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Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Elite Shooting Games
AIM and SHOOT! Download now for free one of the best FPSshootinggames. Clash with the criminals on different scenarios fullofaction. Sniper 3D Assassin® in 7 words: great gameplay,awesomevisuals and entertaining missions. And best of all? It's afree fpsgame to pass the time! Defend the victims from kidnappingsto bombattacks to a Vegas hitman: hostage survival is critical!Features:- Ultra realistic 3D graphics and cool animations -Hundreds ofthrilling missions - Play in multiple battlegrounds,from hugecities to beautiful beaches - Tons of letal guns andmortal weapons- Addicting FPS gameplay - Easy and intuitivecontrols - Free game:play it both on your phone and tablet Forgetthose dumb, repetitiveshooting games. Here, your duty will includeracing against time,exploding helicopters, killing zombies andquite a few shots inslow motion. Survival is necessary! But can yousolve the puzzle,save the victims and kill only the right targethidden in thecrowd? Can you stop the unknown virus from spreading?Will you takeout the assassins in time? You received the call forduty of savingthe people. Don't let their creed on you be in vain!The best firstperson shooter (fps) action game! Be the best sniperin everyenvironment! The combat is real, and you can be the hero.●Hundreds of missions: "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, do you copy?"Findthe target, aim, shoot. Save the state secrets from therogueagents and spies, and stop them from spreading a terriblevirus. Doyou have the skills? Help your country in the massivenuclearcompetition. ● The hostages are within the enemy fort. Willyoustorm in through the open, or sneak up at nite? ● El Diablo,thecriminal king pin, is creating havoc in the city - will youendthis rebellion? ● The enemy is racing to their target: don'tletthem reach it in time! ● Don't leave any zombies alive!! Areyouprepared for all the action and adventure in this awesomefpsshooting game? Can you guarantee the survival of the human race?●Unlock awesome weapons and upgrade them with evolutions inthearsenal: Buy the best Sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotgunsorpistols that exist with the gems you earned in the game!Upgradethe ammo, the grip, and the calibre to get bullets thatinflictmore damage, have better range, scope, stability, or zoom.Will youchoose the hunting rifle, the awesome assault mp5, a Glockor aColt in the armory? ● Play it anywhere Sniper 3D does notrequireyou to be always online in order to have fun. You can enjoyitoffline in the subway, while flying on a (real) plane, in thecaron the road. From time to time, it may be necessary todownloadadditional (free) content online. ● PvP mode Try out thepvp mode:prepare your gun and hunt your enemy. The pvp mode willtest yourspeed in killing and hunting. Take long and you will bedead.Follow the rules of your training and act! You can now join upwithother players from around the world. Become the immortal sniperyouwere meant to be! ● Limited data usage Our game will notconsumetons of data from your mobile plan that you'd want to useinsteadto surf the web, watch online videos and listen to freemusic. Havefun with limited data usage. ● Disclaimer Sniper 3DAssassin® is afree game but it contains mature content and optionalin-apppurchases for real money. You may want to keep away it fromyourkids and younger boys Sniper 3D Assassin® is brought to you byFunGames For Free.
Ghost Sniper Shooter : Contract Killer 1.0.8
Welcome come to "Ghost Sniper Shooter" -- the most popularshootgame in 2018. You will play a special ops soldier, andfightagainst dangerous military FPS attacks and silentassassinmissions. FIGHT AGAINST Dangerous Military · More than 9chaptersexciting non-repetitive tasks · Exciting storyline ·Shocking 3Dgraphics that will bring you to the tropical jungle, seaislands,military base and many other scenes · Morning fog,sunshine,twilight, night and other weather system · Various kindsofsoldiers, patrol soldier, sniper, medical man, dogrobber,and soon.MODERN FIREPOWER WEAPON · Shoot sniper rifle, assault rifles,andshotgun · Collect weapon parts to create the ultimate weapon·Exclusive gunfire sound, different shooting experience A VARIETYOFEVENTS · Strategy and marksmanship are both required by"GhostSniper Shooter" · Guard against the Black Mission · Earnmoney inall kinds of events
Target Shooting Master- Free sniper shooting game 3.1.1
Be careful, countless snipers are hiding in the dark, waitingforthe opportunity to shoot you to your death. Grasp yourlimitedbullets in this war and shoot as many targets as possible.At theend of the battle, stand proudly at the top of the city,continueto write the legend of the gun god. Game features: - 5 gamemodes,main line sniper mission, special action, assault riflemode,pistol mode, and daily daily task mode to meet your hobbyneeds forvarious guns. - A variety of weapons in the game, such assniperrifles, assault rifles, pistols, dozens of different modelsforeach weapon, and advanced game props to help you complete thetaskbetter. Unlimited bullets and heat sensors make it easy foryou. -Realistic shooting experience, beautiful 3D graphics designandexcellent animation, unique breathing time, let you beimmersivegame - Unique VIP system, you can enjoy more benefitsandprivileges, join us! Gameplay: The right hand uses the highpowerlens to aim at the enemy. After aiming, you can use your lefthandto control the breathing time, slow down the time, improveyourshooting accuracy, knock down the corresponding enemy accordingtothe task, and complete the corresponding task. Tip: Upgradeyourguns and use a variety of props to improve your success rate!
Sheep Fight- Free 3.01
Can you stop the sheep from loosing the game? Get connectedONLINEwith simple gameplay, smooth controls and great physics,Playagainst worthy opponents. Are you ready for the challenge?ExcitingBattle! Expect weekly new additions to cute and cool gamessuch asSheep Fight. It's time to find out who's in charge of thefarm andwho owns the champion's title! Unbending character andsparklingcollisions of massive foreheads will give youunforgettableimpressions of the gameplay! Play online anywhere andanytime toplay to your heart's end!
com.rubygames.slingdrift 2.13
Fast action drifting with your car around an endless race track.Onetap easy to learn controls with addictive gameplay. How far canyougo?
Weapon stripping 56.301
Sega SVD
This game is a gun simulation wich allows you to assembleanddisassemble (also know as field stripping) several firearmsfromdifferent eras - the game includes assault rifles, sniperrifles,machine guns, submachine guns, pistols, revolvers andshotguns.Assembly and dissasembly are not the only things you cando. Thefirearms are fully operatable, you can fire the weapons,learn howeach one fires in different modes: automatic, burst (Ifthe gun hasthe feature) and single fire. You can study how the gunswork bydeactivating some superficial features of the gun to showthemechanism and/or slowing down time to better understand thegun.You can also try to get the highest score amongst yourfriends.This game is like your very own personal armory! Thefirearmscurrently in game are: - AK (also known as AK-47 orKalashnikovAssault rifle) - VSS Vintorez (special sniper rifle) -AK-74M (asknown as 5.45 mm Kalashnikov Assault rifle) - SR-3M(specialassault rifle) - AKS-74U (the shortened Kalashnikov forspecialoperations and police operations) - M4A1 Carabine - APS(StechkinAutomatic Pistol) - APB (Silent automatic pistol) - PM(MakarovPistol) - Glock 17 - M1911-A1 (aka Colt 1911) - TT (TulskyTokarevpistol) - PP-19 Bizon - Steyr AUG - MP-40 - PPS-43 (SudaevSMG) -StG-44 (Sturmgewehr 44, MP-43, MP-44) - PPSh-41 (Shpagin SMG)- SVD(Dragunov Sniper Rifle) - Nagant revolver - Thompsonsubmachine gun(Tommy gun, Chicago typewriter ) - Mosin rifle -DP-27 machine gun- Mauser C96 M711 - Luger "Parabellum" P08 -Walther P38 - GSh-18 -M1 Garand - M240 machine gun - H&K G36 -Barrett M82A1 -H&K MP5 - FN P90 - Fyodorov Avtomat - Uzi -Mossberg 500 - FNSCAR-L - SKS - Winchester M1873 ( Henry repeatingrifle, leveraction gun) - PB (Silent Pistol) - MG-42 machinegun -PKM -Kalashnikov machinegun - Walther PPK - Colt New Servicerevolver(model 1909) - SVT-40 - Mauser kar98k - Beretta 92FS (M9) -DesertEagle - PPK-42 (Kalashnikov experimental SMG) - FAMAS F1 - CZ75 -STEn Mk.II - SMLE (Lee-Enfield) MK.III - Browning Hi-Power-Saiga-12K - Webley Mk.IV .38 New weapons from all over theworldwill keep being added to the game for you to play withandexperiment.
