tiger and panther hunter,• wildanimalhunting,• fps hunting simulatorOther Features are• Realisticjungleenvironment• Water lakes• Rain and storm• Multiple regions ofWorldlike Africa, Amazon, North America, everglades• Awesome 3DGraphicsand sound effects• Sharp Enemy AI like attacking andrunning ofanimals• Story based hunting• Efficient gun control withzoomaiming• Best sniper shooting game.• Best deer hunter game youeverplayed• Best hunting game for hunters.HOW TO PLAY• Easy Touchandrotate by touching on device screen to rotate shooter view•Cameraszoom for accurate aiming on target like animals.• Hunt thembeforethey hunt you.Download and play our latest game junglesniperanimal hunter 2014 freely and enjoy hunting. And please ratethisgame and give your feedback's for other users. Thank You
Deer Hunting in Hunter Valley 1.7.4
Deer hunting fever is at the high, so it’s time to grab yourhuntinggears for deer shooting in the snow valley. As the seasonis on! sohunt as many moose as you can to become the ultimate deerhunter andget rewards. You can become the ultimate deer hunter toget highestnumber of moose in the limited time. Plan itstrategically withoutalerting the other surrounding barbary stag,otherwise stags will bedisappeared in the beautiful shootingvalley covered in snowfall.Deer Hunting in hunter valley hasfollowing features for elite deerhunter - Multiple waves for mooseshooting - Sniper weapon scopezoom in option - Beautiful wildanimals in the environment - Realtime wild deer hunting animation- Wild and attractive shootingenvironment and graphics - Muchmore… If you like the best deerhunter game, please share withother deer hunting fellows. Shouldyou have any suggestion, pleasefeel free to contact us and let usdevelop better shooting games.Follow us @hawksgames
Sniper Jungle Legend 2016 1.1
We, the proud maker of Vegas Sniper X, feel immense pleasuretobring you the one of the best Sniper Jungle Legend 2016 free3Dgames, including wild beasts animals as well as innocentDeerHunter with rubber bullets to get them insane for researchandtreatment purposes. Matchless Hunting experience with SniperJungleLegend including deer hunting 2016 along with other animals.Huntacross the globe in the world’s greatest huntingexperience.SniperJungle Legend 2016 is an amazing hunting adventurewith multipletargets, simply, its all about thrill & fun. AsFirst PersonShooter (FPS) Sniper you will find multiple animalslike Tiger,Lion, Wolf and Deer, as Deer is a smart and cleveranimal so to bea professional deer hunter you must have to havegood aim and shootand target aim skills while holding your breath.You are on a deerhunting expedition of 2016 in a dense jungle snowywinterenvironment where you have to hunt deer in a specified time.Inthis Deer Hunting encounter your shooting and huntingexpertiseshould be at par to win this immersive challenge whileenjoying abest animals and deer hunting experience in a beautifuland denseSniper Jungle Legend 2016.You are going to face a realchallenge tohunt one of the smart and wild animal hunting i.e. deerbefore itjump of your sniper gun shot, you should hold breath, lineup yourgun barrel and press the sniper gun trigger to takesuccessful shoton this wild and smart predators for an outstandingand sensationshot.Anyone who love to play sniper shooting games,animal hunting,forest hunting and Jungle animal hunting games, musttry this freehunting game of pro 2016 to be a super hero of thisnew animals anddeer hunting game while having a hunting adventurewith modernsniper guns similar to AK47, M4, AWP, P90, UMP45 DesertEagle,negev etc.If you are FPS games fans, then time has come todownloadand play new deer hunting game of pro 2016 with marvelousgameplayand splendid graphics which are absolutely incredible andyou willsurely love playing this first person shooter game. TheSniperJungle Legend 2016 delivers the nostalgic kind of animals anddeerhunting experience on your smartphone and tablet!So if youlovehunting games, shooting game and deer hunter games thenyoudefinitely need to download this new deer hunting game to haveamemorable Halloween Holidays season, Christmas and Winterholidays.Download now Sniper Jungle Legend and ENJOY UNIQUE SniperJungleLegend 2016 EXPERIENCE WITH AMAZING 3D GRAPHICS; SniperJungleLegend 2016 – GAME FEATURES: ★ Tough and ChallengingMissions. tobecome a real sniper jungle hunter hero in this 2016hunting game.★Multiple Missions★ Multiple weapons★ InteractiveEnvironment★ HDGraphics★ Smooth Game play & Interface★ GreatDeer HuntingExperience
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter 1.8.8
