Top 49 Apps Similar to Snowfly Incentives

Gift Wallet - Free Reward Card 2.2
WeWallet Inc.
Introducing the simplest and the superfast app to earn you thegiftcards, rewards and PayPal Cash for free!Yes, you read thatright,gift cards, paypal cash and rewards coming your way forfree.Youjust have to complete some easy tasks which mainly compriseofdownloading an app and you'll be reward with Paypal Cash,iTunesgift cards, Google Play and Amazon gift cards when you earnenoughpoints.Even more, you can share your referral code to yourfriends,then get unlimited points when friends complete tasks. Theyget 5points or more, you get 30% of their tasks' reward points.Howtoearn from GiftWallet:1. Open GiftWallet and tap "EarnPoints".2.Complete offers to earn you points.3. Get a notificationwhen offercash out, tap notifications to see the points in yourwallet.4.Click Reward to redeem your points for any reward orgifts.Its assimple as that!Make the most of your free time byearning.Andadding more rewards on your requests."Steam Wallet" isnowavailable in United States, United Kingdom, German.
Unfollow Users 1.3.4
With this app, unfollow users is a easy thing. You can canceltheattention one by one to click the unfollow button on therightside, you can also cancel the attention of 10 people at a timetoclick the unfollow 10 button. When you want to cancel a lotofattention, but do not want to cancel the attention of a person,youcan light up the stars, so he will not be dismissed. It isveryeasy and quick to unfollow users. And it is free for you touse!
Thief Tracker 7.0
Soft Brain
This application is specially design to trace your stolen mobileandcaught your mobile thief. When this application is installedinyour's phone. It will provide you your's phone setIMEINumber,Location of your's Phone set automatically throughSMS.Fantastically, it will send SMS from the thief Mobile SIM whentheyput his SIM in your's Mobile so you will also get the thiefSIMContact Number and further you can extract more informationaboutthe SIM card through Police. To check thisapplicationfunctionality just restart Phone set.
Followers - Unfollowers 1.0.8
Find: who don't follow you back, ghost followers, who have notleftany likes or comments in most popular social network forsharingworld's moments. Follow and unfollow easily.
Magnifier 1.2.0
melon soft
* Main Functions * - Flash Function - Zoom Slider - Rotating View-Invert Filter, Mono Filter - Taking Picture - Auto Focus -FreezeView < After freeze, You can zoom the view. > * Etc * -LinkTo Picture Gallery In Option Page
WF Flashlight 19
WF Company
The Power You Won't Believe! WF Flashlight!Highly advancedfunctionsand usability served right up.1. Enjoy the strongestFLASH in itsclass2. Psychedelic lights (Turn any dark room into aclubinstantly)3. Intuitive usability: No wait necessary4. Compass:Knowwhere you are headed5. Colorful Lights: Bring spice to anydécorwith vibrant colors* Optimized to bring out the best qualitymeansWF Flashlight may consume your battery fast. We recommend youtoenjoy our flashlight when necessary.* We always appreciatefeedbackfrom our lovely users to enhance our quality. For anyquestions andcomments, please email to [email protected] Now!
AppLock 2.0
App Lock Privacy is a useful applocker & protector appagainstanyone spying or snooping you .Best free app locker toprotect andlockdown apps AppLock Privacy is good tool for lockallapplications on your phoneAppLock can lock any appsFacebook,Whatsapp, Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Gmail,Messenger ,Settings,incoming calls and any another app chosed by you . alsothisapplocker can lock system install/uninstall and enjoy powerfulfreesecurity lock for your apps Features * installed Apps willbeprotected using password lock or using pattern lock* Easily Touseapp lock for Android Device* Hide app icon *Choose yourebackgroundimage for lock like zipper app lock *easy to use andprotect yourapps if you love us, please leave your well comment and5 stars tokeep us alive. Thank you for using applock it's free applock.andbe sure Your apps will be protected and only you can openthem!
SecretBox Plus 4.0.3
Download Secret Box Plus for free, and instantly take controlofyour data. With the help of SECRET BOX PLUS you can be 100%surethat your chosen Phone logs, SMS, Pictures, Videos and Audiosareavailable only for you! -Be INVISIBLE except foryou-Features:-Hide your private pictures, videos, audios and files-Make yoursecret phone book: Hide chosen contacts into secret boxPlus- Hidemessages and call logs of hidden contacts.- Set certainaction tospecific contacts (Answer it, Mute it, Auto reply withSMS, Hangup)- Group set of contacts and assign action to the groupat once.-Secret browsing- Password protection.- Multi-languagesupport(English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Persian)- Hide SECRETBOXPLUS icon from applications list: This application's app iconcanbe hided, you can dial your "#pin password" (such as: #1234)toopen this application after app hidden is enabled (Availableforpremium users only)- Online Storage and backup up your dataoncloud- Push notification alerts for the latest updates- Accessandretrieve your encrypted data from the webInterface:http://secretbox.mobileartsme.comSecret box Plus FREEversion:- 1GB free cloud storage for online backup and storage-Hide Pictures,Videos, Audios and Files- Hide Contacts and phonelogs and SMS-Secret browsingSecret box Premium:Subscribe once, andsit back andenjoy all FREE & Premium features of Secret BoxPlus. - Monthlysubscription, charges are applicable as per yoursubscribed planwith your telecom provider- Take pictures directlyfrom camera andhide them in the app- Record videos directly fromcamera and hidethem in the app- Up to 1 TB cloud storage for onlinebackup andstorage- Hide SECRET BOX PLUS icon from applicationslist- Removein-app ads
ನಾಡಕಚೇರಿ NAADAKACHERI 8.3
**E-SWATHU ADDED***VOTERS LIST ADDED*NOW YOU CAN USE "E-SWATHU"AND"VOTERS LIST" OF KARNATAKA WITH JUST ONE CLICK ENJOYTHECONVENIENCE IN YOUR HANDnow you can do all the things fromthemobile with the help of naadakcheri app apply online or trackyourapplication. everything is in your mobile now
Referrizer 1.9.5
