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com.appidea.pixelswordfishio 1.85
Pixel is a game about cute creatures piercingeachother. Dash to your enemy and kill them! Your goal is becomethecreature with biggest nose in the world.If your nosetouchesanother player, he will explode and you will get anotherpoint. Butif others run into YOU, then you are defeated and game isover. InPixel Sword fish .io game, you have a chance to win even ifyouhave tiny nose. You can attack from sides or rear of a muchlargerand bigger nose player to defeat them, no matter how big yournoseare! HOW TO PLAY: Control with Joystick your direction. Usingaboost button (the lower right corner of the screen) can makeyourworm creature to run faster with higher speed but running fastwillreduce your energy! (need time to fill it up). Dash intoopponentslike a arrow and Kill enemies to rise your nose and getstars.Popup the balloons to get more stars. Get characters withdifferentnoses in shop. Pixel Sword Fish io game have 6 modes: *Classic ---you are fight with other worms collecting stars, riseand evolveyour tusk, trying to earn trophy to unlock next Arena. *Team play--- players dived on and each team have a ticket count sowhenthere is no more ticket you can't revive until game over.*Survival --- 50 crazy players in one room! The rule is simpleonelife, you don't have another chance ! * Kill the king -- inthislittle rom one is a king with big tusk and body and otherplayerstrying to kill him to became the new king so defend yourselforattack depends who you are on that time. * Smash ---overcrowdedtiny room with angry players you should be very fastwith goodreactions to survive in that insanity, no escape from thisplace .* One sword pro --- only true masters who are really fast(whocraft more than 1200 trophies) are allowed to play in thatroomonly one sword characters are allowed no slither movementsarewelcome here. So, what are you waiting for? get this cool newappnow! Develop your battle skills start the war and try to surviveincrowded and dangerous water world. *Attention this apprequiresgood internet connection! * If you have any idea orsuggestionplease contact us on Facebook 1.1.5
X Games Tube
The rule of this io game is very easy, just drag your beetle andhitother enemy off the stage!👍 👍Cheers👍 After hardworking,Beetles.iois now compatible with LG K series & Moto E series!We areworking hard to bring 3D game to much more devicebrands.🌟FEATURES of this io game 🌟: * Free to play, play itanywhereanytime * Suitable for all ages * Simple rules but alittledifficult to clear the level, you'll find the addiction. *Now tryto challenge and share it with your friends! *Chooseyourbeetle/bumper’s skin *Relax and enjoy You'll surely love thisiogame once you get how it works! 📧E-MAIL📧•ztdiymobile@gmail.comPlease contact us at ifyou encounter anyissue on a certain device brand. It's appreciatedto to much more device brands. 🌟Enjoy🌟 Be the beston thestage and win in this io!
Play against other people online! Can you become thelongestslither? If your head touches another player, you willexplode andthen it's game over. But if others run into YOU, thenTHEY willexplode, and you can eat their remains! In, youhave achance to win even if you're tiny. You can swerve in front ofamuch larger player to defeat them, no matter how big youare!Download now and start slithering! Good luck! 1.0.18
Welcome to! The great fighting arena IO gameoutthere! Are you ready to face hordes of enemies? Awesome! Youhavetons of weapons to choose to do so. Don't be shy - be quick!Don'tbe afraid - be crazy! Your average lifetime is just 60seconds? Igotta tell you, you're good at it! This is a crazy worldof thebloody battle arena where you fight fast, die fast, evolvefast andkill fas... well that depends on your gear so don't wasteour timeand get some gold! Jump into the BrutalMania IO fightingarena gameand kill for gold and glory! Do not hesitate, do notthink toomuch, just get crazy and fight! You kill or you die, andwhen youdie, be happy. Be happy because it's the time where youupgradeyour weapon and character evolution. Done upgrading?Awesome, nowgo and get crazy!!!
