Top 4 Games Similar to Police Car Chase

swat police car 1.0.1
Military has elite snipers trained for combat. Need of speedcarrace game is a sensor based game wherein the gamer can changethetrack with the tilt of the mobile. Tilt the mobile left/ righttoturn in that direction. Rules of Need of Speed-car racesensorgame:• This is a high speed race game with boost option forextraspeed• The point scoring increases two folds when played inboostmode• The motion sensor is tilt based, smooth and powerful inthiscar race game.• Fuel indicator shows you the fuel remaining forthecoarse. Gas/oil carts will be heading your way, hit them tore-fuelthe car• Coin packs come in the path. Grab them to earn morepointin the score, will eventually help you to unlock more racecars.•Hit any on going car and the game ends there
Police Car Chase: Unbeatable 1.5
After success of San Andreas Police Chase game, Mas 3DStudiopresents Police Car Chase Adventure game. Play one of thebestinteractive police games with the police car chase unseeninfurious police chase or police car games.So be ready to playthelatest sequel of police driving games and enjoy police drivingcarchase games. Police car games chase is a fast action packedpolicecar racing games which tests your car driving and chasingskillsagainst the criminals violating laws. So become a daringpolicemanor thrill car driver in car racing games and police cargames, getinto police car and chase the offender with great carracing gamesspirit to put them behind the bars in city Jail. SupperbuiltPOLICE CAR Chase: Unbeatable is truly going to enliven yourinnerpolice pursuit. Believe it! There has never been such 3Dpolice cargames of police chase in car racing games adventurecategory.Readyto Be the Bravest Cop and Play for Greater Cause!!Drive, Chase andCatch the Criminals in police car driving simulator!! Imagine therush and thrill of car chasing and smashing all thosecrooks thatpose a threat to the peace in city! Your city is in needof aPOLICE HERO who can chase down even the most wanted thugs andhelpeliminate crimes! Report for duty OFFICER, get into your policecarracing games and give the criminals what they deserve!ThisPoliceCar Chase: Unbeatable isn’t all about driving fast. Becareful toleave the innocents untouched as you weave through asuburban 3Denvironment. Follow the fast paced CRIMINALS and banginto theircars to thrash them! Unlock access to different cars andsettingsso keep in mind its not a car racing games. There is a lotof carsmashing involved!Become a cop car driver turn the policesiren on,race through traffic, overtake traffic cars and catch thebad guyswho are trying to break the traffic rules and make them payagainstthe traffic violation. Reckless car driving, hot pursuit carracinggames and high speed GTI police cars games are all packed intothis fun police car games or car chase game. Don’t hit intoanyother civilian car on the city road while catching thecriminalotherwise this car chase game will be over.Features:•Outstandingpolice car chase game • Modern and Super-fast trafficpolice car •Real time experience of driving police car• Awesomepolice carchase game play• Smooth driving of cop car• Realisticphysicscontrols for driving speed police car• Police chase carracing featwith one of the best racing physicsPolice car Chasegames werenever such before. The real police car driver is theultimate 3Dpolice chase race where you get to drive real policecars againstrobbers, thieves and law breakers. Police car chase:Unbeatable,giving you an exciting 3D race fast police chase cargamesexperience, is the eventual 3D police car racing games whereyouget to drive real police car you normally see on the TV. Fastchasecar race, POLICE CAR CHASE: UNBEATABLE is what you werewaitingfor!
Police Car Gangster Chase 2017 Police vs Gangsters 1.1
Get ready for a new police chase car racing games that’s blendofpolice car driving and police chase game since your city hasturnedin to a crime city town so you being a top police car driverandtrained police officer on police chase missions have beenassignedthis combat operation to prove your abilities of being apolice carchase professional to put all gangsters of your citybehind thejail bars in this police car chase 3D game.In this policecar chasesimulator 3D you job in gangster city is to drive policecar ingangster areas and after having your police car parkingsafely youmust hold the breath and take aim for head shot on thestreetgangsters who are involved in bank robbery, beheading,torture,mass executions, drug smuggling and in many more mostnotoriouscartels have wreaked havoc on the lives of civilians inthis crimesimulator game having multiple police game combatmissions and getpaid in terms of honor by the city inhabitants andby state policedepartment.Are you valiant and daring enough to bepolice officerto play this police car chase simulator to haveultimate fun likepolice chor car game to conclude deadly policegame missions? Thenyou must download this police car gangsterchase.If you like thiscrime simulator in a police chase games thenplease don’t forget torate us. ----: Game features of Police cargangster chase :----1.Realistic crime city scenarios.2. Multiplepolice chase missions ingangster city.3. Realistic police games andpolice chase gamesmissions.4. Challenge of police car driving andpolice car racingin crime city.5. Encounter a real clash withstreet gangsters inthis gangster game.6. Get paid in terms of prideof nation whileeliminating city gangsters.7. Matchless war clashbetween police vsgangsters.
Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery 1.0.1
Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery is all about extreme auto theftindeadly criminal world of Miami city. Play this crime simulatortobecome thief mafia boss and take revenge from ruthlesspoliceofficer by ruling streets of crime city.Get ready forultimate gangwar crime game in mad cityAfter passing hard time inAlcatraz jail,you have successfully managed prison escape from highsecuritypolice squad cell. Spare no mercy on crooked cops whoruined yourlife & arrested you. Make your mafia gang strongerto executestreet crime like auto theft & knockdown cops in realcombatfighting. Write your crime story in Russian Mafia Car BankRobbery.Shoot SWAT police forces, help city gangster escape frombad copsbefore they caught you again. Along with other notoriousgrandgangsters, beat city cops and grab sniper rifle to shootpolicecars. Attack rival cops in aggressive crossfire to becomerealmobster in Miami crime infested Andreas city.Grand theftmissionswith challenging police car chasePlay newest cops vsrobbers game,get inside car showroom for stealing cars beforepolice snipershooter kill you. Steal cars from real Miami saints& helpcrime lords by performing extreme racing car stunts ongrandgangsters crime city. Dodge police car chase and shoot copsinextreme combat fighting. In realistic car racing throughstreets,turn left and right to runaway from city police car driver.Make akill shot with professional sniper shooter gun in realgangstergames and destroy police cars in sin city gang war. Inthisshooting game, get points by challenging auto car chasemissions,followed by extreme killing & violence like neverbefore. Testyour criminal gangster theft car driving skills inevading cops andshooting police forces. Increase your underworldcrew of recklessthieves, spreading crime to become thief mafia bossin Californiamad city. Plan new bank robbery in gangster city,snatch jewelry& steal money in stealth hitman action. Beware ofpolicehelicopter, flying high in sky with spot light to catchunderworldmost wanted criminals. Police men are looking for youfrom flyinghelicopter cockpit and they can make emergency landingon helipadto arrest gangster squad.Features:Test your real driverskills withamazing police chase & car parkingexperienceOutstanding sniperassassin missions to counterattackDifferent types of sports carsand racing auto vehicles forinsane driving mania.Realistic cityenvironment with HD graphics& exciting soundeffects.Experience the thrilling drivingsimulator & racinggame.Download Russian Mafia Car Bank Robberyright now for mindblowing adrenaline filled action of car theftsimulation &police chasing driving game.