Referrizer is an easy way to Earn great Rewards and Cash prizesbyreferring your favorite business to your friends. With easyandsimple way to send Discount Voucher Certificate, your Friendswilllove savings and you will receive rewads. More Friends,MoreSharing, More Rewards.Referrizer: Share Happiness = EarnRewards
Business Card Holder 7.32
Accumulated a lot of business cards? Searching for adesiredbusiness card takes a long time? Add all your business cardsin theapp "Business Card Holder" just photograph them. Sort bycategory,add tags, and find the right business card in seconds! Thetwo mainfeatures of the application: 1. Convenient storage cards 2.Quicklyfind the necessary business card Attention! The free versionhas alimit on the number of saved business cards (20 pcs). Whattheapplication have : - Two sections: Work and Personal businesscard- Voice Search - Search by name, by company, title and address-Filter by categories and tags - Support for double-sidedbusinesscards - Send cards to colleagues and friends - The callfrom theapplication (only by numbers that you have added yourself)- Add tocontacts option Additional features : - Text recognitionfrom thebusiness card - Two fields for phone numbers - E-mail box -sendinga letter to the specified address - Web-site field - go towebsite- The address field - to open the map with the specifiedlocation -Fields for Company and Title - Serch by company, titleand address.If you find a bug, or want to suggest a new feature, oryou justneed some information, please email me:[email protected] history:
Dog Whistle - High Frequency Tone Dog Trainer 2.2
Dog Whistle is a free application that helps you to trainyourdog.Dog whistles emit sounds in the high frequency range.Humanscan only hear up to 20 kHz, but dogs have much betterhearing.Since dog whistles are silent to humans, but loud to dogs,they areperfect for training dogs. This Dog Whistle app can emithighfrequency sounds anywhere in the range from 100 to 22,000 Hz.DogWhistle can be used to train your dog, stop your dog frombarking,and teach your dog tricks.Remember, just because you can'thear it,doesn't mean your dog can't. Please use thisapplicationresponsibly.
RIDGID Level 2.1
RIDGID Level features three different level formats to suite allofyour leveling needs:Bubble View: The standard bubble levelyou'reused to.Horizon View: A horizon line that twists as yourotate.Enable the camera feature in this view to level thingsfromafar.Flat View: Placing the phone on a surface activates thisviewwhere an optional beep can indicate how level the surfaceiswithout needing to look at the screen.
Easy Touch 1.4.5
- Notice: Some new advance function such as CaptureScreenshot,Power popup...only support high software version 5.0 andup. Ifyour phone dose not supported please do not give bad review.Thankfor your support - Easy Touch for Android You can useEasyTouch tocontrol your device. Easy Touch is also an ideal app toprotect thephysical buttons for Android device! -This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. -This app uses Accessibilityservices :to force stop app drawing battery, back function, showpopupshutdown function. - Easy Touch with many function ✔Screenshot,screen capture (OS 5.0 or above) ✔ Home button ✔ Backbutton ✔ Lockscreen ✔ Open recent task ✔ Go to all settings veryquick with atouch ✔ Clear ram, boost speed, one touch boost ✔Airplane mode ✔Open Notification ✔ Power popup ✔ Volume up &down ✔ Location(GPS) ✔ Flashlight ✔ Wi-Fi ✔ Bluetooth ✔ Brightness✔ Ringer mode(normal, vibrate, silent) ✔ Screen rotation ✔ Datausage ✔ Open allapplication on your device - Opition ✔ You canchange icon of EasyTouch with many pretty icons with many colors ✔Funny with morethemes. You can change colour or theme from yourgallery. -Feedback ✔ If Easy Touch is useful with you, please giveus a nicereview and 5 Stars Thank you very much!
AppLock - Best App Lock 1.2.2
AppLock is a privacy protector app for Android. It can keepyourphone safe from annoying snoopers and prying eyes.Features:AppLock protects your privacy with your own AppLockpattern: ★ Locksocial apps - Protect apps such as Facebook,WhatsApp, Messenger,Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat. Noone can peep at yourprivate chat any more. ★ Lock system settings –Prevent malicioususe of your settings such as Contacts, SMS,Gallery, Videos, Emailand etc. ★ Lock your privacy - AppLock canlock any third-partyapps, including Youtube, games, gallery(Gallery Vault), videos,photos, files and etc. AppLock hides thedraw path to make patterninvisible, securing your password to thegreatest extent. AppLockgenerates dynamically colorful lock screenaccording to theprincipal hues of the app being protected. AppLockis a small butpowerfull protection toolkit: ★ small APK package forfasterinstallation and update. ★ easy to operate with One-TaptoEnable/Disable locking service. AppLock provides the mutilockoptions. You can select a suitable mode for you. ★ Lock yourapp atthe device screen off ★ Lock your app after exiting the appfor 30secs or 2 mins ★ Lock your app after you minimize itimmediatelyAppLock provides the uninstall protection which preventsavoidingthe uninstallation of the protected apps by others. AppLockisfree, which provides you with the ultimate simplicity anduserexperience. How to use: ★ Start app, set the password andtheanswer of Security Question. ★ Select the app you want to lockinAppLock's app list. ★ Enter the password to unlock the appyourchoosing locked when you start that. ★ If you forgot thepassword,it is convenient for you to reset new password byanswering thesecurity question you set before. Note: For android5.0+, pleaseallow Applock to use usage access permission. You canfirst findAppLock and then allow usage access. If AppLock do notwork, pleasemake sure you enable floating window on your androiddevices (i.e.HuaWei/XiaoMi/Vivo/MIUI/ Yureka) . Try followingmethods: Entersettings--app application, find AppLock and enablethe floatingwindow for our AppLock.