Carnivores series celebrates its 20th anniversary.Carnivores:Dinosaur Hunter is a hunting simulation that iscompletely true tolife and totally breathtaking. You land on adistant planetinhabited by dinosaurs and progress from a shywildlife observer toa stealthy and ruthless T-Rex hunter. Alldinosaurs are in full 3Dcomplete with their terrifying roars! -Select from 7 huge 3Denvironments - Choose time of day (nightvision on!) - Fill thearea with dinosaurs to your liking and skills- Equip withcamouflage, cover scent or radar - Pick a weapon andhunt or take acamera and observe - Store your prey in real-sizetrophy room - Gogreen and use tranquilizer instead of bullets - Tryto beat yourhigh score in Survive Mode - Read tips and tricks foreverydinosaur in ‘Dinopedia’ To anyone who played Carnivores onPC,guaranteed hours of nostalgia! And new hunters will see whattheyhave never seen before. PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free, butforreal money you can buy additional things, the amount forthepurchase of which will be written off from your Google account.Youcan disable purchases in the game in your device's settings. -Thegame is not intended for children. - Please be careful whenmakingpurchases. - The game contains advertising. - You need toconnectto the Internet to play. To find out how TatemGames collectsanduses your data, please read our Privacy Policyat If you have aproblemwith the game, please send your Become a fan of CarnivoresonFacebook: Thank you for playingourgames! Stay in touch for news
The year is 2028 and humanity is on the brink of extinction.HelpJohn Connor in the war to save the human race in the officialgameof the new movie Terminator Genisys. Escape from the Skynetprisoncamp and fight the machines in this action-packedsci-fishooter!EXPLOSIVE THIRD-PERSON SHOOTER• Hundreds of missionstochoose from!• Battle your way through stunningly rendered,postapocalyptic locations• Use your tactical prowess against awiderange of deadly enemies• Easy to use, responsivemobilecontrolsADVANCED CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPONRY• Amass a wide varietyofpresent day and futuristic weapons• Switch betweenShotguns,Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles and take control ofthebattlefield• Level up your weapons with High Explosives,DepletedUranium, Plasma, and Electrical munitions• Use Rockets,Grenades,and EMPs against the enemyRISE THROUGH THE RANKS• JointheResistance and get promoted to higher ranks• Fight alongsidekeyResistance members from the film• Immersive storyline writtenbyworld renowned sci-fi writer Dan AbnettHigh-end, immersivetabletgameplay!See Terminator Genisys in Theatres© 2015 Terminator Genisys: Guardian,ownedby Skydance Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.© 2015TerminatorGenisys, owned by Skydance Productions, LLC. Allrightsreserved.Software and game design © 2015 Glu Mobile Inc. Allrightsreserved.Terminator® Genisys™ is a trademark of StudioCanalS.A.All rights reserved. SKYDANCE PRODUCTIONS® and the Skydancelogoare the registered trade marks or trademarks ofSkydanceProductions, LLC in the United States and otherjurisdictions. Allrights reserved. GLU and the “g-Man” logo are thetrademarks orregistered trademarks of Glu Mobile Inc. in the UnitedStatesand/or in other jurisdictions.PLEASE NOTE:- This game is freetoplay, but you can choose to pay real money for some extraitems,which will charge your Google account. You can disablein-apppurchasing by adjusting your device settings.-This game isnotintended for children.- Please buy carefully.- Advertisingappearsin this game.- This game may permit users to interact withoneanother (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat,messaging)depending on the availability of these features. Linkingto socialnetworking sites are not intended for persons in violationof theapplicable rules of such social networking sites.- Anetworkconnection is required to play.- For information about howGlucollects and uses your data, please read our privacy If you have a problem with this game,pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW
Animal Hunter 3D: Africa 1.0
Bit of Game
If you loved the first Animal Hunter 3D simulator game thenyou'rein for a real treat with this follow up. We have jumped on aplaneto Africa for some big game hunting and something a littlemoreexotic.This is a sniper game like no other. If you're lookingforthat real hunting feel then this is exactly what you need. Withalarge variety of animals to shoot, from Lions and Zebra,toElephants and Hippos you will not find anything else like thisfreeon the market.Spot your prey, tap to zoom the scope and thenshootand go for the kill. You can zoom in more by squeezing thescreenonce the scope is open. To give your gun more accuracy, likea realsniper. Features:- Amazing 3D graphics build just for yourAndroiddevice.- 12 huge levels. Each with a new challenge.- Realsniperphysics.
