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AppLock 2.6.6
Most downloaded app lock in Play Store. Protect privacywithpassword, pattern, fingerprint lock. Supports intruderselfie,incognito browser and multiple Facebook, Google+, Twitter,Linkedinaccounts management.★ #1 App lock in over 50 countries.★Over 300Million users, supports 32 languages.☞ AppLock can lockFacebook,Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS,Contacts,Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose.Preventunauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensure security.☞AppLockcan hide pictures and videos. Hidden pictures and videosarevanished from Gallery and only visible in the photo andvideovault. Protect private memories easily. No pin, noway.☞AppLock hasrandom keyboard and invisible pattern lock. No moreworry peoplemay peep the pin or pattern. More safe!★ With AppLock,youwill:Never worry about parents check yourSnapchat,!Never worry about friends borrow your phone toplaygames with mobile data again!Never worry about a workmate getsyourphone to look the gallery again!Never worry about someonereadsprivate data in your apps again!Never worry about kids messupSettings, send wrong messages, paying games again!Get yourhiddengallery, secret browser, private SNS withAppLock!---FAQ---1)How tochange password?Open AppLock, Protect,Unlock Settings2)How to openhidden AppLock? There are two ways:1.Enter #password in dial pad,and tap call button.2. in thebrowser.3)How to stop uninstallingAppLock?Please enable AdvancedProtection in Protect of AppLock, sonobody can uninstall or killAppLock without password. You candisable Advanced Protection whenyou don't want it. 4)I forgot mypassword, How to find it?Update tothe latest version first. Andthen tap AppLock icon, click the iconat top right corner of lockpage, tap 'forgot password'.1. Securityanswer: enter securityanswer, click 'reset password'.2. Securityemail: click 'send codeto security email', input reset code, click'resetpassword'.---Features---• Lock apps with password, pattern,orfingerprint lock.• Vault: hide pictures and videos•Well-designedThemes • Incognito browser: no history record•Private SNS: log inmultiple accounts, only accessible insideAppLcok• Intruder Selfie:take photos of invaders.• Customizedbackground, select a favoritepicture• Customized Profiles: setdifferent locked app groups,change lock quickly• Time Lock:auto-lock/unlock according to time•Location Lock: auto-lock/unlockaccording to location• Hide AppLockicon• Advanced Protection:prevent AppLock being killed by taskkiller• Random keyboard:prevent people peeping pin code•Fingerprint、Force stopped cover•Lock switch (WiFi, Bluetooth,mobile data, sync)• AppLock widget:enable/disable AppLock with onetap• Quick lock switch: Lock/unlockin notification bar• Lockincoming calls• Lock system settings toprevent a mess by kids• LockGoogle Play to prevent buy games•Allow a brief exit: no needpassword, pattern, fingerprint againwithin set time• Preventuninstalling apps• Low memory usage.•Power saving mode to savebatteryAppLock uses the DeviceAdministrator permission.To enableAdvanced Protection, pleaseactivate AppLock as "deviceadministrator". It's only used forpreventing intruders uninstallingAppLock. AppLock usesAccessibility service.To enable Power savingmode, please allowAccessibility services. The service is only usedto remind userswith disabilities to unlock apps, and reduce batteryusage. Pleasebe assured that AppLock will never use thesepermissions to accessyour private data.Feel free to send yourfeedback to us!support@domobile.comWebsite:http://www.domobile.comGoogle+:
Smart AppLock (App Protect)
★ The elegant, light and professional App Lock - Smart AppLock★--Unlock with Fingerprint (Samsung or Android 6.0 devices)--SmartAppLock is a tool to lock apps you like, protect you fromprivacyleak!It is your great privacy guard and app lock!WithAppLock, youare able to☆ Lock privacy - lock apps containingprivacy content,such as photos, videos(Gallery), short messages(SMSor MMS) andcall logs☆ Lock apps - lock SNS apps, such as Facebook,Whatsapp,Twitter☆ Lock Incoming Calls☆ Lock system toggles - lockWi-Fitoggle & Bluetooth toggle☆ Lock settings - locksystemsettings, install/uninstall apps to keep phone away frombeingmessed up by others or kids☆ Lock markets - lock games andmarketsto prevent your kids from addicting in games or purchasinginmarkets without your knowingSpecial Features of AppLock: •Disguiseyour lock screen to prevent from breaking into yourpassword•Protect apps with multiple lock types, such as PatternLock, PINlock and Password Lock• With AppLock home screen widget,one clickto toggle lock status• Custom lock screen style, customlock screenbackground• Light, less memory usage• Advice you to lockrelatedapps smartly, privacy has never been so safe• Beautiful UIand easyto use• No delay auto start after device reboots• Lockrecenthistory, prevent app screenshot being leaked• Hide andencryptpictures and videos with GalleryVault• Launch locked appwithinAppLock without password• Break-in Alerts: Take a photowhensomeone tries to enter your locked app with an invalidpassword•DelayLock: Once unlock any app, no password is requiredwithin adelay time• Unlock with Fingerprint, only for Samsungdevices withFingerprint scanner----------- FAQ ---------► How topreventAppLock being uninstalled by others?Open AppLock and go to"SystemLock" page, then enable "Set as Device Admin". With thisfeatureon, password is required to uninstall or force stop SmartAppLock,your privacy is safer now.► How to uninstall AppLock?If youdo nothave "Set as Device Admin" enabled, you can uninstall AppLocklikeyou do to any other apps.If you enabled "Set as DeviceAdmin",please disable it first, then uninstall it normally.► Iforgot mypassword, how to retrieve it?When you setup thepassword/patternthe first time, AppLock will ask you to setup aPassword Retrievemethod: "Email Authentication" or "Question andAnswer".To retrievepassword, try to unlock 3 times in any lockingscreen, then the"Forgot?" button will show. Tap the button to showRetrievePassword panel.- a. For Email Authentication Tap"RequestAuthentication Number" button, the Auth Number will be sentto yourauth mail address. Input the Auth Number toresetPassword/Pattern.- b. For Question and Answer Input the answertothe question you setup before.► Dose Smart AppLock supportiOSplatform?Yes, we have an iOS version "iAppLock" for iOS users,youcan visit to get the downloadorsearch "iapplock" in Cydia to install.(requiresJailbreakediOS)----Any issue or suggest for AppLock, welcome tosend mail tous! SmartAppLock@thinkyeah.comWe focus on PrivacyProtect, providethe professional AppLock to protect yourprivacy!website:http://www.thinkyeah.comGoogle+: English,Russian, Spanish, Turkish, German, Portuguese,French, Japanese,Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese, TraditionalChinese.
AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock
App Lock designed by Cheetah MobileWe can support fingerprintunlockonly if your Samsung device or the Android 6.0 device hasthefingerprint sensor. ★ Android 6.0 is supported★ Fingerprintlockpassword is supported on specific devices ★ Snap the snooperwhotried to unlock your apps★ Customized lock mode. You don't needtounlock apps every time.★ No Ads and for FREEWhat CM AppLock canlockfor you?★ Wi-Fi★ Bluetooth★ Incoming Calls★ Installing/Uninstalling apps★ Play Store★ Browser★ Settings★ Any apps youwantto protect from being snooped---- Lock Everything (AppsandSwitches) ----★ For young men and womenYou just need tolockprivate browsing histories, Video, Photos, Selfie, Album,Gallery,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and any apps you wantNever worry aboutyourparents or friends snooping on your secrets.★ For parentsYoujustneed to lock Settings, Contacts, SMS, Incoming Calls,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, Browser, messaging apps. Never worry about yourkidschange your important settings.★ For workerYou just need tolockyour Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Incoming Calls, texts, SMS, Shareit,Photos,Video, browser.Never worry about other people touching yourphone.You can just put your phone on the table with noworries.----Intruder Selfie ----Protect your apps all the time. Noone cansnoop on your apps without your permission.★ Take a photo ofwhotried to unlock your app immediately★ Email the snooper's phototoyou immediately★ The photo will record the date and thetime----Password Type ----CM App Lock provides you the differentpasswordtypes.★ Set your Fingerprint as the password★ Use Pattern(drawgesture)★ Use PIN code (numbers)---- Customized Lock Mode(Locktiming) ----CM App Lock provides the temporary unlock. Youdon'tneed to unlock apps every time.★ Lock your app at the devicescreenoff★ Lock your app after the device screen has been off for 3mins★Lock your app after you minimize it immediately----Fingerprintlock supported on Android 6.0 or SAMSUNG devices-------- Comingsoon ----★ Holi Festival / Easter Festival /Christmas /Valentine's Day / Halloween theme★ Amazing theme /wallpaper /background★ Customized theme / wallpaper / backgroundwith your ownphotos★ Hide apps / photos / videos in the privatevault★ Applocker and manager★ Device screen lockerTerms ofservice: usedACCESSIBILITY SERVICE.Please contact us ifyou have any questions or suggestions. Yoursupport is ourmotivation to move on. :-)
AppLock can lock apps, photos, videos and other private datawithpassword lock or pattern lock. IVY AppLock is a free app lockandprivacy guard to prevent intruders & snoopers from peepingatyour private data, hide sensitive photos and videos byencryptingyour Gallery, keep children or snoopers away from messingup yoursettings, deleting important things or making in-apppurchase.Customize app lock settings as you want, more secure andsmart tolock all privacy in one small AppLock.☞ AppLock can lockallandroid apps, including: - Social apps: AppLock can lockFacebook,WhatsApp, Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,WeChat andso on. No one can peep at your private chat any more. -Systemapps: AppLock can lock Contacts, SMS, Gallery, Videos, Emailand soon. No one can mess up your settings for system apps. -Android payapps: AppLock can lock Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypaland so on.No one can use your wallet to purchase any item. - Otherapps:AppLock can lock any third-party apps, including Gmail,Youtube,games and so on. Completely protect your privacy.☞ AppLockcan lockphotos and videos. After locking gallery and video apps,nointruder can peep at your private photos and videos. No worryaboutprivacy leakage.☞ AppLock provides invisible pattern lockandrandom keyboard. No one can peep at your password orpattern.Completely safe!-------FAQ------1. How to set my passwordat thefirst time? Open AppLock -> Draw a pattern ->Confirmpattern; orOpen AppLock -> Enter PIN code -> ConfirmPINcodeNote: For android 5.0+, allow Applock to use usageaccesspermission -> Find AppLock -> Allow usage access2. Howtochange my password? Open AppLock -> Settings Resetpassword-> Enter new password -> Reenter password3. Whatshould I doif I forget the AppLock password?At present, you canreinstallAppLock if you forget the password.Highlights of AppLock:★DIYThemes: -Choose favorite themes from AppLock Theme Store,orcustomize themes or wallpapers with your picture, loversphoto,enjoy fun DIY.★Intruder Selfie:-Take photo of intruders whotryingto break in your phone-Record the time and data in AppLockforcheck★Replace AppLock Icon:-Replace AppLock icon with AlarmClock,Weather, Calculator, Calendar and Notepad on home screen,easy toconfuse snoopers and keep privacy safe.★Lock Frequency: -Youcanset AppLock to run in Always Lock/5 minutes/Until screen offmode.Customize lock frequency, more user friendly.★Power Saving:-Savephone power by 50% after enable power saving modeinAppLock.★One-Tap to Enable/Disable AppLock:-Tap the lock iconatthe upper right corner on Lock App page, to enable ordisableAppLock.More features will come soon, please stay tuned,including:-Screen Lock: Use the same AppLock password to lock phonescreen,more powerful.-Photo Vault: All locked private photos willbe movedfrom Gallery to photo vault.-Video Vault: All lockedprivate videoswill be moved from Gallery to video vault.- AppDisguise: Usefingerprint lock or force close to confuse intruders,more secure.Force Stop shows a fake crash screen to those who wantto accessyour phone Fingerprint Lock stop unauthorized access-Cleaner &speed boost: Clean junk files and boost phone speed,easily to getit done in AppLock.AppLock uses Accessibility Serviceto savebattery.Website:http://www.ivymobile.comFacebook: Community, to be a volunteer tester, enjoy thelatestversion of AppLock in advance, and help us improve AppLocktoprovide much better user experience. If you havebetterlocalization translation for AppLock and its description, oranyquestions and suggestions, please feel free to contact
App Lock: Fingerprint Password