Major Mayhem 2 - Gun Shooting Action
Guns, grenades, free and fun shooting action! Download free,theworld’s greatest mobile action arcade cover shooting game andnowplay completely offline with no internet! Major Mayhem 2 isfast,fun, action packed, visually stunning and easy to play. Aimandshoot massive guns in a shooting game jam-packed with missionsfullof enemies and entertainment. Best of all It's free to play!Savethe free world and your love life from the forces ofevil!Features: - New - Daily Survival Challenge Mode withonlineleaderboards and prizes. - New - Offline mode. Playanywhere,anytime. - Hundreds of enemies to shoot! - Dozens ofhostages tosave! - Colourful, fun, HD graphics with greatanimation. - Greatmusic that elevates the action and mayhem. -Adventure through 50hand crafted levels of non-stop action! - 5 BigBoss Fights! - 150mini mission objectives to complete! - Lighthearted storyline witha dash of humour. - Unlock and upgrade 20guns! ● Pistols ● Rifles● Sniper Rifles ● Shotguns ● Bazookas ● andmuch more - 7 uniquegun types each with their own gameplay style. -Prove yourself byearning the 150 mission medals. - Simple to playbut hard to mastershooting game mechanics. - Chickens! - Winspectacular freerewards! - Everything in the game can be earnedabsolutely free!Fun, arcade action gameplay will keep you comingback for more.Shoot guns, dodge bullets, rescue hostages, travelaround theworld, to the moon and save the world! Unlock and upgradeall sortsof guns and unleash Major Mayhem! ● New: Missionobjectives arehere! 150 mini mission objectives for you to completeand earn freerewards. ● Survival Mode! Play the daily Survival Modechallengeand compete on the daily Survival Mode Leaderboard to winawesomeprizes! ● Offline Mode: Play completely offline! Play onetheplane, on the bus, on the subway, anywhere! Open reward casesandearn energy without connecting to the internet. ● Take controlinthe best mobile cover arcade action shooter! The free worldneedsyour help! Be the ultimate action hero! Anyone can play thisgamewith its simple tap to aim and shoot controls. But not everyonecanmaster it and save the free world, are you a hero? Proveit!Download Major Mayhem 2 for free now. ● New in Major Mayhem2,sniper rifles with sniper scopes that actually work. Hitthosetargets from afar with these elite and powerful new guns.●Complete the epic action adventure by defeating thoseevilvillains! Take on the mercenaries of evil villainscorporationarmed with guns such as pistols, rifles, shotguns,sniper rifles,grenades, bazookas and tank on the challenge oftanks, attackhelicopters, submarines and 5 massive boss battles youwon’tforget! ● Collect all the mission stars. Chain togetheramazingdamage combos to earn stars and rewards. Are you good enoughtoearn them all? There are 150 mission stars to collect and 50actionpacked unique missions to master. ● Travel around the worldand tothe moon in 5 completely unique chapters. Each chapter is setin aunique environment full of vivid and beautiful HD graphicsandanimation. ● Listen to the sounds of war in the jungle or thesongsof battle in space! Each level has an amazing sound scape andmusictrack you'll enjoy. Get pumped up, load those guns and letthebullets fly to the beat! Major Mayhem 2 is still beingactivelydeveloped. We will be adding more missions, challenges andgamemodes, guns, power ups, costumes, characters and other goodiesforyou to enjoy. Give us your feedback and suggestions and togetherwecan make Major Mayhem 2 one of the greatest mobile gun shootersoutthere! What are you waiting for? Download Major Mayhem 2!
Call of Thunder War- Air Shooting Game 1.1.3
Jet, speed forward, spin in the air to escape the enemy'sattack!Siege the enemy, launch a missile to give them a fatal blow!Winthe battle to be the king of air combat! Game features:***Realistic air combat scene&special sound effects!***Multiplefightersto select at your will *** Unique fighterlevel-upsystem.Each fighter has its own characteristics and thepowers ofauto missiles are different! Make your exclusive fighterNOW! ***Variouslevel choices. Come and play BOSS challenginglevels!Moregenerous rewards waiting for you to come! *** Smoothgame control*** Drive a fighterin the sky and experience the thrillof chasingand shooting! What are you waiting for! Download the CallofThunder War and become the real king of air combat!
A pure arcade-style drifting experience! Customize your car,choosean event, and get sideways! D IS FOR DRIFT is the officialgame ofthe B IS FOR BUILD YouTube series! • Drift legendary carsincludingfavorites from the show • Personalize your vehicle withcustompaint, wheels, hoods, and spoilers • Earn medals in 30 eventsat 5beautiful locations • Formula Drift FD inspired judgingmeasuresyour angle, speed, line and style in each run • Challengefriendsand unlock new achievements
Bold Moves 1.4.12
It's one of Oprah's Favorite Things! Match colors to collectlettersand solve the phrase. Unlock inspiring quotes andsharethem with your friends! -------------- “Soooo many peoplehavetold me how much they love a good game. And, if you didn’talreadyknow, I LOVE a great quote! So we mixed the two together!OWNpresents Bold Moves, a brand new game that challenges you tosolvecaptivating puzzles and unlock hundreds of quotes that youcanshare with your friends. It’s already one of my Favorite Things…Ihope it becomes one of yours, too!” – Oprah   DownloadBoldMoves today to begin your journey!   EXCITINGMATCH-3WORD SOLVING • Make matches to burst tiles • Clear obstaclesandcollect letters • Solve the phrase to win FUN ANDINSPIRATIONAL• Easy to play, challenging to master• Unique gameplaywith dazzling combos and power-ups• Play with friends andshare your favorite quotes
Kangi Club - English For Kids! 1.6
It’s fun to learn English kids! Come join Joey, Flupe and alltheirfriends on their exciting adventures down at the Kangi Club!Thisis a magical place where children ages 3 – 8 can play hundredsoffun English games for kids and learn to speak, understand andreadEnglish fluently. Playing at the Kangi Club will teach yourchildhow to apply English to their everyday lives while having funatthe same time. They will learn about food, animals,nature,household items and go on many exciting adventures that willthrilland inspire them to play and learn even more! Download now tostartlearning English for free! • Fun English for children 3-8years old• Free games your child will love to play! • 100+ learninggamesfor kids all in one app • Designed by experienced Englishlanguageexperts • Learn to understand, speak and read EnglishEDUCATIONALENGLISH GAMES FOR KIDS At the Kangi Club, kids as youngas 3 yearsold can learn to speak and understand English just likethey do intheir native language. While they play games, they’lllearn verbs,nouns, prepositions and how to create simple sentencesthat are thebuilding blocks to the English language. Our learninggames forkids are divided into simple, fun game levels and witheach correctanswer your child will earn more points and stars. Yourchild canlearn English at their own pace, as fast or as slow asthey like,and they will be rewarded as they go. As they move upfrom level tolevel, the games will also become more interesting andinclude awider range of English language skills. With each starearned, youwill see your child’s English skills develop as fast asthey canplay. With the Kangi Club app, your child will: • LearnEnglish attheir own pace • Get rewarded for correct answers • Everygamelevel improves their English • Learn useful English wordsandsentences • Learn to read and speak English fluently • TheKangiClub makes English fun! LEARNING ENGLISH IS FUN WITH HELENDORON!The Kangi Club was designed and created by the world famousHelenDoron Educational Group. Helen Doron is one of the world’sleadingand internationally recognised English teaching methodswithlearning centers in 35 countries and over 2 million students.TheHelen Doron method is a proven technique that teachesEnglisheffectively and in a way that kids enjoy learning. LearningEnglishis the first step to a brighter future! In the modern world,fluentEnglish skills will help your child get better grades atschool,will improve their learning experience and when they growinto anadult, will also provide them with better careeropportunities.Discover how the Kangi Club can give your child ahead start inlife! LIKE OUR APP? Please rate our app or write areview to let usknow what you think. For more games andinformation, feel free tovisit our website at:
MeWe 6.0.3
We are social creatures by nature and private people by right.MeWeoffers the power of self-expression with the coolestcutting-edgefeatures. Stay connected to the people who matter mostin yourlife. - Post updates with photos, videos, animated gifs -Sharewith specific groups or all your Contacts at once through“MyWorld" - Respond to posts with likes, loves, and emoji -Usedisappearing content to privately share your favorite moments-Control who sees your posts with easy-to-use privacy options -Chatprivately one-on-one, with multiple people or an entire group-Communicate via Privacy Mail with members on desktop and mobile-Get up to 8GB of free space to store your stuff! sticker packs are available in the MeWeStore.Copyright JoyPixels Inc. 2019.
