Street fighting3 king fighters 1.0
Street Fighting king fighters is a classic freearcadefightinggame.Street fighting king fighters brings theoriginalfightingexperience.Fun and addictive beat'em'up game withrealisticphysicsand hardcore gameplay. With simple controls you canperformamazingstunts and blows to defeat your opponents. StreetFightingkingfighters delivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you.Challengeyourselfin this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcadeFTG game.Streetfighting king fighters has beautiful graphics,soundsdramatic andvivid, promises to bring you the mostcomfortablemoments! Be theking of the dark street!having fun.
Guide (for Metal Slug) 1.2.0
TF Games Inc.
"Metal Slug" is a 2D horizontalplateshootinggame on April 12, 2010 on sale in mainland China, as"MetalSlug"series, the first generation works."Metal Slug" is a popular rage game, is also the"MetalSlug"series game origin version, after the sequel "Metal Slug2","MetalSlug 3" has become a classic arcade game.Here you can memorable classic, there are detailed gamecheatsandcustoms clearance techniques for your reference.Classic style, exciting experience, come withusfighttogether!* We follow-up will bring more classic arcadeGuide(includingGame Cheats and clearance techniques) to you, cannot lettheclassic be forgotten, so stay tuned!
King of Fighting Art 3.1
The King of Fighting Art series follows the conventions ofthetimein the sense that the player faces a variety of opponentsinbestPvP matches. Each of the game's characters have auniquefightingstyle and set of special techniques. The player hastwobasicattacks—punch and skills . The King fighters ofFightingArtcontribution to the genre was the inclusion of a"spiritgauge"underneath the character's life bar. Whencharactersperformspecial techniques, their spirit gauge is depletedandtheirspecial attacks become weaker. Players can alsodraintheiropponent's spirit gauge by taunting them. The King ofFightingArtwas also the fighting game to allow players to performa"superattack." All Acuspunsa games also feature"DesperationAttacks"that can only be performed when the player'shealth is lowand thelife bar is flashing. The King of Fighting Artseriesalsointroduced graphical scaling into the fighting gamegenre: asthecharacters move towards each other, the camera zooms intomaximizethe level of detail. Character sprites in king fightingartchangeas the fight progresses to become more bruised and cutasdamage istaken.
New MiniBattle 1.3.7
New MiniBattle: Classic Return is a lovely and casualballisticshooting game! It has a variety of competitive modes suchas3v3,2v2,1v1 Of intense competition. Choose the most powerfulweaponand calculate your shooting angle to eliminate the enemiesandmonsters! Cross-server real-time matchmaking and team up withyourfriends to get to the highest level in the hall of honor!Easytoget the start, and have ultimate shooting experience!Realisticvisual effects, personalized special move, andexcitabilityshooting battle! Now, it's time for shooting and startsmashing ourenemies and monsters! 【Game Features】 Real-time 3v3competition-3v3,2v2,1v1 competition mode -instant matchmakingwherever you are-more suitable for mobile control Choose yourweapon and combineyour skill -dragon blaster, Gatling gun, deathscythe, etc., choosewhatever you want -Double shot spread shot,invisibility, icebullet, flying, etc. combine your skillset No moreboring gameplay-team battle to find out who is the best -fightagainst the evilboss with your friend -Solo dungeon to test yourgaming skill Reachthe top rank in the hall of honor -Compete withglobal players-Ballistic Master Championship, Who will be in thefirst place -Nomatter which rank you are, you can also get a lot ofrewards.Lively guilds and Romantic proposal. -Marry your lover andhave aromantic wedding. -Its time to adventure with the guildmember.Dress up your character, develop your lovely pets. -Coolfashion,elegant wedding dress, valiant navy clothes, leading yourtrend!-Pets and mounts developing, help you to fight in everybattle!Email: minibattle@pocketriver.comWebsite:
The King Fighters of KungFu 3.2
The King Fighters of Kung Fu, Reveal your inner king fighterinthisPVP Kung Fu Fighting game. Play with multiple kung fufighters&challenge others in the duel mode all over the world.Defeatall theking fighters in single battle combat mood, unlocknewkungfufighters. Prove yourself the king in this MMA FightingGame.Amazingkungfu fighters, Superb scenes, stunning kungfufightingcombos andgorgeous special skills, The King of StreetFighting isthe mostthrilling and exciting fighting game Mostimportantly,TheKing ofKung Fu Fighters has unique PVP(Player vsPlayer) kungfufightingMode,you can invite your friends playtogether, and beatthem inthis game! In the king of Kung Fufighting, you can enjoyall thedisciplines of Kung Fu Fighting,compete against kungfufighters ofkung fu, mma, karate, wrestling,ninja, boxing andother types ofmartial arts. eveal your innerfighter in this PVPKung Fu Fightinggame. Defeat all the kungfufighters in singlebattle combat mood,unlock new kungfu fighters.Prove yourself theking in this MMAFighting Game. Play with multipleking fighters& challenge yourfriends in the 2-Players mode.Defeat all thestreet king fightersin 1-Player Fighting mood, unlocknew Kung Fufighters. Proveyourself is the king of street fighting!The kingof Kungfu fightersgame can recall your childhood memoriesofarcade game ! Recorded inthe history of the classic arcadegame,Compared with other fightinggames,The king of street fightinghasbeen designed to be playedwith more easily . Come on, Be thekingof kungfu fighters, Dare youchallenge it?
The King Fighters of Street 3.3
The King Fighters of Street , this is the street PVP fightingsequelof “Kung Fu Fighting” from the developer at Acuspunsa!Amazingfighters, Superb scenes, stunning street fighting combosandgorgeous special skills, The king fighters of Street is themostthrilling and exciting street fighting game Mostimportantly,Theking fighters of street has unique PVP(Player vsPlayer) streetfighting Mode,you can invite your friends playtogether, and beatthem in this game! In the king of streetfighting, you can enjoy allthe disciplines of street Kung FuFighting, compete against streetfighters of kung fu, mma, karate,wrestling, ninja, boxing and othertypes of martial arts. revealyour inner king fighters in this PVP2D street fighting game. Playwith multiple king fighters &challenge your friends in the2-Players mode. Defeat all the streetking fighters in 1-PlayerFighting mood, unlock new Kung Fufighters. Prove yourself is theking of street fighting! The kingfighters of street game canrecall your childhood memories of arcadegame ! Recorded in thehistory of the classic arcade game, Comparedwith other fightinggames,The king of street fighting has beendesigned to be playedwith more easily . Come on, Be the kingfighters of street , Dareyou challenge it?
Guide for Metal Slug 4 1.0
gou mingfu
"Metal Slug 4"(合金彈頭4) it is thefourthversionof Metal Slug, this game show players Metal Sluggame’sfunny,powerful war, you must pick up your weapons to destroytheenemy,every level has a powerful BOSS, that will bring you asupercoolshooting experience. Compared to the previousgeneration,MetalSlug 4 is more difficulty, the players need to bemorecarefulplanning, because Metal Slug 4 has little ammunition,sorequirethe players have higher operation. This game mustplayingenious,even can call it “the Art of War”! Players can useMAMEemulator toexperience.
Guide for Metal Slug 3 1.0
gou mingfu
"Metal Slug 3"(合金彈頭3) it is thefourthbombworks. Metal Slug is the last unit in the name ofSNKOneproduction and distribution company works. Many fans thinkthatisthe highest quality of the series One unit. thisishighestdifficulty in the series. you can play gamesthroughMAMEemulator.