Securely protect and lock any app with App Lock: from the makersofKeepsafe, app security software used by 62 million people.AppLocklets you:🔒 Lock any app on your phone🔑 Choose between aPIN,Pattern or Fingerprint lock❎ Prevent apps from beinguninstalledAnextra layer of protection for your phoneWe all knowthe moment ofdiscomfort when handing a phone to friends or family,only to seethem suddenly start opening applications they shouldn't.That's whywe built a secure and easy-to-use application locker withPIN,pattern or fingerprint password protection, so you can handyourphone to other people without worrying that they will stumbleintothe wrong application or screen.Protection from everyone,evenkidsProtect your apps, emails, messages and photos via oursecureapplication lock with password or fingerprint app lockprotection.You can even use App Lock to prevent your kids fromopening lockedapps, deleting or purchasing anything while playingwith yourphone.How does App Lock work?Our useful app locker letsyou put aPIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint lock in front of Facebook,Snapchat,Email, Text - everything. When opening a protected app,App Lockwill ask you to confirm the password you have set to letyouin.---🛡 About Keepsafe 🛡Keepsafe helps you to protect yourpersonalimportant data. We focus on making simple to use, secureapps andservices that improve your digital life.Need Help?Find theFAQs inthe Help & Support tab within App Lock, or contact usatsupport-applock@getkeepsafe.comTermsofService:
LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock
★★★ The Best App Lock & Privacy Guard, Protect All YourPrivacy- FREE ★★★Did your lover always check messages, call logsorWhatsApp messages?Did friends accidentally see your privatephotosor videos?Did parents/kids are curious about your gamesandFaceBook status?It freaks you out when others take your phoneandsecretly view your private contents.►Applock provides youoverallprivacy protection. providing APP LOCK, PHOTOS & VIDEOSVAULT,INTRUDER SELFIE, THEMES, FAKE COVER, FINGERPRINT LOCK,NOTIFICATIONLOCK, SAFETY REMINDER TOOLS and more privacyprotection. The mostsecurity AppLock! you must-have privacy guard!★ Choose APPLock,Don't risk your private pictures, secret videosor photo albumsfalling into the wrong hands or being deleted! ★Choose AppLock,You don't need to worry about your friends borrowingyour phone toplay games. ★ Choose AppLock, Your colleagues cannothinder yourprivacy on your phone any more. ★ Choose AppLock, Neverworry aboutother apps reading your private data.★ Choose AppLock,Children arenot able to change the setting of your phone and messup yourdata.---- Features ---* App lock: Lock apps containingprivatecontent by using pin, pattern and fingerprint .* Photo SafeVault:Hide photos. Don't worry about your private photos gettingviewedby others.* Video Safe Vault: Hide video in video vault ,moresecure.* Privacy Status: Intelligent privacy protection canscanyour privacy status,Protect all your secrets in realtime.*Intruder Selfie: Prevent Intruders Who Try to Unlock YourApps*Fake Cover: Disguise your apps unlockscreen to preventfrombreaking into your password. * Notification Cleaner: Blockandclean junk notifications. * Notification Lock: Hidepreviewnotification message text from snoopers. * Free Themes: Morefreethemes make your lockscreen Beautifully* Lock apps: lockWhatsapp,Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Line, Gallery, Camera,Gmail, Skype.*Lock systems: lock system settings, install/uninstallapps to keepphone away from being messed up by others or kids.*Lock GooglePlay Store: lock games and markets to prevent your kidsfromgetting addicted to games or purchasing in markets withoutyouknowledge. * Lock incoming call: Prevent girlfriend to pickupexprivate phone calls* Notification bar: Adding new Notificationbarto your screen, for quick lock app or unlock app and moreprivacyprotection tips.* Hide pattern draw path and be invisible:Unlockmore secure.* Set random digits as pin keyboard: Unlockmoresecure. * LOCKit can be prevented from being uninstall* Locknewapps* Minimum resource used: LOCKit is now faster and lighterthanever, Little package size allows us to minimize RAM.*Easy-to-useand user friendly GUI* Supportslanguages:English,Spanish,French,Chinese,Arabic,Portuguese,Russian,Indonesian,Persian,Malaysia,Thailand,Hindi,Bengali----FAQs----1.How to use the Fingerprint Lock?Fingerprint lock onlysupportsandroid 6.0+ And it requires hardware support forfingerprintrecognition.If your device supports fingerprintrecognition, you canenable fingerprint lock in settings.2. Why Ican‘t move photos orvideos into Vault?Please check if your photosor videos are in theexternal SD card. For some devices aboveAndroid 5.0, LOCKit needspermission to protect your photos orvideos in external SD card.---Permissions ---* This app usesAccessibility services.* For newusers, please follow theinstructions and authorize permissions forLOCKit to work.Feel freeto send your feedback to us!lockit@ushareit.comLOCKit will ProtectYour Privacy.Facebook:
Perfect AppLock(App Protector)
★ Google TOP 20 application. ** All Features of FREE versionaresame as Pro version! (no limit!) **Perfect AppLock! letsyouprotect any applications you want with PIN, Pattern or Gesture.Youcan lock: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Email,Gallery,Camera, USB connection, Settings and any apps youchoose.Like us ?Hit the +1 button.* FREE version (version w/ ads)#Features1. Lockany apps by using pin,pattern or gesture.2. ScreenFilter support:Effectively manage screen brightness of individualapps3. RotationLock support: Prevents unwanted screen rotation oneach apps4.Watchdog : After 3rd failed password attempt, built-incamera takesphoto of attacker.5. Lock WiFi, 3G data, Bluetooth,Sync, USB (MTPis not supported)6. Lock Home Screen, Lock OutgoingCalls, LockIncoming Calls, Lock App Install/Uninstall 7. Time, WiFibasedlocking policy supported.8. Fake Popup : Displays fakeerrormessage when locked app is launched.9. Minimum resourceused.10.Remotely start AppLock service using SMS command.11.Gesture, Pin,Pattern, Text password supported.Permissions- Callpermission : forStealth Mode feature. (Stealth Mode hides a launchicon)- SMSpermission : for Remote Control feature (You can startAppLockservice via SMS)- Take Picture permission : for WatchDogfeature*AppLock Service restarting is required after each updates*'Phonecalls' permission is required for Stealth Mode* If you havetwo ormore launcher, you must select one as default* PerfectAppLock doesnot support smaller screen sized phones such as HTCwildfire* Ifyou need bulk purchasing (100 - 200 copies or more),please contactus via email. We will send execution AppLock file(apk) oncepayment transaction is completed using Paypal. AppLockapk fileallows simple installation on many devices.* If you wouldlike tosupport in translating (Eng to your language) this app, feelfreeto contact us. Also, please let us know if there are anyincorrectEnglish use on our AppLock.** Android 5.1.1 Lollipop100%Compatibility.** This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.
Norton App Lock
Lock your apps and protect your privacy with Norton App Lock. Useasecure password or pattern lock screen to keep your Androiddevicesecure and private. You’ve got lots of sensitive informationin theapps installed on your phone or tablet device. Many times,evenapps that store pictures, personal and financial information,orcontrol remote access to your home don’t require a securityPIN,password or lock screen pattern to open.Install Norton App Locktoprotect and safeguard your privacy: ✔ Add passcode security toappsthat don’t have it✔ Lock one or more app with the same 4-digitPINpass code✔ Protect your private data and photos from thepryingeyes of intruders✔ Make sure you’re the only one changingyoursocial status or posts✔ Keep app content private if you shareyourdevice with kids or friends to play games or watch videos✔ Addalayer of security in case your device is lost or stolen✔Preventthose embarrassing “pocket-dial” accidents✔ Choose the appsyouwant to lock—all, some, or follow our recommendationsTheNortonteam takes privacy (and performance) seriously. Otherapplocker,safe lock, applock, folder lock or privacy lock apps canbesidestepped by crafty criminals or may drain your battery,butNorton App Lock leverages special Android permissions tosafeguardyour sensitive apps. It’s more efficient and more securethan someof the otherapplockofferings.--------------------------------------------------NORTONAPPLOCK FEATURES & CAPABILITIES ✸ Lock Apps ◦ Choose the appsyouwant to protect with a privacy lock—all, some or followourrecommendations✸ Custom PIN, Password, or Pattern Lock Screen ◦AddPIN, password or pattern lock screen security to protect andlockapps that don’t have it◦ Lock one or more app with the same4-digitPIN or use a unique lock screen pattern password drawn withyourfinger◦ Prevent those embarrassing “pocket-dial” accidents✸ProtectSensitive Information ◦ Protect your sensitive, personal,andfinancial data from the prying eyes of an intruder◦ Add a layerofsecurity in case your device is lost or stolen✸ Lock Photo&Video Apps ◦ Protect photos and videos from the prying eyes ofanintruder✸ Lock Social Apps ◦ Make sure you’re the only onechangingyour social status or posts✸ Parental Controls ◦ Safelykeep appcontent private if you share your device with kids orfriends toplay games or watch videos✸ Sneak Peek Anti-Theft ◦ Thisanti-theftfeature takes a photo of a thief or anyone who fails tounlock yourphone after 3 attempts◦ The photos are saved in yourPhotosfolder--------------------------------------------------SYSTEMREQUIREMENTSAndroidOS 4.1orlater--------------------------------------------------PRIVACYPOLICYSymantecrespects the privacy of our users and carefullysafeguards personaldata. For moreinformation: ANTIVIRUS PROTECTIONBe sure to also download NortonMobileSecurity antivirus protection to help prevent bad apps fromdamagingyour phone and stealing yourinformation: app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission
App lock - Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password
Applock, Fingerprint App Lock for your apps with Intruderselfies,Dual advanced security lock screens and fingerprint enabledapplock that makes your phone total safe and secure.It takes photoofsnooper that tries to unlock your apps with wrongpasswords,patterns or fingerprint and send email to you immediatelywithphoto and details.~ Fingerprint app lock is supported by allphoneswho has Fingerprint hardware and Marshmallow Android Versionand ifyou don't have one then our Fingerprint Simulator enablessimulatedApp lock support for any phone you have. Enable Simulatorfromsettings and you can simulate fingerprint app lock with PINorPatten.FEATURES: ★ Lock any App like System Apps, Social Apps,Lockyour private Gallery, Downloaded Apps and games.★ Supports wifiandbluetooth switches control.★ Unlock with PIN,PatternorFingerprint.★ Intruder Selfie supported. App lock takes selfieofpersons who entering wrong pin, pattern or finger print.★Sendimmediately Intruder alert and photo to your email address yousetin settings.★ Fake Cover. App lock shows Force Close dialogonopening of locked apps and let you open them with trick.★Supportsound and vibration effects.★ Supports Protection option toavoidForce Stop by any other user bymistake.★ No need to rememberPIN orPattern, you can Instant unlock with your fingerprintsforcompatible devices.★ Automatic set colors in app lock screenforpopular apps and system apps.Are you bored typing passwordsandusing pattern everytime you unlock apps? Now Lock Apps easilywithAdvance Feature of Fingerprint Applock. Take the advantage ofthisLatest Applock with beautiful design and Amazing Featuresdifferentfrom other applocker.You have to scan your finger tounlock apps soonly you can open your private and socialapplications. Theintruders trying to hack your security will caughtby takinginstant selfie and save inside app. Applock withfingerprint canlock your private apps. Prevent unauthorized access,guard privacyand ensure security. Also you can have controlforInstall/Uninstall of new apps. PIN/Pattern or Fingerprint needtouninstall any app. Enable it from settings.FAQ:Q: Can I lockANYapp or games?A: Yes, you can lock ANY installed apps and gamesinyour device.Q: How can I lock the app?A: It's simple, pleaselockfor apps you want to lock, and set your PIN or Pattern. you canuseFinger print automatically if already registered and existingwithyour don't need to set manually.Q: How to stopotherpeople uninstall AppLock?A: Please enable “Prevent Force Stop"inSettings of AppLock, so nobody can force stop or uninstallwithoutyour permission password. You can disable it whenever youdon'twant it.This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.Disclosure:To prevent App Lock being ForceStopped byother apps or Being Uninstalled, App Lock need DeviceAdministratorPermission and App Lock never use any other DeviceAdministratorpermission except avoid force stopped & uninstallprevention byother users on your phone.This app usesAccessibilityservices.Disclosure:By using this service, It helps touse PowerSaving mode. The service is only used to remind userswithdisabilities to unlock apps, and save battery usage.Feel freetosend your feedback to us!