Set Snail
Oddman is a fast-paced fighter in which you must fight offtheintruders and push them into the piranha infested waters. Passallthe bosses to become the ultimate Oddman. ★ Fast andendlessgameplay! ★ Thrilling boss fights! ★ Collect fighters andplay asyour favourite! ★ Colorful and unique graphics! ★ Fightyourfriends in local multiplayer mode! ★ Stay out of the deadlywaterfull of piranhas! Do you have what it takes to become theultimateOddman? 🏝️🐟🍖
eJOY Learn English with Videos 2.1.2
eJoy JSC
eJOY immerses you in English with JOY. Learn vocabulary in reallifecontext with 60,000+ captioned videos of music, movies,inspiringtalks and more; practice speaking and check pronunciationwithout aforeign partner; track your progress with a science-basedmethod.Learning with eJOY is so easy and joyful - here is how itworks: 1 -Watch a video from our +60,000-video collection 2 - Getmeaning ofany new word, phrase, idiom, and slang 3 - Add new wordsto yourwordbook 4 - Play games with words with spaced repetitiontechnique5 - Review your wordbook and track your words progress tosee howyou have mastered them. No sticky notes, no notebooks, noboringmemorization, and no more mundane work – just download theapp andmaster your English today. --- STUDY EFFORTLESSLY • Watchany fromour +50,000-video collection, ranging from movies, musicvideos tonews & business, and inspiring talks • Englishsubtitles arealways available • Movie-watching experience istailor-made for yourconvenience, for example, one quick tap topause/play a video, left& right icons to go back and forth,loop icon to repeat aspeech, slow icon to reduce movie speedENRICH YOUR VOCABULARY • Gettranslation anytime you need • Look upany new word while watchingvideos • Save a new word to yourworkbook • Review your word listwith each word progress LEARNANYWHERE, ANYTIME • Save videos tostudy offline • Enjoy watchingthem even when your phone is inairplane mode • Play interactivegames on the go * Selected videosare available for offlineviewing. PRACTICE SPEAKING ENGLISH ANYTIME• Listen to yourfavorite dialogues from videos • Play Speaking gamethen Recordyour voice • With the latest speech recognitiontechnology, we willcompare your voice to the original one from thevideo and show youthe correction • Repeat until you master it. Nohard feelingguarantee LEARN ENGLISH WITH JOY • Play 6 traininggames with wordsyou added • Play 4 Pro games to challenge yourskills • Master our200+ Word Root list to empower your vocabularysize TRACK YOURPROGRESS • Complete your daily goal to get a daystreak • Keep upyour good work to build your longest streak • Trackyour wordprogress to see how masterful you are. Your word progressiscalculated based on spaced repetition technique. --- Alsoavailablefrom eJOY: eJOY Go - web app • Practice speaking &writing •Learn English courses • Learn eJOY eXtension - English WordMaster • Oneclick to look up new words on Youtube, Netflix, Newsmedia,Facebook, blogs, and more. • Save new words to word books •Playgames with words eJOY PRO-Unlimited experience • Unlimited new words added • Unlimitedaccessto 4 Pro games • Watch videos offline • Full access to allcourses,words store (web) • One account, get access to all eJOYplatforms,including web, extension $19.99 monthly, $94.99 annually--- Pricemay vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged toyour creditcard through your Google Play account. Your subscriptionwillautomatically renew unless auto-renewal is canceled at least24hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptionrenewalscost the same as the original subscription, and your creditcardwill be charged to your Google Play account at confirmationofpurchase. You may manage your subscription and turnoffauto-renewal at any time after purchase by going to yourGoogleAccount Settings, but refunds will not be given for anyunusedportion of the term. Facebook: • Terms ofuse: • Privacypolicy:
Bible Word Puzzle - Free Bible Word Games 2.11.15
Play this addictive Bible word game! DOWNLOAD this wonderfulBibleWord Puzzle Game NOW for FREE!🙏🙏🙏 It is a word connect gamethatyou will learn Bible words, unlock Bible verses, pass Biblequizand solve Bible puzzles with friends and family. BibleVerseCollect starts as an easy word game but gets difficult as youplaymore word puzzle and Bible quiz challenges. 😎Want to be THEBIBLEWORD MASTER with tons of FUN? DOWNLOAD Bible Verse Collect,theeasy, yet, ADDICTIVE word connect game, for FREE! How toplay?Connect letters to build a valid word Search for all thehiddenwords to get tons of free extra coins Get stuck? Shuffle itor geta hint to find various words Need help? Take a screenshot andplaywith your family and friends on Facebook! 🍀Why Bible VerseCollect?- A featuring Biblical word puzzle game - Play word gamesFree andOFFLINE anywhere anytime - Enjoy word puzzle games withfriends andfamily 💓Features - Collect words and verses to unlockword gamesand bible quiz - Daily rewards and free coins every day -Over 900levels to play word games free - Challenging Bible quiz andfunword puzzles - Bible word games are perfect for kids and Biblequizdesigned for adults 👉Bible Verse Collect👈 is a wonderfulwordconnect game for kids and adults. The more words you find, themorefun it gets. It starts easy but gets harder! Play BibleVerseCollect, solve word game puzzles, share with friends yourBibleword game experience! Get Bible Verse Collect for fun Biblewordgames! Bible Verse Collect is perfect for word games fans,wordconnect addicts, and word puzzle game masters!📖 Play Biblewordconnect games and word puzzles now in Bible Verse Collect. Thebestway to study the Bible and learn Bible words while playingbiblequiz game! If you are looking for a wonderful word games whereyoucan play word search, word games, bible games and word quiz allinone free offline word game app, Bible Verse Collect is agreatchoice. It has the most popular bible games and word findergames.You can play free games with no internet and enjoy free wordgames.If you are looking for a great Bible games where you can playwordscramble, Bible Verse Collect also is the best choice. BibleVerseCollect includes Bible educational games, Bible word searchgames,and Bible games for adults and children, so you can playBible wordsearch games with both your friends and your family!Bible VerseCollect is free to play. Enjoy word games and solve wordpuzzles inBible Verse Collect. Sharpen your wits with Bible wordsNOW! 💌Keepin touch with Bible Verse Collect Send Like us onFacebook: Visit ourwebsite: 3.0.3
Absolutley free solitaire game for your Android device. Simpleandoriginal. Enjoy!
com.sears.shopyourway 2.87
Shop Your Way® is a free membership program designed tomakeeveryday life less hectic and more rewarding. SAVE TIMEwithpersonalized services that fulfill your every need, and SAVEMONEYwith access to thousands of brands, national and localpartners,and deals that reward you for every purchase. We’re hereto helpyou get more done every day so you can enjoy more oflife’smoments. Let us show you! Download the Shop Your Way appFeatures:* Membership is FREE * Get rewarded on every dayactivities likegrocery shopping, dining, pumping gas and more whenyou sign-up forthe Sears Mastercard® with Shop Your Way® * Createand sharecatalogs with your friends * Tag & share the productsyou own,want and like * Connect with Partners like Uber and fuboTVto getmember exclusive deals * Choose from dozens of services thathelpyou get more done, like our Personal Shopper * Shop hundredsofyour favorite brands with our extensive affiliate network andgetrewarded * Enjoy FREE 2-Day Shipping with Shop Your Way MAX®andmore * Elevate your member status to Shop Your Way VIP and earnupto $500 or more in rewards and savings * Play games&sweepstakes daily to get rewards and great prizes * Userewards onMILLIONS of products within our partner network
Rollercoaster Dash - Rush and Jump the Train 1.8.0
What a rush! Can you guide your train down a treacherousrollercoaster track at breakneck speeds? You'll be having a ball innotime, avoiding obstacles and jumping over massive gaps to getthehigh score! Compete against your friends to see whose train cangetthe furthest! This game is not just for kids! Adrenalinerushguaranteed! Install now to enjoy this amazing racer brought toyouby Tap Tap Games by Huuuge!
com.platinumplayer.word.addict 1.179
DOWNLOAD the best word games FREE in WORD COLLECT! Word Collecthasexciting word games Free Word Nerds! Word Collect starts as aneasyword game and gets harder as you level up! ENJOY WORD GAMEPLAY!-Connect letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches!-Find as many words as possible to level up and earn bonusrewards!- Fill in every word block jumbles! Earn bonus coins whenyoudiscover hidden words! - Can't figure out the word jumble?Usecoins to get a hint and win the level! FEATURES: - Dailybonuscoins for free hints! - Daily Challenge gives you more freewordgames, more free bonus coins and more FUN EVERY DAY! - Over900+Levels to play word games free! - Free 500 coins at the firstwordgame login. - Easy to play and difficulty increases as you go!-Play OFFLINE or ONLINE - anytime, anywhere. - Word Collect isthebest free word game! - For word games free single playermode,download Word Collect Word Game Now! Get Word Collect for thebestword games free for word game fans, word search addicts, andmore!Play word games now in Word Collect- it's so addictive! Havinganissue with these free word games for android? Forimmediatesupport, contact us at!