RoboCop™ 3.0.6
▶ Do more damage with the new Rocket Launchers!▶ Battle in Tehran, a new location!▶ Try new suits like the Navy Urban Camo! Additional suitandweapons will be unlocked for the next event.Welcome to the official game of RoboCop the movie.In 2028 Detroit, when Alex Murphy, a loving husband, father andgoodcop is critically injured in the line of duty, themultinationalconglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for apart-man, part-robotpolice officer.Join the OmniCorp program to become RoboCop, the ultimatelawenforcement officer! Battle human crooks, robot enemies andlearnhow to defend the citizens from the corrupt streets ofDetroit.Start your training now!Shoot your way through console-quality trainingsimulationsUse drone strikes to take out large groups of enemiesSave human hostages and capture informantsBattle aggressive robot enemies from the film, like the EM-208andthe ED-209Upgrade your weapons and robotic suit to the latest technologythatOmniCorp has to offerScan your targets with body heat vision to find their locationandweak pointsROBOCOP (2014) © 2013 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc.&Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. ROBOCOP is a trademark ofOrionPictures Corporation. © 2013 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.AllRights ReservedRoboCop is free to play, but you can choose to pay real moneyforsome extra items.Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms ofUse.Collection and use of personal data are subject to GluMobile’sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are available terms may also apply.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Deer Hunting 2017 Wild Animal Sniper Hunter Game 1.2
Deer Hunting 2017 Wild Mountain Sniper Animal HunterGameBestshooting game where you don’t just go on a killing spreeand startrandomly killing animals. From Hunting the deer to thebears andwolfs, this animal hunting game gives you the bestexperience ofprecise shooting and sniper skills. Catch elusiveanimals with yoursniper bullet and get points for that, bag them asmany as you can.While Face shooting the huge bears, boar and wolvesin augmentedgraphics and best audio compatibility; you won’t bedisappointedwith this game. Find the deer hiding in bushes and aimat themwhile running or get them by surprise. Kill the massiveanimalsbefore they attack on you. Aim with both scope on andwithout it.Finest action is produced in this game which is thecomplete mergerof high tech game development by linking it with thecraze for oneof the oldest hobbies in this world. We have mergedHunting gameand sniper shooting together to form the best shootanimal shootinghunter game ever. Start from deer and wolves andmove towardskilling huge animals like bears and moose and then thechallenge ofhunting down dinosaurs from T-Rex, velociraptor andmore. Pass eachscenario for each animal and unlock new kinds.Difficulty levels ineach level are different from others. Followthe instructions anddon’t get run out of time. Shoot as manyanimals as you can andbecome an animal shooting veteran as youadvance in the game.Different set of geographical locations to testthe hunter’sresilience in climatic changes where in Arctic regionyou have tohunt down the huge grizzly bears and the weather ismaking yousenseless, shooting the deer in green forest is blowingyour mind.Multiple locations mean different kinds of weather aswell. Thereis nothing between your firearms and the wild deer andwolves,every time you open it at them, make it count. In limitedtime spanof hunting adventure this is the most important thing.DeerHunting2017 Wild Mountain Sniper Hunter Game Features: •Dangerousenvironment Full of wild animals.• Variety of Animals toKill.•Best 3d Forest, arctic and desert environment.• DifficultyBar foreach Animal.• Shooting from a vantage point.• Shoot throughTreeleaves.• Animal scattered quickly• Aim at Running WildAnimals.•Unlimited Ammunition Bonuses.• Immersive 3D graphics.Howto Play•It’s a first person Shooting• Select the animal you want toshootfirst• Start from difficulty level one.• Kill all thetargetedanimals in each level to move into next level.• Watch yourtime andshoot accurately or it will fail the mission.• Kill theanimalsbefore times up.• Double zoom for more precision.• Permityourselfto pull the trigger when target is in range.• Each animalcan bekilled with two bullets at least.
Mountain Sniper Shooting: 3D FPS 8.3
Skippy Games
Mountain Sniper shooting 3D is a very popular shooting gamewithgreat graphics and addictive game play. Different type oflocationswith each region having a different kind of missionmanaged in aninteresting way. Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D Features:- Arealistic 3D environment with super views - HD graphics andhighquality textures. - Amazing mountain sniper game withmodernweapons. - Certainly not a typical commando games -Impressivegameplay with action camera We don't collect anypersonalinformation; any non-personal information collected by ourpartnersfor analytic and game improvements.