io.gartic.Gartic 1.4.12
Welcome to! Playing you are gonna havefunguessing and drawing! Every round a Player is chosen todrawsomething for the others to guess what it is. The first playertoachieve the goal of points will be declared the game winner.Choosebetween one of the groups of words that we offer and have funwithyour friends! Gartic also allows the player to create his ownroomand invite up to 50 friends sharing a link to the room. Chooseonebetween the different room subjects to draw and have fun! Youcanalso play without any download, just access: 23
- Touch the screen anywhere and drag with your finger. -Collectbuildings, props and roads into the hole. - Eat everythingin city.- Be the biggest hole. 4 City Map 5 Gameplay Mod: 1- io (play agame against 8 player in only 2 minutes ) 2- Deathmatch ( thegameends when you die ) 3- Ego ( eat everything on map in only2minutes ) 4- Team ( select color ) 5- Survival ( unlimited time )-agar style - easy to control - io game - leaderboard - free toplay 3.7.7
VOODOO ! Check out the latest game by Voodoo. Your goal isprettysimple to get ? Conquer the largest territory. It seemssimple atfirst since the game is very easy to handle. But beware itmight bea bit harder to master. Whether you’re bold or careful,outwit youropponents by finding the best strategy to conquer thelargestspace. And stay cautious, you have a weak point : your tail.Ifever it is touched by an opponent, you are dead. Also make suretoguard your territory because in nothing is sure as longasyou do not own the whole territory. Stealing is legal andyouropponents won’t hesitate to do so. After the success of QuizRunand Bool, Voodoo offers a new and fun experience inspired byiotype games (popularised by Find the simplicityandstrategy on an io game in within a unique is for the whole family and requires noInternetconnection. Knight Warriors 1.12.2
Clown Games
Smash hit io game of web is on mobile: Knight Warriors!Useyour sword to slash other goons in three different game modes:Solo,Teams and Capture the Flag! Swing your sword with a tap of abuttonand dash into a combat like real knight warrior! Can youbecome thewinner of the battles? Slash your enemies and collectdots to getyour sword longer and stronger! Keep slashing othergoons to survivemore and show others your skills to become thechampion knight!Unlock unique skins such as curl, spike and zombto customize yourio game experience! Enjoy this popular io gamefor hours anytime youwant on mobile. Clown Games is a brand ofAlictus and is thedeveloper of popular io games available onmobile and web! Reach usand send your feedback:https://goons.io
gunzer io 5.2
Summon units with various types of firearms, both old and new.Havefun shooting groups in your battle to win the battle. Intheultimate full-scale war, 18 teams play in online mode. No lessthan10 players, cute 2D characters with guns. Choose to build intheteam. It can unlock better characters. Do not missthisopportunity! The player must accumulate the power of the BOXPOWERto build your own military team to form a gun to play. Eachgun isdifferent in speed. Function - Build up to 18 teams. -25characters - Guns 20+ - Play online 1.3.23
Welcome to EvoWars! Be prepared! Your task is to become thebiggestwarrior of the Deathmatch arena! Fight hordes of opponents!Killyour opponents and collect orbs to gain experience andpoints!Evolve in size and skins during the battle and become thealmightygiant in the arena! Unlock all of the 17 regular evolutionsand oneextra if you decide to support us! Remember that the sizematters,but it's not the most important! Big giants usually fall bythesword of small and fast warriors. Will you manage to becomethelegendary giant in the arena? Try now! === Want to be updatedwithall the news? Facebook:
Network Utilities 1.17
Network analysis app with several useful tools including ping,portscanner, local network discovery, WOL (Wake On Lan), whoislookupand more. This app is highly configurable and inactivedevelopment, so feature requests and bug reports areappreciated!Features: - WiFi info - IP Geolocation - Local devices- Port check- Ping - Wake On Lan - Whois lookup 1.1.19
Super addictive .io arcade game comes now!Multiplayercontrol balls real-time in Delicious City. Eateverything up,including each other! Eat, grow bigger, and survive,simple enough.Game Features 🎮 Classic easy .io gameplay Controlyour ball and eatsmaller delicious things to grow big, whileavoiding being eaten bybigger ones. Battle with wisdom, agile,courage and luck. Try tosurvive and you’ll be awarded according tohow big you are. 👕 Skin& Tail system Meet requirements tounlock new skins and trailsfor your ball. There’re many customizingoptions for you, bothskins and tails. Eat everything and lookunique! ⬆️ Expectableupdates Constant big updates will happen herein Delicious Land!New ball skins, new tails, new city maps, or evennew game modesare on the way. Stay hungry, stay foolish. So justdon’t. Come and eat something oreverything!------------------------------------------------- 📖Privacy Policy:📄 Terms OfUse: 📧Contactus: 🔖Facebook:
Holes Go Battle 1.2.0