Funny Racing Cars 1.16
M by Bubadu
Welcome to the candy world of speed where your super vehiclerulesthe tracks! Warm up the tires and get ready for hotwheelsadventure! Pick out a car, pickup truck, tractor, or amonstertruck and customize it in the factory. Unleash yourcreativity andpaint, decorate, customize and tune up your vehicle.Add patterns,decorations, stickers, funky tires, a turbo engine anda tank tobuild a colorful street beast. Sweet candy tracks are madeonly forthe best racers in the world. Jump in the driver’s seat,step onthe gas and show off your driving skills. You can race ondifferentislands and tracks performing jumps and stunts. Cross thefinishline and collect as many coins as you can in 120 levels toupgradeyour car. Hurry up, and don’t run out of fuel. It’s time fora raceshow! Enjoy playing the best racing game. Features: •physics-basedracing game • simple controls (gas, brake, jump) • 4animatedvehicles • many design options in the car factory • 120challenginglevels • 10 candy islands with attractive tracks Thisgame is freeto play but certain in-game items and features, alsosome of thosementioned in game description, may require payment viain-apppurchases which cost real money. Please check your devicesettingsfor more detailed options regarding in-app purchases. Thegamecontains advertising for Bubadu’s products or some thirdpartieswhich will redirect users to our or third-party site orapp.Privacy policy: Termsofservice:
Word Chums 2.6.2
Word Chums is the highest rated word puzzle game, voted 4.8 starsbyAndroid users. Play free with friends or solo against thecomputer!◆ For lovers of anagrams, word builder games or crosswordpuzzles,Word Chums takes it to another level with fun graphics andsounds, abuilt-in dictionary, team mode, 3-4 player mode, andmore. ◆ WordChums is a new word game that’s easy to pick up andplay, butchallenging to master. It’s fun for the whole family orwith friends– you’ll love it, we promise! Try it once and you justmay findyourself doing a daily crossword puzzle game with severalof yourfriends! ◆ INTRODUCING THE CHUMS Oozing with personality,they bringthe game to life. Have fun earning gear to outfit yourChum andexpressing your style. They’re guaranteed to make youchuckle. ◆NAGARAM-ANAGRAM WORD TEASER Put your vocabulary to thetest in thisword making game by rearranging a word scramble into areal wordthat you can play. The better your word’s dictionaryscore, the moreXP you earn. XP helps you level up and unlock moregear for yourchums! ◆ INCREDIBLY STREAMLINED GAMEPLAY Word Chumsis a pleasure toplay. See words validate instantly as you placeletters and see thescoring badge automatically indicate wordstrength. ◆ FAMILIAR WORDBUILDING GAMEPLAY, CROSS WORD STYLE WordChums stays true to theclassic word builder gameplay thatvocabulary game lovers enjoy andcross word lovers can’t get enoughof. ◆ EARN TOP CHUM STATUS Earnexperience points with each wordplayed and level up to become Kingor Queen of the Chums. Show offyour “wordly” prowess by climbingyour way to the top of the weeklycrossword game leaderboards. ◆ ATRULY SOCIAL WORD PUZZLE GAME Seehow all your friends are doingfrom the friends list on the mainscreen. Experience a new level ofcollaborative word puzzle gamefun by grabbing a teammate for acouples word game online. Inviteanyone you like, whether they’refriends, family, adults or kids.Word Chums is the best word gameapp that’s easy to learn,challenging to master and fun for all! ◆SAY GOODBYE TO GETTINGSTUMPED If you suddenly feel like you’replaying a word scramblegame and need some help figuring out a wordyou can use, justactivate Word search hints. In a pinch, Wordsearch hints can pointyou to the location of a better word and helpyou unscramble yourvocabulary memory. ◆ A NEW WORD GAME TO SATISFYTHE SERIOUS GAMERFor all the daily crossword puzzle gamers, WordChums offersachievements, best word challenges, leveling, playerstats,crossword game leaderboards and much more. It’s a deepgamingexperience for everyone that gamers can master. ◆ LEARN ALITTLEWord Chums is the best word game online, great for adults andkidsalike! As a vocabulary game, Word Chums is great for wordmakergame lovers looking to get their text twist on and flextheiranagram game muscles, while also helping beginners to expandtheirvocabulary via the built-in dictionary – just tap any word toseeits definition. Experiment with new letter combinationsandinstantly discover new words to succeed. ——————————————————————◆SPECIAL FEATURES • 2-4 player games • Play versus friends,randomopponents, and computer Chumbots • Customizable Chumcharacters •Scrabble based dictionary – Know valid words before youpress play• Automatically see the strength of your word • Weeklycross wordgame leaderboard competitions • Find the best word andbeat thehint challenges • Drop a Bomb and take your turn with a newset ofletters —————————————————————— ◆ ABOUT PeopleFun Word Chumsis aword builder game, and comes to you from the makers of AgeofEmpires, one of the best-selling and most award-winning gamesofall time. Give it a try!
com.tflat.tienganhlop13 5.6.8
Play game to learn 600 TOEIC vocabulary. There are a lot ofminigames for you to learn English. For example, Protect Fishgame,Protect Frog game, Protect Panda game. Exciting to learnEnglish. ►You will have English dictionary in the app. You don'tneed toinstall other dictionary app. The dictionary will help youtotranslate any word you want. ► Chat to learn English. Chattingtoforeigners and exchange languages. ► English Skills: PracticeTOEICspeaking, will help you improve your speaking Englishskill.Practice TOEIC words, will help you improve your vocabularyskill.Practice TOEIC listening training, will help you improveyourlistening English skill. Learn TOEIC cock, you will do thetesteasier. ► Game: Protect Fish game, simple game to learnwordmeaning. Protect Frog game, excited game to check yourwritingskill, you have to write exactly English words. ProtectPanda game,fun game test your reading skill. All your listening,reading,speaking, vocabulary skill will be improved. You will bemasterEnglish. The best practice for test preparation. It's FREEandOFFLINE Developed by TFLAT
Baby Games 1.2.9
Happy Baby
Baby Games 7 in 1, Activity Center comes with 4 classics babygamesfor your toddlers, like balloon pop, baby phone, hit a moleandfinger fireworks. Beside that 3 more revolutionary simpletappinggames are added. ★ Balloon Pop - This is a classic babygame. Yourkid can pop the balloon by tapping it. There are alsoanimalsfloating up in a bubble, pop it to hear the animal sound.Someballoons contains surprise elements. Let your kid play regularytofind out. ★ Baby Phone - Your kid can touch the phone buttonstohear the DTMF tones, pick up the ringing phone to hear somecartoonvoices, play the phone piano or hear some animal sounds andlastbut not least learn number by listening to how a number shouldbepronounciated. ★ Whack a Mole - Your kid can hit the molebeforethe mole dive under again. Play regulary to find thesecretelements. ★ Finger Firework - Your kid can create a fireworkshow,just by tapping anywhere on the screen. These very beautifulandcolourful fireworks explode like real fireworks, I guesstheparents also like to play with it. ★ Interactive Fish Tank -Yourkid can watch the fishes swimming around. Touch the fish to seethefunny reaction. There are hidden elements in this Fish Tank.Playregulary to find the secret elements. ★ Ice Pucks - Your kidcanadd pucks on the screen, rotate it or slide it to collidewithother pucks. The dizzy symbols on the puck are able to catchyourbaby or kids attention and they like it very much. ★ Marble run-Your kid can drop a marble and watch it falls down through amazeof pins. Drop 10 or more for more fun and sounds. Flood it togetthe CLIMAX. ★ Fidget Spinner - Yes, we have it too. Let'syourchild build and spin our new Baby Fidget Spinner. Justplay,collect items and design or build your own spinner. ★ Summeriscoming - No matter when the weather is good or bad, your childcanalways play baby games during the summer. We will add somesunnyitems to surprise your child during this summer. This game isnotonly for boys, but there will be some babygames for girlscomingsoon. We will add more girly items during this summer. Yourchildwill notice the changes, hope you like it. GREAT APP WITHGREATFEATURES ★ No Ads for all 7 baby games This game is sponsoredbyAds, but no ads will be shown during the gameplay. Theparentsshould start and quit the game for the children. Once thegame isstarted, then you can pass the smartphone or tablet to yourchildand let your child play the games. ★ Child Lock The backbutton islocked and you need to press the exit button 7 times toexit thegame. Please note, the child lock does not work onphone/tabletmodels with a hardware HOME button. ★ Multi Touch Allgames arebuild for multi touch, which is necessary now, becausemost modernsmartphone are almost edge free. Now your child can holdthesmartphone him/herself and is still able to touch the gameobjects.If you are looking for a great baby game app, stop looking,this isit. Download Baby Games 7-in-1 now. Suitable for toddlersfrom 1 to4 years. Parrents are welcome to play along. Try it whiletaking along flight or long journey. Rate us or leave a review orsomefeedbacks, so that we can improve our game and make your kidshappyagain.