App Lock Pro & Smart Lock Screen
App Lock is the one of the best application protection programsthatcan protect your privacy. It can lock contacts, textmessages,emails, galleries, settings or any application by passwordor modelock. With this app, you do not have to worry about exposingyourpersonal information on your phone to other people, and you donothave to worry about disturbing your phone by changingyoursettings.Lock applications: Lock applications like gmail,Facebook,Gallery, Downloads, Settings, Meetings, etcLockrecentapplications: Protect private applications fromsnoopingVideotapingintruders to see who is trying to unlock yourappCamouflage thepage, pretending to collapse or need fingerprintinput, so thatintruders know what to doNotification bar gadgets,more quicklyinto the ApplockMore personalized theme, so that yourpage is morebeautiful to unlockPassword / Pattern Lock Shift:Change thepassword mode to the second option in thesettingsApplication Lock:Protect your Android and protect all yourprivacy. You can lockindividual apps instead of the entirephoneDelayed Locking: No needto re-lock when returning from a briefexit, avoiding frequentunlocking and smoothing of applicationswitchesPhoto safes: thepictures and videos selected from the albumwill be hidden, showingonly the safety of pictures and videos safe.After entering yourpassword, fingerprint or graphic view, it is aseasy to protectprivacyMore features coming soon …
App Lock
AppLock is a light app protector tool to protect your privacyinmobile apps. ★ AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp,Gallery,Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming callsand anyapp you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guardprivacy.Ensure security.★ AppLock has PIN lock、 Pattern lockandFingerprint Lock, choose your favorite style to lock apps .Patternlock is more easier and faster to unlock . PIN lock hasrandomkeyboard. Much safer for you to lock apps . No more worrypeoplemay peep the password or pattern. More safe!Tips:If you haveaphone with a fingerprint reader that is either made by Samsungoris running Android Marshmallow, you can check the box in theAppLock settings labeled "Use fingerprint to unlock"★RichthemesWehave built-in sets of beautiful Pattern and PIN themes foryourchoice, will continue to update.★ With AppLock, you will:🔒Neverworry about a friend borrows your phone to play games withmobiledata again!🔒 Never worry about a workmate gets your phone tolookthe gallery again!🔒 Never worry about someone reads privatedata inyour apps again!🔒 Never worry about kids mess up Settings,sendwrong messages, paying games again!◆ Real-TimeProtectionMonitorthe new installation and app updating, real-timeremind avoidingpotential risks, keeping your devices safe.◆PhoneBoost: Speed upyour PhoneBoost the speed of your Android phone,clear junk andcache.◆ Safe lockscreenAppLock secure your phone fromintruderswith PIN and pattern lock security. ——Main Features—— * Akey lock,simple, quick!* Lock application to prevent others arefree to buy,uninstall applications!* Lock setting to prevent misuseof thephone to change the system settings!* Privacy lock, topreventothers from seeing your album, video and a variety ofsensitiveapplications!* Pattern Lock: simple and fresh interface,unlockfaster!* PIN lock: random keyboard. Much safer for you tolockapps* Lock any apps using pattern(e.g Twitter, Gallery,Camera)*Home Screen Locker* Lock screen timeout* Lock 3G, 4G data,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth and more* Lock new apps* Uninstallation Prevention*SetLock Time to only activate lock at certain time* Easy-to-useanduser friendly GUI——How it Works——■ Download and installtheTransparent Pattern Lock.■ Go in setting and enable the lock.■Setyour pattern.■ To unlock draw your pattern and you open thelockand see you home screen.——Permissions——For new users, pleasefollowthe instructions and authorize permissions for AppLock towork.This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Openthispermission can prevent others from uninstalling AppLockeasily.Contact US:
Best Free AppLock- US Mobile Security myDeviceLock
"It's Your Time" for Mobile APPLOCK Security &Antivirus-MalwareProtection (FireScan) - Fast, Easy & Reliableand it'sFREE!myDeviceLock-APPLOCK+ is the all-in-one best freesmart mobilesecurity and privacy protection AppLocker, for allApps, Photos, andVideos. Best free way to secure all your appsusing a Pin,FingerPrint, Pattern, Gesture & Signature orPassword on yourAndroid mobile device. Fast and ReliableAntivirus/Malwareprotection “Set it & Forget it”More lockingmethods than anyother Android AppLocker in the Google Play Store& Award-WinningMobile Security and Gesture Technology★ FREEAPPLOCK WITH PIN,FINGERPRINT, PATTERN & GESTURE &SIGNATURE BIOMETRICVERIFICATION★ FULL FEATURE MOBILE SECURITYAPPLOCK FOR All APPS,PHOTOS & VIDEOS, INC: A COOL HD GALLERY!★INTRUDER SELFIE – Forthe "COOL" GOT-YOU! PHOTOS★"KEEP - OUT"GF/BF, STRANGERS, FRIENDS,FAMILY & KIDS★FREE “FIRESCAN”TECHNOLOGY ★ ONE TOUCH – EASYUNINSTALL!It's "YOUR" Time to Reclaimtrue Mobile Security: INSTALLAPPLOCK FREE NOW!All the Mobile AppLock Security Protection thatyou may need, student, parent &businessperson alike; Mobile AppLock Security is not just cool,but necessary, whatever you do orwherever you go, especially asyou surf the web. That’s why we areintroducing FireScanTechnology, which protects you as you use theweb.You may need orwant to secure all apps or hide Photos orVideosIncluding:Facebook/Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram,Twitter,Snapchat - Lock all your Apps, Photos & Videos, it's soeasy,FREE, and even Includes an HD Gallery APPLOCKER VAULT.It’s theBestMobile Security tool to keep everything Private & Secure -It’sthe PERFECT APPLOCKER!Install Free Now! The best AppLock,anddiscover more locking methods than any other AppLocker fromPIN,PATTERN, FINGERPRINT, GESTURE, and SIGNATUREBIOMETRICVERIFICATION.Ask Yourself ?!?Are all my Apps secure?Areall myPhotos secure?Are all my Videos secure?Are all the Websites Ivisitsafe?Is this APPLOCK developed by a REAL MOBILE SECURITY TEAM,or___________?; WHO do they work for REALLY? ;-/You know who weareand what we do, even our company has been verified on ourwebsiteby Sym..tec.With myDeviceLock APPLOCK, The answer isYES!Developedby U.S. based mobile IT-Security company NeurologixSecurityGroup's R&D Team; a technology based on Best-of-ClassMOBILEdevice APPLOCKER security.The app features the Signature&Gesture APP LOCK biometric algorithm, which won a spot:Top5Finalists in the Global Security Challenge - London►Five applockscreens: PIN, FingerPrint, Lock Pattern, Signature or Gesture(VeryCool)(Req. Android 6.0+ Finger Print Sensor -Reader)►Built-InFireScan Wall for Malware/Virus Protection► Secure:Important Apps,Pictures, and Videos utilizing a Gesture Lock Screenfor highest,easiest and quickest security►HD Security Vaults: ForPhotos andVideos Gallery, it does more than just hide them and keepthemsafe!►Best Protection: Against Guessing or Brute ForceAttack!►Simplified: Lock Manager for fast navigation, and ease ofuse!►Customizable: levels of LockScreen, Layout, and coolthemes!►Protect all your Social-Privacy apps' like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and ContactsQuickly &Easilylock or hide All apps & photosQuick Start forAPPLOCK1.DOWNLOAD2. VIEW the SPLASH SCREEN EXPLAINER3. ATTN: SET"YOUR" 4digit PIN as an “Emergency PIN”4. In settings, discover alllockingmethods5. Go to Lock Manager and LOCK APPS, some or ALL6.CustomizeYOUR APP LOCK and make it YOURS :-)If necessary, use“EmergencySecurity Pin”, or the (?) on the top right of thescreenUNHIDINGICON: For further Info HELLO!:-)We love to hear from
★The best FREE lock software which was downloaded over tenmilliontimes★AppLock is a smarter and safer android app locker&cleaner, which guards your privacy securitywith privatevault, safe lock screen, hide icon.AppLock canlock Facebook,Snapchat, Whats app, SMS and any other applicationsyou want tolock and have much free wallpapers! Provide you aprivacy safetyguard!Highlight features◆ Smart App Lock> Lockyour social appsprivacy: Facebook, Snapchat, Ins, WhatsApp,prevents otherschecking your message, email and contacts!> Lockphoto &video, hiding your personal pictures ◆ Safe lockscreen> AppLock secure your phone from intruders with PIN andpattern locksecurity.◆ Calculator Hide Icon> Change AppLock iconintoCalculator icon. Hide applock icon to others.◆ PrivacyScan>Scan for protecting your privacy information andpreventdisclosure. Daily Privacy Report help you manageprivacybetter.Other optimization features◆ Break-inalertAutomaticallytake a picture of the guy input wrong password,privacy defense.◆Message protectionApp lock protect messagedetails, never worryothers peeking your chat or picture.◆DisguiseDisguise offers asafer and unbroken lock for you to protectprivacy in public.Therewill be ad content shown in certain scenesin our app. For moredetails, visit app usesthe DeviceAdministrator permission. Open this permission canprevent othersfrom uninstalling AppLock easily.Thanks for usingour product!Keepin touchEmail:
AppLock : Fingerprint & Pin
AppLock allows you to lock apps and protect your apps usingPattern, Pin , Fingerprint and crash screen.---- Features -----▶Lock Apps/ App LockerAppLock allows you to lock apps like gallery ,messageapps , social apps and email apps with fingerprint , pin ,patternand crash screen.▶ Capture Intruder PictureIf someone triesto openlocked apps with wrong password , AppLock will capture thepictuerof intruder from front camera and show you when you openAppLock.▶Lock Recent AppsYou can lock recent apps page so no onecan see thecontent of recently used apps.▶ Custom SettingsUseseparatecombination of locking methods with different pin orpattern for aspecific apps.▶ Crash screenset crash screen forlocked app , so noone can know that if an app is locked.▶Fingerprint SupportUsefingerprint as secondary , or use onlyfingerprint to un-lockapps.▶ Improved Lock EngineAppLock use twolocking engines ,default engine is fast and the "Improved LockEngine" is batteryefficient with more features that does not drainyour battery.▶Turn Off AppLockyou can turn off AppLock completely ,just go toapp settings and turn off the app.▶ Lock Timeoutyou canto re-lockapps after some time [1-60] minuets , immediately orafter screenoff.▶ Simple and Beautiful UIBeautiful and simple UI soyou canperform any task easily.▶ Lock Screen Themelock screenchangescolor according to the app that you locked , every time whenlockscreen appears you will experience AppLock differently.▶PreventUninstallTo protect AppLock from uninstall you can go toAppLocksetting and press "Prevent ForceClose/Uninstall".FAQs---------- Q2: How can I create different pin& pattern for eachapplication?A: Select the app that you wantto lock from App list,Lock the app and then click on Custom, Thenenable "CustomSettings" and then change pin, and pattern. Q 3: Howcan I preventsomeone from uninstalling my AppLock?A: Go to settingsand click on“Prevent Force Close/Uninstall”. Then Lock your mobileSettings. Q4: Will AppLock works if I restart my Mobile?A: Yes itwill startworking, and your locked apps will be protected. Q 5: Howcan Icheck which apps are locked?A: In the top right corner ofAppLockFrom the drop-down menu select “Locked Apps”. Q 6: What does“Lockrecent apps” do?A: This option prevents someone from seeingyourrecent Opened Apps. Q 7: I installed AppLock, but there isnooption to lock my apps with the fingerprint?A: It depends onyourmobile if your mobile has a fingerprint scanner and Androidversion6.0 (Marshmallow) then finger print app lock method willalso work.Q 8: In my Huawei device when I open AppLock it againasks to Onthe Option of AppLock service?A: Because you have notadded AppLockin your Protected Apps list of your Huawei Mobile. Q9: What is"Crash Screen"?A: If you enable Crash screen for someapplicationit will show a window with a message of “App Crashed”after longpressing "OK" you can go to lock screen. Q 10: How toenable Crashscreen option in AppLock?A: In, App List lock yourdesired appClick on “custom” and enable custom settings, and thenenable“Crash.” Q 15: How to uninstall AppLock?A: First RemoveAppLockfrom Device Admin from mobile settings or AppLock settingsand thensimply uninstall it.Permissions:• Accessibility Service:This appuses Accessibility services to enable "Improved LockEngine" andstop battery drain.• Draw Over Other Apps: AppLock usesthispermission to draw lock screen on top of your locked app.•UsageAccess: AppLock uses this permission to detect if a lock appisopened.• This app uses the Device Administrator permission : Weusethis permission to prevent other users from uninstalling thisappso your locked content can be fully secured.