This is a circle controlling game. Control hole character,andeateverything in sight with your and expand it toeatmore!Show them who is the biggest hole in town! Enter the arenaandfacethe other holes in a fierce battle The most addictive iogameisblack hole io game! LOCAL COUCH MULTIPLAYER FEATURE-Dragyourfinger to control your black hole ! -When you pull thingstoyourhole, you will have bigger black hole ! -hole .io isacompetitivegame. Beat your enemies to be best player!-Expand yourhole and become the biggest in the gameworld! -Swalloweverything in front of your black hole ! -You canplayoffline, nointernet needed and free to play ! -Enjoy thebattle! 0.4250
Mobile MMO version of the popular game Play Wormaxonlineagainst other people worldwide or against the computer inthesingle-user mode. Invite friends to play together. Upgradeyourworm and compete with other players in the rating. Useactiveskills and game boosters. In the mobile version of Womaxioyoucontrol a snake. The goal of the game is to make your snakegainthe biggest mass and to reach the first place in the server.Thegame is fascinating and easy to play. Install Wormax and go forit!GRAND MULTIPLAYER Play online with hundreds of other peoplefromall over the world. SINGLE-USER MODE Play against the computerandtrain your slither skills USE ACTIVE SKILLS Gain your first100points in Wormaxio, which will unlock the instant stop skill.Upongaining 500 points, you will get a temporary option ofcrossingother worms without being afraid of running into any ofthem. Stayalert as the cooldown of the skills takes some time. PLAYWITHFRIENDS Invite friends to play together on the same server.COLLECTBOOSTERS Use various boosters that increase the worm'smass,attract food, provide acceleration without losing points ormakethe worm's mass toxic and dangerous for the opponents. COMPETEWITHOTHER PLAYERS IN RATING Play more often. Grow bigger. Build upyouraccount rating and receive essence for passing to anotherLeague.UPGRADE YOUR WORM Use essence to buy artifacts in the Shopandupgrade your worm. PLAY AS YOU LIKE The game provides a fewmodes,among those worm control with an accelerometer. Thanks tothesefeatures, the game becomes much more interesting. 2 1.5.1
You liked ? You'll love! Conquer asmuchterritory as possible and beat the competition. A smoothdrawingexperience! 1.0 is a new strategy io game with realtime battles andsmoothcontrols! is inspired by the best IO games butwith morefun. Play online with players around the world as you tryto becomethe biggest land of them all! How to play io game: ◉ Yourgoal ispretty simple! Conquer the largest paper territory. ◉Attack otherplayers by hitting their tails. Don't be hit by otherplayers! ◉Defend your territory (paper) against others, expand asmuch aspossible and try to find the best strategy to become theking ofland (paper). IO Game features: ☆ 100% online io game,cloud serversall over the world ☆ Can choose the best serverspeed, no lag ☆Easier to play with your friends ☆ Offline mode:play with bots AIwhen your connection lost ☆ Customize your avatarskin Invade.iodares you to overtake every paper on the grid andbecome the king ofpaper land! We love to hear from our players!
Royal Blade 1.4.8
Kazillion Damage Blade! MAX Up Your Weapons How far can you go?◆Collect SUPER legendary SWORDS ! ◆ Activate EPIC POWER SKILLS !!◆CUSTOMIZE your hero. 'Kawaii' or 'Hipster'. What's your style?◆STRANGE BOSSES are waiting for U. ◆ Explore the exotic worldskins.◆ BE A RANKER on the leaderboard. 111%'s long loved has comebackwith more fun. It's a simple, but addictive arcade game.Enjoy!Thanks!
High Hoops 1.0
Welcome to a bouncy world! ◉ Bounce your way to the top andreachforthe High Hoops ! ◉ Control your bouncy ball acrossvertiginousgaps.◉ Pass through the hoops. ◉ Bounce on the tiles,don't fall!◉ Bounceeven higher thanks to the jelly cubes, theywill make youfly!
Mysterious Pyramid Puzzle 1.1
mysterious pyramid puzzle Your greatest Challenge awaits youinthismagic magical match 3 game. Find hidden treasures ofjewelsbeneaththe pyramids of Pharaoh in ancient egypt. Switch andmatchdiamondscomplete the goal in the specified steps. Enjoy thefulldiamondadventure for free! Here in Cairo, it is your jobtooversee themanagement of the jewels within the pyramids.Mostimportantly youmust organize them from the vast wealth thatflowsin from allcorners of the kingdom. There're tons of levels toplaythrough andin each one, you only have so much time to clearandget the starthat falls into the bottom of the screen. -mysteriousEgypt world,hundreds of well-designed free levels! -multiplegoals, move mode,time mode, collect mode. - easy and fun tostartbut a challenge tofully master. - stunning graphics with ahighlypolished interface.- mysterious ancient Egyptian music, letyoufully appreciate themystery of ancient Egyptian.
Rune Rider 3.2
Get a weapon and equip runes on slots. It's all aboutSTRATEGY.Customize your weapon type! : MAX speed / MAX damage /FULL passiveAddictive Idle RPG game “Rune Rider” ◆ Various enemy& bosses ◆Enjoy PVP battle mode! ◆ Collect DAILY GIFTS! ◆ Newmode added :Gift Run Services ◆ Enjoy the game with punk ROCK bgm!◆ Competewith your friends with GooglePlay Support Enjoy theaddictive“RuneRider” while commuting to work, in the bus or subway,waitingat the bank. Whenever, wherever “Rune Rider” is ready foraction!!! Thank you!