Word Trip 1.270.0
Word Trip - Word Count & word streak puzzle game, made forthebest brains! Connect the letters to find and guess the hiddenwordsand play through multiple word count puzzles A Classic wordstreakgame, WordTrip is a first of its kind free word streak puzzlegamewhere you travel through countries as you clear the puzzles.Swipeletters on the word compass to find different words. Solvethepuzzles by finding all words to make your way through eachcountry.As you fastlane your game, puzzles get trickier. WordTripis a freeword count game that tests your vocabulary, spelling, wordfindingand puzzle solving skills. Get a fun brain exercise in yourfreetime and fastlane your vocabulary. If you are a word lover andliketo play word games, brain games, puzzle games or scrabblespellingsto make different words, WordTrip - Word count & wordstreak isthe perfect choice for the best brains like you. Fastlaneyourenglish skills with this awesome Word count game. How to Play:Therules are simple. Swipe the letters on the compass to findhiddenwords Game Features: • FREE TO PLAY GAME – Download this wordcountgame for FREE and play without wifi • SIMPLE TO LEARN &HARD TOMASTER – Easy game play gets you going from the first wordcountpuzzle and keeps you engaged for hours • CHALLENGING PUZZLES –FreePuzzles range from 2 letter to 7 letter. It starts easy andgetstougher as you move ahead in the game • IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY–Find hidden words or guess them from the same set of letters.Flexyour brain muscles in your free time and fastlane yourvocabulary,spelling skills • PLAY ANYTIME – No Wifi? No internet?Not aproblem. You can play offline too for free! • SYNC YOURGAMEPROGRESS – You can login using Facebook to sync your gameprogressacross various device with or without wifi So, why wait?Play thegame now and start counting words! 1.11-free
Learn math while playing!  Kid-friendly interface - Nothirdparty advertising Great math training for kids to make firststepsin learning math. Learn math while playing! 
com.girlgames.ppp 2.0
Frippa Games
The best girl games on your android phone or tablet! Keepcheckingoften – we add new games every week! - 100% free &safe. -New games added every week. You can play more games withoutWiFi ordata. Play Frippa Now!
Words Crush: Hidden Themes! 1.7.10
W-E-I-R-D or W-I-E-R-D? A-C-C-O-M-M-O-D-A-T-EorA-C-C-O-M-O-D-A-T-E? Enjoy the world's most popular word gamewitha big TWIST created by BitMango Word Crush: Hidden Themes! HOWTOPLAY • Words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal andevenbackwards. • Simply swipe your finger over a word to select it.•If you find a valid word it will remain highlighted and markedonthe word list as found. • Find all the words in the listtocomplete the level. • The faster you find the words, the higherthescore and ranking. FEATURES • WORD PUZZLE - Find hidden words.•EASY AND FUN PLAY - Easy to learn and fun to master. • TONS OFEPICLEVELS - Various Themes! You can enjoy the game with endlessfun! •BRAIN EXERCISE - It’s the perfect blend of brainteaser, wordgame,and puzzle! • NO TIME LIMIT - Enjoy the game anytime, anywherefora short while! • NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! - You can playofflineanytime. • STUNNING GRAPHICS - Soothing sounds and gorgeousvisualeffects. • USEFUL IN-GAME FUNCTIONS - HINTS : It's a goodfriend.Of course, it may be wrong. • OPTIMIZED ANDROID & GOOGLEPLAYGAMES - Support both PHONES & TABLETS. - Support both ARM&x86 DEVICES. - LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS from GooglePlayGames. NOTES • "Words Crush: Hidden Themes!" contain adslikebanner, interstitial, video and house ads. • "Words Crush:HiddenThemes!" is free to play, but you can purchase In-app itemslike ADFREE and packages. E-MAIL • HOMEPAGE• on FACEBOOK • Thanksforplaying! ** App Permissions ** [Required Permissions] -None[Optional Permissions] - Photo / Media / File: requiredstorageaccess permission to save game data [Permission settingandwithdrawal method] - Android 6.0+: Device Settings>ApplicationManagement> Select App> Revoke Access - UnderAndroid 6.0:Can revoke access by deleting application
2 Player Games Free 1.8
App Holdings
This is a collection of singleplayer / multiplayer games whichcanbe played by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or even as many as 6 players onthesame device (smartphone of tablet). Each of the games hasverysimple rules and is easy to pick up. You don't need wifi ortheinternet because this game is for offline, local multiplayer.Youcan play the games with random people on a dance party, or usethemas icebreaker in awkward situations like your first date. Theappis also ideal for married couples to play together, forbrothersand sisters, kids and parents, and for friends to pass thetime.For some reason, these two player games tend to getverycompetitive and funny. Each of the games is a two player gamewithextra modes for 3, 4, 5 and 6 players. The more peopleplayingtogether, the more fun! But if you have no one around toplay with,you can also play alone in the 1-player mode to trainyour skillsfor your later victories when you play with yourfriends. We've gotmini-games here with unique rules, but alsore-makes of famousmobile hits. They are all adapted to the crazyrequirement ofletting up to 6 players play on the same screen. Forexample: -multiplayer endless runner - multiplayer birds withflapping wings- platform jumping game - 3-in-a-row with Tic-Tac-Toelike rules -crossing a busy road together - bingo - a strategy gamewhere yousend armies to capture castles (has nasty AI insingle-player) -football / soccer (close to Pong and hockey) - amultiplayerversion of the 1024/2048 puzzle - tapping only your owntiles -balloon popping We regularly add new mini-games. Stay tunedforupdates and recommend this game to your friends! By installingthegame you agree to privacy policy of Google(AdMob): and Unity(UnityAnalytics):
Word Slide - Free Word Games & Crossword Puzzle 1.1.39
💖The most addictive word connect game ever!💖 💖Exercise thebrainevery day with the best crossword game.💖 💖Slide out all bonuswordsand solve puzzles.💖 🏆Game Introduction🏆 Word Slide combineswordsearch and crossword games. By sliding letters, you get acompleteword and fill it into a crossword blank. This is only thefirststep! If you want to win, you still need to find all thewordshidden in the crossword. And we provide "Daily Puzzle" playstyle,finish those special missions and collect the JIGSAWS.Challengeyourself and train your brain! 🌷HOW TO PLAY🌷 - Slide up,down,left, and right to connect letters and make words. - Try morewordforms and slide out all hidden words. - Using special items topassthe level when you got stuck. - Finish daily challengeforcollecting the jigsaws! ⭐GAME FEATURE⭐ - Multiple items canbeused. - More than 4000 levels and multiple words to search for.-Low hardware required and won’t occupy too much RAM space. -PlayWord Slide to train your brain and increase your vocabulary! -Freeoffline word game, play anywhere! - Multiple daily quests anddailypuzzles. - Collect hidden words to win the extra bonus. Thegame isfree to play. However, in-app purchases are availableforadditional content and in-game currency. Gamesupport📧
Gun Hero – Gunman Game for Free 1.6.5
Gun Hero is coming! As a fan of gun games, how can you resist suchabrilliant game featuring targeting and shooting? Moreover, therearemore unexpected surprises for you deep in Gun Hero! Don’thesitateand pick up your gun now! Grab the gun and be the hero, goand fighta fierce war! All kinds of evil villains have showed upeverywhere!Heroes must hurry to save people in metropolis besetwith crisis,western wilderness, old castles and other dangerousplaces. There isonly one important mission - find out all villainsand defeat themall! Remember to use your gun and agility whenconfronting powerfulbosses. Win the final victory for the world!Highlights: *Simple tapto enjoy fun of realistic shooting fight!*42 heroes who are soattractive and powerful to unlock! *42 kindsof classic andinteresting weapons like guns, darts, spears,laser,football…exclusively designed for you. Just name it! *Usedifferentheroes wisely to eliminate enemies so unexpectedly!*Challengevarious game modes and obtain high scores – escape fromjigsaw andbecome the hero of headshot! *6 main scenes to choose anddozens ofvillains to defeat. War never ends! The world needs hero!Come on!Fight and unlock all heroes! Win the highest score and bethe realgun hero of the world! >>Download for FREE! Gun Heroiswaiting for you!