App Locker | Best AppLock
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Protect your Privacy. The best free App Lock withFingerprintsupport⭐️⭐️⭐️Keep your privacy by locking apps likeWhatsApp,Facebook, Gallery or anything you want.⭐️ Now lock yourapps withfingerprint scanner support! ⭐️A must have personalsecurity app tosecure your privacy. 🔒 Lock your apps with a"secure" but "easy tounlock" pattern.🔒 Now wirh fingerprintsupport!.🔒 The lightestAppLock on Google Play Store which does notconsume RAM, battery andother system resources like others!🔒Secure your messaging andsocial apps and make your social lifereally your's.🔒 Lock FacebookMessenger chat heads (bubbles).🔒 Hideyour pictures by lockinggallery and photo apps.🔒 Keep your datasecure from prying eyes.🔒Totally free - always free.🔒 AwesomeThemes and Colors!🔒 Materialdesigned.🔒 Works flawlessly even withlatest versions ofAndroid!IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HUAWEI AND XIAOMIUSERSHuawei and Xiaomidevices have evil task killer services thatinterfere with theAppLock service. For our app to work, you needto add App Locker toallowed apps in those devices' securitysettings. Huawei: PhoneManager App > Protected Apps > AddApp Locker to the list.Xiaomi: Services > Security >Permissions > Autostart, findApp Locker and enable autostart.
LOCX Applock Lock Apps & Photo
★★★ Congratulations! LOCX Applock is highly praised andrecommendedby authority media including Android Community, AndroidHeadlines, and DGtle! ★★★LOCX is the best app lock andphoto vaultfor Android, which will help you to lock apps, privatephotos,secret videos, messages and more with the safest andmostcustomized and fun way. Get the perfect guard for your phoneandsnoopers won't disturb your privacy. HIGHLIGHTS OF LOCXAPPLOCK:☆Protect private apps: Lock apps you use every day! Hideyour chatin WhatsApp or Facebook, personal accounts in Twitter orInstagram!With perfect applock LOCX is easy and 100% safe!☆ Hidepictures:With Applocker LOCX you can hide private photos in thesafest photovault and keep them invisible for the snoopers!☆ Hideprivatevideos: Keep all your private videos invisible from anyintruders!Perfect applock LOCX will safe all your secrets!☆ Lockall phoneprivacy: Using applocker you can lock contacts, messages,email,gallery or phone settings! And you never worry about snoopersmaystole your private info or your kids may buy unwanted apps.☆Putmore features into less space: LOCX App lock is now fasterandlighter than ever, taking up half as much phone memory asothers.We significantly reduce the size of APK file as low as 1.8MB.☆Material design, an all-new design: We completely redesignedthenew version of LOCX Applock and globally lead to applymaterialdesign of Google with innovation. Every little detail isattractiveand exquisite.FEATURES OF LOCX APP LOCK:► ApplicationsLocker:Secure your Android and protect all your privacy withapplicationlock protection feature. You can hide secret app insteadof theentire phone. Customized lock screen and wallpapers bring youmorechoices to choose the passcode you like between pattern andPINcode.► Photo Safe Vault: Hide and encrypt your photos and keepyourpics locked behind your pattern or PIN pad in the safestphotovault. Don’t worry about your private photos may be viewedbyothers.► Video Vault: You can hide your secret videos aswell!Intruders will never find it! ► Email Lock: Lock email andkeep itsafe and private under the passcode;► Pattern or PIN code:chooseyour own way to lock apps by choosing the lock screen stylebetweenpattern or PIN code.► Themes: We have proudly announcedlargequantities of attractive lock screen wallpapers designed bytheworld’s top designers. They are so amazing and fantastic. Youmayapply new themes and lock screen wallpaper in “LOCX App lock”>“Side nav" > “Themes”.► Chameleon - App fake cover:Disguiseyour apps lock screen to prevent from breaking into yourpassword.Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialog will hidethe reallock screen. And more covers are coming soon!► InvisibleLock:Protect your secrete lock screen password from the snoopers,makeit invisible!► Delay to lock: Re-lock is not requiredwhenreturning from a brief exit, avoiding to frequently unlockandsmoothing the app switches.► Quick lock / unlock: Awesomeandconvenient. Adding new applications locker widget to yourscreen,you can take the applock enabled or disabled with just onetap.Getthe best applocker LOCX to lock your secret apps andstaytuned:Google+: for the bestapplock for Android to lock apps or photo vaultto hide pics andsecret videos? Try chameleon LOCX and protect yourprivacy with thesafest and most customizable way!
Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)
★ Selected as the App of the Year by Times Magazine! ★Hidepicturesand videos!."Gallery Lock" hide pictures and videos and itis anapp that is absolutely needed for protection of personalprivacy.The product is one of the most popular apps in the worldand is oneof the top 10 apps sold on Google Play.Like us ? Hit the+1 button.Features• Hide Photos & Videos• Stealth Modesupported : thisfeature hides a launch icon.• Watchdog : After 3rdfailed passwordattempt, built-in camera takes photo of attacker.•Share picturesfrom Gallery Lock to any applications.• Cloud Backupsupported toGoogle Drive, Dropbox, Box• Folders supported.•Beautiful designs•Rotate and zoom features • Slide Show supported.•Mp3 backgroundmusic playing supported while slide show.• A varietyof viewingmode.• Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding,sharing •Easy-to-use PIN,Pattern access # FREE version (version w/ads)#(Important!) Before uninstall the Lite version, undo thehidefunction of the photos and the videos. If you uninstall theprogramwithout undoing the hide function or Factory reset ofdevice, thephotos and videos will be lost. # It is recommended thatyoupurchase the app after checking to see if the free assessmentLiteversion runs properly.Permissions- Call permission : forStealthMode feature.- Take Picture permission : for WatchDogfeature#Method to recover photos when problems occurIf for somereasonGallery Lock does not run, recovery can be made by followingthemethod below.1) Uninstall Gallery Lock2) Download Gallery Lockfromthe Market and install it.3) Go Setting in the Gallery Lock,Tap"Find/Recover Missing files" menu.4) The missing files willberecovered to /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/recover path.5) run defaultGalleryapplication and check whether those files are recoveredproperly.#If Stealth Mode doesn't works suddenly,Install apk oflink belowand tap Stealth Mode Enabler icon and try tocall*+pin Please send an email for anyquestionsthat you have. The developer of the app does not haveauthorizationto reply to comments here.** This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.
Private Zone - AppLock & Vault
Use Smart Applock function to lock apps to preventintrusion.Protect your private information by hidingphotos&videos andimportant files in our private zone. (App Nameis changed from LEOPrivacy Guard)Private Zone– Keep all yourphotos, videos and filesstored in Private Zone are 100% secret!Features: ★ AppLock : Noone can find out your secrets!- Lock upyour Facebook, WhatsApp,Snapchat, Messenger, Gallery and otherimportant apps which mayleak your privacy.- Secure passwordprotection to lock yourfavorite apps.- Use pattern or digitalpassword forlocking/unlocking apps.- Customize your lock mode; lockdifferentapps under different circumstances. - Prevent childrenfrom playinggames or buying unwanted things.- Support fingerprint.★Lockscreen: Enjoy your amazing phone lock!-Use screen lock protectyour phonefrom intruders;- Choose different themes or covers tocustomizeyour lock screen.- Support fingerprint.★Hide Pictures:Protect yourpersonal photos - Easily hide pictures to our vaultfrom yourgallery.- Keep snoopers away from private photos.- Enjoy aprivatephoto gallery that only you can view.★Hide Videos: Protectprivatememories easily. - Don’t worry about your private media inourvideo vault now. - Protect your secret videos from prying eyesandnosy friends.★FREE VPN: Mask your internet footprint, freelysurfany web content- safe, fast, stable, free to use, norestrictions-masks your IP address- masks your GPS locationinfo★Guest Zone:everyone is the same on the outside, butindividually different. -Parental control, establish a safe andsecure user space for yourchildren, only have the applications andfeatures you have setup,other information will be completelyconcealed.- Family Sharing,setup multiple Guest Zones, usedifferent passwords to enter, GuestZone's content will be differentfrom one another.★ PrivateBrowsing: Keep your personal data secure-Clean your search historyimmediately - Keep the browse data spyfrom others.- Surf yourfavorite websites in private browsing andsecure yourprivacy.★Privacy Status: Scan your privacy status with asingletap- Know your potential privacy-leaking risk at any time.-Protectyour all secrets in real time.★ Harassment Intercept: KnowyourTrue caller to avoid spam and unwanted calls.- Avoid spam,unwantedcalls and put them into your blacklist.- Share them withfriends& family with one click.★ Anti-theft: Lost and Found-Lock allyour apps with our advanced AppLock function to protectyourprivacy.- Locate your phone on map, give an alarm helps you tofindit.★ Break-in Alert: Intruder Selfie- Capture a snapshot ofanyonewho tries to unlock apps behind you. ★Phone Boost: Speed upyourPhone- Boost the speed of your Android phone, clear junkandcache.What is the App Lock?App Lock can help you to lock yourappswith password from snoopers, blocking their access to readingandvisiting your phone.☞ Help fight against deceptive adsLEOMASTERiscommitted to fighting against deceptive ads andmisleadingdownloads. Find our full official policyhere: you come across these kinds ofads,hope you can help us to fight against them. Please email If possible, please give us somekeyinformation like screenshot. It will help us to remove theads.☞MORE ABOUT Private Zone: OfficialWebsite:*Forbetterrecommendations, we will use some data you shared onFacebook,other websites or apps. For more information, please checkat:
summary:Are you worried about your phone book, mobilevideopeeping.Do you worry about your phone settings aremodifiedothers.Do you worry about the phone is child-buy the game,chaoticsetting.Do you worry about losing important data, secretpeeping?Doyou want a nice lock screen?has AppLock help:He no longerhas toworry about your smartphone to your friends to play!You nolongerhave to worry that someone could see your phone!Never worryaboutyour lock screen too ugly!Do not worry about the kids buythegame!A key lock, simple, quick!Lock application to preventothersare free to buy, uninstall applications!Lock setting topreventmisuse of the phone to change the system settings!Privacylock, toprevent others from seeing your album, video and a varietyofsensitive applications!Digital Lock: Choose a variety of typesofdigital lock screen!Gesture Lock: simple and freshinterface,unlock faster!DIY Lock: Use your photos to makeapplication lockscreen, you can add filters to your photos so youcan see your mostbeautiful day!More features coming soon ...Pleasefeel free to letus know!