Gatecrasher 1.3
Gatecrasher is a game. As a player of this game you will controlaship. You will have two buttons; one button to rotate yourshipclockwise, and another to rotate your ship the direction thatisn'tclockwise. You must navigate your ship through gates,withoutcrashing into them. I realise while writing this that thename ofthe game may be misleading, as the objective of the game isto notcrash into the gates. I apologise for this, and thoseresponsiblehave been fired.
Bruce Lee Dragon Run 1.0
Guide kung fu legend Bruce Lee on an epic runthroughtreacherouspaths of fire and ice. Be prepared for ninjaattacks,fallingobstacles, blazing fireballs, and surprises at everyturn.Enterspecial bonus zones as a flying dragon, collect coins,andunlocknew characters. How far will you go to becomelegendary?Features:◉ Beautiful graphics◉ Challenging endlessgameplay◉ 16playablecharacters to unlock◉ Cool ninja enemies tobattle◉ Bonusdragonzones ◉ Seamless controls◉ And awesome Bruce LeeQuotes!
Soccerway 2.3.3
Never miss a goal with the new Soccerway app and get lightningfast,reliable, live football scores direct to your phone. Createapersonalised feed of your favourite teams and competitions fromallover the world. Enable notifications to set real-time goalalertsto keep you in touch with the action. REAL-TIME SCORES Goalsareregistered on the app by a team of match scouts within momentsofthe ball hitting the back of the net. PERSONALISED FEEDS Youcanselect to get alerts by clicking the star next to theteams,fixtures and competitions you want to follow. GLOBAL COVERAGEWehave scouts all over the world, covering over 10,000 clubsinEurope, Africa, Asia and the Americas. THE LATEST STATSTheSoccerway app is powered by Opta and includes the latestteamline-ups, league tables and fixtures. LIVE MATCHCAST Getlivecommentary and an animated matchcast that displays all thekeyevents in the game. USER WARNING The alerts on the Soccerwayappcan be faster than live TV, so you may want to pausenotificationsfor the game you are watching. Follow us on Twitterfor the latestupdates and breaking football news Ifyou need any assistance using ourapp or if you have any feedbackwe would be happy to help Twitter: @SoccerwayHelp
Idle Castle
Idle Castle is an idle strategy game based in medieval times. Asalord with great ambition and fertile land before him You plantostart your own settlement. Starting from scratch your ultimategoalis to build well prospecting kingdom with magnificent castle.Youneed to explore many regions and different buildings to reachyourgoal. Luckily your workes are quite well organised. They workevenwhen you need your well deserved rest. They will work for youevenwhen you are idle. Decide what should be built next and waitforeven bigger results. This idle clicker game is stillunderdevelopment. Every feedback is appreciated and really helpsindevelopment. Click your kingdom and have fun! 1.6.3
The most addictive game! Enter the arena and face the other holesina fierce battle. Eat everything in sight with your black holeandexpand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole intown!LOCAL COUCH MULTIPLAYER FEATURE Want to compete directly withyourfriends? Follow these four simple tasks: - Step 1: Open the"LocalMultiplayer" menu on the right and create a room - Step 2:Make yourfriends join* - Step 3: ??? - Step 4: Enjoy the battle!*Bluetoothrequired. They need to be close enough to play.
Online Soccer Manager (OSM) - 2019/2020
Gamebasics BV
Manage your favorite football team in Online Soccer Manager(OSM)!This free-to-play game contains all real and authenticfootballleagues, clubs and players in the world. Start yourfootballmanager career by signing the contract at your favoritefootballclub. Choose clubs from the Serie A, Premier League,PrimeraDivision or any other league in the world and become managerofclubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool or many others.Fromthat moment on, you will be in charge of everything! Decideonformation, line-up and tactics, but you also call theshotsregarding buying and selling players, scouting, training andtheexpansion of your stadium. Make sure your team performs to thebestof its capacity to achieve the goal set by your club’s board.Playwith all your friends in the same league and experience thekickand rush of fierce friend competition. Football managementhasnever been so much fun! FEATURES - Online Soccer Manager(OSM)contains all real football leagues, clubs and players in theworld.Get the most authentic experience! - Create your idealformationand line-up. - Use a vast set of tactics for your team. -Decidewho to sell and who to buy, using the sophisticated transferlist.- Use the scout feature to search for talents or proven stars.-Train your players and increase their skills. - Playunlimitedfriendly matches to test your tactics and to improve yourplayers.- Expand your stadium to earn more money or have betterfacilities.- Exciting simulation visuals of your matches in theMatchExperience. - Try to complete the World Map by showing yourmanagerskills all around the globe. - Play with your friends in thesameleague and show them who’s boss. - Play against managers fromallover the world. Over 50 million players worldwide! - OSMistranslated into 30 different languages! Please Note: OSM is freetodownload and play, however, some game items can also bepurchasedfor real money. Check our Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy formore information.