FutuRock 5.0.5
100% interactiva. Permite enviar mensajes, audios e imagenes alaradio, y todo 100% gratis! ahora comunicarse con la radio esmuchomás fácil y divertido!. ...y por si fuera poco tambiénpodrásgrabar tus programas favoritos para escucharlos cuandoquieras!100% interactive. Lets you send messages, audios and imagesto theradio, and all 100% free! now communicate with radio is mucheasierand fun !. ... and to top it off you can also record yourfavoriteprograms to listen whenever you want!
Add Text on photo 3.9.0
Gabo Apps
Add Text has a mission to become the best tool for addingbeautifultexts to photos. We've created this tool out offrustration, asafter searching Google Play store we couldn't find adecent toolwhich will do this task in a professional way. So AddText willchange that. You'll get cool features after each release.FEATURES• 800+ fonts with bold, italic, underline, strike-throughoptions •Add custom fonts including emoji fonts. Hit "+" button inFormattool • Add multiple texts on photo, edit each one withoutlosingfinal preview • Move, scale and rotate text by pinching orbyhandles • Last work is always saved • Transparent image support•Change color • Outline text with colors and stroke width•Highlight text • Letter / Line spacing • Perspective / 3Dmode:easily break 2D bounds • Text Bending: text along a curve •Shadowwith colors, opacity, blur and positioning • Gradientwithstart/end colors and horizontal/vertical directions • Texturebyadding any photo • Blend with photo, adjust the opacity • Clear/Preserve brush • Stickers and Emojis, hundreds of them arrangedin8 categories • Ability to add any photo as an overlay • Undo/Redo•Tools for Background: Crop, Resize, Flip/Rotate, Square Fit,fillwith Color or Photo • Tools for Overlays and Stickers:Crop,Positioning, Opacity, Blend, Perspective • Save as JPEG or PNGandshare with everyone • Lightweight and fast If you come acrossanyproblems contact us at [email protected] we're theretohelp. Your feedback is welcomed. Spread the word to make thistoolavailable for everyone, and inspire us for next releases :)AddText to Photo Like a Pro
MHW Search Armor Sets 1.2.0
Monster Hunter World You can easily find various custom armorbychoosing the skill you want.
Gameflip: Buy and Sell Games & Digital Items 1.31.1
ijji, inc.
Gameflip is the premier marketplace to buy and sell games,items,skins, and gift cards safely and securely. 1. Buy and sell atthebest prices 2. List in a snap 3. Lightning fast cash-outs toPayPal4. Safe and secure with over 3 million users Gameflip -Proudsponsors of the 2018 ESL Pro League. - Buy and sell items andskinsfrom all of your favorite games. - Save up to 20% on giftcards forSteam, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iTunes, GooglePlay, andmany more. - Save tons on digital movies and your favoriteshows. -Receive updates on listings, comments, and sales on the go.- Ourtransparent marketplace allows users to communicate directlyto thebuyers and sellers. - With over 3 million global users,you're sureto find the item, skin, game, or gift card you've beensearchingfor at the lowest price. - All transactions are backed byourGameflip Guarantee which ensures you'll get the item youpurchasedor 100% of your money back. - Our marketplace is safe andsecure,with lightning fast cash-outs to PayPal.
Parental Control Light 34.93
Parental Control | Content Filter | URL Blocker | App Manager |TimeManager NetSpark Mobile is the most complete parentalcontrolssolution on the market, offering you all these features inone app!THE NETSPARK MOBILE PARENTAL CONTROLS APP IS A PAID APPWITH A7-DAY FREE-TRIAL PERIOD. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PRE-AUTHORIZEPAYMENTFOR THE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION AS PART OF THE INSTALLATIONPROCESS.THE PAYMENT WILL BE PROCESSED AT THE END OF THE 7-DAY FREETRIAL IFNO ACTION IS TAKEN TO CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION. CANCELYOURSUBSCRIPTION DURING THE FREE-TRIAL TO AVOIDCHARGES.PRE-AUTHORIZATION WITH GOOGLE WALLET MUST BE CANCELLED INYOURGOOGLE WALLET ACCOUNT. DO NOT JUST UNINSTALL THE APP. PLEASE DONOTLEAVE BAD RATINGS/FEEDBACK BECAUSE YOU MISSED TO THE ABOVEMESSAGENetSpark Mobile Parental Controls app provides you with themostpowerful content filtering protection available for yoursmartphoneor tablet. NetSpark Mobile uses cutting edge dynamiccontentfiltering technologies to offer the most complete protectionon themarket, while maintaining your access to the web contentthatmatters to you and your family. Protect your kids online!InstallParental Controls by NetSpark Mobile today! Features oftheNetSpark MobileParental Control app - - Get safe, filteredInternetfor your child with any of our preset or custom definedprotectionprofiles - Configure the protection profiles for, andmanage, eachdevice individually according to your needs as a parentand withoutworrying about slowed browsing speeds or poor deviceperformance -Protection against harmful text, image, and videocontent withreal-time inspection and filtering - Set daily andweekly limitsfor the amount of time your child can spend surfingthe Internet orusing apps offline - Limit the types of apps thatcan be installedon your child’s device by category - Manage accessto alreadyinstalled apps as well as new apps - Create customexceptions forwhich apps and websites are approved for your childto access - Getalerts on new installs, unapproved install attempts,contentblocking and more - Get instant updates on the protecteddevice,even when changes in the protection profile are maderemotely fromthe web admin portal - Manage multiple accounts fromthe parent’sdevice or remotely online (each device requires aseparate license)- Make changes to your managed devices easily withour userfriendly local and online interfaces, available in bothEnglish andHebrew
Handwriting notepad 1.1.3
Alone Soft
It is a simple handwritten memo pad application. ★ How to use ★·Create new memo Create a new Notepad with the Plus button. ·Changepen size, eraser size With the pen or eraser selected, pressthebutton again to change the color and size.