Applock - Fingerprint Password
AppLock fingerprint is one of the best Android lock app withprivacyguard, the best app locker with password & pattern lockscreen,smart applock that provide high secure features in the oneapp.Thisis the super applock that will protects your privacy& givephone protection. Privacy your note, call,sms, email,settings..., all the privacy guard functions for you toensure yourphone security and keep your privacy safe.With App locksecurityprotection, your privacy is well protected with passwordlock screen& pattern lock screenAppLock can lock Facebook,Whatsapp,Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, ….. Ensurepersonal &phone security.AppLock can hide pictures and hidevideos. Hiddenpictures and videos are vanished from Gallery andonly visible inthe photo and video vault. .App lock has option toenable invisiblepattern lock. No more worry people may peep thepin or pattern. Keepsafe!With this secret app lock, Its alsoa so cool child lockto protect phone from your kids.The appis perfect app lock thathelp you to keep your personal security,make protection app fromeveryone.---Features---- Fingerprint locksupported- Lock apps witha password, pattern password safe withanyone- The vault: Safegallery vault, private photo vault help tohide pictures and hidevideos. - With the image vault &gallery lock, app movephoto/video to secret vault by auto-deletinghidden images from thegallery wall after performing hide photos& hide videos- Lot ofbeautiful password lock themes, patternlock screen themes-Customized lock screen password theme for theapp, make privacyscreen with style you wanted- App block Settingsautomatically rightafter app is opened at first screen, help toprevent someoneuninstall app- Protect your emails, SMS, call log-Three securitiesprivate mode: Lock apps with password lock,pattern lock or DIY. Thekeypad lock screen with passcode, DIY helpyou to make yourselfkeypad lock screen, pattern lock screen usingyour photo on thegallery- Option to make invisible pattern onunlock screen, peoplecan not see your pattern lock screen whileyou are unlocking. Moresafe!- Easily to lock phone apps, unlockphone apps easily from anapp list by one click- Explorer more appsand the locker themes fromthe “More apps” feature.- Passwordmanager: Change password typebetween passcode, pattern, DIY andreset passwordAvailable verysoon:- Data security: Delete app datawhen someone login fails somany times (probably not you)- Optionto hide apps from the phonedesktop and open it in the app lockerapp.- Better kids lock: kidslock only allow kids to play with somesoftware that is not securityapps like video, music, … withoutneeding to unlock whole phone-Separated private photo vault app toonly lock photos (or lockvideos only) app, less app size.To makeapp working onfingerprint password, you must setupyour fingerprint lockfirst on phone settings. When this isON, the fingerprint lockscreen will be enabled at unlockscreen, otherwise itrequires pattern or password for lockscreeninstead.---FQA---1. How to protect my phone ?You need tolock atleast these apps: Settings & Google Play to preventsomeoneuninstall the app lock app2. How to change password ?Topassword forapps, open the AppLock, click menu Settings then choseChangepassword3. How to stop or uninstalling AppLock ?You musthavepassword to uninstall this smart app lock, if you forgotpasscodeyou can reset it via security email.4. I Forgot password,how tofind it ?Enter your security email then click 'resetpassword'.5. Ifi lose private pictures when uninstall app:Beforeuninstall, makesure you export your private photo from privatephoto vault moduleback to your GalleryDownload smart app lockerwith fingerprint rightnow, best app protector, app security foreveryone.The privacy app:We does not collect any personal &device information of yours.
App Lock Plus
Is not still worried parents look at text messages? Is notstillworried colleagues borrow a mobile phone? You need AppLockPlus.Itcan lock contacts, SMS, e-mail, gallery, settings or anyapps bypassword or pattern lock. Use AppLock Plus, you will notconcernedabout privacy issues.Lock app : lock apps like whats up,facebook,gallery, download, settings, meets, etc Lock recent apps :Protectprivacy apps from prying eyes .Password / pattern lockshift:Changepasswords mode , the second option in settings .AppLock: Secureyour Android and protect all your privacy. You can lockindividualapps instead of the entire phone.New Material Designdesign, smoothinteractivity, better user experienceDelay to lock:Re-lock is notrequired when returning from a brief exit, avoidingto frequentlyunlock and smoothing the app switches.Photo Vault:Theselectedpictures and videos from the album will be hidden, onlyshow in thepictures and videos safe safe. After entering yourpassword,fingerprint or graphics to view, protection of privacy isthatsimple.More features coming soon …
AppLock is to Lock your app with patternLock appwithpasswordAppLock is to keep your privacy by locking appslikeWhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery, Banking app or anything youwant.Lockyour apps with a "secure" but "easy to unlock"pattern.AppLocksupport many types of keypad like pattern lock,password lock,photo lock, etc...You can change your lock type,change background,settings anything if you want- Social apps:AppLock can lockFacebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Vine, Twitter,Instagram, Snapchat,WeChat and so on. No one can peep at yourprivate chat any more. -System apps: AppLock can lock Contacts,SMS, Gallery, Videos, Emailand so on. No one can mess up yoursettings for system apps.-Android pay apps: AppLock can lockAndroid Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypaland so on. No one can use yourwallet to purchase any item. - Otherapps: AppLock can lock anythird-party apps, including Gmail,Youtube, games and so on.Completely protect your privacy.★★★ WithAppLock, you will:- Neverworry about parents check your Snapchat,!- Never worryabout friends borrow your phone to playgames with mobile dataagain!- Never worry about someone readsprivate data in your appsagain!- Never worry about kids mess upSettings, send wrongmessages, paying games again!- Never worryabout a workmate getsyour phone to look the gallery again!★★★ WithApp Lock, you can :-Lock any apps(message, Game, Photos, Videos...)- Lock apps usingFake Forced Close pop-up- Lock incomingcalls- Lock system settingsto prevent a mess by kids- Lockmessage, Lock call ...- Lock appsusing multiple password: pattern& passcode- Lock Google Play toprevent buy games, movies,books- Lock phone setting★★★ Feature-Pattern Lock: simple andfresh interface, unlock faster!- PIN lock(keypad lock):Much saferfor you to lock apps- Customize: changetype, change button, changewallpaper- Lock app very effective-Lower capacity, less memory.-Power saving mode to save battery.-App Lock can lock your photos ,gallery and messages from pryingeyes and nosy friends . To be yourprivacy guard !- Applicationlock, best app lock & privacyguard , is the most smartApplication lock !- Full protection foryour phone.- Supportmultiple language- Lock your app accuratelyand smartly- Lock newapps- Lock app very high security- Easy touse and fast.- Good atperformance and power-saving- Kinds ofbeautiful lock typesIf youlove this AppLock, please give 5 starsto encourage developers.
IObit Applock: Face Lock & Fingerprint Lock 2018
IObit Applock newly added 【Fingerprint Lock】 and 【Screen Lock】foryour privacy protection! We also optimized 【Face Lock】,addedseveral well-designed and beautiful Lock Themes, ENJOY! Pleasenotethat Fingerprint Lock only supports Android 6.0+ deviceswithfingerprint sensor.★#1 Face Lock app with average ratings of4.5 onGoogle Play!★Supported 13 languagesHow IObit Applock protectsyourprivacy and data security:✔Lock system settings, switches andanyprivate app✔Face Lock and unlock apps easy and fastwithoutpassword✔Fake Lock disguises the lock screen withfuncovers✔Fingerprint Lock for more secure lock and fastunlock✔ScreenLock locks your device screen✔Hide private contentfromnotification✔Catch snooper’s photo and notify byemail✔CustomizedDelay Lock to avoid frequently unlock✔Efficientlyprotect your mostused apps✔Tablet and Android 6.0 are supportedAppLock► Lock Photo,Video and social apps(e.g whatsapp, Messenger).Prevent your mostprivate messaging apps and photos, videos fromprying by snoopers.►Lock shopping apps(e.g Flipkart) and yourgames. Keep children fromaccidentally shopping and making in-apppurchases.► Lock workrelated apps. Secure your important stuffs andconfidential workinformation.► Lock payment related apps(e.gFlipkart). Protect yourfinancial and health data against leakage.►Lock system settingslike Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Contacts. No worry aboutyour phone settingsgot messed up by unauthorized access.Face Lock►Protect privacy byusing AI and face recognition► Verify your faceto access thepersonal apps safely and instantly► No fear offorgetting password►Available on android 4.4 and upFingerprintLock► Supported Android6.0+ devices with fingerprint sensor► Unlockapps quickly andeasily with your fingerprint► No fear of forgettingpasswordScreenLock► Security upgrade► Supported PIN, Pattern andFingerprintFakeLock► Picture Cover disguises all locked apps withyour own picturefrom gallery► Force Stop shows a fake crash screento those whowant to access to your apps► Call Cover disguises alllocked appswith a screen of an unknown incoming call► Crack Screencovers alllocked apps with a specified picture. Shake your deviceto crackthe picture and unlock the apps► Voice Authenticationcovers alllocked apps with a fake Voice Authentication screen►FingerprintCover disguises all locked apps with a fakefingerprintverification screenNotification Lock► Hide privatecontent ofnotifications and heads-up from social apps►Automatically lockprivate messaging apps to keep sensitive chatpreviews from curiouseyes► Feel safe and secure with family,friends or strangers inpublic Delay Lock Option► Lock app everytime► Lock app when screengoes off► Lock app after screen off for 3minutes► Customize thetime interval to avoid frequently unlockingand switching betweenappsIntruder Selfie► Snap a photo of who triedto unlock your apps►Email the snooper’s photo to you immediately►Record the date andtime in Applock for check► Customize the limitof times forincorrect passwordCustomize Theme► Download and applyvarieties ofthemes► Customize wallpapers from your own albumChangeIcon►Replace IObit Applock’s icon with Alarm Clock, WeatherandCalculator on home screen► Pretend to be another app toavoiddiscovering and uninstalling by othersGet IObit Applock Protoenjoy all these privileges:► $2.99 to enjoy privacy protectionforLifetime► Customized settings to protect your privacy moresecure►Customized your lock screen by your own preferences► Two newhighquality themes every month ► More new Fake Locks► No AdsWepromiseto reply you within 24
AppLock is one of the best Android lock app with privacy guard,thebest app locker with password & pattern lock screen,applockthat provide high secure features in the one app.This is thesuperapplock that will protects your privacy, give your phoneAll-roundprotection. Privacy your Photo, note, call, sms,email,settings..., all the privacy guard functions for you toensure yourphone security and keep your privacy safe.With App locksecurityprotection, your privacy is well protected with passwordlockscreen & pattern lock screen.AppLock can lockFacebook,Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS,Contacts,Gmail, Settings, ….. Ensure personal & phonesecurity.AppLockcan hide pictures and hide videos. Hidden picturesand videos arevanished from Gallery and only visible in the photoand videovault. No pin, no way.App lock has option to enableinvisiblepattern lock. No more worry people may peep the pin orpattern.Keep safe!With this app lock, you will never worry aboutsomethinglike your kids mess up settings, paying for games! its socoolchild lock feature!The app is perfect app lock that help youtokeep your personal security, make protection appfromeveryone.===Features===- Lock apps with a password,patternpassword safe with anyone- The vault: Safe gallery vault,privatephoto vault help to hide pictures and hide videos. - Withthe imagevault & gallery lock, app move photo/video to secretvault byauto-deleting hidden images from the gallery afterperforming hidephotos & hide videos- Lot of beautiful passwordlock themes,pattern lock screen themes- Customized lock screenpassword themefor the app, make privacy screen with style youwanted- App blockSettings automatically right after app is openedat first screen,help to prevent some uninstall app- Protect youremails, SMS, calllog- Small app size, low memory usage, powersaving & savebattery- Three securities private mode: Lock appswith passwordlock, pattern lock or DIY. The keypad lock screen withpasscode,DIY help you to make yourself keypad lock screen, patternlockscreen using your photo on the gallery- Option to makeinvisiblepattern on unlock screen, people can not see your patternlockscreen while you are unlocking. More safe!- Easily to lockphoneapps, unlock phone apps easily from an app list by oneclick-Explorer more apps and the locker themes from the “Moreapps”feature.- Password manager: Change password type betweenpasscode,pattern, DIY and reset passwordFeatures we areimplementing andwill be available very soon:- Data security: Deleteapp data whensomeone login fails so many times (probably not you)-Option tohide apps from the phone desktop and open it in the applockerapp.- Better kids lock: kids lock only allow kids to playwith somesoftware that is not security apps like video, music, …withoutneeding to unlock whole phone- Separated private photo vaultapp toonly lock photos (or lock videos only) app, less app size,reducesteps to setup===FQA===1. How to protect my phone ?You needto lockat least these apps: Settings & Google Play to preventsomeoneuninstall the app lock app2. How to change password ?Topasswordfor apps, open the AppLock, click menu Settings then choseChangepassword3. How to stop or uninstalling AppLock ?You musthavepassword to uninstall this app lock, if you forgot passcode youcanreset it via security email.4. I Forgot password, how to findit?Enter your security email then click 'reset password'.5. If iloseprivate pictures when uninstall app ?Before uninstall, makesureyou export your private photo from private photo vault modulebackto your GalleryDownload app locker right now, best appprotector,app security for everyone.Feel free to send your feedbackto us!talentdroidteam@tohsoft.comThe privacy app: We does notcollect anypersonal & device information of yours.