Fer2etak 1.0.79
FER2ETAK brings you today the Fantasy Football in anextraordinarycompetitive way you have never experienced before.FER2ETAK is afantasy football game that allows players to createteams, joinleagues, compete over cups and collect points. FER2ETAKoffersWeekly and Seasonal prizes for the top players. You can alsocancompete with your friends in private and head to head leaguesandwatch how you go up and down the table weekly in yourultimatepursuit of being victorious. Start playing now and get inthethrill of the game. 4.8.9
Metajoy is a brand new .io game! The goal is pretty simple.Justcapture as much territory as possible! Take care! Your enemiesareextremely smart! A clash will happen anytime and anywhere! Youneedto have very good strategy! HOW TO PLAY Enclose an area ofhexagonblocks with your string to capture new land. Attack otherplayersby hitting their tails. Don't be hit by other players.FEATURES ★Over 30 colorful avatar to unlock, choose your favoriteskins. ★amazing minimalism graphics. ★ Up to 4 control modes tochoose. ★Online PVP coming soon. Join this game and beat people allaroundthe world!
ica.general.aqwalezareen 1.4
This app is our another contribution to the greatest e-books inourstore. It contains various sayings and great thoughts byleadinglegends of their time and yet being admired by millions ofpeople.Like every human, we experience various things in our life,eitherby-mistake, accidents or our well-thought plans. We alwaysneedguidance to make our way to our desired goals withoutbeingdeceived or betrayed by other people that we depend or withour ownmistakes. This book is enriched with huge-some of experienceofwell-known leaders who were always true and enthusiaststowardstheir goal. Those people who served their co-workerstheirancestors and nations with their wise decisions and rules. Youmayalso take advantage of those legendary words which may guidebestto have you a good and factfull life always. - io games 1.6.1
MochiBits is a fun new io game with smooth controls andhexagonblocks! is inspired by the best IO games but with afunnew twist. Capture blocks by enclosing an area. Can you takeoverthe entire map and become the superhex? Defend yourterritoryagainst others and become the biggest mass of land. Don'tget hit!Collect power-ups to gain an advantage. Customize youravatar skinand your base! Complete missions to earn rewards. Welove to hearfrom our players! Instagram #hexario Twitter@hexariogame#hexario FaceBook PERMISSIONS:Hexar.iorequests permission to read and write to your externalstorage tobuffer and enhance your video ad experience. Thesepermissions onlyapply to Android versions earlier than 6. ForAndroid 6 or later,you can still play the game even if you declinethese permissions.Video ads are shown when using a regular account.They help fundthe production of, so we appreciate yoursupport. If youhave any questions regarding permissions, pleasecontact us
com.kokteyl.goal 4.3.1
Goal Live Scores is the most complete football app on themarket.Bringing you the fastest live football scores AND breakingnewsstraight to your mobile. All global leagues, Europeancompetitions,internationals and more… Goal Live Scores has it all.Full of greatfeatures, including: INSTANT GOAL ALERTS We guaranteeyou will notfind a faster live scores app! EXTENSIVE MATCHSTATISTICS Line-ups,live text commentary, tables, fixtures andin-game stats powered byOpta. HEAD-TO-HEAD DATA See how teams matchup against theirupcoming opponents, using our Head-to-Head section.TOP PLAYERS& TEAMS Discover the planet’s most in-form starsthrough ourTop Players and Teams features. ADVANCED TEAM FORMFollow yourteam’s form and see how they compare against their nextopponent.TRANSFER UPDATES Keep up to date with the latest transfernews,from sources you can trust. NEWS FEATURES Access to all ofGoal’slatest articles, breaking football news stories andin-depthanalysis.