com.skisosoft.fes 1.4.2
FES: Fire Engine Simulator Fire trucks are waiting for you. Jumpinto the fully modeled fire trucks and put out some fires. Useyourearnings to upgrade and customize your fire truck, or purchaseonethat suits you more. There are a lot of different firestoextinguish. Put out a dumpster fire or a massive officebuilding.The joice is yours. Features: • Working beacons and sirens• Highdetail truck models • Fully modeled interiors for each truck• Alot of upgrades for each truck • Different controloptions(buttons, tilt, sliders or steering wheel) • Manual andautomaticgearbox options • Realistic physics • Open world withoutloadscreens • AI traffic system • Realistic engine sounds
Love Story Games: Teenage Drama 39.0
'This guy's gonna make my life miserable, I can feel it...' 'Yet,Iwould give everything in the world to remain in his armsforever!'💥✨💖💥✨💖💥✨💖💥✨💖💥✨💖 💥 From the makers of Teen Love Story, herecomes asuper-thrilling role-playing “love story game” just forthegreatest fans. Immerse yourself in an interactive story fulloflove, romance and dangerous affairs. Join our heroes andtheiradventures in drama school and learn what it takes to becomeagreat actor. Find out your true personality! Who's gonna beyourchoice: a young, good looking actor and teacher or aprotectiveschool friend? Be careful 'cause one small step caneasily take youinto a “forbidden love” affair. Think about yourdecision, andremember that your choice will influence yourfeelings, your careerand your future too! A shocking “visual novelgame” for teenagerswill keep you in suspense and despair while youwait for sequels!Choose your own adventure in 🎀Love Story Games:Teenage Drama🎀!💥✨💖💥✨💖💥✨💖💥✨💖💥✨💖 Get ready for the most powerful andheartbreakingromance: 💥✨💖💥✨💖💥✨💖💥✨💖💥✨💖 ✨LOVE OR LUST – Time to findout your truefeelings! ✨Tempting and pretentious lover orprotective schoolfriend – think twice! ✨Boyfriends, besties, drama,school andeverything that goes with it! ✨Impressive visuals,gripping lovetwists and characters' emotional struggles! ✨Choosethe name foryour cool teen character in our cool simulation gamesoffline!✨Choose your outfit and style! ✨Make your own love lifechoices andchoose between two fabulously looking guys! ✨Change thestory lineof the "love triangle" you got yourself into see what youget inthe end! ✨Only in 🎀Love Story Games: Teenage Drama🎀 - thebestinteractive story games for girls and guys alike!SUPPORTEDLANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch,Français,Italiano, bahasa Indonesia, Srpski, Русский, عربى ! ✨ Thegreatestlove and friendship adventure in the most entertaining"interactivestory games" ever! 💥 No one is immune to the temptationofforbidden love or drama. No matter how reasonable you are,thereare times when your feelings take you on a journey that isbound toend in failure, but you simply can't let go and you just gowiththe flow. Our new romance story game presents you fantasticmalecharacters that you can choose for your future boyfriends.Whetherit will be your drama mentor who uses his tactics to blowyou offyour feet, or your high school friend who's alwayssupportive ofyou – it's all up to you! But one thing is certain:you'lldefinitely fall in love with our free dating and flirtinggames forgirls and otome love games! 💥 Unique 🎀Love Story Games:TeenageDrama🎀 will win your heart little by little as you followtheadventures of our heroes in their drama school, and you'll haveafeeling that you're going through this inner struggle ofyourheroine! Only in our free “otome games offline”. Discovernewepisodes regularly, flirt with guys you like and live a truelovestory. Nowhere else will you find more compelling romanticgamesfor girls. Therefore, download addicting “virtual love storygame”ever, make wise choices on your way to future love and seewhathappens in the end. Real life “high school” games forgirlscompletely FREE! New chapters and episodes addedregularly!Christmas countdown has started! Experience a trueChristmasadventure with our free love story games! Dive into themagicalworlds of fairies, virtual reality, vampires, mystery,witches andteenage drama, and celebrate the happiest holiday in thebest waypossible. If you have already set your Christmas livewallpaper andChristmas keyboard, now it's time to get cozy and playsome of thebest Christmas romance games ever! Wake up yourChristmas spiritand enjoy our “Christmas games” with choices!
com.JESoftware.LastHopeSniperWar 1.58
Get ready for one of the best fps sniper shooting games onmobile!Download this offline and free zombie sniper war game now!Time togear up and enter the apocalypse wasteland world of LastHope.Zombies, raiders and vicious deadly enemies roam thewastelandthroughout the world. Rescue survivors and kill to stayalive, onlyyou can save the world in this story driven first personshootergame. You and your arsenal of sniper rifles, assaultrifles,handguns and a whole lot of epic skills, including grenadesandrocket launchers, is what stands between the last survivors andafull blown pandemic zombie virus outbreak. Ready yourself, aiminon your target and fire you weapon to prove that you are thebestsniper in the shooting games genre. Kill zombies and fight yourwaythrough this Non-Stop Action Zombie FPS apocalypse world.AwesomeFeatures; - Immersive story based missions: More than 150+missionsand new ones are added all the time! - Rich anddetailedenvironments: The city has become your battlefield! In thiswar youneed to fight to protect your friends and family in a largevarietyof different locations. - Realistic death and impactanimations:See your enemies get blown away and come crashing downon cars,barrels or straight down in the pavement! - Collect skillcardsfrom valuable crates: More than 25+ skills and new ones addedallthe time! Rocket launcher, shock bullet, poison grenades,missilestrike and power shield just to name a few. - Upgradeablezombiekilling weapons: When the apocalypse is at your doorstepyou'llneed powerful weapons to stand against it! - Kill shotcamera:Follow the sniper bullet as it travels towards your kill.Get aclose up look at your handywork as the skilled marksman thatyouare! - Ready. Aim. Fire! Easy and intuitive controls: Be thebestsniper you can be without the game holding you back! -OfflineGame: Don't stop playing just because the internet wentdown. Playoffline and enjoy this FPS game anytime and anywhere! Ifyou loveshooting games, don't hesitate to download this Non-StopAction FPSnow and play both offline and for free! We're an Indiegame studiothat listens to our players and aim to make this thebest firstperson shooter game possible! We'll continue to updatethe game andadd even more exciting content! Follow us to get newsand updates; Have fun playing this firstperson shooterwar game!
VR Arena 1.16
VR Arena is a player versus player virtual realityonlinemultiplayer first person shooter.Use your daydream controllerasWeapon. Choose between 4 different Weapons. Prove yourself inthedeathmatch battle.Play offline with integrated Bots.
Stack 3.0
Stack up the blocks as high as you can! ◉ Simple &Beautifulgraphics designed ◉ Compete for the best score in theworld
Pocket Trains 1.2.3
NimbleBit LLC
From the creators of Pocket Planes comes Pocket Trains! Manageandgrow multiple railroads by hauling important cargo aroundtheworld. Collect parts to construct all the different traintypesfrom Steamers to Diesels, and complete daily events tounlockspecial trains beyond imagination! Stop reading andstartconstructing your railroad empire in Pocket Trains
Epic Conquest 5.6
Gaco Games
An amazing game crafted with love and burning passion by asmallteam of 2 guys. After 3 years of development, this game isfinallyready to be enjoyed by everyone! Epic Conquest is aclassicsingle-player Action RPG with special touch in the combatandstory, giving the experience you’ve never had in other freeofflineRPGs. It’s not a “pay to win” game. You can achieveeverything forfree. Best gears? Max Level? No amount of money canbuy them. Onlyyour effort that matters! What are you waiting for?Just downloadnow and let the game speak for itself! [Game Features]☆ AmazingHack and Slash Action! - Intense and strategic combat.Learnenemies behavior and find the chance to strike! - Choosebetween 4playable characters with totally different playstyles -FluidControl System! No autoplay! You have full control ofeverything -4 Levels of Difficulty! Beat harder difficulty for evenmorerewards ☆ Beautiful Story - Fantasy Romance story that willnotdisappoint you - Visual Novel style dialogue withcharacterexpressions - Beautiful CG Illustrations you can findthroughoutthe story - Uncover the Epic Ending! ☆ Freedom ofcharacter build -Classic Attribute Distribution (STR / AGI / INT /VIT) to matchyour desirable playstyle - Gear Appraisal that letsyou choose yourpreferred build - Even more customization from GearSocketing ☆Unique Skills and Perks - Each character has heroicperks (innateabilities) to differentiate playstyle - Level Up tounlock all 4Skills and 4 Masteries - Skill Level System : The moreyou use askill, the stronger it will be - Mastery System :Distribute theMastery Point wisely to match your build ☆ ClassicBlacksmith andEquipment System - Kill Enemy bosses to get thematerials forcrafting your best gear - Upgrade your gear fromCommon to Rare toEpic, and maximize its potential up to +20 -Appraise your gear tofind the best status that match your characterbuild - Socket gearsusing Jewels! It’s up to you to become a SkillSpammer,Lifestealer, Furious Madman, or anything ☆ Variety ofCostumes toCollect - Buy Costumes for your beloved character tochange his/herappearance, and get a decent boost of power. ☆Achievements - Beatthe game and complete all 27 Achievementsavailable. - Level Upyour Play Games account! ☆ Cloud Save - EpicConquest uses GoogleCloud Save service - You can save and loadbetween devices. Neverlose your progress! ☆ Other Great Features -Simple yet beautifulold-school graphics - Very lightweight. Can beplayed in olddevices - Doesn't consume much power. Totallybattery-friendly -Offline. You can play anywhere without internetconnection - Noneed to pay or watch Ads, unless you want to supportus!