App Lock
Application lock100% lock, unlock any application on the phone,akey lock, simple and fast! Protect personal privacy.Yousimplypress the beginners guide to open the phone tap permission tolockapplications.Lock settings to prevent others from changingsystemsettings. Really lock your phone applications.ApplySettingsSettinghide unlock pattern, set up in numerical order todisrupt, preventothers from seeing your password.E-mail securitysettings to helpyou recover your password.Depending on yourneedspersonalize.Privacy lockLock Gallery photos, contacts,textmessages and other personal privacy applications.PhotoSafeHideyour private photos, select the photo that you want to hidea keyhidden.Free ThemesFree cool lock screen theme, let thephonedifferent from the lock screen start.The new lockscreenInterfacedesign aesthetic, functional design is praise,first-class design,first-class applications.
Fingerprint Lock screen
Get the best customizable fingerprint lock screen to lockyourAndroid phone and now this free app works like a fingerprintscreenlocker. You can also fit this lock scanner with your ownwallpaper!Your friends will never know the trick and leave themwondering.You can change the number of beeps to unlock thesettingsscreen.How to use:1. Install this fingerprint lock screenand openit to set up the number of sweep.2. On the lock screenpage, pressand hold the center lock icon and sweep for 3 seconds(which youset in the first step), the fingerprint lock scanner willimitatethe lock, Animation as already recognize your fingerprintsand yourphone will unlock quickly. If you press more or less than3seconds, your phone will always belocked.Characteristics:★professional consultant and works with allHD devices.★ customtheme support by changing the wallpaper screenlock system.★realistic fingerprint scanner that simulatesfingerprint reader toidentify your identity.★ can be set as a binon the screen.★Display the date and time of the iOS iPhone stylelock screen.★Several settings like vibrate, sound, time training.★Supportscreen home widget! Long press on your home screen to addthe"Fingerprint Lock" widget that will unroll the locker whenyouclick it!Please know that this app this app is intended tosimulatea fingerprint scanner and Android phone do not yet havethisfeature. It is obvious that the phone screen can not be used asabiometric fingerprint scanner for now. This technology mustbesupported from the hardware level. This is not a securereplacementfor an actual lock screen and is not screen-locked.Thisfingerprintsecurity is designed solely for entertainment purposes.This is atrick to unlock your phone and you can use it for joke toyourfriends!if you like our app thanks to share with your friend
AppLock & Emoji Lock Screen
The most powerful emoji lock screen with live wallpaper themes,addsnew feature AppLock, your best AppLocker & security guard,lockapps with pass code.Classic Lock Screen keeps your Androidlockscreen beautiful & customized and shows youimportantnotifications at a glance. Add AppLock Security, easy foryou toprotect your privacy, gives your phone all-round protection.WithAppLock Security, nobody can check your photos, messages andappsexcept yourself. It’s easier to protect your launcher andAppLockSecurity themes can make your launchermorebeautiful.-----------MAIN FEATURE-----------▶DIY lockscreeneditorYou can not only use DIY locker to DIY your lockscreen, butalso choose PIN/Pass Code or pattern lock themes .-※Hand DrawingLock Screen: You can customize your own pass codepatterninterface.-※ Custom Wallpapers: Choose an image from yourown photogallery to create wallpapers and decorate your launcher .-※ CustomPhoto password: Just select the photo from gallery andmake apersonalized password pass code screen.-※ Classic password:Easy toget clean and beautiful password page with LockScreen.▶AppLockSecurity One-tap to lock apps . Lock takes justseconds, fasterthan other Android applocker. Very easy andconvenient to use tolock your privacy.Prevent your SMS, Contacts,Gallery, or any otherapps from checking by others without yourpermission. Give yourphone all-round protection.-※ Choose AndroidAPP Lock, you don'tneed to worry about your friends borrowing yourphone to playgames-※ Choose Android APP Lock, never worry aboutyour privatedata be read by some other apps.-※ Choose Android APPLock, yourcolleagues cannot check your privacy with your phoneanymore.▶Well-Designed Wallpaper ThemesWonderful wallpaper themestoredecorate your Android devices’ launcher. We provide numeroushighresolution wallpaper themes to make your launcher morebeautiful.You can switch different live wallpaper themes fromsetting.▶EasyNotification Cut down on the number of times you needto unlockyour phone with notifications at a glance. App Lock, thebest AppLocker and security guard, gives your phone all-roundprotection.What Permissions Do We Ask ForandWhy?-Photos/Media/Files:customize your wallpapers & shortcuttosnap photos-Wi-Fi connection information: update thedailywallpapers-Phone/Location:display calls and messages onyourlockscreen -----------FAQ---------1)How to avoid doublelockscreen?Go to DIY Lock Screen homepage - "Setting" - "TurnoffSystem Lock".2)Why System Lock always starts before DIY LockScreenwhen restarting my device?Please turn off System Lock toavoid thisproblem. Go to DIY Lock Screen homepage - "Setting" -"Turn offSystem Lock".3)How can I unlock my device if I forgotthepassword?Connect your device to your computer using a USB cableandreinstall DIY Lock Screen to the default setting when youforgetthe password. 4)How to display notification of other apps onlockscreen?Go to DIY Lock Screen homepage - Setting - Notification-App Selection - Enable the apps that you want toshownotifications. If the problem cannot be solved after theabovesteps,please try to restart your device. ContactUS:Facebook:
With it's first release on July 16, 2014 FingerSecurity is thefirstapp that allows owners of an Android device with afingerprintsensor to protect their apps with theirfingerprints.FingerSecurityallows you to protect any app with yourfingerprint. FingerSecurityhas many options to make your lifeeasier and more secure. - Protectany app with your fingerprint-Widget for fast enabling/disabling -Set timeouts to allow a shortswitch between apps- Unlock multipleapps at ones- Use youralternative password or pin code to unlockapps when yourfingerprint is not recognized- FingerSecurity can’tbe uninstalledor killed- Automatically protect new apps- Use yourfavorite imageas background- Use fake crash dialog- Automaticallyunlock yourapps at specific locations- Only allowspecificpeople(fingerprints) to unlock an app- Protectnotifications ofprotected apps- Detect intruders by taking apicture of themThisapp uses the Device Administrator permission, asan opt-in option,to prevent the app from beinguninstalled.***FAQ***- Why is mydevice not supported?FingerSecuritywill only work on Androiddevices with a fingerprint sensor. Evenwhen your device has afingerprint sensor it is still possible thatyour device is notsupported due to limitations of the device.- Anotification isasking for a backup password. What should I do?Thisis a securityfeature from the system(it is not a part ofFingerSecurity but fromSamsung’s firmware). When you scan yourfingerprint too many timeswithout identification then the systemwill block the sensor andask for your backup password. The backuppassword was specifiedduring the registration of yourfingerprints(this might not be thesame as your alternative passwordfor FingerSecurity). You have toenter your backup password else youcan’t use the fingerprintsensor.- I can’t remember my backuppassword.Unfortunately there isno way to reset the backup passwordwhen the sensor is blocked bythe system. The only solution isperforming a hard reset. -FingerSecurity uses a lot of batteryafter updating.Please restartyour device. Then FingerSecurity willwork normal again and thebattery usage will drop.
AppLock , your best App Locker & privacy guard , is asmartAppLock app!AppLock protects your privacy, give yourphoneAll-round protection. Privacy Album, Privacy note, Callrecorder,Charging protection, all the privacy guard functions foryou toensure your security and keep your privacy safe.WithAppLockSecurity Protection, your privacy is well protected withpassword,pattern lock.※ Lite , Easy and Fast !※ Full protection foryourphone ! Give your phone 360° security protection .It's easierforyou to protect your private data with the smart AppLock !WithAppLock , nobody can check your sensitive apps , galleryandmessages except yourself . APPLock , a must-have privacyguard!One-tap to lock apps . Lock takes just seconds , 500% fasterthanany other app locker . Very easy and convenient to use .☆VARIETYof LOCK App ThemesYou can not only use DIY locker to DIYyour app ,but also choose PIN or pattern lock themes . PIN andpattern lockhave many kinds of themes , especially the PIP style ,which is themost popular theme in this year .► Protect privacyAppLock can lockyour photos , gallery and messages from prying eyesand nosyfriends . To be your privacy guard ! Privacy Album, Privacynote,Call recorder, Charging protection, all the privacy guardfunctionsfor you to ensure your security and keep your privacysafe.► LockappsAppLock can lock apps , such as SMS , Contacts ,Gmail and anyapp you choose . Prevent unauthorized access and guardprivacy .Ensure security !► Lock installLock the app market in yourphone toprevent your children from buying unwanted apps / games .AppLockis a real AppLock Pro !► Lock phone settingPrevent othersfromchanging your phone setting . Wi-Fi , Bluetooth , Mobile dataandData Sync , these are all protected . To keep your phone awayfrombeing messed up by other people . To be your smart AppLock!►Customize your AppLock settingCustomize your settings in ordertosatisfy various demanding .Ex: New app reminder , notifying tomakea lock when an app is installed . Protect your privacyimmediatelyand prevent incorrectly uninstalling app .► Lock by PINor PatternlockPIN and Pattern lock, choose your favorite style tolock apps .Pattern lock is more easier and faster to unlock . PINlock hasrandom keyboard. Much safer for you to lock apps.►RandomkeyboardAppLock has random keyboard. No more worry people maypeepthe password or pattern . More safe for your phone !►DIYLockerCustomize lock screen wallpaper with your photos!Beautifulthemes for you , decorate your own lock screen . You canselectyour photos and DIY your lock screen in your style . Make themostbeautiful lock screen .App Lock , the best smart App Locker,themost smart privacy guard . Give your phone 360° securityprotection. You deserve to choose!▲ Choose APPLock , you don't needto worryabout your friends borrow your phone to play games .▲ChooseAPPLock , your colleagues cannot check your privacy with yourphoneany more .▲ Choose APPLock , never worry about your privatedatamay be read by some other apps .▲ Choose APPLock , children arenotable to change the setting of your phone and mess up yourdata.-----------FAQ---------1) How to set my passcode at the firsttime?Open App Lock-Enter passcode-Re_enter your passcode .Chooseappsthat you want to lock-Next .Setting Apps with usageaccess-APPLock-Permit usage access .Finish .2) How to change mypasscode ?Open App Lock-Setting-Change passcode .Enterpasscode-Re_enter yourpasscode .3) How to change the theme of AppLock ?Open AppLock-Number/Pattern/DIY .Choose the Style you like.Download-Apply.Contact AppLock:Facebook
Lock screen password
Lock screenLock screen passwordThe best lock screenapplicationThebest lock screen application, to help you protectyour privacy,prevent others invade your phone illegallySomeapplications do notperform the origin of the HOME button, BACK,RECENT while thisapplication can do that.Some applications do notprotect yourprivacy when just a phone call to your phone, yourphone willautomatically open to allow strangers intrusion ...andthisapplication will do all that too.We support many types oflockscreen:- Lock screen pattern- Lock screen password- Lockscreenpassword framework of- Lock screen slider- Lock screen likeIphone-You can change wallpaper- Many different types ofbackgrounds tochoose from, these wallpapers are exquisite design,beautiful.-Also you can select your favorite wallpaper, it could besomeoneyou love, your love, your child ...- The application isreallysimple and easy to use, you just select function allows key,thenenter password so that your device is protected.We always trytobring you the greatest convenience.Thank you for usingtheapplication.More information, contact
OS9 Lock Screen
OS9 Lock Screen is one of the best professional keypad lockscreenapplication with keyboard.With this Keypad screen lock youcan notonly Slide to unlock your screen lock,but alsoSetpassword/passcode/pin to enhance your phone security. Youcanpersonalize your lock screen: you can change background oflockscreen with many wallpapers in app or photos in yourcollection,you can change color of date/time texts. You can changetext "SlideTo Unlock", example: "I Love You", "Honey" , "My Love",...★★★Features: - Simulate the best OS9 Lock screen with Parallaxeffect;- Show Unread SMS and Missed Call counter on screen locker-Multiple HD Wallpaper to choose, you can choose your ownwallpaperfrom gallery too. - Set PIN to enhance screen locksecurity, blockHOME/MENU/BACK key,no one can access your phonewithout correctpassword. - Slide To Unlock - Consume less memoryandbattery,simple and clean design. - It is easy to use - Itisbeautiful - Let you set password - Change background of lockscreenwith many beautiful wallpapers - Change text "slide tounlock" -Change color of date/time - Support over 50 languages -Supportphone, tablet devices★★★ How to Use: 1. Open the appsettings, andtick the Enable Screen check box to enable it. 2.Create passwordand confirm this password 3. Click the DisableSystem Lock in caseyou use the system lock. 4. Click the SetWallpaper to switch todifferent beautiful backgrounds.