WeaponGo 1.8
Get the job done in 30 seconds.Tic Toc! Ready to Go?Fun Facts◆Every play is limited for 30 seconds◆ Every weapon has itsownfantasticness◆ Collect over 30 weapons ; blades,ninja-stars,arrows◆ Various stages & bosses◆ Rank onleaderboard
Reinvent the Wheel 1.2.3
Reinvent The Wheel takes you to the stone age for a chancetorewrite history! Fashion a wheel with the limited timeandresources given to you, and challenge your friends to seewho'sinvention will travel the farthest! Awards: - IEEE GameSig2018PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD - IEEE GameSig 2018 2ND PLACE - FifthAnnualGitHub/ Game Off Game Jam 2ND PLACE out of 206 -FifthAnnual GitHub/ STAFF PICK
ProdeCA Bracket Challenge | Champions 2019 1.2.09
Nicolas Rozas
A prode in which you can play with your friends predictingtheresults of the matches played in this new editions of theWorldCup, American Cup, Champions League. In order to participateyouonly need to sign in, you can make it with Facebook, Google orbymail. You can create Friend Tournaments in which you can inviteallthe users you want. See the profile of other users where youwillsee the results they have predicted and at when they havemodified,after the match has finished. You can also use the to modify results when your phone is farfromyou. Thanks to: Logo Designed byFreepik(
Warbands: Bushido - Tactical Miniatures Board Game 0.263
★★★★★ 5/5 – ★★★★★ 5/5 – ★★★★☆ 4/5– Warbands:Bushido is a miniatures boardgameonline arena with cards, miniatures, dice (i.e. dicerandominvolved) and beautiful terrains to fight on, with bothmultiplayerbattles boardgamers are used to, and challengingsingle-playerscenarios. Game has a isometric, tabletop-style lookwithminiature-style characters, cards, dice, pre-renderedbattlefieldsand story-mode scenarios. There will be more than 50variouspaintable units and heroes planned for full-scale releaseand lateradditions. Multiplayer skirmish will let you test yourskills inbest traditions of tabletop wargame classics with afast-pacedgameplay. While single-player scenarios with their owncharactersand events, are highly influenced by classic turn-basedRPGtactics. Game background - is the story of civil war in16thcentury Japan, known as “Warring States period”. Samuraisandronins, criminals of all sorts, ninja clans, Chinesepirates,Portuguese mercenaries and firearms traders, all trying tobenefitfrom anarchy and conflict. It is hard to find a moreatmosphericand dense setting for a tactical board war games.SUPPORT If youhave any problems, just contact Languages Supported: * English *Русский* Deutsch * Français * Español * 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)
Infinite Word Search Puzzles 3.64g
Infinite Word Search earns its name in this classic word gamethatfeatures over 130+ categories of word find puzzles to choosefrom,each with multiple levels of difficulty and multiple gamemodes.There are thousands of free word puzzles! Simply choosethecategory you find most interesting and start your word. Findwordsby tracing your finger over the letters - up, down, left,right,diagonal, and even backwards! Because we love playing wordgames somuch, we created several different modes to solve puzzles.We putYOU in control of the type of gameplay you would liketoexperience. In the Progression game mode, test your skills asyousearch your way through level after level of puzzles withdifferentlevels of increasing difficulty. If you prefer a much morerelaxed,casual experience, then try out Infinite Mode and solvewordpuzzles at your own pace. If you're interested in competitiveplay,Infinite Word Search Puzzles now also includes a MULTIPLAYERgamemode! That’s right, you can now play games with friends OR lettheapp select random opponents for you, in real time! You betterbequick in this multiplayer mode, though, because it's a race toseewho can find the most words! How to play a multiplayer WordSearchgame: *Quick Match - With no log in required, quick matchwillallow you to immediately jump into a game with a randomopponent!Sign in to Facebook to save your progress and show youropponentswho's boss! *Play Friends - By logging into Facebook youcandirectly challenge your friends in head to head WordSearchBattles! *Leaderboards - Multiplayer wins will be counted onthenew "Multiplayer Wins" leaderboard. If you're a player who logsinvia Facebook, you will be able to also participate in thePremiumMultiplayer Leaderboard. Can you beat your friends and riseto thetop? How about the world? What are you waiting for?DownloadInfinite Word Search Puzzles today, decide if you want tochallengeyourself or play with friends - then enjoy a virtuallyunlimitedamount of single and multiplayer Word Search Puzzles!
Chilly Snow 1.4.1
Acid Cousins
Chill and slide as far as possible on this endless powder snow!
PaisaGenie 2.1.4
We often want to confide in a friend who could help us withsoundfinancial advice- but without an adjacent price tag! SBI Lifehascreated exclusively for its customers, the PaisaGenie app –aunique experience that propels users to take charge of theirhardearned money and channel it in a way that is wise and fruitful.Theapplication helps you plan and save for life goals in 3 easyandsimple steps and guides you on investment avenues suited tothegoal, timeframe and corpus required. PaisaGenie is extremelyeasyto know, impartial and will advise you basis your financialneedsand requirements. Download now and explore!
Pharaoh's World Match 3 1.1
It is the perfect match 3 game for families and friends toplayandenjoy.start your adventure in the pharaoh's world,enjoyvariousanimation and effect with special items.Gamefeatures:over1000well-designed levels,full of challenge.Classic andaddictivematch3 game play.many booster can use in hardlevel.extremelybeautifuland fascinating Graphics.breaking allobstacles fast aspossible toget high score and three starYou willlove the fun,creativity andexcitement of this great casual game.Anyquestions oradvise,please send us e-mail. have fun! Scan 1.1.0
Swicket Sagl
Are you using for selling tickets and/or collectingattendesfor your event? Then this app is for you! Download it andfollowthe instructions on thewebsite( in order to get readytowelcome your attendees! You can also allow sponsors tocollectattendees' data just by scanning the QR-Code on theirbadges, andtherefore respecting attendees' privacy.
Mahjong Titans is a free matching solitaire game. Playerischallenged to remove all tiles from the board.
CrossCraze FREE - classic word game 3.40
ORT Software
CrossCraze is a fun, modern twist on the classic word game,designedfor players who prefer the solo challenge of an offlinecomputeropponent. Plus, now you can play in English, French,Italian,German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. ◆ 28BOARDLAYOUTS Board sizes range from the standard 15x15 squares upto21x21. ◆ 12 BOARD STYLES Change the board's appearance to suityourtaste. You can even customize the screen colours. ◆ 2 GAMEMODESChoose from "Classic" mode, where new letters must link toexistingwords (e.g. change "rabble" to "scrabble"), and "TileStacking"mode, where new tiles can also be dropped over old ones(e.g."scrabble" becomes "scramble"). ◆ 10 SKILL LEVELS Frustratedby thecheating found in online word games, with so many playersusingpuzzle solvers and in-app purchases for an unfair advantage?Tiredof waiting for your friends to make their move? CrossCraze'ssingleplayer "solitaire" mode lets you choose a computer opponentto matchyour own skill level. The super-smart AI never takes morethan amoment to think, never abandons a game before the end, andneversends you inappropriate messages. How refreshing! ◆ 9LANGUAGESCrossCraze's tournament-standard vocabularies coveralmost 5 millionwords. View English and French dictionarydefinitions with a swipeof your finger. ◆ PLAY IT YOUR WAY Want toplay names, or otherwords that aren't usually allowed? The"flexible vocabulary" optionlets you override the default wordlist. You can even challenge thecomputer's moves. ◆ STREAMLINEDGAMEPLAY CrossCraze is a pleasure toplay, with quick, accuratetile placement. See your words validatedand scored instantly asyou build them. ◆ LOST FOR WORDS? Don'tscrabble in the dark.CrossCraze's unique hint system will find youthe best word. Allowyourself as many or as few hints per game asyou like. CrossCrazecan spell out the full word, or just show youwhere to look. ◆ SORTOR SCRAMBLE Automatic rack sorting lets youorder your lettersalphabetically, or split them into vowels andconsonants.Alternatively, scramble your rack with a simpledouble-tap. ◆PREPARE FOR TOTAL WORD DOMINATION CrossCraze is agreat educationaltool for both children and adults. Boggle yourbrain, master yourspelling, expand your vocabulary, or evenpractice a foreignlanguage. Plus, it's an excellent training aidfor fans ofanagrams, crossword puzzles and other classic wordbuilding boardgames. So impress your chums and begin your journeyfrom amateurchamp to tournament word master today. ◆ FREE vs PROCrossCrazeFREE provides the core features of the game. It is paidfor byminimal, non-intrusive advertising, so you can playwithoutdistractions. There are no expensive in-app purchases, andnoprivacy-invading permissions. Upgrade to CrossCraze PRO forthefull range of features, 100% ad-free. 1.73
Simply point your device towards the sky and this applicationwilldisplay the names of the stars, constellations and planets.*Youcan check the orbital position of the planet in the solar systemona separate screen. You can also display stars below thehorizon.You can display the names of about 100 brightstars,constellations, ecliptic, celestial equator, Deep SkyObjects,Celestial pole, and so on. You can enlarge or reduce thedisplay byspreading or narrowing (pinch operation) with twofingers. Toggledisplay / non-display of constellation line, nameetc. with doubletouch. *This feature won't work with the devicesthat are notequipped with an acceleration sensor and a geomagneticsensor.
MYDUTY - Nurse Calendar 1.16.2
It is a nurse compulsory calendarapplication.Vacation/Group/Personal Calendar schedule management atonce!! Nowforget about other things. "MYDUTY" is the prettiest. 1.You canmanage your Duty. 2. You can easily share the registeredDuty. 3.You can easily check the duty schedule with the exclusivewidget ata short time. 4. You can manage the number of vacationdays. 5.Make a group and invite your friends or teammates. You cancheckthe schedule of the group member at once in the width. 6. Agroupexclusive closed notice board is provided. Enjoy afunconversation. But, keep your manners. 7. You can accessthe"MYDUTY" service through email registration/login. 8. Youcanmanage the personal calendar schedule with MYDUTY. Awesome!Nowleave the daily lives of nurses to MYDUTY. "MYDUTY" will taketheresponsibility of nurses' daily lives.