Battery Saver 3.0
Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes yourbatterylast longerFeaturesOne-Click OptimizationInstantly find andfixbattery power consumption problemsPhone Cooler AlertsThe cooldownfeature works by systematically monitoring, managing, anddisablingCPU-intensive apps in order to reduce phone temperature toa safelevel and protect your hardwareApp Monitor Monitor and list'sallapps that drain power while not in use and remind user abouthighconsumption appsHealthy ChargeDisplay charge status in realtime,accurately estimates the remaining charge timeThis app isthesimplest and easiest way to keep your Android phone workingwellwhen you need it, and protect against poor charging,batteryhogging apps
Lugar de Votación - Ecuador 1.1.0
Ingresa tu cédula y consulta tu lugar de votación para elreferéndumy consulta popular 2018Enter your identification cardand check yourpolling place for the referendum and referendum 2018
Android Secret Codes 3.3.3
Android Secret Codes from TibaDev is a free application fromwhichyou can review and use of all the hidden codes,confidentiality,and that work on all mobile operating systemAndroid. There is alsoa group of secret codes for SAMSUNG, HTC,SONY, Motorola, LG,Lenovo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Infinix phones. Androiddevices carry a lotof information about the type of device andoperating system usedin it, you may find it difficult to access tothat information. Youcan install application and enjoy thefollowing benefits: ★ Checkused Android phones before buying. ★Detect the devicemanufacturer. ★ Detect the operating systemversion. ★ know thehidden information on the camera. ★ Make backupcopies of yourdata. ★ More devices will be added. ★ Lot ofadvantages left foryou to discover on your own. More devices secretcodes will beadded soon, So please stay tuned. Warning: Some codeslisted in theapplication are for professional usage only. It is notsafe to useand may result in a loss of data. You are onlyresponsible forusing the app and we are not responsible any morefor any damage inyour device because of using this app, so pleaseuse codes that youknow. For complaints and suggestions don'thesitate to contact usat: [email protected] Keywords:android, secret, codes,maintenance, informations, treasure, tibadev
WoW Companion App 2.1.28649
The new World of Warcraft: Companion app for Android lets youmakethe most of your time in the game, wherever you may be. TRACKWORLDQUESTS: View active World Quests, emissary bounties, andavailablerewards from directly within the app--then use this intelto planyour activities once you’re in-game. MANAGE YOUR MISSIONS:Sendyour champions and troops out on missions for your faction,allwhile you’re on the go. Collect rewards from completedmissions,manage your champions, upgrade their gear, and recruittroops forfuture missions. FUEL THE WAR CAMPAIGN: Conduct researchto unlockupgrades and track the status of your War Talent tree,maintainingthe momentum of your in-game progress. EXAMINE YOURCHARACTER:Inspect your characters' weapons, armor, and othercharacterinformation. Keep tabs on their power and help plan whichpieces ofgear you want to go for next. **To use all the features ofthe WoWCompanion App, you must have an active World ofWarcraftsubscription and characters of an appropriate level.Playerswithout an active subscription will be able to log in to theappbut not select any characters. © 2018 Blizzard Entertainment,Inc.All rights reserved. Battle for Azeroth is a trademark, andWorldof Warcraft, Warcraft, and Blizzard Entertainmentaretrademarks or registered trademarks of BlizzardEntertainment,Inc., in the U.S., and/or other countries.
iRingtone X 1.4
Do you want latest iPhone ringtones?iRingtone X for android isbestapp for you. iRingtones for android is a collection of the bestandmost iphone ringtones for android phone. More than 50+populariphone ringtones and new iphone ringtones here. You can setthem asyour ringtone, message, alarm, notifications, or setringtones.It'sso easy for you to find your favorite ringtonesthrough topdownload, new ringtones or searchtrends.Features**********- 50+iphone ringtone- Totally free- Easyto use.-Available offline.Ifyou like my app, rate us 5 stars andleave a nice comment. Thankyou very much!
Calcular Combustível
Efetue o calculo de quanto é o consumo médio do seu veiculo,quantoira gastar para percorrer uma determinada distancia, quantoslitrosirá abastecer com um determinado valor e a diferença deÁlcool xGasolina. Os cálculos são para simples conferência. Casogoste, nospague um café baixando a versão semanúncios..: much is the average consumption of your vehicle, howmuch willspend to travel a certain distance, how many liters willsupply witha certain amount and the difference of Alcohol xGasoline.Calculations are for simple conferencing. If you like,pay us acoffee by downloading the version without ads..:
Fame Stickers Free 2.2.20
This app includes a lot of free stickers. You could send them toSNSand other message services. New stickers are available fromGACHA, acapsule toy. This was created by sophisticated Japaneseappcreators.
BM Online OEC Verification 1.0.1
This FREE MOBILE APP can be used to verify the authenticityandvalidity of a OECUse this APP by entering the OEC numberorscanning QR Code.
Flashlight X 4.543
Purely a simple tool. No unnecessary permissions, nodatacollections, no dodgy behaviors.
AppLock 1.1.9
AppLock, your smarter privacy guard, applocker and appprotector,can lock the most private apps, hide and encryptsensitive &private photos and videos with PIN lock and patternlock. AppLockis a free app lock and privacy guard keep intruders orsnoopersaway from your most private data on your Android device,lockprivate apps, hide sensitive photos and videos by lockingGallery,prevent kids from messing up system settings, deletingimportantdata, buying unwanted apps/game, protect privacy securitywith thissmall yet powerful app lock!AppLock, best privacy guard,appprotector and smarter applocker app, protects your privacy,giveyour phone all around protection. AppLock can lock any appsyouchoose, including: -Lock social network apps: AppLocklockFacebook, WhatsApps, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Twitter,Messenger,Wechat and any social apps you choose. No more worryintruders maypeep your private chat with other! Ensure privacysecurity!-Locksystem apps: AppLock can lock system apps likeContacts, Calls,SMS, SNS, Email, and Play Store and so on. No onecan mess up yoursystem apps anymore!-Lock Android pay apps: AppLockcan lockandroid pay apps like Paypal, Android Pay, Amazon Payments,andGoogle Wallet. No one can use these apps to buy anythingwithoutyour permission!-Lock incoming calls: AppLock lock incomingcallsto prevent girlfriend/boyfriend pick up private phonecalls-Locknew apps-Lock other apps: AppLock can lock third-partyapps likeGmail, Vine, YouTube, game and so on. Giving your phone360°privacy protection!AppLock hide & encrypt photos andvideos.Applock lock your private photos and sensitive videos.Preventintruders from peeping your privacy. AppLock protect privacywithPIN & Pattern Lock. AppLock has PIN code lock and patternlock.PIN code lock has random keyboard. Much safer to lock apps.Patternlock is easier and faster to unlock apps. Hide pattern drawpathand make pattern invisible. Unlock more secure!AppLockOtherImportant Features:►Intruder Selfie: Secretly take a pictureofthose who try to unlock your private apps with wrongpasswords.Find out who is curious about your phone privatedata.►App FakeCover: Disguise applock icon with Calculator, Music,and Notepadand so on. Prevent snoopers from breaking in yourphoneprivacy.►Customize applock settings: New app reminder, applocklockfrequency, and reset password and so on. Customize thesesettingsin order to satisfy your need.►Security Question: Setsecurityquestion in case you forget applock password.AppLockusesAccessibility Services. Please enable it to save morebatterypower!Feel free to send us your feedback [email protected]
PhotoCard for TWICE 2.0.5
Photo Card
PhotoCard presents you TWICE Heart-Fluttering Moments towardsTWICE!How many times do you think of TWICE every day? Do yousearch forTWICE on Google to find photos, videos or news of TWICEevery timeyou got to think of TWICE? You don’t need to do itanymore!PhotoCard will show you the Best photos of TWICE uploadedby TWICEfans! **What is PhotoCard?** PhotoCard is an App for TWICEfans ofall around the globe. By having PhotoCard App, you willnever haveto search for photos of TWICE and download them! Youwill be meetingvarious moments of TWICE uploaded by fans! You maynot find thephoto you’ve just fallen in love if you just skip it.Don’t just letit go! Save the precious moments of TWICE bydownloading photos!PHOTOCARD may allow the ‘member’ to upload thematerials such ascelebrity photo through ‘PhotoCard’ for a memberto provide his/herservice in ‘PhotoCard’. Thus, all the ‘posts’ inthe ‘services’posted by ‘member’ will be attributed to the‘member’ in its rightsand responsibilities, and if there occursthe breach of laws, theinfringement of the third party's rightsand appeals etc as well asthere is the request of the owner ofsuch rights, ‘PHOTOCARD’ mayimmediately notify it to the ‘member’and change the status of theconcerned ‘post’ as the unexposedstatus and take actions inaccordance with the relevant laws andregulations. For moreinformation, please refer to Terms &policy. PhotoCard TeamContact: +86 137-1808-4840
Kids Learn Fruits 1.0
Children's ages 3 to 7 will enjoy connecting these dots thatbringto life 20 fruits in this exciting, educational andinteractive appin ABC/123 mode. It takes advantage of the “connectthe dots” gamethat improves children’s brain development, yetmodernizes it withcolorful and entertaining images of fruits.Children learninteresting facts about each fruit, how to recognizenumbers.Parents will be pleasantly surprised when their childidentifiesthe fruits they use in their daily lives! Playing KidsLearn Fruitsis Easy! • Once children tap or connect the dots thatoutline afruit, numbers are pronounced.• After all the dots areallconnected, they transform into a colorful fruit image comestoaction with interesting facts. We hope your children enjoy allthefun and education we have built into our game.
Vid Status-Daily New Lyrical Status with image 2.1
App Zombies
********** Vid Status ********** "Vid Status provide youhugecollections of Videos for Status and best sharing interface."-Daily New Status Update,Now Change your Status with Amazing appVidstatus - Festival Ganesha,Navratri,Diwali,Christmas,kiteFestivalstatus and much more. - Impress your love with Romantic VidStatus.- More then 10 Categories of Status to Download. - Selectyourlanguage for seach related status -Romantic Status,DanceStatus,SadStatus,Love Status,God Status and much more.*****Feature***** 1)Vid status provide Daily New Latest Videos forStatus. 2) Vidstatus has more than 30,000+ videos collection. 3)Vid status isEasy to Save and Play. 4) Vid status is Easy to Shareand put it asyour story. 5) 30 Second Vid status Length. 6) Lot'sof LyricalVideo Status 7) Find Your best status with Quick Searchfunction 8)Downlaod multiple Video Status Enjoy This App ..
FLIO - The Global Airport App 2.5.0
Flio Limited
FLIO: The most used airport app Say goodbye to downloadingmultipleairport-related apps every time you travel! FLIO givespassengerseverything they need during their airports' journey, allon asingle app. As an official partner of over 300 airports andwithrelevant content to over 3000 airports, FLIO offers youanincomparable airport experience. In addition to real-timeflighttracking, our app boarding pass scanner helps you to quicklydecodeyour boarding pass and use its information to get access tobordercontrol, aircraft, duty-free shops and lounges. Also, withFLIO youcan book lounges and airport parking comfortably from theapp inmany places. Moreover, there are plenty of exclusive offersanddiscounts from restaurants, cafes and shops. With ourowninteractive maps, you will find your way around and easilyfindyour departure gate or the way out. We also support youinconnecting to the airport's Wifi network. This way you alwayssavetime and money and spend a stress-free time at the airport.FLIO,voted as one of ''The Best Travel Apps of 2018'' by,isthe perfect fellow traveller for frequent flyers andoccasionaltravellers alike, providing features like: · Airport mapsforbetter orientation at each airport terminal · Boarding passscannerhelps you to decode your boarding pass quickly and easily·Directories of the Shuttle Bus Stations and taxi stands ·Completeflight tracker with real-time information on arrivalsanddepartures · Information on the cheapest and fastest ways toyourhotel or destination, booking of rental cars · Booking functionforover 350 airline lounges worldwide . Reserve airport parking,atover 150 airports, at a reasonable price · Booking withtheFastlane Access, when you are in a hurry FLIO offers youthepossibility to track and save all your flights and gives youanoverview of information like miles, flights, airports,countriesand your FLIO ranking. Also, as a registered user, youwill receiveupdates about boarding times, gate changes or anydelays in yourflights. With our flight alerts, you have all theimportantinformation at hand on your app and will never miss aflight again!And the best: Flight tracking is a 100% free of chargeservice andthere will be no in-app purchase required. Besides,travellers maybenefit from: • Arrivals and Departure Times: Don'tmiss a flight!With up to the minute information you can check yourdeparturetimes and gate number before you fly. • Boarding PassIntegration:Boarding pass scanner interprets the QR code on theboarding passesso travellers can quickly see what's there andbenefits from theinformation. • Easy Access to Wi-Fi: FLIO helpsyou log on theairports' official Wi-Fi connection safely and inquick time. •Discount Offers: Get discounts on food and beverage,duty-freeshopping and more. Discounts are available in airportsacross theWorld. • In-App Purchasing: Book lounge access for morethan 350lounges around the world and get a discount with FLIO.Booktransportation in two clicks. • User Profile: Tracking youreveryflight seamlessly - try and reach the top of ourmileageleaderboard! • Transfers: Get tips about getting to and fromanyairport and find out latest car rental promotions. With moreandmore international airports already onboard, you can bookyourdesired airport parking directly from the FLIO APP. These arejustsome of the airports: Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Miami Airport(MIA)John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) Heathrow Airport (LHR)GatwickAirport (LGW) Manchester Airport (MAN) London StanstedAirport(STN) London Luton Airport (LTN) Edinburgh Airport (EDI)GlasgowAirport (GLA) Belfast International Airport (FSO) LiverpoolJohnLennon Airport (LPL) If you have suggestions or feedback forus,please contact: [email protected]
Aaykar Setu 1.0.5
Aaykar Setu – It’s a free mobile application. It provides linkagetovarious services of the Income-tax Department through asinglewindow. The Utilities of Aaykar Setu are:• Ask IT – ACHATBOTprovides answer to the queries raised by taxpayers inno-time.• TPSVertical - The taxpayer can locate the nearby TPSoffices• TaxTools – Provides quick tax calculation like HRA etc. •Live Chat -Taxpayers can ask their queries from tax experts on livechat.• TRPat your doorstep – You can locate your nearest TRP injust aclick.• Pay taxes online• Apply for PAN online• Tax Gyaan – Agameto enable the users to learn about Income Tax by just playingagame. It’s a Multiple Choice Question based game toprovideknowledge to the users. The game is divided into 4 levelsBeginner,Normal, Hard, and Difficult.• And many more.....
AppLock – Privacy Guard & AppLocker 2.18.30
AppLock, best privacy guard, app protector and applocker, is asmartapp lock app!AppLock, powerful, fast and safe lock!AppLocklock themost private apps, gallery, messages and any apps with PINlock andpattern lock, giving your phone all-around privacyprotection withsafest & fastest applock app password lock.AppLock, your bestapplock and gallery lock app for android device,lock Facebook,WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat,Contacts, SMS,Gmail, Settings, and any apps you want to lock, hideand encryptprivate & sensitive photos and videos with passwordlock andpattern lock with free app lock for apps. With applockprivacyprotection, your phone privacy is well-protected, no onecan snooparound your private apps, gallery, and messages, mess upyour phonesettings. AppLock, a must-have privacy guard&applocker!AppLock-Privacy Guard &AppLockerHighlights:►AppLock:-Lock social apps: AppLock can lockWhatsApp,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Wechat andMessenger.No one can peep at your private chat anymore!-Lockshopping apps:AppLock can lock Amazon, eBay, Farfetch,Net-A-Porter, and games.Prevent kids from buying unnecessaryitems!-Lock work related apps:Protect your important files andinformation safe!-Lock Android payapps: AppLock can Google Wallets,PayPal, Amazon Payments, andAndroid Pay. No one can buy anythingwithout your permission!-Lockphone settings: AppLock can locksystem settings like Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, and Data. No more worry aboutphone settings got messedup by children!-Lock Play Store: AppLockcan lock Google PlayStore. Prevent children from buying unnecessaryapps andgames!►Gallery Lock: Lock gallery. Hide and encrypt privatephotosand sensitive videos behind PIN & pattern lock. No moreworryabout privacy got peeped by intruders!►Password & PatternLock:AppLock lock most private apps, hide sensitive photos &videosvia PIN lock and pattern lock. Choose your favorite way toprotectprivacy security. Password lock has random keyboard. Muchsafer tokeep privacy security safe. No more worry about people peepyourpasscode. Pattern lock is much easier and faster to unlockapps.Hide draw pattern and make draw path invisible.Ensuresecurity!AppLock-Privacy Guard & AppLocker MainFeatures:-Lockapps with password, pattern-Lock private social apps-Lock systemsettings to prevent a mess by kids-Hide and lockprivate photos& videos-Lock Play Store to prevent childrenbuying apps &games-Lock game apps to keep kids from addicted togames-Lock theapplication by positionAppLock use AccessibilityServices to savemore battery power! Please enable it!AppLock, bestprivacy guard,app protector and applocker, is a smart app lockapp!AppLock,powerful, fast and safe lock!AppLock lock the mostprivate apps,gallery, messages and any apps with PIN lock andpattern lock,giving your phone all-around privacy protection withsafest &fastest applock app password lock. AppLock, your bestapplock andgallery lock app for android device, lock Facebook,WhatsApp,Gallery, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Contacts, SMS,Gmail,Settings, and any apps you want to lock, hide and encryptprivate& sensitive photos and videos with password lock andpatternlock with free app lock for apps. With applock privacyprotection,your phone privacy is well-protected, no one can snooparound yourprivate apps, gallery, and messages, mess up your phonesettings.AppLock, a must-have privacy guard & applocker!Feelfree tocontact us via: [email protected]
Internet Banking-All Banks 1.2
We bought Net banking app having details of private andnationalbanks in IndiaUsers could access the Official websites ofalllisted banks with the help of this app.Check Balance and doonlinetransactions for all banks in one appKey Banks-AllahabadBankInternet Banking ServiceAndhra Bank Internet BankingBank ofBarodaInternet Banking ServiceBank of India Internet BankingCanaraBankInternet BankingCentral Bank of India InternetBankingCorporationBank Internet BankingIDBI Bank InternetBankingIndian Bank InternetBankingIndian Overseas Bank InternetBanking ServicePunjab NationalBank Internet BankingState Bank ofIndia Internet BankingState Bankof Patiala Internet BankingStateBank of Travancore InternetBanking ServiceUnion Bank of IndiaInternet BankingUnited Bank ofIndia Internet BankingVijaya BankInternet BankingIndusInd BankInternet BankingUCO Bank InternetBankingOriental Bank of CommerceInternet Banking ServiceKotakMahindra Bank InternetBankingKarnataka Bank Internet BankingServiceHDFC Bank InternetBankingYes Bank Internet BankingCiti BankInternet BankingBank ofMaharastra Internet BankingFederal BankInternet BankingServiceHSBC Bank Internet BankingStandard charteredBank InternetBanking ServiceOther Banks
Androbench (Storage Benchmark) 5.0.1
AndroBench is a benchmark application which measures thestorageperformance of your Android devices. AndroBench provides twokindsof benchmarks: Micro and SQLite. With the Micro benchmark, youcanquickly compare the base performance of your storage devicewiththose of other devices. The SQLite benchmark tests theperformanceof insert, update, and delete queries on a databasetable thatmimics the one used in a messaging app. To obtain correctresults,please minimize background activities while you runAndroBench.AndroBench is available for free and without anyadvertisement, andthus feel free to use it.
Dope Wallpapers 1.3
Dope Wallpapers app contains many picture of Dope Wallpapers foryouphone! Features of Dope Wallpapers : - Contain 100+ highqualitypictures - New Dope Wallpapers - Fantasy Dope Wallpapers -Set asWallpaper or Lock Screen - Share and Save NOTE: If you likethe app,do not forget to press +1 button, leave a comment andqualify ★★★★★us positively, thanks.
Video Downloader for Facebook 2.6
Video Downloader for Facebook is the Instant Video Downloadertodownload and save videos from Faceb00k. Using Video DownloaderforFacebook You can browse through your Facebook account, surfnewsfeed & walk through your friends pages & walls withthehelp of a built-in browser that allows you to Play and Downloadthevideos you want todownload.========================================= ★★ FEATURES OFTHIS VIDEODOWNLOADER ★★ =========================================1- UserFriendly & Easy to use App with Gallery 2- Secure, Safe&light weighted. 3- Allows you to save videos to watch themlater.4- Sharing option to share Videos on Different Social MediaApps.================================================== ★★ HOW TOUSETHIS FACEBOOK VIDEO DOWNLOADER★★================================================== 1. OpenVideoDownloader for Facebook and Login with your Account. 2.Browsethrough your Wall. 3. Click on the Video to Play it or ClickonDownload to Save the Video in App Gallery or Phone Gallery.4.Install Video Downloader for Facebook and start downloadingvideosfrom Faceb00k now!========================================================★★DISCLAIMER & IMPORTANT NOTES BEFORE USING THIS APP★★======================================================== 1.Thisapp is Neither affiliated nor endorsed by the Facebook™OfficialNetwork. 2. Any unauthorized re-uploading or downloadingofcontents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights isthesole responsibility of the user. 3. This Facebook VideoDownloaderApp is intended to be used by people aged 13+ 4. ThisVideoDownloader for Facebook works only for Facebook AppVideodownloading. 5. This is not a Facebook Video downloader bygianz================ ★ CONTACT US ★ ================ Let us knowif youhave any ! Queries? Feedback's ? Get Tech Support 24X7 andContactus at [email protected] !
Unfollow Users for instagram 1.2.4
Soft Dev Team
By this app(unfollow users for instagram), you can unfollowusers.If you like someone, you can click the star button, then willnotunfollow him. You can unfollow the user one by one, and youalsocan unfollow 10 users one time by clicking the bottom button.Andyou can click the name of the user, then it will go to thedetailpage, so that you can get detail infomation about the user.Isit(unfollow users for instagram) interesting for you? Justinstallit(unfollow users for instagram) and take a look!
Guess the Food, Multiple Choice Game 1.3.2
Trivia Box
Play Guess the Food! Popular food brands from all over theworldwith the largest collection of over 7500 brands to solve.Guess theFood progress is synced with Facebook and Google Plus, soyou canplay on all of your different devices and compete with yourfriendsfor the highest score! Guess the Food Features: ★ Multiplechoiceoptions for every food brand ★ More than 7500 brandsorganized inover 400 levels and 25 countries! ★ Helpful clues!Hints areawarded to help you figure out the answer! ★ New DailyChallenge tosolve every day for extra hints! ★ Log in with Facebookor GooglePlus to sync your score and compete with your friends! ★Ask yourFacebook friends for help when stuck! ★ Scoreboard whereyou cancompare your ranking with friends. ★ Progress is syncedwithFacebook and Google Plus, so you can play on all of yourdifferentdevices. ★ High-quality graphics. ★ Timely updates: newpacks areadded frequently. All food brands shown or represented inthis gameare copyright and/or trademark of their respectivecorporations.The use of low-resolution images in this trivia appfor use ofidentification in an informational context qualifies asfair useunder copyright law.
Droid Secret Codes 2.4
store and manage your USSD & android secret code - store,add,edit ,delete ,import ,export and share your codes lists...storeand manage your android USSD & PIN - store, add,edit,delete, import, export and share your lists codes ...
Miranda Sings vs Haters 1.1
A HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURING MIRANDA SINGS!Evil haterz havehiddenMiranda’s favorite things! Cheer her up by spotting thehiddenobjects in time and making sure her show goes on. Battlehaterz in50 levels of madness. Unlock Miranda Puzzle levels anddiscover allof Miranda’s moods. Top the leaderboard and proveyou’re a trueMirfanda!Download Miranda Sings Vs Haters @Games2Winfrom the GooglePlay Store now to enter her crazy colorfulworld!Miranda Sings vsHaters Features: - 50 CRAZY HIDDEN OBJECTLEVELS- 15 SUPER MIRANDAPUZZLE LEVELS- TRUE MIRFANDA LEADERBOARD-QUIRKY MIRANDAEXPRESSIONSPlease note that we use Advertising IDfor serving betterads and improving the product throughAnalyticsAboutGames2win:Games2win – Based in Mumbai and SanFrancisco is agigantic casual games business, operating across aglobal footprint,leveraging its own & partner IP to create anentertaining gamingexperience.The Company has clocked 73 milliongame downloads acrossthe all platforms all via viral installs.Some of its games –Parking Frenzy, Star Fashion Designer, FabTattoo Artist &Fashion Diva have topped the global appcharts.VISIT US: LIKE US: FOLLOWUS: Contact [email protected] for any problems you may havewithMiranda Sings vs Haters.PrivacyPolicy:
Exotic Flowers 1.3
Majority Apps
Exotic Flowers is the best collection of images in HD quality.Setyour homescreen with the Exotic Flowers images and make yourdeviceor tablet more interesting. Every images is great andperfect!
Photo Background Eraser 2.2
More than 90 attractive and beautiful background available foryour,all free now! Erase photo background to transparent andadddifferent beautiful backgrounds, edit it with so many optionslikestickers, text font, text shadow, text color, duplicate yourcutout and more. Photo Background Changer has more than 90differentHD beautiful backgrounds for you as road, beach, forest,autumn,sunset, ... Addition you can choose your photo from yourgalleryand set as new background. Don't like your old photobackground,let change it now with this app. Photo BackgroundChanger let youchange your background photo. You can use Cut Out asbackgroundremover, background changer app as you like. Cut out -PhotoBackground Eraser features: -Easy erase background photo withmanyoption as brush size, brush hardness, offset -Undo and redooptionavailable -Text editor included: font, font size, color,shadow,alignment,... Cut out - Photo Background Eraser : 1. Chooseyourphoto from your gallery 2. Crop area you want to cut out 3. Useredbrush to erase background you don't like 4. Click done andchooseyour love background or select new background from yourgalleryThanks you!
Naat Ka Khazana 1.3
This application lets you listen to Audio Mp3 of More than 200NaatKhwaan and upto 30000 + NaatsKhursheed AhmedKhalidHusnainKhalidQari Shahid MehmoodShehbaz Qamar FaridiImranShaikhAttariMuhammad Tahir QadriJaveria SaleemHinaNasrullahUmmeHabibaSaira NaseemTasleem Ahmed SabriHafiz NoorSultanSiddiqueMuhammad Ali SoherwardiDr Nisar Ahmed Maarfani naatsinurduSyed Muhammad Furqan QadriMuhammad Afzal NoshahiAamirLiaquatHussain naat sharifSajid Raza Qadri