App Lock (Keypad)
App Lock (Keypad) is an app protector which can lock yourcontacts,calls, e-mail, sms, photos or any app in your phone ortablet. Bestfeature about it? It can sound the alarm in case ofintruders! Withthis applock you don't have to worry about your kidsor othersinvading your privacy or messing with your phone!1. Choosea 4digit passcode (password) when opening the application forthefirst time.2. Choose which apps to lock.3. (Optional) Accessthesettings screen for more options.Your apps will bepasswordprotected and only you can open them!
Fingerprint Pattern App Lock 3.942
Secure your apps with fingerprint, pattern and passcode(PINcode).With the most advanced technology integrated into, yourpricelessapplications will be completely safe. This app offers youwith manyuseful features, decorated by splendid user interface thatusesdominant color extracted from application icons. This willsurelysatisfy your privacy demand on daily use.App Lock supportsthreetypes of locks✔ Fingerprint: Use your fingerprint unlockapps(available in devices that support fingerprint scanner likeSamsungsmartphone, Marshmallow devices, Nougat devices...)✔Pattern:unlock your app with your pattern✔ PIN code: use PIN codeto unlockappsUseful functionalitySound and vibrationeffectsBeautiful UserInterface(using your application dominantcolors, extracted byparsing its icons)Our application locker worksas an app protectorfor any app. Lock apps with pattern, fingerprintor password, fromFacebook Messenger to Snapchat to Instagram,Whatapps, to Chrome orany other app! Super simple and fast withpassword protection ourlock app for apps gives you peace of mindand personal securitythat your information, stored logins andapplications are not onlysecurely locked, but also hidden whenother people use yourphone.FAQs=====Q: How do I change my PIN orLock Pattern? How do Iswitch between a PIN and a Pattern?A: OpenApp Lock → settings →Choose PIN code/patternQ: Does your locker appwork when I restartmy phone?A: Yes, our locker app automaticallystarts up andprotects your locked apps on a phone restart.Q: Can Iunlock myapps again?A: Yes, you can easily and quickly lock andunlock anyapp at any time.Q: How do I enable fingerprint passwordunlock?A:If you have a phone with supported hardware like the onesmade bySamsung or if they are powered by Android Marshmallow,Nougat... Orif you possessed Nexus devices like Nexus 5x, Nexus 6p,afingerprint icon will automatically appear under passcode(PINcode) lock screen. Then all you have to do is to touchthefingerprint sensor.
lock screen passcode
lock screen passcode 'love lock screen' is the best keypadlockscreen like iPhone to set password/passcode/pin for yourlockscreen.we create solutions for lock screen:- lock screenpattern-photo keypad lock screen- lock screen slider- zipper (zipo)lockscreen- passcode lock screen- iphone lock screen- os9lockscreenfeatures of love lock screen:- create widget home screenforeasy settings- create live wallpaper HD- set pin or passwordviakeypad lock screen to enhance the security lock of yourphone.-require 4 digits for lockscreen password- show batteryhealth onscreen lock- consume less battery- can change color andfonts oftime, date- multiple HD Wallpaper beautiful- dynamicwallpaper fromour repository- many beautiful girls to setwallpaper- display realtime clock and date.- change background withwallpapers- supportover 50 languages- custom background fromgallery.- optimizedbattery usage and battery saver- work well onphone, tabletdeviceplease email us if your device is not supported,we will tryour best to support it.if you love this photo lovelockerapplication, please give 5 stars to encourage developers.
AppLock - Best App Lock
AppLock is a privacy protector app for Android. It can keepyourphone safe from annoying snoopers and prying eyes.Features:AppLockprotects your privacy with your own AppLock pattern:★ Locksocialapps - Protect apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger,Vine,Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat. No one can peep atyourprivate chat any more. ★ Lock system settings – Preventmalicioususe of your settings such as Contacts, SMS, Gallery,Videos, Emailand etc. ★ Lock your privacy - AppLock can lock anythird-partyapps, including Youtube, games, gallery (Gallery Vault),videos,photos, files and etc. AppLock hides the draw path to makepatterninvisible, securing your password to the greatestextent.AppLockgenerates dynamically colorful lock screen accordingto theprincipal hues of the app being protected.AppLock is a smallbutpowerfull protection toolkit:★ small APK package forfasterinstallation and update.★ easy to operate with One-TaptoEnable/Disable locking service.AppLock provides the mutilockoptions. You can select a suitable mode for you.★ Lock your appatthe device screen off★ Lock your app after exiting the app for30secs or 2 mins★ Lock your app after you minimizeitimmediatelyAppLock provides the uninstall protection whichpreventsavoiding the uninstallation of the protected apps byothers.AppLockis free, which provides you with the ultimatesimplicity and userexperience.How to use:★ Start app, set thepassword and the answerof Security Question.★ Select the app youwant to lock in AppLock'sapp list.★ Enter the password to unlockthe app your choosinglocked when you start that.★ If you forgot thepassword, it isconvenient for you to reset new password byanswering the securityquestion you set before.Note: For android5.0+, please allowApplock to use usage access permission.You canfirst find AppLockand then allow usage access.If AppLock do notwork, please makesure you enable floating window on your androiddevices (i.e.HuaWei/XiaoMi/Vivo/MIUI/ Yureka) .Try followingmethods:Entersettings--app application, find AppLock and enable thefloatingwindow for our AppLock.
Password Screen Lock
Password Lock Screen is one of the best lock screen to enhanceyourphone's is easy to control wifi,brightness,volumeandbluetooth and quickly open flash light and camera from screenlock.Main Features:1. Control Center Support2. Music ControlSupport3.IOS Keypad password4. IPhone Lock Screen style5. Supportlockscreen Phone 6,Phone 6s theme6. Slide to unlock with animationandsound7. Plenty of beautiful OS8,OS9 and OS10 wallpapers tochoose8.Keypad Lock Screen also allows to use wallpaper from Yourgallery9.Display mobile signal,moblie operator,wifi status andbatterystatus10. Set Pin or Password to enhance the security Lockof yourphone
App Lock & DIY Locker
New fingerprint lock is here in App lock.Comeand try it!Are you afraid of losing your private information when othersborrowyour mobile phone? Don’t worry, AppLock will 360° protectyourprivacy by using lock apps. AppLock is your best free privacyguardDIY locker ever! You only need to type 4 digit with yourkeyboard ordraw a pattern to lock your apps. By using AppLock, youdon’t needto worry about your private gallery is snooping byothers, don’tneed to worry about kids mass up your phone settings,don’t need toworry about your phone memory is not enough becauseAppLock is liteetc... The most important is you can make your ownDIY Locker withyour photos which is different from others~! Comeand downloadAppLock for free!-----------------------Features----------------------☆ DIY Locker with your photos, the best AppLock ever!Everythingis free!☆Fingerprint lock password is supported onspecificdevices☆ Easy - to - Use, One-Tap to Lock Apps, DIY locker isalsoeasy!☆ Variety of Beautiful AppLock Themes!☆ Different ways to lock apps, your best privacyguard!☆ Safety, Power saving, Personal, Lite!☆ Colorful AppLock Lock Screen!------------------Main Functions------------------*^_^* DIY LockerWanna make a DIY locker for yourself only? AppLock will360°satisfyyour requirements - you can DIY your own AppLock withyour photosor pictures you like to lock apps. Let AppLock becomeyourexclusive free privacy guard !*^_^* Concise InterfaceAppLock has very concise interface and very easy to use. Youdon’tneed any instructions to teach you how to use AppLock!Everythingis easy~ One-tap to lock apps, just use few seconds.Moreover, weapplied variety of colorful themes in AppLock, whichyou can use itto lock apps easily. In addition, AppLock is verylite, which won’toccupy too much space of your phone.*^_^* Pattern LockCan’t remember the complex password? Try pattern lock inAppLock!Use the patterns you like to lock your apps. Use AppLock toprotectyour privacy easily.*^_^* Pincode LockUse 4 digits in AppLock to lock your apps, more safetythanpatterns. With pincode lock, your apps are overall protectedandonly can be accessed by yourself. AppLock will be your bestprivacyguard!*^_^* Fingerprint LockUse Fingerprint Lock in AppLock to lock your apps, more safetythanpatterns. With Fingerprint Lock, your apps are overallprotectedand only can be accessed by yourself. AppLock will be yourbestprivacy guard!AppLock is your personal private app lock which protect yourapps!It’s your best privacy guard ever~~! Come and download toenjoyyour exclusive free DIY Locker AppLock!!Contact AppLock :Facebook support@fotoable.comFacebook Guideline
App Locker - Protect Privacy
App Lock - Protect appsAppLock is one of the best appprotectorwhich could protect your privacy. Please use the app lockif otherpeople do not want is to see my smartphone.App locker willblockthe execution of the application of others.App Lock Securityis anapp protector which can basically lock your applications suchascontacts, calls, e-mail, sms, photos or any app in your phoneortablet.Protect your apps. Only you can run theapp!GalleryLock:Other people will now not see my personalphoto.Lock Apps:Inthe application of the password when theapplication is run, otherpeople can not run the application.Simplelock setting :It ispossible to apply the lock function simply andconveniently for allapplications.Smart App ProtectorApp Lock - AppLocker - ApplicationBlocking
AppLock - (Lock Apps)
AppLock - (Lock Apps) is a smart AppLocker or App protector toolforandroid devices. Applock offers an extra layer of security foryourapps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery, Videos, Messenger,Gmail andCall Records. Are you afraid of being snooped? Want tokeep yourinfo secured and lock your apps in a certain time andlocation?Applock provides a variety of secured features andcustomizedoptions to help you protect your privacy in anall-roundway.Features of Applock:Lock AppsApplock provides you witha strongand unique locker letting you lock your most used appslikeFacebook and WhatsApp.Applock Intruder SelfieBreak-in Alertallowsyou to easily take a photo of someone who enters the lockedappswith wrong password.Fake LockerApp Cover is an interestinglockerwe developed to add another layer of security for your apps,andonly you know the unlock method. Smart LockTime Lock andLocationLock let you activate the special modes for a certain timeandcertain position where only the apps you’d chosen arebeinglocked.For better updates, please feel free to talk with usandsend us your valuable feedbacks. If you have any questions ornowneeds for this Applock, please
Lock screen
★ Lock screen pattern★ The best lock screen★ Lock screenhighsecurityVery nice, fast, simple, easy to use.This apphavefeatures: lock screen, turn off screen by shortcut andchangewallpaper (lock screen and home screen).Create lock patternstoprotect your phone This app help generate security patterns.★Fast, simple, smooth, easy to use ★ A lot of beautifulwallpapersto choose ★ Allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery ★Can createpatterns with any length ★ Ask user confirm the patternbeforeapplyTurn off screen by shortcut ★ Create shortcut or iconforscreen off and lock ★ useful when power button deranged, hardtopress or if you want protect power buttonUpdate wallpaper forhomescreenHow to use lock screen: 1. select "enable lock screen"(line1). 2. create pattern. 3. confirm pattern.How to use screenoff andlock: 1. select "tunrn off screen" (line 2) 2. accept (oractivate)requested 3. application will created shortcut (icon)screen off tohome screen final: use shortcut to scren off and lock*Uninstall(if you can't uninstall): - you have to go to "Settings—>Security —> Device administrators" uncheck (or remove)"Lockscreen" first. - or: You can use menu in setting to uninstall(lastline in setting)If you have any questions or suggestions,pleasefeel free to contact us;E-mail:
keypad lock screen
Lock screen droplets waterAnimations of water dropletsnaturallyLockscreen by passcodeThe best lock screen keypadThis appis easy to useand very beautifulVery simple and nice, multiplebeautifulwallpaper* Features:- Lock screen droplets water, verynice andlively- Enter Passcode to Unlock- Set password withnumbers- Showstate of mobile as network, wi-fi, battery ..- Highsecurity,prevent accessing your phone without password- User canchangebackground of lock screen- Multiple wallpaper to choose, youcanchoose your own wallpaper from gallery too.- Consume lessmemory andbattery,simple and clean design
Screen Off and Lock
**Please consider the donate version (with more functions!) ifyoulike this app or support my apps development.Thanks!****Touninstall the app, please go to the setting page andclick the"Remove device administrator" button**With over 2 millionof usersand over 30 languages support, Screen Off and Lock is theNo.1screen off application in Google Play Store.Screen Off andLockallows you to switch off your devices from:1. Launchershortcut2.Launcher widget 1x1 - 4x4, resizable in Android 4.0+(Alsoavailable in lock screen for Android 4.2+) (Donateversion)3.Notification4. Floating button over all apps! (Double tapto useit) (Donate version)5. Search button (if your device hasit)Otherfeatures:1. Screen off animation (including the most famousOld TVstyle)2. Screen lock/unlock sound effect3. ScreenoffvibrationNotes:For those who cannot see the screen offanimationeven the app is reinstalled, please follow theproceduresbelow:Android 4.x: Go to "Setting > Developer options>Transition animation", and then select 1x for thisoption.Android2.x, Make sure you selected the option "Allanimations" under"Settings > Display > Animation".This appuses the DeviceAdministrator permission.