com.yoc.dreamteam 14.0.29
If you love football, you’ll love playing the Sun’s Dream Team,theeasy, free and fun fantasy football game with £400,000 in prizesupfor grabs, the biggest prize pool in UK Fantasy Footballleagues.You can play fantasy football with Dream Team anywhere,anytime.Even offline you can still access your football team andplay forthe huge prizes on offer! As well as the best fantasyfootball gamearound, Dream Team is the best place to stay up todate with allthe gossip and match action from the Premier League18/19 season.Check out Dream Team HQ for the latest club news,squad gossip,scores, transfer rumours, Premier League highlightsand playerstats during the season’s fixtures. All you need to do ispick yourfootball team, and if you back yourself enter it into ourprivateand public Fantasy Football Mini Leagues. Make transfers toimproveyour squad and get the goals and results you want, just likea realfootball manager! New for the 2018/19 fantasy season istheintroduction of the popular 3-4-3 formation allowing you tochoosemore attacking players. Once you’ve mastered the season game,whynot try out the Weekender game, where there will be at least £5kupfor grabs every weekend. Entry is simple; just choose sevenplayersfrom the Saturday and Sunday fixtures, and there’s no budgetlimit!The game is perfect if you just want to dip in and out offantasyfootball without the season long commitment. Keep up withall thelatest news, scores, results, club goals, stats andfantasyfootball tips during the season’s fixtures to help guideyour questto be the best football manager. All year round, DreamTeam givesyou all the latest home news along with European andinternationalplayer gossip. Keep updated at:
Pharaoh Pyramid Mania 1.1
Bubble Master
pharaoh pyramid maniaA typical jewel match game whichisdifferentwith other jewel match 3 game. This is a must-haveforanyone wholikes jewels game! Play Egypt mania today andjoinmillionsenjoying the latest touch craze!- Real HDgraphics.-Hundredschallenge levels.- Classic Egypt graphics.- MoveandMatching-Puzzle mode is for people who like to show offtheirskills andchallenge their techniqueSwipe and match the pyramidandearn coolboosts that will help you clear levelsIt is theperfectblastingboard game for families and friends to play andenjoy.Don'twastethe moves because they are limited. Achieve highscores andclearthe challenges.Explore the secrets of the pyramidsandPharaohs andfind the ancient Egypt mania.
asquare.tamil.old.songs 1.4.3
Asquare Lab
Welcome to Android App for latest collection of Tamil OldSongsVideo. This application contains large collection of OldTamilSongs. This application is especially for those music fans wholoveto listen only old music. Tamil Old Songs Video app onlyprovidesVideo Streaming and no download feature because it mayinfringe thecopyright. Disclaimer: - The content provided in thisapp is hostedby YouTube and is available in public domain. We donot upload anyvideos to YouTube or not showing any modifiedcontent. Tamil OldSongs Video app provided the organized way toselect songs andwatch videos. I hope you will enjoy old Video Songson your smartphones or tablets without any difficulty.
BANATOON: Treasure hunt! 1.1.5
Seeplay Inc.
Always be careful! A journey to find treasure is never easy. Tonsoftraps and danger lurks in every corner. Make the right choice!Youcan find hidden treasures or fall into a trap based on yourchoices.Move carefully and make sure to check the floor and theceiling fortraps. But don't worry too much! It's still going to bea fun-filledadventure in search of treasure. So, shall we head tothe legendarygolden city with BANATOON to find treasure~? 1.0 is an amazing and fun land conquering game with coolheroesstranded on an island! On their way home from theStik.iotournament, the ship sunk near an uninhabited island and nowtheheroes are lost. Being lost io at sea and trapped on the island,aquarrel broke out among them. The angry warriors turned oneachother and that's how it all began. Who is going to be the onetosurvive? How To Play: ✔ Grow hexar territory by string iodrawingwith the weapon on sand and connecting back to your base. ✔Hit thesuperhex trail of other players to eliminate them. ✔ Defendyourstring from foes. ✔ Capture all 100% hex io land snake towin.Features: ★ Adorable tiny heroes ★ 11 Characters -Pirate,Poseidon, Pygmy, Indian, Dark Lord, Elf, Knight, Viking,Angel,Samurai, Ragnarok ★ Customize Your Hero: FullCharacterCustomization ★ 13 Weapons: Trident, Cutlass, Stick,Spear, Peak,Pikes, Lightsaber, Pilum, Sword, Saxon, Khastener,Samurai, Scepter★ 12 Garment Accesories: Crown, Redingote, WarBonnet, Djal-Djal,Salmarill, Telesphor, Deception, Horned, Armet,Malachim, Kimono ★12 Tattoos and Special Items: Squama, Occluder,Ori, Meng-U,Vallaslin, Ta-Moko, Obscure, Triskele, Jotunn, Hauberk,Wings ★ SixIo Controller Options Can you capture the whole island?Be smart,strategize and become the master of the island!