Kids Education (Preschool) 2.0.4
Kids education (Preschool) is an educational yet funny filledappintended for 3-6 year old children and covers wide range ofmentalskills. Kids education (Preschool) will help your childdevelophis\her oral skills and widen his\her vocabulary incolors,vegetables and fruits, animals, body parts, emotion, andrelations.It also focuses on math skills like counting andnumberrecognition. The game is divided into 4 sections: ✔ Animalworld:in this section your kid learns the names of the animals andbirds,their sounds, and their dwellings ✔ Basic skills: the childisrequired to learn colors' names, shapes, body partsandcategorization. ✔ High skills: a whole section dedicated tohighoral and sematic skills, matching between objects and theirrawmaterials, and completing the puzzle shape. ✔ ABC math: dealswithnumber recognition, counting and matching between the numberandthe quantity that represents it, matching between lettersandanimals' images, blending colors and more. Key features: ✔ Safeappthat contains no 3rd party ads ✔ Your child can navigate iteasilyby himself. ✔ Available in 11 languages including:English,Spanish, French, Arabic Portuguese, German and more. ✔Contains 96puzzles ✔ Colorful graphic ✔ Education preschool quotes✔ Solarsystem for kids (planets, sun, space, universe) ✔Educational gamesfor preschool ✔ Logical apps for toddlers ✔ Namesof letters ✔Sound of animal for toddlers ✔ Colors for toddlers appfree ✔Entertain game and apps for preschoolers ✔ Shapes for babiesapps ✔Numbers for kids games ✔ Talking alphabet ✔ Educational babygamesfree ✔ Education puzzles for preschool ✔ Human body partsforeducation ✔ Real cute animals for preschool ✔ Shapes and colors✔Baby learn ABC and numbers ✔ Letters and numbers ✔ LearningABCwith fun ✔ Math puzzle games for kids ✔ Educational games forkidsage 4-6 and activities free preschool ✔ Learning games for kids✔Children recognize letters ✔ Phonics education ✔ Preschoolerslearnreal English words ✔ Help parents teach their kids ✔ Trainmemory ✔Improve pronunciation About Forqan Smart Tech. Forqan a developer of educational and entertaining apps intendedtochild's benefit. All our apps are made by a group ofchildspecialists and literacy specialists so that all the skills weworkon are scientifically proven as good predictors of readingandwriting in elementary school. For more information about uspleasevisit our Facebook page or contact us on
Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge 1.7.5
GMS Adventure
Overdrive – Ninja Shadow Revenge is a action platformer intheshadow theme with a futuristic story-line. More than 4millionplayers around the world have been enjoying the sci-fidesign,let’s join them! In the future, a strong, outstandingspecies iscreated from the combination of humans, technology andblack metal.The government names them “shadow cyborg” and allowsevery sectorto have their own shadow security force (S.E.F), all ofwhich haveto be controlled by the Headquarter based in Centurycity.Everything seems so perfect, ‘til the day Headquarter isunderattacked by a Dark Clan.. Hacked, the Lord Commander of S.E.Fslayshis soldier and replace them by new shadow cyborg generationtotake over the government. CORE, a senior cyborg soldierdiscoversthe plot too late. After the attack, CORE joins the rebeland headsto the city seeking revenge for his comrades anddestroying theDark Clan. Starting from the Dark Forest, you willface dangerousenemies and traps. In the fight, use your skill toavoid attack andmake extraordinary combos. AMAZING FEATURES of thegame: - Tutorialfor newbie makes sure every player can learn how toplay - PlayableOFFLINE, so no more worries of no Internet - Smoothgame controlexperience - Heroes to be upgraded, customised &equip withepic weapons & armor suits and more! - Ultra-stunningsci-figraphic & effects - Giant boss with unique attack. -Variousweapons ( Sword, Buster Sword, Spear,...) with their perfectcombosmake the unforgettable experience. Upgrade them to unlocknewstronger combos! Are you gonna be the world saviour? Enjoynow!Have any question or feedback to make the game better? Pleaseletus know. Contact us via: Email:
Road Riot 1.29.35
Road Riot is the global sensation that defined the CombatRacinggenre with over 20 Million Downloads ! Thisaddictive,action-packed shooter will put your driving skills to theultimatetest! Dodge missiles, destroy enemy cars, and leave a trailofdestruction as you race to the top of the worldwiderankings! says Road Riot Combat Racing “pays homage toarcadeclassic.” What’s not to love? Fast cars, big guns, sleekarmor, andglory are waiting for you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Racingcars has never been this much fun! Road Riot CombatRacingchallenges you to:: BIG GUNS * Race, shoot, and destroy allkindsof rivals while speeding down the road! * Customize your ridewith15 levels of weapons, armor, side weapons and turrets as wellasfive types of specialty cars: Sports Car, Magnet Car, MissileCar,Laser Car and Blast Car. * Dodge away from randomrockets,missiles, and roadblocks while jumping over to grab powerups like,boosts, wrenchs, score multipliers, and magnets to gainadditionaladvantages over enemies and bosses. * Earn coins alongthe race towisely finance your upgrades on weapons and armor.CHALLENGEPLAYERS WORLDWIDE * Earn gems by completing missionsandachievements to extend your life, beat your old records andrulethe leaderboard! * Shoot your way past players all over theworld.* Race through player leagues that are challenging. Thesupersmooth and simple controls make your playing intuitiveandenjoyable whether you’re on a phone or a tablet. Mostimportantly,it is FREE TO DOWNLOAD and FREE TO PLAY! Join millionsof playersworldwide today as you race past enemy cars, tankers, andchopperswhile dodging incoming missiles and gunfire![EL4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game features in anutshell: ✔AMAZING RACING EXPERIENCE. - Speed your way throughenemy trafficwhile shooting down your enemies in 3 differentenvironments -Fight head-to-head with dangerous Tank Bosses as wellas shootingcars from rival groups - Dodge missiles, gun fire, andtrafficbarricades - Race through over 100 missions and achievements- Pickyour favorite colors with 6 different paint choices ✔COOLESTSHOOTING WITH VARIOUS WEAPON, ARMOR, AND CAR TYPES - Upgradeyourmain weapon and armor up to 15 times to blast through enemycars -Fire side-mounted weapons for wide range shooting - Addautomaticgun turrets to lock onto enemy cars during combat - 5combatvehicles to customize for maximum destruction: Sports Car,MagnetCar, Missile Car, Laser Car and Blast Car ✔ TONS OF BONUSESANDPOWERUPS TO EARN - Get daily coin and jewel rewards to upgradeyourcar even quicker - Grab an edge with 5 different power ups:nitrousboosters, double weapon mounts, repair kits, powerful lootmagnetsand score multipliers ✔ PLAY WITH FRIENDS AND RULE THELEADERBOARDS- Race with your friends all over the world to competefor higherscores on the weekly leaderboard - Brag, send lives andinvitationsto challenge your friends and get coin rewards. - Testyour luckand win surprising rewards by playing Mystery box RoadRiot CombatRacing is one of the best fast paced racing games aroundthat issure to get your adrenaline pumping! Step on the gas anddownloadRoad Riot Combat Racing today!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Forany questions or feedback, reachus here:
Rider 1.3
Get ready for some flippin' action! Perform insane stunts whileyoucruise through the never-ending world of Rider! Grabyourmotorcycle and start flipping like a maniac! ◉ Complete100Challenges ◉ Collect 40 Awesome Bikes (including 4 Secrets)◉Receive Daily Rewards ◉ Complete all 32 Levels ◉ Unlock 10 Themes◉Compare your highscore with players worldwide ◉ Make insanestunts!Download now and push your skills to the limit in Rider!
Jump Ball Blast 2.4
Swipe to shooting give you an unprecedented thrill! Unlockthecannons and experience the fun of different shooting! Earnfreecoins when you leave! Sitting shooting, standing shooting,lyingdown shooting, class shooting, sleeping shooting, subwayshooting,park shooting, anytime, anywhere, 2 minutes in a game,come on! 5.0.1
BSoft Studio
AFC - Space Shooter : The world's most attractive monstershootinggames or alien shooter game. It simulates a war in spaceshooter.Air Force Combat(AFC) shooting games puts you at theforefront of abattle with space intruders. You will take control ofthe spaceshipand protect galaxy from alien swarms. In this "AirForce Combat"game, you will be faced an increasingly large numberof enemies anddeal with many epic bosses in alien shooter war. Asthe gameprogresses, you will earn golds/gems the right to upgradeyourspaceship to bring it to full lethal capacity. With AirForceCombat shooting games, you will use 5 amazing battleship: ★CAPTAIN- A battleship with powerful firepower and solidprotectionproduced by the CRP Group from Venus. ★ PHOENIX - Thefastest shipin the universe armed with advanced weapons technologyhas beenstolen from the palace of the evil queen of Galam. ★ HAWK -Thename speaks all its best features - fast, powerful, sharp. Theshiprepresents the great cooperation of planet Hado and LUNg. ★TANKER-the dark ship of the monk from the mysterious Hata planet.It isgiven magical powers with the Ees curse - a kind of darkmagic. ★KAME - The legend of an unbeaten battleship born in theland ofLUNg - the birthplace of superheroes defend justice FEATUREofAlien Shooter game: - There are 2 free spaceship (Captain-Phoenix) & 3 paid (Hawk - Tanker - Kame) - You can choosemainship or tiny ship before fire - You can upgrade your ship togetmore powerful, make stronger - Amazing lighting and specialeffects- Includes Power-ups and Bosses! - Stunning graphics&exquisite sounds quality - Various spaceships with their ownuniqueweapons, missiles & special abilities to help you defeatall ofthose bosses. - Leader board global. - Lucky box.GRAPHICSCONFIGURATION: - Low: for medium Android devices - Good:forAdvanced Android devices - Perfect: for perfect Android devicesHOWTO PLAY "Alien Shooter" game - Move aircraft by your fingers -Killspace intruders - Upgrade spaceship - Change your weapons.-Complete Daily Quest & Achievement to claim more gold/gems-You can use booster, double coin, shield, Bomb, x2 health itemtoovercome each level The AFC - Space Shooter is now in yourhands.Get your weapons ready for Space Shooter. ★ Facebookpage: ★ ★ Videotrailer: ★ How to PlayAFC: Please email us ifyourdevice is not supported, we will try our best to support it. Ifyoulove AFC - Space Shooter game, please give 5 stars toencouragedevelopers.
Pixel Ambient Services 1.0.215774583
Google LLC
Pixel Ambient Services provides features based on local contextforPixel devices.
Cute Cats: Magic Adventure 1.2.6
A powerful dark wizard bewitched adorable wizard cats! Only youcanrescue them! Free cats and they will become yourfaithfulassistants in battle against dark magic. 💎Match jewels andgems!Fun addictive gameplay! 😺Thousands of challenging anduniquematch-3 levels! 💎 No Wi-Fi or Internet connection required toplay!😺Powerful and fun magic boosters and power-ups will helpyou!💎Completely free, you can win all levels without paying! 😺Playwithyour friends and beat their score! 💎Play levels to toptheleaderboards and beat best players in the world! 😺Cute catsandkittens with interesting personalities and stories! 💎Variousfunin-game events and sales! 😺Travel different picturesque placesandhelp adorable animals! 💎Don't forget to log in daily to getyourdaily bonus! Grand confrontation between Light and Darknessawaits!
com.bdj.vortexDroid 1.9.0
Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles,scorehigh and challenge friends
European War 6: 1804 1.2.10
After the end of the American War of Independence, theFrenchRevolution broke out in Europe in 1789. The world is abouttochange ! Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher,Kutuzov,Washington, Davout and other military geniuses willbecomeprotagonists in changing this world. These are the officialsocialaccounts of Easytech. Welcome to subscribe ! We will continuetoprovide you with important information about Easytech gamesthere!Facebook : Twitter: (@easytech_game) 【CAMPAIGN】***More than 90 famous battles in 10 chapters 『DeclarationofIndependence』 『Dominion of Canada』『French Eagle』『HolyRomanEmpire』『Overlord in Eastern Europe』 『OttomanEmpire』『BritishEmpire』『Liberation of South America』『The Birth ofthe Empire』『RomanUnification』 *** Choose your generals and promotetheir ranks andtitles *** Train the special units, such as the oldguards,highlanders, death's head hussars, etc. *** Build a palaceand getthe princess of each country *** Train your army and improvetheirskills 【CONQUEST】 *** Build military facilities and train theunits*** Develop cities to increase income, upgrade thenationaltechnology *** Build a military academy to study variousmilitarytactics *** Historical events will affect the situation onthebattlefield *** Building wonders will bring various advantagestothe entire country *** The diplomatic system can allow alliestojoin the war as soon as possible, or delay the enemy’sdeclarationof war on us Declare war on any country or assist alliesat anytime *** Choose strong or weak countries to challengedifferentdifficulties Win with less time to get higher scores, rankwithother players in Google Play Games If you reach 『A』you can getaspecial reward, and when you reach 『S』, you can unlockhiddencontent 【CHALLENGE】 *** Win the victory within thespecifiedconditions, which will test your commanding skills ***Complete thebattles of famous generals to unlock and get them ***Use thegeneral's specific abilities to complete missions around theworld【Features】 *** Cloud archives support users to change theirdeviceswithout losing archives *** Using a new engine to improvethe gamegraphics *** 160 portraits of generals were redrawnandintroductions were added *** 90 historical battles in 45countries,including the Battle of Saratoga, Battle of Austerlitz,etc. ***More than 200 units from different countries and variousstyles ofbuildings *** 39 technology and more than 120 items ***Conquestmode supports ranking on Google Play Gameshttp://www.ieasytech.comMail to us:easytechmail@gmail.com
Zombie Sniper: The Last Survivor 1.0.1
Survive Team
You are the last SURVIVAL SNIPER in your city, but you wereluckyduring one of the FIRE to findIn a pile of rubbish and DUSTARSENALmilitary weapons that were exposed to radiation DUSTAnd theybecameTHE HORRIBLE DEADLOCKERS. Remember all the innocent victimsofthese brainless ZOMBIES and SHOOT themIn the head that wouldstopimmediately, or SHOOT on the legs, arms and the rest of thebodythat wouldWill enjoy their death, but know that they do notfeelanything, PRECISELY fight for your kind,Turn over the deathofdeath to the people and resume the reign of peopleonearth.Infinite ARESNAL cartridges will allow you to opentheSHOOTING at any second with the ZOMBIE RUN.Shoot the ARMORSusingARSENAL military depots that were left unattended. Intheworld there are very few SURVIVED people - you are one ofthem.Distinguishly fight for survival,In this, covered withradiationDUST, the world, using the ARSENALS of ammunition, infront ofyouThere is a task - to save its innocent planet and itslife.SASES of the SURVIVORS, give them a ray of hope fortheformer a life. You have one peculiarity: after 5 SHELLS INTHEHEAD OF THE HOLDING DEAD, you canSHOOT from a rifle like amachinegun, without recharging! . This planet needs aREADY And thefearless zombie killer.! Do not let the brainlessZombies bite you,because you have a whole ARSENALweapons.Finally a reminder,this game is completely free, so whatare you waiting to take uparms, To experience the rush of thiscool shootinggame.Operation of the game feel very cool, the gameruns smoothly,realistic sound effects, Colorful scene cards, luxuryweapons andequipment icing on the cake For the work of thegameexperience. You have to do is a bullet from a pistol falling ontheenemy's body.Ultra-realistic 3D screen battle scene allows youtoexperience the thrill of battle excitement DUST, Glass,Maya,village, etc.
Zombie Dead vs Humans-Offline Zombie Shooting Game 1.1.1
Dead zombies are spreading rapidly. The humanity is at stake.Youcando nothing to stop them except being a sniper and firethebullets.Pick up your weapons, target a zombie and give it afatalblow! Gamefeatures: *** A wide variety of weapons: sniperrifles,heavy machineguns, submachine guns, melee weapons… you canfindeverything youwant! *** Special armors- shields, awesomehelmetmasks and runningshoes for you to survive better! ***Variousfancy props to help youeliminate zombies. Just crushzombies withyour high IQ! *** Newfirst-person mobile shootingmobilegame.Complete various specialtasks in various buildings andfeelthe thrill of special forceaction. Be careful of all kindsofzombies! *** Various modes waitingfor you to play!You candestroyall zombies in the annihilation modeand deliver materialsandescape from the siege zombies in thedelivery material mode.Thereis also a guardian mode to guard theinjured teammates orimportantequipment before the rescue arrives!