Lock screen droplets water
Lock screen droplets waterSlide to unlockLock by passcodelockscreenvery goodAnimations of water droplets naturally, verylivelyThe bestlock screen application, to help you protect yourprivacy, preventothers trying to access your phone illegally.Thislock screen apphas a beautiful lock screen with many waterdroplets.** Features:-Slide to Unlock- Enter Pascode to Unlock-Show missed call, sms, ..on lock screen- Show state of mobile asnetwork, wifi, battery .. onlock screen- Set password withnumbers- High security, preventaccessing your phone withoutpassword- User can change background oflock screen- Multiplewallpaper to choose, you can choose your ownwallpaper from gallerytoo.- Consume less memory and battery,simpleand clean design
Advanced Protection ☞ AppLock
AppLock provides app protection. Hide private images andvideos.Prevent people snooping secrets in Snapchat, Instagram,,hike messenger and Pinterest etc.What if someoneuninstalls AppLockto break the locks? It will not happen after youenable AdvancedProtection. Advanced Protection prevents forcestopping or removingAppLock.With AppLock and Advanced Protectioncombination, yourprivacy can be totally safe. Get the latestAppLockfrom: the Device Administrator permission.To enableAdvancedProtection, please activate Advanced Protection as"deviceadministrator". It's only used for preventingintrudersuninstalling AppLock. Please be assured that AdvancedProtectionwill never use this permission to access your
Smart Lock (App/Photo)
Smart Lock provides your privacy in mobile phone from others.Youcanmeet here the most essential App which hidesApps/Pictures/MediaFiles by managing password.Do you mind somebodyexecuting Apps ortaking a look to pictures and media files on yourmobile phone?SmartLock provides you lots of features such aslocking App, stayingawake and locking auto screen-rotate.No onecan see lockedApps/Pictures/Media Files!!!Main Features :- LockingApp- Lockingeach Picture/Media File- Staying awake (Executinglocked App)-Locking auto screen-rotate (Executing locked App)-Changenotification of mobile phone number- Screen Lock Type :PINs,Password, Pattern, Fingerprint- Supported GIF(Animated)- Canusead-free App. for a while through playing the reward ads.[ Tip]- Becareful when deleting unlocked media files. If you do that,you willlost media files. Steps to recover it : Smart LockReinstall >Setting > Lock Media Recovery- If you delete".SmartLock" folderin SDcard, locked files will be deleted.- Ifyou choose "Clear data"menu(path : Settings > Applicationsmanager > Smart Lock(Free)), information of locked files willbe deleted.- App which hasfunction like cleaning up storage(ex.Clean Master) might be able todelete locked media, so do notdelete any relative files of SmartLock while cleaning up yoursmartphone.- Do not forget to unlock andback up locked mediasbefore upgrading firmware or formattinginternal/external SDcard Ifnot, all locked medias might be able tobe deleted.- Beforedeleting Smart Lock, do not forget to unlock alllocked medias andthen delete Smart Lock. If not, all locked mediasmight be able tobe deleted.- Please back up important locked mediain extrastorage. All locked medias might be able to be deleted inotherApps or outbreak situation.- App Hide : If "it is notinstalledapplication" or is not running in the launcher, because itischecked "App Hide Mode" at Set up. Please use dial #789 inyourphone and press call.- When not execute calling to dial :RunGallery(Default) on the phone > Select and share photos>Select Smart Lock and lock > call to dial #789- Settings ofapp> Recovering media file : it can recover disappearedorinvisible locked media files.
Keypad Lock Screen
Keypad Lock screen is one of the best parallax effectLockForincreased security You have to just enable pin lock insettings inthis applicationand create own password for unlockphonescreen.Features*Slide to unlock.*Enter pin to unlock.*A lotofbeautiful wallpapers to choose*Choose Unlock Animation*KeypadLockScreen also allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery*Unlocksoundenable/disable.*Unlock vibration enable/disable.
Lock Screen
Lock Screen Pattern is best app to create lock patterns for usewithAndroid's built-in pattern lock and have many beautiful lockscreenwallpaper.If your friends borrow your phone to play games oryouconcern your phone may be accessible by people you donotwant.Pattern Lock Screen helps you out!Main features of'LockScreen Pattern' app:✔ Set custom lock screen wallpaper,background✔Disable HOME/MENU/BACK button in Pattern Lockscreen, itmeans thatno one can access your phone without right password orpasscode(very security)✔ Security: easy to set pattern password toprotectyour phone✔ Pin this locker app to status bar forfastconfigurationHow to use Lock Screen Pattern:1. tick heartsymbol"Enable Lock Screen" (line 1).2. draw memorable pattern3.confirmpattern.This 'Lock Screen Pattern' has been testedsuccessfully onthese devices:❀ Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung GalaxyS3, SamsungGalaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5❀ Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2,Xperia Z3❀ HTCOne, HTC M8❀ LG LTE, LG2, LG3❀ Nexus 4, Nexus 5,Nexus 7With 'LockScreen Pattern', you no longer have to worry aboutanyone gettingaccess to your phone. It’s the simplest Droid Lockscreen at Googleplay store with a simple real-time lockingpattern.Just FREEDOWNLOAD and share it on Facebook, Twitter andWhatsApp.if you loveus, please leave your well comment and 5 starsto keep us alive.Thank you!If your device is not supported, pleaseemail, contact usat:
photo keypad lockscreen
photo keypad lock screenbest lock screenlock screen photolockscreenkeypadlock screen passcodephoto keypad lock screen is aapplicationwhich is used for lock screen and add photo toscreen.This Photolock screen photo have features: keypad lockscreen, Create imagefor button, and turn off screen by shortcut -This app is easy touse and very beautiful.- Support set pinpassword for locksecurity.- Enter pin to unlock.- Create passcodeto lock your phone-A lot of beautiful wallpapers to choose - PhotoKeypad Lock Screenalso allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery-You can add photosof relatives for the lock screen button- Crop orre-size the photoyou choose to have included.- Personalize yourlock screenCreatepasscode to lock screen - A lot of beautifulwallpapers to choose -Not error home key - How to use "photokeypad lock screen": "enable lock screen" (line 1) 2.filled password and confirmpasswordCreate photo for button (inlock screen) - Personalize yourlock screen 1. select "changephoto" (line 4) 2. select button tochange 3. select image. 4.crop, rotate and save image.Turn offscreen by shortcut - Createshortcut or icon for screen off and lock- Very useful when powerbutton deranged, hard to press or if youwant protect power button- How to use "screen off and lock byshortcut": 1. Select "turn offscreen" (line 2) 2. Application willcreated shortcut "screen off"to home screen 3. Use shortcut toscreen off and lock (tap shortcutwhen you want screen off)
App Lock is a light app protector tool to protect your privacywithfingerprint lock and intruder selfie feature.★ AppLock canlockGallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Email, Chat, Settings,incomingcalls and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized accessand guardprivacy. Ensure security. ★ AppLock has PIN lock Patternlock withrich theme and fingerprint lock, choose your favoritestyle to lockapps. AppLock has random keyboard and invisiblepattern lock.Muchsafer for you to lock apps. No more worry peoplemay peep the pinor pattern.★ AppLock can hide pictures, hidevideos. Hiddenpictures and videos are vanished from Gallery andonly visible inthe photo and video vault. Protect private memorieseasily. No pin,no way. More safe!★ With AppLock, you will:☞ Neverworry about afriend borrows your phone to play games with mobiledata again!☞Never worry about a workmate gets your phone to lookthe galleryagain!☞ Never worry about someone reads private data inyour appsagain!☞ Never worry about kids mess up Settings, sendwrongmessages, paying games again!Great privacy protection toolforAndroid which supports 12 languages. Fingerprint lock only worksinAndroid 6.0+.MAIN FEATURES• A key lock, simple, quick!• Lockappswith password lock, pattern lock, or fingerprint lock.•Photovault, hide pictures• Video vault, hide videos • Hide AppLockicon•Lock incoming calls• Lock new apps• Fingerprint Forcestoppedcover• Well designed themes• Customized background, selectafavorite picture• App Lock has random keyboard andinvisiblepattern lock • Allow a brief exit : no need password,pattern,fingerprint again within set time • Pattern Lock, simpleand freshinterface, unlock faster• Lock system settings to preventa mess bykids• Lock application to prevent others are free to buy,uninstallapplications• Lock setting to prevent misuse of the phoneto changethe system settingsFAQ1) How to set my pin at the firsttime ?OpenAppLock - Enter pin - Re enter your pin.Setting Appswithaccessibility - App Lock - Permit ON, Choose apps that you wanttolock For more FAQ visit- NoticeAppLockmayask for permission to access the followingfeatures•Photos/Media/Files for Vault feature and customize yourtheme &wallpapers.• Camera for Snap photo of intruder and toget picturesand videos for intruder selfie feature.• StoragePermission : Thisallows us to locally store some data when you areusing the app forhiding pictures and videos.• Contacts permissionfor accessingcontacts and profiles on the User's device, Yourinformation willkept confidential.• Phone permission for incomingcall lockoption.• Identity for find accounts on the device.AppLockuses theDevice Administrator permission.To enable AdvancedProtection,please activate AppLock as "device administrator". It isonly usedfor preventing intruders uninstalling AppLock. Please beassuredthat AppLock will never use this permission to access yourprivacydata.Contact AppLockEmail : support@nevways.comFacebook: Ads Guideline: